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Annual Report E a s t s i d e C at h o l i c Sc h o o l

2018 -19

Board of Trustees Sharon Chiarella Mary Anne D’Ambrosio Katy Greve Philip Head Kelly Hudgins Eron Kelly Danielle Maletta (EX OFFICIO) Greg Magnoni Mike Morgan Michael Neale Gil Picciotto (EX OFFICIO) Mike Quinn Kevin Schreck ’88 Mary Ellen Smith Mauricio Uribe Erin Vickers (EX OFFICIO) Greg Witkop

2018 -19

! u o y k n a h T

Eastside Catholic Service Awards 35 YEARS Karen Skoog 30 YEARS Tom Kittridge 25 YEARS Laurie Matthews 20 YEARS Jeff Rodenburg 15 YEARS Randy Brown 10 YEARS Anita Florence Maria Granda Adam Kietzer TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARD Matt Aschaffenburg, PhD Aminta Procel

ON THE COVER: High school juniors in Religion 11 built five park benches for the Habitat for Humanity Sammamish housing project.

Dear Eastside Catholic Community, We are pleased to present to you our 2018-19 Annual Report. The Annual Report highlights many of the stories and milestones made possible by our community’s generosity and engagement.


ur school exists to foster intellectual excellence, nurture relationships and inspire a life of leadership in our students. Each of our stakeholder groups has shown the ability to shape the future and lives of our students for the better. Our collective vision, leadership and willingness to act enables us to empower our students to be the people God has called them to be. As we seek to advance our mission, we rely on our community to be active partners with us. Strong annual giving is fundamental to our ability to serve our community. From unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund, to directed gifts to specific programs, your philanthropic impact acts as a catalyst for EC’s mission. We live in times of great change, and Eastside Catholic will not stand still. Our commitment to a dynamic, robust and relevant academic experience builds on the foundational values embodied in Catholic teachings, with a keen eye on the future and the impact we expect our students to make on the world and each other. In 1980, EC took on its first two classes with a total of 248 high school students and 16 faculty members. Thirty-nine years later, our school has transformed. In 2018-19: ■

■ ■

We graduated our largest class ever in 2019 with 175 students. We educated and shepherded 865 students, grades 6-12 with 71 faculty members EC has grown its endowments to $1.8M More than 30,000 hours of service was performed with 72 students receiving a varsity letter in community service EC employed more than 120 staff and faculty members, 67% of whom hold advanced degrees Technology is evident more than ever, in the classroom, in the form of a recording studio and integrated into our teaching practices daily.

Support and encouragement for local community members demonstrated through student volunteer activities Pride exhibited by students who succeed in a class or subject they initially struggled in Personal growth in our students after grade-level retreats

We hope you enjoy learning about the way your commitment to Eastside Catholic created outstanding experiences for our students and community. We look forward to our continued partnership and thank you for your unwavering support. Sincerely,

Mauricio Uribe Board of Trustees Chair

These numbers alone do not tell the whole story. There are moments that do not translate into numbers, yet their value is evident more than ever. Examples abound. Here are just a few we’ve witnessed this year: ■

Upperclassmen and middle school students connecting in clubs like Finding Kind Peer tutors assisting students in the Options Program

Gil Picciotto President


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Meet the 2018-19

Scholarship Recipients


Calla Norton

Will Sherman

Eva Hartman

Patrick J. Deviny Scholarship

Wil Vicik STEM Endowment

Wendi Marie Anderson Traynor Memorial Scholarship

Patrick Deviny enjoyed math and science. Peter Dorratcague loved the spirit and activities at Eastside Catholic. Roberta Farmer believed in a Catholic school on the Eastside. Wil Vicik loved the EC experience.

What are your favorite classes? My favorite classes have been Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science. I am currently taking AP Biology and Anatomy and enjoying those as well.

What are your favorite classes? My favorite classes that I am currently taking would have to be band, jazz ensemble, statistics and computer science. In the past I also enjoyed calculus (which was a surprise to me).

What is your favorite class at EC? Undoubtedly AP English Language and Composition with Dr. Wootton. This class pushed my rhetorical and analytical skills in ways I could never have foreseen and changed how I see the world around me and how I see myself within it.

These individuals believed strongly in Eastside Catholic and left a lasting legacy that is benefiting EC students today and into the future. We thank their families and others for continuing to support these scholarships. The 2018-19 scholarship recipients embody the characteristics that these awards were meant to honor.

What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? Receiving this scholarship was a proud moment for me and solidiďŹ ed my drive to study the sciences in college.

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I would love to major in a science and do research! Particularly marine biology, environmental science, evolutionary sciences, or genetics.

Which EC teacher inspires you? A lot of teachers have inspired me at Eastside Catholic. However, one that sticks out to me would be Mr. LaBelle because he really takes the time to get to know each one of his students.

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I am currently planning to major in environmental engineering after high school, but also want to continue to play the trombone. What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? Receiving this scholarship was a reassurance for me to pursue a STEM related career in my life, and it means a lot to me that my hard work and passions are noticed and recognized. Which EC teachers inspire you? I have taken inspiration from many teachers over my time at Eastside Catholic. I would have to say that Mr. Boysen and Ms. Maletta have impacted me the most in both my creative, musical side and my nerdy, STEM side.

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I hope to major in sociology with a double minor in global health and crime and forensics. After that I’d like to go to law school or get my PhD in a social science and become a university researcher. What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? It means that I can more readily afford my education, and use that education to change our country and world for the better. Which EC teacher inspires you? Ms. Deardorff has taught me for three years: AP World History, AP Human Geography and this year I TA her AP World History class while teaching myself AP Psychology with her guidance. She has been a mentor and friend to me, someone who pushes and challenges me because she knows I can do better, but is still so loving and someone I can go to with any of my problems or worries.

Vincent Do

Lauren Bowser

Caitlin Burrows

Mary Blockhan

Patrick J. Deviny Scholarship

Wil Vicik STEM Endowment

Peter E. Dorratcague Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Roberta M. Farmer Scholarship

What are your favorite classes? My favorite classes at EC are calculus and computer science.

What are your favorite classes? My favorite classes at EC have been science and math classes. I loved physics freshman year and I am currently enjoying AP Chemistry.

What are your favorite classes? My favorite class this year is Beginning Acting. I also have liked all of my religion classes.

What are your favorite classes? My favorite classes at EC are english and religion because I am passionate about writing and my Catholic faith.

