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Growing up in England our school summer holidays were only six weeks long, with parents getting twentyeight days of paid leave a year they could easily cover the six weeks of the summer break. In the United States it’s very different and for working parents the need to find either childcare or summer camps for their children is a must. There are a plethora of camps on the Northshore to fill that need. It is a great way of keeping children occupied but also can be a way of introducing children to new activities. More information is available in our guide in this issue.

For the first time we are including the Northshore Homebuilder’s Parade of Homes in the EDGE, with twenty homes scheduled to take part it looks like it’s going to be a great parade this year. So, if you are in the market for a new home or you are looking for ideas on renovating the Parade of Homes is an ideal place to go for ideas and inspiration.

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Cover Photo Photo by Jerry Cottrell


At St. Tammany Health System, we treat kids like kids. Not little adults. We’re home to the only pediatric ER on the Northshore, a leading-edge PICU, a groundbreaking Parenting Center, and many fellowship-trained pediatric specialists. Together with our partner Ochsner Health, we’re making it easier to stay by your child’s side on this side of the lake.

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EDGE April |May 2023 09 We're committed to giving 3 times in 2023... WILL YOU? GIVE 3 TIMES IN 2023! DONATE BLOOD & SAVE LIVES Call us at 1-800-86-BLOOD (863-2663) Scan the QR Code to make an appointment to donate or for information on how you can sponsor a blood drive. thebloodcenter.org Rebecca Blossman-Ferran Sarah Cottrell Charles
Come see what research is about with Velocity Clinical Research! People who volunteer to participate in clinical research are essential to advancing medicine. • Infant and Pediatric Nutrition • Pediatric Immunizations • Infant and Pediatric Health and Wellness • Adult and Senior Immunizations • Women’s Health • Contraception • Maternal Immunizations • COVID Treatment Compensation may be provided, and insurance is not required. Become a Medical Hero in your community today! Contact us to learn more. 985-273-0855 Covington@velocityclinical.com 190 Greenbriar Blvd, Ste. 101 Covington LA

Treating the Patient,

Inside the Dynamic Integrative Oncology Department at St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center

Since the strategic partnership between Ochsner Health and St. Tammany Health System launched in 2014, Northshore residents have been enjoying unprecedented access to the kind of comprehensive healthcare that used to require a trip across the Causeway or even out of state. St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center, which opened two years ago, is perhaps the most significant benefit of this partnership so far. The 75,000-square-foot, $50 million facility, located at the intersection of Ochsner Boulevard and Highway 21 in Covington, offers everything from diagnosis to a wide array of cuttingedge treatments and technology, to access to a large network of clinical trials and survivorship.

While all of these elements are noteworthy and exciting, what’s contained in the facility’s “Lagniappe” area deserves special attention, as well. As everyone from Louisiana knows, the term “lagniappe” is Cajun speak for a little something extra. It’s usually applied to something fun, like getting a free side of fries with your shrimp po-boy, but in this case, it refers to having access to integrative oncology services to enhance and support your cancer treatment.

Western medicine has only just begun to embrace a more holistic approach to healthcare in recent years, but St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center has become one of only a few facilities in the country to help pioneer this emerging trend.

To get a better idea of exactly what these services entail, Lindsay Gomez, R.N, Manager of Cancer Services for the St. Tammany Health System and Renee Christman, Integrative Oncology Nurse Practitioner at St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center, graciously offered some insight.

Renee was quick to point out, “We usually say it’s side effects management. It’s never in lieu of conventional treatments, like chemo, radiation, and surgery. It’s more of a holistic, whole body, quality of life approach.”

Lindsay added, “Renee can really dive in deep to the emotional side of what the patients are experiencing and capture that in her visit. The visit includes a strong focus on the seven pillars of health, pertaining to mind, body, and spirit. It’s about treating the whole patient, and not just the patient’s cancer.”

To comprehend the role of integrative oncology services, it’s important to understand that conventional treatments for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, can bring on unpleasant side effects, including fatigue, pain, nausea, digestive issues and weight changes, just to

EDGE April |May 2023 010

Not Just The Cancer

name a few. And some of these complications linger after treatment has ended, so these services are offered to patients actively receiving treatment, as well as those in survivorship.

The collaboration of the comprehensive care team is a major component of this extraordinary facility. In addition to a stellar medical oncology staff of doctors, clinicians, and support specialists that treat even the most complex cancers, there are also a slew of instructors, therapists, and providers to deliver Integrative Oncology services.


• Acupuncture

• Nutrition & Social Services

• Tai Chi & Yoga

• Music & Relaxation Therapy

• Meditation

• Wig & Cosmetic Boutique

• Therapeutic Food Pantry

• Rehabilitation Services

• Classes & Group Support Sessions

One of the most critical components to the collaborative efforts is the nurse navigation team. They act as liaisons between the care team and patient, and they help to guide patients and their family members through the complex healthcare system.

So, how does the process work? At the time of diagnosis, new patients are introduced to a personal nurse navigator, who will remain their point- ofcontact throughout treatment and into survivorship.

Once the patient and their medical team decides on a treatment plan, the patient will go through an hour-long patient education class, during which a compassionate social worker will take them on a tour of the cancer center, including a brief introduction to the many offerings in the Lagniappe area, and connect them with a financial counselor.

Lindsay, who refers to the navigators as “unsung heroes,” explained the role they play once treatment gets underway

“They have frequent touchpoints with each patient to provide individualized support. They help identify and overcome barriers such as symptom management related to treatment-related side effects, provide education, and emotional support. They introduce our Integrative Oncology program early on to expand that support and advocate for our patients.”

“Sometimes patients will get nervous or forget things when they’re talking to their doctor,” Renee clarified. “But when they have a longer talk with the navigator or me, because my visits are an hour, additional details start to come out. They also are sometimes scared to tell their doctors about unpleasant side effects for fear of reducing or stopping treatment because they want the whole treatment. Or they might tell their infusion nurse they’re struggling, and they will then give me the heads up. In all these situations, I can collaborate with the provider to let them know if the patient is experiencing side effects beyond what they can tolerate. In this building, everyone collaborates. It’s a team approach.”

As an example, Renee said that some patients experience neuropathy, which is a type of nerve damage that can cause prickling, burning or numb sensations. Some of the drugs commonly prescribed for neuropathy can have side effects that can be a little scary. Acupuncture can provide effective relief without additional unpleasantness. Other facilities without integrative oncology services might only respond with more medicine or dose reduction.

While the prospect of being diagnosed with cancer is a daunting one, it’s comforting to know that St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center provides so much one-onone guidance and a huge array of options to improve your ability to cope with the physical and emotional rigors of treatment.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, are currently undergoing treatment or have been a survivor for years, the staff is available to support you on every step of this challenging journey. Patients can even self-refer from other unaffiliated facilities after a cancer diagnosis.

For more information or to schedule a new patient visit, northshorecancercare.org or call 985-249-2383.

EDGE April |May 2023 012
Your Cancer-Centric Physical Therapy Practice Designed to help you through all stages of your healing journey We help proactively manage anticipated side effects of cancer treatment by creating a personalized comprehensive treatment plan to get you back to doing what you love! GeauxFight.com | 985-276-4095 1131 S. Tyler St. Covington, LA 70433 GeauxFight Through an individualized treatment plan we can: Increase your strength and endurance Decrease fatigue levels Minimize pain and boost your immune system Maximize function such as balance, walking, and overall mobility Reduce recovery time


EDGE April |May 2023 015 985.892.4663 | WWW.HOODCHEVY.COM

Summer camp guide



(Ages 8-14 | Fee $240 includes t-shirt)

Basketball: June 5-9

Football: June 12-16

Baseball: June 19-23

Golf: June 26-30

Soccer: June 26-30

Strength: June 26-30

Speed, Agility, Strength: July 10-14

Wrestling: July 17-21

Lacrosse: July 17-21

Rugby: July 17-21


Football - Offensive Line/Defensive Line: June 8 - 10 Boys Ages 8-14 / Fee $220

Football - Evaluation Camp: July 13 Boys Ages 8-14 / Fee $40

Contact: sportscamps@stpauls.com or (985)778-9166


(Entering Grades 4th - 6th Boys and Girls | Fee: $200 (includes t-shirt and snacks)

June 5-9, 9AM-12PM

For more information, contact Tammy Freeman t.freeman@stpauls.com (985) 778-9166


(Ages 9 - 13 Boys and Girls Fee $375 (includes t-shirt)

June 5-16, M-F with a performance on Saturday, June 17

For more information, contact Gordon Carmadelle at g.carmadelle@stpauls. com (985)892-3200 x1991

EDGE April |May 2023 016


Believe Summer Camp

Bogalusa High School, 100 M.J. Israel Drive, 985.516.1758 / believecamp.com


Splendor Farms- Horse Camp for Girls

27329 Mill Creek Road

985.886.3747 / splendorfarms.com.


