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Last minute Christmas gifts                                                     3 Packing tips                                                                                 4 Christmas Delights                                                                     5 Christmas Travel Wishlist                                                          6-7 The Perfect Christmas                                                               8-9 The Dark Side of Japan: Uncanny Urban Legends                10-13  Thalassophile: Bare feet & Salty Hair                                       14  Morocco, Africa                                                                           15 Penang: A Journal Entry                                                            16-17


Are Men 'Allowed' to Show Their Emotions?                        19-20 Dating In School: Abolished                                                     21-22 Should Capital Punishment Be Allowed?                              23-24 Compulsory PE Should Be Banned                                        25 Puns! A Comedic Relief or Torture?                                         26


It's All About The Grime                                                            27 Melbourne Universities                                                              28 Justin Timberlake : The Best Role Model                                28 Gangs & Class: The Connection                                                 29 Cockney Rhyming Slang                                                           30 Texting Abbreviations: Would You Understand?                   31


LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS GIFTS FONG SENG JUNN Have you ever had the struggle when the next day is Christmas and you forgot to get a gift for Secret Santa? You most likely will be shivering in your skin, hoping that the shops are still open at that late hour. Well, here are some ideas for some last minute Christmas presents that your friends and family will love for sure!

Number one, a

bath basket! Being pampered all day with their loved ones, who

wouldn’t love that? Well, in order to make the bath basket, all you have to do is get a small glass container, and add a ratio of 8:1 of sugar to coconut oil. Then add your choice of food colouring with some peppermint essentials and mix! You could also use Epson salt instead of sugar. To top it off, maybe add a ribbon to make it look like a real glory!

Next, what about a homemade

coffee-scented candle, smells like something

everyone loves? In this part, you'll need a candle (which you can get one from lazada at a cheap price, or use one that you already have at home). Once you get one, grate the candle into a small bowl then melt it in a microwave for around 30 seconds, or as long as needed for it to melt. After that, add some coffee grounds into the melted wax and add a candle wick, then let it sit to dry after.

What if you just want a simple yet relaxing gift to give to someone who just goes with the flow? Well here’s one which will surely win their favour!

DIY Tea Packets Set.

Get a sheet of Christmas paper and cut a circle in the centre. Then you can clip on some tea packets or use string to attach it to the cardstock. To finish it off, you can add decorative components such as glitter, rhinestones, or anything else that fits your liking. A piece of cake!

One of my personal favourites is to make your very own

decorative gumball

machine! All you have to do is get a pot, and paint it any colour of your choice or leave it as is. Turn it upside down and add a glass ornament ball on top of it. This will make it seem just like a real gumball machine. If it’s a bit dull, draw a picture on the pot and add some REAL candy in the ornament.

Well, that’s a few of the last minute Christmas DIYs, I hope that this has helped you with providing some ideas!



Ever get the feeling of your whole world being folded up and crushed (into a suitcase), or being left behind forever when you go on holiday? I do, so how do we perfectionists avoid our tendencies to overpack?

I find it easiest to have a checklist, where I cross off the items from the list as I pack. I also highlight or put a star next to the items that are going to be packed at the last minute. You may also want to have a duplicate copy of the checklist for when you are packing to come home. This will help to ensure that you did not leave anything behind.

Here’s a cool thing you could do to help you organize your daily clothes. You can use a labeled zip-lock bag with folded or rolled up clothing which you need for the day, and BOOM! Your clothes for you daily or nightly need will be easily found! But, to be safe, pack an extra day or two’s worth of clothes.

Once you've picked out what you're going to wear, the real challenge begins: cramming it all into your luggage. There are two main ways of packing clothes that come to mind, folding and rolling. Folding your clothes has a smaller chances of wrinkling them, but this method takes up more space. On the other hand, rolling your clothes will wrinkle them if they aren’t organized properly but take up less space compared to when they are folded. Of course, there's nothing to say you can't use both methods —which, actually, you should.

Soft, wrinkle-resistant materials like knits, wool, and cotton can all be rolled without much worry—just make sure you keep the roll tight, since loose rolling will result in wrinkles, regardless of the material. Starched garments like collared shirts and other dressier items should always be folded to prevent wrinkles. The combination should be enough to let you cram everything in without looking like a mess at your destination.

Here’s another trick you can do! Pack as many socks and undergarments into your shoes as will fit, and then put the shoes in the bottom of the bag. Congratulations! That saved up some more space!

Prepare for your Plane Trip As most of you understand the term ‘carry on’, there are some things you should pack in this bag instead of your other luggage bag. For example, maybe you could bring a few thick books to read (but I finish thick books in about an hour or more, so depending on whether you’re a fast or slow reader, you might need more books), or if you’re a device addict, you could bring your IPhone or IPad or IPod or other devices onto the plane. Sometimes you could get away with some snacks, but other times the flight staff is stricter and will not allow any food.



Christmas is just around the corner! The day where all of our family members come together to give blessings to each other, a day where children get gifts of joy, metaphorically and literally. And sometimes, preparing a perfect feast could be hard, especially when you just started cooking. Well, here is a simple yet tasty Christmas snack. First off, we’ll be preparing a dish I like to call, ‘Pork, Apricot and Pistachio Stuffing’.

You will need: - Minced Pork (amount dependent on your servings) - Salt and Pepper - Apple - Dried Apricots - Pistachio Nuts - Lemons - A handful of chopped Basil Leaves - Sage leaves - North African Sausages (made from beef or lamb)

Add the pork mince to a bowl, then sprinkle some salt and pepper on. Once after, use a grater to grate your apple into the bowl, this makes the pork sweeter and lighter, which is important for the pork. Now, get some dried apricots and chop it up, which gives the pork a fruity taste and the texture of it gives it finest. Then chop up the handful of pistachio nuts, which gives it the fruity texture as well, then mix it up! Once after, grate a lemon, this gives the pork a zesty flavour. And for freshness, add chopped basil leaves.

