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Editorial Comment – Seo Young Choo The sixth Tenbyzine, 2017. Full of excitement and amazing issues that has been happening for the past year. Starting from a noteworthy article about Social Media, to plentiful photography that has been taken during school events, you will be astounded at how busy our school has been during the academic year of 2016-2017. TKLMUN 2017, has never been as fascinating, thanks to our dear secretariat members who has put in so much effort to make it so. The Tenby KL Model United Nations 2017 was incredibly successful, with numerous fruitful debates taking place. Social night was definitely stunning; with the sponsor from DrumAsia, and all of the performances by school bands with vocalists. If you are struggling with your current school grades, you may be able to get tips about how to learn/study online, or you could learn about how you can contribute to an online community, We At Tenby, about how you have come round your failures, and share your experiences.

Contents Pg 3-4 Social media by Renee Lung Pg 5-6 Year Sports Highlights by Lydia Adriaans Pg 7-8 Tech and gadgets-Phones and drones by Max Ong Pg 9-11 Gaming by Ethan Felix, Alexander Thomas and Shaun Li Lee Pg 12-13 Study tips/guide to internet learning by Ejaz Azree and Piers Clayton Pg 14 MUN by Bryan Liew and Ram Nair Pg 15 We At Tenby by Seo Young Choo Pg 16 Duke of Edinburgh by Ejaz Azree, Max Ong and Ren Yii Pg 17-18 Story written by Renee Lung

There are some controversial articles about the drawbacks of gaming, and furthermore multiple articles on the future technologies and renewable energy.

Pg 19 Story written by Yan Rong

Just in case you have missed out the (so-far-best) production, Back to the 80’s, we have a whole page about it and you will be able to see photos and reviews by teachers and students of Tenby.

Pg 21 Poems written by Katelynn Yau

This year’s Tenbyzine is doubtlessly substantial and there are not only those but many more articles on various topics that you should definitely check out. Credits to the Graphic Editors Ejaz Azree, Piers Clayton and Max Ong for taking a huge part in this magazine. Enjoy! :)

Pg 20 Poems written by Anneliese Chen and Ng Tzy Xin

Pg 22 Poems written by Keisha Wee Pg 23-24 How to get organised by Nicole Leong Pg 25 Astrology/Horoscopes by Bernice Loke and Danielle Tey Pg 26 Renewable energy by Ren Yii Hoo Pg 27 Photography tips by Avenash Kumar and Lydia Adriaans Pg 28 School Production (Back to the 80’s) by Ram Nair Pg 29 Etherium article by Roshni Pillai Pg 30-31 Art corner/gallery by Anneliese Chen and Ng Tzy Xin

How Social Media Use Us By Renee Lung

How does it feel? Straining your backs, arched over digital devices, finding comfort in artificial affection. We all have at least one social media account, who doesn’t? Being a part of this modern world full of technology created solely for our convenience. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. The notifications that pop up every minute on our tiny rectangular screens without rest. Sure, social media has various good points, but those benefits are only small pleasures compared to the monsters that follow shortly, the vicious monsters that most, if not all of us, turn a blind eye to, convincing ourselves that they are insignificant, not deadly. Those venomous

beasts, that wear masks of security to deceive you, making it seem like the only haven on earth is their embrace. As I continue, I hope your mind might unravel to the unforgiving pits of neglect and human loathing that you didn’t know could entrap victims… in a solitary cage of illusion, feeding victims sweet poison, bit by bit. Let’s start with the obvious. The online platform destroys physical interaction. Tell me, when was the last time you took the time to sit down with

someone, and have an actual conversation, maybe ask them about their day, without an electronic device in sight? Studies have shown that 18% of users cannot go more than a few hours without checking Facebook, and more than half feel the need to check every day. Now, I know that that percentage seems really trivial, but remember, there are millions, maybe billions of people using the site, unknowingly slaves struggling to survive. The less we interact, the more fragments of our delicate lives are thrown away. The less opportunities we have to develop the essential social skills needed, the more we are clueless strangers to non-verbal cues, the more social media keep us hopelessly hostage in their tight grasp. Our minds, the most important things that make us who we are, slowly disintegrating, free-falling into nothingness the more we glue our eyes to the cyber dimension. Staring constantly at our microscopic screens tires our brains, but for some unknown reason, we still stay up late, scrolling through Instagram to the early morning, causing severe sleep deprivation. We know, because of Mr Temple that having our phones next to us causes fatal radioactive waves which melt our brain excruciatingly slowly, part of technology vendors’ diabolical plan to make us unaware, as it slowly kills us. We can also undergo major confidence drops, looking at all the flawless models on the internet. What we don’t know is that those whom we idolize are the embodiment of plastic surgery, photoshop, and unrealistic goals, causing eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia to rise, as we desire to be the perfect version of ourselves. Yes, there are even accounts which promote these toxic conditions uncontrolled, hiding in the darker parts of the web, shrouded under a veil of reassurance. The more dissatisfied we are with ourselves, the more steps we take to being suffocated by an endless fog of depression. Recently, the most common problem that happens on the web is cyberbullying. It’s not easy to spot a victim of it, as it doesn’t physically happen, but that makes it even more of a task to put an end to. Because of it not being as visible, most of the wronged feel isolated and alone as they face their limbo of delirium, eventually succumbing to the

thought of taking their own lives. There was a girl named Amanda Todd, whom most have probably heard of; she was only the naïve young age of 15 when she decided that life just wasn’t worth living, if it were to be filled to the brim with cruel online leeches, the same ones that led her to her oblivion. Instead of living her gifted life to the fullest, enjoying the delights it brought, after years of being physically as well as emotional abused, she cast it completely away. And this all just started with one account, ignorance and blackmail. Not convinced yet? 29% of internet sex crimes begin their reign with social media as the starting point. The slimy, lewd, sexual predators, lurking through the deep forest, just awaiting the opportunity for an innocent to walk straight into their inescapable claws. Have you ever thought about the number of random individuals on the web, with complete access to your profile and personal information? Your friends, where you live, and even your birthdate. Studies have shown that

