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Beautiful forms by Pรกdraig Drugan Waltham Forest bids to be the first London Borough of Culture The HighTide Festival: From Aldeburgh to Walthamstow Walthamstow Electronic 2017 Green Open Homes Weekend 2017 Gillian Swan at the Stone Space Gallery

Fellowship is Life

COVER STAR Pádraig Drugan

How would you describe your work? My work is definitely more form rather than function. I use fired clay to immortalise my sculptural ideas which range from the figurative to what I call ‘abstract pots’. I look to nature and organic forms in the world around me for inspiration as I combine curvature and flowing, often spiralling lines with volume, in an attempt to evoke a feeling of sensuous movement in my art. I don’t claim to make any statement with my work, I just want to create objects which I think have a beauty about them and hope that others might see that beauty too.

What is your creative background? I got my first taste of clay as a teenager, using ceramics as my medium of choice for A-level art. After completing an Art Foundation course in Manchester, I got a BA degree in Fine and Applied Arts specialising in Ceramics from Belfast School of Art (University of Ulster).

A few years ago however, I acquired a kiln and converted a shed at the bottom of my garden into a studio. This has allowed me to be a little more prolific regarding my work and experimental with my ideas but as with any other artist I know it is not my ‘bread and butter’ so time matters a lot and my work requires much of it.

After moving to London I completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and settled for a career in teaching which I enjoy to this day. For some time my creative pursuits took a back seat and my encounters with ceramics were often sporadic and wholly reliant on other people’s facilities.

And how significant is the influence of your Irish roots? I was born and brought up in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. Although I have been a Londoner for more than half my life, I retain a passion for the music, folklore and art of my home turf. My use of spirals within the form and in the surface

decoration of some of my work reflect this to some degree but the spiral is not unique to Irish or Celtic culture and is a feature within the art of many ancient cultures across the globe. I like to think there is a more universal appeal to the twists and curls of these pieces. Your website features an interesting little film of you creating one of your figurative pieces from scratch. Drawing seems very important to you which is interesting – using 2D to really understand something before rendering it in 3D. All of my work begins with a simple pencil mark on paper. This evolves through a series of

rough sketches to drawings depicting the developing ideas from different angles. I usually make miniature models with clay to work out the third dimension before I embark on making the real thing. I want the viewer to be curious enough to want to walk around and view the pieces from all angles so it is important that they look good from all angles. Be it form or figure, I have to work within the limits that ceramics allows. Having to make plaster moulds adds its own complications so I have to bear this in mind at every stage of the game. Drawing has always been important to me and at college I developed a taste for life

drawing. I will often use life studies to inform the proportions and linear flows in my figurative pieces. I find the sensual beauty of the female form blends perfectly with the curvy movement I try to explore. What is it like being an artist living in Walthamstow? I’ve been in Walthamstow now for 20 years and have participated in the last two E17 Art Trails from which I’ve drawn great encouragement. I hope to exhibit my work locally at some stage but until then I am very happy for people to view the work at my home via appointment. 1

Well what a summer! There was me thinking it would just be discarded flyers from July’s Walthamstow Garden Party blowing down our deserted streets as the usual August exodus took affect. At times the sheer absence of traffic on Hoe Street was eerily deafening, as in the film 28 Days Later. But something this year was different. Maybe if I’d listened carefully I might have detected a distant rumble. But not of coming thunder but instead a veritable stampede of cultural activity. Sure enough when I checked my email I had news pouring in of an unprecedented amount of new venues, festivals and every manner of cultural highlights. I have to therefore apologise for what is essentially a glorified list with what follows! For theatre lovers: Walthamstow is united with Aldeburgh in Suffolk as host to the HighTide Theatre Festival (p8); the ONEOHONE Theatre Company brings an absurdest trilogy of plays to a living room near you (p12); there are also plays at the Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, the Waltham Forest Community Hub and from Leytonstone’s Woodhouse Players (see listings) and Peculiar Time charts the rise and fall of the borough’s largest theatrical venue on p31; and an exciting new theatre space has opened on Church Hill in Walthamstow, CentrE17 which will be hosting plays, films and comedy acts. Check it out at www. Finally St Mary’s Church in Walthamstow Village has been awarded a National Lottery grant of £1.67 million to restore the church and establish a new music, art and culture centre. For music lovers there is a stellar line-up including Leftfield for the first Walthamstow Electronic one day festival at what is fast becoming one of the borough’s leading music venues, Mirth on Hoe Street, E17 (p6). Also this month there is a series of great dance events on a boat traveling on the Lea Valley, some of which are family friendly (see ad on p5).


Waltam Forest bid for London Borough of Culture



For art and design see Blackhorse Worshops’s exciting new pop up SIDESHOW at an old bus factory on Blackhorse Road (p14) and Jeff Moore’s stunning new photography show PROTEST at Leytonstone’s Laura Lea’s newly refurbished gallery (see ad on p39). With all this happening in just one month, it is not surprising that the E List backs the Council in its bid for Waltham Forest to become London’s first Borough of Culture. Read about it on p6 and discover how you can lend your support too. Cllr Khan makes a very eloquent case for the importance of art and culture in uniting people and communities, and how we can build on our strengths with awards like this. Paul Lindt, Editor


The E List

Inside this issue… Walthamstow Electronic 2017


Waltham Forest Bid for London Borough of Culture


Tom Gaul’s A Spotter’s Guide to Local Streetlife


The HighTide Festival


Four Poems by Anne-Marie Silbiger


The Vanek Trilogy: Living Room Soirees


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Film director Neil Mcenery-West

The Walthamstow Palace


Kanye the First at HighTide



Green Open Homes weekend

Gillian Swan

Film director Neil Mcenery-West


SIDESHOW a showcase of designer-makers, art and events


E~DEN: The Home Directory


House Doctor – Kitchen worktops


Waltham Forest’s Green Open Homes weekend


Local Hero – Pixie Le May


E-VOLVE: Health and Fitness Directory


Perculiar Times: Walthamstow Palace


Artist Gillian Swan


Henry Miller Fine Art: One Year On


Walthamstow Diary


The Magpie seeking out the shiniest, funniest remarks from local social media




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Walthamstow Electronic 2017

Leftfield in Walthamstow?! Yes it’s true! The band - who earlier this year sold out five nights at Brixton Academy and headline festivals around the world – will be performing to a sell-out crowd of around 300 in Walthamstow as part on a new one day festival this month. Mark Hart reports. before finally Leftfield shake the ceiling of the 90 year old former cinema.

Twenty years on from the release of their genre defining album Leftism, Leftfield - one of the world’s most popular exponents of electronic music - will DJ at Mirth, Marvel & Maud for Walthamstow Electronic 2017 a new one day festival on Saturday 23 September.