What is a favorite activity at EC? One of my favorite activities is robotics. What do you like to do in your free time? Read and play video games with my brother. Do you know what you would like to do after high school? After high school, I would like to attend college and pursue a major in computer science. What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? Receiving this scholarship reinforced my confidence in my academic ability, and it gave me a moment to be proud of. Which EC teacher inspires you? A teacher who inspires me is Mr. Brown. He showed me that plenty of witty remarks can really brighten up the learning environment.

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I plan to attend college and get my degree in astrophysics or physics with an astrophysics focus. I hope to eventually obtain my PhD and work for a space exploration agency. I’d love to do work on the nature of black hole and dark energy. What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? This scholarship was a true eye opener to me in realizing that people recognize me and the work that I’ve done. It further empowered me and gave me more confidence in my scientific interests. Which EC teachers inspire you? Ms. Blender, my ninth grade physics teacher, and Mrs. Maloney, my tenth grade biology teacher inspired me to pursue my interests. They showed me that loving math and science is something to be proud of, and that I can make a difference in the scientific community.

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I would like to go to college and get my first part-time job after high school. After that, maybe I will go down to Los Angeles to be an actress! What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? I love Eastside Catholic! This scholarship is a reward for how much I love my school and how honored I am to be part of this community. Which EC teachers inspire you? There are three teachers that inspire me. Mr. O’Rourke because he is funny and always helps me at school. Ms. Barton because we enjoy being together during the school day and she always pushes me to be a better person and student. Mr. Roberts because he inspired me to be awesome at sign language!

Do you know what you would like to do after high school? I would like to pursue a career in teaching special education combined with elementary and secondary education. I love working with kids and I have a strong desire to help kids start out on the right path in life. What did receiving this scholarship mean to you? I often feel like the odd one out, so it feels amazing to be recognized for my faith which is the most important part of my life. Which EC teachers inspire you? Mr. Morrisroe, Ms. Lindblad and Ms. McDermott inspire me on a whole new level. They are dedicated to making sure that their students succeed and become the best people that they can be, not only as a scholar but also as a person. I want to follow in their footsteps and help children to reach their full potential.


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A N N UA L R E P O RT O P E R A T I N G A N D F I N A N C I A L H I G H L I G H T S F O R 2 018 - 19

Contributions and Fundraising

Other Revenues

2018-19 Year

■ Operating Revenues Tuition and Fees Contributions and Fundraising Other Revenues Total Operating Revenues

Percent of Total

$ 20,945,000 1,102,500 878,500

91.4% 4.8% 3.8%

$ 22,926,000

■ Operating Expenses, including depreciation Tuition and Fees

■ Operating Revenue

Instructional and Programs Tuition Assistance General and Administrative Fundraising Interest Total Operating Expenses

$ 15,468,500 4,023,900 2,646,700 375,200 1,661,800

64.0% 16.6% 10.9% 1.6% 6.9%

$ 24,176,100

■ Contributions and Fundraising Fundraising


Annual Fund/General Auction and Events Permanently Restricted Temp Restricted Designation

General and Administrative

Tuition Assistance


176,200 256,200 4,100 666,000



16.0% 23.2% 0.4% 60.4%

Instructional and Programs Annual Fund/ General

■ Operating Expenses

Temp Restricted Designation

Auction and Events

Permanently Restricted

■ Contributions and Fundraising


DONOR ROLL 2018-19 We honor the following individuals, companies and foundations who generously donated to Eastside Catholic School between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. We have made every effort to produce an accurate donor listing. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology and contact our Advancement Office at 425-295-3037 so that we may update our records.

* indicates matching gift amount included † indicates deceased

ALL GIVING Founder’s Circle [$50,000 +] Anonymous National Christian Foundation Mary Ellen and Gary Smith*

[$25,000 – $49,999] Kevin and Angela Taylor Brian and Tracy Webster

[$15,000 – $24,999] Sharon and Thomas Chiarella Scott and Andrea Helton Kathleen Hogan* Microsoft Stephen and Melanie Reed John and Susan Sercu Adra Boas Tiryakioglu ’88 and Daver Tiryakioglu* Wells Fargo

[$10,000 – $14,999] William and Rebecca Baxter* Jeff and Charu Bogdan Michael and Marla Delaney* Eastside Select Basketball Douglas and Jennifer Hotes Kelly and David Hudgins Kassandra Mitchell No Junk Inc. Fred Owens and Amy Coleman* Tom and Johanna Padilla* Mitchell and Carrie Parrish David and Leslie Pickering* Matt and Katie Rossmeissl Seattle Seahawks Steven and Carol Singer* Antonino and Lisa Storniolo* Thomas and Kristin Vogele Tim and Tiffany Wissner*

President’s Circle [$7,500 – $9,999] Gregg Ferullo ’87 and Heather Ferullo Hoover Law Group Dustin and Michelle Ingalls* Eron and Kathleen Kelly Kemper Freeman Foundation Dr. Christian Manley Jim and Kristin McMann Sandip and Jennifer Minhas* Gil and Amelia Picciotto Kevin Schreck ’88 and Amy Schreck* Mauricio and Cynthia Uribe Davide and Paola Vigano

[$5,000 – $7,499] Anonymous (2) Absher Construction Company Andy and Amy Alcorn Jim and Annette Alling AMG Charitable Gift Foundation

Brad and JoAnne Bastian Brian and Sheila Branson* Jacqueline and Richard Cabe Brad and Trista Campbell Charitable Flex Fund William and Holly Christiansen Jeffrey Clark Matt and Gretchen Compston Majdi and Dana Daher John and Anna Daly* Joanne and Timothy Farmer* Van Rex Gallard and Sheila Remes* Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Philip Head and Naya Kehayes-Head Joel Johanneson Kendra Scott Scott and Sally Leist Middle Fork Roasters Ann Molitor ’87 and Zuri Hector

2018 July 12

July 17

July 24

Michael Padilla ’16 reports for Q13 Fox News at 2018 special Olympics USA Games

High school students take study abroad trip to France

EC hosts two-week summer camp program for students from Macau, China A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


Michael and Mindy Morgan Lilli and John Pietromonaco Mick and Marnie Schreck Darren and Anne Shakib Chris and Shannon Sheeks Joe and Elaine Shephard Stay Pineapple Jason and Mary Upton Bill and Lora VanSickle Washington Window and Door Charles and Traci Williams* Hans and Georgialee Zunker

