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“We are proud of the work done on the golf courses, greens, and new Golf Training Center and Range ... come play and enjoy your stay!”


Renewed Golf Courses

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Great golf is only the beginning.

Preferred Golfers Package Includes: ◆

Accommodations in a Deluxe Guest Room, 1 or 2 Bedroom Suite

Full Breakfast Buffet

18-Holes of Golf (cart & greens fees), including arrival and departure days

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Unlimited Use of the Practice Facility

Nightly Club Cleaning and Storage... and More!

For Seasonal Package Pricing and Reservations Call 813-907-4401 Groups of 12 or More Call 813-907-4726

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from the publisher header

Turf, Travel, Philanthropy, Lifestyle As we celebrate the release of our 18th anniversary issue this month, we’re proud to announce our new name and tag line – the message is new but the mission is the same. My love, commitment and passion for promoting the game all started with my golf shop, the Golf Attic, located on 436 in Casselberry. We sold new and used golf clubs, antiques and collectibles, but made our real money on club re-gripping and repairs. Like Woody in Cheers, I loved meeting all our customers who came into the shop and shared their golf stories … sometimes all 18 holes and every single shot! There was Bill (who I called “Al”), a retired butcher from New York, who would stop in weekly for lunch with his egg salad sandwich and dill pickle. He pined away about his deceased wife and his other love, golf. I decided to start a magazine because I couldn’t afford to advertise in the Orlando Sentinel. With $10,000 on my credit card, and thousands more in blonde enthusiasm, the first issue of Florida Golf Central was published on April 1st, 1999. Honestly, who but me would launch a business on April Fools Day! From the very beginning, my mission has been to help grow the game. I’ve never worried about how many strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole; my purpose has always been to introduce more people to the game, make golfers laugh and have fun out on the course, and

Volume 18, Issue 1 Publisher: Terrie L. Purdum Editor in Chief: Shannon Coates Regional Partner: Doug Hollandsworth, Founder-Georgia Golf Trail

Editor Emeritus: Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired Chief Fertilizer Spreader: Eric Rasberry Media Consultant: Robert Bissell Photographers: Lynn Pelham, Brion Price, Peter Hakansson Mike Coonan,

Senior Correspondent: Rick Harris, Sr. Junior Correspondent: Bella Dovhey International Correspondent: Dove Jones Contributing Writers: Jay Golden, PGA; Greg Wise, Bob Bolton, Greg Corbo, Elisa Gaudet, Mike Jamison, Mike May, Ron Heller, Rich Styles, Fred Seely, Deb Shuck, JL Quebbeman, Mitch Sadowsky, Linda Williams-Sieg Graphic Design: Melahn Cable, Website Design/Network Support:

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experience the romance of the game. There is a special bond and love for this game that exists between all of us who play it and those who are simply fans. We’re not pretentious or prejudice or elitist … some who don’t even play golf, volunteer, watch it on TV, and have careers in it. For all the people that have supported this High Handicapper's crazy great idea and are still with me through this amazing 18 years … THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Most of all, I’m grateful for all our readers that have sent notes, given us feedback, suggested an idea, commented on articles, and have been our biggest cheerleaders along the way. You keep us going on the good days and the bad.

Ask the staff at your local golf course if they are participating in BioBlitz 2017!

Cheers to all of you and thanks from the bottom of my heart! 2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year 4

2017 Want to participate in a fun, global species-counting competition?


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

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We’d Like To Put A Few Holes In Your Vacation Plans. Quite a few in fact. You see, Fairfield Glade Resort in Tennessee has 90 holes of Championship Golf alone, including Stonehenge, named among the top public courses in Tennessee by Golf Digest, GolfWeek and Golf Magazine. Then there are the many outstanding courses around nearby Crossville, widely known as the golf capital of Tennessee. In all, more than 180 holes of golf just waiting to be played atop the Cumberland Plateau. But your vacation doesn’t have to be all golf. We offer 11 pristine lakes for boating and fishing, 12 miles of nature trails, a state-of-the-art Racquet Center and remarkable restaurants. This year, plan to spend your vacation at Fairfield Glade Resort and Crossville, Tennessee. The South’s holey land for golfers. For information or reservations, call 931-707-2061 • Located between Knoxville and Nashville, just a few miles from I-40 (Exit 322)

Now the fun begins.

By Rick Harris, Sr.

How Brittany Lincicome Became

special feature header

“Our Girl” Early in my career as the Senior Cor-

respondent for Florida Golf Central Magazine I was assigned to go to Bardmoor Golf Course in Seminole, Florida near the west coast of Florida. I was sent there for two reasons: 1) To cover the renovation of the Bardmoor course by Gary Koch and 2) Interview a young teen aged, female golfer by the name of Brittany Lincicome. After meeting with the golf pro about the renovation of the course he brought Brittany into a meeting room for an introduction. I asked her a variety of golf questions like what was her strengths (driving the ball); what tees she played from (the men’s tees either white or from the tips) and the final question was: “Where will you be in five years?” Brittany leaned across the table towards me and with a fierce, determined look on her face stated: “I’ll be in the LPGA! I BETTER BE!” I never forgot that look and that determination so when I returned to Orlando I told everyone in golf I knew, or met, about Brittany and predicted that she would be one of the next BIG stars on the LPGA Tour. I kept in touch with Brittany and her parents, Tom and Angie, and we did a story on Brittany when she competed on the Futures tour in Win-

Rancho Mirage, California in dramatic fashion with an eagle on the 18th hole and just recently winning the 2017 Pure Silk Championship in the

Bahamas in an overtime, sudden death play-off against Lexi Thompson! Yes, Brittany Lincicome is definitely “Our Girl” on the LPGA Tour!

ter Haven and I labeled her, “Our Girl”. I kept up with her progress on the qualifying tournaments in Naples and Heathrow prior to qualifying at LPGA International in Daytona Beach, Florida. Over the years Brittany has justified the “Our Girl” title by winning match play events against the best players on tour; winning the Dinah Shore tournament in 8

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

“I use a Cure simply because it’s the BEST...

- Michael Allen

Available Heel & Center Shafted, R/L Handed

High MOI: 6,950 - 8,200 g/cm2

Adjustable Weight: 360g - 408g

The Award Winning Cure Classic Series delivers the incredible stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in visually stunning, traditional headshapes. 100% precision milled in the USA, the CX3 features a slightly oversized multi-metal design with an aluminum head and tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe for extremely High MOI, plus 48g of weight adjustability via 8 removable steel weights. A higher COG, lower loft and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator, delivers an incredible roll. No other putter offers the performance and versatility of a Cure Putter.


By Gary Van Sickle

product showcase

High Heat 3 Wood Is Greatest 3 Wood Ever Made: Easy To Launch and Longer, Straighter and More Forgiving Than All Major Brands

There is a hole at my home course in the Pittsburgh area, No. 8, a par 4 that doglegs to the right and features a couple of trees that stick out on the corner like a defiant goalpost. It’s a long-ish hole and easily the toughest par on the front nine. My son, Mike, a big hitter who played in the U.S. Open this summer, has no problem cutting the corner here even from the tips. Not me. My left knee has turned to crap from surgery and severe arthritis and I have moved up to the white tees. The dreaded eighth hole is no bargain from there, either, and I teed up a Knuth Golf High Heat 3-wood there a few weeks ago, and launched one well. The ball flew between and well above those imaginary goalposts and bounced down the fairway into wedge range. Mike looked at me, I looked at him. We had did-that-just-reallyhappen expressions on our faces. “Let me hit another one,” I said. Honestly, I blocked that first drive 20 yards right. I had no intention of cutting the corner nor any belief that I could. The second ball was an instant replay. The High Heat 3-wood launched hot and high and long. The second shot finished in the fairway ten feet from the first. “I haven’t seen you hit a 3-wood like that in years,” Mike said. His comment reminded me that in the modern high-tech age of metal woods, I haven’t had a 3-wood I loved since the early Adas Tight Lies days. Gee, that’s almost 20 years ago. The fact that the High Heat 3-wood is the only club in my bag that I have confidence in now should tell you something. Pardon me for sulking in an I-hate-my-game moment but if I can pound the High Heat 3-wood while effectively whiffing everything else in the bag, it must be pretty good. The High Heat 3-wood has a long, low profile. It gives me the mental image of a rear fender from a 1958 Corvette. It is painted a glowing blue. I like the look, I love the result. 10

When you make decent contact with the High Heat, the ball jumps off the face so easily, you almost don’t even feel it, which reminds of how it felt when I hit the occasional home run a million years ago, when I played baseball. I wrote about the High Heat 3-wood from last year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, where I hit a prototype at Demo Day, and named it the “best” fairway wood at the Show. Dean Knuth, the club’s inventor, made the best even better with a few improvements after that before starting the manufacturing process. The High Heat 3-wood is as easy to hit high as a 5-wood but it has the power and

Golf Association and invented the SLOPE rating system, created the High Heat 3-wood (along with the also highly rated High Heat Driver and High Heat Hybrid) without the rsources of the big equipment makers. The 3-wood I replaced in my bag with the High Heat was produced by one of golf’s biggest companies and I was never very enthused about the club.

How was Knuth able to do something the big boys couldn’t? “The major brands get tour pros playing their clubs so they can advertise but they’re trapped

length of a 2-wood (if you’re old enough to remember persimmon 2-woods, or brassies—I had one, a nice hand-me-down). Here’s what makes the 3-wood so remarkable. Knuth, a former Navy man who later worked for the United States Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

making clubs for them and not amateurs who have much slower swing speeds and different performance needs,” Knuth said. So what do amateur golfers need to achieve their optimum performance? “You have to have a deep and low center of gravity and that’s nonexistent in the major brands. Their centers of gravity are forward and up. The other thing I did was work on the face. It’s a low profile but the face is titanium instead of steel offered by all major brands and on average eight millimeters wider than the major brands. Together, that gives amateur golfers a much larger sweet spot, so they can hit it almost anywhere along the face and get about the same distance, which results in more GIR, fewer bogies from landing short of the green or being on the green but 20+ feet from the hole.” A deep and low center of gravity (CG) also raises the moment of inertia (MOI), Knuth said, and makes the High Heat clubhead more stable. That also adds to the gear effect, which means that shots hit off High Heat’s toe or the heel will tend to come back toward the target line compared to major brands. High Heat clubs are available online at ($299 for the 3-wood. They’re also being sold at The Villages, the retirement area in Florida where Knuth said they’re having success by attending demo days that feature at least one major manufacturer. “The way we convince people is when we’re paired against a major brand and people can compare their clubs against ours and see for themselves that our performance is better,” Knuth said. At one recent demo day head-to-head versus a big-name clubmaker, Knuth said High Heat sold 20 clubs, the big clubmaker sold 3. “Hitting is believing,” Knuth said. “We’ve got a 30-day guarantee because we’re sure people will like our product. We have had very few returns. You’d think some people would say, ‘I’ll just hit it for a few weeks and send it back,’ but they keep it and write to us about they love our clubs and have lowered their scores” What the High Heat is missing is a multi-million-dollar marketing budget and a fancy story to tell. For the latter, the best Knuth can do is explain that the High Heat has a titanium face with a steel body. “Nobody else has figured out how to combine those because you can’t weld them together,” he said. “It’s braised with silver, an expensive process, but we use titanium because it provides additional distance compared to steel faces in major brands because steel has very little trampoline effect on off-center hits.” Knuth came up with the original High Heat driver about eight years ago, making a clubhead out of pressed Russian titanium. I wrote about it being the hottest driver in golf at the time, which I believed it was. He produced only a limited run of those clubs, however, and didn’t continue because of the difficulty in obtaining the materials from Russia and a wide variance in quality control. He brought out a new version of the driver in 2015 which I explained had the “most significant new technology of any club and was a potential game changer for amateur golfers.” He then followed up with his award winning 3-wood and #3 hybrid last year, and just completed another successful PGA Show winning more awards and positive media reviews for his full line of fairway woods and hybrids. He knows that being a boutique golf manufacturer makes him a serious underdog in the business. “I’ve gone my whole life with people doubting me,” Knuth said. “I came up with a technique to find and track Soviet submarines but nobody believed me until they were shown the proof. I came up with a better way to rate golf courses and nobody believed me until they were shown the proof. All I can say, this is another development of mine that you have to see to believe.” My High Heat 3-wood analysis in a nutshell: I’m a believer. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