Archbishop Hannan High School

Little Hawk Day Camp - Sports Camps

Archbishop Hannan High School

71324 Hwy 1077

985.249.6363 / Hannanhigh.org

Camp Abbey

Catholic Sleep Away Camp at Abbey Retreat Center

77002 K C Camp Rd.

985.327.7240 / campabbey.org

Camp Old Hickory

Summer Day Camp

73234 Louisiana Ave. rscafidel@live.com

985.892.4788 / campoldhickory.com

Christ Episcopal School

Creative Cats – Summer Drama – Wildcat Sports

Sports, Drama and traditional camps, Pre- K through teens, Sessions June and July 80 Christwood Blvd., 985.871.9902, kpousson@christepiscopalschool.org, christepiscopalschool.org

Creating U Academy

Acting & Modeling Camp

69154 Hwy 190, E. Service Rd. creatingu@att.net

985.893.2218 / creatingu.com


Northshore Camp

25 Patricia Dr. 985.892.4415 / kehoe-francens.com


Summer Camps

Coquille Park, 13505 LA-1085

877-4KIDCAM / kidcamcamp.com

Magnificanr Productions

Drama Camps

Fuhrmann Audotorium, Covington dennychanonnet@gmail.com

Northlake Christian School

Camp Northlake 70104 Wolverine Dr. 985.635.0400 / campnorthlake.org

Northshore Humane Society

Summer Camp for Animal Lovers

Fun interactive games and activities centered around animals

Boys and Girls ages 6-13, June and July MondayFriday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Before care (7:30 am - 9:00 am) and after care (4:00 pm - 5:30 pm) available. 20384 Harrison Ave 985.892.7387 / Northshorehumane.org

Playmakers Theatre

Theater Camps

19106 Playmakers Rd. 985.893.1671 / playmakersinc.com

St. Paul’s Camps

Ages 9 - 13 Boys & Girls | Fee $375 (includes t-shirt) June 5-16, M-F with a performance on Saturday, June 17

Join the Marian Players for a two-week summer camp this June as we present Disney/Pixar’s “Finding Nemo Jr.” Camp enrollment is limited and no experience is needed to participate. For more information, contact Gordon Carmadelle at g.carmadelle@stpauls.com (985)892-3200 x1991


Entering Grades 4th - 6th Boys and Girls | Fee: $200 (includes t-shirt and snacks)

June 5-9, 9AM-12PM

Students will use the principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to learn about different approaches to solving problems, using real-world project-based learning and teambuilding skills. Space is limited

For more information, contact Tammy Freeman t.freeman@stpauls.com (985) 778-9166


Boys Ages 8-14 | Fee $240 (includes t-shirt)

Train with the top high school coaches and athletes on the Northshore! Prior experience in a sport is not necessary. Basketball: June 5-9, Football: June 1216, Baseball: June 19-23, Golf: June 26-30, Soccer: June 26-30, Strength: June 26-30, Speed, Agility, Strength: July 10-14, Wrestling: July 17-21, Lacrosse: July 17-21, Rugby: July 17-21

EDGE April |May 2023 017

Session Dates:

June 5-16 (ages 2-9)

June 19-30 (ages 2-12)

July 10-21 (ages 2-9)

Kaleidoscope & MADD Camp present a creative arts and experience camp for
Register online at cedarwoodschool.com 985.845.7111
The creators of Camp
Ages 2-12


Football - Offensive/Defensive Line: June 8-10

Boys Ages 8-14 | Fee $220

Football - Evaluation Camp: July 13 (4pm - 7pm)

Boys Ages 8-14 | Fee $40

Contact: sportscamps@stpauls.com or (985)778-9166

Registration for all Saint Paul’s summer camps: stpauls.com/student-life/summer-camp

St Paul’s School, 917 South Jahncke Ave, 985.892.3200 / stpauls.com

St. Scholastica Academy

122 S. Massachusetts St. 985.892.2540 ext.129 / ssacad.com

YMCA - Summer Camp

71256 Francis Rd. 985.893.9622 / ymcaneworleans.org


Big Sky Ranch- Farm Camp

15442 Jack Fork Rd. 985.276.0270 / bigskyranch.org

Zoo 2 U & Ponies 2 82089 Hwy. 25 985.769.8444, / zoo2uparties.com.

Hammond and Ponchatoula

Camp Rec Center

Michael J. Kenney Center, 602 West Coleman Ave, Hammond, 985.277.5903

Sunshine Studio

Art camps

Sunshine Studio, 234 S.E. Railroad, Ponchatoula 985.373.0468 / sunshinestudioarts.com


Summer Camps

Chappapeela Sports Park, 19325 Hipark Blvd, Hammond 887-4KIDCAM, / kidcamcamp.com

Southeastern University

Roomies REC Camp

Student Activity Center

1850 N. General Pershing St., Southeastern University 985.549.5591 / Southeastern.edu


Madisonville Equestrian Center

Riding Camp

135 Vista St. Mandeville 985.778.6981 / madisonvilleequestriancenter. com

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum

Aquatic Robotics Camp

133 Mabel Drive, Madisonville 985.845.9200 / lpbmm.org


Art Time

Art Camp

705 Asbury Drive 985.674.2023 / arttime.biz

Blossom Girl

Arts, Crafts, Make-up, Hair, Fun and Games

1281 N. Causeway Blvd, Suite 3 985.626.6280

Camp Girl Biz

5200 Hwy. 22, Suite 6 and 7 campgirlbiz@aol.com 985.705.9288 / campgirlbiz.com

Cedarwood School

Summer Camps and Aquatics

Creative arts and experience camps

June 19th -30th Ages 2-9

June 10th-21st Ages 2-12

July 9 a.m.–3 p.m., Ages: 2 – 9

607 Heavens Dr., Mandeville, 985.845.7111, cedarwoodschool.com.

Culinary Kids

Cooking, science experiments, indoor and outdoor games

Ages 5 – 12, 9am – 3pm (extended care 8am-5pm)

Cooking with the Classics, May 22nd- 26th

Disney Days….Be Our Guest! May 29th-June 2nd

Mad Science, June 5th -9th

Game On! June 12th -16th

Movie Madness, June 19th- 23rd

Cooking with the Classics, June 26th – 30th

Special Needs Camp, July 5th ,6th and 7th 1-4pm

Animal Planet July 10th – 14th

Disney Days….Be Our Guest! July 17th -21st

Mad Science, July 24th -28th

Game On! July 31st -August 4th

Movie Madness August 7th-11th- Daily Rates

Holiday of the Year, August 14th, 15th and 16th

Daily Rates

EDGE April |May 2023 019
EDGE April 020 A hed is a proof of y our ad that will run in the of the Lake will r we rec eiv e changes hanges SUMMER CAMPS! 985.727.5553 • culinarykidsns.com 915 Marigny Avenue - Mandeville Where kids and families connect in the kitchen! • Birthdays • Camps • Classes • Special Needs • Parents Night Out • Corporate Team Building • CHOPPED Challenge Competitions • ADULT Parties & Classes • Events Hosted at Culinary Kids 301 Lafitte Street, Mandeville, LA • 985.778.0345 • www.sweetolivemarket.com 512.797.9307 nancyhalephoto.com I strive to embody the essence of my subject whether it be in a portrait, an action sports shot, a flower shot or a homeland swamp scene. The Northshore has given me a whole new subject area with the Tchefuncte River, the Lakefront and so much more! Visit a new place in Old Mandeville – selling wonderful food, local products and art! I am so pleased to have some of my photography work for sale. Check for Nancy Hale Photography items on the walls and shelves. Great atmosphere too! Help support local businesses. NANCY HALE PHOTOGRAPHY Local nowphotographer selling art/ photography at Sweet Olive! CAMP 985.892.7387 northshorehumane.org Fun & educational animal activities Learn from animal experts Interact with animals & more! Summer Camp · May - July · Ages 6-13 Sponsored by:

915 Marigny Ave., info@culinarykids.com 985.727.5553, culinarykidsns.com

Franco’s Summer Camp

Athletics, Swimming, Arts, Water Slide, Games and Activities

Sports and Spirits Week (Saints Experience) May 22- 26

Adventure Quest (Laser Tag/ Bungee Trampolines)

May 29th – June 2nd

Ultimate Challenge (Human Hamster Balls & Wrecking Ball Inflatable) June 5th – 9th

Saddle up Rodeo with Mechanical Bull, June 12th -16th

Splashtopia with Boat Races and Dunk Booth, June 19th – 23rd

Out of this World – Defy Gravity with the Gyro Extreme and Swings, July 26th – 30th

Mystical Animals with Willow the Unicorn and Petting Zoo Friends, July 3rd- 7th

The Amazing Race Color Run and Color Wars, July 10th- 14th

Ninja Warrior and Aerial Silk Training July 17th –21st

Franco’s Walk of Fame, Talent and Fashion Show with Karaoke, July 24th – 28th

Let’s Glow Crazy with Neon Fun and Glow Dance, July 31st – August 1st

Operation Celabration with a Foam Party, August 7th -11th

100 Bon Temps Roulé, Mandeville, 985.792.0200 francosmandeville.com/summer-camp


Summer Camps

Pelican Park, 63350 Pelican Drive, 985. 237.1616 / kidcamcamp.com

Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Music Camp

Mandeville School of Music

105 Campbell Ave., #3 985-674-2992 / laapa.com

Mandeville Sports Complex

Summer Camp

23052 Hwy 1088

985.727.7277 / mandevillesportscomplex.com

Northlake Academy of Music

Music Camps

Princess, June 5-9, 9.30 – Noon

Waltzing with Walt Disney, July 17th - 21th, 9.30 –Noon

Music Around the World, July 31st – August 4th, 9.30 – Noon

985.630.8112 / northlakeacademyofmusic.net

Northshore Gymnastics

Tiny Tumblers Summer Jamboree

1973 6th Street 985.624.8310 / northshoregymnastics.net

Pelican Athletic Club

Summer Camps

1170 Meadowbrook Blvd. 985.626.3706 / thepac.com

PRIDE, Youth and Community Resources

Overnight Camps

Positive Action Camp/ Positive Attitude Camp

Fontainebleau State Park, Mandeville 985.727.7710 / prideresources.org

30 by Ninety Theatre

Theater Camps

880 Lafayette 844.843.3090 / 30byninety.com

Pontchartrain Yacht Club


140 Jackson Ave. 985 626.3192 / pontyc.com

School of Rock

Music Camps

1872 N. Causeway Blvd, Mandeville 985.589.7625 / Schoolofrock.com


Creative Dance

Dance Camps

58485 Pearl Acres Rd, Slidell 985.646.0171 / creativedanceslidell.com

Cross Gates Family Fitness

Traditional Camp

200 Military Rd and 1311 Gause Blvd, Slidell 985.643.3500 / Crossgatesclub.com

Gymnastic Plus

Fun & Fitness

58445 Pearl Acres Rd. 985.643.0914 / gymplus.net

Slidell Memorial Hospital and St. Tammany Fire 985.280.8529 / slidellmemorial.org


Summer Camps

First Christian Church

102 Christian Lane, Slidell 985.237.1616 / kidcamcamp.com

EDGE April |May 2023 021


Summer Camps

First Christian Church, 102 Christian Lane, Slidell

985.237.1616 / kidcamcamp.com.

