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Featured Topic: Letting Go

With Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, Elizabeth Fournier and Caty Brown

Reframing and Letting Go By Sara Anondson

Letting Go of Outdated Beliefs for New Truths

By Gail Lynn

From the Editor

By Steve Wagner

Communicating with Nature

With Annette Rugolo

Letting Go of Attachments

By Wendy Benning Swanson

To Keep or Not to Keep: That is the Clutter

With Carole J. Hyder

Coffee with the Angels

By Cheryl Carrigan

Sound of Healing Love

By Royce Vagnier

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It's not easy to let things go. Maybe that's why everything is feeling so energetically heavy lately. We hold responsibilities that don't belong to us. We carry guilt, unforgiveness and other burdens that don't serve us anymore. The good news is that we all have the choice to release our issues and start

The Art of Letting Go

When we truly let go, we let go of control. We let go of our position and the need to be right. We let go of our beliefs, judgments, and the energy strands that bind us to something that keeps us stuck. When we truly let go, we let go of our resistance. Resistance is anything, ANYTHING, we wish was different.

There's a pathway that can help us get out of resistance. It starts with letting go of life's frustrations and accepting the things we cannot change. Through acceptance, we find allowance.

Allowance leads to appreciation as we become grateful for the lessons we've learned along the way. But when we really know we're done and out of resistance, is when those frustrations to come again and we discover they don't affect us in the same way anymore. Each time we accept, allow, and appreciate, we let more go. Gradually our resistance fades and we become more free.

The art of letting go can also be learned and practiced through conscious breathwork. Try this: Take a deep, full diaphragmatic breath and completely fill up your lungs. Notice the pressure from your diaphragm expanding your belly as the air moves into your chest. Take a few extra sips of air to fill in all the spaces.

Now pause and hold your breath. While holding, relax your body, shoulders, and any muscles you may be tensing.

A Garden of Love and Letting Go

My heart is gloomy and gray, like the dress I'm wearing. I think about how, on the days without clouds, Grandma and I would spend hours behind our house, beyond the fruit trees, out in the fragrant garden she'd created, surrounded by a rainbow of flowers.

Grandma grew the tallest sunflowers ever. We liked to lie on our backs on the soft soil and watch them sway in the wind, towering above us. I wish we could do that together now.

Once, when we were in the garden together, we found a beautiful blue-purple butterfly that could no longer fly. We named her Indigo. Grandma told me the butterfly landed in the garden because her tired wings were ready to rest forever.

Grandma took the cotton scarf from her hair and gently wrapped the butterfly. We dug a small hole, and together, we placed Indigo into the soft soil. We talked about what a lovely butterfly she was and how Indigo had visited many pretty flowers in many colorful gardens while she could fly.

Allow your diaphragm, the muscle underneath your ribs, to be the only thing working to hold the air in. When you're ready, simply let go of your diaphragm and allow the air to come out (through your mouth), making a short sigh. Your exhale should be relaxed and passive.

Do it again and just let go. Try not to push or hold back on your exhale. It's as if you're releasing an air-filled balloon; when you let go, it's effortless, and the air just comes out.

For a deeper practice, you can connect your inhale to your exhale and your exhale to the inhale, eliminating the pause between breaths. As you inhale fully and exhale passively, without resistance, we remember the art of letting go. This simple practice will start to inform your unconscious everyday breath. As you change your breath, you will change your life. Hidden in our breath is a simple truth that lies at our center. When we let go, we trust there will always be another breath. This belief not only makes space to receive our next breath, but it also opens us up to being in the flow and receiving those unseen miracles that are just around the corner. a

Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, is a nationally recognized Breath Facilitator, Teacher and Coach who offers private Soul Breathing™ sessions and coaching in St. Paul and group classes and seminars through the Twin Cities and beyond. She offers a unique path toward personal transformation, optimum health and wellness through conscious breathwork. Visit or call 651-442-4623 for session and class info.

We say goodbye to Indigo, covering the yellow scarf with soil. I helped Grandma plant a pretty blue-purple flower on the grave to honor our beautiful, winged friend.

The colorful pinwheels are dancing in the wind, and the happy flowers are swaying in the sun. Everything in this garden is vibrant, just like Grandma – everything, except me.

We talked about how nice she was and how she got to visit many pretty flowers in colorful gardens. Then we say goodbye to Grandma at the edge of her garden, behind the tall rows of sunflowers.

Sometimes, later on, when I'm watering the flowers, I lie down and stare up at the tall sunflowers. I smile, knowing my love for my Grandma keeps her garden blooming. a Elizabeth Fournier has dedicated her 34-year funeral career to sustainable and affordable burials. Elizabeth runs Cornerstone Funeral Services out of a repurposed goat barn in Boring, Oregon, where she uses traditional burial practices that are kinder to humans and the Earth. Elizabeth wrote The Green Burial Guidebook, gave a TEDx talk called, "Going Green: The Last Act of Environmental Volunteerism.”

featured topic )
2 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Letting Go: Embracing Renewal

The last eclipse cycle revealed how vital it is to allow the natural death cycle to unfold while we courageously (and unapologetically) nurture our inner landscapes, tilling the soil of who we are by filling our cracks with the golden sap of acceptance. We sow seeds of self-love and faith in the unknown mysteries the world has offered us. We plant into the soil of deep soul nourishment.

Letting go can be one of the greatest acts of love and surrender, remembering to come back into harmony with our faith, allowing what we’ve built to crumble, to be washed away, trusting that the tide will do the work to cleanse our environment and make new fertile ground while we consign to the divine arrangement of the path unfolding.

Sometimes, our only choice is to let go, remember the spaciousness of the unknown, make love to the void, and feel okay with feeling a loss and the possibility of a greater love, the free-flowing love that exists within everything, within our own waters.

Letting go allows us to create new potential, carving a new journey ahead. We begin, again and again, a little more unique and bold each time. We renew our skill sets, sharpen our tools, and help others along the way. a


1. Remember, what is yours will never be taken away.

2. Breathe: Be a loving witness to whatever is going on within your inner landscape before taking action.

3. Pause: Listen to the messages coming through and around you and accept the need for inner recalibration. Your systems need a reset; allow time to process.

4. Release anything that seems too heavy. Relieve yourself of unnecessary burdens.

5. Reject limiting stories of your ancestors and the collective. Speak to yourself "I release the source of negative patterning that is causing illness.” Don’t hold onto false stories that you confuse with reality.

6. Accept: When we realize our flaws, we realize our potential and the opportunities life is now offering us.

7. Recognize: When you see the original wound is playing out, you are healing it.

8. Honor the players and the stories.

9. Forgive everyone and everything.

10. Embody: Embrace all that is.

11. Create a new life course for yourself.

Caty Brown, founder of Soul Body Finesse, leads a mission dedicated to crafting wellness-oriented spaces that foster peace, self-nourishment, and collective wisdom. She specializes in therapeutic experiences that awaken the soul and senses and emphasizes the importance of community, selfacceptance, and intuition building for healing and societal evolution.

Mystery School Training +763-222-8600 Free consultation Uplevel your life.
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I grew up in a family of 6 in a highly religious, middle-class community where most families came from poverty. My dad worked hard, abusing his body with manual labor and overtime to give us every advantage. He instilled the value of hard work and a sense of pride in doing a good job and helping others. These values were important to him, and I spent my early years upholding them. As I grew older, I realized I lacked boundaries and self-care, as my family saw both as selfish.

I was repeatedly taken advantage of for my kindness and depleted. I had three children, two marriages, and many life lessons. I had given everything I had. I dug deeper, worked harder, and I searched for my value. The truth was, I was out of alignment, and it wasn’t sustainable.

Maybe you can relate. Have you found yourself exhausted and in need of replenishment? Maybe you felt resentment for doing a good deed or frustrated for helping someone when you didn’t have time. Do you lack boundaries or the ability to hold them? Have you been frustrated that you give to others, but they never give in return?

I know I have, and what I learned was that it wasn’t someone else’s job to care for me or to meet my needs; it was my job to do that, especially before offering to help others. I had to shift my perspective, reframe things, and learn to let go! I had to find ways to fill my cup and bring fulfillment and joy into my life.

“happening to me.” I let go of caring about what others thought about me, of being a victim of circumstances, and, lastly, of old programming and of being stuck.

Instead, I put myself first, and life started to shift. I learned how to receive and let go of pride. I allowed people to help me in ways that I never had before. My relationships grew! Over time, friends noticed changes in my life and wanted to know how I was living more freely and from a place of joy.

Letting go allowed the doors to open for me. I found ways to dance as if nobody was watching, speak my truth no matter what people thought, receive, set boundaries, and practice self-care. I learned how to heal myself and raise my vibration. I created space for new people, opportunities, and ideas to come into my life.

When we choose to let go, challenges can be transmuted into beautiful energy. Reframing and letting go can allow us to shift our perspective just 10 degrees for a totally different experience. In what ways can you let go in your life to embrace the new? How might that create positive shifts in your world? Could coaching help you let go of what no longer serves you, maybe a little bit faster? It worked for me. a

I let go of the thought that I wasn’t working hard enough, blaming someone else, or believing things were

SARA ANONDSON invites you to ignite your spark and transform your life. She can guide you through stuck places by removing energetic blockages, allowing you to uncover your life’s purpose and explore your power. As a spiritual coach, intuitive medium, business mentor, sacred rose healer, shamanic practitioner and Reiki master teacher of two lineages Sara brings a well rounded approach to her offering. Visit to schedule a free consultation.












PHONE: (612) 255-4213


4 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine


of Outdated Beliefs for New Truths

Have you ever considered how information, whether accurate or not, has shaped your views and judgments over time? How ready are you to let go of beliefs that no longer hold true and search for new truths?

Reflecting on these questions, I’ve come to understand the profound impact that outdated beliefs can have on our perception of reality. Let me share an experience that beautifully encapsulates this journey of letting go and embracing change.

I had the opportunity to visit Devils Tower in Wyoming. Prior to this journey, I held onto a belief fueled by the pictures I had seen: that Devils Tower was a massive, prehistoric tree. This conviction was so deeply ingrained that I was eager to fortify it as truth.

However, my encounter with the tower in person challenged this belief. As I absorbed its energy and observed its form, it became evident that it resembled a rock formation rather than a tree. Seeking clarity, I turned to the National Park Service’s resources, where I encountered a theory contradicting my initial belief.

According to this theory, Devils Tower is a hardened igneous rock formation that surfaced millions of years ago. This geological explanation, although starkly different from my initial conviction, began to align with my observations. Alongside this, I discovered diverse interpretations from Native American tales, enriching the narrative of this landmark.

This experience led me to be more introspective about the nature of belief systems. Can we let go of deeply held convictions when confronted with new information? Can we acknowledge that our prior beliefs were shaped

by the information available at that time and be open to molding new convictions based on fresh insights?

Dear reader, I challenge you to examine your capacity for adaptation and acceptance. Are you willing to let go of outdated truths and embrace the ever-evolving nature of reality? Can you recognize that clinging to old beliefs may impede your growth and understanding?

In the realm of knowledge and beliefs, it’s crucial to remain open, adaptable, and receptive to new perspectives. Let’s embark on this journey of letting go, embracing change, and seeking new truths to enrich our lives with wisdom and understanding. a

Gail Lynn, inventor and creator of the Harmonic Egg, is dedicated to harnessing the power of sound, light, and sacred geometry for self-healing. In 2007, Gail received a diagnosis of severe cardiovascular stress. When a series of light and sound treatments reversed her diagnosis, she set out to uncover the ancient history and modern science behind light and sound as healing therapies. More at

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Greetings readers, and welcome to our bountiful summer issue! As in the past, Kelly and I have selected a Featured Topic that we know will resonate on a universal level.

