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Business in Action 2nd Canadian Edition by Bovee Test Bank 9780132066914 0132066912 ISBN13: 9780132066914 ISBN10: 0132066912

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The item you are looking at is Business in Action 2nd Canadian Edition by Bovee Test Bank 9780132066914 0132066912

Table of Contents Part 1 - Conducting Business in the Global Economy Chapter 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of Business and Economics Chapter 2: Competing in the Global Economy Chapter 3: Practising Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility

Part 2 - Starting and Organizing a Small Business Chapter 4: Starting and Financing a Small Business Chapter 5: Selecting the Proper Form of Business Ownership and Exploring Business Combinations Part 3 - Managing a Business Chapter 6: Understanding the Functions and Roles of Management Chapter 7: Organizing and Working in Teams Chapter 8: Producing Quality Goods and Services Part 4 - Managing Employees Chapter 9: Managing Human Resources Chapter 10: Motivating Today’s Workforce and Handling Employee-Management Relations

Part 5 - Developing Marketing Strategies to Satisfy Customers Chapter 11: Developing Product and Pricing Strategies Chapter 12: Developing Distribution and Promotional Strategies Part 6 - Managing Financial Information and Resources Chapter 13: Analyzing and Using Financial Information Chapter 14: Understanding Banking and Securities Appendix A: The Canadian Legal System Appendix B: Your Business Plan Appendix C: Title Unknown

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Business in action 2nd canadian edition by bovee test bank 9780132066914 0132066912  
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