Pope John Paul II Summer Camps

1901 Jaguar Drive 985 649 0914 / pjp.org

Rembrandt Studio

1118 Brownswitch Road Slidell 985.645.9565 / Rembrandtstudio.com

Slidell Little Theatre Theatre Camp

2024 Nellie Drive 985.643.0556 / Slidelllittletheatre.org

Tammany Yacht Club

1196 Harbor Drive Slidell 985.649.5222 / tammanyyachtclub.org

EDGE April |May 2023
Cutting Edge Theater TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE cuttingedgetheater.com PHONE 985.649.3727 TEXTING 985.285.6666 767 ROBERT BLVD. SLIDELL APRIL 14TH THRU 29TH A colorful family from a small Texas town must come to grips with the accidental death of the elderly family matriarch during a clandestine meeting in a seedy motel room with her much-younger married neighbor. The woman's family must deal with their own demons while preparing for what could be an embarrassing funeral.
*Camp dates, times & activities are subject to change.

Spring has arrived and is one of the most beautiful seasons in our breathtaking Parish!

In full bloom, our Parish has so many sites to see and things to do, like bike the Tammany Trace or enjoy the waterways.

Ensuring that our Parish remains safe, clean and beautiful is a top priority for my administration. That is why we revitalized Keep St. Tammany Beautiful, which includes hiring new full-time positions, strengthening our codes to provide more enforcement and working collaboratively with Departments to keep our communities clean and beautiful.

If you are looking for a great way to get involved with litter pickup, please consider joining the efforts of Love the Boot Week, which is April 17-23, 2023. Take the pledge at KeepStTammanyBeautiful.org

As I have said throughout my administration, our core values are proper planning, investing in infrastructure and securing economic development, which all contribute to protecting our quality of life.

I am proud to renew that commitment through the investment of $44 million in impactful, lifechanging infrastructure improvements in 2023. That is the most in St. Tammany Parish history.

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, I would like to congratulate our graduating class on your incredible successes. Whether you are entering universities, trade schools, military service or the workforce, I look forward to seeing you succeed and wish you great luck.

Raising children is no easy task and this momentous achievement should be celebrated by our parents, guardians, loved ones, teachers, coaches, and all those who serve as role models and inspire our youth to reach new heights. I greatly thank you for your dedication and passion to grow the children of our Parish.

If I can be of assistance, please contact me at President@stpgov.org.

Serving as your Parish President, continues to be one of my most humbling honors.

Summer is right around the corner, and as the temperatures increase so do the number of boats on our waterways.

St. Tammany Parish has 279 square miles of navigable waterways. That is approximately one fourth of our great parish.

Tasked with enforcing all state and local boating regulations, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Marine Division will have extra patrol boats and deputies on the parish’s waterways throughout the spring and summer, ensuring that our residents are engaging in safe boating practices.

They have one goal – keeping the people on our waterways safe.

I want everyone to have fun but please be careful when out on the water. A fun day out with your family and friends can turn tragic in an instant if you are not careful. Simple planning and good choices can help us keep everyone safe this summer.

First and foremost, do not consume alcohol if you are operating a watercraft, always wear a life jacket, obey all no wake zones and refrain from operating your boat or your jet ski in an unsafe manner. Be considerate of other boaters around you. Remember, you are responsible for your own wake.

State law requires there to be a personal flotation device (lifejacket) for each occupant on board a boat under 26 feet in length and for anyone under the age of 16 to be wearing a PFD anytime the boat motor is running. But that is the absolute minimum. My recommendations are to treat PFDs like seatbelts – EVERYONE should be wearing one ALL OF THE TIME when aboard a boat. Not just kids and not just when the boat is moving. And make sure they are the proper size, securely fastened, Coast Guard approved and not out of date.

LIFEJACKETS SAVE LIVES! It is as simple as that.

Also, please make sure your watercraft is in good working order, file a float plan by letting someone know where you launched and when you expect to return and check the weather forecast before taking your boat out.

I wish you all a safe and happy boating season.

EDGE April |May 2023 024
Mike Cooper St. Tammany
Parish President Randy Smith St. Tammany Sheriff
The Insight & Inspiration
From within

When I arrived at MBonura Fine Arts Gallery and Studio for a chat with artist and owner MaryAnn Bonura, I was immediately charmed by her lovely, historic little building in Old Mandeville and delighted to be greeted at the door by her super sweet, well-mannered mini Goldendoodle, Micha (short for Michaelangelo). These initial impressions were perfectly in line with my first impression of MaryAnn herself, who came across as warm, welcoming and understatedly confident. Yet, she was genuinely perplexed as to why Edge of the Lake would be interested in profiling her. That was a first, and I found it a bit intriguing.

Once inside, I quickly conducted a 360-degree scan of MaryAnn’s displayed artwork. It ranged from abstracts and angels to portraits, horses and flowers, and I made a mental note that I couldn’t quite identify any sort of cohesive theme. Though she came across as an open book, I realized there was definitely more to MaryAnn than meets the eye. We slid into an easy rapport, and she obliged when I started out by asking about her background.

MaryAnn told me she grew up in the Metairie area, and was raised by creative parents. Her dad is a revered taxidermist and her mom owned a needlework store, published some crafting books and recently knitted caps for newborns at North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond.

MaryAnn developed an interest in art at a young age, and if she suffers from any self-doubts, they’re not readily apparent. But that self-assurance doesn’t come from a place of arrogance. Faith plays a major, recurring role in MaryAnn’s life, and while many artists refer to their talents as gifts, throughout our time together, she refused to take credit for hers.

of MaryAnn Bonura within

EDGE April |May 2023 027

She told me, “God just poured this gift right into me.”

In her effort to cultivate that gift, she attended Southern Louisiana University for a year, transferred to Jacksonville State University in Alabama and graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach Florida, where she majored in Fine Arts and minored in Graphic Design. She also took intermediate figure and portrait courses under Carol Peobles at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Life threw MaryAnn a few curve balls over the years, in the form of abusive relationships, a near-death experience, and both economic and weather-related disasters. She didn’t shy away from difficult topics, but it was clear that they don’t define her. Instead of roadblocks, MaryAnn treated these challenges as detours that simply sent her in different geographic and vocational directions.

“I was never afraid,” she explained. “I always felt taken care of because I knew God was watching over me.”

MaryAnn married and started a family when she was quite young, so when she found herself a single mother of five, she wasn’t able to focus on art for 20 long years.

“I lose time when I’m painting. I don’t eat or drink, I just paint for hours. That’s not conducive to raising kids, so I put it aside until they were grown.”

For 12 years, she earned a living designing logos and electrical signs, and also owned her own design and photography business. When Hurricane Katrina hit, it became necessary to pivot to commercial real estate, but then along came the housing market crash.

MaryAnn certainly weathered some major storms of the personal, economic and meteorological variety, but in 2016, when she found herself happily married and her children grown, it was finally time to focus on her art. She and her daughter decided to open her studio.

She immediately fell in love with this space when she saw the previous tenants moving out. Though there were three interested parties ahead of her, she says she prayed and left it in God’s hands. The very next day, she found out it was hers. But it wasn’t exactly move-in ready.

“The ceiling was falling down and it smelled like death, because it was previously used as storage. Thankfully, my whole family pitched in to help me restore it.”

Her family has grown beyond her five children to include her husband Bruce, three stepchildren and four grandchildren. When a great job opportunity opened up for Bruce in Laguna Niguel, California, a few years later, MaryAnn closed up shop and embarked on a new adventure.

“Oh, it was beautiful. I could see the ocean from my bed and there were no mosquitos!” Then she admitted, “But it was never home. I found myself creatively blocked.”

When Covid hit, they packed up and hit the road again. This time in an RV, but the wanderlust wound up leading them right back home to Mandeville, and MaryAnn managed to get her old space back. It’s another lucky break that she chalks up as a blessing from God.

Having spent a little time getting to know MaryAnn the person, I finally got around to asking her about the seemingly incongruous nature of her work.

“I think every artist has different periods. I initially dove into angels,” she said, pointing toward a painting that depicts an ethereal, but anguished-looking figure, called Fallen Angel. “I love the drama of lights and darks. I’ve always been drawn to Renaissance painters, namely Michaelangelo. And Impressionists, mainly Monet.”

As for the abstract paintings with titles like, Dissociated and Freedom in Fire, she simply explained, “It’s just whatever is in my head and heart space. It’s about finding your voice.” Then, she added with a laugh, “Mine just happens to be all over the place.”

And the spirited horses and portrait of a distinguished gentleman? The horses were commissioned and the portrait is one MaryAnn created for a beloved patron. Neither is a typical subject for her, but she doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

Along with creating her own work, MaryAnn offers classes to help others cultivate their inner artistic talents. At various points during our visit, MaryAnn was just as proud and excited, if not more, to show me her students’ work as she was about her own. She admitted that she’s “not typically a flower person,” but her students enjoy painting subjects like Monet’s Waterlilies. (This solved the mystery of the seemingly random flower paintings in the studio.)

I found it fascinating and refreshing that most of MaryAnn’s artistic inspiration comes from within, not from the picturesque views at her seaside home in California, or even the endless supply of swampy landscapes and wildlife on the Northshore. She joked about her inner voice being “all over the place,” but I think a lot of us struggle with internal chaos. MaryAnn just knows how to sort it out on canvas.

“You have to create what you like, what makes you happy. If others like it, fine. But it’s less about what you ‘should’ do. That perspective comes with age. And that’s something I try to teach in my classes, not just color and composition.”

MaryAnn sets a good example for anyone wishing to reinvent themselves or rediscover old interests and passions. On this subject, MaryAnn cited one of her favorite quotes: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” (This quote is attributed to George Eliot, which is the nome de plume of 19th century poet and novelist Mary Ann Evans, by the way.)

