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F E B 2 015 How’s that five-hour-a-day exercise routine going in its second month? Are you managing to sustain your new energetic lifestyle with steamed fish and vegetables every day? Fear not, we won’t tell anyone. Truth be told, a few of us here at Olé Towers have lost our seat atop the wagon occasionally (most days). Good job we’ve got a nice meaty February issue for you to get your teeth into. If your executives have got itchy feet and feel the need to increase their overseas meetings, you might be glad of Nicky Christmas’ advice on booking travel. Or if you prefer to concentrate on flying up the career ladder, check out executive coach Vivian Ciampi’s tips on mastering effective communication in the workplace. We’ve got 60 seconds with Broadchurch’s executive producer Jane Featherstone. For those of you still hungry for more we’ve got the usual mix of entertainment and leisure recommendations plus a guide to looking buff in burgundy. Editor George Carey





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UPDATE Valentine’s trips and salted crisps SAY WHAT?! Risky rendezvous and baby bashing

ON THE JOB JOB NEWS The latest career news of choice BOOKING TRAVEL Practically Perfect PA’s indispensable guide CRACKING THE COMMUNICATION CODE Executive coach Vivian Ciampi’s top talking tips 60 SECONDS WITH Broadchurch’s executive producer Jane Featherstone

LUNCH BREAK BREAKTIME Catch up with the latest reviews and recipes OFFICE CATWALK Beauty in burgundy AND ONE MORE THING… Men are rubbish… apparently

Why Privacy Filters Are Important For Why Priv Businesses Are Impo Business

Are you protecting your Are you protecting sensitive information from your sensitive information from prying eyes? prying eyes?

HEALTHCARE More healthcare professionals are relying on laptops and tablets to interact remotely with HEALTHCARE hospitals. Without laptop screen filters, their data Moreforhealthcare profe access in public becomes an opportunity an laptops and tablets to invasion of patient confidentiality. hospitals. Without lapt access in public becom invasion of patient con GOVERNMENT Outside the security of government offices, government workers using mobile devices risk exposing sensitive data. Privacy filters are an GOVERNMEN the security of inexpensive and effective extension ofOutside mandatory government data protection measures to protect confidential workers u exposing sensitive data information. inexpensive and effect data protection measu information. FINANCIAL Whether it’s your accountant or a financial advisor, many financial professionals are travelling or commuting, many working as independent FINANCIAL Whether it’s your acco contractors outside of an office setting. Sensitive advisor, many financial records on-screen without a screen filter financia in place are subject to prying eyes. or commuting, many w contractors outside of financial records on-sc in place are subject to BANKING With the introduction of open-plan customer meeting areas, there is a higher risk of prying eyes stealing sensitive customer information. BANKING Withdata the introduction o Using a privacy screen will help improve meeting areas, there is protection. eyes stealing sensitive Using a privacy screen ™ protection. CORPORATE Corporate spies may not need to infiltrate a ™ company to gain secrets when confidential data CORPORATE ™ can be viewed and photographed over a travelling Protect private information on your laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet. PrivaScreen Corporate executive’s shoulder. Privacy filters can help spies may n Blackout Privacy Filters blackout the screen image when viewed from 30° side angles company to gain secre protect against corporate spying in public places. while keeping on-screen data clearly a straight-on view. can be viewed and pho Protectvisible privatefrom information on your laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet. PrivaScreen™ executive’s shoulder. P Blackout Privacy Filters blackout the screen image when viewed from 30° side angles protect against corpora while keeping on-screen data clearly visible from a straight-on view. EDUCATION The increased use of laptops and mobile devices by teachers and administrators means sensitive EDUCATION data can be accessed beyond the secure Thefilters increased use of l environment of school grounds. Privacy teachers and admin can prevent the possibility of exposingbystudent data can be accessed information in public. environment of school can prevent the possib information in public. MOBILE WORKERS Total Blackout Total Blackout Side View Side View As the number of workers outside the office Clear Front View continues to grow, so do privacy risks. In fact, Total Blackout Total 55%*Blackout of working professionals work on their MOBILE WOR Side View Side View As the number of work laptop in a high-traffic public area at least one Clear Front View continues hour per week.* From libraries to coffee shops to grow, so d 55%*theof working profe to airport terminals, mobile workers need laptop security of privacy filters wherever they workintoa high-traffic hour per week.* From protect the data they handle. *People Security Visual to airport terminals, m Data Breach Risk Assessment Study. security of privacy filte protect the data they h

PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filters Privacy You Can Trust! PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filters Privacy You Can Trust!