This time, it's Letting Go. And fortunately, many members of our Partner Directory (see pages 12-16) assist in energetically healing the issues that hold us back and slow letting things go. Mark your calendars for two fantastic gatherings created in collaboration with The Edge! Join us at the Maple Grove Psychic & Holistic Expo July 20th in Maple Grove, and the 3rd annual Art on The Edge outdoor festival August 10th in Linden Hills, Minneapolis. Find event details, sponsors and links on the back cover of this issue. See you there!

On the cover: We're in This Together by Steve Wagner

Our histories, lives, and energy fields are all intertwined. What lifts us up lifts those around us. We truly are in this together.

editor )
From the
6 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Communicating with Nature

Twenty years ago, my husband and I lived on a piece of land, about an acre in size. Summer time was always gorgeous because, along with planting an array of flowers, we also planted a garden, filled with mostly tomato plants, because my husband loved them. As for me, I loved having canned tomatoes over the winter.

One evening, we discovered ants by the tomato plants. My husband’s first thought was to get the garden hose and drown them out. “Stop!” I blurted out, followed by, “Let me talk to them first.”

I had never talked to ants before. Why would I even say those words? Intuitively, I must have known this was not beyond the realm of what I could do. Now, down on my knees, I came face to face with the ants. With quiet and gentle words, I communicated to them that they were going to die if they did not leave our garden. I politely asked them to go into the row of trees about 5 five feet from the garden and told them they would be safe there.

To my husband’s amazement, we watched the ants turn around and head to the trees. This moment of wonderment was about more than saving the delicious tomatoes, although that was fantastic, it was a hint of something more powerful. After that event, I have become known to some as the “Ant Whisperer.”

This was the start of a better way for me to communicate with nature, specifically the insects and animals around me. It was beyond exciting as I learned most insects and animals are ready to communicate with us…they are simply waiting for us to realize we have this ability.

Along with insects and animals, trees, plants, and flowers are waiting to speak to us, as well. I learned

about plant communication years ago when I read a book entitled “The Secret Life of Plants.” A detective named Cleve Backster sat in his office one day and out of boredom, decided to attach his polygraph machine to a plant. When he saw a reading on the meter, he was astounded and that one action led him down a path of discovery about plants. And it was because of him that people started talking to their plants.

Creating an ability to communicate with nature doesn’t end here; there are also nature spirits here to work with who support the plants and animals. I have visited with many over the years who talk to the fairies that are in charge of taking care of their house plants and gardens. These beings are waiting for us to believe in them, which is foundational in aiding our abilities to communicate with them. We don’t have to see a fairy, for example. to believe in their presence. However, once we begin to communicate with them, they will begin to reveal themselves. They have so much to teach us, if we are open to learning.

Every living being has a consciousness and when we are open and ready to communicate with them, they are waiting for us with open arms. What a beautiful way to expand our presence into a new world of wonder! a

ANNETTE RUGOLO is respected worldwide as a transformation teacher, speaker, master dowser, and environmental healer. As a mentor and guide, Rugolo has been instrumental in helping people connect with other dimensions from a place of love, without fear or judgment.

Annette has been transforming homes though dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and has been teaching classes since 2006. For information about classes or property dowsing, call 612-605-8608 or visit

Transform Heal Expand Scan and get started today! | 612-394-3736 | annette@anne Live an Enlightened Life
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When I first started down my spiritual path, I had no understanding of attachments and how they can negatively affect our lives; you could say I was oblivious to them. As I walk the path and guide others, I am in awe at how these attachments bind us, disempower us, and stop progression in our lives.

Attachments are the emotional bonds that we form with people, things, or ideas that we believe are essential for our happiness and well-being. Attachments, whether to material possessions, relationships, or ideas, often provide us with a sense of security and identity. However, these attachments can also become chains that hold us back from experiencing true freedom and happiness.


MATERIAL POSSESSIONS: Many people are attached to material objects such as expensive cars, designer clothes, or the latest gadgets.

PAST TRAUMAS: Some individuals become deeply attached to past traumas or negative experiences, defining their identities around these painful memories.

UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Attachments to toxic or codependent relationships can be harmful.

EXPECTATIONS & PERFECTIONISM: Attachments to rigid expectations or perfectionism can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and self-criticism.

SOCIAL MEDIA VALIDATION: In today's digital age, many people are attached to seeking validation and approval through social media likes, comments, and followers.

COMFORT ZONES: People often become attached to their comfort zones, avoiding risks or new experiences out of fear of failure or discomfort.

FIXED BELIEFS & IDEOLOGIES: Attachments to rigid beliefs, ideologies, or dogmas can lead to closed-mindedness, intolerance, and conflict.

Letting go of attachments does not mean we must give up on everything and everyone we love. It means that we may want to accept the impermanence and uncertainty of life and embrace the changes that come with it. It also means that we can respect our freedom and individuality and that of others and not impose our will or expectations on them.


IDENTIFY YOUR ATTACHMENTS. Ask yourself what things or people you are attached to and why. How do they affect your emotions, thoughts, and actions? Are they healthy or unhealthy for you?

CHALLENGE YOUR ATTACHMENTS. Ask yourself if your attachments are based on reality or fantasy. Are they realistic or idealistic? Are they serving your best interests or holding you back? Are they enhancing your happiness or causing suffering?

RELEASE YOUR ATTACHMENTS . Ask yourself what would happen if you let go of your attachments. How would you feel? What would you gain? What would you lose? How would you cope? Imagine yourself living without your attachments and notice how you feel.

Letting go of attachments is a transformative journey that leads to inner peace and a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. It's about releasing the grip of fear and embracing life with an open heart and mind. By challenging and releasing our attachments, we pave the way for a life filled with meaning and fulfillment. a

Wendy Benning Swanson, is a devoted Guide, Healer, and Teacher and has dedicated her life’s journey to unravelling the mysteries of life. Having received certification from the Modern Mystery School, she guides and supports individuals in their quest for self-mastery and empowerment. Learn more at

- THE PATH TO PERSONAL FREEDOM8 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine


That is the clutter

The theme of releasing clutter is top-of-mind these days. Magazines write about it; articles appear in newspapers; and, of course, there's the internet. There are several methods for dealing with clutter: the KonMari method, Swedish death cleaning, and, more intentionally, Feng Shui. It is unanimous that clutter can make you feel stuck, keep you from moving forward, and exhaust you.

Clutter manifests itself in many ways. A few years ago, I began a painting with the usual floral theme I have been exploring. The first rendition showed a field of no less than 30 flowers. As I was working on it, two things happened. The title "The Gathering" dropped in easily, but despite its title, there were too many flowers. I grappled with the dilemma of a statement about having a large enough group of flowers to create a gathering, yet not too many. The result of my decluttering is shown above, proving to me that less is more and that there are many ways to declutter.

So, what exactly is clutter? As a Feng Shui consultant, I define clutter as an over-accumulation of physical items, creating a negative environment, which causes depression, overwhelm, frustration, and anxiety. These items can be trinkets, photos, books, newspapers, piles of mail, clothes, remnants of projects, mementos, and collections. The issue typically starts small and soon turns into a safety issue. But clutter isn't just a lot of stuff piled up. Items that are broken or unusable qualify as clutter. Things you no longer like for whatever reason become clutter. Someone may have a well-appointed home yet still be plagued by unseen clutter – drawers, closets, shelves, basement, attic.

Physical clutter, hidden or not, affects the well-being of those who live or work there. From a Feng Shui perspective, the stuck energy of clutter showing up in an external space is a reflection of stuck energy on your inner level.

Because the first step toward decluttering is typically the hardest, think about decluttering for only 9 or 18 minutes a day. Otherwise, the task can seem insurmountable. The number "9," or increments of 9, is considered lucky in Feng Shui, so using its power can bring about good results. Don't underestimate how decluttering for 9 minutes per day for nine days can change your life.


When was the last time I used it?

Do I like it?

Do I need it?

Will I miss it if it's gone?

Some items must be kept, i.e., Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothes, scrapbooks. Therefore, it's important to have appropriate storage so that you know where things are when they're needed and can access them easily. However, any "just in case" items need to go. They take up precious space. Those "just-in-case" items are hardly ever used anyway because no one can find them when they're finally needed. Don't waste time (or energy) on an item that has no use. It's appropriate to thank the items being released. After all, there was a time when they were important enough to buy or to accept into your life. Of course, clutter is a continual battle. Like weeds, it keeps coming back unless there's continual monitoring. However, once you begin this Feng Shui process, you will begin to feel lighter and brighter, mirroring the state of your space. Some clients have assured me they lost weight once they started decluttering – as the space got lighter, so did they. As my painting was less cluttered, I could see the message in a whole new way. Decluttering leaves an opening for new possibilities in your life. a

Carole J. Hyder can help you create a space that you love using not only the principles of Feng Shui in a home or office but also integrating those principles in her paintings as well. Whether a physical re-arrangement of a room or an inspired and intentional image on the wall, the energy of your space will be shifted to align with your goals. Visit or

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Coffee with the Angels

Are you wondering what the heck is going on right now? Do you feel like life is changing? Let me break it down for you.

Everything that happened prior to 2020 is no longer. Things as we once knew them have forever been shifted. 2020-2023, let's just write that time down as a mess. My clients will say to me, "I just want things to go back to normal." Then I share: There is no returning to what we knew or thought was normal. The world is forever changed. Breathe; all is well!

As we were approaching the end of 2023, I found myself pondering the energy of 2024 with the Angels. Their message was clear: change is on the horizon. They gave me a vision for January to March, and then, in May, they whispered that it was a month for letting go. I didn't fully understand what that meant until May arrived. The Angels urged me to truly let go, and I found myself selling everything in my cottage, every last item. June dawned with a freshly painted, newly carpeted cottage and a blank canvas for me to create from. I had to release the old energy to make space for the new.

My living and dining rooms are now my HUGE, wide-open creative workspace! YES, who said I need a living room and dining room? Where is that rule?? See, we live by rules that we never think about questioning. This new energy is giving us permission to say, WHAT IF??? What if I want (fill in the blank)? I am now creating my very new, creative, fresh cottage with a totally new off-the-charts color scheme. Now THIS is what I call letting go and starting again!

Today, you are standing at the magical doorway to create a new canvas for yourself. What will you create? Have you ever really asked yourself, "What do I want my life to be?" I give you permission to change. Heck, ask yourself what you want your living room to be.

The Angels have shared that June & July are going to be BIG months for us on earth. I often speak about change, and I encourage you to see it as an exciting opportunity. Lean into the thrill of what each day might bring, who you might meet, what you might create, what new opportunities, adventures, or partnerships might come your way. If you're unsure about what all this means for you, remember that the Angels and I are here to guide you.

Talking about new, I now host Coffee with the Angels LIVE at two locations: Hudson, Wisconsin, and Richfield, Minnesota. The magical event starts with me calling in the Angels. I ask them for direct guidance for the week and month ahead. There will be time set aside for people to ask questions or get guidance from Cheryl and the Angels! Finally, we will close this beautiful evening with an Angel-Guided Meditation.

I invite you to join me. Spend some time with the Angels. Ask some questions and get some guidance. a

CHERYL CARRIGAN is inspired by the Angels and lives guided by her intuition. She is an Inspirational Author, Speaker and Mentor, a Spiritual Teacher, Angel Card Reader and Psychic/Medium. She supports people to be brave enough to take a deep breath in and ignite the spark that is waiting inside each of them. Visit to get more information and to work with Cheryl.

