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Lee College Fuels the Workforce Pipeline for Regional Industry. – One of Only 8 Fieldbus Training Facilities Worldwide. – Industry Recognized Certifications such as NCCER.

Lee College offers more than 130 degrees and certificates and is sixth in the nation for degrees awarded in science and technologies. Students can graduate with degrees and certificates from programs such as process technology, instrumentation, electrical, welding, pipefitting, machining, millwright and more. And with the recent expansion of our state of the art McNair Center, Lee College continues to demonstrate its commitment to our students success and fuel our regional economy.



FOURTH QUARTER | 2016 Public Policy Edition


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Economic Development Activity

Overview of the Economic Alliance’s Economic Development Services, Project Win History over an 8-Year Period, Pipeline of Active Projects and Project Wins in 2016.


MEMBER LISTING ............................. 27

White Paper

2017 Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Public Policy Considerations

About the Economic Alliance The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region, a non-profit organization created in 1985, provides professional economic development services on behalf of 16 communities surrounding the 25-mile Houston Ship Channel - home to one of the world’s most influential energy corridor and trade ports. Since 2008, the Economic Alliance has supported over 40 successful projects that has facilitated business activities creating over 4,400 new jobs and over $5.5 billion of capital investment to the Houston Port Region.

We are proud to count among our members the following Cities, Communities, Chambers of Commerce, and other government entities: Harris County Port of Houston Authority City of Baytown City of Deer Park City of Galena Park City of Houston City of Jacinto City City of La Porte City of Morgan’s Point City of Pasadena


City of Pearland City of Seabrook City of Shoreacres City of South Houston Community of Channelview Community of East End Community of North Shore Community of Sheldon Community of South Belt-Ellington Baytown Chamber of Commerce


Deer Park Chamber of Commerce Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Houston East End Chamber of Commerce La Porte-Bayshore Chamber of Commerce North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Pearland Area Chamber of Commerce South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce South Houston Chamber of Commerce

pl President’s Letter

The Public Policy Committee, led by Chairman Dennis Winkler and Vice-Chair Darcie Durham of Boeing have represented the policy interests of our membership in a variety of ways. This group orchestrated and executed an incredibly productive trip to Washington, D.C. in 2016 that included 30 attendees and 23 meetings across four days. The results were tangible in our efforts to improve annual dredge permitting for private docks as well as new construction permitting for development projects. We also carried the message on hurricane surge protection to our representatives, including Senator Cornyn, who has been outspoken in his support of protecting the nation’s largest petrochemical complex and the communities that surround it and Galveston Bay. We have developed and delivered our State White Paper to the legislators for the 2017 session, and will be working those priorities diligently during the session. This includes sponsoring Chemicals Day with our partners at the Texas Chemical Council, and visiting legislators and testifying at committee hearings when necessary. Our 5th annual Washington DC Advocacy trip will take place this year March 28th – 31st. We will once again take the issues important to this region’s success to DC to ensure that we remain competitive economically and provide the type of communities that can thrive and grow. As you can see, 2017 will be a busy and critical year on the Public Policy front. Just as each sport has its’ set of rules and ground rules, policy, (whether state or federal), provides the boundaries in which we try to make our businesses and communities prosper. So, it’s incumbent upon this organization as an economic development corporation to participate in the creation of those rules in a way that gives us the best chance to successfully “grow the regional economy.” With the dedicated leadership from our Public Policy Committee, I’m confident we will continue to represent the region well in the arena of policy making. Very respectfully,

203 Ivy Avenue, Suite 200 Deer Park, TX 77536 281-476-9176 www.allianceportregion.com


Chairman, Jim Griffin, Dianal America Immediate Past Chairman, Karen Gregory, CenterPoint Energy Treasurer, Steve Cote, Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates Secretary, Roger Blackburn, The Infinity Group Vice Chair, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, San Jacinto College Vice Chair, Glenn Royal, The Royal Group at Merrill Lynch Vice Chair, Barry Klein, Shell Deer Park Advisory, Mayor Tom Reid, City of Pearland


Randy Boeding, Setech Consulting Solutions Melissa Botkin, Galena Park ISD and City of Seabrook Teri Crawford, San Jacinto College Patti Jett, City of Baytown Susan Smedley, Lee College Connie Tilton, ExxonMobil


