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1 - 28 AUGUST Otago Art Society Dunedin Railway Station First prize $3,000 Second prize $2,000 Third prize $1,000 Merit prize (2) $500 each Peoples Choice $500 Edinburgh Award $500

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Welcome to the August edition of ‘exclusive’ There is now no

a property is falling too, reflecting this


shortage of listings.



What’s Inside: The Business of Beer


The Edinburgh Realty team, one of the

Residential Investment Basics


moving out of its

largest in Otago, is constantly talking to

Octagon Rail Jam


cyclical low to a

buyers for all sectors of the market.

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are locally owned and operated and

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have offices in Dunedin, Mosgiel and



Wanaka, and specialist divisions covering

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residential, investor and rural and lifestyle

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properties. Our focus is solely on Otago -

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So if you are considering selling your

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home, then give us a call. We’ll get you

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a great result.





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housing market is

period of growth. Buyers are increasingly active, particularly first time buyers, who are realising that there has never been a better time to get into the market - interest rates are low, prices aren’t going to fall, and finance is easier to come by. In fact, the main factor holding buyers back is simply a lack of good quality houses for sale. Well presented homes, priced sensibly, are being snapped up. We are seeing ample evidence of this – good listings go fast. In recent weeks we’ve seen several properties go for more than the asking price as multiple offers come in. The average time taken to sell


Regards, Steve Silvey General Manager Edinburgh Realty Limited




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The business of beer For seventeen years, Richard Emerson has been transforming a passion for beer - from a home brewing kit in a friend’s garage, to a multi award-winning New Zealand success story. Richard Emerson started his love affair with beer here in Dunedin, experimenting with a

start-up capital was financed, but the brewery was still a long way off Mr Emerson’s dream. A collection of modified dairy equipment and

while also working at the Gregg’s malt extract

purpose-built items formed the first plant. Four

company, which gave him prime opportunity

months later, in January 1993, the first product

to access the plant’s equipment and study

arrived on shelves – a dark, creamy London

materials and to work on his home brew.


In 1989, Mr Emerson travelled to Australia to

During the development and growth of the

work at the Matilda Bay brewery in Perth, then

brewery, Mr Emerson only took necessary profit,

on to Europe for a two month trip. Travelling

pouring the rest back into the business with the

alone, he sampled his way around the

focus on buying more tanks, pumps, general

continent, taking notes as he went.

improvements. Payment for any helping hands was a crate of beer, which would end up being

small home brew kit in his mother’s kitchen

Once Mr Emerson had again returned to

before setting up a pilot plant in a friend’s

Dunedin, he was encouraged by his parents

Ravensbourne garage. In 1983, at the age of

to establish the Emerson’s brewery. After nearly

18, Mr Emerson travelled through Europe for a

two years of set-up, The Emerson Brewing

year with his parents, sampling and savouring

Company Ltd was established in October

More beers were to follow, including the Old

all of the fine ales on offer. Upon his return

1992, in a converted building at 4 Grange

Ale (later known as Old 95) in December 1993

to Dunedin, Mr Emerson attended Otago

Street, in North Dunedin. With the help of

and Best Bitter (later replaced by Bookbinder)

Polytechnic, training as a lab technician,

family and friends, the company’s $90,000

in April 1994. Nevertheless, it was a period


shared with friends and family. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing, and so Emerson’s began their climb to fame.


Image copyright:

of three or four years of hard work for limited

annual production more than doubling last

While the industry is constantly changing and

reward for Mr Emerson.

year. Distribution had also achieved nationwide

evolving, with the number of craft breweries in

status, after sales commenced in Auckland in

New Zealand more than doubling from 20 to

2010, but the Dunedin market of restaurants,

50, Mr Emerson is always looking for new ways

bars and other buyers still accounted for 35%

to reach new goals and apply fresh ideas on

of sales.

the company’s journey to success.

Zealand Brewersfest competition, as judged by

The Emerson’s beers have won quite a

Mr Emerson has a true passion, creativity and

beer authority Michael Jackson. The Emerson’s

collection of awards to date, including gold

commitment to his craft, and with his dedicated

wheat beer Helles Weissbier was also named

medals and the title of New Zealand Champion

staff of 12 he continues to drive the company’s

the overall winner after gold medal-winners

Brewery at the BrewNZ Beer Awards in 2009.

great achievements. Richard Emerson’s is a

were compared.

In 2010, Mr Emerson won the trophy for

classic story of a boy who made the hobby he

the champion wheat beer at the prestigious

loved into a lifelong career that will confirm his

Australian International Beer Awards with his

place in New Zealand beer history in years to

seasonal brew, Weizenbock. And last year, the


Mr Emerson began to source ingredients from all over New Zealand and Europe. A significant milestone came in 1997 when his beers won three gold medals and a silver at the New

By 2000, the company had outgrown its site, so moved across the street into a larger building at 9 Grange Street. In 2005, as annual production reached 200,000 litres a year the brewery had again outgrown its base, so the

Emerson Brewing Company won the Otago Westpac Supreme Business Excellence Award.

brewery shifted to its current site on Wickliffe

Mr Emerson maintains modesty for their

Street. The company has continued to thrive

success, attributing the number of awards

since, with a stable of 12 regular and seasonal

received to the company’s committed staff,

beers sold to more than 500 outlets, and







Residential property investment basics So, you’ve got a nest egg tucked away and plans to achieve that long-term financial goal. But how do you get your investment dollar to work with you to ensure you achieve this goal? Shares, fixed interest investments, cash deposits, commodities, international opportunities and property – there is a raft of investment options presenting a range of risks and returns to you. The one thing we know for sure is that property is now and has always been a solid and dependable long-term investment. And, provided you are armed with the right information and able to invest wisely within the property market, now is always the best time to start your property portfolio. The success or failure of your investment property portfolio depends largely on the choices you make at the outset. So, to start you on your way, we suggest you subject each prospective residential property to the following investment questionnaire: Is the property legally tenantable? • Does it comply with building and health and safety requirements and, if not, how much of an outlay in terms of money and time is going to be required to get the property to a compliant state? Does the property include an oven, or a sufficient means of boiling and baking, a basic requirement of rental properties? Location, location, location? • Is the property situated in a popular or challenging area? Are the neighbours likely to attract or detract prospective tenants? What impact will the neighbours, the proximity to services and various other location issues have on your achievable rent? Who is the property best suited to in 4

terms of number of bedrooms, section size, parking and other features – do these types of tenants want to live in this location? • For University properties in Dunedin, is the property prime campus or fringe? Your estimation of future room rates must take location into account – a purpose-built Leith Street property with all mod cons and services may fetch $135 per room, but your Pine Hill villa may not. If in doubt – ask the experts here at Edinburgh Realty. Is the property tenant-wear-and-tear proof? • Although this may sound like a silly question, attention to some basic tenant-proofing at the get-go may save you a great deal of time and money down the track. Simple initiatives like chaining and padlocking the BBQ table located outside your central-Campus University flat will save you replacing it on a regular basis. White carpet in your student flat, or a lack of ventilation in bathrooms to be used by three or more people – factors such as these need your attention at the outset, to protect your peace of mind and investment dollar. Consideration of your likely occupants, their lifestyle and requirements and the standard to which you wish to maintain your property will assist in your basic tenant-proofing task. Can you cover the cost of ownership? • Will the likely weekly rent and any tax advantages cover the cost of ownership? If you are unsure, obtain a rental appraisal from our Property Management team to ensure your calculations are sound. If income versus expenditure leaves a shortfall, are you in a position to cover this? Have you investigated ownership options in terms of tax advantages/disadvantages? Is your initial set-up (and the associated costs) the best form of ownership? Our expertise here can certainly assist!


Nothing can possibly go wrong, right? • In the event urgent repairs are needed, something goes wrong with your tenants or you experience a lengthy vacancy period, do you have insurance measures in place to assist? Do you need a Property Manager? • Are you geared-up for those late-night phone calls, tenant gripes, legal questions? Are you sufficientlyequipped to market your rental to the market as each tenancy draws to a close? Are you confident of your pricing decisions? Do you thrive on multi-tasking and squeezing 27 hours out of each day? The simple fact of the matter is that rental property ownership comes with a list of responsibilities and duties and, if you are not prepared to invest your time in the ongoing care of the property and its tenants, then you really should be looking for a Property Manager to remove this aggravation from your life. Recent changes to the governing legislation, the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, mean that landlords who are out of the country for more than 21 consecutive days must appoint an agent to care for their rental premises. Our experienced Property Management team can take the hassle out of your investment property ownership – talk to us today.

exceed the investment over the term of their ownership. Capital gains should not be relied upon, however. If you are likely to cash-out within a short-term, or at a low-point in the market, the advantages of investment property ownership may not be realised. Selection of an investment property requires decisions made with the head, not the heart. If you are likely to become attached to the floral drapes in the front room and expect stringent tenant behaviour, rental property ownership is possibly not going to be good for the blood pressure! If, however your end-goal is a sound financial position, a retirement fund that involves sandy beaches, deck chairs and pinacoladas, then property is an option well worthy of your consideration – but talk to us first! At Edinburgh Realty, we boast a sound knowledge of suburban and University investments and will provide you with all of the information you need to buy-right and start, or grow, your property portfolio. Call us today and start planning for the achievement of that financial goal!

Capital gains will see me right, right? • As a general rule, long-term investment in property will certainly see growth in value. University investments are a prime example of this – provided properties are maintained well, situated in prime locations and wellchatteled, owners will enjoy increases in achievable room rates with each academic year. With increased returns come increased capital values and, whilst other economic factors certainly do need to be taken into account, in the long-term owners are able to cash-out a levels that 5


Moving the mountain to the masses On the 20th of August, Dunedin’s vibrant city centre will play host to a downtown ‘rail jam’ ski and snowboard competition of unprecedented proportions...