19th hole

By JP Marks

Ponte Vedra Beach Welcomes Nona Blue After three years of resounding success and rave reviews in Orlando, the team at Nona Blue Modern Tavern set their sights on a second location in Ponte Vedra Beach. Prior to the Orlando location’s opening in 2013, founding partners Bill Bona and Joe Davi, both veteran restaurateurs, envisioned a concept that would

Fire Grilled Artichokes

perfectly with McDowell’s pedigree as a world-class tour pro. Inside Nona Blue PVB one can find spacious dining areas, a 36-seat bar, 25 flat screen televisions and a heritage-rich special events room that accommodates 18. The events room is equipped with a variety of multimedia equipment that can fulfill the needs of any meeting or function. Another beautiful feature is an outdoor patio with waterfront views, featuring bar seating for 22 and an additional 15 televisions. But there is more to Nona Blue than atmosphere, food and drink. As the concept was established in Orlando, it was important to the partners that the surrounding community became a focus as well. In Ponte Vedra Beach, Nona Blue was able to benefit a local charity before the doors were even open. Prior to the grand opening of the

restaurant on September 14, 2016, the Nona Blue Team presented a $15,000 check to Jacksonville Jaguars VP of Football Operations Tom Coughlin. A resident of the area, Coughlin accepted the check on behalf of the Jay Fund, which helps families battling childhood cancer. At the presentation ceremony, a grateful Coughlin noted that a contribution of that size from a business yet to open was a harbinger of great things to come for both Nona Blue and Ponte Vedra Beach. The Nona Blue experience includes Happy Hour Monday–Friday from 3:30 to 6:30, live entertainment Friday and Saturday from 9-12pm, and a Sunday brunch with over a dozen cooked-to-order items and $5 Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. For reservations, location and more information visit www.nonablue. com or call 904-834-7549.

blend the warmth and social atmosphere of a tavern with the polish and quality of a high-end casual restaurant. As the concept began to develop, Bona and Davi were introduced to 2010 U.S Open Champion Graeme McDowell, who joined the group and helped further shape the vision. After scouting locations and communities that the partners believed would enjoy and embrace Nona Blue’s atmosphere and unique menu, everyone involved agreed that Ponte Vedra Beach would provide the ideal backdrop for a second iteration. The property is minutes away from PGA TOUR headquarters and the famed TPC Sawgrass, fitting in 12

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 407.313.0027


Visit Our New Location!

325 Front Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904.834.7549 โ ข

love on the links

Danny and Alice Scott

America’s Golfing Couple - Danny and Alice Scott Given the option of lunch or golf for our

journalistic aspirations in our youth. As sponsors in the Scottsdale Media

first date, we chose golf on a 105-degree

Classic, we played with New England

day. That hot date led to a marriage we

Golf Monthly publisher Tim Branco at

consider to be the greatest mulligan in

WeKoPa and shared our goal. We had

life. It has been a serendipitous journey

recently represented the USA in the

including a round of golf in 2002 when

International Pairs competition in St.

a single joined us and mused from the

Andrews after winning the qualifier at

fairway, “What is that, a turkey butt in your bag?” A reindeer head cover flopped downward resembled the back end of a turkey. Laughter ensued with ideas about other animals and how they would be “butthead covers.” After accepting a very early “retirement” package, Alice was constantly brainstorming business ideas, so when we asked our son, “What about this idea…” his eyes rolled, having heard a million of them. Then he said, “That’s the first 14

the ING conference. Tim said, “Write the

America’s Golfing Couple

Scotland story for me.” That clinched

good idea you’ve ever had.” With those

the tenth anniversary of New England

odds, his designs and American ingenu-

Golf Monthly and our writing career.

ity, we launched Butthead Covers, Inc,

our monthly travel column. This will be

We sold the Butthead Covers busi-

winning the best new product award

ness in ‘08, elevating our title from Mr.

for accessories at the PGA Merchandise

and Mrs. Butthead, to Couple of Travel-


ers and America’s Golfing Couple. Now

We became friends with media as-

we freelance for Golf Travel Weekly, Golf

sociates, especially travel writers and

Fashion Weekly, Arizona Golfer and nu-

wanted to be like them, both having

merous other outlets. We love to kibitz Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Danny and Alice with Mark Wahlburg on radio shows and post to social media feeding to our website As we are globetrotting and rediscovering America, it’s not just about golf; it’s about adventure, people, cultures, cuisine and activities. Places like Sicily, Spain, Thailand, or Main Street, USA satisfy our wanderlust. We were the first humans to witness a baby rhino in South Africa whose father was poached before his birth. We’re the Forrest Gumps of golf travel when it comes to bumping into famous people like Mark Wahlberg and Chi Chi. This travel job is a gift from God we will never take for granted. Our gratitude extends to all our sponsors, hosts, publishers, their advertisers and our readers who allow us the opportunity to share. You can live vicariously through us or you can join us for the Race to Bermuda Golf Tournament - a triangle of fun playing Bermuda’s best island courses, watching the America’s Cup Race and staying at the beautiful Fairmont Southampton. See our website or for details. Some say the world is our oyster. It is our office as well and it is beautiful.

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


golf bachelor header

Where were you born? Did you grow up there?

Akron, Ohio, for 55years to the day. Hopefully, I never grow up.

What do you do for a living?

Currently working as a demo specialist for Cobra/Puma Gold. I retired from Goodyear Tire in 2004.

What would you like to do for a living? I would like to mentor

young adults.

Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? Travel and cooking. I make a mean carrot cake.

Whom do you most admire for their inner and outer beauty? My daughter, Amy, who passed in 1996 from cancer. She was inspiring!

Name the three most important things to you in this world. Faith, honesty, being true to myself.

What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? Bing, Bob, and Ike. What are some of your great accomplishments? Expert professional flat track racer, developed linear height gauge, assisted Goodyear radial race production, helping the Vanguard High School girls golf team get to state in 2016. Last book you read?


Steak, chicken, or seafood? Pan seared steak.


Tell us something about yourself that only your closest friends know... I developed the first ATM machine for Diebold.

Favorite charity to support? Pegasus Farms in Hartville, OH.

What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island? Food, water, and rock and roll.


What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Lack of courtesy.

A therapeutic equestrian riding facility.

What else would you like for us to know about you? I feel

fortunate to have experienced the 1960’s and 70’s. I served in the US Army during the Vietnam conflict. I try to help someone everyday.

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1





Challenge more than 3,200 amateur players from around the world on over 60 of Myrtle Beach’s finest courses in pursuit of one of amateur golf’s most coveted titles. The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is a chance to play some great golf, make a bunch of new friends, enjoy the world’s largest tournament party and just maybe bringhome a big, shiny championship trophy – all in the Golf Capital of the World, Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn more and register today at


1-800-833-8798 AUG 28 – SEPT 1, 2017

cart girl

Emily Fiorelli Where did you grow up?

Good ole Saint Cloud, Florida

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school?

I played a lot of sports in high school so I was always friends with the athletes.

What is your favorite sport to play? Favorite to watch?

What is your idea of “the perfect date”?

Softball... Definitely softball for both. I love how fast paced the sport is.

I’m not a materialistic girl so a perfect date to me would be dinner (because I love food) and then going to a sports event like a football game or a baseball game.

Do you enjoy playing golf? Are there any golfers in your family?

Relaxed evening at home, or nightclub and cocktails?

My love for golf grows more and more as I play. My grandfather and my brother are really great golfers. I am my grandfather’s first granddaughter (out of 6) to really start playing the sport and I don’t think he could be any happier. He worked at Eagle Creek with me as a starter until he retired.

What do you feel makes this club special?

The family atmosphere. Some of my best friends work with me at this course. No matter what happens I know I can come to work and my coworkers will be sure to make me smile.

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing?

I would still be working at a zoo as an animal keeper, working with alligators!!!

What is your memorable moment working as a cart girl?

Relaxed evening at home with lots of wine and friends.

Favorite comedian?

Jeff Dunham

Favorite type of movie? Horror movies Favorite charity to support? American Humane Association What else would you like for us to know about you?

I love the life I live! I have an amazing family and group of friends. I want to travel for the rest of my life. It’s something about being in a new place and learning new things that I just fall in love with. I’ve had such amazing opportunities in my life including working at a job that I love and getting to meet new people from all over the world that I have fallen in love with one sport.... Golf.

We have a lot of Icelanders that golf at Eagle Creek in the winter, and I actually got the opportunity to go stay with them in the summer of 2015, so being able to meet these wonderful people that brought me to such a beautiful country is my most memorable moment for sure.

What type of music do you prefer? Country! What hobbies do you enjoy?

I love adventure! I could be traveling the world or jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet and as long as I am living life to the fullest and exploring the world, I am a happy camper!


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Orlando, FL A impeccably maintained par 73 7200-yard Scottish-style championship golf course in the developing Central Florida area of Lake Nona.

"And so your adventure begins..." #EagleCreekWeddings

WEDDING AND EVENT VENUE Eagle Creek Golf Club is set in East Orlando which is known as one of the wedding capitals of Florida. The two-story clubhouse is designed as a vintage New England-manor style facility which encompasses a feel of old world romance from the moment you cross the cobblestone bridge. Eagle Creek specializes in Weddings, Bridal Showers and Rehearsal Dinners but with a sweeping panoramic view through bay windows and a breathtaking open sky light center atrium the sky is the limit with what the Eagle Creek Banquet team can do for your next event.

Photography by: Box of Dreams Photography and Love Story Photography

Call 407-273-4653 ext. 5 for more information on booking your next event.

