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Arnold Palmer

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GOLF TOURNAMENT Featuring Hale Irwin

October 30, 2016

11:30 am

Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Golf Club 4048 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837 $200 per golfer

/ $800 team of 4

9-hole golf tournament to benefit adults with cancer who need help paying their essential, non-medical living expenses.

Private Golf Clinic with Hale Irwin – World Golf Hall of Fame

Prize Giveaway Opportunity to win a luxury vehicle on 8 holes! GOLF/SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION:



from the publisher header

Son of a Greenskeeper Only because I own and publish Golf Central have I met many, many celebrities and famous athletes. Like Mr. Palmer, the most legendary of all, I came from humble beginnings. Like everyone who has met him says, Arnold Palmer is without a doubt the kindest, friendliest, and most humble celebrity you will ever meet. And you will never forget how he made you feel important, how he treated you like a person that deserved his attention. When it’s happening, you are in disbelief that he is so candid, witty, comfortable, and makes you feel so special...The KING! Then, when you see him again years later, he seems to remember you and will give you that look and a thumb’s up. He’s an icon! He has magnetism, charisma, and is devilishly handsome. Let alone those Popeye forearms. I was drawn to him, even before I got into golf; I remember his walk and attraction to the crowds. Never in a million years did I think I would get to spend so much time with him. He elevated the room and empowered me every meeting over 17 years. I counted 20 times, but I won’t bore you with every electric moment. Every year at Bay Hill, I would go to Dick and Sharon Simmons house (the giant house on 18) and cover the tournament from there. They had been friends with Arnie for years as members of the club; he and Dick played a lot together. It was tradition for Mr. Palmer to stop in and grab some BBQ or dip in the chocolate fountain. Sharon and I had this ongoing battle where she thought Arnie was her boyfriend, so I always had to set her straight. She would actually protest, “He’s my boyfriend” and I answered her “Nooo he’s my boyfriend!” I told everyone he was my boyfriend, including him; after all he needed to know. At an event years ago Arnie was making his way up through the crowd being gracious and shaking hands up the back stairs at their home, he saw me blowing him kisses and just shook his head at me, as he came up, I said, “You know there’s a rumor goin’ around this party that you are my boyfriend?” and without hesitation, he said “Yeah, but you started it.” Everyone laughed and we all witnessed the quick witted star power that he exudes. The real clincher to my story is over the last 17 years, it seemed every time I was having a rough go of it (broken heart, 9/11, hurricanes, and the most painful…this past year losing my son) just ready to through in the towel, I got another chance to be in his presence and yuck it up, once again. At API this year I let Bella Dovhey, an 8 year old World Champion, go as our correspondent; she had already interviewed Barbara Nicklaus at the Father/Son Challenge. When the magazine with her article came out we all went down, to show Mr. Palmer. Mike, Bella, and I met him in his office that day and he loved it, and her; she’s a lot like him. I will never forget the way the room felt, way it smelled, the temperature, every detail of every encounter; if you’ve ever met him, you know what I am talking about. That’s what has kept me believing in myself and publishing all these years, a girl from East Tennessee, with little education and nothing but moxie, can have so many chances to actually be laughing with a Legendary Golfer. I love making people laugh and feel good about themselves, encouraging them to see how beautiful they are, and he was just like that. That day in his office at Bay Hill I showed him the magazine and asked him to take a pic with me. I said, as I had many times over the years, “Am I doing okay, with the magazine?” he gave me a thumb’s up and said, “Good job.” My “boyfriend” said I was doing a good job. I came back to the office and knew, I’m supposed to be publishing a philanthropic, fun golf magazine that makes people feel comfortable about playing and respectful to the Greenskeeper’s! I Love My Boyfriend.


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Volume 17, Issue 4

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2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4




Arnold Palmer | Class of 1974 1929 - 2016

Volume 17, Issue 4 Honoring Arnold Palmer

Pages 8-34

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ARNOLD PALMER “The King” With deepest fondness and appreciation we remember The King and all he did for the great sport of golf.

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening — and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” — Arnold Palmer

FOR TICKETS AND EVENT INFORMATION: DiamondResortsInvitational.com • #DRIGolf

Live Coverage Jan. 13 & 14 | 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Jan. 15 | 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Arnold Palmer tribute

By Jay Golden, PGA










In front on an audience of about 1,000 people at the Villages, to increase the amount of revenue received in auctioning this painting, I asked Arnold Palmer to 'grip' a Sharpie and to make a slash across the painting. He generously agreed.


To everyone's surprise, his swing was about an inch short of the canvas. You can see his reaction when I announced "Arnold Palmer swung and missed.




Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

A Legend. Our Hero. Many will remember Arnold Palmer as the king of golf. We remember him for his impact on the lives of millions of women, babies and children in Central Florida and beyond.

Arnold Palmer tribute

My Interview with The King... Arnold Palmer! I was very sad to hear the news about Mr. Palmer last week. He is my Hero and I will always miss him. I will remember the advice he gave to me, to do well in school, practice my golf all the time, listen to my father and most of all have fun! I was so happy to bring him a copy of my story I wrote about him and he told me he really loved it. That was last April and I want to share my Arnold Palmer story with you again.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Me: Do you have a favorite

my magazine to the last story

and dedication. The world is

rely on?

and he said, jokingly, “Jack

of Arnold Palmer. I will al-

golf club that you can always Mr. Palmer: I like my driver

and I can drive it pretty well. And I can depend on it.

Me: Do you have a favorite golf childhood memory?

Mr. Palmer: Yes, I do. Listen-

ing to my father when he was

talking to me about golf and how to be a good guy and

play hard. I always listened to his instructions.

Me: Do you have any advice

for children learning to play golf?

I wrote about Jack Nicklaus Nicklaus! Who’s that? Do you

know that guy?” Everyone in

the room started laughing. He is so funny.

Everyone knows Arnold

Palmer is the greatest golfer

a much better place because

ways remember this day and the time we spent together.

Mr. Palmer will forever be my

hero. I will never forget you, Mr. Palmer! I love you!

ever and has done so much good for golf, but he is an even greater person. He has used his talents to heal the

sick, feed the poor, and give hope to everyone on the

planet that childhood dreams

can come true with hard work

Mr. Palmer: Study the books

hard and practice your golf all the time!

Me: I am going to play St.

Andrews in May, what do you

think I should do while I am there?

Mr. Palmer: Just look at everything there and enjoy it; the

golf course and the surroundings. It is very beautiful.

Those were all my ques-

tions, but then Mr. Palmer

said, “Is there anything else

you would like to ask me?” I thought for a second that it

would be silly to ask for the recipe for his delicious iced tea, but instead I just made up another question.

Me: Who is your favorite golfer out her that reminds you of yourself when you were younger?

Mr. Palmer: Rory McIlory, he is pretty good.

Just as I was preparing

to leave, Mr. Palmer opened Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer tribute ARNOLD PALMER’S FINAL BOOK. A BEAUTIFUL TREASURE OF REMEMBRANCES INCLUDING HIS ADVICE ON LIFE, ON AND OFF, THE GOLF COURSE. “Though I have written a number of books in the past, this one was particularly important to me, because, as I delved into the process, I realized just how much I still had to say to my friends in golf and to fans of the game in general. Going through the exercise of getting it all down has been personally satisfying, but I couldn’t have done it without a dedicated group of individuals who truly believed in this project.” – Arnold Palmer

A L i f e We l l P l a y e d MY STORIES By Arnold Palmer While other golfers have won more tournaments than Arnold Palmer, no golfer won more fans around the world and no player had a bigger impact on the sport. In fact, Mr. Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history. In his final book, A LIFE WELL PLAYED: My Stories (St. Martin’s Press, on sale date October 11, 2016, $22.99), Palmer takes stock of the many experiences in his life, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones. He enjoyed tremendous success throughout his life but was most notable for going about it the right way. Gracious, fair, and a true gentleman, Arnold Palmer was the gold standard of how to conduct yourself. The book is filled with his advice and guidance, stories of his career on the course, success in business and the great relationships that meant so much to him. With his passing the lessons shared in A LIFE WELL PLAYED have never been more meaningful. This book is Mr. Palmer’s gift to the world – sadly, his final gift to us -- a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers will celebrate and cherish as we reflect on the memory and impact of this icon. His was truly an inspiring life well played. 12

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Arnold Palmer tribute Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer tribute 14

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Arnold Palmer tribute Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


By David Lee Creator of Gravity Golf

Arnold Palmer tribute

Arnie and Me Today is September 26th, 2016,

and it was gloomy and raining most of the afternoon in Orlando. Even the sky was mourning the fact that Arnold Palmer passed away last evening. Thousands of people fortunate enough to meet and know him, felt as if they’d lost a family member. From about 8:30 P.M. until 3:00 A.M., I watched the live broadcast of the Golf Channel tribute and I’ve never seen such an outpouring of humility, tears, and love, from so many wellknown individuals, many of whom possess some pretty good sized egos. None of that was in evidence when they talked about Arnold. He brought out the best in people because he always gave it himself. It was my good fortune to have met him during my early years on the PGA Tour and in 1980 I had the opportunity to work on his golf swing. His father Deacon had always been Arnold’s only teacher and since Deacon had passed a few years earlier, Arnold was without a coach. He had been struggling a little with his swing, and his good friend Dow Finsterwald, with whom I had also worked, set up a lesson for Arnold with me. Arnold and I went alone to the back of the range at Bay Hill and spent the entire morning there. He was having particular issues hitting his long irons solidly and was hooking them pretty severely. After one badly

hooked #2 iron shot, he looked at me and said; “you’ve watched me hit long iron shots for years. You know how well I could hit a #1 iron. It’s so bad that I don’t even have it in my bag! What the hell is wrong with me?” My reply was... Arnold, you’ve recently turned fifty and your legs have begun to weaken a little. You’ve always had a stable base underneath your swing and when you put that big shoulder “romp” on the ball, your legs were strong enough to largely negate the energy going back into your body, allowing you to fight off the swing-plane change and block out the hook. You’ve functioned like a machine that’s been bolted down to prevent a violent leverage action in the upper part of it from causing it walk across the floor - like a washing machine with all the clothes on one side of it. Your fifty year old legs aren’t holding you as steady these days and your swing is losing control. He seemed to buy my explanation and asked me to hit a few shots for him. As I swung the club his eyes lit up! “Wow, I see the same type of power application in you that I see in Nicklaus and Freddie Couples,” he said. I know that’s the right way to swing the club. How long’s it going to take me to learn to swing that way?” My answer was... well, as violent as you are, it’s probably going to take about six months before you’ll feel comfortable taking a new move into competition. He totally cratered. “Hell, with my schedule there’s no way on earth that I can just disappear for six months,” he said. His next question was; “is there any alternative?”

What you can do is get your legs back in shape and postpone the inevitable, I told him. So that was what he chose to do. He started running about three or four miles a day, and played some pretty good golf as a senior player; but nothing on the order that he had enjoyed on the regular tour. A few years after that, I was at Bay Hill during his tournament. It was one of the last times he competed there and I caught a glimpse of him practicing on the driving range. He looked up, saw me, and waved me over to where he was hitting balls. “Watch this,” he said. He drew back on an eight iron and made the most beautiful, non-violent swing I’d ever seen come from his body. The ball flew straight as an arrow without his characteristic hook or whirlybird finish, and it fell like a feather. I gave him a big thumbs-up and said... all right Arnold - you’re finally becoming a “Gravity” player. He looked around to see that no one was within earshot and said, “I can’t take this blankety-blank swing to the golf course to save my soul! As soon as I get out there I want to start thrashing and steering it again!” I thought I might fall over laughing! Keep at it my friend - hopefully you’ll get it while you’re still on the green side of the grass, I said. Now he isn’t, and the world has lost one of its truly wonderful people. Perhaps it’s best that Arnold never learned to swing the club like Freddie Couples - somehow it just doesn’t fit!

We’ll all miss you, Arnie!

David in Coney Island


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

By Greg Corbo

Arnold Palmer tribute

Grip Master I caddied part-time at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge during the winters of 1999 and 2000 after having been graduated from the Golf Academy of The South in Orlando. Caddie Master Paul Johnson informed me that I was going to be caddying in the Shootout in Mr. Palmer’s group. On the par 5 sixth hole, Mr. Palmer’s cart (with two bags on the back) was at the elbow of the dogleg where the hole turns left around the lake. Mr. Palmer pulled a club, placed his hands on it and then proceeded to un-twirl the leather wrap off the shaft. Tackiness not up to standard, he sprayed the gripless end of the taped shaft and twirled a new wrap around the shaft all during his pre-shot routine. He took a practice swing, stared at the target, took a lash and hit the green in two. I remember thinking, “who else re-grips their clubs in between shots without holding up play?”