Walthamstow Electronic 2017 was devised to fill the considerable gap left by the Stow Festival which is taking a sabbatical after six years of filling the venues of Walthamstow each September with fantastic music. Stephen explains the idea of this one day festival: “Lots of the music I like is electronic based and the opportunity to mix some of the most exciting emerging talent with superstars like Leftfield had a lot of appeal. I discussed this with one or two likeminded folk and it was ‘game on’.”

La Leif Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble

Walthamstow Electronic 2017 consists of two amazing events in Maud - an afternoon session headlined by former Stereolab chanteuse Laetitia Sadier and her Source Ensemble with support from Pye Corner Audio whose spooky, cinematic electronica has just taken the US by storm and sets from Paco Sala, Bit Cloudy, producer Halina Rice (described by Clash Magazine as a ‘flamboyant voice’) and the hotly tipped duo Vactrol Park. Kicking the event off – and bridging the past present and future will be the Radiophonic Workshop. Described as the ‘British Kraftwerk’ by Paul McCartney; for more than fifty years the Radiophonic Workshop have provided themes and incidental music to countless classic BBC 4


From 1-6pm in the foyer and upstairs space at Mirth there will be free to attend jam sessions and showcase sets from up-and-coming artists organised by Walthamstow’s Stow Lab. Powered by leading equipment manufacturer Native Instruments, budding musicians are invited to bring i-phones, tablets or anything and take part. With half the profits helping support local food bank Eat or Heat, Walthamstow Electronic is not to be missed. And thanks to Wild Card Brewery, Waltham Forest Council and The E List for their support.

programmes - arguably done more than most to introduce the British public to electronic music. Dr Dick Mills, a founder member alongside the legendary Delia Derbyshire will deliver a fascinating talk about how the workshop made the theme music for Doctor Who.

Walthamstow Electronic 2017 Saturday 23 September Mirth, Marvel & Maud 186 Hoe Street Walthamstow

From 9pm until close the evening session comprises thrilling live sets from La Leif; an acid tinged set from Shinra; Londoner Bullion who will astound with playful mash-ups of Italo disco, techno and dub


Photo of Laetitia Sadier © Olia Eicheb=nbaum

Credit goes to local promoter and record label boss Stephen Vitkovitch who under the Byrd Out moniker has in the past attracted a stellar array of talent to Walthamstow including Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Mad Professor, Scratch Perverts and The Herbaliser.














(Black Science Orchestra)







28-30 ORFORD ROAD WALTHAMSTOW LONDON E17 9NJ teLephone 020 8521 5279

kitchen opening hours Monday-Friday 12-3pM 6-10pM saturday 10aM-3pM 5-10pM sunday 10aM-3.30pM 5.30-9pM

New drinks menu from our awesome new barman Javier! highlights include… eat 17 sbagliato cosmo spritz eat 17 negroni ginger ninja hurricane colada Mafa bibita fresca earl of Walthamstow salted caramel espresso martini

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Artist Bob and Roberta Smith surrounded by Walthamstow residents including the leader of the council Clare Coghill, launches the bid for London Borough of Culture on the steps of the William Morris Gallery during this summer’s Walthamstow Garden Party

Waltham Forest bids to win £1 Million in Arts & Culture Funding Inspired by the EU’s European City of Culture, the new London Borough of Culture competition has sparked a healthy degree of competition among the city’s councils, with Waltham Forest leading the charge. Launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan, the innovative annual contest will see 32 boroughs from around London show off their most creative colours in a bid to win an excess of £1million, to be exclusively allocated to arts and culture development. 6

The Waltham Forest Council has put forward a strong bid for the competition, already backed by 3,000 local residents. “We were the first borough to launch our bid and the local support is a reflection of our strong community spirit,” says local Cllr. Ahsan Khan during a recent interview with the E List. He emphasises that the prize is for the people and will benefit every member of the community. “The social and economic benefits are significant,” he says.

“Arts and culture development is often overlooked by the national government and seen as a fun and fluffy endeavour. The reality is that through theatre, storytelling, music and other creative outlets we can showcase our respective cultures, increase understanding and achieve optimal social cohesion,” he explains. The recently-hosted Walthamstow Garden Party built momentum for the

competition with a bid launch speech delivered by a resident and Leader of Waltham Forest Council, Cllr. Clare Coghill. “Waltham Forest is where the capital’s creative community is heading to set up its studios, businesses, restaurants and galleries,” she said. “We are the artisan borough; in other boroughs people observe the arts; in Waltham Forest we make culture happen.”

Photo ©Fran Freeman / Walthamstow Garden Party

Waltham Forest’s strong community spirit and vibrant arts and culture scene make it a strong contender to become the next London Borough of Culture. Franki Black talks to Waltham Forest Cllr. Ahsan Khan responsible for Libraries, Arts and Culture to find out more.

Soaring property prices have increasingly driven creative types out of the city centre, which is part of the reason why Waltham Forest has benefited from a number of creative ventures. “Part of our goal is to support and energize our creative entrepreneurs by providing affordable cultural hubs and work spaces,” says Cllr. Khan. “Pubs, cafes and restaurants will also benefit, as we’ll be able to focus increasingly on boosting the nighttime economy.”

Photo ©Gar Powell-Evans / Walthamstow Garden Party

A central part of the London Borough of Culture is to facilitate storytelling and Waltham Forest’s story is indeed a fascinating one. After WWII, migrants arrived

in the borough in search of work at the factories along the Lee Valley. The demographics of the area changed significantly, adding to the borough’s diversity. “Many migrants planned on only staying temporarily, but they grew attached to Waltham Forest and stayed,” adds Cllr. Khan. Over the years, hipster-type creatives have also flocked to the borough, adding to its eclectic charm. Cllr. Khan concludes, “There are many reasons why people call Waltham Forest home – through this competition we hope to give our residents a voice to tell their stories.”

Back the Bid: Pledge your support on www. and add your suggestions to the council’s 150 Cultural Gems of Waltham Forest.


Cllr. Khan adds that Waltham Forest’s dynamic arts scene places the borough in a strong position to win the competition. He does however focus on the challenges too. “Even though many of our neighbourhoods are culturally very active, there are certain communities we’d like to include on a much more integrated level,” he explains. “This fund will allow us to permeate every corner of the borough and ensure that culture and creativity form an integral part of everything we do.”


Saturday, 7th October 2017 Workshop: 10.30am - 5.00pm Performance: 6.00pm St Mary’s Church, 8 Church End, Walthamstow E17 9RJ £15 (Early Bird Rate: – valid until 31st August: £10 or 2 for £15) Email or phone 07954 740745 Love singing Fauré’s Requiem or always wanted to give it a go? Waltham Forest Community Choir is offering you the opportunity to learn or revise and then perform one of the most popular works in the choral repertoire in one day Invite your family and friends to the performance at 6.00 pm

A SPOTTER’s Guide to LOCAL streetLIFE for Waltham Forest’s people watchers.

