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Fundraisers –The Catalyst of Change! Can you believe? Over $200 million dollars in charity contributions are directed back into local economies. The PGA Tour, LPGA and Champions Tour deserve true fanfare for those accomplishments. WHOOT! WHOOT! But, there is such a difference in every local community in the country, utilizing GOLF and attracting all of those TURF LIFE individuals that love playing on the green grass provided by a tremendous Golf Course Superintendents Association. Local charities can put together a golf event and raise a few thousand dollars for their organization in a short period of time. Then, there are the larger events that just don’t happen overnight. Like celebrity outings, such as the “Tee Up For Life: at Heathrow Country Club, which over the past 10 years has averaged of $400,000 per event for the American Cancer Society. WHAT! Wow! I’m sitting here thinking about that very fact. Local charities around the country by far, ‘rock’ the golf world in raising money. Showing that golfers out there in green grass and sand land… okay… we better add water to that statement, share more money to charity than the Tour events combined on an annual basis. I am convinced that all of the people that truly love the TURF LIFE atmosphere are giving, loving people that share, just to make a difference. Kathy Gildersleve-Jensen – is one of those people that can make a difference. Kathy was the first female to be awarded the PGA of America “Teacher of the Year Award” in 2014. She speaks to groups about the fundamentals of “Conducting a Successful Golf Fundraiser.” In addition to pointing out many of the Do’s and Don’ts, she points out an important aspect of success. When asked “What is the best place to start?” she responds, “Take golf lessons.” The reason she suggests taking lessons are: • Non-golfers begin to understand the lure of the game • Golfers improve their game Kathy Gildersleve-Jensen • It GROWS the game of golf

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Volume 17, Issue 3

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Kathy is the ‘queen’ of giving group clinics. “Clinics range from 5 people to 300 people,” says Kathy. Then many of them take individual lessons. If your charitable organization is interested in raising funds through a golf fund-raiser; a good place to start is to contact your local golf course professional. It’s a WIN-WIN situation from both parties.

You Make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give. 4

2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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opportunity to learn and spend time with 48-time winner and LPGA & World Golf Hall of Fame member Nancy Lopez and her top-ranked instruction team. Nancy will share her Play HappyTM philosophies and career experiences.

September 8, 2016

PREMIER PLAY HAPPY DAY WITH NANCY LOPEZ Sandwich Hollows Golf Club East Sandwich, Massachusetts Enjoy an exhibition, instruction, lunch, happy hour and Q & A with Nancy and host Jane Frost. Space is limited. Open to men & women of all skill levels.

October 1 & 2, 2016

PREMIER NANCY LOPEZ ADVENTURE World Golf Hall of Fame St. Augustine, Florida Our Two-Day adventure is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience history and stories with Nancy Lopez, golf at the Slammer & Squire Course and visit Nancy’s exhibit at the Hall of Fame. Open to men & women of all skill levels.

January 5-9, 2017

PEBBLE BEACH ADVENTURE WITH NANCY LOPEZ Pebble Beach, California Join Nancy Lopez and her team for a memorable 4-day trip to Pebble Beach. We will play all courses with preferred tee times while staying in fantastic accommodations. This experience will include instruction and interaction with Nancy. Space is limited. Open to men & women of all skill levels.


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CitraGreen Original effervescent wheatgrass tablets offer 20 essential nutrients, antioxidant cell protection, immune support, electrolytes for recovery, and B Vitamins for energy. Tablets can be dissolved in 8 ounces of water and enjoyed daily. All are suitable for vegans and gluten-free diets with a delicious natural lemon flavor. MSRP $11.99 CitraGreen Sport effervescent wheatgrass tablets provide 9 essential minerals, recovery during and post-exercise with electrolytes, healthy immune system support, protection of cells from oxidative stress, energy boosts, reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Tablets can be dissolved in 8 ounces of water and enjoyed daily. All are suitable for vegans and glutenfree diets with a delicious natural lemon flavor. MSRP $11.99

18 Holes with Bing

If you never had the chance to meet or see a live performance by the late, great Bing Crosby, then I highly suggest you read 18 Holes with Bing – a series of stories about this American entertainment icon, through the memories and recollections of his youngest child, Nathaniel Crosby, who won the 1981 U.S. Amateur at the Olympic Club. In essence, this book was written by a golfer about another golfer. It just so happens that the author is a son who wrote about his father. Not surprisingly, the book has 18 chapters -- very appropriate for a book with a golf theme. 18 Holes with Bing is truly a must-read for anybody who plays golf, enjoys music, or likes to read about the life of an American icon, who was really a “golfer that sang.” Bing died at age 74 in August of 1977. Fortunately, Bing remains alive and well to this day through his music and movies. This book also reveals that Bing was the person who introduced the pro-am concept to golf. What makes 18 Holes with Bing such an enjoyable book to read is how much Bing Crosby was just a regular guy, just like the good neighbor next door. It would have been refreshing to have Bing Crosby as a neighbor.

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Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Ntrinsiq N'Visib1e

No one wants to be bitten by mosquitos – especially these days! But, on the course mosquitos are everywhere. Greasy repellent creams make your clubs slip and sprays mean chemical overload. For a better, non-messy, chemical-free way, there’s the N’Visib1e transdermal patch. Made by nutraceutical wellness company Ntrinsiq Works, the N’visib1e patch is a B-1 Thiamin vitamin-based, transdermal mosquito/ insect repellent free of harsh chemicals that becomes effective within 30 minutes of application and is safe for all ages. The brainchild of a former Marine deployed in Afghanistan and a product inventor, the patches provide optimal protection using one to two every 12 hours, but can last up to 36. It’s a safe, effective, natural alternative built on the premise mosquitos find their prey based on scent--attracted to the CO2 and lactic acid secreted in human breath and sweat--which increases when active, hot and sweaty. The B-1 Thiamin molecules on the patches are small enough to transmit into and through skin, and are then excreted out through the skin as unmetabolized gas which overwhelms the olfactory receptors of mosquitos, impairing their ability to smell their prey. Masking the CO2 emissions makes humans virtually invisible to the insects that depend on them to hunt. Field-tested for efficacy in Africa, the patch uses green color changing ink that becomes yellow with active B1 delivery. And, unlike mosquito repellent sprays and lotions that only protect at the skin sites they contact, the patches protect the entire body without any mess. http://www.

Leupold® GX-2i2 Golf Rangefinder

Leupold’s® new GX®-2i2 comes packed with advanced technology that enables golfers to easily customize the rangefinder to their individual needs and use it as a handy tool to improve scores and speed up pace of play. A recent update to Leupold’s high-performance DNA® (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine and an advanced infrared laser empower the GX-2i2 to deliver faster measurements with accuracy displayed to the nearest half yard. With Leupold’s TGR and Club Selector™ features, GX-2i2 takes customization to an elite level by providing accurate ranging information matched to the slope of the shot, atmospheric conditions and a golfer’s personal hitting strength. TGR displays the adjusted “plays like” range, calculated from the laser-measured line-of-sight distance, incline or decline, trajectory of the ball, current temperature, and specific altitude. Club Selector factors in the golfer’s specific hitting strength and TGR to the target, automatically recommending the proper club for each shot. Users simply input their personal striking distance for three specific clubs and the GX-2i2 does the rest, even indicating when the distance falls between clubs. Other key features include PinHunter® 2 Laser Technology, which effectively filters out large background objects and zeroes in on the flag or pin for extremely precise and fast target acquisition. In addition, heightened sensitivity of the rangefinder’s Prism Lock Technology™ allows golfers to get their distances easily, quickly and with extreme accuracy when a course is outfitted with reflective prisms. Maximum ranging distance on prisms is 800 yards. Built to Leupold’s exacting standards for ruggedness, GX-2i2 is compact, weighing just 6.8 ounces, and measuring only 4.2 inches long, 3.0 inches high and 1.6 inches wide. Additional features include multi-coated lenses for a crystal-clear image, a new high-definition LCD display and fold-down rubber eyecups. Each rangefinder is waterproof and comes with a Cordura® case, battery, lanyard and complete instructions. For more information, go to or call 1-800-LEUPOLD. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


florida restaurant & lodging Assoc.

Raises $750,000

throughout the day, specifically for the Dine Out for Orlando United effort. “I am in awe of our friends, family and colleagues in hospitality, who offered their help and hearts to ensure our Sunshine State remains strong,” said Carol Dover, President and CEO of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. “Thank you to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Florida Governor Rick Scott for dining with us

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) is honored to announce that the hospitality industry raised more than $750,000 to support the victims of the recent tragedy in Orlando. The funds were collected during Dine Out for Orlando United, a fundraising event led by the FRLA in partnership with VISIT FLORIDA, that took place on June 30, 2016. Nearly 1,500 restaurant locations across the state participated and their contributions were submitted directly to the OneOrlando Fund. During the event, guests dined at participating restaurants and made direct donations. Restaurateurs donated a percentage of their daily receipts, from 10 percent to 100 percent, to the Fund. Employees worked a shift, volunteered their time, or donated a portion of their tips. Businesses raised awareness by promoting, organizing or donating directly to the OneOrlando Fund. Local establishments reported lines out the door 10

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

tions across the nation that have come together to help Orlando heal following the terror attack a few weeks ago. We will continue to honor those who lost their lives and pray for those who are still recovering,” said Governor Rick Scott. For more information about the event, please visit

on Thursday, and their steadfast support of Dine Out for Orlando United. We are incredibly proud to take part in Orlando’s healing, grateful for those who contributed to this effort and are continuing to pray for the victims, their families and our community.”

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

“Across our state, country and the world, there has been an incredible outpouring of support for our community and the survivors and families of the victims who have been impacted by the tragic events of June 12. I am proud that Orlando continues to stand together as one community, and ‘Dine Out for Orlando United’ is yet another initiative that sends a signal to our City that we are not in this alone. Through generous donations and partnerships like this, the OneOrlando Fund will deliver critical help and healing to aid in the recovery of those most impacted by this tragedy,” said Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando. “This event is a great way for the Orlando community to support the victims and families of the terror attack. It is incredible to see the overwhelming response from business owners, sports teams, and countless organiza-


golf bachelor header

Christopher Della Rocco – “Rocco”

Where were you born? Did you grow up there?

Born on Eglin A.F.B. near Destin, FL but grew up in Albany, NY - ended up in FL anyway.

What do you do for a living?

I bartend at Murray Bros. Caddyshack am a real estate agent for Davidson Realty primarily in the World Golf Village and Ponte Vedra area.

Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation?

I love the beach - either bicycling on or just sitting with a book. I also love kayaking the inlets.

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Seafood! never liked till I became an adult but now eat all of it! What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island? • coffee – couldn’t survive without it; • music –

wouldn’t want to survive without it; • beer – for when i just need to forget about being deserted

Who would you like to have with you on the same deserted island; and why? I would have to say my kids. Sucks that they’re deserted - but couldn’t imagine life without them!

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Sloooooooooooow golfers - cell

What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? Bill Murray, Alice Cooper, Cheech! –that would be a fun day!

What are some of your great accomplishments? Hiking to top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Tim Tebow Foundation Favorite comedian? George Carlin R.I.P. Last book you read?