Mr. Palmer will always have a special place at Mizner Country Club as the founding developer of this fine course. We were so fortunate to have him lay the foundation for not only a great golf experience, but a fantastic club supported by his legacy.


Mizner Country Club opening ceremony in 1999. Arnold addressing the membership (1), talking about the first tee shot (2), hitting his approach into #1 and playing to the crowd (3)


3 Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer tribute

Typical Mr. Palmer As the Florida Historic Golf Trail project prepared to launch in September of 2014, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner reached out to the staff of Arnold Palmer Enterprises to explore whether Mr. Palmer might be willing to participate in promoting our new initiative celebrating the history of golf in his adopted home state. With his legendary graciousness, and a twinkle in his eye, Mr. Palmer recorded an enthusiastic video endorse-

the Florida Department of State are

support. We are so saddened but

ment of the Florida Historic Golf Trail

grateful to have had the opportunity

know his legacy will live on for gen-

that aired on the Golf Channel with

to experience Mr. Palmer’s rare, one-

erations to come. From all of us at

support from VISIT FLORIDA.

of-a-kind, hospitality and enthusi-

the Florida Historic Golf Trail, here’s

asm, and we deeply appreciate his

to a life well played.

The Florida Historic Golf Trail and

“Outside of his legendary status as a professional golfer, Arnold Palmer also had a rich history in sports marketing. Beginning in 1972, Arnold Palmer become the first ever athlete to be endorsed by Pennzoil with an ad campaign featuring himself and his father’s tractor. The memorable videos featured Palmer sharing sentimental stories of his time on his family’s property with the tractor and his passion for using Pennzoil for its engine protection benefits. His influence within the golf community and beyond is timeless.” 18

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


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Arnold Palmer tribute

Let the Journey Begin

It was an era when trading schooners served as floating general stores, peddling their wares to the pioneers inhabiting the shores along the Indian River Lagoon. A place where pristine beaches framed shimmering seas and wild orchids festooned towering oak trees. A place that beckoned people to make this unspoiled paradise their home. In the 1800’s, one of the first of a handful of visionary settlers to arrive was twenty-nine-year-old Captain Frank Forster. A qualified navigator and ship’s captain, Forster staked a homestead, built a home, and, realizing the potential of the land, began to acquire more with the intent to sell to


other settlers. It was he who christened

The next to come was Stephen

the area “Orchid” after the abundance

Michael. He had left his family in West

of Epidendrum Tampense orchids

Virginia as he, along with his friend W.

that were indigenous to the area.

H. Wigfield, toured the state in search

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

of a promising home site. Upon meeting Captain Forster, Michael and Wigfield immediately bought five acres of land from him; they then returned to West Virginia to gather up their families and bring them to Orchid. By 1887, Stephen Michael had already begun planting citrus trees on his land. When a severe frost devastated all of the area’s citrus and mangroves in the 1890s, Michael sold the land to his son, A.B. Michael. In 1903, A.B. decided to carry on with his father’s original pursuit and replanted the first ten acres of citrus trees. It was his citrus plantings that would become the most sought after source of Indian River grapefruit. On May 12, 1965, with the intention of preserving the natural beauty, the historical character, and the agricultural aspects of the area, all 600 acres of the Orchid Island property, as well as the undeveloped parcel on CR 510 and the 2½ acres adjacent to A1A, were incorporated as the Town of Orchid.

Early Days of Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club In 1986, the Michael Family, descendants of the area’s original settlers, sold the land comprising of the Town of Orchid to Deerfield Groves, which subsequently sold the property to Robert Haines III of Avon, Connecticut, and a small group of limited partners. When Haines bought the property in 1987, the Town of Orchid had a population of seven and made national news as the second-smallest town in Florida. It was Haine’s vision to build a community that consisted of a few hundred British West Indies-styled luxury homes overlooking the golf course, the ocean and the Indian River. He broke ground on the development of Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club in 1988 with the construction of the Beach Club and the Arnold Palmer designed golf course. On November 17, 1990, Orchid Island celebrated the grand opening of the club’s crown jewel: the Beach Club, and on March 19, 1991, Arnold Palmer himself performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the golf course. Orchid Island’s spectacular eighteenhole championship golf course is one of Florida’s few barrier island courses. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer tribute

“Swing Your Swing” – Arnold Palmer

By Ken Pierce President, GolfGym, LLC

with the same enthusiasm and passion that we have seen over so many years. He was a lovely man and touched generations of golfers and non-golfers alike. Did he Swing His Swing on the golf course and in life? I know he did! Rest In Peace Mr. Palmer.

Swing Your Swing” “Not Some Idea of A Swing” “Not A Swing You Saw On TV” “Not That Swing You Wish You Had” “No! Swing Your Swing” “Capable of Greatness, Prized Only By You” “Perfect In Its Imperfection” “Swing Your Swing” “I Know I Did!” – Arnold Palmer

In 2013

Dick’s Sporting Goods aired a commercial that showed a series of video clips. Golfers, young and old, woman and men were shown highlighting their individual golf swings. With dramatic music in the background, Arnold Palmer’s voice came on softly speaking the phrases quoted above beginning with “Swing Your Swing”. The video concluded with some footage from Mr. Palmer in his prime, striking a golf ball with that golf swing that was his and his alone. Mr. Palmer ended with the words, “I Know I Did”. In an age when there was no Trackman, FlightScope, TPI, metal woods, hybrid golf clubs, SuperStroke putting grips or ProV1 golf balls, Arnold Palmer had to rely solely on a golf swing that was consistent and repeatable. In the days when Mr. Palmer was in his prime, golf fitness was an oxymoron. Golfers smoked, didn’t take “fitness” seriously (except for Gary Player) and loved playing the 19th hole regularly. They did, however, have the natural ability to connect a persimmon head driver to a balata ball and carry it 300 yards. 22

I was In Awe In 1985 I invented a resistance based golf swing training aid called the GolfGym. We travelled to Portland, Oregon to display our new product in a booth at the Fred Meyer Challenge. Mr. Palmer came by our booth and tested out the GolfGym Swing Trainer. It was a very special moment that I will never forget. I was in awe, but still managed to get out my Cannon film camera to capture these images. He was very strong because he wanted to use the heavy resistance in this picture.

A Close Encounter A few years ago, Vicki and I volunteered at a Legends Charity event at the Floridian Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We got this very special picture with him. Mr. Palmer lived life and played golf

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Palmer, Fazio, Hills & Byrd designed six courses.

We built the rest.

7 DINING OPTIONS | 5 POOLS | 4 CLUBHOUSES | 3 TENNIS COMPLEXES | 32 HAR-TRU COURTS 1 48,000 SQUARE FOOT FITNESS CENTER | 1 GOLF CART RIDE AWAY | 1 MEMBERSHIP Located minutes from historic Savannah, The Landings Club provides a wide variety of resort-class amenities. Our private residential Club provides unlimited opportunities to meet and socialize with friends. With events and activities happening every day of the year, you can be as active or relaxed as you choose.

For more information visit www.landingsclub.com.

Arnold Palmer tribute

Members and Apprentices of the North Florida PGA: It is with great sadness that we grieve together for the loss of Mr. Arnold Palmer, PGA. “The King” is an icon in sports industry and in life. We are proud that he called the North Florida PGA his winter home. Mr. Palmer is a member of the NFPGA Hall of Fame as well as the World Golf Hall of Fame. He will be remembered not only for his contributions to the game, but his contributions to mankind with such endeavors like his Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando. Mr. Palmer was a passionate supporter of the North Florida PGA. Thanks to him, our Section Champion earns an exemption into his PGA TOUR event, The Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard. He also graciously allows NFPGA Members the privilege of chaperoning in the groups for the API Pro Am. Mr. Palmer always understood the value of PGA Members in the industry of golf. He knows they are critical in growing and teaching the game and did all he could to provide us support. Stay tuned for details soon to come as the North Florida PGA will be doing all we can to honor his legacy. Mr. Palmer will always live on in the hearts of all PGA Members and fans. We express our deepest sympathy and prayers to the entire Palmer family. We will miss you Mr. Palmer! The world will miss you! The game of golf will miss you! With sadness,

Mike Lynch, PGA President

Rich Smith, PGA Executive Director/CEO

Rich Smith, PGA and Mr. Palmer 24

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

The North Florida PGA Birdie-A-Thon To Support The King

“The King” is an icon in sports industry and in life. We are proud that he called the North Florida PGA his winter home. Mr. Palmer is a member of the NFPGA Hall of Fame as well as the World Golf Hall of Fame. He will be remembered not only for his contributions to the game, but his contributions to mankind with such endeavors like his Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando. We are continuing Mr. Palmers Legacy of giving back by supporting his Foundation Arnie’s Army through a Birdie – A – Thon at our Challenge Cup Matches that put the 12 best PGA Professionals of North Florida vs the 12 best PGA Professionals of South Florida.

Here is How You Can Show Your Support Every year the 12 Best PGA Professionals from North Florida take on the 12 Best PGA Professionals from South Florida. You can imagine with that much firepower there are going to be quite a few birdies made throughout the tournament. We are asking you to make a donation of any kind


- Pledge Per Birdie (All Players) - Pledge Per Team (12 Players) Pledge Per Player (24 Players to choose from) - Flat Donation of Any Amount

(So if you pledge $10 per birdie overall and 100 birdies are made then you will contribute $1,000 the Arnie’s Army!)

www.nfpga.com/cup-match-birdie-thon/ We Will Match Your Donations!

North Florida PGA Foundation will match however much money is raised up to $25,000 and present the check to Arnolds Family during the PNC Father Son Challenge in Orlando, FL.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer golf tribute

By Brad Brewer

Mentored by the King 1987

GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher in



A glorious thirty two year mentorship

by the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer, shaped the way I learned to teach and coach both instructors and students. His adoration and appreciation for all that is golf: etiquette, history, and traditions, along with every shot in the bag, was infectious and I knew I would be growing the game till my last day. No matter where we discussed this game of a lifetime, Bay Hill, La Trobe, his latest Cessna or EZ Go, one thing remained the same, his unwavering belief in the following of which I concur and desired to share:

Master the Fundamentals • There is no such thing as a perfect swing, but a perfect way to think. It’s a mind game! • Develop your own swing that will produce your “stock shot.” • “Map your swing like Byron Nelson taught me.” When it goes off, you go back to your fundamentals and nowhere else. • Good players can ALWAYS get the ball started on the line they want. The greatest influence is face control and that begins with grip.

Practice Like a Pro • You get out of it what you put into it…and you find it in the dirt. • Always practice hitting shots to a target • Best practice is done after your round. Replace the missed

shots with what you want. “It’s always • Make practice fun and more meaningful by creating challenges and competitions with yourself and others.

Course Management • Tactically plan every shot for every hole to match your current strengths & weaknesses. • Play bold and aggressive. • ALWAYS get the ball past the hole. • Know the difference between risk vs gamble. • Expectations—I will be challenged for the next 4 hours. • Play to Win and have a tactical plan to get there. • You’ve got to believe that you are going to pull off the shots and hole the crucial putts needed to win. • Stay in the process of controlling your emotions and with every shot: see it, feel it, do it and grow it.

the secure that remain humble.” ~G.K. Chesterton His confidence was grounded in knowing who he was and where he came from, permitting the King to love being Arnold Palmer. He worked hard every day, wanting to always do better and that allowed him to progress with confidence toward whatever he endeavored: winning championships, designing courses and children’s hospitals and growing the game of golf. “Arnold Palmer had swagger before we even had a name for it.” ~ President Obama. I’m playing Bay Hill today, the first round without the King greeting friends and fans in the Grill Room and riding around checking on the mid-day shoot out. I know I will be teeing it up holding onto his unwavering beliefs just a bit tighter today.

“Golf is deceptively simple, endlessly complicated. It frustrates the intellect and satisfies the soul. Greatest game mankind ever created.” ~Arnold Palmer 26

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

By Greg Wise

Arnold Palmer tribute


/kiGN/ noun 1. the most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent’s piece or pawn.