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sound of healing love

I first experienced a singing bowl about 15 years ago while working with Nancy Lindgren to release compressed emotions around my heart. At one session, she asked me if she could use a singing bowl tuned to the heart chakra. I consented, not really knowing what it would do. She began circling the bowl, and I was immediately taken to a place of calm and wonder. I loved the sound I was hearing and the feeling of sound waves pulsing against my skin and within my body. I felt at home and at peace with myself. Little did I know at that moment that this healing experience would have a profound influence on the rest of my life.

Fast forward to May 2022. My husband and I were visiting Sedona, AZ, where we discovered an amazing singing bowl store. The store was closed, but the windows were filled with at least 200 singing bowls in every size, shape, and color. My heart jumped with joy at the sight – I wanted one. These were alchemy singing bowls – pure quartz bowls infused with semi-precious gemstones, minerals, and precious metals to enhance the healing properties. These bowls give the receiver the benefits of both the frequency and the alchemies.

Then, in November, the next chapter in my journey began. The Universe guided me to my teacher, Jeralyn Glass, a leader in the field of Sound Healing using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Sound healing is rooted in the concept that frequency + intention = healing. Jeralyn taught me that I’m the primary instrument, and the bowls are conscious instruments that transmit my intentions, my love, and my connection with Spirit to the receivers. My training focused on connecting to my Higher Self and using sacred musical intervals to create a sacred space for healing.

The first singing bowl I purchased was my heart chakra bowl. When asked how I wanted to choose my first bowl, I replied that I wanted to listen and choose the bowl that “felt right” to me. I didn’t know then that the heart bowl

I chose was tuned to 528 Hz – the frequency of Universal Love (modern music is tuned to 440 Hz).

The Signature Sound Baths I offer are a culmination of my life experiences thus far. As a strategist by profession, my analytical side loves finding the science to prove what ancient wisdom has taught us and what our Intuitive Self already knows. My musical side loves creating beautiful chords based on sacred intervals for healing. My experience as a certified yoga teacher and my personal healing journey opened me to curate a mix of healing modalities to include in my sound bath experiences.

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a sound bath by Royce,” states Suzie Marty. “It transcended me into a beautiful, relaxing, and healing place. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what a sound bath was. I am somewhat familiar with crystal singing bowls, but to be in a safe environment and soak in the harmonious vibrations at one of his sessions was deeply magical and cleansing. Much like a deep meditation, I lay listening and feeling the vibrations of the bowls, and I was quickly moved to a comforting zone, feeling the stresses of my mind and body release. Royce is not only technically trained with the bowls but also has a natural gift using his life experiences. His talents playing the bowls uniquely bring rebalance for holistic wellness.”

I believe that the combination of intentions, healing frequencies, and the powerful alchemies of my bowls creates a multi-vitamin for the Soul. I’m grateful for this incredible journey, which has taught me that Intention + Frequency + Love = Enlivened Living. I’d love to share this with you. a

ROYCE VAGNIER is a retail strategist, yoga instructor and sound healer. As an alchemist, he guides individuals and companies to transform into a better version of themselves. Visit to learn more and connect with Royce.

Connecting Human, Heart + Soul

Royce Vagnier, Sound Alchemist Sunday Sound Baths and Special Events
Experience the power and beauty of conscious sound to restore, enliven and transform. Using
signing bowls, Royce blends the beautiful healing sounds and alchemies of the bowls to give the receiver a “multi-vitamin for the soul.” 1/3 Horizontal 7.5”x 3.125”
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Edge Partner Directory body/mind/spirit resources

We connect teachers to enlightenment seekers! Find tried-and-true products and services in your neighborhood and nation-wide. Our practitioners can meet in-person and work remotely via Zoom.



Everett & Charlie Art Gallery

Minnesota Artists Gallery

A Linden Hills art gallery where art meets experience, featuring original art from only Minnesota artists. Gallery includes paintings, screen-printing, photography, pottery, glass, jewelry, textiles, sculpture and woodwork. Offers a calendar of openings, trunk shows, workshops, and demos. Available for private events. #612-444-8706 2720 W 43rd St. #103, Minneapolis, MN 55410



Holistic Healing & Wellness Fairs

Our goal is to bring awareness and education to everyone about the benefits of alternative healing to help our bodies emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically. We host events throughout Minnesota currently, with more states coming soon. We offer a mediumship gallery event and educational sessions throughout the day. Our first 25 guests receive a free gift bag! #715-292-2625

Meta Para


Focused on creating and promoting metaphysical, wellness, and paranormal fairs and expos in the upper Midwest.

Meta Para Promotions has reached thousands of attendees through dozens of events. Our fairs attract a strong and enthusiastic attendance, drawing people from all walks of life who share a common curiosity in the metaphysical and paranormal. #715-514-8331

Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness Fairs

Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness fairs are held throughout Wisconsin in many communities to bring hope and healing to those in need. At our fairs you can expect to find a multitude of vendors offering products and services as well as Gallery events and guest speakers. Come and join us for a day full of education, healing, shopping, and much more! #715-832-2775

Souls Of Spirit Expos

Our purpose is to create community awareness of spirituality by bringing together vendors who share their modalities of healing, journeys and awareness with communities in uplifting humanity and awakening to the reality that we are souls having a human experience. Each expo includes a Gallery event and guest speakers. Join us in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.


Contact us at and place your listing!


Kinstone Wisconsin’s modern “Stonehenge” #701-721-2801

Word Count: 70 word max. description

Location: Online updated each month print updated bi-monthly (6 editions/year)

Included: Photo/image/logo, website, contact info, social media


30-acre sanctuary boasts three stone circles, chapel, labyrinth, dolmen, prairie, dry-stacked stone sculpture, dragons, and more. This sacred space offers peaceful, calming connection to the land. Enjoy self-guided visits, music events, full moon sound baths, solstice and equinox observances, meditations, and more. Unique venue for micro weddings, day-retreats, small group classes and workshops. Open daily 10am-6pm, May-October. #608-687-3332

S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, WI, 54629


The Femme Farm Feminine Energy Retreat Center

The Femme Farm is a 20 acre hobby farm located in Glencoe, MN. Sleeping up to 14 overnight and equipped for private and public events for up to 75 people, you can be sure to enjoy beauty and bliss. Established as a sacred space; the objective is to create opportunities to learn, trust, and restore divine feminine into our awareness and into the lives of spiritually mindful individuals. # 763-568-0298

6704 70th Street, Glencoe, MN 55336

Spirit United Interfaith Church

Sunday services 10:30am in-person and online

When Spirit calls you to go beyond limitations of what has been, to explore possibilities of what can be... We are Spirit United. We’re a spiritually diverse community. Children welcome. Sign up to get Sunday service links sent directly to your email:

The New Center, 8 West 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423 #612-378-3602


SOTE Sanctuary

We offer a tranquil refuge for the body and mind. Our practitioners provide healing alternatives to help relieve stressors, mental health issues and physical ailments through yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, sound healing and more. We show our members new paths of connection with their true-selves as well as others – bridging the gap between traditional and alternative forms of medicine. #952-582-4841 415 Broadway Street S, Unit 260, Jordan, MN 55352

New World Women

We cannot create a new world doing things the old way. New World Women has created an innovative approach to women’s self-empowerment, fully centered in the Divine Feminine. NWW’s platform provides likehearted sisterhood, learning and increased prosperity for women around the world. When women do better, so does everyone around them – and women are ready for better!


Amber Maier, Soul Alignment Coach

Akashic Records, Angel Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Thetahealing, Reiki Master, Teacher

Amber has passion for helping you discover your soul purpose, awaken your unique gifts, and move past your blocks so you can fully embrace your power and purpose. Amber uses a unique blend of intuitive coaching with guidance and healing from your Akashic Records, Angels and soul to help you take powerful steps forward on your soul path and quantum leaps in your personal healing and vision for your life. #952-220-5428


Being You Energetically, LLC

Ancestral, Crystal Grids, Energy Sessions, Spiritual Oil Anointing

Any session with Carol Dutton is powerful and will give you the unique and specific missing links to clearing the traumatic and ancestral patterns keeping you from living an extraordinary life. She is an expert Subtle Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading Consultant, Crystal Grid Healer, and creator of the Ancestral Connection Ceremony. #320-515-0183


Planet Gratitude

Holistic Health, Acupuncture, Body Work Innate healing and transformation through holistic health services, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, supplements, stretching and massage. We provide family, auto, work and sports injury care. Our Planet Gratitude Comedy Club is a unique feature where laughter is the best medicine! New patient specials! $20 for initial chiropractic visit ($150 value) includes consultation, exam and written report. $20 Initial 1/2 hour bodywork visit includes consultation/assessment. $20 donated to charity! #952-922-1478 220 West 98th Street, Suite 7, Bloomington, MN 55420


Maureen Higgins, MA, Wings of Freedom, School for Higher Consciousness

Energetical Healing Audios, Workshops

Want to feel lighter and happier and create a life filled with meaning? Explore my collection of more than 100 energetic energetic healing audios that are to designed to keep your energy field clear. Want to develop your own mastery as a healing practitioner, or to help your family and self? Enroll an take your skills to a higher level with the School for Higher Consciousness., #651-665-0104

12 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Annette Rugolo

Environmental Healing

Annette Rugolo is an Author, Global Teacher, Speaker, Environmental Healer and Soul Guidance Facilitator.

With almost 20 years of experience, she provides tools of transformation that support those looking for lasting change. #612-394-3736

Soma Soul Sovereignty with Elizabeth Sullivan Multi Dimensional/Universe Energy Work

The alchemy of SomaYoga, Ayurveda and Energy Medicine is a synergistic approach that supports this self-healing state within and around us. Everything is energy. Becoming more skillful and managing our energy is vital to our well-being. Our energy patterns affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Healing ourselves is one of the greatest journeys we can take as humans and multi-dimensional, multi-universe beings. #651-270-0660


Dr. Erika Way, DC, DCBCN, Beyond Chiropractic

Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, QNRT, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Detox Programs and Energetic Healing

Dr. Erika Way empowers her patients to transform their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies so they can manifest their optimal path. By combining the tools of Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, QNRT and Energetic Healing, Dr. Erika helps her patients transform the physical, emotional and energetic blocks that keep patients feeling stuck. Once you have the tools for your "health tool box" you can become the master of your own health. #651-288-1988 7300 Hudson Blvd North, Suite 210, Oakdale, MN 55128

Quantum Healers

Biofeedback, Biomagnetism Pair, Bioptron Lumia Therapy, Bioresonance, Chromotherapy, Detox, EFT, Energy Center Balancing, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Feng Shui, Imprinting, Iridology, Live and Dry Blood Analysis, Nutrition, PEMF, Qigong, Radionics, Rife, Scalar, and MORE! #920-319-3420

Zeropoint Technologies

High quality M-State Monoatomic Minerals, and lab grown Ormes therapy products.

Harmonic Egg, LLC

Manufacturer of the Ellipse ® Harmonic Egg ® and LiFT™

Clear the trauma blocking you from self-love and abundance! We use sacred geometry, light, color, and frequencies to empower the body’s own healing energy. By amplifying energy resonance within the chamber, the client receives an energy therapy that is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable. Simple and safe. Designed and manufactured in Colorado. Available at over 100 locations in 10 countries. Visit our site to find a location near you.

