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ON THE JOB Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas again already? It feels like I’ve only just finished paying for last year. If you’re struggling with those last few stocking-fillers, turn to our gift guide on pages 18 and 19 for some ideas. This month we feature another instalment from (aptly named) blogger, Nicky Christmas, on booking business travel (p10-11). We speak to mother of two Kati Martin about what it’s like to start your own business (p12-13) and spend a day in the life of paediatric staff nurse, Becky Lampitt (p14). For all you chocolate lovers, Fairtrade chocolate company, Divine, is giving away an AMAZING hamper of chocolate for one lucky reader, so turn to page 16 and enter now! Have a great Christmas – see you in 2013!

JOB NEWS One in ten bullied at work TRAVEL: DYI OR AGENCY? PA blogger Nicky Christmas weighs up methods of booking corporate travel DAY IN THE DIARY Paediatric staff nurse Becky Lampitt makes a day at the office seem like a breeze

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Atheists bring an end to tradition The city of Santa Monica has boasted an extravagant nativity scene in its Palisades Park each Christmas for nearly 60 years, but officials are ending the tradition this year after an atheist protested – by setting up his own non-religious display. The churches responsible for the nativity scene are taking the case to the federal court, claiming the city has violated their freedom of speech by ending the longstanding Christmas tradition. They want a judge to block the city’s ban on private and unattended displays in the park until the case is resolved. The city has requested that the lawsuit be dropped entirely. (Source: The Associated Press.)

Office romance It seems the office party is the place to be if you’re looking for romance. A recent study by the Caron rehab centre in Pennsylvania found that at work events where alcohol was served, 30% of people saw someone flirt with a co-worker and 9 per cent said employees engaged in sexual activity. Another survey by Canon office supplies revealed that a third of workers either kissed a co-worker, or ended-up going home with them after the Christmas party. Meanwhile, the WorldWIT survey found one in five women found romance at the office do.


The James Milner foundation will be hosting the ‘Christmas in Wonderland,’ charity ball at Event City in Manchester on Sunday 16 December. The venue will be transformed into a winter wonderland, to promote the NSPCC, Help for Heroes and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.


IN BRIEF Santalympics

Comedian mistaken for illegal immigrant Four UK border guards have reportedly attempted to detain comedian Joan Rivers as she disembarked from a fishing boat in Kent. The American was filming for her chat show when she was mistaken for an illegal immigrant trying to enter the UK. Rivers had been fishing near Faversham, when the party was stopped for questioning by the UK Border Agency. The agency had received a tip-off suggesting that the boat may be harbouring illegal immigrants. They quizzed Rivers, her daughter Melissa and the crew for several minutes until they realised who she was. Ms Rivers, 79, said: “Even though we were innocent I am so sorry they didn’t arrest us. I love Englishmen and they were very cute!” (Source: Orange news)

Sam Aronov /


Christmas came early in Sweden’s Arctic mining town of Gaellivare, where Santas from around the globe gathered in mid-November to compete in the Santa Winter Games. The nine competitors and their elves paraded through the Lapland town of Gaellivare, located 62 miles inside the Arctic Circle, to the centre of town where the competition took place. (Source: Yahoo news)

Nightmare before xmas A fungus is attacking one of Britain’s most popular species of Christmas tree, BBC news reports. The tree is a favourite because it doesn’t lose its needles, but the fungal condition causes the needles go brown and drop off, making the trees completely unsalable and not very pretty.