Truly, how do you express an opinion of how “one person” had made an impact on your life. That is what the staff at Southern Golf Central has asked us to do. Not a hard task, except to decide which pieces were going to be in your story and how you were going to make it through writing this article without breaking down. Arnold Palmer at 2008 Del-Webb Father/Son event, played at Champions Gate International course, playing with his grandson, Sam Saunders

Palmer was on the way to the course in a helicopter. Needless to say… I found the pad and positioned myself close to the ropes, not really thinking about what was to happen. We heard the sound of the engine and then over the tree tops. Here he comes. Arnold turned the helicopter around and I was at that point looking in to the co-pit and starring at Mr. Palmer. He back in toward the back of the clubhouse and then set it down on the ground like he was landing on a pillow. He shut the engines down… took off his head set and stepped out and said… “Let’s Have a Golf Tournament,” at which time all of us that gathered, burst in to cheers of excitement. So that is so strange to remember that over so many other potential stories that could be shared. I do know one thing. There will never be another “Arnold Palmer,” but after meeting Mr. Palmer’s grandson Sam Saunders, Mr. Palmer has passed his passion for people on to the next torch bearer of the “Palmer Legacy.” Rest Easy… They say the next nine holes… is very forgiving!

Arnold Palmer at 2008 Del-Webb Father/Son event, played at Champions Gate International course, playing with his grandson, Sam Saunders

I’m tough… I will make it through this. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Palmer and it was truly like… No… for a golfer… it was meeting Royalty. He was the “King.” Shaking a solid, soft hand and while I am trying to get out of my own mouth… Mr. Palmer it is a pleasure to meet you. And receiving back from Mr. Palmer… “The pleasure is all mine… Welcome to Bay Hill,” was all this young golfer had to hear. Sign me up… I was hooked. The event that has stuck in my mind more than anything else was the skill of the man. Not just being an ambassador to the golf world, but his life as an aviator. Strange that the story I remember most isn’t a golf story at all, although it does have to do with golf. In the 90’s I had the opportunity to attend the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. We heard the Arnold Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Arnold Palmer tribute


The King of Good Karma

By Holly “G” Geoghegan An astrologer friend of mine said that Arnold Palmer, golf’s global icon and seven-time major winner who passed away at age 87 on September 25, was in his third Saturn Return. To us lay people, this means the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth. It happens every 27-29 years depending on one’s lifespan and is considered a “cosmic rite of passage.” The third Saturn Return (age 86-88), she went on to say, is a time of major change when we reflect on our life and our achievements, and on what we have given to others. No surprise that the four-part “Arnie” documentary series produced by the Golf Channel and re-aired multiple times the week of his passing was made during this time, providing a lasting record of what Mr. Palmer exemplified and taught us now and for generations to come. To astrologers, Saturn is known as the god of Time and the lord of Karma. As I reflect on the many stories told in remembrance of Arnie the past few weeks, the timing of his passing not only seems wonderfully karmic but extraordinarily fitting for the man – “The King” – who touched so many and led such a purposeful life. It seemed like divine perfection that Arnie’s death occurred on the eve of Ryder Cup week – golf’s grandest stage, “Where Legends are Forged.” What other event in golf and in sports for that matter, epitomizes what Arnold Palmer stood for and his lasting impact on the golf community worldwide?

The Ryder Cup represents the purest aspects of the game: the competition, the sportsmanship, the pressure, the patriotism, the 13th man (the fans) and the love of the game. Palmer said, “I loved the Ryder Cup, because it simply wasn’t about playing for the money. It was about playing for something far grander and more personal.” Palmer’s death deeply impacted the American players who arrived on Monday September 26, many learning the news overnight, and the European players as well. After all, it was Arnold Palmer who has been credited for “saving” the British Open, golf’s oldest championship, when he played in the 1960 championship at St. Andrews. Prior to that year, there were no American professionals in The Open field. The general feeling at that time was that the best players and the biggest purses were in the United States. Arnold Palmer changed that perception. His go-for-broke shot making and swashbuckling personality quickly endeared him to golf fans across the pond and began to plant the seeds for the globalization of the game. The numerous accolades and tributes to Arnie throughout Ryder Cup week and leading up to his public memorial on October 4 were befitting that of heads of states, presidents, and yes, royalty. It was the perfect stage and setting for golf’s greatest ambassador at home and abroad. From the moment of silence at the Opening Ceremony, to the public memorial wall, to his golf bag from the 1975 Ryder Cup standing on the first tee, to the chants of “Arnold Palmer” throughout the stands, to the simple buttons that read “I am a member of Arnie’s Army,” The King was omnipresent. The week continued with heartfelt memories, special programming and ongoing coverage by the PGA of America, NBC and Golf Channel that was co-founded by Palmer. Palmer’s private family funeral was held on Thursday of


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Ryder Cup week in Latrobe, Pa. That same day, Arnie’s ashes were spread around his property and then it happened - a brilliant, neon, perfectly luminescent rainbow appeared over Latrobe. So perfect, one might have thought it was Photoshopped. It went viral instantly, aptly named “Arnie’s Rainbow.” Still not a believer? Wait, there’s more. Then came the eventual, dramatic and karmic conclusion to these unforgettable and emotional 2016 Ryder Cup matches. Was there any doubt that the former two-time Ryder Cup Captain, Arnold Palmer, with the most matches ever won (22 out of 32) would be the wings beneath Team USA during the singles matches on Sunday, carrying them to a decisive 17-11 victory over Team Europe? Call it the “Miracle in Minnesota,” sprinkled with some divine intervention and much sought-after redemption for Captain Davis Love III as the Americans brought home the Cup for the first time since 2008. It doesn’t get any more karmic than that! PGA Tour Commissioner, Tim Finchem, had a close encounter of a spiritual kind that he shared before friends, family, and a cross section of well-wishers during Palmer’s public memorial service at Saint Vincent’s College Basilica in Latrobe on Tuesday following the Ryder Cup. (Even the Cup made it to The King’s service!) A few days after his passing, the Commissioner went out very early in the morning to hit 18 balls in Arnold Palmer’s name. He was by himself and missed a couple of shots. He stood back thinking, “Do I really want to do this?” At that moment, there was a loud clap of thunder and a lightning

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

bolt. Startled, he looked up and saw a huge dark cloud overhead. The Commissioner remarked, “Arnold, I don’t know if you’re upset over how I hit these shots or that there’s no Ketel in Heaven - either way I can’t help you out.” He went on to say, “Arnold’s legacy is a living legacy that will go forward. I refuse to think that he has totally left us. I think his spirit is here with us.” Arnold Palmer came from a small, working class town, yet despite his immense success and fame, he never forgot his roots. And despite his incredible accomplishments as a professional golfer, he never forgot the fans. You’ve heard and read countless accounts and stories about how Arnie made time for so many people, made time to legibly sign thousands of autographs, made time to say hi and look you in the eye, and made time to make you feel so special in those moments. “Whatever cosmic substance was woven into Arnold Palmer’s DNA, we may never see the likes of it again,” wrote Randall Mell, senior writer for GolfChannel.com. Rickie Fowler may have tweeted it best: “Legends never die … you will live on forever Arnie. I love you as did everyone. RIP The KING.” Arnie may be gone, but his Army marches on. (Holly “G” is host and producer of “The Golf Insiders” on iHeart Radio and president of Golf Marketing Services. She met The King at the age of 10 at the U.S. Open in Rochester, N.Y., which inspired her to pursue a career in golf. Holly also appeared in Golf Channel’s “Arnie and Me.”)


grip it & sip it

Arnold Palmer 2014 Chardonnay

Arnold Palmer 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Blend: Chardonnay 100%

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

The 2014 Arnold Palmer Chardonnay is a vibrant wine whose grapes were located from vineyards in the cooler climates of California. Weather during the 2014 harvest provided ideal growing conditions in California and the harvest produced lush, yet perfectly balanced fruit. The Chardonnay grapes were whole-cluster pressed, settled for juice clarity, and then cold fermented in stainless steel. The wine was then blended in the late spring and bottled in August 2015. Tasting Notes: The 2014 Arnold Palmer Chardonnay begins with a fresh burst of lemongrass and honeysuckle aromas, along with bright lemon zest. This wine has crisp green apple flavors leading to a toasty, creamy almond finish.

The 2013 Arnold Palmer Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a prized collection of vineyards in California. The 2013 vintage began with a warm, dry spring that brought early bud break, and created ideal conditions for flowering and fruit set under sunny skies. The 2013 vintage shows the sophisticated characteristics of old world growing conditions with lower alcohol and supple tannins. The wine was aged in oak barrels for 16 months and then bottled in March 2015. Tasting Notes: The red raspberry color carries through to the nose with clove and caramel notes. On the palate, the bright red fruits combine with dark coco and smooth vanilla essence that ends with an elegant, palate-coating texture. The cedar and espresso flavors, along with bright fruit make this wine easy to pair with a wide range of dishes, especially Italian.

Grip it and Sip it.

Timacuan Golf & Country Club - Hole #2


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Arnold Palmer tribute

Charley Beck, Chris Byrd, Mark Dowey and Arnold Palmer in 2001

“Innovative Flavors, LLC would like to express our deep appreciation to Mr.Palmer for his trust in our company and our abilities to create the project for the Arnold Palmer Half and Half beverage produced by Arizona Beverages which is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of consumers every year,” – Co-Founder Chris Byrd


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4





cuisine on the green

Beard Foundation Dinner featuring chefs from participating global Golf Kitchen™ teams at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York. This illustrious event will bring the world of Food (chefs, recipes, kitchens, etc.) together with the history and stories of 16 high end golf clubs and destinations around the world. www.golfkitchen.com The following is an excerpt from the interview with Executive Chef Robert Lee of Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Golf Club and Lodge for Diana DeLucia’s Golf Kitchen. Pre-Orders available at www.golfkitchen.com

Founded in 2014

by CEO Diana DeLucia, an internationally recognized culinary writer/photographer, Golf Kitchen™ is a unique portfolio of recipes, photos, and interviews from the kitchens and fairways of 16 illustrious golf destinations. Diana initially introduced the concept in 2013 through her top selling book Golf Club World, Behind the Gates. She will launch the high class 500+ page “coffee table” collectible - Golf Kitchen – on November 10, 2016 at a Friends of James

Did Arnold Palmer hire you? Robert: I worked in the fine dining room as the restaurant chef before I became the Executive Chef. I interviewed for the job and went over to Mr. Palmer’s garage where he tinkers with his golf clubs, and interviewed with him personally. It was quite an experience. He discussed the position with me and it was a very interesting conversation. He said Robert, are you ready for this job and I said absolutely, and he hired me. I was in my early 30’s.

Over the years we have had many conversations and he will tell me if he wants anything changed or added. I have been with him forever, it’s a great relationship. Mr. Palmer seems to be very engaged in the menu. Tell us about his likes and dislikes. Robert: We are not trying to be cutting edge; a lot of the menu is Mr. Palmer’s favorite recipes. We focus more on top quality product. We have a lot of competition in the area, including restaurant row, but we continue to have 100+ covers a night in season. Out of 40 choices of restaurants within a mile, our members and guests still come here. We serve good old fashioned food, but the right way.

Executive Chef Robert Lee with Arnold Palmer

Does Mr. Palmer have a culinary interest, and how involved is he is the process? Robert: Mr. Palmer likes traditional food and cooking. He likes things to be made from scratch, simple and not too over the top.

Arnold Palmer’s Chicken Pot Pie

2013 Arnold Palmer Chardonnay

Recipe by Executive Chef Robert Lee Serves 4

Ingredients Chicken Pot Pie 1 Small Onion (diced) 2 Carrots (diced) 2 stalks Celery (diced) 1 Tbs. Butter 3 cups Chicken Stock 1 Bay Leaf 1 Cooked Chicken (pulled white and dark meat) 4 oz. Green Peas 4 10-inch round pie dough sheets (cut in half) Roux as needed Salt and Pepper to taste Preparation Sauté the onion, carrots and celery in butter over medium heat until tender. Add the chicken stock and bay leaf and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the bay leaf and tighten with roux until thickened. Remove from heat and fold in the chicken meat and green peas. Set the mixture aside to cool while the pie dough is being prepared. Cut the pie dough to fill the bottom of four 10 oz. casserole dishes. Fill each casserole dish to level with the chicken mixture. Prepare a top for each pie by pinching the edges to hold together. Cut two slits in the middle of the tops and then bake at 325°F for 20-30 minutes until brown and the mixture has started to bubble out. 34

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


$79* Golf & Grub Grab your clubs for a round on the green before grabbing lunch at Par-Take or Clubhouse Grille. *Offer valid 12/1/16–1/10/17. Tax not included. Lunch must be ordered by 2:30 p.m. Based on availability.