Now for presentation, add some olive oil on a piece of aluminium foil and spread it around. Your sage leaves are going to be wrapping your pork, make sure to overlap them on your foil. Add some salt and pepper on top of your sage leaves and put half of your meat onto the leaves. Now run your finger along the stuffing. And lay your sausage in the middle of the stuffing, and it’s quite spicy, which gives that nice wake up call. And now use your meat you made early and use it to cover up your sausage.

Carefully, roll your foil to cover the meat, pull it open to make sure that the sage leaves are covering your meat, and twist and turn the ends to give the meat a balanced flavour. Now, store it in your fridge for around one or two days. Now on Christmas, pop it into the oven and cook it at 200 degrees Celsius for forty minutes.

There you go! This delight will be loved by everybody who lays their tongue on it. Happy eating!



There are 195 countries in the world, and rest assured there are a range of countries that you could go to for a great Christmas holiday without burning a hole in your pocket. If your family is looking into going to a country that is filled with snow but is not too cold that it’s just slightly unpleasant for Xmas, then I have a few suggestions. If your family is looking for a warm festive season, rest assured, I have tips for those dreams as well.

For an affordable and colder affair close to home, an extremely beautiful place to go to is Takayama that is located in Japan. With an extremely pleasing view of beautiful snowy mountains in the countryside Takayama is approximately 5 hours away from Tokyo. Japan is only a 6-7 hour flight away from Malaysia. Compared to caucasian countries, the cost of things in Japan is extremely low; but of course only if you spend smart.

For a warm and low-priced Christmas, one of the most recommended places for many Malaysians is the Jewel of the Orient. Thailand is extremely close to our peninsular and there are plenty of cheap flight deals. Thailand may not be the most Christmassy country to go to, but its food is delicious, spicy and soulwrenching. The south also has a number of beautiful beaches eg around Phuket and gorgeous hills and mountain ranges in the north around Chiang Mai. Definitely, a great place to go to if you’re considering a cheery holiday not too far away from home.

Many people consider European countries the best places to celebrate Christmas as, when it snows, it truly is a winter wonderland. Though certain parts of Europe are expensive, it is still highly recommended to go at least once in your lifetime during winter. 'The Old Continent' is an extremely big one and there are a ton of countries which can fulfill your Santa wishes.



Germany’s city of Nuremberg is extremely iconic for its medieval architecture and its famous Christmas markets, which last throughout December from the 1st to the 24th. Although the most notable crimbo market is in Nuremberg, many other parts have big gift markets and seasonal fests that hype up the mood for that big Day. Baden-Baden is also a big attraction for tourists to walk around the town and observe the lights. Although its market isn’t as big as Nuremberg’s, it’s been noted to be the prettiest due to its beautiful lights and romantic atmosphere.

Other European countries such as France, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have big shopaholic hangouts as well as amazing food and historic sites. However, Christmas in Strasbourg,France is noted for having the oldest December bazaars as well as beautiful sights, nice wine, and good roast chicken. And you are guaranteed to enjoy the sights, cities and mountain ranges of such countries when they’re blanketed in snow!

My last suggestion, is the extremely famed Big Apple. Thanks to the pleasure of countless American movies, Christmas in NYC looks like a living dream, with its beautiful lights decorating the street as well as a light sprinkle of snow. NYC has one of the world’s tallest pine trees in the Rockefeller Center every year in December. Ice-skating underneath the tree is a must for locals and tourists alike. For all the people out there who have an inkling for shopping definitely need to go to New York’s largest department stores, and experience what an American Dream might really be and how different it is compared to the European version.



It was Christmas night. A powdery-white blanket was just about to set over the slumbering city of Sapporo, lights flickering off, camouflaging in the muted haze of black. Gales of wind whipped through the air, slicing the brittle atmosphere. It arced through my hair, sending shivers up my spine.

In the distance, a cluster of lights shone through the curtain of snow, clarity in the midst of the snowstorm. Entranced, I forced myself through the raging bouts of snow, frost tingling at my fingertips. I made my way towards the blinding colours that flashed on signboards.

“Welcome to Ramen Alley, Sapporo.”

And it was with those words that I was instantly immersed in the slurp of hot noodles, clink of cutlery against bowls, and the echo of Christmastime in the air.

I was flabbergasted. They seemed to pop out from every direction- each store seeming to a meal more alluring than the next. I was a moth drawn to the lights of the quaint little shops, packed like sardines in the alley that seemed to envelope me. Reds, oranges, and yellows seemed to tinge the alley; the flushed cheeks of people slurping noodles in each booth abundant. Wafts of pork broth seemed to cling onto the air, as sheets of snow, ravaging yet tranquil, smothered the cobbled street.

It was unlike anything I had ever seen before! It had only been weeks ago when I had been frantically throwing clothing into my luggage bag- late for my flight. The absurdity of the fairytale moment was a stark contrast to the tropical heat of Malaysia, scorching my skin. At this exact moment, with flakes of snow settling around me like a halo, I could barely feel the humid swelter of my home against my body. It was nothing short of magical.

“Yokoso,” an amiable voice chorused through the air, snapping me out of my trance.

I was face to face with a man, his face crinkling up into a smile. His face bore wrinkles of many untold years of hard work, while his eye had a certain warm glint in them. He was clothed in plain white, and an apron. His greying-white hair and hunched-over silhouette beckoned to me, compelling me to enter his shop. I was grateful for an escape from the whipping wind, which was starting to send flurries of brilliant white in the murky black.