East of Eden

News, current events; hardcopy or on-line? on-line while

drinking coffee

phones -stop taking pictures - you know what you look like.

Favorite magazine? uh ... Southern Golf Central Magazine, duh!

Name the three most important things to you in this world. my

Favorite charity to support? Tim Tebow Foundation

kids, my health, my friends

What do you fear the most? Heights – no ferris wheel for this guy!


What else would you like for us to know about you? Greatest

thing I’ve done with my life is the time I spent being a stay-at home-dad to my daughter Casey and son Blake. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

cart header girl

e e L a d Chan Where did you grow up?

I was born in Mississippi, and raised in Arizona. Moved to the Smoky Mountains when I was 20.

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school? Everyone!! I have always enjoyed different

personalities. I was voted Miss School Spirit and Miss Best All Around in high school!!

What is your favorite sport to play? My favorite sport to play is

basketball (still do…).

Favorite to watch? College Football. VOL Nation. Whether working, tailgating, at home or in the stands…Go Vols!! What do you feel makes this club special? Our team of coworkers makes our course special. All positions, inside or out, are respected and appreciated. Together we provide excellent service and a memorable experience for our golfers! If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? I plan on

staying in the golf business. I love the atmosphere, the people, learning the game. I have been promoted to a Supervisor and enjoy the opportunities the course presents to me.

Do you think the cart girls should be able to dress differently?

I believe cart girls need a dress code. We are representing our course and our clubhouse. Keep it professional and classy, ladies!!!

What type of music do you prefer? Classic Rock, hands down. What hobbies do you enjoy? Photography and Hiking. What is your idea of “the perfect date”? Perfect date?....

Anywhere out with my son.

Relaxed evening at home, or nightclub and cocktails? A relaxed evening at home, preferably in a hammock or lying around a fire… Favorite comedian?

Robin Williams (ever heard him explain

the game of Golf?)

Favorite type of movie?


Favorite charity to support?

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

What else would you like for us to know about you? I’m a single mom, raising three amazing sons!!


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

special events

Major Celebrities Tee it Up at Tahoe for 27th American Century Championship A blockbuster gathering of 85 major sports and entertainment stars – including Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, Justin Timberlake and five NFL starting quarterbacks - are teeing off in the 27th annual American Century Championship, July 22 – 24, at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

The 54-hole tournament, uses a modified Stableford scoring system and will be aired as follows: Friday, July 22 6-8 p.m. ET / 3-5 p.m. PT (live) NBCSN Saturday, July 23 3-6 p.m. ET / Noon-3 p.m. PT (live) NBC Sunday, July 24 3-6 p.m. ET / Noon-3 p.m. PT (live) NBC. America’s No. 1 celebrity golf tournament will feature a host of active players from football, basketball and hockey, as well as prominent artists from film, television, music and comedy, competing for $600,000 in prize money. In addition to Curry, Barkley and Timberlake, other famous names include: Aaron Rodgers, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Jim Harbaugh, Andre Iguodala, T.J. Oshie, Joe Pavelski, Roger Clemens, Emmitt Smith and Ray Romano. Active NFL

Hollywood on the sands: Jack Wagner with his fans. starting quarterbacks include - Blake Bortles of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Ryan

Mark Rypien and Annika Sorenstam are all smiles for the crowd. 16

Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets, Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs and Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals. In addition to the high-stakes competition, the tournament will raise money for the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, a non-profit, organization which researches cancer and other diseases. Regional Lake Tahoe non-profits also benefit from the tournament, which has raised over $4 million for charity. Among the other featured events throughout the week are Korbel’s annual $250,000 ‘’Closest-to-the-Pin Contest’’ and the fan favorite “Celebrity SprayOff.” The Korbel Toast Life® Foundation will award $5,000 to the chosen charity of the celebrity judged best for champagne spray creativity and cork distance. The closest-to-thepin competition will also produce a minimum donation of $5,000 to charity. Tournament officials have also created the 901 Tequila® Bar on the 14th hole and Timberlake, founder of the brand, is expected to visit the location during the tournament. For more information: Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty celebrates closest to the pin during Korbel’s annual contest for charity. Photo credit Jeff Bayer

2015 American Century Championship winner Mark Mulder will take a swing at the trophy again this year. Photo credit Jeff Bayer

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Jeremy Roenick gets a 9.0 for graceful moves.


leader on the links

Sam Pero

Publix Vice President Named to Special Olympics Florida Board of Directors Special Olympics Florida today an-

ities include United Way Board member, Junior Achievement Board member,

nounced that Sam Pero, Publix Lake-

and volunteer for Boxer Rescue. He and

land Division Vice President, will serve

his wife Marcy reside in Lakeland and

on the Special Olympics Florida Board

have three children, Andrew, Daniel,

of Directors.

and Sammy.

As Divisional Vice President, Pero

In 1972, a grant from the George W.

oversees the sales, profit, and general

Jenkins Foundation, now known as the

performace of 269 Publix stores across 17 counties in Florida. Additionally, he supports and provides resources for non-retail departments. “Special Olympics Florida and Publix have a strong, long-standing relationship, and Sam’s new position on our Board will further strengthen our partnership,” said Sherry Wheelock, President and CEO of Special Olympics Florida. “We are pleased to welcome Sam to our Board and grateful for Publix’s commitment to empowering people with intellectual disabilities across Florida.”

Pero began working at Publix in 1977

Publix Super Markets Charities, sent

as a front-service clerk in Miami, Fla.

Florida athletes to the Special Olympics

He was promoted to store manager

National Games. Publix has been a sup-

in 1987, district manager in 1994, and

porter of Special Olympics Florida ever

Jacksonville Division Regional Director

since. Today, Publix raises the funds

in 2005. He was named to his current

necessary to support Special Olympics

position as Lakeland Divison Vice Presi-

Florida’s growing program through

dent earlier this year.

paper torch sales and the Special Olym-

“We’re very proud of our long-standing relationship with Special Olympics.

Publix serves as the premier sponsor of

I’m excited about the opportunity to

the Florida Law Enforcement Torch Run

serve them as a board member and to

to benefit Special Olympics. Publix pro-

work with others who share the same

vides volunteers for Special Olympics

passion for their work,” said Pero.

competitions, and many Special Olym-

Pero’s additional philanthropic activ18

pics Florida Golf Classic. In addition,

pics athletes are Publix Associates. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

More than a year-round mountain golf resort.

Nestled on the north shore of beautiful Lake Lure in the foothills of western North Carolina sits an escape, Rumbling Bald Resort. Surrounded by the towering cliffs of Rumbling Bald Mountain, our 3,000+ acre property is home to a private sand beach, distinct dining experiences and numerous hiking and biking trails, all tailored for relaxation in our authentic mountain getaway. Our two championship golf courses, Apple Valley and Bald Mountain, weave themselves through the property and are specifically manicured for world-class play.

Featured Hole

#16 Par 3 at Bald Mountain

Scenes from the hit movie “Dirty Dancing� where filmed here.

Mention code GC2016 and receive 15% OFF additional nights. *May not be combined with other offers or previously booked reservation. Price is per person, mid-week, double occupancy, exclusions, taxes and fees apply. Valid through 9/5/16.


youngheader guns

Flash 80


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

growing the game

By Deb Shuck

Get Back to the Greens You have never seen a place like this! There is a prosthetics and orthotics facility in Orlando, FL with full golf facilities. It is called Prosthetics and Orthotics Associates. The total center is approximately 22,000 square feet including a full gym and climbing wall. As for the golf, there is a beautiful putting green, chipping area and a full golf simulator with lounge chairs for viewing the Pebble Beach course. As if all this isn’t enough there is a PGA Golf Pro, H Bufton, on staff, full time. P & O Associates are giving amputees the opportunity to get back out on the greens as soon as possible. They are offering the chance for any amputee to find out more about new sports that they thought they couldn’t try. Adaptive golf can be for anyone. To learn more about P & O Associates check out their website at: If you are interested in starting an adaptive golf program or becoming a trained adaptive golf coach please contact David Windsor, PGA at david@


Deb Shuck with Golf Pro H. Bufton

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3



Golf Academy of America Gives Back to the Community

Staff from Golf Academy of America showed their commitment to the Orlando community by volunteering for a day of service to support Nathaniel’s Hope. The local charity provides services, love and community for children with special needs and their families. The team volunteered on June 4 from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the 14th Annual Nathaniel’s Hope Make ‘m Smile Festival, which is dedicated to celebrating

VIP Kids (kids with all types of special needs/disabilities) and their families. “Nathaniel’s Hope is an amazing charity that has such a positive message and goal,” said Brad Turner, MBA, PGA, campus director of Golf Academy of America Orlando. “We volunteered with Nathaniel’s Hope last fall for their Thanksgiving Breakfast, and we were honored to have the opportunity to help them out again this spring.” The Community Service Day is part of Golf Academy of America’s parent company’s national community service program, which includes a day of volunteering across 72 Education Corporation of America college campuses and more than 5,300 employees serve and give back to their communities. To learn more about Golf Academy of America, visit us online at or contact an enrollment specialist today at 800-342-7342.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3



WHY DO PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WORKS? (Hint: Because They’re More Than Just Products) Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers. They’re tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, delivering the highest rate of recall and return on investment.

407.326.6800 |

golf history

By Mike May

The game of golf in Ocala, Florida

has deep roots as golfers have been pitchin’ and puttin’ for par and yelling ‘fore’ in this part of Marion County for more than a 100 years. Yes, believe it or not, but golf has been played in Ocala since the early 1900s. In the beginning, there was a nine-hole course known as the Ocala Heights Golf Club. As a result of the strong local interest in golf, a second golf course was later built on the eastern edge of Ocala. The ground

breaking for this new course took place in 1930. The golf architect who oversaw the design and construction of the new course was E. Ellsworth Giles, who came from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to historical recollections, Ellsworth was a self-proclaimed golf expert who was an authority on building golf courses, designing golf courses, and selecting the land for the actual course. In 1931, Ellsworth’s work was ready for public display, as the Ocala Highlands Golf Course and Hotel officially opened for business. About 15 years later, the City of Ocala purchased the golf course and built a new clubhouse on the property. It then became what is now known as the Ocala Golf Club ( This golf club is one of the 51 golf courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail. Fast forward roughly 60 years. In 2009, the Ocala Golf Club (3130 N.E. Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala) experienced a major transformation. Under 26

the supervision of golf course architect Michael Beebe, new greens, tees, bunkers, irrigation pipelines, and cart paths were built. And, a few select trees were removed, as well. The goal was to have the course look and play like it did back in the 1930s. “Our goal was to re-capture the classical look and strategic principles that had been lost over the years while utilizing improved technologies in turf grass, green construction, drainage and irrigation,” notes Beebe. The greens now feature Tifeagle Bermuda which provides a consistent and smooth putting surface with very little grain. The putting surfaces are now comple-

mented by short grass collection areas and white sand bunkers, which allow for a variety of shot options around the greens.

