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Thursday, July 31, 2014




EAA thanks Audrey Pelton addresses membership By J. Mac McClellan

EAA Chairman Jack J. Pelton opened the annual meeting of the membership on Wednesday morning at Theater in the Woods by presenting the association’s two highest honors. The Chairman’s Award for service— formerly named the President’s Award— was presented to Earl Lawrence. Earl heads up the FAA Small Airplane Directorate and is a major force in helping to modify and streamline certification rules, particularly for installing CONT. P3

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The late Jim Moss’ Gee Bee Q.E.D. taxis into AirVenture Oshkosh.

One very big Gee Bee By Randy Dufault


nyone who has even a passing interest in aviation history can quickly recognize the iconic shape of a Granville Brothers Gee Bee raceplane. It appears to be a barrel wrapped tightly around a radial engine, with a small space reserved for the pilot. Massive, aerodynamic wheel fairings make the craft look like it’s going incredibly fast even while sitting on the ground.

Granville’s last effort, the R-6 Q.E.D., retained all of the famous shape, but boy did it grow. When compared to the diminutive R-1 and R-2 models, the R-6 is positively massive. While the R-6 is a raceplane, its intended mission was completely different than the closed-course pylon races the earlier designs addressed. Instead it was to be a distance racer, and the larger size was required simply to carry fuel.

The brothers only built one example of the R-6. It survived and is in a Mexican museum. Jim Moss, builder of a flying Laird Super Solution biplane racer replica, was looking for another project. The R-6 was suggested. Moss liked the idea, and work began some 10 years ago. The result of his, and his team’s, effort is on display outside the VAA Red Barn here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. CONT. P8




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safety devices such as angle of attack indicators. Earl had been a member of the EAA staff for several years before going to the FAA post in Kansas City. The Freedom of Flight Award, created in 1986, is EAA’s highest honor and is presented for a lifetime of service to aviation. Steve Wittman was the first recipient. In presenting the award Chairman Pelton said there is nobody more deserving and who has done more over a lifetime to support EAA and personal aviation than Audrey Poberezny. Audrey declined to go to the microphone but whispered to Jack on stage that she’s “not the speaker in the family. And I love you all very much.” It was a moving moment for everyone. In his chairman’s report, Pelton had a long list of good news. Membership is growing, more than 1,000 new lifetime members joined in the past year and the crucial EAA volunteer core actually increased in number by several hundred.

He noted that EAA’s annual convention and fly-in is off to a great start. The One Week Wonder project to build an airplane during AirVenture is a roaring success, new workshops have been built, EAA is in the second year of a successful program to offer a greater variety of food choices, more water fountains have been installed, more trams are running, the homebuilt aircraft area has been expanded, and a list of other improvements were made on-site. Jack also said EAA is emphasizing chapters and their importance this year. One part of that effort is a new plan to help chapters form a companion flying club if they wish. And Jack promised that EAA will continue its strong advocacy efforts, particularly on the issue of third-class medical reform. He said EAA will not relent and if the FAA does not offer a solution we will pursue the legislative route with support from Congress. EAA Treasurer Stuart Auerbach reported that the audited financial state-



ment for the past year was very positive. Membership grew to 189,000, total income set a record, the value of net assets grew by 10 percent overall, expenses were up only two percent and spending was down on general and administrative costs. There were more than 28,400 members voting either in person or by proxy.

Pelton summed up the past year’s results by saying, “EAA is strong and continues to represent all of those involved in GA and recreational aviation.” Directors elected to three-year terms on the board were Marc Ausman, Richard Beattie, Richard Beebe, Mike Goulian, Keith Kocourek, Dan Majka, and Charlie Precourt.

EAA, Sennheiser launch Eagle Flights Mentor Handbook


AA and Sennheiser this week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 launched a new Mentor Handbook in support of the association’s 2-year-old Eagle Flights program, which is designed to welcome and encourage adults who want to discover flying. PHOTO BY MARIANO ROSALES

The Mentor Handbook is an essential element in the Eagle Flights program, which provides one-to-one experiences and follow-up for those who want to learn to fly. EAA members and chapters provide the initial flight experiences and continuing support as individuals begin to engage in aviation.

It’s being made possible by continuing support from Sennheiser, which provides financial resources as well as dedicated outreach assistance to EAA. The commitment complements Sennheiser’s Live Your Dream program first introduced in 2011, which is designed to motivate and assist people with a passion for flying by helping to remove obstacles and allowing them to take a first step on a journey toward becoming a pilot. “There are many EAA members and other pilots who are dedicated to bring-

ing more people into aviation, but don’t feel they individually have the knowhow to supply regular support and motivation to those who are just beginning pursuit of their aviation dreams,” said Bret Steffen, EAA director of education. “This Mentor Handbook can help those experienced aviators turn their knowledge into the wisdom that will help those new in the aviation community.” Pick up a Mentor Handbook this week at the Pathways Pavilion on EAA Square.


The official daily newspaper of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh • Vol. 15, No. 5 PUBLISHER: Jack J. Pelton, EAA Chairman of the Board EDITOR IN CHIEF: J. Mac McClellan EDITOR: Ric Reynolds MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside PHOTO EDITOR: Chloe Amato EDITORIAL STAFF: Marino Boric, Antonio Davis, Randy Dufault, Jack Hodgson, Frederick A. Johnsen, Barbara Schmitz, James Wynbrandt COPY EDITORS: Katherine Pecora, Colleen Walsh

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mariano Rosales, Phil Weston DESIGN: Jenny Hussin, Chris Livieri ADVERTISING: Sue Anderson, Larry Phillip AirVenture Today is published during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014, July 27-August 3, 2014. It is distributed free on the convention grounds as well as other locations in Oshkosh and surrounding communities. Stories and photos are Copyrighted 2014 by AirVenture Today and EAA. Reproduction by any means is prohibited without written consent.



