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Rip Van Winkle lives in a village in the Catskill Mountains. One day he goes into the mountains with his dog. There they meet an old man in very old clothes. Rip follows him, deep into the mountains, and some very strange things start to happen. Life is never the same again for Rip Van Winkle.


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Washington Irving


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1 RIP VAN WINKLE Washington Irving Retold by Hannah Fish

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RIP VAN WINKLE Washington Irving was born in New York City in 1783. His most famous stories are partly magical: Rip Van Winkle (1819) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820). Both of these stories take place in the countryside of New York State and have been adapted many times for the TV and as movies. Washington Irving was perhaps the first successful American author, and his stories are famous all over the world. He died in Tarrytown, New York, in 1859.


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Look at the front cover and read the back cover of this book. Now decide if these sentences are True (T) or False (F). 1. Rip Van Winkle is very old.


2. Rip Van Winkle lives in a big city. 3. Rip Van Winkle has a dog. 4. The story is very modern.


Match the names and faces with the descriptions. 1. Rip Van Winkle

the first European to find many places in North America 2. Hendrick Hudson

3. King George

the first president of the United States of America

the Third

the last British King of North America

4. George Washington

a kind and friendly village man


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Rip Van Winkle

From the great Hudson River you can see the beautiful Catskill Mountains. These mountains change color at different times of the year – sometimes they are blue, sometimes they are red, and sometimes they are black! Many people say the color of the Catskill Mountains can tell you things. Some people say the Catskill Mountains are magic! 5

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Rip Van Winkle

At the foot of the great Catskill Mountains there is a beautiful little village. Around the village there are lots of green trees, and the houses are small and friendly. The first people there were from Holland, so many of the houses are yellow, with interesting roofs. Around the village there are many farms, and at the center of the village is a grassy village green. On the village green is a small inn with a picture of King George the Third over the door.


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Rip Van Winkle

In this little village at the foot of the Catskill Mountains lives a friendly man. His name is Rip Van Winkle. Rip has a wife and two children, and he and his family live in one of the small yellow houses in the village. The Van Winkles don’t have very much money and their house is old, with only two rooms – a living room and a bedroom. Rip is a kind and good man, but he doesn’t work to make money for the family. He doesn’t sleep all day; he helps the people in the village with their work.


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Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle helps lots of people in the village. He helps the men on their farms, and he helps the women with their work. All the people in the village like Rip. The children in the village like Rip, too. He helps the children with their sports, and he plays with them all day. The children are happy when they see Rip. They run after him, and they shout and sing. Rip tells the children wonderful stories and they laugh as they listen.


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Rip Van Winkle

Rip is always happy to work for the people in the village, but he never works on his farm! The Van Winkle family farm is now very small, thanks to Rip. Everything on Rip’s farm goes wrong, and everything is broken. His cow sometimes runs away, and his potatoes never grow. The farm is useless, and it makes no money for Rip and his family.


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8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip’s two children are useless, too. His son, Young Rip, and his daughter, Judith, are lazy. They never help on the farm, and they never help their mother with her work. Young Rip wears his father’s old clothes because there is no money for new ones, but the clothes are always too big for him. Old Rip isn’t usually with his children. You don’t see him at home, but on the village green or out with his dog, Wolf. Wolf is Rip’s best friend. They walk through the trees and look for squirrels to shoot. Rip and Wolf are happy when they are together.


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Now, Rip’s wife, Dame Van Winkle, gets very angry with Rip, and with Wolf. She shouts at Rip morning and night and tells him he is lazy. She is angry because the family has no money. She wants Rip to work harder, and to make more money on the farm. She shouts and she shouts. But Rip never answers her, and this makes her angrier! Dame Van Winkle shouts at Wolf, too. “You are a lazy dog, Wolf! And you make that man even lazier!” 11

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Rip Van Winkle

Rip and Wolf usually leave the family house when Dame Van Winkle is angry. They sometimes go to the village inn on the green in the center of the village. Under a big green tree outside the inn, there is a bench. Rip sits here and talks to his friends. The village men love to meet at the inn to sit and talk. They talk about their friends in the village, the stories in the newspapers, and they tell long sleepy stories about nothing.


