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Annual Report For the fiscal year ending February 29, 2012





A Flight Plan for the Future We envision a vibrant and growing aviation community. EAA has focused our resources and efforts on the Big Six things we do to deliver our mission of Growing Participation in Aviation. • Members and Chapters • AirVenture • Youth Education and Engagement • Publications • Advocacy • Knowledge and Information This report provides a snapshot of what has already been done during the past fiscal year as EAA executes the strategic plan and fulfills its vision of a vibrant and growing aviation community.


Knowledge & Information






Youth Education

On the Cover: A Stearman C-3B glides over Oshkosh, Wisconsin during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011. Photo by Chris Miller Photo (right) by Jim Koepnick

3 | EAA Annual Report

04...... Letter from

EAA President and CEO Rod Hightower

25....... Listing of Donors

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27....... Listing of Partners

38....... Financial Statement

EAA: Prepared to Meet the Challenges Facing Personal Aviation

4 | Letter from Rod Hightower

I am pleased to report that EAA completed its fiscal year in sound financial condition, and we are hard at work building a vibrant and growing aviation community. We’re creating aviators, enriching the lifestyle of active aviators, creating a sense of belonging and hosting the world’s greatest aviation event. Despite economic doldrums, including sky-high aviation fuel prices that continue to pressure all who fly, EAA is progressing. The fact that EAA has increased its membership during this difficult period is powerful evidence that we are on the right track and positively impacting aviation. In 2011, through improvements to our AirVenture site, and reprioritized financial controls and planning, EAA enjoyed a very successful AirVenture. That performance paved the way for even more site improvements and staffing improvements to ensure that AirVenture 2012 would also be a solid success. EAA ended our fiscal year with a total of 177,113 members, an increase of 4.9 percent compared to the previous year. That is significant growth, but when you consider what’s happening to the overall pilot population, EAA is gaining among the remaining active pilot population at an impressive rate. The Young Eagles program that began in 1993 as a way to celebrate the centennial of flight has grown into the most successful youth aviation program the country has ever experienced. By the beginning of this year, EAAers had given more than 1.7 million young people a flight as part of the Young Eagles program. Today, many of those continued on to earn more advanced certificates and ratings, and 7 percent of pilots under 35 were once Young Eagles. We are moving the needle with this program, transforming a young person’s introduction to flying into a lifetime of aviation. But it doesn’t come cheap. EAAers, of course, donate their time and the expense of operating their airplanes to provide the Young Eagle flights. And here at EAA we must spend more than $1 million each year on the insurance premium alone to protect Young Eagle volunteer pilots and chapter operations. Air Academy has been described by past attendees as “one of the most impactful experiences of my life.” Youth between the ages of 12 and 18 participate in a “camp” experience that is unique in all of aviation. Combining the learning and fun of aviation, these young people are exposed to exemplary role models for not only success in aviation, but for success in life.

EAA Scholarships are often the essential ingredient to enable young people to chose aviation as a career. Each year we provide more than $300,000 to young people who are charting their personal paths to success in aviation.

Advocacy We at EAA have built very solid relations with regulators at the FAA, and with safety researchers and advisors at the NTSB, and our efforts pay off consistently because we advocate in the right way on the right issues that matter for our members. I spearheaded an effort for EAA to join together with other aviation associations to speak to legislators and regulators with a united voice. Each aviation association has unique priorities that it focuses on, but together we are a force that carries more weight in Washington. We call this new cooperation Stronger Together, and we are.

Chapters There are nearly 1,000 EAA chapters spread across the country, and a handful that have been established in other nations. This chapter network is the solid and essential link between EAA headquarters and the real world flying community of our members. We all gravitate toward others who share our particular passion for our favorite type of flying, building, and aircraft. The variety of interests our chapter members represent are necessary in sustaining the EAA “big tent” that welcomes and serves all aviators. Publications Two years ago our flagship EAA Sport Aviation magazine was redesigned to emphasize the beautiful photos we are rightly known for. As part of that transformation the content of Sport Aviation was also expanded in total number of pages, and in the variety of aviation topics covered.

Young Eagles and our other youth education programs are fundamental to the future of personal aviation. But so is attracting the person now in their 40s and 50s. Replacing a pilot grounded due to age with one in their 40s or 50s is crucial. And that’s why we have launched our Eagle Flight program to introduce adults to the fun, excitement, and usefulness of personal flying. These people are at a time in their lives where they can act on a latent desire to learn to fly. And once engaged, they tend to participate quickly. Most importantly, as we build on the success of the last year, we need to grow an EAA that offers value and involvement for all who fly, or want to fly, build or restore, or simply want to be a part of the aviation community. The “E” in EAA stands for Experimental, but it is also important that we think of that “E” as the first letter in Everyone. Our future, and the future of personal aviation, relies on attracting and engaging the widest possible group of people who share our passion for all things aviation. Together I know we can do it.

Rod Hightower EAA President and CEO

Photo by Brady Lane

5 | EAA Annual Report

Our Greatest Challenge Ahead It’s impossible to nail down the exact average—or more importantly median—age of today’s active pilots, but it is not young. The median age of a pilot active in personal aviation is surely in the mid-50s, if not older. Nearly half of EAA members have reached their 65th birthday. No matter how you look at it, replacing ourselves, today’s active aviator and EAA member, is the primary challenge for personal aviation to continue.

6 | Chapters

2nd Annual International Learn to Fly Day EAA chapters and other aviation organizations hosted 200 events during the International Learn to Fly Day in May. Thanks to the efforts of these chapters, tens of thousands of people participated in the events that provided complimentary adult orientation flights. EAA is a leader in the effort to introduce the fun and freedom of flight to people of all ages, thanks to the outpouring of support from aviators throughout the nation and world. Grassroots Pilot Tours During the first year of Grassroots Pilot Tours, EAA President and CEO Rod Hightower and other senior leader team members made more than 150 chapter visits, where they discussed leading aviation issues and how EAA is working to grow participation in aviation. Chapter Leaders Academy Ninety-three chapter leaders graduated from Chapter Leaders Academy in 2011, bringing the total number of graduates to 445 since the program’s inception. The academy is an interactive workshop weekend focused on topics important to chapter leaders, including recruitment, fundraising, public relations, and EAA resources and programs. Building upon its 60 years of experience, EAA is able to share best-in-class practices with the new leaders of aviation’s largest and most impactful community of aviators, which is essential to sustaining EAA as a world-class organization. In 2012: • The Chapter Leadership Academy will hit the road. • EAA staff will be making regional visits to chapters. • EAA will be providing chapters with tools to grow, including the introduction of Eagle Flights.

Main photo courtesy Steve Cukierski


| EAA Annual Report


8 | EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

Aviation’s Family Reunion EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 was a spectacular event. Compared to 2010, attendance was up, with 541,000 people enjoying the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. 2011 also marked a huge increase in aircraft arrivals and campers who stayed on the AirVenture grounds. The trend of staying onsite has become well-established in recent years as a good way to maximize the AirVenture experience and enjoy old friends, while making new ones. Centennial of Naval Aviation AirVenture 2011 served as one of the largest celebrations of naval aircraft and brought together the largest collection of naval aircraft ever seen at one event in celebration of the 100th year of naval aviation. AirVenture’s “Navy Day” featured an air show dedicated to naval aircraft, and several naval presentations took place throughout the day, including a discussion with astronauts and former naval pilots Gene Cernan and Jim Lovell.

Boeing 787 Makes First Appearance If it happens in aviation, it happens at AirVenture. That was truly evident with one of the most exciting aircraft at AirVenture 2011, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which made its North American debut. Never before could aviation fans tour this aircraft, and thousands flocked to Conoco Phillips Plaza to get a first-hand view of the airplane. Its oneday stop in Oshkosh was one of the highlights of the week and one of the most popular draws for guests.

Main photo by Tyson V. Rininger | Secondary photo by Andrew Zaback


| EAA Annual Report


10 | EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

Technological Advances 2011 marked a turning point for EAA in terms of guest services, as it introduced a free Sporty’s App for smartphones and tablets. This app allowed guests to access maps of the grounds, schedules of events, and even NOTAMs for arrival and departure procedures. EAA also introduced a text message alert system to inform guests of severe weather and AirVenture features, such as special aircraft arrivals and airshow lineups, by simply sending text messages to guests’ cell phones. Tributes to Two of Aviation’s Greats AirVenture paid tribute to two individuals who have shaped the history of aviation: Burt Rutan and Bob Hoover. The collection of aircraft designed by legendary designer Burt Rutan that made the journey to Oshkosh for the tribute provided a special treat for the Homebuilts’ section and numbered more than 100. This brought the Homebuilts close to an all-time record with 974 total aircraft throughout the week. One of the air show performances centered on Rutan’s legacy of aircraft design, a day was set aside to mark one of Rutan’s most famous accomplishments – the 25th anniversary of the Voyager’s trip around the world in 1986. Known as one of the “founding fathers of modern aerobatics,” Hoover is a member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame and has a flying career dating back to World War II. An air show focused on planes Hoover flew throughout his career, and the Warbirds in Review presentation featuring Hoover brought in more than 1,000 guests – one of the largest crowds the program has ever hosted.

Photos (left and above) by Jim Labre | Photo (right) by Brady Lane

11 | EAA Annual Report

12 | Publications

EAA Sport Aviation Members report that EAA Sport Aviation magazine is their favorite benefit of EAA membership, and EAA continues to improve the magazine. Sport Aviation features expanded coverage to encompass all EAA member interests and has a greater focus on telling the story of the contemporary experimental amateur aircraft builder. The magazine also is now available to a growing list of FBOs, which helps spread the story of EAA and its members. Experimenter Design of a new online Experimenter magazine began during 2011 to replace the online newsletter of the same name, with the first issue of the new online magazine rolling out in September 2012. Online Experimenter is focused on the amateur aircraft builder and is free to any EAA member. The Experimenter title has been applied to a variety of EAA publications over the years, including the original monthly magazine created by EAA Founder Paul Poberezny.

Photo by Jim Koepnick | Experimenter covers courtesy of EAA Archives

13 | EAA Annual Report


14 | EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

NTSB air show hearing The tragic crash that resulted in the death of EAA Director Jimmy Leeward and a number of spectators at the Reno National Championship Air Races in September 2011 called national attention to air race safety. A proactive relationship with the NTSB has since been forged with efforts to better understand the factors that cause accidents and the implementation of lessons learned throughout the aviation industry. EAA President and CEO Rod Hightower and Vice President of Advocacy and Government Relations Sean Elliott testified during hearings at NTSB Washington as part of an industry panel on air shows and air racing, highlighting the high level of professionalism and safety that exists in the air show industry.

Pilot’s Bill of Rights In an effort to safeguard the rights of pilots, EAA, along with the AOPA, helped craft key provisions of the Pilot’s Bill of Rights. EAA and AOPA also gathered bipartisan support for the bill, which ensures pilots can obtain FAA case documents, proceed under a presumption of innocence, and have a more direct appeal line to the courts in order to properly defend themselves during an enforcement action. As of the end of EAA’s 2012 fiscal year, the bill had passed in the Senate and was introduced in the House of Representatives.

Main photo by Bonnie Kratz | Secondary photo by Antion Downs/NTSB

15 | EAA Annual Report


16 | EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

Medical Petition More than 15,000 public comments were made in support of the EAA/AOPA medical petition for exemption, which, if granted, will allow pilots who fly recreationally to operate their aircraft without the need to obtain a costly FAA 3rd Class medical certificate. The heart of the petition proposes that a required online aeromedical training program will teach pilots how to access their fitness to fly and actually provide a higher level of health awareness than the Third Class medical certificate does for those who fly to the recreational standard. FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 EAA advocated for the act, which included Vintage Aircraft Data Release legislation and Residential Through-the-Fence legislation. First, the act allows owners of vintage aircraft reasonable access to aircraft safety data and drawings and plans of aircraft that are no longer supported by an aircraft manufacturer. The act also allows general aviation airport operators and aircraft owners to negotiate in good faith and grant authority for home/hangars located adjacent to airport property, but not on airport property, to gain access for flight purposes. Alexander Amendment EAA advocated for the defeat of the Transportation Appropriations Bill “Alexander Amendment,” which would have restricted flight over national parks. Had the amendment not been defeated, it would have eliminated the FAA’s long-standing authority to regulate all national air space. Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) EAA backed full reinstatement of BARR by filing an amicus brief in support of a legal challenge filed by NBAA and AOPA against the FAA and the Department of Transportation’s efforts to dismantle the program. BARR is used to block public viewing of flight paths of any airplane flying the system by anyone who has access online, and thanks to Congressional action, those using BARR can continue doing so without interference. New blocking requests will be accepted.

Photo (left) by Jim Koepnick | Photo (right) by Bonnie Kratz

17 | EAA Annual Report

18 | Knowledge & Information

Webinars & Hints for Homebuilders In its effort to grow participation in aviation, EAA has focused on knowledge and information programs to teach people how to learn to fly, learn to build an aircraft, learn to maintain an aircraft, and learn how to fly as safely as possible. This information is part of a growing library of programs available to members. In 2011, just short of 11,700 people attended live webinars, and more than 83,000 people accessed webinar archives. Webinars, which are delivered approximately once per week, provide information on piloting, building and history, as well as provide training to chapters. The popular Hints for Homebuilders online video series reached a record, with 2.5 million views since the series’ inception. SportAir Workshops Many EAA members dream of taking flight in their own amateur built experimental aircraft, and SportAir Workshops provide the training needed to do just that. In 2011, 1,372 people participated in 101 classes throughout the United States and Canada. These workshops are ranked highest among all EAA programs, with the average attendee satisfaction ranking reaching 4.89 out of a total of 5 points. Forums In June, EAA launched online forums on a new site, which resulted in steady and consistent growth in participation. About 6,500 people are engaged in the forums that include healthy discussions about EAA, advice to first-time AirVenture guests, advice to those learning to fly or building their first airplane, and problem-solving/troubleshooting tips on all manner of aviation-related topics. The forums provide an avenue to track the emergence of new pilots and homebuilders and provide a public learning experience, even for those members not actively participating in discussions. In 2012: • EAA will enhance its website to provide a better user experience. • Increased support and availability of mobile products. • Participation in social media channels is expected to increase. • “TIG Welding: Chromoly” DVD to be released on • The curriculum for SportAir Workshops will be enhanced.