St. Francis Circle [$2,500 – $4,999] Anonymous Dean and Claudine Adamo Paul and Susan Archer Charles and Jana Arnold Jena and Riley Ayers Josh and Melissa Back* Jesus Bautista and Vanessa Feliberti Connie and Thomas Bechtol* Bender Custom Construction


Ethan Bernstein and Rachel Allen* BNBuilders, Inc. Brian Bodine and Wanda Martinez Jonathan and Regan Boysen Paul and Christine Caragher David and Jeanne Cerino Ron and Tisha Cornwall Brendan and Tricia Curran Mary Anne and Jerry D’Ambrosio Jim and Mary Deviny* Donovan Photographics Dan and Terri Evered Kevin and Kristin Flandreau* David and Jill Galiotto Katy and William Greve Kathryn Grindeland Mayten and John Michael Gross Brian and Denise Guy Jerry and Vicki Harbottle Troy and Anne Hartzell Steven Hazlerig Integrus Architecture Marj Kerstetter

Andrew and Phuong Lai Christopher Large and Tara Rose-Large Vu and Jennifer Le Tom and Mary Pat Lord Carl and Jennifer Mackleit Robert and Gina Martin Douglas and Rachel McCall Patrick McDonald ’88 and Andrea McDonald Metropolitan Building Maintenance Stephen and Tracy Michels O’Connell Family Foundation Brendan O’Meara and Rita Alexandrou Pacific Office Automation Kestutis Patiejunas and Susan Toth Patiejunas Barry and Carol Patmore Michael and Victoria Quinn Jim Ragsdale Jarrod Roberts ’00 and Andrea Roberts Michael and Heather Roy

Bob and Barbara Schille Matt and Christine Senft Bryan and Kirsten Serkin Mark and Alice Shaw Tom and Corina Shemanski Chanel Smith ’09 John and Susan Stearns Christopher and Marina Tebben Todd R. Thrasher Ivan and Alissa Tsang David and Claudine Ursino* Waka Waka Studios Western Van and Storage Thomas and Katherine Walker Richard Wolfe and Kirsten Edmundson Wolfe* Li Zhou and Ziling Zeng Stanley and Lauren Zuzic

Crusader [$1,000 – $2,499] Anonymous (2) Alok and Karthika Ahuja Russ and Judi Albright Aroeye Business & Technology Consulting Dragos and Marykaren Barac* Tim and Margaret Barker Steve and Michelle Barnet Sarah Barnhart Nora Barragan* Zachary and Melissa Bode Peter and Michele Bosworth Michael and Alison Boyer Jim and Jenifer Brawner David and Denise Braza Mark and Jennifer Broughton Ed and Lisa Brown Geoff and Kari Brown Jamie and Meagan Brunner Canlis Restaurant Tom and Miranda Cantine* Kristin Carrico Lansing John and Deborah Casper Brian and Cindy Cave Kelly Christianson and Anne Quaranta* Steven and Shannon Daly Mark and April D’Antonio Russell and Susan Decaire Erik and Lorena Denny

August 1

August 22

September 13

September 21

Inaugural week-long Middle School Mission Trip

First day of school

Mass of the Holy Spirit

Senior Rachel Goodwin named National Merit Semifinalist

DigiPen Institute of Technology Jim and Kristen Dimlow* Dennis and Pat Dorratcague Brian and Tracie Dougan Leah Drew Brian and Erica Ellis E.M. Plumbing, Inc. Eterna Studios Norm and Constance Falconer Tim and Lucy Falla Dr. Kelley Fisher, DDS Brett and Shannon Flynn* Gregg and Amy Fossum John Friedl ’87 and Jennifer Friedl Kimberly Fritz FX Luminaire Gaslamp Bar and Grill Alessandro Giacobbe* Dustin and Debra Green Kevin and Theresa Greene Joe and Ardeth Gregg* Annette Griffith Troy Griffith

Kevin and Ashley Hagwell* Tyson and Meri Hartman HD Fowler Company Gregg and Terry Hohman* Honda Auto Center of Bellevue Jennifer Hood, John L. Scott Real Estate Travis and Blair Howland Kuzi and Wendy Hsue David and Lisa Hufford Michael and Angela Humphreys Kevin and Paige Iden Donald and Jennifer Ivan Matt and Catherine Iwicki Robert Jacobs Alirio and Ariatna Jacome Charles and Tiann Jeffries* Shane and Krista Johnson Steve and Kathie Johnson Rick and Kathleen Kaiser Jay and Caroline Kaufman John and Heidi Kelly Paul and Annie Kistner Dan’l and Catherine Koch

Bob and Terri Lewis John Luger ’91 and Tami Casne Luger ’90 John L. MacKenzie Leo Madden and Sharon Wong-Madden Dr. Asha Madhavan, DDS Joe and Mary Magnano Gregory Magnoni Duane Maki and Ormezinda Brown-Maki Peter and Lori Marshall Pat and Tami Martin Lou and Kim Maxon Derek McNeill Sheryl and Eric Medeiros John and Megan Miller Robert and Angela Niemann John S. O’Connor Lawrence and Carletta Ooton Joe Pacheco and Shawna Hough-Pacheco* Matt Parrish Patterson Buchanan Fobes & Leitch Inc. P.S. Curt and Shari Pederson Matthew and Tammy Penarczyk

Cynthia Heiberg Ponti ’90 and Todd Ponti Jay Prochaska Nicole Prochaska Richard and Shirley Prologo Kurt and Karen Reasoner Jeff and Lisa Reents John and Nicole Rhea Juan Rivera and Maria-Teresa Rivera-Uribe Eric and Susan Robinson Dino and Terry Rossi Mike Rusch and Lee Keller John and Michelle Russell Sammamish Community YMCA Dayne and Julie Sampson Nitin Sanghi and Puja Bhargava Tye and Tracy Schriever Patrick Schroeder Mike and Robyn Schutz David Scott Sculptor Fitness Thomas and Karen Sehrer Steve and Teresa Serex Jan and Jay Shaw Joji and Mark Siegel* Shawn Smith ’14 John and Julia Snyder Kurt and Sharon Soldenwagner John and Kristine Stebbins Ryan and Kristina Steffen* Stacey and Tim Stoutt Barbara Swann Paul Swiontkowski and Mary Greely* Alan and Anne Terry Ambrose and Tricia Treacy* United Insurance Brokers, Inc. Urban Oasis Design & Construction, LLC Keith and Lori VanderZanden Gurupurna and Lakshmi Vasisht* Luong Vu and Tracy Tran* Stephen Walsh and Laura Hardy* Amy Watson Kevin and Heather Weeks Frank Widden Lesli Williams Douglas and Antonette Wood Charlie and Rochelle Wright ZhenDong Zhang and Helen Wang*