For more information contact your Fellowes Account Representative or telephone 01302 836835 For more information contact your Fellowes Account Representative or telephone 01302 836835

Data Breach Risk Assessmen




Feeling blue after Christmas? Not to worry, love is on the horizon to warm the cold winter air. Sail away to a dream destination this Valentine’s Day and make truly unforgettable memories. Cruise Nation provides their three best holiday destinations for the celebration of love: 1. Rome is a spectacular destination for Valentine’s Day particularly as it is the city where it all began. The priest Valentine was jailed for performing marriage ceremonies after it was forbidden in ancient Rome. During his time in prison Valentine made friends with the jailor’s blind daughter who he sent a note to signed, ‘from your Valentine’. There is no better place than Rome for a romantic retreat with its legends, history and air of mystery. 2. Singapore is the perfect exciting, far-flung city to make this Valentine’s Day extra special. From luxury hotels converging into jungle, traditional shophouses housing secret cocktail dens and modern skyscrapers towering over colourful temples, Singapore is a bundle of contrasts which makes it ever-more intriguing to discover together. 3. Nice is a great destination for couples looking to escape the Valentine’s Day commotion. Chill out in a cosy café on a street corner, view the stunning sunsets on the renowned Promenade des Anglais, or visit the daily flower market of the Cours Saleya. You can also enjoy some of the best food in France, no doubt enhanced by ambient candle lighting. Phil Evans, MD of Cruise Nation, said: “Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year for couples and travelling abroad and experiencing fascinating destinations is a perfect way to make new memories and explore the world with those special to you.”

A recent survey showed that almost six out of 10 (58%) of the 2,000 adults questioned said they think sitting in front of the TV makes them feel better in winter, making it the most popular way to fight the ‘winter blues’. Reading books (37%) and planning or making improvements to homes (26%) were also popular ways of escaping the winter. However, it is the lack of natural daylight in the winter that increases the level of melatonin in our bodies, a sleep-inducing hormone, leaving us feeling tired and demotivated. Increasing the amount of natural light we’re exposed to, by going outside for a walk or simply sitting by a window at home or work, will therefore usually provide a welcome boost for our mood and motivation levels at this time of year. Top 10 things Brits do to make themselves feel better in winter: 1. Cosy up in front of the TV (58%) 2. Read books (37%) 3. Go for walks (33%) 4. Book a holiday (28%) 5. Re-decorate/ plan home improvements (26%) 6. Sit by the fire (24%) 7. Watch the birds from a window (21%) 8. Look at the stars on a crisp night (21%) 9. Plan garden planting for the next season (12%) 10. Sit by a window (10%) Melanie McDonald, head of PR & brand marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, says: “It’s fascinating to see the many different methods people adopt in winter to help keep their spirits up, from updating their homes to going for walks or watching the birds in the garden. According to the survey findings, only 10% of us currently sit by a window in the winter to help ourselves feel better, yet doing this is a quick and easy way that most of us can instantly feel better.”


IN BRIEF Ready salted

STUDENT’S DÉJÀ-VU HELL A student was forced to drop out of university after a bizarre case of chronic déjà vu left him unable to lead a normal life. The 23-year-old even stopped watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers or magazines because he believed he had seen it all before. He told doctors that he was “trapped in a time loop” and said he felt as if he was reliving the past moment by moment. It’s thought that panic attacks may have triggered the phenomenon. The condition may also have been exacerbated by LSD. Report author Dr Christine Wells, a psychology expert from Sheffield Hallam University, said it could be the first case of a person experiencing persistent déjà vu stemming from anxiety. Although most people experience occasional feelings of déjà vu, more frequent and intense forms are usually only seen in people who have seizures in the temporal lobe, a condition called temporal lobe epilepsy. However, brain scans showed no sign of seizures or neurological conditions. The man also underwent a series of psychological tests to check his memory which failed to show any major issues either.