Photo by Brady Lane

19 | EAA Annual Report

Knowledge & Information

20 | Youth Education

Young Eagles In 2011, 551 chapters held 1,619 Young Eagles rallies. A total of 77,252 Young Eagles were flown during the year. During the past two decades, more than 1.7 million Young Eagles have taken flight. Seven percent of pilots under the age of 35 are former Young Eagles. EAA is in the second year of the Young Eagles Flight Plan, which provides an EAA Student Membership until the Young Eagles’ 19th birthday, and a flight training ground school through Sporty’s Pilot Shop at no cost to the participant. Upon completing the second phase of the Sporty’s course, participants receive a voucher from EAA, redeemable for their first flight lesson. Beyond the first flight lesson, EAA offers a host of Air Academy, flight training and post-secondary scholarships. During this fiscal year, EAA recorded: • 15,546 EAA student members • 12,659 Young Eagles enrolled in the Next Step online flight training course • 452 Young Eagles completed the online flight training course • 392 First Flight Lesson vouchers were issued • 29 Young Eagles enrolled in our Next Step program earned their private pilot’s license Air Academy Reaches Record EAA’s Air Academy camps reached record enrollment in 2011 with 376 students participating. These week-long camps introduce students to aviation through participation in a series of activities, getting up close and personal with aircraft, and experiencing an airplane flight. The Air Academy Lodge also houses many youth education programs throughout the year, serving school groups, scouting and other youth programs. More than 750 students participated in overnight education programs in our lodge. In 2012: • The Young Eagles program will celebrate its 20th anniversary. • Approximately 78,000 Young Eagles will experience their first flight.

Photo by Steve Cukierski

21 | EAA Annual Report

Youth Education

Thank You

Thank you to all of our donors, who gifted $4.1 million, and to our First Wing donors whose gifts over time result in $1 million in endowment interest each year. Every gift, big or small, made an impact in 2011.

22 | Thank You - Donors

Give Wings Give Wings annual appeals raised $775,000 to support youth education and historic preservation programs that help young people achieve their aviation dreams. EAA also distributed $300,000 in the form of youth scholarships, most of which are endowed, to EAA educational programs, school visits, and college tuition in 2011. Gifts from corporations and foundations and restricted gifts supporting special programs make up the balance of our philanthropy.

Gathering of Eagles Our annual Gathering of Eagles fundraising event, presented by Cessna Aircraft Company, was attended by 1,080 supporters. $2.2 million was raised in support of the EAA Young Eagles program and other association efforts to inspire young people to become engineers, aviators, astronauts, scientists, innovators, and the aviation pioneers of tomorrow. Share the Spirit Sweepstakes and Young Eagles raffle The Share the Spirit Sweepstakes generated $393,000 to support youth initiatives and historical preservation. The 2011 Young Eagles Raffle raised $102,000 for the program. First Wing, Memorial Wall and Compass Hill Five members were inducted into the First Wing this year during AirVenture, honoring their support and commitment to increase EAA’s endowed funds through their donation of $5,000 or more, or through a future commitment outlined in their will or estate plan. The annual Memorial Wall ceremony, honoring members “gone west” and held on the last day of AirVenture, remembered 82 aviation enthusiasts whose support and passion for aviation positively impacted the lives of those around them. Aviation enthusiasts are honored with their own brick at Compass Hill, symbolizing their dedication to the spirit of aviation. Brown Arch EAA’s tribute area, the Brown Arch, helps hundreds of EAA members and AirVenture guests remember and honor their longtime participation and their pilgrimage to Oshkosh. Families came together on the square during AirVenture to remember their years of fun and experience, remember loved ones, honor friends long gone, and leave messages of inspiration. Photo by Brady Lane

Through your contributions we will continue to grow the next generation of aviators.

$100,000 - $249,999 Cessna Aircraft Company Jim and Angela Thompson Foundation Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Walton Family Foundation $50,000 - $99,999 August A. Busch III Charitable Trust Daher Socata Aircraft Tracy Forrest Global Aerospace Jeppesen Corporation Clay Lacy Dave Lau Russ MacFarlane United Technologies $20,000 - $49,999 Conrad N. Hilton Foundation David and Norene Farr Garmin International Harrison Ford Icon Aircraft jetAVIVA Keith Kocourek Dave Lenz John and Adrienne Mars Brad Mottier Ed and Pat Noel David and Andrea Robertson Herm and Maggie Rowland Lew and Janet Shaw Scott and Elizabeth Stephens Richard Taylor Fred and Barbara Telling Gary Turchin Waste Management Craig and Connie Willan Williams International Paul Wood

$10,000 - $19,999 Avfuel Corporation Stuart Auerbach and Marilyn O’Reagan Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation Tim Bergstrom Bill and Becky Bryan The Butcher Fund Jon and Christie Callaghan Cirrus Design Citation Jet Pilots Inc Richard and Mary Compton Mort and Irene Crim Norm and Kathryn DeWitt Jim Dricken John Dunham Embraer Ron and Diane Fagen David Fetter Peggy Fossett Randy Foutch Jerry and Lori Fussell GE Aviation Jim Gorman Michael and Wendy Graham Matt Greene Chick and Lisa Gregg Bill and Gerry Griffith Gulfstream Aerospace Jeffrey and Martha Hamilton Barron Hilton Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation Stanley Hubbard International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Roger Jennings Ed Karrels Richard Kimberly David and Florence Kleine William and Beth Knighton Rick and Mahasti Mashhoon Thomas McCormick Russ Meyer Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation Pilatus Pratt & Whitney James Ray Alan and Jane Ritchie

Jeannie Rose SC Johnson Family Foundation Bill Schaefer Daniel and Caterina Schwinn David and Tina Segel Rich and Sue Sugden Richard Swenson Ronald and Camille Tarrson The Ward J. and Joy A Timken Family Foundation Terry and Jan Turke Sarah Wilson $5,000 - $9,999 Allianz Aviation Managers Louie and Sue Andrew Debra Bapes Doug Bartlett Richard and Adrienne Beattie Brent Blue Bombardier Raymond Bottom Beau and Debra Bradley William Buerschinger Wyche and Rhonda Coleman Jim and Ann Cooling Mike and Jude Dennis Kevin Egan Falcon Insurance Agency Bruce Fine Cristine Fischer GAMA Michael and Maria Herman Greg and Suzanne Herrick Doreen Hillard Jackson Walker LLP Zora Jacobson Irrevocable Trust Jim and Cindy Janes John Johnson Ben and Audra Lee Rod and Kim Lewis Lincoln Electric Marsh USA Inc Miron Construction Montana Community Foundation National Business Aviation Association Scott Niswonger

Oregon Aero Jack and Rose Pelton Piaggio Rockwell Collins Rolls-Royce Corporation Robert Ruckman Standard Aero John and Elizabeth Seibold Robert and Wendy Stallings Ed Turley Tom Wathen Cody and Jacqueline Welch Tim and Dianne White Susan Williamson Robert and Susan Wilson Foundation Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Alan and Marie Wolpert $2,500 - $4,999 Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co Mark Aloe Aviation Supplies and Academics Tom Ball George and Mary Lou Beitzel Roy Bliss Steve and Terri Brown Mark Clark Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Continental Motors Gerald Flaugher David and Mary Flinn Alan and Yuni Gaudenti Bob and Diane Gingell Gran-Aire Inc Ken Griffey Hartzell Propeller, Inc Robert Heath James Hefelfinger Charles Hillman Mark Hoffman Herb and Carol Jorgensen Andres Katz The John E. Kuenzl Foundation Inc Eric Lindberg Ralph Lloyd Lycoming Engines

David O’Maley MIT Club of Wisconsin Mark Peterson Merike Phillips Joe Ramsey Seymour and Betty Robin James Robins Gordon Rock Peter and Fawn Rogers James Schwartzburg Joseph Selenski Shell Aviation Limited Terry and Kimberly Slawinski Colin and Chris Soucy Steve Sutton George and Janette Taylor John and Nora Teipen John and Susy Vette West Coast Trends Robert and Susan Wilson James and Alison Zimmerman $1,000 - $2,499 Victor and Kathleen Abbey The Adikes Family Foundation Jorgen Andersen Aspen Avionics Aviall Services Aylward Family Foundation Foster and Lauren Bachschmidt David Baldwin Steve Bast Alfred and Lisa Baumbusch Beechwood Distributors Edward Benitez Richard Blenz Boeing Company Nancy Boos Thomas Bradshaw Dennis Brunotte Ginger Sorvari Bucklin Christopher Carlson Thomas Carlson Ginette Colot John Cronin William Danner Bill and Cindy Davidson

23 | EAA Annual Report

$250,000 + Bill and Debora Bachschmidt Conoco Phillips James Slattery Sporty’s Pilot Shop

24 | Thank You - Donors

Mark and Barbara Delsart David Dodd Dassault Falcon Jet Corp Greg Dunnavant Dean Edmonds Paul Ehlen ERAU EXXON Mobile Corporation Chad and Mary Faulds Frank Ferland Emil & Gail Fischer Charitable Gift Fund Don Forslund Tom Frasca Frasca International Stuart Fred Dave Gemperle Barb Gibbons Robert Gilmore Goodrich Corporation Rachel Goodstein Gayle Gorman-Freeman B.J. Graumlich John Greaves Mike Hackwith HAI George Hall Steven Hamilton Hamilton Sundstrand Mike Hance Richard and Joanne Hansen Curtis Harrell Brad Hatt Sebastien Heintz Richard Heist Pamela Henrichsen Alesia Hovatter Michael Howard Ambrose and Nora Hugo Steve Hutchens IBM Corporation Dick Jackson Dan Jensen John and Carol Lee Karlman Pete Kelley James Kiedrowski Rolland Kingston Jay Kislak Dale and Patricia Klapmeier David Kovach Lynn Krogh Robert Kupon Laura Laskowski Elissa and John Lines

Wayne MacDonald Dan and Cate Majka David and Martha Martin Joseph Masessa Bruce and Jolene McCaw Steven McClellan Merrill and Madonna McMahan Michael and Sally Melvill Chad and Aimee Meyer Richard and Betty Meyer David Miller Gerd Muehlbauer Michael Norton David Oreck Tiron Pechet James Phillips Charles Precourt Clay Presley Stanley Rand Clifford Riordan Thomas J Rolfs Family Foundation Bruce Rose Ken Ross Ryan Family Charitable Foundation Jonathan Sabin Mark Sawyer Robert and Beatrice Schaeberle Kenneth Schmetter Michele Schott Louis and Christine Seno Scott Sexton Southwest Bonanza Society Fred and Carol Stadler David and Jan Stadt Nate Steifvater Brock Steiner Larry Stoddard Sun N Fun Fly In Bill Talen Don and Gail Taylor Logan Timm Romona Upfield Dave VanderGriend Lucille Vernon Maynard Wachs John Watkins Ryan Wessley Steven Whitney Ralph and Jo Wolstenholme Jim Wreyford Peter Zajkowski Joseph Zamowski Zaun Memorial Foundation

Herbert Zwahlen $500 - $999 Aircraft Technical Publishers Aircraft Electronics Association Thomas Anderson Jean-Pierre Arnaud Henry Avent David Babineau Daniel Baker Gary Baker Sigrid Baumann BBA Aviation Charles Benham Thomas Berry Gerald Boles Ralph and Paulette Bufano Duane Busch Marty Cahill David Callison Kenny Campbell Jerry and Peggy Chabrian Syd Cohen David Copeland James Courtney CR Meyer Company Jacie Crowell Lloyd Cuttler Dallas Marketing Group Michael Del Mastro Marilyn Doolittle James Drake EAA Chapter 493 EAA Chapter 1181 Gary Eskra Flight Safety International Paul Finnegan Chris and Pat Finnoff Patrick Fogarty Earl Funk Deborah Gary Federico Genoese-Zerbi Richard Gersh Sue Gilbert Jim Gorman Richard and Pat Graham Rex Gray Walter and Jocelyn Greeman Gary Gritt Timberlee Grove Philip Hagenah Rod Halcomb John and Susan Harrison

Jerry Holland Paul Hollowell Jon and Linda Jacobs Virginia Jones Gary Kelson Charles Kluenker Jim Koepnick Jack and Tina Korycki Charles Krasne Joe Kubiak Lee Beverage Co Inc Linda Langrill Rhonda Larance Walter Larkin David Leikam Michelle Lindner Carl Lueking Magnum Products Jacob Maki Robert Mantovani Markel Corporation Stephen Markley Nancy Martini Johan Mathison Cletus Maurice William Mayhall James and Connie McConnell Bruce McGregor Steve Mesh Keri Mesropov Jerry and Judy Myers NEV 2/11 Foundation Preston and Barbara Parish Susan Paulsen Mark Peterson Patrick and Barbara Phillips Leslie Polen Joe Preston Quiet Birdmen Rockford Hangar Ralph Richards Joseph Rieger Deborah Rihn-Harvey Les Robison Sac-A-Vista Flying Club Robert Salerno Tom Scott Donald and Judith Seibold Eugene Severn Christopher Shelby David Shirey Signature Flight Support Donald Smith Darren Spiegel

Split Rail Foundation Tim Statler Bradley Storch Konstantinos Stylianopoulos Ctislav Sutnar Sanna-Rae Taylor Ted and Dottie Teach Technosis Inc Eleanor Todd Carl and Pat Tortorige Andrew and Sandy Travnicek Donald Valiton Peter Vouros Wal-Mart Foundation William and Sharon Watson Stephen Waylett Carl West Vanessa Whan Oswald Wilson Woodson Woods Gilda Zillinger $250 - $499 George Adams Charles Allen Gerald Anderson Patti Andresenshew Art Augustensen Aviation International News Badger Mill Supply Corp George Baker Thomas Baker Glen Ballowe Jeff Banks Melissa Bardo Hobart Bates Jeff Baum Lee Behel Butch Bejna Nancy Berra Charles Bock Jim Bohlen David Bonin Lance Borden Michael Born Jennifer Bowen Cynthia Bowles Carey Bowles Greg Bowlin Patrick Breuer Andy Bro Andrew Broom Adam Broome

Joyce Brown Scott Brown Nicholas Brunner Thomas Brzezicki Harvey Bushby Steve Buss Anne Byers Robert Carmean Marshall Carter Adam Casebolt Patti Ceelen Rich Chiappe Edgar Clement Duane Cline Charles Coleman Gerardo Condo John and Margarete Cooke Ed Corpus Ramona Cox John Craparo Richard Crisenbery Thomas D’Angelo George Daubner Darrell Davidson Barry Davis Jay Davis Curt DeBaun Mark Del Monaco David Dent Anthony Denzin Anthony Discipio Richard Dodson Dean Dowsett John Dyer Glenn and Barbara Dyer EAA Chapter 134 EAA Chapter 317 EAA Chapter 488 EAA Chapter 812 EAA Chapter 919 EAA Chapter 1025 EAA Chapter 1303 EAA Chapter 1306 Austin Edwards Charles and Lisa Eitzel Employees Charity Organization David Epperson Mark and Debbie Erickson Leif Erickson Dan Ervin Violeta Escobar-Cline Alan Farkas Barbara Farmer