October 3

October 23

October 24

October 30

Middle School Blessing of the Pets

Middle School Den remodel reveal party

Thirteen seniors named National Merit Commended students

High School Band attends WMEA Northlake Regional Jazz Festival A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


Blue and Orange [$500 – $999] Anonymous (7) Warren and Jill Aka Kristal Albertson David and Hitomi Alexander* George and Stacey Almgren Liz and Michael Anderson Steven and Elizabeth Anderson Clive and Laphillia Andrews* Yehoshuva and Subha Kiran Arasavelli Todd and Sarah Asher Eric Barlow ’88 and Shauna Barlow* Scott and Pamela Bartle Matthew and Mary-Pat Beattie* Stephen Bender ’93 and Stella Bender Santiago and Kristina Bernal Patrick Blackburn Joel Blockhan Rachel and Michael Blockhus David and Vicki Boardman Aggie Bonpua-Alba Haydon Boone Josh and Jonnel Bowser Merv Boyce Rodney and Amy Bray Jason and Susan Brown Claudiu and Doina Bulai Thomas and Cindy Burrows Janet Caler Sean and Christine Chai Joseph Choy and Jenny Su Daniel and Kimberly Christiansen Gyu Hwa Chung and Ju Hae Yun Edward and Margaret Cirella David and Jennifer Clemens Countryside Floral and Garden William and Judy Courshon* Arinola Dada Robin Fairweather Davidson ’90 and John Davidson Jennifer DerGarabedian Kip Durrell, Jr. ’85 and Michale Becker Durrell ’84 Eastside Catholic School Boosters Staci Evered Ron and Brandi Faith Anne Gallucci*


Andre and Stepheny Gauron Travis and Sharon Gelbrich Bob and Michele Gilb Girls Who Code Lou Glatz Roger and Jennifer Grambihler Jason and Kimberly Gray Tom and Nancy Grossi Peter and Kaci Gruening Mark and Amy Giustino Bill and Erin Hamilton Anton and Kelly Hartman Karen Hatch Tim and Cindy Hickler Gregory and Fawn Hoover Hyatt Regency Bellevue Ashley and Matthew Hylton Kori Inkpen Jae Lykken Photography Kurt and Jennifer Jenkins John Howie Restaurants David and Trisha Johnston David and Michelle Kauffman Milburn and Debra Kenworthy Daniel and Susan Kirby Michael and Kathleen Kirby Brent Kokoskin and Veronica Winkler Stan and Susan Kriegel

William and Cheryl Kringle Eugene and Sally Kuerner* Miguel and Julia Lacouture* Michael Lane and Nicol Conroy-Lane Bob and Gail Langworthy Kyle and Rebecca Larsen Seungbum Lee and Jong Eun Lee Jon and Cherie Leffingwell Robert and Krista Lewis Peng Lu and Li Tan Peter and Tracy MacKenzie Elizabeth Mader and David Wrighton Marlene Malecha Timothy and Kim Mallalieu Ted and Laura Mandelkorn Rob and Deanna Manelski John and Christina McConnell Jean McMullan* Macky and Ellie McNish Tracie and Doug Meier* Lylian Merkley Bryan and Viktoria Meyer Alejandro Miguel and Claudia Sassano-Miguel* Erik and Tracy Morgan Mary Morrissey-Shrope Ernst and Kathy Oosterhof

Paint Local LLC Pilar Parker* Ben and Kelly Parriott Michael and Keegan Porter Puget Sound Physicians Jorge and Marianella Pulido Robin Purcell Queen Anne Painting Co., Inc. Joel and Leah Ramos Emil and Jodi Riccardi* Steven and Suzanne Riddle* Jason and Brandi Robinson John and Sharon Roehm Steve Rudolf Sammamish Cookie Company Donald Scaramastra Stuart and Anne Schaefer Jeff and Carmen Scott Ryan and Marsha Setting Douglas and Erika Seven Ian and Turi Shergold Curtis and Deborah Sianchuk William Simmons and Jill Krusinski* Polly and Lloyd Skinner Smith & Main Richard and Yvette Smith Daniel and Regina Sperry Terry Spires and Mary LaLomia

October 31

November 1

November 28

Renée DePencier Piñero and Isabel Scott recognized through National Hispanic Recognition Program

EC Drama presents “Chekhov Mixtape”

Options Program students shine at Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

Sandi Stuit Peter and Christy Underwood United Way of King County Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Erin and Michael Vickers Bill and Lisa Vipond Whitaker Foundation Calvin and Yvette White Rando and Ketia Wick Ben Williams Brandon and Heather Witz* Mark Wong

[$250 – $499] Anonymous (8) Ryan Aiello and Kelly Meyer Matthew and Erin Aitken Larry and Elaine Alexander Doug and Laurie Ammons Anna Lisa Photography, LLC Patricia Army Kerry and Jennifer Bandow Mark and Elizabeth Baracani Brian and Tricia Bertsch Daniel and Alexandra Bickel Blue Vase Window Cleaners Stephane and Nathalie Boss

Matthew Boyd ’09 and Ashley Boyd Carl and Lynn Brandt James and Teresa Brosche Gregg and Jean Brummer Candy Mâché Fabrice and Florence Canel* Kelly and Jody Carroll Morris and Melissa Chang Jeffrey and Gina Charters Andrew and Jessica Clinick Dan and Beth Collins Christine and Robert Coyne Mark and Angela Craig Tim and Liz Cruickshank Jacek Czerwonka and Aneta Lasek-Czerwonka Patrick D’Ambrosio ’00 and Kelly Shaw D’Ambrosio ’00 Jay and Pearl De Jesus John and Cheryl DePrez Christopher and Stacey Dias Manh Do and My Anh Nguyen Robert and Janine Dodson Tom Doig and Josie Bissett Estes Joseph and Linda DuCoeur Eastside Catholic School Parent Faculty Student Association

