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TOURISM. It’s a break for everyone. Our more than 66 million annual visitors aren’t just good for the tourism industry, they’re good for everyone who lives here. Tourists pay over $436 million in sales taxes, they pay to improve our infrastructure and helped build many of the public venues companies and residents enjoy. They are a major reason that businesses not directly associated with tourism are thriving, too.

Over the years, tourist numbers have attracted the great dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities that exist here, and have helped create many other businesses who serve the needs of our growing metropolitan area. The bottom-line is that tourism creates jobs, businesses and a better quality-of-life for everyone. Including you.


More golf than you can shake a 9-iron at. When it comes to championship golf, there’s no better destination than Alabama. Come play where the PGA TOUR professionals compete and see why Golf Digest editors picked two of Alabama’s golf resorts among their favorites. For starters there are the 468 holes along the world-renowned Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Stretching from the mountains in the north to the Gulf Coast in the south, America’s original golf trail opened 25 years ago and recently completed a massive renovation of its 26 courses. Then there are the many other impressive courses scattered across the state, designed by the likes of Arnold Palmer and Jerry Pate. Each with its own set of challenges, each with its own rewards. Plan an epic road trip to great golf courses across the state of Alabama.

Download Alabama Road Trips from your app store

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I have Issues! Putting on my backyard dance floor listening to 420, my favorite station (go figure) and I heard this song Issues by Julia Michaels. I knew she was talking about Golf Central’s latest issues because lately people have been blowing us up with compliments. It’s been LIT! I’m overzealous, we can feel some jealous When I get down low, don’t want anyone to know Gotta get up to get down Give me your ideas, I’ll spread mine with you That’s how we built this, listening to you You do judge me, cause you do and I judge you too I know you judge me, flattered that you do Cause I have issues, I wanna share with you Bad shots, you think you have problems Enjoy Turf Life and that will solve them Yeah we have many issues, always donating to you Continue to judge me, cause its clear that you do I know you judge me, still flattered that you do Make that shot on purpose You get mad and break sticks Feel bad, try a quick fix Buy new clubs, hire a pro Cause we have issues, so just let it go

Hot Shot Spotlight

Watch us growing, we gonna keep on glowing A new hire, younger demographic She’s gonna glow up, social media traffic Meet Adele, and fall under her spell Our new young BOMBSHELL! 2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year

Growing the Game and Flipping the Script – Adele Garcia

Yes, it’s like the singer, and yes, I can sing. Will I sing at this very moment when you put me on the spot, probably not, but good try. I enjoy getting asked that all the time, makes me laugh and laughing is healing. I believe a smile can cure anything. I’m 23 years young enjoying this warm weather as much as possible. Coming down south from the Bronx, New York (where I was born and raised) is a big change and it has been my most challenging journey yet; but staying positive is key. I come from a very talented family. My beautiful mother can knit and crochet anything you can imagine and my siblings are very artistic in every way possible. I enjoy modeling on my spare time, tattooing joy on whoever needs it, and taking photos of not only my puppy and my nephew, but of everything that catches my eye. I’ve traveled to Rome, Italy and instantly fell in love with all the colors and amazing street art there was. I knew there had to be a way I could bring all that back to the states and somehow blend that in with everyday life. Drawing, painting, creating art anyway possible is my way of healing and growing. Surviving a crucial car accident and a whole bunch of misfortunes, I continue to keep my head high and smile all the pain away. One step at a time. My main goal in life is to show the world that anyone who has been through tragic events can continue to push on and still be and feel beautiful. Meeting Terrie, while at the country club, was so funny. She came straight up to me singing, “Santa baby...been an awful good girl”. She told everyone I looked like Eartha Kitt so I knew working with her would be a trip. Being one of the youngest on the team allows me to flip the script a little and add a spunky touch. Joining the Turf Life team will be a fun, interesting, and amazing learning experience. I have so many cool ideas to share with everyone. Like starting a mobile Henna tattoo unit of Turf Life, how fun does that sound? So, I hope you guys are ready because I plan on leaving my mark on Golf Central and Turf Life. Keeping in mind that anything is possible and the sky is the limit, I can do anything I put my mind to.


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Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

WE BELIEVE Making a positive change in the life of a child is one of the most significant things you can do.



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S a d d le br ook R e s o rt • p referred go lfers p ac kage

“We are proud of the work done on the golf courses, greens, and new Golf Training Center and Range ... come play and enjoy your stay!”


Renewed Golf Courses

Receiving Rave Reviews!

Great golf is only the beginning.

Preferred Golfers Package Includes: ◆

Accommodations in a Deluxe Guest Room, 1 or 2 Bedroom Suite

Full Breakfast Buffet

18-Holes of Golf (cart & greens fees), including arrival and departure days

Welcome Gift

Unlimited Use of the Practice Facility

Nightly Club Cleaning and Storage... and More!

For Seasonal Package Pricing and Reservations Call 813-907-4401 Groups of 12 or More Call 813-907-4726

5700 Saddlebrook Way ◆ Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 Ph: 813.973.1111 ◆ Fax: 813.973.1312 ◆ saddlebrook.com


product showcase

ShoeTips is a revolutionary new swing thought reminder system designed to help golfers of all skill levels master their mental game while they play. ShoeTips helps golfers calm their minds and concentrate on the one or two thoughts they want to remember as they prepare to swing—boosting their confidence and enjoyment, and lowering their scores. Using ShoeTips is easy. Before you play, select two swing thoughts you want to remember from the 18 provided. Insert the labels securely into the two base clips and slide the clips easily, and snugly, over your shoelaces. The reminders will be in full view on your shoes as you address the ball. To use them on your golf bag instead, simply insert the base clips through the slots on our enclosed BagTag. Now each time you select a club you can remember what you had wanted to concentrate on and clear your mind of the thoughts that interfere with making a good shot. ShoeTips’ 18 familiar swing thoughts were chosen based on input from golf pros and sports psychologists. The labels are easy to change and organized into 3 categories—focus, relating to your mind, feel, to your body, and technique, to your swing mechanics. Can’t find the tip you want? Write your own custom tips on the reverse side of the labels with an indelible marker. For more information on ShoeTips visit www.ShoeTips.com. Available on Amazon.com for $19.99.

Sun Mountain Under Armour Golf Bags

Sun Mountain has entered a licensing agreement with Under Armour to create and market a new line of golf bags. The 2017 collection includes two stand bags (Speedround $239.99, Match Play $259.99) and one cart bag (Armada $259.99). These new golf bags are scheduled to be at on- and off-course golf specialty stores beginning in April. Interested retailers should contact their Under Armour sales representatives to place an order. The UA Storm Speedround golf stand bag is the lightest bag in the collection and offers a 9”, 4-way divided top and the X-Strap® Dual Strap System for easy on/off. Speedround offers nine pockets, two are water resistant, and comes in men’s and women’s styles with a retail price of $239.99. The UA Storm Match Play golf stand bag features a 9.5”, 4-way divided top and the E-Z Fit© Dual Strap System for customizable fit. Match Play offers 11 pockets, two are water resistant. Retail price is $259.99. UA Storm Armada is a golf cart bag with a 10.5”, 14-way divided top and single shoulder strap. Armada features 10 pockets, two are water resistant, and the new Smart Strap System to secure the bag to the golf cart. Retail price is $259.99.

Tour Edge Exotics EX10

The new Tour Edge Exotics EX10 hybrid builds upon the most popular Exotics hybrid – the 2016 EX9 – focusing on the incredible forgiveness and effortless hit-ability. The EX10 model features a new cup face, deeper CG, a larger SlipStreamÔ sole, all in a very classic hybrid shape. The Tour Edge R&D team has successfully elevated Exotics hybrids to the same caliber as the fairway woods via its MATERIAL ADVANTAGE; and the feedback has been phenomenal. The EX10 differentiates itself in the hybrid category with a new Japanese high density, steel cup face – HT 980 high-tensile strength steel. This new steel can be engineered extremely thin producing higher CT levels all over the face ensuring that mishits fly longer and straighter. Exotics continues to use combo brazing technology despite the increased expense because the process ensures the tightest tolerances. The EX10 hybrid features a 450 SS hyper-steel body that is combo brazed with the steel cup face producing legendary distance and forgiveness. Engineers made substantial changes to the SlipStreamÔ sole lengthening the rails and designing the channels between the rails shallower and more compact overall to ensure minimal turf interaction. A heavy rear sole pad, located behind the rails, produces a deeper CG, and helps to easily get the ball in the air from any lie. The EX9 hybrid comes standard with UST Mamiya Recoil and Graphite Design Tour AD50 shafts. Now is stores, the EX10 hybrid is available in 2 (17°), 3 (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (25°), and 6 (28°) models. Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. Suggested retail price: $179.99. 8

Florida Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Pure Pantemonium

Pantemonium is a company that was formed to focus on a very unique niche that thrives on the desire to create unique and exclusive products. This is the brainchild of Scott Sterner, who has taken what he has learned as head of Specialty Designs & Corporate Sponsorships for Loudmouth Golf and focuses specifically on this “niche” market of creating “Walking Billboards” which puts the design capabilities into YOUR HANDS. With clients like T-Mobile, Salesforce.com, Mattress Firm, 18 Birdies etc., Pantemonium is NOT a new CONCEPT, but a newly formed company that has assembled the finest Designers, Strategic Partners, Salesforce and Ambassadors to ensure the vision of creating “Walking Billboards” isn’t just profitable but it also over-delivers. One thing to know is that this organization is truly PHILANTHROPIC as you can see based on its focus on YOU. By adding the customization capabilities of JoyJoy, ShowTime, and Putter Buddy- you now can have the ultimate coordinated outfit that showcases your desired company or team’s logos and colors. This collection of companies that don’t just make great products but also harness the power of COLLABORATION to create the finest customized apparel, accessories and functional golf training aids you expect. The Apparel Brands are complemented by strategically partnering with technology and quality companies like BirdieNow.com and CHIROMATIC Luxury and Athletic Mattresses. “I’m confident that these pioneer brands that are now part of an Exclusive Club who produce only the “Best in Class- “On and Off the Grass” products are the best at what they do,” says Scott Sterner. www.pantemonium.biz

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


growing the game

Golf Industry Unites in Support of Women’s Golf Day Initiative 2017 PGA Merchandise Show served as venue for Industry Leaders to share compelling data on Women as Economic Influencers in Golf

Leaders from the Women’s Golf Day (WGD) initiative hosted a news conference at the PGA Merchandise Show (Orlando, FL) providing insight about this female-centric player development program as well as data on why women are key economic influencers in golf. Speakers included Women’s Golf

Day supporters Steve Mona-World Golf Foundation, David MacLaren-European Tour Properties, Antony ScanlonInternational Golf Federation and Mark Gore-ClubCorp. And of course, event Founder Elisa Gaudet, CEO of Executive Golf International “Those who attended the presenta-

tion learned how Women’s Golf Day works, the importance of the female demographic and how it is driving the future of golf,” said WGD Founder Elisa Gaudet. “Golf professionals and course owners learned creative ways to leverage WGD that will increase revenue and participation at the local facility level.” Women’s Golf Day aims to “Inspire Action” and anticipates more than 20,000 women and girls participating in the 2017 one-day event, set for Tuesday June 6, 2017. To learn more or to register as a host facility, visit www. womensgolfday.com. “NGCOA is thrilled to partner with Women’s Golf Day again for 2017,” said Jay Karen, CEO of the NGCOA. “Supporting avenues to engage, empower and support women and girls through golf is essential not only to help grow the game but also to positively impact women and girls through the health and wellness benefits of golf.”