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of reporting. Please excuse any errors on our part. Douglas Johnson Jeffrey Johnson McHenry Johnson Andrew Jones Brian Jones Ralph Jones Thomas Kampel Steven Kaplan Carol Kastrinos Wilbur Kauff Jerry Keene Kathleen Kelly Sarah Kelly Joseph Kieszkowski Derek Klein Jeremy Kleman Skip Koss Sandra Kralcik Mary Krapfl Lawrence Krauter Charles Kulp Jonathan LaBonte John Lafferty James Lake Linette Langhus Richard Largent Margaret and Paul Larson Scott Lear Marlene Learman Skip Lehman Barry and Rachel Leslie Isaac Levy Theresa Lind Cheryl Littlefield Ronald Lowe Chuck Lund Scott Lysne Poll Macgregor Bob Mackey Raphael Maitre Richard Mansfield David Marco Marshall Marshall George Martin Thomas Maxfield Matthew McClone Scott McClurg Ronald McCormick Jeff Meinen David Metzler Midwest Real Estate Development Co Gary Milhous Corey and Suzanne Mineck

Diana Mineck Richard Moen Ralph and Kathryn Mosling Lawrence Murray Geoffrey Murray Bob and Hannah Nevins Joanne Nissen Amanda Nonnenmacher North Central WI Lite Flyers Gregory Nowakowski William Ochalek Richard and Grace Okita Carl Orton Lisa Ostrem Steven and Judith Oxman Paul Paris Charles and Mary Parker Thomas Pearson John Pedersen Beth Pelar Matt Pierce John Powe Donald Prather Carol Rathje Robert Reece Bill and Marion Rewey Marilyn Rhinehart Betty Ristau Aniceto Rivera Chris Robinson Elaine Roehrig Douglas Roever Evan Rogers Brian Rohr Myrt Rose Richard Rossman Michelle Rouch Dennis Ruis Christopher Sapsis Susan Scharenberg John Schmidt Charles Schnatter Sunday Morning Breakfast Club Doug Schwartz Walter Scott Ralph Scriba William Seymour Jeff and Dotty Shafer Dennis and Sharon Sherman Jerry Simpson Singing Men of America Donna Sisk Slack & Davis LLP

Steven Smith Steven R. Smith Brian Sohl Randall Sommers Jim Spakowicz Judith Sparks Herbert Spenner Ronald Stanford Bill Steffenhagen Warren and Janet Steinert George and Susan Stephen Scott Stevinson Herb Stober Dean Stoker Roy Stuart Todd Sucharda Thomas Swearingen Raymond Tagge Richard and Ann Tavan Chris Thomsen David and Bonnie Tibbitts Jack Timken Tomball Surgery Center Paul Treder Eric and Margaret Treland Jeffrey and Ann Trembly Foster and Lauren Valentine John Vasquez Virginia Aviation Council Inc Nicholas Vukich Matthew Wallace Donald Walter Jennifer Ware Edward Warnock WE Energies Susan Wehinger Peter Welsh Eric Whyte Barbara Willis Sam Wiltzius Deborah Woodhouse Stuart Woods Diana Wubben Evan Zaborski Jacob Zeiger David Zeller Leland Ziebell Brian Zimmerman

Gifts-in-Kind $50,000+ Darren Pleasance Ford Motor Company McKinsey & Company Sporty’s Pilot Shop $10,000 - $24,999 Aeroshell Tom Assiter Bill and Deborah Bachschmidt BRP/Powertrain-Rotax Coleman Farmer’s Airship Keith Kocourek Landric Custom Guitars SS Pro Safaris Sean D. Tucker $5,000 - $9,999 Air Journey Bill and Debora Bachschmidt Boeing Company Chevron Products Co. Sharon Elske Ron Fagen Fighting Colors Ford Racing Garmin International Grand Canyon Valle Airport Hot Seat Chassis, Inc. Jeppesen Corporation JetAVIVA LLC L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Inc. Nickel & Nickel Winery Pacific Aviation Museum Roush Industries Michelle Rouch The WACO Classic Aircraft Co. Virgin Galactic $1,000 - $4,999 Apex Tools Battery Minder BOSE Corporation Peter H. Burgher Coolspace Edward Hamill Richard Graham Gunsite Academy, Inc. Hamilton Watches Historic Aviation

Lakeshore Aviation Liberty Parachute Team Little Thumb Butte Bed & Breakfast Lucas Film Ltd. Leslie R. Koberg Csaba Magassy Daniel A. Majka Santa Fe Aero Services Scheyden Precision Eyewear The Gold Lady $500 - $999 Arizona Soaring, Inc. Aviation Autographs B & S Aircraft Bendix/King Daher Socata Aircraft James Dietz Ken Griffey Icom America, Inc. Lincoln Electric Lyons Studio-Aviation Art McCauley Propeller Systems Pop’s Leather Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. The Pilot’s Cross Jewelry Sarah Wilson Up to $499 Adventure Seaplanes Eugene A. Cernan Cessna Aircraft Company James E. Cooling Corazzo Design General Chuck Yeager Foundation Gift of Wings Grizzly Scenic Air Tours Gregory E. Herrick Erik Hildebrandt Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base David P. Jackson KHWMI Aircraft Jacks King Schools Bob Kupon M. Randall Mytar Mary Lynn Beech Oliver Pierini Designer Jewelry Robert McMahon Gallery Frederick W. Telling Lane Wallace

25 | EAA Annual Report

Cheryl Felix James Fiandt Richard Finch Bruce Florsheim David and Pat Forbes Darrel Frank Scott and Heidi Frankard David and Judy French Charles Frinak Ken Fullett Amanda Gahagan Leland Gake Debra Gast Nick Geffers Ken Gifford Forrest and Nancy Giles Todd Givens Allen Glick Rocklin and Marsha Gmeiner Adam Golightly Sarah Gorman Dorothy Gottardo Thomas Gottwald Walter Grantz Donald Green John Gresch Keith Gressle Mark Hagood Jason Hale Earl Halquist Jay Hansen Glen Harden Dave Harmaceek David Harmacek Phillip Harper Kirk Hart Lorraine Hathaway Robert Heaton Pearl Hedlund Carolyn Hill Rodney Holtz Steve and Patricia Hooley Jason Houge Eleanor Howard Scott Huff Jeanne Huibregtse Brian Hunter Phil Hunter Illinois Tool Works Foundation Stuart Irby Sam Jantzen Craig Johnson David Johnson

Our business partners In addition to donors and volunteers, our business partners play an important role in the financial health of EAA. Sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers committed more than $9.7 million in 2011, an investment that helped support and fund educational programs and advocacy efforts. The support from business partners also allows EAA to keep its dues low and AirVenture admissions affordable.



| Thank You - Partners & Volunteers

Gold Cessna Aircraft Company Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Riesterer & Schnell Jeppesen The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Bendix/King by Honeywell Garmin USA

Silver Sennheiser Aviation Daher-Socata AeroShell Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ICON Aircraft Motorola & Northway Communications Piper Aircraft, Inc. Tempest Bose Lycoming Engines Embraer Executive Aircraft Sporty’s Pilot Shop Poly-Fiber Aspen Avionics ICOM America Lancair International Lincoln Electric GE Aviation Yuneec International Bronze Hamilton Watches Helicopter Association International M&M’S Quest Aircraft Honda Generators Lightspeed Aviation AERO Friedrichshafen Avfuel Corporation Bombardier Aerospace Eastern Aviation Fuels, Inc. Fagen, Inc. Farmer’s Insurance Flying Magazine BRP/Rotax Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Scheyden Eyewear A.E.R.O, Inc. DTC Duat

Patron AeroLEDs LLC Multiview Oshkosh Corporation Southwest Airlines Avidyne Corporation Goodyear Aircraft Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Canon USA FedEx Aviall Cumulus Broadcasting Wicks Aircraft PepsiAmericas Starr Aviation Team Oracle Tecnam Aircraft Baron Services/WxWorx Supporter NATCA Ideal Crane Parker Hannifin Wipaire, Inc. Advanced Radiant Systems/ COOLSPACE Flying High Coffee Pacific Coast Avionics Concorde Battery ForeFlight AOPA Priceless Plane Products Magnum Products Ocean Spray Salopek Golf Car & Equipment Co. Carrier Corporation Camping World Jones Sign GAMA GES Karl’s Event Rental BatteryMinder SolarWorld AG / PCAero Target

Photo by Matt Vander Kolk

Our volunteers EAA could not successfully plan, coordinate or execute its programs, services and day-to-day operations without the dedication of volunteers. Nearly 4,800 people volunteered their time at AirVenture 2011, the EAA AirVenture Museum owes considerable gratitude to its 101 docents who help guide visitors through aviation’s history and Pioneer Airport continued to bring the “Golden Age” of aviation to life with the help of more than 50 volunteers. Esther Langkau John Larson Tom Last Warren Lohry Don Maki Lynn Mallonee Ishwar Mansukhani Karen March Converse Marks Rae Miller Milton Morris Donald (Doc) Mosher Alex Moss Phil Myrkle Elaine Nanke Lon Nanke Judy Nelson Rodney Nelson Jean Neubauer Ruth Nevers Char Nieland Helen Oelke Craig O’Leary Bob Pernu Chester Possin Michael Reinl Brenda Rios Jean Rose Victor Rose Bob Royce Bill Schlapman Ken Schreiber Joan Sheehy John Sheehy Robert Shippee Jeff Shoemaker Jim Sonnleitner Joe Sonnleitner Robert Sonnleitner Sue Sonnleitner Ruth Staffeld Carl Stracka Gordon Stroub Merle Tellock James Thayer Wallie Tschech Paul Turner

Ruth Vorpahl Ross Wandschneider Kurt Weina Lorraine Weiner Nancy Willard Orson Willard Clyde Wills Gloria Wilson Jim Wilson Randy Wilson Don Wokosin Donna Wokosin Linda Wokosin Don Wolter Alton Ziebell Margaret Ziebell Pioneer Airport Staff Pauline Casper Douglas Conciatu Jim Dufek Gerry Flaugher Diane Flaugher Alden Frautschy HG Frautschy Jay Friddell Jeff Gentz Bob Havens Bill Hooten Serena Kamps Ken Kellner Jason Kelly Mary Kelly Orville Klitzke Bob Kupon David Lerlie Mary Ellen Lerlie Don Maki Karen March Ashley Messenger Peggy Messenger Phil Myrkle Lon Nanke Elaine Nanke Bauken Noack Joe Norris Jeri Norris

John Oberg Craig O’Leary Curt Reese Brenda Reese David Rosenthal John Ross Ben Scola David Secor Colin Soucy Fred Stadler Carol Stadler Michael Stromberg Wallie Tschech Margaret Viola Don Voland Cody Welch Jackie Welch Randy Wilson Don Wokosin Donna Wokosin Linda Wokosin Mike Woods Bill Zierdt Mitch Zenr Volunteer Pilots who flew ten or more Young Eagles in 2011 Canada - Alberta Troy Branch Glenn Chong Soren Christiansen William Cocke George Coppus Vernon Dueck Douglas Eaglesham Bruce Heaton John Mulder Don Rennie Manitoba Jill Oakes Mark Odegard Tom Stoyka Newfoundland Alastair Allan

Ontario Doug Anderson Bob Ashleigh Jim Beattie Clarence Beintema Gilles Bisson Fred Black Kathleen Brosemer Mark Cadman Stewart Campbell Michael Carey Saul Cartman William Chisholm Ken Fielding Michael Geoffroy Hannu Halminen John Huggins James Kamstra Wayne Kimmett Claude Larue Yvon Lecours Gerald Levasseur Stan Makuch Cheryl Marek Paul Martin Ed McDiarmid Gordon Millar Jeff Page Lesley Page Doug Raine Lloyd Richards Gordon Roberts Paul Robinson Craig Salmonson Mark Van Dyke Prince Edward Island David Thomas Italy Eugenio Lanza DiCasalanz United States - Alaska Russ Dunlap William Johnson Robert Kelly Kenneth Kokjer

Robert Wesley Edwin White Darren Young Alabama Harold Beauchesne Don Bennett Leslie Brusse John Bundy William Castlen James Cawthon Danny Cherry Eddie Cobern James Crawford Brent Crock Hillis Cunliffe Paul Davis Thomas Day Gary Ernest John Frerichs Anthony Hanson John Hicks Joseph Hopwood Donald Hull Paul Jacobs Roger James Rebecca Layne Jim Locke Lloyd Probst David Ramsey Ray Ripley Jeffrey Spencer Mike Stout Ben Sumrall Bryan Tauchen Stan Tew Savannah Weaver Charles Weldon Aaron Wypyszynski Arkansas Glenn Bell Ralph Blansett Wiley Blansett Don Broussard Kerry Campbell Jerry Chism

Daniel Cossey Randy Fisher David Freppon Mark Hutton Karl Kemp Richard McKinney Phillip Miller Camelia Smith Larry Snyder Frank Sperandeo David Vaughan Larry Vognet Charles Wallace Rob Young Arizona Steven Allen Jacob Allen David Amspoker Mike Andresen Allyn Auck Jonathan Barber Dave Biddle Scott Brackett Bob Brock Chad Burge Thomas Cedarblade David Cooley Thomas Dutton Walter Eastland Andrew Elliott Gary Erdman Charles Gerlach Cary Grant Karl Gross Mark Harris Lorna Hawley Daniel Heinemann Tom Hollaran Robert Hurni Cynthia Kerr Dick McColley Gregory McColley David McNeill Ross Miller Ron Monette Evan Mussemann

Jon Nelson George Pohlman Lawrence Portouw Brian Price Jerry Proctor Dean Roseboom Leo Scherping Wendell Setterberg Thomas Snider Rodney Tang William Thomas Clifford Van Vleet Kathleen Velvick Richard Wetherell Julie White Joe Williams John Yockey California Armin Abusaidi Richard Adams Douglas Allen Thomas Allen John Alling Dave Anderson Ray Anderson Carol Andrews David Aronson Steve Baker Robert Baker John Bales Gerald Barker James Barrilleaux Donald Bartlett Patrick Belanger Doug Betts Raymond Beverly Konstantin Blank Steven Blythe Michael Bodine Gerry Boughner Steven Bradford Tom Brady William Brandle Dave Brown Vincent Bruno David Bryant

27 | EAA Annual Report

EAA AirVenture Museum Docents Shirley Adams Floyd Anderson Ed Baar Jim Bahr Bruce Baier Donald Bandelow Jane Barclay Jay Beck Julieanne Beck Delores Berger George Blechel Alan Bonsen Ray Brandenstein Elizabeth Brayton Richard Brayton Russell Brown Neale Caflisch Richard Campbell Eugene Cech Russell B Clegg Barb Coe Joan Corning Jim Deckert John DeLong Angela Demler David Dille Joyce Dille Kathy Dutcher Lorraine Eberle Raymond Ellingsen Heidi Evans Gary Fergot Paul Fergot Richard Gehrke Blake Hartman Lee Hartrick Bob Havens Ellen Hofeldt Larry Hofeldt Leo Karner Doris Klein Ronald Kotschi Henry Krueger Beverly Labre James Labre