63% of social media accounts are made public. Your private data, out in the open, naked in front of the peering eyes of, basically, anyone. It makes it effortless for people to stalk you, be it an ex, an acquaintance, or simply a plain pervert. Unfortunately, 80% of the stalking goes unreported and not dealt with properly. Your own homes are not safe, as 4 out of 5 ex-burglars have admitted to looking out for opportunities to commit their sin directly from the world of coding and html. Another hazard that has an all too immediate impact on our precious lives is located within the car accidents linked to social media and our phones. Ever seen a billboard that said no texting and

driving? Well, there are so many of those for a reason: cellphone-use causes 25% of car accidents. With just one glance, and one hit, every little thing we know could be snatched away mercilessly with no second chance to fight back. Is the number of followers really, really worth the consequence? We, as students, have the sole job of studying hard and gaining new knowledge. But the thing is, the more we use social media, the harder it is to do so. In the end, it’ll all stab us in the back, and create problems that come crashing down upon us. Sleep deprivation. As I mentioned before, click-bait prevents us from getting the necessary 8 hours of sleep that we growing teenagers desperately need, and aside from just being a tired yawning mess of a person, virtual reality actually blocks us from processing information properly; yes, these small factors will quickly backfire on us. An important thing on this planet is language, as it lets us communicate and understand each other better. We may not have noticed, but our grammar and spelling is slowly deteriorating, as there are barely any language rules being utilized online, and these habits are crawling their way offline. As you can see, there are numerous reasons going against social media but that doesn’t mean that we have to permanently stay off them. A phone can also be extremely beneficial, if used in small bursts and wisely. Instead of straying online for eternity, why not just limit yourself to a couple of reasonable hours a day, using the rest of your valuable, scarce free-time face to face with loved ones. Avoiding putting your personal information out in the open for every creep to have a glimpse at would hopefully also contribute greatly to your safety. So stop gluing your face to the glass screens that make up your treacherous jail. Get out, interact more. If you do desperately need to, make full use of social media, but responsibly, as if you don’t, instead of taking advantage of it, it may take advantage of you. Instead of you using it, it may exploit you. We are human beings, created carefully with our own minds, with the ability to control our own lives. As American sociologist, Erik Qualman said, “We don’t have a choice on whether we use social media, the question is how we do it.”

By Lydia

“ We have built on the success of last year and surpassed our expectations in terms of medals and trophies. ” - Mr. Faulkner

“ The football teams this year have made me so proud. We have had both ups and downs but throughout, we’ve had an amazing spirit and we’ve worked hard for everything we’ve achieved as a team. ” - Imran

“ Were lucky to have such a dedicated PE department as well as committed students who together, have realized our sporting successes. � - Mrs. Yulia

Tenby’s Technology Trends

By Max

How well do you know your phone? Almost every pupil in Tenby owns a mobile device, so we are quite familiar with the usage of it. However, do you know how popular it is? We surveyed 20 students ranging from Year 8-10. Which phone in Tenby will reign supreme? Let’s take a look at the data. 1. What phone brand do you use? Surprisingly, iPhone takes the cake with a whopping 45% as the most used phone. As a Samsung user myself I am deeply disappointed, in the Samsung brand winning only 35%. The runner-ups are Oppo and the other category getting 10% respectively. 2.

How long do you use your phone a day?

I honestly kinda expected this result considering that this Tenby we are talking about. Nevertheless, long hours are the water in Atlantis with 2-3 hours and 3 hours and above of phone usage obtaining the top position with 40% each. Usage below 1 hour and 1-2 hours have 5% and 15% respectively. 3.

What do you mainly use your phone for?

The addict hidden inside me amicably approves of the remarkable results. Social media wins this round by a landslide with 75%. (Yes!) The other trivial categories which came nowhere close are research with 5%, Games with 15% and Calling/texting with 5%. 4.

Would you like a change of phones?

So this question is basically directed to those who are unsatisfied with their phones. Well… Of course. Who wouldn’t want a better phone? Shockingly only 40% of students would a like a change to their mobile device while the other 60% were content with keeping it the same. 5.

Which brand will you change it to?

For those who wanted a new phone, around 63% would want an iPhone and the other 37% wanted a Samsung phone. I guess no one else wanted a Huawei or Oppo phone at all. Here are some words which the students used to describe their phones.

Fitbit The Fitbit is for those who don’t know is a nifty health accessory which helps you stay fit, motivated and healthy. With a size slimmer than a watch, this device can track your exercise, weight, food, sleep and activities. It automatically logs in your data such as your heart rate etc. when you sync it to your phone. This is the app you need for your ideal physique.

Features: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Measures heart rate Tracks your sleep patterns GPS system Guided breathing sessions Silent notifications Cardio Fitness Level Activity tracking (steps taken, calories lost) Reminders to Move Share/compete results with friends

This is an outstanding gadget which unbeatable technology makes it the most efficient equipment of the year. In fact, My family actually owns the Fitbit Alta before and after trying it on, it felt so convenient. It tracked my heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, activity every hour, steps taken and even provides me with reminders on when to move. I never stood still as it constantly vibrated, telling me to move. All in all its slim design is very beneficial for travelling as it's basically like a smarter and smaller watch.

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is basically a simulation of the virtual world with its audiovisual sensory which constructs artificial environments so it completely alters the perception of their surroundings. In short, it transports you to a entirely different environment, such as the beaches in Bahamas or another planet without needing to physically be there. Although VR was invented in 1920’s for flight simulation, its popularity really exploded in 1990’s when Jaron Lanier and Tom Zimmerman raised awareness on it. They marketed various virtual reality gear for entertainment and simulation training. To become immersed in the world of 3D you would need the necessary equipment which includes a headset, microphone, movement sensors and remote controls. Link them with a PC or phone and then bam! The Grand Canyon! It can be utilized for many different purposes such as gaming, entertainment, design, education, exploration, communication and much much more.