Shingle Creek Golf Club has been redesigned by Arnold Palmer Design Company and will be an entirely new experience unlike anything before. The 18-hole, par-72 championship course will feature new green complexes and bunkers, and will inspire and challenge every type of golfer. Expect strategy, variety, the same high-level course conditions and renowned Rosen Hotels & Resorts guest service from the very first tee time to the 19th hole.

For more information, please visit ShingleCreekGolf.com


golf business

Photos by

Why you need to know about CourseTrends and the Golf18 Network Distinct Software Solutions (DSS) has been pushing the game of golf into the technology age, greatly improving the golfer experience. With two unique brands, CourseTrends and the Golf18 Network, DSS provides technology solutions for both the golf course operator and golfer. “If you’ve ever cruised through a new golf course website, received an amazing golf special through email, or effortlessly booked a tee time online, there’s a good chance it was done with technology powered by our platform,” says Matthew Czisny, Product Marketing Manager at DSS. The Golf18 Network helps golfers


find the best value for tee times all over North America. By visiting www. golf18network.com, golfers are able to easily browse over 3,000 courses online and find the right tee time at the right price to meet their needs. Millions of savvy golfers use the Golf18 Network each year to easily reserve tee times and get more for their golfing dollar. CourseTrends provides golf operators with complete golf business technology solutions via the CourseTrends Internet Marketing System (CT-IMS). By consolidating key marketing management tools into one single dashboard system, CT-IMS eliminates the need for multiple software products and helps course operators

maintain focus on their customers. As the golf marketing industry continues to evolve, so does DSS. “We must all ask what role technology will play in the future of the centuries-old game of golf,” Czisny says. “The reality is that technology gives customers the ability to tell businesses what they like and don’t like. DSS delivers technology designed to ensure that golf course operators are listening.” Realizing this, DSS developed the first predictive marketing engine for golf. CourseTrends’ new Dynamic Intelligent Marketing Engine (DIME) allows courses to combine what they know about a golfer’s play and spending habits with what they know about their marketing preferences to deliver messages that have real meaning to the customer. Now courses can deliver the right message to the right golfer at the right time. CourseTrends also developed an affordable yet state-of-the-art app for their partner golf courses, putting countless services in the palm of golfers’ hands. The app launched this year and features GPS, scoring, handicapping, course tips and the ability to call the beverage cart. “The app improves the pace of play, helps golfers manage their round and generally improves the overall on-course experience,” Czisny says. Technologies that seem standard to many industries have taken longer to break into the golf industry. DSS continues to invest significant resources into making sure golf operators and golfers have access to the latest innovations with the goal of improving the complete golfer experience. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

feature header

THE GOLF IS EPIC. SO ARE THE MEMORIES. Streamsong® is like nothing you and your friends have ever seen or played. Demanding tee shots, exacting approaches to large, elevated greens protected by gaping bunkers and steep banked lakes too beautiful to be called hazards. With striking landforms, unexpected elevation changes and towering sand dunes, it’s the golf that takes your breath away. Two remarkable layouts recognized in Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Courses You Can Play” and one extraordinary resort offering the finest amenities including sporting clays, guided bass fishing, archery and fine dining. Streamsong. Just you, your friends and the game you love.

Best Public Golf Courses in Florida, Streamsong® Red #1, Streamsong® Blue #3 – Golf Digest 2015

* Offers subject to tax, resort fee, availability, and with advance reservation at 855-498-5426 or online. There is a required forecaddie and added forecaddie fees for golfers with carts Offer not valid in conjunction with other offers. Some blackout dates may apply.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

STAY + PLAY GOLF PACKAGES Fall & Winter Packages Starting from



Per person, per night based on double occupancy. Rates vary seasonally and subject to change.

Our popular 18 Stay & Play package includes one night’s luxury guestroom accommodations in the lakeside Lodge, 18 holes of walking golf on our nationally ranked Streamsong® Red or Streamsong ®Blue and full breakfast served in your choice of restaurants. To make your reservations or for more information on this and other golf packages available, please contact 855-498-5426. Ask about our exclusive Clubhouse Buyout for your golf group.

1000 Streamsong Drive • Streamsong • FL 33834 • 855-498-5426 • streamsongresort.com

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


By Greg Wise

what's new

Redefining a Classic Course in West Central Florida What a great way to spend the morning, experiencing the grand reopening and a wonderful ribbon cutting by Head Golf Professional Wayne Larsen of the Oaks golf course at Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club. The event celebrates the completion of a three month, $500k


improvement project. The course was closed on May 1st for renovations involving the re-grassing of tees and fair-

ways with Celebration Bermuda grass. “A total team effort” is how Wayne described the way this 30-year-old classic course had been transformed. The process started with stripping all of the fairways back down to dirt and replanting 25 acres of fairways and 70,000 square feet of tee boxes with Celebration Bermuda grass. While changes to the original golf course routing were not part of the renovation plan, Citrus Hills took the opportunity to make several substantial improvements to the Oaks golf course. A number of greens were expanded and many trees were removed that were hindering turfgrass growth and playability. “The improvements we’ve made will make the course more playable for golfers at all skill levels,” said Larsen. The Oaks course features rolling hills with fairways defined by mature live oaks and tall loblolly pine trees. “Although we have removed a lot of trees from the course, we have not disturbed the ambiance of The Oaks. We

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

have added 50 Little Gem magnolia trees close to the greens to add definition, but not affect play at all,” said Larsen. With dramatic elevation changes and gorgeous views, golfers may feel they are playing in the sand hills of the Carolinas rather than on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The Oaks course rewards the bold, well-struck shot, but can penalize an errant play. A great mix of long and short holes awaits the player as each hole on the Oaks course offers a different challenge. Golfers should plan on using every club in their bag when playing this classic design. Consider yourself a “member for the day,” when playing at Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, as golfers are welcomed to take advantage of the club’s dining amenities. A fully stocked pro shop offers everything a golfer may need for their upcoming round. And, just like the clubs distinct golf courses, the country club has two different 19th-hole experiences. The indoor Grille Restaurant and the 4,500-square-foot outdoor Tiki Bar both offer great food and cold beverages for golfers to enjoy as they recount the day’s golfing experience. The Oaks Golf Course is part of a master-planned retirement community. History tells the story that one look at

Citrus County and the Tamposi and Nash families were in love; the rolling green hills and the moss-draped oaks reminded them of their home in New Hampshire – sans snow and sleet. In

1968, the families began to turn 2,300 acres of Citrus County pasture and watermelon patch into one of Florida’s premier retirement communities.

Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960

www.TurfLife.club Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

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Turf Life Honors Mirimichi Green and Constellation with Its Servin’ Turf Award new standard for the Turf Industry.

golf course is a type of sanctuary, and

They’re the epitome of what the Servin’

that the game of golf has a rhythm that

Turf Award is all about.”

is a part of the nature that surrounds it.

“Constellation’s partnering with

A renovation in 2009 resulted in

the PGA of America to conduct

an award-winning eco-golf course

energy efficiency analyses and

featuring 7400 yards of championship

then recommend an actionable

golf overflowing with natural beauty.

sustainability strategy and energy

It is the first golf course in the USA

management program to reduce their

to receive official Audubon Classic

carbon footprint is a huge step in the

Sanctuary Certification in recognition

right direction for the turf industry and

of its environmental sustainability.

the entire planet,” said Purdum. “The

Mirimichi features native landscapes,

important work they do as an inaugural

water conservation, wildlife habitat

member of the Green Sports Alliance

connectivity, integrated pest

reflects their commitment to promote

management, and environmental

healthy, sustainable communities


where we live and play. We’re proud

In 2013, Mirmichi Green was formed

and honored to present them with our

to handle manufacturing, sales, and

Servin’ Turf Award for September.”

distribution of the complete Mirimichi

Nominations for the Servin’ Turf

Green product line. Mirimichi Green

Award can be made via e-mail to

Express is headquartered just outside

t.purdum@yahoo.com or by calling

Wilmington, NC. Mirimichi Green offers

Terrie Purdum at (321) 765-4215. The

products and services for businesses

Servin’ Turf Award is presented monthly.

striving to be cost effective while being environmentally responsible. Their history is growing turf in poor soils.

Turf Life, the brand that salutes the

Their goal is to rebuild the soil and

consumer and industry “players”

then curb the effort it takes to maintain

everywhere whose lives involve

professional landscapes. Using a

turf, selected Mirimichi Green and

life-cycle-cost approach, they have

Constellation to receive its Servin’ Turf

developed a series of industry-specific

Award in August and September 2016

offerings that provide solutions, which


are affordable, practical, and adhere to

The Servin’ Turf Award (a word play

the quality associated with the brand.

on Surf & Turf) honors and celebrates

Join the cultural shift to becoming

a Turf Industry Professional, Facility or Organization that has gone above and beyond to create and/or maintain

The Mirimichi Green Story When Justin Timberlake & his family

better stewards of the environment by choosing Mirimichi Green products and services.

an outstanding and sustainable turf

became the owners of what is now


Mirimichi golf course in Memphis,

designed to uphold the following

“We’re very excited about honoring

Their products and services are

Tennessee they were determined to


Mirimichi Green with our very first

make it environmentally friendly and

• Be effective and sustainable

Servin’ Turf Award,” said Terrie Purdum,

open to the public. The name Mirimichi

• Help further the green transition

Founding Farmer of Turf Life, Inc. “The

was chosen for its Native American

• Offer a bridge to more responsible

environmentally friendly products

meaning: “place of happy retreat.” This


they’ve developed have set a whole

name evolved from the belief that a

• Educate consumers


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

• Help consumers set reasonable goals for

and more than 32,700 megawatts of

everywhere whose lives involve turf.

their own sustainable practices

owned capacity comprising one of the

It addresses the games we play and

• Make good quality sustainable products

nation’s cleanest and lowest-cost power

the jobs we do. Turf Life showcases

easily accessible to the average consumer

generation fleets. Learn more at

sports, businesses, education and our

• A pledge to reinvest back into our


enjoyment of the outdoors. Turf Life will introduce you to the people that

communities and environment

compete on, grow, and maintain turf grass. Turf Life also celebrates an appreciation for the hard work and science that goes into maintaining

About Constellation

and developing a sustainable turf

Constellation is a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services for homes

environment. Our purpose is to

About Turf Life, Inc.

promote the responsible use of water

Turf Life started in 2013 as a seed

and nutrients so that life is always

and businesses across the continental

planted by the “Founding Farmer” - Terrie

greener on the Turf Life side! Turf-heads

United States. Constellation’s family of

Purdum, Publisher of Southern Golf

everywhere are reducing their carbon

retail businesses serves approximately

Central Magazine. In 2015, Terrie found

footprint...so please join the club and

2.5 million residential, public sector

another local farmer (Bob Bissell), who

make your voice heard! DEFEND YOUR

and business customers, including

has a brother (Jim) living in another farm

TURF…. by being a part of Turf Life.

more than two-thirds of the Fortune

country….Switzerland! So with some

100. Baltimore-based Constellation

seed money and fertilizer, these three

helping to maintain it, Turf Life is all

is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation

amigos started growing the concept and

about you! Turf Life is registered with the

(NYSE: EXC), the nation’s leading

formed the company Turf Life, Inc.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For

competitive energy provider, with 2015 revenues of approximately $34.5 billion,

Turf Life is the brand that salutes the consumer and industry “players”

Whether you are playing on turf or

more information on Turf Life and its mission visit www.TurfLife.club.



Our exclusive Modulator V3 Golf lens encompasses all you need. The optical superiority and lightweight characteristics of - Clear precision optics, hydrophobic outside and anti-fog inside coatings keep your view moisture free. It also features a finely tuned brown lens that highlights subtleties on the course while lightening and darkening to adapt to your environment. The lens does it all for you, letting you keep your focus on the ball. Available in most styles. Featured: Bolt 11520

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


By Melanie Bonds Executive Director, Alabama GCSA

Coming Full Circle: The Alabama Golf Course Superintendents Association’s Donnie Arthur Tournament Partners with Children’s of Alabama in the 2016 Bone Marrow Recipient Reunion In 1992 the Alabama GCSA, a professional organization of golf course superintendents and others in the golf industry, decided they wanted to “give something back.” They established the Donnie Arthur Memorial Golf Tournament, named after a founder of the Association and a big man in the memory of those who knew him. James Donnie Arthur was planning to go to law school when he started working summers at Point Mallard Golf Course in Decatur, Alabama. The summer job lasted over twenty-one years, and during that time Donnie insured excellent playing conditions for his course. He loved to see his course filled with players because he loved the game of golf. Donnie, like

disease that eventually killed him. Arthur was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in 1978 and battled it for 15 years. He underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant—one of the earliest Jason Gattina and Kyle Johnson sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry performed in Alabama. He once effort to “give back,” to the American said, “If you think that illness is going Cancer Society, the UAB Comprehento get the best of you, it will. But if sive Cancer Center and The Alabama you look at it as a minor setback and Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood a challenge, it’s something you can Disorders at Children’s of Alabama.