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Crazy for Christmas

Big Bang Theory flash mob




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I have been working for the same company for Ialmost have been working for the same ten years and recently a newcompany manager for almost ten years and recently a has started. He keeps giving me tasksnew to do, manager has started. He keeps giving even though I’m not his assistant and it me isn’t tasks to do, even though I’m not his assistant within my remit. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s and it isn’t within my remit. I wouldn’t mind, making me fall behind in my own work. What but it’sImaking me fall behind in my own should do? work. What should I do? Margaret, Harlow Muscietur apelignis dist volupta voluptiatur, sa

I recently got offered a fantastic new job with a great salary for a really interesting company. There’s just one problem: the office is located in a not particularly nice part of town. Where I am at the moment is a lovely area, but I hate the job. Any advice? Anne, London

ne nis delitatur sinciti ressimo diorero con corum You need to speak yourutown bossconsecepta and find out ex essequidem restosim omnis whether or not nobis you are for looking dolest, seque a responsible con ped moluptur remafter the newparum manager Helping is all very well but simint utam, modisout dolorepudio ifdipientis your workload is effectively doubling should quatum ium rehentin natiasyou nust, have been quat consulted first. Ifquid this isest, theacia case, it might culparum autassinis con be time toquo discuss pay rise. Butdoluptu don’t jump the re nobis quis aillicillut ulpa repratq gun – speakcommolu to your boss first,audipid it could quas just be that uamendio ptassit aut the new recruit has misunderstood your role.

caption competition

Unfortunately, no job is perfect and this will have to be a case of weighing up the pros and cons. Think about how much time you actually get to spend exploring the area where you work – will it really affect you if it’s not in the most desirable postcode? If you are really unhappy where you are it might be worth taking a leap of faith and trying something new.

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Last week’s winner was Ian Cook with:

I don’t think they really understand how hide and seek works...”

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The Essential Office Supplies Business Solutions from Diversey. Professional cleaning products for professional businesses. Not available in the supermarket! Now available to order through your office supplies dealer.



Rexel’s Auto+ range features unique auto-feed technology which allows users to ‘Stack, Shut and they are done. Consumers simply load the paper into the shredder (up to 60, 80,100, 250 and 500 sheets), close the lid and leave the machine to do the rest. There is no longer the need to waste time standing behind a shredder feeding paper in batches. The products in the range include jam prevention technology including patented Jam Free technology in the 250X and 500X which prevents paper jams from occurring, eliminating the stress and the mess that is traditionally associated with shredding. Simple and straight-forward to use, Auto + shredders automatically wake from sleep when paper is inserted. The top-loading design makes stacking paper easy and effortless. These revolutionary shredders also automatically separate paperclips and staples from documents, saving even more time and increasing productivity. The Auto+ 250X and 500X can also shred CDs. With contemporary design and styling the Auto+ range fit into any modern office environment. The large pull out bin makes them easy to empty. The entire line is also fitted with a manual feed bypass slot which offers an alternative way to quickly shred the occasional sheet or document. Rexel Auto + shredders for hands free automatic shredding.

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JOB NEWS ying Workplace bull at le have suffered op pe e re th in One at work, a survey es lli bu of s nd ha the k has found. for ITV’s Daybrea , arters of workers qu ere th t os lm  A d verbal bullying ce en ri pe ex ) 4% (7 lf (58%) felt  More than ha eir supported by th un d an ed at ol is line-manager d nothing about di 10 of t ou ur fo  the bullying e in 10 people wer e on an th e or M  sult e their job as a re av le to ed rc fo of bullying.

Mind the pay gap New figures from the Chartered Management Institute have revealed that the average female executive suffers a lifetime earnings gap of £423,390 wh en compared to a male worker with an identical career path. With the current gap between ma le and female average pay at manag ement level standing at £10,060 a year, a woman and a man entering execut ive roles aged 25 and working their wa y up the career ladder until retiring aged 60 would take home pre-tax totals of £1,092,940 and £1,516,330 respec tively, based on today’s levels. The figure is based on analysis of market pay data which looks at sala ry and labour turnover data for 38,843 peo ple in executive roles in the UK. The resear ch by CMI revealed that the average ma le in an executive role earned a basic sala ry of £40,325 over the 12 months to Aug ust 2012, compared to £30,265 for a fem ale in the same type of role.