28 | Thank You - Volunteers

Chuck Brynelsen Thomas Bucci Paul Buenrostro William Bulfer David Burg William Burg Rob Burgoon Charles Butler Bruce Callander Richard Capek Robert Cashman Dan Chapman Stillman Chase Dave Cheney John Cheng Milton Ciarlariello Michael Clearman George Clover Jim Coelho Gabriel Coelho Tim Cone Larry Conley Drew Connelley Jerry Cortez James Courtney Irvin Craig Allen Craig John Crouse Chris Crumly David Cudney John Cumins Robert D’Ambrosio Richard Davidson Drew Detsch Joseph Dier Patrick Dirks Paul Donahue Barry Duble Carah Durell Merrill Eastcott Paul Eastham Richard Eastman Roy Emerzian Robert Falkenthal Larry Fernandes Bruce Filarsky Joseph Finnell Richard Foat Myles Folger Alex Fomin Robert Freeman Jim Gates Al Gibbs

Doug Glass Paul Glen Stephen Gonzales David Goodin John Gottschalk Tom Griffith Thomas Hail Red Hamilton Christopher Hand Mike Hanson Dave Harmacek Virginia Harmer Tom Hastings Raymond Hecker David Hedgecock Michael Hedrick Vincent Hewitt Christopher Hicks Frank Himmerich David Hinojosa Steve Holguin Harvard Holmes Robert Hooper Bruce Horn David Howells Tim Huckabay Kim Hunter Vince Huth Kim Ioanidis Thomas Ishii Greg Jacobs Heather Jay Michael Jesch Dave Johnson Jason Johnson Knute Johnson John Jones Thomas Jones Darrel Jones Deane Judd John Kalisz Charles Kemp Eugene Kemper Jack Kenton Jack King John Krikorian Lynn Krogh James Ksenzulak John Lane Robert Lange Christopher Laws James Lawson Garrick Lee

Bob Leitch Bob Leuten Michael Lockhart George Loegering Ruth Logan Jerry Long David Lootens Dennis Lord David Lunn Anthony Machado John Mahany Paul Marshall Edward Martell David Marten James Martin William Massey Daniel Matheus Douglas McArthur Bill McBride Samuel McIntosh Kevin McKenzie Deferance McLemore Tom Meadows James Meeker David Meeks Glenn Melvin George Mendonca Scott Millard Robert Miller Robert Minkin Lesli Monforton Richard Moors Philip Moradian Dale Morris Gerald Muto Donald Myhra Pat Newton Gary Niva John Nogatch George Novinger Jay Obernolte Gary Oberti Anne O’Brien Anthony Oshinuga Johnathon Parks Lou Pavesi Victor Penacho Gerald Perry Pat Peters James Piper Wolfgang Polak Bruce Poulton Ron Price

George Pruitte John Pugligse Darrell Radford Raymond Redden Timothy Redden William Reining Thomas Ridderbush Edward Rij Brian Ringel William Roberts Raymond Romano Robert Russell Frank Russo Danny Salado Leslie Sanders Floyd Sanderson George Santos Bill Schirding Roger Schmidt Henry Schoell Vaughn Schultz Arnie Schweer Richard Sears Alex Sessa Donald Shade Jerry Sickafoose Gai Silvano Jorgen Skovbjerg Thomas Smith Andrew Smith Edward Smither William Sommers Keith Spreuer Donald Springer Gene Stangel Daniel Stanzione Scott Stauter Stefan Steinberg Hans Steiner Gary Steube Ray Stits Carl Stolnacke Brian Stout Cecelia Stratford Gary Stucker Chesley Sullenberger Diana Sunday David Swett Rick Tavan Byron Taylor Mark Taylor Allen Teets Donald Terry

Dennis Thomas William Thomas Don Thomas Don Thompson Anthony Tiritilli Charles Touton Robert Tucknott Anthony Unger Delano Valek David Vanoni Jack Vautin Anastasia Vournas Charles Walton David Ward J R Warmkessel Walter Wasowski Rusty Wells John Westra William Wheadon Charles White John White Russell Wilcox James Wilhelm Rhon Williams Joel Williams Andrea Williams Daniel Wojdac Linton Wollen Jeanette Woods Loreen Wynja Dan Yates Kurt Young Kurt Zierhut Herb Zuidema Mark Zukowski Wim Zwinkels Colorado Gregory Anderson Theresa Bazacos Mitch Bowers Noel Boykin Mark Brown Adam Charles William Clothier Blanche Cohen Douglas Conger Dave Cook David Copp Herrill Davenport Jim Densmore Dan Doner Gerald Eberhard

James Elliott Mike Forney Loren French Tony Garrett Cliff Goldstein James Grady Robert Greenlee Eric Gustafson James Gwin Paul Hahn Robert Hall William Hammond Mark Harrington Hollis Henry William Hiler Karen Hitchcock Gary Justus Rod Kauber Pete Kelley Lothar Klingmuller Jerry Knievel Dagmar Kress Myles Lee Lee Lesher Thomas Letts Steven Lindemann David Lohmann Rodney McLean Scott Mills David Oscai Bill Peck Charles Phillips Charles Raber Michael Rowe Eric Serani Scott Serani Mark Smith Donald Smith Erik Soderquist Charles Spaur Stanley Specht William Totten Wyman Varnedoe Jean-Pierre Verdier Denis Walsh Dwain Watson Ian Wayman Stephanie Wells Paris White Boyce Wiltrout Susan Wolber Lee Wolford Gary Zilik

Conneticut Richard Beebe Chuck Cohen Walter Congdon William Jagoda Lee Kraus Daniel McKeeman Kevin Minckler Robert Pulford Mark Scott James Simmons Stephen Socolosky Gary Sweetman Francis Uliano Robert Upson Alan Witkin Florida Jeff Abrams Leon Adelstone William Atkinson Scott Bailey Jimmie Baker Carlos Barrios Jeff Bauer Gary Bean David Berelsman Ron Bernot Stephan Blank Bryan Blazie Richard Blondin Clarence Bowers Alexander Brickler Jason Bucher Lee Buechler Eric Buhyoff Fred Burgess Richard Byron Robert Caime David Carlson Steve Carper William Carter Warren Cheatham James Chorvat Louis Condas Daniel Connell Leslie Conwell Ed D’Arcy Rodney Daulton Ursula Davidson Sam Dawson Danny Deason Paul Dekker

Scott DeMasso John DiRenzo Kane Douglas John Edwards Thomas Fausel Charles Fleming Charles Franke Philip Froelich Mike Gillis Tom Godbold Jerry Goin Steven Grasley Jerry Groendyke Pete Gunthorpe Joshua Hale Darrell Hamilton David Harning William Harrelson Harold Hedrick Alan Hoffberg Fay Holroyd Dean Howard Jack Howell Zdenek Hrabec Rick Hughes John Hughes Alexander Hunsader Thomas Irlbeck William Jackson James Jemail James Johnson Mark Jones Kenneth Jordan Michael Katz Mike Ketchpaw George Krajcsik Edward Kratzer Larry Langebrake Craig Laporte Jerry Lee Warren Levin Richard Low Jody Mackercher Gary Marquis John McKiernan Donald McLendon Philip Mednick Gerald Metcalf Patrick Murray Donald Nix Lenny Ohlsson James Oliver Ronald Owen

Terry Boswell Donald Brantley John Bratton Arthur Bruce Ralph Burr Jerry Cadle Christopher Cook Michael Curington Manuel Diaz Keith Donker Randy Epstein Michael Fisher Glenn Goode Ken Gran Nate Griffin Jeff Hall William Hammond Richard Haney Jeff Haney David Higgins Duane Huff Fred Huppertz Daniel Jones William Kaht Ernest Kelly William Key John Kimmons Barbara Kitchens Matthew Lazar Joel Levine Jorge Mangual Mike McElheny Richard McSpadden Edmund Molnar John Morgan Davis Morgan William Nelson Rex Puckett Billy Ragan Hugh Reid John Reitz Charles Roberts Donald Roberts Daniel Serrato Todd Shellnutt Harris Shingler Kenneth Sines Mark Sorenson Bill Swatling Vic Syracuse Donald Taylor Carleton Tischer George Wade

James Waldron Andrew Walker Lynn Zahner Hawaii Lloyd Eggstaff Jim Phillips Iowa Vahan Bedeian Stephen Beert Andrew Besch Brian Birkenholz Scott Buchanan Tim Busch Thomas Caruthers Steve Ciha Terrance Crouch David Dunn David Eastman Matt Evers William Fitch Brian Gradert John Hemann Shawn Hildreth David Hill Martin Hoel Brant Hollensbe David Hummel Klay Johnson Doug Jones David Kalwishky Larry Kephart James Kohlhaas Allen Kramer Lawrence Lynch Douglas Mattson Charles McDonald David Miles Kevin Moser Tom Olson Fredrick Olson Jeremy Peters Robert Powers Gary Recker Steven Rezabek David Roberts Terrance Scherman Norman Skinner Bill Strohman Timothy Swift Robert Thomas Francis Vitzthum Ronald White

Idaho Albert Betz Bill Booty Dale Cresap Edward Dickman Jim Fairchild Amos Garrison Cary Jackson Timothy Kaser Roger King Pete Kuckenberg Nevin Miller Richard Monaghan James Otey Scott Rives Kenny Smith William Snyder Johnny Stewart Gary Tragesser Chris Wheeler James Wolper Illinois Kent Allen Tom Baker Jeffrey Barnes Keith Baumann Robert Bejna Nancy Blazyk Larry Blazyk Kenneth Bohannon Gerald Borkowicz Brock Boss Lesley Breuer Bob Brutvan William Butler Dion Carr Benjamin Clawson Michael Coady Chris Collins Frank Cosentino Ronald Cox Victor Croswell Robert Cundiff Kim Curry Charles Dailey Leonard Danek Pete DeCraene Mark Dehner Jeffrey Dickenson Louis Dieu John Dixson Allen Drozs

John Durbin Mike Durbin John Einck Rick Ellis Dennis Els Gregory Erikson Paul Fisher David Fleetwood Neil Fotzler Curt Fox Charles Frost Timothy Gallagher Bruce Garland Larry Gebler Charles Gibbs Chris Gingerich Edward Godfrey Ken Gottschall Donald Griffin Roger Groen Chris Hagen Robert Hamilton David Hampton Martin Hanwright Todd Helmkamp Eugene Helmkamp Mark Hislop Jack Holland Richard Huebner Wayne Hundsdorfer Howard Hunt Charles Jansen Dennis Jarman Robert Johnson Larry Johnson Paul Krueger Robert Kuhns Matt Kwiatkowski Ted Lambasio Ray Lynn Steve MacCabe Joe Mayer Dan Mayworm Joseph McBride Robert McDaniel Thomas McGonigle Chris Merli James Meyer Joe Miller Mark Molle Rodney Mullinax Ed Myers Robert Nelson

Howard Norman James Oeffinger Richard Oleszczuk William Orrill Lyle Pahnke Douglas Panko John Pawula Daniel Peterson Robert Porter Raymond Rakers Kenneth Rapier David Read Keith Renfroe Louis Revisky Allen Rickert Donald Rieser Daniel Rubino Steven Russell Larry Schubert Dale Schultz Dick Searls Alan Shackleton Todd Sieben Bryan Sill Ole Sindberg Andrew Skattebo Joseph Snell Larry Snyder Carl Snyder Richard Sommer Donald Speight Brian Spiro Dave Spitzbart Jon Staben Sandy Staszak John Steichen Craig Steurer Jack Stewart David Stiff Thomas Stiles Neil Swartzbaugh Kenneth Sweet John Taylor Jeffrey Thompson Christain Thomsen James Thurman Jana Trofimchuck Stephen Ulrey Gary VandeVoorde Kent Walker Arzania Williams Stephen Willis Dennis Wisnosky

William Zangs Arnold Zimmerman John Zink Indiana Fred Allina Craig Bartscht Mark Beck Kurt Beuchel Michael Blombach Nick Boland Craig Brown William Brown Robert Butterfield Arthur Craig Brian Crull Dan Daubenspeck Glenn Dee David Dewald Jack Dillon Christopher Duffield Ben Edmondson William Foraker Timothy Fox Dennis Funkhouser David Gallion Richard Gaynor Allan Grabeman Robert Grubb Brad Hartz Mike Hayden Mike Hershberger Tim Hickerson Rod Hill Drew Hoffman Jerry Hostetler Jonathan Hubbell Ron Huddleston Edward Hutson Larry Jacobi Archie James Mark Jamieson Joshua Johnson Dave Keller Thomas Kieffer Jack Kleiss Matthew Krinn Dane Larsen John Lindsay Jerral Long Mark Mackenzie Thomas Marone Daniel McElroy

Rich Meyer David Miller Matt Monaghan Bradley Moore Jeffrey Moore Larry Morlock Donald Muhlnickel Jack Myers Jon Mynderse Scott Noble Robert Nuss Lauren Otis Tony Patterson Joel Pierce Gregg Reinoehl David Resler Kenneth Rogner Rick Roller Eric Scheidt Bob Schmelz Richard Schreiber Fred Scott Bob Snider Kevin Stahl Vernon Sullenger Craig Swanson Ted Tahmisian Lloyd Turner Robert Unsicker Perry Wainman Randy Weselmann Michael Williams Brian Woodcox James Wright Ronald Wright Myron Yoder Kansas Larry Adams Bob Blanton Howard Boese Roger Brining Steven Carlson Thomas Chandler Joshua Choitz Jim Clark Larry Deem Gary Doty Robert Ellis Todd Francoeur Lee Glanville Charles Harris Fred Hetrick

29 | EAA Annual Report

Joseph Owens III William Packer Michael Parker Richard Parsons Thomas Penrose Harley Pickett James Porter Pete Privitera Donald Ritchie Eugene Rogers Ronald Rowars Patrick Saenen Elliott Schiffman Eugene Scott Joshua Shackelford William Siegel Stan Simms Stephen Sinclair Dan Skoda Daniel Smith Don Smith Curtis Snell Frederick Spoor Kenneth Strickland William Stuck Scott Sutor Michael Teders Danny Tipton Carl Traenkner Karolyn Tucker Louis Turek Van Vickers Tony Wagner Paul Walker Jeffrey Walston Linn Walters Jack Wells Dan Wells Robert Weseman John Wheeler Wayne White Don White Wayne Wooten C J Wren Tony Yacono Michael Zidziunas William Zorc Georgia Steven Ashby Harry Ballance David Balthaser John Bartholet Bill Bell

