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Combel Editorial

oard books board books board books board boo Learning is Fantastic Four books to help little children with activities such as blowing their nose, eating, sleeping and sitting on the potty. The imagination in these board books motivates them and rewards them for being patient and persistent in their daily routine. At the end of each book, the object required for these actions turns into an unusual character who goes with them all the way.

My Runny Nose Elephant My Mealtime Bird My Bedtime Sheep My Piddling Duck Written by Montse Ganges Illustrated by Imapla 16 × 16 cm 14 pages Board book Ages 2+

Cucú Sleeping, bathing, growing out of nappies and eating are usually the most difficult activities for children. Their refusal to eat everything, or to go to sleep when it’s bedtime, causes problems for parents. These books suggest some strategies when faced with these problems. In addition, the stories contain valuable advice for parents.

I Don’t Want to Have a Bath! I Don’t Want to Go to Bed! I Don’t Want to Eat! I Don’t Want to Pee in the Potty!


Written and illustrated by Trèvol


18 × 19.5 cm 16 pages Board book Ages 2+

ks board books board books board books board The Sounds of... Which sounds can you hear in the forest? And in the street? And on a farm? And at home? Four books to discover the sounds of these places, with funny riddles that kids will have to solve. Answers appear only by opening the windows. The books contain onomatopoeias that will help to introduce children to the world of sounds.

The Sounds of the Forest The Sounds of the House The Sounds of the Farm The Sounds of the Street Written by Berta Vilalta Illustrated by Xavier Salomó 19.5 × 18 cm 16 pages Board book Ages 1+


Learning with Dan and Din Dan and his cheery dog Din will help the little ones to learn basic concepts such as shapes, colours, numbers and opposites. Four board books with simple illustrations and bright colours.

Shapes Colours Numbers Opposites Illustrated by Francesc Rigol 19.5 × 18 cm 10 pages Board book Ages 2+




oard books board books board books board boo Coco and Tula. Good Habits In their early years, the little ones learn many things: how to dress, to sleep or to give up using dummy. The Good Habits series will make things easier for mothers and fathers. Each book includes a weekly chart and stickers so that the boys and girls can check their progress on a daily basis. And when they accomplish what they set out to do, they get a champion’s medal!

Good Habits Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 18 Ă— 18 cm 16 pages Board book Ages 2+ Bye-bye Nappies! Bye-bye Dummy! Helping! Getting Well! Going to Sleep! Getting Dressed! Cleaning Myself! Time to Eat!




novelty and pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty Coco and Tula. Good Manners Youngsters must also learn how to behave in the street, at table, with their elders or with other children. The Good Manners series offers some simple guidelines in an amusing way. Each book includes a weekly chart and stickers so that the boys and girls can check their progress on a daily basis. And when they accomplish what they set out to do, they get a champion’s medal!

Good Manners Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 18.5 × 18.5 cm 16 pages Hardcover Ages 3+ In the Street With my Friends With the Elders At the Table RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN

Feelings! Sometimes we feel better than other times and we often don’t know how to express this. With this book, boys and girls will learn to communicate, recognise and measure their feelings. It includes an erasable felt-tip pen and a feelingsmeter with which they will be able to draw and indicate their moods at all times.

Feelings! Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 25 × 26 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 3+




ovelty and pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty an Popular stories with Pop-Ups Noah’s Ark A story about Noah’s Ark, built to accommodate his family and some animals of each species to save them from the great flood, is now available in a pop-up book with colour illustrations and full of detail. You’ve never seen such a colossal boat! Noah’s Ark Written by Lluís Farré Illustrated by Mercè Canals 25.6 × 27.6 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

The Legend of Saint George The legendary adventure of Saint George and the dragon is told in a story with spectacular scenes, pop-ups, a rhymed text and a good deal of humour. The Legend of Saint George Written by Lluís Farré Illustrated by Mercè Canals 25.6 × 27.6 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+ RIGHTS SOLD: FRENCH

The Three Wise Men A book with pop-ups that tells one of the most popular stories for boys and girls, the journey to Bethlehem of the Three Wise Men to worship the Baby Jesus. A rhyming text and some evocative illustrations help young ones to go deeper into the magic of Christmas.

The Three Wise Men


Written by Lluís Farré Illustrated by Mercè Canals


25.6 × 27.6 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

nd pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty and pop-u The Arabian Nights This book relates the legend of Scheherazade, a woman whose charming and lovely talk enabled her to survive marriage to the sultan, who used to kill his wives after the first night out of a sense of vengeance. A pop-up book with a thousand and one stories to rediscover the magic of the Middle East.

All the magic of the Middle East in a pop-up book! The Arabian Nights Written by Lluís Farré Illustrated by Mercè Canals 25.6 x 27.6 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

New new Title! title! Publication Date September 2011

Mireia and Watson the Rabbit. The Treasure Chest A detective story in a pop-up version. The case looks like a difficult one: Mireia, a girl of four, has lost her box of treasures. Watson the rabbit, an expert detective, helps her to recover it after going through all the rooms in the house with diligence and patience. At the end of the book is a little box to assemble.

Mireia and Watson the Rabbit. The Treasure Chest Written by Jordi Cervera Illustrated by Sebastià Serra 26.5 × 25.5 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

New new Title! title!


An amazing pop-up book!


ovelty and pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty an Good Night A book of quiet night games for bedtime. Boys and girls can see the magical world of dreams through the games they come across on these pages. It includes flaps, stickers, phosphorescent pictures and a cut-out.

Good Night Idea and games: Àngels Navarro Illustrations: Carmen Queralt, Sergio Muñoz 23.6 × 23.6 cm 46 pages Hardcover Ages 7+


Look Look. Optical Illusions Have you ever seen a magic book? Look very closely because things are not always what they seem. More than 40 visual games and optical illusions to entertain the young and not so young with the things they’ll find on every page. And also a pair of 3D glasses, a mirror and a little card with the solutions to all the games!

Look Look. Optical Illusions Idea and games: Àngels Navarro Design: Sonsoles Llorens Illustrations: Carmen Queralt


23.6 × 23.6 cm 46 pages Hardcover Ages 7+



nd pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty and pop-u When I Was Little A beautiful baby album that boys and girls from 4 years onwards can complete with the help of their parents to relate the most fun and exciting stories about their first three years of life: birth, their first words, their first day of school, etc. It includes stickers and die-cut pieces.

The first baby album children can complete by themselves When I Was Little (boy) When I Was Little (girl) Written and designed by Àngels Navarro 31.5 × 24.5 cm 40 pages Hardcover Ages 4+

New Title!


Publication Date September 2011


ovelty and pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty an 10 Cities and 1 Dream The creators of 10 Journeys and 1 Dream take us by surprise again with this new, three-dimensional book, a poetic and colourful tour of ten of the most beautiful cities in the world. The final pop-up is a true homage to the world of fantasy!

A fantastic pop-up tour!

10 Cities and 1 Dream

Publication Date September 2011

Written by Meritxell Martí Illustrated by Xavier Salomó 25 × 28 cm 12 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

New Title!

10 Journeys and 1 Dream A pop-up book to enable you to travel and to dream even when you’re awake. Each page unfolds an exciting journey and the vehicle which transports us there. Eleven landscapes filled with colour and poetry, to cover by bicycle, train, helicopter… even by sleigh! The journey is about to start.

10 Journeys and 1 Dream Written by Meritxell Martí Illustrated by Xavier Salomó 25 × 28 cm 12 pages Hardcover Ages 3+




nd pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty and pop-u The Stuff that Flamenco Girls Are Made Of The flamenco girls live in a world of polka dots and flowers, happiness and colours, hearts and shouts of olé! Discover the spirit of flamenco with its unique stars, the flamenco girls, in this festive pop-up book full of art, humour and poetry. It includes a flamenco club and the flamenco girls’ dolls.

The first flamenco pop-up book!

The Stuff that Flamenco Girls Are Made Of Written by Montse Ganges Illustrated by Susana Subirana 23.5 × 23.5 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

New Title! Publication Date September 2011

Brush Your Teeth! How many kinds of teeth do we have? How should we clean them? How many times a day? With this dental hygiene pop-up book, the young ones will learn to take care of their mouth and enjoy themselves by helping characters to clean their teeth.

Brush Your Teeth! Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 21.5 × 26.7 cm 14 pages Hardcover Ages 4+




ovelty and pop-up novelty and pop-up novelty a What a Craft! / What an Artist! Art is now within range of even the youngest with this magnificent collection that combines different aspects: information, history, pictures, activities, pop-ups, etc., all that is required to get young readers interested in the world of art, both classical and contemporary, in an amusing and original manner.

