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Free Autumn / Winter Catalogue 2011/12



Free 6-Week Service Professionally­-Assembled Bicycles Once you have used the bike for 6-8 weeks we will invite you to bring the bike back to the shop for a free checkover. That way, we can catch any bolt loosening or cable stretching that can occur on even the best set-up new bike, once you’ve given it a good shake-down on the road or trail. Catching any loosening-off at this stage is your best guarantee of trouble-free biking in the future.

You might find this hard to believe but, unlike the majority of today’s manufactured goods, bicycles are delivered to bike shops in a semi-assembled state. It’s therefore the bike shop’s responsibility to ensure the bicycle is fully functional and safe. Bicycle assembly is a responsibilty we take very seriously at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative. That’s why we devote an average of one hour assembling each bike because that’s how long it takes a trained mechanic to ensure the wheels are trued, brakes and gears adjusted, cables tensioned and nuts and bolts secured. If we have to spend longer, say because the bike’s hydraulic disc brakes need to be bled, we will put in the necessary time to ensure the bike works to its full potential. If you want a new bike customised with your choice of components fitted to it, we can easily spend 2 or 3 times longer setting up the bike, and you won’t be charged a penny extra for our labour. To put our one hour-minimum setup into perspective, staff we recruited from a national bike shop chain revealed to us that they were expected to ‘safety check’ a new bike in 8 minutes.

Dear fellow cyclist,

Whatever Your Route, Take The Bike Oot. That’s the theme of this year’s Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op Autumn / Winter Catalogue. We dreamed up this slogan after a Co-op discussion where we concurred that, even after years of riding and working with bicycles, we still agreed on one thing. Going out on the bike has the unerring knack of converting travelled miles into smiles. Taking the bike oot can make every trip a joyous re-creation. The very act of riding a bike is one of the most efficient means of converting fuel (the carbos you’ve consumed) into energy. As such, riding a bike is the most natural thing in the world, hence our suggestion, Whatever Your Route, Take The Bike Oot. At the Bike Co-op we see it as our job to share our enthusiasm for cycling by assembling an inspiring collection of bicycles and cycle equipment. That’s why we produce this catalogue. We hope you will be as excited as we are by the latest offer from established companies such as Specialized and Whyte. Plus we are introducing a number of exciting new brands to the mix. For instance we now offer Focus bikes from Germany because we were so impressed with their track record of delivering astonishing value matched with real quality. (Where else can you get an Ultegra-equipped full carbon road bike for £1,899?) At the other end of the scale, we are working with a small English company to introduce British-manufactured bamboo bikes to our shops in 2012. This season also sees a major revamp of our own Revolution range of clothing and accessories. From better value technical breathable windproof clothing to best value LED lights (a USB-rechargeable LED for £9.99, anyone?) we think you will agree that our offer is unique. That, after all, is the Bike Co-op’s way. We are proud to work for Britain’s longest-established workers’ co-operative bicycle retailer because (taking our cue from the bicycle) we believe that the co-operative business model is healthier and it is more sustainable. It is our Number One aim that the co-operative ethos of fair treatment for every employee should translate as excellent service to you, the customer. And we believe that our offer should be so attractive it might help convince you that whatever your route, you’ll consider taking the bike oot.

0% APR TYPICAL Interest-free credit*

6, 10 or 12 months interest-free credit available on any bike over £500 purchased in store or online. 10% minimum deposit required. Example: To pay for a £600 bike over 12 months, we would require a £60 deposit, then 12 monthly direct debit payments of £45, making the total amount payable, £600. Visit for full terms and conditions.

Price Match We want you to shop with confidence at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op, hence our Price Match promise. If you are interested in any item from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op which is available from a comparable UK retailer at a lower price, we will match the competitor’s price. Visit for full terms and conditions.

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Named after the slogan we adopted in 1998. The Revolution Will Not Be Motorised, Revolution is the Bike Co-op’s in-house brand. Over the past decade, Revolution bicycles, clothing and accessories have earned dozens of rave reviews. You can read them online at

As well as being more elegant and lightweight (24g) than a regular bottle cage, the Vario is functionally superior too. Its open design swallows the bottle with greater ease than a conventional cage. A second variation from the norm are the 2 wide arcs cut away at the back of the cage to accommodate its fixing bolts. This arrangement allows you to orientate the cage to make the bottle more accessible depending on whether you are right or left handed. Web Ref: 14025.

While these reviews are very flattering, we understand that we can’t rest on our laurels. Our buying team have been engaged in a 12 month-long project developing a host of new accessories (and clothing, see pages 66-67) which outperform anything we created in the past. This double-page feature is your intro to 10 of the best new Revolution accessories.


REVOLUTION SECURE COMPACT CABLE LOCK 2 metres long x 4.5mm thick £9.99 This cable lock loops round the bicycle and whatever you’re locking it to, then you lasso it tight. Thus locked, your bike will never tip over onto the pavement as can happen when bicycles are less tightly tethered.

Web Ref: 14027

REVOLUTION TUNE UP MULTI 5 MULTITOOL £5.99 Our latest multitool takes 5 of the wrenches a cyclist most frequently requires and presents them in a handy fold-up format. As well as offering the standard multitool choice - 4, 5 & 6mm Allen keys + Phillips screwdriver - the Multi 5 also has an 8mm Allen key: the size required to loosen or tighten the majority of modern crank bolts.

Web Ref: 14026.




This iPhone 4-sized pouch clips onto its handlebar stem-mount bracket (supplied) thus making your phone accessible and usable on the move. The see-through case makes it easy to check your GPS. Or your texts. You’ll agree that a phone holder is a very smart idea if you’ve ever had to rummage your pockets for a ringing phone whilst cycling.

With its sturdy rubber-coated handles for non-slip leverage; its adjustable stops to limit the chain pin’s travel and its fine-threaded mechanism, our new workshop-quality Tune Up Pro is built to match the demands made on a chain tool in the era of 9, 10 and 11-speed chains built to exacting tolerances. Supplied with a spare driving pin. 300g.

Web Ref: 14028

Web Ref: 14029

REVOLUTION VISION 300 RECHARGEABLE FRONT LED LAMP £99.99 Named for its best-in-the-business Cree LED’s 300 lumen output, the Vision 300 stands out for its self-contained (no external battery pack) design simplicity and its reassuringly solid construction. When you need to access the battery to recharge it, simply unscrew the lamp’s machined alloy body and the battery pops out.

3.5h (300 lumen) / 5.8h (180 lumen) / 10h (90 lumen). 3h Li-Ion rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13953 / page 91

REVOLUTION SECURE CHAIN LOCK 90cm chain / 10.5mm links £29.99 Almost a metre long, this chain will wrap around lampposts a D-lock wouldn’t look at. Each hardened steel chain link is over a centimetre thick. Its padlock is a mini D-lock that should defy leverage tools. Its tumbler key mechanism is too clever for most villains to pick. If there is a more secure £30 lock on the market, we have yet to see it.

Web Ref: 14030

REVOLUTION VISION SOLAR HYBRID FRONT LIGHT £14.99 This is our first solar-powered LED front light. It’s NiMH battery can be recharged by leaving the lamp outside in the daylight, thanks to the solar panels on the lamp’s casing. We call it a hybrid light because it can also be powered by 3 conventional alkaline (or rechargeable) AAA batteries. Given that alternative hybrid lamps retail for around £50, this is a great example of our revolutionary pricing. 1.5h constant/1.8h flash (solar). 40h constant/55h flash (alkaline). 42h constant/60h flash (hybrid). NiMH or 3xAAA (backup).

Web Ref: 13956


REVOLUTION TUNE UP ADVANCED TOOLKIT £59.99 Our standard Revolution Tune Up Toolkit (Web Ref 6721) has been a deserved best seller since its introduction 5 years ago. Our new toolkit is even more advanced by including, for instance, cable cutters. Tools that previously required a separate spanner - the bottom bracket tool, the cassette lockring tool and the chain whip - each come with their own handle, making them easier to use.

Web Ref: 14031

This is our take on the latest wave of tiny, powerful LED lights with integral straps, which allow you to fit them instantly to bikes (or bags or belts) - no separate bracket required. Unlike the majority of these lights, which take CR2032 cells, the Revolution Flash Silicone comes with a handy wee USB charger, hence free lighting over approximately 500 charge cycles. Front: 6h constant / 8h flash. Rear: 6h constant / 8h flash. 2.5h USB rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13938 & 13939 Colours [ Available November ]


FINISH LINE TEFLON PLUS DRY LUBE £2.99 {WAS £3.99} CROSS COUNTRY WET LUBE 2oz £2.99 {WAS £3.99} We are on a mission to help you keep your bike running this winter. To this end we have knocked £1 off the price of our 2 best-selling lubricants from our favourite oil men, Finish Line. Their Dry Lube really does go dry to the touch shortly after application, making it the cleanest choice. Wet Lube attracts more dirt but it has the advantage of staying on in extreme condition were a Dry Lube might wash off.


Web Ref: 1455

Web Ref: 2168

Canyon took features we appreciate in a helmet such as in-mould construction, deep venting, light weight (260g) and an easy-to-use occipital anti-rock belt to create a sound helmet that seemed very good value when it sold for £30. Our Red Label price raises the Bryce to stunning value status.

Sizes: S/M (54-58cm), L/XL (58/61cm). Colours: Black or White. Web Ref: 13942


e are all watching the pennies these days. To help make it easier to spot the best bargains whenever you shop at the Bike Co-op, we flag every money-off item with a Red Label. A Red Label item can be a discontinued bike with hundreds of £££s off. Alternatively it might be a brand-new item of clothing at a special introductory price. It can be a top-selling accessory with 25% off. Or it could be about making the latest bling must-have race-proven component available at a more accessible price.

CRANK BROTHERS COBALT 11 STEM 90mm £199.99 {WAS £229.99} Cobalt 11 is Crank Brothers code for their best-of-the-best line of components - you know the kind of kit you might put on a high-end bike such as a Specialized S-Works. This carbon stem weighs just 125g. It features a unique wedge-and-plunger clamping mechanism that only requires one Torx bolt to secure the stem to the steerer and a second Torx bolt to clamp the bars to the stem. The absence of conventional clamp bolts means there is nothing to interrupt the clean sweep of the stem’s carbon loops as they circumnavigate the bars and steerer. This stem fits inch and an eighth unthreaded steerer tubes and it takes 31.8mm bars.

Web Ref: 14032

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MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

HOPE HOOPS PRO2 EVO / STAN’S FLOW RIM FRONT WHEEL £115 {WAS £120} HOPE HOOPS PRO2 EVO / STAN’S FLOW RIM REAR WHEEL £195 {WAS £210} These hardy hoops take cult, heavy-duty, world championship-proven Stan’s Flow 32-hole rims from New York and matches them with Hope Pro2 hubs from Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Hope then hand-build each wheel true and tight using black Sapim spokes which match the colour of the hub and rim. Black magic indeed. The Pro2 rear hub employs Hope’s proven 4-pawl / 24-tooth steel ratchet mechanism. That’s the mechanism that creates the reassuring Hopetrademark clicking sound whenever you freewheel. Hope’s durable 4-pawl design (along with their stainless steel cartridge bearings) contributes to the hub’s legendary longevity - a fair few Bike Co-op employees are riding wheels built with Hope hubs they purchased in the 1990s.

Web Ref: 13651

These offers change frequently so it pays to keep an eye out for the Red Label signs whenever you visit our shops. To keep abreast of our latest offers visit our website WWW.EDINBURGHBICYCLE.COM and click the Red Label button on our home page.

seconds to sign up so give it a try. If you decide that its not you’re cup of tea, a link at the bottom of every e-bulletin makes it just as easy to unsubscribe.

We want you to shop with confidence at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op, hence our Price Match promise. If you are interested in any item from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op which is available from a comparable UK retailer at a lower price, we will match the competitor’s price. Visit pricematch for full terms and conditions.

While you’re on our website it pays to sign up to join our free email news mailing list. We will then send you a weekly bulletin highlighting all the latest offers at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. It only takes 30

CRANK BROTHERS COBALT 11 FLAT BAR £89.99 {WAS £99.99} Crank Brothers have always produced distinctive cycle components with a singular signature style. If your bike already boasts Crank Brothers pedals it’s not hard to imagine how their latest Cobalt 11 bar and stem combo might make a perfect match.

PROLOGO C.ONE30 £160 {WAS £189.99}

Weighing in at just 132g, the Crank Brothers Iodine 11 carbon bar looks as fast as it will encourage you to go. Its 680mm width makes a great contribution to steering control. Its carbon lay up noticeably enhances comfort. Hanging a red label on it makes it a perfect product.

Based in Cavenago di Brianza, 25-kilometres from Milan, Prologo have only been around for 5 years yet their saddles are already the first choice of the riders of some of the world’s top teams such as Saxo Bank, AG2r and Fuji Servetto. The Prologo C.ONE30 employs multiple carbon layers to create a traditional domed shape that creates a stable platform with a degree of shock-absorbing vertical flex. Solid titanium rails help keep the weight nice and low (around 134g). The saddle is 276mm long x 126mm wide.

Web Ref: 14033

Web Ref: 14034



FROM STATIC TO ECSTATIC, E-BIKES = A SHORT CUT TO ECSTASY A curious thing happens whenever any of our staff try out one of today’s electric bikes. They come back grinning. And I mean any of our staff. Time trialists who live by the mantra, no pain no gain; triathletes for whom every bike ride is a training session; BMXers and trail riders who are only truly happy when their wheels are off the ground: they all drop their preconceptions about what constitutes a good ride when they take an electric bike (AKA e-bike) for a spin. They discover that E-bikes can be a short cut to ecstasy. So much so the Bike Co-op might have to change its slogan to, The Revolution Will Not Be Motorised. However....

GIANT TWIST EXPRESS £999 Run Distance: 30-130km. Charge time: 4 hours.


Electric bikes are a viable option because: 1. Ebikes are similar to conventional bikes but with one crucial difference. A battery-powered electric motor kicks in when assistance is welcome such as when riding uphill or into a head wind. 2. People who don’t consider themselves strong or fit enough to cycle discover they can on an e-bikes. 3. E-bikes offer the pedal-powered pleasure and freedom you associate with riding any bike. If you want a more rigorous workout, you can simply reduce the power assistance level or ride with the motor switched off. 3. Because their motors automatically cut out at 15 MPH, e-bikes are classified under the law as bicycles, not motor cycles, so you can ride one without a licence, tax, insurance or a helmet, and you can park it wherever you might lock a regular bike.

GIANT TWIST EXPRESS W £999 Run Distance: 30-130km. Charge time: 4 hours.

Now this is very interesting: an e-bike at a Ride to Work Scheme compliant price and that’s built by one of the world’s most respected bicycle companies. Its AluxX alloy frame and fork, Shimano 7-speed gears, alloy V-brakes and alloy wheels ensure it rides fine when power assist is not required.

You ride the Twist like any other bike on the flat. The crank’s PedalPlus sensor registers your power input and transmits this data to the I2 Driver Unit located behind the seat tube. This demands just enough power from the Li-ion EnergyPak to drive the SyncDrive motor in the front hub whenever required.

Sizes: M, L. Colour: Metallic Grey/Blue. Web Ref: 14445

Sizes: S, M. Colour: Metallic Grey/Blue. Web Ref: 14446

4. Once you have gained momentum, the bike can, of course, go faster than 15 MPH via your own pedal power or when you ride downhill. 6. A Dutch cycle trade association survey revealed that the average e-biker cycles more frequently than owners of conventional bikes. 7. The same survey also noted that e-bikers are less likely to give up riding as they got older.


GIANT ESCAPE HYBRID 2 W £1,349 Run Distance: 30-130km. Charge time: 4 hours. The Escape Hybrid is built on a more sporty frame and its rear wheel drive has more oomph than the front wheel drive Twist. Its front & rear LED lights run off the same 36V Panasonic Li-ion EnergyPak that powers the motor (the Twist’s battery is 26V). The wide range of run distances quoted is down to headwinds and hills, or the lack of them.

Sizes: S, M. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 14447


he word from the USA is that hardtails and XC dual suspension bikes with 29 inch tyres (AKA 29ers) are beginning to outsell mountain bikes with traditional 26 inch tyres. Here’s why. Pros: 1. Bigger tyres offer more cushioning and better traction. Momentum gained via the wheels’ greater rotational mass can get you through tough sections that might slow down smaller wheels. The benefits of enhanced rotational momentum are especially noticeable on longer rides. 2. A larger wheel makes contact with trail obstacles at a shallower angle. The result is that you float over roots & rocks that you might have once stuttered over.

3. With over a decade’s experience developing 29”-wheeled MTBs, America’s most progressive bike companies have totally nailed the geometry. 29er’s higher bottom bracket helps you clear obstacles. However this bottom bracket will actually be lower in relationship to the wheel hubs so this can make the bike more stable. Another advantage of 29er geometry is that even tall riders on larger bikes can enjoy the extra clearance benefits of a frame with a sloping top tube. 4. Although the majority of 29ers are hardtails, a number of progressive bike companies are now integrating 29” wheels with full suspension. In fact they have done so with such success, 29er converts will tell you that their 100mm-travel Giant

Anthem 29er or their 110mm-travel Specialized Camber 29er can downhill almost as well as a 26”-tyre 140mmtravel trail bike. Con: 1. Big wheels take more time to get up to speed and they might not be quite as nimble when you have to weave through tight twisty sections. Conclusion: If you are looking for a stable ride that rolls over roots, rails around corners and rips up climbs, you owe it to yourself to arrange a long test ride on one of our 29er demo bikes. Call 0845 257 0808 today.



amboo bikes? At first glance you might think Robinson Crusoe. You might even think Heath Robinson. Think again. Bamboo is a viable frame material boasting perhaps the most impressive environmental credentials. A company called Raw are making the necessary preparations to pioneer the manufacture of bamboo bikes in Yorkshire in 2012. We are looking forward to displaying Raw Bamboo bikes in all our stores in the New Year. Here’s why.

7. Apart from the power required to boil the kettle for the frame builders’ tea, no electricity is consumed in the production of a Raw Bamboo frame. 8. We know that it’s in the eye of the beholder but isn’t this a beautiful bike?

No folding bike folds as easily or folds as quickly as a British-manufactured Brompton. Around 1986, Saracen made Britain’s best value MTBs. 25 year’s on, they have returned to reclaim that crown. Focus have an unbelievable knack of delivering the best spec’d mountain, road and hybrid bikes for the money.

9. No pandas were deprived in the creation of this bike.

1. A bamboo frame can be stronger than steel. 2. Bamboo’s vibration-absorption qualities make for a smoother ride. 3. Bamboo grows so fast (up to a metre a day) it’s hard to imagine a more sustainable frame material. 4. Bamboo frame construction doesn’t require energy-intensive manufacturing processes such as forging and welding. 5. Raw use hemp fibre to bond their bamboo frames. Hemp’s strength and flexibility complements the stiffness and durability of bamboo. 6. Raw bamboo frames are BS/EN test certified to comply with the same British and European Standards as conventional steel/alloy frames.



COMMUTER / LEISURE BIKES GET READY FOR WINTER It’s second nature to adjust your cycling wardrobe with the onset of winter. ‘Where did I put those full-finger gloves?’ It makes equal sense to get your bike ready for the change of season. You’re far more likely to brave more adverse conditions if your bike is ready for anything. In particular, does your bike have good tyres to cope with poor conditions and does it have mudguards to defend you from road splash. Is you bike properly shod? Your tyres are far more likely to pick up broken glass when the roads are wet. Punctures are never fun, but they are particularly unwelcome when it’s cold and wet outside. Every tyre featured at the bottom of this 2-page spread boasts serious puncture protection. If you are looking for a tyre that is even more winter-wise, check out the tyres with reflective sidewalls, suffixed, Reflect, Reflex or Reflective. Specialized’s Nimbus and Infinity tyres both employ Flak Jacket Aramid casings which have a proven record of deflecting most sharps. Specialized’s Armadillo casing is even harder to penetrate. Its bead-tobead protection extends beyond the sub-tread. Armadillo tyres are therefore virtually immune to sidewall or ‘snakebite’ punctures. As an alternative to California’s finest Specialized tyres, Continental and Schwalbe tyres are worth investigating. Not only are they world leaders in puncture prevention (the Bike Co-op’s 15 stone Ged hasn’t punctured his Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres since fitting them in 2005) these German treads boast the best gripping rubber we have ever tested.


Black SKS P-Series

Silver SKS P-Series

Black SKS Raceblade


P35 NARROW ROAD BLACK/SILVER £33.99 Web Ref: 1459 P45 WIDE ROAD BLACK/SILVER £33.99 Web Ref: 1460 P50 WIDE HYBRID BLACK/SILVER £33.99 Web Ref: 8101 RACEBLADE ROAD BLACK/SILVER £34.99 Web Ref: 2738 P55 NARROW ATB BLACK/SILVER £35.99 Web Ref: 1461 P65 WIDE ATB BLACK/SILVER £35.99 Web Ref: 1462 We know they’re not the coolest cycle accessory on the street. However full-length mudguards are among the best things you can put on your bicycle. When you cycle, you tend to get much wetter from the water thrown up from your wheels than you are from the raindrops falling from the sky. In light rain full mudguards can keep you almost completely dry in conditions that would otherwise have you and your clothes spattered with black blotches - not a good look. Even when it’s not raining, if the ground is wet and you ride re-guard-less, your ass is going to get wet. That’s why full-length mudguards reduce your chance of getting significantly wet by around 50%. That’s why we stock SKS mudguards to cover all the most popular wheel sizes. Fitting them to your bike is a signifier of your commitment to ride, whatever the weather. How cool is that?

SPECIALIZED NIMBUS SPORT 26 x 1.5” £14.99 (RRP £19.99)

SPECIALIZED INFINITY REFLECT TYRE 700 x 32 or 700 x 38 £19.99

Web Ref: 14424

Web Ref: 14265

SPECIALIZED NEW NIMBUS ARMADILLO 26 x 1.5”, 700 x 28 or 700 x 38 £22.99

CONTINENTAL TOURING PLUS REFLEX TYRE 700 x 28, 700 x 32 or 700 x 37 £26.99

SCHWALBE MARATHON PLUS REFLECTIVE TYRE 26 x 1.75”, 700 x 28, 700 x 32 or 700 x 35 £30.99

Web Ref: 13434

Web Ref: 10960

Web Ref: 4001


REVOLUTION TRAILFINDER £249.99 REVOLUTION TRAILFINDER WOMEN’S£249.99 8 7005 series aluminium MTB frame / rigid steel fork. 8 Shimano 18-speed EZ-Fire gear shifting. Tektro V-brakes. The ultimate workhorse winter bike. The Trailfinder is built on an MTB (mountain bike) frame with MTB wheels for strength and reliability. Semi-slick tyres, a rigid fork (without suspension), more upright handlebars and a set of mudguards make it more suitable for all-purpose use. If you want a reliable inexpensive bike for roads and light trails, this bike has all the essentials. If you already own a nice summer bike and don’t want to sully it with mudguards, the Trailfinder makes a fine winter hack.

w Sizes: 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Ascot Green. Web Ref: 13005 v Sizes: 16, 18”. Colour: Ink Blue. Web Ref: 13006

REVOLUTION STREETFINDER WOMEN’S £274.99 8 7005 series aluminium frame / steel fork. 8 Shimano 18-speed gears. Tektro V-brakes. 8 Innova 700x38 tyres on alloy wheels. Classic looks. Up-to-the-minute equipment. This Streetfinder is among the most popular bikes in our range and rightly so. Its 700c tyres purr along the road, but they’re wide enough to cope with towpaths. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a reliable Shimano-geared bike, and it comes ready to ride with mudguards and rack.

Sizes: 17, 19”. Colour: Ceramic White. Web Ref: 13017


Customer photo courtesy of Mark Gayton on his 1949 Raleigh Lenton Sport and his mate Andy on his 1979 Eddy Merckx replica at the start of their Way of the Roses coast to coast for the Alzheimers Society.

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

REVOLUTION STREETFINDER £274.99 8 7005 series aluminium frame / steel fork. 8 Shimano Tourney 18-spd EZ-Fire gears. 8 Innova 700x38 tyres on alloy wheels. Street smart. 7005 alloy frame, Tektro V-brakes, Shimano 18-speed gears, mudguards: the Streetfinder has much in common with the Trailfinder and Pathfinder. However, the Streetfinder rolls that bit faster along the road, thanks to its 700x38c tyres - the size that you might find on a road touring bike (P.59) - and it comes ready equipped with a pannier rack.

Sizes: 19, 21”. Colour: Ebony Black. Web Ref: 13016

REVOLUTION PATHFINDER £299.99 | REVOLUTION PATHFINDER WOMEN’S £299.99 8 Comfort-geometry 7005 aluminium frame. 8 SunTour 50mm-travel suspension fork. 8 26x2” semi-smooth tyres on alloy wheels. 8 Shimano 21-speed Revo twistshift gears. We’ve raised the bar with this bike. In contrast with the Revolution Trailfinder (P.12) which is built on an MTB frame, the Pathfinder comfort geometry frame has a shorter top tube and a taller head tube. Add a suspension fork and a tall adjustable-rise

handlebar stem and you get a bike whose handlebars can be positioned much higher than you’ll find on a modern mountain bike or road bike. Such an upright position might be a rarity in the UK today, but it’s still the posture of choice in laid-back Amsterdam. Proven by Pashley (P.21) since 1926, riding high in the saddle is a perfect antidote to maladies associated with low bars such as wrist ache, pressure from the saddle nose and back ache. If your last bike was a pain in the neck consider a Pathfinder.

w Sizes: 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Ebony Black. Web Ref: 13003 v Sizes: 16, 18”. Colour: Platinum Silver. Web Ref: 13004

RIDGEBACK SPEED £299.99 | RIDGEBACK SPEED WOMEN’S £299.99 8 7005 series aluminium frame / steel fork. 8 Shimano Tourney 3x7 gears. 8 Shimano FC-M171 28/38/48 chainset. 8 Shimano 14-28 freewheel. 8 Alloy rims on Formula hubs. 8 Continental 700x37 tyres. 8 Tektro V-brakes with Shimano levers.

with 700x37 Continental Contact puncture resistant tyres; The Shimano 21-speed transmission; the chromoplastic mudguards and the alloy pannier rack define this Ridgeback as a well equipped commuter/ hybrid that will get you up to speed.

This fully equipped lightweight commuter / leisure bike will get you up to speed.

It’s also worth noting that this Britishdesigned bike has reversed the trend of recent times by coming down £50 from last year’s price of £349.99.

The touring bike-style aluminium frame with its comparatively narrow diameter tubes (compared with an MTB’s); the rigid non-suspension fork; the alloy wheels

w Sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23”. w Colour: Matt Steel Grey. v Sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21”. v Colour: White. Web Ref: w 14308 v 14309

SPECIALIZED GLOBE WORK £349.99 SPECIALIZED GLOBE WORK STEP THROUGH £349.99 8 Globe Premium Alloy frame. Steel forks. 8 Shimano 3x7 EZ-Fire / Altus rear gears. 8 Specialized 700x38 Flak Jacket tyres. Great looks. Great performance. Logo-free apart from the classy head badge, the Globe Work has got it nailed when it comes to getting the look of a street bike just right. And because it comes from Specialized (our biggest component supplier) you can be confident that all its kit, from the Specialized Globe City Grips to the Globe Work Saddle, will be top notch too.

w Sizes: XS-XL. w Colour: Black. v Sizes: XS-L. v Colour: Black. Web Ref: w 14129, v 14130



WHYTE CALEDONIAN / WHYTE CALEDONIAN WOMEN’S £799 8 Hydroformed 6061 aluminium, custom-drawn, multi-butted frame. 8 SR SunTour NRX-E LO Lite, 63mm-travel fork with hydro lockout. 8 Shimano Alivio 3x9 shifters / Deore derailleurs & chainset. Custom-drawn hydroformed frame, Shimano Deore-equipped. The Caledonian is the most popular model in Whyte’s C7 All Terrain range of ‘do anything’ bikes that will perform on road and delight off road. As is the Whyte way, the Caledonian is built with custom drawn tubes. This means that they go to the expense of speccing a different tube set for each frame size - your guarantee that every Whyte will be as light as can be.

w Sizes: S-L. Colour: White. Web Ref: 13791 v Sizes: S-L. Colour: White. Web Ref: 13792

SPECIALIZED CROSSTRAIL £399.99 RIDGEBACK VELOCITY £399.99 | RIDGEBACK VELOCITY WOMEN’S £399.99 8 Double butted alloy frame. CrMo fork. 8 Shimano 24-speed EZ-Fire shifters. 8 Shimano Acera rear / 310 front mech. 8 Shimano Acera 28/38/48 chainset 8 Shimano Acera V-brakes and levers. Acera equipped double butted frame. The Velocity loses the Ridgeback Speed’s (P.13) mudguards and rack, but gains a number of significant technical improvements. The frame is upgraded from plain gauge to thin-walled double butted aluminium; The forks from hi-ten to chromoly steel;


the transmission from Shimano Tourney to Acera; the V-brakes from Tektro to Shimano Acera. When you add up all these improvements, you discover that the Velocity has lost something else - about 4lbs according to Ridgeback who tell us that the Velocity is only 12.3kg while the Speed is 14.12kg

w Sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25”. w Colour: Matt Black. v Sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21”. v Colour: Metallic Ruby. Web Ref: w 14310, v 14311

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

8 Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium frame. 8 SR SunTour SF11-NVX 75mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ-Fire gearing. 8 Tektro V-brakes. 8 Specialized Borough 700x45 tyres. Fast for town, rugged for country. The suspension forks and the tyres define the Crosstrail as a go-anywhere bike. Specialized Borough 700x45 tyres are faster than MTB knobblies but have enough bite to offer traction in loose conditions. The SR fork is perfect for entry level trail centre use. Specialized’s own Body Geometry saddle and grips ensure comfort wherever you ride.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black/White. Web Ref: 14112




8 Specialized A1 alloy step-through frame. 8 SR SunTour SF11-NVX 75mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ-Fire gearing.