GOLF | DINING | WEDDINGS | EVENTS 10350 Emerson Lake Blvd. Orlando, FL 32832 | 407 - 273 - 4653 |

georgia golf central

By Mike May


Georgia's Royal Getaway

If you want to play golf in the land of chateaus and castles, you don’t have to visit Great Britain or continental Europe. Instead, fly to Atlanta and head northeast of the Georgia capital along I-85, where you’ll find the community of Braselton, the home of the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort (100 Rue Charlemagne, Braselton, Georgia;;

678-425-0900; It’s a four-diamond AAA rated resort. On the premises of the resort are some jaw-dropping golf opportunities at the Chateau Elan Golf Club (678-425-6050; The fun, social options at Chateau Elan are equally appealing. “Chateau Elan Resort and Golf Club has a long-standing tradition for being the home of the best 36 holes of golf in Georgia,” says Doug Hollandsworth, executive director, Georgia Golf Trail. “We are very proud to have them as a member of The Georgia Golf Trail and we look forward to working with them even more in 2017.” Chateau Elan, with its powerful and eye-catching 16th Century Frenchstyle architecture, is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway with your golf buddies or your significant other. Whether that special person in life likes golf or not, Chateau Elan is an ideal destination for some R & R, as it’s the home of life’s simple and elegant pleasures – golf, tennis, hiking, biking, dining, wine tasting, and a


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

world-class spa. You will spend the night at either the Chateau Elan Inn or the Villas of Chateau Elan. On the golf side, golfers get access to a pair of wonderful golf courses which are part of The Georgia Golf Trail -- the par-71 Chateau course (opened in 1989) and the par-72 Woodlands course (opened in 1996). Since its opening, the Chateau course has been ranked as one of the best courses in Georgia. During your journey from the first tee to the 18th green, you will see 87 bunkers, water in play on 10 holes, four sets of tees, three lakes, and two meandering streams. Plus, the Chateau course is home to a number of fish, foul, mammals, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. And, the newly renovated TifEagle greens give you great consistency on the putting surfaces at the Chateau course. The Woodlands course has been hosting golfers for more than 20 years. The reviews from critics are very favorable. According to Golf Digest, the Woodlands is “truly outstanding,” while the Zagat Survey reports that the Woodlands is a “must play.” While the Woodlands will require you to play your best in order to record a low score, it’s a course that remains very pleasing to the eye, regardless of how well you are hitting your driver. At Chateau Elan, it’s absolutely essential that visiting golfers feel

nearly every day. The wine at Cha-

welcome from the moment they ar-

teau Elan is world-class as this win-

rive until they head home.

ery has received more than 230 wine

“Our goal is to ensure golfers are treated better here than at their own

awards, making it the most awardwinning winery on the East coast.

private clubs,” says Elizabeth Clarkson,

If you are looking to combine a

head golf professional at Chateau Elan.

business opportunity with wine and

There are many things to do at

golf, Chateau Elan has a 40,000-square

Chateau Elan besides play golf: play

foot conference center featuring 12

tennis at the Stan Smith Tennis Cen-

conference rooms, four ballrooms,

ter, eat the world-class cuisine at one

one boardroom, and a tiered audito-

of seven dining options, try (and buy)

rium with stage and fixed seating.

the wine, attend a cooking school, and

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

concept is certainly put into practice

Simply stated, Chateau Elan is

enjoy the 33,000-square-foot European

one place you must visit on The

Spa Mansion, where couples treat-

Georgia Golf Trail. Don’t miss it.

ments are a popular option. While the

For more information: http://

term ‘playing nine and drinking wine’

was not invented at Chateau Elan, the

golf-trail/ or 770-263-0331. 21

By Mike May Photos By Mike Clemmer

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For a golf course that has been opened for less than 10 years, it has not taken long for Cape Fear National at Brunswick Forest (1281 Cape Fear National Drive; Leland, NC; 910-383-3283) to mature and become one of North Carolina’s top-ten golf courses. For a state that prides itself on being one of America’s leading golf destinations Cape Fear National – 13th Hole

-- featuring popular and well known courses like Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst No. 4, Pinehurst No. 8, Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Tobacco Road, and the Grove Park Inn -- Cape Fear National has elbowed its way onto the ‘leaderboard’ of North Carolina’s finest and most sought after golf destinations, and deservedly so. It truly is an impressive rise in the popularity polls for Cape Fear National which didn’t open until November of 2009. But, then again, when construction of the course first

Cape Fear National – 8th Green


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Cape Fear National – 7th Green began, expectations were very high. Regionally renowned golf course architect Tim Cate remembers his marching orders: ‘Build us the best golf course in the coastal North Carolina market.’ And, he did just that! The lucky ones are the residents of southeastern North Carolina, which is often referred to as the Brunswick Islands area. Since November of 2009, golfers in this part of the Tar Heel state have been blessed (and spoiled) to have year-round access to Cape Fear National, now one of North Carolina’s finest golf venues, according to GOLF Magazine, Golfweek Magazine, and Business NC Magazine. In many respects, Cape Fear National ( is a blend of the old and the new. While the actual golf course is less than 10 years old, it has more of a traditional parkland feel to the layout as those mature North Carolina pine trees are the most dominant tree species on site. One of the positives of Cape Fear National -- a par-72 layout -- is its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, so a sea breeze is often felt on the course by the golfers. For golfers traveling from the North down toward nearby Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, many groups make a point of playing Cape Fear National either on their way to or from Myrtle Beach. It’s simply a great way to begin and/or end your golfing journey through the coastal regions of North and South Carolina. The brochure on Cape Fear states that it features “premium course conditions” and “unmatched aesthetics.” Frankly, the conditions at Cape Fear National are perfect and very player friendly, while the atmosphere can best be described with one word: nirvana. The appeal of Cape Fear National is so alluring that you can’t wait to reach the 1st tee and you regret the sight of the 18th green. It’s an experience that should continue for hole after hole until the sun disappears in the western sky. It’s one of those courses where your initial high expectations will actually be exceeded. And, to be fair, when you play one of North Carolina’s top golf courses, you have every reason to expect a premium experience. Cape Fear National will not disappoint you. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


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Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Legendary. At On Top of the World in Ocala, enjoy three impeccably maintained championship golf courses, a premier practice facility and two fully stocked pro shops.

Candler Hills:

The Tortoise & The Hare:

The Links:

• Gordon Lewis designed, semi-private par 72 championship course • State-of-the-art practice facility • 5 tee boxes for every level of player • Full service restaurant

• Private 18 hole, par 72 course • Golf clinics and lessons from PGA & LPGA professionals • Three tee boxes for challenging or leisurely play • Recently renovated to include both executive and championship level play

• Private 18 hole, par 72 course • Golf clinics and lessons from PGA & LPGA professionals • Nestled in a picturesque natural setting • Incredible practice facility


Live the Lifestyle Before You Buy.



ON TOP OF THE WORLD, THE PREMIER ACTIVE ADULT COMMUNITY IN OCALA, FLORIDA Enjoy over 300,000 square feet of air-conditioned recreational fun! Plus, over 181 acres of outdoor amenities. Indigo East - Single Family Homes from the $160s to $200s Maintenance-Free Single-Family Homes from the $180s to $250s Luxury Estate Homes on Oversized Homesites from the $250s to over $300s

Call now 877.958.5899 | | 8447 SW 99th St. Rd. Ocala, Florida 34481 Take the FL Turnpike North to I-75, exit 350. Take SR 200 west 6.5 miles. Turn right at SW 99th St. Rd. *At least one guest must be 55 years of age or older to participate in our World Tour Adventure. All guests must be at least 18 years of age. A tour with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals is required. Accommodations are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. A World Tour is $159 (regularly $204) and is subject to sales tax. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Rates valid through May 31, 2017. Call for availability. Must qualify to be eligible for world tour, golf rounds require additional fee. On Top of the World Communities Inc., Ocala, Florida a 55+ community. On Top of the World Communities reserves the right to change or withdraw any offer at any time. Prices, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


By Holly Geoghegan The Golf Insiders Host/ProducerBy

PGA tour

Photos by Holly Geoghegan and Joe Genovesi Photos by

The 13-foot commemorative bronze statue of Arnold Palmer was unveiled at this year's tournament.

With the passing of the King last September, the question that loomed larger than the Goodyear blimp as the third stop on the PGA TOUR’s Florida Arnold Palmer's golf bag and signature umbrella were placed at his favorite practice area on the driving range.


Swing approached - what would the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational, March 16-19, be like without Arnie? While many in the media and some of the players expressed their opinions and disappointment about the lack of top 25 players in the field leading up to the API - given the circumstances and out of respect for Mr. Palmer - his grandson Sam Saunders set a clear tone for the week at the pre-tournament press conference on Wednesday at 10 a.m. - notably the same time Arnie would have traditionally welcomed the media. “I think my grandfather’s legacy speaks for itself,” Saunders said in his opening remarks. “He made a mark on this game that will probably never be equaled. And we’re all here in a way because of him and it’s such a special week and the players are all here to pay tribute to that. I’ve been so personally touched by everyone that has Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

PGA TOUR players show their respect to Mr. Palmer during the opening ceremony of the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational.

come here; it is a selfless thing to come and play this week and guys are really making an effort to not make it about them — they’re here from the heart.” Certainly no one was playing with more heart than Saunders who carried the torch for his grandfather and the entire Palmer family throughout the week at Bay Hill with class and humility. From the opening ceremony, to striking his first tee shot, to missing the cut, to presenting the winner’s trophy on the 18th green, as Arnie would always do. Those were some pretty ginormous shoes to fill and Saunders did it very well. “Dumpy” (Saunders’ childhood nickname for Arnie) would have been extremely proud. Arnie’s presence was palpable and everywhere during tournament week. A 13-foot commemorative bronze statue of Mr. Palmer by renowned sculptor Bruce Wolfe was unveiled on Saturday prior to the tournament during its annual breakfast event held for the dedicated 1,500 volunteers who staff

The late Arnold Palmer with grandson Sam Saunders at the 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

the API every year. On Wednesday night, tournament friends and pro-am guests participated in a special lighting ceremony while fans stood in line all week to get their picture taken in front of the awe-inspiring statue. There was Arnie’s golf bag and signature umbrella placed at his favorite practice area on the driving range. His golf cart was parked just off the 16th tee overlooking the 18th fairway. Players would graciously stop after hitting their tee shots on Sundays and say “Thanks, Mr. Palmer” while Arnie watched the final groups hit their pressure-packed approach shots over the menacing, rock-walled lake onto the 18th green.

Players wore umbrella pins all week in tribute to Mr. Palmer while some had the umbrella logo embroidered on their hats and clothing. Rickie Fowler paid

homage to the King, known for his “cool” style back in the day, by wearing some special edition, custom-designed Puma golf shoes with Arnold’s signature laser engraved across the straps. The high top shoes were auctioned off during the week raising more than $10,000 for Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. Throughout the course, Arnie’s words of wisdom were displayed in black and white quotes in spectating areas and on the back of grandstands reminding us of the man Mr. Palmer was both on and off the golf course. “You must play boldly to win.” “The road to success is always under construction.” “The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they can’t be done.” This year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational was special; it was an opportunity for the Central Florida community to come out and pay homage and celebrate the man who called Orlando his second home. “It’s very important to us that this is a celebration, said Marci Doyle, Chief Operation Officer of the API, “because that is what Mr. Palmer would have wanted. Clearly this is a very important tribute year, but we are here to make it bigger and better every year because that was Mr. Palmer’s mantra.” There were events, toasts and celebrations galore including the usual fun and festive atmosphere (as well as attire!) that happens every year with St. Patrick’s Day falling during API week. Bishop Noonan attended in his purple Lenten vestments for a Bishop Moore Catholic High School fundraiser and offered prayers of excellence! More than 70 PGA TOUR players lined up on the driving range for Wednesday’s opening ceremony, each hitting balls in rapid-fire succession, led by Sam Saunders to kickoff the tournament. The ceremony was televised live on Golf Channel. A poignant video about Mr. Palmer followed as players, fans 27

PGA tour

and members of the media watched, reflected and remembered Arnie. It was a touching scene. Brent Snedeker stood stoically in front of me; Annika Sorenstam brushed back tears beside me. Yes, there were some tears, but on this day, they were mostly tears of joy and fond memories for the King. “I think in a funny way since his passing we probably are getting a better education now as we read