MORE ABOUT WOMEN’S GOLF DAY Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative launched in 2016 to introduce women and girls to the game and encourage existing golfers to tee it up in a fun and highly inclusive environment. The inaugural one day, four-hour event, spanned 28 countries in 485 locations, and introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport while transcending language, culture, religion and race to celebrate golf, women and community. To learn more about Women’s Golf Day and its upcoming event on Tuesday June 6, 2017 visit www.womensgolfday.com. 10

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

By Rich Styles

on the green

Playing It, Spraying It, Or Saying It Golf is frustratingly hard. I love it. One shot brings you to the brink of wanting to quit to not being able to wait to play another 18. It gets in your blood, it becomes your passion. And then you are hooked. My passion is golf. My joy is radio. I started in the radio business straight out of college as a news reporter chasing ambulances, to a DJ, to owning marketing and PR companies that worked with opening golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Fred Couples, Tom Kite. With the love for golf and the joy of working on air, I started the back9boys.com golf show. One of my favorites places to play is St. Simons Island, GA. My wife, Vickie, has been going since a child to her

Rich with David Leadbetter 12

grandmother’s cottage on the island. Pat McGowan was a time I will never Now we live there, play golf, work part forget. From the time she pulled up time at Sea Island Resorts and host/proin golf cart driving like a Nascar driver duce the back9boys golf show every Sat to the fact that she was one of the and Sun, 8-9amEST on ESPN Coastal, first women, if not the first, to fly from a group of six radio stations covering tournament to tournament. Her home Brunswick/St Simons Island/Sea Island was on the 18th fairway of Pine Needles to Savannah/Hilton Head. where she would watch people play Each week, back9boys discusses various topics from training aids, top instructors, tour pros from the PGA, LPGA, Web.com and the various mini tours plus many golf course architects who tell how and why they designed the courses they create. On the show we have talked one on one with Billy Casper, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Peggy Kirk Bell, Gary Player, Davis Love III, David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones, Bobby Weed, Love Design group and many more. Being at the airport when Davis Love III and Matt Kuchar flew in after winning the Ryder Rich with Ryder Cup Capt Davis Love III Cup was a treat. What I love is learning from the guests is what they while driving around the golf course. think and how they teach the pros and She was one of a kind. The one thing amatuers to understand and play the she told me that she missed about the game and have fun doing it. The backgame was being able to “smack it”. Yep 9boys show is not about statistics and she wanted to hit that little white ball scores but how we can grow the game, again and again. Pat told me after the play the game and hopefully improve. interview that he heard stories he had To have a conversation with players not heard before and surprise endings who have won majors talk about their to stories he had heard before. Truly an faith and how it helps them through incredible time with one of the original each round and in their everyday life ladies in golf who helped create the is inspiring. One thing they have in LPGA. She deserves to be in the World common, they want to win and beat Golf Hall of Fame and I am sure will be. whoever they are playing against. Listen to our show live or a show One of my favorite interviews was from a few weeks ago on www.eswith Peggy Kirk Bell a few years ago. pncoastal.com. Click on the programs She so loved the game and my hour and the back9boys golf show. Keep and a half with her and her son in law, playing, enjoy and love the game. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7



By Kelly Hubbard

improving performance

Test Drive High Heat. Experience Why They Were Named “Best” Clubs 2016-17 PGA Shows High Heat drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids are designed by Dean Knuth, the inventor of the USGA Course Rating and Slope Systems. Dean designed these clubs to optimize the performance of all amateur golfers--not the Tour pros with their 118+ mph swing speeds. Touted at the 2016-17 PGA Merchandise Shows as having “the most significant technological innovations,” High Heat clubs were also named the “best,” “longest,” “straightest,” “most forgiving,” and “easiest to get up in the air” golf clubs by many major media outlets. If you would like to gain distance or regain distance you lost, play from more fairways; hold more greens and lower your scores, then you need to add High Heat to your bag. Unique in purpose and bold in its blue color, High Heat “outperforms the major brands in every way, except for marketing” wrote Colorado Avid Golfer which selected High Heat as the number 1 “Golf Product of the Year.” Its independent review continued, “based on its own testing of amateur golfers, High Heat delivers as advertised.” High Heat really helps amateur golfers lower their scores with a center of gravity (CG) 25% deeper and 18% lower than major brands. Sports Illustrated’s Gary Van Sickle hailed the designs as “the most significant technological innovation of the year . . . by lowering the center of gravity, a flock of previously miss-hits turn into sweet spot drives… and High Heat’s deeper CG provides more stability and forgiveness on off-center hits, a potential game-changer for amateur golfers; and is an advantage compared to major brands.” Golf Inc. magazine 14

Designer, Dean Knuth

agreed, naming Dean as its “top innovator” of golf clubs of 2016, and so did the International Network of Golf, a 450-media based non-profit which named the High Heat driver the “Best Golf Product of the Year” in 2016. Technology in the High Heat driver has proven so successful it’s been incorporated into Knuth’s fairway woods and hybrids. But Knuth Golf went one step further. It is the only fairways and hybrids in the world that use titanium faces compared to major brands which use only steel. This results in more distance fand forgiveness that titanium generates compared to all steel heads. With their deep, low CG and titanium cup faces, High Heat fairway woods and hybrids easily get shots airborne with a high launch and they hold the greens. Here is what the major media said about these award-winning clubs: “The High Heat 3-wood combines a low profile with the sleek curves of a ’58 Corvette and, oh yeah, balls shoot out of it like a cannon . . . the easiest to get up in the air… the longest and hottest face I have ever hit… the High Heat 3 hybrid almost never met a lie that it did not like and could not easily get out of …they hold the greens and do not roll off the green like other brands... with the fairway woods and hybrids High Heat continues to solidify this brand as the only company properly addressing the hitting needs of the amateur golfer.” Golfers across the country are also singing High Heat’s praises and seeing a noticeable drop in their scores. “I absolutely love it. The sweet spot is massive. It’s almost Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

impossible to miss-hit. Just amazing,” according to Jeremy Ross (VA). Tom Starr (NC) concurs, “I am 72 years old. High Heat is spectacular--longer and always straight where I aim it! My handicap index dropped from 15.0 to 11.8. Then I shot 74, my lowest score in many years. Anthony Ponsiglione (AZ) says, “Your new 3-wood is awesome. I never thought I could hit a 3-wood so far, so high, and so straight.” Gregori Pasqua (NY) made a similar point “The 3 hybrid has a hot face and is excellent out of the rough. I have hit some of my best shots of the year with it with improved distance.” And after buying both, Fr. Ed Gallagher (age 82, CA) reported “My High Heat 3 wood and 3 hybrid have improved my game by 8 strokes.” BE SURE TO GIVE THESE CLUBS A TRY AT WWW.HIGHHEATGOLF.COM YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE WITH ITS 30-DAY GUARANTEE. As Chuck Garbedian of ESPN Golf said “If you are going to do one thing with your golf game, the best thing you can do is get yourself some High Heat. Get the driver, get the fairway woods, and get the hybrids. It’s a win, win, win.”

Founding partners of Knuth Golf, Dean Knuth and Steve Trattner, won the ING “Project Ingenuity˝ for Emerging Companies award at the PGA Show for two years in a row.

When ordering, select Golf Central Magazine and you will save $70 on the driver, $30.00 on the fairway woods and $20 on the hybrids. www.highheatgolf.com Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


special events

Lowering the Boom on the field at the Chubb Classic Story and photos by Greg Wise

Congratulation to Fred Couples on the victory at the 2017 Chubb Classic at the Jack Nicklaus designed TwinEagles Club in Naples, Florida, February 19th. For those that have followed Freddie Couples over his professional golf career, you would have to really say that he lowered the “Boom-Boom” on the PGA Champions Tour event. Clearly the “Fan Favorite” this week, holding the largest galleries on Sunday… Fred continued the steady, silky smooth swing that has been the main stay of his professional life. The final round had adventure for sure. Schwab Cup Money Leader Bernhard Langer on only one stroke behind Fred after his birdie on the Par 3, 16th hole. Ready to make the move and apply the pressure, the pressure, the Par 5, 17th hole would prove disastrous for Bernhard. Going for the green on the 2nd shot with an attempt at and eagle, fell short in to the water, that protects the front and left side of this challenging green. His next shot found the water again. Carding an 8 on the 17th hole, knocked him out of any hope of defending his championship at Chubb Classic. Miguel Angel Jimenez, playing in the final group was putting on his on challenge. Matching birdies on the 14th and 17th holes, Miguel found himself needing to hole-out on the 18th. That eagle would give him a tie for the moment with Fred still to hit from the middle of the fairway. Miguel hit his shot and the crowd reacted to the ball hitting the green, very close to the hole, then the jubilation change to a tragic sound as the ball with excessive spin, pulled back off the front of the green and in to the water. wate Fred Couples 2nd shot on 18 leading to win.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Fred, was staring at the 2nd shot from the fairway, with a comfortable 2 shot lead. His ball came to rest just off the back of the green, in comfortable putting distance to assure his par. Freddie in normal fashion, smooth with the putter, rolled a 35-footer up within about a foot for the easy tap in par and claimed the Chubb Championship, boosting him in the lead of the year end Charles Schwab Cup points.

Troublesome Wild Turkey’s on the 15th

Congratulations Freddie…


2017 Chubb Classic Champion Fred Couples

Jim Thorpe spends a moment to speak with a fan on the 17th tee.

Scott Parel tees off in final group Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Hale Irwin on 10th tee

Miguel Angel Jimenez lines up putt on the 18th on Sunday

Tuesday qualifier John Elliott with good showing

Wes Short, Jr. with tough sand shot on Par 5, 17th hole 17

fashion forward

Inspiring Every Person to Unleash Their Inner Murray

The Murray family’s

love of the game dates back to their formative years, growing up caddying in the suburbs of Chicago. It played such a big role in their life’s narrative that the Murray brothers were all inducted into The Caddie Hall of Fame in 2015. In line with the humorous personalities shown on the silver screen through the years, the Murray brothers keep their off-the-cuff mentality when bringing their personal style and original attitude to the game they love and respect so much.


WMG is bringing elements of surprise with their clothing to attract those who want to express their full personality on and off the course. It’s a reminder to keep things light, because at the end of the day, it really is just a game. But more importantly the more relaxed you are the better you are at everything.

Pros are on Board:

Pat Perez was chosen as the first endorsed athlete by WMG for one simple and obvious reason—his authenticity. In line with the Murray brothers’ humble beginnings as caddies, Perez spent his formative years picking range balls, scrubbing clubs and absorbing life lessons from a cast of street-wise older characters who could’ve been ripped from the pages of the Caddyshack script. A 15year pro who marches to his own beat and tells it like it is, Perez is the perfect balance of respect for the game, while on a mission to ensure golf remains fun.

Bill Murray

Spring Line:

Our upcoming spring selection is inspired by the world of golf’s unsung hero: the groundskeeper. www.williammurraygolf.com. 18

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7




Men’s, Women’s, Mixed 2 Round Stroke Play 1 Day Team Scramble

MIAMI BEACH GOLF CLUB 2301 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33140



www.OutGames.org Follow us @OutGamesMiami

With the support of the Florida Sports Foundation, Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority, & Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

golf business

They say golf cart. We say golf car. For over a decade, golf carts had essentially been indistinguishable from one another, and paid little attention to the needs of the pro golfer. For our small group of Scandinavian designers, this realization became the stepping stone for the design of what we believe is not just a golf cart, but a golf car. At the roots of the Garia lie the Scandinavian principles of simplicity and functionality. Gone is the boxy body of golf carts past, replaced with a sleek, flowing form that mimics the rolling hills of an early morning out on the green. The ride, too, is a distinctive experience, and has more in common with a sports car than a golf cart. For one, each model features dualwishbone suspension and an advanced dual circuit braking system, making for

The interior consists of a sports steer-

dashboard which is available with op-

a smooth ride with superb handling.

ing wheel, a smooth automotive style

tions such as a built in refrigerator, and

Bubba Watson has upgraded to Garia 20

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7




Emerson Fittipaldi is a semi-retired Brazilian automobile racing driver who won both the Formula One World Championship and the Indianapolis 500 twice each and the CART championship once.

leather bucket seats.

It’s been an exciting ride for Garia. Our ambassadors now

include PGA professional Bubba Watson, and Formula One rac-


ing legend Emmerson Fittipaldi, who are very respected in their


individual professions. Following our collaborations with the


high end- car tuning company Mansory, and earlier this year,


with Mercedes-Benz Style, our most recent release is a 2017


Garia Golf car, which is the lightest in its class. Weighing just


399 kg (880 lbs.) including batteries, the new Garia Golf results


in the lowest amount of turf compaction on golf courses.


With new features such as a redesigned roof with improved water drain management, a fold down windshield, and the biggest upgrade of all: standard integration of a lithium battery, the new Garia Golf raises the bar and and takes position as “the ultimate golf car”. Our lithium batteries offer the benefits of no maintenance, reduced weight resulting in less turf compaction, overall lower cost of ownership, and a 5-year battery warranty.  

And while the new Garia Golf may not improve your golf

score, it will most certainly give your ride on the course a boost, while being gentle on the turf.