The Octagon Rail Jam (ORJ) takes the exciting world of freestyle ski and board out of the mountains and into the city. The ORJ is an elite battle of skill on a 11m tall tower, built right in the middle of the Dunedin Octagon and loaded with 30 tonnes of snow. And the best part – it’s free to the public! The ORJ is two elite competitions rolled into one, with a massive $20,000 prize pool up for grabs. The R&R Sport Jam Session is open entry, turning up the fun for the shredders just in it for a good time. The Grabaseat Invitational is strictly invite or ‘wild-card’ entry only and will host some of the biggest names in our sports. Both rounds are guaranteed non-stop action, and with Sunshine Sound System and DJ Fracture ft. MC Beau live on stage, live entertainment around the Octagon, and an epic after-party to round the night off. This is going to be one incredible weekend! Check out 6

| DUNEDIN EVENTS: AUGUST The 2011 International Film Festival 4 - 21 August The annual New Zealand International Film Festival continues to be the premier film event of the year, and the cultural highlight of the New Zealand winter. The event brings an impressive array of the latest and best films from all over the world to 15 cities and towns around New Zealand. In 2011 the Festival is chuffed to be providing the occasion for Dunedin’s first encounter with the massive improvements at the wonderful Regent theatre. In fitting style, the Festival is presenting a large haul of Cannes award winning films in the Dunedin programme.

The Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards 2011 1 - 28 August

1 - 28 AUGUST Otago Art Society Dunedin Railway Station

For the fifth year running, Edinburgh Realty is once again very proud to present The Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards 2011.

First prize $3,000 Second prize Third prize

Boasting an impressive array of artworks from some of the most talented artists in the country, the exhibition takes place in the Otago Art Society space at the Dunedin Railway Station, and runs for the month of August.

$2,000 $1,000

Merit prize (2)

$500 each

Peoples Choice Edinburgh Award

$500 $500

Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

All artworks on display are available for purchase, so be quick to view - these stunning pieces won’t hang around for long!

100% Pure NZ Winter Games 13 - 28 August With an action-packed programme of 25 events, Winter Games NZ 2011 will feature alpine skiing, free skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, curling, figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, winter triathlon and adaptive snow sports. The programme has been designed to give athletes valuable competition experience in an elite environment. For many, Winter Games NZ 2011 is a vital part of their preparation for the northern hemisphere FIS World Cup circuit and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Spectators will have free access to many of the events, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Photo: Winter games

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images



Pouring the perfect espresso - Part 2 Article number 5 already! This is a great one for all keen espresso coffee fans so make sure that you are up to the play with previous articles as well. Edinburgh Realty’s front desk can help you if you are looking for back copies. In case you missed it from last month, I will say it again: The perfect espresso is a beautiful thing. Rich mahogany and caramel colours marble the surface. The cream is thick and high and liquid is rich

and dark. The taste is smooth and sweet with intense flavours and a quick caffeine hit. It is also the base for almost all the espresso based drinks so without the ability to ‘pull a good shot’ you cannot serve high quality drinks. So it’s time for Espresso 201. Last month we covered the basics of dosing the portafilter or handle correctly with coffee and how much water should be espressed or extracted through the coffee packed in there. There is plenty of room for practise here folks so keep going and aim for consistency. There is one more thing that the recipe that we talked about last month needs. We covered the 8

ingredients and the heat so what does that leave? That’s right, TIME. Time – A good espresso is full of complex fats, oils and sugars and it is important to get as much of these into the cup as is possible. In an espresso the water also acts as the cooking agent or the heat and it is very important to get the time it takes for the shot to pour correct. This gives a good balance between melting all the good flavours out and not overcooking the flavours to ruin the taste. Ideally we are looking for 30 – 35 seconds in which

to ‘cook’ our product as this gives us the balance that we are looking for. If you cook something for 30 minutes and are out by a couple of minutes then it’s not normally too far off. If we want to cook something for 30 seconds then a similar ratio gives us 2 seconds either way, or a 5 second window. So now the big question is: How do we adjust the time it takes to pour a given amount of liquid through the coffee packed into the handle? So to refresh; we have a 16 gram double basket in our home espresso machine. That means that there is 45-50 ml available to us for a full double shot. What we now want is for that 50 ml to pour in

30 - 35 seconds. The best way to adjust this is the grinder. All grinders have an adjustment collar that changes how fine the coffee is ground. The biggest skill to pouring good coffee once you know the basics is to master the adjustment of the grinder. The more consistent that you are with your dosing, the easier it is to use the adjustment on the grinder. We recommend that you use a clock with a second hand to keep a close eye on the time it takes because once you get this part of the espresso right you will be amazed at how

good that it will taste. So that’s it folks, start playing with those grinders! As a quick tip, almost all coffee is poured way too fast, probably in less than 10 seconds. It’s also common to be stingy on the amount of coffee dosed into the handle. These are both ways to make the espresso coffee taste much worse. With a bit of practise you will be giving your favourite café a run for its money. We will be happy to answer any questions and discuss feedback so please feel free to comment. Happy brewing from the team at Strictly Coffee


Michael Coughlin’s Baked Lemon & White Chocolate Cheesecake

Considered one of New Zealand's most formidable chefs, Michael Coughlin has over 30 years experience in the kitchen. Starting his career in the New Zealand Army at sixteen, Michael quickly gained a passion for the culinary arts and has worked across Otago winning great acclaim for his iconic Dunedin Restaurant - Bell Pepper Blues. Within his career Michael has always strived to remain true to his own style of cooking and aims to promote local produce when sculpting each dish. Unlike many other Celebrity Chefs, most of the time you will still find Michael firmly in his favourite place - the kitchen at Pier 24, between his regular cooking demonstrations, radio and television appearances.

Makes 12 portions


Whisk the cream cheese and sour cream until soft and smooth, scrape down with a rubber spatula and whisk again.

375g cream cheese

Add the castor sugar and then the beaten egg and continue to mix.

75g castor sugar

Whisk in the cornflour, lemon juice and zest and mix until completely smooth. Place into biscuit base pre-lined tins or moulds and bake in a pre-heated 150°C oven for approximately 30 minutes or until just set. Turn off the oven and leave in the oven until completely cool.

185g sour cream 3 eggs 3Tbs cornflour Zest of 3x lemons 15mls lemon juice 375g melted white chocolate

Allow to set in the refrigerator before serving. NOTE: Cheesecake should set and cook with no colour.

Base 200g biscuit crumbs

“Serve with your desired poached fruit such as plums, rhubarb, nectarines or peaches.”

50g melted butter


FAIRFIELD 27 Old Brighton Road

A secluded oasis awaits Options are plentiful – work from home, accommodation for extended family or subdivide. After driving through the electric gates, you will be captivated by the overall setting and size of the home in a sought-after location. The kitchen leads to an adjoining dining area, from which you gain access to a private deck & entertaining area. The living room is heated by a pellet fire and opens out to another deck area. The living room flows to the lounge which provides an ideal “adult zone”. 5 bedroom accommodation includes a downstairs master suite with an excellent wardrobe, ensuite & adjoining conservatory. One of the bedrooms upstairs has a large adjacent playroom. A separate unit incorporates a single garage, games room with sliding doors to outside & a large loft area upstairs. There is a 2nd separate unit with a Moisturemaster system. The section is perfect for children with a tree-hut & lots of grass. Surveyor’s plans available for a possible subdivision.



$549,000 Web iD# DO5909

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106




PORT CHALMERS 21 Constitution Street

A home with real charm You will be spellbound when you sit on the verandah and look down towards the Heads and over the Port. This home has wonderful charm with its woodpaneled entranceway, feature fireplaces and dĂŠcor that fits the era of the property. The kitchen flows into the dining room which is heated by a heat-pump and sun streams into the lounge which has a gorgeous bay window where you can sit and look out to the delightful garden and watch the ships come down the harbour. The three bedrooms are all of generous proportions and the master room has doors opening out to the verandah. The section is 1414m2 (subdivision potential) and there are trees for the kids to climb and room to have chickens. There is a double garage and workshop and additional off-street parking for at least 6 cars. This fantastic character villa has only had 3 owners and has not been on the market for 30 years so you now have a rare opportunity to make it yours.




$269,000 Web iD# DO5877

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


ST KILDA 148 Bay View Road

Immaculate townhouse If you are looking for convenience and modern day living, this newly built townhouse is one property you cannot miss! Situated well back from the street, this private home sits on a large 296sqm, fully fenced section. This home features 3 bedrooms; 2 of which are doubles with large wardrobes & plenty of storage. The 3rd bedroom is a single, at the opposite end of the house for that extra bit of privacy. The master includes a gorgeous large ensuite with a bath and separate shower. Finished to the highest of standards featuring quality fittings, a generous kitchen area boasting quality chattels with a wall oven for ease of access and a separate stylish hob. The open plan lounge & living areas are well positioned for sun and easily heated with a large heat pump. Perfect flow to the private patio area. Single car garage with internal access & automatic garage door. This fantastic property is fully insulated and also includes solar hot water. Call to view today!

3 2 1

$369,000 Web iD# DO5269

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

ANDERSONS BAY 62 Bayfield Road

Attention all large families Situated in ever-popular Andersons Bay and close to quality amenities and the City is this superb home. Receiving every ray of sun, the home is built on two levels and would suit families with teenage children wanting some space or is ideal for working from home with separate access to the downstairs area. Upstairs you will find the modern kitchen with large open plan living which is heated by a wood-burner and you have the bonus of a Moisturemaster system. Also upstairs are 3 double bedrooms and the bathroom with separate toilet. On the lower level are 2 double bedrooms (one with an adjoining room), a bathroom and an abundance of storage - options are endless for even the largest of families. The large deck is a wonderful place to sit and relax, or entertain and you can appreciate the tranquility of the section from the sound of the bellbirds. Plenty of off street parking is available for cars, trailers etc.