EDGE April |May 2023 030 M.Bonura


EDGE April |May 2023 031

Her other favorite motivational quote? Nike’s “Just do it.”

Considering how deeply personal her work is, I wondered what it’s like to sell her creations off and watch them go home with other people.

“Oh, yeah, it’s like losing a child,” she admitted without hesitation. “It wouldn’t be hard if I weren’t putting so much of myself into it. But, that’s my primary reason for painting. And I try to teach that in my classes. The object is not to copy, but to make it your own by tapping into your own emotions.”

In addition to original work, MaryAnn also does commissioned work. Classes are offered Tuesdays from 11am to 1:30pm and 5:30 to 8pm. Every last Thursday of the month, Nuvolari, the Italian restaurant next door to her studio, hosts a reception for patrons and students, allowing artists to display and sell their art. For more information on MaryAnn, her studio and her art, visit her website at MBonura.com or her Instagram page @Mbonura_fineart.

CONGRATS to our winners! oldmandevillebusiness.org Favorite Wedding Venue Favorite Casual Dining Favorite Bartender Favorite BBQ & Hot Dogs Favorite Photographer Favorite Yoga Studio Favorite Catering Favorite Bed & Breakfast Favorite Architect & Architectural Firm Favorite Pizza Restaurant Favorite Art Gallery The Wild Osprey Favorite Real Estate Agent Jenny Mutter Favorite Title Company Favorite Women’s Boutique Favorite Antique Store Favorite Veterinarian Favorite Food Truck Favorite Breakfast
EDGE April |May 2023 034 50 TOWN CENTER PARKWAY | SLIDELL | 985.639.9891 FAVORITE SPORTS BAR THREE YEARS IN A ROW! LARGE selection of Palms, Hibiscus, Hosta, Bird of Paradise, Vincas, Fountains, Statuary and Garden Gifts 1640 Collins Blvd. | Covington | 985.892.0717 Inwood Gardens

Elizabeth’s spirit is stronger than cancer.

Elizabeth was blindsided when at only 35 years old, she discovered a lump and found out it was breast cancer. She began treatment immediately, before moving to Madisonville. That’s when she opted to transfer to St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center, which not only lowered her mileage to and from treatments, but also her stress levels. Upon completion of her chemotherapy treatments, Elizabeth underwent physical therapy through Ochsner’s integrative oncology services, to regain strength and range of motion in her upper body. We’re helping Elizabeth get stronger every day, so that she can experience the joys of life and motherhood. Whatever your reasons are for doing the things you do, we’ve only got one. YOU.


Elizabeth T.

Spring is in the air!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve celebrated so many great things happening in our parish! We recently helped our friends at J&M Industries commemorate 50 years in business, and we celebrated with our friends at Medline, who have opened their state-of-the-art facility near the Hammond-Northshore Regional Airport. It’s also festival season in Tangipahoa, and every weekend, we have had something special to celebrate and enjoy with our friends and neighbors across the parish.

In the coming days, we are looking forward to welcoming a very special program that’s coming to Ponchatoula. The Tunnels to Towers Foundation will stage their “9/11 Never Forget” mobile exhibit in Veterans Square, also known as the Strawberry Parking Lot across from Ponchatoula City Hall. This exhibit pays tribute to the brave men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, including the 343 members of the Fire Department of New York City who made the ultimate sacrifice, and all who continue to lose their lives due to 9/11-related illnesses. This high-tech, 83 food tractor trailer transforms into an 1,100 square foot exhibit, and Tangipahoa Parish is the first in the state to welcome this incredible display. This is a must-see event, and it will be available during the 51st annual Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, which will be held April 14-16.

As our friends in tourism say, Tangipahoa Parish is truly the “place to be in 2023.” Make plans to spend a day (or two) with us here in Tangipahoa this spring.

Dear Citizens,

The City of Slidell had a great parade season! We take pride in having family-friendly parades in Slidell and it was great to see so many people having a fun along the parade route. I especially enjoyed seeing all the kids with their decorated wagons at the Krewe of Kids wagon parade in Olde Towne on Mardi Gras Day! And the Olde Towne Merchant’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is always a great event! I would like to thank all our Mardi Gras krewes, Team Slidell, Keep Slidell Beautiful, Slidell Police Department and all the law enforcement agencies who stepped up to make sure that everyone had a safe carnival season.

Spring has arrived which means that there will be plenty of festivals and events happening in the City of Slidell. I would like to invite everyone to join us in Olde Towne Slidell on Saturday, April 15, for the 27th annual Arts Evening. It’s sure to be a great night with live entertainment, over 100 artists displaying their works at different businesses throughout Olde Towne, fine and casual dining, unique shopping, and many other great surprises.

Our annual Salad Days student art exhibit is now on display in the George Dunbar Gallery at the Slidell Cultural Center at City Hall. The exhibit features the works of St. Tammany Parish student artists from kindergarten to 12th grade. We are fortunate to have so many amazing young artists in our parish. Gallery hours are Wednesdays through Fridays from 12 to 4 p.m. Please call (985) 646-4375 to schedule a viewing.

And don’t forget about the City of Slidell’s Some Enchanted Evening! The Northshore Community Orchestra will perform on Saturday, May 13, at 5 p.m. in Heritage Park. Be sure to pack a picnic basket and enjoy great music on Bayou Bonfouca!

We are also in the process of revitalizing our outdoor recreation facilities, including the addition of eight new tennis courts at the Henry J. Calamari Tennis Center, renovating Hickman Field, new pickle ball courts and a skate park. More information will be coming soon about the Recreation Master Plan.

For more information about City of Slidell news and upcoming events, please visit our website at MySlidell.com and follow us on our “City of Slidell” Facebook page.

EDGE April |May 2023 036
Robby Miller Tangipahoa Parish President
Greg Cromer City of Slidell Mayor
Calling all Motorcycle, Jeep, Hot Rod and Classic Car enthusiasts to our Reserved Beachside Parking Area! EVERY THURSDAY, 5-9 P.M. • $5 Free Slot Play • Free Entry for your chance to win $500 Free Slot Play • Free Entry for Grand Prize Drawing of a 2023 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® ST Register to receive these great perks: Plus, earn additional entries every Thursday for the Grand Prize 2023 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® ST to be given away on Thursday, October 5 at 9 p.m. See Players Services for details. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 6-9 P.M. BEST-OF-SHOW TROPHIES For Best Bike, Best Car and Best Jeep Opens at 4 p.m. every Thursday.


From the great American poet, Willie Nelson,

It’s been rough and rocky travelin’ But I’m finally standin upright on the ground After takin’ several readings

I’m surprised to find my mind’s still fairly sound

For Covington, the past few years have certainly had some “rough and rocky travelin”: Hurricanes, Russian computer hack, rain events, a pandemic and tragedy. I will forever be grateful to the citizens, the city employees and the Council for standing together in support of one another to not only overcome each rough patch but to thrive in their aftermaths. “After takin’ several readings”, I am not surprised to find our Covington to be more than fairly sound. We’re in a good place.

Infrastructure projects may be seen throughout the city. Great restaurants, old and new, are teeming with patrons. Downtown, shoe stores, clothing boutiques and general mercantile shops are filled with both merchandise and customers. Our past Mardi Gras saw the largest crowds ever … with nary a single arrest. Frankly, that’s amazing.

April brings our Trailhead Concert series every Thursday evening, our Final Friday block parties, Spring for Art, the Antiques and Uniques Festival and Covington Heritage Foundation’s Farm to Table outside dining experience. I’m gaining weight just writing about it.

I am also grateful to our citizenry for re-electing me without opposition. It is truly an honor to serve as the mayor of my hometown. Covington is one of the coolest cities in America. In the next four years it is my hope to expand that claim : ).

Happy Easter! Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation and Mandeville is a great place to be this time of year. Our Mandeville Live FREE trailhead concerts on Fridays at 6:30pm continue with Chubby Carrier on April 14, Bottoms Up on April 21, NOLA Dukes on April 28, and After Party on May 12.

Concerts at the famous Dew Drop in Old Mandeville also continue this spring at 6:30pm on Saturday evenings with Shannon Powell on April 22, and the Jump Hounds on May 13.

Keep Mandeville Beautiful will host its annual volunteer spring citywide cleanup on Saturday, April 22 in conjunction with both Earth Day and Louisiana’s “Love the Boot” week. I continue to get compliments on Mandeville’s cleanliness from visitors and that is due to our residents and clean up volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Keep Mandeville Beautiful at kmb@cityofmandeville.com.

On Saturday, April 29 at the Pontchartrain Yacht Club from 11am-3pm, the Marine Corps League will host “Crawfish Cookin’ for the Corps!” Proceeds will benefit the Marine Corp League-L. Cpl Justin McLeese Detachment 1487’s Veterans Community Service Mission.

The Mandeville Lions Club will host “Food Truck Fest” on Saturday, May 6 from 4pm-8pm at the Mandeville Lion’s Club. Proceeds will benefit the LA Handicap Children’s Camp and the LA Lion Eye Foundation.

On Saturday, May 20, at the Safe Haven Campus at 8am, the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI St. Tammany) will host the NAMI Walk. Proceeds benefit NAMI through the education, advocacy, support and resources to those affected by mental health needs.

Mandeville has something for everyone this spring. I hope you will join me in both having fun and enjoying the weather, but also supporting some of these worthy non-profits. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

EDGE April |May 2023 038
Mark Johnson City of Covington Mayor Clay Madden City of Mandeville Mayor

We often have our teeth checked, our eyes checked and our blood-pressure tested, but when was the last time you had a hearing test?

Hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process over the years, so it isn’t noticeable at first. But at some point, things will start to change. A few common signs of hearing loss include finding conversations hard to follow, turning the TV’s volume up louder than usual, and asking people to repeat themselves.

