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letter from the editor and publishers Last year we held several quarterly dinners, potlucks actually, for edible Santa Fe writers. We would gather to discuss issues in the local food economy, trends in agriculture, story ideas, and of course, food. Our third meeting of the year we brought our dishes to Farm & Table in Albuquerque’s North Valley. While discussing possible themes for upcoming issues, Cherie Austin, the restaurant's owner, suggested that we consider an issue on women and food— and nine months later here you have it. March is Women’s History month, a celebration declared by Jimmy Carter in 1980 to recognize the historic contributions of women in the US, and to write them into the stories that explain our collective past. During this month in New Mexico, a visionary group of women collaborate on the event series Women & Creativity, which celebrates women’s creativity and entrepreneurship across the disciplines. Together with writers, artists, performers, entrepreneurs, and many other talented and creative women, we bring you an issue of the stories of New Mexican women who shape the local food movement. History, when it has not overlooked women altogether, has often relegated us to the kitchen. So it would make sense that generations of experience over a hot stove and in a weedy garden would create the leadership in a movement aimed at changing the way we grow, distribute, cook, and consume food. As Jeanette Hart-Mann writes in her piece exploring the meaning of agriculture, food is the issue of this century. For a true grassroots shift in our food system, we must also rethink the way we construct history. It is imperative that we document, celebrate, and tell the stories not only of women, but also of the historically undocumented, disenfranchised, and unsung heroes who bring literal and metaphoric sustenance to the table, and who deserve a seat there. Many of this issue's contributions are from the women of local food, in thier own words; and all of our content was created by women. This issue is a history lesson—an effort to canonize many of the leaders of local food in New Mexico for their valuable and expert contributions to making healthy and sustainable food more accessible, more abundant, and more fun. Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Stephanie Cameron, and Walt Cameron

PS We joyfully announce that edible Santa Fe will publish five issues this year, but our subscription price will remain the same. When you subscribe, you will get every installment mailed to your door and an invite to a launch party. PPS We now have more content online. Look for farming, cooking, and fine dining stories from our dedicated staff of bloggers at

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EDITOR Sarah Wentzel-Fisher


COPY EDITORS Margaret Marti, Willy Carleton

CONTRIBUTORS Valerie Ashe, Emily Beenen, Patricia L. Crown, Heidi Eleftheriou, Andrea Feucht, Gail Guengerich, Jeannette Hart-Mann, Ashlie Hughes, Nissa Patterson, Virgine Pointeau, Joanie Quinn, Jessica Rowland, Rachel Shockley, Lynn Walters, Amy White

DESIGN AND LAYOUT Stephanie Cameron

PHOTOGRAPHY Stephanie Cameron, Mary Lambert Melanie West, Tamara Zibners

WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA EDITORS Stephanie Cameron, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher

ONLINE CONTRIBUTORS Ashlie Hughes, Gail Guengerich, Joseph Mora, Nissa Patterson, Sergio Salvador, Amy White


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