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Shoot Your Best Scores Improve your short game and putting with us, and discover the best golf of your life. CALIFORNIA

Cimarron Golf Club, Palm Springs Strawberry Farms GC, Newport Beach Chardonnay Golf Club, Napa


The Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens


Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, Atlanta


The Homestead, Traverse City



Centennial Golf Club, New York


Pronghorn, Bend


La Cantera Hill Country Resort, San Antonio


The Grove, London, England Killeen Castle, Dublin, Ireland

More Beautiful Courses to Master

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Creek 1 The at Hard Labor Walk 2 Highland at Victoria Bryant As the storied home to the Masters Tournament, Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club is one of the world’s most famous golf courses. But don’t forget Georgia’s impressive lineup of State Park golf courses that offer overnight stays and top-notch golf on top-rated greens and fairways. And you don’t have to be a pro to play them. Tee up at | 800-434-0982

Pointe 3 Arrowhead at Richard B. Russell




Links 4 Meadow at George T. Bagby

Lakes 7 The at Laura S. Walker Creek 8 Brazell’s at Gordonia-Alatamaha


Athens Augusta


Vets 5 Georgia Memorial Golf Course Ocmulgee 6 Little Wallace Adams Course












from the publishers header

Fun, Fun, Fun Till Your Daddy Takes My Tee Time Away I meet a lot of people in this industry and a good majority of those people happen to be men that are proud fathers. This letter is not Terrie Purdum and Rick Harris, Sr. to entertain you but more for my desire to recognize and acknowledge real men that are fathers. Men I have met throughout my years in business, life, family, and friends. A father, in my opinion, is someone always bragging about their child’s accomplishments, low scores, high scores (depending on the sport) and academic talents. Real men are always there, especially when the little brats are ungrateful, seeing them through life’s journeys, and supporting them through the most challenging of times. Fathers do not throw in the towel, always yelling, “Keep on swinging because we’re having fun dammit!!!” This is not a complete list of the loving fathers I know but if you’re not listed here, then you probably pissed me off somehow lately. Rich Purdum, Chris Fulghum, Mike McBath, Mike Riley, Don Ratliff, Joel Jackson, Ed Gilbert, Marty Kries, Mike Cannavo, Rand Middleton, Jeff Nordstrom, Tim Galvin, Dave Clark, Greg Wise, Mark Berman, Jay Golden, Tony Johnson, Mike May, Josh Bennett,Buddy Roboski, James Berlingeri. My favorite father figure is Rick Harris (see the Leader on the Links article on pg 42) and in honor of David Letterman’s retirement we are going to do the Top 10.

Top 10 Reasons Why Rick Harris Is My Favorite Father Figure!!! #10 He’s reliable; hence the name, Ol’ Reliable. #9 He’s a proud marine, educator, counselor, and a man of his word. #8 He has Miss Betty, his superstar wife who takes special interest in family and all things Rick. #7 He leaves singing messages on my voicemail while he’s out distributing magazines, my all-time favorite is “On The Road Again.” Willie has nothing on the Ricker. #6 He never lets me get away with anything. #5 He’s always looking out for the magazine, especially nominating cart girls with his famous rating system. #4 He barks orders at me when I don’t return his calls in a timely manner. #3 He keeps me up to speed on the Florida Gators, Brittany (Bam Bam) Lincicome, and conservative politics. #2 He never fails to go on and on and on about how cute his grandkids are and how proud he is of their parents. And the number one reason Rick Harris is a father figure to me is: he calls me out when I use old pictures when I was younger and thinner.

Volume 16, Issue 2 Publisher: Terrie L. Purdum Editor in Chief: Shannon Coates Regional Partner: Doug Hollandsworth, Founder-Georgia Golf Trail Executive Editor: Joel Jackson–Director of Communications for the Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association Golf Media Girl: Janel Losada Photographers: Lynn Pelham, Brion Price, Peter Hakansson Tres Fenton, Mike Coonan, Jess Regan Senior Correspondent: Rick Harris, Sr.

Contributing Writers: Jay Golden, PGA; Greg Wise, Bob Bolton, Elisa Gaudet, Mike Jamison, Mike May, Chris Thompson, Katie Hatfield, Ron Heller, Chuck Cavalaris, Fred Seely, Deb Shuck, JL Quebbeman, Mitch Sadowsky, Lisa "Mickie" Clark Graphic Design: Melahn Cable, Website Design/Network Support:

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Have a wonderful Father’s Day.

2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year 4

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Volume 16, Issue 2 32

Alabama Golf Central 60 FarmLinks $25 Million Super Shootout Caribbean Golf Central 32 Dorado Beach TPC 34 Golf on the High Seas Carolinas Golf Central 64 Caledonia Golf and Fish Club/ True Blue Golf



Cart Girl 14 Abby Jarnigan FEATURE 38 Stewart Lodges at Steelwood Georiga Golf Central 62 Greater Gwinnett Championship Golf Bachelor 12 Michael Lopez-Ibanez Golf History 56 Clearwater Country Club Golf Travel 16 French Lick, IN Growing The Game 18 Adaptive Golf

Departments 8 Father's Day Tributes 10 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association 24 Executive Women's Golf Association 26 Freddy's Fairway Thoughts

36 IGTA 40 Turf Life 44 Grip It & Sip It 46 Product Showcase 50 Duffer Dan 52 NFPGA 54 SFPGA 70 Young Guns 72 Golf Fitness

Improving Performance 28 SwingClick Leader of the Links 42 Rick Harris Player Development 22 Marion County Junior Golf Special Events 20 International Network of Golf 30 The Players Championship 68 Tattoo Golf Tennessee Golf Central 66 Tennessee Golf Association


father's day tributes

“Daddy Caddy”

By: Felicia Botting

Your dad is someone who supports you, loves you, and cheers you one. Your caddy is someone who carries your bags, and gives you insightful advice and moral support. For LSU golfer, Carly Goldstein, she gets the best of both worlds; she gets a “Daddy Caddy”. Barry Goldstein is a proud dad and they are a dynamic duo on and off the greens. Barry, How many tournaments have you Caddied for Carly? I have caddied for my daughter Carly Ray in well over 100 golf tournaments. Carly, how has having your Dad as your Caddy improved your game? My dad keeps me in a great mindset and makes me stay focused while still letting me have a great time and staying light and happy. How has your father shaped who you are as a person and a golfer? My dad is my biggest influencer and he has taught me time and time again how to be a good person on and off the golf course. He has shaped me into the person I am today by giving me a good set of morals and standards that show on and off the course.

Christy Wittmer and her Dad

“I was born and raised in Iowa by two awesome parents. My father got my mother in to golf, and by the time I was five years old, they brought the game into my life. I’ve been playing ever since. Golf is my greatest passion; I’ve played 8

Barry, what is your proudest moment as a father in Carly’s Gold Career (so far)? My proudest moment as a father regarding Carly Rays golf is a tough one. SO many. Tie, between watching her win Florida›s High School State Championship as a high school senior...or...watching her win the Doral/Publix Junior World Championship when she was 11 and she jumped into my arms and said, "We did it dad".

it for 20 years so far and know I will for the rest of my life. I played competitively in junior tournaments growing up and in high school. My college was Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa where I played for three years. My major was Journalism with a minor in Writing. I spent some time in radio back in my awesome tiny town of Hampton, Iowa. From there, I made the bold choice to leave it all behind and move to Florida to pursue my interest of the golf industry. I went to the Professional Golfer’s Career College in Orlando and met amazing people, mentors and professionals in the field. I started to find a knack and love for designing websites and writing in the golf field. At the Arnold Palmer Invitational I met Terrie Purdum through a friend and now we are kicking butt together with Turf Life. I owe it all to my parents for growing me in a game that has forever changed my life and will only continue to bring me more success and amazing adventures in life.”

Lauren Cobb’s dad asked her little brother if he would take lessons and play with him in a father-son tournament coming up and he absolutely would not/didn’t want to. Lauren said she would take lessons and play with him (feeling sorry for him). Then little did she know, he had bought a ton of lessons and every week at the same time she had a spot. She went and was thinking, “what did I sign up for, I just did this for my dad?” She ended up trying out for the high school team in 9th grade and made the team (barely). She’s in 11th now, on the girls golf team and she actually enjoys playing and is so glad she went to all those lessons to “help her dad out.” Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Scott Sterner is the Specialty Designs & Corporate Sponsorships Director for Loudmouth Golf, Co-host of the Victory Casino Sportsbook Show on 740 the Game and Co-owner of White Metal Golf. Taylor is a “Daddy’s Girl” who is a 5th Grader on the Principal’s Honor Roll at Oakland Charter who loves her Paso Fino Horse Sueno, photography, and is looking forward to plenty of boogie boarding and surfing this summer.

Russ Libby, PGA is General Manager at Hidden Hills Country Club in Jacksonville, FL. spending the afternoon on the links with his kids; Joseph, Russell, Patrick and Katherine

Alexis Sieg is a rep for Antigua Golf, Nancy Lopez Golf, Loudmouth Golf, Nickel ball pick ups. “My Dad, Alexander Sieg, gave me a club with electrical tape wrapped around the grip to learn to play golf when I was 6 years old. God rest his soul. NowI am an LPGA T&CP Member...he would be proud!

John Kopack is the Regional Director of Golf Course Operations for Concert Golf Partners. His kids are Sean , Erik, and Sara Kopack. Erik is an Air Rescue Swimmer in the Navy stationed in Norfolk , Va. Sean is in the Air Force stationed in California at Travis AFB and is a Crew Chief on board a KC-10 Extender that refuels fighter jets in air. Sara is 16 and goes to Lake Brantley High. She is active in Cross Country and Track and sings in the Chorus. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Kevin Czerkies CGCS and my son Nick Czerkies. I am the golf course superintendent at Manatee Cove Golf Course at Patrick AFB, FL and my son is golf course superintendent at Falcon’s Fire Golf Course in Kissimmee, FL. 9

By Elizabeth Ray

header FRLA

Tourism Leaders Convened in Tallahassee to Celebrate Florida’s No. 1 Industry

Communications Director, FRLA

The Partnership for Florida Tourism proudly presented Florida Tourism Day in Tallahassee. Every year, the event is designed to educate the legislature, media and Floridians on the significant role tourism plays in the success of our state’s economy. Recently, Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida set another record in tourism numbers by welcoming the highest amount of visitors of any quarter in the state’s history according to VISIT FLORIDA. In the first quarter of 2015 (January-March), 28.4 million visitors came to the state, an increase of 6.2 percent over the same period in 2014. The previous high for a quarter for tourism was 26.7 million visitors in quarter one last year. The average number of direct travel-related jobs in quarter one of 2015 was also a record high, with 1,186,900 Floridians employed in the tourism industry - up 4.8 percent from the same period in 2014. Governor Scott said, “I am proud to announce that the Sunshine State continued our record breaking suc-


Robert Skrob (Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organizations [FADMO]), Bill Lupfer (Florida Attractions Association), Bobby Cornwell (Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds), Henry Kempfer (Florida Cattlemen’s Association), Carol Dover (Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association), Malinda Horton (Florida Association of Museums), Will Seccombe (VISIT FLORIDA)

cess and welcomed the most visitors of any quarter in Florida’s history. Our growing tourism industry employs over 1 million Floridians and is helping us meet our goal of becoming the global destination for jobs. We are excited to start 2015 off with our biggest quarter ever, which puts us on pace to exceed our goal of 100 million visitors to Florida this year.” As part of Florida Tourism Day, a record 550 industry representatives from 44 counties around the state traveled to Tallahassee and held scheduled meetings with more than 135 legislators and government leaders. The street party Wednesday evening featured live entertainment and showcased food and exhibits from numerous members of the tourism industry and supporting organizations. “It is truly incredible to see so many great leaders rally together here in Tallahassee to safeguard the

needs and celebrate the achievements of industry which represents 23% of our state’s economy. As an industry, we are the state’s largest job creator and it is critical that we continue to work together alongside Governor Rick Scott and our state legislators to ensure visitors keep coming back for a fantastic hospitality experience that is exclusively offered here in Florida,” said Carol Dover, President and CEO of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. This year, ten statewide organizations participated in Florida Tourism Day. Participating organizations included: VISIT FLORIDA, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, Florida Attractions Association, Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, Florida Association of Destination Management Organizations, Florida Association of Museums, Film Florida, the Florida Sports Foundation, Florida Cattleman’s Association and the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

golf bachelor

Where were you born? Did you grown up there? I was born in Charlotte, NC. I’ve lived in Charlotte my whole life.

What three people would you most like to play with in your golf threesome? Ty Webb, Happy Gilmore, and Kevin Hart.

Is acting your age overrated? Yes, because if you only act

What are some of your great accomplishments? I feel very ac-

your age, you won’t be able to relate to a lot of other people. Plus, you’ll lose that childlike sense of wonder.

What do you do for a living?

complished in my art and I’m a black belt in karate. Also my second date percentage is a steady 35%.

I work in the Marketing department for Bermuda Sands Apparel, as well as a freelance illustrator/artist.

Favorite comedian? Bill Burr, hands down.

What would you like to do for a living?

The Rocky Series, and my favorite comedy is definitely Step Brothers.

A lot! A racecar driver, an astronaut, but I would really love to be a videogame developer.

Aside from golf, what do you prefer for fun and relaxation?

I love being outdoors. Whether it’s at the lake, or climbing, or just hanging with my friends and grilling at the pool!

What three things would you need to survive on a desert island? A case of Dos Equis, Eva Mendes, and a taco truck.

Favorite movies? Star Wars Series, Gladiator, Terminator 2, Last book you read? A Clash of Kings What’s your favorite part of working for Bermuda Sands

Definitely the camaraderie we have. When we go out as a group to photoshoots or we’re working on new ideas, it’s great to have that sense that we’re all working towards the same goal.