A dynamic duo: Father/son share passion for STOL By Barbara A. Schmitz


eing able to take off and land where others wouldn’t dare has some benefits for the father and son duo of Bob and Bobby Breeden. Besides allowing them to capture the 1-2 spots in the Bush Class at the 2014 Valdez Fly-in and Air Show STOL (short takeoff and landing) competition in Alaska, they’ve also been able to land in remote places that few others get to see. “For us, it’s a huge rush to land on new and different mountains, and to know that we have a capability to go places where no one else is going,” Bob says. “The rush is to mastermind how to safely and sweetly land in these tight places.” Largely self-taught, Bob said it has taken him decades to perfect short takeoffs and landings. But Bobby, now 20, has had the advantage of having a flight instructor, his dad, being there 24/7, as well as other pilots. Bobby started flying at 14, soloed “when he was ready” and earned his

private pilot certificate at 18. Four days later he won his first Valdez competition; he’s now won the competition three years straight. In high school, Bobby says he gave up sports so he could spend more time flying. He recalls taking off and landing, time after time. “I used to do 60 or more (STOLs) an hour when I practiced,” he says. “I’d do the pattern at 100 feet, and come around and do it again and again. I’d just keep going.” In fact, Bobby says he has done more landings in 100 hours than the average airline captain does in 10,000 hours. A junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying unmanned aerial systems, Bobby spends his summers in Alaska and the rest of the year near Daytona Beach. But come spring break, he heads to Alaska to fly to remote places or to downhill ski from mountaintops accessible only by plane.

This is Bobby’s first visit to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, where both he and his father are participating in the STOL demonstrations. The two fly a1977 Super Cub that Bob purchased in 1994, just three months after Bobby’s birth. “I bought it in Canada, so I had to re-register it in the U.S. to get a N number,” Bob recalls. Since Bobby was his first son, he chose his birthday and their initials to come up with the aircraft’s registration, N329RB. Bobby says he is excited to fly at Oshkosh and demonstrate a type of flying that many are unfamiliar with. But

it’s the universal spirit of Oshkosh that most captivates him. “It’s the love and passion of all these people for aviation,” he says. “It’s the people that make AirVenture so great.” DEMONSTRATION SET FOR FRIDAY STOL pilots will perform flight demonstrations off the grass strip in the Ultralights area this week. They are scheduled to fly from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday.


Bobby and Bob Breeden share a love of flying STOL, and are participating in this week’s demonstrations at AirVenture.

Bob and Bobby Breeden love to explore parts of Alaska only accessible by plane when not competing in the Valdez STOL competition. (Submitted photo)


787-9 Dreamliner







Megan Barker works on an illustration of the Flabob Express, a DC-3 on Boeing Plaza. PHOTO BY PHIL WESTON

Pilot Nathan Dieinger flies the hot air balloon Eric the Red in the balloon area near the Ultralight area.


Kevin and Cindi Conner wipe off the morning due on their Hatz Biplane.

Dan Dudley wipes off the morning dew on his Glasair Sportsman near the new crowd line for the Thunderbirds performances.


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GEE BEE CONT. FROM P1 Unfortunately Moss never saw the airplane fly. He passed away just as taxi testing got underway. As it is with most replica aircraft, this R-6 varies somewhat from the original. In the interest of safety the cockpit contains modern amenities.

Likewise, modern wheels and brakes are substantially improved from the 1930 versions. However, a key modification for Moss was the engine. The original plane was equipped with a 675-hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. Moss’ replica is sporting a P&W R-1820 capable of producing 1,420 hp. “[One of Jim’s] mantras was that you could never have enough power,” said Rich Alldredge, one of the craft’s two pilots who flew the R-6 here. “I would have to say to him that yes, you can. “I say to people now that I learned in the past about things like unusable oil and unusable fuel. I never in my life thought that I would find something that had unusable power. But I’ve found it.” Since only one example of the type was ever built, and certification regulations at the time required little or no testing, minimal data exists about the design’s performance capabilities and limits. “You don’t flutter test a piece of history,” Alldredge said. “We have not pushed it. If you look at the horsepower difference between the original and this, it could probably do in the high 300 [mph speeds].”

Alldredge did say they have flown it as fast as 190 knots, and it handles much the same as it does at 120 knots. But flight testing is complete, and there are no plans to go beyond what has already been demonstrated.

With Moss’ passing, the future of the plane is not completely certain. Alldredge believes the family’s intent is to find a museum that will keep it flying, and added, “It’s an honor, a real honor, to be able fly it.”

One year on, OpenAirplane hits its stride By James Wynbrandt


penAirplane, the online aircraft rental platform launched just before EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013, has achieved substantial growth in all facets of its program in the year since, co-founder Rod Rakic told AirVenture Today at this year’s fly in. “When we came to Oshkosh [in 2013], it was an experiment, and now we feel like we’re set to make a difference,” Rakic said. “We’re adding about one new [aircraft rental] location per week, so now we’re all across the Continental U.S. as well as in Alaska and Hawaii, and we’re still focused on growing that number.” OpenAirplane now has 64 rental locations with more than 230 aircraft available for rent, ranging from LSAs to high-performance singles and light twin-engine aircraft. More than 7,700

pilots are now registered and “flight hours flown is now growing 20 percent, month over month,” Rakic said. Flying clubs also are joining the network, with Pacific Coast Flyers in San Diego and the Aspen Flying Club in Denver now on the roster. OpenAirplane has developed a standardized flight checkout recognized by all participating FBOs and aviation insurance companies, enabling a pilot who gets a checkout at one location to rent an airplane at any other location without an additional flight check. Standardized checkouts for mountain flying and multiengine aircraft have been added, “and we’re working on taildraggers and rotorcraft [checkouts],” he said. OpenAirplane members can access information about available aircraft, location-specific operational details, and

make reservations via the Web, and no app is needed. Here at AirVenture, OpenAirplane is launching a referral program that will provide a $25 flight-time credit for each of up to five pilots a member refers, should those pilots subsequently rent an aircraft through OpenAirplane. Meanwhile, a program announced here last year, in which Sennheiser will supply Noise Guard headsets to OpenAirplane customers at specific locations, is now active at six network FBOs, and Rakic says more value-added benefits are on the way. “For brands, it’s a way to get your product used, not just talked about, and

for pilots it’s one less thing to bring, or provides access to things you wouldn’t have otherwise,” he said. At Sun ’n Fun this year, OpenAirplane introduced a Collaborative Aircraft Rental program, wherein aircraft owners can make their airplanes available for rent. More than 200 owners have expressed interest in listing their aircraft. An initial stumbling block, the increased cost of insurance for aircraft used for hire or training, is now being addressed. “Our mission is to get pilots off the couch and into the cockpit,” said Rakic, “and our enemy is parked airplanes.”