30 | Thank You - Volunteers

Byron Jones Ron Jones Earl Ketchem Nathan Larson Michael Munson Doug Range Peter Rouse Richard Schenk Ralph Shields Harry Sieger Arbie Sliger Steve Stacey Darwin Steinle Gary Trimpe Ira Wagner Steven Waltner Chad Wasinger James Webs Dale Weinhold Brandon Welch Marc Woods Kentucky Nick Anderson Richard Ardisson Billy Bolin Harry Booher Michael Boyd Cassidy Cook Gordon Davis David Derrick Matthew DeZee Rodney Douglas Ralph Fossett Charlie Franklin Michael Gray Jack Holley Norman Houglan Michael Howard Robert Hufford Douglas Jackson David Katz Mark Krish Dale Long Robert Lynch Adam Mabry Paul McCauley Ashley Messenger Kathy Miller Dennie Morris Keith Mountain Michael Norton Ralph Pawlak

James Pendley David Rice John Schrecker Lowell Sharkey Brad Smith Pat Stallings Robert Waggoner Danny Walker Mike Warner Jim Wilson George Wyatt Louisiana Jimmie Alexander Douglas Bernard Paul Borgatti Evan Gonzales Malcolm Hartman Lester Henderson Edgar Jackson Donald Johnsen Glenn McGovern Michael Meaux Enoch Nicewarner William Pardue Robert Thomas Massachusetts Nels Anderson Gary Archer Charles Bailey Steven Bortle Steven Brousseau Lee Cooprider Robert DiGiovanni James Ellis Robert Glorioso Neil Harmon Thomas Hurley Clyde Kessel Stephen Mayotte Fred Moses Edward Murphy John Papp Timothy Reynolds Mike Shabazian Greg Sheets Carl Slack William Taylor Willard Thorn Harmen Van Der Velden Egbert Woelk

Maryland John Attebury Curtis Berry Don Byrne Egon Frech Alvin Griffin Dan Hammer Edward Harvey Richard Kight Salvatore Maranto Judson Rupert Jeffery Test John Tomasini Maine David Aldrich Gerald Bernier Edward Clegg Darrell Ferguson John Harris Karl Pepin Charles Roderick Charles Surprenant Duke Tomlin Michigan Robert Allers James Anderson Lawren Angeloff William Appleberry Albert Barnes David Belfi Fred Benzie III William Blackmore Bruce Breisch Jack Brewer Erv Brinker William Brown Dave Buck Jeremiah Carlson Donald Carney William Chamberlin Lewis Clark Douglas Conciatu Rod Cortright John Covert Steven Crum Kirk Curtiss Jake DeHaan Edward Dembek Robert Deuker Dan DeVillers Larry Downey

Blake Doyle John Dudock Peter Dugdale Dave Ebert Jeffery Erdman Michael Fisher Lee Foerster Richard Foster Mark French Jack Frost Paul Gill Dennis Glaeser Schachar Golan Barbara Goodwin Christopher Gordon Michael Goulet Dan Graiver Arthur Green Stephen Green Richard Green William Greenley Joseph Griffin Fred Habel Dan Hallack Herbert Harney Fred Harrison Richard Harrison Alan Hartline Pat Healy Leo Hepner Nick Herman Jerry Heykoop Tom Hoover Dorothy Hornsby Gary Huffman John Hughes David James David James Lawrence Jensen Fred Joyal Peter Kelly Fazal Khan Ted Kirkpatrick Phil Knox Douglas Koons John Kreinbrink Gary Kremers Linda Langrill Leslie Lee John Leppien Jack Lewis Curt Lohman Walter Loney

Ernest Lutz Robert Mahieu Michael Marhanka Bryan Martin Stephen Mazar Michael McCarville Jim McDaniel Douglas McKenzie Don Miller Carl Moore Robert Moss Christopher Mulder Joe Newman Bruce Nourse Michael Nutt Daniel Osterhouse Jeff Ostrander Mark Otto Fredric Pearlman Hoyt Petty Rex Phelps Timothy Popp Dennis Powell Larry Putnam Joshua Richer James Riverside George Roth Patrick Salow Robert Schallip Jerry Schmidt George Schoene Thomas Schroeder Philip Seizinger North Shetter David Shirey Douglas Shoup Brian Smith Thomas Smith Alan Spalding Marc Stobbe Jon Stotz Paul Sullivan Robert Taylor Webster Thorn Thomas Tolton Scott Trask Glen Turland Patti Uncapher Kenneth Vandenbelt Kirk Warner Gayle Weirich Laurelle White Daniel Wiese

Teresa Wolski Matthew Wood Michael Woodley Jerry Zerbe Joel Zieve Minnesota Michael Ackerman Richard Ashbach Darrell Augeson John Barsness Dave Becker Dan Bergstrom Edwin Berniard Thomas Betts Michael Bibus John Bitzer Eric Bohn Kent Bosch Jerry Chapman Walter Christison Jeffrey Cookle Stephan Corbin Harold Cotant Donald Eide Bob Foster Peter Gavin Mike Gavin Mark German Chad Geyen Daniel Giossi Joseph Gmitter Richard Grabarkewitz Daniel Grothe Mark Haberer Donald Hanson Bill Hettling Dennis Hoffman Sam Husnik Carl Iliff William Irving David Jennen Daniel Jennen Arlen Johnson John Justad Gerald Kleene Chad Knutson Mark Kolesar Alan Kupferschmidt Jon Lamphier Bob Lee Darryl LeMire Paul Liedl

Kirk Lindberg Allen Lindh Joel Ludwigson Curt Malecha Glenn Martig Larry Matheny Stephen McGuirk Joel McKinzie Bruce Moe Glen Morrow Gerald Nauman Rachel Norman Loren Olsen Keith Olson Bert Overland Paul Pankratz John Poczekaj Gregory Regnier John Renwick Gary Rosch Timothy Roska Charles Sandager Richard Schaefer Rod Scheel John Schmidt Mark Schmitz Mike Schoen Dale Seitzer Stuart Selchow Jeffrey Sheridan Donald Shipp Donald Shipp William Steier Jay Stein Gregroy Struve William Sugden Thomas Sullivan Ernest Swanson J Daniel Vegessa Dean Walker Daniel Walker William Weinhold Terry Welander Ed Wells Gregory Wiens Rick Woltjer Missouri David Allsop Deborah Bertram Stephen Bollinger Ron Burnett Carl Carlson

Eve Cascella John Clayton Larry Conn LeRoy Cook Joe Creason Gary Cummins Don Daly Patrick Donovan Michael Dooley John Fester William Florich Ted Forester Arthur Gentry Delbert Gortmaker Robert Gurski Raymond Hamilton Brent Hendrix Kenneth High Alan Hollandsworth Chris Hope Danny Hoppers Mark Huebbe Richard Jimenez Kenneth Johnson Don Jonas Charles Keeney William Kieffer James Kinney Doyle Leppin Glen Lewis Blake Lewis Doug Linville Hubert Looney John Moore Les Moore Robert Morgan Lester Nelson Christopher Nesin William Newton Pat O’Donnell William Patterson James Pickett Marvin Pitney Austen Plain Dave Pressy Jerry Priest Kent Pyle Dean Reaka Michael Reyes Diana Richards Tom Richards Virgil Riggs Joe Sargent

Mississippi Jay Botsay Allen Ross Mark Stevens Montana Bob Brunson Robert Caldwell Michael Ferguson Mike Hines Chuck Jarecki Nels Jensen Felix Moran Carmine Mowbray Mike Naegele Paul O’Bagy Robert Seaman Gary Weyermann Tom Wrobel Jim Younkin North Carolina Donald Bennett Steve Bonn Bradley Bormuth Barry Buchele Robert Cassell Harold Christmas Don Cleveland Mickey Cochran Horace Conti Brian Cooker Fred Darnell Charles Davis Chip Davis

Frank Dickens William Dobson Jeff Dukeman James Dukeman James Elliot William Epstein Robert Epting Dennis Faver Todd Finley Jerry Gable Mike Gaffney Keith Gleason Gabriel Glinsky Tom Goodwin Kenneth Haenlein Lee Harney Jason Harris Alfred Highsmith Garry Hodges Russell Hyde Heath Hyde Gregory Jackson James Johnson Andrew Johnston Michael Jones Bob Joyner Stephen Kahn Carter Keller Buddy Keller George King Daniel Kundig Stephen Larson Joseph Mancusi Michael Matthews Troy Maynor Ken McGee Martin McLeod Chris McLeod Tom McPherson Ken Menzie Wayne Milbauer Don Morando James Murray Todd Neel Brandon Nesmith Kenneth Norris Doug Oakley Jerry Pedley Michael Perkins Charles Peterson Michael Pobiega Don Poitras Robert Preddy

Anton Pretorius Floyd Price Perry Reed Amelia Reiheld William Repucci Patrick Reynolds Bob Rogers Terry Ross Allen Sawyer Felice Schillaci J. Anthony Sharp Thomas Slater Elwin Smith Robin Spinks Jan Squillace Jamie Swanson Keith Taylor Mark Thoman Randy Utsey Mark Verrill Ed Watters Charles West Bobby White Justin Willess James Williams Lynwood Williams Alfred Wilson Jared Yates North Dakota Joel Anderson Benjamin Hoffman Michael Klarenbeek Cooper Smith Nebraska Gary Bartels James Beyer Bruce Callahan Derk DeMasters Jonathon Fuller James Gill Eric Gurley Edward Haffke Harlon Hain Keith Harbour Michael Howard Jerry Kohles William Kroeger Dale McClure Matt Olson Thomas Ostlund Jim Ratte

Dave Roberts Neal Smith Darrell Sutton Brent Townsend Thomas Trumble New Hampshire David Bridgnam Peter Bruckner Stephen Christy Murray Collette Drew Gillett Joel Godston Richard Jackson Karl Kloeppel Chris Landry Harlan Loken Gerald Lyons George May Kenneth Ortmann John Ricciotti George Rose George Snell Corey Sylvestre Steven Touchette New Jersey Roy Baldassari Mark Bolgar William Breuer Frank DiGennaro Jeffrey Doran James Drake Gregory Dwyer Terry Friedman Sean Gornell Jan Greenberg William Hamilton Lawrence Kalb Ronald Reinartz Thomas Smith New Mexico Ken Dominy Vernon Dudley Kevin Dunshee Will Fox Dan Friedman Chris Grotbeck Richard Horton Robert Hurd Ron Hyer Dane Knowlton

Guy Prevost Rick Richter Michael Robinson Curtis Smith Dane Spearing Chuck Swanberg Arthur Tangen Doug Warwick Robert Waters Kurt Winker Arthur Woods Joyce Woods Nevada Todd Anderson Glen Angus Roger Block Michael Coster Michel Creek Robert Dickinson Michael Fritz John Katseanes Ken Kopec Dennis Mitchell Wendell Pea Michael Reynolds Phil Stotts Lawrence Turner Dirk Zahtilla New York Stuart Bain Arthur Beyer Fredrick Blowers James Bush Chris Camadella Michael Cluckey Dwight Coombe Timothy Cowper David Dibbell William Drew Jim English John Garzione Mathew Giltner Paolo Grassi Jack Haggerty Joseph Hayes Norm Isler George Johansen Katelynn Kearney Jake Kearney Bill King David Lee

Jeff MacIntosh Anthony Mercurio James Murphy Steve North William Papich James Parks Richard Pinkowski Eugene Schultz Douglas Sterling James Strong Deane Taber David Vernon Richard Walker Richard Walters Samuel Willams James Zambik Ohio Roland Bailey James Baldwin Mike Baldwin Arthur Barfield Michael Bednarek Chye Beh George Bockerstette Andrew Booth Mike Booth Jann Bowne Ebby Brewer Stephen Brown Geoffrey Combs Tim Connor William Corban Tom Cunningham Donald Cunningham Gerald D’Agostino John Darst Joe Deaton Larry Diemand David Duntz Tad Frei Steven Glass Ben Gleason James Gorman Ted Green Phil Guest Allan Gunderson Michael Harris George Henning Debra Henrichs Terry Hesler Marvin Homsley Richard Hunt

Gary James John Johnson Ted Kellogg Michael Keysor Tony Kirk Lorenz Kisor Barry Knotts John Lane Carl LaRue John Lawton Daniel LeClair Joseph Lipovits Robert Luken Todd Mather Tom McFadden Brad McKitrick Christine Mortine Wayne Moyer Albert Moyer Richard Naves Charles Newell Robert Opper Jesse Ours Tim Pinkerton Eric Puschmann Richard Rademacher Charles Rhoads Phillip Riter Wendell Rogers Don Roth Donald Sieg Robert Staight Ron Sturgill Brad Templin Susan Theodorelos Dalton Thomas Elias Vujovich Richard Wetherald George Willford Wayne Williams Michael Wolf Fred Wright Daun Yeagley Oklahoma David Ames Jim Antosh Thomas Auerbach Jim Belcher Gary Blankenbiller Gale Braden Jerry Burnett Heather Cannon

Joe Champagne Pat Cohenour Colton Crowder Danny Davis Herb Driskill Tom Egbert Clinton Hager John Holden Lee Holmes John Jacobs Terry Joy Donald Kwasa Gregory Milles Stephen Muehlberg Stephen Schmitt Alvin Steinke Oregon Merrill Ahrens Henry Bartle Dan Benua Rob Berg J Rion Bourgeois Robin Brooks Kevin Bubar Dan Burns Gary Burroughs Garwin Burroughs Samuel Butler Neal Christopherson Tim Corban Kevin Davidson Mike Dehate Christopher DiOrio Gary Dunfee Larry Durst Otmar Ebenhoech Lloyd Edwards Gus Funnell Dan Harris John Horn James Hubele Greg Hughes Bill Inman Randall Ireson Clarence Jefferson III Richard Jones Steven Kame Michael Martin David Martin Paul Martin Lynn McDonald Steve Miller

31 | EAA Annual Report

Gustav Schlegel Russ Schulz James Smith Gregory Starkel Nathan Stitt Randy Stockwell Mark Thurman David Toliver Ronald Wade Dennis Walrath Jehd Webster Raymond Weeks Chad Welch Craig Wilcox Larry Young Mike Young Art Zemon

32 | Thank You - Volunteers

Rob Norris George O’Leary Russ Paddock Steve Payne Debra Plymate Ronald Poe James Raymond Mike Rhodes Timothy Rickman Charles Rosenfeld Robert Russell Laird Smith Gary Sparks Ron Terhaar Roy Thoma David Waltman Dana Wheeler Dean Wheeler Jerry Wilken Bill Witt Richard Yerian Pennsylvania Donald Adams Douglas Allen Donald Ball Richard Belon Ronald Bowman William Brooks Steven Bryk Richard Campbell Ric Carhart Erik Chuss Duane Crumrine Edwin Deacon Deb Deisher John Dershimer David Dix Fred Fehling Richard Ferretti Francis Frankenfield Benjamin Gottshall Jeffrey Halliday Henry Hartman Andrew Hayter John Henderson John Henderson Jr Mark Hissey Susan Hostler Jack Kenneson Fred Kim Thomas Kitchen Geoffrey Knauth