Favorite adult beverage? The Mojito

Michael Lopez-Ibanez


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

We’d Like To Put A Few Holes In Your Vacation Plans. Quite a few in fact. You see, Fairfield Glade Resort in Tennessee has 90 holes of Championship Golf alone, including Stonehenge, named among the top public courses in Tennessee by Golf Digest, GolfWeek and Golf Magazine. Then there are the many outstanding courses around nearby Crossville, widely known as the golf capital of Tennessee. In all, more than 180 holes of golf just waiting to be played atop the Cumberland Plateau. But your vacation doesn’t have to be all golf. We offer 11 pristine lakes for boating and fishing, 12 miles of nature trails, a state-of-the-art Racquet Center and remarkable restaurants. This year, plan to spend your vacation at Fairfield Glade Resort and Crossville, Tennessee. The South’s holey land for golfers. For information or reservations, call 931-707-2061 • Located between Knoxville and Nashville, just a few miles from I-40 (Exit 322)

Now the fun begins.

cart header girl

Abby an Jarnig

Where did you grow up? Dandridge, TN What do you feel makes this club special?

Every one that works here is humble, southern hospitality. Awesome clubhouse and the “Best 36 Holes In The Smokies”

What is your favorite part of being a cart girl? What is your least favorite part? Meeting new people.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Spending time with my friends, going shopping.

What is your idea of “the perfect date”? A picnic on a beach somewhere.

Favorite comedian? Kevin Hart

The hot summer heat.

Favorite type of movie? Comedy, love to laugh and smile

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? Probably

Favorite charity to support? Anything to do with animals.

a lifeguard somewhere.

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on the golf course? A man in a golf skirt.

What else would you like for us to know about you? I am a

licensed cosmetologist. I went to Paul Michell beauty school in Knoxville, TN and do hair any time I am not working on the golf course.

What type of music do you prefer? Country mostly, but I enjoy all music. 14

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

golf travel

By Mike May

A Classic Creation in the Hoosier Hills W here Champions H ave Played and Won It might be fair to say that two of Scotland’s greatest exports are rock singer Rod Stewart and golf course architect Donald Ross. While Stewart is still entertaining audiences worldwide, Ross has since passed away, but his legacy is as alive and vibrant as ever, as the many golf courses which he designed in the U.S. continue to entertain and humble all golfers. While Ross’s most famous course design in the U.S. may be Pinehurst #2 in North Carolina, one of his classic pieces of work is in Indiana – The Donald Ross Course at the French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana. It opened in 1917. It has stood the test of time and is as relevant, challenging, and fun to play today as it was at the time it opened for play during World War I. When Ross designed this layout – originally called The Hill Course – he didn’t have access to machines which could move dirt. Instead, he used what Mother Nature provided. In laymen’s terms, he created golf’s equivalent of the Hope Diamond from a rough-cut gem! This masterpiece has five sets of tees to give you the best option for your skill set. What this course lacks in distance is compensated by a steady breeze, Draconian rough, strategically placed 16

sand traps, and slick, rolling greens. “I think what makes the Donald Ross Course so special is that it is a challenging, but fun course that is also fair,” notes Andy Fortner, Head Golf Professional at The Donald Ross Course at the French Lick Resort. “The bunkering and the greens are truly what makes the course so challenging. The greens are elevated on most holes and have such severe false fronts that Donald Ross is so known for in his architecture style. It's a great, classic design that people love to play over and over again as it is always so much fun, but also such a tough test for your game.” While the rough is extremely tough, each golfer is given plenty of room to find the fairway off the tee. Please avoid the rough at all costs. Not only does the rough make it difficult to advance your next shot, you often don’t find your ball at all. Once you experience the rough, you will get the message. While the course truly doesn’t have too many sand bunkers, the ones that appear are intended to hamper your efforts to secure a par. The

sand traps are usually deep. Get out of the bunkers and make no plans to return. Once you experience the sand, you will get the message. The greens slope from back to front and they are fast. When you reach any green in regulation, coping with the putting surfaces is no picnic. Two putts for par are not a given. A number of greens are two-tiered. Don’t finish on the wrong tier. If you do, it’s a certain three-putt. Once you experience the greens, you will get the message. Make plans to play The Donald Ross Course at the French Lick Resort ( Resort guests get preferred tee times. When you finish, head to Hagen’s. I would suggest the Hole-in-One Hot Brown. The restaurant is named in honor of one of this course’s past champions – Walter Hagen. At Hagen’s, you will be welcomed with open arms, just as ‘Sir’ Walter probably was when he won the Wanamaker Trophy back in 1924. Would you expect anything else from the place where champions have played and won? Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2



Our exclusive Modulator V3 Golf lens encompasses all you need. The optical superiority and lightweight characteristics of - Clear precision optics, hydrophobic outside and anti-fog inside coatings keep your view moisture free. It also features a finely tuned brown lens that highlights subtleties on the course while lightening and darkening to adapt to your environment. The lens does it all for you, letting you keep your focus on the ball. Available in most styles. Featured: Bolt 11520

End that Pick up bend! the best !

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Start enjoying your golf again with the “Tee-Up”

Place your ball & Tee-peg on the tee effortlessly without bending Lightweight & easy to use pistol style grip

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Fits any size putter grip Place and lift your marker All without bending Buy only once with our Lifetime Guarantee

information For For more more information or call +44 (0) 1488 685038 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2


growing the game

Adaptive Golf By Deb Shuck

What is Adaptive Golf? Adaptive golf is for ANYONE. If you have had knee or hip replacements, arthritis, amputations, stroke or spine injuries. The Adaptive Golf Association will help anyone learn to play golf and reach their potential. Even if you have minor joint stiffness from aging to major surgeries, Adaptive Golf is for you! They help you make the modifications necessary to make your game more enjoyable. It is a great game to play because you can make the changes necessary to play with any able-bodied friends. If you want to be a part of something so exciting and fulfilling find someone in your area who teaches through the Adaptive Golf Association. You will find friends who are interested in just being out there, playing the game and living a full life.

The goals of the Association are to: Provide a means for individuals with physical/cognative challenges to learn, play and enjoy golf the way it should be. Harness the interest and support for Adaptive Golf Programs nationally. To make golf all inclusive and ADA compliant.


The Adaptive Golf Association (AGA) specialize in training PGA/LPGA Professionals across the country as adaptive golf coaches as local resources for instruction, equipment and course access spreading the world across the nation. There is adaptive equipment out there and many local courses offer the use of special golf carts (Solo Riders etc) as well as helping make the modification necessary via swing technique, application, using swing-matched equipment, in the safest, most effective way. The AGA specialize in helping organizations across the country develop and operate adaptive golf programs for individuals with physical/cognitive challenges. This is accomplished through an “Adaptive Golf Academy” workshop, the education platform to train PGA Professionals and Physical/Occupational and Recreational Therapists on the underlying attributes of the game and how to conduct community programs with continuity, safety and effectiveness. If you are a teaching professional interested in training, please email: David Windsor of Sarasota, FL has multiple PGA Section awards including, “Teacher of the Year,” “Patriot Award,” “Junior Golf Leader” & voted GOLF Magazine’s “Top 40” in 2010. Dave has been a part of the expert staff operating adaptive golf programs and individual lessons EVERY WEEK since 1999, (making our

Sarasota program the longest “weekly” adaptive golf program in the world). Ken Juhn of Tampa, FL was voted NCAA Division I S. Region, “Coach of the Year” 1984-85, PGA Section “Patriot Award” 2013, “Service to Mankind” & “Patriot of the Year,” Sertoma of Tampa

The Adaptive Golf Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Be wary of the counterfeit organizations who claim to offer clinics and solicit donations. Some may say “Support Our Troops” on the website yet have no one on their “Contact Us” page. They are fraudulent. The Adaptive Golf Association and Adaptive Golf Academy are PGA RECOGNIZED ORGANIZATIONS as well as the worldwide authority of adaptive golf processes with a team of expert coaches to include PGA Professionals and Physical/Occupational Therapists around the country. Contact us at: www. or David Windsor at 941 650 5750. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

special events

By Mike Jamison

Since its’ first conference in 1991, the International Network of Golf has served as a launching pad for new companies, products and destinations in the golf industry. Still clear in attendees’ minds from those early conferences is the vision of Barney Adams standing on the practice range, stomping balls into the turf and smacking them down the range with swings of his then unknown Adams Tight Lies fairway woods. Adams Golf quickly became a major player in the industry. There was Spalding launching golf balls, TaylorMade Golf introducing its revolutionary R7 driver, Gustbuster displaying its remarkable umbrella using a jet engine to show sturdy the product was. The list of memories goes on and on, and it is bound to grow this year when ING celebrates its 25th year in the golf industry at the ING Spring Conference May 31-June 3 at historic Mission Inn Resort in Howey-in-the-Hlls, FL. Over four dozen members of the media will be on hand to test new products and learn about fresh services and exciting destinations, interacting with over 100 executives form various golf companies and organizations. The real winners of the ING Conference will be the audiences of publications and shows across the country that will learn first-hand about all the new offerings of the golf industry. Here are summaries of just a few of the dozens of companies and organizations that will enter the spotlight at the ING Spring Conference. FREEDOM GOLF ASSOCIATION – Growth of the game has been a hot and crucial topic for everyone in the golf industry for years now, and is the theme of this conference. It is certainly the focus for Freedom Golf Association. There are millions of people with special needs who would like to take up the game of golf, and that is where FGA comes in. FGA is dedicated to bringing a sense of joy and freedom to special needs individuals through their inclusion in the game of golf. 20

FGA’s hope is to transition special needs golfers from the practice tee to the first tee, and to provide them with social and therapeutic benefit through the “magic of golf.” FGA was founded in 2012 by Edmund Q. Sylvester, who is a director of the Western Golf Association, member of the United States Senior Golf Association, and a triple amputee. He became a triple amputee in 2011, and shortly after leaving the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago attempted to hit golf balls at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club driving range. It was not going well. When long-time friend and Cog Hill owner, Frank Jemsek, asked what he was trying to do, E.Q. replied that he was “trying to hit golf balls without any feet and only one hand!” Asked if he was getting any help, E.Q. replied that he wasn’t, and the first step towards forming FGA was taken. FGA has been working to assist those with limitations in many ways. They include promoting, professionally supporting and holding instructional clinics and golf events; including elementary children with special needs in golf instruction with other classmates; conducting training workshops to increase the population of certified golf professionals qualified to instruct those with special needs; and

providing leadership, direction and collaboration with nationally recognized organizations on how to expand/ grow rehabilitation golf programs. GOLF 8.5 – LPGA Hall Of Fame instructor Kay McMahon believes that learning golf is simple, and she has created a teaching system that proves it. It’s called Golf 8.5. McMahon, president of eduKaytion golf based in Lenox, MA, created this system to make learning game of golf fun and simple. Beyond that goal, it could be a teaching system that helps reboot growth in the game of golf. “There are four pre-swing steps followed by only 4.5 swing positions which produce a classic golf swing for any person of any level,” said McMahon. “Golf 8.5 proves to be easily understandable, simple, doable and highly successful.” ING attendees will get a hands-on experience on how this system works. KNUTH GOLF’S HIGH HEAT DRIVER – Dean Knuth has spent the majority of his professional life serving the amateur, including 16 years as a senior director at the USGA. He created the current slope handicap system, among other accomplishments. He has spent the past eight years designing and fine-tuning a driver called High Heat that is made with the

Freedom Golf Association

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

amateur swing in mind. It was launched at his year’s PGA Show and was called by Sports Illustrated writer Gary Van Sickle “the most significant technological innovation in golf equipment from this year’s PGA Merchandise Show and, therefore, arguably the most exciting new club in a year that lacked dramatic innovations.” Tee shots hit below the center of the face can be 20 or more yards shorter than those hit above the center of the face. High Heat has a much deeper and lower center of gravity than any of the major brands, producing more total distance and forgiveness, and a large area below the center of the face where amateurs will not lose any distance because that area is above its low CG. Van Sickle noted these technological advances in his story. But maybe most telling was his description of Knuth’s motivation. “He’s just a golfer who wants to make a great driver, not a publicly-owned company under pressure to make profits. This is a pursuit, a hobby, a quest to make a better club and yes, he’d like not to lose money on it. So keep in mind that the High Heat won’t be mass-produced by the thousands and be discounted by next year when a newer model comes out, unlike the big clubmakers. The High Heat will likely have a limited run. Just

FlingGolf on the range so you know… I’ve got my order in.” FLING GOLF - FlingGolf ™ is a new action sport for golf courses developed by PlusOne Sports that meshes seamlessly with golf, using just one FlingStick ™. It is played on a golf course, with a golf ball and even in the same foursome as golfers. Instead of striking a golf ball with a club, players use a single PlusOne FlingStick ™ to throw the ball down the course, starting at the tee and finishing at the hole. Players can shape their shots with ease, including drives, fades, draws, flop shots,

and bump and runs, and use the FlingStick ™ to “glide” the ball into the hole. It is easy to learn, inexpensive to purchase and provides an excellent pace of play. Golfers are bringing non-golfing kids, friends, and spouses out to the course to play FlingGolf ™ alongside them. As they welcome a new generation of players for their courses, owners don›t need to make any changes to their course, tee times, scorecards or holes. For more information in the ING Spring Conference, visit or call 407-328-0500.