Through innovation, research, and an unwavering passion

for design, we have completely reimagined the traditional golf cart. Crafted from only the highest quality automotive materials, and through the most revolutionary design in the industry, at Garia we create vehicles that perform even better than they look. Our vehicles are recognized as much for their functionality and usability as for their modern Scandinavian aesthetic, making the Garia not just your average golf cart, but a golf car. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7



By Joanne Miller

Grounds Crew is a Great Place to Grow Up “Ok, you are twelve now, it’s time to get a job,” I said to my daughter on her birthday last December. She was confused, so I told her the story of my life on the golf course. A golf course is a wonderful place to grow up. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I wasn’t playing golf, or beating balls on the range, cleaning carts or folding golf polos in the pro shop. I was cutting tees, mowing greens and fairways, hand raking bunkers, cleaning machines, and more! I was on the grounds crew. My family owns a 27-hole public golf course in western Michigan that my Grandfather purchased, and worked, to pass down to his seven sons. My Dad was the second oldest son, and I was one of the earliest grandchildren. The only one, in fact, that worked the course. At eleven years old I started going to the golf course with my Dad, who was the Head Superintendent at the time. At first, I

Playing golf with my husband, Jim Miller, daughter Hannah (11 years old), son Owen (9 years old).

would just ride around

loved my summer job, being outside,

in a cart with him, but

and the freedom to be given a task

I quickly learned how

and for the next two to three hours

to drive a golf cart. My

would be left alone to get it done. Even

first promotion was to

while I was on a machine, it was all

fix the ball marks on

white noise to me. I enjoyed the quiet

the green before he ar-

and not talking to anyone. Which,

rived to cut it. Back in

considering that now I am in public

1987 we didn’t have ball

relations, all I do is talk and com-

marker repair tools, we

municate. It’s surprising how differ-

used flathead screwdriv-

ent my career turned out. Although,

ers or a tee to fix the

I am still in the golf industry, have

dents in the green!

been for over 27 years, and counting.

For the next ten years,

My grandfather, Raymond Sruba and two of his sons. Eldest son Mike Sruba, and my dad Dennis Sruba sitting on my grandfather's lap. 22

Times have changed since I was

I worked every summer

fixing ball marks on the green with

at the golf course. Six

a screw driver, and I don’t expect my

days a week, from 5:30

daughter to work at 12 years old. I do

a.m. (had to make sure

hope her first job is at a golf course,

we could cut at least

on the grounds, because what I

three greens before the

learned and how much of an impact

first golfers teed off)

it has had on my life is more than I

until about 3:30 p.m. I

could hope for my own children. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

“If you love golf like I do thank a golf course superintendent.” Thank a golf course superintendent for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at beautiful Lake Tahoe. The superintendent you thank will win a special prize too!

Two ways to enter: • Visit gcssaa.org/thankasuper • Tweet using #ThankASuper and #ContestEntry Complete rules available at gcsaa.org/thankasuper. Sweepstakes period: May 1-31, 2016

What is Sunniland? Sunniland

Professional Grade Fertilizers and Weed & Feeds Specially formulated for Southern Growers, Sunniland Corporation, Inc. offers a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production.

#1 Choice for Turf Management Turf management professionals are constantly battling weeds, insects, weather and more. With unfettered access to Sunniland experienced representatives and a full range of quality turf and ornamental products, turf grass managers have a powerful ally to ensure that their turf looks and performs its best! Slow-Release and Extended Feeding Sunniland offers several different turf grass weed & feed fertilizers, guaranteed to make turf beautiful, lush and green. Many of these in-stock turf grass fertilizers are available in slow-release version for extended feeding. Each of these fertilizers are excellent to apply on all warm-season grasses including Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

Custom Blended Fertilizers Take control with Sunniland’s uni-

form granular custom blended fertilizer. These blends use premium nitrogen and micro-nutrients to out-perform the competition. Pesticides are disbursed evenly as each granule of fertilizer is coated with the best type of pesticide for the job.

Clean and Free of Impurities Sunniland‘s water soluble fertilizers are manufactured on a dedicated line and are the industry standard blends pros have used for years on lawns, sports turf and golf courses including: • 33-0-17 • 0-0-62 • 46-0-0 • 23-0-31 These are the blends are clean and

free of impurities and are most efficient for delivering the nutrients needed for growing quality turf. Plus, Sunniland’s 23-0-31 blend has a stabilized nitrogen source for the highest efficient delivery of Nitrogen.

Better for the Environment and You A pioneer in fertilizer technology, Sunniland Corporation manufactures and distributes its Professional line of advanced slow-release fertilizers, which are better for the environment and better for you. Helping professional turf grass managers chart and maintain an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable turf program is job one. Sunniland offers extensive blending options on all of their professional use products. The company builds unique formulation programs to satisfy each customer’s specific need to better meet their requirements.

Who Uses Sunniland Pro? Sunniland Professional products are used every day by: • Athletic Field Groundskeepers – including the Florida Gators • Golf Course Superintendents • Ground Maintenance Supervisors • Landscape Contractors • Nursery’s – including Lukas Nursery • Turf Grass Management Professionals With the Sunniland Family of products, you can’t go wrong! 24

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

If there was a leaderboard for golf courses, we’d own it.

Presenting the Salamander Golf Collection. Featuring courses designed by golf’s most iconic architects including Nicklaus, Packard, Palmer and Watson. Florida’s Legends of Golf Trail, showcasing nine of the state’s top-rated courses. And home to numerous PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, LPGA Tour and Legends Tour championships.

T h e Sal am ande r Go lf Co lle c tio n SalamanderGolfCollection.com Salamander® Resort & Spa

Innisbrook® Golf & Spa Resort

Hammock Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Reunion® Golf & Spa Resort






A Salamander Hotels & Resorts Property — Now this is luxury.


By Greg Corbo

Turf Life 101 It really doesn’t matter where I live, because this applies anywhere common sense thrives. I live in South Central Pennsylvania in the historic district of Lancaster City – The Garden City also known as “The Red Rose.” The rolling countryside outside city limits here has proved fertile for agriculture which the Amish have maintained and occupied for centuries. Lancaster City is easily navigable on foot. I walk everywhere – to work, the market, the gym, basically anywhere I need to go. I grew up caddying, so walking a four or five block stretch or to the other side of town doesn’t make me think twice. Besides, a man on the move is always best on his feet. Lately, I find myself constantly observant of random trash that crosses my path. When I see it, I make a conscious effort to pick it up and place it where it belongs – in the trash. Each and every day when I see a piece of rubbish in my travels, I pick it up and dispose of it in a nearby can. Even if it’s just one article of trash a day, perhaps a potato chip bag tumbling in the wind, I feel like I’m making a difference in the world and for overall humanity when I remove it. It’s my good deed for the day, and it gives me an internal slice of satisfaction. The Parks and Recreation opportunities here within city limits are also plentiful. When traversing through or around these beautiful grounds, it disturbs me to see random trash strewn about where numerous cans reside for disposal purposes. Just the other day, I witnessed two plastic soda bottles sitting on the turf less than a 26

foot away from the can. Are people really that lazy, or do they simply have no respect for the environment? Either way, I feel compelled to enter the situation and make it right. Ask yourself, do walk by a piece of trash when you see a container on your way to place it in? Or are you just waiting for someone else to do it – like me? Then I thought, where did this moderate compulsive behavior originate? The golf course of course. My biggest pet peeve of all time hands down has to be trash on the golf course. I can spot it from 100 yards away. Why? Because it looks completely out of place. Whether I’m on a loop or playing, I’ll go out of my way to capture the rubbish and discard it. If you play golf and do not actively help beautify the surroundings by assisting in casual trash removal at your convenience, then you’re not understanding the spirit of Golf and the concept of “the other fellow first.” The idea is to leave your

surroundings the same if not better than you found it. Just because you didn’t create the litter doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up. Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite. And for all you smokers out there, I really hope your finished butts are ending up in your pocket. Then I thought about where this learned common sense approach stemmed from. It was learned through a forced part of the game’s etiquette which is repairing your ball mark when it indents the green. Not only should you just fix your ball mark, but even one or two others within your relative proximity. I fix mine and then try to fix at least two others on every green I step foot on. I also believe in “Golf Gods” and “Karma.” Take care of the course and it will take care of you. So please, find the course better than you found it and please, let’s keep the trash off our turf and streets for better visual quality of life, healthier turf and just plain respect for one another.

The 2015 U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship was the 70th U.S. Women's Open, held July 9–12 at Lancaster Country Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Much like the rolling Amish countryside on the south Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

SPEECHLESS. Words can’t truly express what it’s like here. The unusual terrain at Streamsong® is arresting, but it’s the 54 magnificent holes of golf that will take your breath away. It’s just you, your friends and the game you love. The way golf was meant to be. Top 100 Courses You Can Play – Golf Magazine 2016-2017

This is Streamsong. Golf at its purest.

1000 Streamsong Drive • Streamsong, Florida 33834 • 855.498.5426 • streamsongresort.com Streamsong® Blue

Streamsong® Red

Streamsong® Black

women in golf

Low Country Golf Hall of Fame

Welcomes Linda Hartough

Linda Hartough, world-renowned golflandscape artist (www.hartough.com), has been selected for induction into the Low Country Golf Hall of Fame. “I am deeply honored to be included in the Low Country Golf Hall of Fame,” said Hartough, the first artist to receive this distinction. “It is very fulfilling to have this lifetime achievement recognition for painting the great courses of the game.” The induction ceremony will take place April 1, 2017, at Moss Creek Golf Club, on Hilton Head Island, SC. Bob Collar, founder and executive director of the Low Country Golf Hall of Fame, will serve as master of ceremonies, and 13-time LPGA Tour winner Rosie Jones will speak. “Linda Hartough’s standing in the world of golf has brought such attention to us here in the Low Country,” Collar said. “We consider her to be the numberone golf-landscape artist in the world, and she is most deserving of a place in our Hall of Fame.” Hartough, who resides on Spring Island, S.C., joins Doug Weaver, longtime Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort director of golf instruction, as an inductee into the third induction class of the Low Country Golf Hall of Fame. Those who are already members include Sea Pines founders Charles Fraser and Joseph Fraser Jr.; well#12 Augusta by Linda Hartough


Linda Hartough known professionals Mike Harmon, Tim Moss, and Jim and Karen Ferree; successful amateur Kevin King; longtime Sea Pines executive Cary Corbitt; and golf writer Charles Price. The Low Country Golf Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring and recognizing people who have excelled in golf or who have contributed to the world of golf through integrity, innovation and leadership.

About Linda Hartough A confirmed artist since childhood, early in her career Hartough painted landscapes, portraits and horses. In 1984, Augusta National Golf Club commissioned her to paint its famous 13th hole, an event which propelled