5 2 OSP

$339,000 Web iD# DO5879

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


KENMURE 311A Kenmure Road

Make an offer Located down a private driveway is this substantial home on a manageable section. The new kitchen has been designed for chefs and the open plan living area receives every ray of sun. Also on this upper level are three double bedrooms, an office and the main bathroom. On the lower level are two double bedrooms, bathroom, office and a large double garage with internal access. Unique opportunity to either work from home or have overseas students.

5 2 2+

$359,000 Web iD# DO5722

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

MAORI HILL 15 Grendon Street

One of Dunedin’s most admired homes Arguably one of Dunedin’s finest and most admired homes, this residence is now offered to discerning buyers. Impressive and imposing, this two level home embodies grandness with timeless grace and modern luxury. Natural light streams into the formal lounge and the room enjoys the last of the day’s sun, as does the formal dining area. The kitchen is unsurpassed and from the adjoining living/dining area you gain access to a private patio. Indoor/outdoor living is made easy from the family room and outside entertaining is further enhanced by the outside fire and seating area. 4 bedroom accommodation upstairs includes a master suite with excellent wardrobe facilities and a stunning ensuite, while the main bathroom features a claw foot bath. Downstairs features an ideal 5th guest bedroom with its own external access, ensuite & steam room. This exemplary family home also offers a double garage with internal access and off-street parking is plentiful.

5 3 2+

$2 million Web iD# DO5836

Matt Shepherd 0274 446 369


HALFWAY BUSH 460 Taieri Road

Immaculately presented This delightful brick family home is a real winner. Superbly positioned, this welcoming family home ticks all the boxes. Three bedrooms plus sleepout. Bathroom with Shower, bath and separate toilet. Superb modern kitchen, open plan living with excellent flow to spacious sunny deck, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Enjoy the comfort of a sunny warm home with wood burner, heat pump and DVS system for those cold winter days. Basement garaging and OSP. You will also enjoy the convenience of living within an easy commute to the city centre. If you are looking for low maintenance living with a child friendly section, viewing will impress.

4 1 1

$279,000 Web iD# DO5927

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

VAUXHALL 1A Glengyle Street

Harbour views & privacy Free up your weekends and come home to this modern family home featuring privacy and picture book harbour views nestled on an easily maintained bush clad section and so close to town. Four bedrooms – two up, two down with light and airy living on the middle level. Master with ensuite plus further family bathroom. Good onsite parking plus single garage. Superbly presented and in a world of its own. Viewing will impress.

4 2 1+

$439,000 Web iD# DO5816

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555



BELLEKNOWES 2 Lonsdale Terrace

KAIKORAI 50 Nairn Street

Location, size, affordable!

Harbour views & privacy

This inner city family home, whilst only minutes’ walk to the exchange, is elevated on the crest of the hill receiving all day sun & views towards the harbour. A well maintained family home for more than 30 years, it offers plenty of space for a large family or an ideal investment. Currently 4 bedrooms, could be 5 + large separate living area. Sunny & private outdoors, plus double garaging & a mature garden complete this picture.

4 1 2

$219,000 Web iD# DO5922

Lane Sievwright 021 526 366 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

This tidy brick home is ideal for first home buyers. Three bedrooms, open plan kitchen dining, separate lounge heated by wood burner and large basement storage area. Situated on a 763m2 section located down a drive to maximize privacy, close to schools and Roslyn shopping village. Be quick to snap up this great home.


Web iD# DO5833

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555


5 bedrooms family home

All day sun & spacious living 5 2 1

$279,000 Web iD# DO5778

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

This stylish 2 bedroom home sits perfectly for allday sun and is close to the Green Island precinct. Immaculately presented it offers a well-appointed kitchen/dining area that flows to a spacious lounge with doors opening out to the deck. 2 heat-pumps & a Moisturemaster system. Double garage with internal access plus plenty of off street parking. Convenient, comfortable living with the opportunity to develop into a four bedroom home.



CORSTORPHINE 66 Corstorphine Road This five bedroom, two bathroom home has to be sold and represents outstanding value. In a wonderful position capturing brilliant sun, it offers open plan living, a sunny deck and section. Good off street parking is available and the location is so handy being close to numerous schools, shops and the like.


2 1 2+

$279,500 Web iD# DO5878

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


WAVERLEY 55 Belford Street

ST CLAIR 34 Forbury Road

Modern, sunny and views

Seriously for sale

This superb home is set in a fabulous family location and bathed in all-day sun. Neutral decor throughout, a modern kitchen with ocean views and spacious open plan living. Sliding doors lead to a gorgeous deck & landscaped rear section. 3 bedrooms, good bathroom & laundry facilities and a heat-pump. Single garage and OSP. Amenities, good schools and city centre are all close by.

3 1 1

$359,000 Web iD# DO5854

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

Elevated for sun and views in a very popular location, this home offers 4 bedrooms upstairs and a 5th bedroom downstairs with its own bathroom. The kitchen/dining area has been beautifully remodelled and flows onto the living room which opens out to the rear patio. Separate formal lounge. Single garage.

5 2 1

$469,000 Web iD# DO5721

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

OPOHO 78 Signal Hill Road

CONCORD 2C Thoreau Street

Exclusive Opoho

Quality new home

Beautifully situated for sun is this delightful 2 bedroom home. The bedrooms are generous in size and there is a separate lounge/optional third bedroom. The kitchen/dining/living area has potential to increase in size and open out to the peaceful section. Underneath the home is a large area which also has the possibility of revamping. The separate garage is double in length plus good off-street parking. This property awaits a new owner!


2 1 2

$249,000 Web iD# DO5834

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

Construction is going well on this quality three bedroom “Jennian Home�, which will be covered by a Jennian warranty. Featuring sunny northfacing living areas and clever design creates private outdoor living spaces. Be quick and secure this fine property for your family.

3 1 2

$379,000 Web iD# DO5720

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


DALMORE 22 Orbell Street

LIBERTON 14 Hislop Street

Potential plus

Opportunity awaits

Recently professionally painted on the outside, this substantial home is awaiting the new owner to renovate and decorate on the inside. The home currently offers 4 bedrooms, kitchen/dining area, living room & utility room. The possibilities with the spaces are endless. Character features throughout include ornate fireplaces, leadlight windows and rich solid timber. Delightful courtyard area with flat rear section and there is a single garage.

4 1 1

By negotiation Web iD# DO5841

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

First home buyers must view this cute and tidy two bedroom home comprising open plan living/ dining area with updated kitchen and separate bathroom and toilet. There is a good sized laundry with easy outdoor access. The home is sited on a generous 630m2 section and captures all day sun. Don’t miss this opportunity, call today!

2 1 OSP

Neg over $189,000 Web iD# DO5330

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


OWAKA 26-28 Waikawa Road

DUNEDIN SOUTH 38D Wesley Street

Motivated vendor

Handy location

Retail premise property situated on the main road of the southern scenic route of Owaka, ideal for those looking to run their own business or to rent to a local artist/craftsman for extra income. The shop has its own flat attached with a kitchenette & living area. Behind the shop is a separate brick house built in the 1970’s consisting of 4 double bedrooms, warm and sunny living area with a single garage plus off street parking.

4 1 1

$189,000 Web iD# DO5697

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

This is an excellent example of a 90’s style townhouse. The home features two good size bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and living that flows onto a private courtyard. The living area is heated with a large heat pump. This is the back unit of three so is nice and private. Close to shops, schools and other amenities this is a good home for someone looking to down size.

2 1

$169,000 Web iD# DO5729

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

CORSTORPHINE 17B Milburn Street

ST CLAIR 19B Highgrove

Unbelievable harbour view and sunshine

Excellent building site with plans

Located in prestigious Milburn Street is this North facing 977m² section. The location is very private and bathed in sun. A rare opportunity to build your dream home.

Situated in the exclusive Highgrove Estate subdivision is this beautiful 1666m2 section. The property offers stunning views over St Clair, the city and harbour and is in close proximity to historic Cargills Castle. Plans by award winning designer, Gary Todd, are available for a magnificent 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.

By negotiation Web iD# DO5844

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


$215,000 Web iD# DO5765

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106


NORTH EAST VALLEY 1 Baldwin Street

MORNINGTON 25A Bridger Street

Affordable townhouse

What a family home!

Just listed, hard to find in this handy location. Situated on the corner of one of Dunedin most iconic streets. Bathed in all day sun. Open plan living with a woodburner and a heat pump. Two bedrooms and a bath. It has a garage with internal access also. Be in quick, this won’t last !




$179,000 Web iD# DO5935

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

First time on the market is this perfect family home comprising of four generous sized bedrooms, with the master bedroom having its very own ensuite. There is a great sized formal lounge, the open plan kitchen has been recently renovated and is ideal for entertaining guests, the dining room offers good indoor outdoor flow and has a good sized section for children. The garage and basement has great storage.


Location at it’s finest 1

Neg over $249,000 Web iD# DO5928

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

This inner-city home is only minutes’ walk to the CBD & in a prime position for all day sun. A well maintained family home offering plenty of space for a large family or an addition to an investment portfolio. 4 good sized bedrooms & new bathroom. Great sized kitchen flows onto family lounge. Excellent heating throughout with 2 heat pumps & HRV system. Single garage, easily maintained section. Close to schools & Mornington.


Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

Beautifully presented home 1


Web iD# DO5832

MORNINGTON 7 Meadow Street




MORNINGTON 30 Brunel Street Sophisticated style from the minute you come through the door. Inspiring decor throughout with a new kitchen & bathroom, equipped with quality fittings. The home comprises 3 good sized double bedrooms. The adjoining open plan dining & living area is spacious, sunny and features a fire. Indoor outdoor flow, with a great size deck perfect for entertaining. Close to all amenities. Don’t delay, an affordable home of this quality won’t last.



By negotiation Web iD# DO5936

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007


SHIEL HILL 26 Elliffe Place

GREEN ISLAND 44 Koremata Street

Quality family home

Attention first home buyers

This quality family home comprises of three generous sized bedrooms with two bathrooms. One large formal lounge flows onto the dining room which is perfect for entertaining guests, both rooms have fantastic views over the city and Saint Clair. Pellet fired central heating system. Good sized rumpus room downstairs and garage. Lots of potential, call today.