Inaugural Redbird Flying Challenge Cup crowns first three winners By Antonio Davis


he Redbird Flight Simulations Flying Challenge Cup was successfully completed Wednesday, July 30, at the Main Stage on Boeing Plaza. The three competitors claiming victory were student pilot Kevin Sandoval of Charleston, South Carolina, aviation enthusiast Matt Smith of Sand Lake, Michigan, and pilot Patrick Webb of Erie, Colorado. Hal Bryan, EAA’s online communication manager and one of the hosts of the challenge, said he expected a tough competition. “These 12 finalists came from all over the country, some from even the rest of the world, and they all have been practicing,” Bryan said. “The scores for the most part were very, very close.” To win their individual categories, Sandoval scored 9,645 points, Smith

scored 9,452 points, and Webb totaled the most points of the virtual air show competition with a score of 9,660. As the winners, each of them earned a Redbird’s Flying Challenge Cup trophy, a Lightspeed Zulu PFX headset, and a flight with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team. However, the 12 finalists all received a Garmin D2 watch and a plaque for making it to the Main Stage. Webb said he enjoyed being at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 for the competition. “There were a lot of tough competitors,” Webb said. “I am excited to fly with AeroShell.” Redbird plans to return to the Main Stage for next year’s AirVenture, and competition is scheduled to begin in April.


Jeff Van West of Redbird shows student pilot Kevin Sandoval his score after he completed his flight challenge.


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Dennis Carley flies the factory built Aerolite 103 in the ultralight pattern. PHOTO BY MARIANO ROSALES


EAA Aircraft judges take a close inspection of an aircraft in the “South 40” parking area.

Rush hour departures at the ultralight runway.





Hops for heroes: World War II vets get P-51 rides By Frederick A. Johnsen


arold Kronenberg came from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on a mission: to fly in the jump seat of a P-51 Mustang at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. Kronenberg, who turns 90 soon, first learned of the P-51 about the time he was finishing his tour of duty as a B-17 ball turret gunner the day before D-Day, on June 5, 1944. His special AirVenture flight was made possible by Cowden Ward, who is on a mission to give as many free Mustang rides as he can to World War II veterans. “It’s one of the most gratifying things I’ve done,” Ward says. He started giving the rides last year, and tallies more than 65 veterans he has flown so far. For every five veterans carried, Ward’s Mustang, nicknamed Pecos Bill, is emblazoned with a “V” symbol. After a busy AirVenture, Ward says, “We hope to put about three more Vs on it.” Ward’s effort to honor World War II veterans complements the work he does with the non-profit Freedom Flyers group in Burnet, Texas, that hosts programs to get kids involved in aviation. Ward regrets that limited funds make it impossible to give rides to any vet from any era. “We can’t do enough for them,” he says. Ward has been known to pick up the tab for military members he sees in restaurants.

Veteran Harold Kronenberg saw the world from the ball turret of a B-17, based first in North Africa, then Italy, and finally England. He recalls the sighting mechanism in the ball, where a foot pedal moved vertical marks in the gunsight to frame the wingspan of an attacking fighter. He raises both hands, index fingers parallel, as he explains: “You framed the plane coming in.” This provided rudimentary ranging information. Kronenberg says his wartime weight of 160 pounds was about the maximum for the small, spherical belly turret. To be a ball turret gunner, “you’ve got to be small; free of claustrophobia,” he says with a chuckle. Among credits Kronenberg shares is a Presidential Unit Citation for bombing the French fleet at Toulon and Marseille. “We were afraid the Germans would get them,” he says, and the bombing was intended to remove these usable war prizes from possible German service. While stationed in Italy, he could hear heavy artillery bombardments 30 miles from his base—a compelling reminder of the hazards ground-based troops faced. Returning from his last combat mission on June 5, 1944, Kronenberg surveyed the vast Allied naval armada arrayed for D-Day. Civilian life saw Kronenberg go to college in Eau Claire. He played base-

ball and was drafted to play for teams in places like Allentown, awaiting the call to the major leagues, but it never came. Undaunted, Kronenberg came home to


World War II veteran Harold Kronenberg rode the jump seat behind pilot Cowden Ward for a flight in Ward’s World War II P-51 Mustang fighter at EAA AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh on July 29. Ward offers World War II veterans free flights in the Mustang as an acknowledgment for their service.

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Wisconsin where he served as a teacher and coach. He still coaches people in golf, when he’s not adding to his wartime memoirs.


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Nonstop halfway across the country? Why not? By Randy Dufault


ots of interesting ideas get tossed around at any weekend hangar flying session. Some are good ideas, and most certainly, some are ridiculous. So an idea that came up just a few weeks ago might have easily been tossed into the ridiculous pile, except that it came up at one of the key centers of experimental aviation, Mojave, California. “The joke has always been that there is nothing to do in Mojave,” said Zack Reeder, current pilot and caretaker of Burt Rutan’s Catbird. “So everyone builds airplanes to go somewhere else.” And Mo’Venture was born. The plan? Seven amateur-built experimental airplanes from Mojave would travel from the Southern California desert to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 as a group, and more importantly, nonstop. “It [started out as] a joke,” Reeder said, “but everyone kind’ve stopped laughing since nobody could come up with a reason why we shouldn’t do it. “It was mostly an excuse for guys in our group that had talked about making their airplanes go real far actually buckle down and do it.” The first planes departed Mojave shortly after 4:00 a.m. Pacific time and arrived here at AirVenture as part of Monday’s air show. Despite holding for more than 30 minutes waiting for their slot in the show, all of the planes landed with great-

er-than-expected fuel reserves. An issue with the indicator on one plane was the only mechanical anomaly. The flight departed in two groups to account for speed differences. A slower group planned to be in the air about nine hours and the faster group eight hours. A planned 45-minute buffer in the schedule to allow for everyone to rendezvous before the arrival turned out to be unnecessary as everyone arrived at the gathering point within 15 minutes of each other. Reeder was amazed at the quick gathering since spotty weather along the route had all the planes taking different routes and altitudes to get there. All the planes had in-cockpit ADS-B weather, and Spot Tracker lent devices to each of the seven. A Web page allowed those who knew of the flight to follow the progress for all the airplanes in real time. Spot also provided a satellite phone that kept the group in continuous contact with folks here on the AirVenture grounds. The seven planes included the Catbird, a Lancair Legacy piloted by Brandon Cangiano, a Glasair II piloted by Doug Dodson, the TangoTimeMachine piloted by Justin Gillen, the Wasabi Special Formula One racer piloted by Elliot Seguin, a Long-EZ piloted by Ben Harvey, and Dick Rutan’s Long-EZ Ol’Blue, piloted by Dustin Riggs. All seven of the planes can be seen on the Southwest corner of Boeing Plaza.




