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Ben Rowley, Bs Tailslide


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issue 4

Eastern Skate Mag: Issue 4 Contents Vaughan Jones Spectemur Agendo Eastern Exposures 4 Kirk Barrell

Jack McCallum, Wallride Nollie

Introduction Josh Blyth, Hippy Jump Just over a year ago I moved down to Cambridgeshire. Even though I’m only an hour away from London I’ve somehow only skated there once, I’ve been to the most Easterly point of the UK which is Ness Point in Lowestoft, which is where Ben Rowley can be seen bs tailsliding on the cover. I’ve met some rad people in the Fens such as Josh, who you can see above doing the hippy jump. The most recent edit to acompany this issue is titled “The Anglian Broadcast”, as the title suggests it was mostly filmed in East Anglia with skateboarding from Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and many other places. It can be viewed on my vimeo.


Editor/Photographer: Rob Salmon Photography By: Reece Leung Lewis Ross Greg Somerset Sam Roberts Johnny Haynes Jim Craven Will Temple

Vaughan Jones

Photos by Reece Leung words by Josh Hallett

A lot of people would have been introduced to Vaughan Jones for the first time when The National Skateboard Co released their debut promo a couple of years back. There is a severe lack of VMFJ footage online, but I think that’s because he’s too busy out in the streets making something out nothing and shredding. The best way to take in Vaughan’s skating is to just sit down and watch. Wether it’s twenty trick lines at Hyde Park or if he focusing on getting a clip or shooting a photo, the dude just skates like a man. Hailing from the crusty streets of Merseyside, he then spent years tearing up Leeds on the regs, but the bright lights of London came calling and one of the best UK skateboarders starts a new chapter down south. One thing is for sure, Vaughan ‘Mother Fucking’ Jones will always be RWTB.

Crooked Grind

Road Gap Polejam

Frontside Noseslide

Switch Flip


Alex Bird, Bean Plant Fs Pivot

Photo: Rob Salmon


Fs 180 Into Bank

Rob Salmon fs 50 50

Photo: Lewis “Spex” Ross

Eamon Croghan Fs Boardslide Bonk

Photo: Greg Somerset

Myles Rushforth, Kickflip

Photo: Rob Salmon

Zak Wright, 50 50 Into the Bank

Photo: Rob Salmon

Eastern Exposures 4

Photos by Rob Salmon and Various Contributors.

Pat Vivian, Kickflip

Ben Rowley, Bs Nosegrind

John Howlett, Ollie

George Yarnton, Fs Smith

Toby Shaw, Ollie Photo: Sam Roberts

Al Hodgson, Blunt Fakie Photo: Sam Roberts

Dan Main, Ollie

Photo: Johnny Haynes

Will Creswick

Photos: Johnny Haynes

No Comply

Window Ride

Alex Appleby, Bs 5 0

Photo: Reece Leung

Joseph “Gordo” Gordon, Fs Crook To Fakie

Photo: Reece Leung

James “Foz” Foster, Slappy Bs Bluntslide

Photo: Reece Leung

Tom Day, Wallie Bs Lipslide

Photo: Jim Craven

Steve Malet, Fs Wallride

Photo: Jim Craven

Ben Irvine, Fs Nosegrind Pop Out Photo: Jim Craven

Kirk Barrell

Skate Photos and Words By Rob Salmon. Portrait By Will Temple

Kirk is from a market town in East Yorkshire called Driffield which is on the Yorkshire Wolds. He’s currently in Melbourne, Australia, or was the last time I heard from him. Kirk is one of those people who can make you laugh no matter what the situation is. Here’s a small selection of photos I shot of him before he left.

Crooked Grind Into The Bank

Bollard Ollie

Kickflip Fakie

Profile for Rob Salmon

Eastern issue 4  

Eastern Issue 4 includes Vaughan Jones, the Spectermur Agendo video, Eastern Exposures 4 and Kirk Barrell. With Photography from Reece Leung...

Eastern issue 4  

Eastern Issue 4 includes Vaughan Jones, the Spectermur Agendo video, Eastern Exposures 4 and Kirk Barrell. With Photography from Reece Leung...