OM Center of Healing

Sound & Light Healing Therapy

The Harmonic Egg® is a resonant chamber, utilizing sound and light, to deliver positive, life-changing results. It delivers a natural, holistic energy therapy designed to help the body heal itself, our many clients have found it to be helpful for a variety of health issues. Experience relief from anxiety, difficult emotional issues, injuries and pain, spiritual dissonance, mental and developmental disorders, and illness.

#651-363-3539 2334 University Avenue W, Suite 150 St. Paul, MN 55114

Royce Vagnier, Sound Alchemist

Connecting Human, Heart + Soul

Experience the power and beauty of conscious sound to restore, enliven and transform. Using crystal-infused signing bowls, Royce blends the beautiful healing sounds and alchemies of the bowls to give the receiver a “multi-vitamin for the soul.” Leave feeling grounded, rebalanced and connected to your Soulful Self. Offering immersive Sunday sound baths and special in-person events.


9th Street Wellness Center EAST

Your path to a wellness lifestyle!

Our Wellness Center promotes an environment where practitioners work together for the greater good of individuals, engaging the community for the past 12 years. We want to see people thrive and live happier, healthier lives. The Wellness Center is a place that encourages your path to a lifestyle of wellness.

Enhance your ascension and growth with powerful nutrition through Monoatomic Ormes minerals. These sacred metals and minerals are the philosophers stone and manna created by the ancient Egyptians before “Western medicine” took hold. The amazing healing properties of these Monoatomic powders enhance a wide array of products and therapies. Our minerals are fully ingestible and dissolve readily into all kinds of liquids and products. Upgrade your ascension and wellness practice with next level M-state nutrition. #801-725-6768 #920-490-9699 2330 Meadow Park Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311


Holly Busse

Reiki Master/Teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader

I believe people want to feel healthier and less stressed, but it can be confusing where to start. In-person and distant reiki sessions, in-person and Zoom reiki classes, and in-person and online stress reduction training.

Contact for more information.

Jennifer Reinertson, Reiki

Master & Past Life Regressionist

Intuitive Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, QHHT Past Life Regressionist

Treat your pet with a reiki healing in your home or bring them along to yours and heal together. You are welcome to bring your pet with you to your QHHT past life regression session if it would be calming for you to have them there. Reiki sessions will bring to the surface which emotions need to be healed and QHHT will help you understand them and find purpose. #651-324-4097 Chaska, MN


Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh

Heal the body, clear stuck patterns and deepen your Soul connection through conscious breathwork. With over two decades of experience in holistic health and many years as a licensed pharmacist, Terri offers a variety of holistic sessions: Soul Breathing™, Soul Coaching, Supplement & Nutrition guidance, BEMER therapy, Pranic Healing & Reiki. Use breath to optimize your health, raise your vibration and transform your life., #651-442-4623


The Center Within Transformational Intuitive Certified Coach

Michele supports clients with intentions to live in alignment with their soul’s divine blueprint and inner wisdom personally and professionally. Michele’s guidance as an intuitive coach and spiritual teacher for over 25 years accelerates and amplifies your natural process of removing blocks and what no longer serves while clarifying your next steps as you ignite your full potential. #612-465-9775 8120 Penn Ave S Suite 500B Bloomington, MN 55431

Sandy & Dale Pocernich –doTERRA, Healthy Life Coaching

Sandy & Dale Pocernich are Platinum doTERRA Wellness Advocates and have been part of the doTERRA family since 2013. Our goal is to help you replace everyday toxins with natural products. We will educate and support you on what products and oils are meant for you in your journey to better health and a toxic free lifestyle. Free weekly classes on our Facebook page., #715-832-2775

Innerpowerment with Wendy Benning Swanson

Guide, Healer, Teacher, Warrior of Light

Spiritual guide, healer, and teacher dedicated to empowering individuals to reconnect with their inner power. Through a variety of healing modalities and classes, she assists people in aligning with their true selves and unlocking their full potential. Wendy offers services such as Life Activation, Emotional Cord Cutting, and Aura Clearing, along with classes covering topics such as Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, and Spiritual Intuition. Her mission is to support humanity's collective journey toward peace and self-mastery. #763-242-4231

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Partner Directory

Genevieve Wachutka

Spiritual Coaching & Intuitive Guide

Stop spinning your wheels in pursuit of meaningful growth. With a holistic approach and time-tested tools, not only can you break through your stuck points and shine a light on where you’re stopping yourself, but uncover keys from an authentic Mystery School and put the pedal to the metal on your path to up-level all areas of your life. Email to schedule a complimentary discovery session. #763-222-8600 7801 East Bush Lake Rd, Suite 240 Edina, MN 55439

What's Next with Sara Remke Energetic Healing, Intuitive Guidance

Transforming yourself transforms your world! Working with energetic and psychic boundaries will change your life. Learning about chakras and Auras you will discover how to clear your own energy field and move into the flow of life. As we clear our Astral (emotions, beliefs, vibrations) body we connect to ourselves where expansion can happen. Sara teaches classes on chakras and auras, mapping our dreams and creating psychic boundaries. Available for 1-on-1 sessions #651-808-0652


Carole Hyder

Helping people create a dream-aligned space

Carole Hyder can help you create a space that you love, a space where you thrive, where you always want to be – a place that is remarkable. Let Carole help you determine the soul of your home or office using both traditional and modern Feng Shui principles. You will discover not only how to reflect who you are now but also lead you toward your dreams. #612-823-5093


Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression

Connect deeply with your Higher Soul Self to heal, grow and awaken to your wholeness. I offer Present Life Trauma and Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Hypnotherapy. With a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, I ensure a safe, healing experience. 23 years of experience and have guided over 4,000 sessions. Read over 400 reviews and book online. #651-649-1952 Mendota Heights, MN

Cheryl Carrigan

Spiritual Counseling, Metaphysical Store

May your day be filled with Magical Moments! As an Intuitive Guide and a Happiness Mentor my goal is to assist you in aligning with your soul's beautiful life purpose, clearing away any limiting beliefs, so you can manifest magical miracles! It's my honor to connect you with loved ones on the other side or pets waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Mystical Magical Things by Cheryl is my beautiful shop filled with angels and metaphysical items. #612-695-8183

The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Juhl Jaxen ~ The Energy

Renovator & Healer's Healer

Intuitive Coach, Alignment Mentor, Channel, Master Dowser, Spiritual Teacher

As Juhl Jaxen inches toward three decades of service in personal transformation, spiritual growth, and healing, she has dedicated her life to helping women step more fully into their power and purpose. Her unique gifts amplify the gifts and talents of those she works with. She enjoys collaborating with individuals who serve as pillars of support for others, embodying the essence of a healer's healer.



Greywind Raven

Intuitive Guide, Past Lives & Contracts

Lisa Howard provides energy services using methods, including past life resolutions, soul contract modification, releasing trapped emotions and heart walls. These methods provide solutions to issues impacting your current lifetime. Also, providing psychic training and spiritual growth workshops. Over ten years of training and certifications. #320-395-9893

Eagle Spirit Collective

Non-profit 508(1)(C)(A) organization that celebrates our connection to the Divine Creator through sacred medicine ceremonies, self-exploration, and shadow work. We build relationships through monthly integration meetings, group meditations, spiritual mentoring, and other fellowship events. #651-504-2493

Sara Anondson

Executive/Life Coach, Shamanic

Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Medium and Certified Sacred Rose Healer

Sara bridges the business and spiritual world through coaching. Find your spark and uncover your life's purpose. Move through stuck places and transform your life. Reach your full potential. Do you feel called to do more? You have the power to change your life. Find your clear pathway forward and heal your mind, body, and soul in the process. Offers classes and individual healing sessions #612-255-4213

The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Rachael Maire’ Geurkink, Nuanced Art and Energy

Shamanic Earth Medicine, Mistress of Ceremonies, Dream Guide, Artist



Heather Norton, Dancing Bee Alchemy

Alchemize your life through animal and plant communication. Animal communication sessions connect you with your animal companions whether living or in spirit. Shamanic and Reiki healing sessions help you and your animal companion move through challenges and evolve into the embodiment of your dream. Guidance sessions illuminate your heart’s path and facilitate communion with plant consciousness, deepen your intuition, and lead you into the dreamtime. #510-863-4790

Michele Jacobson, PhD

As a lifelong Intuitive, Michele has been gifted with skills as an intuitive, psychic, mystic, healer, medium, animal communicator and knowledgeable in all things faerie, including Faerie Teas. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology focusing on areas of understanding personal development. Located in the Twin Cities area with in person or phone sessions available. #612-554-0061


Astrology by Celeste Astrology Guidance and Life Coaching

Celeste Brooks is an astrologer, coach, and teacher. Her offerings include classes, workshops, coaching packages, events, and both in-person and virtual readings. She helps people find unknown birthtimes using chart rectification. Her podcast, Celestial Insights, offers weekly guidance to surf the cosmic tides. She discusses the astrology of current events on her popular Instagram live broadcasts.

Ryan Evans

Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology

Certified Master Level Astrologer combining imagery, past life analysis, and healthy encouragement of choice and free-will. Ryan aligns his engagement and practice of Astrology with the observed and experienced lessons and teachings of the Natural World and her rhythms. #608-632-0750

Starcodes & Heartcodes

Astrology, Heart-Centered Readings

Remembering your light is just the beginning. Through observation and honor of our connection to the natural world and Creative Source energy, I teach techniques of mindfulness and hold space for deep soul exploration and energetic healing. Now offering shamanic Earth medicine healing sessions, past life guided journeys, dreamscape development, weddings & ceremonies, and Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki. Welcoming clients remote and in-person.


Locations in Elk River and Monticello, MN

Ceremonialist, counselor, intuitive, and astrologer for 40 years, creator of the Starcodes Astro-Oracle Deck, author of the weekly Starcodes column, Moon Wisdom, Everyday Palmistry, and several children’s books. Ordained interfaith minister and Druid grade member of OBOD. #914-315-5001

Kim Woods/KW Enterprises

Use the stars + strategy for success!

Kim Woods, Master Astrologer and Business Strategist, combines ancient feminine wisdom, astrology and her 25+ years of C-Suite experience to help business leaders become rich and powerful, make big impact and leave their legacy. As JP Morgan says, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” Kim uses the stars + strategy to clear the pathway to your success so you fulfill your soul destiny. #617-335-1219

14 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine


Our members offer both in-person and remote services!


Alison James

Psychic Medium, Medical & Animal Intuitive

Voted the best by WCCO, CBS, TCT and MSP. Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. One of the finest professionals and most referred names by those in the know. 5-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful healer. She is the genuine real deal!