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Thumbs up: Nolan hitchhikes via planes By Barbara A. Schmitz


mber Nolan has taken her love of writing and adventure to new heights. Literally. The Florida native is “planehiking” across the United States thanks mainly to the generosity of recreational pilots. A travel writer and wanna-be pilot, Nolan began her adventure in July 2012. Since then she has visited 45 states and flown in experimental aircraft, certificated aircraft and even the B-17 Memphis Belle, which remains her favorite airplane to date. As a writer, Nolan said she enjoyed traveling all over the world. But she soon realized there was much she had not seen in the U.S. After talking to a friend who said pilots are usually willing to give rides, she came up with the idea to hitchhike across the nation by private plane. Shortly after, she put her belongings in storage and took off.

“It’s a neat way to see the country and get the word out about general aviation,” she said. “Most people only hear about general aviation when there is a plane crash, so I wanted to spread news about the fun side of flying…” Nolan blogs about her adventures on her website,, and she plans to write a book after stopping in all 50 states, a goal she hopes to reach by the end of the year. She’s slept in airports, campgrounds, and on the couches of people she’s met along the way. Occasionally, she’ll pay for a hotel when she really needs a break. Nolan says she keeps a logbook of her adventures, and has received between 8090 different flights from about 70 different pilots. She’s even logged six hours of flight time since some of the pilots have been CFIs. When Nolan finishes her adventure, she plans to pursue her pilot certificate. “I have a rule that I have to leave the airport or I don’t count the state,” she says.

Nolan always will stay at least one night she has run on the tarmac and chased in each place, but she has stayed up to a people down, asking where they were gocouple months at times when she’s needed ing and if she could climb aboard. money and had to find a job for a while. “I hope my travels will get people to “I’m on the Ramen noodle budget,” explore more, instead of just going home she says, laughing. To make money, she’s and watching TV,” she says. “There is so washed yachts, waitressed and worked as much to see…” a housekeeper. She has five states PHOTO BY BARBARA A. SCHMITZ left to visit—Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Oklahoma and Utah—and she is hoping to get a ride to Alaska from AirVenture, or at least in that direction. (To contact her, email her at jethiking g y psy@ Nolan has gotten rides thanks to social Amber Nolan has “planehiked” to 45 states, thanks mainly to the media and basic per- generosity of general aviation pilots. This is her third trip to EAA Airsistence. She admits Venture Oshkosh, and she is now looking to hitch a flight to Alaska.


Photo: Chris Rose


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Bob Hoover documentary preview screening at AirVenture warmly received By Frederick A. Johnsen


ob Hoover’s decades of fantastic flying form the framework for a new full-length documentary film in which Hoover’s likable personality is the star. Tuesday’s invitation-only screening of Flying the Feathered Edge at the EAA AirVenture Museum was attended by Hoover, who received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 100. The film is the creation of Kim Furst, an award-winning documentary producer who interviewed many friends of Hoover and combed public and private archival sources. The result tells Hoover’s story from his first fly-

ing lessons before World War II to his combat and postwar careers as a test pilot and air show legend. Cameo interviews and observations from well-known fliers including Sean D. Tucker, Clay Lacy, and Harrison Ford lend a relaxed sense of gravitas to the film. Flying the Feathered Edge will appear in a number of film festivals this year, Kim says, and future general release is still in discussion. Judging from the warm and rapt attention the audience gave the film, its pending public availability will be eagerly awaited as word spreads that Bob Hoover is being honored in this way.

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FAA Administrator Huerta at AirVenture: Will he or won’t he announce reform of third-class medicals? By Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside


t’s been 10 years since the FAA put into place its sport pilot regulation, a key feature of which allows pilots to operate specific aircraft without carrying a medical certificate. Instead, only a state-issued driver’s license is necessary to show that one is medically fit to fly a lightsport aircraft. Years of experience with that regulation demonstrates that subjecting pilots of smaller, lighter aircraft to the agency’s medical certification requirements is burdensome and doesn’t enhance safety. So, why is a medical certificate still required? That’s the idea behind an effort EAA mounted in early 2012 in partnership with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). The two

organizations submitted a joint petition to the FAA, seeking relief from the medical certificate requirements for those pilots of a single-engine aircraft with 180 hp or less, four seats or fewer, and fixed gear, with operations limited to non-commercial flights in day VFR conditions with no more than one passenger. The FAA received some 16,000 public comments to that petition, the vast majority of which were overwhelmingly positive. The agency’s response? Crickets: The agency so far has failed to act on the petition. But thanks to ongoing efforts by EAA and AOPA, plus a handful of senators and House representatives, among many others, the FAA in April said it would initiate a rulemaking project in response.

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That reluctant, late and non-specific response from the FAA likely wouldn’t have happened without U.S. Reps. Todd Rokita (R-Indiana) and Sam Graves (R-Missouri), plus a host of co-sponsors, who introduced H.R. 3708, the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. That bill now has a U.S. Senate companion, S. 2103, introduced by Sens. John Boozman (R-Arkansas), Jerry Moran (R-Kansas), and Pat Roberts (R-Kansas). The two measures are basically identical, and would eliminate thirdclass medical requirements to allow pilots of aircraft with six or fewer seats weighing 6,000 pounds or less, and who operate VFR only at or below 14,000 feet MSL, to use their state-issued driver’s license as proof of medi-

FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta will attend AirVenture Thursday.

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cal certification. In other words, the bills would expand to pilots of many other personal airplanes the same medical certification standard—a driver’s license—applying to pilots operating a light-sport aircraft. Carrot, meet stick. But what form will the FAA’s “rulemaking project” take, and when will it be in place? Answers may come today,

when FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta visits EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. Among other items on his schedule, he will participate in the traditional “Meet the Administrator” forum. That will be held in Honda Aircraft Forum Pavilion 7, beginning at 11:30 a.m. All AirVenture attendees with an interest in this and other FAA-related topics are urged to attend.