La Mona Lisa Las Meninas Alexander Calder Andy Warhol Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 21 × 29.7 cm 18 pages Hardcover Ages 5+ RIGHTS SOLD: FRENCH ITALIAN

The Great Ones This collection introduces four real heroes. They didn’t have super powers but they did better than anyone because of their historic accomplishments. Without much text and with real photographs, little ones will enter into the fantastic world of these flesh-and-blood heroes.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. On the Top of the World Neil Armstrong. Walking on the Moon Rosa Parks. A Black Rose


Thomas Edison. Against the Darkness


Written by Montse Ganges Designed and illustrated by Imapla 18.5 × 18.5 cm 10 pages Hardcover Ages 6+

picture books picture books picture books pictu Uncle Paco When Julia is afraid, when she feels lonely or behaves stubbornly, Uncle Paco is always able to get her to think about what is bothering her. She is lucky to have an uncle like him! Here are three stories told very gently, which will help children to come to terms with their little difficulties. Each tale also includes some tips for parents about problem-solving, as well as textures to appeal to the young ones.

Uncle Paco and Fear Uncle Paco and the Snow Uncle Paco and the Green Jersey Written by Ricardo Alcántara Illustrated by Sebastià Serra 23 × 19 cm 16 pages Hardcover Ages 4+

The Mysterious Mansion What kind of people live in this mysterious house? Ghosts, witches, dragons, vampires… no end of terrifying creatures appear in this album illustrated in such a special way. But are they real, these people, are they just the inhabitants of a doll’s house who want to give us a real shock? The amusing rhymes of the text will make people smile.

The Mysterious Mansion Written by Carmen Gil Illustrated by Riki Blanco


21 × 28 cm 40 pages Hardcover Ages 5+


ooks picture books picture books picture books Cúper Dogs don’t speak, they just bark. However, have you ever thought about what dogs would say if they could speak? Now we have the chance to know the thoughts of Cúper, a naughty and amusing dog who surprises us in each of his adventures. Would you like to have a dog? This is your great opportunity! Cúper, Fly Hunter* Cúper, King of Cushion Island* That’s the Way Cúper Is* Cúper, Flying Dog** Written by Montse Ganges Illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga 20 × 20 cm 32 pages Hardcover Ages 5+ *RIGHTS SOLD: ENGLISH (USA) **RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN ENGLISH (USA)



In a time of multiculturalism in which our neighbour might come from a country unknown to us and our children grow up side by side with youngsters of different origins, the Travel Horse collection shows us the peculiarities of some cultures using the characters of Queen Globetrotter and the Travel Horse.

Queen Globetrotter in China Queen Globetrotter in Russia Queen Globetrotter in Morocco Queen Globetrotter in Ecuador Written by Montse Ganges Illustrated by Pep Montserrat


20 × 24 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+


picture books picture books picture books pictu Children of the World Ten stories about little boys and girls from different parts of the world. In each story, the main character learns something positive from an experience, as a result of a close contact with nature. The text and the drawings make the little readers discover a new world: they learn how people live in every place, how they dress, the different kinds of animals there are and what they usually eat.

Little Masai Little Inuit Little Nenet Little Quiche Little Maori Little Sioux Little Bouyei Little Tamazigh Little Romani Little Malayali

Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis 19.5 × 19.5 cm 32 pages Hardcover Ages 4+ RIGHTS SOLD: FRENCH KOREAN

Main Square In the main square of the village we can find all kind of shops: the fishmonger’s, the restaurant, the greengrocer’s and the drycleaner’s. Our four little friends work as assistants in their parents’ shops, but those jobs are not as easy as they thought.

Néstor Tellini Paca Lamar Pascual Midón Pepa Tata Written and illustrated by Patricia Geis


21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+


ooks picture books picture books picture books I Am... Children often dream about being older and about their future jobs. This collection brings us up to the world of kids’ dreams, by means of poetic texts and magic illustrations. Astronaut, ballerina, sailor or farmer are the professions that our characters imagine. Four books to let your mind fly in a world replete of fantasy.

I Am an Astronaut I Am a Ballerina I Am a Sailor I Am a Farmer Written and illustrated by Maria Espluga 20 × 20 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 5+


Santi Doesn’t Want to... Santi is not different from the majority of boys and girls of his age: when it’s time to eat he doesn’t feel like it; when it’s time to get up in the morning he feels tired... but he has to learn that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. The splendid illustrations in these stories show us a very expressive Santi in a very colourful world.

Santi Doesn’t Want to Go to Bed Santi Doesn’t Want to Obey Santi Doesn’t Want to Eat Santi Doesn’t Want to Get Up Written by Jaume Carrera Illustrated by Jordi Vila Delclòs


17 × 25 cm 12 pages Paperback Ages 5+


classics classics classics classics classics clas Time for Classics This collection of classic writing from all periods contains a selection of the most famous stories from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, as well as an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey with some stirring illustrations by Pep Montserrat. Here comes The Book of Fables, sixty-four fables adapted by Albert Jané and illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga.

The Best Stories of the Brothers Grimm Written by Albert Jané Illustrated by Joma 19 × 25 cm 192 pages Hardcover Ages 7+

The Best Stories of Hans Christian Andersen Written by Albert Jané Illustrated by Jordi Vila i Delclòs 19 × 25 cm 224 pages Hardcover Ages 7+

The Odyssey Written by Albert Jané and Rafa Mammos Illustrated by Pep Montserrat 19 × 25 cm 200 pages Hardcover Ages 10+

The Book of Fables Written by Albert Jané Illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga


19 × 25 cm 160 pages Hardcover Ages 6+


sics classics classics classics classics classics Mythological Horse This is a collection which brings boys and girls nearer to the world of classical myths. The books are adaptations which bear in mind the level of comprehension of the people for whom they are intended. Wonderful stories of adventure and intrigue that were popular in Greece and Rome and today are an essential part of our culture.

The Story of Theseus Illustrated by Josep Rodés The Journeys of Perseus Illustrated by Montserrat Batet Prometheus Illustrated by Pere Ginard The Argonauts Illustrated by Maria Espluga 20 × 24 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 5+ RIGHTS SOLD: GREEK ITALIAN

Classical WINGED HORSE with CD Now with the Classical Winged Horse collection, we can not only read accurately adapted popular stories, but we can also listen to them. Each book contains four titles and a CD with the dramatization of the stories. A combination of reading and listening which will delight young readers.

WALKING Series 1 TROTTING Series 1 GALLOPING Series 1 WALKING Series 2 TROTTING Series 2




21 × 21 cm 96 pages Hardcover Ages 3+

classics classics classics classics classics clas Classical WINGED HORSE

21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+


Tales about animals In many popular stories, animals behave like human beings and have the same qualities and weaknesses. Some are vain, others lazy. Some are misunderstood and others gullible. They are characters from fiction who definitely make real life more interesting.

The Vain Little Rat* Illustrated by Rosa M. Curto The Ugly Duckling* Illustrated by Irene Bordoy The Three Little Pigs* ** Illustrated by Maria Rius The Seven Little Goats and the Wolf* Illustrated by Marta Montañà The Nightingale* Illustrated by Max * RIGHTS SOLD: BILINGUAL (USA)


Tales about boys and girls All-time favourites, featuring boys and girls who are starting to grow up and get a few shocks along the way. They daydream, they put their trust in strangers, they poke their noses into things they shouldn’t and they think they can do anything. Stories we all know that come to us from the most popular children in literature.

Little Red Riding Hood* ** Illustrated by Francesc Rovira The Pea Blossom* Illustrated by Sebastià Serra Goldilocks and the Three Bears* Illustrated by Maria Espluga The Milkmaid* Illustrated by Mabel Piérola




Thumbelina* Illustrated by Javier Andrada


sics classics classics classics classics classics Classical WINGED HORSE

21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+


Wonderful stories Stories that charm, appeal and make you dream about a better life, in which good always triumphs over evil. They are ideal for understanding that, although not everything in life is beautiful, goodness and honesty always come out on top. Stories that our ancestors loved, and that will surely captivate us too.

Sleeping Beauty* Illustrated by Jordi Vila i Delclòs The Old Woman of the Forest Illustrated by Mabel Piérola Cinderella* Illustrated by Maria Espluga Snow White* Illustrated by Javier Andrada The Little Mermaid* Illustrated by Irene Bordoy The Wild Swans* Illustrated by Marina Seoane * RIGHTS SOLD: BILINGUAL (USA)

Stories about the seasons Four stories from a long time ago that are related to the seasons: baskets of spring strawberries, ants that work through the summer while the grasshoppers shrill, the aroma of baked chestnuts and sweet potatoes in the autumn and forests of fir trees covered in winter snow. They are stories which make us think about very human things like love, duty, responsibility, fellowship and the need to feel useful.

The Strawberries Illustrated by Irene Bordoy The Chestnut Seller* Illustrated by Maria Rius The Little Fir Tree Illustrated by Rosa M. Curto The Ant and the Grasshopper* ** Illustrated by Bassa





classics classics classics classics classics clas Classical WINGED HORSE

21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 5+


Stories for learning to be better kids The attitudes of some of the heroes in these stories make us think about solidarity, friendship, generosity and sincerity. The magical world of popular fiction sometimes surprises us with little examples and important secrets that help make us better people.