Hartough toward specialization as a golf-landscape painter. Since then, her work has achieved a distinguished status, displayed in the permanent collections of such legendary clubs as Augusta National, Laurel Valley, Pinehurst and Pine Valley, as well as in the personal collections of such golf notables as Jack Nicklaus, Raymond Floyd and Rees Jones. Her work is included in the collections of the USGA Museum, in Far Hills, N.J., and the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Ga. Known for extraordinary attention to detail in her recreation of some of golf’s most beautiful holes, Hartough imbues her paintings with admiration for the scenery’s natural beauty and respect for the game’s history and tradition, elements which seem to emerge from the canvas. Hartough’s paintings of various holes at Augusta National Golf Club are prized by collectors the world over. In addition, Hartough painted the first of her U.S. Open series in 1990 – commissioned by the U.S. Golf Association – a 25year series she completed in 2014, as well as her official British Open Championship series from 1990-1999. Hartough has been honored with the Golf Digest Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a Founding Trustee of the Academy of Golf Art, a professional society of golf artists established in 2004 to create an awareness and appreciation of golf art as a valuable segment of fine art. For more information, visit www.hartough.com. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Black Diamond is honored to again be one of Go lfweek ’s Top 100 Residential Golf Courses in the United States. Great golf is just the start, however, with new home construction underway. Discover what makes Black Diamond one of the best private golf communities in Florida. Stay & Play packages start at $425. For more information, call Bill Hardin (352) 234-8855 Membership Real Estate Stay & Play www.blackdiamondranch.com 3125 W Black Diamond Circle, Lecanto, FL 34461

growing the game

By Dr. Harold Shinitzky

The Name Says It All What does it mean to be the top? Above relative to another. To have reached the pinnacle. The be the best. After my experience at Topgolf I would have to say, the name says it all. I was introduced to Topgolf Tampa as a fun, alternative Friday night activity with friends. The facility is impressive. Our group reserved a driving range bay and were escorted to promptly to our designated area on the second of three levels. We had the choice to discover the experience on our own or with the aid of one of their golf professionals. As virgins to this entity we opted for their pro, Alison Meyer. Upon my initial attempts to impress my friends, I drove the ball in what could best be described as a sideways curvilinear trajectory. In other words, I hooked that puppy. Fortunately, the gracious, polite and thoughtful pro asked if I would care for some assistance. She joined me at the tee box and


proceeded to make a few adjustments to my swing motion as well as my body position relative to the ball-striking location. The results spoke for themselves, straight. By repeating these adjustments, I achieved consistency I had previously never experienced. Without hesitation, I signed up for private lessons. Topgolf offers a combination of both social and competitive opportunities. The three-tiered facility located on Palm River Road in Tampa, offer over 100 climate-controlled private driving range bays that can accommodate the individual golf aficionado all the way up to large groups. The facility is visually stimulating with the color-coded targets varying by distance and to keep you in a great mood they pump in high-energy music. Topgolf offer lively activities for the non-golfer, top notch food and beverages in their bar/restaurant or at your private bay area as well

as a fantastic variety of golfing games that challenge your skill level. Subsequent private lessons with Topgolf pro, Alison offered keen insights and creative teaching methods which helped to emphasize specific technique, form and skill. The ability to consistently drive balls to the planned location is a wonderful feeling. I would imagine this is the same feeling that Spieth, Johnson and Day experience when they raise the champion’s trophy. What can I say about my experience at Topgolf? The name says it all. For more information about Topgolf in your area go to their website, www.topgolf.com/us/. Dr. Harold Shinitzky is a Sports Psychologist who works with PGA professionals and nationally ranked juniors. www.drshinitzky.com

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

golf history

By Linda Williams-Sieg

Thirteen Women had One Common Goal: To Change the Sport Forever “Things Happen for a Reason... There is a thread that connects then to now, yesterday to today, and there to here” –Steve Trivett, Sports Writer

The premier of

“The Founders” was a special happening in The Villages,

Florida. It is a feature length documentary film about the beginning of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). The film recalls the story of 13 women who battled society, prejudice, and preconception to create a lasting global sporting Legacy. They were not supposed to be athletes! They were not supposed to get paid!

Yet in 1950, Alice Bauer, Patty Berg, Bettye Danoff, Marlene Bauer Hagge, Helen Hicks, Helen Detweiler, Opal Hill, Betty Jamison, Sally Sessions, Marilynn Smith, Shirley Spork, Louise Suggs, and the great Babe Zaharias turned their passion for golf into reality. Their story is a legacy and a treasure, captured by award-winning filmmakers Charlene Fisk, Phoebe Brown and Carrie Schrader of Mighty Fine Pictures in Atlanta. An extraordinary kaleidoscope of rare archival footage, historical reenact-


it tells their story. A story that had never been told! A short trailer can be seen: https://vimeo.com/138674198 or visit “The Founders” on Facebook. Things happen for a reason, thus a petition was created by Tim Creely,

“We were supposed to be married and having children....it just wasn’t normal to have a woman on the golf course”. –Marilynn Smith

Babe Zaharius and Louise Suggs

surviving founders and current players-

ments and current day interviews with

Director, The Villages Golf Management Solutions. As a result of the successful premier of the film the concept of celebrating and honoring these courageous women was born. The petition requests the LPGA and the World Golf Hall of Fame should consider Induction of The Founders-all 13 women of the original founders who are not currently recognized. This year 2017 marks the 67th Anniversary of the LPGA. These ladies’ sacrifice, desire, and tireless efforts built the foundation for the success for today’s players and fans alike. For further information contact: Shirley Keeney, SMKDHK@comcast. net or Linda Williams-Sieg (Linda Williams_51@msn.com Watch for “The Founders” at a premier at major film festivals worldwide followed soon with theatrical, Golf Channel broadcast and online releases. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

what's new

The L2 MOI MAX – How SWEET it is!

www.L2putters.com A key feature of the L2 MOI MAXX is its ability to stand on its own giving the player the option to step back behind the putter and the ball to read the greens more accurately. L2 Putters launched at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and the company has been on a roll ever since. The premium hand crafted putters garnered numerous “Best of” Awards last year including “Best New Putter” by PGA.com - and they won’t break your wallet at an average cost below $200. If you’re one of those people that have been searching for an alternative to anchor putting or struggle with consistency, the L2 MOI MAX may be your Sunday ticket for sinking more putts. The L2 MOI MAX is an oversized, extremely stable, perimeter weighted mallet putter. At 620 grams, the L2 MOI MAXX creates the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) in golf compared to an industry average of 360 grams. The club head measures 6.25 inches from toe to heel and is combined with L2’s custom 34

weighted grip providing a smooth, gravity-fed pendulum motion for optimum distance control and consistency. “There are three essential elements that enhance your ability to improve the consistency of your putting style - Alignment, Contact and Stroke Stability,” says John Ambrose, President of L2 Putters. “The L2 MOI MAXX putter is the only putter on the market that has all three built into the design of the putter.” The most unique performance feature of the L2 MOI MAX is the huge Sweet Spot Zone on the putter face that measures 3.5 inches – FIVE times the area of most standard putters. When applied to physics, what makes the sweet spot on average putters so devious is that an off center hit will not only lose energy transfer to the ball effecting distance, but it will also alter the face direction. Considering the slower club head speed and the size of the stroke Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

used when putting, it’s amazing how often the sweet spot is missed especially since the ball is not moving. “As for the importance of this contact, I’d rank it higher than distance control and direction,” states Ambrose, “When you miss the sweet spot, the off center ball contact redirects the face off the aim line; the impact energy for distance control is effected as well. You can apply all the proper stroke techniques, but if you miss the sweet spot, you will miss the putt.” If alignment is your issue, the L2 MOI MAX will help you stop micromanaging your putter. The custom weighted grip eliminates dominant hand issues where tension and nerves come into play. The bold parallel alignment marks on the top of the club head frame the track line to the cup and the stand-alone capability of the putter provides easy alignment from behind the ball. Together, these three game improvement features provide the added confidence to use your eyes to assess the distance and see the track line to the hole while you are actually stroking the ball. The higher MOI stops unnecessary twisting and turning and will improve your distance control, alignment and tempo. The L2 MOI MAXX comes with a powder-coated head in black or white and multiple accent color options, matching head cover and a 16-inch non-tapered square grip or XL over-sized grip. Standard length and lie angle is 33 inches and 73 degrees and custom fitting is available. “By combining your natural talents with technology and the physics of the L2 putter, you will enjoy stress free putting and lower your scores,” says Ambrose. “I guarantee it. The L2 MOI MAX is worth its weight – all you have to do is try it!”

L2 MOI MAXX features and benefits: • Club head weight of 620 grams (average putters 360 grams) • Toe to heel dimensions of 6.25 for maximum stability • Impact Zone measures 3.5 inches (average sweet spot – 0.7 inch) • Flat sole keeps club head in place after alignment • Bold parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup • Stand-alone design makes alignment easy

www.L2putters.com Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


what's new

Pro Putt Systems Brings Indoor Short Game Practice to Life!

Just a few years ago,

high quality, realistic indoor short game practice was very difficult to achieve. One would be required to build up a complex wooden frame, core drill holes in their base-

Golf Room at Virginia Tech views, today you can view thousands of indoor golf spaces, many built by us. We use the latest in non-infill putting turf, numerous chipping turfs, interlocking base panel technology, creative design concepts and cutting edge installation procedures. This allows us to design, build, ship and often install the nation’s best indoor practice areas.” Brett Joy – Director Pro Putt Systems A quick cruise around the ProPuttSystems.com website will reveal all kinds of innovative short game practice equipment.

Golf Shop Model in a man cave

ment floor or bring loads of sand into their space to which created a big mess, rather than in indoor putting green. Today, all this has changed and one company is leading the pack in all around indoor short game practice. Pro Putt Systems is a North Carolina based company who has mastered the concept of bringing indoor short game practice to homes, golf centers, country clubs and colleges throughout North America. “As recent as 5 years ago, if you Googled the term Golf Room you would only find hotel rooms with golf course 36

• Modular Greens ranging from 4’ x 10’ to 10’ x 20’ • Custom Greens with a fringe border • College golf room designs • Backyard DIY putting greens • Multi-Surface chipping pads • Pre-cut putting turf

• Bulk putting turf • Numerous putting accessories • Hundreds of images to stimulate your imagination How do they get the ball to drop in a cup? Pro Putt Systems uses a modular, interlocking base panel technology which elevates the putting turf off the ground and allows for a 2.5” drop into the varying cup locations. In addition, base panels allow for the easy addition and subtraction of undulation, the ability to achieve very realistic check and run on chip shots and the unique ability to inlay hitting mats directly into the putting surface. Whether you’re a college golf coach, a teaching professional or simply a golf enthusiast, you’ll love what Pro Putt Systems has to offer. www.proputtsystems.com.

Golf Room Install Residential Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Play in the SNEAK

PEEK CHALLENGE before the Honda Classic! February 17, 2017

Home of The 2017 Honda Classic February 20-26, 2017

• One round of golf daily on the Palmer, Fazio, Squire or Estates courses (Surcharge for Champion course) • Luxury accommodations with private balcony or terrace • Full breakfast each day in the Palm Terrace restaurant

* Per person, per night, double occupancy (plus tax and resort fee) rates from:

• Unlimited range balls and golf bag storage

$339 (February 1 – April 30, 2017)

$165 (May 25 – Sept. 30, 2017)

• Advance tee times are recommended

$279 (May 1 – May 24, 2017)

$279 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 30, 2017)

• Golf cart included

feature header

Spectacular Year-Round Mountain Golf Resort. Spend your next golf vacation nestled on the north shore of beautiful Lake Lure in the foothills of western North Carolina at an escape, Rumbling Bald Resort. Surrounded by the towering cliffs of Rumbling Bald Mountain, our 3,000+ acre property is home to a private sand beach, distinct dining experiences, wellness center and spa, numerous hiking and biking trails, and so much more. Golfers will enjoy our two championship golf courses, Apple Valley and Bald Mountain, each with a Golf Digest 4-star rating. Our courses weave themselves through the property and are specifically manicured for world-class play. an

Featured Hole #16 Par 3 at Bald Mountain Golf Course Scenes from the hit movie “Dirty Dancing� where filmed here.



what's new

Orlando Native Launches World's 1st Intelligent Golf Ball - Gen i1 Former Orlando native, Dr. Phillips High School alum and UCF graduate, Jason Koo has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 24. Koo’s first invention was the KooClip, the sunglass clip that goes on your car visor. He sold more than 80 million. That allowed Koo to retire and focus on his golf game. While becoming a scratch golfer, Koo blended his passions for golf, sports, electronics and innovation and founded Coach Labs. Coach Labs is a technology company that manufactures DuoTrac Golf, the world’s first 4D swing and hip analyzer. DuoTrac’s 4D wearable sensor technology tracks two key swing factors in golf: club face angle and hip sway, using two sensors attached to the club and two sensors on the player’s hips. These four sensors combined show golfers their swing featuring both club data and body data. This forms a snapshot in real time of a player’s swing from address, top of backswing, transition and the moment of impact. The hip sensors provide the golfer’s weight shift and lateral hip sway; the club sensors showing the face angles throughout the motion. “One thing many professionals have in common is they attack the ball from an “in-to-out or inside path” to achieve effortless power and accuracy, said Koo, President of DuoTrac. “Most golfers, have an over the top or outsideto-in path which uses the upper body to start the swing and not the core, which drives the power from the legs and hips.