$379,000 Web iD# DO5862

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

This first home wont last this property consists of three genuine double bedrooms with built in wardrobes and a good quality bathroom. There is a large formal lounge perfect for entertaining, it also has great heating with a wood burner and heat pump. The kitchen and dining get fantastic sun. Single car garaging and workshop area underneath the house with plenty of storage. Good sized section with a good patio area.


Web iD# DO5830

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

BURNSIDE 12 Ensor Street

Relax and enjoy!

Seriously for sale at this price!


4 2 1

$353,000 Web iD# DO5924

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063

Lovely three bedroom home situated in a sunny sheltered setting, with a rural outlook and surrounded by modern houses. Open plan kitchen and living, conservatory and spacious deck flow well for entertaining. Plenty of parking, single garage and easy care child friendly section complete the package. Don’t delay - my vendors are set to go!!



GLENROSS 22 Sretlaw Place Appreciate the benefits of a modern home – from the warm insulation, double glazed tinted windows, lovely drapes & modern decor. The home offers 4 bedrooms, with the master bedroom having a walk through wardrobe and ensuite. Enjoy sitting in the sun or entertaining from the private landscaped outdoor living which flows from the open plan kitchen dining and lounge areas. A rural outlook but only minutes to schools, buses and shops.


3 1 1

$212,000 Web iD# DO5861

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063


SAWYERS BAY 72 Reservoir Road

RAVENSBOURNE 36 Kauri Street

Lies well to the sun

Dunedin’s hidden secret!

701m2 Sawyers Bay section, recently pegged out. Basked in all-day sun. Golf course, shopping centre and pony club nearby, school within walking distance.

Fantastic harbour views in a super sunny setting. Build your dream home on this 502m2 sheltered section. Only minutes to town. Contact me today for more details!



Web iD# DO5794

Web iD# DO5870

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063

RAVENSBOURNE 16A Wanaka Street

BRIGHTON 14 Bennett Road

Best priced section in town!

Build your dream home

Build your dream home on this lovely sunny 462m2 section in an established setting with lovely harbour views and easy access.

Build your dream home on this 535m2 section with fantastic sea views set in an established street. Walking distance to the beach. Seldom available and at an affordable price.



Web iD# DO5677

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063


ST KILDA 86 Queens Drive

KEW 31 Murray Street

Three quality homes

Views to die for!

So hard to get each on own title, each architecturally designed, all offering sun, privacy, and so spacious. Built to last, featuring Italian tiles, high spec kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, 3 large bedrooms, nothing beats the feel of brand new. These townhouses are ideal living in a popular area. Ideal all age groups. Inspection well worth it, come along for a look and discuss the options.

3 2 1

$419,000 Web iD# DO5864

Mark Wallace 0274 386 121

• • • • • • • • •

Fantastic views overlooking Dunedin city Positioned for maximum sun New well-appointed kitchen Spacious living area Good bathroom, separate toilet and laundry 3 good sized bedrooms with B.I.W. Rumpus room with adjacent utility room Small deck Carport and off street parking

3 1 1

$289,000 Web iD# DO5937

Debbie O’Driscoll 0274 397 761

FAIRFIELD 5 Sunninghurst Drive

FAIRFIELD 6 Walton Park Avenue

Fantastic presentation in lovely home

Beautiful, spacious home

Comprising of a spacious open plan kitchen/ dining flowing onto a large separate living area with then flows out through double opening doors onto a private courtyard. Three large bedrooms master with walk in wardrobe and en-suite. An office or fourth bedroom! Very stylish bathroom with separate toilet. Also has a separate laundry. Double garaging with internal access plus off street parking.

This is a wonderful opportunity to buy a lovely brick home in a very sought after location. Beautifully presented home with 3 large bedrooms plus an office or nursery, sunny lounge, very good location with doors opening onto a neat rear section, modern bathroom. Basement garage and off street parking.


4 2 2

$518,000 Web iD# DO5691

Debbie O’Driscoll 0274 397 761 Peter Wilson 0274 327 486

3 1 1

Negotiable over $315,000 Web iD# DO5851

Debbie O’Driscoll 0274 397 761


CAVERSHAM 30 Surrey Street

ST CLAIR 38 Ings Avenue

Enduring qualities

When location counts...

This brand new, stand alone townhouse has been built with a specific relaxing lifestyle in mind. Double glazing, full insulation and a heat pump. The living area is positioned for maximum sun with ranch slider doors opening to outside. Spacious kitchen finished to a high standard. Modern dĂŠcor leads to the 2 double bedrooms, master with semiensuite and B.I.W.s. Internal access to the single garage with automatic door opener.

2 1 1

$269,000 Web iD# DO5715

Viv Patrick 0274 324 335

Often claimed as one of the best streets in the city is where this home is set and you will find it has been kept in tidy, original condition. Built around 1910 yet still retaining some of the traditional villa features such as the pressed metal ceilings adding character & style. This dwelling has 2 bedrooms with 2 living areas. A touch of modernization would certainly enhance the home. The rear garden has attractive stone features which add to the property.

2 1 1

By negotiation Web iD# DO5921

Viv Patrick 0274 324 335


ST KILDA 84A Queens Drive

ANDERSONS BAY 49 Highcliff Road

Three quality homes

Easy living starts here

So hard to get each on own title, each architecturally designed, all offering sun, privacy, and so spacious. Built to last, featuring Italian tiles, high spec kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, 3 large bedrooms, nothing beats the feel of brand new. These townhouses are ideal living in a popular area. Ideal all age groups. Inspection well worth it, come along for a look and discuss the options.

3 2 1

$389,000 Web iD# DO5866

Mark Wallace 0274 386 121

This superb modern, approximately 6 year old executive home has all the benefits of double glazing, full sun and lots of glass for both summer & winter living. Lower level: Double basement garage, workroom. Middle level: Formal entry with large open plan living leading to the deck. Master bedroom with ensuite & dressing room. Upper level: 2 large double bedrooms & 2nd bathroom. Beautifully finished & set on an easy care section.

3 2 2

By negotiation Web iD# DO5876

Noel Jenkins 0272 888 450

MORNINGTON 6 Haig Street

MORNINGTON 8 Haig Street

One bedroom stand alone townhouse

Lovely home, handy location

Are you looking for a fully renovated, centrally located, easy-care home with garage, outdoor area and a great outlook for under $150,000?? Then you must come and see this home now. Lovely modern dĂŠcor, easy walk to town and very handy to the local Mornington shops, supermarket and cafes. Please call for set viewing times. Furniture may be included.




By negotiation Web iD# DO5838

Sel Sefo-Collins 021 2255 735


Just a stroll away from the local restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and shops is this very tidy two bedroom home which has been lovingly looked after by the same family for the past 80 years. Immaculate and inviting this home has a warm sunny lounge with multi-fuel burner, a modern light kitchen and dining area, good bathroom, separate laundry, single garage and large basement storage.

2 1 1

$149,000 Web iD# DO5848

Sel Sefo-Collins 021 2255 735


CAVERSHAM 68 & 70 Law Street

ST KILDA 53C Grove Street

Brand new townhouse

Delightful retirement option

On its own title. Stand alone town house about to be built. Ready in March, located in a well established townhouse area. Two bedrooms, generous living areas and garaging. Fully finished, just move in and put your feet up. All the advantages of new include double glazing, brick and colour steel, heat pump and dishwasher, close to all amenities. Call for enquiry and info pack. Go on, you deserve it.

2 1 1

$259,000 Web iD# DO5839

Mark Wallace 0274 386 121

A must to inspect if you are looking for nice bright practical living with lot’s of sunshine and so handy to all amenities. Two good sized bedrooms with spacious living that enjoys full sunshine. Easy care section with a carport and privacy. Don’t delay, inspect today.

2 1 1

$185,000 Web iD# DO5930

Colin McCrone 0274 327 833

BALACLAVA 1 Renfrew Street

CALTON HILL 429 South Road

Ideal first home or rental

Great starter home

Here is a great opportunity for first home buyers or investors to purchase this well presented home. Sitting on a corner section in a great location. Two double bedrooms with built in wardrobes, kitchen/ dinning combined and a separate lounge with a gas fire for the colder months. Good size deck to have those bbqs on or relax after a hard day at work. Fully fenced backyard for the kids or family pet. Carport for the family car.


$189,000 Web iD# DO5750

Leah Greer 0272 111 603



Solid three bedroom home for the first home buyer. Kitchen/dining combined, Separate lounge with a fire to keep you nice and warm over winter. Good size bedrooms, great storage under the house. Off street parking. Close to the shops and bus stop. Call for a private viewing.




$179,000 Web iD# MO1238

Leah Greer 0272 111 603


ST KILDA 86A Queens Drive

ST CLAIR 113 Forbury Road

Three quality homes

Character & location

So hard to get each on own title, each architecturally designed, all offering sun, privacy, and so spacious. Built to last, featuring Italian tiles, high spec kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, 3 large bedrooms, nothing beats the feel of brand new. These townhouses are ideal living in a popular area. Ideal all age groups. Inspection well worth it, come along for a look and discuss the options.

3 2 1

$389,000 Web iD# DO5865

Mark Wallace 0274 386 121

Set on an easy care 522m2 section is this 1940’s character home. 2 bedrooms + sunroom/3rd bedroom, lovely characterful lounge with gas fire, sunny kitchen/diner & deck which captures all day sun. Enclosed carport, existing underhouse garage, laundry area, 2nd toilet, workshop, hobbies room & additional multipurpose room. Lovely mature, well-kept garden. Close to the bus stop, schools & the nearby beaches.