The Musicians of Bremen* Illustrated by Petra Steinmeyer The Lion and the Mouse* Illustrated by Subi The Shoemaker and the Elves Illustrated by Sebastià Serra Like Salt Illustrated by Max The Brave Tin Soldier* Illustrated by Anna Mongay * RIGHTS SOLD: BILINGUAL (USA)

Stories about truths and lies Five stories about the consequences of lies and deceit. Four stories that help us understand that it is not right to obtain things by unfair means, nor to laugh at the good faith of others. The truth is rewarded and lies are punished. Enjoyable, popular stories with a message. Is there any better way to learn the real value of truth? The Pied Piper of Hamelin* Illustrated by Jordi Vila i Delclòs The Emperor’s New Clothes* Illustrated by Javier Andrada The King of the Waters Illustrated by Isaac Bosch The Boy Who Cried Wolf* Illustrated by Francesc Infante



The Princess and the Pea* Illustrated by Petra Steinmeyer


sics classics classics classics classics classics Classic Fairy Tales The young and the not so young will share the adventure of forty stories that have lost nothing with the passing of the years and which still have the special appeal of the classics. Give free rein to your emotions with these appealing old favourites about the magic of the world that surrounds us.


New Title!


Illustrated by Margarita Ruiz 18 × 25 cm 16 pages Paperback Ages 4+

New Title!

New Title!

New Title!


Little Red Riding Hood The Ugly Duckling The Vain Little Rat The Pea Blossom Cinderella Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Pinocchio Sleeping Beauty The Seven Little Goats and the Wolf Puss in Boots The Pied Piper of Hamelin The Musicians of Bremen Goldilocks and the Three Bears Aladdin The Three Little Pigs Beauty and the Beast The Shoemaker Elves The Brave Tin Soldier The Chestnut Seller Hansel and Gretel Michka, the Little Bear Little Mouse Perez The Queen of Bees The Happy Prince The Selfish Giant The Little Spider of Bethlehem The Magic Kidney Bean The Emperor’s New Clothes The Little Match-Seller The Milkmaid The Princess and the Pea The Dancing Shoes Amahal and the Night Visitors Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves The Nightingale Peter and the Greedy King The Golden Fish The Brave Little Tailor The Little Rabbit King Midas Rapunzel The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs The Swineherd The Little Mermaid The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Donkeyskin Thumbelina Fairless John Sinbad Tom Tit Tot The Honest Woodcutter

classics classics classics classics classics clas Classic Tales of the World The Classics of the World collection continues with more popular tales from different parts of the world. Stories and myths from the East, the Americas and Africa that evoke distant periods and cultures to stimulate the imagination of young readers.

The Myth of Narcissus The Trojan Horse The Rat’s Wedding The Indian Who Brought Autumn Polyphemus and Ulysses The Speaking Tree Ubazakura, the Wet Nurse’s Cherry Tree Tatu’s Cape The Hairy Giant Urashima Taro The Fire and the Rain The Statue of Pygmalion

Illustrated by Margarita Ruiz


18 × 25 cm 16 pages Paperback Ages 4+


eaders first readers first readers first readers Time for a Story Combel presents a collection of magnificently illustrated books in colour to introduce the young ones to English and for them to learn some basic words and expressions in the language. A CD of the story is included and there is a song that they can sing and dance to while learning.

It’s time for fun, it’s time for English, it’s time for a story! New Series!

Level 1 Sweets Illustrated by Marta Costa My Nose Illustrated by L. Vilella and S. Sempere Level 2 Oink, Oink! Illustrated by Lluís Farré In Love Illustrated by Òscar Julve Level 3 Delicious Illustrated by M. José Aoiz My Sandcastle Illustrated by Àfrica Fanlo


Written by E. Ramon and A. Panisello 26 × 23 cm 24 pages Flexicover Ages 4-7


Each book contains a CD

first readers first readers first readers first rea Zoo Series Animals are the stars of Zoo, the new collection from Combel’s Winged Horse, which combines illustrations and photographs. Each book contains a brief documentary section about each animal. The new line comes in twelve titles divided into three series:

Improve your reading skills with funny stories! New Series! What’s My Name? I Am a Dog I Am a Cat I Am a Bird I Am a Fish Illustrated by Anna Clariana Ages 3+

What Am I? I Am a Cow I Am a Horse I Am a Hen I Am a Sheep Illustrated by Mercè Canals Ages 4+

Where Do I Live? I Am a Penguin I Am a Dolphin I Am a Tiger I Am a Crocodile Illustrated by Jordi Sales Ages 5+ Written by Montse Ganges


21.5 × 21.5 cm 24 pages Hardcover


eaders first readers first readers first readers WINGED HORSE WALKING Series Mother Goose and her friends are the main characters of these four really funny stories.

Simple stories to introduce the words of the children’s environment with a touch of humor.

Mother Goose and the Moon Mother Goose and the Vowels Mother Goose and the Cake Mother Goose and the Storm

On the Sand Inside the Drawer On the Floor Up the Tree

Written by M. Neira and A. Wennberg Illustrated by Irene Bordoy

Written by Mireia Sànchez Illustrated by Pau Estrada

Stories in which children happily tell us what their favourite activities are.

Ladybird and her friends live in the wilds of nature. Find out their funniest anecdotes.

I Like to Hide I Like to Be a Grown-up I Like to Spoil Myself I Like to Do What Grown-ups Do

Ladybird and the Pine Ladybird and the Night Ladybird and the Snow Ladybird Goes to a Party

Written by Rosa Sardà Illustrated by Rosa M. Curto

Written by Josefa Contijoch Illustrated by Lluís Filella





21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+

21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 4+

Four stories that tell the sweet adventures of a little lion who is a bit naughty.

A parrot, a chicken, a cow and a turtle are four animals who will charm the little ones.

Gosh! How Smart My Mum Is!* Hang the Fellows I Want to Grow Up* Wow! What a Voice the Lion’s Got*

The Chubby Cow* The Repeated Chicken* The Little-by-Little Turtle The Loose-tongued Parrot*

Written by Ricardo Alcántara Illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga

Written by David Paloma Illustrated by Francesc Rovira

Ice, snow, fog, rain and rainbow all come out from those original books.

Four stories about grandparents for teaching little ones to love their elders.

The Snow Man* The Rainbow* The Ice Skating The Fog Hiding Place

Grandmother Has Medicine* Grandmother Doesn’t Want to Eat Grandfather Goes for a Walk Grandfather Is Wise

Written by Xoán Babarro Illustrated by Carmen Queralt

Written by Fina Casalderrey Illustrated by Xan López


first readers first readers first readers first rea GALLOPING Series

21 × 21 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 5+ Many different stories for all kind of tastes.

The Hermit Crab Written by Robert Aliaga, illustrated by Daniel Jiménez Beth Loses the Band Written by Marta Jarque, illustrated by Francesc Rovira Good Night Victor* Written by Lluís Farré, illustrated by Marta Balaguer The Unbearable Mice* Written by Elena O’Callaghan, illustrated by Petra Steinmeyer A Bench in the Sun* Written by Joan de Déu Prats, illustrated by Estrella Fages The Internot Robot* Written by Àngels Prat, illustrated by Fina Rifà Sand on the Shoes* Written by Pep Molist, illustrated by Maria Espluga The Stinking Ogre Written by Joles Sennell, illustrated by Montse Tobella A Good Habit* Written by David Paloma, illustrated by Teresa Novoa Aquilino Paints a Cloud and a Chameleon* Written and illustrated by Pinto & Chinto Selena, Seleeena!* Written by Mar Pavón, illustrated by Subi The Happy Moon** Written by Elisenda Queralt, illustrated by Montse Adell Like a Sock Written by Pep Molist, illustrated by Anna Clariana Celeste, the Sea Star Written by Carmen Gil, illustrated by Carmen Queralt





ocumentaries documentaries documentaries Amazing Stories A non-fiction collection that tells five stories in each book. These are epic tales of people who had a dream and went on adventures in extreme locations, such as high mountains, the sea, the polar regions, unexplored territory or in the air. Stories to relive the thrill of great deeds!

New Series! Amazing Stories 1 Amazing Stories 2 Written by Montse Ganges Designed by Imapla 21.5 x 30 cm 64 pages Flexicover Ages 8+

Fauna in Danger A pleasant, easy to read collection which is full of surprises to make young ones aware of the need to protect animal species in danger of extinction in the world around us. The first four volumes contain curiosities and fascinating information about the Mediterranean tortoise, the salamander, the brown bear and the stork.

The Tortoise The Salamander The Brown Bear The Stork

Written by Elisenda Queralt and CRARC (Catalonian Reptile and Amphibian Rehabilitation Centre)


23 Ă— 23 cm 24 pages Hardcover Ages 6+


activity books activity books activity books activ The 10 Best Games in the World Combel presents a selection of the best indoor games in the world. With this book for the whole family, you’ll find new ways to have a good time. It includes dice, counters and boards to assemble, everything necessary to uncover a world of games.