Steve Ewart Allie Farmer ’04 Ron and Joyce Farrell Ken and Catherine Fisher* Simon and Neelie Floyd Carl and Nancy Forsberg Fulcrum Foundation Luke and Shelley Friang Baltazar and Marites Gatan David and Nancy Gilchrist James and Susan Goett Paul Goodwin and Marie Kernie Patrick and Donna Glaze Jim and Victoria Grady Dana Greenlay Valeriu and Claudia Grigore Hair by Amanda Kyle Hallmark Appraisal, Inc. Claire and Robert Hansen Michael Harder and Heidi Howard-Harder Mychal and Tonia Harris Allyn and Patricia Hebner Kevin and Kim Hefty Fr. William Heric Randall and Margret Hoefer Thomas and Suzanne Hornish Peter and Rhonda Horsburgh

Will and Kristin Howard Joel and Deanne Huff Darryl and Carissa Hunt* Craig and Kristin Hunter James and Cindy Huse Michael and Jennifer Iem Imps and Monsters Eduardo Indacochea and Maria Oneto Island Treats J & J BBQ Company Richard and Brenda Jacroux Charles and Janet Jenkins Susan Johannsen Catherine Keck Anderson Kevin and Andria Kelly Ercenk and Fatma Keresteci Adam and Terese Kietzer Lynn and Tom Kittridge Eric and Joanna Lakes Leighton and Sue Lien Jeffrey and Andrea Lim Tom and Jessica Loutsis Brendon and Kirstin Lynch M2 Fitness Danielle and Oren Maletta Tara and Shawn Maloney Gina and John Marrow Kevin and Jennifer McColly Megan McDermott ’99 Leslie Meier and Brian Arnot Mark and Lisa Mildenberger Jordan and Mistilyn Miller Daniel Meyer Joseph Murphy ’85 and Colleen Murphy John and Nancy Nelson Kay and Jeff Nichols Pamela O’Connor Dave and Hilary Ohara Jude and Valerie Onianwa Marc and Susan Ossinger Juan and Veronica Pablo Bill and Catherine Palmer* Tino and Joanna Perrina Peter and Tina Petesch* Alexander and Natalia Philip Barrie and Katharine Pike PLAYlive Nation Toni and Josh Poppe

2019 November 30

December 10

January 11

Varsity football team wins WIAA 3A State Championship

EC hosts reception for Friends of Mombasa Schools

Twenty-four students earn medals at Area 4 DECA competition A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


Precision Chiropractic and Massage Juliette Prince* Aminta and Luca Procel Michael Quinn ’89 and Stacy Quinn Tomoko Ratzlaff Nicholas Reasoner ’14 Paul and Penny Reynolds Timothy Ritchie and Jacqueline Alber Ritchie Jeff and Jana Rodenburg Nathan and Anne Rosnow Michael and Catherine Roy John Sabey ’87 and Diane Sabey Vincent Salas Prasanna and Anne Samarawickrama Sammamish Symphony Orchestra Jason and Angela Sampson San Francisco 49ers Raul and Trisha Sanidad Sattva Yoga John and Sheila Scates Kristina Scates Paul and Kimberly Schaefer Patrick and Kristin Schuppert Matthew Scontrino ’95 Seattle Cascades Professional Ultimate Team Seattle Mariners Heather Shaw Nathan and Laura Sherman Kathy and Brian Silverman Timothy and Teresa Smith Zachary and Megan Smith Lisa Snow ’99 and David Snow Sound Microsystems Jim and Laurie Storie Sam and Sam Sudore Ashish Thapa and Pooja Pradhan Todd and Lori Thompson Holly Thrasher Brad and Jan Till Title Boxing Club Trisaetum Winery Tracy Tucker Caesar and Genevir Tuguinay David and Chiao Viscardi James and Tracy Walker Kevin and Natalie Wallace


Jeffrey and Christina Wandling Karl and Lisa Westby William and Maggi Whitaker Glenn and Susheila Widmer Hillary Winkler Joseph Winkler Ross and Kimberly Wolf

[$100 – $249] Anonymous (14) 343 Industries Michael and Jessica Akers Donald and Margaret Allen Ron and Riza Almanza Donald and Janna Anderson Hannah Anderson Teri Anderson Vilisoni and Mele Angilau Argosy Cruises Dave Arkley and Shelley Johnson Antonio Asali Michelsen and Patricia Ramos Matthew Aschaffenburg and Michelle Starr Tony and Schanon Ataee Rob and Rachel Auffant

Brian and Zohreh Bachar Christian and Mary Bacich* Sam Baker Dean and Beth Banks Brett and Janelle Barrett Michael and Maria Barrett Molly Becker Scott Becker Angela Bender Sandra Dizon Bendix ’86 and Brad Bendix Connie Beuchat Paul and Teresa Bikhazi Joe and Carol Bishton James and Suzanne Boehl Julie Boone David Bosone ’85 Bob and Wendy Bosworth Sridhar and Kimila Boyapati Chad Brown ’13 and Katie Brown Jade and Luisa Brown Ravi Burla and Suma Raviburla Wendy Burnham ’87 Chad and Melanie Buscho James and Kerri Butler Cactus Restaurants Frances Carhart Francisco Carregha and Ana Elguero Steve and Yukie Carrigan

Norman Carroll and Kelly Lee-Carroll Brian and Alecia Carter Lynn Chen and Jian Wu Jason and Sarah Cobb Jeffrey Cobb and Ellen Reed Jeffrey and Kathryn Cochran Craig Hunter’s Pro Shop Maureen Cunha CycleBar Jeffrey D’Ambrosio ’96 and Megan D’Ambrosio Dominic and Lisa Daste Davenport Hotel Demerie Davidson ’14 Florinda Davis Rick and Carol Davis Scott and Jami Davis Gabe and Michelle DeBacker DeLille Cellars Monica Denney Richard DePencier and Wendy Piñero-DePencier Manvir Dhaliwal Paul and Cristin Donovan Kevin and Geraldine Duffy Kristine Easterday Rhonda Ender Howard and Jenni Englehart Adam and Jackie Epperson

January 11

January 22

January 29

Students honored by Scholastic Art Committee of Washington

Four EC teachers earn National Board Certification

Current and alumni Options Program students place third at Special Olympics Sub-Regional Basketball Tournament