8 6061 aluminium frame. 8 SunTour NVX 75mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Altus/Tourney 3x8 EZ-Fire gears. 8 Saracen doublewall rims on nutted hubs. 8 Kenda 700x32 puncture-resistant tyres. 8 Quad Nano hydraulic disc brakes.

8 Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium frame. 8 SR SF11-NVX-DS-MLO 75mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire gearing. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes.

Looking for a trail-capable commuter bike with a ladies’ step-through frame? With elements of both a road bike and mountain bike, the Ariel is for the female rider looking to zip through the weekday commute and head out for weekend adventure. The Ariel features an A1 Premium Aluminium frame with women’s recreational geometry. Its Specialized Body Geometry Women’s Riva saddle and the 75mmtravel SR SunTour fork guarantee a plush ride

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black/White/Pink. Web Ref: 14108

Purposeful-looking urban machine. 700x32 tyres on double-strength wheels on a 6061 aluminium frame inform you that the Saracen Urban X2 is going to be fast and tough. The wheels are nutted so they’re more pilfer-proof than ubiquitous QR (quickrelease) wheels.

Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20”. Colour: Black/Grey. Web Ref: 14312

Hydraulic discs and lock-out forks. With the Crosstrail Sport Disc, the disc brakes have been upgraded to hydraulics which makes them even more powerful and reliable than cable-operated mechanical disc brakes. A dial on the top of the SR SunTour fork makes it easy to lock out the suspension, for instance when you’d prefer rigid fork-like bob-free efficiency on the uphills when the 27-speed Rapidfire shifting comes into its own.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Charcoal/Black. Web Ref: 13923



8 Specialized A1 alloy step-through frame. 8 SR SF11-NVX-DS-MLO 75mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire gearing. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes.

8 Hydroformed 6061 multi-butted frame. 8 SR NRX-E H-LO Lite 63mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Acera/Alivio 3x9 drivetrain.

Hydraulic discs and lock-out forks. The Ariel Sport Disc enjoys exactly the same upgrades as the Crosstrail Sport above, this time on a women’s step-through frame. Its hydraulic disc brakes are mechanically more efficient. Its hydraulic hoses, unlike cables, are not prone to fraying, rusting, kinking and breaking so they are more reliable. As with the whole Ariel family, eyelets for fitting mudguards and rack ensure functionality.

Just like the Whyte Caledonian featured on the previous page, the Malvern is built on a hydroformed frame with custom-drawn tubing. Its custom dropouts positions the Tektro Draco mechanical disc brake calliper inside the rear triangle so it doesn’t preclude fitting a rear rack. It’s available in both gent’s diamond frame and women’s step-through sizes. It has the same SR SunTour fork with lock out. It rolls on the same 700x35 tyres.

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black/White/Blue. Web Ref: 14110

w Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13795 v Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13796

Malvern boasts the Caedonian’s key features.



‘What I really like about my Brompton is it is fun to ride, a doddle to fold and it is well made. When I take it on the tram, it folds neat and small, not much bigger than its 16” wheels. When you unfold it, people look in amazement as if you have pulled a rabbit out of a top hat. I am so glad that as a company we have decided to sell such a well-made and wellpresented British-made bike that does what it says it can do.’ Alan Knott: Sheffield sales staff.


B-SPOKE YOUR BROMPTON Ask instore for details or tel: 0845 257 0808


Best price for an aluminium-framed Dahon-manufactured folder? We believe so. The Revolution Compact is built by Dahon - the world’s biggest folding bike producers. The alloy frame boasts Dahon’s proven hinged mechanism. It comes equipped with Shimano EZ Fire 6-speed gears, V-brakes, mudguards, a kickstand and a rack. The tyres are reflective. The seatpin and handlebar stem are hugely height adjustable. It even comes supplied with its own transit bag. What more could you ask for?

One size: 77cm x 70cm x 34cm folded. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 12778

BROMPTON M3L £790 We are proud to introduce these unique British-manufactured bicycles because... The only bicycles they produce are 16”-wheeled folders. This makes them probably the most specialist bicycle company in the world. Although there have introduced incremental improvements over the years, every Brompton employs the same inspired engineered solutions that company founder and owner, Andrew Ritchie, invented in the ‘80s. That is to produce a bicycle that rides well and which folds faster and neater than any other. With practice, a Brompton can be folded and unfolded in 10 seconds. That’s twice as fast as, say, a Revolution Compact. Distinguished by its hand-built steel frame, its comfortable U-shaped bars and its Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub gear, the M3L is Brompton’s most popular model.

One Size: 58cm high x 54cm long x 27cm folded. Colour: Hot Pink, Black, White or Turkish Green. Web Ref: 13979


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)




Sporty flat-handlebars Brompton.

The X-Suffix stands for extra lightweight.

Brompton’s lightest weight key model.

With its 2-speed derailleur (rather than hub) gear and its flat bars, this lighter weight Brompton offers a more sporty ride. As with every Brompton, the S2L illustrated is the ‘key model’ that you can purchase ‘off the shelf’. However, because all their bikes are assembled in Britain, Brompton are happy to offer a B-spoke service where they will build the bike to your spec. Interested in a singlespeed Brompton, or one with a telescoping seatpost for taller riders, or dynohub lighting, or bags fitted or a 2-tone paint job from a palette of 15 colours? Just ask.

To create a lighter weight 3-speed Brompton, the M3L-X’s fork, rear triangle and mudguard stays are all titanium alloy and the seatpost is aluminium. The Brompton M3L-X retains the hi-tensile steel main frame that has served their customers so well for so long. Crucially, it employs the famous Brompton fold. When folded, the front wheel guards the drivetrain so the chain can’t touch you. This design also guarantees that the bike can’t spontaneously unfold, with the result that carrying a Brompton onto a train is as routine and drama-free as carrying a suitcase.

When you understand their codes, you understand the Brompton range. ‘S’ stands for sporty flat bars (in contrast with the M3L’s Brompton U-shaped bars). ‘2’ stands for 2-speed derailleur gears. ‘L’ is for lightweight. ‘X’ is for extra lightweight. The Brompton S2L-X is therefore a sporty 2-speed folding bike made extra lightweight with titanium forks and stays. As with the M3L-X, the front wheel is also lighter weight as are the alloy headset and aluminium seat pillar, and it comes fully equipped with a set of battery lights and a pair of mudguards.

One Size: 58cm high x 54cm long x 27cm folded. Colour: Hot Pink, Black, White or Turkish Green. Web Ref: 13980

One Size: 58cm high x 54cm long x 27cm folded. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13982

One Size: 58cm high x 54cm long x 27cm folded. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13981




8 7005 aluminium frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano 7-speed Revo twist-shift gears.

8 Lugged and brazed steel frame. 8 Hand brazed fork with tubular crown 8 Sturmey Archer hub brakes & 3 speed gears.

8 Lugged and brazed steel frame. 8 Hand brazed fork with tubular crown 8 Sturmey Archer hub brakes & 3 speed gears.

Beautifully presented lugged steel frame.

Truly venerable.

Along with Brompton, Pashley are one of the very few companies who still manufacture bikes in Britain. This is a surely a good thing when the result is such a handsome bike. Its traditional lugged steel frame, its Brooks honeycoloured leather saddle, its cork handlebar grips and its cream tyres make the Pashley Poppy among the prettiest bikes in the world. Its matching full metal mudguards and chaincase, and its Sturmey Archer hub brakes and gears make it the cleanest.

Truly venerable, you could imagine this bike being ridden 85 years ago when Pashley built their first bikes in Stratford upon Avon. Upgrades over the Poppy include 5-speed Sturmey Archer gears (over 3), a dynohubpowered front light, an LED rear light, an even more chain-encasing chain guard, a skirt guard, a tubular steel rear rack, a wicker basket, a Dutch-style frame lock and a kickstand.

We’re proud of our Heritage. The unisex step-through frame invites you to hop onto this bike whenever the fancy takes you. The high, swept-back handlebars encourage you to ride upright in comfort as does the sprung saddle. The wicker basket has proved itself over a century as the easiest way to carry stuff while keeping it accessible. It’s Crane Brass Bell from Japan (£12.99 RRP) is the sweetest toned you’ll ever hear. The gloss-black paint job underlines its timeless good looks. The lightweight alloy frame, the alloy V-brakes and the 7-speed Shimano shifters ensure it performs as good as it looks.

Sizes: 16, 18. Colour: Ebony Black. Web Ref: 13015

Sizes: 17.5, 20. 22.5”. Colour: Pastel Blue. Web Ref: 13713

Sizes: 17.5, 20, 22.5”. Colour: Gloss Buckingham Black. Web Ref: 9786




REVOLUTION COURIER RACE £329.99 8 7005 aluminium frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano Acera 8-spd Rapidfire gearing. Scintillating road bike-like ride with flat bars. Looking for a scintillating road bike-like ride but prefer flat bars to drops? The Courier Race was made for you. To keep the bike simple and uncomplicated we restrict the gearing to 8-speed. However, we ensure perfect shifts


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

by specifying a Shimano Acera Rapidfire shifter and mech, rarely seen on bikes south of £400. The 700x32 tyres are Kevlar lined to help ensure your fast ride isn’t punctuated by punctures. The frame & fork are eyeletted so if you want mudguards and racks fitted, just ask.

Sizes: 18, 20, 22. Colour: Graphite Fusion. Web Ref: 13013




8 Specialized A1 Premium manipulated aluminium frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ Fire transmission 8 Specialized Nimbus 700x32 Flak Jacket tyres.

8 Specialized A1 Premium manipulated aluminium frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ Fire transmission 8 Specialized Nimbus 700x32 Flak Jacket tyres.

8 Specialized A1 Premium manipulated aluminium step-through frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ Fire transmission 8 Specialized Nimbus 700x32 Flak Jacket tyres.

If you prefer the latest model over last year’s bargain, this is the 2012 Specialized Sirrus.

The new Vita is white, light and just right.

New for 2012 Vita w/traditional ladies’ frame.

The new Sirrus continues a proven formula. Combining the heart of some of the world’s best road bikes (Specialized’s) with familiar flat-bar control creates an urban-friendly bike with a nice turn of speed. Specialized Nimbus 700x32 Flak Jacket tyres have the cushioning and the puncture resistance required to cope with short cuts on rougher tracks.

The Specialized Vita’s all-new, super light, women’s A1 Premium Aluminium fully manipulated fitness-geometry frame with integrated headset offers a lively ride. Its Shimano trekking 28/38/48 chainset enables a swifter turn of speed compared with an MTB 22/32/44 setup. As with its gentleman partner, the Sirrus, the Vita’s rack and mudguard mounts enhance its versatility.

You like the idea of having a responsive lightweight bike like the Vita but you prefer a traditional step-through frame over the modern women’s-specific diamond frame. Specialized make your wishes come true with the introduction of this brand new line for 2012. As with every Vita, Specialized’s own awardwinning Body Geometry handlebar grips & saddle help ensure riding comfort.

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Graphite. Web Ref: 14131

Sizes: XS-L. Colour: White. Web Ref: 14136

Sizes: XS-L. Colour: White. Web Ref: 14143

REVOLUTION COURIER RACE DISC £379.99 8 7005 aluminium frame. Steel fork. 8 Tektro mechanical disc brakes. 8 Shimano Acera 8-speed Rapidfire gearing. 8 Innova Kevlar-Inside 700 x 32 tyres. Our Courier Race upgraded with disc brakes. A fast bike like the Courier Race benefits from coming equipped with better brakes. Moving the brakes from the rain-attracting wheel rims to the relatively clean hubs improves the bikes’ all-weather performance. Disc brake pads are much harder so they last much longer. It’s therefore a no-brainer that a commuter bikes will benefit from disc brake efficiency and longevity.

Sizes: 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Mercury Grey. Web Ref: 13014

CANNONDALE QUICK 4 £499.99 (was £599) While stocks last

8 Cannondale Quick butted alloy SAVE frame. 8 Cannondale Quick Carbon Bladed fork. Fast on the road, forgiving on the towpaths. With its Cannondale trademark smooth-welded butted aluminium frame, its carbon forks and its SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination technology) stays, the Quick 4 is a fast, nippy yet forgiving ride. 700x38 tyres and a Shimano Alivio 24-speed Rapidfire transmission put the Cannondale Quick 4 firmly in the all-rounder category of leisure / commuter bikes, making it an excellent choice if you want a bike that is fast on the road, forgiving on the towpaths.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Fine Silver. Web Ref: 13978




GIANT RAPID 4 £525 8 AluxX SL Fluid Formed butted aluminium frame. Aluminium OverDrive fork. 8 Shimano EZ Fire 3x8 shifters / Shimano 2300 rear derailleur. Giant’s AluxX SL Fluid Formed frame helps ensure this bike is very rapid indeed. The Rapid 4 is built with the same AluxX SL Fluid Formed tubing previously proven on Giant’s best aluminium road racing bikes. It belts along on Kenda Criterium 700x25 tyres. A Shimano 2300 roadie rear mech derails the chain deftly.

Sizes: S, M, M/L, L, XL. Colour: Charcoal/Silver. Web Ref: 14368

GIANT DASH 4 £525 8 AluxX SL Fluid Formed butted aluminium frame. Aluminium OverDrive fork. 8 Shimano EZ Fire 3x8 shifters / Shimano 2300 rear derailleur. One glance and you appreciate the beauty of this FluidFormed frame. So dashing. Like the Giant Rapid 4, Dash is a genuine lightweight race-geometry bike that comes with straight bars (ready fitted with short bar ends to facilitate ‘honking’ out of the saddle) and sufficient clearance to fit SKS mudguards (P.10).

Sizes: XS, S, M, Colour: Light Blue/Blue. Web Ref: 14367


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)




8 Aluminium frame and fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x8 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Cruiser 700x30 tyres.

8 6061 butted alloy frame. Fatty alloy fork. 8 Shimano Altus/Alivio 3x9 drivetrain.

8 Specialized E5 aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon / Zertz forks. 8 Shimano Acera/Alivio 3x9 gearing.

The Bad Boy comes of age. Ten years ago, the original Cannondale Bad Boy was one of the first production bikes that matched an MTB frame with slick tyres. Its matt black finish defined the urban stealth look. The 2012 Bad Boy still has the look check the black reflective decals, which you don’t notice till the headlights catch them but the spec has been brought up to date with faster Schwalbe Kojak 700x28 Race Guard tyres, while Tektro mechanical disc brakes replace the original’s V-brakes.

Upgraded with Specialized’s best alloy frame.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Jet Black. Web Ref: 14297

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Silver. Web Ref: 14133




8 Specialized E5 aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon / Zertz forks. 8 Shimano Acero/Alivio 3x9 gearing.

8 Custom-drawn HydroFormed alloy frame. 8 6061 Alloy fork with Low Rider bosses. 8 Shimano SL-R440 2x9 transmission 8 Promax Hornet hydraulic disc brakes.

8 Specialized E5 aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon / Zertz forks. 8 SRAM X.7 2x10 gearing.

The first bike in Whyte’s R7 Fast Urban series.

Matching a 34/48 SRAM chainset with an 11-36 cassette gives you the range of gears that would normally demand a triple chainset. 2x10-speed gearing is therefore a good thing because it simplifies shifting. What’s more, the SRAM chainset’s lower Q factor (distance between the outside of the pedal holes) positions your feet closer together for optimal pedalling and biomechanical efficiency.

German designed and engineered. Thanks to its German designed and engineered aluminium frame and fork, its Shimano Acera Rapidfire 24-speed drivetrain with its town and countryside-friendly 28/38/48 chainset, its fast grippy Schwalbe Cruiser tyres, and its highly responsive Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, this Focus bike will have you yelling Arriba when you take it for a spin.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: New White/Green. Web Ref: 14300

As with the Sirrus Elite, the Tour de France proven E5 frame and the Carbon / Zertz fork makes this Vita come alive. This all-new super-light women’s E5 fully manipulated alloy frame with fitness geometry is built for high speed, low-fuss, and great versatility. Internal cable routing contributes to the Vita Elite’s clean looks. The tapered head tube promotes laser-sharp steering and helps eliminate brake juddering. Rack/mudguard mounts prove its versatility.

The Portobello employs some of the best elements of Whyte’s unique UK trail optimised MTB hardtails to create an agile city bike. Elements such as the custom gauge 6061 aluminium frame’s long wheelbase and relaxed 70 degree head angle for high speed stability; a shorter stem for excellent slow speed manoeuvrability; and shaped, butted, stays for a comfortable, responsive rear end.

Sizes: XS-L. Colour: White. Web Ref: 14140

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Granite Black. Web Ref: 13798

This version of the Specialized Sirrus proves that Specialized don’t use the word, Elite, lightly. E5 is Specialized’s most advanced, lightest weight aluminium alloy frame material. It wasn’t that long ago that Specialized’s sponsored riders rode E5 frames in the Tour de France. The FACT carbon fork boasts shock-damping Zertz implants, similar to what you will get on a £1,600 Specialized Roubaix race bike (P.55).

2x10 is the way to go.

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Slate. Web Ref: 14132



WHYTE STIRLING £999 8 HydroFormed 6061 butted custom-drawn aluminium frame. 8 Straight bladed carbon fork with Low Rider bosses. 8 SRAM SL700 2x10 shifters, Rival/Apex mechs 34/50 chainset. 8 Avid Elixir 1hydraulic disc brakes. Whyte tell us that the Stirling weighs just 9.1kg / 20lb. Avid Elixir brakes and SRAM 2x10 gearing make the Stirling even more desirable than the Whyte Portobello R7 bike on page 21. Whyte R7 bikes are fast becoming the first choice of experienced cyclists who normally ride an MTB or road bike, but are looking for a city bike that doesn’t compromise performance: hence the Stirling’s custom-drawn butted alloy frame, its zippy punctureresistant 700x28 tyres, its full SRAM 2x10 transmission, its hydraulic disc brakes, its Ride to Work Scheme-compliant price and the fact that it is lighter than any of our £1,000 road bikes.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Granite Black. Web Ref: 13799

FOCUS PLANET TR 3.0 ALFINE £929 8 Focus German-engineered aluminium frame and fork. 8 Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gears. 8 Shimano 445 hydraulic disc brakes. Now you know why we introduced Focus to our range. If you have ever switched standard production-bike tyres for something faster and lighter, you will have discovered that nothing improves a bike more than a nice set of tyres. This bike actually comes with a set of Schwalbe Kojak 700x35 tyres which are not only technically sound, they help make the Focus Planet TR 3.0 one of the most head-turning bikes in this catalogue. Then check the hubs. The front is Shimano Deore. The rear is Shimano’s brilliant Alfine 8-speed which is much smoother (needle bearings!) and better sealed than Shimano’s previous best Nexus 8 hub gear.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Magicblack Matt. Web Ref: 14305

WHYTE MONTPELLIER £1,599 8 HydroFormed 6061 butted custom-drawn aluminium frame. 8 Straight bladed carbon fork with Low Rider bosses. 8 SRAM Apex 2x10 transmission 8 Hope X-2 Race hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Alex rims on Hope EVO stainless steel sealed bearing hubs. Montpellier is the pinnacle of Whyte’s R7 Fast Urban Series. Most of us believe that Hope’s UK-made UK-proof hubs and brakes are the best a bike can get. Sadly, such beautifully machined metalwork is so pricey, you hardly ever see it on a production bike - unless the bike is designed by a company who have the ambition to create the most UK-fit bicycles. Welcome to the Whyte Montpellier, named after a university town that’s maybe even more exotic than Stirling.

GENESIS DAY 01 ALFINE £1,099.99 8 Reynolds 520 Cr-Mo frame. Cr-Mo fork. 8 Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gears. 8 Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes. This Genesis is as brilliant as the band of the same name wasn’t. A bicycle with colour, dash and a touch of panache, the Genesis Day 01 Alfine is a refreshing alternative to the notion that bikes with hub gears have to look utilitarian. One ride will convince you that Alfine 8 gearing is truly great.

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm. Colour: Metallic Orange. Web Ref: 14106

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Granite Black. Web Ref: 13797


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

SINGLESPEED FLAT CAPS, ROLLED UP JEANS AND HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHES Forget tiny pooches with diamante collars, owning a singlespeed/fixie is the ultimate urban fashion accessory. But don’t let that put you off. Rather like gentlemen’s umbrellas, singlespeeds were a must-have at the end of the 19th Century and then went slowly out of favour in the 20th Century. Now they’re back with a bang in the 21st Century as more and more people realise how genuinely useful they are. Here’s why. 8 Singlespeeds/fixies display a unique aesthetic. 8 Ditching the derailleurs can crash diet a bike by a kilo. 8 No jiggling mechs makes for a quieter ride. 8 Riding singlespeed or fixed is totally engaging.

8 Momentum built on the flats helps you over hills. 8 Out-of-saddle climbs get you up hills faster. 8 A 1/8” chain that’s never derailed lasts much longer. 8 Less is more. Less complication, less to go wrong. We’ll sign off this intro with our favourite quote from Tour de France founder, Henri Desgrange, who wrote the following around 100 hundred years ago. ‘I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn’t it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur? We are getting soft.... As for me, give me a fixed gear!’




8 7005-series MTB frame & steel fork. 8 44t chainring / 16t freewheel. Flip-flop hub. 8 Innova 26x1.6” Kevlar-inside tyres.

8 7005 alloy road frame. Rigid steel fork. 8 Formula flip-flop sealed hub.

8 Chromoly steel frame and fork.

Britain’s best value singlespeed/fixie.

Excellent value intro to the single life.

The lightweight alloy frame has genuine track fork ends - i.e. the open ends of the rear drop outs face backwards - this makes it easy to pull the wheel back to achieve optimum chain tension. The Continental Ultra Race 70x25 tyres’ Safety System belts enhance punctureresistance. The double wall alloy wheels spin on sealed bearings. An unbeatable value fixie.

As you will no doubt remember, Toni Bilivaqua rode a Wilier steel bike when he was two-time world pursuit champion back in the 1950s. The bike was a perfect pale blue. The drop bars were fitted to a quill stem which could be easily adjusted up and down in the fork’s 1 inch (outside diameter) steerer. His rear wheel’s polished alloy rim would have been laced to a flip-flop hub that made it easy to switch between freewheel and fixed mode. The wheels would have been shod with 700x23 gumwall tyres. If only they made bikes as nice as that today.

If you agree that you might have all the gears you’ll ever need in your legs, you are a candidate for the Revolution Courier S1ngle. Stripped down to the essentials singlespeed bikes display a unique aesthetic. Ditching the derailleur and such paraphernalia crash diets a kilo off the bike’s weight. No jiggling mechs makes it the quietest bike you’ve ever ridden. Riding without gears will certainly build up your strength. Fewer parts means less maintenance will be required.

Sizes: 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Magnum Grey. Web Ref: 13002

Sizes: 52, 55, 58. Colour: Ascot Green. Web Ref: 12966

A beautiful homage to a great rider.

Sizes: XS-XXL. Colour: Light Blue. Web Ref: 14366


CROSS BIKES REVOLUTION CROSS SPORT £574.99 8 7005 aluminium frame and rigid steel fork. 8 Shimano Sora Dual Control 2x9 shifters and mechs. 8 Tektro Oryx cantilever brakes with auxiliary bar-top levers Almost 2lbs lighter, the Sport is less of a Cross to bear. With its double-chainring 36/46 FSA chainset, its improved Shimano Sora 2x9-speed gear shifting and its tighter 11-25 cassette (compared with the standard model’s 11-32 cassette) this is a lighter weight, more sporty version of our Revolution Cross. Otherwise, the Revolution Cross Sport shares the standard model’s key features: a lightweight 7005 alloy with clearance for mudguards and racks; Tektro canti brakes; genuine Maxxis Raze 700x35 cyclo-cross racing tyres and Kalloy 44cm-wide drop handlebars on a size-specific stem.

Sizes: 52, 55, 58cm. Colour: Vintage Blue. Web Ref: 12965




8 7005 aluminium frame and rigid steel fork. 8 Shimano 2303 Dual Control 3x8 drivetrain.

8 A1 aluminium butted frame. Alloy fork 8 Shimano 2303 Dual Control 3x8 drivetrain. 8 Specialized Borough CX Sport 700x32 tyres.

8 6061 Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium frame. 8 Shimano Sora 2x9 Dual Control drivetrain. 8 Tektro Lyra ball bearing-actuated disc brakes.

’The Tricross is the perfect do-it-all bike for anything from trails to commuting to touring, with rack/mudguard mounts, wide-range gearing, and secondary brake levers.’ Specialized.

Fit for cyclo-cross or London’s Kings Cross.

Crosses over from tarmac to dirt track. The Revolution Cross is a special breed of lightweight road bike. The alloy frame and drop handlebars are similar to our Revolution Continental road bike’s (P.50) so you can be confident that the Cross will help you speed along the road. Its Maxxis, Raze 700x35 tyres and its wider range of gears makes it easier to ride in situations where a racing bike might struggle: for instance on rutted uphill paths when you take a scenic off-road detour. Full mudguard clearance (P.10) means that the Cross readily doubles as a fast touring bike.

Sizes: 52, 55, 58cm. Colour: Black Flash. Web Ref: 12964


Almost as fast as a road bike yet fit for light off-road duties, the Tricross epitomises the modern cross bike. The double butted alloy frame’s ‘flattened’ top tube and internal cable routing facilitates shouldering the bike.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54,56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black/Silver. Web Ref: 14089

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

The clue’s in the name. This is a cycle-cross inspired bike that doubles as a perfect city bike. It’s built with Whyte’s trademark care and originality. The frame geometry (69 degree head angle and 73-74 degree seat angle) is similar to Whyte’s proven trail bike geometry. This makes a Whyte cross more adept when you need to manoeuvre the bike in tight off road situations - or when you have to quickly steer round a pothole in town.

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58cm. Colour: Granite/ White. Web Ref: 13789

SPECIALIZED TRICROSS SPORT DISC £899.99 8 A1 aluminium butted frame. Alloy fork 8 Shimano Sora 3x9-speed drivetrain. 8 Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes with auxiliary bar-top levers.

Avid disc brakes makes the Tricross Sport Disc even more road efficient and trail competent. This version of the Tricross is upgraded with what are generally regarded as the best mechanical (cable-operated) disc brakes you can buy - Avid’s ball bearing-actuated beauties. Like all better cross bikes, auxiliary brake levers, which you can operated while riding on the bar tops, complement the Shimano Sora brake levers on the drops.

WHYTE CHARING CROSS £999 8 Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium frame. 8 Straight bladed carbon fork legs. 8 Shimano Tiagra 2x10 drivetrain. 8 Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes. 8 Maxxis Detonator 700 x 28c tyres. Even posher than Kings Cross. With its more shock-absorbing carbon fork; its Shimano Tiagra 2x10 compact transmission; its Avid BB-5

ball bearing-actuated mechanical disc brakes and its cartridge sealed bearing hubs, Charing Cross is even posher than Kings Cross. As with the Kings Cross, the Whyte Charing Cross’s post-mount rear dropout positions the disc brake caliper in-board so it doesn’t preclude fitting a pannier rack.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Granite/ Matt Black. Web Ref: 13788

Sizes: 49, 52, 54,56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Metallic Blue. Web Ref: 14092


CANNONDALE CAADX 105 £1,099.99


8 Triple butted alloy frame. Carbon fork. 8 Shimano 105 2x10 Dual Control drivetrain. 8 Tektro Lyra ball bearing-actuated disc brakes.

8 CAADX BB30 Cyclocross frame. 8 Cannondale Ultra X fork. Carbon blades. 8 Shimano 105 2x10-speed shifters & mechs. 8 Schwalbe Sammy Slick 700x35 tyres. 8 Tektro CR710 cantilever brakes.

8 Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium frame. 8 Straight bladed full carbon fork. 8 SRAM Apex 2x10 shifters / Rival rear mech. 8 Avid BB-7 mechanical disc brakes. 8 Maxxis Raze 700 x 28c tyres.

CAADX means this is a Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design Cross.

Whyte’s purest out-and-out cross racing bike.

‘Made for speed.... Shifting is seamless.’ ‘Formed with triple-butted aluminium the frame, with its monster fluted top tube, oversized downtube, and plump chainstays is made for speed, whether it be slashing through mud on a cross course or trying to claw back the time you mislaid sleeping in on your way to work. Twinned with a carbon fork, Shimano 105 drivetrain components and a forgiving FSA Gossamer MegaExo 46-36T chainset, shifting is seamless.’ Bicycle Buyer. Sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62cm. Colour: Grey/Blue. Web Ref: 14289

Relaxed Race geometry mudguard compatible 6061 frame; Hourglass seatstays; BB30 bottom bracket, asymmetric chainstays reinforced on the drive side to strengthen the frame and the rear wheel: the CAADX 105 is brimming with Cannondale know-how. Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Brushed Aluminium. Web Ref: 14267

With its shorter wheelbase and higher bottom bracket, the Saxon is the purest out-and-out cross racing bike in the Whyte range, so it benefits from incremental spec upgrades: Avid BB-7 brakes, SRAM Apex/Rival gearing and cartridge sealed hubs.

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58cm. Colour: Granite/White. Web Ref: 13790





Cycle to Work is the generic name for any UK Governmentendorsed cycle-leasing salary-sacrifice scheme. Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s own Cycle to Work facility is called The Bike to Work Scheme. Since we launched our scheme in 2004, more than 800 organisations have chosen Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op to be their Cycle to Work partner.

Say you choose a £300 bicycle to be leased over 12 months, you would agree a monthly salary sacrifice of £25. Now here’s the good bit. Because this £25 comes off your gross salary, it’s no longer taxable. Your monthly take-home salary will therefore only be reduced by around £17 over the lease period (the amount of tax and NI saved depends on your tax bracket, so your monthly savings might be even greater). The net result is that this £300 bike will only set you back around £200.

The experience we have gained over the past 8 years finetuning our Bike to Work Scheme has enabled us to create what we believe to be the most user-friendly and flexible Cycle to Work Scheme in the land. Among the features our partners and customers particularly appreciate about the Edinburgh Bicycle Bike to Work Scheme are: 8 Zero exemptions. The employee can chose ANY adult bike from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s huge range, as long as the price is within the employer’s limit (usually £1,000). 8 Discounts passed on. If the employee chooses a bike or equipment that’s on special offer, that’s the price your organisation pays for the bike. (It’s standard practice with competing schemes to always charge full RRP.) 8 Streamlined process. It only takes a couple of days for a ‘small organisation’ (up to 200 employees) to set up a Bike to Work contract with Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Large organisations can take a week or 2.