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8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

One day Dame Van Winkle is very angry. Rip and Wolf leave the house and go to the inn to find their friends. Rip sits on his favorite bench and starts to talk about this and that. But Dame Van Winkle looks for Rip and finds him at the inn. She shouts at him, and at Wolf, and at all of Rip’s friends! Rip feels sad, so he takes his gun, calls for Wolf, and walks off into the mountains.


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Rip Van Winkle

In the mountains, Rip sits down under a big tree, and Wolf sits at his side. Rip looks at Wolf and feels sad for the poor dog. Wolf’s eyes are sad, too. Rip and his dog sit on the grass under the tree for a long time. After some time, they get up and walk high into the mountains. Rip can see the beautiful Hudson River. It is far away at the foot of the mountains. Rip sits on a grassy rock to watch the river, and puts his gun at his side. Then he starts to think about Dame Van Winkle. It is time to go home!


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Rip Van Winkle

Soon the sky is nearly dark so Rip calls for Wolf. He gets up from the grassy rock and Wolf comes to his side. They start to move down the mountain, but suddenly Rip hears a voice. The voice calls, “Rip Van Winkle! Rip Van Winkle!” He looks around, but he doesn’t see anyone. Then he hears the voice again, and again the voice calls his name. Rip starts to feel worried. He looks at his dog, and Wolf’s eyes are worried, too! Then over on some rocks, Rip sees a strange old man.


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Rip Van Winkle

Rip looks at the strange old man. He is short and has lots of long thick hair and a big white beard. The man’s clothes are interesting, too. He wears a wonderful old coat and pants with buttons down the sides. They are old Dutch clothes – the old clothes of Holland! The man has a heavy keg on his back and needs help to carry it. Rip goes to help him and sees that the keg is full of gin.


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8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip and the old man carry the heavy keg slowly and quietly through the mountains. Sometimes the old man carries the keg on his back, and sometimes Rip carries it. They walk for a long time, but the old man says nothing. As they walk, Rip hears loud noises in the mountains. He stops to listen; “It’s thunder,” he thinks. They walk through big trees and past grassy rocks, and even up a mountain river. Then at last, they come to a hollow in the mountains.


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8/19/16 4:54 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip and the old man go into the hollow. As he walks, Rip looks up and sees a beautiful bright blue sky. And there in the hollow, Rip sees some strange and wonderful things. Things that he can’t understand. In the center of the hollow there are a number of old men, and the men play a ball game from Holland – ninepins. Rip watches them at their game, and they too wear interesting clothes – old Dutch clothes! The men are strange and magical, and their clothes are beautiful. One man has a big face, but very small eyes. Then there is a man with a very big nose, and a big white hat. All the men have beards – some of the beards are big, some of them are smaller, and their clothes are different colors. Rip looks at the men and sees a short man. “This man is the most important,” Rip thinks. He wears a very big hat and a white shirt, and has roses on his shoes!


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 18

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 19

8/18/16 3:02 PM

The men play their game, but they say nothing and their faces are unhappy. The hollow is very quiet. The only noise is from the balls in the game. The balls make a loud noise, and now Rip knows the noise – it is the noise of thunder! The old man puts the keg of gin down, and the men stop their game. Rip and the old man give the men some of the gin. The men drink, but say nothing. Then they go back to their game.