Now, the 18-hole, par-72 layout features five sets of tees and the tee-togreen distances range from 4,256 yards to 6,552 yards. As you can see, at the Ocala Golf Club, there is a tee for every player with any handicap. The course feature five par fives and five par threes. Because the Ocala Golf Club is not exceptionally long, it’s not a long bombers’ paradise which means a driver is not always the best club to hit from the tee. Consequently, club-selection strategy from the tee is a key component of the game at the Ocala Golf Club. “Most of the greens have a turtleback feature,” says Chris Howley, the

Ocala Golf Club’s head professional. “There’s not a green on this course that you want to miss long. Our course has a unique little charm about it.” The expansive clubhouse at the Ocala Golf Club now includes a fullystocked Golf Shop, the 19th Hole Grill Room, and a banquet area. The Ocala Golf Club (352-401-6917) is now an ideal setting for corporate outings, business meetings, other social events,…. and a few rounds of golf where the people can continue pitchin’ and puttin’ for par and yelling fore.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

stay & play 28

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


Living Life! It seems Heath Bronkema

has been trying to ditch his day job for more than 25 years. He has gotten close to making it big in racing and singing, but for the past eight years he still happily returns each week to his job as the equipment manager at Kalamazoo (Mich.) Country Club. “I love my job,” said the 44-year-old Bronkema, who met his current boss at a band rehearsal. “I had to figure a lot of things out on the fly here, but I have enjoyed it. In fact, it’s pretty cool.” Bronkema, a seven-year member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), had grown weary of running his own construction company before joining the staff at Kalamazoo CC. But outside of work, Bronkema has never slowed down. On Fridays, he races his stock car at the Kalamazoo Speedway. Another 150 nights a year, he plays lead guitar in the Bronk Bros. band, which has opened for country music headliners Kenny Chesney, Charlie Daniels and the Oak Ridge Boys. “One of my coolest experiences was having the Oak Ridge Boys standing to the side of the stage watching us play. When we were done, they came up and told us we did a nice job and that we were great entertainers,” said the self-taught guitarist. Bronkema’s younger brother, Brian, sings lead on most of the country tunes the band plays. But when they turn to hard rock 80s, like Ozzie Osborne and Bon Jovi, Heath takes over. Allthe-while, GCSAA board member and drummer John Fulling, a certified golf course superintendent at Kalamazoo CC, handles any beat with ease. “We have been close to a record deal,” said Bronkema, who discovered he had a good voice after being talked into singing karaoke tunes at a friend’s wedding reception. “But we’re really hoping that a national act will pick one of our original songs and make it a hit.” Bronkema’s first love, however, is racing. At first it was motorcycle racing, and now it’s stock car racing. He was skilled enough to be a professional motocross rider, with more than 100 victories and five state titles in 20 years. He toured the Northern 30

Heath Bronkema, with his band, the "Bronk Bros." Midwest and raced in the Pontiac Silver Dome and the Hoosier Dome. But just when he was gaining sponsors and closing in on being able to race full-time in 1995, he broke his ankle and was never able to compete again at the highest level. “I was winning this race in Pennsylvania, and there was only one more lap to go when I got caught up and twisted my foot almost backward,” said Bronkema. “My friend, Terry, and my dad drove me six hours to home before I had it looked at and had surgery. I had to get a plate and screws in there. I was down for several months. I tried to get back on the bike, but it just bothered me too much. “I have racing in my blood. I grew up with motorcycles, and it’s just what I know,” said Bronkema. “I have been smart enough to not do anything stupid, but I have always been someone

who jumps in with both feet. That’s the way I think people should live.” Nicole, his wife of 21 years, is glad that her husband has added two more wheels to his hobby to help keep him grounded. She’s even more at ease when he makes time to coach his daughter’s youth soccer travel team, which he has done for the last six years. In his first stock car race of the season, in April, Bronkema was pleased with his sixth place finish among 17 cars that were modified to run hotter than his stock orange and black Buick, sporting No. 79. “It’s mostly a matter of time and money,” said Bronkema, who, along with his father and a friend, do all of the engine work and car maintenance. “I cut my teeth working on engines, and I want to race, so I’m going to get out there as many Fridays as I can and go after it. I want to be competitive.” Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

By Trisha Patterson

Dem Babies… It’s no secret

I have a love/hate relationship with my husband’s career. I’ve made countless entries poking fun at him, giving him praises and explaining the sultry details of the other woman (his course...don’t get to excited) in our marriage. What I haven’t ever really touched on, is the effect of this industry on KOTS... (Kids of turf). Let me rephrase that...the effect on my KOT. So here goes. We have a beautiful 12 yr. old girl, who is the epitome of strength, beauty and character. She was born in Augusta, GA...I’m sure my MOT (Man of Turf) planned that out. In the beginning of her life, my MOT was a foreign being to her. He’d leave before the sun came up and arrive home long after it set. There would be a day or 2 that he wouldn’t even get to see her. You’d never know that now, they are best friends! Thank God!!! In her short 12 yrs. on this earth we have moved 4 times. Luckily for her, 3 of those moves she was a baby and couldn’t really care less. Her only basic need was liquid in her sippy cup and an endless supply of fruit snacks. This 4th move actually stung a little. Why? Because we were settled for 9 years. She got to have a normal

My KOT, Isabella Patterson childhood, make lifelong friends and have some type of structure. This 4th move is a new beginning for all of us. I can’t help but want to praise these babies. They are so young, but yet so wise. Most KOT’s know by the age of 3 that Dad works A LOT, is hardly ever home before bedtime, but he has really cool stuff at his office (golf carts, tractors, big mowers etc.). Mommy pretty much runs the show and most importantly when the weather is on, you need to be quiet! I wonder if this “lifestyle” actually takes a toll on their little minds. Does it make them sad dad isn’t home a

lot? Or do they just go on about their lives because they have never known any different? Do they feel the tightness in the air when Mommy is about to lose her biscuits because she just desperately needs a break? Or do they know daddy has a disease on his greens and is being a complete turd? I’m guessing no to all of the above! Why? Because we are raising amazing humans!!!!!! We as Turf Wives are doing everything in our power to pick up the slack without our kids skipping a beat. I can say this though...these kids are very strong, resilient, and smarter than we all think. I also believe being born into this lifestyle; they will be taught to have thick skin, a crazy-amazing work ethic, a sense of wanderlust and adventure. Mostly importantly no matter is everything. In many ways I feel very fortunate our KOT is being exposed to everything this lifestyle has to offer. She, like every other KOT, is being taught the sky has no limits, regardless of your situation and for that...I am thankful! Trisha Patterson is the author of the blog, “Till Turf Do Us Part” (turfwidowfla. Random musings of an experienced, nutty, golf industry wife, married to a golf course superintendent. My experience, my life, and our story.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


By Tricia Roberts

Growing Deep Roots in Biloxi

We are growing deep roots in Biloxi, MS at the second annual Deep South Turf Expo. Make your plans to head down to the coast on October 11-13 for the event of the year. This regional conference will bring turf managers from all over the southeast for three days of educational sessions, networking opportunities and a trade show with industry suppliers exclusively for the turf industry. The DSTE originated from the collaborative effort of five independent organizations: Alabama Golf Course Superintendents Association, Alabama Turfgrass Association, Gulf Coast Golf Course Superintendents Association, Louisiana-Mississippi Golf Course Superintends Association and the Mississippi Turfgrass Association back in 2014. The first Deep South Turf Expo was held last October and was a success by all measures. Turf managers, sponsors, exhibitors and professors came out in full force to support this effort as our roots were planted. The support was contagious, and plans for this year’s event were immediately on the way! This year the roots are 32

growing, and we ask for everyone’s support of this effort as we forge forward with an expo that is beneficial to everyone in the turf world! An abbreviated schedule of events is included below; some highlights of the event include a golf tournament at The Preserve Golf Course, a Skeet and Trap Tournament at Gulf Coast Gun & Rifle Club and a Sports Field Tour of the local sports fields on the opening day followed by a Home Run Derby Dinner at the new MGM Park, home of the Biloxi Shuckers. The next day will consist of educational sessions on the latest Turfgrass management topics, a luncheon and an afternoon dedicated to visiting the trade show exhibitors. The expo will wrap-up with a reception in the

trade show floor that evening. Educational sessions will continue to the last day and will be industry specific. Take a look at the program and the great line-up of speakers. For a complete listing of break-out sessions or to register, visit the web site Registration is officially open online at www.DeepSouthTurfExpo. org. Be sure to register early and make your hotel reservations at our host hotel, the Beau Rivage, a five-diamond resort overlooking the Mississippi Sound. A link to the hotel’s online reservation service can be found on our website as well. Help us grow deep roots and be part of this invaluable event exclusively for turfgrass managers across the southeast! Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

The Mirimichi Green Difference Based in Castle Hayne, NC, Mirimichi Green is known for their work on many of the nations most prestigious golf courses and professional sports fields. Mirimichi Green has developed a professional line of landscape products that perform at the highest level, while being sustainable and healthy for our environment. Each product was specifically designed to keep greens, tees, fairways, and sports fields running at peak performance year round.

from their brand. Mirimichi Green uses a patented liquid nanotechnology which provides highly digested, organic enzymes and extracts that are available immediately. They also offer an organic herbicide to manage your invasive weeds that is approved by the EPA and OMRI listed.

Mirimichi Green Sports Mirimichi Green’s roots started in the golf industry and has since devel-

turf in poor soils and conditions will solve your most difficult challenges. Golf and sports fields can undergo the harshest treatment in the toughest conditions. Mirimichi Green’s soil enhancers and nutrient packed liquid fertilizers will help establish and sustain a healthier soil profile.

Cut Costs In Half

Why use Mirimichi Products? Mirimichi Greens’ bio-activated carbon is a full nutrient biological package. Fortifying your soils with bio-activated, carbon based, soil enhancers is the key to the successful turf. You will:

oped into a full comprehensive line of turf and tree care products that delivers the same outstanding results to sports fields around the world. Their experience and success of growing healthy

Mirimichi Green’s turf and soil products have been developed to meet the multifaceted needs of golf course maintenance. All while providing quicker post play recovery, reduced irrigation requirements and a long lasting home for beneficial microbial activity. Mirimichi Green targets 50% cost reduction goal for fertilizer, labor and repairs. By identifying your needs and goals, Mirimichi Green can work with you to achieve success all while working within your budgetary requirements. Mirimichi Green provides practical solutions to customers, drawing from a unique line of world-class products and a long history of working in this field.

• decrease irrigation needs • decrease nutrient run off • achieve early spring green-up • see a lack of frost during the first hard freeze • have faster grow-in after aerations • have increase rounds of play • reduce down time for repairs and maintenance • reduce soil compaction

Organic and Sustainable Mirimichi Green products are designed for professionals interested in using environmentally sustainable products. With a life-cycle cost approach, Mirimichi Green developed a series of industry specific solutions, which are affordable, effective and adhere to the superior quality expected 34

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3



MIRIMICHI GREEN TURF & TREE PRODUCTS are designed for the professional golf course superintendent interested in using environmentally friendly products that are effective & affordable. Our quality products reduce irrigation requirements and fertilizer inputs, while extending nutrient availability and increased soil health. Fortify your soils with our bio-activated, carbon based soil enhancers. Maintain your turf & trees with patented liquid fertilizers. Manage invasive weeds with our EPA approved & OMRI listed organic herbicide. All of our products work in harmony to provide greens, tees, fairways & general landscaping faster repair and quicker green up. Find out why 27 out of the top 100 golf courses across the United States use Mirimichi Green.


