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East Point Academy 2019-2020 Horizons and Extracurricular Guide

Elementary Campus 1043 Chris Dr. West Columbia, SC 29169 803-926-5180

Middle Campus 1401 Leaphart St. West Columbia, SC 29169 803-926-0520

Merging cultures.  Inspiring minds.   Expanding horizons. 

Horizons After School Experience East Point Academy offers a robust program that is designed to nurture students' educational, social and emotional well being in a fun and inviting environment.  Who: 4k-8th graders When: Monday-Friday, End of School - 6:00 Cost: $65 per week or $15 per day Additional Information: All fees must be prepaid. During extended care, students have a snack, physical activity and homework time. Each afternoon elementary students will enjoy enrichment time. Rotating themes include STEM, Physical Activity, Creative Arts and Interactive Activities. In addition to basic care, a wide variety of clubs and lessons are available during this time. Keep reading to find out what activities speak to you. Bloomz Code - B4TVW4

Merge. Inspire. Expand.

For Horizons questions contact Rebecca Cuevas, horizons@



NASP certified coaches Aimee Lindstrom, Tamara Todd and Lindsey Fallaw will teach your child the basics of archery, focusing on the skills necessary to carry them through the competition season.  Who: 4th-8th graders When: Elementary, Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15                 Middle School, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:00

For archery questions contact archery@

Cost: $150 per season Additional Information: In addition to after school lessons, a competition schedule will be announced. Tryouts are held every fall. A beginner, non-competition session may be offered in the spring for 3rd-8th grade. Bloomz Code - EGKGVT 

Art Club Your student will explore their inner creative genius in this fun and interactive art club suitable for students of all ages and skill levels. Who: 5K-8th graders When: Elementary -  Monday, 3:45- 4:15 or                 Tuesday, 4:45-5:30                 Middle - Wednesday, 4:10-5:00                  Cost: $25 for shirt plus material list Additional Information: Students will focus on a fun art experience utilizing different art materials and techniques. Bloomz Code - QKTPPC 

Inspire. For art club questions contact Yisha Wang. ywang@

Art Studio Lessions


EPA Art teacher Yisha Wang is skilled in a wide array of art forms and techniques. Let her bring out the natural talent of your budding artist. Who: 1st-8th graders When: Elementary -  Tuesday, 3:45-4:45                 Middle -  Friday, 4:10-5:10

For art studio questions contact Yisha Wang, ywang@

Cost: $35 per lesson Additional Information: Fees to be paid directly to the school by the first of every month. Bloomz Code - QKTPPC

Basketball Coach White, Coach Allman, Coach Anderson and a fantastic team of volunteer coaches teach students basketball fundamentals and expand on each student's skill level in this fun and competitive sport.  Middle school will be playing a mix of public and private schools. 


Who: 1st-8th graders When:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday                   Middle Girls - 4:00-5:30 p.m.                  Middle Boys - 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.                  Elementary - TBD Cost:  $70 middle; $60 elementary Additional Information: Middle school teams play against local private school teams. Elementary basketball is an intramural league and will be a winter or spring sport. More details coming soon. Bloomz Codes - Middle AAVW7W, Elementary - DFV7EF

For basketball questions contact jwhite@, sallman@ or eanderson@  

Beta Club


The National Beta Club is an organization for students across the United States. Its purpose is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service among elementary and secondary school students. Who: 4th-8th graders 

For beta club  questions contact Erica Dowling, edowling@,  Leighton Mount, lmount@ or Tamara Todd, ttodd@eastpointsc. org.  

When: Elementary - Wednesday, 3:00               Middle - Wednesday during lunch  Cost: $55 new members, $20 for returning 6th graders to move up to middle school level Additional Information: Beta Club is offered on a nomination basis only. If your child is nominated, you will be informed. Students are required to volunteer for various projects in addition to attending meetings. Bloomz Code - 5VV488

Book Club  Students will select a novels to read independently at home and then come to book club ready to discuss. Students will make friends and expand their view, as they dive into the wonderful world of literature, together.  Who: 6th-8th graders


When: Tuesday during lunch Cost: Free Additional Information: Stay tuned via the media center group. Bloomz Code - 4PVPEU

For Book Club questions contact Jan Aschleman, jaschleman@

Calligraphy Club


Calligraphy is known as the highest form of art and the embodiment of artistic expression and human language in a tangible form.  Join the Calligraphy Club and tap into your inner artist.  Who: 5K-5th graders When: Thursday, 4:45-5:30

For art studio questions contact Yisha Wang, ywang@

Cost: $25 for shirt plus material list Additional Information: Students will focus on writing/painting with traditional techniques and will experience unique materials. Bloomz Code - QKTPPC

Cheer Team The East Point Academy cheer team is to promotes school spirit and encourages all athletic teams as they compete.  East Point cheerleaders will serve as role models to the student body. Who: 6th-8th graders


When: TBD Cost: $80 Additional Information: Try out info coming soon.  Students will cheer at basketball and other school events and will represent East Point in the community. Team pending recruitment of coach. Bloomz Code - 7PRJG4

Coach info coming soon. For questions contact Bruce Moseley,   bmoseley@ 

China World Travelers China World Travelers will meet once a week to learn what to expect as they prepare to travel to China in the spring.


