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Winter Warmers THE KERFUFFLE ABOUT TRUFFLES home . interiors . garden . design

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ISSUE 12. 2021

Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home. 2

Image: Marnie Hawson


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editor’s letter


t has been a tough 18 months for most people and in a world of constant unknowns such as lockdowns, lack of job security and border closures, many lives have been impacted. It has encouraged us to slow down and take stock of what is important in our lives, to simplify and enjoy the little moments. But at the same time, it has also focussed our attention to supporting our local communities and instead of overseas holidays, visiting the beautiful areas in our own backyard. With this in mind, we wanted this issue of ele HOME to focus on our glorious regional areas that Australia is known for. In this issue we visit families in some of the most beautiful regional areas of Australia including the charming coastal town of Port Fairy in south-west Victoria, Wollongong’s Coal Coast with its thriving cultural scene and spectacular beaches, the historic town of Oatlands in central Tasmania and Kiama on the southern NSW coast. Some of these gorgeous homes are available to holiday rent and we encourage everyone to get out and about and support our regional areas. These areas have been hit hard by COVID and the accommodation providers, hospitality venues and retail stores need our support. And if you are looking for somewhere to shop, we showcase four of the best regional stores to visit. From the joyful colour explosion of Jumbled in Orange to treasure hunting for vintage finds at Coastal Vintage in Noosa, we have you covered. This issue also gave us the opportunity to talk to some inspiring individuals who have forged a successful path in their chosen fields. We talk to talented Brisbane artist Pip Spiro about her work and her collaboration, the Islet Collection, with her sister-in-law Anna Spiro. We also meet Henry and Anna Terry, who grow some of Australia’s finest truffles on their Deloraine farm in Tassie. But it is truffle dog, Doug, who steals the show! Finally, if you are looking for delicious recipes that will bring the family together, we meet Sophie Hansen and feature some of her recipes from her new book In Good Company. Company. Sophie’s philosophy is cooking simple and seasonal food that encourages the use of local produce and supporting your community, something ele HOME fully supports. We hope this issue of ele HOME inspires you to get out there and explore. It is all the little things we do such as booking a weekend away, visiting local cafes and restaurants and buying that special something while on holidays that supports those making a living in our regional areas and helps make a difference.

Katie S kinner Editor

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Front cover. We visit the charming coastal town of Port Fairy Victoria and meet the couple who have transformed the home Lucy’s Lane. Turn to page 36 for more. Image: Marnie Hawson




Issue 2 | contents




We meet Brisbane artist Pip Spiro to chat about her creative process and her new collaboration with sister-in-law, Anna Spiro.


Some of the most beautiful buys to bring warmth to your home this winter.


So, what is the kerfuffle about truffles? Henry and Anna Terry give us the low down.


Tea Towels nearly too pretty to use.


We visit regional shops in Orange, Noosa, Yamba and the Gold Coast to experience so of the most beautiful stores in Australia.


Say hello to Ashley Bellino, the powerhouse behind Stoned Crystals.


Five unique homeowners from all over Australia including one super cute caravan renovation.


Sophie Hansen’s delicious homestyle recipes for all the family to enjoy.

87 PINOT NOIR WINTER WARMERS Grab a glass of red and sit back and relax.


What’s new right now.


The beautiful coastal town of Mollymook, NSW


The Artist

P ip Spiro ele HOME chats with the talented and very busy Pip Spiro about her passion to keep creating and her exciting new collaboration with sister-in-law, Anna Spiro – The ‘Islet’ Collection. IMAGES: TIM TIM SALISBURY and PHOEBE PHOEBE GALLOWAY

Image: Phoebe Galloway

Four Lemons

Tell us about your yourself?

I am an artist and a mum to three wonderful kids - Sydney (four), Beatrix (two) and Fred (two months). Where are you based?

I am lucky to have a beautiful little studio at our home in New Farm, in Brisbane. How would you describe your creative style and mediums used?

I paint in watercolour in a realistic style, which is quite a precise and unforgiving combination! I mostly paint still life paintings, and usually my subjects are organic in nature - I love shells, fruits or flowers, basically anything of the Earth is particularly beautiful to me. My work aims to capture exquisite detail of nature through paint on paper.


Detail of Rebirth

Dusk Swim

The Artist

Prints from The Islet Collection

The Islet Collection Image: Tim Salisbury

How did you begin your career?

I never planned to become an artist - if you’d have told me as a 20-year-old that this is where I’d end up I’d have fallen off my chair! But I also would have been thrilled. I studied Business Management at university which led to a career in advertising which gave me wonderful experience creating campaigns for amazing products and brands. But after five years working in agencies, I knew that I wanted to be on the other side - the one creating something - so I quit my job and committed to a more creative life. As part of that, I started drawing and painting lots, and after a while my now sister-in-law Anna Spiro suggested I do an exhibition at her then store Black & Spiro. The paintings sold out, and from there I started taking commissions and grew the confidence to concentrate on painting as my ‘proper’ job. That was almost ten years ago, and my work and path has really just grown organically from there. In Bloom

11 Verdant

Who and what inspires you?

I’ve always been a very aesthetic person and I draw inspiration from every facet of life - whether it be a beautiful building, dress, song, flower, or perhaps a person who goes about their life in a genuine and confident way; these are all equally enriching and inspiring to me. I started making paintings in the pursuit of beauty, and it is an itch I’ll never stop scratching as there’s always something new to create. There is a wonderful quote from Ira Glass about creative people and their work. He talks about this gap that exists between what an artist knows is good - what got them into it in the first place - and their actual work. It’s like your skill and output is lagging behind your taste. So we keep making stuff and doing the work, as it is only by going through a volume of work that we might make our way towards closing that gap and creating things that are as good as our ambitions. This spoke so strongly to me and articulates exactly why I love painting so much. I know I have 50 or 60 years ahead with it and I will never be bored. I will never feel ‘done’. What do you love about your work?

I love that my work rarely feels like work - painting in my studio still brings me so much joy and contentment and given a spare second, that’s always where I’d most like to be. I love that I have been able to make this thing I love my job. Can you tell us how your collaboration with Anna Spiro Textiles came about?

Anna is my sister-in-law and runs the textile business with her brother (my brother-in-law) Sam Spiro, and together they first asked me about collaborating with them on a collection back in 2019. I couldn’t have been more excited as I knew firsthand that the quality and integrity of their textiles were second to none. And of course, I knew working alongside Anna was a very rare opportunity - she is so incredibly talented and everything she touches turns to gold! It’s been an absolute joy to have the chance to work together as family and to meld our creativity and styles. The result is the ‘Islet’ collection - inspired by little islands around the world - and comprises seven designs in wallpaper and fabric that are rich, inspired and usable. I’m very proud of what we’ve created.

Pip and Anna Spiro, the collaborators behind The ‘Islet’ Collection. Image: Tim Salisbury

The Artist

Shell Hunting

13 Image: Phoebe Galloway

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you?