Chad Burke, President/CEO Chad Carson, Vice President of Economic Development Marisela Contreras, Marketing & Communication Coordinator Dana Ramirez, Event & Member Services Coordinator Bridget Yeary, Financial & Administrative Manager Denise Smesny, Dream it. Do It. Southeast Texas, Program Manager Kaitlyn Conner, Special Projects Coordinator

LAYOUT AND DESIGN Lorrent Smith, Lee College

EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS marisela@allianceportregion.com

SPONSORSHIP SUBMISSIONS marisela@allianceportregion.com

Chad Burke President/CEO, Economic Alliance

To read an issue online, go to the bottom of our Homepage: www.allianceportregion.com




Overview of the Economic Alliance’s Economic Development Services, Project Win History over an 8-Year Period, Pipeline of Active Projects and Project Wins in 2016.



The Economic Alliance, through its professional Economic Development services provides guidance to navigate the multiple facets of the site selection/expansion process, including the facilitation to our Houston Port region support network. The facilitation process may include:

Over the last 8 years (’08 – ’16) some aspect of the Economic Alliance’s services has been applied to 56 projects in the Houston Port region that have totaled:

• Conducting real estate searches of existing and greenfield locations for prospects

• 3,668 Direct Job Created

• Participation and coordination of briefings orientations of the Houston Port region


• Access to data (via partners) on key business factors that highlight the Houston Port region as a destination for investment and job creation • Provide guidance in evaluating and applying for State and Local incentive and workforce programs • Advocacy for projects on issues pertaining to permitting and regulation with State and Local entities • Mobilization of our key board members, allies, partners to ensure project success



• $6.4B in Capital Investment

The graph represents a visual articulation of the size and scope of the 56 projects in relation to capital investment and job creation amounts. The graph does not represent all investment and job creation projects in the Houston Port region and is only reflective of economic develop activities by the Economic Alliance.


• The 4-year time span of ’11 - ’14 represents over 80% of jobs created and capital investments in the last 8 years of economic development wins. • Major investments in expanded Petrochemical production facilities by Shell Refinery, Dow Chemical, Celanese, LyondellBasell, and Linde North America were major contributors to the job creation and capital investment figures for ’11 – ’14. • As stated ’11 – ’14 had large investments in Petrochemical production facilities while the figures for ’15 –’16 are being dominated by investments in manufacturing, maritime and logistics operations that are positioned to service the earlier years activities.





The Economic Alliance targets the following markets for attraction, retention, and expansion: petrochemical, manufacturing, maritime and logistics operations. The following are how EA clients/businesses are organized at the various stages of our project management process: • Project – A general term used to describe a company that is currently or may in the future be a target for business attraction, retention, and/or expansion. A project typically has multiple levels or stages of activity and depending on the stage of their process can be classified as a lead, prospect or announcement. • Lead - A company shows interest in the Houston Port region and provides contact information. Leads are typically obtained through the referral of a member, direct inquiry, outreach efforts or economic development allies or partners. • Prospect – A company that has short-listed the Houston region and has indicated job creation and capital investment amounts, along with the financial means to relocate, expand, or retain its operations within the next 24 months • Win – A company that has selected the Houston region for relocation, expansion, or retention.



PROJECTS PROFILE The following highlights the potential direct job creation and capital investment amounts of the Economic Alliance’s 24 active projects in the pipeline: Of the 24 active projects, Petrochemical operations make up 50% of the project pipeline, but as indicated by announcements in ’15 and ’16 we expect an increase of manufacturing, maritime and logistics investments to be added to the pipeline and also become announcements in ’17.

PROJECT WINS IN 2016 A company in the Houston Port region that is making a considerable capital investment and creating jobs can expect a professional relationship with the Economic Alliance to navigate the regions support network. The Economic Alliance supported 3 Wins for ’16. The

commitment by the companies to invest and create jobs in the Houston Port region are focused in the industry segments of: • Instrument and Related Products Manufacturing • Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminal Storage • Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage.