Follow the bid on the council’s social media channels, using the hashtag, #WFCulture19. Applications from boroughs close on Friday, 1 December 2017.

From a series by Walthamstow resident, illustrator Tom Gaul. instagram account tomgaul_doodles To advertise your business contact 7

Above: HighTide 2017 Walthamstow Artist’s Impression © SKA Above right: Kanye the First Photo © Helen Maybanks and Rebecca Pitt This page right: Heroine Photo © Helen Maybanks and Rebecca Pitt Facing page top: The Mix 2017 © Simon Kennedy Facing page bottom: Girls by Theresa Ikoko. © Nobby Clark

HighTide Festival As the summer nights draw in, Walthamstow Town Square continues to be a great location for food, drink and also some world class entertainment, courtesy of an exciting new pop-up theatre venue for the HighTide Festival. Words by Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor. HighTide has been delivering fresh new writing for theatre, workshops, talks and events for over a decade from their usual home of Aldeburgh, Suffolk. This autumn they are coming to Walthamstow, expanding their horizons and also ours. From 26 September to 8 October a pop-up venue; ‘The Mix’ will be set up in the Town Square near Walthamstow Central and the bus station with events also taking place in the festival’s partner venue, ‘Maud’ - the theatre space in Mirth Marvel & Maud a few minutes up the road on Hoe Street. There will also be food and drink stalls in the square organised by Night Feast.

Festival Producer and Walthamstow resident Paul Jellis explains “HighTide Festival is primarily a festival of new plays. As such, we’re always looking for the most exciting new artists to make daring new work. The company has built an outstanding reputation for producing bold and innovative new plays through its yearly festival in Suffolk, and we have always transferred our productions to theatres in London, as well as touring them around the country.” “I had been discussing a number of different ideas for presenting theatre in the borough with the council. When we started planning the new structure for the festival in Suffolk, and getting excited

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about the possibilities of The Mix (an extraordinary new 267 seat, bespoke pop-up auditorium), it made perfect sense to consider Walthamstow as a location for bringing our new work to London. Waltham Forest is a borough that has a fantastic creative buzz, but it is also an area that is really under served by substantial, permanent arts venues meaning that although there are lots of artists making great work in the borough, the lack of theatres or art centres makes it really difficult for local artists to present substantial work here.“ HighTide comes to Walthamstow with quite a pedigree, The Suffolk Festival has been a huge success over the last decade, premiering

more than sixty productions by now major playwrights including Ella Hickson, Nick Payne and Jack Thorne. But it isn’t just performances that HighTide is offering. There are workshops too, and they are keen to engage with the young people of Waltham Forest. “We’ve also been reaching out to local companies and have programmed a number of fantastic locally-made shows into the festival, including a comedy theatre piece called Starship Osiris which has been a big hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, a superb theatre piece The Vanishing Man, and loads of great work for families including BeBop Baby and E17 Puppet Project”. And for those hoping to find routes into

Four Poems by Anne-Marie Silbiger I. The kaleidoscope of colour when I rub my tired eyes brings me back to childhood sat on the wall outside my house on a summer evening watching the red sky flare alone for a while until the Mammy beckons once more unto the din of siblings

II. I dreamt I was a mermaid in a sea of shooting stars. Bedazzled fisherman stare as I swim in the fallen sky


My quagmire of identities reach their demise People I’ve pretended to be fall down like hail dampening the earth where I sit I weep for my true self to shine

creative industries HighTide are hosting a traineeship and work experience placement program in collaboration with Big Creative Training.

our programme. We hope to welcome people from all over London to this unique borough that has been so supportive of us,” says Paul.

“We’re really inspired by Walthamstow’s diversity. It is one of the main reasons we were excited about presenting the festival here. It’s for everyone. We’ve been engaging with local schools, colleges and community groups, held meetings for local artists, and have had a presence at all the borough’s events over the summer to try and reach as many residents as possible. The response has been fantastic and we’re really thrilled to be offering a number of free and discounted tickets to local residents across

The full programme for Walthamstow will include a late night comedy and cabaret strand, a series of talks, a site-specific production Mobile, and a strand of work showcasing and supporting local creative talent.


For the full HighTide Festival Programme: festival-walthamstow2017

Anne-Marie says “I started writing to help vent the pain of mental illness and the trauma associated with childhood abuse and rape in my late teens and early twenties. All my words were in a diary I kept private until about 2-3 years ago when I realised I wanted to share how I felt so it may help others suffering. Writing has and is helping me to get my feelings out healthily.

My hair has spun so much while dreaming there is an empty bird’s nest waiting a tiny bit of me wants to let it be to see if I can attract a robin

I also write because it’s a deep rooted craving I cannot ignore. Most of my work is available on instagram under annemariesilbiger and on twitter under @happimess73.”

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Book tickets from ÂŁ5 at

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Living room Theatre Set in private homes across London, The Vanek Trilogy: Living Room Soirees is an immersive interactive theatre production inspired by an absurdist comedy by famous Czech playwright and former president Václav Havel. The production launches this month in a secret location in a home in Walthamstow!

‘One could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity.’ Václav Havel

The work of Czech playwright and future president Václav Havel and the history of Czech dissent is the inspiration for the site-specific immersive show The Vanek Trilogy: Living Room Soirees. Reviving the practice of living room theatre ONEOHONE Theatre Company presents an interactive and modernised interpretation of Havel’s short plays; Audience, A Private View and Protest, casting the audience in the role of Vanek, the main protagonist and Havel’s alter ego, and staging the shows in private homes across London.

Living Room Theatre 1989 12

The Vanek Trilogy

the times of Charter 77 – a Czechoslovak civic rights movement of forty years ago. Havel’s Trilogy (Audience,1975; A Private View,1975 and Protest, 1978) were banned during communism and explores moral compromises that characterise life under a totalitarian political system. The production pokes fun at pretension, hypocrisy and conformity. It focuses on the intimate setting allowing actors and audience to interact with each other and their changing surroundings to create a fresh and deeply personal artistic experience. The production is organised by the Czech Centre whose mission is to actively promote the Czech Republic by showcasing Czech culture in the UK. Its programme

covers visual and performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design and fashion. As well as hosting its own events, the Czech Centre offers support for other groups organising Czech related initiatives in the UK.

The Vanek Trilogy: Living Room Soirees 7.30pm Saturday 16 September Secret location in Walthamstow (The address will be communicated to the ticketholders via email 24 hours before the performance)

£17 (+£1.65 booking fee)

Photos: Václav Havel ©Robert Day; The Vanek Trilogy © Tinatin; Living Room Theatre © Oldrich Skacha

Václav Havel

The audience will step into the world of Vanek, where the life of Czech dissidents in the 1970s meets contemporary London. Here, totalitarianism is replaced by capitalism and freedom of artistic expression is assured… but are people and the choices they make any different? In the role of Vanek the audience will visit the affluent couple Michael and Vera for a house warming party, drink with the master brewer and learn how to avoid surveillance with Stanek. Reviving the living room phenomenon, established by Czech intellectuals and artists, who when being denied access to public space by the authorities turned their private homes into theatres, ONEOHONE Theatre Company bridges the private and public realms to engage with local communities around London. Paying tribute to the Czech dissidents during

Telling stories Film director Neil Mcenery-West found a natural creative home in Walthamstow when he settled in the borough with his wife. He tells Jessie Grace Mellor about his first feature Containment, the brave short that followed and why he enjoys teaching the art of film.