You might not think too much of it at first, or, despite any frustrations it is causing you, you might decide to put treatment off for “another day.” Often friends and family are the first to notice one’s hearing loss before it becomes a real challenge for the sufferer.

Sound familiar?

If so, then SLENT Hearing & Balance Center encourages you to visit one of our hearing centers in Hammond, Slidell or Mandeville, LA for a hearing test. We’ll test your hearing, and identify if a hearing loss is at play, and if so, provide you with some treatment options.

A recent worldwide study* confirmed that eight out of ten hearing aid users reported they had a profound positive impact on their quality of life, including improved relationships at home and work and a better sense of safety and independence.

EDGE April |May 2023 039 Are You Experiencing the First Signs of a Hearing Loss? Slidell | Hammond | Mandeville Call 985-273-5795 Visit www.slenthearing.com
Download Our Free Guide “The Early Symptoms of a Hearing Loss to Look Out For” Written by Dr. JJ Martinez Visit slenthearing.com/free-guide *Source: Findings of EuroTrak 2015 (ET 2015) and MarkeTrak 9 (MT9) worldwide studies about hearing loss and hearing aids. Dr. JJ Martinez, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA Doctor of Audiology, Board Certified Audiologist SLIDELL 1389 Lakewood Drive 985.641.7772 MANDEVILLE 3140 E. Causeway Approach 985.785.5860 TO THE WORLD YOU ARE A Mo er, BUT TO OUR FAMILY, YOU ARE THE W ld. Gi Cards & Mother’s Day Packages Available WOODHOUSESPAS.COM
EDGE April |May 2023 040 A ttac ad that will run in the DGE of the Lake will r 3 ake any c hanges 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE Swedish • Deep Tissue • ai • Lymphatic Drainage • Neuromuscular Cupping erapy • Re exology • Cranial Sacral • PTSD & Anxiety Robin Ascani, LMT # 1392 Schedule Your Appointment Today! 504.495.7293 Embrace-ably Me Massage therapy is my calling and a er working on 5,000+ clients on the Northshore and Southshore, I want to bring my healing to you. PROOF SHEET our ad that will run in the Febr / Mar c h is s ue of E ad rec eiv e changes by ( 3 1 0 5 : 0 0 P M . P lease m ove via email. Owner/CEO Lizette Alvarado MSN-FNP Fillers / Juvederm / Neurotoxins / Botox NAD+ Injections / Hormone Therapy / VI Peel Skinny Shot / Weight Loss Consultation Skin Aesthetics & Wellness Schedule Online @ SYNSKINAESTHETICS.COM 985.515.0198 lizette@synskinaesthetics.com NICHE MODERN HOME www.nichemodernhome.com MANDEVILLE 1901 Hwy 190 • 985-624-4045 NOW IN COVINGTON 70380 Highway 21 • 985-234-9858 Find your NICHE at. . .
EDGE April |May 2023 041 RESORT WEAR Franco’s Lifestyle Boutique 100 Bon Temps Roule Mandeville 985.792.0200 Gift Guide
DAY 3OCTAEVO - BARCELONA SPAIN - PAPER VASE Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights 68467 LA. 59 Mandeville Bevolo.com 2 HAND PAINTED TRINKET BOX W/NECKLACE Inwood Gardens 1640 N Collins Blvd Covington 985.892.0717




2885 Highway 190 UNIT C Mandeville


The Woodhouse Escape for Mind, Body & Spirit



3140 E. Causeway Approach 985.445.8594

SLIDELL 1389 Lakewood Drive 985.641.7772



The Chiffarobe 221 Lee Lane Covington 985.207.2200

EDGE April |May 2023 043 9LUMINOSITY FACIAL CLEANSER Embrace-ably Me Massage Therapy 504.495.7293 7MONACO WEEKENDER BAG Niche Modern Home 1901 Hwy 190, Suite 3 Mandeville 985.624.4045 70380 LA-21 Ste. 8 Covington 985.234.9858 8BOTOX & FILLERS SYN Skin, Aesthetics & Wellness 4244 LA-22 Suite 9 Mandeville 985.515.0198

St. Tammany NOW

St.Tammany NOW is a curated collection of the latest economic development information and business and industry insight in our community provided by St. Tammany Corporation, the economic development organization for St. Tammany Parish. St. Tammany NOW highlights who and what makes the St. Tammany business community thrive and illustrates the opportunities to diversify and fortify our economy.

In this issue, we share insights on early childhood education in our community and state, why it is important to economic development, and strategies to ensure that children and working parents have what they need to succeed in the workforce.

Why does early education matter? Research shows that early experiences affect the development of brain architecture and provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. Providing children with high-quality early care and education will help to ensure that they are prepared to be successful students and thriving members of their communities. 90% of brain development takes place from birth through age four, establishing a critical foundation for future success. The science of brain development explains the connection between early learning experiences and long-term success. Just like a weak foundation of a house, a weak foundation of the brain can be fixed—but it is difficult, and therefore expensive, to do so. Investing in early care


“We know that investment in early care and education is one of the key factors that helps working families remain in the workforce. Working families need childcare to be productive in the workforce. Local leaders and state policymakers have the opportunity to respond to the unique needs of children, families, businesses, and educators in their communities by continuing to invest in early care and education at the local level. We need to all work together to ensure that Louisiana takes advantage of all opportunities to expand access to quality early care and education at the state and local levels.”

and education for young children helps to provide them with a foundation upon which they can develop the social, emotional, and problem-solving skills necessary for them to learn and grow. At an early age, children begin to learn to regulate their emotions, solve problems, express their feelings, and organize their experiences and then use those skills when they arrive at school. Children who attend highquality early care and education programs have been shown to achieve higher test scores and have improved social and emotional skills.

While you might not immediately correlate early education to economic development, the connections are undeniable. Early care and education are essential services that form the backbone of our nation’s economy. Without safe, quality childcare for their children, parents simply cannot be full participants in the workforce. Investing in early care and education has an immediate positive benefit on our workforce, on our businesses, and our state’s economy. It is imperative that the business community engage in efforts to expand access to quality early care and education for the success of their employees and businesses. Business leaders will appreciate that public investment in early childhood provides a greater return than any other time in life. Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman’s recent research shows a return on investment (ROI) of at least 13%. When employees can’t access reliable childcare, it

April |May 2023

costs both the employer and employee. Louisiana employees report missing work, leaving or changing jobs, coming in late, or leaving early because their childcare situation was unreliable, unaffordable, inaccessible, or some combination of the three.

In Louisiana, two out of three young children have both parents, or their single parent, in the workforce and must spend significant time in childcare. At the same time, only 40% of Louisiana children arrive at kindergarten meeting critical benchmarks. In St. Tammany Parish, according to the Louisiana Department of Education, there are 7,255 children in need of care birth through age four. That means only 20% of families in need can access publicly funded seats, leaving over 5,800 children unserved. Because of those gaps, less than 5% of children in our community enter kindergarten on track. This is especially concerning when considering that children who begin school behind, or


“Investing in early childcare and education in St. Tammany will not only change children’s lives and their working parents’ lives, but our communities will also benefit. As studies prove, children who experience quality early education have better lifelong health outcomes, increased employment opportunities, and are less likely to become a statistic in the juvenile or criminal justice system. If we want our region to thrive, we must ensure quality, affordable early care and education for every child and family. Achieving this vision will require bold commitment at all levels in the public and private sectors.”

below the appropriate benchmark, generally remain behind. When a child can read proficiently by third grade, they are more likely to achieve academic success, graduate from high school, and do well when they enter the workforce.

Unfortunately, high-quality early care and education, particularly for children below age four, is neither accessible nor affordable for many Louisiana families. Right now, Louisiana spends less than half of 1% of state dollars on early care and education. As a result, Louisiana employers lose approximately $762 million every year from employee absences and turnover due to childcare issues, and the Louisiana economy as a whole loses $1.3 billion from childcare breakdowns. The Early Childhood Care and

Education Commission found that it will take an initial investment of $86 million, with subsequent investments for 10 years, for Louisiana to ensure every at-risk child can access an early care and education program. In 2021, the Commission found that if Louisiana does not make this investment, in 10 years, our state will experience a collective $12.1 billion loss to our economy. But if we make that investment, and continue making it, we will experience a collective $1.8 billion economic gain.

So how can individuals and businesses be part of the solution? There are many ways to get involved in ensuring early childhood education and care continues to be a priority statewide. First and foremost, our elected officials

EDGE April |May 2023 045

need to hear why early education is important and why funding must be in place to ensure the best outcomes for all children in all communities. The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children (policyinstitutela.org) has a plethora of data, insights, and best practices on outreach. There are also a number of statewide advocacy groups like the Ready Louisiana Coalition and Louisiana Early Childhood Business Roundtable that dedicate their time and efforts to advocate for sufficient investment and support high-quality early care and education as a key strategy for strengthening Louisiana’s workforce and growing our state’s economy. Additionally, business owners can take advantage of the School Readiness Tax Credit, a refundable state tax credit related to donations made directly to childcare facilities or to childcare resource and referral agencies. Businesses can receive a dollar-for-dollar refundable tax credit for up to $5,000 for their donations. If interested, St. Tammany Corporation has an incentives coordinator on staff to assist businesses with application and reporting requirements. Please contact us at (985) 809-7874 for more information.

Increasing access to affordable high-quality early care and education in Louisiana allows parents to go to work or school; provides businesses with a reliable workforce; provides

a stable funding stream to early care and education providers (which are usually small businesses owned and operated by women and women of color); and ensures children enter kindergarten ready to learn, reducing the likelihood the state will have to pay for remedial education efforts later in that child’s life. St. Tammany Corporation continues to advocate for the expansion of early childcare and education in our community and across the state. With childcare costs almost as much as public college tuition, continuous investment and development of quality programs is imperative to the continued health and success of the next generation.

St. Tammany Corporation continues to be a resource hub for businesses and consistently shares timely, relevant information related to our economic landscape and upcoming business resource programming on our online platforms. Stay connected with St. Tammany Corporation on Facebook at @StTammanyCorporation, Twitter at @ StTammanyCorp, our website at StTammanyCorp.org, and our data and research platform at StTammanyStats.com.

