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issue 3

Alex Bird - Crooked Bonk

Eastern Skate Mag: Issue 3 Contents Spectemur Agendo Tom Day Eastern Exposures 3 Eamon Croghan Edinburgh

Josh Cox - Fs Feeble

Scott Palmer - 360 flip


Editor/Photographer: Rob Salmon Photography By: Joel Peck Reece Leung Myles Rushforth Greg Somerset Sam Roberts Josh Hunter Contact:

Artwork By: Andy Smoke

Tom Day

Photos by Joel Peck words by Jim Craven.

Magazines are full of articles with introductions just like this one, telling you how Eddy Eight Set is the “next big thing” and he’s going to “blow up” so you should “watch out”. Not here. As you read this - the new Heroin Skateboards flick 'Video Nasty' should have just finished premiering worldwide, in which Tom has the opening section. Rather than me going on, I think the best thing for you to do is go and watch that. That’ll tell you all you need to know about Tom Day.

Fs 180 Into Bank

Fs Wallride

No Comply

Nosegrind Pop Out

Fs Smith Grind

Eastern Exposures 3

Photos by Rob Salmon, unless otherwise stated.

Myles Rushforth - Kickflip

Ferg Anderson - Wallride

Adam Medforth - Fs Boardslide

Conor Charleson - Wallie

Pat Vivian - Bs Tailslide

Will Harmon - Switch Bs 180 5 0

Mike Arnold - Wallie

Photo: Reece Leung

Martyn Hill - Gap To Crook Bonk

Photo: Reece Leung

Jerome Campbell - FS Flip

Photo: Reece Leung

Zak Wright - Wallie Photos: Myles Rushforth

Jack McCallum - Bs Disaster

Photo: Myles Rushforth

Mark Pritchard - Ollie

Photo: Greg Somerset

Myles Rushforth - Fs Tailslide

Photo: Greg Somerset

Alex Burrell - Fs 5050

Photo: Greg Somerset

Joe Gavin - Fs 5 0

Photo: Joel Peck

Pablo Carasa - Fs Noseblunt Slide

Photo: Joel Peck

Mike Nicholson - Fence Ride Photo: Sam Roberts

Louis Antoine - Crook Bonk Photo: Sam Roberts

Matlok Bennett-Jones - Bs 180 Fakie Nosegrind Photo: Josh Hunter

Guy Jones - Wallie Bs Lipslide Photo: Josh Hunter

Alex Bird - Wallable Train Photo: Josh Hunter

Joe Paget - Bs Tailslide Photo: Josh Hunter

Eamon Croghan Words and Photos by Myles Rushforth

Eamon Croghan is a 26 year old skateboarder from Barnsley and has been skateboarding for 13 years. Despite only managing to skate once or twice a week, due to being a full time worker and dedicated family man. We always manage to have a good skate and get a photo or video clip, when we get the chance. Eamon is one of the most talented (on and off the board), laid back, quick witted people I have met and deserves all the credit he gets.

Three Sixty Flip

Bs Smith Grind

Bs Tailslide

36 Hours In Edinburgh Photos by Rob Salmon.

Artwork by Andy Smoke.

Page Opposite: Myles Rushforth - 7:36PM 360 Flip Hippy

Alex Bird - 8:38PM Wallie

Miles Kondracki - 3:06AM Bs Smith Grind

Charlie Myatt - 5:07AM Road Gap Switch Flip

Eastern Skate Mag Issue 3  

Issue 3 features Tom Day, an introduction to Spectemur Agendo, Eastern Exposures 3, Eamon Croghan and 36 hours in Edinburgh. With photograp...

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