It seems like niche cafés are all the rage at the moment: in January the world’s first crisp sandwich shop, Simply Crispy, opened its doors in Belfast. And business is already booming. On its first day of trading, the café, which offers 25 different flavours of crisp sarnies, sold out within just two hours. If a crisp sarnie isn’t your thing, how about a bowl of soup featuring Monster Munch croutons?

Egged on Officers in the Isles of Scilly were called to a break-in at a shed and were surprised to find a fried egg on the grass nearby. A police spokesman said: “Somebody has forced open the door to the shed at the playing field. There are few clues as to how this came to happen other than a fried egg was left at the scene. We are just looking for the person responsible to own up.”

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A dog’s eye view

Flight etiquette with Professor X

Frank freakin’ Underwood






I’ve started seeing a guy that works for my another department in my company a few floors down. Do I have to tell my boss? Jess, Bournemouth

I’ve just come back from maternity leave and my company is being really unfair. I’ve come back to work four days a week, but my boss expects me to have my phone switched on during my day off and be ‘on call’ for clients at all times. What rights do I have? Kathy, Blackburn

You shouldn’t have to tell your boss, unless it’s specified in your contract. However, if you’re worried it may come out later and impact your job, you may want to let them know. Chances are that if he’s a few floors away, it won’t affect your work, but if it does, that’s where you could be in for trouble. Avoid public displays of affection, obviously, and if you’re worried about gossip, you could either come out with it and let everyone know, or start your own gossip that will be even better than the rumours flying around about you and your man.

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According to Directgov, when returning to work after maternity leave, you have a right to the same job and the same terms and conditions as if you hadn’t been away. However, if your employer shows it is not reasonably practical to return to your original job (e.g. because the job no longer exists) you do not have the same right. In that case, you must be offered alternative work with terms and conditions as if you hadn’t been away. Parents of children aged

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Last month’s winner: Jeremy Baxter

The budget had clearly been completely slashed for Jurassic Park 5 ”

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Legal and Professional filing

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JOB NEWS YOUR STAY SAFE ON ICY COMMUTE s are on the way, road With ice and snow chief rilous. The IAM’s expected to be pe to dger offers advice examiner, Peter Ro itted with driving on gr motorists to cope road surfaces. . itions, don’t travel 1. In severe cond y. Cars your car very dirt 2. Salt will make se p washers will lo without headlam of luminosity in an estimated 40% ed motorway. Stop 20 miles on a gritt your windscreen regularly to clean ith a clean cloth. and headlights w avoid overtaking 3. On busy roads, ay the road ahead m gritting lorries as t. not be treated ye al can cause extern 4. The salt in grit corrosion to any damage such as sion parts. Ensure exposed suspen your e underneath of that you wash th om settling. car to stop salt fr

SET YOUR CAREER VISION TODAY A career vision helps you to think abo ut what you want professionally this yea r. These questions will aid you to form yours: 1. What do I want to achieve? 2. What do I want that I don’t hav e? 3. What would success look like? 4. Which aspects of my talents do I most want to leverage this year? 5. Which new skills do I most want to learn this year? 6. Which skills do I most want to imp rove this year? 7. What skills do I most enjoy usin g? 8. Which weaknesses do I most wa nt to lessen this year? 9. If I could sculpt my job around a few duties, what would they be? 10. Which aspects do I least enjoy? 11. What do I need to do to stay on track with my 5-year goals? 12. How can I evolve my brand? 13. What quantifiable impacts did I have in 2014? 14. What were my most significant achievements in 2014? 15. How have my personal values changed?