Leave the Hustle and Bustle for Old Florida Charm Highlands County Boasts 17 Scenic Courses

1-800-545-6021 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2 21

By Greg Wise Photos by Greg Wise

player development

Marion Junior Cup Crown Inaugural Winner

The Marion Junior Cup was conceptualized by two The First Tee of Greater Ocala participants, Eoin Buckelew and Syler Vaden. Chris Wilson, Executive Direct of The First Tee of Greater Ocala said, “the two approached me before the end of 2014 tournament season with the idea of holding a “Ryder Cup” format event for players ages 11-15 on the MCJGT.” Wilson went on to say, “what a great concept for the competitive spirit that our players have.” Marion County Junior Golf Tour (MCJGT) has been providing a competitive outlet for junior golfers in the Greater Ocala area now for nearly three years. The MCJGT operates under The

(Left to Right) Mandi Huchingson, Miles Albright, Tanner Clough, John Del Rio, Neil Heinlein, Will Perkins, Gray Albright, Kaden Danley On Sunday, Team Nicklaus took the lead by winning 3.5 of 4 points available in Fourball. In the end Team Nicklaus went on to win the cup 13-7 Individual players of note: Team Nicklaus- Miles Albright won 4 points, two Fourball matches (2/1 and 3/1), one Foursomes match (2/1) and his singles match (5/3). Kaden Danley also won all four of his matches. Captain Gray Albright and Neil Heinlein won three points each for Team Nicklaus. Team Hogan’s best efforts came from Ty Wolfe 2.5 points, Syler Vaden and Adam Wilbur each won 2 points. Mandi Huchingson

Gray Albright

Eoin Buckelew First Tee of Greater Ocala and players must abide by the Nine Core Value principles as taught by The First Tee. It was decided a qualifying event would be held in March 2015 to determine 8 of the players and the remaining 8 spots would be decided by MCJGT Point Standings. Two captains were ap22

pointed, Team Hogan - Eoin Buckelew and Team Nicklaus - Gray Albright. The Captains of the respective teams were responsible for drafting their teams after qualifiers were determined. The Marion Junior Cup consisted of two days of match play golf at Pine Oaks and Ocala Golf Club. Day 1 featured 9 holes of Fourball play (best ball) and 9 holes of Foursomes (alternate shot). Day 2 was made up of 9 holes of Fourball and (8) 9 hole Singles matches. A total of 20 points was available. (10.5 wins the cup) Day 1 ended with a 4-4 tie as Team Nicklaus and Team Hogan split both the Fourball and Foursomes matches. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Ty Wolfe The Marion Junior Cup will join The Yancey Invitational (August) and The MCJGT Championship (Nov) as our tour’s three major championships.

Syler Vaden

What’s next for The First Tee of Greater Ocala? It was just announced that the major fund raiser of the year. A golf scramble format September 25, 2015 would again this year return to Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club. Golden Ocala


GSA-Florida Golf Central-Generic.indd 1 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

will be the host site again for the 2nd Annual LPGA Coates Championship in January 2016. In addition to the exceptional golf on one of Marion County’s premier golf facilities, there will be door prizes as well as the tremendous

Sam Jackson support of the Silent Auction items. More information is available through the office of The First Tee of Greater Ocala – 352-362-2258 or following their Facebook page for more details.

by Golf Digest Places

1/17/14 2:42 PM



EWGA Hosts EWGA Par 3 Challenge at Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course Event culminates spring qualifying series and benefits LPGA-USGA Girls Golf

The EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) is pleased to announce the final event of the EWGA Par 3 Challenge series will be held at the Palm Beach Par 3 in Palm Beach,

Palm Beach Par 3 #3, longest hole on the course!

Florida on Saturday, June 27, 2015. This final event of the inaugural EWGA Par 3 Challenge will benefit the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program. “If you are seeking a fun golf course with great ocean views, the opportunity to play in a team competition and enjoy a getaway to lovely Palm Beach County, Florida for a weekend, then the EWGA Par 3 Challenge is for you!” says EWGA CEO Pam Swensen. “This event is open to EWGA members as well as well as non-members who also want to support a great cause of welcoming girls to the game through LPGA-USGA Girls Golf. It’s a great fit with our mission to help grow the game of golf.”

The Palm Beach Par 3 event is a

yardages to create the par-3 experi-

two-person best-ball competition

ence. Teams from both the Gross and

with both gross and net divisions.

Net division at all regional qualifiers

Teams may consist of two women, or

have advanced to the Palm Beach Par 3.

they can be mixed (one woman and

“Our goal is to create a competitive

one man per team). EWGA members

playing experience that helps ease a

and non-members are welcome to

newer player into a tournament situa-

compete. Weekend festivities include

tion,” says EWGA Director of Player De-

a Friday evening welcome recep-

velopment Le Ann Finger. “Participants

tion, pre-tournament breakfast and

have enjoyed the Par 3 events by play-

the post-golf awards luncheon.

ing a shorter course in a team format,

The new competitive series began

sharing that while it places a premium

with four qualifying events held in the

on the short game, it’s also a lot of fun.”

spring across the country. Participat-

For more information on the

ing Troon Golf facilities converted their

2015 EWGA Par 3 Challenge,

regulation 18-hole courses to shorter

please visit the website.

About EWGA The EWGA is THE Golf Community for Women. As the largest women-focused national amateur golf association in the United States with chapters in nearly every U.S. major market and corporate center, the EWGA has connected more than 100,000 women who share a passion for cultivating relationships and enjoying the game. Offering a wide range of affordable organized golf activities and educational programs, this award-winning association has been bringing women together through golf since 1991. EWGA Chapters are located in more than 108 cities throughout the United States as well as international locations including Bermuda, Canada, Italy and South Africa, enabling EWGA members to become active participants in hundreds of communities. For more information about the EWGA and membership, visit Media members interested in more information about the EWGA should contact Danielle Sorresso at The Media Group at (847) 956-9090. Twitter: @ewga Facebook: ewga1 24

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Operation Renewed Hope

Celebrity Golf Classic October 22nd - 23rd & 24th, 2015 A HAND UP RATHER THAN A HAND OUT Fees:

Event Sponsors

$625 Individual $3000 Bring Your Own Foursome Please make checks payable to Operations Renewed Hope Mail to: 25 Antilles Cove Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Golfers Will Receive: • 2 Rounds of golf + cart

• Player appreciation package • Food and refreshments during play • Awards ceremony cookout at


The Cel eb Of s tie ri

• Use of putting green & driving range

AF e

• Breakfast each day before play

Kevin Sorbo

Patrick Warburton Bill Mazeroski

competition of tournament

Phil Niekro

• Souvenir photo with celebrity

Jim McMahon

• Chance to win valueable prizes

For more information Visit or

ORHF is a 501-c3 Co.

call Charlie Haje 850-269-7213 for Teams and Sponsorship

The Donut Hole EST. 1978

fred's fairway thoughts


By Fred Seely

as we get into summer …

• You can have your Dream Trip in golf but most of us would take this one instead. A couple of foursomes of pals do this from time to time: Seminole in the morning, private jet to Augusta National for the afternoon round, then jet to Little Rock to overnight and then play The Alotian Club the next morning. Oh, you ask, what’s The Alotian Club? You’ll figure it out when we tell you it cost $18 million to build. • You keep hearing about Jordan Speith’s loyalty and add this one: he left Hilton Head after the Heritage and went to Texas for a big country music event, then flew back east the next day to play in Jim Furyk’s charity event at Ponte Vedra Beach. • Did you ever hear anything about the women’s downhill ski circuit before Tiger showed up? • The amateur golf association and the professional chapter in the Northeast Florida area have started an annual banquet and the feature is the annual awarding of the Deane Beman Award in honor of the PGA Tour commissioner who brought the Tour and its signature event to Florida. The first winner … drum roll, please … Deane Beman, who’s playing more golf than anything else these days.

argument over the best player never to have won a Tour event: he was runner-up four times and made 80 percent of the cuts before an injury ended his career. • Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if an NFL mascot in full costume beat you in a close-to-pin contest? That’s what happened to sometime Tour pros Jeff Klauk and Len Mattiace, who were among those who lost to Jaxson de Ville of the Jacksonville Jaguars in a shootout for charity dollars. Jaxson hit it 4 feet, 9 inches from 117 yards on the TPC Stadium’s 17th hole to win $10,000 for his charity. “I just got beaten by a guy in a clown suit,” groused former Champions Tour winner Bob Duval. Better not play him without the suit: Curtis Dvorak is a scratch player. • John Jonas wanted to go to Florida, but they told him he didn’t have the game for a big-time program. He ended up at the College of Charleston and all 5-foot-6 of him has had a nice career: he recently won his conference championship. Best of all, he’s been in several tournaments with the Gators and never — not once — has a Gator player beaten him.

• Jim Nantz should get consideration as the best announcer in TV golf but didn’t his reputation take a hit with his blatant shilling at the Masters? Surely the powers at Augusta (namely, kingpin Billy Payne,) after all these years, don’t see the need to try to make the tournament more than it already is. • Whatever happened to … Steve Melnyk? His game isn’t in the form that won him both the U.S. and British Amateurs but he still plays regularly at his Jacksonville club, competes in a few senior events (he’s regained his amateur status) and serves on several big-time boards. Consider him in any 26

The Northern Chapter of the North Florida PGA held its annual Pro-Partner outing to thank sponsors for their help in 2014. The winning team had Gary Murfitt of Hyde Park, sales rep Fred Hackney of St. Augustine and Mike Broderick of Sawgrass. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

improving performance

Grip it, Rip it, Lose it!

Why Optimum Speed Is Better Than Max Speed

When I started out as a professional on the South African Sunshine Tour, I wanted to learn from the world's best players. I was fortunate to play behind Retief Goosen at the Pietersburg Open in 2006. I made a decision that I would follow Retief wherever he went because I wanted to emulate the routine of a U.S. Open Champion. I watched him go through his practice routine on the range. What struck me the most was how simple he did things. There were no fireworks but rather a quiet preparation for his round. Retief was standing next to another pro hitting balls and if you had asked me who the Major Champion was, I would have said the other guy. In my ignorance of youth, I perceived that it was more impressive to hit the ball higher, further and more aggressively. Retief on the other hand just stood there hitting 5 irons with absolutely no variation. The ball was coming out exactly the same. It was a smooth consistent golf swing that produced the same result every single time. No variation in height, no variation in distance. Every swing was the same -simple and rhythmical. The pro practicing next to Retief was hitting at maximum 28

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

speed while Retief was swinging at optimum speed. Retief went on to shoot around 16-under-par in that tournament. The guy who was hitting the ball at maximum speed missed the cut. It was one of my greatest golf lessons in my life to learn the real recipe for success in terms of what optimum speed versus maximum speed can achieve. Maximum speed is hitting the ball as hard as you can, and generating all the force you can to hit the ball. Optimum speed is the ability to swing the club at a speed where you can create good direction and good distance consistently.

great rhythm and timing. It’s generally 20 percent slower than your maximum speed.

Retief Goosen

When you are hitting a ball at maximum speed, you have to be technically perfect to get a good result. For most amateurs, this results in a great shot followed by 10 really bad shots. It is very difficult to replicate timing and tempo at maximum speed even for the pros. Everybody has the ability to hit that “perfect” golf shot. The downside is that you can very seldom find it. If you listen to amateurs, they talk about their one or two “great” golf shots per round. They are always chasing after that perfect shot which leads to a massive amount of inconsistency. This game is not about one or two perfectly executed golf shots, it’s about hitting a series of consistent golf shots for 18 holes. An optimum golf swing is a smooth golf swing with

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Good rhythm is the ability to properly feel, identify, and set the top of your backswing every time. With maximum speed your tempo changes and you end up not finishing your backswing. At optimum speed you create the time to finish your backswing, allowing your club head the time to get back to square. It prevents a golfer from getting too quick at the top and losing it to the left or right. Think optimum swing and you will find yourself hitting more fairways and greens. When you swing at maximum speed, mentally you are working at maximum emotion. The more things don’t go your way, the more impatient and frustrated you can become. You can’t work at maximum speed, and operate at optimum emotion. It’s nearly impossible to work in both spheres. When you can control your emotions on the course, you will play better golf. You can achieve optimum speed and master your timing, rhythm and consistency by using a Swingclick training device. For more information, visit (Mike Quinn is the Managing Director of Swingclick and a former professional on the South African Sunshine Tour.)


By Greg Wise Photos by Greg Wise

special events

Sand, Surf and Sawgrass All adding up to a Party Atmosphere at Sawgrass - Tournament Players Club

What a fitting test of the new 3 hole aggregate playoff format, when after 72 holes, there were 3 players tied at 12 under par. The new playoff format adopted in 2014 hadn’t been test until this year’s playing of THE PLAYERS Championship. After Rickie Fowler from Merrieta, California had poster the 12 under number in the club house almost an hour before the others were to finish. Fowler played the tough 16, 17 and 18 in at a remarkable 4 under par,

finishing regulation play, going eagle, birdie, and birdie to take the lead. Serio Garcia from Castellon, Spain was next to finish, firing birdies on 16 and 17 to get himself to 12 under with 18 yet to play. He couldn’t make the needed birdie on 18 coming up just inched short on the putt that would make him the leader, falling in to a tie with Fowler. The final pairing of the day had Kevin Kisner from Aiken, SC. Kisner also played 16 and 17 with birdies, setting himself up for the ultimate challenge of a birdie on 18 to win. But his putt just inches away from the cup, forcing the new 3 hole aggregate playoff between Kisner, Garcia and Fowler. Now if you thought that the 16, 17 and 18 swing was load from the fans when they were playing in regulation… you should have heard the reaction when the during the playoff. It truly had to be 10,000 golf fans ringing the 16th and 17th hole as they made their way through this first stretch. The sounds were almost deafening for the 3 titans doing battle… sharing gab after gab. The 16th, all had pars… maybe a few nerves and sizing each other up. But the infamous Island Green 17th at TPC, was where Kisner and Fowler

2015 Trophy began to shine, bother with birdies, while Garcia ended up with a par. On to the 18th. Kisner and Fowler made pars, while Garcia ended his day with a Bogey 5. And like any great TV announcer would say… “Wait there’s More!” Back to the 17th hole, where the playoff turned in to Sudden Death. Kisner had the honors and hit a solid shot but was

Ricky Fowler 30

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

about 18 feet short for his birdie with the possible first win of his PGA Career and possible one of the strongest challenges in golf. The crowd was electric… then Rickie Fowler pulled out the club of choice… and an erie silence fell over the crowd. I have never experienced that many people surrounding a hole like 17 and being so quiet. WELL, that ended as quickly as when he took the final swing. The electric of the crowd was back. The ball was in flight and came to rest 4 ½ feet below the hole and a perfect spot to make the putt. Talk about ups and downs for those in attendance… emotion… quiet… emotion… quiet. Kisner’s putt rounded up to the hole… looked like it was going in and then for some reason… just didn’t fall. Fowler was up. Sizing up the short 4+ footer with the chance to become the THE PLAYERS 2015 Champion, took a quick look… stood over the ball and drained that short putt to win THE PLAYERS Championship. Well, needless to say… Rickie Fowler was the crowd favorite today. So many high fives… and a few beer baths were taken… something that the Party Atmosphere around the 17th had been waiting for all day.