St. Patrick's Day falls during the Arnold Palmer Invitational tournament and these fans dressed for the occasion. and watch and feel everything that he’s done for the game, said Graeme McDowell, U.S. Open Champion and one of the Tournament Host Committee members. “Obviously his legacy will be carried forward via this tournament, but it will be carried forward in so many different ways. For the city of Orlando, it's easy for us to touch and feel what he’s created from a philanthropic point of view, what he’s meant to this city. But this event’s big. Going forward, his foundation, I’m sure will continue to do amazing things.” Indeed, a number of things were done around the golf course to take the tournament to the next level. The course conditions were a true test of championship golf. “The golf course this week, it’s remarkable,” said Saunders. “If my grandfather was here this week, he would really want to talk about the course, and he would be so proud of how good it is and what a wonderful representation it’s going to be for the event this week.” From a fan perspective, general public seating was added around seven greens out on the course providing a front-row first-class experience as exciting as sitting in a corporate skybox. The “Palmer Patio” that used to be along the 18th tee was moved to the 14th. The new all-glass venue 28

provided incredible views of the golf course allowing patrons to see five different golf shots from that spot. I spent a few hours out on the course being a spectator on Sunday (something we in the golf biz should do more often for relativity) with my friend Caroline, and her two boys, ages five and seven. It was their first golf experience. We watched Charley Hoffman putt out on the second hole and he nearly bumped into us as he walked off the green. Caroline was quite surprised and amazed at the close proximity fans can get to watch their favorite professional golfers. I was reminded too – it’s a very cool aspect of our sport. From there, we walked over to the nearby par-5 sixth green and found seats in one of the new grandstands. The boys had a spectacular view. They watched the player’s tee balls come booming out onto the fairway and cheered excitedly as the approach shots flew towards the pin. They spotted Cody Gribble’s 8-foot alligator (which he nonchalantly tapped on the tail during his round on Thursday – the video went viral) sunbathing in the grass along the lake, and marveled at a flock of gorgeous white egrets that flew directly over our heads. Caroline had many questions. I explained how the scoring worked – eagles, pars, birdies - par 5s, par 4s, par 3s. How minus scores were good and plus scores were bad. She was a bit confused and fascinated at the same time. I watched this non-golfer take it all in and appreciated the opportunity to experience the golf tournament newly and that feeling of “getting hooked on the game” through a fresh set of eyes.

Yes, the Arnold Palmer Invitational is alive and well and in very good hands. So is Arnie’s legacy. MasterCard, the tournament’s long-time presenting sponsor has extended its sponsorship through 2020. Other partners, Hertz and Orlando Health, have signed on for four years. Golf Channel and NBC Sports have also stepped up. In 2015, Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation was formed and the Arnold Palmer Invitational is now a function of the Foundation. “Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation is something that we’re going to make sure continues to promote Arnold Palmer’s legacy moving forward,” said Kevin Bingham, CEO of Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. “We want to teach people what Mr. Palmer was all about, which was giving back. And we’re going to give back big time and we’re going to support charities that want to do good by young people and want to do good by their communities.” The PGA TOUR has also done something very special to honor the King giving the Arnold Palmer Invitational “elevated status” by increasing the purse $2.4 million and giving the winner a three-year exemption over the standard two years. “As a guy that plays on TOUR that is incredibly huge and important,” said Saunders. “It’s a new day,” said Jay Monahan, PGA TOUR Commissioner. “We want to put this tournament in the best possible position to succeed.” Australian Marc Leishman put himself in the best possible position to win on Sunday when he eagled the par 5 16th hole to claim his second career Rory McIlroy high fives a young fan during the final round of the tournament.

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

PGA TOUR player Marc Leishman, 2017 API Champion, gets a congratulatory kiss from wife Aubrey while their sons Ollie and Harvey celebrate dad's victory.

victory and the red alpaca cardigan (a new tradition to honor AP) while ending his five-year drought on the PGA TOUR and gaining a cherished spot to compete in the 2017 Masters. Leishman finished with an 11-under 277 total for the championship. He held off former world number one and four-time major champion Rory McIlroy who was in close pursuit. McIlroy shot 10-under par for the weekend and 69 on Sunday finishing tied for fourth after three putting on the 72nd hole. Kevin Kisner and Charley Hoffman each shot 73 to tie for second. While McIlroy may have been a more high profile champion in terms of moving the API forward, Leishman’s win was a family affair with a courageous backstory that undoubtedly will deeply and uniquely connect them to the tournament and Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. Leishman’s sons Harvey, five, and Ollie, three, longing for Daddy to “win the trophy” again as his last victory was in 2012, dashed adorably onto the 18th

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

green after he made the up and down for par and the eventual win. Wife, Aubrey, embraced her husband greenside in a heartfelt moment that both knew could have played out quite differently a few years earlier. On the eve of the 2015 Masters, which Marc had qualified for, Aubrey contracted toxic shock syndrome, was rushed to the ICU and given less than a five percent chance of surviving. Leishman left Augusta National in the wee hours and rushed to his wife’s side back in Virginia Beach, Va. Induced into a medical coma, she and Marc said their good-byes. Her parting words “Please look after my cats and take the kids to get the Easter Bunny photos.” Leishman prepared for the worst and the possibility of walking away from professional golf to raise their two young sons. Doctors scrambled to save Aubrey’s life that included some unorthodox treatments. Miraculously, she recovered. It was a slow process but last September her infectious disease doctor gave Aubrey the green light. Now on the other side of the draw, she’s pregnant with their third child, a daughter due in July. “It certainly changes your perspective on life going through something like that,” said Leishman. “It’s been a wild ride and you certainly do appreciate the good times a lot more and appreci-

ate just everything – your kids and your family and just having people around.” When asked what the whole week of celebrating Arnold Palmer and the idea of living “a life well played” meant to Leishman on a day as big as this, at this moment in his career, his answer was remarkably Palmeresque: “I feel like if you can be a good dad, good husband, good person, play some good golf along the way, I feel like … you know, enjoy yourself, enjoy a few beers, enjoy some good food. I feel like that’s a life well played and that’s how he lived his life… and that’s how I try to live my life is to be known as a great person who played good golf, not to be known as a golfer who was a decent player.”

Good on you Marc Leishman and well played!

Marc Leishman hoists the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational Champion's trophy.


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Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1



Eric Pinkham Golf Course Superintendent

Eric is very well liked by the Membership and does a great job keeping the course in the best possible shape year round. He has done a fabulous job improving the playability of our greens and improving the overall member satisfaction. Eric has to work around the 50,000 plus rounds a year that Riverwood averages, and he is able to do this with incredible diligence and an understanding of the big picture that most superintendents don’t have. Cultural Practices from Eric During the fall/winter months Riverwood tries to accomplish at least three pencil tine aerifications on the greens using the Toro SR-54. They will also groom the greens every two weeks followed by a light topdressing. If temperatures are higher they may throw a light verticutting in once a month. They put out a liquid fertilizer package with a growth regulator once per week. During the warmer summer months they will core aerate the greens three times, spaced about 6 weeks apart using 3/4” x 10” tines. They also use a Graden on the greens to deep verticut and remove grain usually once per summer. They use a Goosen VC-60 to double verticut the fairways, tees, collars and approaches Education: Professional Affiliations:

Lemon Bay High School, Englewood Florida, Graduated 1998 Lake City Community College, degree in Golf Course Operations 2002

Work History:

Started working on the grounds crew at a local golf course during high school. The superintendent at that course got me interested in the business and referred me to the Lake City golf operations program. Upon graduation in 2002, I started working at River wood Golf Club as the Assistant Superintendent. In 2006, our company moved the Superintendent to a new golf course they were building in Ft. Myers and I was given the opportunity to advance to the Superintendent position.

Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association Suncoast Chapter GCSAA, Class A Superintendent since 2008

Hobbies: Competing in BBQ competitions throughout Florida in the Florida BBQ Association Scuba Diving and Spearfishing, certified Helitrox Diver Family: Wife Kim, Son Drew. Met Kim while attending college, have been married for 13 years. Drew joined the family a year and a half ago.


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

What is Sunniland? Sunniland

Professional Grade Fertilizers and Weed & Feeds Specially formulated for Southern Growers, Sunniland Corporation, Inc. offers a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production.

#1 Choice for Turf Management Turf management professionals are constantly battling weeds, insects, weather and more. With unfettered access to Sunniland experienced representatives and a full range of quality turf and ornamental products, turf grass managers have a powerful ally to ensure that their turf looks and performs its best! Slow-Release and Extended Feeding Sunniland offers several different turf grass weed & feed fertilizers, guaranteed to make turf beautiful, lush and green. Many of these in-stock turf grass fertilizers are available in slow-release version for extended feeding. Each of these fertilizers are excellent to apply on all warm-season grasses including Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

Custom Blended Fertilizers Take control with Sunniland’s uni-

form granular custom blended fertilizer. These blends use premium nitrogen and micro-nutrients to out-perform the competition. Pesticides are disbursed evenly as each granule of fertilizer is coated with the best type of pesticide for the job.

Clean and Free of Impurities Sunniland‘s water soluble fertilizers are manufactured on a dedicated line and are the industry standard blends pros have used for years on lawns, sports turf and golf courses including: • 33-0-17 • 0-0-62 • 46-0-0 • 23-0-31 These are the blends are clean and

free of impurities and are most efficient for delivering the nutrients needed for growing quality turf. Plus, Sunniland’s 23-0-31 blend has a stabilized nitrogen source for the highest efficient delivery of Nitrogen.

Better for the Environment and You A pioneer in fertilizer technology, Sunniland Corporation manufactures and distributes its Professional line of advanced slow-release fertilizers, which are better for the environment and better for you. Helping professional turf grass managers chart and maintain an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable turf program is job one. Sunniland offers extensive blending options on all of their professional use products. The company builds unique formulation programs to satisfy each customer’s specific need to better meet their requirements.

Who Uses Sunniland Pro? Sunniland Professional products are used every day by: • Athletic Field Groundskeepers – including the Florida Gators • Golf Course Superintendents • Ground Maintenance Supervisors • Landscape Contractors • Nursery’s – including Lukas Nursery • Turf Grass Management Professionals With the Sunniland Family of products, you can’t go wrong!

50 Fabulous Years for Turfgrass Producers International! Turfgrass Producers International (TPI), the association representing natural turfgrass producers worldwide, gathered in Tampa to celebrate 50 fabulous years of helping to create a greener world. TPI’s 2017 International Education Conference & Field Day, held February 20-23, reflected the theme, 50 & Fabulous! Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future. In all, there were representatives of 175 turfgrass farms from across the globe engaging with exhibitors, networking, getting reacquainted with long-time friends and making new ones, as well as attending two days of outstanding education programs, an informative field day and enjoying plenty of social functions. Attendance exceeded 700 with turfgrass producers representing Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russian Federation, Scotland, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States. TPI members have been serving the natural turfgrass needs of homeowners and commercial properties, golf courses, sports fields, equestrian parks, and recreation facilities worldwide for over 50 years. These turfgrass producers maintain their farms following environmentally-friendly practices focused on long-term sustainability and stewardship. Many of the growers are family-owned businesses into the second, third or fourth genera-

TPI President Linda Bradley presents The President’s Leadership Award to Bob Weerts of Blue Valley Sod Farm in Winnebago, MN, a past TPI president who has shown exemplary dedication and performance to TPI and has served as an amazing ambassador with his “git’er done” attitude.