The first part of this year was a busy one for me, with our little baby boy arriving a few days after the ‘Islet’ collection launched in March. So, for now I’m taking some time out and soaking up our newest family member (as well as our very busy two- and four-year-old girls)! Over the coming months I’ll slowly return to my commissions as I have a list of very lovely customers who have been patiently waiting for me. I’m also looking at some potential exhibition opportunities for 2022, which is exciting. @pipspiro pipspiro.com The ‘Islet’ Collection is available via annaspirotextiles.com.au

Fabric prints from The Islet Collection Image: Tim Salisbury



4 2 1


Winter Glow

17 16

These beautiful buys will bring a warm glow to any home.




1. Greenhouse Interiors Sea Shells from the Shore Limited Edition Print $280 - $360 / 2. Davines SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser $45.95 / 3. Kip & Co. Pampas Field Linen Pillowcase Set of 2 $99 / 4. Freedom FINN Leather Armchair $1,499 / 5. Kip & Co. Pina Colada Tassel Throw $269 / 6. Greenhouse Interiors Ribbed Infinity Vase Ochre (M) $80 / 7. Davines DEDE Shampoo $38.95 / 8. Jai Vasicek Yendry A4 Tile $120 / 9. Compagnie De Provence Hand Cream Pink Grapefruit $34.95 / 10. Kip & Co. Pink Salt Velvet Souk Cushion $79 / 11. Freedom RAFFLES Buffet $999 / 12. Kip & Co. Canyon Velvet Pea Cushion $79 / 13. Greenhouse Interiors Cloud Bell Vase Nude (L) $135 / 14. Kip & Co. Strawberries and Cream Linen Pillowcase Set of 2 $89 / 15. Freedom BOCA Quilt Cover Set Rose Smoke $189 - $229 / 16. Cire Trudon Olim EDP 100ml $299 / 17. Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Pink Grapefruit $39.95



8 10 12 9 11



The Tassie Treasures We visit The Truffle Farm in Tasmania, the home of Australia’s first black truffle, to understand what is the kerfuffle about truffles!


Anna Terry and Doug the truffle dog.


ack in 1999 on a cold winter’s afternoon Tim Terry, harvested Australia’s first black truffle from the rich soil of his Deloraine farm. Over the subsequent years, Tim and his family have built Tasmanian Truffles into one of Australia’s premium producers of the highly sought-after black truffle. Tim’s children, Anna and Henry, have now taken the reins and run the daily operations of the truffle farm. The Terry family’s farm is situated in Deloraine at the foot of Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers, an area known for its cool climate, pure air and water and fertile soil. These conditions are perfect growing conditions for black truffles. Deloraine is about a 50kms drive west from Launceston and a similar distance south of Devonport. Anna and Henry’s faces may look familiar. Back in 2018, Anna and Henry hit the big screen on the channel seven cooking show, My Kitchen Rules. Their down to earth attitudes and general all-round niceness made them very popular contestants but what Australia did not realise was these young siblings ran a very successful truffle farm in Tassie, producing some of the best black truffles available on the market. Black truffles are highly prized by foodies all over the world. These subterranean fungi are highly aromatic with a musty, intense mushroom smell overlaid with what some call ‘forest floor’. They provide that elusive umami taste, that ‘essence of deliciousness’ and when added to a dish can raise it from ordinary to extraordinary. The Terry’s truffles are nurtured and grown slowly and carefully in optimum conditions. They lie in the cool, fertile earth, nestled among the roots of their oak orchards, until they develop their full flavour and aroma, and are ready for harvest.

The Terrys exclusively use oak trees, as oaks are productive for hundreds of years under the right conditions. Oak trees are also more suited to growing truffles in the Tasmanian climate and have lower maintenance costs than hazelnut trees. This is when we meet the real star of the show, Doug, the family’s three year old, highly trained truffle dog. Doug’s finely tuned senses knows just the right time to unearth the truffles. Doug will give a couple of scratches at the truffle site when he knows they are ready for unearthing. He is then given a treat to stop him digging. The truffle is gently lifted from the soil by hand. The Terrys take extreme care when handling each truffle “each truffle is harvested with the same care and devotion that we apply to every one of our premium truffle products.” They Terrys suggest adding truffles to any dish at the end of the cooking process will unlock the unique black truffle aroma and flavour. Dried truffle makes an excellent addition to sauces, pastas, risottos, and egg dishes. Their deep, earthy truffle flavour is the perfect addition to salt, oil and honey and Tasmanian Truffles have a beautiful selection of products for sale both online and at the farm. Other delicious treats include truffle mustards, truffle balsamic and truffle crème. They also offer tours to the public where you can learn about the history of truffles, hear the story of how they were first grown on the Terry truffle farm and then dig some up for yourself. There is also an option to stay for a truffle tasting and a farm style platter taking advantage of the truffles, Tasmanian local produce and wines. Sounds to us like the perfect way to spend a day, meet the Terrys, hunt for truffles with delicious food and wine to top it off!

The highly prized black truffles.

Visit The Truffle Farm 844 Mole Creek Rd, Deloraine, TAS 7304 thetrufflefarmtasmania.com.au tastruffles.com.au @the_truffle_farm @tasmanian_truffles


Doug the truffle dog.

Tuffle20 farmers, siblings Anna and Henry Terry with Doug.

Doug lightly scratches the soil surface to indicate he’s found a black truffle ready for harvest

The Tasmanian truffle infused olive oil.

The highly prized Tasmanian black truffle.

The delicious Tasmanian truffle honey.

The real star of the show is Doug the truffle dog! His finely honed sense of smell knows exactly the right time to harvest the black truffles.

Linguini With Mushrooms in Truffle Oil

INGREDIENTS 450g fresh linguini 30ml Tasmanian Truffles Truffle Oil, plus a drizzle to serve 200g oyster mushrooms, finely chopped 150g brown mushrooms, finely chopped 50ml cream 20g parmesan, shaved PREPARATION Bring a large pot of salted water to a rapid boil, add the linguini and cook for about 4 minutes or until al dente. Drain most of the water away from the pasta leaving about ½ cup of the water in with the pasta. Drizzle the pasta with 10 ml of the truffle oil and toss to coat. Meanwhile in a medium fry pan heat the remaining 20 ml of truffle oil over high heat. Add the mushrooms and cook for about 4-5 minutes or until the mushrooms begin to take on some caramelisation. Stir through the cream and toss to combine. Serve the pasta in a serving bowl and top with the mushroom mixture, add shaved parmesan and finish with some truffle oil.