DRAWBACKS OF VIDEO GAMES What comes in mind when ‘violence’ is screeched? The thing is, I could probably state that majority of the world’s population enjoys the ‘amusement’ of video games a little too much, where the darkness trailing behind is concealed from existence. Will the mirror isolating humans from reality be shattered in time? Or will our world be experiencing disconnection, abolition and defoliation sooner than we’ve expected. First of all, the reward of violence is one devastating deprivation conveyed through the very works of video games. The act is repetitive, being extremely supportive of the deaths involved and the massacre taking place in majority of the computerized game. The ‘excitement’ seen through the very eyes of young children is deceitful; this active participation, are ones that affect learning behaviors, relating to the studies of aggressive behaviors. The emotional side effect includes things such as attempts of suicidal attempts, stresses over losses of games, and many more. Studies have shown that electronic games tend to desert people in a socially isolated state. The lack of hard work rendered for homework, sports and what I think is most important: the interaction with family and friends. These are most probably the precious, bitter-sweet memories everyone should have experienced earlier in their childhood, to think that ‘gamers’ are missing out on these, isn’t it a waste of time? The constant, silent tapping of thumbs on a screen have become the regular agonizing wail, rather than the soothing, blissful sound of laughter. Video games has transformed into a platform for bullying. So much, that it has suddenly become the norm. The disturbance of face-to-face socializing skills and the exposing of explicit materials to the young is most certain. Horrific acts have been happening all over the world; publicly persecuting one another. Bullies terrorize individuals with extreme vulnerability, the devastation leaves behind exceptionally deep scars, both mentality and physicality. These tiny possessions might not matter much, but without us knowing, they all add up to the rising increase in capability of suicidal attempts. Here’s something for you, by the time I finish my speech, 2 teenagers would have attempted to give up everything and have ended it all. Doesn’t it break your heart to know children, young children’s lives disintegrating piece by piece? Doesn’t it kill you inside to know the innocence within the young, only to realize that their souls have left their body?

By Alex & Shaun

POSITIVES OF VIDEO GAMES What is gaming? Is it really play? Or is it playing with our minds a little too much? Well, the Oxford dictionary defines it as ‘the action or practice of playing video games’. Personally, I see this word as an art of distressing. Some may see it otherwise, relating the word to violence and distraction, ruining the reputation of this noble art. How many times have you heard on the TV/radio or even broadcast by parents that we should avoid contact with the video evil as it causes various problems that range from ruining concentration to empty social lives, even teaching misbehaviour? It’s a common misconception that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, but we are used to this as the news always starts with the extreme, the doom and the gloom on page one. Gaming is a way to calm yourself down, right? Let it be a PS4, a computer or even your mobile, you can access this joy anytime, anywhere, making this a pretty convenient stress ball. Yes, there is a side-effect to all this goodness which is addiction which, as with even the most positive past-times, is never good. However, this can be all fixed with just some simple time management. Working and gaming are like the Yin and the Yang: they are not meant to be perfect alone, but together as a whole. I found that on the internet, but any gamer must understand the idea of the middle-way, not binging. We must have a balance of working and relaxation which in many cases, is gaming. Nonetheless, you may be asking how gaming can help with studies. We are in the 21 Century, there are applications for anything. One example of this is the game Quizlet that is used by the English teacher, Mr. Gorst. Quizlet allows the teacher to insert questions and answers for students to study or can even be a game that tests the student’s knowledge. Not only that, but there are games such as plane simulators which lend a helping hand to those interested to becoming a pilot. st

Gaming can also improve skills that are not usually thought of but very useful in life. It can aid your hand eye coordination, which can be quite useful in sports. Another skill cat can be boosted is your reaction time. How is enhancing your reaction time helpful? You may never know when a car could go out of control and you are just standing there, you, stiff as a statue, nailed to the ground, unable to move. That’s when good reaction time comes in handy. Moreover, online gaming can build bonds and friendships from different countries which in return widens international knowledge, that proves to be quite valuable when travelling to foreign countries. By Alex & Shaun







PC GAMER - 8/10

E-Study Tips By Piers Clayton & Ejaz Azree

Some students do not know which websites do go to boost their understanding of the subjects they are studying. So we are here to help! We asked some fellow Tenby students to give their favourite websites and YouTube channels that assist them in their learning. Websites One of the websites that is well known in the Tenby community is BBC Bitesize. It is run by the BBC and it is good because it contains all the subjects Tenby has to offer. It gives a lot of brief information and practice questions about the subject. It breaks down the syllabus content into manageable chunks. The drawbacks is that it doesn’t offer any further help but only what is on the site. It also doesn't have all the information that you need to get an A. It is a good revision guide for IGCSE and below with snippets of information but doesn’t have it all that you need to get higher marks. If you have problems, ask a teacher! A website that is not known very well is ZNotes. So what is ZNotes you may ask? Well, it started as a small website created by Zubair Junjunia after his IGs to share notes with the year below him. Currently, it has been accessed by students around the globe. It is an excellent revision guide as it has well written notes and flashcards. The content has been condensed to make the syllabus more concise. It is constantly updated with new notes and subjects. Its only con is that it only caters to IGCSE and above and it doesn’t have all the subjects that are offered in Tenby. In conclusion it is a very good revision guide with great content but only for IGCSE and above and it now doesn't have all the subjects at the moment.

YouTube Channels CrashCourse is well known for its vast array of subjects from History to Physics. It is made by John and Hank Green of the vlogbrothers. It is regarded as a famous educational channel as its videos incorporate a lot of infographics and easy to understand language. The drawbacks is that it doesn’t follow the British syllabus as it is an American YouTube channel and it had made mistakes on certain topics such as Human Geography. CrashCourse is a great channel for general knowledge but if you want to study using it you have to watch a lot of videos and write your own notes. Another YouTube channel that can be used by students is Khan Academy. It has a lot of topics and covers them in detail. The channel allows you to work at your own pace, you can pause the video and do questions. The disadvantages is that although it has many subjects most of its topics are math related. For some people it can be boring as it is it doesn’t simplify its information. Overall, this YouTube channel is useful for people who struggle in Math and Ad Math and also has some other subjects to choose from. Their info is very explanative and for some people it can be easily understood. Some honorable mentions include Easy Languages