Dr. Bryan Unruh, a Professor of Environmental Horticulture and Associate Center Director at the University of Florida, IFAS, West Florida Research and Education Center, presented “Sod Production & Best Management Practices Go Hand in Hand; Are You Doing Your Part?” The huge mosaic banner comprised of over 2000 historic images also revealed the new TPI logo

Attendees enjoyed chatting during the evening President’s Reception held outdoors in The Commons of Saddlebrook Resort.


tions; love of the land is in their DNA. Saddlebrook Resort and Spa, the conference site, provided an ideal setting, as the TPI “family” savored the family-owned, 480-acre property, filled with verdant vegetation that exists in harmony with abundant wildlife. The Field Day, which showcased equipment, products and services, included in-the-field demonstrations. It was hosted by another ideal fit, SMR Farms, one of southwest Florida’s most successful land management and agri-businesses, whose progressive management practices including water, wildlife and long-term planning exemplify stewardship of the land. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

During the banquet celebration, a video presentation reflecting the 50-year history captured the spirit of the association. Another surprise was a huge mosaic banner comprised of over 2000 historic images that revealed the new TPI logo introduced during the conference. The new logo ties directly to the association’s mission: Promoting the global environmental benefits and use of natural turfgrass through education and research. The association’s foundation, The Lawn Institute (TLI), is based on three pillars: Science, Education and the Envi-

ronment. It helps provide consumers access to knowledge and research so they can make an informed choice recognizing natural turfgrass as the best surface for sports, recreation and open spaces. Both TPI and TLI are among the industry organizations promot-

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Demonstrations of automated sod harvesting equipment drew a crowd as even early morning rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Field Day attendees and exhibitors.

ing “April is…National Lawn Care Month.” Working together, we can help restore and sustain this precious earth with something as simple as turfgrass—the earth’s living skin. If you need help with the what, why, where and how of lawn care, The Lawn Institute website, www., is your resource. Because a dream lawn can be yours in hours with natural turfgrass sod, a resource available on TPI’s website,, is “Where To Buy Turfgrass Sod” making it easy to search the member directory to find a turfgrass sod producer near you.


29th Annual Central Florida Turf Research Tournament Raises $5,200 for Turfgrass Research The 29th Annual Central Florida Turf Research Tournament was held on January 9. The tournament raised more than $5,200 for turfgrass research for the Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation. Bill Kistler, Florida Turfgrass Association president, says, “We would like to thank Stuart Leventhal and his club for another successful Central Florida Turf Research tournament at Interlachen Country Club. Stuart is an admirable superintendent who has shown the utmost respect and dedication to the turfgrass industry.” Stuart has raised more than $110,294 since the inception of the Turfgrass research tournament. Stuart is also the proud recipient of the FTGA Wreath of Grass Award in 2013, the FTGA’s highest honor. The FTGA was founded in 1952 and is dedicated to education, research and the promotion of environmentally responsible and scientifically based management practices for the turfgrass industry. Florida ranks No. 1 in the nation for turfgrass related economic activity with total revenues estimated at $7.82-billion and a total employment of more than 173,000 jobs. The FTGA continues to advocate for and promote the turfgrass industry with extensive research, continuing education and opportunities for turfgrass professionals to network with their colleagues.

The winners Steve Sorrel at Hammock Beach Resort and Jayce Ramage of ProPLus 36

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

RedTail Mountain®

“For a weekend.. For a lifetime...” Celebrate the unspoiled beauty of the Appalachian mountains at RedTail Mountain® Resort Community. Often regarded as the premier mountain golf in the High Country, our Maples designed championship course features breathtaking scenery and 400 feet of elevation change. Relax in rustic comfort in our upscale lodges and enjoy five-star cuisine in our world-class restaurant, Vistas Land & Sea, or lighter fare at The Hub Grille.

Call now to plan your visit! | 423-727-7600

feature header

RedTail Mountain® Hole #3

RedTail Mountain® is aptly named

Carolina, in RedTail Mountain, Tennessee. A landscape of majesty and for the Redtail Hawks frequently seen strength formed millions of years soaring majestically over the property. ago by powerful glaciers and ocean Steeped in history, RedTail Mountain floods, today stands pure, tranquil embodies all the warmth and charm and virtually untouched. RedTail of bygone days: simpler times when Mountain has embraced the spirit of weekends were meant for picnics the hawk. Freedom. Honor. Pride. and families and porch swings. A sense of romance and intrigue Wrapped in the unspoiled beauty awaits as you gaze upon the everof the Appalachian Mountains, this changing landscape. Crystal blue 3000-acre gated community is lostreams meander past an intense cated 20 miles from Boone, North array of green dotted with iris, rhododendron and mountain RedTail Mountain® Lobby laurel creating a pallet of color only nature could produce. A symbol of the American story, the spirit of exploration and the need for adventure are all deep-rooted in these mountains. These are the mountains that captivated American pioneer Daniel Boone: mountains that now await your arrival. Each season carries its own distinct flavor. Lazy summer days slowly 38

bow to the fresh breeze coming in over the mountain heralding the arrival of autumn. Fall brings a crispness to the air that seems to awaken the spirit. Winter’s silent pause allows time to engage the soul, as soon the miracle of spring will delight and amaze. On RedTail Mountain, the transition is a joy to behold year after year. Surrounded by nature and immersed in the freedom of the open air, RedTail Mountain® offers a way of life you will come to treasure: a mountain retreat for the mind, body, and soul. The idyllic setting invokes a sense of peace, history, and permanency. Every season on RedTail Mountain® invites you outdoors for a fresh and exciting encounter with nature. The temperate climate of cool summers and mild winters allows so many of their recreational activities to be enjoyed year-round. Miles of nature trails encourage families to walk, hike, bike, or horseback ride. On-site creeks for trout fishing allow time to slow down and reflect. Continuing with the rich equestrian history of Tennessee, RedTail Mountain honors this legacy with the RedTail Mountain® Ranch Stables. From early spring to late fall, Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

RedTail Mountain Golf Club stands ready to welcome everyone from the avid novice to the seasoned professional. The spirit of community felt at RedTail Mountain® extends to the surrounding active and vibrant towns of Mountain City, Boone, Blowing Rock, and Damascus. With endless opportunities for shopping, theater, and dining, you set the pace for the day. Year-round festivals include the Cranberry Festival, the Storytelling Festival, and the Sugar Grove Bluegrass Festival, all sure to become yearly events for your family. Exceptional skiing is less than thirty miles away at Beech Mountain, Sugar Mountain, and Appalachian Ski Mountain.

Mountain Life Lodge The Mountain Life Lodge is an 18,000 square-foot clubhouse that is the center of activities at RedTail Mountain® Resort. A magnificent stone and wood structure inspired by the great lodges of our country’s National Parks, it embodies everything that is enduring and

RedTail Mountain® Golf Cub - Practice Green

RedTail Mountain® Golf RedTail Mountain Golf Club offers a Dan Maples-designed, par 72 semiprivate 18-hole course: a true mountain golf experience. An impressive 400 feet of elevation change allows every hole to offer a unique challenge. Spectacular mountain vistas and dramatic backdrops are viewed as you spend the day with friends taking time to appreciate the gifts of nature. The course meanders through hidden valleys, forcing even the most focused golfer to reflect on the secrets of the mountains. Not only do the mountains set the stage for a powerful day on the course, but the mountain laurel, wild azalea and abundant rhododendron provide the inspiration. RedTail Mountain Golf Pro Sam Adams is considered a celebrity in the area and in the world of golf. He won a PGA tour event in 1973 and is one of the first left-handed golfers to do so.

2 Bedroom - Living Room

2 Bedroom - Living Room

“Golf is my passion and I want to share that. From the conditions on the golf course to the atmosphere in the clubhouse, every aspect needs to be pleasurable. I enjoy introducing the game to kids since it inspires in them a yearning to do their personal best: a lesson they will carry through life.” – Sam Adams, PGA Tour Player 1971-1978, RedTail Mountain Golf Club Director of Golf Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

permanent. From the moment you walk into the foyer, the warmth and beauty of the structure and furnishings create a mood that is relaxing and inspiring. Vistas Land & Sea Grille, serving world-class five-star cuisine, is located here, overlooking the valley below and is surrounded by large decks which provide incredible views of the lower golf holes and the surrounding mountains. The lower level of the lodge is where you will find the fitness facility. The locker rooms and shower facilities are conveniently located on the lower level after a great workout in the gym or an invigorating swim in the heated 20-meter lap or leisure pool located just outside the gym.

With several of the championship golf holes wrapping around the Lodge, and its proximity to the pool, tennis courts, and outdoor game lawn, the Mountain Life Lodge is a convenient location to encourage family adventures. There is something for everyone at RedTail Mountain® Resort.

RedTail Mountain® Ranch If equestrian living is your passion, RedTail Mountain® Ranch homesites are the ultimate location to blend peaceful mountain living and enjoy convenient access to RedTail Mountain® Ranch equestrian center. RedTail Mountain® Ranch offers homesites which can be combined into larger lots if requested. The equestrian center features: Stable, Riding Arena, Fenced paddocks, Natural spring-fed pond, Easy access to riding trails Welcome home to RedTail Mountain - an oasis for refreshment and rebirth.

“For a weekend... for a lifetime!”TM 39

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ASCGA Foundation introduces Longleaf Tee Initiative to private and public facilities

Can the game of golf be gender and age neutral, while still providing player enjoyment and improved pace of play? The American Society of Golf Course Architects thinks so. The ASGCA Foundation has introduced the Longleaf Tee Initiative, a joint partnership with U.S. Kids Golf Foundation that increases course playability and golfer enjoyment. The program helps golf course operators strategically expand existing tee complexes and, as a result, increase rounds and improve pace of play. The goal is for all players to enjoy the game while maintaining the design integrity and challenge of the layout. The initiative is modeled off of the learnings from the highly-successful


renovation of Longleaf Golf & Family Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina. With the assistance of Bill Bergin, ASGCA, Longleaf added multiple tee locations – as many as seven per hole – at yardages that encourage players to tee off from locations based on how far they carry their drive. “This is no longer theory, it is proven data,” said Dan Van Horn, U.S. Kids

Foundation founder and Longleaf Golf & Family Club owner. “Scaling our course with seven sets of tees makes golf more enjoyable for all players, and the club’s bottom line is much improved. The results were immediate and profound.”

How does it work? “Distinct signs on the practice range make it simple: hit a few drives, see where your ball lands, and play from the corresponding tees on the course,” Bergin said. “The charts and illustrations found in the pro shop, on the range, first tee and scorecard elevate this over other tee initiatives. It’s packaged in a way that encourages more players to play from the correct tees.” “The beauty of this system rests in how it promotes fun,” said ASGCA Foundation President Clyde Johnston, ASGCA. The Longleaf Tee Initiative is not a “cookie cutter” program. Since each golf course is unique, the implementation of the tee system will vary based on course design and layout. “It is vital that courses work with an ASGCA member from the start,” said John Crowder, USKGF. “No two courses are the same. And to design and implement a system for all players – not just kids, women or older players – you need the expertise of a golf course architect.” Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

SPEECHLESS. Words can’t truly express what it’s like here. The unusual terrain at Streamsong® is arresting, but it’s the 54 magnificent holes of golf that will take your breath away. It’s just you, your friends and the game you love. The way golf was meant to be. Top 100 Courses You Can Play – Golf Magazine 2016-2017

This is Streamsong. Golf at its purest.