Swathed in warmth and ambient lighting, his shop was cramped but cozy. It had a vending machine, a few chairs and tables and a kitchen which overflowed with tantalizing aromas of pork stock and freshly-boiled noodles. Rubbing my palms together for warmth, I couldn’t have imagined how dreadful I must’ve looked- with my hair a tangled and wet mess from the melted snow. Not to mention the confusion that passed over me when he stared at me expectantly, his hands behind his back.



I was still standing at the front of the store, an imposing vending machine depicting glossy illustrations of bowls of ramen and a plethora of dumpling dishes in it. Chuckling, he motioned to the vending machine. With my inability to speak Japanese, the man graciously helped me order my food. Cheeks burning from the incident, I sat down at the table, while he smiled at me, shaking his head.

Minutes later, to my delight, a bowl of piping-hot ramen was placed in-front of me; tendrils of steam wafting up from it, the heat blossoming against the surface of my chapped lips and cracking skin. I simply gave the biggest smile I could to the man.

The dish in front of me was called Corn Butter Ramen, and it contained an assortment of sweet baby corn, spring onions, an onsen egg, grilled pork, seaweed, boiled noodles, chilli oil, and most importantly, a slab of melting butter in the middle. Its syrupy golden was already entwining with the rich ochre-coloured broth, as sesame seeds dotted the medley of colours. I was hypnotized. I filled my soup spoon with the thick broth, noodles, and pork; my tastebuds pleasantly shocked by the tender meat of the pork pulling apart, melding with the smoothness of the salty soup that sloshed over my tongue.

Fireworks of flavour had exploded in my mouth as I laughed, almost giddy with euphoria. In that moment, I didn’t need words. My exuberance definitely brought the message across. The skin around the man’s eyes crinkled as he smiled, his humble attitude touching the depths of my heart.

Away from my family and friends in a foreign country, I never knew that I would find such happiness that truly made me ache for something or someone I never knew existed a day ago. Relish bubbled up inside me, fizzing in my veins. I slurped more noodles, each mouthful more enthralling than the next and closed my eyes- trying to remember and savour each morsel, tucking them away into little pockets in my heart for me to hold.

“Merry Christmas,” he said to me.

Startled, I replied, “And to you.”

He gave me a dimpled smile, threw back his head, and laughed.

It was one of the best moments of my life; tucked away in a quaint little shop in Sapporo, with a stranger, while turrets of snow blanketed the skyline- pure joy and kindness had touched my heart for the first time in years.

And for me, it was the perfect Christmas.



KATELYN YAU When I went on my first trip to Japan with my family in 2016, I was beyond excited. Being the geek I am, it’s not an exaggeration to say the bright neon-showered streets of Akihabara and Tokyo were the closest rendition of heaven that any man-made attraction could ever hope to imitate. However, much like how water exists to cool the flames of a raging fire, to occasionally simmer my bubbling wonder down was our tour guide, a young man named Naruse.

He wasn’t a family friend or anyone close; he only worked for the travel agency we’d hired, so it was his duty to guide we starstrucked tourists around. He shared us information concerning his home country even if they were mere fun facts or detailed accounts of historical knowledge. With his pleasant personality, it was easy to talk to him like he was an older brother of sorts.

However, as much as he enjoyed joking around, I found myself feeling a sense of uncertainty at how quickly he would be able to change the atmosphere of a conversation. One moment we talked about cherry blossoms, then the next I’d find myself hearing the legend of a sakura tree that bloomed beautiful flowers only because someone had been murdered and buried beneath it.

When Naruse spoke of these stories with inklings of a smile, I’d been strangely captivated. Perhaps they were even more interesting than the tourist attractions themselves. One day, we’d stopped by a train station at around 9PM for a pitstop after a long day of visiting temples and spectating unfamiliar religious rituals. While my cousins headed for the restrooms, I lingered by our bus. Naturally, Naruse approached me.

“Yau-san, you’re not going?” He asked me politely. I shook my head sheepishly. “Aha. Perhaps that is a wise choice you have just made.”

“Why?” I asked with perking interest. He laughed softly at my sudden interest.

“Yau-san, have you ever heard of the legend of Aka Manto?” The bitter night air of December suddenly became frigid. Under my gloves, I felt the warmth from my fingers scattered in different directions. I shook my head.

“In English it’s named ‘Red Cape’. Aka Manto is a spirit who haunts the last stall of a women’s or girl’s bathrooms. Sometimes, he is described to wear a mask to cover his extremely handsome face,” He chuckled upon seeing my unspoken confusion, “...But that is only in some versions. He asks his unlucky victim sitting on the toilet if they want red paper or blue paper. Do you want to guess what happens next?”



KATELYN YAU “How modest of you. If you answer ‘red paper’, you’ll be killed violently and drenched in blood. If you answer ‘blue paper’, you’ll be strangled which results in your face turning blue. If you ask for any other colour, they say that hands of the dead will come out of everywhere and drag you down to hell,” he told me, his eyes twinkling with an uncanny gleam. “The only way to survive is by refusing all that he offers.”

I shook off the chill running down my spine. Nearby, the bus driver was taking a smoke by a trashcan. On the opposite end of the road, by the outskirts of a deserted park, there were only the figures of a few people whose faces were smothered by thick shadows making their way back home.

“You seem to like urban legends a lot, Naruse-san,” I said.

“‘Like’? Yes, I think. They’re…” I remember him struggling to think of a fitting adjective for a while, before settling with ‘interesting’. “Do you want to hear about the legend of the Slit-Mouthed Woman?” I’d only mustered a nod.