Who: 8th graders going on the China trip. When: Tuesday during lunch Cost: FREE

For China World Travelers  questions  contact Junlan Li, jlli@ 

Additional Information: Make sure you join the China Trip group. Bloomz Code - SV2RWC

Chinese Painting Classically trained Chinese artist teacher Yisha Wang will teach serious art students of all levels the skills and techniques  necessary  to take their art to the next level. Who: 1st-5th graders


When: Thursday,  3:45-4:45 Cost: $35 per lesson Additional Information: Fees to be paid directly to the school by the first of every month. Bloomz Code - QKTPPC

For Chinese painting questions contact Yisha Wang. ywang@ 



This is a fun and engaging performance club for students who love to sing. Students practice each week and sing in a variety of school and community assemblies and performances. Who: 4th-5th graders  When: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-8:00 a.m. Cost: $50

For Chorus questions contact Camille Lacey,  clacey@ 

Additional Information: This group is a year long commitment.  Bloomz Code - 2RU8SM

Dance Team Let your student take the skills they have learned in their in school Chinese dance class to the next level with the competitive EPA Chinese Dance Team.  Who: 2nd-5th graders


When: Wednesday, 4:00-4:45 p.m. Cost: $125 Additional Information: Our Chinese dance team is offered on a tryout-basis. In addition to weekly class, students will perform at various cultural events around Columbia.  Bloomz Code - BV8D55

For Dance Team questions contact Yihao Chen, ychen@ 

Drum Club


Students will explore talents in music and cultural exchanges through this unique piece of our art program that gives students a chance to dig into this exciting aspect of Chinese culture. Students will perform at Chinese New Year, the International festival and other community activities.  Who: 4th-5th graders  When: Friday, 7:30-8:00 a.m.

For Drum Team questions contact Jung-Cheih Hsu,  jhsu@ or  

Cost: Free Additional Information: Practices end after Chinese New Year unless called for special events. Bloomz Code - E6HDKW

Guitar Lessons Dr. Alma Sehic Van Duys, adjunct guitar professor at Francis Marion University and USC, received her musical training in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. From across the world to East Point Academy, she will teach your child the basics of classical guitar and beyond. 


Who: 1st-5th graders When: Wednesday and Friday                Group lesson - 3:00-3:40                 Individual 3:45-4:15 or 4:15-4:45. Cost: $15 group, $25 individual Additional Information: There will be a $15.00 registration fee for either group guitar lessons or individual lessons at the beginning of each new semester and you will need to purchase a book for use in the lesson and at home.

For guitar questions contact Kim Gamble, kgambe@ 



With Kelly's Gymnastics, your child will be challenged through a program that will help improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, confidence and a healthy sense of self. Who: 4K-5th graders When: Thursday, 4:00 p.m. Cost: $60 per month + $50 Registration Fee

For Gymnastics questions contact Kelly Coyle. kcgymn@ 

Additional Information: Discount available and registration fees waived for those that sign up and pay for full sessions in advance.

Intramural Sports Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of sports throughout the year in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Who: 6th-8th graders When: Wednesday and Friday during lunch


Cost: FREE Additional Information: Coach White and Mr. Barber offer a variety of sports on a month long basis. Students must sign up a week in advance to play. 

For intramural questions contact Jordan White, jwhite@

Junior Librarians


The dynamic duo who run the elementary media center, Jessica Easterbrooks and Lori Blum-Hiott, will teach you what it takes to be a librarian. Students will learn how to take care of a library and participate in games and activities to reinforce library skills. Club participation can count towards Beta Club volunteer hours. Who: 4th-5th graders When:  Tuesdays, 3:45-4:40

For junior librarian questions contact Jessica Easterbrooks, jeasterbrooks@

Cost: FREE Additional Information: Stay tuned via the media center group. Bloomz Code - 4PVPEU

Karate Join Master Dan Bernardo, of WellWithin Martial Arts, whose goal is to offer a Karate culture that develops each student into a confident and skilled person, helping them to become an individual that serves the community, helps others and betters themselves.