HOW DOES THE SCHEME SAVE THE EMPLOYER MONEY? Salary sacrifice reduces the employer’s National Insurance contribution. Leasing a £300 bike saves your organisation around £38. The Bike to Work Scheme is clearly a win-win situation for employee and employer alike. In an era of austerity when many organisations are being forced to cut back on employee benefits, Bike to Work stands out as a moraleboosting staff perk that can actually save the employer money.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BIKE AT THE END OF THE LEASE? The employer can transfer ownership of the bicycle by selling it to the employee at the end of the hire period for its Full Market Value. HMRC guidelines define Full Market Value as being between 2% and 25% of the bike’s original price depending on a number of factors. Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative is delighted to advise employers on the various mechanisms available to minimise the transfer ownership fee so their employees can enjoy maximum benefit from participating in the Bike to Work Scheme. To find out more please visit







£204 £17 PER MONTH

For most people, a road race bike is the quickest means of travelling from A to B under your own steam. It follows then that a road bike is an excellent means of getting to work on time (and getting home even quicker).






£174 £14.50 PER MONTH

Examples valid for tax year 2011/12. (Savings correct at time of going to press 15 September 2011.)

NO CYCLE TO WORK SCHEME AT YOUR WORKPLACE? WHAT TO DO NEXT. Make your employers aware of a unique staff benefit that will save them money. Encourage them to visit our website where they can find out all they will need to know about setting up a Bike to Work Scheme. Alternatively you can go on the website yourself and request Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s handsome Bike to Work Scheme brochure which you can then forward to your employer.


If you have any specific queries please email Edinburgh Bicycle’s Bike to Work team at

Pros: Fast and exhilarating, riding a road bike ensures you reach your destination feeling fully charged. The very fact that a road bike encourages you to ride faster can help you integrate better with the rest of the traffic. Cons: Road bikes are rarely made for load carrying. Even if your fast bike can take a rack and panniers, it can negate the pleasure of riding a road bike if you overburden it. Similarly, the lack of mudguards means that the road bike might restrict you to fair-weather cycling. Finally, skinny lightweight tyres can be more puncture prone.

MOUNTAIN BIKE An MTB can be a great everyday bike, especially if your commute involves an off-road route. Pros: An MTB’s cushy tyres and suspension forks can survive potholes that could slay faster wheels. A mountain bike’s multi-gear options and disc brakes are not necessarily overkill if you live in a hilly town such as Sheffield, Bristol or Edinburgh. MTB skills learned off road can help you steer out of danger on road. The tyres’ extra traction make MTBs better snow mobiles. Cons: The tyres’ greater rolling resistance means that a mountain bike won’t accelerate or climb as fast. Front or full suspension MTBs can’t always take pannier racks so luggage carrying capacity might be compromised. Similarly full length mudguards might be a no-no.

WE NOW TAKE CYCLESCHEME CERTIFICATES Many UK employers operate their Cycle to Work Scheme via an agency called Cyclescheme. If that’s the case at your workplace, we are delighted to report that you can now redeem Cyclescheme Certificates at any branch of Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. If there is no Bike Co-op branch near you (yet) you can order your Cyclescheme bike by phoning Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s online team on 0845 257 0808 (lo-call number) or 0131 331 5010

COMMUTER / LEISURE BIKE ‘Commuter/leisure’ is the banner we hang over any bicycle that’s not a pure road or mountain bike. This category includes high-handlebar comfort bikes and flat-bar speed machines; large heritage bikes and nippy wee folders; hub geared bikes, fixie/singlespeeds and cross bikes. If money and storage were no object, a bicycle enthusiast would own a fleet of bikes covering every style. Back in the real world, if you only want one bicycle that does everything pretty well, a commuter/leisure bike is often your best option. Pros: A bike that can carry loads and won’t throw up road splash is not to be sneered at so the provision of (or compatability with) mudguards and racks is a good thing to have on an everyday bike. Cons: A commuter/leisure bike is rarely as trail capable as an MTB, nor as fast as a full-on road race bike.


MOUNTAIN BIKES IT’S TIME TO WINTERISE A few additions to your bike can set you up for winter. The right rubber might make the difference between riding through the winter and seeing it out on the couch Whether we experience a recurrence of last winter’s snow or whether the weather is warm and wet, we can’t recommend Maxxis Minion DH tyre enough if you want to keep a grip. Alternatively, if you stick to the trails when the ground is hard and dry or you use the mountain bike to commute Continental’s low-knob Race King 2.2” tyres will keep you up to speed. If you want to consider more alternatives, we have another 25 or so MTB tyres to choose from online. If you are looking for more of an all rounder, a tyre that is lighter than a Maxxis Minion and grippier than a Race King, Specialized’s The Captain is a sound choice available in 4 options including super puncture-resistant Armadillo. Whichever tyre you choose one thing is certain. It has the potential to spray you from head to toe with rain and mud from the road and the trail. A set of mudguards will spare you much of that soggy sorry-assed misery. Both Crud mudguards and our own Revolution Protect Mountain Guards are mountain bike-specific. Unlike road mudguards (P.10) they have no stays and they are mounted where they can neither clog nor interfere with the bike’s suspension.

The Continental Race King is a fast low-knob lightweight cross country tyre that is optimised for dry conditions. It might seem a curious choice to feature in this winter tyre review. However, if you like to use the mountain bike on the road in winter and you appreciate a sure-footed 2.2” tread, this is a good choice.

Photo courtesy of Alex { Edinburgh Shop }

CONTINENTAL RACE KING 26 x 2.2” £15.99

Web Ref: 13816

MAXXIS MINION DH 26 x 2.5” £39.99 Minion front and rear-specific tyres were designed by and for Team Maxxis-MSC to meet the demands of UCI World Cup downhill races. The large ramped knobs and the sticky 42A durometer compound deliver awesome grip.

Web Ref: 10339


SPECIALIZED THE CAPTAIN SPORT 26 x 2.0” £16.99 Web Ref: 9609 SPECIALIZED THE CAPTAIN S-WORKS 2BLISS 26 x 2.0” £22.99 Web Ref: 9610 SPECIALIZED THE CAPTAIN CONTROL 2BLISS 26 x 2.2” £22.99 Web Ref: 13191 SPECIALIZED THE CAPTAIN ARMADILLO ELITE 26 x 2.0” £39.99 Web Ref: 9608 Follow in Ned’s treads. These tyres really were designed by Specialized Team Captain and multiple XC race winner, Ned Overend. The result is a tyre that delivers predictable control over any terrain. As is the Specialized way, these treads are available in multiple versions to match every need and budget. The Captain Sport has a standard wire bead. The S-Works 2Bliss has a foldable Aramid bead, a dual-compound tread with softer grippier shoulders and can be run tubeless or with a tube. The Control 2Bliss has a more puncture-resistant casing. The Armadillo Elite is even more flat resistant.



Web Ref: 9063

Web Ref: 9064

CRUD NEW URBAN RACE PACK £19.99 Web Ref: 11123

MOUNTAIN BIKES £249 - £330 REVOLUTION CADENCE XC £249.99 8 7005 aluminium women’s-specific frame. 8 SR SunTour 63mm-travel fork. Tried and tested since 1999. The Cadence is our women’s-specific MTB, tried and tested since we launched it in the late ‘90s. The more compact Cadence frame is based on the fact that the average women is 6” shorter than the average bloke. Moreover the 5’ 6” lass will have a shorter torso than a 5’ 6” lad. Sit a female on a bike built for the average male: she’s obliged to overstretch to reach the bars so she’ll never be comfortable on that bicycle. Sit on a Cadence with its easier reach to the bars. Instant gratification.

Sizes: 16, 18”. Colour: Platinum Silver. Web Ref: 13088


We have a rule in our shops. There is no such thing as a silly question. We understand that every expert cyclist was once a rookie. Any questions? Just ask.

WHATEVER YOUR ROUTE, GET THE KNOBBLIES OOT! REVOLUTION CUILLIN XC £249.99 8 7005 aluminium mountain bike frame. 8 SR SunTour 63mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Tourney 3x7 EZ Fire gearing. Revolution bicycles’ trademark good looks and reliability at a great price. The Revolution Cuillin XC is built on an authentic 7005 aluminium alloy MTB frame. The coil-sprung suspension fork cushions bumps. Light-action 21-speed Shimano gear shifters really are EZ-firing. Tektro V-brakes and authentic 26 x 2.1” MTB tyres offer assured control. The Cuillin XC is a fine introduction to the pleasures of mountain biking. It can happily double as a durable Crud Catcher-compatible city hack bike. Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Cobalt Blue. Web Ref: 13091


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

REVOLUTION CADENCE SPORT £329.99 8 Women’s-specific 7005-series alloy frame. 8 SunTour XCT 100mm-travel fork with lockout. 8 Shimano 3x8 EZ Fire shifters / Acera gears. 8 Tektro iO mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes take the Cadence to a new level. Built on the same quality women’s frame as the Cadence XC, this Sport model enjoys considerable upgrades which make it even more off-roadworthy. The fork has 100mm travel. The cassette hub improves rear wheel strength and enables a wider range of 24 gears. Best of all, it comes with Tektro iO disc brakes which introduce a new level of control, reliability and brake pad longevity. If you want a mountain bike that stops as well as it goes, quality disc brakes are the answer.

Sizes: 16, 18”. Colour: Polar White. Web Ref: 13086 Customer photo courtesy of Gudmund Aarseth

REVOLUTION CUILLIN SPORT £329.99 GIANT REVEL 3 £295 | GIANT REVEL 3 W £295 8 AluxX aluminium press-formed frame. 8 SunTour M2025 63mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano Tourney 3x7 EZ Fire shifters. 8 Tektro alloy V-brakes on alloy wheels. Revel in the ownership of a great starter mountain bike. Giant are a huge bike company. Nobody builds as many bikes as this Taiwanese giant. Plus they build every frame in their own factories to ensure they can maintain the

quality control that helped make them the world’s number one in the first place. Even their entry-level Revel MTB frame is press-formed using Giant’s proprietary AluxX tubing. Although it’s not quite as light as, say, the Giant Talon’s AluxX SL hydroformed frame (P.33), Giant reckon the Revel’s frame is at least as light and as accurately made as you will get at this price. Giant’s economies of scale also enable them to build their bikes in a vast range of sizes. The XXS (13”) size can be a valid, standard 26” wheel option for kids as young as 10.

w: Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XXL. Colour: White/Blue. Web Ref: 13840 v: Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M. Colour: White/Blue/Black. Web Ref: 13841

8 7005-series aluminium frame. 8 SunTour 100mm-travel LO fork. 8 Tektro iO mechanical disc brakes. The red Cuillin was made to take you higher. As with the Cadence Sport, our Cuillin Sport enjoys identical upgrades in fork travel, brake performance, wheel strength and gear range. It’s worth pointing out that while around 85% of women are more comfortable on the more compact Cadence Sport, that still leaves a sizable number of (especially taller) lasses that get along better with the slightly longer Cuillin Sport. A quick test ride at any of our shops will reveal which one’s best for you.

Sizes: 18, 20, 22”. Colour: Team Red. Web Ref: 13090


MOUNTAIN BIKES £340 - £480

SARACEN TUFFTRAX COMP DISC £399.99 8 6061 aluminium alloy frame. 8 SunTour XCT V2 fork with 80mm travel. 8 Shimano 3x8 EZ-Fire drivetrain. 8 Quad Nano hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Nutrak Jack 26x2.1” tyres. 8 66cm-wide bars on 70-105mm stem. Hydraulic disc-equipped MTBs start here. One of our first mountain bike suppliers, Saracen have come back on the Bike Co-op’s radar with a new, more mature range for 2012, which the Tufftrax Comp Disc exemplifies. Its British-designed, Taiwan-made Quad disc brakes make the low-maintenance high-power advantages of hydraulic brakes available at a highly competitive price.

Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20”. Colour: Blue/White. Web Ref: 14348

FREE FITTING FREE SERVICE When you order a bike from us, we guarantee that it will be assembled and carefully checked over in our own workshop by an Edinburgh Bicycle-mechanic. If you want anything fitted to your new bike mudguards, bags, GPS, lights - just ask when you order it and we will waive our normal fitting charge. We’re confident you’ll find this free fitting service more convenient than the alternative - picking up a new bike along with a bagful of accessories you’ll be obliged to fit yourself. Six weeks later, we’ll invite you to pop the bike back to the shop for a FREE service. That way, we can ensure that all’s well with the bike after you’ve given it a good shake-down on the streets and trails.



SPECIALIZED HARDROCK SE £339.99 8 Fully butted A1 Aluminium frame with ORE down tube. 8 80mm travel SunTour fork w/size-specific spring rates. 8 Shimano Tourney 3x7 EZ Fire gearing. Specialized’s exceptional entry-level MTB. The Specialized Hardrock has been a legend for the past 25 years because it has probably turned more people on to the joys of mountain biking than any other single MTB model. With its lightweight (around 1,600g)fully butted aluminium alloy frame featuring Specialized’s signature ORE (Optimised Radius Engineering) down tube and it size-specific fork spring rate, Specialized continue to go the extra mile - even with their entry-level mountain bike.

Sizes: 13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: Black/Punk Red or Charcoal/White/Black. Web Ref: 14174

While stocks last

While stocks last


SPECIALIZED MYKA DISC £349.99 (was £379.99)


(was £379.99)

8 Fully butted A1 Alloy frame. ORE down tube. 8 80mm-travel SR SunTour XCT-V3 fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x7 shifters /Altus mechs. 8 Tektro iO mechanical disc brakes.

8 AluxX press-formed aluminium frame. 8 SunTour XCT V4 80mm travel. 8 Shimano Acera/Tourney 3x8 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic discs.

Lighter sprung. Lighter weight. Lady like.

A Giant leap from Revel 3 level

The Myka Disc shares much of the Hardrock Disc’s fine spec with the following crucial differences to make it more female friendly. The butted A1 Premium aluminium frame has a shorter reach, more stepover clearance and it’s lighter weight. The fork’s size-specific spring rate is also lighter. The Body Geometry contact points - the saddle and the grips - are women’s specific.

Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes introduce a level of fingertip control that owners of the best-adjusted V-brakes can only dream of. Shimano Acera Rapidfire shifters offer more positive gear changes than Shimano EZ Fire. The wheels are stronger, courtesy of Giant’s own-built double wall rims and due to the fact that the rear rim is laced to a cassette hub with stainless steel spokes.

Sizes: 13, 15, 17, 19”. Colour: White/Red. Web Ref: 13121

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Black/Blue. Web Ref: 14373



GIANT TALON 29er 2 £479

8 7005 Alloy mountain bike frame. 8 120mm-travel SunTour XCR-D fork w/lockout. 8 Tektro, Auriga Draco hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Shimano Acera 3x8 Rapidfire gearing.

8 Custom butted 6061 alloy frame. 8 120mm travel SunTour XCM V32 fork. 8 Shimano Altus/Acera 3x8 Rapidfire gears. 8 Quad Nano hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Fat Sam 26x2.1” tyres.

8 AluxX SL hydroformed aluminium frame. 8 100mm travel SR SunTour fork. 8 SRAM X-4 drivetrain, 3x8-speed. 8 Tektro Aquila mechanical disc brakes.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and the longertravel 120mm-travel forks enhance control, especially on the downhills. Shimano Acera 24-speed Rapidfire gearing and Continental X-King 26x2” tyres improve the bike’s performance, especially on the climbs. Especially when you can flick the Speed Dial atop the fork’s lighter weight magnesium legs to lock out the suspension.

Learning from the best is the Saracen Mantra. This is a UK-designed MTB optimised for UK trail conditions. With its custom-butted hydro formed frame, 68˚ head angle, wide bars and short stem, you wonder if Saracen have had a peek at Whyte’s perfect hardtail geometry handbook (P.39). Add the new standard 44mm diameter head tube, you realise Saracen have great ideas of their own.

Like the Saracen Mantra, the Giant Talon features a sloping top tube / slack head angle frame geometry and it comes with a short stem, so it’s perfect for the typically tightturning singletrack riding you’ll experience at the majority of British trail centres. Ever abreast with the zeitgeist every 2012 Talon comes with 29” wheels. Go to page 9 for more info on the benefits of bigger wheels.

Sizes: 18, 20”. Colour: Ebony Black. Web Ref: 13089

Sizes: X. Colour: Grey/White. Web Ref: 14346

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Grey/Black. Web Ref: 14376

8 Fully butted A1 Alloy frame. ORE down tube. 8 80mm-travel SR SunTour SF-11 fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x7 shifters /Altus mechs. Disc brakes make it even harder to resist the appeal of a Specialized Hardrock. We still have healthy stocks of this 2011 model so we are delighted to continue to offer it at a healthy discount. The Hardrock Disc is similar to the Hardrock SE except that model’s V-brakes make way for front and rear mechanical disc brakes and the gear shifting is upgraded to Acera Rapidfire level.

Sizes: 13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: White/Red. Web Ref: 13115

Significant upgrades over the Cuillin Sport.

Big wheels keep on turning.


Customer photo courtesy of Ian Pooleman



REVOLUTION TRIAD 2.0 £549.99 8 7005-series hydroformed aluminium frame. 8 120mm-travel RockShox Tora 302 coil sprung fork. 8 Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Shimano Acera Rapidfire 3x8 drivetrain. More than matches any similarly-priced MTB. Even mightier than our Cuillin mountain bikes, the Revolution Triads are made to more than match any similarly-priced MTB. For instance, the Triad 2.0 is equipped with genuine original American brand name RockShox forks and Avid disc brakes while competing bikes make do with decent Taiwan copies from SunTour and Tektro. This has real advantages. Juicy was the original brake that inspired reviewers to coin the term, ‘fingertip braking’. Tora 120mm-travel forks’ Turnkey valving retains small bump compliance in lockout mode.

Sizes: 16. 18, 20”. Colour: Thunder Grey. Web Ref: 13093


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)




8 Fully butted A1 Alloy frame. ORE down tube. 8 80mm-travel SR SunTour XCM fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes

8 Fully butted A1 Alloy frame. ORE down tube. 8 80mm-travel SR SunTour XCM fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes

8 6061 double butted aluminium frame. 8 100mm-travel SunTour XCR-LO fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes.

Shimano Acera 27-speed gearing + Tektro hydraulics make the most of this A1 frame.

Better brakes make you a more Avid rider.

Designed to elevate your ride.

The Myka Sport Disc boasts the same brake and gear upgrades as the Hard Rock Sport Disc. One of the benefits of opting for a Specialized is that because they make so many bikes, it makes it economical for them to not only spec a lighter weight spring rate for their women’s MTBs, this spring weight is size specific. The 13” Myka Sport’s fork is lighter sprung than the 15” and so on.

Big wheels equal big speed. The Marin Bolinas Ridge 29er is designed to elevate your ride. Combining Marin’s proprietary 29er geometry with the inherent qualities of larger 29” wheels, the Bolinas Ridge offers a stable ride that rolls over roots, rails through corners and rips up climbs.

Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes’ dual pistons and forged callipers assure precision braking and durability. Acera Rapidfire shifters remind you why Shimano remain the Number One gear guys. The 9-speed 11-34 cassette offers a massive range of gears to cope with varied terrain.

Sizes: 13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: White/Black/Red or Charcoal/Black. Web Ref: 14175

Sizes: 13, 15, 17, 19”. Colour: Black/White/Red. Web Ref: 14183

Sizes: 17, 19, 20.5, 22”. Colour: Super White Gloss. Web Ref: 14422





8 Trail SL Optimised for Women alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RST Blaze TNL fork. 8 Shimano Altus 3x8 EZ Fire drivetrain. 8 Promax mechanical disc brakes.

8 AluxX press-formed aluminium frame. 8 100mm travel SunTour XCM fork with lockout. 8 Shimano Deore 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic discs.

8 Fully butted M4 alloy frame. 8 80/100mm-travel SR SunTour XCR LO fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes


‘Lightest frame in its class.’ Cannondale.

You will revel in this Ltd edition number.

Specialized’s M4 frame makes this bike rock.

Cannondale optimise the Trail SL5’s women’s geometry frame to such a degree they can claim that at 1.6kg, it’s the lightest women’s alloy MTB frame in its class. The frame’s SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination) seat stays and chain stays help tame the rear triangle. Even Cannondale’s sizing stands out from the crowd. No S-XL for them. Their bikes go from petite to tall.

Upgrades over the Revel 1 (P.33) include the fork’s extra travel to cope with bigger bumps. You can lock them out to prevent any bobbing when you climb smooth roads. The latest version of Shimano Deore (the worlds’ original MTB groupset) now comes with a 10-speed 11-34 cassette for even smoother shifts. The wheels spin on Giant’s own lighter weight, better sealed S-Elite hubs.

Rugged reliable Rockhoppers have been around even longer than Specialized’s venerable Hard Rocks. The M4 (aluminium reinforced with silicon, copper, magnesium and vanadium) frame is almost twice the tensile strength of 6061 alloy tubing so it can be safely built into a thinner walled, hence a lighter weight and more comfortable frame.

Sizes: P, S, M, T. Colour: Charcoal Grey. Web Ref: 14320

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Gloss White. Web Ref: 14375

Sizes: 13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: Black/Orange/White or Black/White. Web Ref: 14188


MOUNTAIN BIKES £679 - £750 MARIN ALPINE TRAIL 29er £699 8 Fully butted M4 alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox XC28 forks with TurnKey lockout and preload & rebound adjustment. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 Rapidfire drivetrain. Big wheels fit for Alpine trails. With its upright position, stable handling and big wheels, the Alpine Trail is a great way to get on the fastrolling 29er train. The grippy 29x2.2” Geax tyres on Alex rims roll so fast, your friends will think you’ve been training in secret. The forks are upgraded to 100mm-travel RockShox XC28 level. A Shimano Deore rear mech enhances the 3x9 Shimano Alivio shifting.

Sizes: 17, 19, 20.5, 22”. Colour: Smoke Grey Gloss. Web Ref: 14421

WHYTE 801 £699



8 Hydroformed custom drawn alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox XC 28 fork. 8 Shimano Acera 3x9 Rapidfire shifting. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes.

8 7005-series hydroformed aluminium frame. 8 120mm RockShox Tora Air fork with PopLoc. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore Rapidfire 3x9 drivetrain. 8 Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes.

8 Fully butted M4 alloy frame. 8 80/100mm-travel SR SunTour XCR LO fork. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Shimano Acera/Deore 3x9 Rapidfire gears.

The Number One Triad with PopLoc.

‘Good brakes let you ride faster.’ Avid.

Many people associate Whyte with their award winning dual suspension bikes such as the 146. The Whyte 801 proves that their hardtail expertise is equally finely honed. The 801 is built on a hydroformed frame using customgauge multi-butted 6061 aluminium tubing. Its slim curvy seat stays help absorb shock and maximise tyre and mud clearance.

The number one Triad boasts the upgraded, lighter weight air-sprung version of the RockShox Tora fork. Its PopLoc remote handlebarmounted button makes it easy to switch the TurnKey lockout on and off, on the fly. The Shimano Rapidfire 27-speed Alivio gearing is upgraded with a Shimano Deore rear mech. The Continental Mountain King-shod wheels turn on real Shimano hubs.

The Rockhopper Comp proves the old Avid slogan, good brakes let you ride faster. Avid Elixir brake’s TaperBore master cylinder delivers a more linear lever action. A light touch on the lever scrubs speed. When you need more power, simply pull the lever further. The tapered bore also helps eliminate wear and tear on the seals and helps guarantee longer service life.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Jet Black. Web Ref: 13804

Sizes: 16, 18, 20”. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13092

Sizes: 13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: Black/Green/White. Web Ref: 14189

This beautiful hardtail proves that Whyte aren’t just about dual suspension.


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

Customer photo courtesy of Andrea Huttner

GIANT REVEL LTD 0 £679 8 AluxX press-formed alloy frame. 8 Rock Shox XC28 RL fork w/PopLoc. 8 Shimano SLX/XT 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic discs brakes. RockShox PopLoc-enhanced Revel.



This is the first bike in the Giant Revel range to come with a fork from RockShox, the MTB front suspension pioneers. What’s more, the fork’s Turnkey lockout can be switched on and off on the fly, courtesy of its PopLoc handlebar-mounted button.

The Shimano 30-speed drivetrain is also improved, coming as it does with SLX shifters and front mech. The rear mech is further upgraded to XT level, featuring Shadow technology. This means that the derailleur’s low profile body and its stronger spring combine to keep the mech out of harms way. It also prevents the chattering on the chainstays when the going gets rough.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black/Red. Web Ref: 14374




8 MTB Sport alloy double butted frame. 8 RockShox XC30 TK RL 100mm fork. 8 SRAM X.7 shifters 3x10, SRAM X.9 mechs. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Continental Traffic 26x2.1” tyres.

8 Trail SL Optimised 6061 alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RST Deuce fork w/lockout. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 Rapidfire gears. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Rapid Rob 26x2.1 tyres.

8 Trail SL Optimised 6061 alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RST Deuce fork w/lockout. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 Rapidfire gears.. 8 Cannondale Helix hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Rapid Rob 26x2.1 tyres.

From its German-manufacture double butted frame and tyres to its Elixir brakes the Black Raider is totally sorted.

True XC race geometry ride.

‘Lightest frame in its class.’ Cannondale.

As an alternative to the trend towards ‘new school’ slack-angled geometry trail bikes such as Whyte 801s and Giant Talons, a Cannondale Trail SL’s geometry boasts the classic 73˚ seat / 70˚ head angles that has dominated XC racing for the past 25 years. No wonder these bikes are appreciated by roadies dipping their toes into XC racing.

Cannondale were the first company to popularise oversized aluminium bike frames. They continue to develop the concept. The Trail SL frame embraces up-to-the-minute innovations such as the oversized 1.5” head tube which contributes to Cannondale’s trademark point-and-shot steering, yet this frame is 200g lighter than previous versions.

Sizes: S-J. Colour: Jet Black Matt. Web Ref: 14316

Sizes: P, S, M, T. Colour: Magnesium/White. Web Ref: 14319

The Focus Black Raider features high-end SRAM 1:1 Actuation push-push X.7/X.9 shifting which some riders prefer over Shimano. This version of the RockShox XC fork has beefier 30mm uppers legs over the 28mm version.

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 14328


MOUNTAIN BIKES £799 - £1149

At Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op we select our suppliers with care. And not just our bike suppliers. When this catalogue’s printer, Mark Foskett, first contacted us, he talked as enthusiastically about his mountain bike as he did about his printing press, so it was easy to warm to him immediately. When he came up to visit us this February, Mark suggested a ride at Glentress. He wasn’t put off when we let on that Peebles wasn’t as warm as Lanzarote. That’s Mark in the red top along with Martin from the Edinburgh shop and members of our catalogue team, Matt, Gary & Sheila. Photo courtesy of Mark Foskett



GIANT XTC 3 £849


8 Trail SL 29er Optimised 6061 alloy frame. 8 Cannondale Fatty rigid fork. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 Rapidfire gears. 8 Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Kenda 29x2.1 Small Block 8 tyres.

8 AluxX SL Fluid Formed aluminium frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox XC30 TurnKey fork. 8 Shimano Deore 3x10 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes.

8 Gusseted hydroformed 7005 alloy frame. 8 RockShox Revelation fork. 20mm Maxle. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore/SLX 2x9 gearing. 8 Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes

Cannondale also believe bigger is better.

If you crave speed, Giant’s XC race bike will deliver ecstasy, thanks to its AluxX SL frame.

‘Roots, rocks, washboards, ruts, you name it, 29” wheels roll right over things that would stop a 26” wheel cold. The extra few inches of diameter make a bigger difference than you would expect, helping you float over obstacles and increasing the bike’s stability... and because the bike rolls and floats, you conserve energy.’ Cannondale.

The AluxX SL frame is Fluid Formed. This means that the tubes are placed in a mould and pressurised to 58,000 psi with hot oil. This compacts the aluminium’s grain structure, increasing its strength and enabling Giant to optimise the shape of every tube, eliminating material where possible, to deliver the ecstasy of a lighter weight bike.

‘There’s no denying the Triad Zero’s hardhitting appeal – or its astonishingly low price. WhatMountainBike.

Sizes: M-XL. Colour: Race Red. Web Ref: 14315

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Blue/Black. Web Ref: 14380

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

The Triad Zero features RockShox Revelation RL 150mm-travel forks and Avid’s high-end Elixir 5 disc brakes. You’re more likely to see such superlative kit on bikes costing over twice as much. We offer this trail hardtail as an alternative to (rather than as an upgrade over) the more XC-oriented Triad 1.0 (P. 36).

Sizes: 18, 20”. Colour: Polar White. Web Ref: 13094


WHYTE 805 £899


8 MTB Pro 29er triple butted alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox Recon Silver fork. 8 Shimano Deore/XT 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Continental Race King 29x2.0” tyres.

8 Hydroformed custom-drawn alloy frame. 8 RockShox XC30 TurnKey 100mm fork. 8 SRAM X5 / X7, 3x10-speed drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes.

8 MTB Sport Pro double butted alloy frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox XC TurnKey fork. 8 Shimano SLX/XT 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Tektro Auriga Pro hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Continental X-King 26x2.2” tyres.

Mmm. Delicious.

Black Forest beauty with 26” wheels.

Imagine carving your local forest trail on a Focus 29r. This bike is such a delight from its cleanly-welded triple-butted powdercoated frame to its RockShox XC Recon fork. The already fine 30-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain is upgraded with an XT Shadow rear mech. Its 11-36 cassette turns mountains into molehills.

The Whyte 805 is built on the same fast-yetforgiving Hydroformed frame as the Whyte 801 (P. 36) so it shares its made-for-Britishtrails mud-defying features such as the Crud Catcher down tube bosses (a feature it shares with every Revolution MTB) the forward-facing seat collar slot and the fully-enclosed cables. Then the brakes, forks and transmission are all upgraded.