Above, volunteers Larry Arnold (Highland Park Golf Course) and Jason Gattina (Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation) coach on the rudiments of putting. most golfers, never had time enough to play as much as he would have liked. “There is no way to do all the things that need to be done on the course in 40 hours,” he said. “We have to get out and get ahead of the golfers. I try to play golf early in the spring and in the late summer. That’s about the only time I get to play. There is too much to do the rest of the time.” Much of Donnie’s time in the final years of his life was spent fighting the 44

try to excel at.” Donnie carried this attitude into his life and his work as a golf course superintendent. James Donnie Arthur left a profound legacy to his profession and the success of his memorial tournament is undisputed. Carried on in his name by the members of the AGCSA, the tournament has donated over $200,000 since 2001 to scholarship, Turfgrass research and, in an

Not only donating money, members of the AGCSA wanted to reach out in a more personal way to the patients at Children’s, the state’s only freestanding pediatric medical facility. Volunteers worked closely with personnel at the hospital to set up putting greens as an activity for the patients on two occasions. In the spring of 2016 we were invited to partner with Children’s in its Bone Marrow Recipient Reunion and Marrow Drive held on August 30 and 31st. Sixteen-year-old Frances Grace Hirs of Fairhope was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in August 2003. Her cancer returned twice, and she underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2013. She met her bone marrow donor, Bryan Schneider, 33, of New Braunfels, Texas, for the first time on August 30th. Bone marrow transplants are used as life-saving treatment for deadly cancers and blood disorders including leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell disease. Patients who do not have a related donor rely on donors from around the world who have been identified through the Be the Match Registry. The donor meeting and marrow registry drive are part of Children’s of Alabama’s commemoration of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Needless to say the reunion was an emotional event for those present. Donnie Arthur’s son, Jeremy, was present and perhaps summed it up best! As I entered the 8th grade, my Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Above photo from Bone Marrow Recipient and Donor reunion with representatives from the Alabama GCSA (standing l-r) Bryan Scroggins, Kyle Johnson, Jason Gattina, Larry Arnold, Melanie Bonds, and Jeremy Arthur. Also standing, Gracie’s father, Allen Hirs. Seated, l-r, Debbie Schneider and Bryan Schneider, donor with Gracie Hirs and her mom, Chasity. Dad began a journey as one of the first bone marrow transplant recipients. The transplant, at that time, was experimental and came at the recommendation of his team of physicians at UAB. Fast forward to today... This week, I was honored to attend the Bone Marrow Donor/Recipient meeting to see Gracie (the recipient) meet Bryan (the donor) for the first time. Words can-

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

not express the true blessing I received from this experience. The selfless act of a stranger (through Be The Match) saved the life of a little girl from Alabama whose cancer had reared its ugly head twice since her original diagnosis. I’m proud of and thankful my Dad was willing to contribute to the research and help pave the way for future bone marrow transplant recipients. I think it didn’t

truly come “full circle” for me until today. Cancer research continues, and will continue, until we find a cure. I’m blessed my Dad never gave up, fought the battle five times, and continued to remain positive and as a role model until the end. As I got to hug Gracie, and her parents, shake Bryan’s hand, talk to the team of doctors, nurses and caregivers that accompanied them on their journey, I know the struggle is real, the fight is real, and the hope is real. I saw a little piece of my Dad in both Gracie and Bryan. I know a part of Donnie Arthur was right there with me, then, now, and always. The Alabama Chapter was grateful to be a part of this event. Many thanks to Emily Hornak, Sharon Likos and Stephanie Moore of Children’s of Alabama for including us. In an additional blessing that grew from our participation, three of our members signed up to be on the Bone Marrow Registry. That is such a selfless act and one that possibly may save a life one day, just as Bryan saved Gracie’s. Hats off to Kyle Johnson, Inverness Country Club, Jason Gattina, Jerry Pate Turf and Irrigation and Bryan Scroggins, Residex.


By Adam Moeller

Why Do Golf Courses Aerate So Much? The word aeration stimulates negative emotions for many golfers. It may come as a surprise, but golf course superintendents also dislike aeration. After all, the last person who wants to disrupt the smoothness of the putting greens they work so hard to maintain is the superintendent. Golfers often ask, “Why is aeration needed so often?” Aeration is an essential program to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition. Aeration primarily is performed to control organic matter – i.e., decaying roots and grass stems – relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage. If organic matter becomes too thick, it acts like a sponge and holds water at the surface after rain or irrigation. Excessive organic matter also inhibits root growth, reduces oxygen levels in the soil, encourages disease and eventually can lead to turf failure. Furthermore, excessive organic matter creates soft surfaces prone to ball marks, foot printing and inconsistent playing conditions. Aeration and topdressing are the most effective ways to control organic matter and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces. Core aeration involves physically removing small soil cores – e.g., 0.5inch diameter cores – from the turf and


is the most common type of aeration. Aeration holes allow excess moisture to evaporate and promote gas exchange in the soil, resulting in stronger root systems and turf that is better able to tolerate golfer traffic. Proper timing of aeration will ensure the fastest possible recovery and return to smooth surface conditions. The key to a quick recovery is to perform aeration when the turf is healthy and actively growing. The articles, Core Cultivation: Timing is Everything and Easing the Pain of Core Aeration expand on proper aeration timing. There are many types of aeration that superintendents use throughout the season; some are more labor-intensive and disruptive to playing surfaces than others. Lessdisruptive forms of aeration, including venting aeration with small-diameter, solid tines, also are beneficial because they can alleviate turf stress by promoting oxygen levels in the soil. Aeration programs that have a small impact on a playing surface generally can be performed throughout the season with little or no disruption to play. The type and frequency of aeration needed is course specific. Superintendents adjust aeration programs based on soil conditions, turf requirements, climate/weather, available labor and equipment, course events, etc.

Aeration can create short-lived disruption but it is a highly beneficial program that keeps greens healthy and playing well. Playing conditions are of the utmost importance for most golfers, and aeration is needed to keep turf healthy and playing well. Aeration can be disruptive, but the long-term benefits of aeration far outweigh the short-lived disruption. The next time you play on greens that were recently aerated, keep in mind that aeration is performed for the long-term health of the course. The greens may not play their best immediately following some aeration treatments, but everyone is playing the same conditions and golfers still can enjoy the game and make plenty of putts. After all, Tom Watson once shot a 58 when playing at Kansas City Country Club just a few days after the greens had been aerified. Adam Moeller is an agronomist in the Northeast Region. Published on usga.org on April 11, 2016. Copyright United States Golf Association. All rights reserved

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Come and Grow with Us!


special events

Finalists Competing for Largest Grand Prize in Golf Channel Series History Wilson Golf issued an open call and declared an unprecedented challenge – develop a concept that can be transformed into golf’s next cutting-edge driver – in a first-of-its-kind television series airing on Golf Channel. The reward: a life-changing grand prize of $500,000 and a Wilson Staff driver inspired by their concept hitting retail stores nationwide on Black Friday, Nov. 25, three days after the season finale. Driver vs. Driver presented by Wilson premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. ET.

WINNING DRIVER AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE ON BLACK FRIDAY: The Wilson Staff driver inspired by the winner’s concept will be revealed at the conclusion of the season finale, airing Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 10 p.m. ET, and the winner will receive a grand prize of $500,000, the biggest prize in Golf Channel history. Three days later on Black Friday, the driver will be available for purchase at hundreds of retail and golf course pro shops stores across the country. The winning driver also will be available for purchase online at www.Wilson.com and Golf Channel Digital.

DRIVER VS. DRIVER JUDGES: Driver vs. Driver will follow the trials and tribulations of aspiring golf equipment designers as they compete for the opportunity to win a life-changing $500,000 and have their driver concept sold at retail under the Wilson Staff name. The 11 finalists, selected through an open call application process, will present to a panel of celebrity judges – former Chicago Bears linebacker and avid golfer 48

Brian Urlacher, former USGA Technical Director Frank Thomas and President of Wilson Golf Tim Clarke. Two-time PGA Driver Vs. Driver Finalists TOUR winner and Wilson Advisory Staff member Kevin Streelman joins the series as a judge beginning with the third episode.

DRIVER VS. DRIVER FINALISTS: The series’ finalists are a diverse cast that includes golf professionals and former club manufacturers, college students, engineers and product designers. Some of the finalists are well versed in the sport of golf, where others have never taken up the game but have extensive engineering and design backgrounds. • Jonathan Dineen, Wilmington, N.C. – An industrial engineer whose driver concept was his thesis at Appalachian State University. • Richard Gischer, Crowley, Texas; and Kimberly Leonard, Pinckneyville, Ill. – A brother-sister team with golf, sales and communications expertise. • Kyle Hanquist and Kevin Neitzel, Ann Arbor, Mich. – Colleagues and friends at the University of Michigan who are PhD students in aerospace engineering. • Jimmy Huynh, Brian Mar, Patrick Soriano, Sheila Pancani and Matt Ulery, Long Beach, Calif. – Seniors in the industrial design program at California State University. • Branndon Jones and Ryan Nelson, Knoxville, Tenn. – High school friends who are studying at the University of Tennessee. • Steve Kirouac, Welland, Ontario, Canada – A retired art teacher. • Weston Maughan, Draper, Utah – A former golf professional now working in the business sector. • Matt Purtell, Sonoma, Calif. – An avid golfer and building contractor.

• Eric Sillies, Cincinnati, Ohio – A product designer who interned at Dick’s Sporting Goods in college, helping the aesthetic direction for the 2012 Nickent golf club line. • Gavin Wallin, Eagle Mountain, Utah – A product designer who has extensive experience in golf club design with multiple manufacturers. • Karl West, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – A long time golf instructor and a self-professed “tinkerer” who enjoys conceptualizing and designing golf clubs in his basement lab. The seven-episode series will then take viewers behind the scenes as the advancing teams work with Wilson LABS – the innovation hub at Wilson – engineers to evaluate, critique, refine and test their concepts, all while the judges evaluate the best concept that will help golfers perform better off the tee. Viewers also will get a look behind the curtain at one of the most iconic global sports brands, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Golf Channel cameras will give viewers a glimpse inside the company’s Wilson LABS facility, an expansive innovation center that serves as a primary design and testing hub for its sporting goods concepts and products, including golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and football, among others.