Hegarthy Math

Minute Earth


Minute Physics


Geography Now

We At Tenby WeAtTenby. A newly made school community, that was created for motivation and inspiration of students. Have you not heard of it? Then you should be up to date. WeAtTenby is a web page online that is accessible to anyone, and it consists of various articles that has been written by students from our very own school, Tenby. The articles are highly valuable, they mostly regard to the students’ own experiences and lessons they have learnt which potentially could help other younger students who are in similar situations. It is believed that this webpage and the articles on the page is more relatable for Tenbians, because the submitters of articles are entirely from Tenby and have similar background/ environment.

setbacks, I wouldn't have half the strength and drive I have right now; my ego would still be sky high and I would still be defining success based on materialistic achievements- which completely isn't the way i want to measure success! I started to think of failure as none other than a transformative character building experience. I learnt to embrace it and that if you let it, failure will be your most powerful teacher.” You could always check the full article on the website: https://www.weattenby.com/singlepost/2017/05/27/2016-My-Year-of-Failures

Alesha Wong, and Soo Wan Ting screencasting

Alesha Wong, an A-level student in our school, has written an article about her failures and hardships she has faced in the previous year, “2016: My Year of Failures” and how she has overcome the defeat and her disappointments. “After a lot of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I started re-defining what I thought of as failure. I realized that without those

Anyone, could join the community by submitting an article of your own story, by which you think might be an inspiration for any other individuals. Please take a look at Contributor’s Agreement before sending any, to make sure your article is suitable and appropriate.

WeAtTenby, Tenby SEP’s one-stop platform for getting inspired, sharing experiences and unlocking your full potential. For your personal growth and contribution.

By Seo Young


Adventurous Journey Day 1 by Ejaz & Max Our exciting journey started at 6 o’clock in the morning with our bags packed and our seatbelts buckled as we headed towards Lake Kenyir, one of the biggest bodies of water in South East Asia. The bus ride took 7 hours, from our school to Terengganu. During that time we bonded with each other and sang many songs (500 miles). After our long and tedious ride we arrived at the lake and was greeted by Mr Brandon, our DoE accessor. We brought our bags and equipment to a boathouse and was also greeted by other accessors such as Terrence and Zaim. We were briefed on the expedition about the route, weather and safety as it is a number 1 priority. We arranged our accommodation and the boys had to sleep outside and the girls on the inside. Later, Mr Jared had an intense work out session with us, we performed rigorous stretches and exercises for our kayaking the day after. Before dinner, we merged into four groups and planned our route to Lasir Waterfall which was 21km away. We discussed how long our breaks were, the estimated time of arrival and which direction we were going. Soon, we made our own dinner including pasta and curry using small gas stoves. At night, we had a game of charades which was tremendous fun.

Day 2 by Ren Yii


Our main adventure began during the second day. At 5 o'clock in the morning, beeping watch alarms rang through the room. Despite the temptation to sleep, we got to our feet. Waiting for toilets while standing next to a roaring engine was indefinitely a new experience. Right after having our self-made breakfasts, the kayaking expedition finally started. Our kayaks were loaded onto a boathouse; to be deployed 200meters away from the shore. Instead of calmly walking into the kayaks, we were dumped into the lake. While battling the rocky waves, we climbed up the slippery, long, two-person carriers.

Once everyone was onboard, the paddling sounds bounced across the lakes. We headed towards a waterfall 20km to the south of the boat-Lasir waterfall. After reaching Lasir waterfalls, we would camp at another waterfall- Saoh waterfalls ( 5km north of Lasir) .Despite our continuous efforts, our paces varied much. Some kayaks were far ahead whereas the others were left behind. We often had to do raft ups(a grouping of kayaks) to close in the gaps.It took 6 hours to reach Lasir waterfalls . Unfortunately, the journey lasted too long. We ended up camping at Lasir instead. Despite the heavy anchor of disappointment, instantly we were cheered up by the sight of the waterfall. The crashing sound of white waters, accompanied with lively fishes in the pool, painted a magnificent image. Various types of rocks such as basalt and granite were to be found at the banks. After dipping ourselves in the cooling lake, it was time for the most important part of the journeysetting up the campsite

Setting up a campsite was difficult. We had to find a flat ground first. Then, we would remove stones, pebbles and other hazards away from the area. We would insert tent pegs into the ground to ensure stability. Cooking came as the moment of our day. A huge variety of food were prepared for ourselves. When it comes to DOE, suddenly, food becomes extremely scared, especially after 6 hours of exercise. We gobbled up every single gran of food that was available to us. It's only during DOE will hunger strike you as an uncontrollable thought. Stargazing was my personal favourite moment during the day. Away from the artificial lights of the city, we got a chance to indulge the beauty of the night. Streams of blinking stars sparkled the pitch night. Orion, Big Dipper and the constellation Cancer were to be found.

Day 3 by Piers We had to set off early in order to make it back to school on schedule so we had to wake up at about 5:45. And to ensure our punctuality our teacher Mr Mellor came to shake us all awake shouting "Earthquake!". Many of us were very sore and tired but we had to start clearing the campsite before sunrise, fortunately the stars and the moon were bright enough to give us some light to pack our tents and make our breakfasts and lunches. We set off in different kayaks this time just after sunrise at about 7:20 and took one last group picture in front of the smaller Lasir waterfall before heading north back to the jetty. The commandos (DofE guides) and Mr Brandon (head of DofE award pacific region) were very happy with us as we were able to stay in formation for most of the journey unlike the first day. We made our way to the herbal centre on Sau Kecil island for lunch where we got to enjoy the splendid emerald green waters and lush greenery, a great destination for those wanting to see biodiversity. After we'd had our lunch we had another hour and a half of kayaking before reaching the jetty where we pulled each other out of our kayaks onto the boathouse. We then had half an hour to get changed into clean clothes and put all our bags into the bus however the tricky part was also carrying the kayaks off the boathouse, it was very hectic and incredibly hot so getting onto the bus after all the heavy lifting felt even more refreshing. The journey back was slow but the scenic views made it bearable; we sang with friends for the teachers too, everyone was in a tired but happy mood. After not eating anything but a few sandwiches and leftover sweets for lunch, us starving kids finally got to eat dinner at a McDonalds where we ate about double the portions we normally would. Once we got back to school at about 21:00 we were all exhausted and smelly for not showering for 3 days but with new memories and lessons learned the journey was well worth it and we'd all love to go for the silver award in Year 12.