Kate Moore is the lead staff contributor to this article with assistance from the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children.


EDGE April |May 2023 046
EDGE April |May 2023 047 April 1, 2023 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Pictures with the Easter Bunny +90 Artisan Vendors Jenna Richard Chocolates Petting Zoo Face Painting
Live! NO OUTSIDE FOOD, BEVERAGES OR COOLERS ALLOWED March 24 FOUR UNPLUGGED March 31 LITTLE FREDDIE KING April 14 CHUBBY CARRIER April 21 BOTTOMS UP April 28 NOLA DUKES May 12 AFTER PARTY 675 LAFITTE STREET 6:30pm - 8:30pm cityofmandeville.com (985) 624-3147 Mandeville Trailhead Easter at the Market EDGE OF THE LAKE • 69170 HWY 190. SUITE 1 • COVINGTON, LA 70433 • PHONE The Chiffarobe 221 Lee Lane , Covington 985.207.2200 NOW OPEN IN COVINGTON
Free Friday Concert Series

Arts Evening Arts Evening

Saturday, April 15, 2023

5-9 pm • Free Admission

Olde Towne Slidell

646-4375 • MySlidell.com

Local Artists & & Artwork

Live Entertainment

Fine & Casual Dining

Antique, Boutique & Unique Shopping

Salad Days Stude nt Ar t Exhibit

George Dunbar Gallery in the Slidell Cultural Center at City Hall

The City of Slidell and the Commission on the Arts would like to thank our 2022/2023 Cultural Season Sponsors for making this event possible: Renaissance $5,000 Sponsors:

Baroque, $2,500 Sponsor : Silver Slipper Ca sino

Neocla ssical, $1,000 Sponsors: Councilman Bill & L aura Borchert

Lori ’ s Art Depot • Lowry-Dunham, Case & Vivien Insurance Agency

Impressionism, $500 Sponsors: P. David Carollo, Attorney At Law • CiCi’s Pizza

Mayor Greg Cromer • State Representative Mary DuBuisson, District 90

Roberta’s Cleaners • Slidell Historic Antique Association

• The City of Slidell presents •
“Spring in Olde Tow ne ” by Colleen Marquis Arts Evening 2023 Poster Artist
Plus + Publications

My turn: by Rosie Ledezma


In every issue, EDGE of the Lake invites a local chef or restaurateur to visit another eatery on the Northshore.

Rosie Ledezma co-owns Turgeau with her fiance, J.P. Turgeau. The duo shares chef duties at their downtown Covington cafe, which just opened in August, serving up Southern and Mexican classics with allergen-friendly options.

My husband and I are still new to the area, so when we visited Roux 25, Folsom’s farm-to-table gastropub, we had no idea what to expect. When we pulled up, we said, “Oh, this place looks cool.” It’s sort of modern on the outside, and the interior is very stylish, yet rustic with pictures of horses everywhere, which I understand is a nod to all the horse farms and polo fields nearby.

Every table had candles and flowers, which I was told they get in fresh every other day, so the intimate setting and ambience were perfect for a date night.

They serve dinner from 5-9pm, but we were there earlier, so we ordered off their cocktail menu. It’s offered from 2-5pm Wednesday-Saturday, and includes specials on small plates, cocktails and draft beer.

The staff was very kind and friendly, and we asked our waitress to suggest an appetizer. She recommended the shareable salad with pistachio-encrusted goat cheese. That was a great call because it was super delicious.

For the entrees, the menu had options like fish sandwiches and steak sandwiches, but J.P. ordered their signature Roux 25 burger with duck fat fries and a Stella Artois draft. I had a mezcal craft cocktail with a Beatnik burger, which is topped with shaved beets, goat cheese, mixed greens and a caramelized balsamic drizzle. I also got the duck fat fries, and we both loved everything. J.P. said it had such great flavor, good quality meat and was cooked so well, they could’ve gotten away with charging more!

And I agree.

While we were there, we looked over the dinner menu, which was also well-crafted and included entrees like filet mignon and crusted tilapia. It’s definitely on our bucket list to go back to order off that menu for our next date night. Both the food and the service were impeccable. We had an amazing time, and we’ve been raving about it to everyone. Ten out of ten. Highly recommend it!

LA-25 FOLSOM roux25.com 985.796.4466
EDGE April |May 2023 052 YOUR LOCAL PLACE FOR Radio, Print, Digital Media and now Podcasts! 985 867 5990 NORTHSHOREMEDIA.NET NORTHSHORE MEDIA GROUP NM
MAY 13-14 & 20-21, 2023 • 12 - 5pm northshoreparade.com | free admission Join Us! PRESENTED BY


is proud to present the 43rd Annual Northshore Parade of Homes showcasing the quality and craftsmanship of our members.

Presented by Gulf Coast Bank & Trust, the Parade will be held May 13/14 and May 20/21 for the traditional two weekend open house event. Featuring a range in architecture, layout, building materials, design elements, and appliances, this self-guided tour includes 19 homes from 12 builders in 13 developments throughout St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes. Our builders are ready to answer your questions and explain the features that make their homes unique.

The Northshore area, conveniently located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is a mix of suburban living and modern flair. From fine dining and art galleries to casual breweries and outdoor activities, the Northshore is one of the most desirable places to live and work.

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust offers a variety of lending solutions for both Residential and Commercial Financing. Their goal is to promote homeownership by offering innovative lending products combined with the local expertise of their lending team.

The Parade offers a rare opportunity to experience the best our Northshore builders have to offer in design and construction. Whether you are looking for your new dream home or need ideas to update your existing home, the free Northshore Parade of Homes is your answer. Our homes are open, and we are ready to welcome you.

This fabulous showcase would not be possible without participation from our builders, support from our members, and visitors such as you.

See you at the Parade.

EDGE April |May 2023 056
Connelly Hayward NHBA Chairman Triumph Homes LLC
Connelly Hayward NHBA Chairman Triumph Homes LLC

Ready to build? Talk

Lesley Burke


Mandeville NMLS# 699420

Dana Duhe 985-646-3461


NMLS# 699390

Pat Kron


Covington NMLS# 699408

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Thank you to our Indus y Partners! 56 ............. President’s Message 58 ............. Industry Partners 60 ............. Board, Associate Council and Staff 62 ............. 2023 Parade Entry Index 64 ............. 2023 Parade of Homes Map


Connelly Hayward, Triumph Homes LLC; Chairman

Erika Hemphill, eng Design & Construction; Vice Chairman

Bubba Jenkins, Jenkins Homes, Inc.; Treasurer

Casey Forshag, Forshag Construction; Secretary

Kyle Cooper, Cooper Homes; Past President

Kyle Beerbohm, Aubert Insurance Agency Associate Chair


Vincent Centanni, Centanni Construction

Shanna Cole, Integrity Builders, Inc.

Jamie David, JACO Construction LLC

Mimi Goodyear Dossett, Money Hill

Cecil Hudson, Hudson Solutions Group

Erin LeCorgne, Draper & Kramer Mortgage

Adam Martin, D.M.M. Construction LLC

Helmut Mundt, HBA Builders Risk

Casey Munson, Huber Engineered Woods

Ken Owenby, Advanced Building Products

Emily Tickner, TheHomeMag

Russell Wahl, IKO Sales Inc. Associate Past Chair

Kyle Beerbohm, Chairman Aubert Insurance Agency

Ken Owenby, Vice-Chairman Advanced Building Products

Russell Wahl, IKO Sales Inc. Secretary

Erin LeCorgne, Board Representative Draper & Kramer Mortgage


Emily Tickner, Ambassador Chair TheHomeMag

Jenny Dufrene, Resource Bank

Helmut Mundt, HBA Builders Risk

Leighanne Weeks, Habitat For Humanity St. Tammany West

Kerri Pertuit, Gendusa Insurance Agency

Joe DiTommaso, OnPath Federal Credit Union

Caroline Martin, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting

EDGE April |May 2023 060 BOARD & COUNCIL
Amy Ybarzabal Executive Officer Elesia Savannah Office/Membership Manager CO-CHAIRS STAFF Brandi Heath L&H Homes LLC Carrie Sanders Gulf Coast Bank & Trust
GATED COMMUNITY PRIVATE MARINA EXCLUSIVE BOAT SLIPS WATERFRONT PAVILION CUSTOM BUILD w w w r i v e r c l u b c o v i n g t o n c o m Your Life. Your Retreat. Your Home. A p r i s t i n e w a t e r f r o n t c o m m u n i t y t u c k e d a w a y o n t h e T c h e f u n c t e R i v e r w h e r e y o u c a n i n d u l g e i n a d v e n t u r e , s p o r t , a n d r e l a x a t i o n o n t h e w a t e r . Located at the end of River Chase Dr off E Brewster Rd W A T E R F R O N T & E S T A T E L O T S A V A I L A B L E


COVINGTON PONCHATOULA 01 DSLD Homes The Estates at Silver Hill 02 DSLD Homes Fairhope HAMMOND 03 DSLD Homes Coburn Lakes 04 DSLD Homes Cornerstone MADISONVILLE 05 JP Huff Construction LLC Coquille 06 Jaco Construction LLC Bedico Creek 07 Nest Custom Homes, LLC Bedico Creek MANDEVILLE 08 Haaswood Copper Ridge 09 Centanni Construction Co. Terra Bella 10 Highland Homes Terra Bella 11 D.M.M. Construction, LLC Terra Bella 12 Hygain Management Terra Bella 13 Bardwell Homes Terra Bella 14 DLK Homes LLC River Club 15 JP Huff Construction LLC Watercross Estates 16 DSLD Homes Oak Alley Meadows 17 Integrity Builders, Inc. Maison du Lac 18 Integrity Builders, Inc. Robindale 19 Jenkins Homes, Inc. Hidden Creek 20 Jenkins Homes, Inc. Robindale

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Map of this year’s entries in the 2023 Northshore Parade of Homes Magazine. From West to East: Homes from Tangipahoa Parish, City of Ponchatoula and Hammond to St. Tammany Parish, cities of Covington, Madisonville,

Grass Drive, Ponchatoula

$330,000 - $390,000

TOTAL 3,493 LIVING 2,750



DESCRIPTION: Needing the feeling of wide-open space with a touch of luxury? The Estates at Silver Hill is the community waiting for you. Surrounded by scenic residential areas, this community offers peaceful living while still being close to conveniences, shopping, and scenic downtown areas. Ponds and greenspace also add to the beautiful scenery of the community. We are conveniently located on the outskirts of Ponchatoula near Bedico, Robert, and Madisonville on Harvey Lavigne Road. The Estates at Silver Hill is also close to Hwy 22, Hwy 445 and I-12, an easy commute to Hammond, Covington, and Mandeville!