The Wash Up! Tea towels nearly too pretty to use From L-R: Wubbunj Linen Kip & Co. $24.00 kipandco.com.au/ Baby Flower Castle and Things $89.00 castleandthings.com.au/ Kangaroos Souvenir Tea Towel Towel Kara Rosenlund $68.00 kararosenlund.com/ Orangina KE Design $24.99 kedesign.com. au/ Blue Lagoon Greenhouse Interiors $35.00 greenhouseinteriors.com.au/ A Bit Bonkers Castle and Things $89.00 castleandthings.com.au/ North Stradbroke (Minjerribah) Souvenir Tea Towel Kara Rosenlund $68.00 kararosenlund.com/ Fievre Greenhouse Interiors $35.00 greenhouseinteriors.com.au/ Don’t Be a Dick Castle and Things $89.00 castleandthings.com.au/ Gumnuts Linen Kip & Co. $24.00 kipandco.com.au/ South Pacific Ocean Souvenir Tea Towel Kara Rosenlund $68.00 kararosenlund.com/ Returning Home Greenhouse Interiors $35.00 greenhouseinteriors.com.au/ Great Dividing Range Souvenir Tea Towel Kara Rosenlund $68.00 kararosenlund.com/ Koala Pink Bonnie and Neil $22.00 bonnieandneil.com.au





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Shop Local!

ele HOME visits some of the best regional shops in Australia



The Sonic Jumbled

Jumbled The vibrant and joyful atmosphere of Jumbled, situated in the country town of Orange, about three and half hours west of Sydney, is what grabs you when you first visit this regional store. From original collaborations with Aussie brands such as Bonnie and Neil and Sage and Clare to showcasing some of Australia’s best original artists, Jumbled is an eclectic treasure. In 2016, Pip Brett and husband Nick Luelf transformed the old Masonic hall renaming it The Sonic, which has become the home for Jumbled’s collection of fashion, homewares and original artworks as well as serving up some pretty good coffee!

With an ethos to inspire and bring joy you can see why Jumbled has such a large following and is a delight to visit. If you are visiting the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, be sure to drop into The Sonic to visit the lovely Jumbled team. The Sonic 33-35 Sale Street, Orange NSW 2800 02 6361 4447 jumbledonline.com @jumbledonline



Visiting Coastal Vintage in Noosa is like stepping into a very coastal inspired Aladdin’s Cave. Established by Sally Oulton in 2013, after a decade of sailing around the world, Sally turned her love for the high seas into a global treasure hunt sourcing wares across the seven seas and bringing a collection of hand-picked coastal and nautical treasures. Coastal Vintage source one-of-a-kind vintage items that are awash with myths and tales of the sea and decor pieces perfect for our beachside and country homes. Their authentic collection is the only and best curation in Australia, and from their base in Noosa they ship all over the globe. Drop in for a visit and we guarantee you will not leave empty handed! Shop 7/41 Gateway Drive, Noosaville QLD 0406 112 420 coastalvintage.com.au @coastalvintage


Belinda’s Store

Belinda’s Store This gorgeous little store in the northern NSW coastal town of Yamba showcases some of the best home and fashion designers around including Binny, Ginger and Smart and Kip and Co. Visiting Belinda’s is a total pleasure, from its cute façade to the attention to detail and abundance of colour, Belinda’s is a must stop when visiting Yamba and surrounds. No. 1 High Street, Yamba NSW 2464 0499 846 611 belindasstore.com @belindasstore


Alfresco Emporium The Alfresco Emporium dream began in 1998 with a small gift shop in Neutral Bay, Sydney Australia. Since those early days, owners Janice and Kevin Hore have proudly grown the Alfresco Emporium identity to what it is known and celebrated for today. In 2012 Alfresco Emporium opened in Queensland’s Island Emporium, Bundall. Island Emporium is a tranquil shopping and dining experience, a true destination to enjoy fashion boutiques, luxurious salons, fine food and of course, our homewares. You will find it hard to leave this relaxed shopping precinct. Shop 7, Island Emporium, Cnr Ashmore & Bundall Rd, Bundall, QLD 4217 07 5527 6566 and 1021 Pittwater Road, Collaroy NSW 2097 alfrescoemporium.com.au @alfrescoemporium


The Entrepreneur - Stoned


How did Stoned Crystals come to life? After researching crystals for a jewellery label I started back in 2015, I found that there were very few websites that clearly explained crystals, how they work and how we can incorporate them into the modern day lifestyle. It was here that my obsession and experimentation with crystals began. Crystals are not easily found in common homeware shops and there have been few crystal shops surviving the retail game. There were so many roadblocks for me trying to learn about the power of crystals and also where to buy them, and it was this difficult process that inspired me to start Stoned Crystals and begin the journey of demystifying crystals to the world. The Geo Gem range was Stoned Crystal’s first collection. This was the starting point for bringing ‘a fresh and modern take on crystals for the home and workspace’. The collection of five geometric-shaped crystals, beautifully boxed with matching property cards, was designed to test the conventional use of crystals by making them more accessible and more fashionable to the everyday person. Tell us about crystals. Aren’t they just for spiritual, ‘hippy’ people? Crystals have for so long been boxed in as ‘hippie’ and the jargon that surrounds it has made them difficult to understand and undervalued by the mainstream. With Stoned Crystals, I aim to help facilitate this shift by testing the conventional use of crystals by making them more accessible and more fashionable to the everyday person. The rough and fractured texture of crystal is becoming so popular right now not only for its spiritual context but also it’s earthy connections. That said, I think there is still a while to go before people begin to see crystals for what they are irrespective of their energetic principles. If for nothing other than their tactile benefits, rolling these shapes around in your hands releases the mind from the more mundane and automatic reactions we have to almost every object we pick up these days. What inspires you? I’m a creative brain, so I find so much inspiration in even the smallest or simplest things! I take inspiration from geometry, the ocean, architecture, and human form. I’m torn between the beauty and stillness of nature and the adventure and culture that makes an urban city. There is something very beautiful about the natural world versus the modern world. Committed to being in the moment and letting go but completely enthralled by the innovation and promise of the future.

What are your favourite Stoned Crystal products? Although this is such a tough question for someone who sees the beauty in every crystal, my long-standing favourite Stoned Crystals products have to be my Stoned Maiden Bracelets, and the ‘Clear Boy’ Clear Quartz from the Geo Gem collection. What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you and Stoned Crystals? Well, I’m having a baby so it’s been interesting to juggle pregnancy alongside running a business. The next 6-12 months will be busy! The challenge for me personally will be to see if I can wind myself back and make sure I can spend a good portion of time switching off from a million business-related things running through my mind and allow myself to be with my baby. I love what I do, and it runs through my blood, so I want to be able to balance my time and allow the team around me to keep moving the business forward while I take a short break! Flagship Retail Store - Shop 3, 174 Hotham Street Elsternwick VIC 3185 stonedcrystals.com @stonedcrystals Ashley Bellino owner and creator of Stoned Crystals



ele HOME meets five unique homeowners from all over Australia including one super cute caravan renovation, showcasing the creativity and love that goes into making a house a home.


Port Fairy, VIC

A Home Full of Heart Growing up holidaying in a seaside paradise were magical times for Sarah Lu and Port Fairy’s perfect mix of coast and culture drew her back when it came time to raise her family. WORDS: KATIE SKINNER IMAGES: MARNIE HAWSON

“I like to complement a home or space with what it needs to feel warm and welcoming. I find the less I plan the better, as I like to go with my gut and it either works or not.”


arah Lu grew up in the oceanside town of Warrnambool on the south-west coast of Victoria, about a three-hour drive from Melbourne. Growing up in Warrnambool meant an idyllic childhood with lots of games, riding bikes and horses with Sarah’s four siblings. Summers were spent in Port Fairy, 20 minutes down the road from Warrnambool, at her parents’ beach shack where days were filled with swimming and surfing. After boarding school and time travelling throughout her twenties Sarah felt the urge to return, “I always had the feeling of wanting to return back to live in a smaller community on the coast. Port Fairy ticked all the boxes.” Sarah and her husband Jet are the proud owners of Lucy`s Lane, three boutique cottages in the charming seaside town of Port Fairy, Victoria. They moved to Port Fairy 15 years ago after leaving busy lives in China where they met while working at a university. Jet was a lecturer in Martial Arts and Sarah was teaching Art and English. “We purchased Lucy`s Lane after a quick inspection on a Saturday afternoon just as the agent was packing up and heading to his next open house. When we walked through this charming historic house, which dates back to the 1850s, there was just something about it that resonated with us and although in need of lots of TLC we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and take on this new and exciting project.”