Maria Faires Lindsey Farmer ’07 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lori Fieldcamp Jeff Finan The Finest Accessories Brian and Windy-Autumn Foster* Tanya Fraioli ’86 and Giuseppe Forte Pat and Julie Franke Leland Franklin Eric Fuchs and Alissa Suan Paul and Cecile Gasson Jules Gimbernat Natanielu Gogo and Lisa Fagafa Andrea Gorski Tina Casne Hall ’87 and Mark Hall Steve and Barbara Hartman Heavy Restaurant Group Merlin Hembree David and Julie Herness Tom and Mindy Hill Ty and Cheryl Hill Evelyn Hofmann David and Wendy Holloway Honeywell International Charity Hoodsport Winery Shawn and Trina Huarte Michael and Nathalie Isensee Ivar’s Restaurant Brianne Pietromonaco Jackson ’02 and Danny Jackson Roger and Angela Jacobsen John and Kelly Jester JM Cellars Amber and Kwan Johnson Michael and Doreen Jones Roe and Pamela Jones Princeton and Lilian Kanhukamwe David and Pat Kelley Robert and Lisa Kerns Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Gail Kimberly Cora and Randall Kimbrough Todd and LeAnne Kolb Rob and Lucy Krensky Sandra Kulman Edward and Karen Lackey Fred and Linda Lagergren Brook Lang The Last Bite Mark and Brendalynn Laurance

Vince and Sally Sue Lombardi Lopez Islander Resort Carlos Lopezlira and Gloria Velez Brett and Karen Lowry Lucky Strike Bellevue Mark and Lisa Ludwig Marc Luesebrink and Molly Kirrene James MacIntyre Nicole and Justin Maloney Mambe Blanket Company Alicia and Kyle Martin Eric and Linda Martorano Nonila Masmela Antonio and Megan Mason Kathleen Mayberry Edward and Yoshiye Mayeda Jeff and Stacy McCannon Monica Meighan Microsoft Store – Bellevue Greg and Cathy Milner David Moe and Catherine Janicki Moore Brothers Music James Morrissey ’07 Corey Mosley

Scott and Alicia Moss Leslie Moulton Franklin and Mabel Munoz Anne Roling Murawski ’90 and Michael Murawski Paul and Joann Murawski Larry Murphy and Janet Politte Patrick and Kiersten Murphy Alex Muth ’20 Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna Philip and Rosemary Nduka Paul and Lynnly Nealon Patrick and Stacey Needham Mike and Jackie Neether Troy and Kaci Nelson Gary and René Niehl No Boat Brewing Company Lalania Nowell Matthew and Angela Norman Gary and Amy Norton Bill and Alice O’Brien Julia O’Donnell Anna Olson Narda Olson Olson’s Tack Shop

Alan and Sierra Ordona Pacific Science Center Pagliacci Pizza Paul and Sheri Park Cory and Marnie Patton Marilyn Peterson James Phillips Scott and Nicole Pickett Kelli Preissler Paul Pritchett ’04 Hal and Anycia Prukop Joe and Barbara Quaranta Shashidhar and Ramya Rajashekara Nilesh Ranjan and Wanthanee Limpaphayon Emil and Roberta Riccardi Tom Richardson and Floret Khosa Tyler Runnells ’93 Salon Tewl Susan Sambrook Sammamish Café and Spirits Peter and Connie Scontrino Alison and Doug Scott Brian and Gemmi Schottenheimer

February 7

February 15

February 16

February 27

Cheer teams wins Game Day category—fourth consecutive state championship win!

EC receives approval for AP Capstone Diploma Program

High school students help rebuild homes in New Orleans during midwinter break

Varsity cheer squad awarded the WIAA Academic State Championship A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


Seattle Repertory Theatre Benhur and Manda Semo Dilpreet and Amira Sethi Kathryn Sheehan Sherwin-Williams Sinclair Media of Seattle Khushwant Singh and Amandeep Kaur Ann Skochdopole Karen Skoog Tom and Anne Smarsh Emilia Smith Matthew Smith and Susan Kang-Smith Teoman and Anne-Berit Smith Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course John and Stacie Sollars Patrick and Pamela Sprague Clive and Diana Springer St. Jude’s Council Knights of Columbus Bronwyn and Tom Starostka Kevin and Stephanie Steele William and Susan Stockman David and Dena Suzuki James and Erin Suzuki


Penieli and Kalatisi Taumoepeau Jeremy and Meredith Thielbahr Keith and Bev Thompson Derek Tiplin ’94* Rod and Joanne Toll Roy and Joanna Towse Christopher Uribe and Esmeralda Cantu Jay and Ann Vandewark Sailosi and Makeleta Vea Tony and Janelle Veteri Kay Waiss John Wandling James Ward George and Dana Wasyluka Erin and Randy Weaver Scott and Helene Weedman Alosina Wellington Thomas and Bridget Wells Kurt and Shelly Wettlaufer Joseph Widden David and Lesa Widner Mark and Jill Willison John and Darcy Wilmart Cris Wisner Robbie Wright and Heidi Person

[$1 – $99] Anonymous (12) Ryon and Kathrina Addison Erik and Chika Allen Terry Anderson Jennifer Angelis Anthony’s Restaurants Archer Hotel Asante Salon Tracey Ballinger Greg Barton Elaine Bautista Charles Beach Michelle Beckley Bel Viso Day Spa Pam Belli Andre Beuchat Birches Habitat Olinda Blackburn James and Margaret Bradley Erin Brown Mary Brown Mary Katherine Brown Molly Brown ’16 Wade Bucktooth

David and Jennifer Burroughs Callie Buse Paulette Buse Vance and Debbie Buse Carmen Bush Café’s, Inc. Cakes of Paradise Bakery Charlie Calvano Andrew Carlton ’09 Bess Carter Deanna Carter Julia Charter Candy Cheney James and Diane Christianson Cleveland Browns John and Lisa Clifford Vern Cohrs Rip and Karen Curtis Allison Cutuli Dahlia Bakery Dee Davidson Katherine Davis Karen Dawson Erma Douglas Noreen Duffy ’88 Karleen Eads Earl Egan Emerald Downs Jane England Kerry Lynch Engle ’04 Courtney Eno Todd and Angela Ericson Everett AquaSox Baseball Team Everett Silvertips Hockey Club Martin and Christine Fagan Monike and Ake Failauga James and Moana Faletogo Katie Farr Evan and Lindsey Farris Kari Feistner Jeromy Felts Hernan and Beatriz FernandezPelayo Charles Ferrel Mark Flippo and Elise Purcell Octavian Florescu Julie Florida Michael and Rose Flowers Michael Foley and Mari Power Chris Frantela Gretchen Frederick