Speculation that Huerta will have an announcement regarding the EAA/AOPA petitions or a rulemaking to deregulate third-class medical requirements has been growing throughout this week. But unless that announcement lays out a defined road map toward quick relief from existing FAA regulations, it’s likely ongoing industry efforts supporting the


General Aviation Pilot Protection Act will continue. “EAA’s decades-long efforts on this issue, on its own and in association with organizations such as AOPA, are beginning to pay off,” EAA Chairman of the Board Jack J. Pelton said earlier this year in response to the FAA’s “rulemaking project” announcement. “EAA will support this rulemaking initiative as well as legislative solutions to expand the freedom of flight for our members and all aviators,” he added. “We are eager to see what the FAA’s proposed rulemaking offers the GA community,” Sean Elliott, EAA vice president of advocacy and safety, also commented in April. “That said, we are leaving open all options for bringing needed reform to aeromedical certification, and we will diligently pursue all possible avenues for change until we have an acceptable end result.” Reminder: Be sure to attend this year’s “Meet the Administrator” session, beginning at 11:30 a.m. today, in Forums Building 7, to hear the FAA’s possible announcement.









Hartzell Engine Technologies invests in quality By J. Mac McClellan


An electric guitar honoring the 35th anniversary of X/C oil

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A WingPoints® Card loaded with 85,000 points! Young Eagles Pilots who complete our survey can win a ride with the amazing Aerostars acrobatic demo team!

Come by for free popsicles Monday through Saturday at 1 p.m.* *While supplies last. WingPoints® Rewards Program is administered by Kickback Rewards Systems on behalf of Phillips 66 Company. Phillips 66, Phillips 66 Wings Logo, The Most Trusted Wings in Aviation, WingPoints and Rewards with Altitude are trademarks of Phillips 66 Company or one of its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Phillips 66 Company. All rights reserved.


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ver the past couple of years, new designs also are demonstrating imHartzell Engine Technologies proved durability. has invested more than $4 mil- Hartzell’s greatest challenge after it lion in new equipment to improve the purchased Kelly Aerospace was to requality of the turbochargers, alterna- solve quality issues that had plagued tors, starters, heaters, and other acces- the business for many years. The $4 sories it manufactures. million investment in new manu Hartzell Engine Technologies was facturing equipment allows Hartzell formed about four years ago when parent to machine components to exactcompany Hartzell Propeller purchased ing specifications. More importantly, Kelly Aerospace. Over the years, Kelly a great deal of the money was spent had acquired some of the more famous on advanced test equipment so that brands in aircraft and engine accessories, each component is inspected to very including Garrett turbochargers, Janitrol tight tolerances. heaters, Prestolite starters and alternators, For example, Hartzell now has a maand others. chine that can automatically balance a tur Hartzell soon realized the prod- bocharger rotor spinning at its operating uct line was too diverse, so it stream- speed in excess of 100,000 rpm. You can lined to produce only turbochargers, imagine how critical precision balancing is cabin heaters, starters, alternators, and under those operating conditions. fuel pumps. Another major improvement is in the Hartzell announced this week at EAA Janitrol fuel-fired cabin heater line: A new AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 it has added Inconel alloy combustion tube can withto its core product line with the acquisi- stand the operating temperatures with tion of the Plane-Power line of alterna- no ceramic coating. The new combustion tors. Hartzell will retain the Plane-Power tube eliminates an FAA airworthiness dibrand name but eventually will integrate rective requiring repetitive inspection of production of the line of alternators into the heater. its existing Alabama facility. Coming soon is a new gear-driven al Plane-Power alternators are compact ternator for the popular Continental enand lightweight. They are popular with gine series used by Cirrus, Beech, Cesshomebuilders and among owners of older na, and others. The new alternator will airplanes converting from a generator to be substantially lighter and smaller, but an alternator. promises a longer working life. Hartzell’s Plane-Power acquisition does Hartzell’s exhibit is on Celebration not include the Sky-Tec lightweight engine Way just west of Boeing Plaza here at starter business, which will continue to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. operator under its present ownership. Late last year, Hartzell also bought the Jasco line of compact alternators, plus Lamar Technologies’ lightweightstarter business. Hartzell also has developed several new alternator models that are smaller in size and PHOTO BY HARTZELL lighter in weight than the units Hartzell’s alternator stator test stand is an example of the precise they replace. The manufacturing process for all Hartzell products.



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File your flight plan, check the weather, or just stop and experience the Signature Flight Support level of service. All attendees are welcome. Located on the south end of the federal Pavilion. > Daily morning weather briefing < > Flight planning including iPads with ForeFlight installed < > Weather provided by DTC DUAT < > World-class flight support by Signature Flight Support <

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GO EMBRY-RIDDLE GO ANYWHERE Six Embry-Riddle grads have become NASA astronauts. Seven more are members of the USAF Thunderbirds. Over 20,000 others fly for the airlnes. In all, nearly 120,000 of our alumni have gone on to exceptional careers in aerospace. What does that tell you about how far a degree from Embry-Riddle can take you? Find out where else you can go at


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ign up for the 10th annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Runway 5K Run/Walk, set for Saturday, August 2, during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. You can sign up at the EAA Welcome Center. Proceeds this year go to the Oshkosh-based Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services Inc. Over the past decade, more than 5,000 people have participated in the Runway 5K. In 2013, a record $12,000 was raised for charities dedicated to improving life in the Oshkosh area. “The Runway 5K is not only a lot of fun during AirVenture, it shows our

visitors how EAA is part of the Oshkosh community throughout the year,” said Kelly Zanders, EAA housing and event coordinator. Participants receive a daily admission ticket to EAA AirVenture for Saturday, including the night air show, post-race food, and a custom Runway 5K T-shirt. The start-finish line is in the Ultralights area. Start time is 7 a.m. on Saturday. Sign up at, or Monday through Friday this week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the EAA Welcome Center.

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387-392 THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014

EAA/DAHER-SOCATA "Young Eagles" Internship Program

8th year

The 2014 EAA/DAHER-SOCATA international interns : Grace Huseth & Mike Keck Like EAA, we rely on new talents to develop our activities. This is why we launched in 2007 the EAA/DAHER-SOCATA International Internship Program: a six-week internship at DAHER-SOCATA factory in France for two young EAA members selected jointly by EAA & DAHER-SOCATA. To date 16 students benefitted from this exceptional internship and most of them are working today in the aviation industry. To continue this success story, we proudly support the “Gathering of Eagles” Gala dinner aimed at inspiring the next generation.




