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Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care 4th Edition by Adler Test Bank 9781416031949 1416031944 ISBN13: 9781416031949 ISBN10: 1416031944

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The item you are looking at is Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care 4th Edition by Adler Test Bank 9781416031949 1416031944

Table of Contents Unit I: The Profession of Radiologic Technology 1. Introduction to Radiologic Technology 2. Professional Organizations 3. Educational Survival Skills 4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Strategies

Unit II: Introduction to the Clinical Environment 5. Introduction to Clinical Education 6. Radiology Administration 7. Radiographic Imaging 8. Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Equipment 9. Basic Radiation Protection and Radiobiology 10. Human Diversity Unit III: Patient Care 11. Patient Interactions 12. History Taking 13. Transfer Techniques 14. Immobilization Techniques 15. Vital Signs, Oxygen, Chest Tubes, and Lines 16. Infection Control 17. Aseptic Techniques 18. Nonaseptic Techniques 19. Medical Emergencies

20. Pharmacology 21. Contrast Media and Introduction to Radiopharmaceuticals Unit IV: Ethical and Legal Issues 22. Professional Ethics 23. Health Records and Health Information Management 24. Medical Law Appendix A: Practice Standards for Radiography Appendix B: Professional Organizations Appendix C: State Licensing Agencies Appendix D: The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists¨ (ARRT) Code of Ethics Appendix E: The Patient Care Partnership: Understanding Expectations, Rights, and Responsibilities

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Introduction to radiologic sciences and patient care 4th edition by adler test bank 9781416031949 14  
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