Steve Stricker

Ricky Fowler 17th playoff

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

31 Sand on #11

caribbean golf central

TPC Network Announces the April Launching of TPC Dorado Beach

The PGA TOUR’s TPC Network

announces the continued expansion of its international portfolio with the launching of TPC Dorado Beach, located at Dorado Beach Resort, a luxury integrated beachfront resort and residential community in Puerto Rico. Debuting in April 2015 under the TPC banner, TPC Dorado Beach will eventually be home to three world-class Caribbean golf courses: the East Course, West Course and Sugarcane Course. The property’s recently updated East Course will play host to the 2015 PGA TOUR Latinoamérica Tour Championship December 3-6, where five players will be awarded status to the Tour in 2016. “The PGA TOUR is delighted to further the expansion of the TPC Network brand into the Caribbean with the addition of TPC Dorado Beach, located at a world-class family retreat with a rich, storied history,” said Charlie Zink, PGA TOUR Co-Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to creating memorable experiences for our members and guests for years to come.” In 1955, renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. was called on by Laurence S. Rockefeller to create the finest golf resort in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Three years later, the East and West Courses at Dorado

Beach Resort & Club opened for play. In 1972, two more courses were added, the Sugarcane and Pineapple. The par-72 East Course features 7,200 yards of play, with new ultra-dwarf Champion Bermuda greens and a premium number of hole locations on every green. In addition to this year’s PGA TOUR Latinoamérica event, the East Course was the original host site of what is now the Charles Schwab Cup Championship and also hosted the World Cup of Golf in 1961 and 1994. The Sugarcane Course features a back nine surrounded by rivers and lakes offering a scenic retreat from the oceanfront. Built in 1972, the par-72

Pineapple Course was designed to be the friendlier course for golfers. Its par-four 18th hole features a green set just below the clubhouse terrace. The Pineapple Course will be merged into the West Course, which is currently closed for an enhancement project, to ultimately create a 54-hole resort. In addition to championship golf courses, Dorado Beach offers plantation-style resort residences, worldclass cuisine, and beach activities for the entire family. Dorado Beach is also home to Dorado Beach, a RitzCarlton Reserve, the only Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the western hemisphere and the only Ritz-Carlton Reserve beachfront residences in the world. The addition of TPC Dorado Beach to the PGA TOUR’s TPC Network comes off the heels of a year in which two additional international properties joined the TPC brand: TPC Cartagena in Colombia and TPC at Baha Mar in The Bahamas. TPC Dorado Beach is now the 34th inclusion to the TPC Network of clubs and the third international property in the portfolio.

Dorado Beach East #4A


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Quality Golf Apparel

Start Living

By Greg Wise

caribbean golf central

Photos by Greg Wise


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2


All Competitive Golfers can compete in One or Two Tournaments and Qualify to Play for a $10,000.00 First Prize in July. IGTA Tour selects the Finest Tournament Courses.

Tim O'Neal, David Morland IV

The IGTA Tour, now in its

David Morland IV, David Sellers, Tristan Seitz, Alicia Weber, Mike Yaeger

$10,000.00 First Prize at Juliette Falls G.C. She amazed a strong field with fifteenth year, has paid out $4,000,000 scores of 72-73, Net 137 for a four stroke to the players as of July. All players can victory. She closed it out, for her career enjoy the opportunity to meet the chalbest, with four birdies on lenge of these true competitions. Players Sunday to become the first with handicaps, including seniors, will female to win on the IGTA participate with many Pro’s from the Tour. The 53 player field finest tours in the country. The Pro’s had Tristan Seitz, Ocala, Fla. also have handicaps from +1 to +4 and second for $5,000.00 with enjoy the challenge of going low on a net 140.5. Third was a tie these great courses. between Javier Sanchez, The Tour Pro’s that have already Fayetteville, Ga. and Mike played with the IGTA in 2015 include Yeager, Las Vegas, Nev. at some of the following: mem141.5 and $2,750.00 each. bers, Justin Peters, 1st Big Break winner, Fifth was a tie Tim O’Neal 3 time winner between Dawit Travis Lewis, Glenn Pound on PGA’s Latin American Proctor, Winter Lance Gill Tour. PGA and Champions Garden, Fla. and Tours, Randy Erskine, David Michael Utz, Longwood, Fla. Morland IV, Robin Byrd, and at142.5 and $1,750.00 each. Bobby Stroble. Other Pro Eighteen players were in the names that have appeared money, with eleven winin the winner’s circle: Don ning at least $1,000.00. This Wright(Tour Career Money includes Sam Pillion, Jim Leader), Javier Sanchez, Roche, Randy Erskine, and Derrick Bohannon, Tommy David Morland IV. Schaff (Big Break – Palm Great Competitors go to Beaches), Jimmy Lytle, Chris Playoff at North Hampton Condello, Jimmy Hazen, G.C. with David Morland IV, Chistian Heavens. Also fine Palm Coast, Fla winning the $4,000.00 on Ladies from Sun Coast Tour Natalia Ghilthe third playoff hole over Tim O’Neal, zon and Alicia Weber. Savannah, Ga. They had tied in regu Alicia Weber, Novi, Mich. Wins the lation at 145.0 net. Five players were

battling down to the final two holes on this demanding course. Murray Miller, DeLand, Fla and Tommy Schaff, Savannah, Ga tied for third for $1,050.00 and $1,000.00. Natalia Ghilzon, Windsor, Can. finished fifth with Raul Perez, Fairburn, Ga in sixth. Two Tour Veterans have Career Scores at The New ChampionsGate CC. Leo Coates II, Sunrise, Fla gained his sixth IGTA Tour victory for $4,000.00 His score of 136.5 was his lowest since joining the Tour in 2001. In second place was Murray Miller, Deland, Fla. also with a career low of 140.5 for $1,300.00. Murray has been with the Tour since Feb. 2002. Third place for $1,100.00 went to Amga Chinbat, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia who continues improving his game. James Strickland, Clermont, Fla was fourth for $1,100.00. Scott Yancy III, St Louis, Mo, Brooks Ashcraft, Monticello, Ark and Gabriel Menjivar, DeLand, Fla were also in the money. Now over 240 consecutive tournaments paying at least $4,000.00 for First Place. First Prize increases with numbers in field. One-third of Field always Wins! All Avid Golfers nationwide and all Professionals are invited to participate.

The IGTA Tour continues the strong schedule for June and July. Cherokee Run Palmer Conyers, Ga June 6 &7 Ashton Hills Muirhead Covington, Ga June 13 & 14 Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Nicklaus Palm Coast, Fla June 27 & 28 Waldorf Astoria G.C. R Jones Orlando, Fla July 11 & 12 The Club at Savannah Harbor Cupp/Snead Savannah, Fla July 18 & 19 The Tour welcomes new courses and also new groups interested in participating with the IGTA for expansion. 36

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Escape to Your Ultimate Country Club Experience

Stay & Play Packages also available! Contact Sharon Gebhart at (352)588-2233, Ext. 300 for more information

Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club offers a variety of membership opportunities to suit the ultimate in country club living. Our semi-private facility offers amenities including 36 holes of championship golf, 4 Har-Tru clay tennis course, fitness center and fine dining. Contact Membership Coordinator Mike Johnson at (352)588-2233, Ext.305 or to learn more about our beautiful facilities.


By Mike May

Here’s the bottom line on “The Stewart Lodges at Steelwood” in Loxley, Alabama. The brochure says it is “The South’s Best Kept Golf Destination Secret.” Well, the information in the brochure is factually correct. But, the brochure on “The Stewart Lodges” (, less than 30 minutes east of Mobile, AL) neglects to reveal that this getaway is also an elegant and enjoyable destination which specializes in authentic Southern hospitality. And, the access to a championship golf course designed by former U.S. Open champion Jerry Pate – which Golf Digest rates as one of the best courses in Alabama – is an added bonus. Now, with this kind of information, any golf enthusiast who doesn’t start salivating at the thought of pursing this ‘stay & play’ golf experience should probably take up another sport. When you get to ‘hang your hat’ at “The Stewart Lodges” and pursue ‘Old Man Par’ at the Steelwood Country Club, you will enjoy this ultimate R & R experience....and be motivated to do it time and time again. “The Stewart Lodges” is owned by Frank B. Stewart, Jr. of New Orleans. Mr. Stewart, an avid golfer first experienced Frank B. Stewart, Jr. the golf course of Steelwood back in early 2000 while travelling with his golf group from New Orleans Country Club. Mr. Stewart soon acquired the first lodge for his company and his personal use. Years later, Mr. Stewart added to his investment by acquiring the second lodge and adding the outdoor pool entertainment area connecting both lodges. His dream was to share with others his appreciation and love for Steelwood. He could share his dream by converting the lodges from private to 38

e i x i D A Delight

commercial, therefore allowing his be provided. In fact, by testimonials guests to have temporary membership of several clients, ’we have exceeded into this private course and club. their expectations.’ Both Mr. Stewart “Mr. Stewart, has given me an opand I are proud of our organization. portunity and privilege to Since the Steelwood combine all of my busiCountry Club is a private ness experiences in creatclub, the golfing public ing a vision for the lodges,” is only allowed to play states Jennie Campbell, there with a member or CEO/President of Stewart if you stay at The StewSteelwood Investments, art Lodges. What makes LLC dba “The Stewart your stay at The Stewart Lodges at Steelwood.” Lodges so special is that “The vision of ‘The Stewit will be a customized art Lodges’ is simple: To and personalized expericreate and deliver a ‘cusence. Clearly, the goal of tomized experience’ for those who oversee The Jennie Campbell our client whether for a Stewart Lodges is to make business meeting, a golf or fishing trip, or a family gathering. Our goal as a company is to take care of our customers with the utmost respect creating an environment of connection whether personal, business or activity related. I believe in our vision for this investment and I am very proud of the team that has been assembled to implement the vision. With a customers’ satisfaction return rate above 90%, gives confidence to the investor and the CEO, that the team is delivering on the experience envisioned to

all visitors feel at home while they are away from home “The Lodges are a three-building complex, consisting of an 8-bedroom lodge, a 12-bedroom lodge and pool complex which connects them,” says Danny Spybey, general manager/ executive chef at The Steward Lodges at Steelwood. “The 20 private sleeping rooms feature 16 king beds and four double queen beds. Located between the two lodges is our private pool area and the outdoor kitchen with all the amenities.” Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

It is ideal for families (whether they play golf or not), golfing couples, corporate retreats, and small groups that want a fun getaway. It is an ideal destination for you and your friends that are planning a long weekend (or a week) of golfin’, grillin’, and chillin’. What is unique and stress-free about staying at The Stewart Lodges is that they do all the cooking and cleaning. After all, who really wants to go on a long weekend of golf and then have to shop at a grocery store and then prepare three meals a day? With ‘stay & play’ access to the Steelwood Country Club, golfers will want to spend every possible moment on the course and not in the kitchen. “Catering service is simply fulfilling every need for a particular client for a particular event,” adds Spybey. “Every event we have at The Stewart Lodges is a unique experience. We have no set menus and no set time frames. In other words, there is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about any experience. Firstly, we work with each client to get the objective they are trying to deliver and then steer them to the proper direction based on our experience to pull off a successful event. We have done meals and events form $20 a person to $500 per person.” When you arrive at The Stewart Lodges, the message is clear -- relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment. With a great room featuring a big screen TV, comfortable seating, a card table, dart board, foosball, tabletop shuffleboard, a pool table, table tennis, a practice putting green on the front porch, and a back porch which overlooks the 16th fairway, what is there not to love about The Stewart Lodges. Oh, and I forgot to mention the pool/hot tub complex that is adjacent to the Lodges. That is a great place to start or finish your day.......or spend the entire day. If golf is not your game, there are other recreational pursuits at your disposal. They include quail hunting, shooting sporting clays, bass fishing on the 200-acre lake, playing tennis, bike riding, walking, jogging the nature trails, using the fitness facility, and stargazing at night. It’s worth noting Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

that saltwater fishing is also available in the local bays and the nearby Gulf of Mexico, which is accessible by land (car) or air (from the lake by floatplane). In addition to the aforementioned amenities, The Stewart Lodges have a corporate boardroom which has been modernized with all the up-todate accessories necessary to conduct business discussions and presentations. As you would expect, complimentary access to the Internet is part of the package at The Stewart Lodges. As for the golf course itself, it is a real treat without any tricks. It opens with a breathtaking right-to-left dogleg par four where the hole is bordered on the left by a large lake. The tee shot from the back two tees to the opening fairway is pretty and picturesque. The course finishes with a scenic par five which is also bordered on the left by that same large lake. Don’t let the magical views of the lake, which are seen on six holes, distract you from the focus needed to get a par or better. Throughout your 18-hole journey at Steelwood, you will be entertained and energized by what course architect

Jerry Pate was able devise and design. Since very few fairways are near one another, Steelwood has 18 distinct golf holes which have been woven into its own golfing fabric. This is one of Pate’s finest courses. Try it, you’ll like it. I did and I know you will, too. By the way, the 18th hole finishes adjacent to the clubhouse which serves as a ‘19th Hole’ retreat for all golfers seeking to ‘wet their whistle’ following Steelwood’s 18-hole experience. Simply put, your visit to The Stewart Lodges at Steelwood will be unique and memorable -- catered, customized, and personalized. And, on a fun-scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10+! In a nutshell, if you love the outdoors and a pampered existence, then The Stewart Lodges at Steelwood is the place for you, your family, friends, and business associates. I look forward to seeing you poolside, on the lake, on the first tee, or on the porch of The Stewart Lodges stargazing late into the night. For more information and availability please contact us at www.stewartsteelwood. com or 1-866-580-4343.