What’s your background in film? I studied film at degree level and then started off as a runner, gradually working my way up to camera work, and directing and researching at a TV production company. That was good experience over a variety of roles in TV - mainly on documentaries and factual work. I then did a lot of work in Edinburgh, which was studiobased direction. It was for big events in a studio environment and we’d be editing and directing as it happened. That was really good fun. It was live TV so it was all quite intense, it made it really adrenalin fuelled - it’s quite like live theatre. Then I made a few short films over the years before Containment, my first feature.

like a prison for these people. It’s being called science fiction because it involves a potential virus and it’s got people in Hasmat suits. Otherwise I wouldn’t class it as that. But it’s definitely a psychological thriller and has elements of horror.

What was the idea behind the script of Containment? The basic idea was that a guy wakes up to find he’s sealed inside his flat and all communications to the outside world have been cut off. And then he realises quite quickly that the rest of the residents are also sealed inside their flats. So it’s become

Did anything go wrong during the shoot? To be honest, I think my wife had a harder three weeks than I did – she was looking after two small children! Because once we started filming I was gone. I was going off and playing in a big sandcastle everyday, while she was at home.

How was it finding finance? The budget was around £250,000-500,000. When our original investor pulled out at the last minute, a guy that my producer Christine Hartland knew, and had bought in to fill a gap, executive producer Simon Sole, offered to fund the whole thing. He was amazing because he was totally hands off and left it to us. I don’t think any of us will ever have that experience again.

How did it do on the festival circuit? Sadly I didn’t get to go to many of the festivals it played at because they were overseas but we got really good feedback on how it went. The ones I did go to in this country were really fun. You never get bored of an audience seeing it – because that’s why you make it, so people can see it. Gauging reactions to it – that’s the best part of it really. And because we got a cinema release we got some reviews – and that was the most terrifying part as you never know how it’s going to be taken. I’d been working on it in the edit room for nearly a year, so by the end of it, I had no objectivity! But it got a really good critical reception. The best review we got was in Sight And Sound – that was the magazine I read when I was growing up. Tell me about the teaching you do? I teach film at degree level and work all over the place. I work at Norwich University of Arts part-time. I also teach at the London Film Academy and I’ve also taught

at the London Met. It’s mainly about directing, sometimes a little on writing. It’s really nice to work with students at that stage where they’re allowed to be a little bit creative. What are you working on at the moment? I’ve just finished filming a short, DAD which I hope will be getting in to festivals this month. You can be a lot more experimental in a short than you can in a feature, which is great because you get to play about with the form itself. The one I’ve just done is only around 6 or 7 minutes. There’s no dialogue at all, it’s more arthouse than Containment and more cinematic in its storytelling in that everything is conveyed within a picture. Can you tell me a bit more about it? It’s a really personal story for me - a story about a father and a young man who has got a very young son. He gets a call that his father who’s in hospital, is slipping away. He jumps in a car and tries to get to his father in time.

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They’ve got a slightly difficult relationship and the film jumps between him travelling there and flashbacks to when he was young. It ends with him going back to see his own son. There’s a sense of being in a constant circle of sons becoming fathers - the complexities of father son relationships. The scenario is based on something that happened to me when my dad passed away in 2015. I got the phone call from the home,

saying that they didn’t think he was going to last the day and by the time I got there it was too late. It was such a serene experience - it was just his body and he had already gone. I love my father and I never had an acrimonious relationship at all, but there were complexities to our relationship. He was always very lovely and kind and playful but he wouldn’t really talk about how he felt and I think that created tension sometimes.

Because it’s so personal are you going to try getting it out there? I’d like to do the festival circuit. I hope it does well I love doing stuff that is a little more arthouse and a little more like visual poems. My favourite filmmaker is Stanley Kubrick and he had a great balance of making films that were intelligent and cinematic. That for me is the dream.

people to the role of the film director, using his own experience as case studies to see how the role has evolved over the ages. Please visit for more details.

Neil will be running courses at Gnome House, introducing

Containment is available to buy on Amazon.

Above: Stills from Neil’s feature Containment. Previous page: Stillls from Neil’s new short, Dad.

sIDesHoW The manufacturing site of the first London Bus has become a showcase of designermakers, art and events in Walthamstow. In August the Blackhorse Workshop and specialist regeneration company U+I launched SIDESHOW, a temporary installation that celebrates the maker culture of London at the Equipment Works site near Blackhorse Road station. Running until the end of December 2017, SIDESHOW will host a series of family-friendly interactive exhibitions including an invitation for visitors to get ‘hands on’ with a giant marble run, which incorporates over two hundred steel ball bearings. It will weave its way around the site through disused bus parts, making a playful nod to the site’s historical past. Showcase is a bi-monthly exhibition series at SIDESHOW curated and designed by art director Katie Fotis, which shows work made by designers based at Blackhorse Workshop. Starting with The Sound of Summer (on until 23rd September) each exhibition will explore and reveal different aspects behind the making process, introducing fresh approaches to design and revealing emerging talent to be inspired by. In The Sound of Summer, five designers will be creating an interactive soundscape, showing furniture and sculptural objects that generate or respond to sound. 14

Open: Monday-Saturday 10-4pm Coffee Served: Mon – Fri 7.30am3.30pm. Sat: 10am-2pm Bar Open: Thurs & Fri 6.30-11pm

Forest Works Forest Road E17 6JF Twitter: @BlackhorseWS Instagram: BlackhorseWS Facebook: BlackhorseWS

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House Doctor

GRANITE. For a grand shiny look. Super water resistant and easy to maintain. Expensive to install. Unforgiving if you knock over a glass so expect breakages.

Over the last couple of months I have given you some tips on organising your kitchen and what to consider before you splash out on a new one. We have covered layout and kitchen storage, so now here’s a guide to the pros and cons of the various worktop options on offer.

CORIAN. This is my current favourite. It’s an acrylic composite material. Very expensive but can be moulded to any shape, including having the sink as an integral part of the worktop. No joins or transition of materials to consider. It does scratch, but i don’t think it looks bad even after years of use. It also comes in any colour you want.

Penny Fielding offers creative solutions to everyday niggles you may have with your home.