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HUM YOUR WAY TO PRODUCTIVITY Studies show that music in the workplace can have positive influences and it’s important to understand the types of music that will work best. 1. Bass-heavy, empowering music inspires confidence and energy. 2. Research conducted in 2005 for the journal Psychology of Music found that empowering music may influence the way cognitive material is organised, influencing the worker’s creativity. Participants exposed to positive music demonstrated higher levels of creative problem solving. 3. Constant, ambient music with no lyrics allows better work pacing. 4. For repetitive work that requires focus but not much high-cognitive function, energetic and repetitive music assists pacing for work tasks throughout the day. This type of music is also perfect for increasing alertness and focus. 5. Classical music reduces stress and improves moods. 6. Mozart improves learning skills. 7. Pop music speeds data entry tasks. 8. The study found that participants exposed to pop music completed data entry tasks 58% quicker than those who had no music at all.


Over three quarters of employers welcome s hared pare ntal leave, acco rding to a s urvey by Workingmu It found tha t 81% welc omed shared pare ntal leave, with 19% saying they would find it difficult. Some 13% were still u naware of SPL and 19 % were aw are, but un what impac sure t it might h a v e o n them. Over half [5 6%] said th ey were still prepari ng a policy on it with challenges including in creased paperwork for smaller businesses and concern s about the complexity of dealing w ith mums a nd dads wh work in diffe o rent organis a ti o n s. Many said they had eit her adapted th eir compan y maternity package, fo r instance, reducing w they offere hat d to mothe rs in order increase w to hat they off er to dads.

THEY SAID Brit Hume “Fairness is not an attitude. It’s a professional skill that must be developed and exercised.”

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LOOKING AND BOOKING MADE EASY Blogger Practically Perfect PA aka NICKY CHRISTMAS gives us her expert tips on booking business travel

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don’t know about you but I can spend hours arranging and then rearranging travel for my director. It takes up a huge amount of time and can be incredibly complex, especially if they are travelling to a number of destinations with connecting flights and a host of visa requirements. I’ve had absolute nightmares in the past such as the time I organised a trip to Japan only to be told to cancel everything the day before because my colleague now had to go to Brazil. All this stress and you don’t even get to leave your desk! Here are my pros and cons for booking travel yourself and booking it via a travel agent. THE DIRECT APPROACH Pros • For point-to-point travel it can be quicker booking directly with the flight operator and hotel. You don’t have to explain what you want to someone else and you don’t have to wait to hear back on the options etc. • Websites such as and have the same functionality as the systems used by travel agents so if you know when and where your manager would like to travel to you can get all of the flight information using these websites. • In most cases travel agents will not charge you for booking a hotel but will relay that cost to the hotel as a finder’s fee. If your colleagues use the same hotel every time then it’s worth organising a corporate rate directly with that hotel because they won’t be paying any additional fees. In some cases I’ve noticed agencies have received a finder’s fee from the hotel and also charged my company a booker’s fee. Not good! Cons • Some airlines and hotels will hold back from advertising their best prices online because they like to maintain a good relationship with travel agencies. • Booking directly will require you to use either your manager’s corporate credit card or their personal card and then ask them to claim the money back. I always find this slightly worrying if they travel extensively and don’t get their expenses reimbursed straight away. • What happens when everything goes wrong? Having that additional support can be an absolute godsend.

USING AN AGENT Pros • A good travel agent will have contacts at the airlines so can advise on everything, including seat allocation, delays and upgrades. • The travel agency will have a profile on each of your managers and colleagues so they automatically know their preferences when it comes to travel. • The travel agency should have a 24 hour emergency helpline which means if anything goes wrong your colleague can contact them to find out information and get an idea of when they can get home. • From a price point of view the agent should be able to negotiate a good deal for you because they will have access to a variety of flight prices over a longer period of time and they will know when that particular price expires. Cons • Quite often with larger travel agencies the service you get differs according to the person you get on the phone or via email. Quite often they will not have knowledge of the area your manager is travelling to and will not be able to recommend hotels based on their experience. • Although travel agents will be able to find you the best price at that particular point in time, they will charge you a booking fee – factor this in when looking at the overall cost. Are they saving you any money compared to booking something directly? • It can be time consuming dealing with a third party that doesn’t have the knowledge that you have, especially if you have a complex trip with lots of internal and external flights and have to double check everything they are doing. There have been times I’ve booked flights through an agent which have left colleagues stranded for hours at connecting airports because the agent didn’t bother to see how long the layover time was or even if there were direct flights! • In most cases a travel agent will not quote prices for budget airlines.

