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vibrant independent co-edition publisher of illustrated non-fiction, Eddison Books was founded by Nick Eddison

in 1982 as Eddison Sadd, which quickly became a pre-eminent mind-body-spirit publisher and packager. Relaunched in 2015 by new owner StÊphane Leduc, founder of Leduc.s Editions in France, the company has built on its MBS traditions and stable of renowned long-standing authors, expanding into self-care and personal development, health and fitness, nutrition and general reference, to produce titles with an especially female-focused outlook. Bringing together a talented international team highly experienced in illustrated and trade publishing, Eddison is distinguished by the hallmarks of beautifully designed books that are meaningful, useful and relevant for today’s readers.


We are passionate about producing beautiful books that communicate ideas which inform, inspire, empower, improve, heal and transform, and in doing so create a healthier, happier, more connected world.


Lisa Dyer, Managing Director

Autumn 2019

Hildegard of Bingen’s Holistic Health Secrets NATURAL REMEDIES FROM THE VISIONARY PIONEER OF HERBAL MEDICINE Mélanie Schmidt-Ulmann is a graduate of the Hildegard Institute and is passionate about natural medicine, acting as a consultant for both Hildegardian and Bach Flower Remedies. She is also a natural-parenting consultant, offering support and guidance to future parents and promoting an organic way of life. W:

A twelfth-century German Benedictine abbess, Hildegard of Bingen is widely regarded as one of the true pioneers of holistic medicine and natural healing, developing concepts that were ahead of their time. Introducing her 10 key principles, including, preventative health advice, fasting, the mind– body connection, meditation and ecological considerations, this practical book brings her original authentic remedies to a modern audience. Discover the healing benefits of key foods and plants – plus which foods to avoid – along with recipes for plant-based balms and elixirs. There is also targeted advice for alleviating common ailments, such as digestive disorders, insomnia, migraines, skin problems, stress – and more.

12 SEPTEMBER 2019 £14.99 | Hardback 227 x 165 mm | 144 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064429

autumn / winter 2019 e 5

Ho‘oponopono THE ANCIENT HAWAIIAN PRACTICE OF GRATITUDE AND FORGIVENESS A massage therapist and life coach, author Carole Berger discovered the philosophy of Ho‘oponopono while being trained in Hawaii, where she lived for four years. She has written several books on the subject. W:

This beautiful self-help guide leads the reader through the simple ‘laws’ of this ancient wisdom from the Hawaiian elders – repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love – allowing healing of the self and relationships with others. Simple and practical tools are given for attaining a balanced life, listening and learning, and how to move on from negative experiences or past traumas to a positive future. Full of little gems of wisdom, and beautifully illustrated and published in a gifty format, the book makes a lovely inspirational present or an instructional self-purchase.

07 NOVEMBER 2019 £14.99 | Hardback 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064504

6 e autumn / winter 2019

Chakra Crystals PROMOTE BALANCE AND SELF-HEALING THROUGH CRYSTAL MEDITATIONS Dr Kate Tomas is a renowned psychic, witch and crystal healer who works to awaken people to their infinite potential and help them tap into their innate gifts. One of the most sought-after magickal practitioners working today, she holds a doctoral degree in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford and lives between London and New York with her spouse Ames, two rescue cats, George and Gershwin, and a rescue chihuahua, Dominic. W:

26 SEPTEMBER 2019 £24.99 | Contains 7 polished crystals & pouch Book: 185 x 125 mm | 144 pp Box: 198 x 132 x 40mm ISBN: 9781859064320

Kate Tomas, one of the world’s leading crystal therapists, presents her remarkable meditation-based healing techniques for personal empowerment. Working with a particular crystal for each chakra, you will discover powerful visualizations to enable you to connect with crystal resonance and create the right conditions for self-healing. The energy of crystals is phenomenal. Now you can experience it for yourself. The crystals included are all natural and ethically sourced. They are: Black Obsidian • Base chakra Carnelian • Sacral chakra Yellow Jasper • Solar Plexus chakra Green Quartz • Heart chakra Blue Quartz • Throat chakra Sodalite • Brow chakra Clear Quartz • Crown chakra

autumn / winter 2019 e 7

The Dynamics of Stillness 36 MEDITATIVE PRACTICES TO DEVELOP YOUR SENSES AND RECONNECT WITH NATURE A practicing osteopath, teacher and lecturer in Ireland and the founder of the Daisy Clinic Trust, Ian Wright has been practising osteopathy and pediatrics for more than 25 years including in Ireland and the UK. He runs Dynamics of Stillness courses for people from all walks of life and publishes a weekly podcast about health and well-being. BSc(Ost), FSCCO (cranial osteopathy), MOCI (disability specialist).