Originally named Yates Hill Farm, one of the oldest dairy farms in the district, Sarah describes the main homestead “like entering a time capsule and the first time we walked into the place we had this overwhelming sense of it being a happy space, where families gathered, shared stories and warmed their bellies around the charming bluestone fireplace in the centre of the house. We both thought it would make a great boutique stay and something we could create with a sense of community in mind where holidaying families, friends or couples could have the experience to slow down and engage in longer conversations, more intimate memories, and build closer relationships after their holiday. We wanted guests to escape from their modern worlds and by staying at Lucy’s Lane be allowed to step back in time to a simpler life.” Lucy’s Lane consists of three properties including The House, The Cottage and The Dairy.


Sarah talks about Lucy’s Lane like she’s an old friend “I love her story and the random pieces I have discovered along the way.” way.”

Sarah’s true passion is ceramics and sculpture and she completed a degree in fine art, majoring in Ceramics at Victorian College of the Arts. She then went on to complete a master’s in art education at Sydney University. Travelling throughout her twenties took her to all corners of the world where she could immerse herself in all of the beautiful artwork she had spent years studying. Sarah did spend a few years studying interior design in her late twenties but found the design rules quite restrictive. “I don’t really like to have a set of rules or stringent guidelines when designing a room, it’s much more based on a mixture of rambling ideas from Instagram, interior magazines or an interior I`ve been in and thought wow, what a space. It’s been a pleasure to have the freedom to create my own design spaces at Lucy’s Lane and incorporate my passion of preserving historical homes with a love of vintage and unique collections.” Sarah describes her style as vintage and eclectic and enjoys combining both traditional and contemporary. “I like to complement a home or space with what it needs to feel warm and welcoming. I find the less I plan the better, as I like to go with my gut and it either works or not. I enjoy the excitement of finding vintage pieces or something contemporary and randomly placing them together until I feel it works. This definitely is my happy space.” This is evident in Lucy’s Lane’s design where Sarah has combined more modern style with vintage finds. A coastal style rattan pendant mixes beautifully with vintage seating and the stone fireplace, while in the kitchen earthenware pottery sits alongside vintage art finds and cross back dining chairs.

Port Fairy’s historic lighthouse built in 1859 stands proud.

Sarah talks about Lucy’s Lane like she’s an old friend “I love her story and the random pieces I have discovered along the way. The uneven light that comes through the small vintage glass windows in the afternoon gets me every time. I love the beautiful stone fireplace, her sloping uneven ceilings and her textural thick walls that could tell thousands of stories. I`ve always loved period homes as I think it takes me back to my childhood visiting my grandparents in their quaint cottage surrounded with Australian bush in Healesville.”

Sarah and Jet designed the garden, doing all the heavy landscaping themselves using local stone produced in the area. “There was already an established garden when we bought the property but it was really overgrown and let go. It’s a mixture of Australian natives and a rambling cottage garden so we have tried to just complement this with formal paving using local bluestone and filling in the gaps with natives that attract birdlife and help to create a lovely little sanctuary.” It is clear just how much Sarah and Jet love their haven of Port Fairy but also the joy of opening Lucy’s Lane to visitors and introducing others to the beauty of the region. When asked what the family love to do in their spare time, Sarah describes a perfect day which includes eating Chinese dumplings at the local farmer’s market and a walk to the historic Port Fairy lighthouse followed by a surf or swim at one of Port Fairy’s pristine local beaches. The day is topped off with beer and Sri Lankan curry at the local pub, The Stump. Sarah concludes “We have three children that have grown up with the beach as their backyard and Port Fairy is for all five of us the perfect mix of a small coastal town with a vibrant food, arts and cultural community.” @lucyslaneportfairy

Port Fairy is a small coastal town in south west Victoria approximately four hours west of Melbourne. This idyllic village was once the home of whalers and seal hunters, now a cosmopolitan mix of historic architecture, charming shops and a vibrant food culture.


Woonona, NSW

Bohemian Beach V ibes An airy, light-filled coastal cottage cushioned between the striking Illawarra Escarpment and rugged ocean landscape is the place interior stylist Jessi Deakin calls home. WORDS: KATY HOLLIDAY IMAGES IMAGES:: AMANI LINDSELL

���­ :::-

-:::,� -

--� _-


he northern beaches of Wollongong are dotted with iconic ocean pools cut into the rock and lashed by surf. The dramatic stretch of coastline, just over an hour south of Sydney, has been famously dubbed the “Coal Coast” by local surfers in a nod to the region’s industrial past.

Nestled in the beachside suburb of Woonona, Jessi and her partner Adam Blackmore moved into their charming three-bedroom 1960s beach house four years ago with their dog Bindi in tow. Leaving the clamour of the big smoke behind to be closer to family, the couple joke that they bought the home just for Bindi to enjoy all the dog-friendly beaches and parks. “We’d say Bindi owns the house,” laughs Jessi. “She takes over every room. She’s in your spot on the sofa, hogging your side of the bed, eating off your plate when you’re not looking. Just calling all the shots really, and we absolutely allow it!” The talented couple set to work turning the cottage into a bohemian yet contemporary coastal, light-filled oasis. “We have done a fair bit to the home aesthetically, but mostly DIY work,” she explains. With an extensive background in interior design, Jessi was no stranger to the process.


After studying at the International School of Colour and Design for two years, she then spent the next year interning for various companies and gaining work experience in different facets of the industry. Developing her spatial, planning and styling skills as a property stylist, Jessi then started up her own successful interior styling business, eponymously titled Jessi Eve. Jessi and Adam chipped away at their home project over time with the help of family and friends. “We really just did what we could, when we could,” Jessi says. “It wasn’t an efficient, time-sensitive project. Just a passion project that we both dedicated time to when we could and without a whole lot of pressure! There were challenges but nothing too intense.” One problem they had to overcome in certain spaces of the home was when they took a knife to the carpet believing there were floorboards underneath to instead find particle board. Unfazed, Jessi leaned on her personal motto: “If it looks a fright, paint it white!”, and did just that. “We painted the ugly particle board white, added massive area rugs to cover the floor and got on with it. Now it’s created a bit of a Mediterranean vibe, which fits with our aesthetic.” Outside, they wanted a comfortable and inviting alfresco space to entertain in, adding bamboo screening to the pergola roof to filter the harsh sunlight that Jessi tells us creates a beautiful linear light pattern as the sun streams through. It’s now become one of her favourite features of the home, along with the ocean and escarpment views. To accentuate the tropical vibe of the backdrop, they landscaped along the fence line with yuccas, agave and other greenery.