Cindy Lehman

Soul Readings, Beginning & Advanced Psychic Development Classes

Private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. Offers beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. Teaches others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul. #612-669-1861

Jurema Silva

Brazilian Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Transformational Speaker

Jurema stands as a beacon of wisdom, spiritual leader, and a guiding presence, dedicating decades to support individuals on their unique journeys. Beyond being a psychic or medium, Jurema embodies the essence of a soul healer, armed with profound intuition and a meticulous sensitivity to energies. Jurema is a gifted intuitive, consistently weaving healing techniques with her innate abilities. #320-260-7305

Transcendent Soul Healing

Inclusive healing sanctuary for your soul

We offer services to help you go beyond anything you ever thought was possible to heal your life and soul. Services include, Certified Akashic Record readings, Aura Photo and Reports, Psychic Mediumship, Past life readings, Shamanic Reiki energy healing, Tarot/ Oracle Readings, and Paranormal investigations. We offer weekly classes and events to enlighten and support spiritual growth, as well as metaphysical products, jewelry, and art. #612-468-8411 5200 47th Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55417

Transforming Your Phoenix Healer, Life Coach, Space Clearings

Nancy pinpoints the core issues that hold you back in life. She helps with self-actualization of Who You Are, strengthening your spiritual gifts and growth. Nancy helps you overcome and heal limiting beliefs and self doubt, heal past lives, ancestral issues, and issues within yourself that need resolving for optimal spiritual growth. #715-928-3098

Kelly Wagner

Psychic Medium, Remote Viewing, Ancestry and Other Lifetimes

Kelly is fascinated with discovering her client’s “Why?” Kelly is a knower and seer, with gifts in ADC (After Death Communication) which assist in revealing her client's past and present issues. Whether its energetic healing of their ancestry, current relationships, business strategy, or planning their future, Kelly’s guidance is motivational while remaining authentic and honest. She sees an illuminated “Yellow Brick Road” that shows Kelly the path her clients should follow to fulfill their goals and live their optimal life. #612-251-6666

Angela Zabel LLC

Teacher, Coach, Medium

Angela has connected to those on the other side her entire life. People who passed and those from other realms, here to support us. Healing energy, messages from those that passed and information to help you on your journey, are shared with compassion. Offering online and in person private and group sessions, personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at


Group Tarot with Kate Mura

GemMe Wands

Gemstone Wands that Uplift People, Places and Plants

Handcrafted, radiant and powerful crystal gemstones partnered with pure copper wire and dance around sealed wands of purpleheart wood or driftwood. These unique, one-of-a-kind, magical gemstone and wooden wands are blessed, charged and have energic meanings. #952-292-4450

Pegasus Pizzazz Crystals & Mystical Boutique

Crystals, Metaphysical Supplies, Mystical Decor & Gifts

We are a true Mystical Boutique! Our store features: Crystals, towers, spheres, carvings, jewelry, tumbles, chips, and specimens! Our apothecary has herbs, incense, oils, sound healing and more! Browse our great selection of books and Tarot & Oracle cards.See our fabulous altar statues, candles, offering bowls and cauldrons. Check our website for info about independent practitioners in our shop! #651-403-0759

834 Lake St. S, Forest Lake, MN 55025


Christie Umboh, owner of Holistic Arts

Your quirky alternative to team building. Whether you want to shake up your current culture, sit more deeply into co-creating a b.e.s.t. world, strategically plan a bit differently, or just have a fun alternative to a Zoom happy hour, Group Tarot is a surprising yet effective experience for corporations, organizations, teams, and other collectives to interact in an uplifting, engaging way. #503-298-6972



Strains of the Earth

Discover the health and wellness benefits of holistic products at Strains of the Earth! Our THC, CBD, and mushroom products – from gummies to topicals to tinctures – offer relaxation and rejuvenation like no other. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and that's why all of our products are crafted with premium ingredients to ensure complete satisfaction. Visit us in person or online today! 415 Broadway Street S, Unit 140, Jordan, MN 55352


Crystal Rock Healing, LLC

Healthy Products for Healthy Living

We are full-line metaphysical stores with a huge selection of crystals, teas/herbs, essential oil products, books/cards, sage/ incense, stone jewelry, chakra and evil eye products. We have 5 stores located in Bloomington, MN; Bismarck and Fargo ND; Sioux Falls, SD, and Wisconsin Rapids, WI. All locations often have readers and healers on site. Visit our website for reader, class and event schedules.

Intuitive jewelry artist and wellness professional, with an array of jewelry, crystals and clearing products for the soul. Christie is a Reiki master and Guided Meditation Therapist, and has worked closely with Echo Bodine to create jewelry infused with love and light. She combines numerology and crystals to make personalized jewelry. #651-705-6110

Moxie Malas

Crystal energy nd aromatherapy jewelry created as a wearable affirmation of the energy within.

Each piece is handmade in MN with genuine stones and crystals with its own story to tell. Our Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club that comes with unique bracelet, loose crystal and intention practice each month. We take people beyond the bracelet with workshops and retreats to support personal discovery, transformation, and empowerment. #651-808-7378 7406 Central Ave NE Fridley, MN 55432


Awakenings... Gifts & Guidance for the Soul

Metaphysical Store

The area’s premier metaphysical stores and learning spaces. We offer a one-of-akind shopping experience. Let our friendly staff guide you to hand curated selections of crystals, singing bowls, and one of the largest selections of in-stock oracle, affirmation and tarot decks. Now with two locations! #612-656-9007 4165 Minnehaha Ave, Mpls, MN 55406 #651-248-1900 421 2nd Street, Hudson, WI 54016

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Lady and the Beard Salon

Healing Beauty Salon for ego and spiritual love

An inclusive Beauty salon that has dedicated themselves to "Healing you whole from your hair to your soul." Custom haircuts, colors, hair extensions and other beautifying services. We offer Transcendental Soul healing, Akashic Record Readings, Angelic healing, Aura Photos, and Shamanic Energy healing. We host workshops and classes for spiritual growth. We also offer metaphysical products, tarot cards, jewlery and art. #612-468-8411 5200 47th Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55417

Midwest Witchery & Healing

Being a nurse combining holistic, homeopathic remedies for your wellness, along with using majick as a Witch, Jodi Jacobson creates unique medicine. Using organic and ethically sourced components, Jodi hand creates her products during proper moon phases to ensure the most potent beneficial energies whatever your needs. Practicing witchcraft over 40 years, Jodi creates a safe environment to helps those on their own unique spiritual path. #651-342-1833 324 Main Street S, Suite 7, Stillwater, MN 55082


Be Appsolute

Mobile Is Everywhere Your Brand Should Be!

I am Keith Troup, Owner and Founder of Be Appsolute and HelloCard. I provide marketing solutions for small businesses. Branding, Websites, Mobile Apps, Digital Business Cards, Video, Social Media, Print, Graphic Design, Social Communities, and Lead Generation. #615-852-8895

Bergh Consulting Strategy, Branding, Website Creation, WordPress Care Plans, Ongoing Support

Bergh Consulting supports businesses and organizations in creating a digital foundation including strategy, branding, and website design and development. We take pride in a simplified processes to get you online joyfully. We focus on the details so you can focus on what you love. Our favorite clients are ones who are passionate about what they do and want to make a difference in the world.

Vibe Ko Apparel

Metaphysical T-Shirts and Apparel for any occassion


“How do I develop my intuition?” I’m asked at every turn. I spend my time with business owners in more traditional settings, so the art of trusting intuition isn’t an established skill in the business world yet.

My typical response is to woo the readers, listeners, or viewers in the audience to open their minds and hearts to themselves as a first step. However, for those of us connected to our intuitive knowing, we know that you must let go of your mind to hear the whispers of your soul. The process requires you to let go of your mind, and your mind hates that. Your mind wants to hold onto its fierce grip of control with every fiber of its being.

The ability to let go isn’t a natural response, so letting go always requires discomfort if and until it becomes a practiced muscle. Wrapping your mind around itself to take it out of the equation when your mind has been front and center for so long is a big ask—yet one worth exploring.

It’s too important not to go through the steps of letting go of your mind. Your soul matters too much to allow your mind to hold onto its first-place position. There are six steps to letting go of your mind to give your soul a chance to be heard.

The Invitation: Have a conversation with your mind about the fact that you’re inviting your soul into your life but aren’t going to give your mind up completely. You love depending on your mind for logic, reasoning, planning, and the many tasks required to operate your life. Removing your mind completely from daily life isn’t a requirement. It isn’t even a smart move. Your mind can sigh in relief.

The Offering: Give your mind candy to move it out of first place. Rely on guided meditation to let your mind wander while your soul edges into your awareness. Use your favorite magical tools such as oracle cards, pendulums, journaling, or story writing if your thoughts remain stubborn. Practice makes perfect.

The Messaging: Your imagination or dream space is an initial soul-intuition and mind-operating function as your soul has gotten your attention long enough to pass information through images, senses, or words, and your mind has caught the essence of this message and turned it into a mini-story.

The Connection: Let go, totally and completely, for moments at a time by connecting to your breath, your body, or an activity that lets you lose yourself in it, such as drawing, cooking, gardening, dancing, walking, or laughing. Stitch these moments together as often as you can.

The Dance: Dance between your mind and intuition to use these two forces simultaneously. When connecting to your intuition, seek answers to big questions. When leaning into your mind, ask questions without answers. Sit in the unknown and appreciate the wonder of it. Let your mind thrill itself with your soul.

High Vibrational, inspirational designs on soft, quality cotton t-shirts and other apparel for the "Wu" person in your life... (Is this you?) Full spectrum of sizes available. We use water based non-toxic inks, ensuring bright and beautiful eco-friendly results. There is 'a lil love' in every design. So proudly wear your Vibe Ko shirt and spread the good vibes! Fully customizeable designs available – perfect for parties and family reunions.

The Expansion: The magic of life is lived in the potential and possibility of your soul’s purview. Your awareness, equanimity, and quest for wonder become a fascination for your mind while encouraging your soul to come forward more and more regularly.

Letting go of your mind opens an entirely new world for you as your soul’s wisdom creates worlds within worlds you’ve never imagined. The prize for your mind letting go of its hold on you is worth everything and more. When your soul speaks, the possibilities are endless. Let your mind welcome the invitation to let go.

Kim Woods, is a Business Strategist and Master Astrologer who combines astrology, ancient feminine wisdom, and her 25+ years of C-Suite experience to help you become rich and powerful, make a big impact, and leave your legacy. Kim uses the stars + strategy to clear your success pathway so you live your soul mission. Find her at

16 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Manifest a Balanced Life

As we enter the sixth month of the year, we find ourselves at a crossroads. This June, we come to a delicate balance between work, play, and personal growth. Knowing we are at this crossroads, let’s explore the wisdom of numerology, and how the 6 vibrational energy can guide you toward a harmonious existence. But first, let’s understand what a balanced life truly entails.

Balance is more than just allocating time between work and leisure. It’s about nurturing aspects of your being to create a holistic existence. Imagine a symphony where each instrument plays its part, contributing to the overall harmony. Similarly, a balanced life involves tending to different facets, including relationships, health, personal growth, leisure, and spirituality.

Explore These 8 Key Areas as You Manifest Your Balanced Life this Month:

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Your body is a temple, deserving care and attention. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep form the foundation of physical well-being.

MENTAL WELLNESS: Practices like yoga, mindfulness, and meditation help maintain equilibrium.

CHERISHING RELATIONSHIPS: Your loved ones significantly impact your balance. Laughter with friends, heartfelt conversations with partners, and quality family time create a sense of belonging and happiness. Prioritize these connections—they’re the heartstrings of balance.

PLAY: Engage in activities that rejuvenate your spirit. Whether it’s painting, dancing, or hiking, recreation fuels your soul. Remember, a balanced life isn’t all work; it’s about finding joy in play.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Cultivate optimism. A positive mindset attracts abundance and resilience. Embrace life’s twists and turns with grace, knowing that balance lies in acceptance.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Curiosity keeps you balanced. Explore new skills, read, or take up a hobby. Learning expands your horizons and keeps your mind agile.

NURTURING A STRONG NETWORK: Connect with like-minded souls. Surround yourself with people who uplift you. A supportive network provides emotional stability.

SOLITUDE: Amid life’s hustle, find moments of solitude. Reflect, recharge, and reconnect with your inner self. Balance thrives in quietude. (More about this next month.)

A balanced life extends beyond self-care. It ripples and radiates outward, affecting those around you in your environment. Be present for your friends. Listen, laugh, and share moments. Your positive, balanced energy uplifts them too. Family bonds are precious. Attend gatherings, lend a helping hand, and cherish traditions. Your balanced presence strengthens family ties. Whether partners, children, or close friends, your balanced equilibrium impacts their lives. Show love, patience, and understanding.