2 1 2

By negotiation Web iD# MO1240

Trevor Branton 0220 50 10 20

BROCKVILLE 250 Brockville Road

PORT CHALMERS 27-29 Victory Place

Suprisingly spacious & sunny

Restful, bayside setting

With 4 great sized bedrooms, 2 car garaging, modern kitchen with dishwasher, sunny lounge with multi-fuel burner on wetback, & outdoor living set perfectly for the sun, this one is perfect for the growing family. Newly decorated bathroom with shower, separate toilet, laundry, a neat little computer cubby and masses of under house storage. All with a primary school, kindy, local shops and bus stop just up the road.




By negotiation Web iD# DO5828

Trevor Branton 0220 50 10 20


• • • • • • •

Secluded, sunny bayside location Tastefully restored & upgraded family home Kitchen/dining/living with log fire & heat pump 3 good sized bedrooms + 4th/study Heated kitchen & bathroom tiles Outside studio w/ electricity & separate aviary Large fenced & sheltered outdoor entertaining area - section spread over two properties • 10 minutes drive from Dunedin city centre


$379,000 Web iD# DO5872

Quinton Taylor 027 733 9158




ST CLAIR 21 Aberdeen Road

MOUNT CARGILL 886 Blueskin Road

Location, views & potential

Magnificent views

Situated near the top of the hill in sought-after St Clair, this brick family home enjoys stunning ocean views in a sunny location. This home has been renovated with an open-plan, kitchen/living area, 2 bedrooms + a third bedroom/study. Potential for development. Basement workshop. Situated on a 835m2, section with a garage and 2 glass-houses. Close to all amenities, the St Clair golf course, the beaches and restaurants, and it is on a bus route.

2 1 1


• • • •

Great lifestyle opportunity Sunny outlook Build your dream home Approx land size is 2,016ha


Web iD# DO5908

Web iD# DO5873

Quinton Taylor 027 733 9158

Quinton Taylor 027 733 9158



Steve Silvey

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David McKenzie m 027 543 1946 p (03) 443 0084 e 28


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Business Development Manager

Property Manager


GREEN ISLAND 8A Tomkins Street

Superb modern lifestyle home A wonderful opportunity to buy a top quality family home, only a few years old. Situated on 16.7ha of elevated, gently rolling green pasture with superb sun and views, the home is quality throughout with four generous bedrooms and ensuite. The kitchen features quality appliances, excellent indoor/outdoor living. Double garage, plenty of off street parking, a three bay shed and yard - all so close to town! A must view! Vendor registered for GST.

4 2 2

Offers over $600,000 Web iD# DO5786

Peter Wilson 0274 327 489


Developer says SELL! Prices Slashed! Just 25 minutes from the city and airport. Lies this beautiful coastal retreat of Taieri Mouth. Exclusive subdivision with both coastal and river views. Under ground services, on the school bus route. Great for a weekend retreat or permanent home. Fantastic recreational fishing both sea and fresh water. These sections represent outstanding value!

10 8


11 7

6 5

3 2 1


Lot 1: On Offer Lot 2: SOLD Lot 3: $130,000 $98,500 Lot 4: $139,000 $109,000 Lot 5: $135,000 $89,000 Lot 6: $135,000 $89,000 Lot 7: SOLD Lot 8: $180,000 $119,000 Lot 9: SOLD Lot 10: SOLD Lot 11: $180,000 $98,000 Also modern wharf: $65,000 (circled)

From $89,000 Web iD# DO5785

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007



WAVY KNOWES 5 Kilmarnock Close

ST CLAIR HEIGHTS 277 Hillhead Road

Tremendous ambience

Lifestyle beside the sea

The indoor/outdoor flow is effortless with the outdoor settings, sun drenched kitchen with bifold doors bring the outside in. Formal lounge with tremendous ambience. Four generous bedrooms, master has ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. Upstairs to two bedrooms nicely elevated for sun and views. Downstairs is two more rooms another bathroom and currently a theatre. Double garage and ample off street parking.

8 3 2

$869,000 Web iD# DO5593

Peter Wilson 0274 327 489

Amazing family home overlooking Tunnel Beach, views as far as the eye can see, top quality throughout. This is clearly a magnificent home in a fantastic position. Open plan kitchen/living with formal lounge, beautiful and spacious, situated on almost five acres of top quality land with sea views.

4 3 2+

By negotiation Web iD# DO5713

Peter Wilson 0274 327 489

TAIERI MOUTH 360 Taieri Beach Road

CONCORD 125 & 121 Stevenson Road

Fantastic lifestyle opportunity

2 options to choose from....

Lifestyle property offering a variety of features. Approximately 40 hectares - almost 100 acres. Some native and 11 deer-fenced paddocks. Great size and location. Wonderful views.

Option 1. 125 Stevenson Road, Concord. Approx three acre block, rear lot, elevated 11816m2 section.

$370,000 Web iD# DO5898


Peter Wilson 0274 327 489

Option 2. 121 Stevenson Road, Concord. Approx five acre block, straight off the road, some trees and stream. 19788m2 section. Great buying.

Option 1: $99,000 Option 2: $105,000 Web iD# DO5788 Web iD# DO5789

Peter Wilson 0274 327 489


CENTRAL CITY 1 Queens Gardens

CBD Development opportunity This stunning pre 1880’s character building strategically located in the “Exchange” area, provides a development opportunity on the ground and lower ground floors (311m2) while funding the purchase from two student apartments on the first and top floors. Top floor – spacious three bedroom apartment also with potential for another bedroom, first floor – five bedroom student apartment with huge open plan living. With an obvious upside in rents going forward, the current rental is $885pw to 31st December 2011. Easy walk to University and Central City shops, bars and cafes.



The building is an integral element of the “Queens Gardens Heritage Precinct” and is zoned “Central Activity Zone”. An astute investment in Dunedin’s early heritage while providing the purchaser with pride of ownership. Viewing will impress.

Deadline Sale: 4.00pm Wednesday 17th August 2011, at our office 578 George Street, Dunedin (unless sold prior).

8 3+ Web iD# DO5931

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


ANDERSONS BAY 31 Cranston Street


Rateable value $1,050,000

Central City opportunity

Very motivated vendors want this massive home sold! Downstairs: 17 bedrooms, 6 toilets, generous living & dining areas, commercial kitchen & laundry facilities and much more. Upstairs: Generous 2 bedroom flat. Lovely outdoor areas, off-street parking available for numerous cars. Some leases are currently in place, but a huge opportunity exists for further letting. The quality of this property is of the highest standard and is very impressive.

17 6 OSP

$625,000 Web iD# DO5740

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

Attractive, compact flats in two units; one 2-bedroom unit upstairs, a single bedroom unit downstairs plus shared laundry. This solid, brick and roughcast 130m2, property is near the CBD, University & Polytechnic precincts. Both flats are currently tenanted by long-term, reliable tenants and currently returning $375pw. This would be a great starter project for that rental property portfolio, with potential to develop it further.

GLENLEITH 29 Tanner Road

KEW 37 Easther Crescent

Spacious family home

Affordable investment

You will enjoy family living in this spacious four bedroom home which offers open plan living plus a separate lounge, and two bathrooms. The large master bedroom also includes a lounge area come office area or fantastic for extended families. The easy care 610m2 section is well fenced and includes garage plus off street parking. Other features include near by walking tracks, schools, buses and only minutes to town.


4 2 1+

$379,000 Web iD# DO5665

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063

This property is seriously for sale. It is currently rented at $270.00 per week until 6 July 2011. Offering stunning views over the city and harbour and excellent indoor/outdoor flow to a fabulous deck. Three good size bedrooms and tidy kitchen and living area. A must inspect.



For sale by tender

Closing 1pm Friday 26 August 2011 in our office at 578 George Street, Dunedin (No prior offers) Web iD# DO5873

Quinton Taylor 027 733 9158


$195,000 Web iD# DO4948

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106



DUNEDIN CENTRAL 56 Arthur Street

MAORI HILL 16 A & B Passmore Crescent

Unique development opportunity

Blue chip investment flats

A rare opportunity to purchase this 2304m2 property so close to the city. Formally the Otago Bowling Club, the property comprises flat land with the clubrooms (300m2) also included. Currently residentially zoned with a rateable value of $415,000. Contact Jim or James today for more information.

Situated in Dunedin’s most sought after location. Two very tidy flats (one 1-bedroom, one 2-bedroom) with a great rental history. Fully leased for next year. Returning $480 per week. A very sound long term investment. Be quick.

$379,000 Web iD# DO5869

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

3 2 1

$359,000 Web iD# DO5929

Jim Columb 0274 327 486 James Columb 0274 761 007

ST KILDA 5 A & B Royal Crescent

FORBURY 62A Fitzroy Street

2 homes - shows 9% plus

Government guaranteed rent

Douible investment on a single title. A 4 bedroom bungalow, renovated interior, let at $295 per week. Second dwelling is a 2 bedroom townhouse let at $170 per week. Opportunity to improve and add value - ideal entry level investment. Phone to view.

6 3 1

$249,000 Web iD# DO4994

Noel Jenkins 0272 888 450

Wonderful passive investment. Head-leased to Housing New Zealand, 10 years plus ROR. You sit back and receive your rent every month. Built-in rental reviews and you are indemnified against damage. Brand new modern designed two bedroom townhouses, garage with internal access and fully landscaped. Long term investment with upside in rents and capital growth. Call now to discuss.

2 1 1

$280,000 Web iD# DO5566

Mark Wallace 0274 386 121



Excellence in Property Management Edinburgh Realty Ltd Property Management team has a combined experience of 35 years in professional property management. We successfully manage a broad spectrum of properties including residential homes, units, apartments, student flats and studio rooms. We do not just collect rent; we take immense pride in ensuring that your investment is fully cared for. We will professionally and conscientiously manage your property and invite you to take advantage of our collective expertise in property management. We have a large pool of quality tenants seeking new homes. Can you help us meet this demand? Call us today!