The 10 Best Games in the World Idea and games by Àngels Navarro Illustrated by Ed Carosía 28 × 28 cm 12 pages Board book Ages 8+





Oceania & Surroundings




oks activity books activity books activity books Puppets A collection of finger puppets and cone puppets to play at Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs or the Pied Piper of Hamelin, amongst others. Characters from eight classic tales with two different kinds of puppets. Each pack contains a little theatre to assemble and comes with instructions and a script so that the boys and girls can play at acting out the traditional stories.

Finger Puppets Cone Puppets Written and illustrated by Laura Ferracioli 31 Ă— 29 cm 10 pages Ages 4+

New Series!

Masks Two packs of masks to portray different characters and play at being actors. The first pack contains nine masks of story characters, such as the princess, the prince, the fairy and the dragon. The other contains nine modern characters, like a movie star, an inspector and a lady with curlers. In addition, each pack has some creative ideas to help the boys and girls to put on a show.

Story Masks! Film Masks! Written and illustrated by Laura Ferracioli


31 Ă— 25 cm 9 masks per pack Ages 4+


activity books activity books activity books activ Colour Eight books with several activities for boys and girls who like painting, sticking and counting. A pastime where they could look for different elements, match objects with their shadows, find two equal images, etc. Fun is guaranteed! Colour Illustrated by Rosa M. Curto 19 × 26 cm 8 titles, 8 pages each Paperback Ages 4+

Superfriends! Cut-out World The superfriends love trying on costumes and dressing up as ballet dancers, mermaids, fairies, etc. The cut-out and paint dresses of these cardboard dolls provide endless fun, and each pack also includes a pair of scissors for children. The clothes can be interchanged among the three packs.

Superfriends! Written and illustrated by Laura Ferracioli 29.5 × 21 cm Ages 4+

The Clothes of... Four books that contain fantastic paper punch-out figures. Kids will have to decide what clothes their new friends are going to wear, colouring the dresses and cutting them. They will also be able to adorn the different settings that appear in the double pages with the funny stickers, and make up their own stories with their new paper friends as the main characters.

Illustrated by Rosa M. Curto 28.5 × 23.5 cm 12 pages Paperback Ages 3+


Abel’s Clothes Berta’s Clothes Carla’s Clothes David’s Clothes


oks activity books activity books activity books Manufactures A book with thirty simple ideas that boys and girls can adapt to their needs to make things out of cardboard, plastic bottles, left-over bits of cloth and all the things that we don’t really need. A good way to recycle and to begin the exciting business of imagining, creating and learning to make new things.

Manufactures Written and illustrated by Victòria Tubau 21 × 24.5 cm 64 pages Hardcover Ages 6+

Imagine Books to colour, stick things in, draw in or make a story involving scenes or characters which each child can interpret in his or her own way. This is a collection which goes beyond traditional colouring books and is thought out so that they entertain themselves completing the pictures in an imaginative and creative way. And when they finish, they can give it as a present or hang it in their room!

IMAGINE 1: Ages 5+ Animals Characters IMAGINE 2: Ages 7+ Spring Winter IMAGINE 3: Ages 9+ One Day in the Jungle One Day in a Castle


21.5 × 19.5 cm 8 pages Paperback


Editorial BambĂş

ders early readers early readers early readers MYSTERIES Mysteries is a collection targeting readers of 6, 7, 8 and 9 years of age. There are stories that refer to great themes and characters in literature for the young and very young. They suggest an approach: by following the text, the main character and the reader have to solve some puzzles to get to the unravelling of the story. It includes a mystery bookmark to collect.

The Stinking Fog Joles Sennell Illustrations: Marc Torrent Bernardo is the youngest son of a king whose realm contains a forest that has been invaded by a stinking fog. He alone, armed with just a sausage and little bag of smells, will succeed in discovering the cause of the stinking fog and then in eliminating it. Would you like to help him to solve the mysteries hidden in the forest and join along in the adventure?

New Title!

ADVENTURE INGENUITY VALUES 147 × 190 mm . 48 pages

Collect your mysteries bookmarks! The Illusions of the Magician Ricardo Alcántara Ilustrations: Gusti Mysteries: Àngels Navarro Agreste is a magician who decides to try his luck and decipher the puzzle that has the king worried and for which he is offering a handsome reward. Would you like to help him? When you have discovered what is hidden behind the door of the treasure room, will you enjoy the reward? ADVENTURE INGENUITY VALUES 147 × 190 mm . 48 pages


Bluebeard’s Treasure Àngels Navarro Illustrations: Mariona Cabassa Bluebeard is not your typical pirate: he has no wooden leg, no hook, no pirate flag… but if he can solve the puzzles he can find the treasure. Do you want to become one of his crew and help him to get his hands on the loot? ADVENTURE INGENUITY VALUES 147 × 190 mm . 48 pages

early readers early readers early readers early EARLY READERS Early Readers is the series aimed at readers from 6 to 9 years old. It combines splendid full-colour illustrations with texts intended to be read without any difficulties. It includes brief biographies of the author and illustrator, and a practical bookmark. The readers will be thrilled with their linguistic and literary quality.

The Turtle That Wanted to Cross the Desert Bernat Romaní Illustrations: Nilobon Kijkrailas What brings a turtle that lives in a lush jungle full of palm trees to cross a desert full of danger? Will the animals that he’ll find along the way be his allies or his enemies? Make the trip with the turtle if you want to find out. If you do so, then unlike the turtle, you’ll have to keep your eyes open. FEELINGS VALUES 147 × 190 mm . 48 pages

Mr H Daniel Nesquens Ilustraciones: Luciano Lozano Tired of captivity in the zoo, a hippopotamus decides to return to his native Africa. He manages to escape from the zoo with the help of some people, but the most surprising part is that nobody – not the employees at the zoo, not the pedestrians who cross paths with him and not even the customers and servers at a pizza restaurant – find it strange to see him free. HUMOUR VALUES 147 × 190 mm . 64 pages

New Title!

New Title!

The Ghost in Grandparents’ House Eulàlia Canal Illustrator: Elena Frauca

Schemer the Witch Marta Romera Illustrator: Albert Asensio

Daniel Has a Case Marta Jarque Illustrator: Daniel Jiménez

Daniel Plays Detective Marta Jarque Illustrator: Daniel Jiménez

Paula has to sleep in her grandparents’ house. Her brother Lluc tells her there is a terrifying ghost there. Is it possible that her grandparents have a ghost? she wonders. Well, whether you believe or not, in her grandparents’ house a lot of things happen, some of them pretty strange and mysterious. Paula is in for a night filled with surprises.

Shinytown, the cleanest city in the world, is about to stop being so. Schemer has come up with a cruel and whiffy plan to turn it into Reallyfilthy, and crown herself Supreme Queen of all the witches in the world. Her plan seems perfect, but she’ll run into a hitch in the sew-ers of Shinytown.

Daniel faces up to a new case with enthusiasm, bravery and his book of clues. What mystery surrounds the locked box that he has found in the shed of his house? Will he get to the end and find out what lies behind the clues he comes across? Will he be able to overcome the difficulties accompanied only by Tango, his faithful dog?

Daniel wants to be a detective and is certain he has all the qualities necessary to make the grade. He even has his first case: finding out who has eaten his cheese sandwich. He follows the clues and makes notes in his notebook. Will he be able to follow the thing through to the end and closing out the case?

CULTURAL CONSERVATION FAMILY 147 × 190 mm · 48 pages



147 × 190 mm · 48 pages

147 × 190 mm · 64 pages RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN


147 × 190 mm · 48 pages



ers early readers early readers early readers I’m Not Little Red Riding Hood! Teresa Blanch Illustrator: Mercè Canals

Set’s King Pere Pons Illustrator: Riki Blanco

Like every year when the seasons change, parents take out the clothes from last year to try on their children and find out what fits. Andrew inherits his big sister’s red hooded coat and he’s far from happy about it because everyone will call him ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ But what if it has magical powers?

The king of the country in which Set lives is very fussy. He gets angry when the servants talk too loudly, or when he hears the squeal of an animal. People know the king wants silence, so they speak in whispers and keep the animals quiet… But Set has a cock who, naturally, crows at sunrise. The king imprisons him and then the problems start.

HUMOUR DAILY LIFE (Making use of clothes)

VALUES (Tolerance)

They were born on April 15th at the magical hour of midnight. Possibly for that reason, Alex and Marina share a special bond and a great secret: they can take hold of unimaginable things! When the two friends have to separate, Alex decides to prepare a special present– a very brilliant one!– for his best friend.

Clida and Sirú Joan de Déu Prats Illustrator: Marta Brú In the desert it seems nothing can survive. All is sand and barren wilderness. All? It seems one flower is able to pollinate another, which lives at a distance, with the help of the little creatures which live nearby. Between them, will they be able to pull off a miracle of nature? The story is told in a very precise poetic style.