“Children walking alone by themselves at night might come across a woman wearing a surgical mask who’ll stop them to ask if she’s beautiful or not. If they say ‘no’, she’ll kill them on the spot with a pair of scissors. If they say ‘yes’, she’ll remove her mask to reveal that she has a slit across it from ear-to-ear and then ask if she is still beautiful.” Naruse explained, his expression unchanging. I saw the reflections of the few people left walking on the road trapped within his dark eyes. “What do you think happens next?”

“If they say ‘yes’, she’ll let them go?”

“That is wrong. She’ll kill you anyways by cutting your mouth to be just like hers.” An inkling of an amused smile traced the corners of his own mouth when he saw the expression of disgust I must have been wearing. “That isn’t as bad as being cut in half if you say ‘no’, right?”


“Hohoh. There are tricks to cheating the Kuchisake-onna. You could respond to her question with ‘you’re average’ or ‘so-so’, which will confuse her and let you escape. You could throw fruits and sweets at her feet so she’ll pick them up and give you time to run. Or you could ask her in response if she thinks you’re pretty, which will confuse her and make her leave. That’s how I escaped her when I was younger, you know.”

“Wait, what!?” I immediately perked up, turning my gaze to him with my jaw agape.




He shot me a nonchalant grin back in response. “Juuust kidding. I know a lot about urban legends, but I’m not worthy enough to experience them myself,” he reassured me with his settling voice at a teasing pull. Somehow, I didn’t believe him.

Scanning the surroundings, I saw my cousins and parents enter the nearby convenience store. At that point of time, I yearned to know more about the urban legends that Naruse was so acquainted with. Perhaps that’s what further spurred me on to press on and enquire more.

Naruse seemed delighted. As he made himself comfortable against the railing we were sat on, he explained to me about how the Teke Teke was the vengeful spirit of a young woman who was pushed onto railroad tracks and cut in half. She went around as a half-torso, crawling on her hands carrying a scythe and cutting whoever wasn’t fast enough to outrun her in half to mimic her own disfigurement.

He talked about dogs with human heads called Jinmenken. The more he spun and weaved those tales of his, the more I found myself vividly imagining those very dogs with human faces running at high speeds on highways late at night. Dogs that, if talked to, would respond rudely or ask to be left alone. Jinmenken, he assured me, were not widely known to kill those who met them. They were just the spirits of road accident victims, after all.

The streetlights flickered. I could see inside the convenience store that my cousins were lined up at the cash register with strawberry milk and manga in hand. A few were already leaving the store. Beside me, Naruse let out a long exhale; his breath formed a wispy cloud condensing in the cold,bitter air. Through the shadow that veiled the upper half of his face, I could have swore that his eyes were gleaming like fathomless, hazy jewels.

“There are many, many things you must be wary of in this country, Yau-san,” he said softly. I nodded to show I was listening. “Modernisation is one thing, but roots of old tradition and culture will always pierced through all our attempts to change and further ourselves. Our urban legends are proof of that.”

He got up upon seeing most of my cousins flock out of the shop and back towards the bus. However, even with his back turned to me, his voice rang out like funeral bells against the quiet background.

“It is an unlucky night to be out walking tonight. Good thing we are going back by bus. Come on!” He called to me, beckoning me to climb back on the bus. It took me a while before I could shake off the itching sense of wariness that his previous stories had embedded into my heart and move my feet. “Tomorrow, we are going to Mount Fuji which is near the famous Suicide Forest. Do you know about Aokigahara? I’ll tell you more about that later…”




AFTERWORD Like how folk tales and heroic legends are told and retold until they’re diluted with only a few accurate facts, urban legends are the same. Superstitions vary from person to person-- it just depends on how far you’re willing to believe them. I can’t fully say that my idle conversations with Naruse have gone as far as to scar me for life with paranoia whenever I use public washrooms, but they definitely have made some sort of impact. I wonder, dear reader, do you feel the same way?

Maybe, just maybe, you might want to be a little more cautious about who you meet on the streets the next time you visit Japan…




I awoke to soft sheets, roots rock & blues playing to the sound of my heartbeat. Streaks of sunlight trickled down on my skin, warming and basking my face in their radiance. A sweet flowery scent of perfume wafted towards me, taking me back in time to a transitory evocation of good summer vibes as I stood up to push my curtains aside. My lashes faintly batted against my eyelids as I opened to reveal a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and exuberant verdure. The day was postcard perfect, pristine white clouds surrounding the great golden orb. Friendly folks walked like shoals of fish in a myriad of directions, “xin chào” one of the passers-by greeting with shining smile. Every sidewalk, gutter, clean, a tincture of freshness of the sea lingering in the air, reminding me that the South China Sea was just a few miles away.

I slipped into my slippers, ready for the first kiss of summer warmth, blue skies, and an all-too-familiar ambient temperature. I could already smell the saltiness of the wind, the never-ending sense of freedom. The sound of the splashing water was close, as the whispering waves flowed towards the shore. A gentle shushing sound as if of a lullaby; an exhalation of warm moist air. Following the grey tarmac streets, the warmth coated me like caramel over a grapple.

Scrunching my toes, I could finally feel the softness of the sand, the warmth between my toes. The whispers of the breeze, my eyelids fluttering, now closed. A shiver cascaded down my spine like a silent spirit as I breathed in the briny aroma. The sand blurred out in a blissful trance, the shore fading into liquid gold, vivid in the brilliant light as I continued to walk forward. The blazing hues of Hyperion melting into the sky and ocean like a divine painting as each wave overlapped one another, as white bubbling crests descending and forming, masking the shore with the transparent vanishing water. I left my slipper under one of the sunsplash of parasols as I ran towards the ocean, tips of shells peaking from holes. My ears indulged in the melody of the soporific sea, a graceful song.