1000 Streamsong Drive • Streamsong, Florida 33834 • 855.498.5426 • Streamsong® Blue

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Streamsong® Red

Streamsong® Black


competitive spirits

Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie Master Distiller


CREATION Tallest Stills

American Oak

Delicious spirit from the tallest stills in Scotland 70% is matured in only the best American White Oak casks for a full 18 years

Finished 30% is matured in American White Oak for 15 years, then Extra matured for 3 years in Oloroso sherry casks Color Rich Gold


A rich nuttiness with crisp toffee sweetness of crème brulée, merging with smooth, milk chocolate. Hints of vibrant oranges & lemons are found, then sparkling floral tones emerge. Green, and herbal notes appear with musky jasmine and the bright, sharp clarity of narcissus


Taste Slips like silk over the tongue with a full, rounded flavor, starting with grapefruit & orange. Melting honey, creamy malt and aromatic florals combine with rich, sticky date and fig flavors with a hint of woodsmoke

Texture Finish 42

Toasted and luscious Honeyed lemon and crème brulée Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

young guns

Giovanni Genovesi Cub Photographer

Born: April 1st. (No joke!) Known as: the Mayor of East Orlando Giovanni Genovesi, is an outgoing and outspoken seven year old with a passion for making friends, talking to neighbors, and taking great photos. Giovanni likes to take photos mostly because he gets to help his dad (Joe Genovesi - a commercial photographer) at work. He visualizes the photo and then likes to see whether it turned out “good or bad.” Father and son attended the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational where Giovanni took his first golf photos and loved it!

Favorite things to photograph:

golf, special moments and family.

Favorite moment at API: taking photos and watching the pros play golf. Favorite thing to do on the weekends: Play with his good friend and neighbor Garrison.

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers Favorite Movie: Star Wars Rebels Favorite Sport: Tae Kwon Do Achievements: Honor Roll 2016-

2017, Top Reader in his class, and March’s Student of the Month for Perseverance. Tells the truth to a fault!

Photo by Giovanni Genovesi 44

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

youngheader guns

By Bella Dovhey Jr. Golf World Champion


the Arnold Palmer Invitational

It was another exciting tournament at this years’ Arnold Palmer Invitational with some of the largest crowds in their history which would certainly make Mr. Palmer very happy. Sadly though, this was the first Arnold Palmer Invitational without Mr. Palmer due to his passing last September. Mr. Palmer’s legacy carries on and he would be very proud and humbled by the way he was honored by his loving fans and fellow PGA players.

met him in person or not. He was that special. Last year I was lucky enough to sit down with Mr. Palmer and interview him for a story and I will always cherish that amazing memory. Mr. Palmer used his talents during his life to make the world a better place.

Now we can all celebrate his amazing life every year at the Arnold Palmer Invitational where his legacy will live forever. I feel so fortunate to have been there to watch the 39th Arnold Palmer Invitational and I can tell you it was a huge success!

Marc Leishman from Australia honored Mr. Palmer by sinking a 51 ft. putt for eagle on the 16th hole during the final round to win the 39th Arnold Palmer Invitational. After his victory he said “Mr. Palmer was an awesome guy who I was lucky enough to meet a few times at this tournament. To honor him is huge.” Many other players told great stories of Mr. Palmer and how he touched their lives also. Everyone seems to have a great story of Mr. Palmer whether they 46

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


highlands header county Golfers from all over the country are raving about the Citrus Golf Trail. Just 60 miles south of Orlando’s Disney World is a collection of great golf courses located in Sebring and the surrounding area that offer incredible history, amazing value, fantastic golf, and the friendliest service anywhere. “This area has been an undiscovered gem for many years,” explains renowned golf course architect Ron Garl, who has done work on a number of courses along the Citrus Golf Trail. “People who know this area are well aware of the quality of golf that exists. Those who don’t know the area don’t know what they’re missing.” With courses that build on the natural beauty of South Central Florida (picture moss-covered oaks and preserves that provide a picturesque backdrop), golfers may find it difficult to keep their eyes on the ball. Wet and dry, sandy and woody conditions combine to create challenging and fun courses for any skill level on Sebring’s fairways. And, Sebring is one of the most affordable golf destinations anywhere in the country, even in peak season, where golfers can stay and play for as little as $99/person/night including room,

golf, and complimentary breakfast. To top it off, the participating courses are offering a complimentary replay round to anyone who completes an online inquiry at The Citrus Golf Trail is now offering special Stay & Play golf packages that include a free replay and free Burger & Beer Dinner with overnight stays at Inn on the Lakes Hotel (based on availability).

Participating golf courses include: • Highlands Ridge Golf Club North Course • Highlands Ridge Golf Club South Course • Pinecrest Golf Club • Placid Lakes Country Club • River Greens Golf Course • Sun ‘N Lake Golf Club Deer Run • Sun ‘N Lake Golf Club Turtle Run

Sun 'N Lake PGA tournament 48

In Sebring, you’ll fine 95 crystal clear lakes for fishing and boating, more than a dozen of Florida’s most affordable golf courses, one of Florida’s oldest state parks, and a reminder of why everyone loves authentic Florida. Our gently rolling hills, orange groves and charming small towns make this a relaxing country getaway with a central location. For more information, www.VisitSebring. com or to book your next golf getaway, call (863) 225-3431. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

North Florida PGA Announces our 2017 Section Award Winners and Hall of Fame Inductee! The stars shined bright on Friday evening March 17! The North Florida PGA held its Annual Extravaganza and Celebration at Reunion Resort. Chapter Award Winners, families and friends were all in suspense at the nominees were read and the winner was pulled from the envelope! We congratulate all the finalists and winners! The evening was kicked off with some Rock n Roll from American Martian and our keynote speaker, Ralph Terry, NY Yankee World Series MVP! The presentation wrapped up with the announcement of our Hall of Fame Inductee, Alan

Alan Flashner & wife Flashner, PGA. Then the band rocked the house some more! It was a spe-

Kevin Paschall & family cial evening for all who attended and we all had a great time!

Congratulations 2017 NFPGA Award Winners: Superintendent of the Year Amateur of the Year

Sales Representative of the Year Assistant Professional of the Year Merchandiser of the Year-Resort Merchandiser of the Year-Public Merchandiser of the Year-Private Patriot Award Player Development Award Youth Player Development Horton Smith Award Bill Strausbaugh Award Teacher of the Year PGA Golf Professional of the Year 2016 NFPGA Player of the Year 2016 NFPGA Sr Player of the Year Hall of Fame 50

Clayton Estes

San Jose CC

John Konicek Penny Gallagly Fred Seely Karen Cangero

Orlando Greater Tampa Junior Golf Association Jacksonville Sarasota

Mike Angelo


Alex Abbruzza

TPC Sawgrass

Kerry Olinger

Hawks Landing

Michael Tuohy

The Meadows Golf Club

Joe Angelo

Heritage Oaks Golf & CC

Ken Juhn

Terrace Hill Golf Center

Cheryl Anderson

Mike Bender Golf Academy

Mike Cummings

Capri Isle

Matt Jordan

Streamsong Resort

Alan Flashner

Golf Academy of America

Tom Garner

Bay Hill Club & Lodge

Kevin Paschall

Serenoa & Legacy Golf Clubs

Rod Perry

Crane Lakes Golf & CC

Mike Keymont

Stoneybrooke East

Alan Flashner

Golf Academy of America Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Arnold Palmer Invitational Once again, it was an honor and privilege to provide the PGA Chaperones for each group in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Pro Am! This tradition was given to us from Mr. Palmer. NFPGA Members walked with each group to help the PGA TOUR Professionals and amateurs throughout their round. It’s a great experience to be inside the ropes with the best players in the game! Thank you to Chase54 for providing the shirts for our chaperones. We are grateful to the API Tournament Committee for allowing us to do so!

Valspar Championship As the PGA TOUR’s Florida swing concludes we appreciated the opportunity for the NFPGA staff to administer and conduct the Pre Qualifiers and Monday Open Qualifier for the PGA TOUR and the Valspar Championship. Our team of experienced officials and directors were on hand to make sure the competition went smoothly and professionally. And it did! We had a record field for the Monday Open Qualifier and we got it in before dark! It’s so humbling to see just how good the players are today and we respect them for their passion and desire to compete at the highest level. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


special events

Joe Wieczoerek of The Media Group and Shannon Coates of Golf Central Magazine

Networking at Its Finest! A lot of great ideas for businesses never come to fruition. Lack of business acumen, marketing dollars, work ethic and persistence bury many great ideas before they ever make it to the marketplace.And many ideas that do evolve into businesses die a quick death thanks to all those reasons mentioned above. So when a business does survive and thrive, the people behind it can

is still flourishing after 27 years. Those two organizations’ paths will cross again May 21-25 at the 27th Annual ING Spring Conference, scheduled for the World Golf Village and World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL. ING is where the media connects with the golf industry. Along with having all the key

Durleand Cup Winners feel pride in accomplishing something very few do. Two such golf organizations exist right here in Central Florida, and their successes are permanently intertwined. One of them is this very magazine – Golf Central Magazine, which is celebrating its 18th year of existence in One on one interviews 2017. Publisher Terrie Purdum, Editor Shannon Coates and their team are thriving ingredients to success mentioned in a very challenging business segearlier in this story, both SGCM and ment that has seen many regional golf ING share another very important publications disappear in recent years. strategy that has helped elevate them The other is the non-profit, mediato success – emphasis on networkbased networking organization, the ing. Both realize how important it is International Network of Golf, which 52

to develop and nurture relationships. Nobody does relationships better than the Ladies of Golf Central Magazine. Wherever they go and whatever they do, Terrie and Shannon are always ready with a smile, a hug and the key question: “What can we do to help you and your company?” They are tireless in their efforts to develop their next important relationship. And relationships form the foundation upon which ING is built. Executives from every segment of the golf industry know that if they are active at an ING conference, they will take home with them relationships that can be beneficial for years to come. So when ING reconvenes in late May in St. Augustine, it will be happy and blessed to have two great networkers from SGCM on hand to meet with golf equipment companies like High Heat and Tour Edge, golf destinations like Mesquite, Nevada, Sebring, Florida and Heber Valley Utah, golf course architects like Ron Garl, instructors like Dave Pelz, accessories like 1st & 10th Tee Bars, golf governing bodies like World Golf Foundation, and dozens of others. The end result is a stronger and wiser golf industry positioned to better serve golfers like the readers of SGCM, so they can gain more enjoyment from the sport they love. And it all starts with a smile and a simple question: “What can I do for you?” That is a life lesson for everybody. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

TOURISM. It’s a break for everyone. Our more than 66 million annual visitors aren’t just good for the tourism industry, they’re good for everyone who lives here. Tourists pay over $436 million in sales taxes, they pay to improve our infrastructure and helped build many of the public venues companies and residents enjoy. They are a major reason that businesses not directly associated with tourism are thriving, too.