Route Planning

Raft Up

Lunch at Herb Garden


Group Pic

Cooking with Ms Welton


Work Out Session



ONE SPRING MORNING Jaggered breaths of piercing cold air burned his throat. The delicate perfume crafted by the everblooming flowers diffused into the chilly air, innumerable shades of soft pastel painted onto the liliputian, fragile petals, forming only what could be considered a masterpiece which flowed with life and new beginnings. All of this had gone unnoticed by the young man as he frantically rushed up the pebble embedded, gravel road. With his tan trenchcoat flapping wildly behind against the sharp wind, ragged brown messenger bag bouncing back and forth, he sprinted with only a destination in mind. As he got closer to where he urgently had to be, he allowed himself to come to a halt. Now feeling the creeping pain emerged from his initially numbed feet, he slumped over, now drained with a tsunami of exhaustion. Skimming his surroundings lightly, he could now unravel the marvels which encircled him. A symphony which composed of ecstatic laughter reverberated through the calm morning breeze. Crystal clear orbs sat daintily, magnifying every intricate detail which united to fabricate the leaves. Historic railways spread out, reaching into the towering mountains, filled with a scene of neverending lush greenery, Splashing brushstrokes of red onto the stone clad track. Having found his composure, he stood up. About to continue the pathway which awaited, scanning ahead… Her. His mind was clouded with an empty grey. Heart palpitated violently, as if determined to escape. His breathing shallowed drastically, as his body turned stiff, staring mindlessly at the individual whom he had distanced himself from long ago. Her. The way her long hazel locks curled, gently embracing her profile, which swayed tenderly. Plump, rose red buds that made her lips, coloured her cotton fair complexion. Her iris, artistically created watercoloured tones of a fiery amber, sparkling as they contrasted against the baby blue sky. Although matured, she still had the same weak frame which threatened to collapse with the slightest contact. The same expression of passionate awe displayed from all those years before. The same gravity which had pulled him to her. Memories uncontrollably scattered aimlessly like cherry blossoms, one after another, endlessly hitting him with shards of nostalgia. 5 years. 5 years since she had left this small remote town behind, since she had left him. He could recall vividly, how her melodious voice would call out his name, ringing across acres of lilac lavender fields, her warmth seeking refuge in his outstretched arms. How his eyes would ‘coincidentally’ cross with her doll like rings. These recollections were embroidered generously with regret from the threads which sewed their entwined past.” How are you?” “Are you deeply in love with someone else?” words he desperately wanted to ask withered away. The trembling pain which were felt the day they had part, now resurfaced into an excruciatingly heavy anchor. Sinking into his chest. Without a glance to his direction, or any awareness that he was even there, her slender, porcelain fingers gripped the icy rails of the tram as her elegant silhouette stepped onto the elevated platform, his view of her detached as the illusion of her faded like a stolen dream. The last of her scent drifted through a remaining gust of wind. Gone, just like her.

He smiled to himself. Adjusting the leather bag on his aching shoulder. Once. The rhythm of their heart had been In sync. Once. They had watched each other bloom. However, nothing last forever, promises are broken. And despite how drawn one is to its light, despite how deeply one yearns for another, some things just aren’t meant to be. There will always cruelly be, a time to part. Pushing away the distorted fragments of their fate. Tears which had threatened to spill now strayed. He breathed in the flowery spring air. “Goodbye.”

By Renee

World Turned Upside Down Dark blankets of cloud plastered over the midnight horizon, cascades of raindrops splashed onto the pavement. A wailing scream pierced through the depths of the night, while crimsonred spots stained the podium like splotches of paint on a canvas. Specks of light and energy went vacant as life slowly ebbed away from his eyes, staring still into an unseen darkness. His mangled fingers laid by his corpse, blood gushing out endlessly. The killer had struck once again.

Caleb Bailey, 6ft tall. His eyes were dark but gentle and a caring nature sat below his thick eyebrows. He sported an aquiline nose which complemented his prominent cheekbones, lips curled into a warm and comforting smile. Tousled hair as dark as obsidian sat on top of his head, a couple of strands cascading down his wide forehead as he strode down the hallways of the hospital complex making his way to the operating theatre. Both hands stretched out, sliding the surgical gown onto his shoulders; with caution he put on the sterilised gloves, entered the theatre with a wry smile, eyes glistening with lust and pure evil. All lights flickered and gradually faded into the darkness.

It was the 25th of June 1993. Thoughts swirled inside me as I pictured him begging for forgiveness. With swiftness and precision, I slammed the baseball bat into his frail skull as blood slowly streamed down from his deformed cranium. Screams of agony echoed through the abandoned cabin situated in the middle of the woods… then silence. I dragged his lifeless corpse out into the open, watching its final warmth perish as glowing embers leapt & twirled into enigmatic night.

A dark red substance surrounded the victim, stabbed as he was in the carotid with a sharp object striking the artery perfectly. His body was covered with bruises and cuts, obvious signs of struggle could be seen. Mangled fingers laid beside his lifeless body were filled with dirt and grime, his fist tightened around… nothing. Each cut was deep, striking a major vessel with precision. His face was as white as snow with bloodshot eyes staring into the depths of his murderer’s soul.

Tires screeched, a young woman with brunette hair got down from the car, walking towards the crime scene, holding up her badge, “Lieutenant Bailey” thrown out as she took control over the case. Her brow furrowed with frustration as she muttered under her breath, “This is the third case of homicide this month. Why is it that all of these cases have similar cuts each aiming on the main arteries? Who is behind all these macabre acts of such precision?”

He stood there silently, with a knife in his hand, watching and waiting as another prey slowly edged closer to his hiding spot. His once quiescent heart started palpitating furiously, a surge of adrenaline pumping through his veins. Observing. Tick tock. Seconds passed. Tick tock. Waiting. Tick tock. Like a leopard, latched onto his prey with his knife. His hands gripped sternly around the knife as he plunged it deep into the victim's body multiple times. As his victim lay on the cold, hard floor clinging on to his dear life, blood gushing profusely. He walked away, smirking.