WOOD. This is lovely to use in a kitchen, but it will only last for years if it’s sealed with a resin type lacquer. (The type that is used for pub bars). Even a worktop made from plywood, a very porous composite material, (and a nice cheap option), will stand up to years of wear if you use this product. Acrylic varnishes and oil and wax finishes are high maintenance and will not protect the wood from water, whatever it says on the tin, so it’s especially important to think about this if you want a wooden worktop around your sink area.

SLATE. Totally gorgeous and slightly kinder than granite. Will show every fingerprint unless it’s oiled.

RECYCLED. A cheapish option and easy to install. These worktops are made from all sorts of recycled plastic materials including bin bags, yogurt pots and even old mobile phone cases. You’ll need to use a trivet for hot pans but you’ll be chopping your veg in the knowledge that you’ve done the planet a small (and stylish) favour. What niggles you about your home? Email with your thoughts. To book a session with the House Doctor please email: or call 07725 645 359.

IK Constructions Ltd An established construction company specialising in basements, extensions, loft conversions, refurbishments and a range of other building services. We pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide, professionalism and delivering on customers’ expectation.

IK Constructions Ltd

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Sept gallery Yes, yes – we know we’ve said it before, but yellow London brick just makes us smile. It’s just such a beautiful building material, and when you see it used on a magnificent square bayed house like this... well, your smile simply gets broader and broader. However, we digress – you want to know more about the inside!

020 8520 9300

Cleveland Park Avenue E17 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £475,000 Shrubland Road E17 2 bed end of terrace house for sale Offers in excess of £560,000

Wander through the imposing front door and the first thing that grabs your attention is the stunning tiled flooring of the hallway, which immediately roots this property in its history. It also guides you into the first of the two beautiful reception rooms, both of which also retain original features, like ornate plasterwork to the ceilings and stripped wood flooring, and whilst the front room benefits from the bay window, the rear one offers access to the garden via French doors.

Penrhyn Avenue E17 3 bed terraced house for sale Offers in region of £525,000 Upper Walthamstow Road E17 5 bed semi-detached house for sale Offers in excess of £1,100,000

10 Sept gallery 020 8539 4213

Albert Road, Leyton E10 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £435,000 Richmond Road, Leyton E11 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £435,000

Richmond Road, Leytonstone E11 2 bed maisonette for sale Offers in excess of £435,000 Queens Road, Leytonstone E11 3 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £550,000

Outside, you will discover a beautiful and secluded rear garden, complete with covered decking, offering plenty of space in which to entertain al fresco when the weather permits. All in all, this is quite simply a beautiful house, and if it doesn’t make you smile like we do, then you may want to check your heart isn’t made of stone.

40 Orford Road E17 9NJ 0208 520 9300

Beulah Road E17 2 bed cottage to rent £1,950 pcm £450pw A beautiful character cottage set in the Village conservation area offering potential new tenants a huge amount of original features and a lovely living space.

Bedford Road E17 2 bed flat to rent £1,350 pcm £312pw A well presented Lloyd Park flat. Comfortably perched on a delightful leafy residential street is this tastefully presented bright Victorian first floor two bedroom flat.


17 Sept lettings

10 Sept lettings

185 Francis Road E10 6NQ 020 8539 4213

Kings Road E11 2 bed flat to rent (let agreed) £1,500 pcm £346pw A brilliantly spacious and modern two bedroom flat. Situated in this highly desirable location of E11 is this well maintained first floor two bedroom flat.

Leasowes Road E10 3 bed flat to rent £1,700 pcm £392pw Situated in a quiet residential street, this very generously sized split level top floor three bedroom flat. The location benefits from access to Leyton Midland and Leyton Underground.

Diana Road E17 3 bed flat to rent £1,750 pcm (let agreed)

Murchison Road E10 3 bed house to rent (let agreed) £1,750 pcm £404pw

With two/three bedrooms, a great kitchen/diner, spacious lounge, two bathrooms and a shared rear garden, it’s hard to believe that this expansive home is a flat.

Immaculately presented with largely open plan living on the ground floor, the property has two double bedrooms and a single to the first floor, as well as a modern family bathroom.

Make your home green, useful and beautiful If you’re interested in improving your home, living more cheaply, reducing your carbon footprint and thinking creatively about your living space take inspiration from Waltham Forest’s Green Open Homes. We’re now in the fourth year of Waltham Forest’s Green Open Homes - a weekend organised by the Hornbeam Centre when people get the chance to visit homes to see how they’ve been made greener, warmer and cheaper to run. Homes range from the traditional to the funky, large and small, low budget and high tech. There are 16 venues this year, open on Saturday or Sunday or both. Highlights from last year which are viewable again this year include Claire and Dan’s house in Stoneydown Park with its invisible, underground, professional rainwater harvesting system. John and his neighbours in Chapel End (all of whom were in severe housing need a few years ago) cannot fail to inspire with their story of building their own modern, eco-housing estate. And for the fun and quirky visit Rebecca and Luke’s house, who made their own solar shower and composting loo and Charlie Avril’s beautiful vintage house entirely furnished with upcycled items. A new venue this year is The Drive – an 11-bedroom intentional community which reduces their carbon footprint by sharing household space, utilities and garden. An

easy walk-by location (viewable at any time) is the fabulous William Morris mural wall painted on external wall insulation by Wood St Walls in Bedford Road. In fact, Wood St Walls are looking for more large external walls to make warm and beautiful. Monoux College is a new venue because of its impressive drive to become zero carbon by not only installing solar panels, recycling systems, bee hives and bat boxes – but making it only possible for students to recharge their phones by plugging them into their green gym! It’s also the venue for the Meet the Experts Night on Tues 26 September. The Hornbeam centre and café itself will have a photography exhibition of Green Open Homes past and present and Forest Recycling Project behind the café sells reclaimed paint and scaffolding boards for planters and raised beds. Pick up a brochure or see the website for specific details of all the homes.

other public venues, but also keep an eye on the Hornbeam website and social media for blog posts and late additions. Two cycle tours are available - both on Saturday starting from Leytonstone or the Hornbeam Café. All the venues are drop-in but check which days and times each is open. Other Green Open Home dates: — Tues 5 Sept, 10.30-5pm. Energy advice at The Mall with HEET (next to Costa) — Tues 26 Sept, 7.30-9.30pm. Meet the Experts Night, Monoux College E17 5AA. Discussions and presentations on greening your home.