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black/Grey. Web Ref: 14322

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Matt White/Black. Web Ref: 13805

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: White/Silver. Web Ref: 14325



WHYTE 901 £1,149

(was £1,249.99)

8 Specialized M4 SL manipulated alloy frame. 8 80mm-travel RockShox XC32 TurnKey fork. 8 Shimano Alivio/SLX 3x9 gearing. 8 Shimano BR-M446 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Specialized The Captain Control 29x2” tyres.

8 Hydroformed custom-drawn alloy frame. 8 120mm-travel RockShox Recon TK fork. 8 SRAM X5 / X9, 2x10-speed drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic disc brakes.

Carves through fast-rolling singletrack.

Although it shares the Whyte 801 and 805’s custom-draw hydroformed loveliness and UK-friendly design, the Whyte 901s slightly shallower 67.5/72.5˚ frame geometry and its longer-travel RockShox will cope that bit better on technical descents and drop-offs. Its SRAM 2x10 gearing with 26-39 chainrings and 12-36 rear cogs will have you wondering, ‘Who needs a triple chainset transmission’.

Superior mud-defying British design.

You appreciate the Focus Black Forest’s clean design but you want to stick with familiar 26” wheels. You want a mountain bike that works as well as can be on a sub-£1,000 Ride to Work-compliant budget. With its Shimano XT chainset and rear gear and it Shimano SLX shifters and front gear, the Black Forest 4.0 could be exactly what you are looking for.

While stocks last

8 120mm-travel M4 FSR frame. 8 RockShox Ario RL rear shock with lockout. 8 RockShox Recon Silver TK 120mm fork. 8 Shimano Alivio/SLX 3x9 gearing. 8 Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes. Who says you can’t get a quality name-brand full suspension MTB for under a grand? Well, we’re afraid that has been the rule for a number years. The Camber Comp employs arguably today’s most evolved suspension system - Specialized FSR - and it has choice equipment. Catch this bargain while you can.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Red. Web Ref: 13096

Specialized bring their inimitable style and know-how to 29” hardtails with their all-new Carve model. The frame is built with Specialized’s World Cup proven M4 SL fully manipulated tubing. Shimano Rapidfire gearing, Shimano disc brakes and RockShox forks guarantee performance.

Sizes: 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21, 23”. Colour: Black/Grey/Red. Web Ref: 14161

Trail-tuned Whyte with 120mm fork.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Granite Matt Black/Lime. Web Ref: 13809


MOUNTAIN BIKES £1,249 - £1,700

GIANT XTC COMPOSITE 3 £1,299 8 Giant Composite frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox Recon Gold fork. 8 Shimano SLX/Deore 3x10 Rapidfire drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes. Wondrous Giant carbon bike made more viable. The least expensive carbon-frame hardtail in our Spring 2011 catalogue sold for £1.999.00. Giant’s expertise in composites technology suddenly makes the weight-saving, shockabsorbing benefits of a sharp-handling carbon bike far more viable. The spec features the upgraded Gold version of the RockShox Recon fork with PopLoc remote button, Shimano SLX Shadow rear mech & shifters and genuine Avid Elixir brakes. Clearly, Giant haven’t cut any corners to create such a comparative bargain.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Chrome/Black. Web Ref: 14383


FINISH LINE WET LUBE from £2.99 Web Ref: 1455

MUC OFF BIKE SPRAY £6.99 Web Ref: 2437

While stocks last


SPECIALIZED CAMBER FSR ELITE £1,399.99 (was £1,549.99)

8 AluxX SL alloy Fluid Formed dual-suspension frame. 8 Giant Maestro Air R shock. 125mm travel 8 120mm-travel RockShox XC32 TurnKey coil fork. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes.

8 120mm-travel M4 FSR frame. RockShox Ario shock. 8 120mm-travel RockShox Recon Gold TK with lockout. 8 Shimano Alivio 3x9 shifters, XT rear/SLX front mechs. 8 Custom Avid Elixir 3 SL hydraulic disc brakes.

Your introduction to Giant’s proven Maestro Suspension. The Trance X4 starts with an ALUXX SL Fluid Formed aluminium frame, precision engineered to guarantee zero play at the sealed bearing pivot points where the rocker meets the shock and swingarm. Such design simplicity leaves the shock to do what it has to do - move up and down in response to every bump - hence, Maestro suspension’s legendary performance and reliability.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Black/Blue. Web Ref: 13174


FSR in-line suspension helps maintain control, even when you ride off camber. The Elite has the same sound M4 FSR frame as the Camber FSR Comp. The ingenious RockShox Ario shock placement guarantees that bump forces through the axle are dealt with instantaneously. The Recon fork is upgraded to Gold standard. The Recon Gold fork is around 300g lighter than the Recon Silver while the disc brakes are elevated to a lighter weight version of the Avid Elixir 3, custom made for Specialized.

Sizes: S-L. Colour: White/Black. Web Ref: 13097


FOCUS SUPER BUD 3.0 £1,599

WHYTE 19 STEEL £1,699

8 AluxX SL frame. 100mm RockShox shock. 8 100mm-travel RockShox Recon Gold fork. 8 Shimano Alivio/Deore 3x9 drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes.

8 100mm-travel hydroformed alloy FS frame. 8 Fox Float RL shock. Fox 32 Float RL fork. 8 Shimano XT 3x10 shifters, mechs & cranks. 8 Magura MT 2 hydraulic disc brakes.

4”-travel XC/Trail rig. RockShox front & rear.

Hey Bud, looking for a full susser with Fox shocks front & rear and a full XT drivetrain?

8 Steel frame built with custom-drawn air-hardened Reynolds 631 tubing. 8 Fox 32 F120RL fork with QR15 front axle. 8 Mavic XM-319 rims on Hope EVO hubs. 8 Shimano STX 3x10 shifters / XT rear mech. 8 Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes.

‘In every riding situation you can throw at it, the Anthem X4’s perfect poise and supple-yettaut rear end deliver bucket loads of confidence, inspiring constant up-shifts, later braking and bigger grins. The suspension simply gets on with the job of isolating the rider from the worst of the hits, allowing 100 percent of your effort to go into propelling the bike forwards. Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Silver/Black/Blue. Web Ref: 14372

We honestly don’t know of a better equipped full suspension MTB at this kind of price. On top of the headline XT / Fox specification, the rest of the equipment isn’t too shabby either. The hubs are Shimano SLX, while Focus’s German connections add Continental Race King folding tyres and Magura M2 hydraulic disc brakes to the magnificent mix.

One of the world’s finest tubesets (Reynolds 631) helps create a trail-taming light delight.

Sizes: X. Colour: Magic Black/Polar Blue. Web Ref: 14339

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Whyte. Web Ref: 13801

While stocks last

GIANT XTC COMPOSITE 29er 1 £1,699.99 8 Giant Composite frame. 8 100mm-travel Fox Float F29 RL fork. 8 SRAM X.7 2x10 shifters, mechs & cranks. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.1 folding tyres. What could be nicer than the Giant carbon beauty at the top of the page opposite? The answer to that question might be this 29” wheel version with its Schwalbe Racing Ralph folding tyres, its super-plush Fox Float fork and it smooth SRAM X.7 shifting whose 26/39 chain rings and 12-36 cassette yields every gear you will probably require in a simplified double chainset format.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Composite/Silver/Green. Web Ref: 14381

Invented in Britain over 70 years ago, Reynolds butted steel tubing remains a wonderful frame material, thanks to its inherent spring. Fine wheels built on Hope Evo hubs with stainless steel sealed bearings continue the best of British theme.


SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPER FSR COMP £1,699.99 (was £1,999.99) 8 140mm-travel M5 alloy FSR frame. 8 Fox Triad 2 shock. RockShox Revelation fork. 8 SRAM X7/X9 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Custom Avid Elixir RSL hydraulic brakes.

‘Feels like a favourite pair of jeans.’ bikeradar ‘We always had a sense that the rear wheel is truly suspended, always moving about in the sweet spot of the Fox Triad shock. The numbers – a 68.5° head angle and 74.5° seat angle – are bang on for a 140mm trail bike...they’re the reason this bike feels like a favourite pair of jeans from the very first ride.’ Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Red/White. Web Ref: 13136


Photo courtesy of Alex { Edinburgh Shop}


MOUNTAIN£1799BIKES - £3800


SPECIALIZED CAMBER EXPERT CARBON 29 £3,799.99 8 110mm-travel FACT 9m carbon front triangle, M5 alloy rear triangle, cartridge bearing pivots. 8 Custom Fox Triad 2 shock with 3-position compression switch: Lockout, Open & ProPedal. 8 110mm-travel Fox Float Performance RL 29 fork. 8 SRAM X.9 2x10 shifters, X.0 rear/X.7 front mechs. 8 Custom SRAM carbon S-2200 22/36t chainset. 8 PressFit30 bottom bracket. 8 Custom Formula The One R hydraulic disc brakes 8 Roval Control Trail 29” wheels, DT cassette body. 8 Specialized Command remote seatpost. The look and the spec of Specialized’s latest composite masterpiece speak for themselves.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Yellow/Carbon/Red. Web Ref: 14160


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

GIANT ANTHEM X 29er 2 £1,799


FOCUS PROJECT 3.0 £2,399

8 AluxX SL frame. 100mm RockShox shock. 8 100mm-travel RockShox Reba RL fork. 8 SRAM X5/X7, 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Giant Tracker wheels with 15mm throughaxle sealed front hub.

8 AluxX SL Fluid Formed suspension frame. 8 Fox Float RP2 shock. 125mm travel 8 125mm-travel Fox 32 F125RL Evolution fork. 8 Shimano SLX/XT 3x10 drivetrain. 8 Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes. 8 Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26x2.25” tyres.

8 Focus Enduro frame. RockShox rear shock. 8 150mm travel RockShox Revelation fork. 8 SRAM X.7 shifters/X.9 2x10 mechs/cranks. 8 Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes.

29” wheels on the quickest Giant Maestro suspension bike - get ready for a great ride.

The best possible components for the money make the most of the Giant Trance’s 125mmtravel Maestro suspension.

This 150mm-travel enduro rig boasts 2 key Focus full suspension features. Their Easy Access Bearing System makes it easy to access all pivot bearings for adjustment and maintenance. Their Knuckle Box 3D-forged rocker delivers impressive resistance to lateral forces, and allows you to ride with the shock at lower pressure to boost its longevity.

The 100mm-travel Anthem was always Giant’s fastest, most lightweight Maestro suspension model. Add the extra cushioning offered by a pair of Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.25” Evo tyres and the Anthem suddenly imitates the stability and control of a 150mm travel rig.

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black/Silver. Web Ref: 14370

SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPER FSR COMP EVO £2,499.99 8 150mm-travel M5 frame Fox RP2 shock. 8 150mm-travel RockShox Revelation RL fork. 8 SRAM X.7/X9 gears. Avid Elixir 7 brakes. 8 Specialized Command Post remotelyadjustable seatpost.

For their smooth action and reliability, Fox shocks and forks remain the Number One choice with most riders. SLX shifters + XT rear mech control the 30 gears with grace.

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Satin Silver/Red/Black. Web Ref: 14377

From rocker to Revelation via the remote seapost this is a most excellent project.

Sizes: XS-L. Colour: White/Black. Web Ref: 14333

WHYTE 146 S £2,999

FOCUS RAVEN 3.0 £3,199

8 146mm-travel full carbon frame 8 Fox Float RP2 shock / 32 Float 150RL fork. 8 SRAM X.9 2x10 drivetrain.

8 Focus Raven XC full carbon frame. 8 100mm-travel RockShox SID XX RL fork. 8 SRAM X.0 2x10 shifting & BB30 chainset. 8 DT Swiss X1600 wheels. Avid Elixir 7 brakes.

11.8kg/26lb dual suspension wonder bike.

SRAM X.0-equipped green flying machine.

150mm travel, 26x2.3 Butcher Control front tyre, 72cm-wide bars: the Evo is a pumped-up version of the legendary Stumpjumper FSR. Its unique Autosag valve makes it easy to dial in perfect sag with one push of a button on the customised-for-Specialized Fox RP2 shock.

With 6” of travel, the Whyte 146 S gives you the confidence to blast over challenging terrain, yet it offers a firm efficient ride on smooth climbs, aided no end by its carbon monocoque main frame and monocoque swingarm which Whyte tell us bring down the weight of the bike down to 26lb (sans pedals). Its amazingly efficient UK-proof Quad Link 2 suspension system rolls on Whyte’s trademark lifetime-guaranteed bearings.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black/Silver/Charcoal. Web Ref: 14203

Sizes: S-L. Colour: White/Jet Black. Web Ref: 13812

Sizes: XS-XL. Colour: Matt Black/Green. Web Ref: 14335

Like the legendary Stumpie FSR on steroids.

This beautifully executed carbon frame utilises Focus’s SSPS system. Stable Stiffness Per Size means that an XS Raven frame will have narrower diameter tubes than a small, and so on. Such a customised frame deserves the best and once again Focus deliver with a full SRAM X.0 drivetrain including a BB30 bottom bracket and a set of wheels built on DT Star Ratchet hubs.


BMX RULES AT THE BIKE CO-OP Ten years ago only a handful of the Bike Co-op staff rode BMX. Today we employ dozens of BMXers. The enthusiasm of our riders inspired us to expand our range for season 2011/12. Sure, we continue to stock a pack of Mongooses (or is it a band of Mongeese?) because that American company still has a genius for offering the best bike for your brass. We continue to look on Germany’s Wethepeople as something extra special. But for this season we have spiced up our range, courtesy of Eastern Bikes from North Carolina USA and Blank Bikes from England. Why? Because our guys on the street urged us to because they have first hand experience of how well these bikes work.

MONGOOSE LOGO £199.99 8 Hi-tensile frame & fork. 7.6”-rise steel bars. Frontload stem. 8 20x2.25” Innova tyres on 36h Weinmann AS7X alloy rims. 8 Alloy rear U-brake. 1-piece steel cranks. 25t chainring, 13t cog. You won’t see a better looking logo on the street this year. Its 36h rims make this bike lighter than yer old-school 48-spoke BMX. Upgrading from a threaded hub to a cassette reinforces the rear wheel. The 25/9 drivetrain is bang on the money.

One size (20.25” top tube). Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13959

MONGOOSE SUBJECT £219.99 8 Hi-ten steel frame & fork. 7.6”-rise steel bars. Front Load stem. 8 20x2” Innova tyres on 36h Weinmann AS7X alloy rims. 8 Alloy rear U-brake. 1-piece steel cranks. 25t chainring, 13t cog. The epitome of freestyle and such a fun bike to ride, we predict this Mongoose will fast become your favourite subject after school. Matching purple pedals and chainring add to the Subject’s appeal, as do the cable detangler and the pair o’pegs.

One size (20.25” top tube). Colour: Gloss Black. Web Ref: 13960


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)


BLANK AMMO £259.99

8 Tubular 3pc cranks. 25/9 gearing. The matching blue rims, bars, pedals, chain and decals brilliantly capture the essence of BMX style. The high-end equipment such as the full chromoly 3-piece tubular cranks and the sealed mid bottom bracket reassure you that the Mongoose Capture’s substance matches its unmistakable style.

One size (20.25” top tube). Colour: Matt Black. Web Ref: 13958


8 Hi ten frame & fork. Cassette rear 36h hub. 8 Blank 1pc cranks. 25/9 gearing.

8 Hi ten frame & fork. CrMo steerer. 8 Tubular 3pc cranks. 25/9 gearing.

Blank have been designing great value BMX bikes and parts from their Cheddar Somerset base since 2004. With its Gyro ready fitted you can be confident that this burly build is barspin ready.

The chromoly steerer, the Weinmann Goliath double wall rims, the cassette sealed rear hub and the Odyssey Twisted polycarbonate pedals reassure you that this freestyle rig is the finished Article.

One size (20.35” top tube). Colour: Black/Purple. Web Ref: 14005

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Chrome Red. Web Ref: 13957


8 Hi ten frame & fork. Cassette rear 36h hub. 8 Tubular 3pc cranks. 25/9 gearing. Hi-rise 7.5” bars, 25/9 gearing, tubular 4130 chromoly 3-piece cranks, 36-spoke wheels, semi-sealed cassette hub with 14mm axle, no pegs or Gyro. Stripped to the bone, the Media is all you might need to star at the local park.

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Black/Green or White/Green. Web Ref: 14007


8 Hi ten frame & fork. Cassette rear 36h hub. 8 Blank Tubular 3pc cranks. 25/9 gearing. 8 Mid sealed bottom bracket. If you prefer your bike to come with a Gyro and pegs and you know that there’s something just right about tan-walled tyres, you will agree that the Blank Verse is poetry in motion.

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Black/White. Web Ref: 14008

BLANK CELL £319.99 8 Blank frame & fork w/ chromoly down tube. Crossing the £300 barrier buys you a frame with a chromoly down tube. The Blank 25t chainring is highly polished. A Slic cable pulls the rear U-brake. An absence of pegs and Gyro complete this blank canvas for developing your BMX capabilities.

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Satin Red. Web Ref: 14006


BMX BIKES WHATEVER YOUR ROUTE, CHUCK A ONE FOOTED TABLE OOT MONGOOSE THRIVE £339.99 8 Hi-tensile frame. Full chromoly fork. 8 20x2.25” front / 20x2” rear Innova tyres. 8 Weinmann Goliath double wall 36h rims. 8 Mongoose Pivotal saddle. 8 CrMo 3pc crank. Mid bb. 25/9 gearing. Your riding skills will thrive on a bike that’s as uncontrived as this dirt street bike. The pivotal saddle/seatpost is not only lightweight and stylish, it allows you to drop the seat lower.

One size (20.75” top tube). Colour: Midnight Blue. Web Ref: 13961

WETHEPEOPLE ARCADE £349.99 8 Hi-tensile steel frame w CrMo down tube. 8 Sealed bearing rear hub. CrMo 8-spline crank. CrMo steerer & down tube; sealed bearing cassette rear hub; Salt Rookie 3pc tubular CrMo 8-spline crank; sealed bearing press-fit mid-size bottom bracket; sealed bearing integrated headset; Eclat polycarbonate pedals; 25/9 gearing; a pair o’ steel pegs; a pivotal saddle/seatpost: this bike is so hot, you could call it, Arcade Fire.

One size (20.25” top tube). Colour: Matt Black. Web Ref: 13962




8 Hi-ten frame & fork. Phorcycs chainwheel.

8 8.25 x 28.5” bars. 3-piece CrMo cranks.

Genuine innovation such as Eastern’s Phorcycs chainring’s harder-wearing rounded teeth encouraged us to welcome this North Carolina company to our BMX range

In contrast with the Nightwasp, the Ramrodder comes with pegs and a Gyro, and its Fuquay Flyer tyres roll faster than the Nightwasp’s dirt/street Curb Monkey tyres.

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Grey/Red. Web Ref: 14011

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Blue or Grey. Web Ref: 14012



WETHEPEOPLE JUSTICE £399.99 8 4130 CrMo down tube, top tube & steerer. 8 8.5” risers. 20x2.3” front / 2.125 rear tyres. Soundly spec’d with Wethepeople’s own-brand Salt components, the wee pic above doesn’t do this fantastic looking bike Justice.

One Size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Matt Black/ Dark CP. Web Ref: 13964


8 4130 CrMo down tube & fork.

8 Full 4139 CrMo frame & fork.

8 Full 4130 CrMo frame & fork. 8 Tubular 3pc cranks. 8 spline Mid BB.

Big bars, removable brake bosses, 1-piece seat combo, tapered fork legs and awesome blue colourway keeps this bike bang up-to-date and looking good..

The full CrMo frame, fork and handlebar, and the Saltplus Summit double wall rims brilliantly overcome any crisis of confidence in this bike’s ability to perform magnificently.

The Bi-Directional hub with 5 sealed bearings and the 6061 alloy version of the Phorcycs chainring ensure this Reaper is far from grim.

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Blue. Web Ref: 14010

One size (20.75” top tube). Colour: Translucent Green. Web Ref: 13963

One size (20.5” top tube). Colour: Green. Web Ref: 14013

WETHEPEOPLE ZODIAC £699.99 4130 full cr-mo frame with integral chain tensioner. Saltplus full cr-mo fork with CNC-machined steerer and investment cast dropouts. Saltplus CNC alloy top loading stem. Saltplus hinged brake lever. Saltplus cold forged alloy U-brake. 16-spline attachment Saltplus tubular 3pc chromoly cranks. Saltplus 6061 T6 aluminium CNC-machined chainring. Switch drive cassette and chainset allow you to switch the drivetrain to the left hand side. Removable brake bosses prepare the bike for clean lines.

One size, (20.8” top tube). Colour: Titan. Web Ref: 13965


Riding the tread print of legends 02.07.2011 - 174km - 5,000m - 11.5hours BIKE CO-OP DIRECTOR ALAN NESTOR RIDES LA MARMOTTE



Col du Galibier


Col du Glandon 2000

Col du Telegraphe


Col du Lautaret

Alpe d’Huez

I signed up for a number of small sportives. The Etape Caledonia was the best. It’s hard to explain the thrill of riding in a large group along roads without fear of meeting an oncoming car. With the exception of a maliciously placed staple the 132 km flew by. Two months to the Marmotte: bring it on!!

1000 500

Bourg d’Oisans


St Jean de Maurienne

0 0km

T L’Étape du Tour

he idea formed after a conversation with Bike Co-op customers who had participated in in 2010.

Their enthusiasm persuaded me that it would be a fine thing to join them on their next challenge - La Marmotte - even if it did involve a 174km ride in the French Alps over three hors catégorie (too steep to categorise) climbs before finishing 1,880m above sea level at that most iconic Tour d’France stage, Alpe d’Huez. In for a penny, in for a really hard time!

TRAINING Where does a middle-aged, recent road bike convert used to a lifetime of mountain biking start to prepare for such an event? How can you train for an event in the high Alps when the highest mountain in the UK is a shade over 1,300m and the highest road is a little over 800m? I decided to start my preparation with the interweb of course! After reading countless articles on folk’s scientific approach to their training (power to weight ratios, body mass index, lactic acid, recovery rates, performance of fast twitch fibres, VO2 max, etc. etc.) I decided to unplug the iBook and go ride my bike!



I broke my training schedule down to 4 segments. 1) Commute by bike every possible day (a round trip of 30 km). 2) Hit the gym over the winter months. Spin classes are an excellent way to improve fitness levels, replicate intensity levels and improve recovery time (3 classes a week). 3) Start road training as early as possible in the new year on my event bike (with at least one 80km-plus ride a week). 4) Participate in other events in the run up. Despite six weeks of the worst snow in living memory, I kept to my plans. Winter passed in a blur of sweat but not too many tears. That being said, it was great to get back out on the road in March 2011 when I took delivery of my chosen event bike - a Specialized Tarmac Comp. The first thing I thought about my new charge was how light and responsive it was. The second thing I thought was how was it going to withstand and handle the rigours of our roads decimated by the winter weather! I needn’t have worried. The Specialized steered round the post-ice craters with laser accuracy: its climbing ability was a revelation.

Two weeks before I left for France I broke the one piece of advice everyone agrees on – don’t tinker with your kit! On my last 175km training ride I convinced myself that my gearing was too high so I whipped off the 53/39 chainset and replaced it with a 50/34. With not even a test ride, I was on the plane to France! On arrival I was lucky to hook up with two fellow riders from Edinburgh who were experienced in the dark arts of high mountain sportives: Kev and Roy. Their experience and encouragement would turn out to be invaluable.

The riders’ took the downhill at a jaw-dropping 75km per hour! With over 8,000 riders, it’s an early start. We were loaded into the pens by 6.30am. It was freezing but the adrenalin kept the cold at bay. At 7.00am we were off and riding the only closed-road section of the course – 10km of flat French valley road. This was not the time for posturing. The plan was to take it easy at the start. No one, however, had told the Italians this!




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Alp without one. (Web Ref: 13226)

REVOLUTION ARM WARMERS – I used to think, what is the point? Now I know. (Web Ref: 12228) PROTECTIVE KONA BIB SHORTS - a 174km ride

demands a perfect fit. (Web Ref: 12228)

PACELINE CHAMOIS BUTT’R - no explanation

required. (Web Ref: 12515)

OAKLEYS - help you enjoy an unrestricted It wasn’t long before we hit the first climb – up to Col du Glandon. Still in large groups from the start, the sun was rising and dappling through the trees, the temperature was increasing and the pace was enjoyable – this was easy! After the 25km climb there was the usual scrum at the first feed station on the Col but the food was good and plentiful. The descent off Glandon is very steep with terrifying drop-offs. To avoid riders taking unneccessary risks, the Marmotte organisers neutralise the timings on that descent, yet some of the riders took the downhill at a jaw-dropping 75km per hour! We were feeling good but knew that after a 40km flat stretch the biggest challenge of the day awaited – Galibier. From the base of Col du Télégraphe to the top of Galibier it’s over 35km of almost continuous climbing. Some sections are 10 and 11% gradient. It was midday and the temperature was climbing too into the 30s.

Rounding turn 6, I thought to myself – if I hadn’t changed my chainset would I have ever got this far? The climb was nothing less than a fight but with 5km to go the prize is visible. Seeing my ‘support crew’ 1km from the line gave me the final push I needed. Crossing the line there was no grandstanding. No salute to the crowd. No wheelie over the line. No big ring sprint. Crossing the line there was no sense of joy or achievement – that did come later. 11.5 hours in the saddle had left me hollow. Crossing the line I had one thought - did anyone want to buy a bike…cheap! Now, where did I leave the car!!

view from Galibier. (

S-WORKS HELMET - light weight rules on a ride like this. (Web Ref: 11396) GARMIN EDGE 500 GPS - keeping track motivates you: helps you retain focus. (Web Ref: 13239)


Experiencing its bleak, dramatic beauty for the first time it was easy to understand Galibier’s place in Tour folklore. Riding up the hill, passing riders in visible pain and distress was as close as I came to asking ‘Why?’ But something drives you on, even when cramp threatens. At the top, another feed station and, oddly, no real sense of achievement. Maybe that would come later.

Train, train and train some more! Have the support of a sympathetic & understanding family. Train with others – riding with a partner or group does make it easier…a little! Ride within yourself – getting caught up in the moment early on can ruin your day later on. Learn to refuel – It’s easy to forget to eat and drink after many hours in the saddle. Train on your event day bike and try get the setup correct!

After a 50km descent (!) we were back in Bourg and preparing to tackle the Alpe d’Huez.


With the benefit of time I could reflect. I could never call the event ‘enjoyable’ but I could easily say that it was the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done. I would urge anyone to give a sportive a go.

Feeling okay, we hit off. The Alpe’s 21 famous switchbacks are numbered, each one named after a stage winner: Hampsten, Pantani.... Even the tarmac is daubed with the names of tour heroes: a monument to Tour history. The first section of the Alpe is known to be the toughest. Having already ridden 160km it proved to be so. My head was down but I was determined to keep the pedals turning.

SPECIALIZED TARMAC COMP 2011 Alan rode La Marmotte on his 2011 Specialized Tarmac Comp. The very similar 2012 version is available for £2,499,99.

Freak out! Everyone else always looks fitter, healthier and on better kit than you! Forget to look up and enjoy. It should be an experience of a lifetime. Don’t read too much on the internet! It confuses and complicates things. Don’t think of it as a race – sometimes participating is enough

Web Ref: 14084



REVOLUTION CONTINENTAL £459.99 8 7005 aluminium alloy frame and fork. 8 Shimano 2300 Dual Control 2x8 drivetrain. 8 FSA Tempo 34/50 compact chainset.

‘Excellent bike at a very good price. C. Plus. ‘Revolution’s Continental boasts a classy looking frame, coordinated looks, a sensible choice of components and a comfortable ride. It’s an excellent bike at a very good price. Verdict 4/5 stars.’ Cycling Plus. Sizes: 48, 52, 56cm. Colour: Polar White. Web Ref: 12962

REVOLUTION CONTINENTAL SPORT £499.99 8 7005 aluminium frame. Carbon fork. 8 Shimano Sora 2x9 drivetrain. 8 FSA Tempo 34/50 compact chainset. Carbon blades at a steel fork price point. With its swanky carbon fibre fork and its Shimano Sora 2x9-speed transmission, this is an even more sporty version of the Revolution Continental.

The carbon fork is the smartest route to reducing a bike’s weight, improving its aerodynamics and sharpening its steering response. It also contributes to your riding comfort by damping ‘buzz’ which might otherwise be transmitted through the fork to the handlebars when roads are less than smooth. Talking of smooth, upgrade the gearing to Shimano Sora and you enjoy even slicker gear shifts.

Sizes: 16, 18, 20”. Colour: Team Red. Web Ref: 12963




8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT fork: carbon legs. 8 Shimano 2300 compact 2x8 drivetrain.

8 AluxX SL frame / carbon fork. 8 Shimano 2300 Dual Control 3x8 gearing.

8 AluxX SL frame / OverDrive composite fork. 8 Shimano Sora Dual Control 3x8 gearing.

Your introduction to Giant’s 3F concept.

Giant defy you to find a better frame

Allez means ‘to go’. This bike delivers.

Like every Giant women’s bike, the Avail 5 conforms to their 3F commitment to balance three factors critical in bike design: fit, form & function. The Avail’s frame geometry and the brake lever reach are shorter and the handlebars less wide so the bike will fit most women better than an equivalent gent’s bike such as the Giant Defy. Building the frame with arguably the highest grade alloy tubing available at this price guarantees a bike that looks as graceful as it functions.

Giant control every step of the frame building manufacturing process from smelting the aluminium ore to FluidForming their AluxX SL frame. This ownership of the building process means that Giant enjoy total control of the quality of every frame they build. Giant are so confident that this is the best aluminium frame made today, they spec the same frame for their £1,000 Defy 1. Thanks to Giant’s economies of scale, you can enjoy its benefits at this more approachable price

Sizes: XS-M. Colour: Silver/Bondi Blue. Web Ref: 14353

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Red/ Black. Web Ref: 14356

The Allez has inherited the 4-figure Specialized’s Tarmac Comp’s bowed top tube and pencilthin hourglass seatstays for improved vertical compliance. Meanwhile, the lightweight Specialized FACT carbon fork helps soak up road vibrations and contribute to the Allez’s laser-accurate steering. Shimano 2300 Dual Control derailleurs makes light work of shifting through the 2x8=16-speed gears.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black/Charcoal or Red/White. Web Ref: 14016


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

While stocks last

While stocks last

SPECIALIZED ALLEZ SPORT £599.99 (was £719.99)



8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT fork: carbon legs. 8 Shimano Sora 2x9 transmission & brakes.