Jessi describes her style as contemporary coastal with subtle bohemian and Mediterranean influences. She sources pieces for her home from local second-hand furniture stores and op shops to created texture and dimension with accessories made from organic materials such as the 52ceiling fan in the bedroom. Jessi found these vintage blade covers from Vinnies and attached to the existing fan to create a unique piece for the home.

Styling the home was where Jessi put to use her natural talents. Describing her style as contemporary coastal with subtle bohemian and Mediterranean influences, she scoured local second-hand furniture stores and op shops for unique pieces and created texture and dimension with accessories made from organic materials. The stunning rattan sideboard residing in her office is from Vinnies. Jessi also has a penchant for scouting old books and unashamedly admits she judges them by their cover. “Behind the old, torn paper covers, often you find beautiful canvas or leather spines in some incredible colours. This can be a really affordable way to add books as styling pieces to your home,” she says. Other favourite pieces include the combination of the nude leather bedhead in the couple’s bedroom mixed with the white concrete and timber bedsides and rattan lamps. Jessi says the 10-seater recycled teak outdoor table gets better with age and holds many wonderful memories shared with family and friends. It’s also complemented by the oversized palm fibre pendant lights. “The ambience of an evening is quite beautiful. It makes you feel like you’re on an island holiday!” Accentuating the bright sunlight that enters the cottage, Jessi and Adam used Dulux Natural White to paint the interior giving it an airy, spacious feel. Adding rattan furnishings with accessories in muted tones and pops of greenery throughout the home, they’ve kept the palette calm, crisp and clean.

One of Jessi’s favourite looks is the combination of the nude 53 the leather bedhead in the couple’s bedroom mixed with white concrete and timber bedsides and rattan lamps.

The 54 interior of the home is painted throughout in Dulux Natural White which gives it a light and airy feel.

Outside, they wanted a comfortable and inviting alfresco space to entertain in, adding bamboo screening to the pergola roof to filter the harsh sunlight. To accentuate the tropical vibe of the backdrop, they landscaped along the fence line with yuccas, agave and other greenery.

Since Jessi largely works from home, it was essential to create a relaxed environment that takes advantage of the ample natural light. “I love our home and I love being in it,” she says. “I love the simple things, like lighting my favourite candle while I wait for the kettle to boil, opening the windows and doors to get good airflow, having an intentional playlist in the background to suit the mood, or reading a book in the bath.” When asked about what the couple like to do in their spare time, Jessi says, “We’re at the beach most days walking Bindi, and Adam surfs. If the local markets are on, I might head there with friends for a look around. In the evenings, we love getting fish and chips and heading to our favourite little picnic spot overlooking the beach in Austinmer. Bindi comes too (of course) and we throw the ball for her. When they’re on, we go to comedy shows and listen to live music at Anita’s Theatre – it’s a wonderful venue. Life on the Coal Coast can be like taking a step back in time but for Jessi and Adam, they’re right where they want to be in a place where old charm is embraced with new inspiration. jessieve.com.au @jessi.eve


Homeowners Jessi, Adam and Bindi

Best interior design tip? Ignore trends. Buy pieces you love regardless of what’s flooding social media or magazines. Be the decider of your own unique style. What designers inspire you? I particularly enjoy the works of Simone Haag, Madeleine Blanchfield, Emily Henderson and Leclair Décor, to name a few. Favourite places to eat and shop in your region? South Sailor in Thirroul for a ladies lunch, Pará in Thirroul for a romantic dinner, Two Sisters Garage in Bulli for a light meal and yummy beverage on a sunny day, and Kneading Ruby in Wollongong for great food and group dinners. Pretty Eclectic and The Native Nest in Woonona for fashion and homewares, Nest Emporium in Thirroul (it’s been a favourite for homewares even before I lived here), and 55

Eden Found | www.edenfound.com.au |


Oatlands, TAS

Raffah House A historic home in the centre of Tasmania has been lovingly restored by owners, Sophie and Nick, to create a cosy cottage with all the modern luxuries. WORDS: KATIE SKINNER IMAGES: LEAN TIMMS

Sophie and Nick have a mix of traditional materials in the garden such as planter boxes, hedging 59and olive trees to create a classic space.

The outside weatherboards have been painted in Wattyl’s Grey Embre which allows the greenery to pop.


he historic town of Oatlands sits on the shores of Lake Dulverton, about a one-hour drive north of Hobart. Oatlands is known for having the largest number of colonial sandstone buildings of any town in Australia and one of Tasmania’s oldest settlements. The Georgian landscape still stands today and was mostly built by convicts in the early 1800s. Nick and Sophie Weeding are a local family who live just out of Oatlands where they run a sheep and cropping property, the family property where Nick grew up. Sophie is originally from Victoria and met Nick seven years ago while visiting friends in Tasmania. Four years ago, they purchased Raffah House, in the centre of town, with the intention of Sophie’s Victorian family using it as a base when visiting and to rent it out on other occasions. It was Sophie’s mum, while visiting, who spotted an old sandstone house in the main street of Oatlands that was for sale. “The rest is history - with a six-week-old baby on the hip, and not one iota of renovation experience and with a few sketches scribbled on random pieces of paper, we took the keys to Raffah House and spiralled down a twelve-month restoration.” Nick and Sophie took on the big job of renovating Raffah House while their first son, Willy, was a newborn, and by the time they completed the reno they were expecting their second son, Archie. “It was obvious that over the years the place had some very average cosmetic jobs done on it with heavy usage of linoleum, concrete and treated pine. It was so dark and imposing with little light inside which was typical of the period it was built. It had a lot of rising damp and little to no ventilation. So, we basically stripped the entire interior back to a shell and started again. We restored all the sandstone throughout the entire interior and exterior of the property with a local stonemason. We hired trades with a thorough understanding of heritage so they could sympathetically restore all the relevant original Victorian features whilst being very considered about the modern conveniences of today.


Sophie and Nick created an open plan kitchen and dining space but then added a cosy sitting room directly off the kitchen. Sophie adds “The house lends itself to being a cosy stone cottage, so we created an equally cosy sitting room, a bathroom with all modern appliances and heated flooring and so on.” Sophie and Nick have made the most of the traditional features of the home. Exposed sandstone has been lovingly restored in the dining room but the addition of skylights have brought light into what was a dark room. Sophie describes her Chris Bury artwork as her most loved items in the home “Especially my landscape piece I commissioned a local artist to complete specifically for the dining space – that’s my wow piece. I appreciate the individuality of each piece of furniture and how I pare my pieces together in each space. I am very much about creating classic spaces that then enable me to throw my own personal spin of artwork and personal possessions to create an individual space. I like to create spaces that encourage you to relax and not feel stuffy.” Sophie sources antique pieces from The Jardin Room and Provincial Interiors but has no problem mixing vintage with new items such as beds from IKEA and French linen from Carlotta & Gee. The beautiful bedspreads are from Sophie’s sister’s business Made in Tangier, where owner Pin Affleck sources her divine creations from Morocco. The bedhead is from Miss Smith Interiors. Sophie holds true to her own personal style, and this is reflected in her home “Be personal and nurture what you love – try to avoid trends.” Pops of green feature throughout the home, in throws, vases and greenery and the inviting front door painted in Porters Paint’s Bay Leaf. The green door sits well against the sandstone exterior and dark trims painted in Dulux’s Bed Box. The outside weatherboards are painted in Wattyl’s Grey Embre and are complimented by the traditional garden Sophie designed that is sympathetic to the home and Oatlands’ history. Sophie has used rosemary, pear trees, Portuguese bay laurel trees, seasonal vegetable beds and potted olive trees to create a combination of classic, mostly evergreen. “All very hardy so I spend very little time in the space, but it packs a punch for impact.”