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8/19/16 4:54 PM

Rip Van Winkle

At first Rip feels worried. But now the men are back at their game, he feels better. He goes over to the keg of gin and takes a drink. The gin is wonderful! It is good Dutch gin, and Rip likes it very much. Rip is thirsty so he drinks again. And again. Rip takes many drinks of the wonderful gin and soon he feels tired. He rubs his eyes, but the gin makes his head feel strange and heavy. Rip’s eyes feel heavy so he closes them, and soon he is in a deep sleep. 21

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8/19/16 4:54 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip opens his eyes and finds he is back on the grassy rock. From the rock he can again see the Hudson River. It is a bright and sunny day and Rip rubs his eyes. His head feels heavy so he rubs that, too. He looks for Wolf, but cannot see him. He calls for Wolf, but Wolf does not come. Rip looks for his gun, but he can only see an old, broken gun at his side. Rip starts to feel worried. Dame Van Winkle doesn’t like him to sleep away from home. Rip thinks about the night before and the old men.


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8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

“Oh, that gin! That gin!” he thinks. Rip wants to find the hollow again. He wants to find the men and get his dog and his gun. He gets up, but it is difficult for him to move. His legs and his back ache. He starts to walk through the mountains again. He walks and walks. He walks through the big trees, past the grassy rocks, and up the mountain river. But now there is no hollow – the hollow is not there! Rip doesn’t understand.


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8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip calls for Wolf again, but he hears and sees nothing. He feels hungry now, and he wants his breakfast. He takes the old, broken gun and starts to walk back through the mountains. Poor Rip feels very worried, and rubs his head as he walks. Where is his gun and where is Wolf? He thinks about Dame Van Winkle again, and how angry she gets. He can’t stay in the mountains all day. It is time to go home. Soon Rip sees the village in front of him.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 24

8/19/16 4:55 PM

He sees some people, but he doesn’t know any of their faces. This is strange because Rip knows most of the people in the village. He sees some more people and they all have strange clothes, and look at Rip with big eyes. One man looks at Rip and moves a hand to his face. Rip does the same, and he feels his beard. It is now a very long and thick beard. Rip looks down and sees that it is white, too! Poor Rip doesn’t understand – everything is strange to him.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 25

8/19/16 4:55 PM

Some children run after Rip, and they shout and laugh at his beard. Rip looks at the children, but they are not the nice children he knows. He looks around the village, and it is all so strange. The houses are different, the people and their clothes are different, even the children are different. Rip is worried. Is this magic? He looks at the Catskill


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 26

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Mountains and at the Hudson River. “This is my village!� he thinks. Rip thinks about his wife and his children. He wants to go home. He walks quickly through the village, and at last he finds his small yellow house. But now it is very different. Now it is very old, and everything is broken. The door is broken, the roof is broken, and the windows are broken, too. Rip goes into the house and stands in the living room. He calls loudly for his wife and his children, but there is no answer.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 27

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip is now very worried, and his head feels strange. He looks around his home but he doesn’t understand anything he sees. Where is his wife? Where are his children? Quickly, he walks to the village green to find his friends at the inn. They can help him understand. But the village inn he knows and loves is not there. Now there is a new inn with open windows, and the picture over the door has a name Rip doesn’t know – George Washington. Even the big green tree outside the inn isn’t there. 28

CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 28

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

There are lots of people in strange clothes at the door of the new inn. They talk loudly and excitedly, but many words are strange to Rip and he doesn’t understand anything they say. Rip looks for his friends but here, too, everything is different and he knows no faces. When Rip walks near to the people at the door, they all move to look at this interesting man with a long white beard.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 29

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

A short man comes over to Rip and asks him a question, but Rip doesn’t understand. More and more people look at Rip and ask him questions. They are all around him and look at him strangely – some laugh, some rub their heads, and some look worried. Then a tall man with dark eyes looks at Rip and asks him a question. “Why do you come here with a gun?” He thinks Rip is in the village to make trouble.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 30

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

In a worried voice Rip says, “Oh, I am a poor, quiet man and I am only here to look for my friends. I am not here to make trouble.” The tall man with dark eyes asks Rip about his friends, and Rip gives him some names. The tall man says nothing, but an old man near the door knows about some of Rip’s friends. The old man tells Rip about his friends, and sadly many of them are dead. This makes Rip feel sad and alone. Many of the old man’s words are strange to Rip – he talks of Bunker Hill, and Yorktown, and of other things Rip doesn’t understand.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 31