February 27

March 4

March 9

Varsity boys swim team makes history with third place finish at State Meet

Varsity boys basketball places third at WIAA 3A State Basketball Tournament

PFSA sponsors Father Son Thunderbirds event

Ian and Mandy Franklin Dave Gainer and Monica Mulloy Ryan and Jessica Garcia Dorian and Mimi Garson John and Jean Gasman Michael and Theresa Gasman Marc and Carol George Chad and Christina Ghosn David Gierok Thomas Gockel ’11 Annie Gonzales Antonio Graglia and Marta Dall Argine Rachel Hahn Philip and Darlene Halverson Hancock’s/Posey’s Bakery Marilyn Handel Andrew and Rebecca Harris Chris and Jen Heger Sidney Herness and John Wesley Richard and Wendy Heiberg Jennifer and Michael Hemker Sean and Morgan Henderson Erika Herman Blanca Hernandez-Gonzalez

Nolan and Champale Hickman Bill and Lorraine Hine Steve and Christa Holland David Hopkins Maggie Hora Karin and Barton House The Hutch Studio iPic Theaters John and Carol Jendrezak Kerri and Eric Jensen Rob and Dawn Jeske Jester Pies Sheila Johanneson Kristan Johnson ’87 Steven and Lori Johnson Damian and Michelle Joseph Vernon and Leslie Kaczmarski Karl and Bridget Kaufmann Nancy Kelly Ty Kelly Maria Kildall Candi Kintzley Trevor and Tara Kirschenmann Jun Kong and Yin Liu Paul Kozlowski and Kelley Fisher

James and Amy Kubacki Robert Kubacki ’08 Perry and Janet Kusakabe Keith and Lovena Laycock Huyen Le Robert and Laura Leach Cynthia Leffel Legendary Doughnuts LeMay America’s Car Museum James and Cindy Lewis Frank and Kirsten Lobisser David Lockhart Ilana Long and Steve Blatt Maxwell and Alison Long Arthur and Suzanne Lorber Marc Lorber Justin Luger ’97 and Ginevra Luger John and Reenie Maloney Giovanni and Maria Marchetti* Leonardo Marchetti ’18 Kenny Marsh Tara Martin and Moe Mayoraga Matts’ Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge Christine McComb

Jim and Konny McGehee Larry McKinney Caitlin McLuskie McMenamin’s Brent and Jamila Merritt Tammy Messina Charlotte Meyer Lori Meyer Griffin and Keely Meyers Kevin Meyers Rachel Michaels Natalia Milanov John and Kathleen Mileski Andrew Miller Christopher and Rachel Miller Debby Moller Marie Moore Casey and Lore Morgan Janet Motter Mud Bay Erika Murphy Museum of Flight Erik Muth and Diane Gonzales-Muth Eugenia Nakamoto Mary Needham Network for Good Thuy Tien Nguyen Matt Niehl Misty Mastin Nordale ’87 and James Nordale Northwest African American Museum Suzann Oakes-Anderson Marcia Oberdier Edmund O’Brien and Nicole Wolki Beverly Oliver Clinton Olson* Eric Paley Jonathan Paley Joyce Paley William and Paula Patterson Jake Peavler Casey and Larissa Peay Geraldine Pederson Clarence and Aisha Pegram Kevin and Susan Pera Judith and David Petersen Tucker and Carly Petrzelka Hung Phan and Huong Nguyen Eva Phillips

March 15

March 20

March 22

Thirty-nine middle school students compete in Battle of the Books

February snow enjoys a sunny day in March

High School Band performs at Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa, California A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


Silver Level [$5,000 ] Absher Construction Company Hoover Law Group Kendra Scott Middle Fork Roasters Stay Pineapple The Vogele Family, Owners of LUKE Wines Washington Window and Door, Inc.

Bronze Level [$2,500 ] Bender Custom Construction BNBuilders, Inc. Integrus Architecture Metropolitan Building Maintenance Pacific Office Automation Waka Waka Studios Western Van and Storage

Pine Lake Ale House Nicholas Pizzitola ’09 Ken Ponti Matthew and Shannon Pool Benjamin Powell ’95 and Sarah Gregg Powell ’95 Derrek and Kendra Pratt Angela Ray Jones Kevin and Nakia Ray Recoop Spa Mike and Jennifer Renwick Chris and Eileen Riccio Jessica Rice Erik and Rachel Robison Dr. Robert Rockwell Lynn Rodeheaver Zachary and Kristina Rogers Shaun and Saroun Samuels Brenda Searcy Bonnie Sebright Mark and Lisa Sentman Kathleen Shannon Kristine Shields Tina Shields Shonna Siegers


Prakash and Sonali Sikchi Michael and Kathleen Skripek Autumn and Darin Slater Tara Slinn Jeremy and Shauna Smith Steven and Frances Smith Kylin Sorl Jeffrey and Lynette Springborn Kathy Steeh Jeffrey Stewart and Tammy Steele Jovette Steffan Jeff and Julianna Steffens Joanna Stokes Studio East Mia Tanasi ’21 Terra Bella Hilaire Thomas Tipsy Cow Burger Bar Mark Tocci and Yakeline Pena Trader Joe’s Truce Spa Twede’s Café Twig & Print LLC Uncle’s Games Michael and Erica Vanover Kirsi and Viktor Varsa

Elizabeth Vaughan Jack Waschitz Jamie Watson Steven and Marie Weed Steve and Judy Weinstein Jason and Heather Widup Wild Waves Theme and Water Park Steven and Kelly Wilkins Phillip and Summer Wills Wing Luke Museum Wings and Waves Waterpark Fred and Colleen Wurden Joe and Angela Zwiefelhofer


Spirit Level [$1,000 ] Aroeye Business & Technology Consulting, The Gross Family The Bellevue Collection, Kevin and Amy Schreck Eastside Catholic School President’s Council E.M. Plumbing, Inc. Dr. Kelley Fisher, DDS Gaslamp Bar & Grill The Head Family Honda Auto Center of Bellevue Jennifer Hood, John L. Scott Real Estate Patterson Buchanan Fobes & Leitch Inc., P.S. Sammamish Community YMCA The Sampson Family United Insurance Brokers