“We restored all the sandstone throughout the entire interior and exterior of the property with a local stonemason. “

Pops of green feature throughout the home in linens, glassware and paint.


The dining room was renovated sympathetically restoring the sandstone but adding modern features to bring in natural light. Sophie’s 63 favourite piece in the home is the Chris Bury painting she had commissioned.


The interior of the home is65 painted in Dulux Lexicon Half strength.

The front door is painted in Porter Paint’s Bay Leaf


What do you love to do in your region? Visiting the local farm gates and cellar doors, we are a loose hour from the east coast which boasts stunning beaches including Wineglass Bay. Visit the central highlands which have beautiful lakes and fishing and of course Hobart is only an hour drive for some delicious cuisine at an amazing array of restaurants and MONA the famous museum of new art. Favourite places to eat and shop in your region? The Imbibers – a short stroll up the street from Raffah. A cheese and spirits merchant where you can feast on delicious grazing boards and drink locally sourced wine and spirits while sitting fireside in beautiful chesterfield lounges.


Favourite pieces in your home? Chris Bury artwork in dining room and the antique sideboard in the sitting room. Greatest budget buy or budget decorating tip? My sister gifted me the John Derian Picture Book and I selected my favourite pictures and took to the book with a Stanley knife and framed them all. It is such an individual and unique way to create a selection of artwork which is not your own idea but your own collection of pictures that you love. What’s your family’s favourite way to spend a day in your region/home? Being on our farm and breathing in the fresh Tassie air with my favourite people. @raffahhouse raffahhouse.com.au



Kiama, NSW

Living the Coastal Dream We visit ‘Swell’, a family’s coastal escape on the southern NSW coast, designed and styled by The Stables Creative Director, Catherine Heraghty. WORDS:: KATIE SKINNER IMAGES: THE PALM CO. WORDS



Catherine Heraghty, owner and Creative Director of interior styling company The Stables, knows a thing or two about design. As one of Australia’s leading designers Catherine is known for her beautifully curated spaces that convey a sense of both light and comfort. ele HOME talked to Catherine about one of her designs for a family living in Kiama, on the Southern NSW coast. Kiama is famous for its incredible coastline and ocean pools along with having the world’s largest blowhole. It is a short trip from Sydney making it easy access for day trippers and weekenders and the perfect spot to design and style a home. Who lives here? Our beautiful long-time clients, the Ettridges, own this property. How long have the family owned the home and what was their motivation for renovating? The Ettridges have owned this property for approximately six years. ‘Swell’ is actually a newly built addition upstairs to their family home. They decided to build this addition for the purpose of holiday accommodation and to have another space to use when family and friends come to visit, as well as having a functional kitchen and bathroom for when they take on further renovations to the main family home. For the Ettridges this move was a sea change, they were living the fast-paced Sydney lifestyle and decided to simplify and move down south for a calmer, slower pace of life. What was the client’s brief for designing the home? Our client was seeking assistance on the full renovation of their two-bedroom apartment addition. This included design as well as furnishing and styling. Due to the location and the clients’ personal preferences, they were after a contemporary coastal feel. We took on this project in the lead up to Christmas 2018, so ensuring the project was complete by Christmas was essential! What was your inspiration when designing this home? For inspiration you can look no further than out the window. The apartment has panoramic views of the ocean and stunning Kiama coastline, and this influenced our selections. What do you love most about the end result? We love how calm you feel when you enter the space, and we just love the fact that due to it being holiday accommodation many people will feel that same sense of calm as they enter the property. How would you describe the style of the home? Contemporary coastal.


“this move was a sea change, they were living the fast-paced Sydney lifestyle and decided to simplify and move down south for a calmer, slower pace of life”

The James Lane Como Deep sofa in Moody Blue adds effortless coastal style but also extra sleeping if required. The relaxed theme of the loungeroom is completed with the Malawi chair in natural from Malawi Cane.


The master bedroom bedhead is called Momi Bay from Naturally Cane.


Your best interior design tip when designing this home? When designing a property that has such an outstanding view, do not attempt to compete with it. Keep your interiors simple and timeless and let the location do the rest. Favourite room in the home? The combined kitchen and dining space, you just cannot go past that view!! Favourite pieces in the home? Our favourite pieces were all the small styling elements found at local south coast homewares stores. It is the finer details that really completed the coastal look. Biggest splurge? The biggest splurge would have definitely been all of the beautiful custom joinery for the kitchen. Greatest budget buy or budget decorating tip? When furnishing this apartment, we had to rely on items readily available and cost effective. Our favourite purchase is the James Lane linen slipcover sofa in Moody Blue fabric as it really sets the tone for the space. This sofa is the deep version meaning if an extra guest had to sleep on the lounge, they could! @the_stables_ thestables.com.au The little things…….. Interior paint: Dulux Vivid White throughout Sofa – Como Deep Sofa in Moody Blue by James Lane Occasional Chair – Malawi Chair in Natural by Malawi Cane Master Bedroom Bedhead – Momi Bay by Naturally Cane Kitchen and bathroom – Uneek Interior Solutions, SMEG, Di Lorenzo Tiles.

The combined kitchen and dining space is Catherine’s favourite room in the home. When working with the ocean views, Catherine kept the interiors simple and timeless.

For a bright and airy feel the entire interior is painted in Dulux Vivid White.

The apartment has panoramic views of the ocean and the stunning Kiama coastline. This influenced Catherine’s selections for the home. Catherine stuck to the motto that when designing a home with an outstanding view, do not attempt to compete with it.

Roaming with Rosie ele HOME chats with artist Elysha Ferris, the owner of Rosie the Caravan. Elysha and husband, Jimmy, took on the renovation of a 1971 Viscount Caravan and have spent the last few years turning Rosie into quite the lady. Elysha shares with us her renovation ideas and talks all things caravan design. Images: @photosbyjessieann

Tell me a bit about your family. We are a young family of five – Jimmy and myself and our three kids – Indiana (5), Hugo (3) and Daisy (2). How long have you owned Rosie and what have you done to Rosie since purchasing her? We purchased Rosie at the end of 2017 and have been working on her ever since! She has had a complete top to bottom renovation – we managed to salvage the majority of her cabinetry which we loved so much, but everything else from the v-groove ceiling to the penny round tiled tabletop we did ourselves (and when I say ‘we’, I mean Jimmy!) Can you give me a bit of background on how you found Rosie and why you decided to undertake a caravan reno? We searched high and low for a vintage van – to the point of our ‘criteria list’ going from a full page to just two items long. We just wanted to make sure the van we chose had a rust-free chassis and was watertight – anything extra was a bonus for us! Jimmy is a carpenter by trade, so we love a project!