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

In a tired and sad voice Rip asks, “And does anyone know Rip Van Winkle?” Two or three people say, “Yes!” and one woman says, “There is Rip Van Winkle under that tree!” Rip looks over to see a young man. The man has Rip’s eyes, he has Rip’s hair – it’s a young Rip! Old Rip puts his hands to his head. “Is that me? Am I someone different? Is this magic or am I crazy?” he thinks.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 32

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Before Rip can speak, a young woman comes over to look at him. She has a baby in her arms, and the baby starts to make a noise. The young woman says quietly, “Be quiet, Rip!” Old Rip hears the young woman and suddenly thinks about his daughter. “What’s your name?” he asks her. “Judith,” she answers. “And your father?” says Rip. “He is Rip Van Winkle,” says Judith, “but he is not here. He walked into the mountains twenty years ago and we don’t know where he is now.” “And your mother?” he asks. “She is dead,” Judith says.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 33

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip looks at Judith and laughs, “I am your father! I am Rip Van Winkle!” He takes Judith and the baby in his arms and laughs, “Young Rip Van Winkle before, old Rip Van Winkle now!” He laughs and laughs. “Does nobody know poor Rip Van Winkle?” An old woman comes over to Rip and looks deep into his eyes. Then she cries, “Yes, this is Rip Van Winkle! You are home now, old friend!”


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 34

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip Van Winkle

All the people around Rip laugh, and Rip looks at Judith and her son with happy eyes. “So, what about the last twenty years?” she says. Rip tells his story and Judith, the old woman, and all the people around listen with their mouths open. He tells of the old man in Dutch clothes, the men with beards and the ninepins game, and of course the gin – the wonderful Dutch gin! Rip ends his story with, “So twenty years is one night for me!”


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 35

8/18/16 3:02 PM

Rip laughs as he ends his story and he looks at his daughter. She laughs quietly, but she can’t really understand her father’s words. The story is so strange. Can it really be true? Many people in the village think Rip is crazy, but the old man near the door is very excited. “Rip’s story is true,” he thinks. The old man is Peter Vanderdonk and he knows everything about the village, the Hudson River, and the Catskill Mountains.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 36

8/18/16 3:03 PM

Rip Van Winkle

As Rip finishes his story, Peter cries out, “Yes, Rip is right! There is magic in the mountains! The very first man to find the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains was the Dutch man, Hendrick Hudson, and every twenty years he and his men come back to watch over the river and the mountains. He is the man in the old Dutch clothes, and his men play ninepins and drink Dutch gin! It is true, and every twenty years you can hear the noise of the ninepins – it is the noise of thunder.”


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 37

8/18/16 3:03 PM

Rip Van Winkle

Rip loves Peter’s story and is very happy to hear it. He takes his daughter in his arms and they dance. This is a happy day – Rip Van Winkle is home! Rip goes to live with his daughter, her husband, and their little baby boy. Young Rip Van Winkle, Old Rip’s son, works on the family farm, but he is still lazy and the farm makes no money for Young Rip.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 38

8/18/16 3:03 PM

Rip Van Rip Winkle Van Winkle

Rip is now an old and happy man. He is happy in Judith’s home and now he doesn’t have anyone to tell him he is lazy! You can usually see Rip at the village inn. The people there are new, but Rip has a new story to tell. He tells of his night in the mountains and of the Dutch man Hendrick Hudson. In time, every person in the little village at the foot of the Catskill Mountains knows the magical story of Rip Van Winkle!


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 39

8/18/16 3:03 PM


Read pages 5 to 13.


Are these sentences true or false? Write T or F. 1. The Catskill Mountains are near the Hudson River.