This June, as the newly manifesting 8-energy of 2024 merges with June’s balanced 6 vibrational energy (8 + 6 = 14/5). The 14/5 energy activates the addictive energy of love and passion. Consider this: romance, soul mates, and love will also be in the cosmic energy mix this month. Be mindful to balance your heart, your mind, and your spirit, and watch magic unfold. *Note 14/5 is also a karmic energy of excess and distraction that might also challenge you while manifesting your balanced life this month. Remember, a balanced life isn’t a distant dream... it’s within reach. Embrace the wisdom of the number 6, dance with the rhythm of life, and find your equilibrium. a

WES HAMILTON, MASTER NUMEROLOGIST brings a blend of extensive practical experience and extraordinary mystical know-how to his work. As a Master Numerologist, clients throughout the world seek his guidance and insight regarding important decisions. His expertise has been honed over 40+ years and thousands of clients to deliver amazing results. Connect with Wes at 612-308-2962 or and visit

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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Elevate Your Journey: Let Go and Transform with Archangel energy tools!

In our journey of spiritual growth, we often come face to face with the powerful lesson of letting go. It beckons us to release that which no longer serves us, allowing space for new beginnings and higher vibrations to flow into our lives. What if I told you there is a tool out there that is conscious, grows with you, and supports you in reaching new heights? I’m talking about Angelic Armor – they're not just pretty accessories but energetic companions on your spiritual journey.

Guided by Celestial Forces

A few years ago, I received a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. He told me, "You need to make anklets out of a tensor ring; it must have crystals and a copper mesh to cover the crystals. The anklets will help people keep their vibration intact and clear as we shift through changes." Of course, I had no idea what the Archangel's message meant then. It took about a year and a half to create the anklets in a design that would be resilient and work for everyone. They support people's balance, energy management, vitality, mental clarity, awakening, and more!

The anklets have been working amazingly for everyone wearing them; feedback keeps coming in, even today. Since everything evolves and shifts constantly, I always consider people's ideas and experiences.

A friend, who enjoyed wearing my Archangel Metatron anklets, had to return her tools due to her husband's criticism and lack of consciousness. I was determined to find an alternative. I asked Archangel Metatron for guidance. The response I received was to create a pendant version of the anklets with the same crystals and energy properties. At this point, the Metatron shielding pendant was born!

Tensor Technology and Crystals

What sets these tools apart is the synergy of crystals and the revolutionary Tensor Technology. This advancement in energy balancing creates a harmonious flow of energy around us, fostering an environment conducive to spiritual growth and emotional well-being. Functioning as a superconductor, Tensor rings neutralize magnetic fields, instilling tranquility and order into chaotic environments. The inherent energy of crystals is being enhanced. And that is why each crystal is carefully selected for its unique properties!

Archangel Michael and Chamuel Pendant

Through the synergy of crystals and Tensor Technology, these pendants become powerful allies in our quest for healing, shielding, releasing and enlightenment. Take, for instance, the Archangel Michael pendant and Archangel Metatron anklets. Designed with a purpose to shield and ground, the Archangel Michael pendant exudes protective, calming, and healing energies.

Peter Benson

Try this now

These tools shift your personal energy so powerfully, you will instantly feel the effect in your body. Once you ask them to reset, activate and go to full power, you will experience the full potential of the energetic support. Try this out and see if you can feel them:

Choose one of the pendants 1. Visualize holding it in front of your heart chakra.

2. Ask it it activate and go full power!

3. Feel it!4.

With a harmonious blend of different stones, it forms a shield like a dome of light, safeguarding you from external influences. Helping you to feel calm and centered.

If you are feeling stressed out, haunted by old memories, or easily affected by others' feelings, the Archangel Chamuel pendant could be just what you need to feel better. It helps you let go of painful memories from the past, making you feel lighter and freer to move forward. When you're feeling anxious or upset, this pendant brings you comfort and helps you see things more clearly, like a guiding light in the dark.

My journey started when I was a Mechanic for over 15 years. Around 2016 I experienced a significant shift in my perspectives which ultimately led to being a conduit and creator of these unique tools. I have created designs based on the angelic guidance and downloads from Ascended Masters. I aim to assist people in ascending to their next level of conscious awakening. My charter in this life is to create unique energy tools and educate people about their virtues and benefits.

Find a pendant of your own at 18 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine
THE POWER OF YOUR INTENTIONS UNIQUE ENERGY TOOLS WITH MANY BENEFITS Release, Renew, Realign with Angelic Armour! Energy tools you can feel! ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL ARCHANGEL METATRON CHECK OUT PETER’S AMAZING AND UNIQUE ENERGIE TOOLS! ENERGY TOOLS YOU CAN FEEL! 7 benefits of Angelic Armor Are you Release, Renew, Realign Feeling overwhelmed by negativity? Struggling to stay balanced? Overcome by worries and fears? Easily drained by others? ENERGIES OF SERVICE.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/ENERGIESOFSERVICE visit | 19

You are a Divine Being having a human experience. We are here to learn, to grow and to deepen our capacity to love. During this human experience, each of us will have issues we need to transform in order to move forward.

Likely, 20% of what you're experiencing is your current lifetime’s issues. The other 80% are hidden influences. This month, I will examine the top ten things I see needing energetic healing/transformation.

Remember, we are all interconnected. Healing yourself helps everybody and everything! Let's join hands and do this work together! As the Hopi Indians say, “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.” a

MAUREEN HIGG I NS, owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen also founded School for Higher Consciousness. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems. You can learn these systems through the School for Higher Consciousness at and experience them through her audios at

TOP 10 THINGS to Energetically Transform

LOST SOULS: These are humans who died but didn't cross over for a variety of reasons. People who do not cross over still have the unresolved issues and emotions they had when they were alive. Crossing them over is good for them and good for you.

ENTITIES: These beings are at a lower vibration than humans. They have a negative vibration that causes you to feel bad. When they attach, you may get a headache and nausea. You may notice going from feeling good to feeling negative quite suddenly. You can cross them over, so they are no longer carrying this negative energy, and instead are resolved and at a higher frequency more aligned with love.

PEOPLE CORDED TO YOUR ENERGY FIELD: This is when someone, who is alive, is connected into your energy field due to a common or complementary issue. You will feel this person's issues and emotions. This can be resolved by disconnecting their energy field from yours.

BELIEFS: We all have outdated beliefs that put walls in our energy field that limit our ability to attract what we really want. Write down all your beliefs, without thinking, so they flow in from your spirit. See if they’re expansive or limiting. If they are not expansive, work on changing them.

MEMORIES: We all have memories that are both positive and negative. All past experiences made us who we are today. The challenge is that our bodies tend to hold onto them and makes us feel like the past is still happening in some way. It’s important to work on letting old memories go.

EMOTIONS: Same advice as with the memories. If you find you have extreme memories or emotions, make sure you get some help from a professional.

ANCESTRAL ISSUES: We likely inherit at least 14 generations of our ancestral memories and issues on a DNA level. It’s important to work on your ancestry. This can be hard to clear by yourself, but by asking to cross over any ancestors who haven't crossed over and working on your beliefs and emotions, you will have done a lot.

PAST LIVES: We all have had many past lifetimes. Only a portion of the lifetimes are currently influencing our current life. You can resolve past lives by asking to cross over your past life self and anyone else who didn't cross in that lifetime. Ask to close the timeline and transform the difficult memories.

SIMULTANEOUS LIFETIMES: Simultaneous lifetimes are lifetimes happening at the same time as your current one. Because we are all interconnected, you can feel what's going on with yourself somewhere else. Quantum entanglement shows us this is possible. Simultaneous lifetimes are a little tricker to clear up. It may be harder to find a practitioner who works with simultaneous lifetimes. You can start with an audio and go from there to get more help.

THE COLLECTIVE: What is going on in the collective, particularly on our planet, affects us all a great deal. Working on the above 9 areas, along with keeping positive intentions and thoughts helps tremendously. This sends our intentions and optimal energies out to the universal matrix that connects you up to everybody and everything. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

20 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Reiki 101

Have you ever heard of Reiki energy healing? It's a form of alternative therapy that has gained popularity in recent years. The practice involves using hands-on or hands-off techniques to channel energy into the body, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. While Reiki may sound like a new-age fad to some, it's rooted in ancient traditions and has been used for centuries to improve overall well-being.

To understand how Reiki works, we need to have a foundational understanding of how trauma affects the body and, more specifically, what we define as trauma. Trauma can manifest in many forms and impact us in different ways. It can be an emotional wound from a relationship, a physical injury, or a stressful situation at work. When we experience trauma, it leaves an energetic imprint on our body, creating blockages in our energy flow that can lead to physical and emotional imbalances. These blockages can cause anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and even chronic illnesses.

The premise of Reiki is that energetic imbalances are the root cause of most if not all, physical and mental ailments. The body has an innate ability to heal itself, but when our energetic flow is blocked, it can become difficult to access this natural healing process. Reiki works with the body's energy centers (also known as chakras) to release blockages and promote the natural flow of energy.

Many people seek out Reiki to address specific health concerns, such as arthritis or anxiety, while others are looking for grounding, peace, or clarity in their lives. Regardless of the reasons behind trying Reiki, its benefits are numerous and impactful.

If you've decided to schedule an individual Reiki session, you might be wondering what it will be like and if there is anything you should do to prepare. Reiki is almost completely passive on the client's part, but it is helpful to communicate with your Reiki practitioner about specific concerns or areas of focus for the session. It

can also be helpful to set an intention before the session, whether to release negative energy or promote overall wellness and balance. By preparing in these ways, you can maximize the benefits of your Reiki energy healing session.

A Reiki energy healing session typically lasts around 60-90 minutes. During this time, you will be asked to lie comfortably on a massage table or sit in a chair, fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner might guide you through meditation or relaxing breathing. Then, they will begin the session by placing their hands on or near different areas of your body, focusing on the energy centers. The practitioner will use a series of hand positions to channel Reiki energy to help clear any blockages in your energy field and promote the natural energy flow throughout your body.

As the Reiki energy flows, you may feel a sense of deep relaxation and peace. It is common to experience a sense of clarity or insight and feeling more grounded and centered. At the end of the session, the practitioner will gently bring you back to a state of wakefulness. You may feel a sense of renewed energy and vitality, or you may feel more relaxed and calm. It is common to feel the effects of Reiki for several days after the session as the energy continues to work its magic.

By tapping into the body's natural energy flow, Reiki can help clear blockages, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall wellbeing. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of Reiki for yourself, we invite you to schedule an individual Reiki session at SOTE Sanctuary,, a holistic wellness center dedicated to promoting healing and balance. Our experienced and compassionate Reiki practitioners will work with you to create a personalized healing experience that meets your unique needs and goals.

Contact us today to schedule your Reiki energy healing session and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life! a

WWW.MNSOTESANCTUARY.COM/CLASS-DASHBOARD Yoga, Healing Sound Baths, Reiki, Meditation Retreats, Ayurveda and more! New classes and events are happening every week! Use the code “FIRST-FREE” to get your first class FREE!
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Community Calendar classes,


Contact us at and place your listing!


Unlock Entrepreneurial Success:

Crack the Code to Your Cash Flow

It’s time to unlock entrepreneurial success! During this 3-day FREE event, you will learn how to unlock entrepreneurial success by: Understanding the Depths of the Challenge, Uncovering Root Causes, and Crafting Solutions for Lasting Change. Dates: Tuesday-Thursday, June 4-6, 2024. Time: 11am-12pm Central, 12-1pm Eastern. Go to to reserve your spot and for more information.