03 OCTOBER 2019 £14.99 | Paperback 227 x 165 mm | 160 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064474

8 e autumn / winter 2019

Stop and be still. This book is the antidote to the information overload of the modern age, helping readers to disengage from chaos and find stillness within. In this practical book, experienced osteopath Ian Wright blends holistic disciplines – including those from Buddhism,Taoism and Aboriginal traditions – with modern science and fluid dynamics to help readers quieten their minds to self-heal. Through mindfulness and meditation techniques, he guides readers towards a calm, nonreactive ‘state of neutrality’, while at the same time allowing them to establish a very deep connection between their senses and the world.

Dare to Be Happier 25 STEPS TO A JOYOUS LIFE THROUGH JOURNALLING Caroline Johnstone is a motivational speaker, NLP practitioner and poet published in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Originally from Northern Ireland, she now lives in Scotland where she runs self-improvement workshops and courses. She is also a Scottish Poetry Library Ambassador and is involved in a number of writing groups, including The Federation of Writers, and a weekly poetry session for a mental health group. W:

When you are last on your To Do list, too busy doing things that matter and some that don’t, you may find yourself denying your feelings and neglecting your own hopes and dreams. This creative journal, authored by a life coach and neurolinguistic practitioner who works every day to help people direct their lives and fulfil their potential, gives readers the power to transform their present and their future – and permission to invest in themselves. Through 25 ‘life lessons’ Caroline Johnstone explains how to cope with common issues and how to nurture yourself to change, grow and become happier.

17 OCTOBER 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 215 x 165 mm | 160 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064481

autumn / winter 2019 e 9

A Spellbook for the Seasons WELCOME NATURAL CHANGE WITH MAGICAL BLESSINGS Sarah Coyne, also known as Tudorbeth, is a hereditary practitioner of the Craft based in London. The rules and gifts of herb lore, scrying, healing, tasseomancy, numerology and candle magic have been passed down to her through several Celtic and English generations. Born in Wiltshire, she has degree in Religious Studies and lived and worked in California and Italy before returning to London.

24 OCTOBER 2019 ÂŁ18.99 | Hardback 205 x 148 mm | 224 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064498

10 e autumn / winter 2019

From salutations to the sun in summer to winter healing blessings, here are 120 spells, blessings and rituals to embrace the changing seasons. In A Spellbook for the Seasons, practitioner of the Craft Sarah Coyne shows readers how to harness the power of the natural world to bring prosperity, romance, fulfilment, creativity, love, happiness, ambition and opportunity into their lives and homes. Including such rites as smudging with sage in the springtime to cleanse and detox the home, as well as candle and circle rituals in the autumn, this is the perfect spellbook for the modern reader who is interested in celebrating their magical connection with the natural world.

Moonpower HOW TO WORK WITH THE PHASES OF THE MOON AND PLAN YOUR TIMING FOR EVERY MAJOR DECISION Jane Struthers is a professional astrologer, as well as a writer, tarot reader, palmist and homeopath. She has written thirty non-fiction books on a wide variety of topics that include astrology, tarot, the British countryside (her bestselling Red Sky at Night was a Hatchards Book of the Year in 2010) and Christmas. Jane enjoys gardening by the phases of the moon, which she finds highly successful. She is the weekly astrologer for Bella magazine, and regularly lectures on astrology and the tarot.

The moon doesn’t just affect the tides – it also affects every living organism, our moods and our decision-making. Whether you want to make a good impression at an interview, start a new business, get married, try for a baby, buy a property, go on a diet, sow seeds or harvest crops, matching the right action to the appropriate lunar phase will ensure the best results. And this book shows you how. There are auspicious days for all big decisions, according to their nature. Whatever your needs and desires, never underestimate the help you can receive from the power of the moon!


17 OCTOBER 2019 £14.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 176 pp 4 /4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064405

autumn / winter 2019 e 11

The Healing Yoga Manual WORK WITH YOUR CHAKRA ENERGY CENTRES TO INCREASE YOUR VITALITY Swami Ambikananda Saraswati is a Hindu monk who has been teaching yoga and Vedanta philosophy for over forty years. In 1995 she founded The Traditional Yoga Association to honour its ancient traditions and continue her guru’s message, training new teachers as well as teaching public classes. She is also a practising acupuncturist, offering private treatments at her home. W:

05 SEPTEMBER 2019 £14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 144 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064290

12 e autumn / winter 2019

Restore balance and harmony to both body and mind with this step-by-step guide to enhancing the chakra-tattva energy system through yoga. The five forces of vitality – the panchatattva – are each housed in the body’s five corresponding chakras, or energy centres. Through the practice of specific yoga postures beneficial to each tattva you can improve the flow of vitality (prana) within your body, to achieve a healthier, happier life. Clear illustrations and instructions are included throughout, along with further techniques for attaining balance, featuring breathwork, gestures, visualizations, mantras and dietary advice. There are also targeted routines for alleviating a range of common ailments.

in the series:

Sleep Well EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR A GOOD NIGHT’S REST Dr Chris Idzikowski, BSc PhD FBPsS is Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and President of the Sleep Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. A Chartered Psychologist and leading specialist in sleep disorders, he has worked for a variety of organizations in an advisory capacity, including airlines, pharmaceutical companies and hotel groups, as well as with various sporting associations.