Sports broadcaster Melanie Collins will serve as the host of Driver vs. Driver. Currently a sideline reporter for CBS’ college football and basketball coverage, Collins also was a co-host for Golf Channel’s competition series, Big Break. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


“Golf Academy of America is probably the best and fastest way to get a person into the golf industry.” —Todd Sones, PGA, Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Owner, Todd Sones Impact Golf Member, Golf Academy of America Advisory Board

Golf careers come in many flavors – from golf instruction to equipment sales to course management – and they can all start at America’s largest golf college: Golf Academy of America. You’ll be immersed in golf: playing, getting instruction from PGA instructors, using the technology and learning the business of golf. After 16 months, armed with an associate’s degree, you’ll have the option to go further and earn an online business bachelor’s degree from New England College of Business while gaining vital work experience. Classes start soon, so plan to visit our campus in Apopka today. 800-342-7342 | info@golfacademy.edu | golfacademy.edu

special events

F airway

On the heels

of its recent announcement that the Company’s Hit the Green for HOPE campaign generated more than $26,000 for PGA HOPE - golf programming for United States military Veterans with disabilities - Marriott Golf, one of the world’s premier golf operators, today announced the re-launch of Fairway Furloughs, an initiative that provides active, reserve and retired military personnel with discounted green fees/carts, ranging from just $29 - $69. Fairway Furloughs is available after 3 p.m. any day of the week, year round, at participating Marriott Golf courses. Tee times can be made up to three days in advance, and a valid military ID card must be presented. In some cases, select Marriott Golf properties will even extend the hours that the special offer is available, further enhancing the value of the program and enabling eligible military personnel to experience the Company’s prestigious collection of championship golf courses. “Marriott Golf is deeply committed to supporting golf programs for Veterans as well as active and reserve military personnel,” said Bill Nault, Vice President, Marriott Golf. “Fairway Furloughs provides an opportunity for dedicated military personnel to play our great collection of championship courses and enjoy the wonderful sport of golf at extremely reasonable rates.” Participating courses in the Fairway Furloughs campaign represent some of the country’s premier championship venues, including: Wildfire Golf Club, Phoenix, Ariz.; Camelback Golf Club, Scottsdale, Ariz.; Starr Pass Country Club, Tucson, Ariz.; Desert Springs Golf Resort, Palm Desert, Calif.; Shadow Ridge Golf Club, Palm Desert, Calif.; Grande Vista Golf Club, Orlando, Fla.; Hawk’s Landing Golf Club, Orlando, Fla.; Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Grande Lakes, Orlando, Fla.; The Rookery & Hammock Bay, Marco Island, Fla.; Stone Mountain Golf Club, Stone Mountain, Ga.; Griffin Gate Golf Club, Lexington, Ky.; Toftrees 50

Golf Club, State College, Pa.; Gaylord Springs Golf Club, Nashville, Tenn.; Cattails Golf Club, Kingsport, Tenn.; and Westfields Golf Club, Clifton, Va. Complementing Marriott Golf’s commitment to military programming, and as part of the Company’s collaboration with PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, approximately 2,000 golfers at Marriott Golf properties nationwide recently participated in the Hit the Green for HOPE promotion, generating more than $26,000 for PGA HOPE. PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots

Everywhere), the flagship Military program of PGA REACH, introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities in order to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Led by PGA Professionals, PGA HOPE is a proven activity that has helped thousands of Veterans assimilate back into their communities through the social interaction the game of golf provides. For more information on Fairway Furloughs and military programming at Marriott Golf facilities, please visit www.MarriottGolf.com.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4



Charity Polo Classic FEBRUARY 25TH NOON TO 5:00 PM


golf travel

The Live & Play Lifestyle:

Is Molas Now Pairs Luxury Living with Unlimited Golfing Opportunities

the resort’s unrivaled golf offerings, have now positioned Is Molas as the most ideal place for an exceptionally complete “live and play” lifestyle. The new Gary Player Design Signature Course is a Par-72 championship course with 18 holes. The course will span over six and a half kilometers in length (approximately 21,300 feet) with beautifully exclusive views. In a class of

Massimiliano Fuksas

Is Molas Resort Club House Design

Nestled in the heart of Cagliari, the ritzy, picturesque capital of the Italian island Sardinia, the Is Molas Resort has long been considered one of the most renowned destinations for golf enthusiasts. Its notable golf course faces the azure Mediterranean Sea, has hosted several Italian Opens, other PGA events and many international amateur tournaments in its 40-year history. And now, golf lovers have the option to live here. The Is Molas Resort is adding a collection of luxury residential villas this fall anchored by a new championship golf course designed by internationally renowned golfer and golf course architect Gary Player, also known as The Black Knight. The new villas are located in a private, 300-acre resort community featuring luxe amenities, five-star concierge service and they feature an indigenous civilization-inspired design. The new villas, paired with

its own, the new course follows the natural contour of the land and surrounding environment, and was constructed with elevated tees to enhance playability and distant views. This course joins the Is Molas Resort’s already established 27-hole executive championship course. Residents of the new villas will have unlimited access to the resort’s golf offerings, as well as a wide array of top-class, resort-style amenities. A maximum limited number of 15 homes are available for purchase, all designed by the world-renowned duo Massimiliano Fuksas and his wife and interior designer Doriana Fuksas. Star architect Massimiliano Fuksas’

Is Molas Beach Club Design 52

bio-architecture design is influenced by the Nuragic civilization with natural stone tower (Nuraghe) structures but updated with modern touches of luxury, while still keeping the natural surrounding flora in mind. Each villa seems to have grown out of the land, rather than placed on top of it. They provide views of lush-green rolling hills, the majestic turquoise sea and

world-class golf courses. Massimiliano Fuksas designed the architecture of the villas in conjunction with the developers’ ideas and visions about what Is Molas should represent. The Is Molas project is part of the Immsi Group, holding company of the Colannino family, also a developer of the project. The villas are exclusively sold through brokerage company Italy Sotheby’s International Realty. As a perk of being a resident, dedicated technicians provide monthly maintenance to each home, and professional services are also available for virtually any needs that come up. Residential security systems are available and customizable for different needs. Residents also have access to concierge services, a spa and beach club, a sports center, a children’s center, a business center, limousine and luxury car shuttle service, housekeeping, kitchen stocking, pet care service, in-villa beauty treatments, catering and butler service. While there are many perks to living in the heart of Is Molas, golfers worldwide can delight in unlimited access to two exclusive golf courses right at their fingertips. Residences come in four different styles, ranging from two to five bedrooms and priced between €1.9 million and €4.4 million. For more information on the new villas, visit http://ismolas. italy-sothebysrealty.com. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

Brian Peaper

Hall of Fame South Florida PGA Professionals Brian Peaper and Gary Baker are the newest members to be elected into the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame. These individuals will be recognized at the SFPGA Annual Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner in November. Peaper and Baker will be the 36th and 37th inductees into the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame, created in 2002. The South Florida PGA Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted the lives of individuals in the south Florida community through dedication and contributions to the game of golf. Candidates are first nominated by the nominating committee and then voted on by a committee made up of current Hall of Fame members and the South Florida PGA Executive Board. Brian Peaper is recognized for his leadership and dedication to the growth of PGA Professionals throughout south Florida. Peaper has been the PGA Director of Golf at Lost Tree Club in North Palm Beach since 1998. Peaper prides himself on being a mentor to younger PGA Professionals. He has been a Head Golf Professional for over twenty five years and has seen fourteen of his former Assistant Golf Professionals go on to obtain their own Head Golf Professional positions. Peaper’s passion for assisting fellow PGA Professionals is proven by the numerous Bill Strausbaugh Awards 54

he has received, three times on the chapter level (1995, 1998 and 2000) and twice on the section level (1996 and 1999). This award recognizes a PGA Professional’s outstanding display of integrity, character and leadership in their commitment towards mentoring others within the Association. Not only has Peaper been a leader to his staff, he also has served in numerous leadership positions within the South Florida PGA. He served as a Tournament Committee Member, Club Relations Chairperson and Awards Committee Chairperson. Peaper also served on the South Florida PGA Executive Board from 2007-2013 and was President from 2011-2013. In addition to his service to the association, he was named the 2013 South Florida PGA Golf Professional of the Year. Beyond his leadership, Peaper has promoted the image of the PGA Professional within the community throughout his career. He has led by example as a volunteer for many Habitat For Humanity home builds. He also played a 100 hole marathon for PGA Golf Day to raise over $17,000 for the Red Cross’ efforts with Hurricane Katrina. Peaper has hosted numerous events at Lost Tree Club, including the 2012 Challenge Cup Matches and the Lost Tree Club’s Pro-Member which benefits the Nicklaus Children’s Healthcare Foundation, annually raising over $250,000. “It is an honor and a surprise to be inducted into the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame. It is a great privilege to join the other PGA Professionals and contributors to golf in South Florida,” said Peaper. For his leadership and support of the community, the South Florida PGA welcomes Brian Peaper as a member of the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame, Class of 2016. Gary Baker is honored for his extraordinary impact on the South Florida PGA and promotion of tournament play. He worked as a PGA Teaching Golf Professional at The Club at Emerald Hills from 1992-1999, Raintree Golf Resort from 1999-2001 and currently serves as PGA Assistant Golf Professional at Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples. Baker served as the South Florida PGA Tournament Committee Chairperson from 1995-2007. Throughout his career, he has played in almost every section event and is known as a devoted supporter of tournament play. Baker’s playing career was highlighted by playing in two major championships: the 1976 US Open and the 1981 PGA Cham-

Brian Peaper pionship, both at Atlanta Athletic Club. “I am a big believer in the player. I am proud to consider myself a player representative and I think it is extremely important for PGA Professionals to go out and play with their members in addition to playing tournament golf with their peers,” says Baker. He continues to encourage fellow PGA Professionals to get involved with tournaments as a mentor to younger professionals. In addition to playing and encouraging tournament play, Baker has supported the South Florida PGA by volunteering his facility to host tournaments. He was the Director of Golf at the former Kendale Lakes Country Club, currently known as Miccosukee Golf & Country Club where he brought many South Florida PGA Section Events. Baker was named the 2010 Florida State Senior Honoree and was recognized for his over 35 years of experience impacting the game of golf in South Florida. “I would describe Gary as a man of great character, who is committed to excellence and is an incredibly caring individual. He is one of the few people who has continued to challenge me and has made me a better PGA Professional and person,” says Karl Bublitz, South Florida PGA Secretary. For his commitment to tournament golf and impact on the South Florida PGA, the South Florida PGA welcomes Gary Baker as a member of the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame, Class of 2016. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

These Guys Are Busy!

David Hronek

As always, our tournament season seemed to fly by! Our final events of the season are the Section Championships. David Hronek, Bobcat Trail fired a final round 64 to overtake Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & CC, by a single shot! This makes it back to back Section Championships for David! Thank you to our home site and host facility Reunion Resort for the exceptional conditions and service. Thank you Global Golf Sales and Steve Sponder for being the presenting partner, as well as the many other partners who support our final major of the season!

Rich Smith and Steve Schaff

Rich Smith and Jeffrey Anderson

In our Senior Section Championship, Jeffrey Anderson from Venice, came from out of the pack and took the title with a 69 in the final round. Must mention Jeffrey started out with a triple and shook it off to finish with a bunch of birdies! Well played. Our Senior field is always strong with quite a few of the players having PGA TOUR experience. Gary Koch, Tampa and Gerry James, Golf Club of South Hampton finished a shot back. In the Legends Championship, Steve Schaff, Ironwood was our champion. Thank you to Jim Slattery and the members of Belleair CC for hosting. A classic Donald Ross test. Thank you to all of the partners who supported the event. 56

The North Florida PGA and Brew Hub/ Golf Beer are pleased to enter into a Rod Perry

The Section Championships wrapped up Player of the Year honors for Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & CC. Our Senior Player of the Year is Mike Keymont, Stoneybrook East. Well played gentlemen and truly deserving.

multiyear agreement for Brew Hub produced beverages to be the Preferred Provider to our Member Facilities. Brew Hub is owned and operated by their CEO Tim Schoen. Tim brings over 30 years of vast experience in the beverage industry. Until the sale to Inbev, Tim was the brand manager of Bud Light, the World’s number one beer brand. This partnership with Brew Hub/ Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Golf Beer has a benefit for you the member, Section Programs, Chapter Programs and our Foundation. Initially Brew Hub Brands included in our partnership are Golf Beer, Key Billy Beer, and Diver Down Beer. Golf Beer was inspired by Freddie Jacobson, Keegan Bradley, and Graeme McDowell.

Prior to our finale of Section Championships we were at Orange Tree Golf Club for our Senior Junior Championship. The formula for victory in the Senior Junior Championship? Shoot 55 in round one! Barry Cheesman, Longboat Key Club and Jason Hrynkiw, Laurel Oak fired 17 under in the scramble format of round one, then 7 under in the best ball in round two to cruise to victory over a strong field. With perfect greens the putts were falling! Thank you to our host David Damesworth and the members and staff for the privilege of playing.

The Northern Chapter Championship was held at

Barry Cheesman and Jason Hrynkiw

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Amelia Island Plantation. What a spectacular area Bob Wallace and set of golf courses! Bob Wallace, Amelia Island Plantation, had the local knowledge and upper hand for the victory. Bob held off 3 great players, Charles Raulerson,

Chris DeBusk and Dan Olsen for a 3 shot victory. Thank you to Aaron Merritt and Dean Grunewald for hosting.


