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margaret curtis the beauty of imperfection


The Beauty of Imperfection My best works are made when I am in a particular state of mind; relaxed and calm, thoughtful but not too forcefully engaged. When I achieve this state, the work flows almost automatically, like I’m not really in control but an observer of what is being born from my efforts. I am overseeing the process but not forcing the result. I like to identify the incidental and pursue the results that have a simple aesthetic, not too refined but not overtly austere, carefully avoiding the process of the unnecessary, leaving only the essential. My work is the antithesis of the mass produced and immaculately mastered, and as such seeks to avoid perfection. As humans we need to readily accept and embrace the imperfections of our own existence, imperfections that define us as individuals and give us the very character of ‘human-ness’. This is where my interest lies, with the beauty of imperfection, a beauty that can be born from ageing, from natural decay, from surfaces that have become patinated with wear, weathered or uniquely deformed. I like objects that possess a modest but profoundly confident presence, objects that require a calmness and degree of thoughtfulness from their observer so that the nuances and subtleties of their existence can truly be absorbed and appreciated. When my work elicits such responses from that observer then I have succeeded in my ambition of producing work that emanates a state of wabi-sabi.

Margaret Curtis

Front cover: Detail of Shino Vase Page 2: Shino Vase, Height 25cm Diameter 13.5cm Page 4: Shino Cylinder, Height 11cm Diameter 11cm Page 5: Shino Bowl, Height 12cm Length 24cm Width 22cm All photography Eddie Curtis except back cover Ben Boswell





Top: Faceted Shino Teabowl Height 9cm Diameter 11.5cm Middle: Celadon Teabowl, Height 7.5cm Diameter 13cm Bottom, Celadon Teabowl,Height 8cm Diameter13.5cm Page 7: Thrown and Squared Celadon Vessel, Height 25.5cm Width 15cm x 15cm Page 8: Shino Container, Height 11.5cm Width 9cm x 9cm Page 9: Tapered Shino Vase, Height 22cm Diameter 8.5cm





Top: Celadon Yunomi, Height 9cm Diameter 8cm Middle: Pink Shino Sake Cup, Height 6.5cm Diameter 7cm Bottom, Celadon Sake Cup ,Height 5cm Diameter 8.5cm Page 11: Celadon Container, Height 11cm Width 7cm x 7cm Page 12: Celadon Bottle, Height 11cm Width 7cm x 7cm Page 13: Celadon Bowl, Height 14.5cm Diameter 24cm Page 14: Celadon Plate, Diameter 30cm Page 15: Shino Vase, Height 50cm Diameter 15cm





Curriculum Vitae Born 1955, Seaham, UK 1979: Established studio at Middle Rigg Solo Exhibitions 2014 ‘The Beauty of Imperfection’, Galerie Metzger, Johannesberg, near Aschaffenburg, Germany 2012 ‘Eddie Curtis, Margaret Curtis: New Textures, New Forms’, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, UK 2010 ‘Curtis Red’, Galerie Metzger, Johannesberg, near Aschaffenburg, Germany ‘Curtis Red’, Rufford Park, Notttinghamshire, UK 2008 Beaux Arts, Bath,UK 2006 Broughton Gallery, Biggar, UK 2005 Galerie Mebius, Noordhorn, The Netherlands 2004 Beaux Arts, Bath, UK Group Exhibitions 2013 ‘Insight into Beauty’, Embassy of Japan. London, UK ‘Ceramics Now’, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, UK 2011 ‘Chawan Exhibition’, Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan 2007 ‘Totally Teabowls’, Oakwood Gallery, Thoresby, UK 2005 ‘International Chawan Exhibition’, Het laatste Huis, Belgium ‘International Ceramics Exhibition’, Seeschloss Gmunden, Austria 2004 ‘UK Ceramics’, Gallery Enju, Tottori City, Japan 2003 Isouan Gallery, Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan Kawarabanya Gallery, Seto, Japan Awards & Prizes 2006 Arts Council England (Cultural Business Venture Award) 2003 Keramiekprijs Noord Nederland, Dwingeloo, Holland (Ist Prize) Cultural Foundation of Okada, Banko Potters, Yokkaichi, Japan (Honorary Award) Arts Council England (International Travel Award) 2002 One North East (WVDC Marketing Award)


margaret curtis

The Beauty of Imperfection by Margaret Curtis  
The Beauty of Imperfection by Margaret Curtis  

A collection of ceramics by Margaret Curtis exploring the ethos of Wabi Sabi