Waltham Forest’s Green Open Homes Sat 16 & Sun 17 September

What’s the best way to plan the route? Pick up a fold out map at any Waltham Forest library, the Hornbeam Café or many

For more info contact:

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FOR SALE LEYTON Stunning three double bedroom, two bathroom refurbished home. Guide Price


FOR SALE WALTHAMSTOW CENTRAL Four bedroom, three reception accommodation set over five floors. Guide Price

£825,000 - £875,000

020 8503 6060

FOR SALE WALTHAMSTOW CENTRAL Spacious split two double bedroom split level flat with garden. Guide Price

£475,000 - £525,000



141 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3AL

2 Church Hill, Walthamstow, London E17 3AG

236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 3AY / Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Email: 117a High Street, Wanstead, E11 2RL / Tel: 0203 397 2222 / Email: Web: / E17 Twitter: @StowBrothers / E11 Twitter: @StowBrothersE11

Maude Road, Walthamstow O.I.E.O ÂŁ550,000 Two bed, conversion 236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 3AY / Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Email: 117a High Street, Wanstead, E11 2RL / Tel: 0203 397 2222 / Email: Web: / E17 Twitter: @StowBrothers / E11 Twitter: @StowBrothersE11

Love thy neighbour Anyone who is contemplating building an extension or carrying out building works needs to consider their obligations to their neighbours under The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Failure to follow the correct procedures could delay the build and make the project more costly. The role of the neighbour is important and it is advisable to keep them informed and on-side. After all they will experience the pain of the work but not the benefits. The Party Wall Act provides a statutory framework to enable neighbours to carry out building works along, or close to, a boundary between their properties. It provides a method whereby those who wish to carry out certain building works can do so without fear of being sued at common law for actions such as trespass, nuisance and negligence. For advice on all Party Wall issues please contact Wiseman Lee

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Mortgage advice that’s right up your street Marsh Street provides comprehensive mortgage advice for everyone. We source from a wide range of lenders and have access to a number of different products. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and high quality bespoke service that ensures that you are treated fairly at all times. We have the experience and ability to identify your needs, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product to make life easier for our customers.

Marsh Street was the original name of Walthamstow High Street where a number of large manor houses were used as weekend or summer retreats. Samuel Pepys’ bosses had houses here, and after visiting one of them Pepys described how they had drunk wine from a local vineyard and “the whole company said they never drank better foreign wine [than this one] in their lives”.

Not only will we help you find the right mortgage, but we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your mortgage transaction is completed swiftly and effectively, so you can concentrate on the other parts of buying your dream home.

Traditional values and good advice

M ARSH 0208 509 8626 40 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NJ

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for the advice given, the exact amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495 or 1%.




Pixie Le May Pixie has been quietly but consistently building a thriving LGBT scene in the local area for years and now her promotions, ‘Pixie Presents’ bring top cabaret talent to venues throughout the borough. Her zerotolerance for discrimination and allwelcome to the party policy make her nights pretty special. Words by Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor. Photo by Paula Smith. Are you local? I’m from Walthamstow, my family is from Walthamstow, they are still here too, they live near the Bell pub. They come along and support some of my events, especially the charity nights. I was born in Whipps Cross Hospital and grew up in upper Walthamstow. I went to The Green School (Walthamstow School for Girls). So, have you ever lived anywhere else? Yes I did move over the river for a couple of years. After leaving school I worked for Sense, a charity shop in Leyton, then got a job as store manager for The British Heart Foundation charity shop in the Old Kent Road and moved over that way for a bit”.

Photo ©

So how did you go from Charity shops to promotions? When I moved back to Walthamstow from south east London, I would frequent the bar (The Victoria on Hoe Street) on Friday nights; I’ve always loved the karaoke night, then I went along to the Saturday cabaret nights and really enjoyed them. I remember loving the drag acts and what a friendly bubbly atmosphere there was and that everyone felt welcome. At that point I was inbetween jobs and asked Katie (Manager of the Victoria) for a job - she gave me some part time shifts and when the assistant manager left she offered me the post. The previous promoter left and Katie knew how much I enjoyed the cabaret. I’d got to know many of the acts and taken a real keen interest in the LGBT scene - so she asked me if I wanted to do it - the rest is history. I’ve been promoting since August 2014.

How was your first promotion? I remember it well, it was also Brighton Pride and almost every single cabaret act that I’d wanted to book was obviously at Brighton Pride - so that was tough. But I really wanted it to go well, I told all the regulars when it was, I made sure it was imprinted on their brains! For a lot of the Victoria clientele, cabaret wouldn’t be their thing really, but a lot of the old regulars came to support us and so it turned out to be a great night. The cabaret was Linda Bacardi so we filled Bacardi boxes with treats and gave out free shots of Jagermeister on the door. After all my worry, a really good crowd came in. How do you go about finding acts for your cabaret nights? I go to different venues; and watch performers but also watch the audiences, if they are enjoying the cabaret, if they remain watching, focused and interested then I know that they have real appeal. Also, I see how professional they are, if they’re good to work with. I will also go and see them in different venues to check them out in different situations, see if they have a following too, as that makes them a good act to book.

Do you ever discover new acts? With drag, it’s hard for new acts to break through as there are so many great, established acts on the scene already. So if I see anyone I think has potential, I do like to give them the opportunity if possible. I’ve been doing that at the William Morris bar on Forest Road, where I promote a monthly midweek night, it’s a good place for newer acts to try out. So tell me a bit about the cabaret acts – who do you work with? Victoria Sponge (Paul Stone) is great, I’ve worked a lot with Paul. Then there’s Vicky Vivacious, Topsy Redfern, Crystal Ball, Sandra, Titti Lecamp, Lola Lasagne, The Drag with No Name – to name a few! What’s great about so many of the acts is that they will come to The Victoria in particular and adapt their acts to the local and very mixed crowd, it has an atmosphere of its own and they feel that and appreciate it too. We also like to keep entry free so that more people will come and get to experience it. So as well as The Victoria you run nights at The William Morris and The Chequers pub, how did these nights come about? The managers came along to my events at the Vic and approached me. I’ve been running the night at William Morris for 27

the Victoria open mic night sometimes – if I like them, I’ll book them. I’d like to grow that side of my promoting really, the private parties; booking acts, DJ’s, dressing the venue – everything.” Pixie has a busy September ahead with Sandra – cabaret at The Victoria on the 2nd, Victoria Sponge at The William Morrison the 6th and a 60s indie pop night on the 9th. Dave Lynn is the cabaret at the Vic on the 16th and cabaret at The Chequers on the 21st then fabulous 7 piece funk and soul band Interfunk rock the Victoria on 30th. @pixiepresents1

et built around a horseshoe corridor cons 98-100 Wood Street, Walthamstow

Open Tues – Sat 10am – 5.30pm & first Sunday of every month

Discover something extraordinary in the 30 fascinating shops of Wood Street Market. Run by local owners with knowledge and passion for the amazing goods they sell.

