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Financial Accounting An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses 12th by Stickney Test Bank 9780324381986 0324381980 ISBN13: 9780324381986 ISBN10: 0324381980

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The item you are looking at is Financial Accounting An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses 12th by Stickney Test Bank 9780324381986 0324381980

Table of Contents PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. 1. Introduction to Business: Activities and Overview of Financial Statements and the Reporting Process. PART TWO: ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS AND METHODS.

2. Balance Sheet: Presenting the Investments and Financing of a Firm. 3. Income Statement: Reporting the Results of Operating Activities. 4. Statement of Cash Flows: Reporting the Effects of Operating, Investing, and Financing Activities on Cash Flows. 5. Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis.

10. Liabilities: Off-Balance-Sheet Financing, Leases, Deferred Income Taxes, and Retirement Benefits. 11. Marketable Securities, Derivatives, and Investments. 12. Shareholders' Equity: Capital Contributions, Distributions, and Earnings. 13. Statement of Cash Flows: Another Look.

PART THREE: MEASURING AND REPORTING ASSETS AND EQUITIES USING GENERALLY ACCEPTED ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES. 6. Receivables and Revenue Recognition. 7. Inventories: The Source of Operating Profits. 8. Long-Lived Tangible and Intangible Assets: The Source of Operating Capacity. 9. Liabilities: Introduction.

PART FOUR: SYNTHESIS. 14. Significance and Implications of Alternative Accounting Principles. Appendix: Compound Interest, Accounting, and Bond Tables. App. A The Time Value of Money App. B Quality of Earnings Cases: A Comprehensive Review App. C 2006 Pepsico Annual Report

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Financial accounting an introduction to concepts, methods and uses 12th by stickney test bank 978032  
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