By Martin Kaufman, CSFM Director of Sports Turf Management at Pure Green, LLC

Ever Heard of a CPA? What About a CSFM? Managing turfgrass can be a challenging task. How many people know what the transition zone is? Some might think it is a demilitarized zone in Iraq or Korea. Does the general public realize all the possible turf types we may grow across the U.S.? Do they realize what it takes to make turf look green and usable for their purposes? Does the average person even want to learn how to grow grass? A Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) is knowledgeable about all of these topics. If you have struggled with a tax return, own a business or communicate with the administration of your organization, you may have worked with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Most of us go through a budget process annually so we may function in a fiscally responsible manner. A CPA is usually the professional financial advisor that your organization relies on to help manage your budget. Becoming a CPA requires education, experience and examination. The same is true for becoming a CSFM. The CSFM certification is a higher level program of education and professionalism in the turfgrass industry, offered by the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA). According to the STMA, there are currently 193 CSFM’s. To gain certification, there are certain edu-

cation and experience requirements. Experience can qualify a candidate; however, education alone may not. Status as a CSFM has laid the groundwork for my success in the sports turf industry. It has taken my career to new heights and provided tangible credibility to my work. Eligibility into the CSFM program is based on a point system. You may earn points based on your level of education or the degree of education you have obtained, as well as the field of study. For example, a bachelor’s degree in business would earn fewer points than a bachelor’s degree in turf management. A degree helps earn points for eligibility, but so does experience. You may not become eligible for the exam based on education alone, but you may become qualified based solely on experience. Eligibility points for experience are similar to points for education; you will

earn more points for being the head of your department than you would while occupying a labor position. Becoming qualified is the first step. Once that information is compiled and confirmed with STMA headquarters, you may qualify for the exam. An examination may be proctored at a location near you at any time of the year you choose to set up. The exam is also offered at the annual STMA Conference & Exhibition, which will be held in San Diego in January 2016. The exam itself is composed of four parts: Agronomics, Pest Management, Administration and Sports-Specific Field Management. Becoming a CSFM requires passion, commitment and professionalism. Sports turf managers are professional and passionate about growing the standards in the turf industry. As a CSFM, there is an extra level of commitment to excellence needed to continue raising the bar for sports fields.

About Martin Kaufman Martin Kaufman is a sports field maintenance professional with 15+ years of industry experience. His professional experience includes: golf course management in the U.S. and Australia, professional football, minor league baseball, university athletic and campus care, as well as K-12 athletic, campus and stormwater management. Kaufman’s widespread knowledge of the sports turf industry makes him a principal authority when managing contracts for outsourcing. 40

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

IF YOU LOVE GOLF LIKE I DO Thank a Golf Course Superintendent

Thank a Golf Course Superintendent at and be entered to win a trip to the 2015 PGA Championship!


Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

leader on the links

By Jay Golden, PGA

A Friend to Golf and Golfers As former Director of Golf at Tarry Brae GC in New York’s Catskill Mountains for 15 years, it didn’t take me long to realize one of golf’s greatest gifts. There were many seniors ranging in age from 65-90 who played golf 3-5 times a week. In addition to the health and social benefits of the game, I asked myself, “How would these retired seniors occupy the six or seven hours (door-to-door) if they didn’t play golf?” Honestly, I didn’t know. Having discussed this question with many of them, most also didn’t know what they would do for that amount of time. They, however, were sure of one thing. Golf provided a friendly environment which gave them a purpose to get out of bed and get ‘going’! Enter Rick Harris. Rick loves golf and Rick loves people. An avid golfer as well as a former Psychologist from the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), Rick derives gratification from introducing seniors to golf and providing friendly competition. In 1982, Rick formed the Ventura Golf Association, was elected President and in 2015 played in his 34th consecutive Club Championship. After retiring from OCPS, Rick formed the Senior


Josh Bennett, Director of Golf at Ventura Country Club and Rick Harris

Amateur Golf Association of Central Florida which is still going strong. Golf outings with stay-and-play packages, one day outings and couples events are only a few of his other ventures including being the moral fiber to

Terrie Purdum and this magazine. Rick Harris has brought meaning and happiness to thousands of golfers – especially seniors - in this illustrious endeavor. Hats off to one of golf’s GREATEST FRIENDS, Rick Harris.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2


The Daytona Beach area is home to some of Florida’s best golf courses, and the Homewood Suites By Hilton Daytona Beach has teamed up with some of our favorites for some exciting package deals starting at $99 per person per day. We can book packages for single players up to groups of 50. With an average yearly temperature of 72 degrees, and 300 days of sunshine Daytona Beach is a wonderful area to enjoy your golf vacation. Daytona Beach has been a great leisure destination for over 100 years welcoming over 8 million visitors annually. A true golfer’s heaven, the Daytona Beach area is home to some of the most highly recognizable golf courses in the Southeast, including:, LPGA International, Indigo Lakes, Pelican Bay, and Daytona Beach Golf Club. Daytona Beach offers 23 miles of beaches, world class deep sea, and fresh water fishing, Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room, as well as unique dining and shopping experiences. Our Homewood Suites by Hilton staff will handle all of your groups needs including tee times. We are an all-suite property featuring three different suite types to ensure more room to spread out. A full breakfast buffet is included every morning, and dinner Monday-Thursday. All of our partner golf courses are located within a quick 15 minute drive. Our expert golf specialist’s will help you choose the best golf courses and things to do while you’re visiting the area.

Jones Course & Clubhouse at LPGA International


grip it & sip it

My hometown in Australia is called the Central Coast, and also home to the top food and wine region, the Hunter Valley. As I toured the Paso Robles area of California, the topography had so many similarities to my home country, that I instantly had a connection. With over 500 acres of a fully sustainable vineyard, and the true loving care to the earth and its vines, made it the only choice for me. My winemaker is from my hometown of Sydney and makes my wine in the tradition of fine Australian wines. The vines were first planted in 1973, and have flourished in the rich soil of the gentle rolling hills of Paso Robles. My goal was to bring to the market a quality wine that could be affordable for daily consumption. You will agree, “It only Tastes Expensive”.

Winner of eight major golf championships, 16 LPGA victories, and 15 International victories, Jan Stephenson, LPGA, PGA; President, Jan Stephenson Wine, Inc.

Grip it and Sip it. 44

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Happy Father's Day product showcase Happy Father's Day product showcase Happy Father'sheader Day

Alex Miller Organics Alex Miller Organics (AMO) is a premier men’s hair styling clay. The concept was born in a college baseball locker room in Winter Park Florida. These scholar athletes were not only thinking about the perfect play, they were making sure that they looked perfect. Did their wrist band match their uniform? Was their eye black in perfect symmetry? Athletes are performers and care about their looks! AMO provides the tools to look good, all the time. All athletes know the saying, “Look good, feel good, play good” and that is the guiding principle for Alex Miller Organics. AMO uses all natural, organic ingredients. What you put on your body goes throughout your body, so to feel your best you must use the best. There are no chemical additives. Have confidence that AMO is a company that plays fair and covers the triple bottom line; people, planet, profit. Our first product on the market is an organic hair styling clay that gives a flexible hold with a light shine and a handsome soft finish. Don’t leave the house without AMO! Order your first box online at or come see us on Sunday’s at the Orlando Farmer’s Market.

Arcos Golf GPS+Shot Tracking+Tour Analytics The industry’s first live GPS Performance Tracking System, Arccos maps, measures and records every shot taken during a round of golf. Using GPS and Bluetooth technology, the system automatically captures critical data – club distances, putts per round, greens hit in regulation, driving accuracy and more – to help players identify patterns and refine strategy. Simply attach each sensor to the grip end of the club and pair directly with the free iPhone app. There’s no need to tap, touch or interfere with the pre-swing routine. Arccos instantly tracks your game in real-time so you can see specific stats and review performance during or after each round. The app also provides GPS distances for each hole, eliminating the need to carry any additional devices. MSRP: $399.99

Balance® bites New this spring, Balance Bar® is launching delicious, protein packed, pop-able snack bites with a crunch. Available in chocolate and peanut butter, the new Balance® bites are created with balanced 4030-30 nutrition (40% of calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, 30% from dietary fat) to help satisfy hunger and provide energy. Perfect for busy on-thego lifestyles, each single-serve pouch has 13g of protein and is non-GMO and gluten free. SRP is $1.79. Bites are available at


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

The Squeeze DVD

New family friendly caper movie with a golf twist, THE SQUEEZE DVD, will be available on DVD at various retailers, and on most major Video on Demand providers, June 9th. THE SQUEEZE is about a humble young man from a small rural town who gets caught in between two notorious gamblers in high stakes golf matches until the stakes become life and death. It stars Jeremy Sumpter, Jillian Murray, Christopher McDonald and Katherine LaNasa. Seven-time Emmy award winner and legendary sports producer Terry Jastrow wrote and directed this highly acclaiming film. Notable figures previewing THE SQUEEZE have praised it: Jack Nicklaus, Greatest Golfer of All Time: “I watched THE SQUEEZE with Barbara and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun movie that tells an interesting story, and the golf elements are so real you actually believe it could happen.” Judy Rankin, Top Female Golf Commentator: “You keep saying to yourself “and this is based on a true story!” Incredible. A must see movie.” Bob Costas, NBC Sports Host Announcer: “Perfect cast, cleverly written, beautifully shot... I loved it from the first tee to the 18th green.” THE SQUEEZE is the perfect entertaining summer movie rated PG-13, suggested retail price $20.99.

The 12th Hole, "Golden Bell" Augusta National Golf Club Tickets to the Masters Tournament often are cited as the ideal Father’s Day gift. The next-best gift may be a beautifully-rendered piece of art capturing a hole at Augusta National Golf Club. A limited-edition canvas giclée print of The 12th Hole, “Golden Bell,” Augusta National Golf Club, by Linda Hartough, world-renowned golf-landscape artist, invites you to imagine you are there. Hartough’s paintings of various holes at Augusta National Golf Club are prized by collectors the world over. The 12th Hole of the Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous holes in golf. The play of this difficult hole has determined the outcome of many Masters Tournaments. The swirling winds, Rae’s Creek and the green angle make club selection paramount. The green, guarded by a deep bunker in the front and two bunkers in the rear, is only nine yards deep in the center. En route to the green, the player crosses Ben Hogan Bridge. In March each year, the yellow-flowered Golden Bell, Forsythia x intermedia, blooms behind the green. Known for extraordinary attention to detail in her recreation of some of golf’s most beautiful holes, Hartough imbues her paintings with admiration for the scenery’s natural beauty and respect for the game’s history and tradition, elements which seem to emerge from the canvas. To view all of Linda Hartough’s artwork, see


Any man who has ever tried to get a good, close shave while on the knows just how frustrating the endeavor can be. The way the on-the-go guy thinks about shaving will forever change for the better ShaveTech. This new standard in shaving offers a sleek, lightweight design that gives users a convenient USB charging option that will save them not only space but also the aggravation of finding a free electrical outlet. ShaveTech retails for $29.99 and is available for purchase online at and at select retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Wall adaptor is available for purchase.

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Happy Father's Day product showcase Happy Father's Day product showcase Happy Father's Day

Mizuno JPX 850

The new Power Frame design maximizes forgiveness by strategically placing weight in the four corners of the Power Frame cavity. The weight pushed to the corners stabilizes the clubface for off-center hits. Complementing the Power Frame design, the Duel Max COR Pocket delivers the thinnest face to date in a Mizuno iron expanding the rebound area to increase ball speed for greater distance. The Duel Relief Sole and beveled leading edge, allows for ideal turf interaction and solid ball striking in all course conditions. 4-GW (Right- and Left-Hand Models) Steel Shaft: True Temper XP105 Graphite shaft: NEW Orochi Taper Tipped, available in six flexes Grip: Golf Pride M-31 360 58 Round Other Options available through Mizuno’s Custom Department Suggested Retail Price: $799.99 Steel / $899.99 Graphite The JPX-850 is available at golf shops and sporting goods retailers nationwide. Watch the JPX-850 product video for an in-depth overview of the iron’s development with Mizuno R&D. More information about the JPX-850 irons and 2015 products is available at


The color story for this season draws deeply from nauti-

cal colors, pairing shallow pebble blues, vegetation sage, and flesh - and sand-colored apricots, to bring to life this gorgeous corner of the world. This palette emits a sense of relaxation and comfort. The Christina O Collection features some playful and unique polo shirts, including the luxurious Luna, the unique Aristotle, the bold Delphine, the Nautical EOS, and the timeless Argo. And of course, the renowned Brunner shirt remains a staple for Spring 2015, featuring every color from the collection. Luna A luxurious lightweight cut-and-sew is a play on our Brunner shirt. Its bold top cut-and-sew piece contrasts with our fashion colors. Aristotle The most unique shirt in this collection. Inspired by the waves of the sea, it features a waved cut-and-sew piece across the chest, comes in many colorways, and is perfect for travels to any resort. Delphine A modern shirt with a bold print across the chest, it brings the collection a modern flare via a unique, twocolor contrasting print. A very playful and easy-going piece for the course or beach. EOS This simple printed shirt is inspired by sailors and their boats. It features a very nautical look, with its color palette and striped print work. If you’re out sailing or getting ready for a round at your favorite resort, this shirt is a go-to. Argo Timeless, it’s the collection’s most detailed shirt. It’s a revamped version of the white collar polo, featuring a hidden button-down collar and self fabric piping -- for a sophisticated look. After 18 holes, you’re ready to sit down at a five-course dinner in this classic shirt. 48

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Stylish Golf-and-Lifestyle Accessories SKIMP, a collection of fashionable, colorful, everyday accessories to be worn on or off the golf course, is making an appearance at public, private and resort facilities coast to coast. Belts, watches and bags can be mixed and matched for coordinating or contrasting color combinations. With SKIMP, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. SKIMP belts are buckleless, metal-free and good looking. They are available in 20 color choices. Lightweight and adjustable, they come in playful packaging. SKIMP watches are waterproof and attractive. Available in 16 colors and several styles, the watches feature bracelets and cases of matte silicone and a black sheen background. With evocative style names, accurate technology and irresistible panache, SKIMP watches keep the time and set the tone. SKIMP bags, attractive and functional, come in a complete range of colors and styles, from toiletry bag to travel bag. Featuring vivid Tarpaulin fabric and cotton handles, SKIMP bags are perfect for golf or other uses. To help protect the planet by reducing pollution, SKIMP products are composed of recycled materials. For more information, see


If at the 15th hole you begin visualizing the 19th hole instead of your upcoming wedge shot, it may be because you forgot your GOLFSmart™. More and more golfers of every skill level are discovering the benefits of GOLFSmart, a powdered drink mix designed expressly for the game of golf. It may be taken immediately before and during a round of golf by simply adding it to a bottle of water. GOLFSmart is a drug-free, highly-effective great-tasting formulation that golfers appreciate. It contains three highly-specialized proprietary blends to improve a player’s focus, energy and hydration. GOLFSmart is formulated using only FDA-approved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients, which are the allowed substances published and recognized by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Every production batch of GOLFSmart is independently laboratory tested by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to be certified drug free.