Vintage Retro Antiques * Vintage Fashion Vape Supplies * Cards and Gifts Collectable Toys Football Memorabilia Wool * Traditional Sweetshop Vinyl CDs DVDs * Mind Body and Soul Beauty Salon * Beauty Products Watch and Jewellery Repairs Moroccan Artisanat * Costume Hire Art and Framing * Event Planning Dressmakers * Mexican Taqueria @woodstreetmarket 28

isting of 30 unique shops

a charming, thriving mark

almost 2 years now, they’ve really started to grow in popularity – for £5 customers get cabaret and a meal. The Chequers is quite a new thing, I’ve specifically requested that the night there is billed as an LGBT night – I think it’s really important. Have you noticed a difference in the Walthamstow crowd lately? Well, we are much busier now. People keep asking if the arrival of new bars is a bad thing for us, actually it means that a lot more people are out and about at night and it’s been great for the Victoria and the events I promote. The all night tube at weekends has helped as people can come along to our cabaret and still get home. Are all your promotions drag and cabaret? No, not at all, but it’s my main thing. I run all sorts of nights and private parties too. I also book bands and find new bands through

E~VOLVE a Directory for a Healthy Mind & Body Sport & Fitness Saturdays NEW Zumba® Fitness All Saints Church, 47 Melbourne Road, Leyton E10 7HF A dance-based fitness class with a mix of different rhythms, heavily influenced by Latin grooves. Zumba is for everyone, work at your own pace in this no pressure, friendly class. 12-1pm. £4. Andrea 07939 873518 Fridays (Parent & Baby) HIIT E17 Quaker Meeting House, 1A Jewel Road E17 4QU High-Intensity Interval Training involves quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Getting and keeping your heart rate up, burning more fat in less time. Babies welcome but not crawlers or walkers please. 1010.50am, £10. Saturdays Kids Squash (ages 3-6) Walthamstow Sports Club, 48a Greenway Avenue E17 3QN Mini-squash adapted for tiny kids. Agility, balance, coordination, movement and racket skills. With qualified DBS England squash coaches. 9.30-10.30am, £5. Vicky te Velde 07538 574058

Mondays NEW Kids Squash (ages 6-17) All Levels Walthamstow Leisure Centre, 243 Markhouse Road E17 8RN Squash sessions for boys and girls, progressing into competitions and Squash Academy. 4.45-5.30pm, £5. Vicky te Velde 07538 574058 Mondays NEW Ladies’ Squash: Beginners Walthamstow Leisure Centre, 243 Markhouse Road E17 8RN Ladies Beginners squash coaching, with progression into leagues and competitions. Fun, friendly fitness. 6.15-7pm, £5. Vicky te Velde 07538 574058 Tuesdays Sazzercise: Dance Aerobics and Body Conditioning Leyton Youth Centre, Crawley Road E10 6PY Sazzercise is suitable for anyone looking to improve their fitness. The class will improve your cardiovascular health, burn fat, as well as develop overall muscle strength, endurance, core stability and flexibility. 7-8pm. 5 classes £30, 10 for £50 and bring a friend and pay just £4 each.

PT studio, 5 minutes from Lloyd Park

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Saturdays Parkrun Wanstead Flats Playing Fields, Harrow Road E11 3QD and Peter May Sports Ground, Wadham Road, Walthamstow E17 4HR Weekly 5km run against your own clock with an optional post-run coffee. 9am. FREE, but first-timers please register to get your barcode.

Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi

Thursdays NEW Pilates Leyton Yoga, First Floor (above USSR), 691 High Road, Leyton E10 6RA Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve our overall health. 11am12pm. £10.

Tuesdays NEW E17 Yoga CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB Community yoga suitable for all levels. Come and enjoy a gentle flow yoga class. BYO yoga mat. 7-8pm. Suggested donation £5. Tuesdays NEW Evening Yoga St. Margarets with St. Columbia, Woodhouse Road E11 3NP Slow flow yoga designed for all levels and bodies. Regular attendance will improve your mood, increase your strength and relax your mind. Beginners welcome. 7.30-9pm. £10.

Events marked

Wednesdays NEW Iyengar Yoga Class St Andrew’s Church Hall, Church Road E17 6AR Iyengar Yoga is suitable for everyone regardless of flexibility and age, helping you gain good health, greater peace of mind, improved posture, relieves tension, promotes sleep, increases stamina and flexibility. 7-8pm. £9 per class or 6 for £45. Nicholette 07962 424460

Tuesdays from 12 Sept NEW Pilates with Meghan Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Dynamic Pilates classes that will leave you feeling strong and energised. Everyone’s unique, both in how they learn and what their body can do; my teaching style reflects this. Do something good for yourself. 7-8pm. £8.

kid friendly


“... they were supportive, patient and understanding during a difficult period ...

their expertise shines through.” J. Molnar

• Immigration & Nationality Law • Professional Negligence and Inheritance Disputes • Divorce & Family Law • Employment Law • Commercial Drafting • Wills & Probate • Business Law • Litigation 020 3757 8670 63 St James St, Walthamstow, London E17 7PJ

Defending Human Rights We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority number 619031

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finding it

Maternity Coaching


hard to cope

Psychotherapy can help you overcome difficult situations and improve the quality of your life. Valeria Bonfiglio Psychologist MBPsS 020 8257 8475

Sundays from 10 Sept Sunday Morning Stretch with Yoga Me Happy Aveling Park Bowls Club, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 5EH Hatha yoga for all abilities. Ease into your Sunday with a strength-building, heart-opening, body-balancing yoga practice, plus relaxation to set you up for the week ahead. I have mats, so no need to bring anything with you. 11am-12.15pm. £10 or £9 in advance. 07710 621268

Tel 07912 887588 Offering a sliding scale of fees English and Spanish

Wednesdays Pregnancy Flow & Restore Yoga Class Health Works, 111a Hoe Street (entrance on Cairo Road) E17 4RX Weekly classes focusing on your baby, breath, movement, restoration and relaxation. Perfect midweek morning class to leave you feeling rejuvenated. A lovely small class, a maximum of 4 students. 10.45-11.45am. £12. 020 8503 7794

For more dance and fitness classes please visit

Definition: things that are strange; queer; odd; uncommon; unusual; distinctive in nature or character from others; characteristic of; belonging exclusively to an area. Architectural historian, Karen Averby seeks out such things from this corner of London’s rich and varied past