I stepped onto the soaking soft sand as in creeps between my toes. I thread the water as it leaves marks of me behind. The tranquil sea ebbing ever so gently, a flight of inspiration, power and pacification, removing every bit of stress as it slips through me with the waves. The water flowed gently around my extended fingers, caressing cooly, swirling in its wake. I pull my hand out and watch the drips, transparent and not at the same time. They plummet as if seized by gravity to the isotonic solution below, each one swiftly haloed by ever-growing rings, distorting the pebbled sea-bed. My hair flowed loose about my face, creating soft shadows down my back, becoming sandy at its ends.

I lifted my feet off the water-bed, the natural buoyancy of the sea taking effect, and I found myself on my back coated with an extraordinary silky film. My soul filled with longing for the secrets of Oceanus, as the core of its being sent a thrilling adrenaline through me. The depths below me. The vast sky above me. It made me feel small, made me feel… free.

I guess that’s the wonder of the wave-world, once it casts its magic,holding its net of amazement forever.

Let the sea set you free. I’m a Thalassophile, a lover of the sea.




Hello fellow travellers! Ever wanted to visit, let’s say… Africa? Well here’s a country to have a look at!

Morocco Morocco is a country settled upon northern Africa, a unique history book hidden by time, now revealed.

Sight Seeing You will have a unique time seeing the Royal Palace, Hassan Tower, and Kasbah of Oudayas in Rabat; the country's political capital. The fine Roman Relics of Chellah and its gardens will remind you of the time when Morocco was the Roman province of Mauretania. In Meknes the monumental gates, mosques, palace and kilometers of protective walls make the place like diamond- carbon compressed over the years to create a gem. Morocco has yet another history book called Medina of Fez- a plethora of markets, salesmen, and my favourite stalls selling carpets adorned with intricate detailing and beautiful patterns. The Atlas mountains, the highest point in Morocco, is almost 14,000 feet high and provides an astonishing breathtaking view.

Cuisine There are traditional dishes here filled with bursts of spice and flavours like a party in your mouth. The food is influenced by the French, Arabs and Italians. Tagine is a traditional Italian influenced Moroccan dish cooked in a claypot with vegetables, meat, herbs and spices and is usually eaten with bread. I found it very comparable to the famous Malaysian dish called Roti Canai. Kous-kous a basic moroccan staple full of nutrition served with vegetables and rice. The traditional moroccan soup is made of chickpeas, tomatoes and onions. Moroccan dishes are often served with mint tea, as it is proper etiquette to offer tea to visitors in Morocco.

Clothing Let’s say you want to fit in while travelling. Here are the traditional clothing of Morocco:

- Djellabah(juboh): A long white or brown gown with a hood. - Haik-mainly: A sheet draped over your body to protect you from sand, heat and sun that is mainly worn in the desert.

- Hijab: A veil traditionally worn my some Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. 

- Caftan: A flowy dress with moroccan designs. Taboosh: Also known as a head turban, is a type of head wear. - Personal Experiences When I went to Morocco, it was a miraculous trip. Here are some tips to make your travel better in Morocco:

When going to deserts, be aware that your camera might get jammed. The grains sand in the desert, especially in the Sahara, are so tiny that they spoiled both of my mums cameras. The salesmen in Morocco sell an abundance of unique souvenirs and trinkets. However, there is always the risk of being scammed. Whilst the usual worries are overbuying and cheating, it is not uncommon to come across shopkeepers who place snakes and your shoulders and demand a fee to take them off. Make sure to only drink bottled water and eat washed vegetables as you may not be able to handle the cleanliness of their food (like my mother who got food poisoning).


PENANG : A JOURNAL ENTRY AALEYAH ISABEL CLAY 10 minutes before my arrival, it was raining heavily, a humongous amount of rain pouring out of the sky. The pilot had to circle around, and around the airport until it eased, and the conditions permitted us to land.

It felt like an eternity.

We were lucky to make it because I felt as though the plane could fall apart at any moment! The roof rattled, the window was slightly cracked, the plane was shaking due to turbulence, what else is there to say? I kept calm and continued eating the free peanuts they served on board. Once we landed, everyone sighed a huge sigh of relief, comforted that we made it.

At the airport, we hailed a horrible, smelly, old cab that charged us about RM30 for the drive to the hotel, and the others cost a whole lot more. It was still pouring rain which made me believe that Penang rains constantly until our driver told us it was uncommon for it to rain so much.

An hour later (I know! It took THAT long to get there!), we had arrived safely at the hotel, which looked more like an apartment on the outside. It was much fancier on the inside, and the place was filled with a delicious aroma that came from the hotel restaurant. Only when I had set foot in Penang did I realize that there were lots of buildings from the older times, like a mansion that must have once belonged to a very wealthy family, and many old kampong houses. One of which had once belonged to my grandparents from my mum’s side.

In the middle of the night, the rain had worsened and turned into what seemed like a typhoon (But it wasn’t a typhoon but instead a freak thunderstorm with continuous rain), and it had blown down a lot of trees, most of which had fallen on the road or on cars, and you could even see the roots and the dirt that once connected to the ground. The streets were flooded and looked more like rivers than streets. This lasted from 2pm in the afternoon to 5am in the morning!Â



We watched the whole scene unfolding from the comfort of our hotel room, the wind was blowing in gales all over the place, I even saw someone mopping their living room area in one of the opposite high-rise buildings. At one stage water started coming in through the cracks in our hotel suite and soaking the carpet. We were not too concerned about that; we were just thankful that we were not caught outside with the bad weather.

 The flood in Georgetown (where I was) had taken 7 lives, which mostly consisted of elderly people ranging from 70 to 90. The number of flood victims in Penang as of 10pm rose to 3,779 people compared to 3,365 that evening. As the flood waters receded, residents were left in despair as their homes were filled with thick mud and most of their belongings were damaged beyond repair - though help was deployed to places affected by the fastreacting authorities.