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Child care cheaper up north has revealed new figures from its national database of childcare professionals, demonstrating the true cost of all types of childcare up and down the country. The data of 1,288 registered childcare professionals has shown the average cost of childcare in the south is 22% more expensive than the North of England, with as much as 36% increase for exactly the same service you’d get if you were 100 miles further north. The average childcare agency fee is £1,856, or £1,104 in the North and £2,609 in the South – a 136% increase. Dr. Ruth Sealy, deputy director of the International Centre for Women Leaders at the Cranfield University School of Management, and lead researcher of the annual Female FTSE Report commented on the findings: ”In addition to publishing the Female FTSE annual report, I am a full-time working mum of two. Based on my experience since my first was born I will be interested to see how more accessible and local childcare solutions affect the modern family and female employment over the next few years.”

Employers don’t give pensions enough thought The vast majority of employers (88%) are aware of their requirements to auto-enrol staff into a pension schem e, but only half (51%) of those have looked beyond legal compliance and taken steps to ensure their pension arrangements meet the needs of the business and employees. That’s according to the latest research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), based on a sur vey of more than 1,000 employers across all sectors of the economy. The CIPD also surveyed more than 2,000 employees and found that 62% of those not currently saving through a workplace pension plan to stay ‘op tedin’ when they are auto-enrolled. As a consequence, the CIPD predicts tha t if the rest of the UK workforce behave s in a similar way to those surveyed, the overall percentage of those in a workplace pension could increase from 52% to 82%.

W O R K FA C T It was only after the Second World War that it became the norm in Britain to work five days a week rather than six. (Source: The Telegraph)

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W E L L T R AV E L L E D PA blogger, Practically Perfect PA (aka NICKY CHRISTMAS) gives us her expert tips on booking business travel

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don’t know about you, but I can spend hours arranging and then rearranging travel for my director. It takes up a huge amount of time and can be incredibly complex, with a number of destinations involving connecting flights and a host of visa requirements. I’ve had absolute nightmares in the past, such as the time I organised a trip to Japan, only to be told to cancel everything the day before because my colleague now had to go to Brazil. All this stress and I don’t even get to leave my desk! Here are my pros and cons for booking travel yourself and booking it via a travel agent.

 What happens when everything goes wrong? Having that additional support can be an absolute godsend. USING AN AGENT PROS  A good travel agent will have contacts at the airlines so can advise on seat allocation, delays and upgrades.  The travel agency will have a profile on each of your managers and colleagues so they automatically know their preferences.  An agency should have a 24-hour emergency helpline, which means if anything goes wrong, your colleague can contact them to find out information and THE DIRECT APPROACH get an idea of when they can get home. PROS  From a price point of view, the agent should be able  For point-to-point travel it can be quicker booking to negotiate a good deal for you because they will directly with the flight operator and hotel. You don’t have access to a variety of flight prices over a longer have to explain what you want to someone else and period of time and they will know when that particular you don’t have to wait to hear back on the options etc. price expires.  Websites such as and CONS have the same functionality as the systems used  Quite often with larger travel agencies the service by travel agents. So, if you know when and where your you get differs according to the person you get on manager would like to travel to, you can get all of the the phone or via email. flight information using these websites.  Although travel agents will be able to find you the  In most cases, travel agents will not charge you for best price at that particular point in time they will booking a hotel but will relay that cost to the hotel as charge you a booking fee – factor this in when looking a finder’s fee. If your colleagues use the same hotel at the overall cost. Are they actually saving you any every time then it is worth organising a corporate money compared to booking something directly? rate directly with that hotel because they won’t be  It can be time-consuming dealing with a third-party paying any additional fees. In some cases I’ve noticed who don’t have the knowledge that you have, especially agencies have received a finder’s fee from the hotel if you have a complex trip with lots of internal and and also charged my company a booker’s fee. Not good! external flights and have to double-check everything CONS they are doing. There have been times I’ve booked  Some airlines and hotels will hold back from flights through an agent that have left colleagues advertising their best prices online because they like to stranded for hours at connecting airports because the maintain a good relationship with the travel agency. agent didn’t bother to see how long the layover time  Booking directly will require you to use either your was or even if there were direct flights! manager’s corporate credit card or their personal card  In most cases a travel agent will not quote prices for and then ask them to claim the money back. I always budget airlines. find this slightly worrying if they travel extensively and don’t get their expenses reimbursed straight away. Check out Nicky’s regular blog at