Continental unveils V-6 diesel, rebrands engine lineup

By Marino Boric



ontinental Motors debuted the CD-300, its new V-6 diesel engine, at AirVenture this week. The CD-300 was flown for the first time in July at Continental’s German development center in Altenburg onboard a Cirrus airframe. The company’s flying test-bed exhibited rates of climb and cruise performance that exceeded engineer’s expectations. The CD-300 series engine has a 3-liter displacement and generates up to 310 hp (228 kW) at 2,300 rpm for low operating noise. Continental equips all of its CD range engines with single level control and an electronic engine management system. The CD-300 features common rail technology, direct injection, turbocharging, liquid cooling, and an advanced reduction gear system. Just like the smaller CD-100 engine, the CD-300 is based on a proven automotive-based core adapted for aviation use. Continental has started the type certification process for this, its sixth jet fuel aircraft engine for GA aircraft. The type certification will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) followed by FAA and CAAC validation. The engine is expected to be certified in 2016 according to Continental. Continental Motors Group (CMG) is moving forward with rebranding efforts. The diesel engines known and sold under the brand name Centurion will be re-named to Continental Diesel abbreviated as CD. For example, the former Centurion 2.0s is now called CD-155. The diesel products are now listed as: CD-100 series, formerly the Centurion 2.0/2.0s, 4-cylinder inline engines, 135 and 155 hp CD-200 series, formerly the Continental TD-300 engines with 230 and 245 hp CD-300 series, the new V-6 diesel rated at 310 hp More than 4,000 Centurion-brand diesel engines have been delivered, powering some 2,600 aircraft. For more information visit Continental Motors, Inc. at AirVenture grounds booths 229-234 in the Main Aircraft Display.




BOOTH #3131


Continental’s new CD-300 engine debuts in Oshkosh.


Visit us at Booth #469 AirVenture 2014 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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WomenVenture 2014

Photos by Phil Weston and Melody Wollangk

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Around the Field Two EAA old-timers in Vintage. By Jack Hodgson

Ross Warner flies his lovely brown and white 1966 Aero Commander 200 out of Southwest Michigan Regional Airport (BEH) in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We found him in the Vintage area, wiping off the morning dew from the plane with a big cloth. Ross has been attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh since 2000, and he made the trip this year on Tuesday, the week before the show opened. He’s one of those brave souls who make the trip by flying across Lake Michigan.


Ross Warner and his 1966 Aero Commander 200.

Features: inReach SE and inReach Explorer

“You know I do, but I go up to 10 or 12 thousand feet, and I fly victor 55 which is between Ludington and Green Bay. It’s 43 nautical miles across, so I’m pretty safe. There’s only about a minute or two where I might get wet.” Ross feels that AirVenture this year so far is the best in the last four.

“I think we’ve gotten more airplanes. People have finally gotten over the fact that fuel costs a lot, they’re realizing I’m still gonna fly, so at least I’m gonna come to AirVenture.” Ross is a member of EAA Chapter 585 in Watervliet, Michigan. He says it’s mostly a social chapter but has a lot of good members. Ross’ Aero Commander 200 is one of a total of 132 built. “So it’s kind of a rare airplane. It’s unique. Al Meyers, who designed it, wanted to go fast so it’s a fast airplane.” But it’s not the speed that attracts Ross. “I like unique. It’s a really classic old airplane.” Ross is an airline pilot with a fascinating resume. He started with North Central Airlines many years back, and hung-in through multiple mergers, ultimately flying for Delta Air Lines. “After 35 years, I’m actually flying the 747400. But I started on the Convair 580, so it’s been quite a career. Exciting.” For Ross, like so many, AirVenture is a family affair. “One of the reasons I like coming here is I get to hang with my son and his buddies.” Ross’ son now lives in the MinneapolisSt. Paul area. “He’s also a professional pilot. It’s great to have something in common with your son.”

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This is the 28th consecutive year Jim Waldron has flown in to the EAA fly-in. Jim is based at the Malcolm McKinnon Airport in St. Simons, Georgia. He flew here in his awardwinning 1949 Navion. After 29 years to the flyin—28 flying and one before that driving—he’s got a long view of how the event has changed. “When you come every year it’s gradual, just like your kids growing up. It’s definitely changed in terms of the way it’s laid out. But it still has the same basic feel to it. There are so many people who I’ve known for 28 years now, and they’re just a year older.” What memories does he have of those early years? “My kids were with me. They grew into teens here. I’d land the airplane real tired, ready to set everything up, and they were gone. They’d run off to meet up with their friends over in Camp Scholler. His 1949 Navion was built by Ryan Aeronautical. “The original Navions from ’46 and ’47 were built by North American, who designed the airplane.” Jim’s plane won the EAA Award for Best Navion in 1991. What does he like about the Navion?

“All airplanes are compromises. You can get something little and neat, like an RV, and go real fast, or something big and fat like a 180, but this thing sorta does everything well.” Jim’s home field is a “mid-sized former military field. It’s a very busy, general aviation and corporate. Lots of NetJets-type folks coming in there to go to the resort hotels.” There are “maybe 60-70 planes based there.” Jim belongs to EAA Chapter 905. It’s an active builders chapter. One member just finished a LongEZ two weeks ago. “I was his chase plane,” says Ross, “and I couldn’t catch him.” This year at AirVenture, Jim is looking forward to the Thunderbirds, even though he’s seen them many times, and he’s brought a friend from home to the fly-in, a new licensed student, coming up here for the first time. “He’ll be like a kid in a candy store.” For more “Around the Field” visit or follow @aroundthefield on twitter.

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Volunteer drawing winners Each day, drawings are held to award $25 gift certificates to five EAA volunteers. Certificates can be redeemed for EAA merchandise, valid for one year. Winners can pick up their certificates at Convention Headquarters. July 29 winners: Paula Moore – Volunteer Center Mark Schneider – Lost and Found Rick Richter – Flight Line Bill Schneider – Lost and Found Leonard Danek – Departure Briefing




P.O. Box 3086 Oshkosh, WI 54903-3 086



EAA’s 2015 World of Flight calendar is a tribute to excellence in aviation photography. Thank you to all EAA employees, coordin ators, volunte er photographers, and photo pilots Bruce Moore and Kevin Loppnow. Their combin ed passion and profess ionalism are evident in each and every picture. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as they enjoyed taking them.