Dan Laurie William Lokes Lawrence Malinconico Frank Marshall Gregory McKnight Keith McPherson John Merritt Randall Miller John Mininger William Moore Brian Nelson Richard Noll Keith Painton Elwyn Peachey Timothy Ridley Lawrence Schaefer Joseph Schies Steve Schory Dustin Seebold Jeffrey Shay Mark Smiley Richard Smith Dan Speck Dave Spencer John Thompson Victor Vogel Jim Vreeland Gary Wright Randy Zacherl George Zegiestowsky Rhode Island Graeme Smith South Carolina Mike Albertson Paul Alexander Jesse Allred C. Phillip Anderson Charles Barnes Dennis Bassin Al Beard Bo Bowman Sandra Brown Bob Butler Michael Butler Paul Carter Brian Christiano Don Cook Arthur Cooler Thomas Corrado Rod Dantzler Francis Drayton

Daniel Drost Dale Ellis Allen Folger Cantzon Foster Lee Gardner Brett Grooms Edward Grossheim James Harrell Ken Harrill Mike Hoover John Leupp Xen Motsinger Harold Moxley Thomas Parrish Dennis Perry Robert Pinckney Marilyn Protzeller Tom Roberts Jeanne Rudick Maurice Scott Ronald Shelton Cecil Sills Thane States Bob Stearns Greg Stidom Robert Taylor Rodney Tumbleston John Woodall Charles Young South Dakota Alan Amdahl Al Bucholz Steven Christensen Tessa Clark Gene Ebneter James Eykamp Steven Hamilton Jacob Hoffner David Howard Roger Huntley John Lillevold Steve Pofahl Vernon VanDerhule Tennessee Dan Allen Charles Allen Ed Athey Fred Beaver Charles Boykin Barry Campbell Peter Cassidy

Jeff Cattrell Clay Cook Douglas Eshelman Mike Hathaway William Hetzel Randy Hooper Jerry Hope William Jakobleff Jim Jones Robert Kinney Jerry Kirby Edward Martin Jim McKay John Miller Gary Piper Gene Rivera Mike Russell Richard Spencer John Stubbs Brian Sutherland David Swindler Texas Nathan Abel Patricia Aken Harry Andonian Mark Armstrong Ernie Arredondo Joey Baker Daly Bales Danny Beavers John Becker Jon Bottorff Jorge Briones Paul Burger Robert Caldwell Joseph Caldwell Terry Cartwright Larry Chapman Beryl Cotton Marshall Dean Gregory Dohrer Wm “Brad” Doppelt Henry Eissler Emanuele Figlia Dennis Finley William Foster Brian Goode Harry Gotschall Steve Grimsley Richard Hall Tim Hardage Winn Harris

Rickey Hendry William Hicks Douglas Jenkins Stan Jensen Mark Johnson Bill Johnson Judith Jones Eric Koch Robert Lannon Gary Larson Willie Lloyd Don Lymbery Dennis Mathis Richard Mays Donald McBride Michael Meadows Clayton Miller Steven Moffett Antonio Molinar Ronald O’Dea Michael Pinson David Rains Norman Rathje Byron Reed Michael Reid Joe Sasser Richard Schaefer Paul Siedschlag Ron Sinclair Murray Sloan Brian Sorensen Gerald Stark Bill Stoeppel Tommy Terry Ralph Tidwell Sid Tucker Ronald Walker Vernon Waltman Cowden Ward John Wedge Steve West David Wiley Richard Williams Stephen Wilson Anse Windham Utah Dan Anderson Norman Anderson Richard Barnes Kent Bond Rick Brewer Timothy Felker

Edmund Gines Glen Guenther Bruce Johnson Jerry Jones Kenneth Kendall William Letcher William Oberg Glen Olsen Shane Rosanova Allen Rydman Ron Weixler Virginia Allan Badrow Lowell Boaz Alain Borel Daniel Botzer Susan Brubaker Louis DiPietro Richard Everroad Joseph Federico Demetrios Gellios Martin Heller Ray Hoover Peter Huber James Jeans Richard Largent Michael Logan Edward Madison John McCombs Michael Mercer Richard Merrill Charles Mott Juergen Nies Marcus Ogle Michael Osburn Andy Ozols Roy Pardue Jerry Partlow Robert Pastusek Rick Rahim Mike Stock Mike Sullivan Lewis Walker Gary Wiley Fred Wimberly John Zinkus Vermont Steve Couzelis Robert Desmarais Thomas Edwards Lou Feldvary

Larry Perry Charles Robitaille Richard Swanson Donald Taylor Washington John Abbott Sandy Allen Nathan Andrews Robert Apa Dave Atkins David Barker Robert Barra Monte Bauder Gregory Bell Richard Bielawa LeRoy Blum John Brick Michael Bull Joshua Cadwell Edward Cashmere David Cheney Brent Christiansen Douglas Clough Scott Cutler Jack Eastes George Edmundson David Engh Gary Fasnacht Beverly Franklet James Fries Daniel Geittmann Don Gibbard Bradley Goldman Dwight Guss Stephen Gyuro Douglas Haughton Marian Heale Cannon Hill Marilyn Hoeft David Hogan Tomas Holbrook Mahlon Hull Jim Janson Gary Johnson Richard Jones Andrew Karmy Paul Keller Kevin Kelly Richard Kinnier Anthony Korn Kristina Lang Dave Lucke

Jeffrey Lustick James McGauhey Michael Michalak David Mischke David Neiser Erik Nelson Jeremy Noble Mark Norman Jack Ondracek Gregg Ortega Addison Pemberton Jim Piavis John Polos Neal Powell Gregory Pyke David Ratcliff Jeff Renfrow John Richardson Lenn Richter James Rosenburgh William Rowe Robert Schaper Marvin Scott David Shinstrom Frank Skorina Ian Smellie John Smutny Frederick Stephens Brian Stubbs Mark Swalley Al Swierzy Steven Thompson Stan VanGrunsven Ola Vestad Jerry Ward Charles Whitt Jr Greg Williams Paul Yarbrough Wisconsin Arden Adamson Charles Aldrian Diane Ballweg Alexander Barclay David Basten Paul Biegun Adam Blazek Jim Bloedorn Leonard Boltz Rick Bowe Joseph Bowe Glen Brandt Phillip Branham

Paul Marquardt Keith Mathews Michael McCutcheon Mike McMahon Michael Melau Jeff Melau Philip Mertens Douglas Milius Jack Momchilovich Michael Morgan James Nelson Jon Neville Joseph Norris Brian O’Lena Sheldon Olesen James Olson Andrew Ovans Jay Pearsall Jack Perry Wayne Poppy Bruce Post Jeffrey Potocnik Paul Quarberg Gary Reich James Retzlaff Jim Rodrian Fred Runde Stephen Schapiro Thomas Schuyler Allan Seierstad Mark Shaffer Jeff Skiles Adam Smith Charlie Smith Anthony Sobczak Fred Stadler Deane Steinbacher Gordy Stelter Mike Stromberg Alan Timmerman Tony VanKampen Thomas Vogt Jerry Walsh Wendell Weidemann Alan White Sherwood Williams Eric Wolf Charles Wood Michael Woods James Zainer Robert Zaretzke Mitch Zehr

West Virginia Arthur Gallagher James Greer Lee Jones Lawrence Lake Rodney Moore Stephen Sterling Thomas Yanni Wyoming Mark Cassen Lori Fussell Christopher Garland John Gibbens David Jackson John Larsen Geoffrey Lynes Robert Petersen Richard Rodgers Christopher Schutz Randy Smith Richard Sugden EAA Pilot Advocates C. Kurt Alexander Robert Allen Bernard Asher David Bakken Albert J. Bazo John Beaman John Beasley William Billups William Blank Brent Blue Frederic Bongard Schiele Brewer Dwight Brown James Butler Thomas Carlstrom John Carr David Coats Tim Cole Paul Collins Kelvin Contreary Phil Coussens Peter Culotta Robert Dalzell Dennis Deakins Andrew Doorey William Fast Larry Florman R. Thomas Fossett Douglas Fownes

John Freitas John Garred, Jr. Richard Garrison Forrest Giles Robert Gordon David Grauman Kevin Green James Grote H. Dwight Hardy Randy Hassler John “Jack” Hastings James Hays Hunter Heath III Richard B. Hecker John Held Stephan Henderson David Hess Don Hodson David Hoffmann Charles Hoyt John Isbell Richard Jennings Daniel L. Johnson Robert H. Johnston William Jonakin Charles “Chuck” Jones H. James Jordan Mark Josel Jonathan R. Jowers Lawrence Judy George Jutila James R. Keene James Kimball Tim King H. Edward Klemptner Robert Kurrle Marlene Lambiaso Keith Landry Lawrence Lay Stephen Leonard Norman Lewis Jeffrey Liegner Michael Lischak Clee Lloyd Fname Lname Donald Majercik Robert Mc Andrew Alan Mekler Matthew Miriani Merrill Mirman Stanley Mohler Jeff Morgan Charles Neumann

Charles Nicholson Jr. John Nordt James Nutt Gregory Ostrom John Owen William Page Havner Parish John Patterson James Pawlak Dwaine Peetz Gregory Pinnell George Pipes T. Paul Rast Howard Reeve Thomas Rojewski William Rousseau Fred Ruefer Robert Ryan Gerald W. Saboe Erwin Samuelson Barry Sandman Steve Schauer John Sciarrino Daniel Serrato Randy Sherman Pierce Sherrill Barton Sickinger Francis Sincox Stephen R. Smith Todd Sorensen Russell Stankiewicz Roger Steuble Thomas Stolz Gordon Strom Richard Sugden Paul Terrell Christopher Unger Marion Wagnon Tom Werner EAA Flight Advisors Canada Jack Dueck Robert Erdos Mike Langford Ronald MacEwen Bruce Olson Ian Patrick Douglas Remoundos Ronald Smith John Van’t Haaff Portugal Dario Artilheiro

Denmark Kai Christensen Argentina Angel Franceschini Italy Eugenio Lanza Di Casalanza Marcello Uga South Korea Won Bok Lee United States - Alaska James Bielefeld Charles Hosack Alabama Edwin Banks William Castlen Jeff Dennis Eugene Equi David Forgac Tommy Hope Wayne Johnson Carey Mills Mark Pickens Russell Sharp John Shippey Skipper Woodham Arkansas Max Calkin Gary Green Charles Hooper Wayne Larabee Tom Looker Frank Sperandeo III Kenneth Turner Steve Ware Arizona Steven Allen Mike Andresen Edward Daror Jeff Farrar Howard Ginn Roger Heisdorffer Eldon Helmer Kimberly Jackson Eldon McDaniel Richard Petty

Mark Rebholz George Sharp James Wethington California Irwin Abrams Gary Aldrich Thomas Allen James Ayers Lawrence Baker Raymond Beverly Miles Bostic David Bristol Ronald Caraway Brian Carpenter Milton Ciarlariello John Clark Richard Collier Harvey Costa Douglas Dodson, Jr. Rodney Dykhouse John Feemster Arthur Froehlich Irwin Fust William George Peter Grootendorst David Heal Raymond Hecker Donald Holman Robert Johnson Marlin Jones Donald Knight Rolland LaPelle Dale Machalleck John Mahany Ali Moghaddas Dave Morss Donald Myhra James Newman John Rausch Paul Reukauf Larry Severson Reuven Silberman Jorgen Skovbjerg Julian Steffenhagen C.J. Stephens Harold Stephens Richard Stockton Dean Thomas Al Turner James Warmkessel Barry Weber Will Whiteside

Colorado Darrel Dilley Lindell Elfrink Charles Lemen William Mitchell Dennis Moss Allen Tompkins Connecticut Joe Gauthier Thomas Malek Joel Volovski Thomas Whelan Florida Paul Adrien Gunther Balz Gary Bean Randy Berry Kevin Campbell Leslie Conwell James Daron Ron Galbraith Thomas Hahn H James Hendricks Harry Herman, Jr. Thomas Irlbeck Michael Kelly Eddy Knapp Richard Low Don Marco Charles Mason Lawrence McClure Phillip McKenzie Bijan Neshat Aramis Penton Keith Phillips James Pierce C.J. Pucciariello Martin Sobel Richard Weiss Robert Woolley David Zeidler Michael Zidziunas William Zorc Georgia Judson Brandt Vernon Darley Marl Halbrook Robert Hamilton Truitt Harper, Jr. G. Michael Huffman

33 | EAA Annual Report

Larry Brunzlick Steve Buss Greg Campbell David Carlson John Clough Sydney Cohen Kirby Crawford Jonathan Cumpton Timothy Dahnke Brian Dauck David DeGroot Michael DeMuth Wayne Duris Chuck Dwyer Randy Finco Jeffrey Gentz Robert Gilbreath Robert Gillette Carl Gollnick Chuck Haataja Patrick Halama Jim Hantschel David Harm Charles Harrison Julianne Hartlaub Don Heath Patrick Heil Timothy Hillery John Hohensee Glenn Ingram Kenneth Johnson Brad Johnson Fritz Jorgenson Joseph Kamenick Ken Kellner Robert Kirschling Ralph Kisor Mathew Klatt Keith Klos William Knighton Edward Knutson Ed Lachendro David Ladick Lawrence Landucci Jack Langland John Lee Mark Lee Dick Leitner Brian Lerwick Don Lien Tom Lubben David Ludvigson Daryl Lueck


James Lawrence William Leftwich Glenn Morrow Francis O’Shea Al Patton Gary Polizzotto Clyde Schnars Daniel Serrato Vic Syracuse

| Thank You - Volunteers

Hawaii William Phillips Iowa Joel Buseman Robert Clark Erik Edgren Casey Hansen David Lammers Idaho Roger Dunham John Hill James Huber Jerry Waggoner Illinois Jim Auman Jack Bennett Donald Cates Abbie Joanne Friddell P.J. Friddell Herbert Gottelt John Johnson Brian Kissinger F. Ted Lambasio Ron Liebmann Joseph Lienau John Musgrave Bernard Nitz Craig O’Mara Terrence O’Neill James Otey John Peck Mike Perkins Scott Scheetz Nicholas Selig Ole Sindberg Samuel Sisk Neil Swartzbaugh Gerald Thornhill Paul Walker Daniel Walton Ronald Wright