LOVE POETRY NATURE (Pollination of flowers)

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages

147 × 190 mm · 64 pages



147 × 190 mm · 48 pages

147 × 190 mm · 64 pages

Galceran and the Ladybirds Caterina Valriu Illustrator: Carme Peris

Nur’s Ring Marta Jarque Illustrator: Lluís Farré

The Kiss of the Princess Fernando Almena Illustrator: Ulrike Müller

The Quickest Way Sergio Lairla Illustrator: Gabriela Rubio

An unexpected shower has wiped off all the spots from the backs of the ladybirds. Without their little dots they feel like butterflies with no colour, or a clown without his smile, so they hope to regain them at all costs. They will be helped by a mouse, a chaffinch, a seagull and Galceran, a boy who has nobody to play dominoes with.

Nur has lost the ring which her grandmother gave her in the garden. Finding it will be harder than one might think, because the garden is full of strange animals. Could she get it back? In order to do so, she will have to make friends with a magpie, watch over the birth of some butterflies and get to know various other creatures.

Saponcio and Saponcia are the monarchs of the lagoon. Their daughter wants a motorbike: but who has ever seen a princess on a motorbike? Her parents will not allow it. So they decide it’s about time she got married. Can a toadprincess marry a human prince? And if the toad-princess kisses a human prince, what will he turn into?

Clara is not in the mood to let anyone or anything interfere with the first day of the holidays. She’s looking for an excuse to get out of helping her friend Estela paint the fence of her house. An amusing story in which the author shows how something trivial can turn into a major problem, become a real mess and make life difficult.





147 × 190 mm · 64 pages

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN + FRENCH

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages



Where Do the Stars Sleep? Elisenda Queralt Illustrator: Noemí Villamuza


early readers early readers early readers early Little Bogeyman Montse Ganges Illustrator: Imapla

A Home for Dog César Fernández García Illustrator: Pep Brocal

In the old days the big bogeyman frightened all the cruel and nasty children. But he retired a long while back because nobody wanted him any more. But, take care! Do you think that you can bother people and get on their nerves just because the bogeyman is no longer around? Well, be careful then, because now the little bogeyman is here.

A dog whose name is Dog loses his home due to a storm. The animals in the wood offer to help him build a new one, but Dog is so sad he can see only the dark side. His friends tell him not to worry or give up. Will he listen to them and try to find a way forward?

ADVENTURE VALUES 147 × 190 mm · 64 pages

Monster, Are You Going to Eat me? Purificación Menaya Illustrator: Petra Steinmeyer A child finds a monster under his bed. He thinks it wants to eat him, but the truth is that the monster does not like eating children. Do you know what this monster eats? Something very good to taste which the boy will try too.



147 × 190 mm · 48 pages

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages



No, No, No! César Fernández García Illustrator: Jordi Sales The Bear family have to leave the frozen mountains, where they have always lived. Middle Bear never stops complaining about the change. Everything seems wrong with the new valley where they live. But soon something happens which will enable him to see the more positive side of life. OVERCOMING PROBLEMS FRIENDSHIP NATURE The Three Wishes Ricardo Alcántara Illustrator: Montse Tobella

Raymond’s House Carolina Tarrés Illustrator: Xavier Salomó

The Marquis of Misfortune Elisa Ramón Illustrator: Montserrat Batet

Nicholas is not happy: he wants to be special. He thinks he was born in the wrong place. What he really longs to be is a handsome prince or a powerful king… or maybe a pirate plying the seas! One day a huge genie appears and grants him three wishes. But Nicholas will come to realise that what he really craves is what he already has.

Raymond wants it all! He wants to live by the sea, in the mountains and in the city, too. His friends don’t know how to make him understand that it’s impossible and he has to make a choice. But he is really stubborn. One fine day he heads for the woods with the intention of turning his dream into reality. What is going through his mind?

The Marquis of Misfortune collects stuffed animals. Among his trophies one is missing – the black rhinoceros. Determined to hunt one, he packs his bags and sets off for Africa. During the journey, the captain’s parrot discovers his evil intentions and heads for the jungle to tell the rhinoceros that the Marquis is on his way.




147 × 190 mm · 48 pages


147 × 190 mm · 48 pages RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN, TURKISH, FRENCH

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages RIGHTS SOLD: TURKISH, KOREAN FRENCH

147 × 190 mm · 48 pages RIGHTS SOLD: FRENCH


s young readers young readers young readers GREAT JOURNEYS Great Journeys is a collection aimed at readers from 12 onwards. They are adventure stories about journeys in time and space. The jacket of the book gives information and graphic documents that enable the reader to settle into the theme of the book. The jacket of the book can be used as a reference poster.

Heka A Magic Journey to Egypt Núria Pradas Victor is twelve years old and leads a very routine life until one day everything changes with the discovery of a green beetle that carries him back to Ancient Egypt. There he will meet a reckless and rather wild boy, Tutmosis, destined to be the new pharaoh of the two worlds, who will carry him along in a series of dangerous adventures. ADVENTURES HISTORY FRIENDSHIP 147 × 210 mm · 120 pages

YOUNG READERS Young Readers is the series aimed at readers from 8 to 11 years old. It combines intelligent black and white drawings with quality texts which tell interesting stories. The way the chapters are divided up confers a narrative unity which makes reading easier. It includes brief biographies of the authors and illustrators.

Butterfly Wings Pilar Alberdi Illustrations: Mercedes de la Jara

New Title!

In stories, a sparrow can fall in love with a reed, an emperor can walk naked down the street… but what would you do if you had to give up what you most desire? This is the story of a boy and a butterfly, but it isn’t so simple as that… In other words, it is both the magic and real story of a boy, a butterfly, an antique seller, a town. FEELINGS VALUES 148 × 216 mm · 80 pages


young readers young readers young readers yo The Gamopelusians Aura Tazón Illustrator: Luis Bustos

Catalinasss Marisa López Soria Illustrator: Araiz Mesanza

The Kidnapping of Captain Pepper José Manuel Blanco Illustrator: Luciano Lozano

Pegleg the Pirate Miriam Haas Illustrator: Ulrike Müller

A strange creature named Martin runs aground on the beach in Gamopelusia, the fabulous island made of cheese. Everyone thinks he is a spy but they soon realise he is the Chosen One, named after an old prophecy designed to save everyone from disaster. Martin will require all his ingenuity to carry out his mission.

Catalina has just had a brace fitted in her mouth and she doesn’t know what effect her new look will have. So it’s just as well that she can entertain herself searching for the world’s most beautiful word. For Catalina, though she doesn’t like her name, loves words and the sounds and pictures they evoke and… what is hidden behind them.

Mr Martin is fuming with rage because the sales of his sweets company have dropped off alarmingly. His accountant discovers that the one responsible for the crisis is Captain Pepper, who has advised children to give up eating sweets in favour of peppers, beets and liver. In order to avoid total ruin, Mr Martin will have to take decisive measures.

Pegleg is a pirate. One night his ship is attacked by surprise by the atrocious pirate Toothpuller and half the crew are taken. In order to rescue his companions, Pegleg sets off on an adventure filled with amusing ups and downs and ends up on an island searching for a hidden treasure in a cave inhabited by a singular sort of monster.





148 × 216 mm · 208 pages

148 × 216 mm · 112 pages

148 × 216 mm · 80 pages

148 × 216 mm · 96 pages


My Superlorry Elena O’Callaghan i Duch Illustrator: M.a Jesús Santos

Andrea’s Dream and Other Stories Marcy Rudo Illustrator: Carme Solé Vendrell

The Customs Josep Muñoz Redón Illustrator: Lluís Farré

The Great Adventure Jordi Sierra i Fabra Illustrator: Josep Rodés

Normally when children see their mother’s tummy getting bigger it means a new member of the family is on the way. But it might be that instead of waiting for the baby to come, one has to go looking for him. John goes a long way to search for his sister. And all she does is cry, in spite of John’s best efforts.

Most children know they’re not the best at football, surfing the net, tending a garden or taking part in spelling competitions. But what happens when something comes off? Three daily stories explained with sense of humour, which will teach there is always something we can learn from others.

This story takes place in a customs house, where we follow the working day of the civil servants as they ensure the law relating to merchandise is obeyed. Their job is not a pleasant task in a world without frontiers. But what would happen if their scruples prevented them from allowing through anyone who did not conform to a specific profile?

Milo, a famous writer of stories, has lost his inspiration due to the death of his wife. All his ideas and amazing characters are locked inside his head. The world of Fantasy won’t allow this and sends Peter Pan, the Beauty and Hercules to rescue them. While the writer is asleep, they are able to go into his mind, by means of a dream.