By Scott Kauffman

stay & play

Newly Redesigned Shingle Creek Golf Club Continues Legend of the King


hotel revels in the fact it sits alongside historic Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Florida Everglades. As it turns out, the AAA Four Diamond destination also happens to be at the headwaters of some world-class golf. This December, there’s even more reason to revel in Rosen Shingle Creek with the newly redesigned golf course by Arnold Palmer Design Company. For decades, Palmer and noted hotelier Harris Rosen reshaped their respective industries. Indeed, there are a number of other parallels between

Rosen Shingle Creek

it, however, with the same high level of service and course conditions.” To be sure, the course is unlike anything before. For instance, Palmer’s senior golf course architect Thad Layton designed three totally new holes on a new 25-acre parcel of land owned by Rosen on the northern end of the hotel, re-created numerous other holes, and updated the balance of the golf course with new design features while preserving the pristine beauty of the course’s mosaic of Florida plant life. Some of the most noticeable changes made to the course were changing Shin-

Palmer and Rosen’s new championship course. For instance, Shingle Creek’s longtime director of golf Dave Scott started his career working for Palmer at Bay Hill. And acclaimed golf instructor Brad Brewer, who opened his namesake Brad Brewer Golf Academy at Shingle Creek Golf Club soon after it first opened 13 years ago, was a longtime Palmer associate as the co-founder of the Arnold Palmer Golf Academies. Scott, who opened the former Shingle Creek course designed by the late Dave Harman, another former Palmer golf prodigy, can’t wait to start showing off the hotel’s new course. “What’s so exciting for me is we have had thousands who have played here before,” Scott says. “And when they come back and play the new course, it’s going to be an entirely new experience. We wanted to make sure it was different when you see it and play

gle Creek’s traditional green complexes protected by bunkers and thick rough for that of fairway-cut surrounds or runoff areas, giving golfers of all levels more forgiveness and recovery options. According to Layton, his team’s philosophy was putting strategy and variety at the center of the golf experience with design features that “hearken back to the golden age of golf course design.” A newly configured bunker scheme, like those strategically placed in the landing area on the par-5, 567-yard second hole or the pot bunker short of the horseshoe shaped green on the drivable fourteenth, will require sound strategy and precision to score well but plenty of fairway width for alternate routes of play. This is also where the Brad Brewer Golf Academy studio showcases some exciting new features including a greatly enhanced short-game practice area that doubles in size Brewer’s previous put-

ting, chipping and bunker areas adjacent to the academy’s private driving area. For Shingle Creek golfers looking to further hone their short games, a new 15,000-square-foot putting green with courageous contours was built at the footsteps of the clubhouse, including never-before chipping and bunker areas. This new “break” in the course routing is also where Scott’s staff has a valuable new 2,000-squarefoot event pavilion to host special events and parties, further enhancing the Shingle Creek golf experience. “With everything we’ve done with the new greens and strategic bunkers to the mix of drivable par-4s and super long par-4s and par-5s, there are just so many more decisions to make,” says Scott, whose esteemed property regularly plays host to U.S. Open and Amateur qualifiers.

“Whether you’re an average golfer to the professional, it gives them more options and strategy to think about.” “We set out to do something resolutely different at Shingle Creek,” Layton adds. “Orlando is a golf town and our backyard. As such, we sought to build a golf course that would inspire and challenge every type of golfer. Through a hands-on approach and countless hours on site, we handcrafted a golf course withdesign features reminiscent of some of the finest classic golf courses in the world.” In the end, Rosen Shingle Creek guests have a course that even the King of Golf would be proud to play. Locals are invited to book the course for play Dec. 1, 2016 to Jan. 10, 2017 to enjoy a special $79 Golf & Grub which includes golf and lunch. For details, visit shinglecreekgolf.com or call 407-996-9933.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

43rd Annual Saturday, November 12, 2016, 9am - 4pm 300+ Arts/Crafts Vendors Food Drinks Beer Student Art Fest Kids Area Business and Non Profit Vendors Entertainment

New Location

GFWC OVIEDO WOMAN’S CLUB Free Admission and Parking

Free Bus Shuttle in Two Locations: Reformed Theological Seminary, 1231 Reformation Drive, Oviedo, FL 32765 Intersection of Oviedo Blvd. and SR 419


carolinas golf central

Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association Course of the Year

Litchfield Greens #1

The Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association (MBAGCOA) has

Litchfield Country Club employs 65 people in various positions and its economic impact is substantial. The Club and parent company, Founders Group International (FGI), donate thousands of yearly rounds to local charities. Its tennis venue, Litchfield Racquet Club, hosts an annual event to benefit Teach My People which supports youth development programs. (more) “FGI is very proud of the investment we have made in Grand Strand golf, and we plan to be a key player in the Myrtle Beach golf scene for many years to come,” said Dan Liu, chairman of FGI. “It’s especially exciting to have one of the oldest courses in our line-up recognized as one of the best. From the first time we visited Litchfield Country Club, Nick Dou and I appreciated its unique charm and history, and we’re thrilled that others in the industry are also recognizing how very special Litchfield is.” As it has since day one, Litchfield exudes Southern charm, teeming with beautiful live oaks, Spanish moss and a spectacular array of seasonal colors. Within this quintessential Lowcountry setting lies a traditional shot-maker’s golf course, calling for keen course

selected Litchfield Country Club as its 2016 Golf Course of the Year. Litchfield Country Club (LCC) was one of the first five golf courses on the Grand Strand and inspired the development of 10 more golf courses along the Waccamaw Neck, south of Myrtle Beach. Those courses now make up the Waccamaw Golf Trail, one of America’s mostawarded golf trails. Since Litchfield Country Club opened in 1966, more than 100 courses have debuted along the Grand Strand, making the Myrtle Beach area the golf capital of the world. In selecting Litchfield Country Club as the Course of the Year, the MBAGCOA recognized the many contributions Litchfield Country Club has made to the community over its 50 year history, as well as how it has risen above other golf courses in quality of course, exceptional quality of ownership and management, and contribution to growing the game. The designation as Course of the Year makes Litchfield Country Club eligible to be nominated for National Course of the Year, an award that will be given by the National Golf Course Owners Association later this year. “Litchfield Country Club was instrumental in growing the game in the Myrtle Beach area,” said Tracy Conner, executive director of MBAGCOA. “It truly was the spark that expanded golf along the south end of the Grand Strand, and it continues to benefit the community both economically and through community partnerships.” Litchfield CC Azaleas 60

Litchfield Greens #2 management and the use of virtually every club in your bag. There are numerous doglegs and significant bends on at least eight different holes, forcing players to make the most of their tee and second shots. Strategic improvements completed in 2008 were subtle, elevating Litchfield Country Club’s status from timeless gem to awardwinning design. Golf Digest gave it four and a half stars. Conde Nast Traveler named it one of the ”World’s 50 Best.” “Litchfield Country Club has a rich history that continues to attract and impress golfers,” said Christa Bodensteiner, Litchfield Country Club’s head golf professional and general manager. “We have a great team who works to make sure every golfer who comes to Litchfield Country Club has an exceptional experience on and off the course.” LCC will be presented with its award during the September meeting of MBAGCOA. “FGI is especially pleased that a traditional golf course like Litchfield has been recognized for its enduring beauty and challenge,” said Nick Dou, president of FGI. “Litchfield Country Club’s superintendent, Barry ‘Digger’ Barthelman and its GM, Christa Bodensteiner, lead a dedicated team of people whose day-to-day contributions helped Litchfield Country Club to receive this honor, and we thank them all for their hard work. ” More information about Founders Group International, is available at www. foundersgroupinternational. com, www.mbn.com or MyrtleBeachGolfTrips.com. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

By Mike May

golf experience that is a true memory maker, then Rivers Edge (PlayRiversEdgeGolf.com) in the Brunswick Isles area of North Carolina is at the top of the must-play list. This par-72 Arnold Palmer design in Shallotte, North Carolina overlooks the nearby tidal basin (Shallotte River) which impacts play on seven holes, while marshes, ponds, streams, and lakes influence play on another nine holes. With six different

tees on every hole, it’s not difficult finding your comfort zone at Rivers Edge. “At Rivers Edge, no two holes are the same and the stretch along the river was done in such a way that to replicate it today would be difficult, if not impossible,” notes Jeff Pianelli, head golf professional at Rivers Edge. When playing the seven holes along the Shallotte River, take the time to admire Mother Nature’s beauty. It’s a part of the Rivers Edge experience, which includes sightings of osprey, turtles, fox squirrels, and the occasional alligator. Fortunately, Arnold Palmer provided ample room on the seven tidal basin holes for golfers to find the fairways from the tees….and to find the greens from the fairways. If you veer too far off the beaten path, just drop another ball and keep playing. It’s a lesson learned. And, it’s not the U.S. Open! At Rivers Edge, the first four holes are inland, but water does come into play on each hole, especially Mr. Happy’s Pond, which borders the 2nd green. At the 5th, a short par three, you’ll see the Shallotte River. While the 5th is Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

carolinas golf central

For golfers searching for the coastal

A True Memory Maker not long, it does require a 100 percent carry from the tee. Make sure that you don’t under club at the 5th. After all, it’s tough getting up and down for par from the bottom of the marsh. After disappearing into the countryside for the next two holes, you will re-emerge into the tidal basin for the 8th and 9th. The 8th is a splendid downhill par three with the tidal basin behind the green. The 9th is the only hole at Rivers Edge with a name: Arnie’s Revenge. This par five features two shots over water with a narrow approach to a peninsula green bordered by the tidal basin on three sides. When it’s played into a breeze, it’s a doozy! If you play the hole conservatively, you can easily get a double bogey. If you play it too aggressively, a ‘snowman’ or worse is quite possible. Securing a par or better at Arnie’s Revenge is a worthy achievement, to say the least. “With the tidal change throughout a day, it is not odd to see different aspects of river life during your round,” adds Pianelli. “What the design may lack in overall yardage, it makes up for in course strategy. Each hole offers a safe route or a risk/reward that can be chosen by the player. If you successfully pull off the game, you are rewarded for your efforts.  Rivers Edge is definitely a place that allows multiple play without

getting bored.” After playing the front nine, you’ll discover that the back nine is even better. The highlights of the inward half are your approach shot to the par five 11th hole, where Palmer Lake sits greenside; the commute along the ‘river’s edge’ from the 11th green to the 12th tee; and the last four holes which are flanked by the Shallotte River. Palmer’s creativity in designing those four finishing holes leaves you impressed and begging for more. The views across the Shallotte River while playing 15, 16, 17, and 18 are worth the price of admission, as they say. If you have an up-and-down day at Rivers Edge, but secure a par at Arnie’s Revenge and finish strong on the last four holes, your Rivers Edge experience will be a true memory maker.


By Mike Jamison

player development header

EaglesDream Golf Academy Junior Open Leading any golf tournament wire-towire is a difficult thing to do, especially when the fields are as balanced as they usually are in an American Junior Golf Association tournament. But that’s exactly what the Boys and Girls champions did at the EaglesDream Golf Academy Junior Open at Timacuan Golf & Country Club in early August. Ryo Harada of Tokyo, Japan, won the Boys Division title, his second AJGA victory and his first Open championship. He started with a 5-under-par 67 – the low round of the tournament – then followed up with a 71 on day two and an even-par 72 on the final, rain-soaked round, giving him a 6-under-par 210 total. Andre’ Leveque of Windermere, FL, Ben El Cohn of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Jude Kim of Plantation, FL tied for second, five shots back. Davis Smith of Atlanta and Jan Schneider of German tied for fifth at 216. Gabrielle Tomeo of Bradenton, FL, claimed the Girls Division title in only her fourth AJGA start, but had to go an extra hole to do. She won a sudden death playoff against Sifan He of Shanghai, China, paring the 10th hole at Timacuan. She had rounds of 70-73-73 for a total of even-par

216. It was her first AJGA victory. Amy Zhang, an EaglesDream Academy student from Lake Mary, tied for third at 221 with Meiyi Yan of Windermere, FL, while Erika Smith of Orlando finished fifth at 223. Timacuan has been among the most popular tournament courses in Central Florida since opening in 1988. The Ron Garl-designed semi-private course has been ranked as high as No. 14 in Florida, and has hosted dozens of national and international competitions, including two AJGA events each year. U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell is among its fans. “I really enjoyed the golf course,” said McDowell, after playing in the $10,000 Timacuan Scramble in January. “It is a great layout with a links-like feel to it. It can be testy in places if you get off the beaten path, but it is a very fair course.” The EaglesDream Golf Academy is based at Timacuan, and is home to several top international junior players. EaglesDream Golf Academy is a fulltime residential program that offers training to all levels of golfers. The main focus is providing junior golfers a unique opportunity to develop big match temperament through elite golf training with world-class academics.