Agent: Linda LaPlante 225-999-1450 llaplante@dsldhomes.com


39700 Fairhope Dr. Ponchatoula

TOTAL 2,567 LIVING 1,999






DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 home builders in the nation and is currently the largest private homebuilder in our region. The level of success we have been able to achieve in our market is largely attributed to our managing partners’ 100+ years of residential construction experience. We have also managed to maintain success from our great relationships with local brokers, realtors, and our referral base program.

$250,000 - $330,000


DESCRIPTION: Upon entering Fairhope, you will be welcomed by a breathtaking entrance! This community will have recreational areas, sidewalks, and several stunning ponds. These homes will be loaded with a wide variety of features and amenities including a painted brick option, gorgeous landscaping, 3 CM granite countertops, undermount sinks throughout, wood flooring in the living area.

Agent: Dawn Miller 985-415-5745 dmiller@dsldhomes.com





DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 home builders in the nation and is currently the largest private homebuilder in our region. The level of success we have been able to achieve in our market is largely attributed to our managing partners’ 100+ years of residential construction experience. We have also managed to maintain success from our great relationships with local brokers, realtors, and our referral base program.

EDGE April |May 2023 066 01

TOTAL 3,109




19535 Ketchwood Drive Hammond

$300,000 - $390,000


DESCRIPTION: This community is conveniently located off of South Coburn Road, which can be accessed by Old Covington Highway or Highway 190 in Hammond. This hidden gem is tucked away with a beautiful entrance but still conveniently located to local shopping, downtown Hammond, and the interstate. You are only minutes away from Downtown Hammond, which offers many things to do including some of the best breakfast spots, local restaurants, and shopping. Hammond, the home of Southeastern Louisiana University, where you can attend a sporting or community event, or enjoy the beautiful walking path around the campus.

Agent: Kelly Turner 985-445-9165


20555 Stone House Road Hammond


2,443 LIVING 1,844






DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 home builders in the nation and is currently the largest private homebuilder in our region. The level of success we have been able to achieve in our market is largely attributed to our managing partners’ 100+ years of residential construction experience. We have also managed to maintain success from our great relationships with local brokers, realtors, and our referral base program.

$220,000 - $270,000


DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Cornerstone! This community is conveniently located off River Road, which can be accessed by Highway 190 in Hammond. This location offers serene country life, but you are still conveniently located to local shopping, the Hammond airport, and the interstate. You are only three miles away from Downtown Hammond, which offers many things to do including some of the best breakfast spots, local restaurants, shopping, and Southeastern Louisiana University. Go Lions!

Agent: Linda LaPlante 225-999-1450 llaplante@dsldhomes.com





DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 home builders in the nation and is currently the largest private homebuilder in our region. The level of success we have been able to achieve in our market is largely attributed to our managing partners’ 100+ years of residential construction experience. We have also managed to maintain success from our great relationships with local brokers, realtors, and our referral base program.

EDGE April |May 2023 067 03


124 Boxelder Court Madisonville

TOTAL 3,847 LIVING 2,819



DESCRIPTION: This stunning five bedroom, three bath home built by JP Huff Construction is a showstopper! The gorgeous Old Chicago bricked front porch featuring wood ceiling inlay and a copper gas lantern is just the beginning. This spacious open floor plan includes custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, exposed cypress beams, coffered ceilings, designer Lighting and plumbing fixtures, and a custom butler’s pantry complete with cabinetry, under cabinet Lighting, a custom wine rack, and much more. Relax on the back patio around a bricked fireplace, overlooking an oversized back yard. This one is definitely ten out of ten!


TOTAL 3,373 LIVING 2,395



1513 Black Pine Ct. Madisonville


DESCRIPTION: This new home is located on a cul-de-sac lot. It has a welcoming front porch with custom gas lanterns. The open floorplan features a generous living area and a ventless gas fireplace. The catering kitchen offers an oversized island with breakfast seating, a spacious pantry, dual sinks, and built-ins. The kitchen is separated from the family room by a real wood, timber ceiling beam. A dining room designed for entertaining includes a stepped ceiling and has an entry to the back porch. One of the bedrooms is perfect as a guest bedroom because it is a completely private suite. The relaxing, covered rear porch has water views, overlooking Live Oak Lake.

Agent: Kelly Waltemath, Keller Williams 504-236-8587 KellyWaltemath@gmail.com





Jason Huff, owner of JP Huff Construction has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry with an extensive background in heavy civil construction and a degree in business administration. He combined his experience, knowledge, and love of building to establish JP Huff Construction LLC. His attention to detail and organization bring a high end, level of superior craftsmanship.





Our commitment to homeowners is keeping each-and-every house we build under the direct supervision of owner Jamie David. As a third-generation builder and licensed in Louisiana, Jamie stays true to his roots with personalized service while overseeing a skilled team committed to each home. With each project, JACO Construction continually strives to exceed expectations in making each house a place to call home.

EDGE April |May 2023 068



3,604 LIVING




594 Night Heron Lane Madisonville


DESCRIPTION: A West Indies-inspired design set on over a 1/3-acre corner lot, this home offers a completely unique floorplan. Accented with arched openings, cathedral and tray ceilings, and custom wood plank accents, this is a true show house. Be sure to take in all of the details - designer light fixtures, chef’s kitchen with amazing amounts of natural light, custom millwork, built-in storage. The master suite is a sanctuary for you to escape to. Adjacent to it is the perfect office, workout room, or nursery. The outdoor living space offers an outdoor kitchen and large covered, tiled patio ideal for entertaining and overlooking a spacious backyard.


TOTAL 3,978 LIVING 3,025



1779 Hazel Dr. Mandeville


DESCRIPTION: This years parade home features modern yet timeless details while encompassing three key elements – functionality, stylish features, and high quality finishes. The main focal point is the open concept layout that allows for endless hosting and entertaining. The large rear windows provide great natural light to pour in and fill the dining and living room. The spacious master bedroom and bathroom are tucked away in the rear of the house making it a private spa-like place to retreat to. It is truly a house that dreams are made of.





Nest Custom Homes LLC was founded in 2018 with the purpose of bringing a fresh, unique product to the St. Tammany new construction market. No matter your budget, Nest’s goal is to create a home - a “nest” - that meets your every need, and has details that set it apart from the other homes on the block. Our mission is to create spaces that will wrap you in a true sense of HOME - a place that is suited for you.





Haaswood Development is a custom residential builder on the Northshore that prides themselves in turning their clients dreams into reality. We take pride in creating high quality, functional, and unique homes that are designed specifically with their clients needs in mind. In order to do this, Haaswood Development works side by side with their clients from start to finish.

EDGE April |May 2023 069
EDGE April |May 2023 070 LARGEST SELECTION OF LIGHTING ON DISPLAY IN THE GULF SOUTH. 50 West Court, Mandeville, La 70471 | pine-grove-electric.com | 985.893.4003

09 TERRA BELLA 836 Co age Lane Covington The Bradenton


3,569 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: Andy McDonald Design Group does it again with this New England style open floor plan featuring 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and all living areas overlooking the courtyard. Chef’s dream kitchen with top of the line appliances with butler’s pantry. The exterior boasts an outdoor kitchen, beautiful landscaping with water feature and pool.




2,815 LIVING 2,053



112 Laura Lane Covington Fountainbleau


DESCRIPTION: Welcome your guests in grand fashion thanks to the special front entry porch. Like the rest of the home, the gourmet kitchen, with a center island, offers plenty of room, making it the ideal place to have a quick meal, or prepare a grand feast for family and friends. For those who believe that the home is where the heart is, rejoice with the Fountainbleau.




Centanni Construction was founded in 1960 by Vincent Centanni Sr. and now ran by Vincent Centanni Jr. and his wife Marcela. They work together to produce customized construction solutions for residential projects throughout the Northshore. Over the years, Centanni Construction has consistently set the standards of excellence by providing award winning builds with great quality service.




Highland Homes is an award -winning homebuilder, and it’s pleased to offer homes to fit every lifestyle,in some of the Northshore’s most sought-after communities, such as Bedico Creek, Money Hill, and Terra Bella. Highland Homes has a library of unique home designs and styles to choose from. Contact our new home specialist to explain our models and communities.

EDGE April |May 2023
A Professional Office Park East Causeway Approach, Mandeville, LA Build to Suit. For Sale or Lease. Call (504) 481-7556 to Learn More.



525 Melrose Ave. Covington

$ 930,000


4,603 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: Classic Southern architecture includes large outdoor living areas with an island and fireplace for entertaining. Appointed with high-end finishes that include coffered ceilings, exposed antique beams, quartz counters, a ten-foot island, champagne bronze plumbing fixtures, custom tiled dual head shower, freestanding soaking tub, walk-in pantry, & much more! This highly functional split floor plan offers privacy & an open feel. Well-planned rear yard privacy includes a double garage plus golf cart storage.




With over 40 years, 3 generations of expertise, and hundreds of homes, Mike and Adam Martin offer a client-focused building experience. Utilizing intentional planning, collaborative design practices, and a professional building process, DMM ensures that your home is built tailored fit to your lifestyle.