Edinburgh Realty Ltd Property Management a 578 George Street, PO Box 5772, Dunedin 9058 p (03) 474 0056

f (03) 474 5446

e 36


UNIVERSITY 38 Heriot Row

Investment with character • An ideal property for your son/daughter at University, Medical or Dental School. • Located a short walk from George Street and most faculties. • A very handy four bedroom roughcast villa, rented for 2011 at $469pw to four senior students. • Open plan kitchen/living which open out to a private rear courtyard. • Good solid long term investment or ideal for family whilst studying. • Contact us for further details.

4 1

$419,000 Web iD# DO5269

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

UNIVERSITY 34 Howe Street

Prime location Four bedroom flats are always in demand and this one has Prime Campus Location. No grounds to look after. Current rent is 4 x $105 for 2011. Ideal for Kids at Uni or easily let investment. Owner holding off renting for next year for a couple of weeks so be quick.

4 1

$300,000 - 7.28% Web iD# DO5932

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


UNIVERSITY 542 Leith Street

Campus secret This tidy four bedroom home is tucked away at the north end of Leith Street is currently rented at $450pw to the end of the year. Sunny, private location with an easy flat stroll to all Faculties. Great accommodation for kids at Uni in 2012 or nice little investment with good rental prospects. No vacancy worries here plus 506m2 Res site. Be quick before its let for 2012 – won’t last long.

4 1

$335,000 - 7% Web iD# DO5896

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

UNIVERSITY 78 Dundas Street

UNIVERSITY 94 Dundas Street

Superb location!

Entry level on campus

Superbly located terrace house only a few minutes to all faculties. Four bedrooms returning $400pw to 31st December. Vendor is holding off renting for 2012 to give family with kids at University the opportunity to purchase. Extensive internal upgrade – inspection will impress.

• • • • •


4 1

$299,000 - 6.95% Web iD# DO5934

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

Four bedroom terrace house. Modern kitchen and heat pump. Tidy condition throughout. Small courtyard at rear. Rented at $330pw for 2011

4 1

$219,000 - 7.8% Web iD# DO5920

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366




Family home or investment

Great for family at Uni

Need 6 spacious bedrooms, elevated on the sunny side of North East Valley, handy to Gardens Shopping area? Currently rented to end of year at $552pw to a group, but could easily return to being a large family home - just collect the rent until the end of the year or continue as a positive cash flow investment. Large deck off conservatory, 2 bathrooms, garage & good car parking complement this substantial property.

Well positioned tidy home on Campus fringe. Ideal for students wanting a quieter location and a flat stroll to Uni. Previously rented at $400pw, four bedrooms, off-street parking for at least 2 cars. Handy to the Gardens shopping precinct. Sunny rear yard with deck, heat pump recent new roof, ceiling and floor insulation and a new cylinder.

6 2 1

$319,000 - 9% Web iD# DO5847

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

4 1

$279,000 Web iD# DO5916

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

UNIVERSITY 38 & 38A Malvern Street

GARDENS 18/20 Cornhill Street

Dual income

Positive income stream

• Tidy weatherboard home split into two flats • 38 - 1 good sized bedroom, tidy kitchen and bathroom. Separate lounge with woodburner. Currently rented $190pw until 14/11/2011. • 38A - 1 good sized bedroom, tidy kitchen and bathroom, separate lounge with heat pump. Currently rented at $205pw until 29/3/2012. • Both have off street parking

2 2 OSP

$231,000 Web iD# DO5894

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

Two very handy 4 bedroom houses next door to each other right in the popular “Gardens” precinct on the edge of Campus. Easy walk to lectures and rented at an affordable $125 per studio room (some tax deductible landlord costs). An ideal time to lock in historically low interest rates before they move. Fully tenanted for 2011.




By negotiation Web iD# DO5895

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781


UNIVERSITY 18 Malvern Street

UNIVERSITY 54 Howe Street

Popular rental

Ideal for family in 2012!

Three bedrooms, plus a sleepout Open plan living, bathroom with shower over bath and separate toilet Relined and has a heat pump Large sunny backyard that backs onto Woodhaugh Gardens Bus stop at gate. Rented at $140pw for 2011.



$208,000 Web iD# DO5119

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


Standalone two bedroom brick house with spacious living area and heat pump. Sunny easy care section. Walk to all faculties. Rented for 2011 at $240 per week. Family at University in 2012? Stand alone two bedroom houses on campus are like hens teeth!

2 1

$260,000 Web iD# DO5529

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


UNIVERSITY 2 Ethel Benjamin Place

GARDENS 59 & 61 Opoho Road

Blue chip University

Character & charm!

Sitting right across the road from the Otago University Central Library is this substantial quality student investment. This magnificently designed complex is for sale as one lot and comprises three six bedroom flats plus under ground parking for six vehicles. Outstanding in design with plenty of natural light and warmth, these flats have always been very popular to rent and tenants enjoy the location and balconys.



By negotiation Web iD# DO5771

Peter Wilson 0274 327 489


• Two x 4 bedroom cottages nestled on the north side of the Botanical Gardens. • Both rented to 31/12/2011 at $320per week, i.e. $33,280p.a total. • A stone’s throw from the Gardens Shopping area. Leasehold can be purchased. • Ground lease $5775pa incl. GST (leasehold land). • Call for details or to arrange an inspection.

8 2

$325,000 Web iD# DO5897

Lane Sievwright 021 526 366 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

UNIVERSITY 54A & 54B Bank Street

UNIVERSITY 56A & 56B Bank Street

Low maintenance investment

Modern multi-unit investment

Two modern 6 bedroom units an easy stroll to University and handy to Gardens Shopping Centre. Good size double rooms with built in furniture plus 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and spacious living. Currently rented at $1260pw to 31/12/2011. Low maintenance and well insulated on easy care section. Great return as an investment or available for kids at Uni next year. Also features double glazing, heat pump and insulation.

An excellent opportunity to purchase 2 modern purpose built student flats. One has 6 bedrooms and the other has 8 (rented as 7). Both have 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets, spacious open plan living. Currently tenanted at $1365pw to 31/12/2011. Only a short walk to the Gardens Shopping centre, across the road from the Gardens sports ground and a short walk to University. Also features double glazing, heat pump and insulation.

12 4

$820,000 - 7.7% Web iD# DO5799

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

14 4

$887,000 - 8% Web iD# DO5798

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555


UNIVERSITY 766 & 766A George Street

UNIVERSITY 818 Cumberland Street

Multi income stream

Two tidy flats

Five bedroom house rented at five x $110pw for 2011 - $28,600 plus four ensuited studio units rented at $240pw each for 2011 - $49,920 gross. Total 2011 rental income $78,520pa gross. With potential rental increase in 2012 gross rental could easily be $83,200pa. Studio expenses are gas/electricity/cleaner Nett return for 2011 $78,520 gross - 7.65% nett

Two flats, three bedroom upstairs rented at $290 per week and two bedroom downstairs rented at $280 per week - $28,600 p.a. Modern bathrooms and kitchens, and located only minutes walk to all faculties makes this investment a popular renter with senior students.




$939,000 - 7.65% Web iD# DO4920

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

5 2

$445,000 - 6.7% Web iD# DO5513

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

UNIVERSITY 30/32 Clyde Street

UNIVERSITY 43 Malvern Street

Strategic opportunity

Kids at Uni

Superb long term hold with great wealth creation potential with a do up. Currently rented at $525 per week each, these two, five bedroom terrace flats are ideally located to maximize future rental increases. A unique opportunity to purchase 26, 28, 30 and 32 Clyde Street in one block.


10 2

$728,000 – 7.5%

Five bedrooms, open plan living with heat pump and tidy bathroom Relined and very tidy throughout Large sunny backyard Rented at $300 pw 2011.

5 1 1


Web iD# DO5710

Web iD# DO5118

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


UNIVERSITY 4 Duke Street

UNIVERSITY 14 Hyde Street

Renovated villa

Prime Campus location

Just off George Street at the North end of Campus Very tidy six bedroom villa, rented at $555 per week for 2011. Short walk to University, Dairy at corner of the street. Handy, quiet location. Very affordable at this level!

The rental history on this property is amazing. Two vacant weeks in 10 years!!! Rented at $500 per week for 2011 – this is your opportunity! It’s not every day you get to purchase in famous Hyde Street

6 2

$395,000 - 7.3% Web iD# DO5045

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

4 1

$349,000 Web iD# DO4622

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

UNIVERSITY 38 & 38A Carlyle Street

UNIVERSITY 760C George Street

Multi income investment

When location matters

38 has 3 bedrooms + sleep out, tidy kitchen and bathroom, living area with heat pump. Currently tenanted until 31/12/11 at $350pw. 38A has 2 bedrooms, tidy kitchen and bathroom, gas hot water system, living area with heat pump. Currently tenanted at $250pw until 31/12/11. Superb OSP for several vehicles. Only a minutes’ walk to Gardens shopping centre and a short stroll to University.



$320,000 - 9.75% Web iD# DO5823

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555


Modern 1980’s, two bedroom town house on iconic George Street. Convenient low maintenance living only a few minutes’ walk to everything! Rented for 2011 at $360pw but could be great accommodation for family at University in 2012.

2 1 OSP

$325,000 - 5.76% Web iD# DO5805

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


UNIVERSITY 10 Glencairn Street

UNIVERSITY 129 Cargill Street

Kids at Uni for 2012?

High yield important?

Low maintenance roughcast brickie! Upstairs has two rented rooms (both with heat pumps) plus kitchen and bathroom, while down stairs there are two further rooms (one heat pump) plus utility room. Total rental is $400pw. Residential 1 zoning and a garage. A great house for kids at Uni next year. All the shops so handy and an easy flat walk to Uni

This large six bedroom, two bathroom investment is rented for 2011 at $700 per week. Could do with a tidy up but the return and location are excellent. Walk to University and Central City shops. Difficult to find high yielding properties in this location.