19 SEPTEMBER 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp 4/4 Illustrations throughout ISBN: 9781859064412

Fatigue, poor concentration, memory lapses, stress... If you suffer from any of these, the odds are you’re not getting enough sleep. And, since sleep is when the body and brain recharge and repair themselves, long-term, the impact on your health can be significant. This book is specially designed to help banish sleepless nights, revealing how you can monitor and manage your sleep, identify problems and take steps to sleep soundly at last. Leading sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski explains the mechanisms that control sleep, introducing sleep-management techniques and providing practical advice, remedies and solutions to help you overcome your own disturbed sleep. Use his sleep-pattern ‘rulers’ to measure your sleep, record the results in the Sleep Diary provided, then implement the recommended measures and complete the second diary section to see how things have improved.

autumn / winter 2019 e 13

The Mystical Dream Tarot LIFE GUIDANCE FROM THE DEPTHS OF OUR UNCONSCIOUS Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist, complementary health care consultant and ordained minister who has spent a lifetime studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream and shamanic experiences. She holds doctorates in biology and transpersonal psychology, and studied under Stanley Krippner, the world-renowned dream psychologist. She resides at Temenos, an environmental sanctuary, cofounded with her husband. W:

24 OCTOBER 2019 £24.99 | 78 cards Book: 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp Box: 218 x 158 x 40 mm ISBN: 9781859064535

14 e autumn / winter 2019

This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery. Pregnant with possibilities that shine light upon the hidden and reveal new pathways of understanding, each image – direct from the author’s own dream experiences – is an original offering rich with powerful insights designed to awaken that which is essential for moving forward on our journey of self-discovery. The stunning deck and accompanying guidebook invite you to discover the wisdom and truth that lie beyond the limited view of waking reality, and to draw upon the power of your unconscious – the insight of your psyche – to meet life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

The Witches’ Oracle CONTAINS 42 DIVINATORY CARDS AND GUIDEBOOK Sally Morningstar is a bestselling author and a respected hedgewitch, healer and psychic investigator. She runs an online training course in natural magic, and holds regular workshops based around relationships to the Self and the natural world. W:

Develop your hidden intuitive skills and discover Wiccan wisdom with this beautifully illustrated divinatory deck. Featuring key Wiccan symbols and archetypes, the cards help you connect to a place of deep inner knowing to find the answers you seek. Each card represents a quality of energy and carries its own particular meaning in a reading, while ‘high notes’ and ‘low notes’ offer insight into the possibilities and pitfalls you’re likely to encounter on your present course. Including fascinating background on the history of Wicca and the Wiccan festivals through the year, along with a selection of card spreads to address all types of enquiry, The Witches’ Oracle will help you develop your intuitive skills and weave magic into your life, as you set out on your quest for guidance.

24 OCTOBER 2019 £18.99 | 42 cards Book: 185 x 126 mm | 128 pp Box: 192 x 132 x 33 mm ISBN: 9781859064542

autumn / winter 2019 e 15

Spring 2019

The Mood Book ANDREA HARRN With detailed descriptions of 100 moods, emotions, states of mind and quirks of personality, as well as some common mood disorders, this book helps you identify how you are feeling and recognize signs and symptoms. It provides an accessible way to increase your self awareness, enabling you to move forward in a positive way. ISBN: 9781859064283

14 FEBRUARY 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 229 x 178mm | 132pp

6 Essential Oils You Can’t Do Without DANIÈLE FESTY Essential oils possess hard-working properties that provide effective natural remedies. In this easy-tofollow guide you will find 300 amazing remedies and solutions using just six key oils for all your health and beauty concerns, as well as ideas for the home and garden.

21 FEBRUARY 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 229 x 178mm | 128pp

ISBN: 9781859064368

spring / summer 2019 e 17

The Ketogenic & Hypotoxic Diet OLIVIA CHARLET This nutrition plan shows you how to get started on a gentle, anti-inflammatory, fat-burning diet that is gluten- and dairy-free. It features key foods and their benefits, creative recipes, meal plans and tailored programmes for specific goals.

28 FEBRUARY 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 229 x 178mm | 128pp

ISBN: 9781859064337

Natural Painkillers DR YANN ROUGIER & MARIE BORREL From a mild headache to crippling arthritis, pain is part of many people’s everyday experience. But there is a natural alternative to pharmeceutical medication. This essential handbook to potent natural medicine is a painkilling arsenal for combating a huge range of common ailments.