Indiana Craig Brown Lowell Farrand Michael Finney Glenn Gauger Zachary Grant Troy Grover Gregory Gruninger Floyd Hollandbeck Larry Jacobi Harold Price Wayne Ray David Stevens Michael Strzok Michael Wonder Kansas Anthony Hefel Douglas McMullin Kenneth Perkins Bud Pinkston James Price Jim Smith Marvin Story Kentucky Samuel Chambers Dan Checkoway Al Grajek Larry Harmon Randell Morris James Poe James Sears Louisiana Darryl Christen Massachusetts Willard Thorn Maryland John Demyan Edward Johnson Harry Kraemer Daniel Mccaffery John McCarthy William Posnett Robert Snyder Maine Charles Gabelmann John Miller Michael Watson

Michigan John Amundson Walter Burr Ken Dannenberg Carl Franz Walter Hancook Patrick Howe Matthew Janson Timothy Kramer Kary Lucas Ernest Lutz Terry Lutz John Maxfield Steve Stasinos Don Stewart Robert Thoms Al Todd Dan Valle Jerry Zerbe Minnesota Donald Berndt Sandra Christopher Donald Clobes Robert Eckstein Marvin Getten Theodore Kiebke Mark Manning Russell Marsolek David Nelson Ami Sela Gary Specketer Gary Underland Missouri Frank Baldwin LeRoy Cook Ron Dillard Mark Frankenbach Chester Hartley William Jagust Earl Lawrence Robert Rockford Mississippi Joseph Fabian Frank Ingels Lawrence Jenkins Burl Nelson Mickey Whittenburg Montana Jerry Campey

F. Cliff Higgins Thomas Kuffel Felix Moran Noel Simmons North Carolina Ken Barto Cecil Boyd Dale Ensing Pat Hayes Darwin Jones Joseph Mancusi Guilford Mooring Brandon NeSmith George Orndorff III Gary Sigvaldsen Lisa Turner Nebraska Daniel Peterson Carroll Verhage New Hampshire Dino Vlahakis New Jersey Frank Fine Roger Gordon Henry Grenfell Kenneth Knopp Lawrence Winchell Peter Zaccagnino

Greg Kesel Thomas Kravis James Martin Gerald McBurney Ken Miller John Morrow Douglas Sterling Ohio Gary Baker Forrest Barber Richard Gray Scott Hersha Don Mather Todd Mather Roger Messenger Brian Meyer Brent Owens David Page David Ross Terry Schubert John William See Wayne Sicard Craig Weaver Oklahoma Donald Cox, Sr. Larry Eversmeyer Monte Jestes Mitchell Williams

Nevada Timothy Brill Jake Porta Tracy Rhodes Michael Smith Ronald Sutton

Oregon Henry Bartle Joseph Blank Gary Brown Mike Danielle Michael DeHate Al Gerharter Gary Ludeke David Martin Butch Milani Ernest Moreno Gil Peterson Thomas Sampson Christopher Schulte Michael Seager Daniel Sprague

New York Daniel Baier Robert Brew John Briggs Scott Jordan

Pennsylvania Robert Basinger Raymond Bertles Noel Dean Donald Dickmann

New Mexico Keith Beasley Richard Finch Will Fox Robert Hicks, Jr. Michael Marker Richard Wynn

David Dix Gary Hartle Gary Jasper Daniel Kurkjian Frank Macy Andrew Maitland Robert McMillin Arthur Schwedler Robert Staib Bryson Wagner John Yanacek South Carolina Neil Deye Dale Ellis William Fields Roy Harrill Carroll Joye South Dakota Ernest Clark Ted Miller Tennessee Bob Dougherty Jerry Hope Charles Parish Robert Redmon Thomas Smith Larry Swor Texas Mel Asberry Vance Atkinson David Bertram George Bourne David Christman Brent Crabe Gary Davis Paul Dye James Eaton, Sr. David Eby Steven Formhals Danny Goggans Tom Hamblet Richard Hecker Larry Henney Michael Hoye Mark Julicher Ken Kennedy Gordon Lester Michael McMains Leonard Milholland Jeff Mountain

Albert Muller Ronald O’Dea Deene Ogden Rick Raesz John Riley Mike Singleton Dr. Robert Stark Richard Stephens Anthony Terrell Valerie Vaughn Jim Voss Stephen Wilson Utah Norman Anderson Douglas Benson Clifford Chaney Carlos Duenas Steve Guenard Virginia John Andre Richard Koehler R. Lee Ragsdale Claude Rich Thomas Tyndall Vermont Hobart Tomlinson Washington William Abel Robert Blahut LeRoy Blum James Cone Tom DeMarino Clifton Dyer Slate Erickson Gary Fasnacht Donald Hall Norman Howell Edward Kolano Brian Lee Jonathan Lee Randy Lervold Ross Mahon Paul Messinger Johnny Odom Richard Pingrey Marvin Scott Richard Smith Tom Staggs James Triggs Ronald Vandervort

Wisconsin Douglas Apland William Blank Timm Bogenhagen Gene Calkins Noel Clark Daniel Dudley Chad Jensen Dale Jorgensen Steven Krog John Monnett, Jr. Joseph Norris Neil Robinson Richard Rodencal Owen Russell Joe Schumacher Ron Scott Joshua Svenningsen Ron Wagner Robert Ward Michael Weeden Alan White West Virginia William Pancake Charles Pickering Wyoming Dave Shaw EAA Technical Counselors Canada Andy Cumming Jack Dueck Jean Dueck Chris Falconar Jeff Seaborn G. Denis Browne Roy Clemens John Van’t-Haaff Ian Patrick Mark Pollock Edward Slack Frank Hofmann Denmark Kai Christensen Jorgen Nielsen Iceland Kristjan Arnason Gudmundur Asgeirsson

Wayne Larabee Tom Looker Larry Martin Frank Sperandeo Barry West

South Korea Won bok Lee

Arizona Gilbert Alexander Clifford Beers James Berdick Otto Bischoff Gerald Breeyear Edward Daror Richard DeWitt Jeff Farrar Albert Gardner Robert Greco John Greissing Roger Heisdorffer Eldon Helmer Doug Henderson F. Gary Hertzler Jack Keegan Patrick Kelley Currie Lee Kelly McMullen Norman Radtke Wally Rennick Dean Rozeboom Leo Scherping Ronald Skites Ronald Smith Chris Smith Charles Stark Michael Still Tim Swires Charles Valade Marvin Vanderpool Richard Warren James Wethington Eric Witherspoon John Youkey

Sweden Staffan Ekstrom Nils Eyton United States - Alaska Clifford Belleau James Bielefeld Richard Crisenbery James Cunnington John Davis Larry DePute Alabama David Aldous E. Jackie Bailey Sam Buchanan John Burgin Jeff Dennis Eugene Equi David Forgac Gary Harbert Tommy Hope Daniel Horton James House III Carey Mills John Myers Mark Pickens Russell Sharp Jr John Shippey Arkansas Don Adamson Russ Amos Max Calkin William Canino Jimmy Cox Albert DeMarco Christopher Emerson Gary Green Sheril Helton Gary Hillis Charles Hooper Paul Jones David Kelm

California Irwin Abrams Christopher Anderson James Ayers Steve Barnes Dr. C. Owen Bateson Clinton Bazzill Robert Belter Miles Bostic Marc Bourget

Rod Bower David Bristol Jan Buttermore Milton Ciarlariello Kurt Colvin Harvey Costa Brian Dal Porto Martin Davidow David Dent Norman Douthit Charles Ducat Gregory Duda Arthur Froehlich Robert Gutteridge Russ Harmuth Brian Haynes Bob Hayos David Heal Kenneth Hetge Mathew Hlavac Wendell Hoatson Martin Hollmann Donald Holman Eugene Hubbard Steve Irving Gordon Jones William Judge Larry Keitel Charles Keyes Roland Koluvek Tom Kuklo Joseph Lacchia Fred LaForge Richard Lambert Rolland LaPelle Mike Laubach Scott Liefeld Bob Mackey Edward Martin Edward Martinson Ali Moghaddas Robert Mokry James Newman Wheeler North Peter Nuding Howard Owens Patrick Panzera David Prizio Don Prosser Alan Purdy Gary Questa Kevin Quirk Jerrold Rice

Thomas Rodgers Richard Rupe Fred Salvatori Rene Schoennauer Larry Severson John Shablow William Sherlock W. Robert Sinclair Jorgen Skovbjerg Owen Smith Gary Sobek Keith Spreuer Richard Stahlman Randy Stein Richard Stockton Stephen Stypinski Edwin Sullivan Anthony Terrigno Dennis Thomas Mark Thorne Bruce Timpe Rolf Unternaehrer Mark Vodon James Warmkessel Jim Weir Carl Weyl Jr Daniel Wojdac Marc Zeitlin Colorado David Biesemeier Fred Carter Dwight Chamberlain Patrick Claar James Fowler Bobby Green Delvin Gregg John Halvorson George Hanna William Hannahan Ross Hauck John Lingwall John Linz Lowell Manary Frank Meyer Brian North Kent Paser Arthur Schwarz Terry Sickler Richard Stout Jim Sutton Bill Truax Robert Trumpfheller

James Woolworth Connecticut Mark Cigal Charles Drake Larry Gagnon Joseph Gauthier David Jackson John Laroche David Pepe Gregory Prentiss Mark Scott Thomas Whelan Mike Zemsta Delaware George Garrison Daniel O’Donnell Florida Paul Adrien Victor Babyak Gunther Balz Michael Bauer Randy Berry Robert Berube Donald Black Michael Boswell Victor Boyce Morris Brown Stanley Buonagurio Kevin Campbell Andre Charvet George Chiodini Sherman Corning Odbert Cornwell James Daron Rodney Daulton Gino DiNucci Leonard Elmendorf Richard Epler Russell Faller Eddy Fernandez Robert Forrest Doug Francisco Joseph Friend Ron Galbraith Spencer Gould Louis Grabiec, Jr Thomas Hahn John Harlow Arnold Holmes Robert Jaeger

Sam James Gil Jones Thomas Julian Michael Kelly Landis Ketner Gerard Kral Brian Kraut Jay Kurtz Daniel Landry Donald LaPointe Barry Marz Charles Mason Phillip Mckenzie Laurel McKone Charles Mosely Elymus Nase Bijan Neshat William Pagan Aramis Penton John Pereira William Perry Richard Phillips Keith Phillips Harley Pickett James Pierce C J Pucciariello Edmond Richards Kurt Rommel Talmadge Scott Kevin Sisti Roger Spane Edwin Stewart Earle Swan Torello Tacchi Jeffrey Tennant Joseph Tierney Malcolm Warren Richard Weiss Wray Whiting William Williams G (Alan) Williams Duane Wright Michael Zidziunas Georgia Larry Bishop Kyle Boatright Russell Bone Judson Brandt Keith Bransky Gary Brossett Harold Coonley Vern Darley

Larry Dickinson Glynn Frets Marl Halbrook Lynn Hall Bobbie Hennings Henry Herring James Hoak Duane Huff G. Michael Huffman Matthew Lazar Bill Leftwich Richard Marr Robert Matteson James McGowin Oscar Moffitt Steve Newcomer Ryan Newcomer Francis O’Shea Wayne Owens Al Patton David Posey Swaid Rahn Danny Rexroad Jere Rosser Clyde Schnars Ross Scroggs Bret Smith Donald Smith Jr Rocker Staton Edward Strickland Vic Syracuse Charles Wilson Hawaii Michael Parks Iowa Roger Bocox Robert Clark Terry Crouch Benny Davis Robert Gunther Marvin Hoppenworth William Kyle D. Michael Lewis Tom Olson Rex Ott Lester Risius Stuart Seely James Smith Ronald White

Idaho John Bakken Stanley Harrison John Hill James Huber James Jackson Sr. James Otey Peter Stewart James Tibbets Paul Tremblay Thomas Willis Illinois David Allgood Todd Ashcraft James Auman L. Tom Baker Mark Bauer Jack Bennett Dion Carr Jeremy Cox Steve Dietz Gerald Erickson P.J. Friddell Cy Galley Greg Heckman Eugene Helmkamp H. Mike Hepperlen Lewis Ihnen John Johnson Paul Kirik Colin Koebel Jeffrey Kohlert Richard Kosi Terry Ladage F. Ted Lambasio Robert Lasecki Ron Liebmann Joseph Lienau Allan Lurie John Milliman Bernard Nitz John Nowicki John Nowicki Terrence O’Neill Doug Partl Michael Perkins Theodore Ralph Carl Ritter Gene Selchow Nicholas Selig Dale Severs Alan Shackleton

35 | EAA Annual Report

Italy Giovanni Martelli Franco Bucci Eugenio Lanza di Casalanza

36 | Thank You - Volunteers

Bill Shain Kurt Shipman Ole Sindberg Samuel Sisk Shannon Stewart Neil Swartzbaugh Gerald Thornhill Richard Tichy James Vieaux George Wilts Indiana Alan Boushea Kevin Bower Richard Cains Wallace Clingan Robert Davis Lowell Farrand Roy Farris Michael Finney Michael Foushee Vincent Frazier Richard Frisbie Glenn Gauger Mark Gilmore Keith Givens Troy Grover Bob Japundza Robert Kelly Robert Koehler Jeffrey Moore Michael Mossman Wayne Ray Gary Reynolds John Steere Marvin Stohler Charles Stottlemyer Joe Szewczyk Joel Walworth Larry Wheelock Michael Wonder James Wright Kansas Harry Bartel Robert Bowers Ray Doerr Kevin Drewelow Richard Friedman Douglas Haig Clifford Ives Edward Jones Ron Keplinger

Brandon Neff Kenneth Perkins Richard Roller Kenneth Smiley Marvin Story Matthew Wiechman Kentucky Samuel Chambers Dan Checkoway Rodney Douglas Ronald Hill Thomas Jean Randell Morris Ernest Patterson Gerhard Schubert James Sears Louisiana George Donaldson Ron Elliot Hugh Hunton Neil Sidders Forrest Wilson Massachusetts Richard Desmond Charles Diggins Thomas Hassie Michael Kuehlmuss Willard Thorn Maryland Charlie Becker Gerard Blake Paul Brunks Edward Johnson Doug Kelly Daniel McCaffery John McCarthy William Meserole John Raffensparger Roger Robinson Robert Scherer John Shepherd Jr. James Thomas Thomas Young Maine Barry Jameson Leo Leclair Bruce Patten Everett Perkins Edward Roy

Peter Tranchell Peter Webb Michigan Robert Aardema Walter Ballauer Ross Barnett Daniel Bauman John Beattie Bruce Beckert Jack Brewer Terry Brokaw Samuel Coates Jim Dehlin Steven Derr James Dobben P. Bayard duPont Robert Edelstein Carl Franz Darwin Gibbs Richard Gordon Steven Gunderson Joseph Haas Walter Hancook Michael Head Randall Hebron Nicholas Herman II Mert Hildebrant Robert Hunt Bill Landry Hank Markison Louis Nordell Joseph Phelan William Scott Jim Self Douglas Shoup Robert Smith Joseph Smokovitz Don Stewart Lance Talcott Roy Thelen Ted Travis Dennis Tyson Dan Valle Gary Van Farowe David VanDenburg Richard Von Berg Ron Walters Denis Weiss Mark Yankovich Minnesota Donald Berndt