The projects are a direct result of the Economic Alliance’s economic development goal of supporting companies that want to locate or expand in the most soughtafter region in the entire world for petrochemical, manufacturing, maritime and logistics operations.



WHITE PAPER 2017 Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Public Policy Considerations

Transportation: • Advocate for funding to build and maintain critical infrastructure necessary to retain and develop business and industry in the region

Manufacturing / Petrochemical: • TERP - supports the dedicated funding of TERP programs to mitigate mobile source emissions in non-attainment and near non-attainment areas • Ensure environmental legislation is fair, consistent, and based on sound science • Advocate for a fair tax structure that does not place businesses at a competitive disadvantage. • Pollution Control Equipment Exemption - A constitutional amendment providing a property tax exemption for pollution control equipment, known as “Prop 2”, was approved by Texas voters in 1993. The exemption helps industry comply with costly environmental mandates to reduce emissions without impacting a facility's property taxes. EA opposes legislation that threatens the existing Prop 2 exemption 10 ECONOMIC ALLIANCE | FOURTH QUARTER 2016

• Collaborate with regional partners to establish effective programs that will develop a qualified workforce to fulfill jobs in the region. EA supports the 60x30 TX Strategic Plan for higher education attainment in Texas and encourages students to seek a post-secondary credential • Open Competition for Plastic Pipe – EA supports open competition in the procurement of materials for state and local water and wastewater infrastructure projects • Ensuring the Texas Aerospace & Defense industry remains competitive through a more equitable Franchise tax, overall reductions in property and inventory tax, and a continuation of R&D tax credits to incentivize industry advancement • Transboundary Pollution Impacts to Local Attainment Efforts - Pollution from forest fires, Saharan dust, and foreign pollution blowing into the Houston region is impacting human health and the ability of local governments, businesses, and citizens to achieve air quality standards. Texas Legislative assistance is needed to help ensure that TCEQ has the resources, authority, and support for ensuring that these transboundary pollution impacts are

When Texas advances public policy that ensures our economy and communities thrive, everyone benefits. We should support initiatives that bolster job creation and an environment that encourages investment in infrastructure.

appropriately addressed for the benefit of the health and economy of our region • Advocate for legislation that ensures continued development of historic gulf coast oil fields through enhanced oil recovery by removing regulatory barriers and creating an improved statutory procedure for full unit operations

Maritime: • Support state and regional efforts to incorporate ports and freight mobility into the overall transportation system through improvements to roads, rail and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway • Advocate for environmental legislation on air quality, water quality, and sustainable practices, based on sound science that keep Texas ports competitive in the global market

Education/Workforce Development:

between high school technical career training and community college technical career training • Affirm state funding commitments to core college operations, contact hours, and student success points • Support transferability and articulation through recommendation of a clear and direct pathway for each program to become universal in Texas, through statewide adopted core curriculum that leads to the Associate Degree • Provide funding for community colleges as they work to meet the 60x30 TX Strategic Plan for higher education attainment in Texas. Funding categories to include: –– Funding to sustain operational costs (including faculty), and –– Funding performance at $185 per Student Success Point, and –– Funding instruction through enrollment formula

• Promote workforce and skills alignment by reforming the Skills Development Fund and defining clear pathways




2017 Economic

• Authorize community colleges to offer a Bachelor of Applied Technology program that creates a career pathway for currently employed workers in highly skilled jobs to meet career advancement opportunities

Local Government/Municipalities & County • Opposes any state action which will further restrict home rule and control over local governance priorities • Reducing the rollback rate for city property taxes does not provide meaningful tax relief, robs cities of the flexibility to meet local needs, and diverts attention from the real cause of higher property taxes

Economic Development • Economic incentives are an important tool for attracting capital investment and high paying jobs to our state. The Texas Economic Development Act has enabled Texas to compete globally for new capital investment and high paying jobs • Supports Texas Economic Development Act – Chapter 313 Agreements

Hurricane Surge Protection • Coastal Spine – Protecting People and Property – EA and its communities and industry supports a coastal barrier, or “Coastal Spine”, to protect the Texas Gulf Coast from storm surge associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. EA supports federal funding for the design and building of a Texas Coastal Spine and urges Congress to expedite the Corp of Engineers design process to build a coastal barrier that will protect Texas communities from future hurricanes When Texas advances public policy that ensures our economy and communities thrive, everyone benefits. We should support initiatives that bolster job creation and an environment that encourages investment in infrastructure.