2. At the foot of the Catskill Mountains there is a village. 3. Rip Van Winkle lives in a beautiful big house. 4. Rip has a wife and three children. 5. The people and the children in the village like Rip. 6. Rip’s farm makes a lot of money for the family. 7. Rip has a dog. The dog’s name is Judith. 8. Dame Van Winkle is very nice to Rip.


Complete the sentences with words from the box. finds


1. Dame Van Winkle







at Rip from morning to night.

2. Rip never

Dame Van Winkle and this

makes her angry.

3. Rip and Wolf sometimes go to the village


4. Outside the village inn there is a


5. The village

sit on the bench and talk.

6. One day Dame Van Winkle 7. Rip takes his

Rip at the inn. and walks into the mountains.

Read pages 14 to 24.


Answer the questions. 1. Who calls Rip’s name? a strange old man 2. What does Rip help the old man carry? 3. Where do Rip and the old man go?


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 40

8/19/16 4:56 PM

4. What do they see in the hollow? 5. What game do the old men play? 6. What clothes do the old men wear? 7. What do Rip and the old man give the men?


Put the sentences in the correct order. Number them 1 through 10. a. Rip sees a strange old man with a keg on his back. b. Rip walks into the hollow and sees some old men. c. Rip hears a voice. The voice calls his name. d. Rip falls into a deep sleep. e. Rip sits on a grassy rock to watch the Hudson River.


f. Rip and the old man walk through the mountains. g. Rip and the old man give the men some gin. h. Rip and Wolf start to walk down the mountain. i. Rip drinks some gin, and then he drinks some more. j. Rip and the old man come to a hollow in the mountains.

Read pages 25 to 39.


Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. 1. The people in the village all wear strange / beautiful clothes. 2. The houses in the village are the same / different. 3. Rip’s farm / house is now very old and broken. 4. Rip goes to the village inn to find his friends / wife. 5. A tall man asks Rip a question about his dog / gun. 6. An old man / woman tells Rip about some of his friends. 7. Rip doesn’t understand / like many of the old man’s words. 8. A woman points to a man / boy under a tree. His name is

Rip Van Winkle.


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 41

8/18/16 3:03 PM



Answer the questions. 1. Where does Rip Van Winkle live?

in a village at the foot of the Catskill Mountains

2. What is at the center of the village?

3. How many rooms does Rip’s house have? 4. How many children does Rip have?

5. What is the name of Rip’s daughter? 6. Do the people in the village like Rip? 7. Does Rip’s farm make money for the family? 8. What is the name of Rip’s dog? 9. What is the name of Rip’s wife? 10. Where do Rip and Wolf go when Dame Van Winkle is angry? 11. What does Rip take with him when he goes into the

mountains with Wolf?

12. What can Rip and Wolf look down on when they are high

in the mountains?

13. What time of day is it when Rip and Wolf start to walk

back home?


CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 42

8/19/16 4:56 PM


Put the sentences in the correct order. Number them 1 through 12. a. Rip takes his gun and Wolf and walks off into the Catskill

Mountains. b. In the hollow, Rip gives some old men a drink of Dutch gin. c. Dame Van Winkle is angry so Rip and Wolf

leave the house.


d. A young woman with a baby in her arms is Rip’s

daughter Judith. e. Rip goes back to the village and his house but

everything is different. f. Dame Van Winkle finds Rip at the inn with his friends

and shouts at him. g. Rip goes to live with his daughter, her husband,

and their baby boy. h. Rip drinks some gin with the old men and falls into

a deep sleep. i. Peter Vanderdonk tells Rip about Hendrick Hudson

and his men. j. Rip walks with a strange old man to a hollow

in the mountains. k. At the inn, a man asks Rip a question but

he doesn’t understand. l. When he opens his eyes, Rip can’t find Wolf

and his gun is old and broken. 43

CS1-ING-SN1-4023-1-RIP VAN WINKLE-LA-M16.indd 43

8/18/16 3:03 PM



Who says or thinks this? Write who it is. 1. “He is Rip Van Winkle, but he is not here.” Judith 2. “Oh that gin! That gin!” 3. “Why do you come here with a gun?” 4. “You are a lazy dog, Wolf! And you make that man

even lazier!”