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CARRIE SERVICE speaks to KATI MARTIN, director of online organic children’s clothes shop, Boys&Girls, about the challenges of starting your own business and being a working mum

on the job

YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ONLINE ORGANIC CHILDREN’S CLOTHES SHOP THAT YOU RUN WITH TWO OTHER DIRECTORS. WHAT CAREER BACKGROUND DID YOU COME FROM? I come from a buying background in high street womenswear fashion. I started my buying career at Topshop back in the mid ‘90s and then worked for several retailers, including Miss Selfridge and Laura Ashley. After having my first child I decided that I wanted to work part-time and at a slower pace and I went to work for a small UK ethical baby retailer. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? DID HAVING CHILDREN PLAY A PART IN YOUR DECISION? When the economy took its first major downturn three years ago, the company I was working for got into financial difficulty, which resulted in me and some colleagues being made redundant. I had two small children at the time and so I wanted to find a job that would enable me to be flexible and to be around for the first years of their school life. There were three of us that had been made redundant that really wanted to use our experience and try to create something ourselves and I think that fact really helped. I wouldn’t have done it on my own. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM SETTING UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS? That you need nerves of steel! I wasn’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster it has been. Everything is so personal. Having said that, 18 months in, I have calmed down a lot. Things that used to send me into a tail-spin when we first launched don’t even register these days. On a practical level I have learned masses of new skills, because my particular role in the Boys&Girls business is very different to my role as a buyer. Some of this has been an exciting challenge, but some of

it, such as various administration jobs, can be very boring and frustrating. But you just have to get on with it and keep hold of the bigger picture. DO YOU THINK IT’S DIFFICULT FOR PARENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR CAREER GOALS – PARTICULARLY WOMEN? I don’t think it is difficult for women who are parents to achieve their career goals necessarily – I know lots of very successful parents. What is difficult generally, is finding a career that allows some parents to be around for their children as much as they would like to be. I am sure it is an issue that effects women in particular, as we are still usually the ones that take time out of work after having a baby. However, in my peer group, there definitely seems to be a shift of roles recently, with more very successful mothers who are the main earners while their partners have less demanding or more flexible jobs and so do a lot more of the school runs, child care etc. In my experience getting the work/life balance right is a complicated and on-going challenge. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO START AN ORGANIC CLOTHING LINE – DO YOU TRY AND BUY ORGANIC YOURSELF? We really just feel it’s the right thing to do. The three of us were already working with organic cotton manufacturing and once you are aware of all the positive consequences using organic and fairtrade manufacturing practices can bring and all the harm that conventional cotton production does to the cotton farmers and their families – not to mention the environment, it would have been hard to go back to working with conventional cotton again. It’s certainly not the easiest strategy to follow, but I guess that is why not many people are doing it! Personally I do try and buy organic and Fairtrade products where I can.

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D AY I N T H E D I A R Y DOING IT FOR THE KIDS We follow a day in the life of Becky Lampitt, a paediatric staff nurse in Birmingham.


Wake up, get ready and go to work. Arrive at about 7.10 and get myself some breakfast and a cup of tea. Sit in the staff roon catching up with everyone else.

7: 30am

Handover and patient allocation. Children and parents breakfasts, get babies washed and feed them.


Normally spent doing oral and intravenous medicines. Then in between doing these, we see what the doctors have planned for the day and carry out any tasks – take bloods, collect other samples and increase or decrease our input with the child, with the aim of getting them well and home.