Alliance Houston Port Region Public Policy Considerations






Business Growth Task Force The Business Growth Committee and BIC Alliance hosted the Industrial Procurement Forum on October 13, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Bill Shaw, with Evergreen, spoke about small business leadership and expansion, also in attendance were Kelli Gregory of Dixie Chemical, Dennis Frost of Channel Biorefinery & Terminals, Jim Windham of ExxonMobil and Jeffery Labosco of LyondellBasell. With 300 attendees and 15 booths, the Forum was a hit. Members could network with other procurement businesses and acquire contacts for future business. In the first quarter of 2017 the committee will host the Business Update Lunch featuring a regional economic forecast for the year. This committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 9 am.

Economic Development Task Force Over the last quarter the Economic Development Taskforce met to discuss several ongoing economic development attractions, retention & expansion projects to highlight potential capital investment and job creation in the Houston Port Region. The taskforce will continue to be a source of relevant information and from time to time speakers will be invited to share with the group their expertise on various economic development related topics: In an effort to make connections with those making major capital investments in the Houston Port region the taskforce welcomed Dale Friedrichs, Site Manager, LyondellBasell Industries LaPorte to hear firsthand the commitments LyondellBasell is making in the Houston Port region. For 2017 the group will be exposed to the Houston Port region’s world-class economic development assets. With meetings currently being scheduled on site at San Jacinto College’s Maritime Technology and Training Center and also


at the Port of Houston to view real-world applications of how these assets are being utilized by not only local students but companies and/or the Port of Houston and its partners. Additional economic development asset meetings will be scheduled throughout the year and will take place on the last Wednesday of every month from 3pm to 4pm. The taskforce is currently chaired by Kristi Claypool, Meador Staffing Services.

Public Policy Task Force The Public Policy Committee worked diligently during 2016 to survey its regional stakeholders for issues that are critical to the continued success and prosperity of this region that will be in play during the 2017 legislation. That work has produced a public policy white paper which focuses on the following key points: • Funding for Critical Transportation Infrastructure to ensure the efficient movement of people and goods • Addressing Issues and Regulations affecting our industry base of Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Maritime and Logistics Operations

• Education & Workforce Development advocacy through the alignment of local industry needs and the Texas Skills Development Fund, Recommended Core Curriculums and continued Funding Commitments to our Local Educational Institutions • Supporting the funding and continuation of state Economic Development Incentive Programs that enable our region to compete globally for capital investment and job creation opportunities • Making Federal Funding for Hurricane Surge Protection a priority and expediting the design and build of a “Coastal Spine” to protect industry and residents • The Economic Alliance will participate as a sponsor of Chemical’s Day with our partners at the Texas Chemical Council on March 8th in Austin. Staff and committee members will be traveling to Austin in support of this effort. The Public Policy Committee has also announced its 2017 Washington DC Advocacy Trip. It will take place March 28th – 31st. The committee is currently formulating its federal white paper and scheduling meetings. Last year we held 23 meetings across 4 days with 30 members in attendance.




FORCE updates

Quality of Life Task Force The Economic Alliance Quality of Life task force has great news! After presenting to the San Jacinto Texas Historic District, the group has been given the green light to create a proposal package for mini-murals to be funded through partnerships between the district and interested cities within the EA footprint! The group will conduct research on the process of – and costs associated with - creating mini-murals on electrical boxes (or traffic signal control cabinets), and cities will have the chance to place murals in their cities with a percentage of financial support from SJTHD! We will keep you posted as this exciting opportunity develops. As Quality of Life continues to move forward, membership is an ongoing priority and focus area. If you are involved in communications, tourism, economic development or administration for your municipality or entity and would like to be a part of our mission, please reach out today!

Transportation Task Force

related projects that are critically important to meeting the impending demand on our infrastructure and logistics system. The committee has also developed a strategic plan that will see these projects engineered, approved, funded, and built.