Over the years, tourist numbers have attracted the great dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities that exist here, and have helped create many other businesses who serve the needs of our growing metropolitan area. The bottom-line is that tourism creates jobs, businesses and a better quality-of-life for everyone. Including you.

special events 54

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


By Mike May

golf history

Hollywood Beach Golf Resort A Pleasure t o Play...Every Day While Hollywood, Florida may be best known as a traditional south Florida beach town with a one-of-a-kind beachfront promenade (Hollywood Beach Broadwalk) which entertains visitors (and locals) throughout the year, this city is also the home of one of the oldest golf courses in Florida, which also entertains visitors (and locals) throughout the year. It’s the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort (1600 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL; 954-927-1751) which is one of 53 golf courses in Florida which is part of the Florida Historic Golf Trail. This course is pure, picturesque, a pleasure to play, and it puts a premium

role in designing Hollywood Beach. “The greens play like Donald Ross greens,” says Josh McCumber, director of golf, Hollywood Beach Golf Resort. “It has elements of his design and fingerprint.” The course does feature a number of raised greens which is a characteristic of a Ross design. The false front at the rear of the 6th green is also especially Ross-like. For this golf course to be as relevant today as it was back in the 1920s is a credit to the original designers, whether it was Olsen, Nelson, Young, Ross or all four of them. To say that they were

1923 Exhibition Golf Match: Former National Champion Jim Barns, Former British Champion Jock Hutchison, Jonny Ferrell, National Open Champion Gene Sarazen, and Hollywood Professional Lee Nelson Courtesy of the Hollywood Historical Society

on golfers staying in the moment. Golfers who lose their focus will end up dropping a few shots from time to time. Today, the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort ( is a par 70-layout – measuring 4,900 yards from the forward tees and 6,300 yards from the back tees. Each hole has four sets of tees. The course’s roots can be traced to the early 1920s. Back then, this property was being used to grow tomatoes. Now, it produces a different kind of yield -- holes-in-one, eagles, birdies, pars, and others! Under the leadership of golf course builders Charles Olsen and Wallie Nelson, the first nine holes were opened for play in early 1922. By early 1923, the other nine holes were finished. After all 18 holes were completed, golf course builder Ralph Young was hired to correct the course’s rough edges and fine tine its playability. Allegedly, golf course architect Donald Ross also played a 56

Golfers (L to R) James M. Cox, Gene Sarazen, Erwin Nelson, and Judge T.T. Ansberry Hollywood Reporter May 1924

Dog House for a snack. Pauly’s physical presence simply exudes charm and character. On the back nine, there is another set of back-to-back par threes (holes 13 and 14), though they are longer than the back-to-back par threes on the inward half. Pars are precious at 13 and 14. Hollywood Beach’s lion-like close features a pair of long par fours, which measure more than 400 yards from the black and white tees. A par-par finish is powerful. After play finishes, head to Rudy’s Pub & Restaurant for food and drinks. The waterside view from the patio is priceless. You might see turtles, birds, and iguanas in the wild. Voted the winner of “Best Casual Dining” award in Hollywood, you have

Hollywood Beach Golf Course in 1923

Courtesy of State Archives of Florida

visionaries is an understatement. The course opens like a lamb and closes like a lion. At the outset, there are two par fives which measure less than 500 yards, so it’s quite possible to get off to a fast start with a birdie or two. It’s also possible to close out the front with two birdies as the 8th and 9th holes are relatively short par threes. The 4th and 5th holes are the most difficult section of the front nine. Both have a forced carry over a water hazard that crisscrosses each fairway. At the turn, stop by Pauly’s

a plethora of delectable options on the menu. Rudy’s slogan is very appropriate – “There’s a little bit of something for everyone at Rudy’s.” It applies to every meal they serve. For those looking for a stayand-play experience, there are 30 rooms on site -- a convenient place to ‘hang your hat’ after you play. Without a doubt, the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort is a complete south Florida golf getaway. It’s a pleasure to play and stay every day -- for visitors (and locals) throughout the year. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

Spectacular Year-Round Mountain Golf.

Featured Course Proole

Senior and Active Military starting at $35 *

Apple Valley is one of two golf courses at Rumbling Bald Resort. It opened in 1986 with rave views and was called the “most beautiful mountain golf course” by Golf Digest. The course was designed by Dan Maples, son of the great Ellis Maples, and he carved out of the valley a masterpiece. The course offers wide fairways and large, undulating greens. It has a layout that will take you through the valley and then up towards Youngs Mountain and then back down again. You will leave telling yourself that the back nine is one of the most beautiful you have ever played. It is a great course for all levels of players and is a true hidden gem.

NEW FOR 2017! Apple Valley offers EZ-Go electric carts for your enjoyment. Each golf cart is outfitted with rainhoods, sand bottles, and USB ports for all your charging needs. The Apple Valley golf course is unique as it offers these extra additions for your enjoyment:

• GPS UNITS ON ALL CARTS • COOLERS WITH COMPLIMENTARY WATER • ROLLED TOWELS IN EACH CART COURSE INFORMATION & YARDAGE: Retail Golf Shop, Practice Putting Green, Full Driving Range, Rental Clubs, and Full Service Restaurant. Course Rating: 73.2 and Slope Rating: 140


When accompanied by paying adult after 2:00pm. 1 Junior per paying adult.

3 Rounds / 2 Nights starting at $311.27, call 828.694.3000. **

MENTION CODE SG2017 AND RECEIVE 15% OFF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS. *Monday and Tuesday only. **Per person. Arriving Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. All tax and fees included, and based on the availability of a standard studio double occupancy. Valid through 11/30/17.

women header in golf

“Life is not about allowing yourself to be seen as a victim of circumstance, but as a survivor.” –Kristine Odaiyar

(Women’s Golfer @Stetson University)

I was five years old when I picked up my first golf club. Having grown up with two older brothers I used to get so frustrated when they would hog all of my dad’s attention. While they practiced I would sit quietly and try my best to keep busy and stay out of trouble. But on this day in particular I was bored beyond belief. I finally decided that I had had enough and marched up to my dad, grabbed a club, and said, “Teach me.” As the years passed by my dad became my biggest coach, mentor, educator and friend. He saw that I had a passion and love for the game and to be frank, I became quite good at it. My dad and I constantly butted heads but I knew he pushed me because he knew I had potential and at the end of the day we both still loved each other. At the start of my senior year of high school I signed my national letter of intent to play Division I golf for the University of Central Florida. Little did I know that my life would take a turn for the worse shortly thereafter. One month prior to the start of my freshman year of college, at the age of 58

seventeen, I lost the most important person in my life to a heart disease that no one in my family knew he had. My dad who we all saw to be young, healthy, and vibrant on the

outside was slowly weakening on the inside. On July 2nd 2013, my father, Charles Odaiyar, passed away at the age of 55 due to atherosclerosis. In the time since my dad’s passing, life has certainly not been easy but I have gained a much different perspective on life. At the time I felt my whole world crashing down but I knew that the storm would pass. I knew that despite all the pain and hurt I felt, in the end it would only make me stronger and wiser. I began to see the game of golf as not only an outlet but also a way of feeling closer to him. Giving up is the easiest thing to do in life, but choosing to the weather the storm and tough it out, that is what builds character and makes you strong. I am currently a senior on the women’s golf team at Stetson University and I honestly could not be any more excited to see what the future has in store. In my first three years of college, despite facing several transfer conflicts I have been able to earn All Conference Team Honors each year. In my experience I have learned that life is not about allowing yourself to be seen as a victim of circumstance, but as a survivor. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

By Mike May

Come and Grow with Us!

growing the game

Anyone For Golf? has just launched worldwide! Recent studies show that there are over 25 million golfers and over 15,000 golf courses throughout the United States with an annual revenue stream of over $3 billion. Golf enthusiasts all over the world are now going online to make new connections and to share information, which is why NE14GLF has created the perfect platform to support this demand! Everything has gone to social media these days and NE14GLF is going to prove to be Golf’s Most Exciting Social Media Network that engages golfers to discover new golf courses, find golf professionals, and get deals exclusive to the golfing community worldwide. This bold new platform allows golfers to communicate and explore golf based off the principle platforms in social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon. Golfers are becoming more technologically savvy with around 90% of golfers using the internet regularly searching for courses, looking for tips, or to make golf related purchases. Just about everyone has a smartphone and/ or tablet these days and golfers are not the exception. 75% of golfers use a smartphone and 62% use or own a tablet, while approximately 60% of core golfers use at least one social media platform and nearly 4 million check their accounts at least once a day.

left to right - Bob Sullivan, Dennis Sullivan, Taylor Cerjan, Steve DeSilva

A member recently stated, “I had to go to a wedding down in Miami a few weeks ago and had a day to kill. I wanted to play golf but didn’t have anyone to play with or know which course was the best to play. With NE14GLF I can search local courses, see who is playing them, link, up, and play. This site is a game changer – they even have exclusive deals that I can take advantage of!” Jamie Cummings – avid golfer.

Taylor Cerjan 60

“Our focus is on the individual golfer to build their golfing network. NE14GLF creates a spark of energy that brings back the fun in golf by connecting golfers online, building new relationships, discovering new golf courses, getting one of a kind deals, finding the right Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

professional, and much much more.” Taylor Cerjan – Creator/Owner NE14GLF is bringing the excitement back to golf and has made it easier than ever to connect golfers worldwide to everything that fuels their passion for the game. Register today for free and start getting connected at

left to right - Rob Mash, Jono Ehrlich, Sean Gavin

lest to right - Steve DeSilva, Taylor Cerjan, Dennis Sullivan, Bob Sullivan



Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


what'sheader new

Shot Navi Launches ‘HuG’ – GPS, Heartrate Monitor & Activity Tracker Since 2008, Shot Navi has manufactured cutting-edge range finder designs that are known and respected for their precision accuracy. Shot-Navi, manufactured by Techtuit Group, is Japan’s #1 GPS technology company. These value-priced, exceptionally designed GPS devices are now available in the U.S.

ing ProGolf Discount, Carl’s Golf Land and New York Golf Centers.”

The W1-GL GPS watch comes in two colors, black or white.

Being released in April, the new “HuG” is a sleek, stylish GPS watch that includes a heart rate monitor and activity tracker all in one convenient device. The lithium-ion battery lasts ten hours in GPS mode and 90 days in watch mode. The “HuG” combines fashion with functionality and fitness, offering golfers the total solution in technology tracking and is available in black or white.

For those wanting a little simpler, low tech device, the “N2” is compact, easy-to-use yet powerful handheld GPS unit. The N2 provides Shot Navi’s standard GPS features and multiple

The “W1-GL” is Shot Navi’s bestselling, money-saving GPS watch. It comes preloaded with 30,000 courses in 80 countries worldwide. The energy-efficient design is equipped with a battery that lasts up to eight hours of play with the GPS and four weeks in watch mode. Standard features include precise


Shot-Navi GPS devices provide more data points, navigation modes and greater accuracy than some of the current leading brands. The company unveiled three products at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show that have received high marks from retailers and positive reviews from golfers because of their great pricing.

view functions along with three bonus features - a large font view, voice navigation and automatic green view. The automatic green view adjusts the distances precisely on the angle of approach to the green taking the guesswork out of a golfer’s short game. The N2 is available in black, white and yellow.

“Although Shot Navi is new to the U.S. market, the parent company Techtuit Group is a leading global sports technology company,” said Nate Iida, Director of Sales. “We were pleased with the traffic, buyer interest and sample requests from some of the major regional retailers includ-

The GPS category continues to be one of the fastest growing segments in golf. Shot Navi has a variety of GPS models with the precision and functionality to fit any golfer’s budget.

distances to front, center and back of the green and hazards, shot distance measurement, digital scorecard and an invertible black and white display.

To view Shot Navi's entire product line, visit

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1



WHY DO PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WORKS? (Hint: Because They’re More Than Just Products) Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers. They’re tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, delivering the highest rate of recall and return on investment.

407.326.6800 |

what's new

Birdie Babe Golf Be Unique! With Birdie Babe Golf Bags, you won’t have just an ordinary bag like everyone else. You will finally get to choose a bag that reflects your fun personality. Our hybrid bags combine all the best features of a cart bag and a stand bag into one great bag! And coming in May, we have some new designs, including a more traditional cart bag (though nothing is “traditional” about our bags) that has 14 full length dividers. All our bags have cooler pockets for your birdie juice and swing lube. We also have some great travel bags to match your new bag, along with matching head covers and some other fun accessories. So whether you decide to release your inner hippie with “Hippie Hooker” or be a hot mama with “Bahama Mama”, you will get lots of attention on the course. As we like to say “If you look good, you play better...and if you don’t play better, well you still look good!”. Have more fun with Birdie Babe Golf!