Growing “Turf Lifers” with First Tee

Living in Florida, landscapes and terrains must cope with extreme weather conditions ranging from excess direct sunlight to abundant rainfall and even long dry spells. These conditions can be exacerbated in a microcosmic environment, as is often seen on Florida’s golf courses. So, on Saturday, June 4, more than 40 participants from The First Tee of Central Florida participated in an environmental education and course improvement program called “Live Green!,” developed by The First Tee in partnership with The Toro Company and Audubon International. They experienced this learning opportunity about sustainable golf practices while making environmental enhancements to the Stoneybrook West Golf Club in Winter Garden.


“Improving golf skills is just one aspect of The First Tee’s core curriculum, which also encourages participants to respect and care for the environment, amongst other healthy habits,” said Thomas Lawrence, Executive Director of The First Tee of Central Florida. “Thanks to our partnership with The Toro Company and Audubon International, we had a blast with the student-participants to learn the importance of quality environmental education and course improvement techniques.” In addition to funding the program, Toro representatives

taught program participants about the science of caring for a golf course to both protect the environment and create healthy turf conditions. Audubon International worked closely with The First Tee to identify and recommend improvements at the course, and they also provided environmental education activities for the participants. “Live Green!” brings attention to the importance of caring for the environment. Through The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits, health and wellness topics are shared with participants to consider both in the game of golf as well as in their personal lives. The First Tee of Central Florida encourages young people to explore the health of their community and discover how they can give back and care for the environment. For more information about The First Tee of Central Florida, visit Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

“If you love golf like I do thank a golf course superintendent.” Thank a golf course superintendent for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at beautiful Lake Tahoe. The superintendent you thank will win a special prize too!

Two ways to enter: • Visit • Tweet using #ThankASuper and #ContestEntry Complete rules available at Sweepstakes period: May 1-31, 2016

feature header

Introducing the

Golf Collection

Lineup features 10 Stellar Courses, including a Spectacular New Destination and a Restored Masterpiece #PlayAll10

Salamander Hotels & Resorts, the luxury hotel management company founded by Sheila C. Johnson, has unveiled its new Salamander Golf Collection, featuring a “Perfect 10” lineup. With stunning Signature Designs by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom

Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA, enabling them to play the nearby private Creighton Farms Golf Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus. In the Sunshine State, the Collection includes Innisbrook Resort in Tampa Bay, where Jordan Spieth’s magical year began in March with a win at the Valspar Championship. In November, Innisbrook’s highly acclaimed Copperhead Course, a PGA TOUR site for over two decades, which recently re-opened after a restorative enhancement. The “Perfect 10” also features Reunion Resort in Orlando (Palmer, Watson and Nicklaus), and Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast (Ocean and Conservatory). A fourth Salamander Florida resort, Henderson Beach Resort in Destin, is scheduled to open in summer 2016 with several golf packages for its guests.

Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, VA Reunion Resort - Palmer #16

Watson and Larry Packard, Salamander’s 180 holes span the states of Virginia and Florida, where the company is the state’s largest independent golf course operator. “This is of the finest collections of courses in the country, but we have also taken care to create opportunities for golfers of all skill levels to just ‘get out and play all 10,’” said Johnson, Salamander’s Founder and CEO, and an executive committee member of the United States Golf Association, where she has helped lead efforts to increase participation in the game. In Virginia, Salamander has recently added an exclusive new golf experience for guests at its luxurious Salamander

What’s New? Since it opened nearly two years ago, Salamander Resort & Spa has been acclaimed as one of the country’s finest resorts. Now, it has added a golf package with the acclaimed Creighton Farms Golf Club, a Nicklaus Signature Design, which is less than a 15-minute drive away.

re-opened at the end of 2015 after a six-month restorative enhancement that respects the guiding principles of Packard’s original design.

Reunion Resort, Orlando, FL What’s New? The only resort in the world with Signature Designs by Nicklaus, Watson and Palmer, Reunion is involved in several new initiatives, including Foot Golf (played on the Watson Course), and held the World’s Largest Golf Outing to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project (Palmer Course). Work has also begun on a new clubhouse at the Nicklaus Course.

Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, FL What’s New? Hammock Beach features two spectacular golf courses. The beautiful Conservatory Course by Tom Watson has been renovated to install Paspalum Platinum grass on the greens, while The Ocean Course by Jack Nicklaus features six holes that directly play along the Atlantic Ocean.

Innisbrook Resort, Tampa Bay, FL What’s New? Innisbrook’s famed Copperhead Course, the host of the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship,

Hammock Beack Conservatory

About Salamander Hotels & Resorts Salamander Hotels & Resorts is a privately owned and operated company based in Middleburg, VA, just outside Washington, D.C. Founded by entrepreneur Sheila C. Johnson in 2005, the company has a portfolio that features a collection of three stellar Florida golf resorts including Innisbrook Resort near Tampa, Reunion Resort in Orlando and Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast; the luxurious Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, a 340-acre equestrian-inspired property near Washington, D.C.; and the development and management of The Henderson, a 170-room beachfront resort in Destin, FL; For additional information, call (540) 687-3710 or visit 38

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

If there was a leaderboard for golf courses, we’d own it.

Presenting the Salamander Golf Collection. Featuring courses designed by golf’s most iconic architects including Nicklaus, Packard, Palmer and Watson. Florida’s Legends of Golf Trail, showcasing nine of the state’s top-rated courses. And home to numerous PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, LPGA Tour and Legends Tour championships.

T h e Sal am ande r Go lf Co lle c tio n Salamander® Resort & Spa

Innisbrook® Golf & Spa Resort

Hammock Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Reunion® Golf & Spa Resort






A Salamander Hotels & Resorts Property — Now this is luxury.


growing the game

Live Life. Play Golf.

Nextgengolf staff -Mahesh Murthy, Corey Soreff, Travis Richardson, Matt Weinberger, Matt Hahn, Nick Heyrman, Matt Weinberger, Olivia de Fouchier, Mike Kersys, Kris Hart. Srixon staff -Michael Dunphy, Michael Jolly. Glade Springs Staff -Ryan Snyder, Kyle Long

Our founder, Kris Hart, knows firsthand what it is like to be a non-varsity golfer. Kris played varsity golf at Bryant University his first 3 years in college, but life got in the way senior year and he was not able to compete on the team. “It really stunk being a non-varsity golfer. I couldn’t play free golf any longer, get free balls/equipment, and there was no competitive outlet for golfers like me,” said Hart. 3 years after graduation, Nextgengolf was founded to help solve some of the fundamental problems with non-varsity collegiate golf. Nextgengolf originated as a Bostonbased affordable golf membership program for recreational college students called CollegeGolfPass, which helped make golf more affordable for college students. The company expanded nationwide after merging with The 40

National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA) in 2013. In the first year

golf industry forgets about them. Nextgengolf is an inclusive golf

of the merger, the company started

organization. All swings are wel-

100+ new club golf programs and sup-

come – whether you are an avid

ported over 10,000 student golfers.

player or brand new to the game. We

Over the next two years college golf-

understand our customers are stu-

ers kept coming to us saying “thanks

dents, lawyers, doctors, moms, dads,

for all the help in college”, but kept ask-

friends, and adventure seekers. What

ing “what do I do now” after graduating

brings the Nextgengolf community

college. CollegeGolfPass and NCCGA

together is the love of the game and

rebranded as Nextgengolf in January

bond through the game of golf.

2014, knowing we could help more than just non-varsity collegiate golfers. Nextgengolf is the leading entity for 18-34 year old golfers in the US.

We care. We listen. We are here to help you as a young adult golfer. Live Life. Play Golf. The Fall NCCGA College National

At the core of our organization we

Championship will be held at Disney

are in the golf experience business.

on Nov 19-20, 2016. We are looking

Our mission is to provide golfing

for volunteers. If you are interested

opportunities and make the game

in getting involved in the Champi-

more relevant for college students

onship you can direct them to our

and young adults. We care about

NCCGA Director Travis Richardson

young adult golfers, when most of the

( or 316-208-5276). Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

By Fred Seely

freddy's fairway thoughts

You think there's a hot election going on out there? You're right and the candidates aren't just named Clinton and Trump. Try Libby, Murphy and Richerson. Who? If you're big in the PGA of America, you know those names as well as those running for the White House. They're the candidates to be secretary of the PGA of America, the first stepping stone to be PGA president. This isn't just a small-time election. Past races had gotten so contentious that the PGA has developed a lengthy set of rules of do's and don’ts. Each candidate has a website that would rival any government politician's. Endorsements obvious are treasured. Trips are being made to the big Sections to politick. All three candidates bring big credentials: Jim Richerson is from Kohler, Wisc., has the title of general manager and group direc-

Just when we thought the networks would let Tiger Woods drift quietly into his next career, here comes 7-year-old Charlie Woods with a 55 in a South Florida event. You may have noted the passing of Chris Blocker, a tough Texan who had a reasonable PGA Tour career. If you were around when the old Florida Citrus Open was played at Orlando's Rio Pinar, you may remember him as putting on one of the great Tour temper tantrums. It was in the early 70's and Blocker had a 4-shot lead at halfway. The course was dry and after Blocker teed off, the green staff turned on the sprinklers right behind his group. Can't remember too many details after that, other than Blocker went ballistic and so did his score. In recent years, he and pal

U.S. Open debacles: Chambers Bay condition in 2015, final-round rules backand-forth in 2016. Not if, but when a head (or heads) will roll out of the USGA headquarters. Lots of dirt and trees being moved at the TPC Sawgrass. The old entrance road is gone, as are the trees that flanked it. The new road will let you see the clubhouse as soon as you pass the Tour headquarters. One major earthmoving project is between nos. 6 and 7, where there will be a lake almost as big as the lake between 9 and 18. Ahead of schedule, we hear. Not ahead of schedule: the Nona Blue sports bar just outside the gates to the TPC Sawgrass. It was supposed to be ready two months ago to get the big business around the Players tournament.

Rick Murphy, Jim Richerson and Russ Libby tor of golf at Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run. His background includes a year running PGA Golf Properties. Rick Murphy runs two big teaching facilities in Greensboro, N.C. He's been active in the PGA forever and is now on the national board. Russ Libby owns Hidden Hills Country Club in Jacksonville, Fla. He's a PGA insider, too, serving as his Section's president along the way. He finished second in the 2014 election to Suzy Whaley. All three claim big support. They’ve been politicking for over a year and each has a nice list of prominent PGA folks and entire Sections on their side. Voting day? It might get lost in the aftermath of the national election which will be Nov. 8, the same day the PGA of America's annual meeting opens in New York City.


Billy Maxwell co-owned a Donald Rossdesigned public course in Jacksonville named Hyde Park. Maxwell's still active and his favorite golf tip is worth repeating, though none of us can do it: “When you hit a good shot, remember what you did. Then do it again.” Jacksonville Beach-based architect Bobby Weed (he did the TPC Valley, Palma Ceia and the Timuquana renovations, among others) has the contract to work over one of the South's top courses, Grandfather G&CC at North Carolina. Hard to believe because North Carolina is such a great golfing state, but the first new course in SIX years has just opened near Wilmington. It's a development that had been planned but was stopped by the downturn.