(was £769.99) 8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon fork with Zertz. 8 Shimano Sora 3x9 transmission.

8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon fork with Zertz. 8 Shimano 2300 3x8 transmission. 8 Specialized Espoir Sport BlackBelt tyres.

A more comfortable road bike spec & price.

Roubaix-like design on an alloy frame budget.

While the Specialized Allez emulates the Specialized Tarmac’s (P.54) race geometry, the equally fast but longer wheelbase Secteur Sport makes more concessions to rider comfort. The head tube is 20mm taller so you can set the bars higher while the Zertz-implanted FACT forks are remarkably effective near-weightless shock absorbers.

This is the 2012 version of the Secteur - i.e. it takes key elements of the Specialized Roubaix (page 55) such as the carbon fork with Zertz and the Endurance Road geometry. The Secteur difference is that Specialized build the bike around a lightweight alloy frame rather than carbon. The result is one fine bike built for comfort as well as speed.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58cm. Colour: Black/Charcoal. Web Ref: 13784

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Red/White. Web Ref: 14079

Catch this bargain while you can. We still have good availability of some 2011 Specialized models so we are offering them at great prices while stocks last. The Specialized Allez Sport stands out for coming with a full Shimano Sora 18-speed groupset including the brakes and compact 34/50 chainset. This is a refreshing deviation from the common practice of equipping Sora bikes with less expensive brakes and cranks.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58cm. Colour: White/Black/Red. Web Ref: 12970


ROAD BIKES £650 - £950




8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon forks with Zertz. 8 Shimano 2300 transmission.

8 New CAAD8 6061 alloy frame, carbon forks. 8 Shimano Sora 2x9 compact drivetrain.

8 Synapse alloy frame. SAVE carbon fork. 8 Shimano Sora 3x9 drivetrain.

Key Cannondale technologies at an entrylevel price.

Cannondale’s endurance road bike.

Dolce Vita guarantees a good life on the bike. Now in its eighth season, the Dolce lives up to its reputation as one of the most fully integrated female-friendly road bikes. It’s built on a women’s compact frame (available in five sizes) to bring the shallow drop bars within easier reach. The bars are fitted with a secondary pair of levers which you can operate from the bar tops. The Riva BG Women’s saddle tops of the stunning spec.

Sizes: 44, 48, 51, 54, 57cm. Colour: Black/Blue/White. Web Ref: 14060


‘While for many brands, the entry level is an afterthought, Cannondale realise that someone’s first road bike purchase is often the most important they’ll ever make.’ Cannondale. Check over this frame and you have to agree that Cannondale’s CAAD8 manifesto rings true. SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination) stays damp shock. Asymmetrical chainstays reinforce the drivetrain side and optimise power transfer.

The Synapse is to Cannondale what the Secteur is to Specialized and the Defy is to Giant. The Synapse is as capable of race day performance as any similarly-priced road bike but the frame has been tweaked to enhance day-long riding comfort. The head tube is 2cm taller. Cannondale’s new SAVE PLUS stays offer a 13% improvement in vertical compliance over the original design. Mudguard and rack eyelets (and clearance) underline this bike’s versatility.

Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black/White. Web Ref: 14266

Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: White/Black/Red. Web Ref: 14269

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)




8 AluxX SL frame / OverDrive composite fork. 8 Shimano Tiagra Dual Control 2x10 gearing.

8 Double butted alloy frame. Carbon fork. 8 Shimano Tiagra 3x10 gearing & brakes. 8 Continental Ultra Sport 700x23 tyres.

8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT carbon forks with Zertz. 8 Shimano Sora 3x9 transmission.

Handbuilt in Germany.

Makes road riding more appealing by design.

Focus are the latest addition to Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s growing portfolio of authentic road race bikes. Individually hand built in Germany, Focus bicycles stand out for their exceptional clean design. Over the years, Focus have sponsored illustrious riders such as Olympic gold winning star, Nicole Cooke. You can now check them out for yourself at every Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op shop.

From its shock-damping carbon/Zertz fork to its narrow shapely seatstays, the Dolce is designed not to jar. The handlebar’s shallower bend allows a closer reach to the brake levers, so you feel more confident and comfortable when you ride with your hands on the drops. The Specialized Riva saddle is cutaway where you want zero contact, padded where you want maximum comfort.

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black/Red/ White. Web Ref: 14355

Sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62cm. Colour: New White/Red. Web Ref: 14294

Sizes: 44, 48, 51, 54, 57cm. Colour: White/Black/Red. Web Ref: 14063




8 Double butted alloy frame. Carbon fork. 8 Shimano 105 2x10 drivetrain and brakes. 8 FSA Gossamer 34/50 chainset. 8 Continental Ultra Sport 700x23 tyres.

8 Specialized A1 Premium aluminium frame. 8 Specialized FACT fork with carbon legs. 8 Shimano Tiagra 2x10 transmission.

8 Synapse alloy frame. SAVE carbon fork. 8 Shimano Tiagra 2x10 gearing. 8 FSA Omega 34/50 chainset on BB30. 8 Schwalbe Lugano 700x25 tyres.

Best buy in Shimano 105-equipped bikes. Shimano upgraded their 105 group in 2011. The lever hoods became more ergonomic, the cable routing more discreet, the shifting slicker. Even the brake pad compound was improved. Such upgrades came at a price. You rarely see a 105-equipped bike for under £1,000 these days. This was yet another reason to introduce Focus to our company.

‘The mid-range Shimano Tiagra gruppo gets a massive facelift, gaining the newer STI lever shape, matching everything from 105 upwards. A light-action shifter feel is maintained. External tension adjusters allow on-the-fly adjustment. The new-shape levers move Super SLR brake callipers bringing improved braking power to Tiagra level.’ Cycling Weekly.

Sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62cm. Colour: New White/Orange. Web Ref: 14293

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black/Red. Web Ref: 14019

Giant’s endurance geometry bike, turbocharged with Tiagra 20-speed shifting. Like the Defy 4 (P.50) this Giant is built on an AluxX SL frame with an OverDrive fork which mates carbon blades with an alloy steerer which tapers from 1.25 to 1.125” - a fork design that promotes predictable steering while helping to eliminate juddering. Then the Defy 4 is upgraded with new multi-range Tiagra gearing, which matches a 10-speed 12-30 cassette with a 34/50 FSA chainset, as befits a bike built to swoop over hill and dale.

Shimano Tiagra joins the Elite.

2x10 gearing makes the most of the Synapse.

‘The award-winning Synapse family of bikes are designed for high performance with an eye to improved comfort, smooth riding and stable handling over abusive surfaces. Perfect for Gran Fondo rides, taking the long way to work or just glorious plush hours in the saddle, the Synapse is the perfect blend of race-level performance and all-day comfort.’ Cannondale. Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 14270


ROAD BIKES £999 - £1,600

GIANT DEFY COMPOSITE 3 £1,249 8 Composite frame. OverDrive carbon fork. 8 Shimano Tiagra 2x10 transmission. 8 Giant tyres on Giant sealed bearing wheels. Giant defy inflationary bike pricing trends. The least expensive Giant carbon bike in our summer 2011 catalogue cost £1,650. Being able to drop their composite technology entry price so significantly is near miraculous in this age of rising raw material prices. Being the world’s

biggest bicycle manufacturer obviously gives Giant an advantage that they can pass on to us. Like every bike in the Defy range, the Composite 3’s longer-wheelbase, taller-head tube ‘endurance road’ geometry enables a more ‘heads up’ position without any significant sacrifice in its ability to pick up speed.

Sizes: S, M, M/L, XL. Colour: Black/White/Silver. Web Ref: 14360

While stocks last



FOCUS CAYO 3.0 £1,399

8 AluxX SL frame / OverDrive composite fork. 8 Shimano 105 Dual Control 2x10 drivetrain. 8 Giant tyres on Giant sealed bearing wheels.

(was £1,649.99)

8 Cayo carbon frame. Cayo T4 carbon fork. 8 Shimano 105 Dual Control 2x10 gearing. 8 DT Swiss R1850 wheels.

Sealed hubs make Defy 1 roll smoother.

Best bike bargain in this catalogue.

The benefits of the Defy 1’s AluxX frame and Shimano 105 gears have already been well-rehearsed in this catalogue. What’s less well known is that Giant’s genius with alloy manipulation translates perfectly to wheel manufacture too. (Giant now make rims for Mavic, Campagnolo and Fulcrum.) They don’t make tyres (yet) but they do produce the moulds for their dual-compound front and rearspecific puncture-resistant 700x23 tyres.

If ‘£350 off’ isn’t enough to tempt you into one of our shops to test ride a Tarmac, consider this. The near-identical 2012 version of this bike will retail for 2 grand. Even if you never aspire to road racing, a bike this good will help you maximise your riding potential, whatever your level. To read the true-life confessions of a Tarmac owner read about Alan’s assault on Alpe D’Huez (P. 48).

The Cayo - Focus’s Tour-tested carbon frame - is equipped with the best cartridge bearing wheels we have ever seen on a bike at this price, DT Swiss R1850s. The rear wheel’s Star Ratchet freehub has a proven record for high load resistance and reliability. The DT Swiss rim’s Strength Boost Welding Technology ensures the smoothest joins.

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Red/Carbon/White. Web Ref: 12990

Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. Colour: Black/Blue. Web Ref: 14273

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: White/Blue/Black. Web Ref: 14354


8 Specialized FACT full carbon frame & fork. 8 Shimano 105 gearing & WHR 500 wheels.

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

Tour-proven frame + 105 shifting + DT wheels = this year’s best value carbon bike.

SPECIALIZED ROUBAIX £1,599.99 8 Specialized FACT frame & fork with Zertz. 8 Shimano Tiagra 2x10 drivetrain and brakes. 8 DT Axis wheels. The original endurance road bike. The Specialized Roubaix is generally acknowledged as the original ‘endurance road’ bike - i.e. a performance road bikes with comfort features such as a taller head tube. The Roubaix still stands out for its full carbon frame & fork with Zertz viscoelastic implants which really do a fantastic job of damping shock when you ride cobbles and rutted tracks. The fact that this design is a multiple ParisRoubaiz race winner confirms the truth of Specialized’s slogan, Smoother = faster.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: White/Black/Red. Web Ref: 14066



FOCUS CAYO 1.0 £1,599.99

8 Full carbon monocoque frame. 8 Carbon fork blades / alloy steerer. 8 Campagnolo Xenon 2x10 Ergoshift gearing. 8 Miche 34/50 cranks. Miche brakes. 8 Miche wheels.

8 Composite frame. OverDrive carbon fork. 8 Shimano Ultegra 2x10 shifters & rear mech.

8 Cayo carbon frame. Cayo T4 carbon fork. 8 SRAM Force 2x10 gearing. 8 FSA Gossamer 34/50 chainset with BB30. 8 DT Swiss R1850 wheels.

Ultegra on a TCR frame is as good as it gets at this price.

From its full carbon monocoque frame (weighing just 1,150g/2.56kg) to its Campagnolo Xenon gear shifts, matched by its Miche chainset, wheels and brakes, there is no denying the sheer Italian class of the Wilier Izoard. Check how the Miche red and black hubs mirror the frame’s red and black paint job. Bellissimo.

20 years experience producing carbon frames goes into the creation of this bike. With the TCR Composite, Giant make the most of their innovations such as the Overdrive head tube and PowerCore bottom bracket to create a no-compromise race machine dedicated to converting pedal power into speed. Equipping the bike with Ultegra shifters & rear mech (with 105 brakes and front mech) is the cherry on the icing.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Colour: Red/White/Black. Web Ref: 13281

Sizes: S, M, M/L, L, XL. Colour: Black/Silver/White. Web Ref: 14364

A good shout for best-looking bike of the year.

May the Force be with you. Force is to SRAM what Ultegra is to Dura-Ace. Force is their second-tier groupset but it has most of the features that make SRAM Red a popular pro choice. The carbon brake levers are independently reach-adjustable while the magnesium shift levers are perfectly sized to offer an intuitive target for your fingers from either the drops or hoods.

Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. Colour: Black Web Ref: 14271


ROAD BIKES £1,799 - £3,499


FOCUS IZALCO PRO 4.0 £1,899 8 Izalco Team carbon frame, 3T carbon fork. 8 Shimano Ultegra 2x10 gears and brakes 8 FSA Energy 34/50 chainset with BB30. 8 DT Swiss R1850 wheels. 8 Continental Ultra Race folding tyres. Shimano Ultegra shifting and braking. In contrast to the many ‘endurance road’ bikes in this catalogue, such as the ‘heads up’ Roubaix, Avail and Synapse, the Focus Izalco is a true race geometry bike for riders who have trained themselves to ride in a flat-back position to experience maximum aero benefits and minimum compromise in their ability to get up to top speed as fast as possible. To make the most of this fine carbon frame, the Izalco Pro is also among the least expensive routes to enjoying the proven benefits of Shimano Ultegra Dual Control gear shifting and Super SLR braking.

Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. Colour: White/Black. Web Ref: 14286


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)




8 Supersix full carbon frame and fork. 8 SRAM Apex 2x10 gearing and brakes. 8 FSA Omega 34/50 chainset with BB30.

8 Izalco Team Carbon frame. T4 carbon fork. 8 3T Rigida Pro T4 carbon fork. 8 SRAM Force 2x10 drivetrain and brakes. 8 DT Swiss R1850 wheels.

8 Izalco Team Carbon frame. T4 carbon fork. 8 3T Rigida Pro T4 carbon fork. 8 Shimano Dura-Ace 2x10 gears and brakes. 8 Rotor 3D BB30 cranks. 34/50 chainrings.

Izalco speed + SRAM Force = a heady brew.

Shimano Dura-Ace-bejewelled Izalco.

This is the Izalco with SRAM Force Double Tap gear shifting. Try it for just one day and you will learn to love having just one gear shifter on each brake lever. With its bang up-to-the-minute design, with tapered head tube and BB30 bottom bracket, you can be sure that the Izalco Pro carbon frame will be the perfect platform for SRAM Force.

The Pro 1.0 version of the Focus Izalco shows its true Tour-tested pedigree by coming bejewelled with Shimano Dura-Ace brakes, gear shifters and mechs. The transmission is upgraded with a set of Rotor 3D cranks which are created by a unique Triple Drilling System where 3 weight-saving holes are drilled through the length of both cranks.

Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. Colour: Matt Black. Web Ref: 14284

Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. Colour: Grey/Matt Black. Web Ref: 14282




8 Full Carbon monocoque frame and fork. 8 Campagnolo Athena 2x11 gears and brakes.

8 Specialized FACT IS 10r carbon frame 8 Venge Pro FACT monocoque fork. 8 Shimano Ultegra 2x10 transmission. 8 Rovale Rapide AL35 wheels.

8 Advanced Grade Composite frame & fork. 8 Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gearing.

Scored a perfect 5/5 verdict:

‘A mightily impressive frame that combines a superbly damped and compliant ride with all the performance any rider could want. The light but perfectly planted front end inspires confidence from the off. The combination of a BB30-centred frame with a sturdy headstock and narrow rear stays makes for a frame that’s clearly had a great deal of thought put into its development. 5/5.’ Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Black/White. Web Ref: 14268

Down from its 2011 £3,199 price this 7.37kg dream bike is now a wee bit more affordable.

The rigidity that Wilier was trying to capture in the design of the Gran Turismo manifested itself in the first turn of the pedals. The front end stayed stiff even when we exaggerated our sprinting style, throwing our weight forward and pulling at the handlebars like we were sprinting for victory at Milan-San Remo. Once in the hills, we were able to appreciate the balance between racing and comfort. Descending a twisty road on the Gran Turismo was a blast due to the frame’s and fork’s stiffness.’ Road Bike Action. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Colour: White/Red. Web Ref: 13280

Built for, and in consultation with, Mark Cavendish. The Venge fuses elements of the Specialized Tarmac with their Shiv aero time trial design to create a bike fit for the world’s fastest rider. The Venge’s 3:1 X-Section fork blades slice the wind. The aeroplane wing-shaped X-Section stays’ flat outer and rounded inner sections calm crosswind airflow.

Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61cm. Colour: Red/Grey. Web Ref: 14093

An introduction to Ultegra electronic shifting. Equip a Giant Advanced Composite bike with electronic shifters and you have a glimpse into the future of cycling. Cadel Evans and Mark Cavendish respectively won yellow and green jerseys at this years Tour on bikes equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace electronic shifters. Electronic shifting has now trickled down to Ultegra level making it that bit more viable for non-sponsored enthusiasts. Electronic shifting is definitely a plus if you have ever aspired to a bike with gears that are astonishingly easy to keep in adjustment.

Sizes: S, M, M/L, L, Colour: Dream Silver/Red/ Black. Web Ref: 14357



MINOURA B60-D £129.99 A home trainer gives you the means to cycle indoors when you can’t or don’t want to go outside. Simply roll your bike’s back wheel onto the Japanese magnetic-resistance roller, clamp the bike secure at the rear wheel axle and pedal. A 3-step resistance lever on the unit allows you to set the intensity of each workout.

Web Ref: 13276

TACX SPEEDMATIC T1810 £149.99 Tacx are the first name in home trainers. You will see pros warming up on Tacx trainers at the start of the world’s most prestigious races. With the Speedmatic, you get a 10-step bar-mounted lever, so you can adjust its magnetic resistance without getting off the bike.

Web Ref: 13889

TACX T1435 SIRIUS £179.99 The T1435’s curved CycleForce frame bestows a lightly sprung, more realistic feel when you pedal (compared with the T1800’s A-frame). Like every Tacx on this page, the Sirius is 25% quieter than a conventional turbo, thanks to its steel-faced gel roller.

Web Ref: 6067



When riding on rollers, you have to balance and pedal the bike to keep it upright - just like you do on the road. As well as building your fitness, riding rollers does wonders for your balance and control.

This green machine’s low centre of gravity base makes it extra stable. Its heavy (2.8kg) flywheel maintains momentum when you slow down at the end of a training session or when you change gear so it contributes to a realistic road riding-like feel. Its large (5cm) roller reduces tyre wear.

Web Ref: 10399

Web Ref: 13885

TACX T1856 SATORI HIGH POWER £224.99 The Satori’s robust short-legged frame, its larger steel flywheel and its powerful Neodymium magnet make for a trainer that’s optimised for building your power even with low rev training. Front wheel support comes supplied.

Web Ref: 13298



TACX T2500 BOOSTER £289.99



Boosted with a magnet that’s even more powerful than the Tacx Satori’s, The Tacx T2500 is the new first choice of the world’s top pro teams including Saxo Bank, Astana, RadioShack, Milram, Lampre, Rabobank, QuickStep and Omega Pharma-Lotto.

The Road Machine’s fluid resistance is progressive - the harder you pedal, the harder it gets. That’s why fluid resistance gives you a more realistic cycling experience that does away with the need for a handlebar-mounted resistance lever. Lifetime guaranteed.

This is like the Road Machine with a frame that lets you rock the bike side to side as you would when riding uphill out of the saddle. That’s significant because the more realistic the experience, the more likely you are to motivate yourself to use a home trainer.

Web Ref: 13888

Web Ref: 13886

Web Ref: 13887

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)





8 7005 aluminium alloy frame. Steel fork. 8 Shimano 2303 Dual Control 3x8 gearing.

8 Reynolds 525 butted CrMo steel frame. 8 Shimano Sora/Deore 3x9. Disc brakes.

8 Reynolds 525 butted CrMo steel frame.

‘The cheapest tourer we can recommend.’

We are confident that this is the UK’s least expensive disc brake-equipped Reynolds steel-framed touring bike.

Like our Revolution Country Traveller, the Ridgeback Voyage boasts Shimano 2303series 24-speed Dual Control shifting and the brakes are Tektro cantilevers with auxiliary bar-top levers. Like our Country Explorer the Voyage has a Reynolds butted steel touring frame - the standard for touring bikes for the past 80 years. Its touring geometry makes the frame very stable, even when laden with panniers. Ride the bike unladen and you will appreciated its lively feel, courtesy of the Reynolds CrMo steel frame’s inherent spring.

This summer, Cycling Plus asked us to lend them our Revolution Country Traveller in a head-to-head touring bike review. This was their verdict. ‘The Revolution is the cheapest full-on tourer we can recommend, and Barry (the reviewer) was surprised at how much bike you get for the money: “It feels sturdy and comfortable and I like the extra set of brake levers for when you’re riding on the tops. 4/5.”’

Sizes: 46, 49, 52cm. Colour: Midnight Blue. Web Ref: 13155

Moving the brakes from the mud and rainattracting wheel rims to the relatively clean hubs makes for an improvement in the brakes’ all-weather all-conditions performance. Disc brake pads are much harder so they last much longer. So do the rims now that they are no longer being worn down by the brake pads.

Sizes: 46, 49, 52cm. Colour: Ebony Black. Web Ref: 13154

More proof that steel is real.

Sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm. Colour: Gloss Black. Web Ref: 14209





The picture above of Archie Rusack on his ‘hoss bike’ was one of our favourite entries to our Making Your Bike Your Own competition (P. 94-95). Juliet Grant captioned the photo, ‘We love our bikes! Yee ha! ‘

We see it as our duty to select our kids’ bicycles, clothing and accessories with the same care that we devote to choosing our adult ranges. In a world were 50lb supermarket bikes are not uncommon, we take heed of the advice given by Richard Ballantine in his 21st Century Bicycle Book, ‘Bike weight is fundamental.... The demarcation line is 30lb: bikes at 35lb are hard to move, while bikes at 25lb seem to go down the road on their own.’ Watching the weight becomes even more important when it comes to young riders who don’t have the strength to control or manoeuvre overweight bikes. Choose a sub-30lb bike and you give your child the best chance of developing a love for cycling.

We selected this pic because it communicates such a compelling message - encouraging your kids to cycle can be one of the greatest gifts you can pass on. Perhaps because it’s the perfect means of getting out and about in the fresh air, there is something about the bicycle that stimulates the creativity that this picture conveys so wonderfully.


KIDS’ BIKES CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE Children’s bike sizes are determined by wheel diameter (not frame size like adult bikes). 8 Balance AKA runner bikes: 1.5 - 4.5 years old 8 12 inch-wheeled bike: 3 - 5 years old 8 14 inch-wheeled bike: 3 - 6 years old 8 16 inch-wheeled bike: 4 - 7 years old 8 20 inch-wheeled bike: 5 - 10 years old Customer photo courtesy of Juliet Grant A bicycle must be pretty near the top of the Christmas list if you want to give your child a present that can offer years of health-enhancing pleasure. If you see a bike that will be your kid’s Christmas delight, you can reserve it today with a £10 deposit. We will then store the bike till December and arrange a collection / delivery date that is most convenient to you. Reserving the bike early makes sense. You won’t have any worries that the bicycle you’re after will sell out (as can happen with some models well before Christmas) and it’s one more item ticked off the gift list. Job done.

8 24 inch-wheeled bike: 8 - 14 years old 8 26 inch-wheeled bike: 11+ Obviously your child’s personal growth spurts might invalidate these guesstimates so, like any size chart, please regard this as a rough guide.

ADVICE ON CHOOSING A KIDS’ BIKE YOU WON’T FIND ELSEWHERE We take pride in the fact that every kids’ bike in the Edinburgh Bicycle range is designed to offer years of pleasure. To make the most of its potential, every kids’ bike we sell is thoroughly assembled and checked over in our own workshop before you collect it (or have it delivered). With a little care and maintenance, any children’s bike you buy from the Bike Co-op should be fit to pass on to a wee brother or cousin in years to come. Most models of kids’ bike come in near-identical boys’ and girls’ versions. At Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op we’re committed to offering choice, so we usually stock both versions - even when the only difference between the boys’ and the girls’ version is the bike’s colour. Before you order a girls’ bike consider this. While girls are often perfectly happy with a boys’ bike (the tomboy factor) the reverse is rarely true. Whether or not you are comfortable with colluding with gender stereotyping, trust us. A pink bike with flowery decals might fail to delight even the broadest-minded lad (or his dad). Bear this in mind when choosing a bike that you might want to pass or sell on in the future.




The beautiful British balance bike. This is one of the best crafted and best looking balance bikes money can buy. With its FSCapproved birch & marine ply frame and fork, the Easy Rider Lite balance bike is the most natural introduction to the pleasures of cycling for youngsters from 18 months to 3 and a half years old. Its sealed cartridge bearings sets it apart as an especially smooth-running super-spec’d ride.

A slightly larger Early Rider. Whilst the Early Rider Lite runs on 12” alloy wheels (with sealed cartridge bearings) the Classic matches a 12.5” rear wheel with a 14” front so it’s a better size for taller kids from 2 to 4 and a half years old. As with the Rider Lite you can restrict the headset’s rotation, so the bars don’t turn to much. When your early learner gets the hang of steering, you can adjust the headset to full rotation mode.

One Size: 12” wheels. Colour: Natural. Weight: 3.25kg/7.15lb. Web Ref: 12853

One Size: 12 & 14” wheels. Colour: Natural. Weight: 5kg/11lb. Web Ref: 12852


HAMAX SIESTA CHILD SEAT £94.99 Its 20˚ degree reclining facility makes this Hamax a fine choice if you reckon your young one will ever need a wee Siesta when taken out on the bike. The seat’s integral rack adds an element of suspension to damp road / trail shock. This help ensure your slumbering cargo isn’t rudely awakened when your route involves cobble stones.

Payload: 18kg/40lb. Web Ref: 13860


This height-adjustable handle makes it easier to help your bairn learn to ride. You can now offer a wee push when the child’s on a bike with stabilisers, or you can slow it down when the wee one picks up too much speed. It helps stabilise a 2-wheeler sans stabilisers. Secured to the rear axle, the handle stays upright and out of the way when the child is ready to ride without assistance.

Web Ref: 14238


SPECIALIZED HOTWALK £99.99 Our best selling balance bike for the past three years. As with so many cycling innovations - the production mountain bike, the Kevlar-beaded tyre - we have Specialized to thank for being the company who introduced us to balance bikes. A balance bike has no pedals, cranks or chain. This means that the youngster learns how to steer and balance without fear of dunking their wee ankles on the pedals. Present 2 or 3 years olds with a balance bike and they almost always instinctively know what to do - jump on the saddle and scoot along the pavement, hobby horse style. Once the youngster gains confidence, he or she can rest their feet on the wider chainstays and freewheel. If they need to slow down or stop, it’s equally instinctual for kids to realise when it’s time to get their feet back on the ground.

One Size: 12” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Red. Girls’ Colour: Pink. Web Ref: 14003 (boys), 14004 (girls)

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

SPECIALIZED HOTROCK 12 £149.99 Lighter, brighter, better. That’s the Hotrock formula. As an alternative to starting your 3 year old on a balance bike, we have this more traditional option - a 12”-wheeled bike with pedals and cranks. Specialized’s alloy frame, fork and wheels make the Hotrock 12 the lightest bike in its class. Stabilisers (though not approved by every cycling expert) have a track record of helping generations of youngsters gain confidence on a bike. These ‘trainer wheels’ (as stabilisers are called in Specialized’s native USA) are easily removable once they are no longer required. As ever with Specialized, it’s all about the detail. If you’re 3 years old, you’ll probably find the Hotrock 12’s coaster (back pedal) brake easier to operate than a brake lever.

One Size: 12” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Red. Girls’ Colour: Pink. Weight: 7.46kg/16.48lb. Web Ref: 14144 (boys), 14145 (girls)





The missing link between 12 & 16” wheelers. A Ridgeback’s 14” wheeler could be the perfect bike for a 3-4 year old who is a bit tall for a 12”-wheeled bike but can’t quite manage the big step up to 16” wheels. The MX14 and Honey stands up there with the best kids’ bikes on the market. The frame, wheel rims and V-brakes are all lightweight aluminium alloy. The short 102mm crank’s 28t chainring matched with a 16t freewheel gives a nice low singlespeed gear that’s easy to pedal. The chain is totally enclosed to keep the rider clean and out of potential harm’s way.

Best of British. Ridgeback are a British company who offer an interesting alternative to our main kids’ bike supplier from the USA, Specialized. Aluminium frames, alloy wheels, alloy V-brakes and removable stabilisers make Ridgeback kids’ bikes competitive in the lightweight league tables. Like all our 16”wheeled bikes the MX16 and its female equivalent, the Melody, fit children from as young as 3 to as old as 8. Both bikes are clean, simple and uncomplicated, courtesy of their rigid forks and no-gear singlespeed simplicity.

Specialized’s 16-wheelers for 3-8 year olds. Like Ridgeback, Specialized create a better quality kids’ bike. The boys’ and the girls’ versions of the Hotrock 16 are built on alloy frames and come with alloy wheels and removable stabilisers. Then Specialized take it to the next level by making the forks, handlebars and stem all aluminium alloy (where most of their competitors spec steel). Then there are the extra Specialized touches such as the colour co-ordinated chainguard and the child-friendly back-pedal-operated rear coaster brake to augment the standard front calliper brake.

One Size: 14” wheels. Boys’ MX14 Colour: Matt Blue. Girls’ Honey Colour: Pink. Claimed Weight: 8.5kg/18.4lb. Web Ref: 14418 (boys), 14417 (girls)

One Size: 16” wheels. Boys’ MX16 Colour: Matt Blue. Girls’ Melody Colour: Pink. Web Ref: 14419 (boys), 13192 (girls)

One Size: 16” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Blue. Girls Colour: Purple. Weight: 9.06kg/20lb Web Ref: 14146 (boys), 14147 (girls)


KIDS 5-10 YEARS CANYON AMICO HELMET £9.99 Quality is not compromised in the creation of this lightweight (210g) lowcost 10-vent kid lid. Its Turntyte headband fitting system boasts a rear speed dial to facilitate fast set up.

Unisize: 50-57cm. Boys’ Colour: Black/White. Girls’ Colour: Pink. Web Ref: 13944 (boys), 13945 (girls).