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Executive coach VIVIAN CIAMPI wants to help professionals at every level become more effective communicators and, in doing so, gain better control of their career trajectory. Here are her four tactical tips to make it happen 1. BECOME THE UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR The most valued and successful person in any business is the one that can translate facts, figures, and concepts into actionable ideas that will not only make sense and resonate with their direct network, but also with any and all constituents those ideas will be presented to. The universal translator does the following: steps out of their comfort zone or discipline; lets go of any insider department lingo or technical terms and focuses on the audience at hand; suggests specific ways others can move forward with the information relative to what is important to them; and presents the vision, plan or theory in a way that is clear, crisp, confident and above all, actionable. If others can understand, relate to and rally around what you are presenting, it is sure to yield winning results. 2. MEET BEFORE YOU MEET There are few things more painful and embarrassing than getting completely derailed in a meeting. Many have seen it – someone showing up with well-prepared and rehearsed slides only to get completely pummeled with questions from every discipline in the room before they even get beyond the intro page. Instead of moving forward with their agenda, they are sent ten paces back and five paces to the side, only to leave the meeting with more work, lost credibility, a confused and frustrated audience and, above all, no progress on the agenda at hand. The best way to counter this is the following: determine who your key constituents are relative to your topic ahead of time; set up one-on-one meetings with all of them at least a few days in advance of the big meeting; socialise the topic with each of the constituents individually; and make sure you understand their perspective and answer any questions or concerns that they have ahead of time. By taking these steps you will gain valuable information that will help you refine your presentation and be better prepared to deliver in the real meeting. This strategy will facilitate your ability to effectively cover a lot of ground and actually garner decisions in the meeting without playing catch-up or spending valuable time trying to get everyone on the same page. 3. STOP, ASK AND LISTEN Today’s fast-paced workplace causes us to rush through conversations so we can cross it off our “to do list”

and move on to the next triaged task. Unfortunately, plowing through important conversations will never yield a productive outcome. The best way to approach key conversations, particularly in the midst of a timepressed schedule, are: don’t rush into your agenda in the first five minutes of the conversation and ask open ended questions. Once the person you’re engaged with has the opportunity to respond, ensure you’re actively listening and that you give them ample time to convey their thoughts without interjection or direction. You can gain key insights from these conversations and will be able to craft a more informed response. Even if you already know the answer, slowing down and letting others speak first allows them to “empty their cup”, which puts them in a better position to have it filled back up with what you have to say in response. When you do have the chance to speak, remember that people only have the capacity to absorb so much. Stay focused on who your audience is and what they care about. The most successful people in any company are those who take the time to listen and learn from others because they truly value what they have to say. 4. CONVERSE WITH CLARITY People today are inundated with data, work under tight timeframes, and talk in acronyms. Some use insider jargon, making it difficult for anyone outside their immediate network to understand. Also, incompetent people tend to rush through important details hoping no one else will ask questions, and you certainly don’t want to be perceived in that light. Such people can leave others feeling intimidated and unable to effectively contribute. Rather than sitting on the sidelines as the dialogue ensues, ask clarifying questions to ensure messaging remains on point. This fosters clear dialogue, makes people accountable to answer direct questions and often uncovers problems that need to be addressed but would otherwise have been overlooked.

“There are few things more painful and embarrassing than getting completely derailed in a meeting”

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J A N E F E AT H E R S T O N E Broadchurch’s executive producer raps about the new direction of the nation’s favourite whodunit and the great state of television drama today What made you get on board with creator Chris Chibnall for Broadchurch?


We worked on Life on Mars and Law and Order together. I’ve always loved Chris’ brilliant combination of character, wit, humour and drama, he has a great craft; I love his writing and I love working with him. He sent me the script and I just saw this incredible ambition to tell one story across eight hours. I love that sort of television; I love immersing myself in something for that length of time and I loved the characters he had drawn.

