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what you provide TABLE of CONTENTS Your organization’s logo


Text can be provided in emails or Word documents. Word counts MUST be exactly as specified. Please spell check before submitting. All submitted content is subject to proofing and editing.

“To Contribute” phone number “To Advertise” phone number (if applicable)


Director’s Notes

Logos: CMYK Vector EPS with fonts outlined

275-word article

photos: CMYK JPG or TIF. 300 dpi at 100%

Phone number, address, and email Director’s photo

Faces in the Crowd 5 photos of featured faces 100-word articles for each person Contact name and email for submissions

ASSETS IN ACTION 8 photos of asset in action Indication of asset represented

intended print size. Do not embed photos in email or word processing documents. Always provide as separate attachments. Please call if you need technical assitance.


You are responsible for securing photo releases for all photos.


sample project timeline Please allow at least two months for magazine creation.

march 1st

Submit content and high resolution photos

march 21st

Magazine proof delivered to you

april 10th

april 20th

may 15th

Final magazine changes due

Final proof delivered to you

Final magazine delivered to you

Proofs are delivered electronically. Changes must be made in writing (scan, mail or email).

success story Youth Connections began publishing

grant dollars, but have since been

and mailing the magazine. The YC

a quarterly magazine to help bring

able to sustain the magazine almost

Magazine has been a very important

awareness of substance abuse trends

entirely without grant support. The

tool for us in reaching parents with

and prevention tools to parents and

coalition looks to supportive business

vital tools to help protect youth from

community members nearly 10 years

partners to purchase advertisements

engaging in risky behaviors.

ago. We were able to fund this project

in the magazine to help off set the

through our Drug Free Communities

costs of layout, design, printing

– Drenda Niemann

ad sizes

sample rates Based on printing costs of $4000







1/4 Page Vertical 3.565”W x 4.675”H



1/4 Page Horizontal 7.25”W x 2.25”H

1/2 Page Horizontal

how to get ad sales Any business that caters to parents or children is a perfect fit for this publication. Consider any community-minded business, frequent community supporters, schools, churches, daycares, camps, bike shops, music stores, book stores, libraries, etc.

7.25”W x 4.675”H

Full Page Inside (Stays Within Margins) 7.25"W x 9.625"H

Full Page Covers (must bleed) 8.625”W x 11.125”H with bleed 8.375”W x 10.875”H trim size

Live Life Smiling with Invisalign Teen T h e c l e a r a lT e r n aT I v e T o b r a c e s


of someone who may be at risk

Provided as PDFs with all images CMYK and 300 dpi at 100% print size.



The inclusion of advertisements and sponsorships in YC Magazine does not constitute approval and/or endorsement of any product, organization or activity.

Perfect for parents, too! 442-1899 • 301 saddle Dr, ste a






of suicide

➽ Abrupt change in personality

➽ Decline in personal hygiene

➽ Giving away prized possessions

➽ Sleep disturbance, either too much or too little

➽ Previous suicide attempts

➽ Overall sense of sadness and hopelessness

➽ Increase in drug or alcohol use

➽ Eating disturbance, either weight gain or loss

➽ Flat affect or depressed mood

➽ Unusually long grief reaction (varies with different youth)

➽ Inability to tolerate frustration

➽ Overall sense of sadness and hopelessness

➽ Withdrawal and rebelliousness

➽ Decrease in academic performance

➽ Difficulty concentrating

➽ Isolating and choosing to spend time alone

➽ Increase in hostility

➽ Recent family or relational disruption

what you can do to save a life > If you see the signs, ask the person, “Are you suicidal?” > Offer hope, don’t leave them alone, and tell others the person to the nearest ER, call the police, > Take take them to a health care professional or > Call the Montana Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-talK (8255)





HELPFUL HINT: Seek out a local marketing firm to help you sell ads for a percentage of the sales.

distribution channels

Partner with schools, newspapers and businesses to distribute. Direct mailings, high traffic locations, grocery stores, airports, universities, churches, doctors’ offices and children’s activity areas are all excellent options.

how to set pricing 1. Decide on magazine package option 2. Decide on paper quality and number of magazines you would like to print

printing checklist who is printing the magazine?

Commercial printers tend to be more cost-effective than small print shops. Printing facilitation is available for an additional fee.

3. Get a bid from a reputable printer 4. Assuming the ad space to content ratio is 50/50, here is your formula: Printing cost divided by pages of ads (EXAMPLE: $4000 / 12 = $333.33 needed per page) 5. Add a markup to the ad cost for expenses and profit (15%-20% is standard) Note that if the ad ratio is not 50/50, you will need to adjust your pricing

flipbook There are two digital flipbook options to choose from. A version without national advertising is available for an additional fee.

what are your paper options? What are your quantity options? how will the magazine be distributed? Mail, insert into a newspaper, or rack distribution?

Youth Connections Media Kit  

Youth Connections Media Kit

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