Diamond Level [$15,000 ] J. Bookwalter Family and Winery, The Sercu Family Microsoft Wells Fargo Bank

March 23

March 25

April 4–7

April 10–12

STARS Gala Auction

Ten middle school students named semifinalist in Letters About Literature competition

EC Drama presents “The Addams Family Musical”

Sixth grade students visit Olympic National Park for hands-on science trip

ASANTE The EC faculty and staff would like to say “asante,” or “thank you” in Kenyan, to the following families and friends for their generous donations to our faculty and staff. Anonymous Ethan Bernstein and Rachel Allen Brad and Trista Campbell The Coyne Family The Gallard-Remes Family The Iwicki Family The Shakib Family Bill and Lora VanSickle

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Alaska Airlines Gift Matching Program Altria Group, Inc. Apple Computer, Inc. Bank of America Matching Gifts Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Boeing Gift Matching Program Costco Wholesale Expedia, Inc. Guidacent, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Nintendo of America Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Sam Baker Charles Beach Connie Beuchat Rachel Blockhus Jonathan Boysen Chad Brown ’13 Wendy Burnham ’87 Carmen Bush Lynn Chen Christine Coyne Allison Cutuli Dominic Daste Demerie Davidson ’14 Joanne Farmer Lindsey Farmer ’07 Mayten Gross Claire Hansen Andrew Harris Karen Hatch Jennifer Hemker Sean Henderson Karin House Ashley Hylton Kerri Jensen Amber Johnson Adam Kietzer

Cora Kimbrough Lynn Kittridge Tom Kittridge Robert Kubacki ’08 Ilana Long James MacIntyre Elizabeth Mader Danielle Maletta Nicole Maloney Tara Maloney Gina Marrow Alicia Martin Tara Martin Megan McDermott ’99 Caitlin McLuskie Leslie Meier Brent Merritt Erika Murphy Kay Nichols Julia O’Donnell Alan Ordona Judith Petersen Gil Picciotto Toni Poppe Paul Pritchett ’04 Aminta Procel

Jessica Rice Jarrod Roberts ’00 Jeff Rodenburg Steve Rudolf Tyler Runnells ’93 Susan Sambrook Alison Scott Heather Shaw Joji Siegel Shonna Siegers Kathy Silverman Karen Skoog Autumn Slater Tom Smarsh Lisa Snow ’99 Bronwyn Starostka Stacey Stoutt Barbara Swann Jeremy Thielbahr Hilaire Thomas Todd Thrasher Adra Tiryakioglu ’88 Erin Vickers James Ward Erin Weaver John Wilmart

EASTSIDE CATHOLIC FACULTY AND STAFF Thank you to Eastside Catholic faculty and staff for generously supporting the Annual Fund, auction and student programming! We appreciate your dedication to our students. Anonymous (2) Ryan Aiello Doug Ammons Hannah Anderson Liz Anderson Matthew Aschaffenburg Jena Ayers

April 13

May 8

May 28

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Middle School Band and Choir place second and third at Silverwood Competition

PFSA, PTF and Booster Club sponsor good fun at annual Spring Fling A N N UA L R E P O RT

2 0 18 -1 9


In Memory of Evelyn Noret Ron and Joyce Farrell In Memory of Michael Nowell Lalania Nowell In Memory of Henry Oru Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna In Memory of Tom Oswald, Sr. Katy and William Greve In Memory of Margaret A. Parks Kenny Marsh In Memory of Bob Reents Jeff and Lisa Reents In Memory of Ed Richardson Jeff and Lisa Reents In Memory of Opal Rogers Anonymous In Memory of Justin M. Schroeder Patrick Schroeder In Memory of Gillian Shergold Ian Shergold In Memory of Michelle Shutler Misty Mastin Nordale ’87


In Memory of Victoria Dragoi Anonymous In Memory of Edward Elston Michael and Maria Barrett

In Honor of Joel Anderson Catherine J. Keck Anderson

In Memory of Kurt Gegner Jeffrey and Andrea Lim

In Memory of Thomas Armstrong Steven and Elizabeth Anderson

In Honor and Memory of Elisa Giacobbe Alessandro Giacobbe

In Memory of Jarrett George Barker Tim and Margaret Barker In Memory of Dr. H. Barragan Nora Barragan In Memory of Sarah Elizabeth Bodine Brian Bodine and Wanda Martinez In Memory of Maddy Callahan Jennifer DerGarabedian In Memory of Aaron J. Dicello Howard and Jenni Englehart In Memory of John and Jane Doe Blanca Hernandez-Gonzalez


In Memory of Suzanne Patmore Gibbs ’85 Barry and Carol Patmore In Memory of Tina Hartman Anton and Kelly Hartman In Honor of Alexandra Huffman-Gray Jason and Kimberly Gray

In Honor of Fr. William Heric Ed and Lisa Brown Kelly and David Hudgins David and Pat Kelley Mark and Alice Shaw

In Memory of Charlotte Sollars John and Stacie Sollars

In Honor of Kalatisi Penieli and Kalatisi Taumoepeau

In Memory of Poto Daniel Wellington Alosina Wellington

In Memory of Leslie Kaufman Jay and Caroline Kaufman

In Memory of Sharyn Wells Pat and Tami Martin

In Memory of Jack Kerstetter Marj Kerstetter

In Memory of Dustin Wick Rando and Ketia Wick

In Memory of Jennifer T. Khosa Tom Richardson and Floret Khosa

In Memory of Hank Wolfe Richard Wolfe and Kirsten Edmundson Wolfe

In Memory of Lisa Luger ’87 Patrick Schroeder In Memory of John and Jean Malecha Marlene Melecha

In Memory of Ray Imm Anonymous

In Memory of Anwei Tvedt Todd and Sarah Asher

In Memory of Bill Wright Scott and Alicia Moss

In Memory of Dylan P. Murphy Larry Murphy and Janet Politte

June 1

June 3

June 5

June 8

June 13

Five middle school students place at CYO Track and Field Championship

Class of 2019 Commencement Ceremony

Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony

Last day of school

Students awarded four medals and 11 honorable mentions in Le Grand Concours


The Head Family

The Sampson Family


2 0 18 -1 9


EASTSIDE CATHOLIC Eastside Catholic School 232 228th Avenue SE Sammamish, WA 98074

Eastside Catholic School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, tuition assistance and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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Annual Report 2018-19  

Annual Report 2018-19