“In my home I am absolutely petrified of colour…But with Rosie I felt more confident experimenting with colour a little…….in the end, I guess we ended up with a really fresh, calming, fun space to be in and I just love her!”

“Parked beachside, playing in the water and coming back to burritos under the festoon lights for dinner – followed by popcorn and a movie in bed…bliss! “


The bunk beds and ceramic wall lights are Elysha’s favourite pieces in Rosie.

Do you have design backgrounds? What’s your personal story? So Jimmy is a carpenter, and although I don’t have a background in design, I’ve loved design for as long as I can remember. I am an artist – I paint with lots of colour and texture. I also get to work with the MOST clever people ever – Pip and Rhiannon at The Boathouse Group – I’ve learned so much about design from them, they’re the most inspiring people to be around. How would you describe your style? In my home I am absolutely petrified of colour – which must sound strange coming from an artist! My home is all white everything (crazy when you have young kids running around the house I know!). But with Rosie I felt more confident experimenting with colour a little. I’m not sure if it was because I knew I wasn’t going to be spending all day every day in there – or because it was a much smaller scale than a house so I knew I could change it if I ever got sick of it. But in the end, I guess we ended up with a really fresh, calming, fun space to be in and I just love her! What do you love most about Rosie? I think the bunks are still my favourite! Especially the little ceramic wall lights. Who designed the exterior and interior of Rosie? Jimmy and I did, with a little help from Viscount of course! There is definitely no mistaking her original features! Your best interior design tip when renovating a caravan? Create a space that makes you smile - have fun with the little details but make sure the more permanent fixtures are going to last!

Most of Rosie’s original cabinetry was salvaged 81 by Elysha and Jimmy during the renovation


Elysha and kids Indiana, Hugo and Daisy

What designers inspire you? Oh gosh – so many! A couple of my favourites are Anna Spiro and Pip Goldsmith – and I’m a huge Block fan and still love all the work that Kyal and Kara, Michael and Carlene and Josh and Jenna produce. Favourite pieces in Rosie? The ceramic bunk wall lights – I had some custom mugs made by Robert Gordon and we turned them in to wall lights. Biggest splurge? The ‘off grid’ solar / battery system. Greatest budget buy or budget decorating tip? You don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the look you’re after – there is ALWAYS an alternative to that $300 throw you love! What’s your family’s favourite way to spend a day in Rosie? Parked beachside, playing in the water and coming back to burritos under the festoon lights for dinner – followed by popcorn and a movie in bed…bliss! Rosie the Vintage Viscount can be booked for holiday stays on Camplify – camplify.com.au @roamingwithrosie elyshaferris.com

Sophie Hansen

In Good Company

Sophie Hansen’s latest cookbook In Good Company brings you country hospitality, deliciously do-able recipes and simple ideas for bringing people together.


Roasted carrots with yoghurt, hazelnuts and harissa

Serves 4-6 Prep time: 15 mins Cook time: 45 mins This is an insanely tasty dish that’s a great side but also brilliant on its own with some warm Turkish bread or tossed greens. Big flavours, easy to put together and using some nice solid seasonal veg to great appeal… yes, please! 6 carrots Olive oil, for drizzling 1 ½ cups (390 g) Greek-style yoghurt 1 handful rocket (arugula) ½ cup (75 g) hazelnuts, roasted and roughly chopped 1 small handful dried rose petals (optional) Harissa dressing ¼ cup (60 ml) extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp harissa, or to taste Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F). Peel and slice the carrots into batons. Arrange on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast the carrots for 45 minutes or until cooked through and beginning to caramelise at the edges. For the harissa dressing, whisk together the olive oil, harissa, lemon zest and juice and season to taste. (Perhaps start with just 1 tablespoon of harissa and add more to taste – some brands are hotter than others.) To serve, spread the base of a big platter or bowl with the yoghurt, top with the carrots and rocket and then drizzle the dressing over the top. Finish with the hazelnuts and rose petals, if using.

Aromatic slow-cooked lamb shoulder Serves: 6 Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 5 ¾ hours Aside from it being delicious, the best thing about this lamb is that you can put it on in the morning and head out for a while with the smug knowledge that lunch will be waiting for you when you get home. 1.8–2 kg (4–4 lb 8 oz) lamb shoulder 8 garlic cloves, peeled 2 Tbsp coriander seeds 2 Tbsp cumin seeds 1 Tbsp fennel seeds 1 tsp sea salt ¼ cup (60 ml) olive oil 2 lemons, thinly sliced 2 red onions, sliced ¼ cup (60 ml) pomegranate molasses 2 Tbsp honey 2 Tbsp wholegrain mustard ¼ cup (60 ml) red wine vinegar ⅓ cup (50 g) toasted pine nuts ⅓ cup (50 g) pomegranate seeds 1 small handful coriander (cilantro) leaves Bring the lamb to room temperature and make a few incisions across the top of the meat. Preheat the oven to 220°C (425°F). Using a mortar and pestle, pound the garlic, spices and sea salt into a coarse paste. Add the olive oil, then rub the paste over the lamb, pushing it into the incisions as much as possible. Layer the lemon and red onion slices over the base of a roasting tin, then place the lamb on top. Pour ⅓ cup (80 ml) water into the tin and roast for 30 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 120°C (235°F), tightly cover the tin with foil and cook for about 4 ½ hours or until the lamb is very, very tender. Towards the end of the cooking time, combine the pomegranate molasses, honey, mustard, vinegar and ¼ cup (60 ml) water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Pour the pomegranate glaze over the lamb. Increase the heat back to 220°C (425°F) and cook, uncovered, for a final 40 minutes or until the lamb skin is beginning to crisp up. Sprinkle the lamb with the pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and coriander leaves. Spoon the lemon and onion slices over the top to serve.

“In Good Company is my love letter to the magic of shared tables. I think there is nothing better in life than bringing your favourite people together over simple, seasonal food that you made for them. And so, in this book is a collection of menus that I hope, will inspire more people to do just that, and often!” Sophie Hansen Chocolate, hazelnut and espresso cake Serves 6-8 (with leftovers) Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 45 mins I have been making this cake for many years. It was a staple and popular dessert item when we used to run farm tours and lunches every month and here’s why: it’s really stable, in the sense that you can make it a day or two ahead, wrap it tightly and it will be even nicer. Plus, the flavour combination of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee is a proven winner, and it’s not at all hard to throw together. I’ve served this with poached pears on the side, with ice cream, with cream and just on its own. It’s always beautiful. This recipe makes quite a large cake but it does last well for a few days and a little slice with coffee makes a lovely morning tea. Plus it freezes well. 5 eggs ¾ cup (165 g) firmly packed brown sugar 1 shot (30 ml/1 fl oz) espresso coffee 2 ¾ cups (410 g) chopped dark chocolate 1 cup (250 g) unsalted butter, chopped 100 g (3 ½ oz) hazelnut meal 1 ½ tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla extract A pinch of salt Thick (double) cream, to serve Fresh raspberries, to serve Preheat the oven to 150°C (300°F). Grease a 24 cm (9 ½ inch) spring-form tin. Line the tin with baking paper. Using an electric mixer, beat the eggs and half the brown sugar for at least 5 minutes or until pale and fluffy and doubled in size. Combine the remaining brown sugar, coffee, chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Cook, stirring often, until you have a smooth, shiny mixture. Pour the chocolate mixture into the egg and sugar mixture and very gently fold together. Add the hazelnut meal, baking powder, vanilla and salt and gently fold together. Transfer the batter to the cake tin and smooth the top. Bake for 40 minutes or until the cake feels just set in the middle. Leave to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the tin. Serve the cake warm or at room temperature, with the cream and raspberries.