Tifosi Optics Tifosi Optics introduces the CRIT with the Golf / Tennis and Extreme Contrast interchangeable lens pack - designed to revolutionize player perception on the golf course. With exclusive technology engineered to amplify every aspect of one’s round, the GT / EC lens pack is an absolute necessity from tee box to green. The GT lens is perfect for play in full sun conditions. Sporting a contrast enhancing green tint and a 16.4% light transmission range, players will no longer have to combat the sun after teeing off. The GT lens was crafted specifically to aid golfers in keeping their eye on the ball from takeoff to landing. A player can now spend less time spotting their lie and more time plotting their approach. The EC lens is essential to a strong finish on the green. Undulations and breaks can often be unpredictable and difficult to read correctly, making the faintest unnoticed ridge a devastating game changer. Distinctly designed for accurate reads, the EC lens is an invaluable tool for both the hobbyist and professional golfer. With a 39.1% light transmission range, the EC lens is perfect for tailoring one’s percep64

tion to combat the complications of the final stroke. Both the Extreme Contrast and Golf / Tennis lenses are made out of shatterproof polycarbonate and are offered in

a variety of Tifosi Interchange models. The CRIT with GT / EC lens pack retails for $69.95 and is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

on the green

Green It Up With With more than 2.8 billion wooden tees made annually in the USA alone, GelTees is on a mission to lower the environmental impact of the game and create “a greener way to golf.” This 100 percent biodegradable golf tee can potentially prevent the destruction of up to 70,000 trees per year and keep 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. And it protects the turf. GelTees are a green friendly innovation that has been in development and rigorous testing for several years. GelTees’ parent company is a leading manufacturer of gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical industry. With their in-depth knowledge of the properties of gelatin, and love of golf, the idea for GelTees was born. Made of 100 percent pharmaceutical grade gelatin and natural food colorants, GelTees completely bio- or EN 13432 (Europe); neither degrade within a few days of being of these standards require the product to actually biodegrade 100 left in the elements. percent. In fact, these standards actually apply to “industrial com“The golf tee has evolved,” said postability” which is the amount Tiger Summers, CEO of GelTees. “We aim to lower the environmen- the product decomposes in a tal impact of the game and to fund controlled 140+ degree environindustry organizations to improve ment for 90+ days, not the open it. We’re changing commodity into environment of a golf course. community.” While products made from bamboo, untreated wood, cornstarch Never pick up a golf tee again. and sawdust can claim biodeGelTees shatter into tiny pieces gradability adhering to these on impact and are designed for standards, they are not truly 100 one time use. Moisture from the percent biodegradable. turf, daily irrigation, and weather conditions dissolves the tees com“At the recent PGA Show, I was pletely. looking for innovative products for golf course owners and operators,” Other tees on the market that claim biodegradability do so under said Mike Tinkey, former Deputy standards such as ASTM 6400 (US) CEO of the National Golf Course 66

Owners Association and President of TinkeyWorks. “GelTees provides a green friendly alternative that is good for the planet and good for the game.” Tee boxes littered with broken wood and plastic tees are a source of major contention for golf course superintendents and club pros. “More than an eyesore, broken tees represent both a safety hazard and maintenance issue for the golf course,” said Kevin Sternett, Head Golf Professional at the Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Pointe in Orlando. To watch a time-lapse demonstration video, get details about GelTees trial program, or to purchase go to Tee it! Crush it! Forget it! Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


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Integrity Golf Company Increases Emphasis on Hospitality Integrity Golf Company (, a golf-course management company dedicated to sound business practices and exceptional customer service, has increased its emphasis on hospitality at the facilities throughout its portfolio. In consonance with this intensified focus is the new companywide implementation of the S3 employee training program. “The S3 program is built on the foundation of integrity and on the principles

how sales and service go hand in hand will be a key focus that will be presented in a variety of interactive and entertaining platforms, all geared toward leaving lasting impressions on attendees and providing useful tips and tools for use on a daily basis. Safety also will be a key element in the S3 training, as it will be made clear that safety takes precedence over all, in order to keep the Integrity Golf Company teams, families and guests safe at all times.

of providing our Integrity Golf Company family with the tools needed to succeed,” said Gene Garrote, president & CEO of Integrity Golf Company. “This program brings ‘foresight to the forefront’ and allows each and every team member an opportunity to participate in a unique training showcase, developing stronger skills in the key areas of success. “We take pride in the high level of customer service and satisfaction at our facilities, and look forward to continuing and enhancing these company keystones in the future.” S3 revolves around three critical pillars: sales, service and safety. The importance of service in the hospitality business will be shared to help make customer service second nature to all S3 graduates, benefitting all both personally and professionally. Learning

Tano Malentin with Integrity employees

About Integrity Golf Company Integrity Golf Company uses industry experience, expertise and time-tested practices to provide clients with strategic plans for developing the facilities they envision. Each plan becomes reality in a cost-effective manner while maximizing profit and avoiding common financial pitfalls that often plague unsuccessful businesses. Understanding that there is more to creating great golf courses than simply maintaining pristine turf, Integrity Golf Company provides dedicated leadership that concentrates on the details of day-to-day operations while at the same time focusing on the overall strategic direction and objectives of each individual club. Integrity Golf Company offers a complete range of golf-club management and consulting services – with the experience and expertise to manage economics and agronomy, to provide knowledge on the intricacies of selecting quality food and beverage services, and to recruit and train talented professionals. Above all, Integrity Golf Company serves each club with distinction and commitment. For more information, see 68

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

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Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960 Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1


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Anti-Rotation Is Good For Your Golf Swing

The term Anti-Rotation as related to golf doesn’t really make sense since golf is a totallrotational sport. Actually, that’s the point. Because golf is such a rotational sport we must consider strengthening the muscles that stabilize and support our spine so that the rotation doesn’t cause injury. When we start to swing a golf club at a high rate of speed (some golfers have a higher rate than others) our brain has a built in sensor that tells the body to slow down or “brake” if it thinks the rotation will cause injury to our spine. Additionally, because golf is a one directional swing sport, our body, after time, develops the muscles more on one side than the other to support the movement and not injure the spine. To help explain the benefits of antirotation drills, here is a portion of an article from GolfWRX,com written by Adam Stevenson in September, 2016, “My good friend, mentor and colleague Jason Glass from the Tour Performance Lab in Vancouver, Canada uses the analogy of putting a race car engine in a Honda 70

Civic. The Civic’s chassis simply won’t be able to handle the torque and the loads from the power of the race car engine, so it will explode under the stress of explosive acceleration and abrupt cornering. The same would happen if our body had all this speed, but not the strength and stability to support it in our golf swing”. Anti-Rotation drills or exercises help to develop or build strength in the core, obliques and all the other stabilizing muscles that keep us upright. The drills are done with resistance, whether with bands or cables on a machine. They are designed to work the opposing muscles to the side on which we are swinging. These drills/ exercises are effective because we don’t rotate while performing them. Hence the term Anti-Rotation Drills. Below are three stages of an Anti-Rotation drill that is simple to perform and if done consistently will help your body get stronger and be able to “brake” faster as your swing speed increases. Be sure to perform the same drill on the opposite side of your body.

By Ken Pierce President, GolfGym, LLC

I am using a GolfGym® PowerBand affixed to a wall unit at approximately chest height. You can use a cable machine at the gym as well. Move away from the fixed point to get some resistance on the band. Then, while in a strong golf posture, pull the handle to a position as you would be in when setting up to the ball. You will feel the band pulling you in the opposite direction. The key is to resist or antirotate for 10-20 seconds in each position. Move the handle of the band up to chest level and hold that position for 10-20 seconds. A variation of this drill is called a Pallof Press in which you bring the handle into your chest and press out, hold and repeat 6-10 times. You can find several videos with variations of this drill at: http:// This drill should be added to your golf fitness routine. Start with light resistance. As you get stronger, use a heavier resistance to for more results. Good Luck with this one. You will feel it working after the very first set. Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 1

“If you love golf like I do thank a golf course superintendent.” Thank a golf course superintendent for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at beautiful Lake Tahoe. The superintendent you thank will win a special prize too!

Two ways to enter: • Visit • Tweet using #ThankASuper and #ContestEntry Complete rules available at Sweepstakes period: May 1-31, 2016

Collierville, TN - Spring Creek Ranch - May 8 Brentwood, TN - The Governors Club - June 5 Bristol, VA - The Virginian - September 18 Lenoir City TN - WindRiver Golf Club - October 16 If you are interested in hosting a golf tournament to benefit The Pat Summitt Foundation, please email “It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Continue to seek new goals.” - Pat Summitt

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Presenting the Salamander Golf Collection. Featuring courses designed by golf’s most iconic architects including Nicklaus, Packard, Palmer and Watson. Florida’s Legends of Golf Trail, showcasing nine of the state’s top-rated courses. And home to numerous PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, LPGA Tour and Legends Tour championships.

T h e Sal am ande r Go lf Co lle c tio n Salamander® Resort & Spa

Innisbrook® Golf & Spa Resort

Hammock Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Reunion® Golf & Spa Resort






A Salamander Hotels & Resorts Property — Now this is luxury.


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February’s Reflections..

“... the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”. My good friend and business colleague Nick Edmund recently began an extraordinary journey. Just over a week ago Nick set off on foot from Malin Head in the far north of Ireland carrying a set of golf clubs on his back. He will walk the country’s entire western coast - a distance of some 1,300 miles - along a tourist route known as the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. And while traveling this road, which will take him a total of 16 weeks, he will call into 40 golf clubs and play their 4th hole (yes, just this one hole), and then leave the club with a special cancer support awareness flag for the club to fly on that 4th hole throughout the summer season. The wider purpose of this epic ‘golf-walk’ (and I should mention that Nick is currently in remission for head and neck cancer) is to launch a worldwide campaign called ‘Global Golf4 Cancer’. You can learn more at or you might want to follow Nick’s journey on Twitter (@GG4Cancer) but I wanted to take the opportunity of sending out this monthly Reflections to salute Nick and wish him all the very best and safe travels. While I don’t envy anyone undertaking a 1,300 mile trek, I do like the idea of visiting 40 of Ireland’s finest golf courses. The first club Nick called into was Ballyliffin - a fabulous links course in a stunning location, as illustrated in Matthew’s spectacular aerial image. By coincidence, the very first time I met Nick, back in June 1993, was at Ballyliffin. We were accompanying another golfing Nick, Nick Faldo, on a trip around some of Ireland’s finest links courses. We had a lot of fun - especially ‘Big Nick’ who capped a memorable week by winning a third successive Irish Open at Mount Juliet. Now was that really 24 years ago?!

TS Eliot

Happy days and happy golfing! Steve Steve Smyers Golf Course Architects

Matthew Harris/The Golf Picture Library

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More golf than you can shake a 9-iron at. When it comes to championship golf, there’s no better destination than Alabama. Come play where the PGA TOUR professionals compete and see why Golf Digest editors picked two of Alabama’s golf resorts among their favorites. For starters there are the 468 holes along the world-renowned Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Stretching from the mountains in the north to the Gulf Coast in the south, America’s original golf trail opened 25 years ago and recently completed a massive renovation of its 26 courses. Then there are the many other impressive courses scattered across the state, designed by the likes of Arnold Palmer and Jerry Pate. Each with its own set of challenges, each with its own rewards. Plan an epic road trip to great golf courses across the state of Alabama.

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