If you focus on proper hip and weight shift during the backswing and transition, you will see more speed and power especially when you engage your hips first to the start of your downswing.” DuoTrac provides golfers a virtual “on-the-go” golf coach. The 4D technology and easy to use App provides real time tips and illustrations during practice sessions and builds your confidence and progress by tracking scores and game statistics. Compared to many swing analyzers, DuoTrac’s 4D technology is a user friendly, convenient tool for consumers and teaching professionals and is priced right at $129. At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show held in January at the Orange County Convention Center, Coach Labs took the game of golf to the next level – the generation of intelligence - by introducing the “Gen i1” the world’s first true intelligent golf ball. By embedding sensors into the ball, Gen i1 will be able to deliver critical data points such as ball speed, back spin, launch angle, carry distance and smash factor. The ball will also give golfers real time feedback when putting by providing the face angle, track line and ball rotation. The unveiling of the Gen i1 created quite the buzz on the opening day of the PGA Show. Curt Menefee, Host of FOX NFL Sunday and a partner in Coach Labs, served as the Master of Ceremonies for the standing room only event. Damon Hack featured Gen i1 as one of his top picks on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive. Golf WRX listed Gen i1 as Number 3 on their Top 10 list of Show Stoppers. Amateur Golf named Gen i1 as the winner of the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Best New Game Improvement Device of the Year. “At Coach Labs, we are continuing to push the envelope with multi-sensor technology,” said Koo. “The Gen i1 along with DuoTrac’s Swing and Hip Sway Sensors will be the most technologically advanced, portable and affordable swing analysis system offered in golf.” The Gen i1 will be rolled out in three phases. Pre-orders are now available. Phase One featuring the putting data will begin shipping this summer. To find out more, go to www.duotrac.com.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960

www.TurfLife.club Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7




Key Facts Indigenous varietal & one of the few grower in Salta region Grown at the highest level for Terrazas de los Andes, 5900 ft above sea level. A great aromatic and taste persistence, characteristic of this variety

Technical Information Harvest: hand picked Fermentation: low temperature and 2 months in contact with yeasts. Early bottling to maintain freshness and fruit expression Alc (v/v): 13% Ageing potential: 5 years

Shrimp Ceviche Aarón Sánchez for Terrazas de los Andes Pair with Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Torrontes Makes 30 2-ounce tasting portions 30 peeled jumbo shrimp 3 habanero chiles, grilled or roasted 1 16oz. can coconut milk 4 limes 4 oranges 1 bay leaf 1tsp coriander seeds 3T salt 8 cups water extra virgin olive oil lime juice chives, chopped cilantro, chopped ½ cup rice wine vinegar ½ cup pickled onion In a sauce pot, combine the water, salt, bay leaf, coriander seeds, 2 of the oranges and 2 of the limes squeezed and bring to a boil. In a bowl or container set up an ice bath with ice, water and the remaining 2 limes and oranges, squeezed. Add the shrimp to the boiling water and let cook for about 2 minutes. Transfer the shrimp the the ice bath and let cool. Dice.

Grip it and Sip it.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) operates as a separately governed entity and restricted fund within the Florida Turfgrass Association (FTGA), a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Its separate Board of Directors consists of representatives of the Green Industry including golf, sports turf, turf production, landscape and licensed lawn-care professionals. Its mission is to protect Florida’s environment and natural resources through the funding of environmental research and the sharing of sound scientific findings on the environmental and human-health benefits of properly maintained greenspaces and urban landscapes. www.EREFlorida.com. Mac Carraway is the Consulting Executive Director of EREF. Mac is also a past president of the FTGA and is currently its Director of Operations. His extensive experience in the Green Industry, particularly with water management issues, serves as a basis for EREF’s engagement in a broad variety of water-policy matters throughout Florida. In his spare time, Mac is an environmental photographer with a current emphasis on coastal birds, flora and landscapes in Southwest Florida near his home in Manatee County.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 6





There’s no place like

Paradise! Story and photos by Greg Wise

Congratulations to Brittany Licicome, winning the 2017 LPGA Pure Silk Championship on Paradise Island. It was a hard fought battle that came down to changing weather conditions and a sudden death battle between to of the best in the LPGA. Brittany held off Lexi Thompson on the first extra hole to win the title. We are so proud of Brittany. We will be re-running a feature story that Florida Golf Central (original name) in our next issue about, that was completed in 2001 about this features super star. Well... the future is now. Congratulations Brittany. The original article written by Rick Harris about the rising star Brittary Licicome from our first released magazine in 2001

2017 Pure Silk Champion Brittany discusses putt movement on 18

Georgette Rolle, Nassau, Bahamas Lexi Thompson

Evening at the Inner Harbor at Atlantis

Stacey Lewis

Sunrise in Paradise - in New Providence Harbor

Bridge to Paradise and the Atlantis Hotel 46

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

golf history

Clewiston Golf Course:

By Mike May

A Southern " Sweet"-Spot Experience If you want a different triathlon experience, that includes golf, travel to Clewiston, Florida. There, you can fish for largemouth bass in nearby Lake Okeechobee, play golf at the renovated Clewiston Golf Course, and go skydiving with Skydive Spaceland at the nearby Airglades Airport, where you’ll get an amazing view of southern Florida. Nicknamed ‘America’s Sweetest City’ because the U.S. Sugar Corporation is based in this community, Clewiston is located an hour’s drive east of Fort Myers and an hour’s drive west of West Palm Beach. This town is an outdoor paradise for golfers, fishermen, skydivers, and birdwatchers, too.

In 1928, Clewiston’s civic leaders hired golf course architects Wayne Stiles and John Van Kleech to design an 18-hole course. Stiles and Van Kleech were influenced by the popular Donald Ross-style of golf course design philosophy. If golfers from the 1930s played the course today, they would be delighted to see that most of the surroundings have not changed. Golfing at the Clewiston Golf Course is a yesteryear experience. With Clewiston’s existence so closely connected to the sugar cane industry, it’s appropriate for the club’s logo to be a flagstick ‘growing’ from the base of a sugar cane plant. The Clewiston Golf Course (www.


clewiston-fl.gov) opened for play on Sunday, February 23, 1929. At the time, the daily greens fee was 50 cents. While Clewiston’s daily rates have increased in the last 80+ years, golf remains a fairly priced recreational endeavor at this golf course which is one of 53 golf courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail. The golf course, under the direction local PGA golf professional Robbie Rush, is a delight to play. This par 72-layout – where Rush holds the course record of 63 -- measures nearly 6,500 yards from the tips (white markers), nearly 5,800 yards from the middle tees (yellow markers), and just under 5,000 yards from the forward tees (red markers). “At the Clewiston Golf Course, we take great pride in our service to the golfers that come and play here,” says Rush, whose father was the pro at Clewiston for 30 years. “Everybody that comes to Clewiston to play golf always walks away pleasantly surprised by the quality of our golf course, especially for a small, south Florida community.  We get many repeat visitors every year.” At the Clewiston Golf Course, water comes into play on every hole, especially the par three 9th and 15th where it’s a 100 percent carry from tee to green. The 351-yard par four 18th is a left-toright configuration where water borders the entire right side of the hole from tee to green. It is also worth noting that the two highest handicap holes -424-yard par four 7th and the 412-yard par four 12th – have multiple watery graves. This course’s toughest stretch is from the 5th to the 11th, which features three of the par fives. There are a few items worth mentioning about the Clewiston Golf Course. Fivesomes are permitted; you are expected to play 18 holes in “time par,” which is four hours and 20 min-

utes or less; walkers are permitted after 10:00 am on weekdays and after 1:30 on weekends and holidays; tee times in the winter on Tuesday mornings are reserved for the Ladies Association, until 8:30; and the course is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. So, are you ready for a yesteryear golf experience at the Clewiston Golf Course? The pro shop (863-983-1448) opens at 7:15 a.m. and is ready for you to enjoy a memorable golf outing in ‘America’s Sweetest City,’ preceded, of course, by your local fishing and skydiving experiences.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


CARS & MOTORCYCLES WANTED We Invite you to register your vintage or contemporary car or motorcycle at anyone of our events. We have complimentary VIP programs for those that display vehicles with us. Perks include free hotel rooms, VIP section access, gifts from sponsors and more. For details call us today.



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By Steve Morris

Hey kids and parents! 2017 promises to be another great season of junior golf in our Section!

Registration is now open for the Drive Chip and Putt local qualifiers in our Section. The first step to achieving a dream to compete at Augusta National prior to the Masters begins again. North Florida is proud to offer 13 local qualifiers within our Section. We have also been selected to host 3 sub-regional qualifiers and the regional qualifier at TPC Sawgrass! We’ll kick the DCP season off nationally again prior to The Players at TPC Sawgrass! For more information and to register for the Drive Chip and Putt locals visit their website at drivechipandputt. com or visit our website at nfpga. com. We’re looking forward to seeing a record number of kids and parents gather for some competition and fun!

PGA and LPGA Professionals. Play on teams with friends, wear numbered jerseys and compete utilizing a popular scramble format. Learn together from PGA and LPGA Professionals in a welcoming environment for both friends and family. To learn more and get your kids involved visit pgajlg. com. Teams are forming in your area!

ida Golf License plate? All the funds go to your kids junior golf programs! Don’t miss our NFGPA Junior Championship at Reunion Resort on June 20 & 21 at our homesite of Reunion Resort. This is also the qualifier for the national PGA Junior Championship. We look forward to seeing you all this year again! We hope you can take more time this year to get out and tee it with your sons and daughters. Life gets hectic, we understand, but get your kids involved in the game of a lifetime! And get involved with them. They grow up too fast.

The North Florida PGA

Our Section offers

an extensive PGA Junior League Golf schedule for 2017. This initiative continues to gather momentum and grow throughout the state! PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from 50

kicked off its premier junior tour last year with great success. We are continuing our growth by doubling the amount of tournaments we’ll offer to juniors at some of the most premier facilities in the state! We offer an affordable and challenging tournament series run by PGA Members and our Tournament Director Ben Herring, PGA. We take pride in providing the juniors with a first class championship series. For more information visit nfpga.com and go to our Junior Golf tab. We must thank Florida Golf License Plate for presenting this great tournament series. Do you have a FlorSouthern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

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By Ana Whetstone Women's Golf Day attendees

Betsy King Alan Morin, PGA

than healthy forces into the golf ball. In additional to Jupiter Medical Center, GolfBuddy, SKIMP and ARGOLF were onsite to support the event and promote their latest products. Thank you to John Barrett, PGA Director of Golf, Mike Bronkema, PGA Head Golf Professional and the entire staff at Jupiter Country Club for hosting the event for the second straight year. Finally thank you to Betsy King for giving her advice and wisdom to our participants and all the PGA Professionals who were on-site giving free instruction: Bill Balash, Warren Bottke, Bruce Brandt, Art Carlson, Frank Clark, Steve Clawson, Kevin Compare, Chris David, Scott Fetner, Steve Harris, Michelle Hupfer, Mike Jonges, Will Lust, Bob Purcell, Nancy Quarcelino, Chase Vande Zande, Eddie Walsh and Craig Watson.

Honda Classic Walk With a Pro

Alan Morin, PGA Competes in The Honda Classic This week Alan Morin, PGA Assistant Golf Professional at The Falls Club of the Palm Beaches will compete in the 2017 Honda Classic. This will be Morin’s ninth start in the Honda Classic, in which he has made the cut three times (2008, 2007 and 2003). Morin received an exemption into The Honda Classic as a result of winning the 2016 South Florida PGA OMEGA Player of the Year point’s race.   Morin had an outstanding 2016 season, earning him 1,018 points in the OMEGA Player of the Year Race. Morin has been named South Florida PGA Player of the Year nine times. With an impressive finish to his season, Morin was victorious at two of the South Florida PGA’s major championships: South Florida PGA National Car Rental Assistant PGA Professional Championship and the South Florida PGA Professional Championship/Section Championship. Additionally, he placed 2nd at the Florida Open Championship in July. Morin competed in the 2016 PGA Professional Championship at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York, where he finished T36. He also participated in the 2016 National Car Rental PGA Assistant Championship at PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Fla where he finished T8. With his victory at last year’s South Florida PGA Professional Championship/Section Championship, Morin will earn a spot in the 2017 Puerto Rico Open.  Morin will tee off on Thursday at 1:25 PM. We wish Alan the best of luck! 52

Betsy King

Warren Bottke and Martin Kaymer

2017 Women’s Golf Day The South Florida PGA hosted the fifth annual free Women’s Golf Day, Saturday, February 18 at Jupiter Country Club. Over 120 ladies participated in the day, which included free instruction from 18 PGA Professionals. After the instruction, the ladies were treated to a 45-minute clinic from LPGA Tour legend Betsy King. To finish the day, the ladies enjoyed a cocktail hour as the sun set. Women’s Golf Day is a unique day that is open to ladies of all skill levels to learn from the experts in the game. Not only did the ladies learn helpful tips from PGA Professionals, they were also able to try out the latest equipment from Titleist and Callaway. Jupiter Medical Center sponsored the event and was onsite to give free evaluations through their Golf Health Program. This program assesses a student for golf readiness and compatibility for the game. The health assessment is designed to help identify where the student may be driving adverse forces into the body rather