Workforce Development Task Force Under the leadership of Dr. Allatia Harris, San Jacinto College’s Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives, Workforce Development, Community Relations and Diversity, this committee meets the third Thursday of each month at the Economic Alliance. In October, the Workforce Development Task Force and Dream It. Do It. organized “goodie bag” stuffing and manned the door prize table at the EHCMA Golf Tournament at the Wildcat Golf Club. In addition, Gilda Ramirez of The Port of Houston was the guest speaker for the November meeting. Mrs. Ramirez gave overviews of the Small Business Development Program and the Port’s Training and Development Initiatives, and reported on the Maritime Education Program. January’s speaker will be Roy Watson of EHCMA. Dream It. Do It. Southeast Texas Education Foundation

The Transportation Committee is Co-Chaired by Monty Heins of DOW Chemical (Chairman of ECHMA) and Mayor Glenn Royal of Seabrook. The committee included representation from our cities, industry, the Port of Houston, Harris County Precinct 2, Judge Emmitt’s office, HGAC, BayTran, and logistics companies. The committee has identified and prioritized 27 freight


Dream It. Do It. had an outstanding 4th quarter! Denise Smesny and volunteers from Shell, BASF, Exxon, INEOS, and Performance Contractors worked 5 career fairs, one CTE conference, 4 classroom presentations, one ISD Administrator/ Counselor presentation, and Manufacturing Day activities at the University of Houston on October 7th.


Gulf Coast Industry Forum Committee Meeting

Business Growth Task Force

Economic Development Task Force

Wednesday, January 11th 9:00am – 10:00am

Quality of Life Task Force Wednesday, January 26th 9:00am – 10:00am

Gulf Coast Industry Forum Committee Meeting Tuesday, January 17th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Workforce Development Task Force Thursday, January 19th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Tuesday, February 21st 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday, February 22nd 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Quality of Life Task Force Wednesday, February 23rd 9:00am – 10:00am

Business Update Luncheon Tuesday, February 28th 11:30am – 1:00pm

Public Policy Task Force Tuesday, February 28th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Public Policy Task Force


Economic Development Task Force

Business Growth Task Force

Tuesday, January 24th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday, January 25th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday, March 1st 9:00am – 10:00am


Workforce Development Task Force

Business Growth Task Force

Gulf Coast Industry Forum Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 1st 9:00am – 10:00am

Transportation Task Force Tuesday, February 7th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Board Meeting (EXECUTIVE & BOARD OF DIRECTORS ONLY) @Economic Alliance Bldg. Wednesday, February 15th 3:30pm – 5:00pm Meeting 5:00pm – 6:00pm Reception

Thursday, March 16th 3:00pm – 4:00pm Tuesday, March 21st 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Economic Development Task Force Wednesday, March 22nd 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Quality of Life Task Force Wednesday, March 23rd 9:00am – 10:00am

2017 Washington D.C. Public Policy Trip Tuesday, March 28th – Friday, March 31st

Workforce Development Task Force Thursday, February 16th 3:00pm – 4:00pm



Economic Alliance in

2016 ANNUAL BANQUET The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region held the 2016 Annual Banquet, November 4th, at the Sylvan Beach Pavilion. Jamey Roots spoke about leadership and how he came to be the President of the Houston Texas. We had over 225 members attended, they enjoyed great food, music by Obsolete August, and danced the night away. Also at the Annual Banquet, the Businesses of the Year of every chamber that participated were recognized and received an award, those businesses were: •

Deer Park Chamber of Commerce – La Quinta Inn

Highland/Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce – The Rotary Club of Highlands

Houston East End Chamber of Commerce – Atlantic Coffee Solutions

North Channel Chamber of Commerce – Bestway Oilfield

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce – Miles AC Service

Seabrook Chamber of Commerce – Neptune Subs

South Houston Chamber of Commerce – Carbonics




Economic Alliance in


CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE We opened our doors on December 8th for our Annual Christmas Party and Open House. We had a tremendous turn out with many networking opportunities, delicious food, and many new potential members. Thank you for a great 2016!