Leaving Penang We were sad to leave 'street-food heaven' as we would have liked to have spent a longer time there to catch the beautiful sights and sample the delicious food there, but as time and weather were not in our favour, we only hope we can venture into Penang again another day.

Image Sources http://convergence.malaysiaairports.com.my/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/penang.jpg https://gappsuccess.wikispaces.com/file/view/Gale-Force-Winds.png/521543064/GaleForce-Winds.png


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With today's society, many are taught to believe that showing emotions is equivalent being a woman. In the mindset of most males, showing slight emotions could lead to people thinking them as a fragile, weak person. Showing emotions would break the stereotype of masculinity in a guy.

Aren't we all cut from the same cloth? Aren't men the equivalence of us women? So why is society so against the fact that men should not be allowed to cry and show their emotions?

Men can't handle their emotions themselves, because it is conveyed that a man is somehow less of a man if any of too much emotions is displayed. But crying is important because it releases pain, and it helps individuals to heal mentally and emotionally, regardless of gender.

The stereotypical mindset of men is that they have to be masculine, strong and in control of their emotions, and the slight break in that stereotype could deter women from them.

Men learn to bottle their emotions or put on a mask, resulting in hate, anger and sadness consuming them from the lack of release of emotions.

Crying is important as it releases pain and helps individuals to heal emotionally, mentally and physically. Research has shown that oppression of crying can cause diseases and it would be therapeutic to let their bottled emotions out.



This causes men to relieve their frustration of bottling emotions by physical and violent altercations.

Men who show their emotions are regarded as effeminate and fragile and it emasculates them as in their mindset only women are allowed to cry and men are supposed to comfort them. However, I believe that in this generation, men are slowly breaking that stereotype. They get acceptance in society now because we feel that they should not be oppressed to bury their true effeminate feelings for the sake of being judged.

Image Sources https://giphy.com/gifs/artists-on-tumblr-emotion-casting-68KvHcXUZShoc https://www.adl.org/education/resources/tools-and-strategies/9-ways-to-teach-about-the-election



Dating in schools are getting out of hand. People from different ages are starting relationships with their love ones, yet there’s pros and cons behind this. Do you think students are allowed to date during their teenage years?

Studying may be stressful, to combat that, your significant other is there for you. It’s easier for you to express your feelings to them than expressing it to your teachers or family members. They are able to relief stress that occurs in daily lives, therefore the partners will able to comfort each other. Hence, this will create a very good experience for the students. Being in a relationship, they are able to reflect on their thoughts and opinions to explore their partners’ perspective on life as well. 



On the other hand, there are quite a few consequences towards the relationship in school. After an emotional break up, students will have feelings of pain and fear, and could potentially become depressed. Distraction is another outcome. Students will tend to spend more time on the relationship instead of their studies. This makes them lose focus and do worse in class and have bad grades. Students should know a strong relationship is built upon devotion and dedication. Goods are also pushed aside to make time for the significant other. Hence, all of their focus are on their partner, and academic becomes secondary. Students likely don’t understand what is needed to uphold their relationship so there’s possibility of generating abusive tendencies or tolerance in the future.

It actually depends on their point of view. Firstly, there is no law on whether you can have a significant other, but schools and parents needs to check on the student so they won’t do anything they regret in the future.

Image Sources https://www.zoosk.com/date-mix/online-dating-advice/online-dating-first-message/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=beyou.app.dating


SHOULD CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BE LEO TAN GUANG HAO ALLOWED? Capital punishment is outlawed in most countries nowadays, with the rise of human rights activists in the modern world. They claim that it isn’t humane to execute a person for his crimes, that innocents are sometimes wrongly prosecuted and charged, with the public outcry and pressure proving too much for governments, especially with the rise of mass media and the Internet, making it extremely easy for us to state our opinions, or to persuade others.

But is it necessarily wrong?

Perhaps you will accuse me of trying to play God, that I am trying to decide the fate of people without the prior knowledge of what led them to do such things.

That I am not thinking about the feelings of the families, or those who are sentenced to such punishments. But is it such a bad thing? Many prisons are overfilled. Filled to the brim, we nonetheless try to force more inmates in, in an attempt to “be more humane”. Tell me, is an overcrowded prison system, where inevitably violence and escapes happen, more effective? Where neglect and medical conditions, and undernourishment cause more deaths? Deaths of people who did not deserve it?

What about the innocents? What if there was a system set up where, perpetrators of crimes – those serious enough to justify a capital punishment - were held in prison for a measure of time if they do not plead guilt, whilst the case is further investigated? Wouldn’t this measure provide an even fairer justice system?


SHOULD CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BE LEO TAN GUANG HAO ALLOWED? Those repeat offenders of serious crimes, who commit crimes after their release, the scum and bottom of society, that do not contribute to society in a positive manner at all, and those who fill our streets with crime and uncertainty and risk, even after they are given multiple chances. Those who have murdered, killed, raped. Those who decide to abuse children.

Why do we give them the chance at freedom? To do more harm? Their victims turn in their sleep, or graves, at the very thought of the release of those monsters. To build a better and healthier future for those who repent their sins and crimes, for those people who suffer due to the actions of these monsters, perhaps it’s time we rethink capital punishment.

Image Sources https://www.emaze.com/@AQLQRLO/capital-punishment https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/economics-capital-punishment-13-pranav-verma/



Physical Education, they tell us. But think about it.


The fact that we are sold this idea that kicking a coloured sphere or throwing one into a hoop is a form of education is absolutely, unequivocally and unbelievably distasteful (if I had more adverbs I would use them). Those laborious laps on the school field serve no purpose but to break the very fabric of our souls and seize our legs with that ever-welcome cramp. Those vigorous, inhumane ‘Insanity’ sessions should be reported to the Health Ministry as detrimental to our well-being. And swimming? Don’t get me started on that.