14 MARCH 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 205 x 148mm | 128pp

18 e spring / summer 2019

ISBN: 9781859064375

Celtic Totem Animals JOHN MATTHEWS Here is a fascinating collection of traditional Celtic stories to amaze and entertain. Animal tricksters, boasters and heroes all dwell herein, set amidst the dazzling universe of Celtic lore. Readers can find their own totem animal and seek guidance from 20 totem animal helpers to find answers to life’s questions. 21 MARCH 2019 ISBN: 9781859064436 £12.99 | 20 tear off cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp

Your Meditation Journey CHARLA DEVEREUX This easy-to-follow guide explains everything you need to know to start your meditation journey. Covering the basics from posture and breathing to guided visualizations, single-point meditation and the power of light and silence, the exercises and techniques will help you develop meditation skills and find an oasis of calm.

02 MAY 2019 £12.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 144 pp

ISBN: 9781859064382

spring / summer 2019 e 19

Backlist 2019

The Mood Cards

Understand Deep Emotions

The Way of Calm



£14.99 | 42 cards Instruction booklet ISBN: 9781859063927

£17.99 | 50 cards Instruction booklet ISBN: 9781859064030

£9.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859060698

Healing Crystals for Women

The Good Food Good Mood Cookbook

Eat Well Look Great

£13.99 | Paperback 229 x 178 mm | 144 pp ISBN: 9781859064238

£13.99 | Paperback 233 x 165 mm | 176 pp ISBN: 9781859064108

£13.99 | Paperback 210 x 170 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859063989





backlist e 21

The Reflexology Manual PAULINE WILLS


The Alexander Technique Manual RICHARD BRENNAN

£14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 176 pp ISBN: 9781859064221

£14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859064115

£14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 144 pp ISBN: 9781859064085

The Thai Massage Manual

Heal Yourself with Chinese Pressure Points

How to Breathe

£14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859064092

£13.99 | Paperback 229 x 178 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859060568

£12.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 144 pp ISBN: 9781859063972


22 e backlist



Healing Body Meditations

Chakra Workbook

£14.99 | Paperback 235 x 190 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859060735

£12.99 | Paperback 229 x 178 mm | 128 pp ISBN: 9781859064177

£12.99 | Paperback 234 x 157 mm | 272 pp ISBN: 9781859061039

The Moon Oracle

Angels of Light

The Angel Oracle

£19.99 | 72 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 128 pp ISBN: 9781859060414

£22.99 | 52 cards PB | 182 x 125 mm | 128 pp ISBN: 9781859061701

£21.99 | 36 cards PB | 185 x 125 mm | 112 pp ISBN: 9781859064207




Singing the Soul Back Home




backlist e 23

The Spirit of Nature Oracle

The Wildwood Tarot

Wild Magic



£24.99 | 25 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 128 pp ISBN: 9781859062753

£24.99 | 78 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859063187

£12.99 | Paperback 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859064122

The Celtic Tree Oracle

White Eagle Medicine Wheel

Celtic Shaman's Pack

£22.99 | 25 cards & notepad HB | 185 x 130 mm | 120 pp ISBN: 9781859063828

£24.99 | 46 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 160 pp ISBN: 9781859062456

£17.99 | 40 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 176 pp ISBN: 9781859063934


24 e backlist





£24.99 | 78 cards PB | 242 x 155 mm | 192 pp ISBN: 9781859064214

The Druid Craft Tarot Deck

The Druid Plant Oracle

£17.99 | 78 cards Booklet | 80 pp ISBN: 9781859062739

£21.99 | 36 cards PB | 206 x 149 mm | 144 pp ISBN: 9781859064191


The Druid Animal Oracle

The Druid Animal Deck

£24.99 | 36 cards PB | 197 x 142 mm | 176 pp ISBN: 9781859060070

£14.99 | 36 cards Booklet | 48 pp ISBN: 9781859061725




backlist e 25

The Complete Arthurian Tarot

Beginner’s Guide to Tarot

£22.50 | 78 cards PB | 205 x 148 mm | 240 pp ISBN: 9781859063880

£24.99 | 78 cards PB | 175 x 120 mm | 192 pp ISBN: 9781859064061



26 e backlist

The Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck


£12.99 | 78 cards Booklet | 64 pp ISBN: 9781859061718

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Eddison Books | UK Autumn Catalogue 2019  

Autumn 2019 with Eddison Books. View our forthcoming titles and find our popular backlist titles.

Eddison Books | UK Autumn Catalogue 2019  

Autumn 2019 with Eddison Books. View our forthcoming titles and find our popular backlist titles.