Economic Alliance in




Dream It. Do It. had a record year in 2016! Project Manager Denise Smesny and EHCMA volunteers from Shell, BASF, Exxon, INEOS, and Performance Contractors participated in 48 events throughout the year. These events included classroom presentations, large group presentations, career fairs, community presentations, teacher/administrator presentations, staff development presentations, conference presentations, and Manufacturing Day events throughout the Gulf Coast Area. Dream It. Do It. interacted with a total of 4,377 students and 845 adults resulting in a total of 5,222 contacts for the year. Our goal is recruit additional contacts for our Speaker’s Bureau to help improve our outreach efforts in 2017. Thanks for all of your support in 2016!

The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region and BIC Alliance hosted the Industrial Procurement Forum on October 13, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Bill Shaw, with Evergreen, spoke about small business leadership and expansion, also in attendance were Kelli Gregory of Dixie Chemical, Dennis Frost of Channel Biorefinery & Terminals, Jim Windham of ExxonMobil and Jeffery Labosco of LyondellBasell. With 300 attendees and 15 booths, the Forum was a hit. Members could network with other procurement businesses and acquire contacts for future business.


Economic Alliance in


TEXANS TALK WITH JOHN MCCLAIN On October 27, 2016 John McClain visited the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region to give a little update on the Houston Texans and a history lesson on the NFL. John spoke about his time as a sports reporter for the Houston Chronicle, and everything in between. 25members attended which provided a great NFL discussion.

2017 LEGISLATIVE KICK-OFF LUNCHEON On December 7, 2016, the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region hosted the 2017 Legislative Kick-Off Luncheon at San Jacinto College – North Campus. 2 State Senators and 4 State Representatives (Senator Larry Taylor – District 11, Senator Sylvia Garcia – District 6, Representative Carol Alvarado – District 145, Representative Mary Ann Perez – District 144, Representative Dennis Paul – District 129, and Representative Briscoe Cain – District 128) participated in a Legislative panel where they discussed the different bills and policies that were most important to them as a representative of the state of Texas. We had over 210 in attendance for this event. Thank you to our Sponsors: The Port of Houston, San Jacinto College, Boeing, Lubrizol, LBC Tank Terminals, East Harris County Manufacturers Association(EHCMA), CenterPoint Energy, Lyondellbasell, ExxonMobil, and Economic Incentives Services, LLC. ECONOMIC ALLIANCE | FOURTH QUARTER 2016


Structure Tone Southwest Wins ABC Houston Excellence Award

AL Law Group Unveils New Brand

The AL Law Group recently unveiled their new brand, organizational strategy and blueprint for a novel approach to practicing environmental law. In addition to offering traditional legal services, the AL Law Group also offers transdisciplinary services including: expedited permitting services, government relations support, over-compliance assessment and reduction, agency submittal services, and inhouse environmental consulting.

The Houston-based team of construction management firm Structure Tone Southwest was recently honored with an Excellence Award from the American Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston (ABC Houston). The firm earned the award for the construction of the new Houston office of energy trading firm, Vitol. The strikingly designed two-floor, open-concept, 60,000sf space posed a number of construction challenges, from the intricate ceiling, to the raised floor system of the trading floor, to the elaborate artwork on display throughout the office.

Armand Bayou Nature Center Receives Award The Coastal Prairie Partnership (prairiepartner.org) has awarded the 2016 Prairie Excellence Award to ABNC Stewardship Coordinator Mark Kramer in recognition of his career achievement in coastal prairie restoration and “his amazing work at Armand Bayou Nature Center.” The award was presented (will be presented) to Mark at the 2016 CPP Prairie Stampede Celebration.  Through Mark’s leadership ABNC has become one of the nation’s largest urban wilderness preserves spanning over 2500 acres of public land as a refuge for native plants and animals.  Striving to protect one of Texas’ most endangered habitats, ABNC has now restored over 900 acres of coastal tallgrass prairie.