Might be great for countries on the fringe of the golf world but the Olympics adds just another piece of late-season clutter to the PGA Tour. Then add our lack of interest in the Olympics and it all adds up to an idea whose time should never have come. Methinks they should have seen what they were getting into when the politically correct foreigners dumped on Billy Payne's idea to play at Augusta National in 1996 because there were no women members. When will we care about the Olympics again? Since Russia went sideways, it's just a TV show in the U.S. Believe it was TV guru Roone Arledge who said we'll get off our couches “When Al Queda gets a team.” Bill Foley is chairman of the big Jacksonville-based Fidelity National Financial and is in the news as the owner of the new Las Vegas franchise in the National Hockey League. But lots of golfers know him as perhaps the best golfer among the big-time CEOs. He's a single-digit at Jacksonville's spiffy Pablo Creek Club and he and his wife own the big-time Rock Creek Cattle Company resort in Montana with its acclaimed Tom Doak course.

Comments? I'm at

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

competitive spirits

901® Tequila is a super-premium tequila created by Justin Timberlake and Sauza® Tequila, one of the world’s top premium tequila brands. Perfect for a celebratory occasion, 901® is a triple distilled, 100% agave tequila offering a smooth taste crafted using only the finest Blue Weber agave. For more information, visit, or like on or follow on Twitter and Instagram @901Tequila.

901® Club

Memphis Mule

901® Paloma

1 part 901® Tequila 2 parts iced tea 2 parts lemonade ¼ part agave syrup

1 part 901® Tequila 2 parts ginger beer Juice of ½ lime

2 parts 901® Tequila 2 parts grapefruit juice 2 parts club soda ½ part lime juice

Preparation: Combine all ingredients. Stir well. Serve over ice in tall glass. Garnish with mint sprig and lemon wedge. 44

Preparation: Combine all ingredients. Add ice. Shake well. Strain. Serve in a highball glass. Garnish with fresh lime wedge.

Preparation: Combine all ingredients. Stir well. Serve over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with fresh lime wedge. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

By Chris Thompson, Alberello Imports LLC

grip it &header sip it

Colatura Tradizionale di Alici Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Vietri sul Mare, all villages on the Amalfi Coast that have been known for centuries for their beaches, breathtaking seascapes, ceramics, food and wine and their long held traditions. As with many places in the modern world, local traditions are being lost to the apathy and lack of interest of younger generations. Therefore, on a recent visit to Vietri Sul Mare it was a pleasure to meet Matteo Graziani, the proprietor of the restaurant Osteria Mediterranea Sesta Stazione who searches out old culinary traditions. He is a man of a thousand stories who opened his restaurant in its current location (a repurposed ceramic factory that has a terracotta floor that changes colors with the seasons) that Matteo says dates back a thousand years. Did I mention that he is also a commercial Tuna fisherman, who are known to exaggerate from time to time? One of the traditions which he has revived is the traditional production of the “Colatura Tradizionale di Alici” or Anchovy Sauce. For anyone that knows Vietnamese Fish Sauce, this is a richer more complex version of that. Mat-

teo layers whole Alici with sea salt in wooden barrels with a weighted wood lid. He leaves the Alici there in the salt for two years after which he drills a small hole in the bottom of the barrel and slowly release the drip through an Alambico. Once totally drained, the fish brine is then left out in the sun for 15 days to oxidize; this process removes any bitterness from the sauce. The resulting sauces is of course salty and fishy, but with a rich and complex mouth feel which is high in “umami” as the Japanese like to call it. Drip a few drops on some bread and you have a tasty antipasto, add a spoonful to some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some fresh parsley and few flakes of red pepper and you have the perfect condiment for a plate of spaghetti. The taste is singular, something like Spaghetti con Vongole Veraci (clams) if you have ever had it, but many times more complex with a rich umami flavor that hits the sides of the tongue and envelops the mouth in the richness of the sea. Both my wife Nadia and I chose to drink a bottle of Fiano di Avellino from Tenuta Cavalier Pepe with a dish of the Colatura with spaghetti. The

Fiano was an excellent pairing, with the acidity and depth to cut through the richness of the sauce. The Fiano grape adapts well to different terroir giving di different aromas typical of the area. From Avellino the wine produced has a rich golden color with sweet white fruits notes of peach, yellow melon, and jasmine. The palate is rich but well balanced with a notable savoriness that invite another sip.

Grip it and Sip it.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 โ ข 407.313.0027

what's new

A Star on the Golf Course Vehicles with Mercedes-Benz design are already to be seen on water, on land and in the air. Now they will also be seen on golf courses. As a “real sports car”, the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car authentically transfers the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz automobile design idiom of sensual purity to a premium-class golf cart. The showcar is the result of cooperation between Mercedes-Benz designers, Daimler’s Think & Act Tank Business Innovation and the wellknown golf cart manufacturer Garia. The Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car defines a new class of transport for the golf course. Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG: “We have reinvented the world of the golf cart with our Mercedes-Benz Golf Car. Mercedes-Benz stands for modern luxury, and golf is an authentic part of that theme.

Transferring our automotive design idiom to the Golf Car is therefore something quite natural, and in doing so we have created a product that is both sensual and pure.” Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars: “With the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car we are offering a high-end golf cart which is absolutely unique and was specifically developed for sporting golfers and the sport they enjoy.” Our communication bears the 48

lighthearted slogan “a real sports car”. For decades there was no evolutionary process at all In 2013 Mercedes-Benz called upon golf and automobile fans from around the world to submit their ideas for a Mercedes-Benz golf cart of the future. While golf has developed into a premium sport with a modern face, golf carts have remained almost unchanged for decades. The numerous submissions showed the need for a golf cart in keeping with modern times. This in turn meant that the golf cart needed to go through a long overdue evolutionary

stage spanning several decades. Using modern technology, it was to be tailored to the needs of golfers, accompany current developments in the golf scene with a modern and sophisticated interpretation of luxury, lifestyle and practicality, and feature a bold, intelligent avantgarde design as a clear sign of change. The best submissions in the design competition were the starting signal for the development of the new Golf Car under the Mercedes-

Benz Style label. This is the label under which Mercedes-Benz Style designers create products for aspects of life beyond the automobile. The technical basis for the development of the Golf Car was contributed by golf cart manufacturer Garia. The underlying business model was developed by Daimler’s Think & Act Tank Business Innovation. Susanne Hahn, head of Daimler Business Innovation, explains: “We brought all the relevant project partners around a table – our designers and the golf cart manufacturer Garia, who in a possible pilot stage to come will be responsible for sales, production and development. We ourselves will manage and coordinate the various pilot phases with the in-house and external partners.” Garia is initially building two driveable examples of the showcar. The reactions of the market and potential customers will be incorporated into any series production. This progressive Golf Car is to be mainly sold via digital channels. Susanne Hahn: “The vehicle can be experienced absolutely virtually. This means that wherever customers are, in a dealership or on a golf course, they can look at the vehicle on a tablet and order it with three clicks.” More information about the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car is available at Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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By Michael R. Abramowitz

He’s a New Jersey PGA Section member by day…and an “American Ninja Warrior” contestant by night. Brian Keane’s longtime dream of competing on the hit NBC show, while promoting the game of golf, has come true. In May, he tackled the qualifying course in Philadelphia, set alongside the Delaware River and in front of the Richmond Power Station building, made famous in the science fiction film “12 Monkeys.” In the American Ninja Warrior episode that aired June 27, Keane, 41, owner of Golf Gaps club replacement in Hackettstown, New Jersey, became the first PGA member to appear on the reality show competition – a survival of the fittest on an obstacle course that tests the strength, fitness and agility of the greatest of athletes. In fact, Keane, a 1997 Penn State PGA Golf Management University program graduate, who also is a PGA Teaching Professional at Crystal Springs in Vernon, New Jersey, faced some stiff competition. His opponents included 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Hamm and Geoff Britten, the first person to conquer the insanely difficult, final American Ninja Warrior course, Mt. Midoriyama. “Mr. Hamm—I had no idea he was competing,” Keane said with a laugh. “When I saw him, I was like, ‘Wow! You’re a former Olympian.’ And Britten, he has those Popeye forearms. But then I realized, I’m not competing against them. I am competing against the course, just like golf.” Yet, the grueling American Ninja Warrior qualifying course would have the best of Keane. He splashed down into the water off the Log Grip, an oversized apparatus suspended high in the air that jolts the contestant as they ride it to the other side, and finished outside the Top 30 city qualifiers. As an American Ninja Warrior rookie, he is aiming for a call back for next season. Keane first tried to qualify for the show by submitting an impressive and humorous video in 2015, which featured him ascending a ladder, with his arms hanging underneath, up to the side of a house. In addition, Keane showed his golf instruction skills and that he is a card-carrying PGA member. 50

“I am a very creative person,” he said. “I like to think outside the box…When I confront obstacles, I look for any way to get something to be accomplished.” Yet, at first, Keane didn’t get the casting call. So, he resubmitted the video for the 2016 season. He had literally “given up hope,” when three weeks prior to the taping, Keane received a phone call that he was eligible to compete in the Philadelphia qualifier. “That was my dream, just to get to the course,” explained Keane.

The producers of American Ninja Warrior told Keane they selected him because they liked the fact that he is a PGA Professional. Keane believed that would give him an advantage in certain places on the course, especially those that demanded a lot of technique. Keane put his body through rigorous workouts for more than two years to prepare for the chance to eventually advance to Las Vegas and compete for the $1 million grand prize. He knew the odds of winning were slim, as only one person, Isaac Caldiero, has won it, after beating Britten’s time on the

“This whole experience was to try different things, to follow my dreams. And as much as mine have [come true] in becoming a PGA Professional and having a family, I do want to really try to send out a message.” Keane wanted to serve as an inspiration for his 10-year old daughter, Courtney, and 4-year old son, Jackson, who was born with one femur shorter than the other and will likely need surgery when he is older. In addition, he wanted to use his appearance on the show to help spread golf’s appeal. “I am doing this to a degree to spread interest in the game of golf—to remind people that it is meant to be fun,” Keane adds.

ropes of Mt. Midoriyama last year. “It’s become a West Coast-East Coast thing. East Coast folks say Britten is the real ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ because he was the first to get to the top of the ropes, and West Coast folks say it’s Caldiero, because he was the first to win.” Keane estimates he could compete for 10 years, if his body cooperates. Yet, he had a lot to overcome when he competed on the epic American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, including a prior ACL tear in his knee and a hamstring pull. Keane realizes he is pushing his body to the limits. “That’s why it is so nice to go to the golf course.” Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3



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orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

Rod Perry wins the first Major of the Year! Our Global Golf Sales Match Play Championship. Congratulations to Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & CC on taking what is probably the toughest title of the year! 4 weather delays, 36 a day, and tough matches make it a long week and a test of patience! Rod defeated Dan Olsen, Tom Burnett Academy 3 and 2 in the final match. Thank you to Steve Sponder and Global Golf Sales for presenting our Championship. Thank you Chase 54 for supporting and providing shirts to all the players. Thank you to Robert and Joe at Grand Cypress for getting the matches in around the resort play and delays. This was Rod’s fifth NFPGA Match Play title. Thank you to all who competed and we admire your passion to compete.