12 TERRA BELLA 304 Ormond Drive Covington





DESCRIPTION: One of the last townhomes on the Square in Terra Bella. Open and airy living with beautiful private courtyard open to living space, with 18 ft. vaulted ceilings.




Hygain Management LLC has operated as a licensed commercial and residential contractor in Louisiana since 1998. You can currently find our homes on the Northshore in Terra Bella Village.

EDGE April |May 2023 073


861 Cane Loop Alley Covington


3,158 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: The Nimes floorplan is bringing Bardwell’s intentional design to life in Covingon, LA. This floorplan features standard Bardwell amenities such as hardwood flooring, custom-built cabinetry, slab stone countertops, and designer-selected finishes. Added benefits of this home include an inviting full front porch and large living, dining, and kitchen to create great gathering space. The kitchen features a large eat-in island and stainless appliances with gas stovetop and custom-built hood. The master suite is private with spa-like amenities such as a soaking tub and separate shower. The Nimes floor plan is well-designed with beauty and functionality in mind.


1364 River Club Dr., Covington


5,374 LIVING



$ 550,000


DESCRIPTION: Gated with waterfront Marina, covered boat slips and pavilion. High end fixtures, finishes, ceilings, and wood beams. Estate lot, five bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 12’ foot ceilings, formal dining/office and oversized breakfast nook. First floor, primary bedroom with fireplace, spa-like bathroom, large walk-in closet with laundry room access. Professional appliances, 10’ island, Butler’s pantry and custom build cabinets, second floor, three bedrooms, two full bath and bonus room.

Agent: GNO Realty 985-351-6667 Spencer@gnorealty.com




At Bardwell Homes, we combine intuitive touches and thoughtful design to build homes that express your personal style. Each Bardwell home is unique, combining quality with personalization. When looking for a home with unique design, look to Bardwell Homes for a blend of tailored Southern style and the luxury of modern living. Some call it thoughtful, we call it The Bardwell Difference.

$ 1, 339, 000





Dustin Kinsey, founder and owner of DLK homes, is a fourthgeneration homebuilder with over 15 years of experience building custom homes in St. Tammany parish. Growing up in the industry, Dustin became more interested in each aspect of homebuilding with every project he participated in. Dustin has diligently worked to continue to expand his deeprooted knowledge in order to create unique homes with distinct designs and superior craftsmanship.

EDGE April |May 2023



3,286 LIVING




5064 Twin River Place Covington


DESCRIPTION: This luxurious JP Huff Construction home is located in Watercross Estates. Designed by Pinnacle Home Designs, this charming home features an inviting open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, and an office nook. Large picture windows flood the home with natural light. The spacious living room displays a stepped-up ceiling and a gorgeous, bricked fireplace. Wooden interior doors add another dimension. The dreamy kitchen is adorned with custom cabinets, an oversized island, quartz countertops, under cabinet lighting, and upgraded appliances. The primary suite of your dreams includes a cathedral ceiling with wood inlay, and a spa like bathroom.






Jason Huff, owner of JP Huff Construction has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry with an extensive background in heavy civil construction and a degree in business administration. He combined his experience, knowledge, and love of building to establish JP Huff Construction LLC. His attention to detail and organization bring a high end, level of superior craftsmanship.


1159 Barrington Dr. Covington Hickory II A

$ 300,000 - $ 370,000


3,488 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: This beautiful community is located in the heart of Covington and offers the peace and quiet of country living while being minutes away from historic downtown Covington, which truly is the heart of St. Tammany. Upon entering Oak Alley Meadows you’ll be greeted by an assortment of trees and lush greenery. This community will have several ponds, an openaired pavilion, and a playground. Some standard interior features include granite countertops, undermount sinks, stainless steel electric appliance package, LED lighting throughout, framed mirrors in all bathrooms, crown molding, and so much more! What a tranquil place to call home!

Agent: Cheryl Gu uso 985-249-0165 cgu uso@dsldhomes.com





DSLD Homes is one of the top 30 home builders in the nation and is currently the largest private homebuilder in our region. The level of success we have been able to achieve in our market is largely attributed to our managing partners’ 100+ years of residential construction experience. We have also managed to maintain success from our great relationships with local brokers, realtors, and our referral base program.

EDGE April |May 2023 075
tamanendla.com All amenities, buildings and number of residences are proposed and subject to changes and refinement. Get social with us! @Tamanend / @TamanendNorthshore

The Heart of the Northshore.

In the heart of St. Tammany Parish is Tamanend, a mixeduse destination community presented by Weyerhaeuser. Tamanend spans 848 acres, with thoughtfully designed green spaces, winding sidewalks and woodlands.

Northshore Technical Community College’s main campus is on-site, offering life-long learning with a focus on STEM and workforce development. The proposed retail-and-dining town center, community amenities and two LED-Certified business parks provide opportunities for a live, work, play, shop, dine, learn and produce environment.

Over 1,300 residences in a variety of styles and sizes are planned. Come see for yourself today why Tamanend is the Heart of the Northshore!

EntryFeature NewHomesbyD.R.Horton
NorthshoreTechnicalCommunityCollege MainCampus
EDGE April |May 2023 078 PROOF SHEET our ad that will run in the Febr uar y / Mar c h is s ue of E DGE of the Lake magazine. This ad rec eiv e changes by ( 3 1 0 2 0 2 3 ) a t 5 : 0 0 P M . P lease m ake any c hanges or appr ove via email. For information on NATURAL GAS SERVICE in this area call 985.750.6048 Always ere® Are you ready to start a project? Resource lenders make decisions locally and provide personal service for the life of your loan and beyond. Focus on your plans while we focus on you. You deserve better banking. NMLS# 641311 Contact us today to get started. 985.612.1000 Nancy Ellington nellington@resource.bank Jenny Dufrene jdufrene@resource.bank Michael Ferrer mferrer@resource.bank Hunt Vaughn hvaughn@resource.bank Mike Gambrell mgambrell@resource.bank Mandeville Kelly Rodriguez krodriguez@resource.bank Kristen Livaudais klivaudais@resource.bank Slidell Candice Vaughn cvaughn@resource.bank Carew Ferguson cferguson@resource.bank Pam Brown pbrown@resource.bank Covington


3,860 LIVING



541 North Corniche Du Lac Covington


DESCRIPTION: Come see what an Integrity Home feels like. A courtyard welcomes you to the front entryway. Gourmet kitchen opens into large living and dining area. Perfect home for entertaining and family gatherings. Exceptional attention to detail throughout. Large patio with outdoor cooking area opens to beautiful views of the lake.


72393 Homestead St. Covington


2,795 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: Come see what an Integrity home feels like. This home has custom features throughout. Coffered ceilings in living room with paneled decorative wall in master bedroom. Crown molding in main living area. Quartz countertops. Primary bath has freestanding tub with custom shower.




Integrity Builders has been building homes on the Northshore for over 25 years. The Integrity team (Kenny and Dodie Adams and Shanna Cole) understands that every client has different needs and visions from cozy cottages to dream estates. They specialize in building custom homes from design to finish.




Integrity Builders has been building homes on the Northshore for over 25 years. The Integrity team (Kenny and Dodie Adams and Shanna Cole) understands that every client has different needs and visions from cozy cottages to dream estates. They specialize in building custom homes from design to finish.

EDGE April |May 2023 079
EDGE April |May 2023 080 LAKE • 69170 HWY 190. SUITE 1 • COVINGTON, LA 70433 • PHONE 985 733 4670 covington DOERRFURNITURE.COM new orleans
David Mutter President, Doerr Furniture






521 Spruce Creek Court Covington


DESCRIPTION: Introducing a stunning new home in a quiet cul-de-sac in Hidden Creek, perfect for large and/ or blended families. This two-story, 6 bedroom, 4 bath home boasts exquisite craftmanship and attention to detail. Relax in a serene surrounding of a quiet pond located just steps away from your backyard. Enjoy the spacious layout of this home plenty of room for entertaining guest or spending quality time with family. The open concept kitchen and living provide the perfect space for cooking and gathering together.


72691 Robindale Drive Covington


2,647 LIVING




DESCRIPTION: Introducing a spacious and versatile new construction home, designed with large and/ or blended families in mind. With 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, there’s plenty of space for everyone. The bedroom off the foyer provides even more flexibility, doubling as home office or playroom. This home features exquisite craftsmanship and thoughtful designs, providing both functionality and style. The open concept living area and modern kitchen provide the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing with loved ones. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a brand-new home.




Jenkins Homes INC. is a premier builder of highquality new construction homes on the north shore. With 40 years of experience, Jenkins Homes has become known for their exceptional construction homes craftmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Jenkins Homes is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional, & sustainable homes that families will enjoy for years to come.




Jenkins Homes INC. is a premier builder of highquality new construction homes on the north shore. With 40 years of experience, Jenkins Homes has become known for their exceptional construction homes craftmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Jenkins Homes is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional, & sustainable homes that families will enjoy for years to come.

EDGE April |May 2023 081
COVINGTON BRANCH 1000 S TYLER ST W13thAve SHarrisonSt SPolkSt 21 MANDEVILLE BRANCH 4500 HWY 22 WCauseway Approach 4500 Hwy 22 22 DANIEL CARTER ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT, COMMERCIAL LENDER P: 985.445.0072 E: DCARTER@METAIRIEBANK.COM WE OFFER FINANCING ON: • Commercial Construction Loans • Commercial Real Estate Loans • Business Term Loans • Business Lines of Credit • Commercial Credit Cards • SBA 504 Program Loans Relationship Banking Is Our Business. Metairie Bank understands the needs of business owners, and we’re here to help you achieve your goals now and in the future! WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM
bevolo.com • 504.522.9485 • 521 Conti • 304 • 316 • 318 Royal • French Quarter • New Orleans • 68467 Hwy. 59 • Mandeville Bevolo’s Patented Batwing Flame TM Twice the FLAME Half the cost! We Make ...Too. ELECTRIC
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