Customer photo courtesy of Mike Hyde

GIRO PHANTOM £34.99 While this 20-vent helmet is airier than most kid lids, the Giro Phantom still has plenty of substance. The Acu-Dial fit belt incorporates a speed dial on the back to make it easy to fine tune its typically-Giro precise fit. 242g.

Unisize: 48-52cm. Colour: Matt Black/ Green, Titanium /Pink Eleanor Peacocks. Web Ref: 14254

ABUS MY FIRST LOCK £12.99 This was one of the cheapest yet most appreciated presents the Bike Co-op’s Ged ever bought his 7 year old grandson because it earned wee Joe permission to ride round to the local corner shop - a significant step on the road to independence.

Colour: Green or Pink. Web Ref: 9575


TRAIL-GATOR TOW BAR £74.99 This is a steel tube that clamps to the pilot bike’s seatpin at one end and the head tube of a child’s bike’s at the other. With the kid’s front wheel off the ground, the youngster can ride the bike like a trailer bike. When its safe for both of you to ride solo, simply detach the tow bar from the kids’ bike and it can be folded out the way.

Web Ref: 9227

REVOLUTION CAIRN 20 £184.99 REVOLUTION SKYE 20 £184.99 8 Burnished Airlite aluminium frame. 8 Zoom suspension fork with 30mm travel. 8 Shimano 6-speed twistshifter / rear gear. Best spec / lightest weight for the money. Once children reach the age of 5 or 6 they’re usually big enough to manage 20”-wheeled bikes. They’re also ready to go out on rides that make gears and front suspension desirable. Hence the Revolution Cairn for boys and the Skye for girls. We are confident that these bikes are as light weight and as well spec’d as any you will find at this price - as you have come to expect from our Revolution range.

One Size: 20” wheels. Boys’ Cairn Colour: Brushed Aluminium. Girls Skye Colour: Blue. 12.08kg/26.64lb. Web Ref: 13367(boys), 13369 (girls)



8 6061 heat-treated aluminium MTB frame. 8 RST suspension fork. 8 Shimano 6-speed twistshifter / rear gear.

8 Specialized A1 Premium alloy frame. 8 SR SunTour 40mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano 6-speed twist-shift gears. 8 Forged chainset with roller guide. 8 Specialized Roller 20 x 2.125” tyres.

Rated by The Independent newspaper as one of the 10 Best Children’s Bikes. ‘When boys hit six or seven, chances are they’ll want a mountain bike more than anything else in the world. The ideal is a bike that’s engineered to take inevitable knocks, but with a light aluminium frame. The Ridgeback MX20 has all this and it features an anti-skid brake modulator.’ We promise that the girls’ version - the Ridgeback Honey - is equally outstanding.

One size: 20” wheels. Boys’ MX20 Colour: Black. Girls’ Harmony Colour: Bright Pink. Weight: 12.1kg/26.6lb. Web Ref: 13844 (boys), 14416 (girls)

More proof that Specialized bikes really are special. As ever with Specialized, it’s all about the detail. Check how the alloy frame’s top tube (cross bar) drops down to maximise stepover height while the down tube’s bottle cage bolts are mounted low to make more room for a full-sized bottle. Then note how the chain is kept in place with a roller device which, along with the 40mm-travel fork delivers authentic trail bike kudos. Specialized really are special.

One size: 20” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Red. Girls’ Colour: White. Weight: 11.2kg/24.76lb. Web Ref: 14148 (boys), 14149 (girls)

DARE 2B BODY KIDS’ BASE LAYER SET £18 Get your kids into base layers and you’re less likely to hear those familiar refrains, ‘I’m freezing’ or ‘I’m too hot’. Layering is the intelligent route to regulating core temperature and feeling comfortable outdoors. Layering starts with this lightweight long johns and technical T base layer set. Layering is an education. Once your kids get into layering, they’re more likely to grow into brave eco warriors who pull on a jumper rather than automatically turning up the heating whenever the temperature dips.

Sizes: M (7-8), L (9-10), XL (11-12 year). Colour: Black or Raspberry Rose. Web Ref: 13522

ALTURA CRESTA WINTER GLOVES £19.99 Should we experience a winter similar to the last two, we can highly recommend Altura’ breathable, waterproof, Thinsulate-lined Cresta Gloves. Long knitted cuffs ensure good wrist coverage. Griptex palms improve your grip on the handlebars, and the snowballs.

Sizes: S (5-6), M (7-8), L (9-10 years old). Colour: Black. Web Ref: 8676


CAMELBAK SKEETER £21.99 The Skeeter has been our best-selling kids’ hydration pack since 2003. For 2012, CamelBak have upped the Skeeter’s capacity from 1 litre to 1.5 litres, perhaps in recognition of the fact that more children are going on longer rides, maybe to the local trail centre or perhaps on events such as the 60-mile Great North Bike Ride where the ability to drink on the move can be the difference between finishing comfortably and retiring early.

Colour: Blue/Lime, Raspberry. Web Ref: 13672

TSG NIPPER MINI HELMET £35 A scaled-down version of the TSG Evolution (P.86) skate-style hardshell helmet for wee nippers. This helmet’s deep rear coverage means no fit belt is required. Instead TSG provide variable thickness pads to ensure a snug, safe fit. 272g.

Unisize: 48-52cm. Colour: Panda Graphic. Web Ref: 13560


SPECIALIZED FLASH YOUTH HELMET £29.99 The Specialized Flash is one of the best buys in trail-style lids for kids. It offers deeper rear coverage than most kid lids. The fact that it sits lower down the back of the head makes for a helmet that fits more securely than one that’s perched higher. 278g.

Unisize: 50-55cm. Colour: Drip Red, Tropic Blue, Tropic Purple. Web Ref: 13399

REVOLUTION CAIRN 24 £199.99 REVOLUTION SKYE 24 £199.99 8 Airlite aluminium MTB frame. 8 Zoom suspension fork with 40mm travel. 8 24 x 1.95” Kenda tyres on alloy wheel rims. 8 Shimano 18-speed twist-shifters / mechs. 8 Tektro alloy V-brakes w/front modulators.



24” wheelers for growing kids start here. Check the spec and the look of these junior MTBs and it’s easy to see why the 24”-wheel versions of the brushed aluminium Revolution Cairn for boys and the sparkling blue Revolution Skye for girls are our best selling bikes for kids from around the age of 8.

One Size: 24:” wheels. Boys’ Cairn Colour: Brushed Aluminium. Girls Skye Colour: Blue. Weight: 12.9kg / 28.4lb. Web Ref: 13368 (Cairn), 13370 (Skye)

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)



As far as we know, these are the only children’s padded cycling longs currently available in the UK. 20% Lycra / 80% polyamide construction guarantees a zero-constriction fit that any rider will appreciate whatever their age. Protective’s knack for creating this level of technically superior yet affordable cyclewear makes us proud to have been their sole UK outlet since 1998.

These gloves share the same technology that has made SealSkinz adult gloves legendary. The SealSkinz Children Glove is manufactured in the UK, using a seamless 3-layer construction process, comprising a hard wearing stretch outer, a genuinely breathable waterproof membrane and a Merino wool wicking lining so that warm, dry, comfortable hands are guaranteed.

Sizes: 140, 152, 164cm. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9834

Sizes: Age 6-9 or 10-13. Colour: Blue. Web Ref: 13893

ALTURA CHILDREN’S NIGHT VISION JACKET £49.99 Altura produce these super hi-viz breathable waterproof jackets to help ensure that children are warm and safe when they exercise their right to go out on their bikes. One rear zipped pocket and 2 hand pockets make it easy to stash all the bairn might want to carry, be it a Nintendo DS or a prize collection of conkers.

Sizes: Age 5-6, 7-9 or 10-12. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 8677




8 6061 heat-treated aluminium MTB frame 8 RST Capa suspension fork. 8 24 x 1.95” off-road tyres on alloy rims. 8 Shimano 21-speed twist-shifters / mechs. 8 Alloy V-brakes and levers.

8 Specialized A1 Premium alloy frame. 8 SR SunTour 50mm-travel fork. 8 Shimano 21-speed twist-shift gears. 8 Forged chainset with flatty pedals.

8 Specialized A1 Premium alloy frame. 8 SR SunTour 50mm-travel fork w/lockout. 8 SRAM 21-speed gear shifts.

This is your destiny calling. The Destiny for girls and the MX24 for boys are built on heat-treated 6061 aluminium frames and come with really good quality RST Capa suspension forks. Neither frame nor fork would go amiss on an adult MTB costing more.

Imagine riding a bike like this when you were 10 years old. Imagine learning mountain biking skills on a bicycle as well balanced and as well equipped as this. Imagine how good your bike handling skills might be today if you had started out on one of these 10, 20, 30... years ago. What a gift to pass on.

Even lighter than the standard Hotrock 24. This more deluxe version of the Hotrock boasts a lighter weight frame, thanks to its double butted aluminium top tube and down tube. You can lock out the SunTour fork’s 50mm travel for bob-free climbs on tarmac. Talking of climbing this bike’s 14-34 cassette make it easier to get to the top than you would on a bike with a standard 14-28 freewheel.

One size: 24” wheels. Boys’ MX24 Colour: Black. Girls’ Destiny Colour: Pure White. Weight: 12.74kg/28.12lb Web Ref: 14420 (MX24), 14415 (Destiny)

One size: 24” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Black. Girls’ Colour: White. Weight:12.68kg/27.96lb. Web Ref: 14150 (boys), 14151 (girls)

One Size: 24” wheels. Boys’ Colour: Red/ White. Girls’ Colour: Black/Pink. Weight: 12.34kg/27.56lb Web Ref: 14152 (boys), 14153 (girls)



he brief was clear. Deliver an attractive clothing range, dripping in technical features. Keep the branding subtle. Oh yeah, and ensure it offers exceptional value for money.

The voice in your head is saying, ‘value for money means cheap doesn’t it?’ Don’t listen. The voices are wrong. We are confident our Revolution range will outperform the ‘market leaders’ time and again. And of course you’ll save some of your hard-earned in the process. Win-win.

To put our money where our mouth is and give you peace of mind, EVERY Revolution garment comes with a 24-month guarantee against manufacturing defects. Can’t say fairer than that really can you?

Revolution Talia Tights’ fine-weave microdenier stretch fabric delivers a similar level of unrestricted freedom you enjoy when riding in Lycra shorts. The windproof front panels offer the kind of weather protection that would otherwise require pulling on multi-layers. Foot stirrups keep the ankle cuffs in place in the proven traditional style. The tights’ synthetic chamois is manufactured in the most hygienic antibacterial CoolMax Silver fabric. The chamois’ 3D contoured construction and its gel padding guarantees comfort. Reflective stripes on the lower legs are perfectly placed to help get you seen.


Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13756

How do we make this magic happen? It’s quite simple really. We partner with no one but the best. Our friends over at Polaris are UK-based specialists with over 20 years of experience developing technical cyclespecific clothing. Between us our aim is to come up with exceptional garments, designed to help you feel good about pedalling come rain come shine. Road biking, trail riding, commuting... Revolution clothing will enhance every ride and help you reach your destination in maximum comfort and maximum style.







Delivering the same windproof protection and CoolMax padded comfort as the bib-less Talia, Bibtights dispense with the waistband and replace it with something better. With straps hitched around the shoulders, bibtights will never creep down, while full lower-torso coverage means that your belly and your lower back are never exposed.

This is an elegant example of that cyclists’ staple, the jersey/jacket. It feels as light and it fits as well as your favourite cycling jersey. Windproof front panels mean that you can comfortably wear it as your sole top layer on cool morning rides. Three rear pockets keep essentials to hand. Thanks to its Velcro closure, the middle pocket could be a safe haven for your phone.

The Forsa is our brand new windproof jersey/jacket for men. Like the ladies’ Tima top, it boasts the following fab features: soft luxurious Thermastretch fabric augmented with windproof front panels; a neat fit that will never get in a flap; 3 rear pockets + 1 zipped security pocket; full-length YKK zip; thumb loops and our trademark subtle reflective detailing.

We believe so much in the benefits of riding in a breathable windproof we decided to offer an alternative to the Forsa, so we logically called it the Allt. The Allt’s ThermaTEK fabric is more breathable and the cut is a tad more technical. It shares the Forsa’s YKK full front zip, its thumb loops, its silicon waist band and its handy hanging loop on the outside of the collar.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13752

Sizes: 8-16. Colour: Black/Pink. Web Ref: 13765

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13776

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black/Red. Web Ref: 13760

REVOLUTION COOLMAX SOCKS THREE-PACK £9.99 These lightweight socks are a treat for your feet. Their CoolMax yarn is renowned for keeping the skin dry - the key to foot hygiene. Once you get into the cycling sock habit you won’t want to wear lesser hosiery. Hence the 3-pack.

Sizes: S (3.5-6.5), M (6.5-9.5), L (9.5-12.5). Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13774

[ Available Dec ]

REVOLUTION HELM WINDPROOF SKULLCAP £16.99 Does the well-vented helmet you bought in June feel a bit draughty in November? Do your ears feel exposed in February? Then consider the Revolution Helm. Thanks to its breathable stretch fabric with wind- proof brow and side panels this skullcap is slim enough to be worn under a helmet.

REVOLUTION LEADER WATERPROOF JACKET £119.99 The Leader is indeed the ‘hero product’ of our updated Revolution clothing range. Its breathable waterproof Hydrovent Stretch fabric is super light. (The Leader Jacket in medium weighs just 248g.) Hydrovent’s 4-way stretch means that the jacket’s athletic-fit won’t constrict your freedom of movement. The longer sleeves (with thumb loops on the elasticated cuffs) the longer tail and the full length waterproof YKK front zip ensure full weather protection. The map-sized rear pocket (also with a sealed waterproof zip) has an internal LED pocket with a window to the outside world. The jacket’s dark grey reflective logos shine bright under street light as does the collar’s reflective piping.

One Size. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13757

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13762

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13754

REVOLUTION AROS WINDPROOF GLOVES £21.99 Windproof on the back, our gloves help guarantee warm hands, even on daring December downhills. Unique Revolution logo star & tyre silicone icons on the palms and fingers ensure a non-slip grip. Their streamlined pull-on design does away with the need for Velcro closures.

REVOLUTION SPRINT WATERPROOF TROUSERS £34.99 Overtrousers are a garment most citizens don’t think about - till they take up cycling and realise that you’re only half-dressed if your sole waterproof is a jacket. Our breathable waterproof Sprint Trouser’s’ reflective-striped calf-length zips make them easy to haul on whenever they’re required.

REVOLUTION TILT WATERPROOF JACKET £84.99 This relaxed-fit breathable waterproof Hydrovent cycling jacket boasts pit vents, a large rear pocket, 2 hand pockets, a zipped chest pocket, a stowaway hood and subtle reflectivity. The Tilt works equally well whether you wear it for weekday commutes, on-road training rides or weekend off-road frolics.

Sizes/Colours: S-XL in Black. S-XXL in Hi-Viz Yellow. Web Ref: 13764

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13763

REVOLUTION FINNA ANATOMIC WOMEN’S 3/4s £39.99 More coverage than shorts yet cooler than longs, for most days out in the UK, 3/4s offer a happy medium. Especially when they are manufactured in the Finna’s super-soft Polyester Comfortral fabric, flat-lock-seamed for durability and CoolMax chamoised for comfort.


Sizes: 8-16. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13773


BASE LAYERS & JERSEYS ENDURA BAA BAA LONG SLEEVE BASE LAYER £39.99 Whilst space-age synthetic fabrics dominate the base layer market, it appeals to our innate sense of irony that our best-selling winter base layer is produced in a yarn that has been keeping humans warm for at least 10,000 years - wool. The Endura Baa Baa deserves its popularity because it’s not made from any old wool. It is 100% Australian Merino wool. This soft superfine wool means the Baa Baa is far less likely to itch compared with traditional coarser-weave woollen garments. Because it releases water vapour before it condenses, wool is far less likely to reek of sweat. Natural lanolin locked into the fibre reinforces Merino’s self cleaning qualities. This means that you don’t have to wash a Baa Baa so frequently, thus saving on the laundry bills. Its easy-care qualities, plus the fact that it’s a natural renewable resource, offers convincing proof that wool boasts the best ecological credentials. That’s why many of us consider the Baa Baa to be the best base for biking.

w Baa Baa Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9375 v Baa Baa Sizes: XS-L. Colour: Prussian Blue. Web Ref: 10651

DARE2B PACEMAKER T BASE LAYER £15 DARE2B MOONGLOW T WOMEN’S BASE LAYER £15 Dare 2b’s polyester ‘honeycomb’ fabric doesn’t hold water like clammy cotton can. It rapidly transfers moisture to the outside. Suddenly, taking exercise doesn’t seem such a sweat when your T-shirt works this well for you.

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Iron. Web Ref: 13513 v Moonglow Sizes: 8-16. Colour: Aqua. Web Ref: 13517





Your base layer is indeed on the frontline when it comes to regulating your personal microclimate so this is an especially well-named garment. Bodyhugging by design the Endura Frontline‘s compression fit enhances muscle support. Flatlock stitching resists chafing and promotes longevity. Its fastwicking Polytex/Lycra fabric makes the Frontline equally fit for summer or winter wear.

Experience the magic of Lifa Stay Dry Technology. Lifa’s lightweight weave and its second-skin fit means you are barely aware it’s there. According to Helly Hansen, Lifa’s hydrophobic polypropylene fibres magic moisture off the skin 30 times faster than a wicking polyester top. This means you stay drier so you won’t get so chilled when a cooling downhill follows a sweat-inducing uphill.

If you’re looking for the best of all worlds, especially for stop/start activities such as trail park riding, this top combines a Merino wool outer layer to keep you cosy with an insulating Lifa T3 hollow fibre inner layer for fast sweat dispersal. T3 (Thermic Tube Technology) is an advanced hollow-tube version of Lifa that enhances both its thermal insulation attributes and its moisture transfer powers.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 7493

Sizes & Colour: M-XL in Fiery Red, S-XL in Black/Hi Viz. Web Ref: 13880

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Dark Blue/Black. Web Ref: 11248

ALTURA ÉTAPE L/S JERSEY £39.99 The Altura Étape is a fine example of the jersey/jacket concept. It’s more substantial than a regular cycling jersey. It’s lighter and more flexible than a typical cycling jacket. Its 3 open-access rear pockets and its streamlined cut prove its cycling credentials. It’s the perfect solo layer (or top layer over a base layer) for many a ride, from the daily commute to a challenge-of-a-lifetime Étape du Tour (or Etape Caledonia).

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 13918

Customer photo courtesy of David Dunnico

ALTURA NIGHT VISION JERSEY £49.99 Altura’s Night Vision range is incredibly popular and deservedly so. Its integral reflectivity means you can safely leave the hi-viz Sam Browne Belt or municipal safety jacket at home when you don a Night Vision top. This fleecy full-zip jersey with 3 rear pockets is a welcome addition to the Night Vision collection.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13073





The Burner Lite’s loose-fit and 3/4-length sleeves leave plenty room for wearing elbow pads. Its lightweight anti-bacterial rapid-wick fabric with stretch mesh underarm panels promote freedom of movement and freedom to vent off perspiration. A zipped pocket with media port offers a safe haven for your mobile or MP3 player.

The Alfort is a Tectron Warm jersey. Tectron is Protective’s polyester bike jersey material. Tectron Warm is a double-layer knitted version of the fabric. The inner layer is brushed and textured on the inside. This gives it a soft hand and helps make Tectron Warm more comfortable and noticeably less ‘boil in the bag’ than competing cool-weather cycling tops.

The 4 stars on the left-hand chest of this team top pay homage to the four cyclo-cross world championship medals that Protective’s owner, Klaus Peter Thaler, won in the 1980s. Its Tectron Warm construction and its 3 back pockets would make the Protective Matthew a perfect top today for cyclo-cross (or any other multi-terrain bike ride).

Refined and upgraded since its introduction in 1995 with details such as a sunglass polishing cloth in the chest pocket, the MT500 deserves is status as the classic MTB jersey. ‘The main body is made from a thermal and wicking fabric, while underarms get a looser knit acting as a vent. A stretch ripstop shell reinforces shoulders and upper arms. 9/10.’ What Mountain Bike.

Sizes: M-XL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13558

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13919

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13071

Sizes: M-XL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13074









You appreciate the freedom of movement that jog pants offer but you’re looking for something lighter weight. These 94% polyester / 6% Lycra longs are a deserved best seller.

w Sizes S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11325

Like Altura Winter Cruisers, Endura Multitights have no chamois so they easily cross over to off-bike activities such as the gym or yoga class. Endura’s 62% nylon / 27% polyester / 11% Lycra fabric and their heavy duty ankle zips make Multi-Tights a tad more technically advanced.

Meryl is a soft breathable microfibre fabric. Flatlock stitched in the Endura way, these are an exceptionally pleasant-to-wear, hardwearing pair of knickers AKA 3/4s. Silicon grippers mean the legs will never ride up. Its moulded CoolMax chamois guarantees comfort in the saddle.

Cosy stretch thermal fabric helps bestow confidence that chill winds won’t touch you. Night Vision reflective print, strategically positioned at car headlight level, gives you confidence that you’ll be seen.

The Molo’s Lombardia polyamide/Lycra fabric makes these tights softer to the touch, lighter weight, less bulky and nicer to ride in than, say, jog pants. The wide elastic waistband extends only as far as the back and sides. The zeroelastic belly panel reduces abdominal pressure.

v Sizes: 8-18. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11326

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11328

Sizes: XS-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11327

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

w Sizes S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11323 v Sizes: 8-14. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11324

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 14241



From its PSD (Protective Storm Defence) front and seat panels to its Superroubaix rear panels via its Endurance Pad, the Kelvin is an exceptional bib tight. PSD is a 3-layer polyester fabric with a breathable and waterproof membrane mid layer and a textured, insulating, wicking inner layer. Its light weight means that PSD don’t compromise your freedom of movement on the bike. As you would expect from a garment called Kelvin these longs do an awesome job of regulating your temperature. To paraphrase the old song, PSD delivers protection from stormy weather as long as you and it are together.

I now save over £50 per month on travel expenses, and it’s a joy to glide unhindered past a queue of stationary traffic knowing that I’m knocking months and months off my physical age as they sit there ... Gavin Warrender: Edinburgh Bike Co-op Customer

Roubaix is a polyamide/Lycra fabric, legendary for its mildly fleecy feel, its excellent moisture wicking properties and its Lycra-induced stretch-and-recovery qualities. Superroubaix is the most deluxe version of that fabric in that it is even more elastic and even more abrasion resistant than the standard version.

For the full story visit the community zone at:

Protective’s most deluxe stretch chamois, the Endurance Pad, is laminated, not stitched to the body of the tights. Its variable-layer padding offers up to 1cm cushioning but only where required under the sit bones.


When you add embellishments such as the extra long ankle zips faced with reflective piping and the unique MP3 pocket on the front bib, you realise that Protective have, once again, raised the bar.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13891

Protective Kelvin PSD Longs superbly match the Protective Jordan PSD Windproof Top (web model 13899) on page 77.





Sweet as cherry cola, Lola is a perfect pair of Protective longs. The high-loft Lombardia fabric’s 14% Lycra content bestows fantastic freedom of movement. Double knee panels double Lola’s longevity and help prevent aches that can arise if those crucial joints get over-chilled.

Lombardia high-loft fabric makes for a luxurious pair of 3/4s. Its 14% Lycra content bestows fantastic freedom of movement. Its 3D-formed Performance Pad synthetic chamois graduates from 2mm for minimum bulk to 8mm thick for maximum sit bone cushioning.

These full length Lombardia longs don’t have a chamois so you would normally wear them over your favourite padded shorts. Ben’s bib delivers extra lower torso coverage and ensures these longs always stay in place. The bib straps are a lighter mesh fabric to prevent overheating.

Sizes: 38-44. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13081

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13212

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13083

These 100% waterproof Lycra softshell biblongs are an Endura original. Thanks to their ultrasonically welded construction (no stitches!), their Entrant waterproof membrane and their flexible seam seals, Stealth Biblongs lock out rain and road splash. The Fieldsensor micro-fleece lining makes them cosy, comfortable and very breathable. The Thermolite upper body doesn’t overcook you. Laser cut and bonded waterproof ankle zips with snap-down zip pullers ensure a snug fit over overshoes. Ride in Stealth and you are guaranteed dry legs and a dry bum on the wettest rides. Imagine that.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9844 ‘For wet weather riding the Stealth tights are unbeatable.’ roadcyclinguk.



ENDURA FIREFLY TROUSERS £44.99 Endura Firefly recreation trousers are made of a lovely peachskin-soft Supplex fabric augmented with seamless Cordura seat and calf panels. The Firefly’s conventional loose cut ensures they pass muster for everyday wear off the bike too.

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 7945 v Sizes: XS-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 7946

ENDURA HUMMVEE TROUSERS £44.99 Endura call the Hummvees ‘urban and trail trousers’ to differentiate them from the recreational Fireflys. Having come off my mountain bike a few times without shredding my Hummvees, I (Ged) am happy to confirm that the Teflon-treated ripstop fabric lives up to its name. The simple chamois-free cut makes them perfect for off bike use.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9259


ENDURA HUMMVEE 3/4s £49.99 Unlike the trousers of the same name, Hummvee 3/4s are supplied with a pair of Endura padded liner shorts. Like the trousers, Hummvee 3/4s are constructed in Teflontreated ripstop nylon augmented with seamless stretch inner leg and lower back panels to reduce friction and to enhance freedom of movement. Also like the trousers, the 3/4s have 6 pockets (front, rear & cargo) to ensure multiple storage options.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9365

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

ALTURA NIGHT VISION OVERTROUSERS £59.99 When it’s raining, visibility tends to deteriorate. If you’re shopping for waterproof overtrousers, it’s therefore a good idea to consider the most eye-catching breeks we do - Altura Night Vision - replete with reflectivity where it’s most likely to catch fellow road-users’ attention.

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11348 v Sizes: 8-14. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11349


Removable lower legs

The humble Buff is among the best pieces of clothing ever created. This amazingly versatile seamless tube of stretchy microfibre material can be manipulated into a neck gaiter, a neckerchief, a pirate/gang-style bandanna, a hair band, a cap, a balaclava, a wristband.... Daring folk have been known to wear one as a micro skirt. This is known as being almost in the buff. A Buff can be your last line of defence against midges as illustrated by this pic taken on route to Ben Alder this August. To see our full range of Buffs

GORE FUSION SO TROUSERS £124.99 These windproof, water-resistant Gore Windstopper Soft Shell trousers combine easy-wear loose-fit comfort with fantastic functionality. Their breathability makes Gore Fusion SO Pants comfortable to wear whether it’s warm or cool. Then when it gets very warm you can zip-off the lower legs and instantly convert these trousers into a pair of shorts. The width-adjustable elastic waistband and the high back help ensure you keep your lower back covered when you manoeuvre off and on the saddle. Reinforcing the lower legs with Cordura panels, plus the fact that the leg width is adjustable, help protect the trousers from traumatic contact with the bike’s chain. A concealed calf-length zip makes it easy to haul these pants on or off en route without having to remove your shoes. Two side pockets, a zipped rear pocket and a laser-cut zipped cargo pocket give you the means to store essentials.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11245




Constructed in a woven 92% polyester / 8% Lycra performance stretch fabric, the Synchro stands out for being more technical than a regular pair of baggy 3/4s. The liner short’s deluxe multi-density stretch chamois helps guarantee comfort in the saddle. This liner is removable so you can keep on wearing the Synchros over another pair of inner shorts when the originals are being laundered.

Cordura Construction helps save Singletracks from destruction. DuPont Cordura is one of the heaviest-duty fabrics in the textile industries. This makes it an ideal material for creating a masterful pair of mountain biking trousers. Especially when Endura have the good sense to specify stretch knee panels that leave sufficient room to accommodate knee pads.

React 3 fabric makes Altura Attacks among the few fully waterproof cycling trousers (as opposed to overtrousers) money can buy. They have all the features that make for a better pair of breathable biking breeks whether you mountain bike, commute, tour, race, or all four - a reinforced seat panel; pre-shaped articulated knee panels; ankle zips with Velcro width adjustment; leg length adjustment; a reinforced RH inner calf and dark reflective trim.

Sizes: 8-16. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 12356

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9367

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13103


GORE ULTRA IV PACLITE GORE-TEX TROUSERS £129.99 Waterproof overtrousers are the one garment you spend more time carrying than wearing. That’s why you want cycling overtrousers in that most lightweight and packable breathable waterproof fabric - GoreTex Paclite. Further features such as the reinforced seat, the pre-shaped knee panels and the zipped rear pocket simply confirm that that Gore overtrousers are Ultra good.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 12283


WINDPROOF GORE PHANTOM SOFTSHELL JERSEY £124.99 ‘A superbly versatile jacket you will probably only pack away in the height of summer. A windproof front with thin fleecy backing provides a subtle warmth , while a stretchy, breathable back means there is almost no build up of sweat and the fit is superb. This all adds up to a garment that keeps you comfortable in just about any conditions, shrugging off showers and only needing supplementing when the rain persists. Even when wet, you are rarely cold. The removable sleeves add even more to the versatility, bringing it into the ‘cool summer evening’ category too. Although a tad pricey, if this is your first riding jacket, the detail and finishing more than justify the money, and it will pay back dividends with the amount of use it will get. 10/10.’ MBR magazine. Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Neon/Black. Web Ref: 14042





w Sizes S-XXL. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 6734

Rather like the Laser Gilet to the left, the Altura Cropton is slight and light (only 150g). The fact that it can be rolled into its own back pocket alerts you to its intended usage. The Cropton was made for carrying. That way you always have something to pull on when you require a wind-blocking shower resistant top.

Endura’s highly-rated 3-pocket jersey / jacket. ‘The Jetstream offers a superb balance of warmth, fit and windproofing, yet is lightweight enough for epic rides where weight and bulk matter. This is a bulk-free, warm fitted jersey that takes care of wind duties - a great all-rounder at a good price.’ WhatMountainBike magazine.

v Sizes: XS-L. Colour: Mint. Web Ref: 13639

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 11338

This Maj is a best-of-all-worlds top that converts from a jacket to a gilet at the pull of 2 zips. It’s back pocket give you somewhere to store the sleeves. Its PWD (Protective Wind Resistant) close-weave, windproof, breathable and shower resistant fabric has a nice satin texture. Subsequently, the Maj feels much nicer to wear than more plasticy alternatives.