5. “So, what about the last twenty years?” 6. “You are home now, old friend!”

7. “Rip Van Winkle! Rip Van Winkle!”

8. “This is my village!” 9. “Yes, Rip is right! There is magic in the mountains!”

10. “There is Rip Van Winkle under that tree!”

11. “So twenty years is one night for me!” 12. “Be quiet, Rip!” 13. “And your father?” 14. “He walked into the mountains twenty years ago and we

don’t know where he is now.”

15. “I am only here to look for my friends.”


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Circle the mistakes. Then write the correct words. 1. Some people think the Hudson Mountains are magic.


2. At the foot of the Catskill Mountains there is a beautiful city. 3. Dame Van Winkle is Rip Van Winkle’s husband. 4. One day, Rip and Judith walk off into the mountains. 5. Rip hears a noise and sees a strange old man. 6. The old man wears the clothes of old Italy. 7. In a hollow, Rip sees some strange young men. 8. Rip Van Winkle takes a drink of the Dutch coffee. 9. When Rip goes back to his village, everything is the same.

10. Rip is in the mountains for forty years. 11. Hendrick Vanderdonk comes back to the mountains every

twenty years.

12. Rip goes to live with Judith and her friend.


Look at the picture on page 19 and answer the questions. 1. Where are the men in the picture? in a hollow in the mountains 2. What clothes do they wear? 3. What game do they play? 4. What do they drink? 5. Who are the men? 6. Who is Hendrick Hudson? 7. Why are the men in the hollow? 8. What noise does the game of ninepins make?


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GLOSSARY ache  a continuous pain alone  with no other people bench  a chair for two or more people bright  very light and strong broken  not working properly, damaged center  the middle of a place cow  an animal that gives us milk crazy  not smart dead  not living deep  a long way down gin  a strong alcoholic drink grass  a green plant that you can walk on heavy  weighing many kilograms inn  a house where you can go for a drink lazy  not wanting to work loud  with a lot of noise; not quiet magic  something that happens by special powers mountain  a high place


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newspaper  a paper where you can read the news noise  a sound river  water that moves through the land roof  the top part of a house rub  move your hand over something shoot  make bullets come out of a gun shout  make a loud noise with your mouth side  next to something squirrel  a small animal that lives in trees strange  not usual suddenly  that happens quickly thick  when there is a lot of hair, it is thick thunder  the noise of an electric storm trouble  a problem useless  that is of no use village  a small town voice  you speak with your voice


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StandFor Readers StandFor Readers provide a range of extensive reading materials for learners of all ages. The readers are carefully selected to cater for a range of interests, and are available across nine levels. Each title is meticulously graded for both vocabulary and structure, and topics have been selected to reflect the age and ability of students. Standfor Graded Readers are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Factual titles respond to the need for Content and Language Integrated Learning materials.

StandFor Young Readers Level 1

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The Enormous Turnip Little Red Hen The Three Little Pigs Katie’s Camera

Level 2

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The Cats and the Fishes The Gingerbread Man The Three Hungry Goats Peach Boy

Level 3

390 Headwords

The Emperor’s New Clothes The Little Prince Little Red Riding Hood The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse What Is Inside the Big Red Suitcase?

Level 4

540 Headwords

Arachne Couscous Puss in Boots Transportation Around the World The Twelve Months

Level 5

680 Headwords

Dragon Boat Icarus Let’s Go to the City Nuala The Stories of King Arthur

StandFor Graded Readers Level 1

380 Headwords


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Festivals Rip Van Winkle

Level 2

580 Headwords


Great Navigators The Monkey’s Paw Sherlock Holmes: The Yellow Band

Level 3

800 Headwords


The Black Cat and Other Stories Oceans The Ransom of Red Chief and Other Stories

Level 4

1000 Headwords


The Call of the Wild Climate Change Robinson Crusoe

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