Adam Scott and Mike Jonges Today, fifty-one South Florida PGA Professionals volunteered their time to walk in the Honda Classic Cares Pro-Am. They walked alongside the PGA Tour Players and the amateurs in the group to serve as Pace of Place Ambassadors. This marked the eleventh year the South Florida PGA and the Honda Classic offered this opportunity to PGA Professionals. The Honda Classic is the presenting partner of the South Florida PGA Junior Tours. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

Thank you to Marty Price and all the PGA Professionals who volunteered their time for the event: Mark Beaulieu, Warren Bottke, Stefan Brunt, Santos Caceres, Matt Caister, Mark Cammarene, Artie Carlson, Jack Carney, Steve Clawson, Bob Coman, David Comstock, James Cook, Chris David, Tommy Durick, Sean Fairholm, David Flinn, Jamie Fordyce, Greg Gardner, John Gardner, Dan Halverson, Rick Heard, Eric Hengstenberg, Jose Hernandez, Mac Hood, Steve Jablonowski, Dan James, Mike Jonges, Robert Lane, Don Law, Todd Leckrone, Stephen Limpach, John Lubin, Mike McLellan, Mike Melton, Chase Minnick, Bela Nagy, Chet Nowak, Mike Ortega, Desiderio Pal, Kevin Perkins, Bobby Petelinkar, Bob Purcell, Tom Regan, Rick Saunders, Cody Sinkler, Charles Smid, Ken Smythe, Michael Valicenti, John Vicker and Eddie Walsh.

an opening round 3-over-par 73 to take early lead in the girls division. Wellington native Jenna Fonda and West Palm Beach native Hannah Rizzolo each fired 4-over-par 74’s on Saturday.  Doral native Skylee Shin, who opened up round one with a 5-over-par 75, put together a solid final round 74 to post a tournament total 149 for the final pairing to chase.  Despite Smith, Fonda, and Rizzolo’s efforts, none were able to overcome Shin’s lead as she captured the overall girl’s title.  Fonda would go on to capture the girls 13-15 age division title, while Rizzolo would take home the girls 16-18 age division title.

a great weekend in the boys 11-12 age division. Jelinek shot rounds of 77-72 to capture the boy’s 11-12 age division.  Miami native John Marshall finished second, while Boca Raton native Jack Kantowski would take home third place.  Chloe Kovelesky had another great weekend after rounds of 79-75 to win the girls 1112 age division.  Stephanie Barbaglia of Jupiter finished second, while Kiley Malmberg of Jupiter took home third place.

Martin County Golf Course Plays Host to First Prep Tour Event of 2017 Cee and Clanton Capture First Challenge Tour Event of 2017

Liss and Shin Win First Championship Tour Event of 2017 The South Florida PGA Junior Championship Tour presented by The Honda Classic held the Club Chef Junior Championship at Club Med Sandpiper Bay held its first tournament of the 2017 season. Sachin Kumar of Port St. Lucie opened up round one with a 2-under-par 68 to take the day 1 lead in the boys division. Fred Biondi of Port St. Lucie kept himself within striking distance of Kumar after a round of 1-over-par 71.  Port St. Lucie native Jeff Liss fired an opening round 2-over-par 72.  Biondi got off to a hot start on Sunday after shooting 4-under-par on his opening 9 to erase Kumar’s lead.  Liss birdied the 12th, 13th and 16th holes on Sunday to post a 3-under-par 67 and put the pressure on Kumar and Biondi.  Kumar managed to grind out a 1-over-par 71 to force a sudden death playoff with Liss.  During the first playoff hole, Liss managed to make birdie and capture the boy’s title.  Fort Lauderdale native Adamo Di Tullio would take home the boys 16-18 age division, while Kumar would take home the boys 16-18 age division. Hobe Sound native Andie Smith shot Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

The South Florida PGA Junior Challenge Tour held its first Challenge Tour Event of 2017 presented by The Honda Classic held Challenge event #1 at Club Med Sandpiper Bay.   Miami Lakes native Luke Clanton continued his winning ways this weekend. Clanton fired a 1-over-par 71 during the opening round to find himself one stroke behind Lighthouse Pointe native Jonathan Mourin.  Fernando Castillo of Wellington made a final round push after shooting an even-par 70.  Despite Castillo’s effort, Clanton was able to hold steady with a final round 1-under-par 69 to capture the boys overall title.  Castillo would take home the boys 13-15 age division, while Gabo Del Campo of Royal Palm Beach would take home the boys 16-18 age division.  Port St. Lucie native Nicole Cee, who was the recipient of the Most Improved Player award in 2016, made another breakthrough this weekend.  Cee fired an opening round 81 to find herself one behind Frances Melendez of Palm Beach Gardens.  Cee would go on to shoot a final round 4-over-par 74 to capture the girls overall title.  Palm Beach Gardens native Bridget Forgatch would take home the girls 13-15 age division title, while Madisyn Bloom of Wellington would take home the girls 16-18 age division title.   Boynton Beach native Max Jelinek had

The South Florida PGA Junior Prep Tour presented by The Honda Classic held the first Prep Tour Event of the 2017 season at Martin County Golf Course. This event featured a field of 66 players aging from 9-15 years old. With amazing weather and a competitive field of players, seven individuals went home with a win. Eric Nguyen of Pembroke Pines took home the boys 9-10 age division with a 6-over par, 78. West Palm Beach native Michael Nardone took runner-up for the boys 9-10 age division with an 11-over par 83. Dalton Payne of Estero took home the boys 11-12 age division with a 5-over par 77. Palm Beach native Rafe Cochran was runner-up in the boys 11-12 age division with an 8-over par 80. Bernardo Bruxelas of Jupiter captured the boys 13-15 age division with a 3-over par 75.  Homestead native Eric Weiss took home runner-up for the boys 13-15 age division with a 9-over par 81. Gloria Nip of Port St. Lucie captured the girls 9-10 age division with a 6-over par 78. Miami native Remi Bacardi took home the runner-up spot in the girls 9-10 age division with an 85. Madison Moman of Palm Beach Gardens took home the girls 11-12 age division with an 86. Weston native Alessandra Tabora was the runner-up for girls 11-12 age division with an 89. Paige Washburn of Vero Beach won the girls 13-15 age division with an 88. Davie native Morgan Herring took home runner-up in girls 13-15 age division with a 90. 53

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Inventors and Entrepreneurs Shine at 2017 PGA Merchandise Show


he 64th PGA Merchandise Show, held Jan. 24-27, in Orlando, welcomed some 1,000 top golf companies and brands from around the world to the industry’s annual trade show and global summit. While much of the Orange County Convention Center floor featured golf ’s major manufacturers, the driving force of the PGA Show, since its humble beginnings in the parking lot at PGA National Golf Club in Dunedin, Fla, in 1954, has been inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up merchandisers. The Inventors’ Spotlight and New Product Zone areas at the show have become a proven launching pad for new training and teaching aids, accessories and equipment to be seen by industry influencers product development experts, distributors and retail buyers. This year was no exception. Here are a few top picks:

Caddy-Clean Joshua Macari and his two friends on the Bishop Feehan High school golf team in Attleboro, Mass. would spend 45 minutes before every match cleaning their clubs in the kitchen sink. Or worse yet, find themselves spitting on their clubs on the course, barely scraping off the dirt in their grooves with an inferior brush. Their desire and motivation to clean their clubs faster and better led to the invention of Caddy-Clean. Caddy-Clean combines all the elements of efficient cleaning tools into one quick, convenient and effective device. The self-contained unit provides the following: spray bottle, scratch free scrub pad, brass groove shapers and fold out brass brush (that won’t scratch or wear down grooves) neatly organized in a durable carrying chassis. Caddy-Clean is easily accessible and attaches to your golf bag with a durable hook and recoiling tether. An 18-inch x 20-inch premium golf towel is also included to complete the package. www.caddy-clean.com


Jonathan Gilinski is an avid golfer whose “day job” is President and CEO of Capsuline, a leading manufacturer of gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical industry. Having an in-depth knowledge of the biodegradable properties of gelatin and a love for golf, Gilinski became driven to invent and manufacture an eco-friendly golf tee using the by-products of gelatin. After several years in development, GelTees is now available to golfers and golf courses worldwide. Tee it. Crush it. Forget it. Save your back and never pick up a tee again. Designed for one-time use, GelTees shatter into tiny pieces on impact. Made of 100 percent pharmaceutical grade gelatin, GelTees completely biodegrade within a few days. Moisture from the grass, daily irrigation, and weather conditions dissolves GelTees completely. Go green with GelTees and your local superintendent will thank you! www.geltees.com 54

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

KenRick Belts KenRick Golf Company has two founders - Ken Block (not the DC Shoes/race car guy and not the lead singer of Sister Hazel) and Rick Schad. Ken is a computer guy who owns a software engineering business and was a candidate for Governor of Rhode Island in 2014. Rick Schad has over 25 years of design experience, from designing t-shirts for some of the greatest rock bands on earth to designing toys for some iconic toy brands. Made in the USA, KenRick golf belts are precision-crafted, premium leather and webbed belts that combine fashion and function enabling golfers to conveniently carry their divot tool and ball marker right in the tip of their belt. No more stabbing your hand when reaching into your pocket or even worse, puncturing a hole in your favorite golf pants. The distinctive divot repair tool is made of a The distinctive divot repair tool is made of a premium sleek and lightweight alloy for strength and durability. A magnetic and easy-to-logo ball marker comes attached on the back. www.kenrickgolf.com

Divot Check

Golf inventors and imagineers come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. John Yahnite is a professional Casino Table Games Dealer who works the graveyard shift at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa. By day, his passion is golf. John has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 20 years and is the inventor of Divot Check.

SteadiHead Designed by PGA Class A Member, LPGA Professional, and former Orlando resident, Bobbi Salmon, SteadiHead is a training device that develops laser focused putting.

Divot Check is the future of alignment aids. The adjustable, visual alignment device allows you to determine the exact points for your feet, club and ball position. It can be used with all your clubs, including your putter. Divot Check is the only alignment aid that can improve your play around the green and in bunkers. It helps with distance control, tempo and learning to properly shape shots. Divot Check can be logo’d for tournament gifts and clips easily onto you golf bag or slides into a pocket. www.divotcheck.com

SteadiHead addresses the three most common factors associated with poor putting: (1) aligning the eyes over the ball, (2) training the eyes to see the true line of the putt , and (3) keeping still throughout the putting stroke. SteadiHead uses the latest, most powerful laser technology. The lightweight comfortable eye frames can be worn alone or over glasses without interfering with one’s normal field of vision. Practice with a focused purpose. SteadiHead will make you a happier golfer, one less putt at a time. www.steadiheadputting.com Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


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Rod Spittle’s 2nd Annual Dunedin Heritage Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament Rod Spittle hosted

the 2nd Annual Dunedin Heritage Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament with presenting sponsor, Cure Putters, at Dunedin Golf Club in Florida. The city of Dunedin has long been known as an eclectic community focused on the arts and committed to its rich heritage. There are many historic landmarks throughout the city that add flavor to its visitors and residents alike. One such landmark is the Dunedin Golf Club, which served as the home to the Professional Golfers Association from 1945 to 1972. All the greats like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones have played and competed at the Dunedin Golf Club. In 2015, the “Dunedin Isles Golf Club” as it was formerly known, was named to the National Register of Historical Places. Champions Tour Player and parttime resident of Dunedin, Rod Spittle, wanted to bring attention to this wonderful historic landmark and embarked on an effort to “feature” the golf course, its history in golf, as well as benefitting children’s charities. Champions, PGA and LPGA Tour players and celebrities who joined Rod Spittle to compete at this event included: Skip Kendall, Courtney Harter, Michael Davan, Scott Hoch, Casey Kennedy, Tyler Sluman, Kevin Benstead, John Downey, John Huston, Jennifer Neville, Tim Petrovic, Steen Tinning, Gar Hamilton, Ericka Schneider, Brad Bryant and Jim Dent. All proceeds from the Tournament benefited The Special

Cure Putters CEO, Jim McCarthy with Rod Spittle

Olympics, Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Clearwater For Youth and other local charities. “It was a great event and we are thrilled to be a sponsor. It’s a tremendous honor to be associated with Rod and Ann Spittle and these worthy causes,” said Jim McCarthy, CEO of Cure Putters.“It’s easy to support something like this when you have such great people involved. Rod’s a good friend and has had great success with our putter on the Champions Tour, so we are excited to be a part of this and help raise money to benefit these charities that are so close to his heart.”