I understand it was you who recruited Olivia Colman to play Ellie Miller


I’m very pleased with myself for having that idea. I developed the script with Chris and we were sitting around thinking about it and quite honestly I’d had my eye on Olivia to play something for years and was waiting for the right role. I said, ‘Olivia Colman?’ And Chris was like ‘Oh my God!’ He said that he’d had her in mind too, so we asked her and David simultaneously, as they’re so wonderful. So we fixed that very early and filled the ensemble around them.

Are you nervous about the reception for the second series?


There’s definitely a pressure on us, which we put on ourselves. You make something you’re proud of and that the audience have responded so well to, and if you do it again you want to give the audience something that they love as much. We’re all fairly obsessive, control-freak perfectionists, and part of being really good is taking risks. We were able to take the story in quite a surprising direction, rather than do another crime with a body at the bottom of a cliff. We drew on the fact that the audience has fallen in love with the characters and are interested enough to continue on the road with them.

Do you think we’re experiencing a golden age in British drama?


I would never say this is the ‘golden age’, but there’s no question that the quality and range that’s on now is fantastic. We have the opportunity to work with such great talent from both on and off-screen and the lines between film and TV have now been blurred to such a degree where any great talent can work in either medium and tell those stories. There’s no doubt we’re having a good run of it, drama is in a good place so I’m very grateful for that.

Dictation on your phone?

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BREAKTIME desktop dining WEST END W AT C H


The always excellent Tamsin Greig – of Green Wing and Friday Night Dinner fame – stars in this fabulously funny stage adaptation of a Spanish eighties cult classic film, brought to the stage by director Bartlett Sher. Greig plays Pepa, a TV actor whose day gets off to a pretty iffy start when a voicemail alerts her to the fact she has been dumped by her boyfriend. Iffy turns to decidedly crappy when it emerges he has been hiding an unstable wife and young son, with predictably hilarious consequences.

ALASKA SALMON INGREDIENTS • A few drops of olive oil • 4 x 125-150g frozen fillets wild Alaska salmon • 100g sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, roughly chopped • 6 tbsp finely grated Parmesan cheese • 150g soft cheese • About 12 basil leaves • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 400g asparagus or broccoli • Green salad, to serve METHOD • Preheat the oven to 190°C, fan oven 170°C, gas mark 5. Grease a baking sheet with a little olive oil. • Arrange the salmon fillets on the baking sheet and season them with a little salt and pepper. • Mix together the sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and soft cheese. Snip about half the basil leaves into the mixture and stir to combine. Share the mixture between the salmon fillets, spreading it out to cover the tops. Drizzle with a little more olive oil, then cover loosely with a piece of foil. • Bake in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes, removing the foil for the final five minutes. Check that the fish is cooked – the flesh will be opaque and should flake easily. • A few minutes before the fish is ready, cook the asparagus or broccoli in lightly salted boiling water for four or five minutes. Serve with the fish, accompanied by a green salad. Garnish with the remaining basil leaves.

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Out now Starring David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr., Selma is the big-screen account of one of the pivotal moments in American history. The 1965 marches demanding equal voting rights for AfricanAmericans began in the town of Selma when, led by Martin Luther King, 600 marchers, protesting the death of 26-year-old Jimmie Lee Jackson and their exclusion from the voting process, were attacked by police using clubs and tear gas in what became known as Bloody Sunday. The Charlatans

Out now The Charlatans’ twelfth album, Modern Nature comes after a brutally difficult year for the band following the death from brain cancer of their old friend and drummer Jon Brookes last year. The album features a cacophony of contributors from three temporary drummers – Pete Salisbury of The Verve, Stephen Morris of New Order and Gabriel Gurnsey of DFA’s avant-disco group Factory Floor – as well as Kate Bushs’s backing singers and strings by Sean O’ Hagan. Q has already described the album as “one the finest of their career”.

POWER HOUR BODYART TRAINING Swiss fitness expert Robert Steinbacher combined his experiences as a dancer and a therapist for special-needs children to create this dynamic bodyweight workout. He realized that therapeutic exercises could be as beneficial for people without physical limitations, and BodyArt was born. Dubbing itself an “extraordinary training concept for a new awareness,” it integrates functional training, physiotherapy, tai chi, and yoga positions for a tough yet restorative workout.