I try to have my 30-minute lunch break if I can, but it really depends how busy the ward is if I can have it at this time.


Discharges, feeds, medicine rounds and doing four-hourly observations like blood pressure, temperature and pulse etc.

5-8.30 pm

This time is usually very busy with discharges, cleaning beds then having admissions along with the dinner trolley, four-hourly observations, another 30-minute break, feeds and drugs as well as anything else any of my patients might need. I also have to write a set of notes at the end of the day to document the care I have given to each child and their family, as well as the charts I have been filling out throughout the day.


Walk to the carpark. There are a couple of us and we have a nice chat and wind-down on the walk back.

9: 30pm

I’m home and showered. If I’m at work the next day, I’ll usually go straight to sleep ready for another long day, but if not then I go round to my boyfriend’s house.

lunch break

BREAKTIME desktop dining LUNCHTIME G I V E A W AY AT T E N T I O N CHOCOHOLICS ABSOLUTELY DIVINE To be in with a chance of winning a Divine Christmas hamper, including three chocolate Divine Christmas trees in milk, dark and white chocolate, two bars of luxurious Divine chocolate, Ginger Thins, Mint Thins and Christmas coins, answer the following question: Which country are Divine Chocolate cocoa beans grown? a) Ghana b) Nigeria c) Lapland Send your answers to editor@ with “Divine” in the subject line.


HHHHH For some good old-fashioned, no nonsense grub, try Urban Pie. They bake fresh pies throughout the day using only top-quality cuts of meat, chunky vegetables, fresh herbs and the best pastry. A great winterwarmer on those cold December days, to eat in or take-away.


INGREDIENTS  350g/12oz high quality mincemeat;  200g/7oz plain flour, sifted;  40g/1½oz golden caster sugar;  75g/2¾oz ground almonds;  125g/4½oz unsalted butter, diced;  1 large free-range egg, beaten; milk to glaze.

METHOD 1. Lightly butter a 12-hole pie tin. 2. Place the flour, sugar, almonds and butter in a bowl and rub together by hand until the consistency resembles breadcrumbs, then stir in the egg. 3. Bring the mixture together with your hands, wrap in clingfilm and chill for an hour or so. Thinly roll out the pastry on a floured surface. Cut out 12 circles with a fluted pastry cutter, large enough to fill the base of the prepared tin. Press gently into each hole, then fill with the mincemeat. 4. Cut out another 12 slightly smaller discs and use to cover the mincemeat. Press the edges together to seal. Make a small slit in the top of each, then brush lightly with milk. Chill for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. 5. Bake the pies for 20 minutes until golden brown. Remove to a wire rack and serve warm. (Source: BBC GoodFood)

lunch break




Power shopping

Hansel & Gretel

As it’s the festive season we thought it would be just plain wrong to suggest you do any exercise – that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for! Anyway, shopping is a great way to burn calories, so to work off those mince pies and get you in the festive mood, take a trip to Birmingham’s Christmas market. It’s the biggest and longest Christmas market outside of Germany.

Head over to London for Katie Mitchell’s bewitching adaptation of this classic Grimm’s fairytale. It’s her third National Theatre children’s Christmas show and this time she has teamed up with playwright Lucy Kirkwood who she worked with on 2010’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Suitable for children aged seven to 10. Go on, treat them. Location: National Theatre, Cottesloe, London.


G I V E A W AY TEA TREE TO THE RESCUE Tea Tree is a powerful natural ingredient and can be used to treat itchy flaky scalps, head lice, nappy rash, cuts, acne, and insect bites – not to mention giving you glossy hair and clear skin – perfect for the whole family. Teangi is giving away four sets of shampoo, conditioner and pure tea tree treatment oil – just email with your name and address and ‘Tea tree’ in the subject line.

