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Howdoyou makeacardealer beloved?

First,don’t do anything that a typical cardealer would do.

You got a couple of hot models left? Then do something simple. And to the point. And keep on doing it.

You’re new in the business? People don’t know you have a top-notch service department? Tell them about it. You’re winning awards for service? Shout it out. Visuals are strong. Nothing wrong with billboards and TV commercials showing you repairing a car.

New model with two sunroofs? Prove it. Your15th anniversary? That’s worth blowing your horn. If you have a horn,blow it.

You had a strike and you have to make up for lost ground? Turn a lemon into lemonade.

“Don’s prices put a smile on my face.”


Savings that would even please Scrooge Save onall new and used Porsches

Save on allnew and used Audis

1312 Ridge Pike Conshohocken. 800-763-4200.

There’salways room for personality. Even in a small space ad. It’s about getting involved. And enjoying what you do.

“I’mmarking theprices on thewindshields tomakesure they’rethe lowest inmy25years asaBMWdealer.” “Thepricesareso lowIcan’t printthem. Icanonlysay youcansaveupto$14,000 on executive demos.” Saveon3’s,5’s,7’s,X5’sand Z4’s Save on every newcar and used carin stock. Over 100 tochoose from. Important: To getthese prices youmusttakedelivery by 5PM,Saturday,May31st. May 30th and 31st.

225 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd. 1- 800-684-4900. Monday -Thursday. 9-8. Friday, 9-6. Saturday.9-5.

Never use a factory ad to promote a new product. Personalize it.

Your commercials shouldn’t be like any commercials you’ve ever heard. Listen. 800-684-4900

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Okay. You did everything right. You’re now Number One in sales. You’re winning awards for service. You’re getting offers to sell your company. And they’re willing to pay more for your good name. But meanwhile — you’re stuck with an abundance of 4-wheel drives. In the middle of July. During a heat wave. Well, you’ve built a reservoir of good will. Do something attention-getting. Let ’em know you were caught with your pants down. They’ll realize July is the best time to buy a vehicle designed to conquer snow drifts.


Having fun becoming a success.  

Who says you can't be a car dealer and be loved?

Having fun becoming a success.  

Who says you can't be a car dealer and be loved?