About Cure Putters Cure Putters is a golf putter manufacturer based in Jacksonville, Florida. Guided by the principle that “Form Follows Function”, Cure Putters takes a no-nonsense, performance driven approach to putter design. Cure putters all feature an Extremely High MOI design, which is very stable and offers incredible forgiveness for much greater accuracy and distance control, even on extreme mishits. The adjustable weighting system allows a wide range of weight adjustability, allowing the golfer to find the perfect weight to suit their stroke and tempo. With a higher center of gravity, lower loft and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator, Cure Putters deliver a superior roll - getting the ball rolling sooner, helping it stay on the intended line. Cure Putters’ innovative design takes several problematic variables out of the equation and offers incredible forgiveness and control, resulting in a tighter shot dispersion. Golfers of every skill level will putt more consistently, build confidence and achieve better results with a Cure putter. All Cure Putters are CNC milled from a solid block of T-6160 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and 100% Made and Assembled in the USA. For more information on Cure Putters visit cureputters.com. 56

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


100% Proceeds Benefit

Bay Hill Club & Lodge ArnoldPalmerInvitational.com


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Banyan Golf Club:

A South Florida Sensation At the Banyan Golf Club (www.banyangolfclub.com) – a private, par-72 layout in suburban West Palm Beach, Florida– the setting for this Joe Lee design is best described as ‘Mother Nature and Mankind Existing in Perfect Harmony.’ Once you pass through Banyan’s front gate, you will have entered a very wellmaintained and manicured paradise for golfers. The attention to detail at Banyan is second to none. At Banyan, the shrubs and bushes are in full bloom, the grass is an attractive hue of green, the fairways are meticulously maintained, the trees are trimmed, the bunkers are filled with pure white sand, the greens are perfect, and the lakes look like tropical fishing destinations. It’s also a great place to live if you are a rodent, fish, reptile, or a bird. If first impressions are important, then the Banyan Golf Club (1393 Lyons Road, West Palm Beach, Florida; 561-793-0177) passes the eye test. It’s simply a wonderfully designed and maintained golf course. It’s one of Banyon Golf Club Hole #17


life’s pleasures to play golf at Banyan. All credit should be given to Banyan’s superintendent and his staff for their daily attention to detail. A sign of their quality control is how crisp and clean the cups are cut on the greens. The sand traps are always raked. “We are very fortunate to have such a great club,” notes David Eby, Banyan’s director of golf. “The unique characteristic of this club is we have a terrific membership and board of directors that are committed to making Banyan the best it can be.   We are also blessed to have a course free from homes. The whole feel of Banyan is that it’s a very calming and relaxing course to play.   It’s a very fair and challenging course without being tricked up or a very difficult torture test.  I would best describe our course as “Our little slice of golfing paradise.” The Banyan experience starts with the driving range which has a pyramid of balls waiting for you at every station. There’s also a first-class chip-

Banyon Golf Club Hole #14 ping and putting green where you can work on your short game, as you make final preparations to play Banyan’s rather large and, at times, undulating greens. Escaping Banyan without a three putt is a worthy achievement. As you approach Banyan’s first tee, there are five tees to choose from – starting with the green tees (5,277 yards) and extending as far back as the black tees (7,107 yards) – so finding your comfort zone at Banyan should not be difficult. Both the front and the back nine at Banyan start with 500+ yard par fives and conclude with 400+ yard par fours. If you can finish and end both ninehole experiences with a par, then you will do well at Banyan. The three most exciting tee shots to hit at Banyan are at the par three sixth, the par four 11th, and the par three 13th. At the sixth, pay attention to the pin position before you select your club. When the pin is back right, a high power fade (for right handers) is necessary to find the pin. If in doubt, take another club as your tee shot at the sixth is often hit into the wind. At the 11th, you must make a decision on how much of the lake you want to cut off with your tee shot on this 90-degree right-to-left dogleg. If in doubt, it’s always best to take a more conservative line of flight with your tee shot. The 13th is a wonderful downhill par three where you can watch the ball flight from start to finish. So, if you ever get a chance to play the Banyan Golf Club on your next trip to south Florida, take it. It will be your chance to see firsthand that Banyan is a place where ‘Mother Nature and Mankind Are Existing in Perfect Harmony.’

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

By Mike May

Come and Grow with Us!


alabama golf central

By Mike May

Silver Lakes:

It's Great For Your Body, Spirit & Soul Very few venues on Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail pack as much power, punch, and panache into each course as the Silver Lakes site does with its three nine-hole layouts. Located in the rolling countryside just outside Gadsden, Alabama, the three golf courses at Silver Lakes have three of the most appropriate names of any golf courses on Alabama’s RTJ Golf Trail:

Silver Lakes Mindbreaker #2

Backbreaker, Heartbreaker, and Mindbreaker. And, if that’s not enough, the nine-hole Short Course is a real treat, as well. Of the 11 venues on the RTJ Golf Trail, Silver Lakes is the only one featuring four independent nine-hole experiences. If you only have time for nine holes or you just want to play nine holes or if you need to play an ‘emergency’ nine to settle a bet, then head for Silver Lakes. You’ll get your money’s worth and create a set of memories that your back, heart, and mind will never forget. If there are any nine-hole golf courses in the U.S. that deserve the ‘championship’ label, it’s the Backbreaker, Heartbreaker, and Mindbreaker trio, as they are the real deal. For a true 18-hole championship test, you could match any two of them and it would not matter which nine-hole set served as the front nine and which nine-hole set was your back nine. Many golfers agree that the Backbreaker complements the Heartbreaker. Other golfers are of the opinion that the Heartbreaker supplements the Backbreaker. And nearly every golfer feels that the Mindbreaker is a memorable

mental experience unto itself. If you play all three nine-hole courses on the same day, you will have a back-breaking experience complemented by heartbreaking memories supplemented by many mind-breaking moments. Simply put, playing golf at Silver Lakes is an unforgettable experience. It’s real golf – from beginning to end. If you want a thorough examination of the state of your golf game, head to Silver Lakes. The strengths of your game will shine like a bright light and the weaknesses of your game will clearly be identified and revealed. If you are too bold or ambitious with your tee selection at Silver Lakes, it won’t be good for your back, heart, mind, or scorecard, for that matter. The condition of Silver Lakes and the attention to detail of the greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, and rough helps make the Silver Lakes experience so special and impactful. Whether you play well or poorly, Silver Lakes is a course that you always want to return to play, but only if your back, heart, and mind are willing and able.

Silver Lakes Clubhouse 60

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7


The GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club 414 King Street, Oviedo, FL 32765

Celebrate Spring High Tea Friday and Saturday April 7th and 8th, 2017 11:30am









Delicious Teas Scones, Savories, Finger Sandwiches Tempting Desserts Door Prizes Silent Auction Reserved Seating Only $30 per person (tax incl.) For more information please call 407-415-1995




alabama golf central header

Luxury as Defined By Golfers: The Stay and Play Package at Pursell Farms Ask golfers to list

the elements they would most like to have in a golf package, and the top answers may include a player-friendly, perfectly-manicured course surrounded by beautiful scenery, followed by comfortable accommodations and good food. The Golf Stay and Play package at Pursell Farms goes several steps beyond, presenting an exceptional golf experience wrapped up in Southern Hospitality. “Top of the list is a great course, and FarmLinks is not only a pleasure to play, but with wide open fairways and large greens, the course is challenging and enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels. We offer unlimited use of our practice facility, with its own panoramic views, to warm up before play,” said Tim Spanjer, director of marketing at Pursell Farms. “We’ve also added luxuries such as access to a putting green and chipping course right outside the cabin door, and spacious accommodations with personal golf carts to make it easy to get around the resort.” The FarmLinks course offers a mix of dramatic elevation changes, pristine fairways, and immaculate greens. The 7,444-yard course has been named Golfweek’s No. 1 all-access course in Alabama since 2013 and is ranked in Golf Advisor’s Top 10 Courses in the U.S. The cottages and cabins on Masters Row are situated right off the 11th hole, and feature four spacious, double-occupancy guestrooms opening to a handsomely-appointed common living area with high ceilings, plush seating, flat screen TV, kitchenette, dining area, and porch. From planning the day over coffee in

The Golf Stay and Play Package $235 per person, double occupancy* $350 per person, single occupancy* • Deluxe cabin for cottage room for one evening • One 18-hole round of golf with cart • Putting green and chipping course steps just outside the cabin • Unlimited use of practice facility and all-you-can-hit balls on the driving range • Special Stay and Play golf gift for use during your stay

For reservations and information, please visit www.pursellfarms.com. *Rates are exclusive of taxes and gratuities. Package is valid from March 31 to October 31, 2017, is subject to change, and may not be used with any other promotions, special offers, or discounts. not included in package pricing. Catered dinner in cabin or cottage is not included.

the morning, to watching a chef prepare dinner using farm-grown ingredients in the cottage that evening, the lodging provides pure comfort and convenience for four to eight golfers. In 1975, the Pursell family began transforming land holdings in Sylacauga into a golf showcase. Today the 3,200-acre resort is an extraordinary destination for weekend escapes, golf getaways, weddings, and corporate retreats. Situated in the Central Alabama foothills about 45 minutes by car from Birmingham and two hours from Atlanta, the resort features the 18-hole, 7,444-yard championship FarmLinks course, named Golfweek’s 2016 No. 1 allaccess golf course in Alabama; and is home to the only ORVIS® Shooting Grounds in the South, offering sporting clay shooting, wingshooting and fly fishing schools. For information, please visit www.pursellfarms.com. 62

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 407.313.0027


Visit Our New Location!

325 Front Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904.834.7549 โ€ข www.nonablue.com

georgia golf central

Coral Hospitality Tees Up New Companywide Philantropic Program Company Representatives support CoralCares, participating in Golf Marathon Fundraiser at Jacaranda West Country Club (pictured above), Georgia Veterans Memorial Golf Course and Brasstown Valley Resort Golf Course.

Resolving to give back in new ways in 2017, Coral Hospitality today announced a new philanthropic program, CoralCares, which will benefit Folds of Honor and the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation (GNRF). In its first initiative, Coral Hospitality raised more than $50,000 which will benefit the GNRF. Most recently, corporate representatives, property owners and team members came together for simultaneous golf marathons at three Coral Hospitality-managed courses to benefit Folds of Honor. These events, along with other CoralCares initiatives, have raised more than $37,000 for Folds of Honor in the

is our hope that contributions through

Foundation (www.GNRF.com), which

short time since its start in late 2016.

CoralCares will make a lasting impact

supports efforts to sustain, enhance,

on these two meaningful groups.”

protect and conserve Georgia’s natu-

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of CoralCares and to formal-

The new CoralCares program primar-

ral, historic and cultural resources for

ize our philanthropic relationships in

ily benefits two worthy charities – Folds

present and future generations. Efforts

this way,” said Christopher Schaeffer,

of Honor (www.foldsofhonor.org),

will include golf tournament fundrais-

president of Coral Hospitality. “The

which provides educational scholar-

ers, retail sales promotions and other

GNRF’s conservation efforts and Folds

ships to the children and spouses of

special events throughout the year.

of Honor’s commitment to honoring

service members who have fallen or

the sacrifice of our country’s heroes are

become disabled while serving our

tion, visit www.CoralHospitality.

causes near and dear to our hearts. It

nation, and Georgia Natural Resources

com or call 237-449-1800.