In addition, the AL Law Group has created a separate independent environmental investment company called AL Environmental Holdings LLC. AL Environmental Holdings is a separate holding company to create separate special purpose entities to pursue various projects with interested parties. Potential projects include: Contaminated Property Assessment & Clean-Up, Emission Credit Projects, Environmental Systems Monetization, Remote Sensing for Loss Control/Emissions Credit Generation, and other projects as they present themselves. See more at: http://www.allawgp.com/

Cherry Welcomes New Management Team Member HOUSTON, TX -- Cherry Cos. welcomes Ivan Svec in joining their management team as one of their Vice Presidents. Svec has extensive experience in the construction industry and will serve to strengthen the continued growth in the organization, as well as execute key business strategies. “It is very exciting to have the opportunity to join Cherry Companies,” says Svec. “Their strong market presence, emphasis on safety and reputation for quality and performance is impressive. I am looking forward to being part of this dynamic team.” Born and raised in Houston; Svec’s construction career started with Brown and Root in Houston, where he worked from 1991 to 1997. During his stint with B&R, he worked in Project Controls and as a Project Engineer in several divisions

including Heavy Civil, Marine, Oil and Gas, Paper and Pulp, and Power. Upon leaving B&R, Svec joined Webber for more than 19 years from 1997 to 2016. During his career at Webber he has worked as a Project Engineer, Project Manager, Area Manager and Regional Vice President in the Heavy Civil Construction Industry primarily constructing roads, bridges and airports. For more information, visit www.cherrycompanies.com or call (713) 987-0000.

85,000 pallet positions. Houston Gulf Coast will have multitemperature capability as well as blast freezing capabilities. 18 dock doors, a 90 foot deep dock, and an oversized truck and container drop lot will allow for easy truck loading and unloading. The facility will offer full USDA import and export capability and include a multi-purpose room for additional value-added services. Consistency and product integrity will be maintained by a full onsite generator backup. Houston Gulf Coast is set to open in March 2017 and is expected to create approximately 60 new jobs in the Houston Port region.

PKF Texas Raba Kistner Brings Coastal Services and Engineering Group to Houston Area Houston. Tom Burr, COO of the Raba Kistner Environmental group, has announced that Raba Kistner has brought their coastal protection, restoration and resiliency services to the Houston area. The Coastal Services and Engineering (CSE) group will focus their efforts along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. The CSE group is led by Melany Larenas, PG and Scott Hicks, PE. The group introduces a full suite of coastal engineering and geological capabilities to Raba Kistner’s Houston office. Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas, P.C. (PKF Texas) is pleased to announce Brian Baumler, CPA, Audit Director, and Gary Voth, CPA, Tax Director, have been honored in the 2016 Who’s Who in Energy list published by the Houston Business Journal. Baumler leads the PKF Texas energy team and has experience on both sides of the desk as an auditor and the former corporate controller of a midcap oil and gas company. He has won this award every year since its inauguration in 2010. Voth has 29 years of experience working with middle market enterprises in cities with energy centric economies and has been honored with this award five times.

Preferred Freezer Our member community the City of Pasadena has partnered their Economic Development efforts with the Greater Houston Partnership and the Economic Alliance to attract Preferred Freezer Services (PFS) to the Houston Port region. PFS is a global leader in the cold storage, warehousing, distribution, and logistics industry. The newest warehouse, to be named Houston Gulf Coast, is the company’s fourth in the Houston area and its thirty seventh in the U.S. The facility is strategically located in the Houston Port region will satisfy demand near the Port of Houston’s Bayport terminal. The completed freezer will add 9.6 million cubic feet to the company’s impressive worldwide footprint. At 25,760 pallet positions, it will bring the combined capacity of PFS’s Houston area footprint to over

Coastal service offerings include: • Shoreline protection • Beach and wetland restoration • Artificial reef design • Living shoreline design • Port and navigation channel design • Resiliency studies • Marina and boating facilities • Bulkhead and seawalls • Dredging and sediment disposal • Sand search investigations • Beneficial use of dredged material • Database design and management • Post construction monitoring • Agency coordination Most recently, Melany and Scott managed the Texas Coastal Resiliency Study conducted for the Texas General Land Office (GLO). The Texas Coastal Resiliency Study covered 23, primarily coastal, counties and included identification of infrastructure at risk due to coastal storms including Hurricanes Ike and Dolly. Results of the study are being used by the Texas GLO to identify vulnerable infrastructure and to develop projects to improve the overall resiliency of the Texas Coast.