This sleeveless windvest is shower resistant and wind blocking on the front. Its light mesh back resists ovedrheating. This gilet comes into its own on those cool mornings when you can almost, but not quite, make do with going out wearing your jersey sans jacket.


Sizes: 38-44. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 10716

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 9870

COMMITTED TO COMMUTING The first few weeks were hard work but eventually I found that I was really enjoying the morning ride and got to work feeling more alert and in a better mood than if I had just got in the car and driven. Over the next few years I bought a couple of bikes and took part in some charity rides, progressing from 10 miles up towards 30 miles, and loving every minute of them... Mark Patterson: Edinburgh Bike Co-op Customer For the full story visit the community zone at:

Customer photo courtesy of Richard Dalgleish






Not to be confused with the Altura Night Vision waterproof jacket, this lighter weight Windstopper feels more like a mildly fleecy jersey when you wear it, with the added bonus that it’s windproof and rain resistant. 382g.

Boasting trademark Night Vision reflective chevrons down the outside of both your thighs and your calves, your bobbing legs are sure to get you noticed when you pedal in these biblongs. Rain-resistant front panels augment the regular biblong stretch thermal fabric. The multi-density chamois completes one comfortable confidenceinspiring piece of kit.

Waterproof, breathable, slightly stretchy material at the front; more breathable and elastic Thermal Roubaix fabric at the back and sides; crucial detailing such as the 3 rear pockets, a fourth zipped rear pocket and an MP3 chest pocket with integral glasses wipe: Endura have got to the essence of what a softshell jacket is all about with this superb top.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13082

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9871

w Sizes S-XXL. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 11321 v Sizes: 10-14. Colour: Raspberry. Web Ref: 11322

PROTECTIVE JORDAN PSD JACKET PROTECTIVE ROSLIN PSD JACKET £79.99 His and hers PSD (Protective Storm Defence) jackets. Their stretch fit and their waterproof membrane mid-layer deliver stormy weather protection without compromising your freedom of movement.

w Jordan Sizes M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13899 v Roslin Sizes: 38-42. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13900


WATERPROOFS THE MAGIC OF STAYING DRY WHEN IT’S WET Customer photo courtesy of Colin Reekie

ALTURA NEVIS JACKET £49.99 Map-sized rear pocket, zipped chest pocket, mesh lining, get-you-seen colour scheme: the Nevis is amazingly feature-filled for such an affordable jacket. It comes in a wider range of sizes than any other top we can think of. Sure as Nevis is our biggest Ben, it’s easy to understand why this is Britain's best-selling waterproof cycling jacket. 482g.

w Sizes: XS-XXXL. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 11342 v Sizes: 8-18. Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 11647

ENDURA CONVERT II JACKET £74.99 Mere ownership of such a great-performing breathable waterproof will convert you to the idea that its okay to go out on the bike when it’s raining. Then when you warm up, you’ll be happy to discover that this Endura jacket converts to a gilet. But what will you do with the sleeves once you’ve zipped them off? You can simply stuff them in the jacket’s zipped back pocket. Then once you’ve really warmed up, this jacket rolls up into its back pocket. Packed this small, it can then be carried on the bike with the frame loops Endura wisely provided. 418g.

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11351


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)



With enhanced features such as über reflectivity, zipped side pockets, long pit zips and a peachskin soft feel, the Evo is beginning to outsell Altura’s benchmark Nevis jacket. 520g.

The Flyte is backed with Endura’s proud claim that its PTFE Performance fabric makes it the most breathable (28,000g/m2/ 24hr) sub-£100 cycling jacket on the market. 424g.

w Sizes: XS-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 11344

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13225

v Sizes: 8-16. Colour: Raspberry. Web Ref: 11345

v Sizes: XS-L. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13484



This is a sophisticated coat you can cycle in. It’s also a great cycling waterproof you will look good in when you’re off the bike. Its PU-coated microfibre fabric is waterproof (not just showerproof), breathable and machine washable. Reflective panels on the cuff, collar and belt help you get seen after dark.... or they can be left discreetly folded away when you want to wear the coat off the bike. Talking of safety, this Mackintosh is cleverly cut to prevent it snagging on the back wheel. The arms and shoulders are tailored to maximise comfort and freedom of movement - even if you ride a road bike with drop bars. Big pockets and a detachable hood emphasises this mac’s practicality. There’s a lot to love about this coat - not least the fact that it is manufactured by a British company in Kentish Town, London. Blimey!

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13914

THE NORTH FACE MUDDY TRACKS JACKET £110 This jacket is made in a stretch fabric called HyVent, made by Toray industries - the Japanese geniuses famed for the creation of fine threads such as Fieldsensor fabric and the carbon filament spec’d for Giant composite bikes. The result is a jacket that protects but doesn’t overheat you. Nor does it restrict your freedom of movement when you’re on the north face or some such place. At only 262g (women’s version, size large) this is our lightest waterproof top.

w Sizes: M-XL. Colour: Voyage Blue. Web Ref: 13524 v Sizes: S-L. Colour: Fushia. Web Ref: 13525







The brand new Sirius Plus claims an even higher (30,000g/m2/24hr) breathability rating than the Endura Flyte. React Extreme fabric makes it perhaps the ultimate alternative to boilin-the-bag waterproofs. Clever features such as smooth action zips with magnetic closures make it a joy to go out in.

Pick up the Path and you appreciate the benefit of owning a simple Gore-Tex Paclite jacket free of extras, bar the essential chest and rear pockets. At 290g it’s only a quarter the weight of some Gore-Tex hiking jackets yet it still carries Gore’s guaranteed waterproof promise.

Better cycling jackets boast stretch panels so that you can enjoy the benefits of wearing something that streamlines but doesn’t constrict. The Kashi’s Toray Dermizax construction makes every inch of the jacket 100% flexible, totally waterproof, highly breathable and impressively lightweight. 390g.

The Venturi is made from the same highly breathable PTFE Protection waterproof fabric as the Endura Flyte. Stretchier fabric on the shoulders and the sleeve underarms facilitates the freedom of movement you’ll experience when you venture forth in your Venturi. 520g.

This is our introduction to Gore-Tex Active Shell. Boasting a faster wicking inner layer, a thinner membrane, and a lighter outer shell, Active Shell was independently RET tested as being at least 50% more breathable than Gore’s previous best Gore-Tex Paclite fabric.

Sizes: 8-12. Colour: Purple. Web Ref: 13910

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Neon. Web Ref: 14043

Sizes: M-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 7455

Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11354

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red/Black. Web Ref: 14044



SEALSKINZ ALL WEATHER CYCLING GLOVES £35 Every SealSkinz glove (apart from the liner glove below) is manufactured in the UK, using a seamless 3-layer construction process, comprising a hard wearing stretch outer, a genuinely breathable waterproof Porelle membrane and either a CoolMax or a Merino wool wicking lining. The result: you stay dry, warm and comfortable. SealSkinz All Weather Gloves are padded in all the right places. Silicon print palms, knuckles and fingertips help guarantee a secure grip.

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 11220 v Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Blue. Web Ref: 11221

SEALSKINZ THERMAL LINER £10 98% Merino wool gloves with 2% Lycra to enhance the gloves stretch fit and longevity. Thin enough to wear under outer gloves and thus create a warm thermal layer. Can be worn on their own when it’s merely cool, as opposed to freezing. Boasts trademark Merino wool properties - i.e. helps retain warmth without overheating, doesn’t itch, doesn’t pong. Bargain.

One Size. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11612





The windproof, breathable soft-shell fabric; the bodymapped multipanel construction; the gel-padded suedette palm; the 3D-cut life-line seam; the knuckle padding; the embossed neoprene cuff; the full terry finger brow wipe; the silicon print grippers on palm and fingertips: such are the pains taken by Endura to create an especially well-fitting glove.

Substantial without being cumbersome, Protective’s fleece-lined windproof gloves are nice to wear. Optimised for -5˚ to +10˚C temperatures, they are perfect for many a month in these parts. Gel Absorber Pads relieve ulnar nerve pressure. Lycra cuffs (no Velcro tab required) slip nicely under your jacket cuffs.

The windproof back deflects chills. The Clarino palm with Body Geometry padding reduces finger-tingling pressure on the Ulnar nerve. This is all good, but the Deflect's most striking feature is its light weight, so your digital dexterity is barely compromised.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 9835

Sizes: M-XL Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11320

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11225 v Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11224



Constructed in a waterproof, windproof, breathable 45% Polyester / 35% Nylon / 20% Polyurethane fabric, the Altura Progel Glove is comfortably cushioned without being over-bulky. ProGEL padding provides long-life cushioning. Velcro cuff adjusters help ensure the wind stays blocked. Reflective-rich trim gets hand signals seen. The women’s version is narrower as befits a lady’s more slender hands.

... it is probably because when I arrive, endorphin flooded, to work on a sunny morning, my smileometer is restored to 100%. And if it has been raining and blowing, it still feels full. I have faced adversity, hardship and peril and won. I defy anyone to feel that in a car.

w Sizes: S-XL. Colour: Red. Web Ref: 13897 v Sizes: S-L. Colour: Aubergine/Black . Web Ref: 13898

Simon Millward-Hopkins: Edinburgh Bike Co-op Customer For the full story visit the community zone at:

ALTURA NIGHT VISION EVO WATERPROOF GLOVE £44.99 Being hi-viz and waterproof, this Altura Night Vision Evo Glove will see you through the worst of winter. ProGEL padded palms cushion the hands. Extra long knitted cuffs cover the wrists. Velcro cuff adjusters further exclude draughts. These gloves are supplied with a pair of removable liner gloves. Boasting silicon gripper palms the liner gloves can be worn on their own (as can the outer gloves, of course) when the weather warms up and a single-layer glove is all you require.


w Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13894 v Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13895





The Cordura/Supplex backs, the seam-sealed breathable waterproof membrane and the waterproof stretch cuffs help keep hands snug through the worst deluge. The soft tri-gel palm padding and the thumb crotch overlay takes pressure off the most hard-pressed areas of the hand.

The breathable, waterproof, windproof Porelle membrane is sandwiched between a durable ripstop outer and a warm, breathable liner. The palm is gel padded at 3 pressure points: the knuckles, the life line and the ulnar nerve. Silicon dots on fore and middle fingertips ensure your brake lever pulling power never slips.

Gore-Tex, the world’s most trusted waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane, protects your hands from everything the elements can chuck at them. A drawcord cuff further locks out the weather. The palms are cushioned. As the name implies, Cross gloves readily cross over from cycling to other activities such as skiing.

Sizes: S-XXL. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 13219

Sizes: M-XL. Colour: Red/Black. Web Ref: 9838

Gore Countdown Lady Gloves deliver comfort and weather protection in equal measure. The waterproof Gore-Tex membrane works as well as you have learned to expect. The thermal liner insulates your hands from the cold. The 92% polyester / 8% Lycra back offers a neat stretch fit. The absorbent thumb is an ever-available brow wipe.

Sizes: M-XXL Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11319

Sizes: S-L. Colour: Black. Web Ref: 11222


LOOKING THE PART WHATEVER YOUR ROUTE, KEEP THE MUD OOT Ride in winter and you soon learn that sunglasses aren’t just for summer. Cold wind makes the eyes stream. This can be particularly distressing if you wear contacts, and your watering eyes make the lenses float off the pupils. And don’t get us started about mountain biking in winter. Here’s mud in your eye? No thanks. We say, slip on the shades and protect those precious peepers.

The choice of champions, so much research and development went into the production of the Radar Path, it would not be fanciful to suggest that it probably rivals the creativity Oakley’s Californian neighbours Apple will devote to their next iProduct.

XYZ Optics - the most optically-correct and impact resistant lenses under the sun. These 100% UV-filtering Plutonite lenses effortlessly exceed ANSI Z87.1 (American Standards) for impact resistance. So much so, Oakley lenses are literally bulletproof.

Lens Tints

Lens Tints



(was £19.99)



Our legendary sunglass set comes supplied with 3 pairs of lenses which you can change with the weather. Smoke lenses for bright light. Yellow for low light. Clear for no light. Its carry bag has slots for keeping the spare lenses safe. And should you lose a lens, spares are available for just £4.95 a pair. For the money the best set of cycling glasses I’ve tested. 9/10.’ Cycling Plus.

Despite their comparatively low price, Endura Spectrum sunglasses give you a clear view of the world through their high-definition, UV-blocking, anti-fog-treated, polycarbonate lenses. Flexible nose bride and temple tips maximise comfort, fit and grip. They come supplied with a hard carry case and a soft wipe microfibre carry pouch. For that final touch of class, the frame colour matches the lens tint.

Lens: Smoke, Yellow & Clear. Frame: Black. Web Ref: 3342

Lens: Clear, Smoke or Yellow. Frame: Clear, Smoke or Yellow. Web Ref: 9325

The Radar Path’s 15% transmission Blue Iridium lens simultaneously enhances contrast while reducing glare. Oakley’s Hydrophobic permanent lens coating repels dust while maintaining a smudgeresistant barrier against skin oils, fingerprints, chamois lotion, sunscreen, water streaks.... Oakley’s nosepiece and earsocks are made from a special rubber called Unobtainium, which actually improves its grip when its wet with sweat thus guaranteeing a comfortable non-slip fit.

Lens: Blue Iridium. Frame: White Chrome. Web Ref: 13848

Lens Tints

OAKLEY MX O FRAME GOGGLES £35 The Oakley O Frame MX (motocrossderived) goggle is assembled from a scratch-resistant, UV-blocking Lexan polycarbonate lens encased in face-hugging wind-blocking foam. Secured to the head or the helmet with a wide, adjustable, silicon-lined slip-resistant, elastic strap Oakley O Frame Goggles are the ultimate in eye protection.

Lens: Clear. Frame: Black. Web Ref: 13715

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

ENDURA STINGRAY £35.99 The Endura Stingray is supplied with 4 different pairs of lenses you can change with the weather. Dark Smoke Polarised lenses cope with the very brightest light and glare. Light Smoke lenses make for good general-purpose sunglasses. Persimmon lenses are perfect for low light. Clear lenses are the obvious night riding option.

Lenses: Clear, Persimmon, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke Polarised. Frame: Black. Web Ref: 9326


ENDURA TRIGGER TRAIL LIGHT REACTIVE £39.99 You’re hardly going to switch lenses whenever you ride from blazing sunshine into the shade. That’s why Photochromic lenses that lighten or darken in reaction to changing conditions might be even better than interchangeable lenses. With their Trigger Trail sunglasses, Endura have brought Light Reactive convenience to a new, lower price point. The Endura Trigger Trail is a handsome pair of shades whose ergonomic wraparound fit is appropriate to cycling. The lens transmission range is 22% (like a smoke lens for bright light) to 33% (like a citrus lens for overcast). A vented flexible rubber nose piece helps keep them in place on your face as do the slimline temples’ soft rubber inserts. It’s supplied complete with a hard case and softwipe microfibre carry pouch which will help you keep your Triggers in good nick for years to come. These sunglasses (and your eyes) are worth it.

Lens: Light Reactive. Frame: Black. Web Ref: 12317

Sharing air space with dust, low-flying insects and cold wind, the savvy cyclist is quick to learn that sunglasses make a massive difference to your comfort on the bike all year round. In fact your eyes probably benefit most from being shielded from glare when the winter sun is low on the horizon. To help you chose from the eyewear on offer, the first step is to consider which lens tint(s) would suit you best.


These ‘optimism lenses’ enhance contrast and make grey days appear more sunny.


A favourite with night riders.


Classic sunglasses tint as sported by monochrome idols since the ‘50s James Dean / Fausto Coppi era.


Lenses that automatically darken or lighten depending on the ambient light intensity make perfect sense for any rider.


Iridium is the most corrosion-resistant metal on earth. It’s mirror finish kills glare.

ENDURA SNAPPER LIGHT REACTIVE £39.99 Lenses that lighten or darken to adapt to changing conditions make obvious sense. The Snapper’s transmission range is 22% (like a smoke lens for bright light) to 33% (like a citrus lens for overcast). These sunglasses can therefore be worn from dawn till dusk from the bright open road to the dark forest trail.

Lens: Light Reactive. Frame: Deep Shine Black. Web Ref: 13507

OAKLEY SCALPEL £125 ‘This is sculpture mixed with science. The side-to-side contour of a lens can make or break peripheral vision. Scalpel has a full 8.75 base curvature to open your range of view. That much of a contour leads to optical distortion in ordinary sunglasses but Scalpel is engineered to maintain critical clarity along the entire lens curve.’ Oakley. Lens: Black Iridium. Frame: White. Web Ref: 12834

OAKLEY JAWBONE £190 The Jawbone comes fitted with a pair of Jade Iridium lenses This neutral lens tint enhances colour perception. It’s 17% transmission value makes it perfect for medium to bright light. Its Iridium mirror coating reduces glare. When the light dims and you want to swap the lenses for the (supplied) 90% transmission Yellow lenses, Oakley’s unique Switchlock technology kicks in. Simply remove the Unobtanium nosepiece. Swing down the hinged lower frame and the original lenses pop out without resistance. Reverse this process to replace the lenses.

Lenses: Jade Iridium & Yellow - both vented. Frame: Polished White. Web Ref: 13847


fancy shoes? WNothing wrong with cycling‘Whoin needs trainers.’ e are sometimes asked,

Sure there’s nothing wrong with cycling in trainers, crocs or brogues. In Copenhagen, elegant women ride in high heeled sneakers. However, riding in shoes that are built to support the feet whilst pedalling make a big difference.


Sizes: 41-48. Web Ref: 13295

In particular, cycling shoes’ stiffer soles help maximise your pedalling power whilst helping to isolate your feet from pedal-induced pressure. Another advantage of riding in cycling shoes is that you will avoid scuffing your nice everyday shoes against the cranks.

KNOW YOUR CLEATS Pedals that require cleats such as Look Keo Classic and Revolution Contact Clipless Pedals come supplied with cleats. Shoes are never supplied with cleats.

ROAD CLEATS LOOK invented modern pedal binding systems over 25 years ago. They remain the dominant name in road pedals Here, the cleat is bolted to the outside of the sole so you wouldn’t want to walk far in them.

REVOLUTION CONTACT CLIPLESS PEDALS £19.99 (were £21.99) Web Ref: 10652


Web Ref: 9497

MTB CLEATS SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) is so established, it has become the generic name for pedal binding systems where the cleat is secured inside a recessed pocket in the sole. That way the cleats barely compromise your ability to walk.


ONE PAIR OF SHOES. TWO BIKES. The Problem You already wear SPD shoes on your mountain bike or commuter bike. You don’t want to buy a second pair of shoes for your nice road bike. The Solution The Shimano A520 is an elegant road pedal that takes standard SPD cleats.

SHIMANO A520 TOURING SPD PEDALS £49.99 Web Ref: 5475


w Sizes: 41-48. Web Ref: 11361 v Sizes: 37-42. Web Ref: 11132

You could ride all day, then walk all evening in any of the shoes in our extensive commuter / leisure shoe range. The 2 shoes above illustrate the different styles you can choose from. Shimano Mountain Touring Shoes live up to their name by coming with lugged soles. Specialized Sonomas are more road oriented. The Sonoma’s smooth soles are especially recommended if you forgo fitting cleats and ride on standard pedals such as the Genetic Drift with toe clips fitted. Pros: The sole is stiffened, but only at the ‘pedal stomping zone’. The rest of the sole retains some flex so you can still walk in them. Continuing the walkability theme, our commuter / leisure shoes take recessed MTB cleats such as the ones that come supplied with Revolution Contact Pedals. Cons: Because they are a compromise, commuter / leisure shoes won’t enhance your pedaling power quite as much as full-on road racing shoe. If cleats are fitted to the shoes they are not recommended for driving because of the tiny risk of the cleat getting trapped under the accelerator or brake pedal.

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

LOOK KEO CLASSIC £49.99 (RRP 69.95) Web Ref: 6515


Sizes: 41-49. Web Ref: 10840 If SPDs are so good, why would anyone want to wear road race shoes whose soles are so stiff, they make you waddle like a duck whenever you step off the bike? One glance at the Look Keo Classic might give you a clue. Over a quarter century of evolution and Look innovation has gone into creating the perfect platform for converting your pedalling effort into forward motion. The Look Keo’s comparatively huge cleat retention mechanism enables unerring engagement whenever you step on it. The large platform offers full foot support. Its low profile positions the foot for optimal pedaling efficiency. There is such a consensus in racing circles that this is how to make a pedal, every other road pedal in our range, such as Shimano SPD-SLs, are Look-alikes.

When you mate a Look Keo or an SPD-SL pedal with a road shoe’s ultra-thin ultrastiff soles, you experience a unique feeling of total engagement with the bicycle. The Elite shoe pictured here, like every Specialized BG (Body Geometry) shoe, is indeed special. Its orthotic insole corrects your foot position to keep it perfectly in line with the knee when you pedal. Simultaneously it reduces pressure on the metatarsal. BG therefore helps banish knee strain and foot pain.


Before Look invented clipless pedals, nearly every keen cyclist used toeclips. Toeclips remain a valid option because they don’t oblige you to ride in special cleated shoes. You can slip practically any shoes you own into toeclips. Check out Systemex EX398 pedals that come ready fitted with toeclips and straps.




Sizes: 43-46. Web Ref: 13533

SHIMANO PD-M324 SPD PEDALS £54.99 Web Ref: 701


Sizes: 8-11. Web Ref: 13487

SPUDS v FREE-RANGE FLATTIES When it comes to mountain biking, two styles of pedal/shoe combinations rule: SPDs (AKA spuds) and flatties. SPD Pros: With practise, engaging and disengaging your feet from the pedals becomes second nature. Your foot should never accidentally disengage. Optimal cleat positioning guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency, especially if you wear stiffer-soled shoes such as the Giro Gauge. If you love jumping, SPDs assist flight.

DMR V8 PEDALS £27.99 Web Ref: 2115

SPD Cons: You can’t disengage the foot as quickly as you would if you ride in ‘free range’ flatties. Shimano PD-M324s pictured above are a clever compromise with SPD cleat bindings on one side, a standard pedal cage on the other.

Flattie Pros: Ride grip-pinned flatties such as DMR V8s in sticky-soled shoes such as 5 Tens and your feet will stay planted in just about any trail situation. When you do need to dab, you know you will be able to get your foot on the deck with zero restriction hence zero delay. The wider foot platform lets you perch your foot on any part of the pedal. Purists might frown but occasionally riding with your arch on the pedal can be a relief from the pressure of continuously pedalling in the approved manner with the balls of the feet over the pedal spindle. Flattie Cons: Not quite as engaging as SPDs. If your foot ever slips and you whack your ankles on a flattie’s pins, pray you’re wearing shin pads.


helmets CHOOSING THE CORRECT HELMET Choosing a helmet is similar to picking the right shoes. Style is important but fit is everything. The goal is to find a helmet that’s so unobtrusive, you forget you are wearing it. That’s why we go to the trouble of stocking a massive range of helmets. That way, you’ll have the best possible chance of finding the one that’s got your name on it.


A properly-fitting lid should rest level on the head rather than set back at a jaunty angle. The helmet should cover the forehead, almost to the top of the eyebrows. To find out your helmet size, wrap a measuring tape measure round the widest part of the head like so.

Minimal and streamlined. Long vents with internal channels suck the air over your head so efficiently, some tests suggest wearing a road lid can be cooler than riding bare headed.


Sitting lower down the back of the head, trail lids offer more rear coverage. A trail helmet usually has wider breathe holes to help you vent off steam on long uphills. They always have visors to help keep mud and branches at bay.


Like a better-vented skate lid. Maximum head coverage means no anti-rock belt required. Their harder shells are built to cope with harder knocks.


Less flash or ‘rad’. More rounded, sober and, dare-we-say, conservative than road/MTB/Jump lids. Less vented, more shell, more protection. Frequently fitted with an integral rear light.

CANYON BRYCE £19.99 (was £29.99)



MET XILO UN £29.99

The 18-vent Canyon Bryce is a wellmade helmet designed to help keep the head cool and collected. 260g.

The Skyline delivers Giro’s trademark venting and style at a great price. 312g.

Sizes: S/M (54-58cm), L/XL (58/61cm). Colours: Black or White. Web Ref: 13942

Unisize: 54-61cm. Colours: Black/Titanium, Red/Black or White/Silver. Web Ref: 13859

Happy 10th birthday. Moulded on a narrower head-form, this has been a deserved best-selling women’s helmet since 2001. 270g.

A great value, in-mould constructed helmet with 15 large vents and Met’s comfortable Safe-T Light anti-rock fitting system. 280g.

Unisize: 54-61cm. Colours: Blue or White. Web Ref: 13879

Unisize: 54-61cm. Colours: Red or Blue. Web Ref: 13683




Street styling makes TSG lids the first choice of the fashionista. 500g.

Using your indicator helps ensure safe passage through town. The AcuDial fit belt helps guarantee a good fit. 288g.

‘You hardly know you’re wearing it.’ That’s the most common quote we hear from owners of this sleek ladies’ helmet. 270g.


Unisize: 54-61cm. Colours: Red/Black Icons or Black/Charcoal Icons. Web Ref: 12944

Unisize: 50-57cm. Colour: Ice Blue/Silver Elements, Titanium/Turquoise or White. Web Ref: 14035

w Sizes: S/M (52-56), L/XL (57-60cm). v Sizes: XXS/XS (52-54), S/M (54-56). Colours: v Derby Girl. Black/Pink or w Communist graphic Red. Web Ref: w 13503 v 13504



MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

So stylishly Italian, you could imagine this commuter helmet being worn by a Vespa rider in a Fellini film from the 1960s. 260g.

Sizes: M (52-57cm) or L (58-61cm). Colour: Black. Web Ref: 12747


GIRO RIFT £49.99

ABUS URBAN 1 £54.99


With its In-Line Vents (one behind the other) to encourage air-flow over the head, the Echelon is optimised for road biking. 300g.

This bird’s eye view of the MTBoptimised Giro Rift illustrates the extra venting you have earned when you opt for a slightly more expensive helmet. 392g.

Helmet’s are all about safety so consider one with a hi-viz reflective-rich outer shell augmented with a red LED light on the fit belt’s rear dial. 268g.

It’s a good Tactic to protect your head with a lid that boasts a Headset SL fit system with micro-adjustable rear dial for perfect set up. 350g.

Unisize: 54/61cm. Colours: Red/Black Web Ref: 14038

Sizes: S/M (52-57cm), M/L (56-63cm). Colour: Yellow. Web Ref: 13395

Sizes: S (51-57), M (54-60), L (57-63cm). Colours: Red or Black. Web Ref: 13405



GIRO HEX £79.99


The Propero boasts 90% of the styling, the 4th Dimension Cooling System and the custom Pro Fit of an S-Works helmet at around half the price. 260g.

The Monza is your intro to the latest and most sophisticated version of the world’s original helmet fitbelt - the RocLoc 5 - as featured on the £200 Giro Aeon. 300g.

This vastly-vented trail lid also boasts RocLoc 5 in all its microdial-adjustable loveliness. 278g.

‘The super fit and overall performance make it an excellent comfort investment for high-mileage riders.’ Triathlon Plus. 286g.

Sizes: S (51-57), M (54-60), L (57-63cm). Colours: Red. Web Ref: 13400

Sizes: S (51-55), M (55-59), L (59-63cm). Colours: Red or Blue. Web Ref: 12945

Sizes: S (51-57), M (54-60), L (57-63cm). Colours: w Black. v Matt Blue. Web Ref: w 13397, v 13398

Sizes: S (51-55), M (55-59), L (59-63cm). Colours: Blue/Bright Yellow Cloud 9 or Matt Black. Web Ref: 14039


Sizes: S (51-55), M (55-59), L (59-63). Colours: Matt Black/Red Explosion or White/Silver. Web Ref: 13509


The Athlon is reinforced around the vents and breathe holes to create a 23-vented lid that is MTB XC capable. Its RocLoc 5 fit ensures the fit is similarly rock solid. 312g.

Sizes: M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm). Colour: Metallic Orange/Black. Web Ref: 14040

‘The Prevail is the only helmet that feels more aero while allowing you to keep your eyes where they belong, down the road. What makes the helmet truly exceptional is the fact that it is just plain fast.’ 245g. Sizes: M (54-60), L (57-63cm). Colour: Red/White. Web Ref: 13401

GIRO XAR £114.99 With its on-the-fly adjustable RocLoc 5 fit belt, its outboard straps and its X-Static antibacterial pads, the Xar is like an updated and improved version the original classic trail lid, the Giro Xen. 320g.

Sizes: M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm). Colour: Matt Black/Grey bars. Web Ref: 13510

GIRO ATMOS £129.99 The ICR (In-mould Carbon Reinforcement) inserts and the advanced internal Roll Cage strengthen this lid and enable Giro to reduce the helmet’s bulk and weight, making it one of the airiest, Tour-tested, ‘more-vents-than-shell’ lids around. 282g.

Sizes: M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm). Web Ref: 14037

Colour: Blue/White.

GIRO AEON £199.99 Giro’s best lid ever. The Thermoformed SL Roll Cage (the red ‘skeleton’ beneath the Aeon’s black ‘ribs’) is half the weight of the Giro Atmos exoskeleton. MicroTech Tri-Loc adjusters make the straps lighter. X-Static pads keep the brow fresh. Claimed wt. 189g.