Rod with NFPGA Executive Director/CEO Rich Smith, PGA

Rod with Brett Donnelly, ECC President (left) and host Professional David Perritt

Matt with host David Perritt and ECC President Brett Donnelly

Bryan Snyder with Jay Hosey

NFPGA Chapter Championships Crown Victors. Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & CC, withstood a move by Kevin Crawford, Bay Hill Club & Lodge to claim the East Central Chapter Championship at the CC of Championsgate. Rod shot 10 under and it was enough to hold of Kevin who shot 67 in the final round to keep the pressure on. Of course, the entire field had to withstand a weather delay from Mother Nature for 3 ½ hours that day as well. Ah, Florida golf! Matt Borchert, Isleworth, defeated Justin Inclema, Reunion Resort in sudden death

to take the Apprentice title. Thank you to host professional David Perritt and his staff for the excellent service and conditions. Thank you to all the sponsors: Global Golf Sales, Westgate Re-

Rod Perry Headed To The PGA Championship!

Rod Perry 52

Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Golf & CC advanced to the PGA Championship at Baltusrol with a T-4 finish at the PGA Professional Championship! This will be Rod’s fourth time competing in The PGA Championship. The PGA Championship is one of golf’s 4 Major Championships. Rod was one of the top 20 finishers in the PGA Professional Championship that are granted exemptions into this major. Rod is a

sorts & Bolle. Thank you to Chase54 for the shirts for all the players! As always, it’s great to see PGA Professionals who have that passion to compete! The Southwest Chapter Championship hosted by Jay Hosey at Calusa Lakes crowned 3 champions! Bryan Snyder, Lakewood Ranch is the champion in both Assistant and Regular Divisions. Jeff Anderson, Sarasota took the senior title. The championship was postponed due to the tropical storm but Mother Nature was kind and gave us 2 beautiful days of weather to conduct the event. Thank you to Calusa Lakes for hosting!

back to back National PGA Player of the Year and been the North Florida Section Player of the Year many times! Rod has his sights set on winning all of the NFPGA majors this year that include the NFPGA Match Play Championship, which he won, the East Central Chapter Championship, which he won and the upcoming North Florida PGA Professional Championship and Section Championship. It would be the “NFPGA Slam” and has never been accomplished by any of the great players in our Section. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

Starr and Turnquest Capture Titleist Junior Championship ATLANTIS, Fla. – This week, the South Florida PGA Junior Tour held the Titleist Junior Championship at The Old Course at Broken Sound. With a field of 60 players featuring many of South Florida’s top Junior Golfers, the strong field did not disappoint. Palm Beach Gardens native Cameron Starr opened up round one with a 3-under-par 69 to find himself one shot clear of the field. Jupiter native Ryder Sutcliffe and Palm Beach Gardens native Sam Thomas each fired a 2-underpar 70 during round one to find themselves one back of Starr’s lead. Boca Raton native Krit Oukosavanna, who shot an opening round 75, fired a final round 3-under-par 69 to post a tournament total 144 right before the horn sounded for a rain delay. As Starr waited out the rain delay, he knew he need to birdie one of his last two remaining holes to capture the boys division. Starr went out following the delay and managed to birdie 17 and 18 to capture his first South Florida PGA Championship Tour victory of 2016. Port St. Lucie native Jeff Liss captured the boys 13-15 age division after a final round 1-under-par 71, while Oukosavanna would take home the boys 16-18 age division. Jupiter native Lily Rinker opened up round one with an even-par 72 to take the early lead in the girls overall division. Loxahatchee native Haylie Turnquest opened up round one with an 8-over-par 80 to find herself eight

Cameron Starr, Juan Pino, PGA, Haylie Turnquest strokes off Rinker’s lead. Turnquest was able to put together a great final round of 1-under-par 71 to capture the girls overall division. Pembroke Pines native Jennifer Lilly would go on to capture the girls 13-15 age division, while Rinker would take home the girls 16-18 age division.

SFPGA Representatives Visit Puerto Rico and Our Island Chapter Professionals Today, June 23rd eight Island Chapter Professionals attended the PGA of America Player Development Seminar at TPC Dorado Beach. PGA Professional, Bob Baldassari was onsite along with Executive Director, Geoff Lofstead to share with the members in attendance information on growing the game at their facilities. In addition to reflecting on and challenging long-held assumptions regarding the importance of player development, the consumer’s motivation, key factors influencing consumer behavior and the role of the PGA Professional at any

Bob Baldassari, PGA, Brian Shaver, PGA, AJ Kelly, PGA, Bnigo Nieves, PGA, Jeff Willenberg, PGA, Seth Henrich, PGA, Jose Rodriguez, PGA and Jamie West, PGA 54

facility. Review of applicable marketing principals and tactics which will empower Professionals to engage and inspire any player, regardless of their ability or position on the consumer pathway. And, lastly an introduction to quantifying and measuring the financial and facility impact of your player development activities by understanding the key revenue drivers and utilizing the Revenue Scorecard.

2016 Annual Meeting of the Membership The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Membership presented by Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and PGA National Resort and Spa took place on Wednesday, June 22 at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. Over 200 South Florida PGA Professionals attended the meeting. PGA of America Vice President, Paul Levy was the guest speaker for the Annual Meeting. He discussed the PGA of America’s growth of various programs including Drive, Chip and Putt and the PGA HOPE and encouraged all members to get involved at a local level to give back to their communities with these programs. In addition, he reviewed the success of all PGA Championships, including the new KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Finally, Levy spoke about the PGA of America’s Centennial Year and Meeting in New York. This meeting will feature the upcoming election for Secretary of the PGA of America. In addition to Levy’s speech, District 13 Director, Jack Binswanger gave a farewell as it is his last year as District 13 Director. South Florida PGA Honorary Past President Warren Bottke introduced and swore in Brian Schuler as the Southern Chapter AtLarge Board Member and Rich Waage Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

as the Southeast Chapter President. Following the meeting, over 60 PGA Professionals attended the Education Seminar which featured Brian Smack, PGA of WeatherBug and Tom Mullins, a motivational speaker from Christ Fellowship. Brian Smack is the Manager of Club Safety and discussed the severe weather and the importance of having protection at clubs. Tom Mullins’s speech addressed leadership and celebrating the victories of your team. He focused on the role of good leaders and how they must lead by example, continue to grow themselves and empower their team. It was a very successful Annual Meeting of the Membership and Seminar. Thank you to all those in attendance and all the guest speakers for sharing their knowledge with the South Florida PGA Membership.

Ward & Bertsch Win Sudden Death Playoff, Captureing 2016 Pro-Assistant Title WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Shawn Ward and Justin Bertsch, representing Hideout Golf Club in Naples, won the South Florida PGA Section’s 19th ProAssistant Championship on the second playoff Monday. After they tied at nine under par 99 in a 27-hole event, Ward and Bertsch outlasted Danny St. Louis and Brett McCurdy of the Breakers Rees Jones Course making birdie on #2 of the

Shawn Ward, PGA, Justin Bertsch, PGA and Ben Bauer, PGA Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Pacheco, Roberts Win South Florida Junior PGA Championship, Earn Spots in National Junior PGA Champoionship BOCA RATON (June 17, 2016) – Valeria Pacheco of Hallandale birdied the first playoff hole Friday to win the South Florida Junior PGA Championship. It was her second victory in this junior major in the last three years. Pacheco hit a pitching wedge to 9 feet and made the putt to beat Port St. Lucie resident Yurika Tanida after rain Thursday forced the championship at Boca Grove Golf & Tennis Club to be cut to 18 holes. They shot 2-under 70s on Wednesday. “I’m really happy,” Pacheco said. “It was frustrating because I played well yesterday (she was 4-under through 13 holes), but I was confident going into the playoff.” Jillian Bourdage of Tamarac, the defending champion, finished a

Valeria Pacheco and Ryan Norton, PGA

shot out of the playoff with a 71. Brett Roberts of Coral Springs won the boy’s division after a 3-under 69 Wednesday. The 14-year-old scored a two-shot victory over Jordan Reeves of Lake Worth to join Pacheco in earning a spot in the 2016 national Junior PGA Championship. “This is great because this gets my name on the map for college golf,” said Roberts, who will be a ninth-grader this fall at St. Thomas Aquinas High. “This is one of my biggest wins.” The Junior PGA Championship will be Aug. 9-12 at Wannamoisett Country Club in Rumford, R.I. Alex Dalmau of Coral Gables won the boys 12-and-under division by eight shots after a 70. Chloe Kovelesky of Boca Raton won the girls 12 and under division with a 78.

Brett Roberts 55

south florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southfl north

Paul Levy, PGA

Tradition Course at The Club at Ibis in the modified alternate shot format. Ward and Bertsch split $2,488.20, while St. Louis and McCurdy, runnersup among 66 twosomes, divided $1,836.62. It was Bertsch’s second victory in this tournament. He teamed with former head professional Gene Fieger for the title in 2014 at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens. The field played three separate nine-hole formats: Tradition, front 9, Pinehurst, and back nine, scramble; then four-ball stroke play on the back nine of the Legends. Supporting partners were Antigua, Global Golf Sales, GolfBuddy, Golf Genius, The PGA Tour and Volvik. To view complete results click here.

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

West Bay Club Captures 2016 Travel Pro-Am at Bandon Dunes Each year the South Florida PGA conducts a Travel Pro-Am with this year’s event being contested in Bandon, Oregon at Bandon Dunes Resort featuring 13 teams comprised of 1 PGA Professional and 3 amateurs. This year one of the two teams from West Bay Club captured the title firing a three day total of 324, four shots ahead of Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club. The team from West Bay Club was comprised of PGA Professional Jeff Raimer along with amateurs Dennis Nash, Jerry Szott and Tom Welsh. Round one format was one best ball of four, round two was two best balls of four and round three was one best net one best gross. Low professional for the event firing a three day total of 223 was PGA Director of Golf at the Breakers Rees Jones Course, Danny St. Louis.