FANTASY VALUES (Companionship)



148 × 216 mm · 64 pages

148 × 216 mm · 64 pages

148 × 216 mm · 64 pages 148 × 216 mm · 128 pages


s young readers young readers young readers The Restless Octopus Miquel Ribas Figueras Illustrator: Jordi Sales

The Seven Houses of Buti Josep Gòrriz Illustrator: Marta Balaguer

Here is an octopus that cannot stay still. His tentacles go like crazy all the time and he goes swimming around nonstop. It seems he has seen it all. Is it possible there is anything fresh to discover? Curiosity about this causes him to do the most daring thing an octopus has ever done: find out about the marvellous things on land.

Buti is an easygoing terrier. One day he tastes a delicious sausage and can think of nothing else. He is abandoned and tries to survive by robbing the customers from the butcher’s shop. Luckily he has Jan and Cira to look out for him. Tell me, Buti: wouldn’t you like to stop wandering around and live in a house with someone who loves you?

Waldo, the dragon, comes out from David’s book to look for the princess who disappeared when the book was torn up From that moment David, his friend Katia and Waldo are going to have fantastic adventures in the search for a new princess for the dragon. But, will Waldo forget the princess of his tale?

Claudia admires Oscar, who is the best football player. She dresses like him, dreams about him and even eats the brand of yoghurt he advertises. One day Claudia comes across a clue which might lead her to scupper the plans of some delinquents. She decides to solve the case in order to become famous and in that way get to know Oscar.





148 × 216 mm · 72 pages

148 × 216 mm · 96 pages

148 × 216 mm · 160 pages

148 × 216 mm · 96 pages

The Journey of Double P Fernando Lalana Illustrator: Laura Ferracioli

The Return of Double P Fernando Lalana Illustrator: Laura Ferracioli

The Present from the River Jesús Ballaz Illustrator: Sebastià Serra

Wonderful! Miquel Ribas Figueras Illustrator: Marc Torrent

Double P is an extraterrestrial who gets bored on his asteroid Jijo. His favourite planet is the Earth. One day he decides to go into space, drawn by his curiosity about human beings. Will he be able to befriend them? Will they be amusing companions? When he lands, he gets a huge surprise…

Continuing the adventures of Double P, the friendly extraterrestrial. On this occasion, all his countrymen (the 5000 inhabitants of Jijo) reach the Earth for a visit of ten months. Double P’s friends, Nicolás and Margarita, don’t know what to do to hide all the people from Jijo, and this has terrible consequences.

A man sees a basket floating downriver with a baby in it. It is condemned to death by the king, in order to prevent a prophecy from coming true. It said that the child would marry his daughter. When the child comes to be a youngster, many trials and adventures start for him. Will he one day marry the king’s daughter and rule?

Fina Ant is a very smart giraffe and there are few to compare with her. Despite being the smallest of the herd, she has the most adventures. Few of her companions would dare to enter a cave as dark as the throat of a lion, and would they manage to survive a night lost on the savannah and surrounded by frightening beasts?




148 × 216 mm · 192 pages

148 × 216 mm · 80 pages


Dragon Seeks Princess Purificación Menaya Illustrator: Francesc Infante

148 × 216 mm · 176 pages

Oscar’s Shirt César Fernández García Illustrator: Pedro Espinosa

148 × 216 mm · 80 pages


young readers young readers young readers yo A Megathere in the Cemetery Fernando Lalana Illustrator: Anuska Allepuz The town where the megathere lives is just like any other town, with its square, town hall, church and school. It has a mayor, a priest, town clerk and a couple of police officers. A new teacher arrives, a young man called Alfonso. What an upheaval when Alfonso discovers that Beltrán, the town gravedigger, is a megathere.

Bruna and Block B Maria Enrich Illustrator: Mercè Canals

Vertical Stories Alegria Julià Illustrator: Picanyol

S.O.S. Rubinata Rat Estrella Ramón Illustrator: Albert Asensio

Can a fly ensure that a young baker doesn’t arrive late at work? And that some students prepare for an exam without distractions? Perhaps an ordinary fly couldn’t, but Bruna, the main character in this book, is capable of it and also of many other things. That’s because Bruna is restless and chatty and loves to get involved in everything.

A collection of twenty tales which can be read vertically, but also in the conventional manner, horizontally. The themes of the stories are very varied and independent from each other: real-life events, some slightly added to, and also odd stories to put us in mind of popular traditional tales.

Rubinata is a red rat that lives in a sewer where all the rats are grey. Life is hard and she decides to do everything in her power to be like the rest. But things go from bad to worse until she is locked up in the worst jail in the rat world. Fortunately, she will get the help of a foreign rat, the journalist Chambourcié de Danone.





148 × 216 mm · 80 pages

148 × 216 mm · 64 pages

148 × 216 mm · 96 pages

148 × 216 mm · 80 pages

Laia and the Wind Nathalie Pons Roussel Illustrator: Pere Ginard

Roberta the Fairy Carmen Gil Martínez Illustrator: Pep Brocal

Laia has a special talent – she knows how to listen. And so it is that one fine day, while walking by the sea, she hears a sibilant voice that whistles stories into her ear. From that day on, whenever it is windy, she takes her bicycle and goes to the beach to talk to her friend.

Lucia doesn’t like herself and feels wretched. The fairies decide to help her and so they send her Roberta, a very valiant fairy who is a bit inexperienced. The fairy manages to get the girl into trouble with her miscast spells. But, finally, she achieves her aim: Lucia discovers she is u-nique and unrepeatable, like each one of us.

FANTASY ADVENTURES 148 × 216 mm · 64 pages

HUMOUR FANTASY VALUES 148 × 216 mm · 96 pages


g readers big readers big readers big readers b BIG READERS Big Readers is the series aimed at readers from 11 to 16 years old. Mystery stories, humorous ones, tales of adventure, etc., which adroitly combine description, narration and dialogue. Books with practical flaps that include brief biographies of the authors.

Africa in the Heart M.ª Carmen de la Bandera Diko is a Dowayo youth from Cameroon. Fascinated by dreams of paradise in Europe and spurred on by the harshness of his daily life, he decides to “burn down” the barriers that separate him from the north and get in a boat to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. With a warm style, this youth shows us the wonders of Africa, as well as its extreme difficulties. FEELINGS ADVENTURE DIVERSITY

New Title!


145 × 210 mm . 168 pages

The Mystery of Wisteria Road Núria Pradas

The Men of Muchaca Mariela Rodríguez

The Enigma of El Cid María José Luis González

Blue Autumn José Ramón Ayllón

How is it possible for a boy to disappear without a trace right in the middle of a city? His brother and his girlfriend start a search to discover the mystery. An inquisitive wouldbe writer and a policewoman join them in their intriguing adventure. The evidence brings them in to Wisteria Road, but, what is the mystery in that road?

Christian Thomas, a European youth who likes sports, is preparing to go to university. One day he gets a letter from a friend living in a far-off country. From that point on, the young man becomes mixed up in an exciting and amusing adventure, which puts his ingenuity to the test as he seeks to find an ancient legacy.

In Burgos, Pablo’s class go to an exhibition about El Cid el Campeador. On the following day the glass urn which protected his famous helmet has been destroyed, but the helmet is not stolen. What were the criminals looking for? Pablo and his friends look into the matter for themselves and begin an incredible adventure to discover the mystery of El Cid.

This is the tale of a boy and a girl who meet on a train. In it there is a beach in autumn, a guitar, a football team, two families, a zest for life, cancer, a red notebook, a kidnapping and a happy ending. The main characters of this novel are enriched and brought closer together by the bonds of friendship, love and a pain shared.



147 × 216 mm · 144 pages

147 × 216 mm · 160 pages



147 × 216 mm, 408 pages

147 × 216 mm · 160 pages

big readers big readers big readers big readers The New Girl Marcy Rudo Marisa arrives at a new school with a secret, but what is most important to her is to be accepted by one set in the class, a group of friends who are greatly influenced by the bossy Isobel. When Marisa is accused of something she has not done, only the friendship of Rachel and the affection of her dog, Dama, enable her to keep on going.

Bergil, the Lost Knight of Berlindon J. Carreras Guixé Bergil is a young man whose father was killed by his best friend when he was just a child. At eighteen, Bergil is a knight prepared to do anything to defend his king. During his first great battle he meets Berk, a warrior who could be his father and who saves Bergil’s life. But… what is Berk’s dark secret?

Proteus’s Escape Milagros Oya

Beyond the Three Dunes Susana Fernández Gabaldón

As a consequence of changes in the climate and the appearance of a strange virus, life as we know it has disappeared. Only a group of scientists hidden away in a base under the sea have survived. They have created a hermetic and orderly society. Carso and his friends want to flee. This is the story of their hairraising flight.

In Cairo there is an interesting antiques shop where Hassan works. One day a stranger appears with objects of great value. Hassan discovers that they come from a remote place perhaps related to the Princess Neferure, who lived in Egypt around the year 1500 B.C. Hassan, accompanied by his nephews, sets off on an incredible adventure.