3 1 1

$280,000 Web iD# DO5735

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

6 2

$359,000 - 10% Web iD# DO5734

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

UNIVERSITY 150 Dundas Street

UNIVERSITY 69 Malvern Street

Tidy investment

Invest in your future

Rented for 2011 at $575 per week to five students, this property offers four double bedrooms, plus an ensuited sleepout. Well maintained and very popular with students being only minutes walk to University, Polytech and Logan Park sports fields. Plenty of off street parking adds to the appeal.


5 2 3/4

$430,000 - 6.95% Web iD# DO5362

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

Four bedroom house with heat pump plus sleepout with two big bedrooms all newly lined, painted, carpeted and heat pump. Rent for 2011 is $500 total for the house and sleepout (separate power). An ideal opportunity for a local hands on investor or out of town investor with management in place.



$273,000 - 9.5% Web iD# DO4347

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555



UNIVERSITY 12 Clyde Street

UNIVERSITY 2/535 George Street

Affordable on Campus

Superb location

Tidy four bedroom prime campus Investment. Low maintenance section with rear courtyard. Only a few minutes walk to all faculties, and rented at $380 per week. Room to improve and add value. Difficult to find entry level flats in this location.

4 1

$289,000 - 6.83% Web iD# DO5671

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781

Superbly located Spanish style apartment. Two spacious bedrooms, large separate living and secure garaging. Walk to University, Hospital and town. Blue chip investment or inner city pad. Security of an established quality complex in a sought after location. Rented at $350 per week.


Web iD# DO5361

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

UNIVERSITY 23 Cornhill Street

Easily managed investment

Astute retirement plan 2



$239,000 - 5.43% Web iD# DO5491

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555

Purpose built low maintenance block of eight ensuited studio rooms. Strategically located in the heart of the “Gardens� area on the edge of Campus and a flat walk to all faculties. Excellent rental history showing regular income increases each year. Only six years old with spacious rooms plus large sunny common kitchen/dining/lounge and outdoor patio. Fully let for 2011 at $91,390 gross - $83,123 nett of studio costs.



UNIVERSITY 93/7 Queen Street Very tidy two bedroom unit. Open plan living with heat pump. Rented at $250 per week for 2011. One car parking space. Walk to all faculties. Ideal for kids at University or straight easily managed investment.


8 8 4

$990,000 - 8.14% nett Web iD# DO5206

Barclay Sievwright 021 351 781 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366



DUNEDIN NORTH 24 Ramsay Street


Extremely tidy villa

Superannuation alternative

Very tidy villa elevated above the Gardens shopping centre. Four bedrooms, open plan living with heat pump. Completely renovated a couple of years ago. Plenty of off street parking. A short walk to the Gardens precinct and University. Has been occupied by family at Uni. Rented at $280pw until 31.12.2011.


4 1 OSP

$235,000 Web iD# DO5630

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366

Your tenants will enjoy the peace and charm these eight studio rooms offer. Good bathroom and kitchen facilities plus neutral dÊcor throughout. Walking distance to the University, Hospital and the city. Small easy care section. 9.1% nett return of studio costs. Great buying on today’s market. Phone me now for further details!

8 2

$720,000 Web iD# DO5554

Ann Fitzgibbon-Park 021 770 063








DUNEDIN 96 Glen Road

DUNEDIN 46 Stafford Street

Modern, low maintenance

Entry level investment

• • • • • •

Freehold site area 1121m² Industrial use currently Comprises workshop, office and amenities Vacant posession, tenant interest welcomed Vendor unregistered for GST Opportunity for owner occupiers or investors

For sale Web iD# COMME287

Mike Elford 0274 342 220

• • • •

Fully leased industrial investment property Nett return $29,662 (PA) + GST Tenants pay all outgoings Freehold 1012m² site

For sale Web iD# COMME280

Mike Elford 0274 342 220

For further details, contact Mike Elford today

For further details, contact Mike Elford today









DUNEDIN 237 Moray Place

DUNEDIN 150J Kaikorai Valley Road

Highly visual location

Multipurpose premises

• • • • •

Retail shop, area approx 110m² Excellent location Vacant posession Owner will consider leasing Priced to sell at $243,000 + GST

For further details, contact Mike Elford today

For sale Web iD# COMME236

Mike Elford 0274 342 220

• 1st floor rooms 515m² (approx), industrial zone • Comprises large areas, several include amenities • Includes on-site car park • Opportunity for clubs, groups or societies • Priced reduced to $125,000 (vendor unregistered for GST)

For sale Web iD# COMME268

Mike Elford 0274 342 220

For further details, contact Mike Elford today


EAST TAIERI 22 Orchard Grove

Clear instructions to sell! 4 3 2

By negotiation Web iD# DO5846

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

Wingatui Road

Situated in the exclusive Orchard Grove subdivision, and positioned for every ray of sun is this exquisite family home. It has been designed to incorporate a French provincial feel and offers superb light filled living and entertaining spaces. The house is always kept extremely warm with underfloor heating, a wood burner and highly engineered insulation. From these areas there is excellent flow to the outdoors which makes a welcome retreat for alfresco dining and relaxing. Any chef would love the kitchen with its large walk-in-pantry, butler’s sink and bi-folding window. Four bedroom accommodation includes two rooms with ensuites, and the main bathroom features a stunning claw foot bath. Vehicles are well taken care of with a double garage with internal access and there is plenty of off street parking. Children and pets will play for hours on end in the safe rear section and the established garden includes a range of exclusive fruit trees.

MOSGIEL Didham Drive Subdivision

Great buying, great price - Only 5 left! Great buying at $395,000 for a brand new three bedroom house and $410,000 for a brand new four bedroom house. These houses are built on manageable sized sections for busy lifestyles. Affordable with all the extras, ensuite, walk-in wardrobe for master bedroom. Double glazed, fully insulated, brick, functional stylish kitchens and open plan living. Factory Road


3/4 2 2

$395,000 $410,000 Gill Verburg 0273 762 313

(3 bedroom) (4 bedroom)


MOSGIEL 24A Gladstone Road

MOSGIEL 449 Gordon Road

Magnificent family home

Own your own private oasis

Sitting back from the road on a 1165m2 section, and elevated for stunning views over Mosgiel, is this quality 1970’s home. It comprises 5 bedrooms, 2 modernised bathrooms and sundrenched open plan living. There is a double garage with internal access and ample of off-street parking. This is a truly remarkable home worthy of your inspection.




$399,000 Web iD# DO5845

Shane Robinson 021 953 676 Julie Robinson 021 453 676 Bradley Lee 021 941 106

• Fantastic location, very private • 3 good sized bedrooms • 4th bedroom/office • Master with ensuite & W.I.W. • Spacious open plan – kitchen/ dining • Separate living • Doors flowing off the living area & bedrooms onto a lovely deck • Double garage with internal access • Lots of OSP • Third garage or tack room • 2 stables & dressage area • Well fenced into 4 paddocks • Mature trees • Landscaped pond with walkway


Web iD# DO5925

Debbie O’Driscoll 0274 397 761

MOSGIEL 34 Irvine Street

Three bedroom family home in Outram

Afternoons on the deck anyone?

This tastefully decorated, elevated home offers so much. 3 bedrooms with double wardrobes. Separate lounge, large kitchen & dining area. Great service areas, with the laundry having access to the garage. The bathroom, toilet & shower are all separate for the busy family. A heat pump, wood burner, and a panel heater in the hall ensure warmth all year round. The Outram community love the climate, the cafes, and the country living.

Situated in a popular spot, handy to the shopping centre and the local primary schools. This home offers three big bedrooms, kitchen, dining and family room with extra lounge. Sliders from the family room open to the covered sundeck which flows to the private rear garden. Modern kitchen excellent woodburner and heatpump. Large garden shed and carport.

By negotiation Web iD# MO1249

Gill Verburg 0273 762 313


By negotiation

OUTRAM 27 Lynas Street

3 1 2





By negotiation Web iD# MO1248

Jenny Lambert 0274 326 354


MOSGIEL 8 William James Close

MOSGIEL 233 Gladstone Road

Designer home

Peaceful lifestyle

Designed by R.J Oliver, a very spacious and sunny home. Brand new - be the first people to call this property home. Two large living areas capturing excellent sun, three large bedrooms, master with ensuite & walk-in-wardrobe. Plenty of storage, a large double garage. Quality fittings & finishings, the builder has gone the extra mile on this one.

3 2 2+

Negotiable from $465,000 Web iD# MO1202

Jenny Lambert 0274 326 354

Quality family home with feature macrocarpa ceilings and joinery. Spacious, well appointed kitchen/dining flowing to lounge and outdoors overlooking the private gardens & paddocks. 4 double bedrooms, master with en-suite & walk-inrobe. Well insulated with wegi burner on wet-back. Double garage with internal access. Also, a one bedroom cottage, implement shed, shelter shed, plenty of storage all on approximately 2.8 acres.

$798,000 Web iD# MO1224

Jenny Lambert 0274 326 354

MOSGIEL 10D Severn Street

MOSGIEL 31B Gordon Road

Sunny and spacious

Recently refurbished unit

Brick & tile spacious unit, open plan kitchen/ dining opening to lounge. Two double bedrooms, excellent storage. Great heating with a small metro fire, heatpump and a DVS system. Bath, separate shower & toilet. Excellent tidy decor throughout. Small garden, carport. Handy to the local shop & a short walk to teh main shops.

A very cosy two bedroom end unit with room for a vege plot or small garden. Near new kitchen including dishwasher, a very tidy modernised bathroom. Roomy master bedroom with sliders opening to the private deck to enjoy the evening sun. Heatpump in the lounge, modern dĂŠcor. Carport and garden shed. This is a very tidy home for a couple, a single person or for an investment option.

2 1 1

Negotiable over $235,000 Web iD# MO1219

Jenny Lambert 0274 326 354


4 2 2


$148,000 Web iD# MO1246

Jenny Lambert 0274 326 354




MOSGIEL 33 Graham Street

MOSGIEL 201 Gordon Road

Room for all the family

Lovely family home

Perfect option for family living offering 4 bedrooms plus utility room. Spacious modern kitchen/dining combined with french doors leading out to the deck, large lounge with a wood burner for the winter months. Paved court yard and fully fenced landscaped 698m2 section. Single garage with good off street parking. The added bonus of the HRV system, heat pump and the private backyard, with the new roof makes this an excellent package.