Kartrude Wins E-Z-Go South Florida Open South Florida PGA NAPLES (June 9, 2016) – Michael Kartrude, PGA Apprentice of The Bear’s Club claimed the biggest victory of his pro career Thursday, firing a 4-under 68 to win the E-Z-GO South Florida Open by a shot. Kartrude made seven birdies to offset a bogey and a double bogey on the 17th hole at Bonita Bay Naples’

Don Meadows, PGA, Tom Welch, Dennis Nash, Jeff Raimer, PGA, Jerry Szott and Mark Van Dyck, PGA Cypress Course to finish at 5-under 211, a stroke ahead of Lee Rinker (70), PGA Director of Golf at Emerald Dunes Club, Chris Kaufman (72), PGA Teaching Professional at BallenIsles Country Club and Michael Berger (71) PGA Apprentice at Don Law Golf Academy. Kartrude moved into contention with a 4-under 32 on the front nine “Starting the day three shots behind, I knew I had to make some birdies early,” said Kartrude, who works outside operations at The Bear’s Club in Jupiter. “I made enough birdies I was able to overcome the debacle at No. 17 (where his ball plugged into a bunker).“This feels really good to win a tournament like this. I have been working with Martin Hall on my game,

and it’s nice to see all that hard work pay off.” The 26-year-old Kartrude earned more than $4,100 for the victory and through the bonus pool. Kaufman was attempting to “double dip” after winning the Senior Division on Wednesday. He settled with sharing runner-up with Rinker, who won last month’s Fort Lauderdale Open. Adam Miller, who was tied for the 36-hole lead with Kaufman, shot 73 and tied for fifth place with Michael Anderson (71) at 213. The South Florida Open, staged by the South Florida PGA, sponsored by E-Z-GO and Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee. Supporting sponsors are Bolle, JaniKing, Bonita Bay Club and the PGA Tour.

Damon Kull, PGA, Nick Forest, Mike Anderson, Michael Kartrude and Jeff Barrett 56

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


special events

Let The Games Begin! The names of the 120 men and women who will create golf history in Rio de Janeiro next month have been ratified with the publication of confirmed places for the Olympic Games competition at Reserva de Marapendi Golf Course between August 11 and 20. The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have now entered the athletes who will represent their country for the first Olympic golf competition in 112 years, following the publication last Monday of the Final Olympic Golf Rankings. With no fewer than 41 countries included in the start list for the men’s competition from August 11-14, followed by the women’s event from August 17-20, the composition of the Olympic fields highlights the broad global diversity of the sport in Rio de Janeiro, representing the ultimate shopwindow for the sport and having the capacity to reach a brand new audience, especially among the younger generation across all the continents. That diversity is underscored in the representation of current major champions across the men’s and women’s competitions. Henrik Sten-


son, the new Open champion following his epic showdown with Phil Mickelson at Royal Troon, represents Sweden with Danny Willett, the Masters champion, is part of Team GB. On the women’s side, New Zealand’s Lydia Ko finished No.1 on the Olympic Rankings, having won the ANA Inspiration earlier this season, while Brooke Henderson, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, will fly the flag of Canada. Additionally, every continent is represented in the Rankings, affording golf a unique opportunity to grow the game in underexposed territories and to achieve greater visibility with the potential television audience during the Games in Rio. Across the two individual competitions, Africa has five eligible players; Asia 32; Australasia & Oceania seven; Europe 52; North America 14 and South America 10. The announcement of the confirmed places in Rio de Janeiro comes at the end of the two-year qualifica-

tion process to identify the full list of players eligible to be entered by their respective NOCs in accordance with the qualification criteria. The International Golf Federation (IGF) subsequently sent confirmation of the quota places to the NOCs, which have now confirmed to the IGF whether they have used of their allocations, as each NOC has its own criteria for final nominations. The IGF, in turn, has reallocated all unused quota places before the Rio 2016 Sport Entries Deadline today (Monday, July 18). The NOC for the Netherlands declined to enter its two athletes, Christel Boeljon and Anne Van Dam, who both qualified through the women’s Olympic Rankings. The New Zealand NOC also opted not to enter Cathryn Bristow. Dottie Ardina from the Philippines declared herself unavailable for selection. These places have now been reallocated by the IGF, with Victoria Lovelady (Brazil), Stephanie Meadow (Ireland) and Maha Haddioui of Morocco completing the 60-strong field. On the men’s side, Italy’s Francesco Molinari, Camilo Villegas of Colombia have declared themselves unavailable and their places in the confirmed men’s start list are Matteo Manassero and Jose-Filipe Lima respectively. Angelo Que of the Philippines also withdrew, with his place going to Rodolfo Cazaubon of Mexico. Full information on the Qualifying System for the 2016 Olympic Games can be found here: olympic-games/qualification-system/ Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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By Mike May

duffer dan

PGA Golf Club’s Wanamaker Course: A Rising Sunshine State Star While Florida has nearly 1,300 golf courses that stretch from Pensacola in the far west to Key West in the far south, a must-play Florida golf destination is the Wanamaker Course at the PGA Golf Club at the PGA Village (www.; 1-800-800-GOLF) in Port St. Lucie. Owned and operated by the PGA of America, the PGA Golf Club, ranked as one of America’s top 75 golf resorts by Golf Digest, has four golf courses open to the public – the Wanamaker, Dye, Ryder, and the St. Lucie Trail Golf Club. “Very few golf destinations in the world are the home of four championship golf courses,” says Adriana Vizcaya, director of marketing, PGA Golf Club. “In essence, the PGA Golf Club is ‘one-stop shopping’ for golfers.” The Wanamaker Course is named after Rodman Wanamaker, who was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the PGA of America back in 1916. Of course, the winner of the PGA Championship each year is presented with the Wanamaker Trophy. Designed by golf course architect Tom Fazio, the Wanamaker Course will deliver many memory making moments, from the opening drive at the right-to-left dogleg, par five 1st to your journey up the left-to-right dogleg par five 18th. With five tees to choose from, this course ranges from 4,964 yards (Forward) to 7,123 yards (Medal). I


highly suggest the Standard tees, which measure just more than 6,100 yards. If you are seeking a golf destination which has first-class practice facilities; perfect greens to putt; spacious, well maintained fairways; rough that is tough, but not unfair; and a design that captures the essence of what makes the game of golf so appealing, then the Wanamaker Course is now on your top-ten mustplay list. Some of the many alluring aspects of the Wanamaker Course are its six short par fours that range from 313 yards to 351 yards. At each hole, a birdie is as likely as a double or a triple bogey. Each of the four par three holes have a different distance so you are not hitting the same club twice on your tee shots. And, there’s a significant water hazard on 11 of the holes, including the last four, which is what you should expect when you play a golf course which is built in the middle of the Florida wetlands. While the presence of the water hazards is not overwhelming penal, if you find them, they are as unforgiving as the Swilcan Burn at the Old Course at St. Andrews

or Rae’s Creek at Augusta National. One of the more unique holes is the par four 8th, which has access to two different and independent greens – the American version of a double green. One is protected by sand and the other one is protected by water. After exchanging handshakes on the 18th green, head to the clubhouse for a meal at the Taplow Pub. You can’t go wrong with the Taplow Chili followed by the Taplow Chopped Salad. If you have an early morning tee time, the Taplow Pub is open for breakfast at 6:30 – seven days a week. Why Taplow? This pub is named in honor of the New York City location (Taplow Club) where the decision to form the PGA of America was made about a century ago. It’s clear that The PGA Golf Club and its Wanamaker Course are 100% focused on golf, your enjoyment of golf, and Mother Nature, as the course is a Certified Signature Sanctuary for Audubon International and is the home of a variety of wildlife which include foxes, turtles, alligators, squirrels, rabbits, herons, osprey, and occasional birdie and eagle! So, suffice it to say, birds, bees, and you are welcome at the PGA Golf Club and the Wanamaker Course. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

carolinas golf central header

By Mike May

North Carolina's Own ‘Brigadoon’ If you take a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to play golf, make sure that you travel just north of the border into North Carolina where you’ll find the Thistle Golf Club (thistlegolf. com) in Sunset Beach (1815 Olde Thistle Club Road). It’s a true treat to play Thistle, where there’s a Scottish flair to the names of this club’s three nine-hole layouts – Stewart, Mackay, and Cameron. Also, the exterior of the clubhouse is designed to evoke memories of the old country. Once you step foot on Thistle, you enter a vacuum of peaceful serenity which is only disturbed by a frogs croaking, birds chirping, and leaves rustling in the wind. The atmosphere at Thistle is like Brigadoon, the 1954

Just as water surrounds Scotland on three sides, water is a dominant part of Thistle’s terrain – where lakes, ponds, and streams come into play throughout the property. At Stewart, water influences play on the first four holes and six out of the nine holes. If you can negotiate the water hazards and play the first four holes at Stewart in par or one over, then you have a great chance to shoot in the high 30s or maybe even par. The biggest Thistle Club House test at Stewart is determining how much of the fairway will you cut off with your tee movie starring Gene Kelly and Van shot on the 4th hole, a left-to-right Johnson. Thistle and Brigadoon have dogleg par five. A well-struck tee shot much in common. Both are encan lead to an eagle putt at the 4th. chanted places which are untouched At Mackay, the four W’s – water, by the worries of the modern world. wind, woods, and the waste bunkers A good day at Thistle is when you – influence your play on this par-36 layplay nine holes; a great day is when out. Every hole is influenced by at least you play 18 holes; a marvelous day two of the four W’s. On the 9th hole, a is when you play 27 holes; and an lengthy, dogleg par five, water, wind and unforgettable day at Thistle is when the woods impact your plan of attack you play 36 holes -- playing each course on this hole. The presence of the water once and your favorite course twice. and a steady breeze often means that When you visit Thistle, you naturally it takes three shots to reach the putting generate excitement in the game of surface at the 9th, where the pin will golf, as it’s a classy place to play be on either one of the two tiers that the game, but it’s not pretentious or divide the green. If your ball finishes snobby. When you spend your money on the wrong tier, expect three putts. at Thistle, it should be labeled as an At Cameron, the dominant features investment in your quality of life. 62

Thistle #6 North Course are its serpentine fairways and three island-like greens. The par three 4th – which looks great online and even better in person -- is a 100% carry to an island green which is guarded by two sentry bunkers. The approach to the 7th green is also 100% over water and the putting surface at the 8th is flanked by water on three sides. You will relish your visit to Cameron if you can go with the flow of the fairways and avoid the aqua which is present on eight of the nine holes. Are you ready for golf’s version of Brigadoon? It will be a worthwhile trip…and quicker and cheaper than a trans-Atlantic flight to the old country. Make the phone call today – 910-444-2500.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


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Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

2016 Fore Veterans Golf Classic (Orlando) Presented by Grunt Style Benefiting Toys For Tots October 7, 2016 at Champions Gate Golf Course Registration at 7AM Shotgun Start at 8AM




Includes round of golf, practice balls, complimentary breakfast & lunch, beverages, swag bags, playback at Champions Gate Golf COurse, on course contests, giveaways, silent auction and VIP meet & greet with photo opportunities 10.6.2016 is the Pairings Party at Champions Gate Golf Course at 6:00PM For more event information, sponsorship, in-kind donations, volunteer opportunities, or to obtain the official 2016 Fore Veterans Golf Classic (Orlando) presented by Grunt Style Press Release contact, Claudette Longoria at (321) 276-4068 or PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS TO: WWW.FOREVETERANSGOLFCLASSIC.COM All sponsors are asked to please provide a high resolution logo **All Payments Due by September 30, 2016** PLEASE NOTE: We will be accepting New Toys, Bikes, Books and/or Gift Cards to ensure Central Florida Children have a Wonderful Holiday Season.