Who: 4K-8th graders When: Elementary - Mondays, 4K-1st - 3:00-3:30                                                                     2nd-5th - 3:30-4:15                  Middle Campus - Tuesdays, 3:30-4:15 Cost: $50 per month Additional Information: Uniform required. Students are welcome to join in any age appropriate Karate (Panda Warriors or Dangsoodo Fundamentals) classes at WellWithin Martial Arts, located at 1801 Gervais Street (Behind Smartphone Medic), free of charge with paid sessions at East Point.

For karate questions contact Dan Bernardo.  wellwithinma

Lessons - Piano, Cello, Voice


The East Point Academy Related Arts Team offers an array of private music lessons to help your child grow their musical talents.   Who: 4K-8th graders When: Varies Cost: Varies

For questions about lessons  contact JungChieh Hsu, jhsu@

Additional Information: Jung-Chieh Hsu can help you schedule a lesson with one of our talented teachers. Limited availability. Fees to be paid directly to the school at the beginning of the month.  

Origami The ancient Chinese art of paper folding comes alive with this fun and engaging club by Stephanie Watson and Heather Wang. Who: 5K-5th graders When: Wednesday, 4:00-4:45


Cost: $5 per semester Additional Information: Meets every other week. For origami  questions contact Stephanie Watson, swatson@ 

Outdoor Learning


Discover how easy it is to help impact the world around you. This year students will learn gardening, help to certify EPA as a wildlife habitat, take filed trips and work on a service project.  Who: 5K-5th graders When: 4:00-4:45 Cost: $25 per year

For outdoor learning questions contact  Kim Hadley.  khadley@

Additional Information: Meets every other week. Students will rotate weeks. On the alternate week, we will offer recycling club to 2nd-5th graders (alternating days depending on recycling pick up schedule).  Bloomz Code - K45VMP

Panda Tech Squad Students grade 3-8 will learn how to do basic fixes on Chromebooks, iPads and flat screens. They will become the “goto” squad for their teachers and peers. Students will also be tapped for filming events and lessons per request. Who: 3rd-8th graders


When: Elementary - During car line on announced day               Middle - During lunch on announced days Cost: FREE Additional Information: Meets 1-2 times per month. 

For tech squad questions contact Channing Anderson, canderson@

Recycling Green Team


Students help their school and the environment by collecting recyclable materials.  Who: 3rd-5th graders When: 4:00-4:45 Cost: FREE

For outdoor learning questions contact  Kim Hadley.  khadley@

Additional Information: Hours can be used toward Beta Club volunteer requirements. Day rotates depending on West Columbia recycling schedule. Bloomz Code - K45VMP

Run Hard Run Hard is an 8 week program that trains students for a 5k race against runners from other schools in the Midlands. Students will focus on a different core value each week. Who: 2nd-8th Grade Students When: Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:00 Cost: $90 per season (fall and spring) Additional information: Middle school students must be transported to elementary to participate. All participants receive a Run Hard t-shirt and water bottle. Days and times subject to change for spring session.  Bloomz Code - RK26T3

   Expand.   For Run Hard questions contact  Elease Anderson, eanderson@

Running and Walking Club


Get your child's blood pumping and brain ready to learn. East Point's morning Walking and Running Club is a great way to start the day.  Who: 4k-5th grade students When: Monday-Thursday, 7:15- 7:45 a.m. Cost: Free 

For Running/Walking Club questions contact Elease Anderson, eanderson@

Additional Information: Coming this winter. Grade level rotations TBD.  Bloomz Code - RK26T3

Tutoring East Point Academy strives to find academic assistance for students in need of additional help. Many teachers have free weekly afternoon or morning help sessions for their students. Additionally, fee based tutoring may be available for Mandarin as well as other core subjects. 


Who: 4k-8th Grade Students When: Varies Cost: $35 per hour Additional Information: To see if your student's teacher offers free weekly assistance outside of the classroom, contact them directly. Teachers are not permitted to tutor their own students on a fee basis. We will make every attempt to pair students with assistance as requested

For tutoring questions contact Junlan Li, jlli@

Yearbook Do you have what it takes to leave a lasting impression on East Point Academy? Join the yearbook club and help produce a treasured keepsake.  Who: 6th-8th graders


When: Thursday during lunch  Cost: FREE Additional Information: Meetings may happen more often as it gets closer to the yearbook deadlines. Bloomz Code - DSZWW7

For Yearbook questions contact  Ashleigh Mann, amann@

Stay Tuned EPA strives to offer a wide array of activities for all age groups and interests. Our extracurricular offerings are always expanding. We will let you know as other opportunities arise.

Inspire. Expand. Merge.

Be nice. Work hard.   

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East Point Academy Horizons and Extracurricular Guide 2019-2020  

East Point Academy Horizons and Extracurricular Guide 2019-2020