Images and text from In Good Company by Sophie Hansen; photography by Sophie Hansen. Murdoch Books RRP $39.99

Winter Warmers

Some of ele HOMES favourite pinot noirs to keep you warm this winter.

Changing habits? Try this zero alcohol pinot noir.

NOBLE FELLOWS PINOT NOIR Noble Fellows Colonel Kiwi Marlborough Pinot Noir is a premium quality Pinot Noir from Marlborough, with a deep crimson hue and distinct aromas of red cherries. Savour the fine flavours of spice and plum with a smooth silky finish. Food pairings: Salt rubbed Blue Mountain Lamb Peking Duck or Duck based dishes; High Country New Zealand Venison; Wood smoked Tasmania Salmon RRP. $18.00


PLUS & MINUS PINOT NOIR For those of you wanting to make some positive changes why not give this delicious alcohol-free pinot a try. Deep and savoury with a touch of sweetness, Plus Minus Pinot Noir brings the iconic taste of a deep and complex red in an alcohol-free wine. Plus, grape seed extract is incorporated into the mix for an added boost of antioxidants. Could there be anything better?! RRP: $14.99

INNOCENT BYSTANDER PINOT NOIR A pinot that carefully balances cerebral intrigue and pure drinking pleasure. It’s like a riot of berries laid over a bed of fine silky tannin. This pinot is fantastically varietal and extremely approachable, packed full of black cherry and cedary notes with a perfect balance of soft, but fine-grained tannin. Jump in, you’ll love it. A perfect food match with mushroom pizza and pasta with duck ragu. RRP: $25.00

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM PINOT NOIR A medium red in colour with vibrant aromas of dark plums, cherry and hints of forest floor. The palate is fruit-driven with a core of supple red berry and cherry flavours highlighted by a spicy complexity. Bright acidity and fine tannins provide definition to the long finish. Perfect with duck or mushroom risotto. RRP $15.00

DEVIL’S CORNER RESOLUTION PINOT NOIR With cherry, red berry and spice, this Resolution Pinot Noir wine has all the striking intensity and length of very cool grown pinot. Food pairings: A Pinot Noir with this intensity and concentration screams out for quality food accompaniments. Chargrilled lamb cutlets marinated in a chimichurri and served with bok choy. Or why not try it with whole roasted duck, mediterranean vegetables and a deep red wine jus. RRP. $34.00


Sixty Smith Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Melbourne’s art scene, Sixty Smith is Collingwood’s latest neighbourhood bar and restaurant on Smith Street (recently crowned the world’s coolest street). Sixty Smith appreciates the simple things in life: delicious food, good company and small acts of kindness. With this as its compass, what you’ll find is seasonal food alongside handcrafted cocktails, local wines and regular community events. The menu reflects the food journey of head chef Three Phadungkarn (former chef at MoVida and Syracuse) who wants guests to feel like they’re having a home-cooked meal but prepared by a personal chef. The menu features everything from Thai; to French; to Spanish tapas. 60 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC sixtysmith.com


BASS & FLINDERS Heartbreak Gin


eartbreak Gin is for lovers of Pinot Noir and gin alike and represents Bass & Flinders Distillery’s natural progression from producing grape-based spirits to fortifying Mornington Peninsula’s premier grape variety - Pinot Noir, with gin. Heartbreak Gin is ruby red with purple hues. Complex and perfumed with notes of sweet red fruit, spice and floral highlights. Think fresh, floral and fruity. Enjoy neat over ice as an aperitif. Serve in cocktails such as a Heartbreak Old Fashioned, a twist on a New York Sour or in a G&T with Mediterranean Tonic, garnish with scorched orange rind, rosemary, or sage. Pair with traditional pinot noir dishes such as roast lamb or duck a l ‘orange. bassandflinderdistillery.com RRP $88.00 Limited Edition so get in quick!


To Visit Now!


ice Boi Mooloolaba, QLD

A Little Luxury in the Kitchen

Hands dry from over washing with harsh kitchen detergents? Head to mainebeach.com to try their divine Kakadu Plum Handwash and Hand & Nail Cream. Not only do they smell incredible, but the antioxidant enriched Kakadu Plum with Wild Rosella extracts will nourish and revitalise skin leaving it deeply hydrated and soft. mainebeach.com.au


u Nu Palm Cove, QLD


adbury has released its special edition Caramilk Hokey Pokey just in time for long, cosy winter nights. A delicious fusion of caramelised white chocolate and crunchy honeycomb pieces, Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey adds texture and flavour to the Caramilk chocolate. Grab a block while you can! RRP: $5.00 - 170g


arvest Newrybar, NSW



Hyams Beach Image: Destination NSW


Bannisters by the Sea

Visit Mollymook and surrounds for some of the most beautiful Australian beaches, whale watching, luxury accommodation and fine dining with seaside village charm. Where to eat and drink? Cupitt’s Estate – incredible views with delicious food and the home of European wine varieties on the NSW south coast. 58 Washburton Road, Ulladulla, NSW @cupitt Rick Stein’s at Bannisters – the ultimate seafood restaurant highlighting local produce combined with stunning views. 191 Mitchell Parade, Mollymook, NSW @ricksteinatbannisters

Rick Stein at Bannisters Image: Destination NSW

Where to stay? Bannisters By the Sea – luxury accommodation where you can whale watch from your personal balcony. 191 Mitchell Parade, Mollymook, NSW @bannistershotels

Bannisters Pavillion Image: Destination NSW

Bannisters Pavilion – contemporary accommodation with the most incredible roof top restaurant and pool. 87 Tallwood Avenue, Mollymook Beach, NSW @bannistershotels Day trip! Hyams Beach and Jervis Bay Crystal clear waters and on the fringe of two national parks, this area is known for having some of the whitest and squeakiest sand in the world composed of pure quartz. Perfect for a picnic and a day at the beach. Kangaroo Valley A short one-hour trip from Mollymook is known as one of Australia’s most beautiful valleys. Jampacked with hiking spots, great food, shopping and spectacular views, this is worth the drive!

Cupitt’s90 Winery Image: Destination NSW

Gerringong Falls, Kangaroo Valley Image: Destination NSW

Ulladullla Harbour Image: Destination NSW

Bannisters by the Sea

Bannisters by the Sea


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