This spacious family home is full of appeal with good size lounge with a Rinnai gas fire, glazed windows & French doors leading out to a sunny deck. Separate dining room/living area with Gillies fire on wetback. Great size kitchen. Three double bedrooms (B.I.W). Bathroom with bath and separate shower. Small manageable garden in a fully fenced, private section. Single garage with auto door and good off street parking.

4 1 1+OSP

$330,000 Web iD# MO1242

Leah Greer 0272 111 603

3 1 1+OSP

Negotiable over

$315,000 Web iD# MO1237

Leah Greer 0272 111 603

MOSGIEL 2 Windsor Place

EAST TAIERI 90 Main South Road

Large living in Mosgiel

How much garaging do you need?

This 290m2 four bedroom brick home with three living areas has been renovated in the last five years with high quality appliances and furnishings. Excellent kitchen, double garage with internal access and a private sunny sheltered outdoor living area. This home lends itself to extended family living in all respects. View this fantastic property and you will not be disappointed

4 2 2

Negotiable over $399,000 Web iD# MO1229

Peter Stechman 0274 330 062

If you are a car fanatic, have all the toys, or need large garaging, then this is one for you. Set on a very private and sunny 1471m2 section this home has ample and multiple options for any lifestyle you are looking for. With an open and bright outlook it’s very private and secluded with plenty of additional of road parking also.

2 1 8

$315,000 Web iD# MO1239

Peter Stechman 0274 330 062



OUTRAM 35 Huntly Road

MOSGIEL 18A Gordon Road

Nest or invest

Calling extended families

• • • • • •

Just eight minutes from Mosgiel you will find this huge family home. Faithfully constructed in the 1980’s on a ¼ acre with a lovely rural backdrop. Great outlook with all day sun, four bedrooms plus study and a huge rumpus/games room which opens onto decking and a swimming pool. Fully fenced and totally private. New kitchen, large lounge and a master bedroom with en-suite. Huge garage/ workshop. Inspect now you will not be disappointed.

Sunny two bedroom unit Aluminum Joinery & Heatpump Excellent investment option. Rented at $195pw (6.4% Gross) 12 month fixed term tenancy in place Carport, garden shed and own garden



$159,000 Web iD# MO1218

Trevor Branton 0220 50 10 20



$485,000 Web iD# DO5487

Trevor Branton 0220 50 10 20

MOSGIEL 32 Joe Brown Avenue

EAST TAIERI 78 Riccarton Road

Prime building site

Taieri turf

Nicely elevated with a North West aspect this 910m2 section is positioned to receive all day sun and has great views over Mosgiel to the Maungatuas.

This 500m2 section is located perfectly to allow great sunshine. With great access to Mosgiel, and the highway, the essential commuter could build their perfect home. House and Land package available. Please call for more information. Approx land size is 500m2

Make an offer Web iD# DO5659

Clayton Sievwright 021 191 5555 Lane Sievwright 021 526 366


$89,000 Web iD# MO1221

Trevor Branton 0220 50 10 20




KARITANE 63 Grimness Street

Three large deck areas This home has been extended over the years with a new living area, three large decks for all day sun. Three bedrooms with upstairs master bedroom to take in the superb river and sea view. Set on a private 1/4 acre section with single garage plus two older sleep outs. Only a short walk to the river and beach.

3 1 1

$265,000 Web iD# DO5551

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

KARITANE 42A Coast Road

Spend the days fishing Sunny open plan living area with French doors opening onto a covered deck area – fantastic for those hot summers days. Comprising of three good sized bedrooms with built in wardrobes, master bedroom has an ensuite and walk in wardrobe plus doors which open onto a great sunny deck. Lovely bathroom with a claw bath, great to relax in after a hard day’s work. Small fenced section with a large garage and plenty of off street parking.

3 2 2

$315,000 Web iD# DO5286

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842


WAIKOUAITI 162 Beach Street

WAIKOUAITI 84 Thomas Street

Vendors want SOLD!

Look what’s behind the fence

You will fall in love with this 1920’s two storey villa. There are five bedrooms, three upstairs, two downstairs. Large sunny lounge with inbuilt burner plus mosaic fireplace. Separate dining and large modern kitchen/laundry which opens onto a huge deck area to enjoy the flat sheltered section. There is a double garage bird aviaries only 200 meters from our fantastic beach, seldom available.




$270,000 Web iD# DO5687

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

This two bedroom cottage has good size living with inbuilt multi-fuel, heatpump plus an HRV system. The lounge opens onto a lovely private sheltered landscaped fenced section with sleepout. There is a large single garage/workshop plus sealed driveway to the house for off street parking. The property is on a small section so would make a great retirement home or holiday house.

2 1 1+

$155,000 Web iD# DO5760

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

WAIKOUAITI 52 Stewart Street

WAIKOUAITI 171 Edinburgh Street

Great outdoor living

Handy to golf course

This two bedroom home is on a small landscaped section with single garage/workshop plus it has shower toilet and vanity included. The sunny open plan living area has covered decks on both sides to make the most of all day sun. Large bathroom with wet shower area for wheel chairs plus ramp into the house as well. So if you have a motor home enjoy travelling plus a great home base.


2 2 1

$247,000 Web iD# DO5790

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

Great holiday home, with golf course next door and a short walk to the beach. The two bedroom roughcast home has open plan living with sunroom. Single garage with storage under the house. The property is on a small landscaped section with storage shed.

2 1 1

$159,000 Web iD# DO5675

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842


WAIKOUAITI 120 Thomas Street

WAIKOUAITI 146 Main Road

Furniture included

TLC required

Warm sunny three bedroom family home set on a private quarter acre section only minutes from the beach. With two open plan living areas both with attached conservatories, large separate kitchen with double door fridge/freezer with ice maker. There is a double garage and this is all set on a large flat section. This could be your home away from home so don’t delay and inspect this home today!

3 1

$234,000 Web iD# DO5327

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

Great first home or rental • Four bedrooms • Open plan living • Open fire • ¼ section with fenced backyard • Handy to school and shops • Approx land size is 1,012m2 • Approx house size is 100m2

4 1 4

$115,000 Web iD# DO5404

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

KARITANE 133 Grimness Street

KARITANE 106 Stornoway Street

Lovely timber finishings

Three cribs

You will be impressed with the standard of finishing with this three bedroom home. The open plan living has lovely rural views with French doors open onto a fenced private landscaped area to enjoy barbeques in the sunshine. Only meters to the river and beach. Single garage plus lots of storage underneath the house. A must to view.

3 1 1

$380,000 Web iD# DO5727

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842

This is a one bedroom crib with sunny open plan living. The property also has two older cribs in need of TLC plus a storage shed. The large flat 2908m2 section is subdividable (subject to consent) and has the potential to build your dream home. Handy to boat ramp and beach.

1 1

$179,000 Web iD# DO5478

Vicki Offen 021 212 7842



ALBERT TOWN 67 Lagoon Avenue

Family first This really is “one stop shopping� if you need room for the family, all day sun and fantastic indoor/outdoor living. Step through the front gate and feel yourself relax in the beautifully presented gardens which are fully fenced for child or pet security. A lovely peaceful 4 bedroom home in a quiet location. Logfire/heatpump, electronic irrigation and double garage.




By negotiation Web iD# WA56094

Harry Briggs 027 431 1550

WANAKA Villa 5, Heritage Village

Mountain Retreat Imagine coming home to a glass of wine infront of a glowing fire after a day on the ski fields.... This modern, fully furnished, two bedroom, two bathroom home is set in parklike grounds and has full use of tennis courts, gym, spa and sauna. Located just a few minutes to town this home is the ideal lock up and leave holiday pad or rental investment property.


$339,000 Web iD# WA56289

Ursula Porter 027 558 6170





HAWEA Lot 1, Cemetery Road

WANAKA Lot 263, Infinity Drive

Sunny Hawea

Priced to sell

4 bedroom, 2 bathroom character home on a 4,001m² section in sunny Hawea. The house has been relocated to the new site with re-cladding and new insulation completed. So if you like the country, this property is only minutes from Hawea town and lake. The opportunity is here to add to the renovations and landscaping. For further information or for a viewing ring Harry today.





800m² of sun, lake and mountain views. These sections in Peninsula Bay are selling fast so ring today to get in on the action and secure your prime spot!


Web iD# WA56278

Web iD# WA56287

Harry Briggs 027 431 1550

Harry Briggs 027 431 1550





WANAKA 4/62 Tenby Street

WANAKA Spencer House Mall, Dunmore Street

The most affordable house in Wanaka?

Retail/Office lease

Modern, cosy and spacious 2 bedroom unit. Open-plan living with large sliders leading to your own private, sunny courtyard. Gas heating, generous storage, off-street parking and full furniture package available for purchase. An ideal ‘starter’ home or an easy-care holiday pad with excellent short-term rental opportunities. Owners leaving town and want their home sold!


$299,000 Web iD# WA56283

Ursula Porter 027 558 6170



Why pay $400 per m2 p.a. for your retail/office space when you can come into the Spencer House Mall, Dunmore Street in central Wanaka for only $200 per m2 p.a (plus outgoings)! There is NEW space available ranging from 68m2 to 150m2. No key money. The fit-out costs are minimal. Contact Harry today for more information.

For Lease

By negotiation Web iD# WA56196

Harry Briggs 027 431 1550


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Are you our next cover model? Produced monthly and distributed to 6000 homes and businesses throughout Dunedin, North & South Otago, Mosgiel and Wanaka, ‘exclusive’ magazine is the way to get your property on to everyone else’s coffee tables!

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Exclusive August 2011  

Edinburgh Realty Ltd presents Exclusive, a high-quality real estate publication. Featuring a selection of current properties for sale from o...