Upon reaching home, he entered the bathroom leaving his bloodied clothes on the room floor, without knowing the sister was home. As she walked through the hallway, passing by her brother’s room she heard the shower running. Entering his room, Lieutenant Bailey stumbled upon Caleb’s dirty clothes. With years of experience as a homicide detective, she instantly recognised the smell of drying blood. Immediately, her face drained of colour, her mouth gaped open, her ebony eyes expanded to their full potential below her raised eyebrows. Proceeding with caution, she inched closer to the pile of clothes on the ground. With trembling hands, she picked them up, revealing splatters of blood on the hem of the shirt… and instinctively she left with it.

Hurrying to get the bloodied shirt to the station, her phone rang: a call had come in, another corpse discovered right down the alley. Forgetting about her brother’s bloodied shirt, she hastily drove to the crime scene leaving it on the passenger seat of her car. Whilst inspecting the body, she discovered that it was the same modus operandi. Her brow furrowed in confusion, unable to understand the reason behind the recurring slaughter. Intent on gathering evidence, a thought flashed in her mind. Without hesitation, she quickened her pace as she returned to her car, unlocking the door, carefully picking up the bloodied shirt, handing it to her team of forensics asking for it to be tested along with the other crime scene evidence.

Hours later, her phone beeped, a text message from her lab technician that the results for the most recent case had returned. With that she hurriedly left the house, heading for the station. As she cautiously read through the report, line by line, her heart started racing like a train going full speed. On it was stated that the blood from her brother’s shirt matched the blood from the recently deceased. That was when she realised, the precise cuts on the body could only have been done by a professional. Devastated, she fell to the ground with both hands cupping her face. Tears rolled down. With all the courage and energy left in her, she approached her superior and, with a shaky tone and face full of heartache she revealed her theories that the murderer of the moment was her brother – Caleb Bailey. By Koo Yan Rong

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams Your thoughts are scattered everywhere, In silence you could only stare. Breathing out a hazy cloud, Your cold hands trace the frozen air. You'd woken from a sleepless dream; A doll sat down, pulling at its seams— Waiting, watching, with glassy eyes. I tasted inklings of our distant demise. Like fleeting flowers of springtime's stage, Your wavering smile still fails to age. The stars above are glimmering, bright; and yet our lives are devoid of light. We've been walking on bits of crumbling floor Connected only by red strings of fate Head on my lap, you breathe out once more With a shaky stillness: "It's far too late." "Goodnight, sweet dreams," I whisper back, And your whole world dissipates into black. By Katelyn Yau Yu Ke

Have Heart, Humanity A gong sounds, my heart pounds with fear I think and remember of what I hold dear Horses mounted Daggers ready Time ticks blank, silent, steady Shadows rustle at the church's arch We await the cue- we are ready to march Ready and waiting, poised like a dog Hidden and concealed by the barbaric bog The carved horse is pushed over the boundary Quiet, carefully, creeping soundly Never forgetting the element of surprise Watch out- you have met your demise All around, soldiers draw their swords and charge 'Let's move out!' yells the sarge We storm the city, and kick down doors Shoot them dead, and shove them to the floors Within minutes, we have stolen their liberty Claimed and taken, and announced our victory The prisoners kneel and beg for mercy They look into our eyes and see the lunacy Crazed and wild, driven to madness Past saving, devoid of sadness For those we have murdered, for those we have brutally killed And for the blood of our enemies that we have spilled Are we even humans? Or are we as deadly as killing machines? Is this what being triumphant and successful means? Have we lost our minds? Have we become brainless robots? Have we really just conducted a series of ostracising onslaughts? Then, I think it is safe to no longer call us humanity For our ways and actions have changed drastically Because even though we didn't come to barter This is war, this is bloodshed, This is Sparta. By Keisha Wee

Approaching the end of the school year, we find ourselves more likely than not slacking on our homework in anticipation of the nearing summer holidays. Studying will soon be a distant memory until you find yourself on the first day of school, scrambling to catch up on all the long-forgotten assignments. Work begins to pile up and you find yourself in a mess wondering where vacation went. Sound familiar? Even with this knowledge, we still procrastinate, giving excuses that there is always time tomorrow for math homework or studying for that geography test. We get caught in a vicious cycle that most of us struggle to break free from. On top of school work, juggling all the extracurricular activities and other hobbies over top seems impossible. Pressures to excel and stress can take a toll and taking a breather can seem like a luxury in the midst of trying to pass all the tests, rushing to finish homework, and scrambling to get to rehearsals on time, life can get pretty messy. Staying organised at this point could just keep your life together and it isn’t half as time consuming or complicated as it seems. Here are a few steps to getting you started ! 1.

Set goals for yourself. What are you trying to achieve? It’s important to know what your focus is. You have a swimming competition coming up? Set aside more time and attention to train instead of Netflix-ing the day away. Writing your goals out on paper and sticking it onto your wall next to where u normally study or set a reminder on your phone can really help you stay on track and motivated to achieve them. It is also important to make sure you set realistic goals that are accomplish-able but that are still challenging to leave no room for slacking.


Prioritize. This is key especially during weeks with especially heavy workloads (aka internal or production weeks), figure out what is more important or what is coming up first. Always study for the nearest (next) exam first or the subject that you need most help with. And I hate to say this but, never cram for a test. Don’t leave revision to the last minute and stay up until 4 am in the morning studying. Plan ahead and set out a specific time for each subject, allocating more for weaker subjects. You might be surprised at how much time and energy you will gain from prioritising the workload from school with your other commitments.


Keep a physical to-do list. Don’t tell yourself that you won’t forget to finish [exercise 4.3, question 3 a, c, e] because you most likely will if you don’t jot it don’t on a piece of paper or your phone. You have a school planner. Use it. We always use our school planners diligently at the start of each year but by the second week it is left at the bottom of our school bag of school for the rest of the year. Our school planners offe r a great way to keep a physical list of what needs to be done for each particular subject so nothing is ever forgotten. Even if keeping up with a planner consistently isn’t your thing, having somewhere to jot down your to dos is always helpful.