147 × 216 mm · 144 pages

147 × 216 mm · 144 pages

147 × 216 mm · 288 pages

147 × 216 mm · 224 pages

The Secret of Doctor Givert Agustí Alcoberro

The Secret Laboratory Lluís Prats and Enric Roig

Two students find out a famous neurologist has been kidnapped, the celebrated Doctor Givert. They begin to investigate until they finally locate him. But this is not the end. The main character in the story is distrustful and has doubts about everything and everyone, even his friend, and decides to carry on with the investigation alone.

Paris 2006. In the secret laboratory of the mad doctor Laffitte, the Robles brothers discover an infernal machine which can cause horrifying hallucinations. Unfortunately, the evil scientists of the Trouton company get their hands on the machine. The Robles brothers are just about to get it back when one of them is kidnapped…



147 × 216 mm · 96 pages 147 × 216 mm · 272 pages


g readers big readers big readers big readers u Short Stories from the Globe Àngel Burgas Illustrations: Ignasi Blanch

Almogavar by Accident Fernando Lalana Luis A. Puente

Makossa for Marimba and Gralla Pau Joan Hernández

At the beginning of the fourteenth century, falling in love with the wrong person could have terrible consequences. Young Garcés will find this out for himself when, as a result of forbidden love, he finds himself forced to cross the Mediterranean to become enmeshed in one of the most astonishing incidents in history – the feats of the Spanish soldiers in Byzantium..

Fatou dreams that she hears the makossa, an African rhythm from her native land, as the festival of her town, Sant Genís, approaches. But many people do not want to go against tradition and friction threatens coexistence in the town school. However, in that summer of drought, there is a graver danger in the mountains.




147 × 216 mm · 144 pages

147 × 216 mm · 176 pages

147 × 216 mm · 176 pages

The Fourteen Mummies of Bakri Susana Fernández Gabaldón

Fernando the Bold José Luis Velasco

White Week Natalia Freire

The main characters from Beyond the Three Dunes are back with a new adventure. An object which is very special to them, the mirror of the Egyptian princess Neferure, wrapped up in cloth concealing mysterious hieroglyphics, falls into their hands. Intrigue and pursuit put the lives of the main characters in jeopardy.

Fernando Fadrique, the son of a serf, witnesses the defeat of Alarcos. On the battlefield he meets King Alfonso VIII and Rodrigo de Coca, who takes him as a page. His energetic and decisive character enables him to save the king’s life on three occasions. But his great wish is to win the hand of Inés de Talavera.

It’s the last term at school and the last week for skiing with schoolmates. Alma is ready to show every one that she is a real snowboarder. The snowboard gangs compete against each other to prove who is the best. But there is another person in the mountains. Alma makes a discovery and things take an unexpected twist.

Stories that talk about different kinds of reality for youngsters living in different parts of the world and stories that describe different kinds of reality for people sharing the same environment – the underground in Barcelona. Stories that set you thinking about coexistence and the need to bring about a fairer world.



147 × 216 mm · 224 pages

147 × 216 mm · 168 pages

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS SPORT 147 × 216 mm · 144 pages


universal classics universal classics universal c UNIVERSAL CLASSICS Universal Classics is a collection of classics for readers from 12 onwards. Universal Classics presents great translations of jewels of world literature in copies with a hard cover, fine quality illustrations and a brief notebook concerning the work, the author and the period.

The Hypnotist E.T.A. Hoffmann Translated by Joan Fontcuberta Illustrated by Miguel Navia

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Translated by Roser Vilagrassa Illustrated by Jordi Vila i Delclòs

The Imaginary Invalid Molière Translated by María Teresa Gallego Illustrated by Fernando Vicente

A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens Translated by José Manuel Álvarez Illustrated by Pep Montserrat

Animal magnetism is when one person, by use of suggestion and hypnotism, controls the will of another. It is also known as mesmerism. Can life and death be controlled by hypnosis? The evil hypnotist in this disturbing story by Hoffmann seems ready to prove that it is possible.

The great house of Netherfield Park, in the English county of Hertfordshire, has a new tenant. It is Mr Bingley, who is young, goodlooking, wealthy and… a bachelor. Mrs Bennet is delighted because her chief desire is to find a good match for her five daughters. But Elizabeth, the most rebellious of the Bennet sisters, is really interested in Mr Darcy, the best friend of Bingley, and a rather arrogant and mysterious man.

Poor Argan is ill and spends all day in bed, complaining and dependent on remedies prescribed by doctors more interested in earning money than solving his problems. And as if this were not enough, his daughter Angélique has fallen in love with the wrong suitor. Luckily Toinette, the maid, is ready to lend a hand. She’s not a doctor but she has a remedy for everything and everyone.

Mister Scrooge is a miserable old miser. Pity and charity are strangers to him – he’s bitter, with a heart as hard as a stone and he doesn’t change even at Christmas. But he’s shortly going to get a visit from three ghosts who will accompany him on trips to the Christmases of his childhood, the present and the future. And what he discovers will change his life.

145 × 210 mm · 128 pages

145 × 210 mm · 160 pages

145 × 210 mm · 112 pages

145 × 210 mm · 316 pages


l classics universal classics universal classics s Love of Life and Other Stories Jack London Translated by Carmen Francí Illustrated by Enrique Breccia

Poe’s Universe Edgar Allan Poe Translated by José Manuel Álvarez Illustrated by Pep Montserrat

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories Oscar Wilde Translated by J.L. López Muñoz Illustrated by Roger Ibáñez

Sherlock Holmes has a new case: the murder of Mr Douglas, the owner of a big manor house in Vermissa Valley. But an unexpected twist makes the case more complicated. The villainous Professor Moriarty appears and the suspense of the story carries us off to the depths of the valley of fear.

Two men advance through a majestic landscape, exhausted and bent beneath the weight of their burdens. On crossing a river in which there are many rocks, one of them slips and injures himself. His companion does not halt, but abandons him… The eight stories in this volume are about determination, driving energy and the instinct for survival.

A fantastic beetle and the treasure of a fearsome pirate; a gloomy castle in the Appenines and a young woman trapped inside a painting; a detective with green spectacles and the mystery of a letter that cannot be found; a dead body that is not dead… a week with three Sundays! Everything is possible in the universe of Edgar Allan Poe.

That night, Lady Windermere had brought together in her house the cream of London society. One of the assembly was her chiromancer, an enigmatic gentleman capable of reading the past and the future by studying the lines of the hand. Lord Arthur volunteers enthusiastically, little knowing that horror and disgrace can also be foreseen…

145 × 210 mm · 272 pages

145 × 210 mm · 240 pages

145 × 210 mm · 160 pages

145 × 210 mm · 160 pages

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Translated by Celia Filipetto Illustrated by Fabio Sardo

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson Translated by Juan Antonio Molina Foix Illustrated by Fernando Vicente

The Valley of Fear Arthur Conan Doyle Translated by Laura Manero Illustrated by Fernando Vicente

Life in the small village of Saint Petersburg, on the banks of the Mississippi River in the United States, is so peaceful that it could even be boring at times. But Tom Sawyer, an inquisitive and rather naughty boy, is capable of exploiting the slightest daily event, such as painting a fence, or not such an everyday occurrence, like chasing an evil killer or searching for hidden treasure in a cave, in the company of his good pal Huck.

Who is that strange fellow going into the home of Dr Jekyll? Is it possible that anyone so unpleasant could be a friend of the respectable doctor? How could a model citizen have any dealings with a monster like Hyde, capable of committing atrocious crimes? Hyde will have to be investigated… or maybe Jekyll is hiding something? 145 × 210 mm · 144 pages

145 × 210 mm · 304 pages


spanish classics spanish classics spanish classi Entremeses Miguel de Cervantes Adapted by Emilia Navarro

Rinconete y Cortadillo (Rinconete and Cortadillo) Miguel Cervantes Adapted by Alfredo Reina Illustrated by David Benzal

Conde Lucanor (Count Lucanor) Don Juan Manuel Adapted by Emilia Navarro Ramírez Illustrated by Joan Mundet

These days, short theatrical pieces such as sketches, monologues and comic scenes are in vogue. They show us human weaknesses, sometimes in a benevolent manner and sometimes in a more bitter way. Cervantes, back in the seventeenth century, made use of humour to show what he could not say in a serious way about a society founded on hypocrisy and appearance.

There are 100 million homeless children in the world. They used to be called rascals. Now they are street children, ill-treated and exploited, who are forced into social exclusion, delinquency and suffering. Just like Rinconete and Cortadillo, who have no other recourse than their own determination.

Scheherazade was a famous storyteller who managed to save her life with stories that bewitched a sultan. She discovered the value of a story that never ends to keep us safe from danger. Count Lucanor is also afraid of something… that’s why he has in Patronio his own storyteller, who teaches him how not to make mistakes in daily decisions.