Robert Busch Peter Denny Robert Eckstein Dean Griswold Michael Hilger George Jevnager Robert Johnson David Kragnes Duane Kruse John Lambing Gaylen Lerohl Timothy Mahoney Mark Manning Mark Marino Walter Mount Rodney Roy William Schanks Joel Seela Ami Sela Gary Specketer Clarence Sutton Gary Underland Lee Van Deusen Matthew Walcott Roger Westerberg Dan Wilson Missouri Clinton Allen Dr. Richard Andres Frank Baldwin Dale Baldwin Berlin Batesel Mark Burrow Gale Derosier Rob Exendine Timothy Finley Rick Galati Earl Lawrence James Lepinski Gary Liming James Miller Jim Pickett Robert Rockford Chris Santschi Charlie Wirt Richard Wright Mississippi Donald Henry Lawrence Jenkins Burl Nelson Eric Newton Julian Smith

Daniel Stewart Mickey Whittenburg

Michael Schulz Todd Stapf

Montana Noel Simmons Clayton Wilhelm William Witt Thomas Wrobel

New Hampshire Richard Blevens Robert DiMeo Archie Frangoudis Stephen Keen Eric Obssuth

North Carolina Kent Ashton Robert Cabaniss Lester Coonse Dale Ensing David Fortenbery Terrence Gardner Thomas Gregorski John Hardison Charles Harrison Pat Hayes William Johnson Espie Joyce Daniel McAlonan Dennis Millsap Ryan Montague Ronald Murray James Olson George Orndorff James Paine Jack Phillips Vernon Pitts Wesley Robinson Robert Scott Stan Shimkus Winston Smith Henry Spicer George Tamvakis Lisa Turner John Wigney North Dakota David Slaybaugh Richard Starke Andrew Tibert Nebraska Robert Bounds Erick Corbridge Larry Geiger Thomas Henry Michael Howard Charles Jensen Jerry May

New Jersey Joseph Flood David Harmon James Hodges Victor Holmlund Stuart Hyde Jesse Knight Dorrance Lance Ernest McOdrum Matthew Miller Robert Newman Donald Osmundson John Panchesine Alex Pucciariello Adam Silverstein New Mexico Jimmie Akins George Applebay Richard Finch Will Fox James Holder Donald Jackson William Madden Michael Marker Will Mathews David Otero James Ross John Schaefer Emilio Verastegui III Nevada Robert Doughty D. Marc Knight Douglas Martin Burl Nunnelee Jake Porta Tracy Rhodes Lowell Ridge Jack Roberts Ronald Sutton Sebastian Trost William Wallace

New York Daniel Baier Arthur Beyer Ralph Bowles Robert Brew Charles Burtch Tony Castellano George Charnitski Henry de la Rosa Jeff Dupier George Ezzo John Flanagan Richard France Arthur Goodemote Robert Grandinetti John Halunen Christopher Hansen David Jalanti Gregory Kesel William King Thomas Kravis Earl Luce Jr. James Martin Alan McKeen Ken Miller Bob Northrup Jeffrey Paris John Peck Jonathan Ross Larry Saupe Douglas Sterling Charles Tyler Martin VandeLinder William Volcko Steven Yuhasz Tom Zelie Ohio James Baldwin Forrest Barber Bradley Burdue Jay Cavender Floyd Chamberlain Gary Collins Tim Connor Robert Curtis John Dyke Walter Edling Len Elder Keith Embree Wayne Forshey Keith Frank Rod Funk

David Gallagher Donald Gray Richard Gray Gary Grimm Jeffrey Guy Louis Herman Roger Huff Pete Kodysh Kevin Landers Ronald Lutz Paul Lutz Shawn Magrini Todd Mather Rodney McFarland Richard Meske Roger Messenger Brian Meyer Brent Owens Raymond Parker W Erich Pfalzer David Ross Craig Schneider Terry Schubert John See James Strock Darrell Todd Craig Weaver Oklahoma Darrell Boucher Jr Gale Braden Ron Decker Merle Helt Monte Jestes Gary Manning Clay McGuire Stephen Muehlberg David Snell Richard Vichich Roger White Craig Wilcox Oregon Wally Anderson Henry Bartle Daniel Benua Joe Blank David Botens Gary Brown Mark Cattell Allan Cleveland John Cox Alan Daniels

Pennsylvania Raymond Bertles Donald Bierly James Cimino Warren Daugherty Jr Dennis Downes James Eaton Kerry Fritz Richard Hall Dan Hall Gary Hartle Gary Hile Richard Horigan James Housel Gary Jasper Craig Lawler Charles Lotz Frank Macy Andrew Maitland Eaman Millhouse Charles Potts David Rogers Herb Rose Judson Rupert Eugene Salvatore Paul Schmidt Arthur Schwedler Gary Slatt Ronald Steber Dean Truax

Bryson Wagner Robert Wetzel John Yanacek Tom Yeager Laslo Zamolyi, Jr. Ralph Zinkham Rhode Island Frank Nowak South Carolina Eric Barnhill P. Beck Eddie Booth Steve Corley Neil Deye William Fields Roy Harrill John Joye Roger Mann Benjamin Oliver Wayne Robinson Mark Spang James Wilson South Dakota David Cross Timothy Jones Ted Miller Allen Weis Tennessee Joe Brooks John DeYager Bob Dougherty Randy Hooper Richard Nadig Delton Perry Mark Phillips Gilbert Pierce Thomas Smith James Summers Brian Sutherland Larry Swor David Teter Texas Walter Aronow Mel Asberry Vance Atkinson Robert Barber Jimmy Bennett George Bourne

Fred Boyd Marvin Brott Will Chorley Don Christiansen William Collins William Doppelt Brian Douglas Paul Dye David Eby Carl Eldridge Thomas Ferraro Steven Formhals Danny Goggans Seth Hancock John Harlan Mark Haskin Robert Hasson Richard Hecker Lawrence Henney William Hesse William Hicks Michael Hoye Gary Hunter Richard Jankowski Merle Jenkins Mark Julicher Richard Keyt Douglas Knab Gary Krysztopik John Langston Richard Liles Lewis Mason Paul McReynolds Leonard Milholland Richard Moga Joseph Montamo Ken Morgan Darrell Morgan Ronald Morton Winfred Newsome Jim Odom Deene Ogden Chuck Olmsted Brent Onstott Scott Plischke True Putney Rick Raesz Norman Rathje James Redmon Robert Reece Ted Reed Darrell Reiley Denny Renwick

Kevin Ross Jeff Rowland Jose Ruiz Donald Schwanke George Scott Jr. Lorne Sharp Mike Singleton Brian Sorensen Robert Stark Michael Stephan Robert Sudderth H. Martin Sutter Edwin Torbett Robbie Vajdos Marco Van Den Bosch Jim Voss Joseph Ware Norris Warner Robert Whitlock Utah Corydon Bagley Michael Cosman Steve Eldredge Stephen Fabiszak Robert Johnson John Kerr Gordon Nichol Glen Olsen Todd Parker Rick Pewtress Myron Porter Allen Rydman Danny Sorensen Jonathan Tibbets Virginia Robert Barrows Jerry Bass Bobbi Boucher Robert Brooks Michael Davis Richard Halstead Ralph Hoover Richard Koehler Warwick Llewellyn Thurman Matthews Randy McCallister Robert Moreau Sydnor Newman Jr Russell Page Morris Pearson Jimmy Price

R. Lee Ragsdale Claude Rich George Smith Vermont Marvin Bishop John Butterfield George Coy Edward Laframboise William Morelli Donald Nowakowski Washington William Abel LeRoy Blum Jeff Bongard Edwin Carlson James Cone Charlie Cotton James Davison Gerald Dixon Pete Dougherty Marc Drake Douglas Drees Ted Goble Donald Hall Craig Hamm Michael Henderson Russell Johnson Walter Jordan Brian Lee Jonathan Lee Randy Lervold Daniel Masys Paul Messinger David Nason Johnny Odom Thomas Osmundson Robert Packett Robert Potter Mike Robertson Marvin Scott Richard Simpson Harold Smith Jerry Sorrell Wayne Stafford Brian Stubbs Virgil Thovson Ronald Vandervort Charlie Walker Wisconsin Douglas Apland Albert Barger

Allan Bernette Timm Bogenhagen Glenn Botsford Gary Buettner Paul Buss Tracy Buttles Richard Carter David Conrad Bonnie Eales Jensen Jason Edwards Lyle Forsgren Michael Gaffney Richard Glick Roberta Hegy John Hopkins Tim Hoversten Raleigh Illgen Chad Jensen Scott Jones Dale Jorgensen Douglas Karis Patrick Keesler Fred Keip Jason Kreidler Dave LeVoy Bennett Ludtke Paul McAllister Larry Melau Joseph Norris Randy Novak Eric Paradis Richard Pedersen Jeff Point William Rewey George Rotter Mark Schroeder Joe Schumacher Ronald Scott Tom Seversen Jerome Shepard Edward Simpson Ralph Skorupa Herbert Statz Joshua Svenningsen Peter Tallarita William Tromblay Ron Wagner Michael Weeden Joseph Weisbrod Alan White West Virginia Ernest Clay

William Pancake Charles Pickering Jack Raun Lawrence Stahl

Thomas Wathen Ron Tarrson William Bachschmidt

2011 EAA Legal Advisory Council Pete Axelrod James E. Cooling Alan Farkas Pat Floyd Ronnie Gibson John Harrington Paul Herbers Michael Pangia Pat Phillips Harry L. Riggs, Jr. Michael F. Van Hoomissen Arthur Wasserman John Yodice Kathy Yodice

EAA Board of Directors Louis J. Andrew Marc Ausman Richard W. Hansen Doug Bartlett Richard Beattie Richard W. Beebe II Barry Davis Norm DeWitt Eileen Drake Jack Dueck Susan Dusenbury Eric Gurley Richard W. Hansen Jack Harrington Rod Hightower Carla Larsh David Lau Daniel A. Majka Phil Martineau Jim Phillips Paul Poberezny Tom Poberezny Charles J. Precourt Alan J. Ritchie Geoff Robison Ray Scholler Dan Schwinn Alan Shackleton Rand Siegfried Rick Siegfried Don Taylor Fred Telling Kermit Weeks Rick Weiss

EAA President’s Council Stuart Auerbach Tracy Forrest Gregory Herrick Jon Jacobs Donald Jones James Mulva James Ray Hal Shevers Ward Timken

EAA Foundation Directors Stuart Auerbach Rod Hightower Jon Jacobs Tom Poberezny James Ray John Vette Thomas W. Wathen

Wyoming C. Brown H. Ronald Kempka Dave Shaw Raymond Snyder EAA Homebuilt Council Rick Weiss Joe Gauthier Fred Keip EAA AeroMedical Council Dr. Richard Garrison Dr. John D. (Jack) Hastings Dr. Stephen D. Leonard Dr. Charles Nicholson, Jr. Dr. John D. Owen Dr. Gregory A. Pinnell

37 | EAA Annual Report

Jerry Darrah Lawrence Davis Michael DeHate David Dunkelburg Gary Edwards Philip Groelz Ralph Hudson Gary Ludeke Butch Milani Brian Moentenich Ernest Moreno Thomas Phy Steven Porter Lynne Reinhart Randy Reinhofer Thomas Sampson Ken Schmitt Christopher Schulte Robert Severns Daniel Sprague Jake Thiessen Tom Turnbull

Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. and EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc. Consolidated Statement of Activities for the years ended


Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Febraury 29, 2012

Temporarily Restricted

Feb. 28, 2011

| Financial Statements

Revenues, gains and other support Admissions and registrations Membership dues and subscriptions Donations Investment income (loss) Merchandise sales Advertising Sponsorship Rental income Commissions and royalties Donated services Other Assets released from restriction


Permanently Restricted

9,362,658 5,770,872 1,437,057 3,384,605 569,534 418,951 (41,501) 2,791 2,215,018 2,505,610 2,576,064 4,171,897 1,246,472 1,713,208 724,760 3,336,170 (3,336,170)

9,362,658 9,162,102 5,770,872 5,731,046 5,391,196 5,100,662 380,241 3,760,503 2,215,018 2,176,172 2,505,610 2,133,547 2,576,064 2,345,017 4,171,897 3,926,381 1,246,472 1,188,426 1,713,208 640,997 724,760 688,552 – –

Total revenues, gains and other support



Expenses Program Expenses AirVenture Expenses Publishing and member services Management and general Cost of merchandise Sales Fund raising Other

7,915,339 9,356,411 7,029,548 7,301,372 1,851,925 1,879,682 1,152,409

7,915,339 7,605,384 9,356,411 8,979,117 7,029,548 7,230,149 7,301,372 6,236,245 1,851,925 1,853,725 1,879,682 2,155,320 1,152,409 307,360





Total Expenses




Change in net assets






Beginning of year






End of year






February 29, 2012 February 28, 2011 Assets Current assets 7,301,225 5,708,318 Pledges receivable less current portion 133,036 195,367 Investments 22,025,516 22,332,416 Property and equipment 62,002,538 61,281,498 Less accumulated depreciation (34,497,349) (32,198,910) Net property and equipment



Land Display aircraft Other assets

3,311,511 3,311,511 10,646,204 10,432,385 3,416,677 4,238,077

Total assets



Liabilities and net assets Current liabilities Gift annuity liability Deferred compensation Long-term debt Other long-term liabilities Unearned income less current portion

10,199,445 198,402 502,816 7,965,552 271,097 1,099,406

9,261,313 200,411 1,077,435 9,005,271 272,576 952,326

Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

39,068,046 40,075,995 2,229,500 2,222,566 12,805,094 12,232,769

54,102,640 54,531,330

Total liabilities and net assets



This report was compiled from the audit of Experiemental Aircraft Association and the EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc. recently completed by Grant Thornton LLP. Copies of the complete audit report, including footnotes, are available at

Operating Revenue (in millions) Member Dues............................................$5,610 AirVenture............................................... $13,067




Program Fees.............................................$3,158 Retail...........................................................$2,213 Other............................................................$3,624



Member Programs................................... $6,069


Donations................................................... $5,116 Advertising................................................ $2,506

Operating Expenses (in millions) 10%



AirVenture................................................. $8,995 Youth Initiatives........................................ $3,498



Print/Online Publications........................ $6,355


Retail...........................................................$2,470 Other........................................................... $4,049 Museum Operations................................$2,446



A special thanks to Van Lanen Inc. for donating their services in the production of the 2011 EAA Annual Report.

Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc.

3000 Poberezny Road, Oshkosh, WI 54902 | 920.426.4800 |

EAA Annual Report 2011  

For the fiscal year ending February 29, 2012

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