Melany Larenas, PG has been implementing coastal protection and restoration projects within the Gulf Coast and Atlantic regions for 17 years. She is a coastal geologist who holds Professional Geologist/Professional Geoscientist licenses in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and North Carolina. Specific technical expertise includes Offshore Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations GIS Analysis, Borrow Area Design, Program and Project Management, Database Design and Management and Agency Coordination and Permitting.. Scott Hicks, PE has over 18 years of experience with coastal, waterfront and marine facility engineering and has executed projects along the U.S. Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts, as well as numerous projects internationally. He is a professional engineer registered in Texas, Florida and Washington State. Specific technical expertise includes Design of Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization, Marina and Boating Facilities, Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal and Port Facility Design.

Aspen Institute Names San Jac One of 10 Finalists for Excellence Award San Jacinto College has been named one of 10 finalists for the prestigious 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s preeminent recognition of high achievement and performance in America’s community colleges. The College enters the final stage of the competition for $1 million in prize funds to be awarded in March 2017 to the winner and up to four finalists. The Prize is awarded every two years by the Aspen Institute, a Washington, D.C.based educational and policy studies organization which recognizes outstanding institutions nationwide. The focus of the Prize is assessing community colleges’ achievements in terms of student success in student learning, certificate and degree completion, employment and earnings for graduates and access and success for minority and low-income students.


Shell Deer Park Wins ‘Industry of the Year’ Award

(from left) Michelle Roberson – Chemicals Production Manager, Bill Wendes – Technical Assurance Engineering Manager, Deforester Jones (DJ) – Finance Manager, Janet Noble – External Relations Manager and Brenna Clairr (BC) O’Tierney – External Relations Advisor accepted the Industry of the Year award on behalf of Shell Deer Park.

The Deer Park Chamber receives nominations for the Industry of the Year award. The Board of Directors unanimously selected Shell Deer Park as this year’s award winner. “We’re truly honored to receive this award,” said Barry Klein, Shell Deer Park’s GM. “It shows that we’re living up to our Flagship expectations of being a leader in the community. Winning this award tells us that we’re definitely on the right track.” The Board cited the partnership with the Chamber through the successful Business Leaders Series and the Deer Park mobile app as evidence of the site’s dedication. The Business Leaders Series provides an innovative professional skills development program and the Deer Park mobile app aims to provide users with news and emergency notifications for Deer Park.

Structure Tone Southwest Hires New Director of Business Development David Ladewig has joined the Houston office of construction management firm Structure Tone Southwest as Director of Business Development. He will be responsible for leading all new business opportunities for the firm in the Greater Houston Area. David comes to Structure Tone Southwest after previously serving as the Business Development Manager for Balfour Beatty Construction in Houston. A graduate of the University of Houston and Texas Tech University, he is currently the president of the Texas Tech Alumni Association of Houston and is a founding board member of CHIME (Central Houston Inc.), a popular young professionals group promoting downtown Houston as a place to live, work and play. Ladewig is also active in numerous local organizations, including the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Rice Architecture Mentor Program, Rice Design Alliance, Urban Land Institute and the University of Houston Bauer Graduate Real Estate Program.

Newsletter Sponsorship Your sponsorship will allow us to continue to broaden our reach and to maintain and improve the visual quality of the publication and written content. We have some exciting themes planned for 2017 and look forward to continuing to highlight the impressive accomplishments of our members and region. Quarterly publication sponsors will receive: §§ A sponsor ad in the print and online versions of the publication commensurate with level of sponsorship §§ A link to the sponsor company website from the electronic version of the publication

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Website Sponsorship The Economic Alliance is developing a brand new mobile-responsive and user-friendly website to be launched in the third quarter of this year. We are now offering quarterly Website Sponsorship opportunities to begin showing upon launch to have your company logo placed prominently in key sections of the new website. With over 50,000 page views per month on average, a Website Sponsorship is an excellent way for members to increase their brand awareness and make the most of their membership in the Economic Alliance. Please contact our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Marisela Contreras via email at marisela@allianceportregion.com, for sponsorship levels and benefits.

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Economic Alliance Q4 Newsletter - Public Policy!

Ea magazine 4thqtr 2016 fnlweb  

Economic Alliance Q4 Newsletter - Public Policy!