For additional informa-

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

By Mike May

georgia golf central

Georgia’s Gorgeous Golf Getaway While millions of outdoor enthusiasts – walkers, hikers, bicyclists, birdwatchers, boaters, fishermen, and zipliners -- have been visiting Callaway Gardens since the resort opened in 1952, golf remains the number one athletic attraction at this resort, which is one of the 20+ destinations on the Georgia Golf Trail. In fact, Callaway Gardens is one of the 18 founding members of the Georgia Golf Trail. When you play golf at Callaway Gardens (17800 U.S. Highway 27, Pine Mountain, Georgia), you may not smell the roses, but you will be able to smell the magnolias, get a glimpse of the azaleas, and possibly spot a great horned owl. Nestled in the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Callaway Gardens exists “to connect man (and women!) and nature in a way that benefits both.” Callaway Gardens has two golf courses: Lake View and Mountain View. Lake View opened in 1952, the same day that Callaway Gardens opened for business. The Mountain View golf course, which has been open since the mid-1960s, hosted a PGA Tour event -the Buick Challenge -- from 1991 to 2002. Both courses are worth playing, possibly on the same day, if you have the time and the energy. And, they are worth playing time and time again. At Callaway Gardens, golfers have a smorgasbord of choices ranging from 18-hole rates to 9-hole rates to twilight rates. There are also great replay rates for avid golfers. There’s also the world-class Twin Oaks practice facility on site, if you decide to take a lesson or work on your short game. The par-70 Lake View Golf Course 66

Water lurks on many of the holes at Callaway Gardens is very playable from the back tees – a shade under 6,200 yards. The course’s biggest defense is the water which comes into play on nine holes, including a memorable six-hole stretch around Mountain Creek Lake. Like many resort courses, which are focused on being player-friendly, Lake View has very wide fairways. When the course was designed by J.B. McGovern and Dick Wilson, the goal was to design a course that is as beautiful to visit as it is fun to play. McGovern and Wilson were successful, as this course’s design reflects the philosophy of Callaway Gardens founder Cason Callaway, who always said that if a golfer lifts his or her head on a shot at Lake View, they should see something beautiful. The Signature Hole at Lake View is the par-three 10th hole, which features an island tee and a serpentine bridge. This is a selfie ‘hot-spot.’ A birdie at the 10th is a memory maker. The par-72 Mountain View Golf Course is a worthy and deserving former host of the PGA Tour’s Buick Challenge because it is a tournamentapproved test of golf. This course stretches up to 7,057 yards from the back tees. There are three other shorter tees to play from at Mountain View. Dick Wilson is the architect of Mountain View. He designed a course

which has tighter fairways which are lined by towering pines. The Signature Hole at Mountain View is the par-five 6th, where the tee shot and the approach shot to the green are played over water. To play Mountain View, it helps to be a shotmaker and to have a strategic mindset. Your golfing weaknesses will be exposed when you play Mountain View. If you have a ‘big-boy’ attitude and can accept a bogey on any given hole, you’ll enjoy playing Mountain View. It’s worth noting that both Lake View and Mountain View are Four-Star winners of the Golf Digest “Places to Play” award. When making the trek to Callaway, pack a suitcase as there are many accommodation options on-site. They include the spacious, first-class Lodge and Spa; the Mountain Creek Inn has a classic hotel feel; the Mountain View Golf Cottages, which overlook the practice facility, are geared for passionate golfers; the Southern Pine Cottages are cozy and nestled in the woods; and the Mountain Creek Villas & Vacation Homes are in a more natural setting. Each accommodation option comes with free admission to Callaway Gardens. So, when you are ready to smell the magnolias, get a glimpse of the azaleas, possibly spot a great horned owl, and play two great golf courses, visit Callaway Gardens. To reserve your time or inquire about golf packages, call 1-800-852-3810 or access http:// www.callawaygardens.com/golf. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

2017 Want to participate in a fun, global species-counting competition?

Ask the staff at your local golf course if they are participating in BioBlitz 2017! 518-767-9051 www.auduboninternational.org

freddy's fairway thoughts

By Fred Seely

Laura Baugh was the speaker at the 5th annual Jacksonville Golf Banquet recently.

Laura Baugh captivated a turnout of about 225 recently at the Jacksonville Golf Banquet and she hasn't lost the competitive fire, even at age 62 and a mother of seven and grandmother of one.

The Jacksonville Area Golf Association presented its annual awards which went to (from left), Ray Gottschalk, Sawgrass Country Club, Director of the Year; Joel Lamp, City of Jacksonville, Community Service Award; Rocky Staples, San Jose Country Club, Club Executive of the Year; Gary Murfitt, Hyde Park Country Club, Pro of the Year; and Bob Streightiff, Queen’s Harbour Yacht and Country Club, Earl Kelly Service Award. JAGA President Fred Seely (right) made the presentations.

“I always wanted to win,” she said. 'That was instilled in me when I got my first golf club at 2. Yes, two years old.” She went on to a long career with a U.S. Amateur win and 71 top 10 finishes in LPGA tournament, though never got above second place.

Today's golfers? “I was the first one on the range and the last one to leave. I see that in the Asian girls today. Perhaps not so much the Americans. And don't think it's just the LPGA; you're starting to see it now on the PGA Tour.” Her father was a University of Florida golfer and her roots run very deep: “Who else can say that their godfathers are Doug Sanders and Tommy Aaron?” • A new big name with the PGA Tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach is Todd Anderson, who was hired away from Sea Island to run the teaching facility at the TPC Sawgrass. He counsels many PGA Tour pros and, during his presentation recently at the local PGA chapter meeting, was asked how the great players keep their composure. His answer: they don't, they just hide it better. “They get just as nervous as any golfer,” he said. • Don't have to tell you that golfers turn out to help their own but here's one more: there was a huge turnout recently in Jacksonville for the benefit for PGA pro Susan 68

Benefactor John Hayt (center) received the Deane Beman Award for community service and was introduced by University of North Florida golf coach Scott Schroeder (left.) Former PGA Tour executive Duke Butler III (right,) represented Beman, who could not attend.

graduate and was invited to speak about rules to the University of Florida golf team.

Waite, who is recovering from breast cancer surgery. They had 196 players at a local club at $500 a foursome, plus a 50-50 drawing that produced another $5,000 (the winner of the 50 percent handed his cash to Susan.) The winning team got a foursome at Hammock Dunes and put it up for bidding, and that brought another $1,000. Total to help her with medical bills: $25,800.

The choices:

• Two future stars were part of the recent North Florida Junior Golf Foundation event at Ponte Vedra. Both were visiting from the United Kingdom: Toby Briggs of England, the world's No. 2 junior, had 142 and was tied by 12-year-old Valdemar Hundeboll of Scotland. Briggs won a playoff on the second hole.

He included a quiz and one question was “Which of these is not a loose impediment?”

“A plug from the fairway being aerated. “An ice cube. “An insect on your ball. “A dead Florida alligator which had been killed by a Georgia bulldog.” The Gator players got a laugh and Dudley was pleased that most knew the answer, which most certainly didn't involve an alligator and a bulldog.

Comments? I'm at fs4569@comcast.net.

• One of Florida's top USGA officials, Tommy Dudley, is a Georgia Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

cart girl Where did you grow up? Saint Cloud, FL Which group of people did you associate most with in high school?

In high school, I would have been considered a “nerd” – I was in honors and AP classes and got straight A’s

What do you feel makes this club special? I think the fact that this club is on a nature preserve make it special. Nearly all of the land on this property is protected and that gives me peace of mind. It’s a green/eco-friendly community plus you can see a ton of wildlife. There are alligators, cranes, bobcats, deer, and even a bear every once in a while! If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? Honestly, since I’m a super nerd I’d love to work at a museum or a library. I’m an avid reader and I love history so both of those places appeal to me.

What type of music do you prefer?

I love all kinds of music! What I listen to depends on my mood or what I am doing at that time. I I’m at the gym I’ll listen to some pop and rap when want to get pumped up. If I want to relax I’ll listen to classical piano music.

Camillie Missigman

What hobbies do you enjoy? Some of my hobbies include reading

and baking. I love the beach (working on that cart really messes up your tan lines) I also love playing with my two nieces, they are the sweetest! I usually end up building a Lego castle or playing princess dress up with them

What is your idea of “the perfect date”? I enjoy the traditional dinner and a movie/activity type of dates. I love going to Italian restaurants because I love carbs…I mean pasta and pizza. Follow that up with a movie or some mini golf and I’ll be happy! Favorite comedian? My favorite comedian is Kevin Hart! He is hilarious and a lot of his jokes are based on his family which makes him super relatable Favorite charity to support? My favorite charity to support is St. Jude’s. They do really great work and help so many children that it’s always easy for me to donate to them. What else would you like for us to know about you?

Random fact about me is that I am allergic/intolerant to all alcohol and liquor. My body cannot break it down so I get pretty sick almost immediately from it. Golfers are always surprised when they ask me to “make them my favorite” drink and I hand them a water or Gatorade


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7

How Fast Can You Play Golf? Please help Pl h l us with ith a Pledge Pl d for f one off our teams! t !

Where does the money go? EVENT DATE:

• Ovarian Cancer Research by Florida Hospital Cancer Institute • Provide 100 Wigs for Cancer Patients

April 19, 2017

TIME: Marathoners

Start at 8:00AM

Party with a Purpose!


Golf Marathon Format: Each player’s goal is to play as many holes in a single day of golf. We have both the LargeCourse (Regulation 18 Holes) and the Small Course (9 Hole Putting Course) for players to obtain the number of holes played in a day of fundraising golf.

Ask How You Can Get Your Company Team In The Marathon! Please l Visit i i to make k a Pledge l d and d see Team List i

www.playingforacause.org Event Proceeds to Benet:

PresenƟng Sponsor:

For More Information Call Dave Walker, Jr. - Professional Golf Events • 321.277.9094 94 or E Email: mailil: tteamgolf@mindspring.com eamgo

golf bachelor

Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I was born in Lakeland, Florida and have lived there my entire life.

What do you do for a living? Golf Course Architect What would you like to do for a living? Fighter Pilot Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? I enjoy spending time fishing.

Tell us about your first kiss? 15 years old in the back corner of the skating rink.

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Seafood without question. What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island? Hot Lady, Ice Cold Beer and a Blanket

both its fun to party like a rock star, but it’s also nice to chill at home with someone special.

Who would you like to have with you on the same deserted island; and why? Halle Berry, for the great conversation of

Last time you spewed something through your nose from laughing so hard? Last week on SNL Melissa McCarthy


playing Sean Spicer.

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Driving their golf cart close

Favorite comedian? Chris Rock

to the greens.


Name the three most important things to you in this world.

Favorite television channel? MTV

Family, Friends and Health

What do you fear the most? Snakes What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? Eisenhower, Tom Morris and Hogan What are some of your great accomplishments? Designing

golf courses in 10 different countries

Relaxed evening at home, or nightclub and cocktails? I enjoy

Movies:…comedy, drama, action, romance? Comedy. Love to

Last book you read? Clive Cussler – The Bootlegger Favorite magazine? Florida Sportsman & of course Southern

Golf Central

Favorite charity to support? Breast Cancer What else would you like for us to know about you? Most people say I’m too serious, but I do let my guard down around friendsJ

x i N y k Ric


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 7



WHY DO PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WORKS? (Hint: Because They’re More Than Just Products) Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers. They’re tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, delivering the highest rate of recall and return on investment.

407.326.6800 | TBDsigns.com

“Chip In” For Behavioral Health

2017 Aspire Health Partners Open Golf Tournament Timacuan Golf Club, Lake Mary, Florida Monday, May 8, 2017

Presented by:

Hole-In-One! Win a 2017 BMW X1 from Fields BMW* *2 year lease, limited mileage. See dealer for details.

Aspire Health Partners, Inc. is Florida’s Largest nonprofit Behavioral Health provider that serves 5 Central Florida Counties with more than 90 programs. Aspire is an industry leader in mental health and substance abuse recovery and related services. In 2016, Aspire served more than 43,000 Central Floridians. By participating in this annual golf tournament you will help raise the awareness of behavioral health needs and services across our region. All profits from this annual event go directly to programs and services that help improve the lives of those most in need within our community. YOU Make a Difference!

Register Today! For more information regarding sponsorship or to play in the tournament please contact Mark Cady-Archilla (407) 875-3700, ext. 3231 or via email at mark.cady@aspirehp.org.


2016 Champion Charl Schwartzel



Jordan Spieth

2010 Past Champion Jim Furyk

Major Winners. Major Singer. Major Flavor. NEW Foodie Experiences, FREE Concert & PGA TOUR® Action! The PGA TOUR® rolls into Tampa Bay along with our FREE Valspar® LIVE! Concert (with Saturday admission) featuring the superstar singer-songwriter Toby Keith! Plus, on-course food trucks and wine and dine experiences that you won’t want to miss. For tickets, visit ValsparChampionship.com or call 727-942-5566.

Players subject to appear.


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