Dbot5 Hail Mary Golf Bag Series

These inventive cart bags let you express your

individual style without sacrificing performance or practicality. With cutting edge style and function you get positive attention wherever you play. The lightweight 8-pocket design, quick ball access, and tee pocket are only part of the compassionate engineering from Dbot5. Hail Mary bags have expandable pouches for valuables, riveted soft grab-handle and flexible bushings. When throwing any Dbot5 bag over your shoulder our extra padded straps represent a big comfortable hug from us. Golf is as much sport as it is a lifestyle – Dbot5 offers the creative individualism to express yourself in a liberating and exclusive manner. Don’t let life pass you by…join the club now.

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duffer dan

By Gregg Dewalt Tee Times Editor nities when the economy

Timber Creek owner Rob Bradley

turned. “Everything took a hit,” he said. “But, in a way that was one of the reasons I was able to acquire TimberCreek

A Gem in L ower A labama

because the property became more affordable.” Bradley hasn’t looked back since, and TimberCreek has carved out a good niche in the coastal-rich

One person’s economic downturn can be another person’s uptick. And that’s where TimberCreek Golf Club owner Rob Bradley comes into play. If not for the economy going south in 2008, Bradley might not have been able to purchase TimberCreek. And

golf mecca of lower Alabama. “I love it,” he said.

Consisting of three nines (Magno-

TimberCreek has several things

lia, Dogwood, Pines) enables Bradley

going in its favor, but paramount is

to cater to his membership and daily

its location just a couple of minutes

fee players and to court outings. In

off of the I-10 corridor. That makes

back-to-back weeks recently, Timber-

it easily accessible to anyone trav-

Creek hosted two 200-player out-

now the property is one of the premier golf destinations along the Gulf Coast. Featuring 27 holes, the Earl Stone design attracts a regular clientele that includes daily fee players and members while also grabbing its share of the lucrative tourism industry. “It’s been a life-long dream of mine,” Bradley said in a recent

Clubhouse with over 5500 square feet and award winning golf shop and dining room

phone interview. “I’ve been pursuing this since I was 15 years old. I knew then what I wanted to do.” Bradley was working as a director of golf at a course in Louisiana in 2008 but had an eye on the coastal Alabama market. He began to explore opportu-

eling east toward the Florida pan-

ings and still could accommodate

handle or west toward Mississippi,

other players. Bradley said the facility

Louisiana or Texas. It’s 14 miles from

does about 90 events a year. “That’s

Mobile, 35 miles from Gulf Shores

the beauty of 27 holes,” he said.

and 44 miles from Pensacola.

Also, the course is distinct. Stone created a masterpiece by incorporating elevation changes and routing it through thick, lush magnolias, dogwoods and pines. If a player didn’t know they were in Alabama, TimberCreek could easily pass for a course in the Carolinas. “We are at the lower end of the Appalachian mountain, and we have large hills and rolling terrain,” Bradley said. “There are some breathtaking views.” Wayne Mills, a golf writer who splits his time between Florida and New Hampshire, recently visited TimberCreek and said he found it to be a world-class facility. “TimberCreek is a very good golf facility for about any level of golfer,” he said. “It is as good

#7 Dogwood 50

a public golf facility as you will find Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Reunion Resort, a Wyndham Grand Resort Orlando, Florida

#6 Magnolia especially for the money. With 27 holes TimberCreek has a lot of flexibility for large groups, leagues and heavy play periods.

Celebrity Golf Classic

JULY 23-24, 2015

The Earl Stone-designed course is laid out to contain shots back into the fairway or the green rather than shed them into the rough or hazards. There is some trouble to be found if


you get really wayward but usually a way to recover.” Mills said he like that the course is straight forward – no tricks. “There really aren’t any blind shots -- the course is pretty much right in view and the golfer knows what they have to do to execute a good shot and those good shots are usuDirector of Golf, Andy Ray ally rewarded,” he said.

Bradley is proud that

TimberCreek is an all-encompassing facility. He calls it an “old-fashioned course.” “We have a fully stocked golf shop and have been named merchandiser of the year twice since I have been here,” Bradley said. “We have three professionals on staff; myself, Director of Golf, Andy Ray; and Head Pro, Tommy Foxwood. We have club fitting and repair. We offer video lessons. We have tournaments and outings. We have everything you need here. Lots of businesses don’t have the hard goods anymore.” Mills said he noticed the amenities during his visit. “The Director of Golf Andy Ray has been there over 20 years -- starting as an entry level assistant so he knows the place inside and out and the organization is excellent and everyone that works there is on the same page as far as providing excellent service,” Mills said. “The bag drop, pro shop and starters are all right on the stick which makes for a pleasant day from beginning to end. “The food and beverage is up to the same high standards,” he continued. “There is plenty of coverage by the cart girls, plenty of room in the spacious dining area, a real nice bar and the menu has a great many items -- a lot you wouldn’t expect for a public golf course.” It adds up to an experience golfers heading to the Gulf Coast shouldn’t pass up. For information about TimberCreek,

PLAY A LIFE-CHANGING ROUND Participants will enjoy:

A two-day event with celebrities and community leaders who are playing golf with a mission. A Pairings Party on July 23, complete with entertainment, food & celebration where players and celebrities are matched. A day of golf on July 24, featuring breakfast, on-course games, food & drinks, culminating with an awards luncheon.

Foursomes are $2,500 and include golf, invitations to the Celebrity Pairings Party and accommodations. Sponsorships are also available.

(407) 876-6699 ext. 230 Shepherd’s Hope is a non-profit, faith-based organization of volunteers that exists to provide access to high quality, compassionate health care for the uninsured and underserved.

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orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

North Florida PGA Celebrates Section Award

Winners and NFPGA Hall of Fame Induction

dent of the Year, Rusty Mercer, Streamsong Resort; 2014 Player of the Year, Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & Country Club; 2014 Senior Player of the Year, Freddy Gibson, Golf Ed; North Florida PGA Hall of Fame Inductee, David Leadbetter, David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Rich Smith with David Leadbetter

It was a special evening at Reunion Resort! The North Florida PGA held its Annual Extravaganza and Awards Celebration. Our Chapter Award Winners and Section Award nominees gathered for this Academy Awards style presentation. Over 150 PGA Members, family and friends were on hand to honor the award nominees and winners along with our NFGPA Hall of Fame inductee David Leadbetter. David has been a NFPGA member and supporter for many years as his teaching roots started in our Section. His induction is well-

Rich Smith with Bill Sellers 52

deserved and we appreciate his lifetime dedication to the game of golf and the North Florida Section. This was not just an awards banquet, but a celebration of the North Florida PGA and the game of golf! Thank you to our Presenting Partners: Flightscope, Chase54, JaniKing, ProGolf Weather and scan4beer. And now…Our 2015 North Florida PGA Award Winners and the best of the best! Congratulations to all. PGA Golf Professional of the Year: Bill Sellers, Country Club of Orlando; Teacher of the Year, John O’Leary, Bay Hill Club & Lodge; Horton Smith Award, Russ Libby Hidden Hills Country Club; Bill Strausbaugh Award, Bill Hughes, TPC Sawgrass; Youth Player Development, Boots Farley, First Tee of North Florida; Patriot Award, David Windsor, Adaptive Golf Academy; Player Development Award, Jeff Hollis, Mangrove Bay; Merchandiser of the Year-Public, Brian Jaquet, Daytona Beach Golf & Country Club; Merchandiser of the Year-Resort, Bruce Mohler, Ponte Vedra Inn & Club; Merchandiser of the Year-Private, Clint Avret, Timuquana Country Club; Assistant Professional of the Year, Tyler Witman, Ritz Carlton Members Club; Sales Representative of the Year, Jamie Wilson, Puma; Amateur of the Year, Fred Seely, Jacksonville, FL; Superinten-

Rich Smith with Barry Cheeseman

No doubt, Match Play Championships are grueling and it seems that the strongest and most experienced players rise to the top. It came down to 3 players out of the final four with PGA TOUR experience to decide the title on day 3. Barry Cheesman from Tatum Ridge took the title by concession from Keith Kulzer, Quail Hollow. Both have played on the PGA TOUR. Rounding out the Final Four were Freddy Gibson, Golf Ed and Brad Turner from the Golf Academy of America. Our host, Falcon’s Fire did a marvelous job handling the challenges of getting the matches out and with their course conditions and service. A special thank you to imapMyGolf for their generous $5000 donation to the purse along with the support of Global Golf Sales. Thank you to all the competitors for making the time to compete as we had a record field. Match Play is a unique format and the players enjoy the competition and camaraderie. View the complete bracket results at www.nfpga. com. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

and Country Club staff and membership for an outstanding venue and exceptional operation. Finally, the South Florida PGA would like to thank Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, Global Golf Sales, GolfBuddy, and Buck Steel for their support.

The SFPGA Foundation Kicks Off it’s 4th Habitat for Humanity Project in Collier County on Saturday Join Habitat for Humanity of Collier County and the South Florida PGA Foundation as they come together for a wall-raising, the first on-site step in building a home for

6th Annual Pro-Am Raises $19,000 for the SFPGA Foundation Sixteen PGA Professionals and fortyeight amateurs competed in the 2015 South Florida PGA Foundation Pro-Am presented by Tire Kingdom and supported by The Loxahatchee Club, Heritage Creations and Fairway & Greene May 12th in Jupiter. This marked the sixth annual Foundation Pro-Am conducted to help raise funds to support Foundation programming including but not limited to Smiling Fore Life, Habitat for Humanity, junior golf, charitable gifting and scholarships. The event this year raised just over $19,000. The team from Wilderness Country Club in Naples comprised of PGA Professional John Calabria, David Kirk, Rob Kelecher and John Scheessele fired a 133 to capture first place by two. The format for the event was two best balls (one gross one net). Special thanks to the entire staff at The Loxahatchee Club and their PGA Head Golf Professional Wilson Zehner.

Puetz of Boca Rio Captures the 2015 Ft. Lauderdale Open Timothy Puetz, PGA Assistant Professional at Boca Rio Golf Club held off late afternoon charges from a highly decorated field in capturing individual first place honors at the 16th Annual Fort Lauderdale Open presented by Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and supported by Global Golf Sales, GolfBuddy, Buck Steel as well as the PGA Tour. Parkland Golf and 54

Country Club proved to be a true test of skill and endurance with gusts up to 25 miles per hour and scattered storms throughout the first Section Major Championship of the year. Puetz carded birdies on two of his final four holes to record a round one total of 68 (-4), two shots clear of the field. Fending off a back nine final round charge of 33 from Justin McCarraher

(141) and final round four under par 68 from Paul Scaletta (142), Puetz prevailed in the Championship Division carding a two-day total of 140 (-4). In the senior division for South Florida PGA professionals 50 years and older, SFPGA Life Member Peter Oakley edged out Gene Fieger (145), SFPGA Life Member Steve Madsen (145) and Gary Knapp (145) of Turnberry Isle-Miami for the division title. Oakley recorded an even par two day total of 144, opening up the tournament with a round one score of 71. The South Florida PGA would like to recognize the entire Parkland Golf

a family in need of decent, affordable housing in our community. The SFPGA Build, featuring a kick-off and the hallmark of a Habitat build, the wall-raising, will happen Saturday, May 2, at 8 a.m. in the Regal Acres community in East Naples. The address is 10552 Majestic Circle, Naples. “We are very grateful to the South Florida PGA and the high-profile visibility that this partnership brings to Habitat for Humanity’s work in Collier County. The strong local golfing community relies upon course maintenance workers, club kitchen staff, landscapers and housekeepers, many of whom are Habitat homeowners or seeking affordable homeownership opportunities. Working with the South Florida PGA is simply a natural fit,” said Lisa Lefkow, Executive Vice-President of Habitat Collier. This is the fourth Habitat home that the South Florida PGA Foundation has been involved in building. Not only will the South Florida PGA Foundation provide a $50,000 donation to Habitat to fund the construction materials for the home, but throughout May and June, countless PGA professionals, friends Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

and junior tour members will be on-site throughout the project volunteering their time and serving our community. “We are extremely excited about our build this summer, and what we have been able to accomplish the last four years. Having the ability to make a large monetary contribution, in addition to getting our members involved in the community to help others has been our goal since 2011,” said SFPGA Foundation President Tom Wildenhaus. The wall-raising is one of the most visible and visual parts of Habitat home building. It also marks the beginning of a family’s dream of owning their first home as they watch the first walls go up on a Habitat home. Since 1978, Habitat Collier has built more than 1,760 homes in the Naples and Immokalee areas. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County is part of a global, non-profit housing organization operated on Christian principles. Building homes, communities and hope, the goal is to give families a “hand up” and help them buy safe, decent, affordable housing. It is one of the oldest and most successful affiliates in the world.