Brendan Howard /

Nestled against the Bavarian Alps, Munich provides a host of cosy beerkellars and traditional Christmas markets – but it’s not all beer, sausages and gingerbread! It’s a city steeped in culture and history. With three art museums that are often rated inside the top 10 in Europe and a host of other cultural and historical sites there is plenty to see and do.

D R I N K of M O N T H the

BOTTLEGREEN’S ‘ENJOY HOT’ Embrace the winter spirit with Bottlegreen’s range of ‘enjoy hot’ cordials. Guaranteed to keep you warm all the way through the cold season – simply add hot water, sit back and indulge in the unique flavours.Varieties include spiced berry, elderflower and ginger & lemongrass.

Taste: Refreshment: Convenience: Health factor:

8 8 10 8



lunch break

LOVES STILL GOT SHOPPING TO DO? HERE’S A FEW GIFT IDEAS FOR T H AT L A S T M I N U T E D A S H T O T H E S H O P S 1 Fair isle stocking, £10, Debenhams at House of Fraser £28, Debenhams

2 Hard case clutch bag, £30, Marisota

3 The After Party nail colour set, £25, Nails inc

4 Daily Therapy Bath/Shower Bottle Bag, £5, Baylis & Harding 6 Victoria Sponge Bake Set, Next, £15

snood, £35, Accessorise

5 Genius Shea Butter Collection, L’Occitane,

7 Body Radiance Collection, £15, Baylis and Harding 8 Multicolour

9 Diamanté bracelet, £35, Dune

10 Sparkling Crystal Ball Earrings, £16.95, What’s About Town?

11 American Originals Cake Pop Maker, £35,

11 14 13 12


7 6


8 9


lunch break

O F F I C E C AT W A L K Our favourite festive jumpers and winter woolies to keep you and the kids toastie and warm on Christmas morning



for the kids


6 7

4 5




From left to right: Dylan wears hoodie from £12, top from £6, jeans from £9, boots from £12.50 and scarf from £5. Takezo wears shirt from £8, t-shirt from £6, trousers from £8 and hat from £6. All F&F at Tesco.

2 Big Star Hoody from £25, Boys&Girls 3 Big Chevron Hooded Poncho from £26, Boys&Girls 4 Snowflake Beanie, £16, Fat Face 5 Christmas pudding hat, £15, River Island 6 Snuggly Christmas socks, £20, House of Fraser 7 Radley dog slippers, £25, House of Fraser 8 Gingerbread man jumper, £19, Dunnes Stores 9 Red Christmas jumper, £60, House of Fraser

lunch break


IS REMOTE WORKING ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE? Krystle Davis weighs up the pros and cons of working from home

Krystle Davis Account Manager

When I handed in my notice to my employer and was heading for the North for a new life with my partner, the last thing I expected was to have a counter-offer to work remotely. “Great”, I thought, “a perfect opportunity to continue working with a great company, people I get along with and a job I really enjoy.” On top of that I’d have all the benefits of working from home, with a new life in Warrington and a trip to the office in London once or twice a week. Two weeks in and I’ve got cabin fever! Don’t get me wrong – it’s great: no morning commute and I get lots done, but I never considered the lonely side that could come with it. My top tips for successful working from home and avoiding cabin fever are:  Be disciplined and get ready for the day ahead, as you would if you were going to the office.  Get up, dressed and start the day with a cup of tea and breakfast.  At some point leave the house, go out for a bite to eat or even join the gym and go in the mornings – it’s a great wait to start the day!

Did you agree with the columnist? Think you can do better? Email us with your “And one more thing” of approx. 300 words to

These things should help you get rid of loneliness – you’re breaking up the day and not isolating yourself at home. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of not taking breaks and before you know it the day has gone. And finally; if things are changing in your life or you’re not completely happy in your role, talk to your boss – you never know what they might offer you. I, for one, never imagined I would be writing this as I make my weekly commute back to sunny Warrington!


Go to for must-read office and career advice, along with ideas for your lunch, competitions and funny stuff to make your nine-to-five go by quicker.

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