I urge you. For the prevention of life-threatening seizures, body aches and that most aromatic body odour, we need to come together and put a stop to this abhorrent fabrication of a subject specialization. Let's turn PE into more PEaals, more PEncils, and more academic PEaks.


Image Sources http://www.sis-pik.com/debate-competition-by-thibault-sec3c/ http://podius.com/show-your-support/ <div>Icons made by <a href="http://www.freepik.com" title="Freepik">Freepik</a> from <a href="https://www.flaticon.com/" title="Flaticon">www.flaticon.com</a> is licensed by <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/" title="Creative Commons BY 3.0" target="_blank">CC 3.0 BY</a></div>




Hey! Wanna hear a pun? No? Well, I’m going to have to tell you anyway… If I ever have a kid, I’ll name him Ween. So in October I’ll say ‘HelloWeen’. Eh? Get it? Now if you’re like me who just LOVES terrible puns, you’ll find this joke hilarious but, sadly, not everyone can get into them like WE do. Most people who hate puns react in the following manner: hesitance, polite reaction, start crying. But that’s the best part: THE REACTIONS. That is what drives me today to keep up the doubletalk. After all, what’s so bad about double entendre? They’re just so punny, right? Ouch, that’s just what I have to say. So here are a few more for you… ‘You wanna know why Jonny Depp is a pirate? Coz he’s always in debt.’ ‘what do hackers like doing in their freetime? They like to watch dogs.’ Okay, here’s the last one before I put you out of your misery. ‘What did the beaver say when a hot specimen passed him by? DAM!’

Editor: This man is training for being a dad and telling ‘dad jokes’. You know, the jokes your dad tells that make you groan?

Image Sources https://www.pinterest.com/explore/puns/

It's All About The Grime



Grime music in the UK has grown exponentially in the past few years. Having started off as musicians on the street to Grime artists performing in the Olympics, they really only have the British youth to thank for it.

“Oh wow, the ends you come from has really safe galdems. My mandem and I only go there for the peng ones but the boys there have bare p and mad skengs. They get real vexed when we come around cause we always slew them, especially this breh named JT. Real dutty he is.”

Did you get all of that? Out of the small survey we sent out, only 24% of the words were understood! Ends: Street                                     Safe: Something cool Galdem: Girls                                     Mandem: Homies, gang Peng: Good looking                           Bare: A lot P: Money                                            Mad: Crazy Skengs: Guns                                    Vexed: Angry Slew: Diss                                          Breh: Guy Dutty: Dirty and ugly

And this is not even half of the slang used by teens today. How did they come about?

Grime gained attention in the UK throughout the mid-2000s, it spread out of London to other major British cities. Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Blackpool and Bristol now have Grime MCs are gaining massive exposure in the scene having featured on Lord of the Mics (an annual DVD released by Boy Better Know's Jammer).

The national growth of the Grime scene has also been evident with grime artists playing on the urban music stages of the big summer festivals (Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park).

A Grime artist stated that “Grime culture is everything [to me]. It’s from clothes, to attitude, to the hood, the estates - Britain itself. Grime is like punk - a bunch of kids that are just into this whole thing. Grime makes the connection between everyone in the UK for me.”

According to many avid listeners, Grime is more than just music to them, it gives them a voice and a crowd to fit into. Contrary to a lot of contemporary pop today, it brings out a lot of issues in the world (more specifically the UK) and addresses them through the lyrics of the song. With the internet’s wide use and spread, it’s no wonder that there are so many listeners and so many people getting onto the trend. But with this spread also comes a change of culture, specifically in the language stated above.

Is 2017 ‘the year that belongs to the youth of Grime and UK rap'? That's up to you.

Melbourne Universities



2 of the top 10 universities in the world, namely Monash University and the University of Melbourne, are in Melbourne, the weather there is quite cool with an average of 24 degree celsius unlike Malaysia which can reach up to 40 degree celsius. There are also world class facilities, research capabilities and world-renowned lecturers. The universities also have affordable prices for top students who score A’s as they will get discounts or scholarships. Students can learn to be independent as they have to cook for themselves, do their laundry etc. There will also be part-time working opportunities for students while during their studies as it’s very flexible. They can work up to 20 hours a week to earn money and still have time to study.

However, the downside to all these are that the currency exchange rate from Malaysian Ringgit to Australian Dollar is quite high so it may be quite costly with the school fees and living costs. If you live there for too long your health might be affected negatively, as every 2 out of 3 Australians will are diagnosed with skin cancer at 70 years old due to the ozone layer being directly above Australia. 92% of Australia's population is white, so it’s not multicultural and you may have trouble making friends or be discriminated against. Additionally, the free and flexible lifestyle there may cause you to make friends who are bad influences, and pressure you to commit crimes.

In conclusion, it’s a nice place to live in though there are risks to it. But in my opinion, I will take the risk of living there as the benefits will be better.

Justin Timberlake : The Best Role Model YU CHUAN OH Are you having trouble with getting girls for a date? Well today is your day as have you no longer need to wonder on who to have as your role model: Justin Timberlake. He is excellent in all respects. There are soooo many great thangs about Justin Timberlake. He may be good looking with exquisite features and a nice glossy veneer when the sunlight shines down on his pulp. He is also an amazingly original artist not only creating music for his latest platinum selling album, but also a music enervator as he make songs for other artistes with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna etc…. He is also a winning artist on many different stages, with best winning video music award and people’s choice award of best album. He is 40 years old now, so surprising if you look at him and think he was 27 -how funny is that? Model him especially and you’ll be able to attain many smoking hot dates with relishing red lips and sparkling eyes.