Please visit foundation/programs-supported/ habitat-for-humanity for more information about the South Florida PGA Foundation Habitat Build.

Fieger & Bertsch Fire 60 to Win the Junior Senior Presented by Yamaha Gene Fieger and Justin Bertsch of the Hideout Golf Club in Naples teamed up Thursday to win the South Florida PGA Senior-Junior Championship presented by Yamaha and supported by Global Golf Sales and The PGA Tour. This year

the event was contested at Lago Mar Country Club in Plantation and featured 50 teams comprised of one professional aged 50+ and one under the age of 50. Firing an impressive round of 60 featuring back-to-back 30’s, Fieger and Bertsch were able to clinch the title by three shots. Their success today started on their first hole, No. 13 where they made birdie. From there they would go on to make eleven more. Today’s victory is not the first team title for Fieger and Bertsch, in 2014 they teamed up to win the ProAssistant Championship at Ballen Isles Country Club. The mixed format for the event featured: holes 1-6, scramble; 7-12, four-ball stroke play; and 13-18, modified Pinehurst. Next on the SFPGA schedule: May 4-5, Ft. Lauderdale Open at Parkland Golf and Country Club followed by the Foundation Pro-Am on May 12th at the Loxahatchee Club in Jupiter.



Live Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm am 740 or Online

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2


golf history header Florida’s golf history is recognized as one of the oldest in the nation, dating back to the 1890s, when a number of early courses were created along with the development of railroads and hotels in the state. In September of 2014, the Florida Department of State launched the Florida Historic Golf Trail program to feature and promote historic, publicly accessible golf courses that can still be played on today. The Trail’s collection of more than 50 historic courses throughout the state celebrates Florida’s early golf heritage from the late 1800s through World War II. Each month, the Florida Historic Golf Trail features one of its partner courses as the Course of the Month. The Clearwater Country Club has been chosen as the featured course in May 2015, with the added distinction that the City of Clearwater is celebrating its centennial anniversary. The Clearwater Country Club golf course was originally designed by British golf course architect Herbert Strong. In 1921, after a year of construction, nine holes were officially opened. Mrs. Daniel Simonds, who contributed money for the new clubhouse, hit the first shot, a nice drive down the fairway beyond the first bunker. Two years later, the completed 18-hole golf course was opened and ready for play. In 1940, golf architect Perry Maxwell and his son Press Maxwell


Ladies Teeing Off 1932 reworked a number of the greens and holes. Along with the Herbert Strong design, two unique features run through the course today - the Stevenson Creek, and the CSX railroad that rolls through the course twice daily. The 18-hole, par-72 golf course at Clearwater Country Club features four sets of tees playing from 5,300 to 6,200 yards that provide a test for golfers of any skill level. The course features Bermuda greens, tees, and fairways. Full practice facilities are available, as well as a fully stocked pro shop and restaurant. “Clearwater Country Club and the City of Clearwater are honored to have been chosen to be the featured course for the month of May by the Florida Historic Trail” said Greg McClimans, PGA Professional at Clearwater Country Club. “We want to thank the Florida Historic Trail for their involvement in promoting golf in the golf capital

of the world, the state of Florida.” A unique feature of the Florida Historic Golf Trail program is the specially designed scorecard, which list the courses on the trail. Golfers can use the scorecard to check off the courses they play, and write in their score and date. Scorecards are available at all the partner golf courses and on the Florida Historic Golf Trail website. Information about the history and current day contact information for each course can be found at Find the historic course near you and Come Play on History! Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

We invite you to experience . . .

. . . The Quarry Course Membership Opportunities

Home Sales

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Full Golf Membership Young Executive

New Construction Resale

Overnight golf packages available

Call (352) 746-3440 for details.

Call 800-328-8099 for details.

Contact Bill Hardin for details. (352) 234-8855

Florida’s #1 Residential Golf Community Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Course for 22 Consecutive Years Located 90 miles from Tampa and Orlando 3125 W Black Diamond Circle, Lecanto, FL 34461 (352) 746-3446

living on the links

P lantation Bay Golf & Country Club

A Florida Tradition

Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, ICI Homes is consistently ranked among the nation’s Top 100 Builders by Builder magazine.

Established in 1979, ICI Homes is a privately held company and is the recipient of countless prestigious awards for design and innovation and has long enjoyed local, regional and national acclaim.

Prestigious, Private, and Convenient Few communities offer the kind of lifestyle that has come to be expected at Plantation Bay. Like-minded residents from across the country appreciate the unique history and small town charm of Ormond Beach where an unhurried pace rules the day. The year-round warm weather, a lower cost of living, nearby shopping, medical facilities, three universities, plus

convenient access to major highways and airports all combine to offer the perfect location to live, work and play.

Live the Florida Lifestyle With a twenty plus year reputation for being among the best of the best, Plantation Bay is one of the best kept secrets on Florida’s east coast and continues to grow and offer the type of lifestyle its residents have come to expect. With more than half of the 3,600 acres yet to be developed, miles of pristine natural beauty blend with mature landscaping to provide the backdrop for a sparkling array of amenities; all nestled within hundreds

Plantation Bay Clubhouse

of acres of public conservation land and state parks. For those looking to settle in a community that confers instant social life, warmth, and camaraderie, it’s all here at Plantation Bay.

Explore Your Options Choose from a portfolio of award winning designs and add a detached guest suite, an upstairs bonus room, a balcony or a cabana bath. Enhance your Florida outdoor living experience with a swimming pool or heated spa, a casita or a summer kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

Have it Your Way... Exactly ICI Homes makes it simple and convenient to get precisely what you want – without adding substantial costs to the bottom line. Any plan large or small can be customized to your exact specifications. Add square footage, blend elements from different plans, move a wall or completely design a plan from the ground up. It is all part of the company culture. Visit to see our floorplans.

Ask Around ICI Homes prides itself on delivering an extraordinary building experience from beginning to end and beyond. Nearly half of the homes that ICI Homes will build tomorrow will be a direct result of enthusiastic referrals from the highly satisfied homeowners of today and yesterday. 58

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Play for a weekend, stay for life It’s time to take the next step and try the community on for size by planning a discovery tour experience. See for yourself why so many people have chosen to make Plantation Bay home. Play a round of golf, dine at the club, enjoy a little tennis, pickle ball of bocce, or just relax by the pool. Explore the area, take long walks, and talk to the residents. That’s the best way to decide if Plantation Bay is right for you and your family.

24 Hour Manned Gates Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in an exclusive gated community. All entrances are guard gated 24 hours a day.

NOW FOR SALE "Bellevue" 2013 showcase home

Pool Pavilion The heated lap pool is a great way to stay in shape while the zero-entry pool is ideal for swimming and water aerobics classes. Championship Golf Forty-five holes allow a congenial test of sport and spirit while offering tee placements to accommodate players of all skill levels.

Bellevue Pool

Tennis Courts The tennis complex boasts ten lighted Hartru courts for members to enjoy year round league and social play, day or night. Full Service Clubhouses Two clubhouses provide a backdrop for the community’s social activity and offer a variety of dining choices, all framed by spectacular views. Parks & Playground Located in several areas throughout the community, parks offer a place to walk, mingle and relax while enjoying the Florida sunshine.

you make just the right design choices, blending the latest Bellevue Kichen trends to uniquely reflect your personal style. You are sure to flexible living inside and out. Whether find the process virtually stress-free and it’s a low maintenance villa for easy lock one of the most enjoyable parts of the and leave, a comfortable executive style home building experience. home with room for a garden, a cozy

We Know Florida Gracious design, superior craftsmanship. Efficient, spacious,

cottage with a view, or a grand estate for large scale entertaining, ICI has the perfect home. Not too big, not too small….. but just right.

Spa & Fitness Center A 7,000 square foot fitness facility includes a spacious work out center, group exercise studio and private spa treatment rooms. Walking and Biking Trails There’s no better way to take advantage of our 3,600 acres than to take a stroll or go for a bike ride on wide sidewalks and endless trails. To book your experience call

877-628-5236 or visit us at

Live By Your Own Design If your heart is set on a custom builtin, a trendy kitchen island, a climate controlled wine cellar, or a certain high end appliance, you can rely on the professional designers at ICI Homes to thoroughly research each request and provide you with a variety of choices and recommendations. They will help Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2


By Mike May

alabama golf central

Big Money Monday...

In The Deep South

On Monday, April 27, twelve golfers gathered at the FarmLinks Golf Club in Sylacauga, Alabama for a chance to win the 'big bucks.' In fact, these 12 golfers had a chance to earn the title 'Super Shooter' and then earn one of the biggest one-day paydays in the history of sports and probably the biggest one-day paydays that the golfing world has ever seen. It was the $25 Million Super FarmLinks at Pursell Farms. (Alabama's 2015 #1 rated All-Access Golf Course, according to GolfWeek's Best Courses You Can Play). Based on prior qualifying, 12 golfers gathered to see which one would be left standing with an opportunity to win as much as $25 million. Starting at 10:30 that morning, all 12 golfing semi-finalists stood on the tee – one at a time – of the par three 17th hole at FarmLinks. While each golfer's goal was to make a hole-inone, the major objective was to win the closest to the pin contest vs. the other contestants. The winner would then advance to the final – later that morning – which was scheduled for FarmLinks' signature hole, the par three 5th, which has a 172-foot drop from tee to green. By 11:30 that morning, each of the 12 golfers had hit their two shots at the 17th hole. The 'sur-

vivor' was Birmingham resident Wesley Willings whose winning effort finished 5' 2” from the cup. Willings had advanced to the grand finale – the world's first $25 Million Super Shootout. “With as much fanfare as we could muster, we ceremonially transported him to the back tees of the par three 5th,” says Tim Spanjer, director of marketing at the FarmLinks Golf Club. Willings was then given 25 attempts to make a hole-in-one from those back (Longhorn) tees. Each hole in one was worth $1,000,000, which meant that he had the chance to win $25 million. From those back tees, the hole measured 209 yards, but with the sharp downhill slope, it played more like 155 yards. Besides the wonderful view of the green, the location of the fifth tee at FarmLinks gave Willings a spectacular panoramic perspective of the nearby countryside, including a birds-eye view of the Sulphur Mountain in the distance. “He pounded away knocking shot after shot onto the green, nearly brushing the pin on numerous occasions,” recalls Spanjer. “He was good and cool as a cucumber throughout the finale, but, alas, he was not able to 'deep six' any of them, but the drama of his shotmaking made for a very exciting shootout event.”

Super-Shootout-Cast 60

Willings Hitting

On Willings' third-to-last attempt, he hit the back-stop slope on the right center of the green with a high-flying draw. The ball plugged momentarily and then began trickling down toward the complex of five holes – FarmLinks was required to move the pin through a sequence of five holes, moving the pin after each shot, under the terms of the insurance agreement – and as it began picking up speed, it was on direct course for the pin, but the slope on the green began to break it slightly to the left causing it to roll just past the contest hole and right over one of the adjacent capped holes as the roar of the crowd, which gathered to watch the shootout, muffled in disbelief. Even though nobody made a holein-one on the day, prizes were still distributed to each contestant. Each of the 11 runners-up received certificates giving them four rounds of golf between now and August 31 at FarmLinks. As for Willings, he received a golf pass from FarmLinks which gives him unlimited golf at Farmlinks for the next 12 months. “The weather was perfect and the conditions pristine for an ace on the 5th hole,” notes Spanjer. “But, unfortunately, it was just not meant to be.” There's always next year...... and Spanjer's team is already planning for another Super Shootout at FarmLinks at Pursell Farms. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

georgia golf central

Victory for Olin Browne The Greater Gwinnett Championship Presented by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, a PGA TOUR’s Champions Tour event, returned to the Metro Atlanta area spring of 2015. This 54-hole stroke play tournament featured 81 Champions Tour professionals competing for a $1.8 million purse at the prestigious TPC Sugarloaf. For the first time in over three years, Mother Nature helped a player win a Champions Tour event and the beneficiary this time was Olin Browne. Browne claimed his second career title on the Champions Tour without ever having to hit a shot in the final round when heavy rains on Saturday night made the TPC Sugarloaf course unplayable. As it turned out, Olin Browne, Champions Tour professional, 2015 winner of Greater Gwinnett Championship

Maddie Icecannup and John Smoltz, winning team of the Novelis Celebrity Challenge; Donna O’Brien, Kevin O’Brien Browne’s six-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole on Saturday turned out to be the deciding stroke that kept him ahead of Bernhard Langer who had eagled the final hole just 10 minutes after Browne finished his round.