At the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you to put in the effort to start getting organised. Getting organised is very personal and may take some trial and error but when you find something that works, it will have a huge impact on your productivity and how you begin to approach new challenges. I hope that reading this might have given you something to think about to improve the way you organise your lifestyle.

By Nicole

Horoscope By Bernice & Danielle



Mar 21 – Apr 19

Apr 20 – May 20

“Aries will never let you face

“A Taurus is extremely kind

your own problem alone. They

and sweet until you betray

will always be right there, to protect you” Aries are independent,

You are bound to have an

honourable and at the same

exciting time. New opportunities

time, ready to try something

are bound to come to your way


which will lead to you expending

This year, you will be more in

more energy than usual.

control of your emotions than

If you are already in a

usual during this year. But

relationship, it is bound to

don’t forget to use your logic

become even better and more

when it comes to making


important decisions.

them; then death is better” You are bound to have

If you are looking for love,

more energy than usual.

then this is your lucky

No matter what you do,

year. If you are in a

don’t waste your

relationship, then it is


likely that things are going

You will experience new

to get even more serious.

things this year, which means there would be a lot of changes but don’t worry, you will handle it easily!



May 21 - Jun 20

Jun 21 – Jul 22

“A cancer knows how to make

“Geminis love freedom… Don’t

anywhere feel like home”

you dare try to take that away” 2017 is definitely a

It is a personal trait that makes you

fascinating one for you.

very special among all others.

Geminis are recognized for being well behaved as well as charming. It is part of your nature that you trust people very easily. .

You will be expected to see a boost in your relationship both romantic and friendly. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone

This year, if you sincerely

Do not take overloads of

wish to obtain a goal. You

work on yourself.

will be able to achieve.

In this significant year of

You will be required to

your life, what is more

maintain a discipline in life.

important is to give significance you each other’s feelings.

Horoscope By Bernice & Danielle



Jul23 – Aug 22

Aug 23 – Sep 22

“Leos can give other people

“A Virgo is always thinking

advice and problems for other

about what they have to do

people except they can’t fix

next. They do not relax”

their own mess” This year will be a bit slow

Do your best to focus what you’re

This coming year is going to

You will enjoy enough

but this will make it easier


make you more sensible as

stability all throughout the

for you with time moving

The Leos in 2017 will deepen their

well as more responsible

year in every field. Be it

at a slower pace, you may

relationship because this year, you

than you already are.

your family, your health and

also feel like you’re able to

will learn to understand yourself

get things done this year.

and your partner better.

even in your academic year.

Use your time wisely.



Sep 23 – Oct 22

Oct 23 – Nov 21

“A Libra is skilled enough to be

“A Scorpio is easy to please,

one step ahead. But make you

but hard to handle.”

believe they are one step behind.” This year will go by quickly,

Try to keep your personal

This year, you will have ups

But that doesn’t mean that

but that doesn’t mean that

world balanced, you will

and downs, but try to stay

you need to move quickly,

you will miss out on

have a great year if you

as optimistic as possible.

take your time.

important opportunities.

play your cards right. If you

Take things one day at a

If you are looking for

are balanced, your year


someone this year, step out

would be balanced as well.

You will get a lot of things done this year.

of your comfort zone. Being less secretive and more outgoing will let you meet new people.

Horoscope Sagittarius

By Bernice & Danielle


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Dec 22 – Jan 19

“Sagittarius never expect much

“If Capricorn wants something,

from people because they know

nothing will stand in their

that people don’t always live up


to their expectations” Even though this year would go

If you are single, this is your

by quickly, you need to

time to act, don’t be afraid to

remember to keep yourself

step out and experience new

composed as often as possible.

things. If you are already in a

Getting stressed out about

relationship, don’t be afraid to

everything will only hurt, not

open up to your partner.


This year is where you will get

If you are already in a

time to do everything that you

relationship, it will continue to

plan. This year might seem

be rather steady this year.

like it is going by slowly, but this will make it easier for you to keep up with everything

your faults as well as the natural faults of your partner.

going on around you.



Feb 19 – Mar 20

Jan 20 – Feb 18

“No matter where life takes Pisces,

“Some days an Aquarius wants

nothing and no one can break

to socialize with everyone and

them. they will always shine”

other days they want to be isolated from everyone’

Make sure that you accept all

This year will seem

know that you can afford

This year, your life will take a more serious turn than it has

extremely great to you if

to do so.

in recent years, you might experience quite a lot of challenges

you take all the right steps.

but don’t worry, you will get through it.

Your romantic life will be

Sacrificing some fun for

all over the place. You are

security is bound to pay off

likely to be more emotional

in the long run, but don’t

or you would show your

be afraid to have fun when

true emotions to new



The Future is Green The battle for green energy has been going on for decades. When and whether should we quit our addiction?

SUSTAINABILITY VERSUS PROFITS Sweden is the greenest country in the entire world. Despite having rich oil reserves for profits, they focus more on green energy such as hydroelectricity. 90% of conventional oil has already been found claims Goldman Sach’s Declaration. The consumption of oil is extremely high. The rising population growth will eventually leave oil under supplied. An alternative need to be found.

‘Burning fossil fuels are like burning

your own furniture’- Elon Musk Stephen Hawkings, Elon Musk and even Barrack Obama for crying out loud, support Green energy. Green energy is basically renewable energy that doesn’t pollute the environment. Regardless of the old jobs Trump plans to revive, Green energy has already been surpassing that number by 12 times. And yet we think the future is based on some black, sticky and scared liquid buried under our deserts. Why depend on these nature bombs underground when we have our greatest resource of all- the sun. A typical solar panel can generate 1kWh every four hours; not only reducing your unescapable electricity bills but also giving a shock to your house. Either we take green energy for a sustainable future or chose the Trump path down a desolated, polluted wasteland.