Photography Courtesy of EAA’s Photo and Imaging Team 05/08/2014

Calendar 2015

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Mustang II

210 mph (182.5 kn, 338 km/h) Capacity: 2 | Max Speed: | Wingspan: 24’ 4” (7.4 m) Length: 19’ 6” (5.94 m) Photo by Michael Kelly




Daylight Saving Time Starts



















St. Patrick’s Day






EAA Family Flight Fest





2015 World of Flight Calen dar


The Best in Aviation Phot ography




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First Day of Spring

2015 World of Flight Cal endar The Best in Aviation Phot ography

EAA Family Flight Fest

21 28

6/11/14 8:49 AM

6/11/14 8:52 AM



The best in aviation photography all year round. Get your 2015 World of Flight Calendar today–only $12.99! Available at all official EAA merchandise locations. | 800.564.6322 Your EAA merchandise purchase supports EAA programs that help grow participation in aviation. Copyright © 2014 EAA


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Take a ‘flight’ in an F-18


ver wonder what it’s like to fly an F-18? Beginning today Boeing is hosting the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler demonstration flight simulator trailer at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014, providing sessions focusing on the EA-18G Growler. The simulator is the same type that Navy pilots use in their training. It will be located in the southwest corner of Boeing Plaza adjacent to the grassy exhibit area. The EA-18G Growler, a variant of the combat-proven Super Hornet and built on the same production line, is the most advanced electronic attack platform of its kind, provid-



ing tactical jamming and electronic protection to all U.S. military forces and allies around the world. It combines the strike and defense capabilities of the Super Hornet with the latest AEA avionics suite to support mission success across the full electromagnetic spectrum. Growlers are part of the Navy’s unfunded priorities list, and the decision to add them to the Fiscal Year 2015 budget currently is with Congress. According to Boeing, the Growler is a “critical national asset” and “a needed companion to all fighter aircraft for a broad spectrum of high-threat missions not only now but for decades to come.” Check out the simulator trailer Thursday, July 31, through Sunday, August 3, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day. PHOTO BY PHIL WESTON


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Does Shell have the lead-free answer? By J. Mac McClellan

Shell caught many of us by surprise last winter when it quietly revealed that it had been working on a lead-free avgas formula for the past 10 years. Shell? Really? Why was a global oil giant investing in the tiny fuel market of piston aviation gasoline? Now that Shell has officially joined the FAA program to test potential replacement fuel formulas, the company is talking more openly and in more detail. And its avgas experts are here in Oshkosh this week. I like what I heard from them. First, I have a positive bias I think most of us share when I learned that Rob Midgley who has led the development work is an active pilot. He owns a Pitts S-2A and flies in competition. That may not make him a better chemist, but it proves he is one of us and shares our concern about the future of avgas and piston engine flying. The other comforting news for me is how far along Shell is in the development process. Since 2004 the company, has cre-

ated and tested more than 3,000 possible avgas formulas and now has one that is very, very close to duplicating of 100LL. The lead-free formula Shell is submitting to the FAA to begin the qualification process rates comfortably above 100 octane and meets the existing ASTM D910 specification for avgas in every way except for two small details. One of those differences is the new formula is a few degrees off in production boiling point. The other is that the energy density by volume is just under 3 percent lower. However, the energy density by mass is the same as 100LL. That means a gallon of the new stuff has about 3 percent less energy potential, but 6 pounds of the new fuel has the same energy as 6 pounds of 100LL. That is certainly a difference I can live with. Rob and the others from Shell are not saying exactly what is in the new fuel formula other than that the components come from the same sources as other gas-

oline blends. There is no magic ingredient or silver bullet that does the job of lead. If such a miracle ingredient existed, they wouldn’t have needed more than 3,000 different formulas to test. Because the components of the new formula are not an exotic new chemical, there is every expectation that final retail price will be similar to 100LL. At some airports you can pay more than $8 a gallon now, and at others perhaps less than $4. Shell thinks those same delivery and other cost factors will drive the final price of its new formula. Rob rejects the term “drop-in replacement” for the new fuel because it is a different chemistry than 100LL. He prefers “transparent,” meaning though the fuel makeup is different, what the engine and fuel system experience with the new fuel will not change. The new fuel is test-flying in a Piper Saratoga with good results so far. But Shell plans to follow the FAA’s Piston Aviation

Fuel Initiative process that should lead to a fleetwide approval of a fuel spec. The first phase now getting started tests fuels in the laboratory. Actual engine and flight-testing begins early next year, and the goal is to have an approved formula by 2018. If approved the Shell formula will become a public ASTM specification, but certain production processes will be patented. A greater variety of facilities will be able to make it because the lead is gone. Shell expects to license the process to any facility that can produce the fuel in addition to its own global network of refineries. So why is giant Shell investing so much into the little avgas market? The answer is that Shell is a global aviation fuel leader and it intends to remain so. And that means bringing along us little guys. “Over the years we have profited from avgas, and now it’s time to invest in the future. That’s how business works,” Rob said. I like to hear that.

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Alumni and Industry Reception | Oshkosh | Friday, Aug. 1, 5 – 7 p.m. & 38 Education Interactive Zone

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he Weather Channel’s on- ca mera meteorologist Michael Seidel arrived in Oshkosh on Sunday, July 27, and provided weather briefings for pilots planning to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. Seidel said, “If there’s one segment of the population that depends on weather, it’s the aviation PHOTO CREDIT MIKE SEIDEL/@MIKESEIDEL community.” Seidel stated he has enjoyed He has always heard about AirVenwalking around the grounds and ture, and his brother, Hank, who is a private pilot, flew here last year, Seidel said. seeing the aircraft. “I’ve been inspired by all these “This is my first trip here,” he said. “I find it fascinating how many planes planes, especially the vintage aircraft, as well as the people,” he said. are here.”