With His Victory…Olin Browne Olin Browne won his first second career title on the Champions Tour in his 127th career start on the circuit and ended a victory drought of 3 years, 8 months, 18 days (74 events) since his initial Champions Tour victory at the 2011 U.S. Senior Open at

Inverness in Toledo, Ohio. Browne became the first player to win a rain-shortened event on the Champions Tour since Brad Faxon won the 2011 Insperity Championship near Houston. Faxon’s 36-hole victory at The Woodlands came 3 years, 6 months and 10 days ago. This was the first rain-shortened official event on the Champions Tour in 83 tournaments. Browne also earned a check for $270,000 and moved to the top of the 2015 earnings list with $478,399. Before today, the Champions Tour had experienced three other rain-

Esteban Toledo, Champions Tour professional, with a pool shot for the putt 62

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

shortened events in the Atlanta area. At the 1992 Nationwide Championship at Country Club of the South, Japan’s Isao Aoki won his first Champions Tour title over just 36 holes. New Zealand’s Bob Charles (1988) and Australia’s Bruce Crampton (1986) also claimed rain-shortened Champions Tour events at Horseshoe Bend Country Club. Bernhard Langer’s runner-up performance gave him three consecutive years where he’s finished either first or second in the Greater Gwinnett Championship. Langer, the 2013 champion, picked up a check for $158,400 and now has earned $586,400 in his three appearances at TPC Sugarloaf. Langer’s second-place effort was also his best performance on the Champions Tour this year and extended his streak of years finishing among the top 3 at least once within the first six events since he started in 2007. Both Jesper Parnevik (T4) and Stephen Ames (T4) recorded their best career efforts on the Champions Tour. Ames joined the Champions Tour last year and his previous best was T6 at the 2014 Greater Hickory Kia Classic at Rock Barn. Parnevik joined the Champions Tour last month at the Tucson Conquistadores Classic.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Bernhard Langer, Champions Tour professional in black shirt, Brad Faxon, Champions Tour professional in the background


carolinas golf central

Caledonia #18 and clubhouse

Since opening to the public in January 1994, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the premier courses in America. Famous for its refined beauty and challenging layout, Caledonia is also rich in history and tradition. The original plantation can be traced back to Dr. Robert Nesbit, a Scotsman who named it Caledonia, a Roman name for Scotland which the country is still poetically called. Historic

land records from Georgetown County indicate that Caledonia was, at one time, one of the largest plantations in the area with land stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the rice fields on the western edge of the Waccamaw River. Perhaps the most striking aesthetic feature of the plantation is the impressive avenue of live oaks leading to the clubhouse steps. These 64

200 year-old trees, laden with Spanish moss, led to old King’s Highway as it made its way along the coast in the 1700s. The original plantation house burned to the ground in 1931. The current owners purchased the property in 1971 to use primarily as a hunting and fishing club. Each member had his own small lodge on the property and would often come to fish in the river and hunt ducks in the rice fields. Every Thursday the group would meet at Caledonia to cook dinner and socialize. The old shed used for this occasion still exists on the property beside the clubhouse. With the exception of a few cosmetic changes, the shed is in its original form and the Thursday fellowship continues. Nowadays, however, hunting boots have been replaced by golf spikes as players finishing their round TrueBlue #7 join in for the catch-of-the-day. It is this fellowship and tradition that led to the creation of a magnificent course. As sportsmen, the owners strove to build a course that preserved as much of the land’s natural beauty as possible. As southerners, they wanted to create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that each golfer could take home with him. The goal of Caledonia is that each visitor remembers his or

her day not just as a round of golf, but as an overall Lowcountry experience. The 6,526-yard, par-70 course has been described as having “18 signature holes,” with holes routed around majestic oaks and meandering streams. The picturesque 18th hole borders the Plantation’s old rice field, and requires a precise tee shot that sets up a difficult second shot: a forced carry onto a green that is bordered by the antebellum style clubhouse. True Blue Golf Club, the fourth Mike Strantz signature golf course, opened to rave reviews in February 1998. Strantz designed the award-winning Caledonia Golf & Fish Club on plantation land adjacent to True Blue, and for his efforts on True Blue and Caledonia, Strantz was named by Golf World as its “Architect of the Year” in 1998. Strantz modeled True Blue on the characteristics of Pine Valley and Pinehurst #2, with an emphasis on maintaining a natural feel to the course, similar to the top courses in the U.K. True Blue Golf Club is a 6,842-yard, par-72 championship golf course located on the site of historic True Blue Plantation, the famed 19th century indigo and rice plantation. Designed by architect Mike Strantz, True Blue emphasizes the natural beauty of the area, utilizing native grasses and vegetation and maintaining much of the character of the property. The course also offers an 18-acre practice facility with a learning center. Both courses have received numerous awards, most recently having been named to the Golf Digest’s “South Carolina Best in State” rankings (Caledonia #21, True Blue #29), and Caledonia being named to Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Courses” list (#73). Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

2015 youth golfari July 12-18, 2015

To register for the 2015 Youth Golfari visit or The quality instruction at the Golfari improved my son’s golf game tremendously. Barry Palm, Orlando, FL 910.692.7111 • 1005 Midland Rd • Southern Pines, North Carolina 28388

tennessee golf central

The Tennessee Golf Association provides numerous services to its member clubs—the most important being the handicap service. Working closely with the Tennessee Section PGA, the TGA operates the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN), which provides a uniform handicap service to all golfers in Tennessee. The TGA is most visible through another service—its championships. Eighteen TGA Championships are conducted annually, and none more rich in tradition than the Tennessee Amateur Championship, which began in the TGA’s inaugural year of 1914. Former winners of this event include the legendary Dr. Cary Middlecoff, winner of two U.S. Opens and The Masters tournament; former PGA Tour star Mason Rudolph; and Chattanooga’s Lew Oehmig, who has won the event eight times in five different decades. Other competitions include the Men’s and Women’s Tennessee Open; the Men’s Match Play and Senior Match Play Championships; the Four-Ball and Senior Four-Ball Championships; the Women’s Amateur Championship; the Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Amateur Championships; the Women’s Four-Ball Championship; the Men’s and Women’s

Senior Amateur Championships; the Mid-Amateur Championship; and the Tennessee Challenge Cup Matches, which annually pits the top amateurs against the top professionals from across Tennessee. The TGA also serves as a direct liaison with the United States Golf Association. This enables the TGA to assist in administering the Rules of Amateur Status, which is at the very heart of the game, and is an important element in protecting the tradition and integrity of golf. Information on the Rules of Golf, Course Rating, Course Measuring, and turfgrass advisory are other services the TGA provides to its member clubs through its relationship with the USGA.

The TGA also conducts numerous qualifiers throughout the year for USGA National Championships. The TGA is also part of Golf House Tennessee. In 1991, the Tennessee Golf Association and the Tennessee Section PGA combined efforts forming the Tennessee Golf Foundation, which in 1995 built Golf House Tennessee. This unique facility offers golfers a great opportunity to experience the history and tradition of golf in Tennessee. Golf House Tennessee features a nine hole, par three course (The Little Course at Conner Lane); Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame exhibits; and an Association History Room which houses all of the TGA championship trophies and memorabilia. Much of the turfgrass research for TGA member clubs in being conducted at Golf House Tennessee which features over 50 varieties of turfgrass. �������������������������������������� The TGA is governed by a Board of Directors which represents all geographic regions of the state. These directors, along with the TGA›s staff of administrators, are dedicated to serving the needs of the TGA member clubs and the needs of amateur golfers in Tennessee. For more information on the Tennessee Golf Association, please visit us online at

Martin J. Condon Trophy which is annually awarded to the winner of the Tennessee Amateur Championship


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

Divot Repair Will Never Be The Same Pitchfix Twister

An average golfer makes 12 ball marks per round on golf greens. This means on average that a golf course get’s some 700000 ball marks per year. Take into account the players that do not repair ball marks and others that use their conventional repair tool in the wrong way and the damage done is hughe and takes weeks to recover.

Best Gift Packaging for corporate outings

With Pitchfix Twister ball mark repair can only be done the right way and it’s fun to do!

Photos by ©2015 Richard Todd Photography

special events

Tattoos and Tees The National Tattoo Association was Founded in 1976, with its main focus being on a heightened social awareness of tattooing as a contemporary art form. The association has since become an organization dedicated to the advance in quality, safety standards, and professionalism in the tattooing community. The associations’ membership boasts some of the most talented artists worldwide. The NTA holds an annual convention and this year it was held in Orlando. In conjunction is The National Tattoo Association Charity Golf Tournament, which was held at Royal St Cloud Golf Course as a benefit for Tony Edwards and his family. Tony is suffering from ALS and is in the last stages of his life. He is part of the NTA tattoo family. For more information on the National Tattoo Association: Bill, Rob, Mouse, Byron, Richard, Joe Bill, Jeff & Jason at Royal St.Cloud Bill, Rob & Jeff at Royal St.Cloud


Bill Funk tees off on Number 1 at Royal St.Cloud

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

By Hannah Berman

young guns

Is or isn’t Golf a Good Walk Spoiled? So I was asked to write an essay for a scholarship for which I am applying. After writing it, I thought it would make a good column for this month’s issue. When you're done reading it, let us know your thoughts about the topic at #notjust golf! When Mark Twain wrote, “golf is a good walk spoiled,” he was either having a very bad day on the course or wasn’t actually a golfer. What I have learned through this great game is that even when golf is at its

This is me with LPGA star and my idol Morgan Pressel at the LPGA event in Ocala (we share a birthday, but ten years apart...when I was 12 she let me WALk inside the ropes with her for four holes). On the right is my friend Morgan Baxendale. We just had a great walk along side Morgan Pressel at the tournament!

most difficult (or perhaps because it is its most difficult), golf is always a good (and even great) walk. What makes golf always such a great walk is that even the most challenging days, holes or shots are fun and interesting. I have had my share of bad days, and, sure, I have hung my head a few times for a moment or two, but I always look forward to the next one. I think that’s what makes golf a great walk – there is always that next one. Sometimes it’s the challenge. Sometimes it’s the people with whom I’m playing.

Sometimes, when I’m just practicing or playing by myself, it’s just the joy of being outside with nothing except for me and the course (and the birds, turtles and squirrels). While I understand the humor in what Mr. Twain means and I can see how a person might even sometimes agree, when I am on a golf course it helps make all the pressures and anxieties of my every-day life go away. Golf is my refuge and the course is my happy place. One of the things that makes golf

Reflex golf push cart from Sun Mountain

great is the opportunity for me to give back to my community. In a way, it’s another form of walking – by being involved with charities and learning about them and by participating in events like Jacksonville Family Promises’ Cardboard City, an event where people pretend to be homeless for a night, I get to walk in other people’s shoes. I’m sure Mr. Twain wasn’t thinking about this aspect of golf because to me this is another way golf is anything but a good walk spoiled. Because of golf I have made some of my closest friends. I have traveled to some really cool places. I’ve gotten to spend time with my family that I never would have spent otherwise. I’ve gotten involved in my community and my school. Golf taught me so much about who I am, how far I can push myself and about my character (and sometimes about other people’s). Golf is a game that teaches me something every time I pick up a club. It’s even cool to know that in playing golf, I am part of a history and a heritage. I’ve walked the same courses, hit the same shots and played the same tournaments as some of the greatest people in history. I’m walking in their shoes. Golf isn’t just a game. It’s a culture. While I love to compete and I always play to win, golf means so much more to me than just a game. So even on my worst days, golf is never a good walk spoiled. Golf is simply, and always, just a good walk.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2

LOVE GOLF? LOVE TO TRAVEL? Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

Looking for a unique destination for your next company golf retreat? How about a fun group golf vacation somewhere new?

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Jens Hospitality can find golf destinations within your budget, Domestic or international.

Jens Hospitality

golf fitness

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Half-kneeling chop 1

No, not the movie. But we’re talking about two of those this month: Training and planes of movement. Specifically, training in all 3 planes of motion. The three planes of movement are sagittal (dividing the body in to right and left halves), frontal (dividing the body into a front and back half), and transverse (top half and bottom half). Our body NEEDS to be trained in all three planes to ensure proper mobility and movement patterns. Most people train in just two, the frontal and sagittal planes. Transverse rarely gets work and yet is extremely important, especially for those who enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, etc. Whatever workout plan you are currently using, make sure to balance it with movements to enhance your ability to move. Being

Shoulder Tap Plank - Start 72

Half-kneeling chop 2 able to rotate (movement in the transverse plane) includes two key components we will address here: Being able to resist rotation (antirotation) and being able to rotate. A great anti rotation exercise is a shoulder tap plank. Setting up in a push up position (hands and toes on the floor, shoulders packed, spine straight). Lifting the right hand off the ground, touch your left shoulder and replace the right hand on the ground. Switch hands using the left hand to touch the right shoulder. Continue the alternating pattern for 8-10 reps per shoulder. Pay careful attention to avoid using a weight or hip shift when alternating sides. Go slow and make them quality reps!! Now that you are stable and have earned the right to rotate, we need to add in rotation. A great beginning

Shoulder Tap Plank - Right

By Mitch Sadowsky

MS SPSc TP11 USAW AIS FMS Director of Golf Fitness Lake Nona Country Club Owner, Mitch11 Strength and Performance

Half-kneeling chop 3 rotational exercise is a half kneeling chop. Set up in a half kneeling position so that the hips, knees, and ankles form a 90 degree position on both the left and right sides; the stance width will vary from 0-8 inches apart. The head should be and remain in a neutral position throughout the exercise. Once the beginning position has been accomplished, grab the cable bar with both hands and place the top hand at the top of the cable bar. With the down hand, begin to pull the cable bar down keeping it close to the chest until the arm is straight. Then take the top hand and press it down until the arm is also straight. It is important for the cable to be in line with the top arm and to maintain balance during this exercise. Do this exercise for 8-12 repetitions per side..

Shoulder Tap Plank - Left Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 2





59 $199 FROM ONLY


PER PERSON Not to be used in in conjunction with any other offer. Must present at check-in. Source – Southern Golf Central

PER PERSON Not to be used in in conjunction with any other offer. Must present at check-in. Source – Southern Golf Central


TEXT SGCMAG TO 313131 Whether you’re looking to test your game on 18 of the Best Holes of The Open Rotation at Royal Links or escape to 7,002 yards of Tropical Golf Paradise at Bali Hai – you can – all without ever leaving Las Vegas. You will find everything at our courses you would expect in any five-star golf resort except perhaps the words to describe them.


CALL (855) 616-6481

RHYTHM &GREENS find your groove at the summer’s biggest outdoor PARTY.



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