Sizes: M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm). Colour: Red/Black. Web Ref: 14036


THE LATEST LEDs SEEING THE LIGHT When comparing different lights, cycle companies can be less than illuminating. One talks about their lights’ output in lumens, the next in candle power, the next in lux. No ready reckoner exists to compare these ratings. We have therefore decided to cut the confusion and shed light on this matter by simply rating our lamps as bright (2 dots), brighter (4 dots) and brightest (6 dots). Lights awarded 3 or 5 dots fall between these categories. This simplified key is especially relevant for front lights.

revolution vision SOLAR HYBRID FRONT LIGHT £14.99 New for 2011/12, you can run our Hybrid LED lamp off a clean and free energy source - solar power. The ‘roof’ of the lamp casing is a solar panel. Simply leave the lamp on a window ledge to recharge its NiMH battery. If you forget to recharge it, or if you require longer run times, the Solar Hybrid also comes with 3 standard AAA alkaline batteries which kick in when the rechargeable battery is drained. The lamps light output is as good as you’ll get for the money. Blue side lights help ensure you’re seen from all angles. 1.5h constant/1.8h flash (solar). 40h constant/55h flash (alkaline). 42h constant/60h flash (hybrid). NiMH or 3xAAA (backup).

Web Ref: 13956

cat eye el120 FRONT LIGHT £14.99 50h constant / 320h fl. 2xAA.

Web Ref: 4537


BRIGHT: URBAN Gets you seen. Barely illuminates the road/path ahead but keeps you safe and legal when you ride under street lights.


REVOLUTION FLASH SILICONE led RECHARGEABLE £9.99 each front or rear Integral silicone rubber straps make it easy to fit these funky lights to bikes, belts and bags. Smart lenses magnify their light output. The USB charger is so small, it’s easy to take along so you you can plug it into any ‘puter port.

[ Available Nov ] Front: 6h constant / 8h flash. Rear: 6h constant / 8h flash. 2.5h USB rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13938 & 13939

BRIGHTER: unlit roads & PATHS Throws a beam to help light up the road/path immediately in front of your wheel.

BRIGHTEST: off road/trail centres These super-power headlights offer floodlight-like illumination, giving you advanced warning of trail obstacles looming 30-40 metres ahead.

CAT EYE RAPID 1 Front LIGHT £29.99 5h constant / 25h flash. 4h USB rechargeable.

Web Ref: 14052

cat eye el120 / LD170 LIGHT SET £19.99

smart 4 lux front / 3 led rear light set £21.99

Front: 50h / 320 flash.

Front: 100h constant / 200h fl.

Rear: 50h constant / 100h fl.

Rear: 100h constant / 200h fl.

2xAA (front), 2xAAA (rear).

Web Ref: 7259

princeton tec fuel headtorch £29.99 50h constant / 96h flash. 3xAAA.

Web Ref: 13996

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

2xAA (front), 2xAAA (rear).

Web Ref: 13999

cat eye el340 economic FRONT LIGHT £59.99 10h constant full beam. 2xAA.

Web Ref: 14051

CAT EYE el600 single shot high powered light £79.99 2h constant full beam. 5h NiMH rechargeable.

Web Ref: 8602

> Colours

cat eye ld170 light set £16.99 Front: 50h constant / 100h fl. Rear: 50h constant / 100h fl. 2xAAA per lamp.

Web Ref: 6578

knog frog strobe £10.99 each front or rear

knog frog 1 twinpack £14.99

skully twinpack £18.99

Front: 50h constant / 80h flash.

Front: 80h constant / 160h fl.

Rear: 50h constant / 80h flash.

Rear: 80h constant / 160h fl.

2xCR2032 cells per lamp.

Front: n/a constant / 100h fl. Rear: n/a constant / 100h fl

2xCR2032 cells per lamp.

Web Ref: 13987 & 13988

Web Ref: 11273

cat eye commuter set £37.99

cat eye el220 / tl150 SET £39.99

2xCR2032 cells per lamp.

Web Ref: 14055

cat eye el135/ld130 velo 5 computer gift SET £44.99

Front: 30h constant / 50h fl.

Front: 60h constant / 120 flash.

Front: 80h constant / 320 flash.

Rear: 30h constant / 50h fl.

Rear: 50h constant / 100 flash.

Rear: 50h constant / 100h fl.

2xCR2032 cells per lamp.

Web Ref: 12475

CAT EYE LD 130 REAR LIGHT £10.99 50h constant / 100h fl.

2xAA (front), 2xAAA (rear).

Web Ref: 10081

SMART LUNAR R1 REAR LIGHT £21.99 n/a constant / 50h flash.



Web Ref: 7663

Web Ref: 14002

2xAA (front), 2xAAA (rear).

Web Ref: 10049

fibre flare REAR LIGHT £29.99 n/a constant / 65h flash. 2xAA.

Web Ref: 10868

CAT EYE RAPID 1 REAR LIGHT £29.99 2h constant / 10h flash. 4h USB rechargeable.

Web Ref: 14053

CAT EYE RAPID 5 REAR LIGHT £29.99 15h constant / 100h fl. 2xAAA.

Web Ref: 14054





ou would be forgiven for thinking that riding your favourite trails at night is strictly for hard core (AKA plain daft) riders. Our group of Tuesday night riders is testimony to the opposite.

When we reach the start and get out of the car, it’s 1˚C so nobody hangs about. Wheels secured, check. Helmets, pads and CamelBaks strapped on, check. Lights switched on, check. No need to apply sun block or midge repellent at this time of year, so we’re pedalling within five minutes of reaching the trail head. Five minutes into the first climb, none of us feel the cold any more. Matt who joined us last September had never been MTB night riding in his life. By October he was loving it.

It all started as a way of getting some colour back into our pasty white cheeks. So began our weekly winter’s-evening mountain bike rides. Venues were selected on the proviso that they were less than an hour’s drive from the Bike Co-op’s HQ in outer Edinburgh. We’re talking Glentress Forest, Carron Valley and the Pentland Hills. The buzz begins even before we reach our ride start destination. The drive down is punctuated with banter. “Hear about the black panther that escaped from that posh hotel in Peebles? She’s apparently made Glentress her new home.”

“In a funny sort of way, night riding is easier because there are fewer distractions. You focus on the 50 metre band of light revealed by your torch. You go slightly slower, you choose the best line and just let it flow. When you stop for a breather, the absence of streetlights encourage you to star gaze and nature watch. ‘Did you see that Bat?’ ‘Check the barn owl.’ Best of all, it’s so quiet. Trails that were swarming on Summer Saturdays are deserted in December.” Matt discovered for himself that night riding is a life-enhancing and often hilarious antidote to the normal winter routine which, too often, involves spending the brief daylight hours at work, then travelling home in the dark, never to venture out again till the next morning. Night riding is a life-affirming alternative. You discover a curious trade-off. Riding courtesy of the power of your light’s NiCads or Li-ions has an uncanny knack of recharging your batteries.

Just a short 1-hour night ride turns that bland concept called recreation into re-creation. Then at the end of our off-beat off-road endeavours we nip back to town and make another discovery. The bag of chips each of us demolish at the end of a night ride is the best we’ve ever tasted.

OUR LIGHTS Gary: Light & Motion Seca Ged: Light & Motion & MiNewt Matt: Exposure Joystick Sheila: Light & Motion

TOP TIPS Let the person with the most powerful lights take the lead position. Otherwise their lights will overpower yours and leave you riding in your own shadow. Even if you own the latest 1,000 lumen lamp, carry a spare such as the Revolution Vision Hi Power LED Light (web ref 8995) as an emergency back up. Do not discuss black panthers, werewolves, or scary films involving hillbillies before setting off into the woods. Unless of course you are intent on improving your PB (it’s amazing how a rustle in the trees can spur you on).

THE PERFECT SET UP A high-power bar-mounted lamp augmented with a decent helmet lamp is the perfect pairing. First, because 2 separate 300 lumen lamps almost always seems to put out more light than a single 600 lumen light. Secondly, because while your handlebar lamp is best for lighting up the path immediately ahead, the helmet light is best at picking out the best line as you approach the next corner.

90 00

Helmet Mounted Lights Pros: The light follows your line of sight. Good for picking out trail features. Better for exiting berms. Best for spotting owls in the trees. Carrying the battery in a warm pocket prolongs run time. Cons: You will blind fellow riders when you look them in the eye. Need to keep an eye on the weight - 150g is noticeable on the noggin.

Bar Mounted Lights Pros: The lower beam lights up the trail. The light shines wherever you point the bars. The bars bear the weight rather than your head. Doesn’t blind your fellow riders when you look at them. Cons: Harder to read trail features such as berm exit points. More exposure to cold air reduces run times.



This USB-rechargeable lamp’s 35 lumen output is 10 times brighter than a conventional rear light’s. ‘Along unlit rural roads it emanates a piercing arc of light, readily visible from 750 metres.... In town, the glow slices effortlessly like a beacon through the barrage of flickering neon and bustling traffic. This makes roundabouts and intersections notably safer from all directions.’ Weight: 135g.

Web Ref: 12916

To create a better lamp, we selected the finest ingredients. The LithiumIon fast-charge battery and the Cree LED (as spec’d by the likes of Lupine and NiteRider) are a guarantee of reliable performance. Its 300-lumen output helps make you a more confident night rider, off road or on. Even in 90-lumen economy mode, the Vision 300 will be among the brightest bike lights you are sure to see in town this winter. 172g.

Web Ref: 13953





‘Cordless’ means that, like our Revolution 300, the MiNewt doesn’t employ an external battery pack. The battery is stored inside the lamp body. This arrangement makes it much easier to fit or remove the lamp when you park the bike. 190g.

While you might feel the need to augment a 300-350 lumen bar-mounted lamp with a helmet light, this 600 lumen version of the MiNewt is bright enough to cope with serious trail blazing on it’s own. Supplied with helmet mount and bar mount. 190g.

The Vis 360 combines a 110- lumen head torch with a 4-lumen rear helmet light. Like the Vis 180, the Vis 360 is USB rechargeable. Plug it into the office computer and you can be confident your lights will have enough juice to get you home safely. 130g.

Thanks to its light weight and its British-engineered quality, this lamp has long been a favourite, especially for off road use. This latest MK6 version boasts a Cree LED whose 325 lumen output is 30% brighter than last year’s version. What joy! 96g.

2h full power, 5h economy. Li-ion 5.3h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13993

2.5h full power, 24h economy. Li-ion 4.5h rechargeable.

1.3h full power, 4.3h economy. Li-ion 5.3h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13994

2.5h high, 4h low, 20h flash. Li-ion 4.5h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 12917



This lamp has been a stalwart of our range since 2007 when Light & Motion launched the original 180-lumen Stella. Today’s 300-lumen version is even more impressive. It comes supplied with both handlebar and helmet mounts. Its separate battery pack straps onto the frame or slips into a backpack. Some of us prefer this arrangement over integrated systems because it keeps the bars/helmet lighter. 216g.

Also improved for this season, the 2011/12 Exposure MaXx-D smashes the 1,000 lumen barrier. In fact its four Cree XPG LEDs blast out 1,285 lumens, making it easily the brightest self-contained bike light we have ever had the pleasure to offer. The MaXx-D therefore lives up to that oft-quoted but rarely realised catch phrase - it really does have the motor car-like lighting power to turn night into day. 320g.

2.5h full power, 11h economy. Li-ion 3.25h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13992

3.5h full power, 10h economy. Li-ion 3h rechargeable.

3h full power, 10h economy. Li-ion 4h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13984

3h full power, 10h economy. Li-ion 16h rechargeable.

Web Ref: 13985



ZÉFAL SEALANT SPRAY 100mm £6.99 Web Ref: 10933


his dinnae get caught oot section is about preparing yourself for a bike ride. Obviously what you carry on the bike depends on the length of your trip. If a group of you are travelling the length and breadth of the land, you may well carry an entire toolkit. If it’s just a half hour commute, our wee puncture repair kit and the M:Part fast gas injector might suffice. If you think even that’s too much, pack Zéfal’s sealant spray which can simultaneously seal and inflate a punctured tyre. For any significant ride we have learned to rely on our own Revolution Multi 15. This lightweight (162g) multitool has all the sizes (2-to-8mm) of Allen key you should ever need on the road or the trail. The Multi 15 also boasts a T25 Torx to tighten disc rotor bolts, 4 sizes of spoke wrench and most impressive of all, a rugged chain rivet tool that passed our rusty chain test.






M:PART MICRO PUMP with 2 x16g CO2 cartridges £10.99

Web Ref: 13189

Web Ref: 11456


The problem: whilst stretch-fit shorts and longs are the comfiest clothes you can cycle in, they have a downside. Exercising in Lycra legwear creates a warm, moist microclimate that bacteria can thrive in. Add a soupçon of saddle friction and rashes can ensue. The solution: lubricating the skin with Udderly Smooth before every ride helps prevent saddle sores. Alternative chamois creams including Hoo Ha Ride Glide for Women (Web Ref 13863) are also available.



Kreima Heimdallr does the same job as a regular set of LED front & rear lights. When you park the bike, the lights couple together and morph into a single frame lock that can be fitted between the seatstays, Euro lock-style. This design has a number of benefits. Mounting these lights mean you will never find yourself lock-less. Using them as a lock means you’ll never have to carry the lights about with you when you park the bike. You can tell from its clean Scandinavian lines why this unique lightset-cum-lock is a multi design award winner.

MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)



Bet you’ve done it. Nipped out to the shops only to discover on arrival that you’ve left your lock at home. To help ensure you don’t get caught out, you’ll find around 40 security devices to chose from at The 2 locks here (along with the Kreima Heimdaler featured on the previous page) illustrate the breadth of our range. The Revolution Secure Helix Coil Cable Lock’s 15mm-thick cable is much harder to cut through than slimmer self-coiling locks. If you need more security, the Abus Sinus Plus Combo matches a Sold Secure Silver D-lock with a looped cable to extend its reach.

This is the first wireless model from the first name in cycle computers. A cycle computer that ticks off the miles as you complete them can be can a real morale booster on longer rides. Knowing how far you have ridden via the trip distance counter can help verify your location when riding unfamiliar terrain.

GARMIN EDGE 200 £129.99 Web Ref: 14049

The Edge 200 is our most affordable GPSenabled cycle computer ever. It reveals speed, distance, elevation and calorie consumption. GPS means farewell to magnets, wheel sensors and setting up time: hello to a computer you can easily switch between different bikes.

REVOLUTION SECURE HELIX COIL CABLE LOCK 1.8m x 15mm £14.99 Web Ref: 14048

GOPRO HD HERO CAMERA WITH HELMET MOUNT & ACCESSORIES £299.99 Web Ref: 14058 ABUS SINUS PLUS COMBO LOCK 23cm D-lock plus 1200 x 12mm cable £39.99 Web Ref: 13407




‘Bags make bikes more useful’ is one of the most sensible cycling slogans we’ve ever heard. Pack your bags wisely and you need never get caught out without fuel (food and drink), tools and rain gear. Specialized’s New Survival Kit is ready packed with Allen keys, tyre lever & patches. If that size of seat pack doesn’t suffice, opt for the larger Altura Aero Post Pack. The Revolution Stow Lite Rucsac is light weight (720g) and packed with cyclingfriendly features such as an LED loop and hydration reservoir compatibility. The CamelBak M.U.L.E. comes with a 3L reservoir, and still leaves 10 litres capacity for the rest of your kit. Revolution Panniers are welded so you can be sure their contents will stay dry. If your bike has disc brakes and can’t take a normal pannier carrier, fit a Madison Ridge Rack.

ALTURA AERO POST PACK 6L £49.99 Web Ref: 12548

Tested by surfers, this camera works in the wettest weathers. Mount it to your helmet and you have the means of shooting a 2-hour HD video (or sequential handsfree still shots) of your rides: great for reliving the experience, excellent for deterring motorists passing too close.

CAMELBAK M.U.L.E. £69.99 Web Ref: 13670


REVOLUTION STOW LITE S2 RUCSAC 10L £49.99 Web Ref: 12744





03 07













M:PART WICKER BASKET from £19.99 Web Ref: 9665

As you get into cycling, you gradually discover what works best for you. For many riders it’s an evolutionary thing. You start off on a mountain bike, then discover the joy of speed on a road bike. Just as many people start off on a road bike and then discover new thrills gaining MTB skills. Your dream bike doesn’t have to be a new bicycle. It’s often the case that just a few tweaks will transform your off-the-peg bike into one that’s uniquely your own. A change of saddle or a different handlebar might be all it takes for a so-so bike to metamorphose into your personal transport of joy. Knowing this to be the case, we invited our customers to send us photos of how they made their bikes their own. We promised £30-worth of Bike Co-op booty for every picture published here. Here are our 14 favourites. The prizes are in the post.

01 Simon’s Fuji has ‘...been a huge part of my life and is very special. Turning the bike to what you see today has taken over a year and in that time it has enabled me to lose over 3 stone in weight. 02. Daniel Sim’s custom track bike, built from the frame, up.

VAVERT FIXED MUDGUARD £24.99 per pair Web Ref: 13684


03. David Dunnico’s Globe Roll 1 with red tyres and cables, Charge Spoon saddle and an old pair of Cannondale Octopus pedals. 04. Robin Cook’s resprayed Dawes Super-Galaxy with SRAM dynohub, Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub gears, Brooks saddle, butterfly bars.... 05. Andrea Huttner’ s Specialized Epic ‘carries my name, my origin, the crest of my home-village and of the district it is located in, and, on the seat tube, a tiny German flag. It still rides like a dream.’

BROOKS B17 SADDLE £64.99 Web Ref: 2225

06. Janet Knott’s Brompton brought to life with flowers and dog basket. 07. Stephen Hutchings’ Dahon Mu Unos with singlespeed makeovers. 08. ‘...taken in Muiresheil Country Park near Lochwinnoch. It has a fixed wheel. I think Fred Flintstone must have left it there.’ Regards, Gerry. 09. Juliet Grant’s knight in shining armour, Sir Logan. Check his brother’s bike (P. 60).

HOPE EVO PRO 2 WHEELS FRONT £114.99 (RRP £119.99) | REAR £194.99 (RRP £214.99) Web Ref: 13651

10. Roy Munro’s Saracen Morzine with cheeky Litespeed decals. 11. Mike French’s rebuilt Globe with moustache bars covered in elk hide. 12. Dan Jay-Webster’s Reynolds 853 pre-owned by Team Sky’s Ben Swift. 13. Philip Bagnall’s 1991 Specialized makeover reminded us of the days when Stumpjumper stood for rigid steel rather than carbon FSR. 14. Aero bars make June Joyce’s Focus nice enough to eat.


THOMSON ELITE INLINE SEAT POST £69.99 (RRP £79.99) Web Ref: 12709


home maintenance T

his year’s winter catalogue theme is Whatever your route take the bike oot. The answer is not very far if your chain has rusted and seized because you chucked the bike into the shed after your last rainy ride, and forgot about it over the next couple of weeks. We’ve all been there. ‘If only I had spent a minute scooshing the chain with GT85 when I got home, it would be working fine today.’ This feeling of regret is reinforced when you decide to replace the ill-kempt chain and discover that it has worn out the rear cogs. Bang goes 50 quid or more on a new chain and cassette. That’s not the way it has to be in an age of labour-saving solutions such as chain cleaning machines, water-soluble degreasers and synthetic lubes, which are dedicated to extending your transmission’s life expectancy. So whatever your route dinnae get caught oot.

LUBRICANTS & CLEANERS 01. FINISH LINE CROSS COUNTRY WET LUBE 2oz £2.99 4oz £6.99 8oz aerosol £9.99 Web Ref: 1455 02. KAABOOM DISC BRAKE CLEANER 250ml aerosol £4.99 Web Ref: 12521 03. GREEN OIL ECOLOGICAL CHAIN LUBE 100ml £5.50 Web Ref: 9721 04. FENWICK’S ALL CONDITION LUBE 100ml £5.99 Web Ref: 9578 05. FENWICK’S COPPER SLIP GREASE 100g £5.99 Web Ref: 12529 06. FINISH LINE 1-STEP CLEANER & LUBRICANT 4oz £6.99 12oz aerosol £12.99 Web Ref: 13348 07. KAABOOM BIKE CLEANER 1.1 litre £6.99


Web Ref: 12524

08. MUC-OFF DUO PACK £12.99 Web Ref: 2434 09. FENWICK’S TRIPLE PACK £21.99 (DEGREASER, CLEANER, LUBE, BUCKET AND SPONGE) Web Ref: 14056 10. FENWICK’S FS-1 CONCENTRATED BIKE CLEANER 5 litres (MAKES UP TO 55 litres) £44.99 Web Ref: 12528 11. FENWICK’S FS FOAMING DEGREASER 500ml £7.99 Web Ref: 12522



Web Ref: 12526

As well as offering the standard fold-up tool choice - 4/5/6mm Allen keys + Phillips screwdriver - the Multi 5 also has an 8mm Allen key, essential for tightening most modern crank bolts.

Web Ref: 14026

REVOLUTION TUNE UP ADVANCED TOOLKIT £59.99 Advanced indeed, this tool box includes a chain whip, a cassette lockring tool and an external bottom bracket wrench, each with their own handle. The cable cutters and chain tool are workshop quality. The parts bowl is magnetic.

Web Ref: 14031


MAIL ORDER. LO-CALL TARIFF 7 DAYS A WEEK, PHONE 0845 257 0808 (OR 0131 331 5010)

DIY OR LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS? No time, space or inclination to do it yourself? Phone 0845 257 0808, and book your bike in for a tune-up, or service at your local Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. We have an in-store Service Centre in every branch.



The Revolution Air Mini Pump’s Clever Valve automatically detects whether your tyre’s valve is Schraeder or Presta, so that’s one less thing you have to think about.

Also featuring our Mini Pump’s proven Clever Valve, plus an accurate 0-160psi pressure gauge, we defy you to find a workshop pump that is this easy to use with such a great spec at such a low price.

Web Ref: 6968

Web Ref: 9027




The AirStik - rated among the smoothest-action pumps since 1996 - has now been upgraded with an AnyValve which is as clever as the Revolution Air Mini Pump’s.

If you appreciate beautiful CNC’d cycle equipment but have never got on with push-fit lock-on pump heads, the Lezyne Mini Pump with Hose was made for you.

Web Ref: 13864.

Web Ref: 11162



Track pumps are the hardest worked tools in our workshops. This encouraged us to create a better one. The Pump Pro shares our Pump Sport’s Clever Valve head. Its 0-160psi gauge is at the top of the barrel so it’s easier to read. A bleed valve enables measured deflation. The double-length hose is long enough to reach a tyre valve when the bike is up on a workstand.

A bonnie design, as we have come to expect from Specialized, the AirTool Pro’s SwitchHitter head automatically detects which type of valve it’s squeezed onto. Its hose is extra long so it’s more likely to reach the tyre valves when the bike’s up on a stand. A bleed valve enables measured deflation. The 0-160psi pressure gauge is oversized, making it easy to read.

Web Ref: 9026

Web Ref: 11583

PARK SINGLE SPEED 15mm SPANNER £17.99 Web Ref: 11067




With its fine thread, its V-shaped handle, its spreader slot to loosen a stiff link, and its strong replaceable driving pin, this pro-quality tool is easier to use and more durable than any multi tool’s chain tool. At 77 grams, it’s hardly going to weigh you down.

With its Torx tool for tightening disc rotor bolts, the EMT MTB EMergency Tool enables quick fixes when you are out mountain biking. The other tools (chain tool, 3/4/5/6/8mm Allen keys and #1 Phillips screwdriver) work equally well on any type of bike.

This pro-quality tool set comprises seven Allen keys and one T-25 Torx wrench. Twinhead means that each Allen tool has a ball-ended Allen key on one side and the same size of hex wrench on the other. The tool’s nylon head makes it easy to grasp, satisfying to twirl.

Web Ref: 4291

Web Ref: 13425

Web Ref: 6599.

M:PART TORQUE WRENCH £49.99 You want to heed a manufacturer’s torque guidelines when it comes to securing components to your bike, especially if you’re wrenching, say, a carbon frame. Owning this torque wrench means you need no longer wonder whether a bolt is tight enough and ensures it’s not over tight. Supplied with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and T25 sockets.

Web Ref: 13739


SERVICE COMMITMENT Every Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op branch has its own in-store Service Centre. If you need a repair, a service, an upgrade or something fitted, simply wheel your bike in (though advance booking is always recommended). No job too big, no job too small. Whichever branch you visit Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op is committed to offering the highest level of good, honest, professional service.

0845 257 0808 (lo-call rate) or 0131 331 5010

FREE SAFETY CHECK A trained mechanic will give your bike a free and impartial safety inspection, paying particular attention to the bike’s brakes, transmission, tyres, wheels and steering. Based on this checkover, we will recommend the work that’s required to make the bike good and give you an accurate estimate of the job’s expected cost.




Basically, this is a quick checkover, but it might be all a lightly-used bicycle requires.


• Check and adjust brakes and gears.

With our deluxe service, the bicycle is stripped down to the frame. Then every part is carefully checked over and refitted. Serviceable bearings are regreased. New cables and bearings are fitted if required. If maintenance has been minimal over the years, a Deluxe Service will make the bike ride like new again. If you ride every day, we recommend that you treat your bike to an annual Deluxe Service.

All prices quoted on these pages EXCLUDE the cost of any parts fitted.

ANY BIKE ANY PARTS We will assemble, service, repair or fit parts to any bike - no matter where you bought it from.

TEXT ALERT • Leave your mobile number and we will text you a reminder 24 hours before your Service Centre booking. • We’ll send you a second text when the job is complete and your bike is ready to collect.

• Check and inflate tyres.

STANDARD SERVICE £49 The Standard Service covers every externally-adjustable moving part of the bike, so it is much more thorough than a Basic Service. Plus the bike is test ridden. That’s important because a bicycle that works perfectly on a workstand might only reveal a defect when vigorously test-ridden on the road. That’s why we can confidently back up our Standard Service with a 6 month guarantee that covers all the work carried out on your bicycle. As Basic Service + organise the distribution of usable bike parts to bicycle co-operatives in Africa. Re-cycle’s slogan is ‘One person’s waste is another person’s gold’. In the West, we routinely discard usable equipment such as tyres or pedals when we upgrade them with something better. Your old tyres or pedals could be a lifeline to someone in Africa. They could enable a child to ride to school in half an hour rather than being obliged to walk for 2 hours. The Bike Co-op support this initiative by giving our customers the option to donate their used but usable post-repair parts to We drop off these parts off at re-cycles’ collection point (Recyke-Y-Bike in Byker) when we make deliveries to our Newcastle shop, less than a mile along the road.


• Check and adjust headset. • Check and adjust bottom bracket. • Check and adjust hubs. • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required). • Lubricate gear and brake cables (replace if required). • Lubricate chain and derailleurs. • Check all nuts and bolts - tighten as necessary. • Test ride. • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out. • Please note: £49 is the labour charge for a Standard Service. An additional charge will be made for any parts fitted, such as brake blocks, at the service.

As Standard Service + • Complete strip down and rebuild (excludes hydraulic brakes, suspension forks & shocks). • Headset removed, cleaned, regreased and refitted. • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned, regreased and refitted. • Hubs stripped, cleaned, regreased and reassembled. • All threads cleaned. • Brakes adjusted, blocks/pads replaced (if required). • Brake and gear inner and outer cables replaced (if required). • Derailleurs lubricated and adjusted. • Wheels trued & tensioned. • Tyres checked and inflated. • Complete drivetrain cleaned & lubed. • Test ride. • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out. • Please note: £89 is the labour charge for a Deluxe Service. An additional charge will be made for any parts fitted, such as cables and bearings, at the service.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES SUNDRY SERVICES • On-the-spot puncture repair: £5 + the price of the tube. • Drivetrain clean & lube: £15. • Disc brake bleeding: £15 per brake (price includes brake fluid). • Hydraulic disc brake cleaning & service: £15 per brake. • Hydraulic disc brake: fitting & bleeding: £20. • Headset service: £15.

• Suspension fork fitting: £30. (If the fork costs £200 or more and you purchase it from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op we will fit it for free.) • Suspension set up: adjusting the rear suspension to your weight: £6. • Wheel truing: from £10. • Bike prep: unpacking, assembling & adjusting a boxed bike - for example, post flight: £40.

CUSTOM BUILDS CUSTOM BUILD £85 Dreaming of a custom bike, built with your choice of frame and components? Buy the frame, fork* and parts from us and we will spend a whole day building it from scratch to create the bike of your dreams. * If you know which frame & fork you want and we can source them from any of our disparate suppliers we will order them specially for you.

LEARN TO DO IT YOURSELF HALF-DAY CYCLE MAINTENANCE COURSE FOUNDATION £25 Here you will spend an afternoon learning the very basics removing the back wheel, mending a puncture and externally adjusting brakes & gears under the supervision of an Edinburgh Bicycle mechanic. Beginners welcome. Maximum class size - 8 people.

FULL-DAY CYCLE MAINTENANCE COURSE INTENSIVE £49 Despite the name, our Intensive Course is a laid-back class in getting to know your bike. Over the day, you will be guided through every task the home mechanic should ever need to know this side of wheel building. We even lay on a light lunch and a printed course handout at no extra cost. Beginners welcome. Women only class available. Call for details. Maximum class size - 8 people.


20% OFF When we tot up the final bill we will knock 20% off the price of every component fitted to the frame and fork. This discount almost always covers our standard custom-build labour charge of £85.

Lace, build and true a pair of wheels under the guidance of an Edinburgh Bicycle mechanic. You can practice on hubs, spokes and rims that we reserve for tuition. Alternatively, you can build a set of wheels to your own dream spec. Lunch included in price. Beginners welcome. Maximum class size - 8 people.



GENERAL ENQUIRIES 0845 257 0808 (LO CALL) OR 0131 331 5010 email: WINTER HOURS { 1 OCTOBER - 31 MARCH } ABERDEEN Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 458-464 George Street Aberdeen AB25 3XH Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

EDINBURGH Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 8 Alvanley Terrace Whitehouse Loan Edinburgh EH9 1DU Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

LEEDS Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 140 Woodland Lane Chapel Allerton Leeds LS7 4QG Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

MANCHESTER Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 7 Wilmslow Road Rusholme Manchester M14 5FT Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

NEWCASTLE Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 5-7 Union Road Byker Newcastle NE6 1EH Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

SHEFFIELD Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 300 Broadfield Road Sheffield S8 0XQ Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

ONLINE SHOP email: Tel: 0845 257 0808 (lo call) or 0131 331 5010 Open 7 days a week: 10am till 6pm Late Opening every Thursday: 10am till 7pm

PRICES All prices quoted were correct at time of going to press and included VAT at 20% where appropriate. We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

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