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Cover: Myles Rushforth - Ollie Up, Ollie Here: Matty Hall - Polejam

Introduction Back in June a group of us went on a skate trip to Berlin. We were one person down due to Kirk messing up his leg and ankle the month before. But we met some good people and skated some rad spots. The first photo section in this issue is a collection of all the photos shot in Berlin. You can also see footage from the trip in the Berlin Broadcast. Hope you enjoy the new issue.

Photos by: Rob Salmon, Reece Leung, Mark Kemp, Rich West, Myles Rushforth, Joel Peck.

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Guy Jones Photo: Reece Leung

Berlin Snaps By Mark Kemp And Rob Salmon. Skate Photos By Rob Salmon.

Matt Beck - Fs Boardslide

Pat Vivian - Kickflip

One night we were drinking near Warschauer Strasse and it totally pissed it down. Most of us decided to make a swift exit back to the apartment on the tram. Where we got off the tram was about 1 U-Bahn stop from the apartment. So jack decided to skate back in what had turned into a pretty big thunder storm. We didn’t get much footage apart from one trick. But these are all the photos we shot that night. As you can see he got pretty wet.

Sami Harithi - Ollie One Foot

Arthur Kay - Nollie Bs Heelflip

Simo Makela - Shifty Flip

Adam Medforth - Gap To 50 50

Callum Paul - Bs Lipslide Up And Down

Eastern Exposures 2

Dale Starkie - Duck Under, 360 Flip

Myles Rushforth - Ride on 50 50

Jamie Cooke - Bs 180

Alex Bird - Grit Bin Ride

Mike Arnold - Gap To Crooked Photo: Reece Leung

Joseph “Gordo” Gordon - Fs Rock Photo: Reece Leung

Craig “Questions” Scott - Sweeper

Photos: Rich West

Stevie Thompson - Boneless

Leon Walton - Bs Blunt Photo: Myles Rushforth

Jack McCallum - Wallride Bs Rock Photo: Myles Rushforth

Eamon Croghan - Fs Nosegrind Photo: Myles Rushforth

Here: Tom Day - Rock Rag To Fakie There: Tony Da Silva - Wallie Photos: Joel Peck

Fergie Anderson - Polejam Photo: Joel Peck

Joe Gavin - Switch Bs Smith

Photo: Joel Peck

Zak Wright

Words and Photos by Myles Rushforth

Zak Wright is a fifteen year old skateboarder from Barnsley and has been skateboarding for around 5 years. Zak isn’t like most fifteen year old skateboarders you meet, he doesn’t get hyped off fully flared and street league, or make endless park edits to music like MGMT, but instead watches New York and San Francisco skateboarding, listens to music from Jazz to Sabbath, skates second hand boards, and hasn’t dropped in a quarter pipe for years. Zak is a one of a kind skateboarder with a mind of his own, and wouldn’t look out of place skating down the middle of a road in New York.

Page Opposite - Bell Wallie

Ollie Up Then Ollie

Zak Wright - Ollie

Bs 5 0 Grind

Fs Boardslide Pop Out

Eastern Skate Mag - Issue 2  

This is issue 2 of Eastern Skate Mag. This issue features a photo section on a trip to Berlin, you can see an edit of the trip here: https:/...