If you don’t think he is a good role model, to you guys, I think you’re out of your mind cause think about it: ‘how many artists have a crime record at the pinnacle of their career?’ Most singers and actors have faced many bad  situation such as drugs and abusing other people so it’s a norm, right?  Have you seen anything bad in Justin Timberlake committing crime? It’s almost unheard of to think such tiny mistakes are not forgivable but if so, I guess he’s not a perfect role model for you guys. But who doesn’t like a bad boy: Justin Timberlake. Cute, cuddly and in a state penitentiary near you.

Gangs & Class : The Connection



Social class in the United States is distinct in different locations in the country. Like the rest of the world, the social class in the U.S. is split between the upper-class, middle-class and lower-class with each class possessing different ways the language spoken. In cities such as Los Angeles, the presence of street gangs (eg.18th Street Gang, Armenian Power, etc.) in areas suffering from poverty and gang violence (e.g. suburbs) in different cities have also drawn attention to the use of American English in gang controlled areas. Gangs in America are often segregated into racial and regional groups, rather political ones, as such, different gangs have different versions of American English. For example, Hispanic gangs would integrate several terms from their own native tongue into American English (e.g. ‘hola’). Or perhaps, such example can be also seen with African American gangs, where, the use of African American slangs such as “homie” and “clap” were widespread. However, the African American dialect is not necessarily linked to gangs and criminal organizations; in fact the use of these slangs have also reached different parts of the American society. Demographics suggest that in recent years, some of these slangs have successfully made their way into the speech of non-African American speakers. The same can be said for different dialects as well.

A member of the 18th Street Gang (M-18) proudly shows off his gang tattoos.

This also applies to the gangs that roam in Malaysia. There are at least 49 known gangs nationwide. Such gangs would often fight for ‘territory’ and would establish different forms of gathering funds such as drug-related trade and loan-sharking. The police have stated that the gangs are often Indian, which is highly debatable as some argued that it’s a form of racial-profiling which has sparked fierce debates in the political arena and can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy for young Indian boys on the street. Either way, gangs are still believed to be organized into different races, and that slangs and dialects from different cultures are often integrated into their speech of English However, these gangs would often prefer to speak to one another with their native language rather than using English.

Cockney Rhyming Slang



Cockney rhyming slang is a humorous slang first used by cockneys in the east end of London and now understood widely in London and throughout Britain. It was invented in London in the 1840s by market traders, costermongers (sellers of fruit and vegetables from handcarts) and street hawkers. It was probably first used as a cant – a language designed to disguise what was being said from passers-by.

Today, cockney rhyming slang phrases have entered the British lexicon, and many are still used in London and indeed all around Britain.

The rhyming word is not always omitted so cockney expressions can vary in their construction, and it is simply a matter of tradition which version is used.

Rhyming slang often includes humour. Many phrases make sarcastic or ironic references to their subjects. Examples include Trouble and Strife (for wife), Fat Boy Slim (for gym).

There are a few phrases which don’t follow the typical rhyming pattern, but are simple rhymes in themselves but are still widely understood as cockney rhyming slang. An example is Giraffe for laugh – “Are you ‘avin a Giraffe mate?”

Modern Cockney slang that is being developed today tends to only rhyme words with the names of celebrities or famous people. There are very few new Cockney slang expressions that do not follow this trend. The only one that has gained much ground recently that bucks this trend is “Wind and Kite” meaning “Web site”..

WHAT’S A COCKNEY? A true Cockney is someone born within the sound of Bow Bells. (St Mary-le-Bow Church in Cheapside, London).

However the term Cockney is now loosely applied to many born outside this area as long as they have a “Cockney” accent or a Cockney heritage.

The Cockney accent is heard less often in Central London these days but is widely heard in the outer London boroughs, the London suburbs and all across South East England. It is common in Bedfordshire towns like Luton and Leighton Buzzard, and Essex towns such as Romford.

Examples: Adam and Eve – believe.

Baked Bean – Queen. 

Apples and pears – stairs.

Baker's Dozen – Cousin

Ascot Races – braces.

I asked people what the slang in these sentences mean, these are the answers: So I staggered back home and took off my

dickie dirt and my daisy roots.

- Answer: (skirt, shoes, underwear dirt, flirt) (Boots, shoes, juice )

I poured myself a glass of

jack and dandy and my friend had a glass of

Vera lynn - Answer: (Brandy, Handy, shandy) ( Gin, Sin)

It was expensive, almost 50

pies. -Answer: (dollars ) (Eyes)

oxford scholars. I couldn’t believe my minced

Texting Abbreviations: Would You Understand? PRITHVI GULATI What would you reply if your friend texted you: Hey, TQSM fo da BD pressie. ROFL when I opnd it STG. Jus sitin thr SMH. DEFO SMTH I wl use. LMK. Anyways, got some spare time so do you wana meet? LMK. GTG PIR! ???

Yes, we all use them and we probably all have our favourite texting phrases. We did a survey and these were Tenby’s top 10…

ROFL means Rolling on floor laughing.

LOL means laugh out loud

LMK means Let me know.

ILY means I love you.

GTG means Got to go.

SMH means Shaking my head.   PIR means parent in room                   TQSM means thank you so much

HBD means Happy Birthday

CYA means see ya

SMTH means something

DEFO means definitely

STG means swear to god

What are your top time-savers?

Drop the editor a line to let us know…

Image Sources https://fthmb.tqn.com/TUmKGeDC2tUvIqubcK8AXjnl3D8=/5000x3334/filte rs:no_upscale()/texting-abbreviations-579fb0c13df78c3276bf7887.png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqT61ywXEAA9guA.jpg


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