Psychic Foundations: Embark on Your Journey of Inner Discovery

Dive into the fascinating world of psychic abilities with this beginner-friendly class tailored to unveil the mysteries of your innate intuition. Led by an experienced instructor in a welcoming environment. Fee: $20. 6:30-8:30pm Thursday June 6. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:

Practitioner Energy Healing Share

Join Sara Anondson from Sacred Oaks Healing for an afternoon of energy healing practice, and receiving a healing from another practitioner. All modalities welcomed. Contact with questions. Suggested donation $15. 6:30-8:30pm CST on Thurs June 6, 2024 at The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Cannabis Cultivation & Harvesting

Everything you need to know to grow, from seed to harvest: Tent Basics and Germination, Vegetation and Canopy Management, Flowering, Harvesting, and Curing. 6-8pm CST Fridays, May 24, June 7, or June 21. Fee: $60 per session. Location: Seed to Harvest in Carver, MN. Contact 952-582-4841 and for more. Class details at:

Breath Mastery Seminar: Level 2 "I Breathe to LOVE"

Join Terri to complete the Breath Mastery Program. Learn body mapping points and affirmations to assist in clearing stuck emotions and trauma and the subconscious mind. June 8-9. Sat: 9am-6pm. Sun: 9am-5pm. Contact Terri at 651-442-4623 and . St Paul, MN address given at registration. $450 or $375 (early bird)

Healing with Spiritual Light

Learn the foundational shamanic healing of transfiguration. This is a powerful shamanic healing practice that anyone can learn and use in their daily practice. $65 plus service fee, snacks provided. Saturday, June 8, 10am-1pm Central. 2654 Alabama Avenue South, St Louis Park, MN 55416. Fee: $65. Contact Mary Newstrom at 952-913-5574 and to reserve your spot.

Coffee with the Angels

A truly magical evening hosted by Cheryl Carrigan and her Angels. The evening starts with asking the Angels for guidance. Time is allowed to ask a question or connect to a loved one. Closes with an Angelguided meditation. Fee $30. Thurs June 13th 7-9pm at Awakened Soul, 421 2nd Street, Hudson WI 54016. Contact to schedule.

Empowered Authentic Sustainable Change

Healing Soundbath

Explore these and more events on our online calendar! Find out why it's the optimal way to discover holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical events – both locally and virtually! 13 20 23 14 6 11 13 17 10

W hat are you envisioning for living your most empowered authentic life? Join our salon of like-minded change-makers and visionaries as we share our wisdom and vision for sustainable change. Fee: $33. Online via Zoom Thursday, June 13, 6-7:30pm. Contact Michele Rae with questions.

Word Count: 70 word max. description

Location: Online updated each month print updated bi-monthly (6 editions/year)

Included: Event photo/logo, dates/times, site, contact info, social media

Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating journey. Lie down comfortably while a variety of instruments are used to create harmonic vibrations that resonate with your body and mind. Friday, June 14, 6-7pm Central. Fee: $20. Location: SOTE Sanctuary, 415 Broadway St S. #Unit 260, Jordan, MN 55352. Contact our Strains coordinator at Class details at

Soul Breathing for Optimal Health & Joyful Living

Join Terri Peterson at the Rooted Life Holistic Expo from 10am-5pm in Rochester! Learn and experience Soul Breathing™ for better health and personal transformation in an enlightening and empowering workshop. Location: Rochester Eagles Club, 917 15th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904. $5 expo admission. Contact Terri at for more info.

Tarot & Oracle Cards 101: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Cards

Delve into this enchanted class designed for beginners eager to explore divination and intuition. Led by a knowledgeable instructor in a welcoming atmosphere, this class offers a comprehensive introduction to the art of card reading. Fee: $20. 6:30-8:30pm Thursday June 20. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:

June Full Moon Meditation

Join Annette Rugolo in a Full Moon journey to the sacred city of Shamballa! The energy of the Full Moon assists us in expanding and heightening this peace, not only for ourselves but for humanity. Connect more fully with our soul purpose as we step into service for humanity. 7-8pm Central on Thursday June 20, 2024. $7.50 per meditation. Purchase tickets at Coffee with the Angels

A truly magical evening hosted by Cheryl Carrigan and her Angels. The evening starts with asking the Angels for guidance. Time is allowed to ask a question or connect to a loved one. Closes with an Angel-guided meditation. Fee $30. Friday June 21st 6:30-8:30pm at The New Center, 8 West 66th Street, Richfield MN 55343. Contact to schedule a session.

Cannabis Cultivation & Harvesting

Everything you need to know to grow, from seed to harvest: Tent Basics and Germination, Vegetation and Canopy Management, Flowering, Harvesting, and Curing. 6-8pm Central, Friday June 21, 2024. Fee: $60 per session. Location: Seed to Harvest in Carver, MN. Contact 952582-4841 and for more. Class details at: Group Sacred Rose Ceremony/Sound Bath

Join Sara Anondson and Angela Eischens for an evening of pure relaxation. We will begin with a guided meditation and rose ceremony then lead into a crystal singing bowl sound bath. Bring a blanket or gravity chair for your comfort. Register on the event page. Contact or 612-255-4213. Friday, June 21, 7-8:30pm Central. Location: The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423.

Usui/Holy Fire® 3 Reiki Masters

Learn to teach Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki and World Peace Reiki. Choose online and in-person. $849 cost includes manual, journal, pendulum, beverages and snacks. Contact and 612-255-4213 for more. Dates: Saturday June 22, 8:30am5pm, and Sunday June 23, 10am-5pm Central. The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Practitioner Energy Healing Share

Join Sara Anondson from Sacred Oaks Healing for an afternoon of energy healing practice, and receiving a healing from another practitioner. All modalities welcomed. Contact with questions. Suggested donation $15. Sunday June 23, 1-3pm Central at The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Holistic Practitioner Business Conference D esigned for both experienced and aspiring holistic practitioners. Connect with schools, find practice spaces, discover advertising strategies, and learn about financing. Gain valuable insights and tools to enhance your business with holistic modalities. Includes premium boxed lunch. Sunday June 23, 8am-5pm, at the Embassy Suites Brooklyn Center, 6300 Earle Brown Dr, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430. Visit Contact Coriene Ploetz at 608-921-0338 and

Starseed Collective: Soul Connections

Join a safe, judgement free inclusive gathering of likeminded seekers of all things spiritual and metaphysical. No matter where you are in your journey join us to learn more, ask questions and question all things in the universe. 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday June 26. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:



Build A Thriving Group Coaching Practice

Everything you need to successfully run group coaching online. Group coaching is a vital tool for coaches, leaders, visionaries, and practitioners because it is the wave of the future. Wednesdays, 6-8pm Central, July 10 - September 11, 2024. 5 two-hour sessions in-person and 5 weeks of self-study over 10 weeks. Live sessions take place via Zoom. Cost: $679 / $579 by June 30 with code 100OFF. Email for more info and registration.

Starseed Collective: Akashic Records

Join a safe, judgement free inclusive gathering of likeminded seekers of all things spiritual and metaphysical. No matter where you are in your journey join us to learn more, ask questions and question all things in the universe. 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday July 10. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:

Coffee with the Angels

A truly magical evening hosted by Cheryl Carrigan and her Angels. The evening starts with asking the Angels for guidance. Time is allowed to ask a question or connect to a loved one. Closes with an Angelguided meditation. Fee $30. Thurs July 11th 7-9pm at Awakened Soul, 421 2nd Street, Hudson WI 54016. Contact to schedule.

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki 1 & 2 Training

L earn the history of Reiki, the guiding principles, and initiation to universal life force energy. For more contact and 612-255-4213. Sat July 13, 8:30am-5pm, and Sun July 14, 10:30am-5pm Central. $495 fee includes manual, journal, pendulum, beverages and snacks. Call 612-255-4213 to register. The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Shungite & Soul Breathing Workshop

Join Terri Peterson LIVE for a fun and transformational Soul Breathing and Shungite Work/Play-shop! Each participant will receive a shungite stone as part of the class. 6-9pm Central, Wednesday July 17, at Terri's Saint Paul Breath Studio. Fee: $144 or $129 by July 14th. Contact Terri at or 651442-4623. Register at

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22 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Exploring the Akashic Records: A Beginner's Guide to Unveiling Cosmic Wisdom

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery in this captivating class tailored for beginners eager to delve into the Akashic realm. Fee: $20. 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday June 26. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:

July Full Moon Meditation

Join Annette Rugolo in a Full Moon journey to the sacred city of Shamballa! The energy of the Full Moon assists us in expanding and heightening this peace, not only for ourselves but for humanity. 7-8pm Central on Sunday July 21, 2024. $7.50 per meditation. Purchase tickets at


Starseed Collective: Soul Contracts

Join a safe, judgement free inclusive gathering of likeminded seekers of all things spiritual and metaphysical. Ask questions and question all things in the universe. 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday July 24, 2024. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. For more info: Email:

Past Life Regression

Embark on a mesmerizing odyssey through the corridors of time in this captivating class. Led by a skilled facilitator in a supportive environment. Fee: $25. 6:30-8:30pm Thursday July 25. 5200 47th Ave S, Mpls, MN 55417. Info: Email:

Edge Talk Radio

Host Angela Zabel is a teacher, coach, and medium with decades of experiences and learnings. Listen to new episodes on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7pm CST. Browse new and previous shows at

Spirit United Interfaith Church Sunday Services


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Practitioner Energy Healing Share

Join Sara Anondson from Sacred Oaks Healing for an afternoon of energy healing practice, and receiving a healing from another practitioner. All modalities welcomed. Contact with questions. Suggested donation $15. Sunday June 23, 1-3pm Central at The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

23 24 27 28

Soul Breathing for the Full Moon

Join Terri for an evening of Soul Breathing, Heart Healing and Soul Connection by Zoom. As the full moon shines its light on what no longer serves us, it will help us bring closure to the past and open doors to our next steps. Tuesday, July 23, 7-9pm Central. Fee: $35. Pay by Venmo @theconnectingspirit, cash or check. You may also pay online at

Starseed Collective: Soul Contracts

Join a safe, judgement free inclusive gathering of likeminded seekers of all things spiritual and metaphysical. Ask questions and question all things in the universe. 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday July 24, 2024. 5200 47th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417. Info: Email:

Coffee with the Angels

A truly magical evening hosted by Cheryl Carrigan and her Angels. Ask a question or connect to a loved one. Fee $30. Friday July 26th 6:30-8:30pm at The New Center, 8 West 66th Street, Richfield MN 55343. Contact to schedule a session.