alabama golf central

By Mike May

A S easide S pectacle While the state of Alabama has established itself as a juggernaut of college football and the ultimate source for the nation’s finest shrimp & grits, the state has also firmly established itself as one of America’s premier golf destinations. For those who question Alabama’s status on golf’s popularity chart, I suggest they pay the state a visit. While the development of the Robert Trent Jones (RTJ) Golf Trail has given many golfers a great reason to visit Alabama,

there is one golf course, not on the RTJ Golf Trail, which has established itself as one of the must-play destinations in both the state and Southeast. It’s called Kiva Dunes, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Gulf of Mexico. While the Gulf of Mexico is not visible from the course, golfers feel the Gulf breeze. In fact, the winds are the greatest form of defense at Kiva Dunes. Designed by Jerry Pate, Kiva Dunes is one of Pate’s finest creations. 66

There’s no debating that statement. Since the course opened in 1995, Kiva Dunes has quickly established itself as one of Alabama’s finest golf courses, right there alongside FarmLinks at Purcell Farms in Sylacauga; Steelwood Country Club (another Pate design) in Loxley; and Ross Bridge, the RTJ Golf Trail course in Hoover. In the summer of 2015, Kiva Dunes’ ownership decided it was time for a facelift. The goal was to transform the golf course from a great course into a seaside spectacle. In order to maintain the integrity of the original design, Pate was involved in the process. According to Mark Stillings, general manager/director of golf at Kiva Dunes, the renovation process had three objectives: redesign the bunkers; level the tee boxes; and replace the greens. By November of 2015, that mission had been accomplished. And, Kiva Dunes was open again for business – looking better than ever. The sand traps have been rebuilt; the tee boxes have been squared and flattened; and the greens now feature Tifeagle turf. “For the first 20 years, our most negative comments were on the bunkers,” adds Stillings. “For the mid to high handicapper, the bunkers were too tough with too many plugged lies. And, we weren’t happy with the greens so they were completely replaced. But,

we maintained the original contours.” Also, the fairways were roto-tillered, where the organic matter beneath the fairways was removed in order to create a stronger turf with more consistent fairway lies. Another big change was the removal of natural vegetative growth that had accumulated at the base of the trees and shrubs that border the fairways. “We raised the canopy by removing much of the scrub oak along the ground,” notes Stillings. “It was becoming a bottleneck issue in some parts of the course.” The changes helped with player morale and with time spent on the course. “Overall, our course renovations have improved the pace of play by 20-30 minutes a round,” says Stillings. At Kiva Dunes, water comes into play on seven of the holes, including 16, 17, and 18; the fairways have a more generous landing space than it appears from the tee boxes; the greens are a firm, fast, and true; and the breeze off the nearby Gulf provides a cooling effect under the year-round sunshine. When Kiva Dunes opened for play in 1995, Golf Digest honored the course by ranking it one of the top two public golf courses to open that year. Now that the course has experienced a facelift, it will be interesting to seeing how the golf media view the new Kiva Dunes. Personally, I nominate Kiva Dunes (www. or 1-888-TEE-KIVA) for “Best Course To Play on Your Next Trip To Alabama.” And, if you have time to watch some college football and enjoy the shrimp & grits, all the better. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3


2016 Inter-Club Challenge raises $58,000 The Immokalee Foundation held its 10th Inter-Club Challenge tournament, which brought together 60 golfers from Southwest Florida’s most prestigious communities, local country club pros and TIF corporate sponsors to raise money for the nonprofit’s programs, which support a brighter future for Immokalee students. The tournament, held at Bonita Bay Club Naples on May 5, raised more than $58,000. First place was captured by the Hideout Golf Club team, including Howard Moss, Joe Maston, Harry Boardsen and Tim Kinfella with golf pro Justin Bertsch. The winners earned bragging rights and a traveling trophy to display at their clubhouse for the next year. Second place went to the Bay Colony Golf Club and its squad of Richard Crawford, Lori Crawford, Joyce Hagen and Jim O’Connor with Old Collier golf pro Steve Waugh.

Bonita Bay Club took third place, with its team of George Krouse, Don Boudreau, Don Sanneman and Randy Wilcox with golf pro Ric Nalyd. John Costigan won both of the tournament’s closestto-the-pin competitions. “Everybody had a great time. The weather was beautiful, the turnout was good and the student team had a blast,” said David Steele, Inter-Club Challenge tournament chairman and TIF board member. “The Hideout Golf Club team with pro Justin Bertsch was so happy to be able to take the trophy back to the Hideout for display. They were proud of their victory.” A team of TIF students – including Joel Guerrero, Elijah Arreaga, Gerardo Lugo and Erick Hidalgo – had the opportunity to interact with their benefactors and played as a foursome alongside Bonita Bay Club’s assistant golf pro, Rob Churchill.

3rd place winning team - Bonita Bay - Don Sanneman, George Krouse, golf pro Ric Nalyd, Randy Wilcox, Don Boudreau

Closest to the Pin winner x2 - John Costigan (both holes) It was Guerrero’s first time on the links. “At the beginning I was terrible. By the end, our coach (Churchill) said I was a really good player. It was truly fun, and I actually want to play again,” said Guerrero, a TIF Junior Career Development Program student. “None of this is possible without our sponsors and donors, and the logistic support of Ariane Willis and the TIF team,” Steele added. “We’re thankful for the support of the patrons, players and pros, and especially Bonita Bay Club for hosting the event.” Corporate sponsors of this year’s Inter-Club Challenge were Florida Community Bank, presenting sponsor; Arthrex Inc. and Caterpillar Inc., partner circle sponsors; Jaguar Naples, Porsche of Naples and Kelly Tractor, education circle sponsors; Naples Illustrated, media sponsor; Huntington Bank,

David Steele, Steven Kissinger

2nd place winning team - Bay Colony - Richard Crawford, Lori Crawford, Joyce Hagen, Jim O’Connor, OC golf pro Steve Waugh 68


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

success circle sponsor; and MidwestOne Bank, pathways circle sponsor. The Inter-Club Challenge is the first in a series of three annual fundraising events to benefit the youth of Immokalee. TIF’s largest fundraiser of the year, the Charity Classic Celebration – Nov. 11 at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples – gives guests the chance to “Fund A Dream” in a live bidding experience that enables TIF students to have unique life and educational opportunities. The Classic Pro-Am, slated for Nov. 14 at Bay Colony Golf Club, pairs foursomes with a professional player for the first nine holes, and another professional player for the second nine holes. The Immokalee Foundation provides a range of education programs that focus on building pathways to success through college and post-secondary preparation and support, mentoring and tutoring, opportunities for broadening experiences, and life skills development leading to economic independence. To learn more about TIF, its signature events, volunteering as a mentor, making a donation, including TIF in your estate plans, or for additional information, call 239-430-9122 or visit

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

Overall winning team - Hideout - Howard Moss, Joe Maston, Justin Bertsch, Harry Boardsen, Tim Kinfella

TIF student team - Joel Guerrero, Elijah Arreaga, Rob Churchill (BBC Assistant Pro), Gerardo Lugo, Erick Hidalgo


By Mitch Sadowsky

golf fitness

Get Long to Go Long

MS SPSc TP11 USAW AIS FMS Director of Golf Fitness Lake Nona Country Club Owner, Mitch11 Strength and Performance

Just like the Jeffersons, we’re moving on up this month. Sure, we’re still focusing on back pain, but what if that low back pain WASN’T related to your lower body? Yeah, I know, everything we’ve heard talks about the low back, those dastardly hamstrings, those horrible hip flexors, etc. But our Thoracic spine plays a HUGE role in the function of our pelvis and how that affects our lower back. This month we’re adding a few more exercises to the T-Spine arsenal, really focusing on increasing T-Spine extension and scapular mobility. Why? Poor scapular control can lock up the upper T-Spine which will prevent both T-Spine extension and rotation, both crucial components in the take away and finish and especially important at the impact position. Poor T-Spine mobility can cause a number of impact position problems and power leaks robbing your game of both distance and control. It’s no use driving a Ferrari if you’re going to keep the parking brake on all the time. And yes, you are a Ferrari, some just have a few more miles than others. So, let’s get those parking brakes off!! Start off just by checking your shoulder overhead mobility. Standing with your hands at your side, extend your right arm overhead as far as you can reach keeping your elbow locked out. Repeat on the left side. This is just to set a baseline.

Single Arm reach with slider Starting on your hands and knees, place a furniture slider or towel under your right hand. Simultaneously push your hips back towards your heels and slide your right hand as far away from your shoulder as possible. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and really bring the heat, creating as much tension as possible. At the end of the 10 seconds, relax the tension but hold this same position allowing your arm to reach to reach a bit further. Repeat this 2-3 times on each side.

Shoulder flexion with foam roller Placing a foam roller on the wall, place your forearms on the roller with your elbows flexed to a 90⁰ degree position. Keeping your back straight, roll the foam roller up the wall by straightening your arms, going up at a 45⁰ angle. Hold this top, position for 10 seconds creating as much tension as possible. Think about reaching for the ceiling while pulling your rib cage down into your heels. This is remove any rib cage flair and create separation. At the end of the 10 seconds, again, reach a bit further and relax allowing the finger tips to keep reaching up keeping an engaged rib cage position. Repeat 2-3 times. After completing both exercises, recheck your overhead position as we did when we started.

See you next month. Hit em well, hit em straight and as always, move well THEN move often! 70

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3





golf fitness

By Ken Pierce President, GolfGym, LLC

Load To Explode If you watch the Golf Channel on TV you have most likely seen the instructor Martin Hall. He has a Wednesday evening show called School Of Golf. However, this morning (as I write this) he was on the Morning Drive Show working with a junior golfer named Sadie. She is a “First Tee” participant who is headed to Pebble Beach for the Nature Valley First Tee Open. She was interested in getting more distance in

her drives. Martin had her perform a drill he called, “Load To Explode”. He told her that this will help to apply more speed to her swing. I first heard the term “Load” about 6 years ago while working with a top PGA Tour biomechanics coach. He described it as the pressure applied to a particular muscle or muscle group in order to develop the tension needed to release (unload) energy into the swing. In this case Martin was talking about loading her hips and shoulders over to the right leg (right handed players) in a coil fashion to build the pressure/tension to explode out of, which will develop more swing speed and more distance. Loading into the right side does not mean swaying over to the right. It means turning your shoulders and hips in a good sequence to feel yourself coiling, just like the winding of a spring on a clock. The tension builds the more you load/coil. Then, when released, it should produce more speed applied through the hips first, then though the body and shoulders, and eventually to the club head. Todd Anderson, director of instruction at Sea Island Golf Club expressed it this way in a Golf Digest Article, “To rip driver off the tee, you have to load your body on the backswing and unload it on


the downswing”. One of the best ways to really “feel” the loading process is to perform the backswing under resistance. You will not only feel it, but you will also be strengthening the muscles needed to coil and load into your right side. In the pictures, I am using our GolfGym® PowerSwing Trainer which consists of a figure eight latex resistance cord attached to a golf training grip. The other end has a foam pad that can be affixed under either foot. In the picture, I am fully loaded to my right side while working against the resistance to develop the tension/pressure to be released down and through the ball. The first move in the downswing is a weight shift to the left with your hips. Then the hands, shoulders, torso and hips all move in a sequence to impact and follow through. For more information about loading and exploding with the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, and more great tips, drills and videos, check out http:// Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 3

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