Timacuan Golf & Country Club - Hole #7


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

carolinas player developnent header

Two Hundred Junior Golfers To Play In Prestigious Event

The 48th Annual George Holliday Memorial Junior Golf Tournament will be held at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on November 2426, 2016. Myrtle Beach National is one of 22 golf courses owned by Founders Group International, the foremost golf course owner-operator company in the Southeastern United States. Hundreds of golfers, ages 10 to 18, will play in the event, which is the third-oldest junior golf tournament in South Carolina. The junior championship is held in memory of George Judson Holliday, III, of Galivants Ferry, S.C., who won a number of junior and collegiate golf tournaments in the 1960s. Holliday had often credited his involvement in golf with helping to shape his life and character. After he died in a car crash at the age of 22 in November 1967, his family 64

started the tournament in his honor the following the year. The boys’ division consists of four age levels: 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 and 16-18 years of age. There are three age brackets in the girls’ division: 10-12, 13-14 and 15-18 years of age. All golfers who are 18 must still be enrolled in high school to participate. “This tournament provides juniors with an opportunity to experience the kind of high-level competition that George felt was so important to his development as a young person,” said Brad Crumling, head golf professional at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club. “So, it’s a great honor for us to host such a prestigious event again in 2016. We’ve seen some of today’s most impressive young golfers come through this tournament over the years. PGA TOUR and Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

LPGA golfers Lucas Glover, D.J. Trahan and Kristy McPherson once competed in this junior field; and in the future, we expect to see more of our tournament participants emerge to play on those big stages. “ More than 10,000 golfers from across the Americas have visited Myrtle Beach to participate in the event. In 2015, golfers came from Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Mexico. Last year’s Boys Overall Champion was Blake Taylor from Atkinson, North Carolina. The Girls Overall Champion was Ashley Czarnecki from Greenville, South Carolina. The public is invited to attend the tournament at no charge. More information about the event is available at www. mbn.com/golf-events/george-hollidayjr.-tournament or by calling Myrtle Beach National at 843-448-2308.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


GOLFUNITED Fore PULSE Charity Scramble raises over $36,000 to benefit victims of Orlando shooting tragedy

The golf gods were smiling down on the 148 players that filled the sold-out field for the GOLFUNITED Fore PULSE Charity Scramble that took place on the New Course at Grand Cypress Golf Club August 26.

High puffy clouds, a steady breeze and pristine greens provided perfect conditions for the charity event that raised $36,000 benefiting the OneOrlando and Pulse of Orlando funds. The monies raised will go directly to honor the 49 victims and support the survivors and their families impacted by the horrific shooting at the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando June 12, 2016. The City of Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer played in the tournament and provided the opening remarks. Mayor Dyer commented that Orlando had become defined by how the community responded in the wake of the tragedy and continues to respond with events like GOLFUNITED Fore PULSE. “I’m very proud of our community and couldn’t be even more proud today,” Dyer said. “We responded with love, compassion and community.” First Responders, Officer Luke Austin and his partner Officer Joseph Imburgio, of the Orlando Police Department, welcomed the opportunity to greet the Orlando Police Officer Joseph Imburgio, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and GOLFUNITED players and to thank the community Orlando Police Officer Luke Austin. for its ongoing unified support. GOLFUNITED was formed by a group of six passionate “It’s a proud moment for us to be here and to represent Orlando golf industry professionals who came together the City of Orlando Police Department and this event and shortly after the Pulse tragedy with the mission that ALL the way the community has come together,” said Austin. lives matter and a deep commitment to make a difference for the victims. The founding committee members include Josh Broeker, Mary Dees, Holly “G” Geoghegan, Paula Keyes, Will Perry, and Robert A. Scott. The inaugural event was a huge success given the limited time the group had to organize it. The golf community, celebrities and other VIPs opened their hearts both on and off the course. Local residents PGA Tour Champion Stewart Appleby and LPGA Tour Champion Charlotta Sorenstam generously donated their time on the course, hitting shots, taking selfies and mingling with players. Retired Major League Baseball outfielder Johnny Damon, who is a member at the Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Point, teed it up along with 19 fellow members and employees. The golf event included many on course activities followed by lunch, a silent auction and entertainment.

OneOrlando Board Member Jennifer Foster and team. 66

Local as well as national companies provided in-kind products and services, hole sponsorships, silent auction items, and other donations. In a combined act of extraordinary generosity the Villas of Grand Cypress and Grand Cypress Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Photos by

Hector Lizasuain looks at silent auction items.

Golf Club donated the golf course and the hospitality for the lunch and awards party.

formed to provide immediate financial assistance to the victims along with guidance and resources for the survivors ongoing needs and healing process. “GOLFUNITED put on an incredible event, one that brought our entire community out for a great cause,” said Aly N. Benitez, JD, MBA and Founder/Board President of Pulse of Orlando, Inc. “Pulse Johnny Damon and Aly N. Benitez of Orlando Fund is grateful to the event committee, all the sponsors and participants. The funds raised are going directly to survivors’ and victims’ families of the Pulse tragedy.” GOLFUNITED plans to continue its fundraising efforts for Pulse and other worthy causes. For more information or to donate visit www.golfunited.org.

“The Pulse tragedy impacted so many individuals and families in our community including our management and employees,” said Robert Scott, Tournament Director for Grand Cypress Golf Club and member of the GOLFUNITED founding committee. “Golf is a game that transcends – it doesn’t care whom you are when you stand on that tee box. Being a PGA professional, it made complete sense for our ownership, resort and golf operations team to be there and support our community through a game that we love.” The first place team of Jeff Babineau, (Golfweek), Carey Carter (T-Mobile), Matt Clinger (PGA Tour Superstore) and Art Colasanti (L2 Putters) posted a 21-under-par total of 51. Second place went to the Golf Channel team represented by Kyle Ginter, Ari Marcus, Ben Elisha and Alex Muirhead. Third place finishers were Josh Broeker, Kevin Stephenson, Tyler Boyd and Thomas Edenfield. Teams from both designated charities – OneOrlando and Pulse of Orlando - participated in the tournament. The OneOrlando Fund was established by Mayor Buddy Dyer in partnership with Equality Florida, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida (The Center) and the National Compassion Fund. Pulse of Orlando is a grassroots non-profit endorsed by the ownership of Pulse and the onePulse Foundation

Orlando Police Officer Luke Austin and Diana Mitchell hold a "Love Wins" shirt he autographed. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

Winners: Carey Carter, Jeff Babineau, Matt Clinger and Art Colasanti.

Pulse of Orlando Board President Aly N. Benitez and team. 67

florida restaurant & lodging Association

FRLA Honors First Responders and Celebrates Florida’s Hospitality Industry Stars at Awards Ceremony - FRLA Unveils 2016 Hall of Fame & 2017 Executive Committee The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) honored local responders who risked their lives to protect and serve during the Pulse nightclub tragedy, and recognized the restaurants, employees and guests statewide who supported Dine Out for Orlando United and raised more than $800,000 for the OneOrlando Fund. Speakers at the Hospitality Stars of the Industry Installation and Awards Gala included: Florida Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings and City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Chef Emeril Lagasse. State Senator Aaron Bean served as the emcee for the evening. During the event, which took place at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, FRLA celebrated the stars of Florida’s hospitality industry, announced its 2017 Executive Committee and unveiled its 2016 Hall of Fame along with other industry award winners. A live auction at the conclusion of the event raised more than $9,800 for the FRLA Educational Foundation. The same week, FRLA proudly hosted the NRA/FRLA Bob Leonard Golf Classic, sponsored the 2016 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, and Independent Operators Workshop Series. Don Fox, Chief Executive Officer for Firehouse of America, LLC, was named FRLA’s 2017 Chairman of the Board. Fox will preside over the FRLA, one of the state’s largest trade associations, representing more than 10,000 members in the hospitality industry. FRLA congratulates its newly elected executive board and Hall of Fame and Hospitality Stars of the Industry award winners. 2017 FRLA Executive Committee:

Don Fox Chairman Firehouse of America, LLC, Jacksonville Kevin Speidel Vice Chair Hilton Worldwide, Ft. Lauderdale Chau Nguyen Secretary-Treasurer Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Orlando


Olivia Hoblit Director 2016-17 Seaside Amelia Inn, Fernandina Beach

Sheldon Suga Director 2017-18 Hawk's Cay Resort, Duck Key

Alan Palmieri Director 2017-18 Marlow's Tavern, Orlando

Lino Maldonado Immediate Past Chair Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Ft Walton Beach Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4

In addition, Hall of Fame Awards were given to individuals who have attained career distinctions of the highest level and were recognized for distinguished service to their industry, community, charitable organizations and family. The 2016 Hall of Fame is as follows: 2016 Restaurateur of the Year Manuel “Manny” Garcia III Davgar Restaurants Inc., Orlando 2016 Hotelier of the Year Julian MacQueen Innisfree Hotels, Pensacola 2016 Supplier of the Year Island Oasis FRLA also announced annual award categories to recognize exceptional service throughout the state: Restaurant General Manager of the Year, Hotel General Manager of the Year, Restaurant Employee of the Year, Hotel Employee of the Year and Chef of the Year. Nominees and winners were chosen by a panel of independent industry judges. Restaurant General Manager of the Year Jim Garris, General Manager, Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City *WINNER Hotel General Manager of the Year Eduardo Fernandez, General Manager, Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach *WINNER - TIE Tom Williamson, General Manager, Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral *WINNER – TIE Restaurant Employee of the Year Stacey Landis, Bartender, Applebee’s, Venice*WINNER – TIE Miranda Steele, Chef’s Office Coordinator, Orlando World Center Marriott *WINNER – TIE Hotel Employee of the Year Santiago Navarro, Assistant Front Office Manager, Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach *WINNER Chef of the Year Geraldo Bayona, Corporate Chef, Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City *WINNER FRLA Educational Foundation Student of the Year Sofia Slimak, Mainland High School, Daytona Beach *WINNER

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


cart girl

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in a small town called Heidelberg in South Africa

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school?

With it being a very small school everybody knew each other and got along well. Being a sporty person I definitely spent a lot of time with my teammates.

What is your favorite sport to play? Favorite to watch?

My favorite sport to play was netball. I played center for the high school team. Rugby is my favorite sport to watch and I’m a proud Springbok supporter!

What do you feel makes this club special?

What hobbies do you prefer?

I love listening to music, watching movies, dancing and motorcycle rides!

Favorite comedian?

Saddlebrook has something to offer for every age group and interest! I meet guests from all over the world playing golf while the kids enjoy the pool and mom gets pampered in the spa.

Kevin Hart

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on the golf course?

What else would you like for us to know about you?

Without a doubt when a player had his speaker on in the cart and started singing “You’re just too good to be true” to me.

Favorite charity to support? Paralyzed Veterans / SPCA

I’m a very spontaneous person who loves spending time with family and friends! I believe life is a gift! Do what you love and don’t waste a second!

h t e b a Eliz Coetzee


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


Friday, November 18, 2016 East Lake Woodlands CC, Oldsmar, FL Opportunities to contribute can be found at GolfersVsBrainCancer.com, or by calling 722-441-6442. PLAY | SPONSOR | DONATE

Let’s find a cure. OUR PROUD SPONSORS:

golf bachelor

s u c r Ma auley C c M Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, FL

Is “acting your age” over rated? Not at all!

What do you do for a living?

Assistant Pro at The Majors Golf Club

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Steak

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Slow play

What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? My Dad, Tiger Woods, Arnold Plamer

Favorite comedian? Kevin Hart

Favorite television channel? Comedy Central


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 4


20th Annual South Walton Celebrity Golf Classic AT SANDESTIN GOLF & BEACH RESORT

OCTOBER 27-29, 2016

• Enjoy events throughout the weekend, including Casino Night • Play golf alongside TV, movie and sports celebrities (one celebrity paired with each team) • 2016 Featured Celebrities include: Jim McMahon, Patrick Warburton, Brian Jordan, Brett Butler, Phil Niekro and many more

Learn more at OperationRenewedHopeFoundation.org REGISTER TODAY! Contact: Charlie Haje at (850) 259-6334 or email charliehaje@earthlink.net


Profile for Shannon Coates

Southern Golf Central Magazine V17 issue 4 • interactive  

Streamsong Resort on the cover, Arnold Palmer tribute inside

Southern Golf Central Magazine V17 issue 4 • interactive  

Streamsong Resort on the cover, Arnold Palmer tribute inside

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