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki 1 & 2 Training

L earn Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, the history of Reiki, guiding principles, and initiation to universal life force energy. Sat July 27, 8:30am-5pm, and Sun July 28, 10:30am-5pm Central. $495 fee includes manual, journal, pendulum, beverages and snacks. Call 612-255-4213 to register. Held at The New Center, 8 W 66th Street, Richfield, MN 55423

Loving You: A Two-Day Retreat

It's easy to neglect ourselves amidst the demands of work, family, and daily stressors. This retreat offers a sacred space for you to reconnect with yourself, honor your needs, and cultivate a deep sense of love and compassion from within for yourself. Price: $222. New London, WI. Sat July 27th, 9:30am-6pm, Sun July 28th, 2024, 9:30am-2pm. Email for more. Sign up at

Honoring personal and planetary awakening. All are welcome! Join our Sunday services in-person and online at 10:30am. Held at The New Center, located at 8 W. 66th Street, Richfield Hub, MN 55423. Ring doorbell if needed. Sign up to get Sunday service links sent directly to your email at

The Being Curious Show

Listen in as Kelly Wagner, along with her new co-host Cheryl Carrigan, dive into discussions that curiously connect teachers and seekers on a range of unique holistic and metaphysical topics. Watch new episodes and subscribe to the podcast at category/the-being-curious-show/

Shamanic Drumming and Journeying Group

Newcomers welcome, no experience required! We have extra drums and rattles if you don't have your own. We meet the third Tuesday of every month, 7pm CST at White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church, 328 Maple Street, Mahtomedi MN 55115. Zoom option is available. Contact Nancy Hauer at 651-426-4917 and email for more information.

visit | 23



Come to The New Center on the third Saturday of each month from 10am-5pm for Echo Bodine's Aurapalooza! Check out the Mini-Paloozas held on the first Saturday of each month. Email for event details. Pre-book your session at

Saturday, June 15, 2024, and July 20, 2024

10am-5pm CST at The New Center 8 W. 66th Street in Richfield, MN 55423

Be the Light Psychic & Wellness Expos

New speakers monthly! Find over thirty healers, psychics, mediums, aura photos, jewelry, sound bowls, and more. Held the second Saturday of each month For more information contact Carol at and 612-840-3562. Purchase tickets at the door or in advance at

Saturday, June 8, 2024, and July 13, 2024

1-7pm at the Studio TimeOut Building, 6001 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55419

Meta Para Promotions Psychic & Wellness Fairs

Join us for a day of healing, with vendors that include readers, mediums, psychics, energy healers, shamans, and reflexology. Find crystals, candles, jewelry, incense, and more. $5 entry fee. To become a vendor vontact Terry Flick at 715-598-7002 and See full fair schedule at

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Holiday Inn, 1000 Imperial Ave, Rothschild, WI

Saturday-Sunday, June 15-16, 2024

Hampton Inn & Suites, 1019 Paul Bunyan Dr S, Bemidji, MN 56601

Sunday July 14, 2024

Wintergreen Conference Center 60 Gasser Rd, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Saturday July 27 2024

Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge, & Conference Center 13767 County Hwy B, Hayward, WI

Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness Fairs

Explore Everything Spiritual, Holistic & Wellness related. We will have a variety of vendors, Group Gallery mediumship, and 4 Free Lectures. $5 entry. Full schedule at

Saturday, June 15, 2024, Rochester Eagles Club 917 15th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904

Saturday June 29, 2024

Round Lake Area Park District Sports Center 2004 Municipal Way, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

Sunday, June 30, Schaumburg Sports Center 1141 W. Irving Park Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193

Sunday, July 21, Lake Elmo Inn Event Center 3712 Layton Ave. North, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

Saturday, July 27, Pat O’ Donnell Civic Center E4972 Jackson Road, Ironwood, MI 49938

Sunday, July 28, 2024, Rondele Ranch 8959 County Highway K, Harshaw, WI 54529

Saturday, August 3, 2024

Prairie du Chien Country Club 38485 US-18, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Souls Of Spirit Expos

Our purpose is to create awareness of spirituality by bringing together vendors sharing their modalities of healing, journeys and awareness to the community. 10am-5pm. Discover holistic services, free lectures and a $25 Gallery event. $5 admission. Free entry for active military and veterans. More info at

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Big Horn Resort 1801 Majestic Lane, Billings, MT 59102

Women's Retreat, August 10-11, 2024 Bottineau, North Dakota

$255.00 per person includes continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, catered lunch Saturday, all speakers both days and shared lodging. Register and more info at

24 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Harnessing the Healing Power of Red Light Therapy


Red light therapy has gained popularity as a non-invasive and effective treatment for a variety of health conditions and concerns. Also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), this innovative approach utilizes specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to stimulate cellular function and promote healing in the body.

At its core, red light therapy works by delivering targeted wavelengths of light to the skin and underlying tissues, where they are absorbed by cellular structures known as mitochondria. These tiny powerhouses within our cells produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency that fuels cellular processes. When exposed to red and near-infrared light, mitochondria become more efficient at producing ATP, leading to enhanced cellular function and regeneration.

One of the primary benefits of red light therapy is its ability to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process. By stimulating cellular metabolism and increasing circulation, red light therapy can help alleviate pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, muscle strains, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries. Additionally, it promotes tissue repair and regeneration, making it an effective treatment for wounds, cuts, and surgical incisions.

Beyond its role in pain management and tissue repair, red light therapy has shown promise in improving skin health and appearance. Clinical studies have demonstrated that regular red and near-infrared light exposure can increase collagen production, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve overall skin tone and texture.

Furthermore, red light therapy has been found to have positive effects on mood and mental well-being. Research suggests that exposure to red and near-infrared light can stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in regulating mood and sleep. This can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), promoting feelings of relaxation and overall emotional balance.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, red light therapy is safe, painless, and suitable for people of all ages and skin types. It can be administered in various settings, including professional clinics, wellness centers, and even in the comfort of your own home, using specialized devices such as LED light panels or handheld devices.

Red light therapy offers a versatile and practical approach to promoting health, healing, and well-being. Whether you're seeking relief from pain and inflammation, improving skin health, or enhancing mood and mental clarity, red light therapy may hold the key to unlocking your body's natural healing potential. As ongoing research continues to uncover its myriad benefits, red light therapy stands poised to revolutionize holistic healthcare and wellness. a


New Worlds of Mind, Body, & Spirit Since 1901 Rediscover Yourself Karina Muller & Lana Gendlin MEET THE AUTHORS: Saturday, June 29, 2024 at Midwest Witchery & Healing in Stillwater Visit for details Pendulums & Intuition Practical Advice for Trusting Your Inner Wisdom $17.99 • Paperback
visit | 25


Scan to view list and purchase these books.

You Are the Key: Understanding Personal Value and Leading the Way

In You Are the Key, Rob Grady offers an empowering roadmap to personal growth and fulfillment. Drawing on diverse experiences, Grady reintroduces the human element as essential in navigating life's challenges. Through engaging stories and practical tools, readers discover their deepest motivations and define success on their own terms. In today's digital age, where human connection is crucial, Grady's message of purpose and compassion resonates deeply. Whether aspiring to career success, family building, or community leadership, this guide equips readers to unlock their potential and pave the way for a meaningful future in a rapidly evolving world.

Coma and Near-Death Experience: The Beautiful, Disturbing, and Dangerous World of the Unconscious

Alan and Beverley Pearce delve into the profound experiences of coma survivors, shedding light on the mysteries of consciousness and near-death experiences. They uncover how sedatives used in medically induced comas can unlock a greater expansion of consciousness, leading to spiritual oneness and encounters with the afterlife.

The Green Burial Guidebook: Everything You Need to Plan an Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Burial

Discover a more sustainable and affordable farewell with Elizabeth Fournier, the "Green Reaper." In the U.S., funeral costs soar over $10,000, with conventional burials leaving behind tons of waste and harmful chemicals. Fournier's compassionate guide navigates green burial planning, home funerals, legalities, and innovative choices like sea burials.

Sacred Psychiatry: Bridging the Personal and Transpersonal to Transform Health and Consciousness

Sacred Psychiatry revolutionizes psychiatric healing by embracing holistic approaches often overlooked in conventional practices. From astrology to the healing power of food, this book offers diverse insights, including strategies for transitioning away from pharmaceuticals. With a focus on treating overlooked chronic conditions, Dr. Tsafrir provides a comprehensive framework for holistic healing.

Transformation Triumphs: Inspiring Stories of Personal and Professional Resilience for You

Transformation Triumphs invites you to explore the power of choice in life's journey. Through personal stories, authors illuminate paths from transformation to triumph. Lessons include the importance of boundaries, embracing uniqueness, bold decisionmaking, and seeing challenges as opportunities.

Nothing Can Stop You: A Revolutionary Guide to Unleash Your Authentic Self

Nothing Can Stop You is a passionate call to embark on your own heroine’s journey toward self-discovery. Blending Eastern rituals with Western psychology, this transformative book empowers you to manifest your soulmate, overcome fears, and align with your true self. Through meditations, rituals, and self-reflection exercises, discover the tools to live your highest timeline and fulfill your deepest desires.

26 | JUNE/JULY 2024 • the edge magazine

Schooled Thru Spirit with DeEtte

LIVE 9am CST Mondays - Watch episodes on The Edge YouTube channel



Receive accurate messages and build the motivation and confidence to act upon them. Move forward with positive life changes, with the help of the archangels guiding us, with this 78-card deck and accompanying guidebook by Radleigh Valentine . Created for sensitive people who need gentle encouragement to put their Divine messages into action.

DeEtte Ranae is a certified psychic medium, medical intuitive and master teacher. Watch her show "Schooled Thru Spirit with DeEtte" on The Edge Network's YouTube, Rumble and Facebook channels Monday mornings at 9am Central.

Get in touch with DeEtte to book your own reading and to learn more about her courses on her website

5-card Draw

CARD 1 :

Ace of Michael - this is a time of new beginnings, and you have a great idea to get it started. Pay attention to the details. It may be a rough start, being able to see the minor issues at the beginning will help to process easier.

CARD 2 :

King of Raphael - you have found yourself in a place to be of assistance to others. A kind word or needed hand can go a long way. As you help others you will find yourself in a place of great movement forward. Follow your heart as you move ahead.

CARD 3 :

Queen of Raphael - you may have been in a place of not knowing which way to go. All paths leading to the same destiny, but which is the best for you. Follow your intuition, it will not fail you.

CARD 4 :

Ten of Ariel - all things are coming together for you. You are in a place of prosperity. You have taken your time and worked hard. As you look around your life you have gratitude in all you have around you. Take a moment to breath in the grace that has been given. You deserve it.

CARD 5 :

Nine of Ariel - you have made it. What you set out to do you have done and now you are finding yourself in the quiet of your mind. Thoughts of what is next. It is a time of inner reflection, looking to spiritual evolution for yourself. This time is for you.


A new adventure is ahead of you; one you are prepared for. You have laid the stones of the foundation and are looking to the fine details. Trust this is the right plane for you. As you need assistance it will be there, you can trust the universe is sending help. Continuing to follow your intuition and hard work is going to help you succeed. Trust all the good that comes to you from it is well deserved. Soon a sense of freedom will come with it.

P P The Being Curious Show with Kelly Wagner and new co-host Cheryl Carrigan Edge Talk Radio with Angela Zabel Schooled Thru Spirit with DeEtte Ranae Podcasts with unique content you won't find anywhere else! visit | 27

DON’T MISS these exciting new summer 2024 collaborations between The Edge Magazine, 2 Guys in the Know, and Everett & Charlie Art Gallery!

Maple Grove Community Center

Linden Hills, Minneapolis

10am-7pm Saturday

August 10th 10am-6pm Saturday

July 20th

Join us for a variety of intuitives, psychics, readers, holistic and alternative health exhibitors and guest speakers. Shop crystals, gemstones, jewelry, oils and other spiritual products. Experience the gallery event featuring Psychics in the Cities Judie Randall and Connie Braton.

$5 admission. Kids 10 and under enter FREE with paid adult. More event info at

The free outdoor festival where art meets metaphysical! This popular outdoor fair is back for it’s 3rd year. You’ll find 50+ vendors (artists, mystics, crystals, reiki, tarot, psychics, mediums, etc) and live music throughout the day. Best of all, we’re EXPANDING to a bigger spot for more vendors, more food trucks, and free parking!

Visit and our Facebook Event Page for
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