BOOK THIS LUCK, LUST, LIQUOR & BURN If a January full of workouts and wheatgrass has left you feeling tired and hungry, this glorious temple of all things meaty and boozy is the perfect tonic. Whether you’re after an enticing enchilada or a moreish magharita, this is the place to make all of your wildest TexMex dreams come true. Put down the quinoa and pick up the lemon and salt, because this tequila and tacos spot will have you wondering if a bikini body is really worth the hassle. 100-102 High Street London

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LOVES Gadget corner 1

Panasonic Lumix GF7 This is the camera that selfies made, featuring a three-inch screen that pops up and swivels 180 degrees to allow you to see how you look. So far so mundane, I hear you scream, but the clever part is that it takes photos as soon as it detects a face, so there’s no need to press any buttons – so often the cause of people’s faces looking a touch melted in group selfies.

Nexus 9 The Google Nexus 9 is the latest first-party tablet from the search giant, and it’s the first slate to come packing Android 5.0 Lollipop too. Starting at £319, the Nexus 9 is a premium effort from Google and HTC.



Mouse-Box This deceptive little beauty brings the power of a PC packed into a mouse. All you need is a monitor and keyboard to make it work. With two USB ports to connect with other devices and a micro-HDMI socket allowing you to watch movies through a projector or HD TV, the possibilities really are endless. Oh yeah, and it will also hook up to your PC and work as… a normal mouse. Magic.

4 180s Bluetooth ear warmers Supporting Siri and Google Now voice activation, these hi-definition speakers allow you to take calls and listen to rich, smooth sounding music from other Bluetooth-enabled devices, while keeping your ears snuggly and warm on those cold commutes or early morning runs.

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O F F I C E C AT W A L K Beauty in burgundy: It’s one of the hottest colours this season, so why not work it into your office attire? 3




3 1 5




1 Apricot, Beaded Peter Pan collar jumper, £28

1 Officers Club, Retro fire men’s shirt, £16.99

2 Dune, Jilly, £75

2 CAG at Boticca, Bicolour fedora, £120

3 Dorothy Perkins, Burgundy gloves, £20

3 Eden Park, Burgundy trousers, £109

4 Very, Faux fur muff, £12 5 Phase Eight, Beatrix boucle coat, £160

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C H I N U P, C H A P S

Office manager Hannah Veale has some rather withering opinions about the men in her life. Wind her up and away she goes…

Hannah Veale Office manager

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I’m noticing a new trend amongst my female friends. They are all complaining that men are ‘acting like women’. While I can’t condone this terminology, I understand what they’re talking about. I’m proud of the women in my life. They’re like real life incarnations of those annoyingly successful women you see on TV, albeit with a little more H&M than Jimmy Choo. The men in my life are ineffectual and indecisive. Some are drifting along hoping a generous stranger will offer them a CEO position in a multinational corporation, meaning they can quit their souldestroying jobs. The fact that they’re unwilling to proactively find a job suggests they should seek professional help for undiagnosed Stockholm syndrome. Others are incapable of managing their finances and come to the end of every month utterly housebound, unable to take their girlfriends for a drink. Most notably, however, they’re incapable of being pragmatic about relationships. Pragmatism is, perhaps, not the most desired emotion to attach to the beautiful union of man and woman, but love is mainly tolerance. If you can see the relationship for what it is and not get too emotional about it, you can pinpoint areas that need improvement. This is what my lady friends and I can do but the menfolk aren’t so capable. Example one: I was seeing a man who, after only three weeks, told me he loved me. I assured him he didn’t and that, in fact, he’d barely scratched the surface. He cried. Then on a weekly basis he told me he loved me, forcing me to feign selective hearing loss. Example two: My friend was seeing someone who wouldn’t accept her breaking up with him. He cried. It took her dating someone else for him to back off. And even then he didn’t back off very much. I could carry on with my examples of men falling head over heels too quickly, but I’ve made my point. Men, play hard to get and you’ll get further. Women, carry on as you are, you’re all brilliant.

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