145 × 210 mm · 176 pages

145 × 210 mm · 128 pages

145 × 210 mm · 176 pages

Pasos (Steps) Lope de Rueda Adapted by Emilia Navarro Ramírez Illustrated by Jorge González

Nueve liras de hiedra y un secreto (Nine Lyres of Ivy and a Secret) Poetry anthology Adapted by Emilia Navarro Ramírez and Alfredo Reina Illustrated by Pere Ginard

With this book we laugh for the same reason that we laugh in the circus watching the clever clown and the silly clown, and the latter comes out with his bright ideas. The clowns of Rueda amuse us and reveal certain human characteristics to us, particularly that of cruelty towards those who show themselves to be innocent and easily deceived.

Transmitting our feelings can become a taboo for fear of crossing the narrow line which separates sensibility and ridicule. Every period in time, every culture and every poet has its own way of describing the experience of love, friendship, nature, the passage of time and the meaning of life. This is the emotional story of Spanish poetry up to the eighteenth century.

La celestina (The Matchmaker) Fernando de Rojas Adapted by Alfredo Reina Illustrated by Enrique Lorenzo Calisto and Melibea, Romeo and Juliet and other less well-known couples, whose names we know only by names carved into the bark of trees, have been and still are the victims of an impossible kind of love. It has always moved readers profoundly when love goes wrong because it is a most sublime feeling which we all recognise. 145 × 210 mm · 208 pages

145 × 210 mm · 176 pages 145 × 210 mm · 144 pages


exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit e EXIT Exit is the series intended for readers from 14 onwards. They are very fine novels with gripping plots which will appeal to the young and the not-so-young. They are perfect for anyone who enjoys exciting adventures, deep mysteries and hilarious episodes.

Amsterdam Solitaire Fernando Lalana Four big business-owners accept the challenge of making a beautiful, unique and irreplaceable object out of reach of the wealthy. Months later, when detective Fermín Escartín is invited to attend the presentation of the Amsterdam Solitaire fountain pen, he faces the challenge of unravelling a seemingly flawless, almost perfect and apparently impossible robbery. Most recent instalment of the DETECTIVE FERMÍN ESCARTÍN series.

New Title!



The Last Corpse Fernando Lalana

The Tunnel-Borer Fernando Lalana

The Galindo Affair Fernando Lalana

The years have gone by and Fermín Escartín faces what will possibly be his last case: a double investigation that begins with a bloodcurdling murder, continues with an inexplicable mystery and might end up with his own death. It’s an amusing but thrilling journey from Monegros to the millionaire bank accounts of Switzerland.

The mysterious disappearance of the young engineer responsible for the machine which makes tunnels for underground railways turns into one of the most hair-raising cases in the career of private investigator Fermín Escartín. Escartín is a detective who has already appeared in other novels by Fernando Lalana.

Turned out of the university, Professor Fermín Escartín decides to become a private detective. His first case comes to him through an exschool friend, Gumersindo Llamazares, now a brilliant executive in an insurance company. Escartín has to find the famous impresario Serafín Galindo, an eccentric millionaire, who has disappeared.


145 × 210 mm · 216 pages

POLICE THRILLER IRONY 145 × 210 mm · 208 pages

145 × 210 mm · 272 pages


exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit exit e A Day of Wheat Anna Cabeza Ramón Arcas returns to Rocalba, a village in the Pyrenees. There he recalls some events from when he was young, and worked as an illustrator for a celebrated ethnographer. During that July of 1948, Ramón drew objects, figures and landscapes and learned that if you choose to love what you do, you draw closer to yourself. On this journey he relives the pains of first love.

New Title!

ADVENTURE HISTORY+FEELINGS 148 × 216 mm · 160 pages

The Roosters Crow Marisol Ortiz de Zárate Four characters walk across a glorious Spain in full expansion in 1539 that doesn’t accept them because each of them are running from something: a woman escaping her past; a girl leaving her childhood behind; a black man marked by albinism; and a quirky young man looking for love… But appearances can sometimes be deceiving... ADVENTURE FEELINGS HISTORY 148 × 218 mm . 264 pages

The Song of Shao Li Marisol Ortiz de Zárate London in the year 2013. Natalia and her brother Airon are in London with their mother. Natalia has been chosen to take part in a Christmas special of 'A moment of glory', the most popular show on TV. Although it seems incredible, the two children get lost. Tired of waiting for somebody to look for them, the children start to search for their mother. In her wanderings, Natalie constantly falls back on Shao Li, her absent friend. LOVE OVERCOMING PROBLEMS

Ana and the Sibyl Antonio Sánchez-Escalonilla Ana, a shy and intelligent girl, is about to have an extraordinary adventure during the course of a trip to Rome for her studies. The girl has no idea that the visit to the Sistine Chapel will turn into a journey through time that will transport her, with her classmate Mario, back to the days of Imperial Rome. FANTASY ADVENTURE 145 × 210 mm · 304 pages

The Blue Book Lluís Prats

Helpers Miquel Ribas Figueras

Leo doesn’t like reading and prefers computer games. One day his History teacher gives him an assignment on Alexander the Great. Together with his best friends, Leo goes to the library and finds a very special book. The three children become immersed in the thrilling plot of the novel and even change it.

Marc Solà is a young man who has just graduated in Biology. He receives an offer to work in a biotechnology laboratory in India, and he accepts in spite of his fears. Once in India, an unexpected chain of events sweep him along wildly, in a spiral of discoveries that will cause his most cherished ideas to collapse.



145 × 210 mm · 160 pages


Editorial Casals


young biography


g biography young biography young biography YOUNG BIOGRAPHY This collection introduces young people to the biographies of some people who have made great contributions throughout history, whether as scientists, explorers, humanists or in other vocations. The books are written in a very readable way and include a good deal of visual material. In some cases there are timetimes of the most important events of the period. They contain a documentary notebook with photos, graphs and maps in colour which immerse readers in the historical context and show them the most important experiences of the main figure of the biography.

2. The Youngster Who Became Pope (John Paul II)

5. The Discover of Radium (Marie Curie)

10. An Architect of Genius (Antoni Gaudí)

Text: Miguel Álvarez 160 pages

Text: Mercedes Gordon 112 pages

Text: Josep María Tarragona 240 pages

26. Veni, Vidi, Vici (Julius Caesar)

27. Long Live Freedom! (Sophie Scholl)

28. Evolution and Life (Charles Darwin)

Text: Lluís Prats 136 pages

Text: Silvia Martínez-Markus 120 pages

Text: Carlos A. Mermeleda 192 pages

young biography young biography young biogra 1. Passionate About Truth (Saint Augustine)

12. Music Was His Life (J.S. Bach)

23. Contacts with Love (Bernadette Soubirous)

Text: Miguel Ángel Cárceles 192 pages

Text: Conchita García Moyano 192 pages

Text: M. Mercedes Álvarez 144 pages

4. The Mother of the Poor (Mother Theresa)

13. The Son of Thunder (Saint John of Betsaida)

Text: María Fernández de Córdova 160 pages

Text: Miguel Ángel Cárceles 176 pages

6. A Genius with the Brush (Velázquez)

15. Words were His Magic (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Text: Mercedes Gordon 128 pages

Text: Eduardo Segura 128 pages

7. The Road to Auschwitz (Edith Stein)

16. The Adventure of Being a Saint (Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer)

8. The Making of an Empire (Charles V) Text: Godofredo Garabito 144 pages

9. The Little Shepherds of Fátima (Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta) Text: Miguel Álvarez 152 pages

11. A Free Spirit (Martin Luther King) Text: J. L. Roig and C. Coronado 176 pages

Text: Jesús Ballaz 144 pages

25. The Children’s Saint (José de Calasanz) Text: Miguel Álvarez 132 pages

Text: Miguel Ángel Cárceles 176 pages

17. The Chancellor of England (Sir Thomas More)

New format + documentary notebook

Text: Francisco Troya 144 pages

18. Seeing Through Fingers (Luis Braille) Text: Miguel Álvarez 120 pages

20. By Land and Sea Waiting for God (Saint Francisco Javier) Text: Máximo Pérez Rodríguez 112 pages

21. A Life of Struggle and Love (Teresa de Jésus) Text: Amparo Boquera 144 pages

COMING SOON: 22. The Distinguished Knight (Miguel de Cervantes)

Anne Frank Saint Juan Vianney

Text: Francisco Troya 112 pages


Text: M. Mercedes Álvarez 176 pages

24. Audacity and Conviction (Paul of Tarsus)



active parents


nting books parenting books parenting books p ACTIVE PARENTS The books in this collection present a series of practical strategies to assist parents, provided they are patient, in helping our children to understand basic values. Each book has a DVD with a couple of splendid stories to illustrate the virtue which is being emphasised. The idea is to present the value to our children in an attractive way.

How to Get Your Child to Value Effort How to Get Your Child to Obey How to Get Your Child to Value Order

Written by Pedro Marcet 15 Ă— 21 cm 128 pages

Each book includes a DVD


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