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Reminder: Expanded air show box for Thunderbirds performance will relocate the crowd line Attendees, volunteers, and pilots should be aware that the Thunderbirds performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday require a larger aerobatic box, necessitating a slight move of the crowd line to the west during the afternoon air shows on those days. Only essential, authorized air show personnel are permitted inside the box during the Thunderbirds performance. The Thunderbirds crowd line will run the entire length of the flightline, in line with the existing speaker poles, about 120 feet west of the regular crowd burnline. This line will be clearly marked. For air show spectators: Visitors will have access to this area until 1 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and until 12 p.m. on Sunday. At those times, visitors must move back to behind the Thunderbirds crowd line. For aircraft parked on the flightline: After 1:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 12 p.m. on Sunday, pilots or crew of planes parked between the two crowd lines will be allowed in the area for a short time with a security

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escort to perform urgent, essential tasks. Access will end at 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday. For aircraft parked south of Ultralights: After 1:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and after 12 p.m. on Sunday, pilots or crew of planes parked in this area will be allowed in the area for a short time to perform urgent, essential tasks. Access will end at 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Full access will be restored after the completion of the Thunderbirds performance on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Look for extensive signage on the grounds, further explaining the areas and times covered by these necessary rules and guidelines.



to all the supporters of EAA’s One Week Wonder project

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EAA, CAIGA to establish EAA chapter in China EAA Chairman Jack J. Pelton and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. (CAIGO) Chief Vice President Qingguo Song signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday to establish EAA’s first chapter in China during AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. This collaboration could also pave the way to establishing additional EAA chapters throughout China, and creating a role for EAA in increasing awareness and stimulating interest in GA among China’s youth and adults. This would also create the potential for membership development in the Chinese market.

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EAA Chairman Jack J. Pelton and CAIGO Chief Vice President Qingguo Song signed a memorandum of understanding that could lead to the first EAA chapter in China this year.

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1:00-1:45 pm Decision-Making in Crisis: CDR Kirk S. Lippold, USN (Ret)

Based on real-life experience as commander of the U.S.S Cole when it was attached in Yemen, learn how to get the most from your flight preparation and abilities as a pilot.

2:00-2:45 pm Advanced iPad Flying: Bret Koebbe, Sporty's Academy

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11:00-11:45 am Patty Wagstaff Autograph Signing

Get an autograph and take a photo with the most well-known female pilot in the world! Located outside the main tent.

12:00-1:30 pm Flight School Business Luncheon

Learn the secrets of success from a panel of nationally-recognized flight school owners - from marketing and product selections, to management and financial techniques. RSVP at:

2:00-2:45 pm General Aviation Safety - How are we doing?: Earl Weener, NTSB Board Member 5:30-7:00 pm Flying Club Leaders Meet & Greet

Review accident data from the past several years and focus on the areas with high potential for safety improvements. A social opportunity for club leaders to enjoy drinks and snacks while learning about how others keep their flying clubs active. RSVP at:







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IAL! nd C E P .a RD S8:30 a.m or flight. I B LY ot re EAR line befo rd Tri-M

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Tecnam P2010 achieves EASA certification By Marino Boric


ednesday at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014, Italian manufacturer Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam announced European type certification for its four-seat piston single, the P2010. The company said it will begin delivering the new model to customers throughout Europe. The certification, under EASA CS 23, which is analogous to the FAA’s FAR Part 23, included more than 200 hours of test flights, more than 100 spin configurations, and lightning-strike tests on full-scale assemblies. Tecnam said FAA certification of the P2010 is being expected in three months. In April, Tecnam moved into its 21,000-square-foot facility in Sebring, Florida, and already has delivered several aircraft from that new facility. According to Tecnam USA Inc. Director of Sales Shannon Yeager, the company expects another 15 Tecnam aircraft will be delivered in next five weeks.

PHOTO BY MARINO BORIC Tecnam team and Lycoming’s CEO at AirVenture 2014 after the press conference.

The Sebring facility is not only a showroom and delivery center for new Tecnam aircraft but is also an airframe maintenance and training center, as well as the parts warehouse for all North American Tecnam customers. According to Tecnam, the company now is able to respond to parts orders usually in the same day. For more information, visit Tecnam at booths 379-380 and 384-386 in the Main Aircraft Display area, or online at

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DeltaHawk-powered Cirrus SR20 lands at AirVenture By Marino Boric

Saturday, August 2, 2014 EAA AirVenture Grounds, 7 a.m. Lace up your running shoes and get your day started on the right (and left) foot for a good cause at the Runway 5K Charity Run/Walk! Registration includes free Saturday admission to AirVenture, including the evening’s Rockwell Collins Night Air Show, USAF Thunderbirds air show, event T-shirt, and post race refreshments. Register online at or at the Welcome Center located on EAA AirVenture Grounds

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DeltaHawk Engines, Inc. flew a Cirrus SR20 powered by a Jet A burning diesel engine to Oshkosh this year. The proof-ofconcept prototype is currently undergoing flight testing, and the company is aiming for an engine STC as soon as type certification is obtained, expected in 2015. The airplane has logged 14 hours’ flight so far and recently flew from Vero Beach, Florida, to Oshkosh. The two-stroke V-4 engine is rated at 180 hp. Flight test pilots are Nathan Zucker, a Cirrus certified instructor, and Doug Doers, DeltaHawk chief technology officer. “I am very impressed with the Delta Hawk engine. Through the testing process, the engine has proven itself to run very smoothly, with minimal vibration,” Zucker said. “The efficiency of the engine is remarkable. We completed a six-hour, non-stop, unrefueled leg, with IFR reserves. This engine has unbelievable potential.” According to aircraft owner John Brooks, the SR20 recorded a fuel burn

rate of approximately 7.1 gph. DeltaHawk claims 30-40 percent better fuel efficiency compared to avgas engines. DeltaHawk engines are both turbo and supercharged, providing exceptional higher altitude performance. Redundant air, fuel, and cooling systems provide peace-of-mind, while single-lever control lessens pilot workload. More than 40 aircraft worldwide are being designed around the engine. Production of non-certified engines will start in the fourth quarter this year. You can see it at Booth 178.


This SR20 has flown from Florida to AirVenture 2014 powered by an 180 hp DeltaHawk 2-stroke, V-4 diesel engine.

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EAA AirVenture Today Thursday, July 31, 2014  

News and Photos from AirVenture Oshkosh

EAA AirVenture Today Thursday, July 31, 2014  

News and Photos from AirVenture Oshkosh