Should the future be Green or Grey? Oil does bring some benefits. For example: 30% of Malaysia’s revenue is generated through oil sales. Despite that, we have only 3,600 million barrels left to sell. As the population grows exponentially, we’ll be left with nothing to sell within 5-10 years. To make matters worse, the average global temperature has grown by 1 Celsius. That causes huge impacts such as sea level rising. Even oil-built empires will sink underneath water. Green energy not only can be used for cars, households and phones, it also doesn’t pollute the environment. Tidal energy and solar energy can provide huge quantities of energy for us. Car companies such as Tesla having been making huge profits out of electric cars. Some may argue that making the car batteries pollute the environment, that it’s not beneficial for the environment. Indeed, it does pollute the environment but the lifespan of battery last for more than ten years, relatively creating less pollution than fossil fuel car emissions in long runs.

By Ren Yii

Green energy clearly surpasses fossil fuels. The future should be based on green energy. Will our leaders put it before profit?

Photography Tips BY AVENASH & LYDIA

DOF, short for Depth Of Field AKA Focus range or Effective Focus range is put simply the distance between the nearest and furthest objects in a video or photo... but let's focus on photography. Here are a few examples of shallow depth of field [photos] Now compare that to deep Depth Of Field. You can see that there is a clear difference with the blur effect on the background. [Photo] A shallow DOF produces a "blurrier" background with results in a more effective subject separation. Now let's move on to Aperture which plays a big part in Depth Of Field. Aperture is basically the size of the opening in the lens. The Aperture that you set impacts the size of the opening in the lens. The bigger the opening, the more light gets let in. Lowering the f value not only has shallower Depth of field but also does better in low light situations. Your camera would automatically set and change the shutter speed according to the aperture set. The bigger the aperture, the smaller the f/stop. For example f/1.8 would be a bigger aperture than f/3.5 You can change the setting of your camera to Aperture priority and fine tune the f/stop that your lens can accommodate. If your lens can be dialed down to a smaller f number, the "faster" your lens is. Shallow depth of field could be related to as having a blur background and accurate subject separation to enhance the effect of the

Here is a starter kit on what you should look for when shooting portraits...the following is the basics... 1)

Focus on the eyes


No intense white light, have it diffused and natural looking

3) Shallow depth of field and subject separation between the subject and the background to enhance the focal point.

Back To The 80s In Style It was all back to the 80s, with Tenby Madds most radical production yet, including performances filled with funky hairstyles, wacky clothes and higher heels than ever. Songs that ranged from the fun filled, ‘Wake Me up before You Go Go’ to the emotional, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ and most importantly, jokes that were a blast from the past.

‘Samieer was really good’ - Imran Qureshi

‘I personally did not want the evening to end. It gave me a flashback of my school life.’ – Mr.Butterfield

A wicked and wild performance that some of you would have wished to come for. A play directed and choreographed by Tenby’s very own Rachel McCue and Amy Crisp. And lastly, a blast of a performance by the students,one that will foreverbe in the heart of Tenby

‘I feel like this production was one of the better ones made by Tenby Madd. I really appreciated the effort that was put into making this productionsuccessful.’– Bryan Liew ‘The play this year was probably one of my favourites, many casts were known for their phenomenal singing and acting skills. I really enjoyed all the songs in the play and the casts made the songs so much more lovable.’- Alexander Thomas By Ram

Ethereum Mining: a Virtual Reality Game? There has been a rise of popularity in the cryptocurrency mining industry over the past decade. Some of you may have heard about Ethereum, so I will elaborate about how to mine Ethereum and what it is. So, Ethereum is worth approximately $192.23 as of the 18th of July 2017. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin. It is a blockchain program which is used in digital assets. Ethereum is coded from blockchains and consists of smart contracts, which are commands that are automatically executed when your Ethereum Program comes across it. There is a limited amount of Ethereum that can be mined and this applies to other cryptocurrency programs such as Bitcoin and e.t.c. There are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for when mining Ethereum. Firstly, you will require a GPU (graphics processing unit), a pretty powerful CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the other components required to building a PC. The prices of computer components have sky rocketed exponentially .

Throughout the last month because of the rise in Ethereum mining publicity, the demand for them is so high that a GPU can cost about threefold of its original price, so getting one may be a bit expensive at the moment. Another factor that is important, is your power consumption. If you consume too much power to mine Ethereum then your payment in the end may not be profitable. If you build a computer which will enable you to use a limited amount of power but at the same time run a powerful GPU, then your profits should outweigh the running costs of mining Ethereum.

The price of Ethereum varies from time to time, but for now it seems that the price \ is steadily rising, but we all have to keep in mind that it will eventually fall to a drastic low. Here’s an example. Bitcoin is now worth approximately $2238.48 as of July 1, 2017. This price is quite strong considering the fact that it’s all time low was a mere $0.008 in July 2010, when it was just growing. A company called CoinTerra had to liquidate their business and $10-50 million, after the Bitcoin priced crashed down to $20 (this was when Bitcoin averaged around $1000+). This is a brief example of how online cryptocurrency programs such as Ethereum and Bitcoin can fall to its lowest point within an instant in the online world. For the people that want to start mining on platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin, there’s some components that you’ll be needing. You will need a computer with a decent GPU which can range from about (RM1000RM4000+) and a moderate CPU. You will have to download the necessary scripts in order to mine Ethereum and have a good power supply unit which will be able to supply the rig with a continuous flow of power. Make sure to check that your power consumption does not outweigh the Ethereum that you have mined. This may seem like a long and rigorous process, which it definitely is; but it will definitely require time for you to perceive that you are making money. You will need a program called Ether in order to extract your funds and transfer them to different payment methods like PayPal, Visa, American Express and e.t.c. If you’re interested in starting to mine for Ethereum, then you should definitely consider to consult your parents before doing it and read a more advanced guide about it. I hope this helps to the risks and pitfalls of online money so you don’t get taken for every penny you possess! Prepared by: Roshan Pillai 9Y


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Tenbyzine 6  

The latest issue of Tenby Setia Eco-Park School zine, this time created by Year 10 students with some great extra writing by Year 9...

Tenbyzine 6  

The latest issue of Tenby Setia Eco-Park School zine, this time created by Year 10 students with some great extra writing by Year 9...

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