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Aladdin lives in a small house in the city. He lives with his mother. They are very poor, and his mother works a lot. Every day she washes and mends clothes. Aladdin is lazy; he doesn’t like work. “Please help me more, Aladdin,” his mother says.


But Aladdin doesn’t help his mother. He plays in the market with his friends. One day, everybody in the city is excited. The Sultan rides through the market with his daughter, Princess Jasmine. Aladdin watches, too. He sees Princess Jasmine and he falls in love. “I want to marry Princess Jasmine,” he says. “But you aren’t rich,” laugh his friends. “You’re poor!”


The next day a man comes to Aladdin’s house. “My name’s Jafar. I want you to work for me,” he says. But Aladdin is lazy. “I can’t work for you, Jafar,” he says. “I’m sorry.” “I can give you a lot of money,” says Jafar. Aladdin thinks about Princess Jasmine. “OK,” he says.


Jafar and Aladdin ride to the mountains. They ride for a long time, and then they come to a cave. The cave is dark and dangerous, and Jafar doesn’t want to go in. “Aladdin, there is a lamp in this cave,” says Jafar. “Get it for me!”