Walthamstow’s Auntie Alice

The Walthamstow Palace was an imposing landmark building in Walthamstow’s High Street from 1903 until it was demolished in 1960. Its striking design, with a red brick and Bath stone façade flanked by twin towers with stone and metal turrets was the work of renowned theatre architects Wylson and Long, commissioned by a syndicate who also managed the Palace Theatres in Tottenham, Chelsea and East Ham. Known locally as Auntie Alice, The Palace started life as a music hall, (the only one in Walthamstow), rated as a No. 3 circuit venue. No. 1 rated venues hosted the top popular household names of the day, and 2s and 3s up and coming acts... or those at the end of their careers. The Palace opened in December 1903 with an interior decorated in cream and white with gold relief, embellished with crimson velvet drapings

and both electric revues and concerts, and and gas lighting returned to variety shows were installed. in the economically leaner Rather reassuringly, 1930s. However, dwindling ‘ample exits’ were audiences finally led to provided, ensuring closure in 1940. that evacuation A promising new lease of could be achieved life came in 1946 when in just two minutes, a certain Countess de la and the stage Marr saw its potential as curtain was fitted a theatre, and staged a with a sprinkler series of plays under a short system. There were lease. However, revenue was seats for 1,625 people woefully insufficient and The in the stalls, gallery and Palace owners subsequently two boxes, and resorted to staging nude shows and very wisely, the amateur ‘discovery’ nights. When even more expensive these failed to generate enough footfall, stalls seats were The Palace closed again in early 1952. protected from Later that year the tenacious Countess missile-throwing took on a 21-year lease, refurbished the from the higher building and reopened it as a repertory cheaper seats theatre. Sadly this phase was short-lived by wire mesh. and although there was a brief return to Interestingly, the variety, with seasonal pantomimes, The seating layout Palace closed forever in 1954 and was An early regular, comedian Sam Mayo allowed for an demolished in 1960. A parade of shops uninterrupted view with flats now stands on the site. of the stage from every part of the house. Performances were frequent, with two shows on weekdays and three on Saturdays. A typical show would comprise musical acts with the pit orchestra, and variety acts House Histories such as dancers, comedians and jugglers. Have you ever wondered who Comedian Sam Mayo was popular in used to live in your house, or The Palace’s early years, known for his how it has changed over time? expressionless delivery, stooping posture, dressing gown and red wig. Other prominent acts over the years included a young Charlie Chaplin, sand-dancing act Wilson, Keppel & Betty, Marie Lloyd, Gypsy Rose Lee, Harry Packages telling the story of your house available to suit all budgets. Secombe, Julie Andrews with her parents, For a FREE consultation email Karen Averby Morecombe and Wise, and Tony Hancock, who appeared at a charity night in 1951. When music hall entertainment declined in popularity The Palace resorted to


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Shuttered by Gillian Swan Leyton based artist Gillian Swan tells the E List about her work and her new exhibition opening this month at Walthamstow’s Pictorem Gallery. The exhibition will include some new work that I have made based on the undercrofts of the three towers on the Carpenters Estate in Stratford, as well as work from an ongoing series that began as a response to the High Street regeneration schemes that took place in Waltham Forest around the time of the 2012 Olympic Games. When I moved to Leyton 10 years ago, I saw dilapidation and decay and I initially struggled to accept the landscape that I found myself in as valid rather than being in need of fixing. I began to try to build a relationship with my new surroundings by photographing marks and mess and signs of life. Visual details caught my eye and I grew to see the wear and tear as a visible history of sorts, a diversity to be cherished. These photographs became the starting point for the constructions that I make. My main tool is a scalpel and I build up a surface out of paper and card, which I then paint with house paint. I studied design rather than art and I find that, for 32

processes shaping the everyday landscapes that surround us. It was a workshop organised as part of this course that first took me to the Carpenters Estate. The site felt eerily quiet and I learnt that Newham Council want to sell it for redevelopment, to capitalise on its proximity to the Olympic park. Yet the future of both the people and buildings on the estate remains uncertain as the level of controversy surrounding the site led UCL to withdraw their plan to buy it.

me, building something tangible acts as a way of thinking and exploring. Over the last two years I have been working towards a Masters of Research degree in Architecture as a way to understand more about the

Walking around the bases of the three tower blocks I was struck by the spaces underneath them and how they felt so architecturally unfamiliar. Learning of their likely demolition added a certain poignancy but mainly it felt as if they had been designed for a future that never happened. I couldn’t understand the vision for their intended use or the effort and thought that has so clearly gone into crafting the surprisingly decorative shuttered concrete surfaces. Intrigued by the shapes and textures, I have tried to make work that references and captures something of the strangeness of these spaces.

Shuttered – an exhibition of work by Gillian Swan 1-30 September Private View Friday 1 September 6.30-10.30pm

Pictorem Gallery 383 Hoe Street London E17 9AP

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Left: Italian School, Academic Study, Early 18th Century. Above: Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, (German 1856–1931), Untitled (Portrait of a Young Man in White Shirt), Taormina, c. 1890-1900. Below:: Erich Heckel, (German 1883-1970), Tanzende Matrosen, 1917.

Henry Miller Fine Art: One Year On A resident of E17 since 2001, with an MA in History of Art from Christies Education, Henry Miller has been buying art from an early age and his collection, which spans several centuries, focuses exclusively on the male form. “The great thing about specialising in one particular subject is that I am not confined to a specific period or art form; the work on display includes everything from 17th century paintings to 20th Century photography and everything in between” Unsurprisingly, the collection is very varied and offers something, not only for every taste but also every budget. Some names do stand out though: Keith Vaughan, Paul Cadmus, Richard Hamilton, Jean Cocteau, William Etty and even Sir Noel Coward, to name a few.

Henry says that opening an art gallery in Walthamstow has been one of the best decisions he’s ever made, having quickly gained the support of the local community and E17 art lovers. “Showing the collection in a domestic setting also gives potential buyers a more personal experience and a clearer idea of what the work might look like in their own homes,” something Henry agrees can be more difficult to achieve in a traditional gallery. In June this year, Henry Miller Fine Art took part in the E17 Art Trail with an exhibition at the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery which attracted a large number of visitors and introduced the work of Scottish artist Francis West to a new audience. “It was a great experience, one that I will be happy to repeat.”

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Henry Miller Fine Art Open House Sunday 10 September 1-6pm 97 Church Hill, London, E17 3BD.

All artwork photographed by

In 2016, local art dealer Henry Miller decided to turn his period home into a gallery. One year on and with a string of successful exhibitions behind him, he has proved that Walthamstow can hold its own on the London art scene. Words by Olivier Joly.

Henry HenryMiller MillerFine FineArt Art Focusing Focusing onon thethe Male Male Form Form


th September 10th10September 2017 2017 1pm-6pm 1pm-6pm 9797 Church Church Hill, Hill, London, London, E17 E17 3BD 3BD Henry Henry Miller Miller FineFine Art Art is a gallery is a gallery based based in Walthamstow in Walthamstow showcasing showcasing works works spanning spanning several several centuries, centuries, countries countries andand types types of media, of media, withwith a focus a focus on the on male the male form. form. Displayed Displayed within within a a beautifully beautifully restored restored period period home, home, Henry Henry Miller's Miller's collection collection includes includes paintings, paintings, drawings, drawings, prints prints andand photographs photographs fromfrom the the 16th16th Century Century to the to present the present TheThe house house andand gallery gallery will will be be openopen to the to public the public during during the Open the Open House, House, so please so please come come along along andand havehave a look a look around. around. +44 +44 (0)20(0)20 85098509 20442044 +44 +44 (0)7769 (0)7769 700290 700290

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Walthamstow Diary Between forest and marsh lies the glorious Stow. These are the tales and meanderings of a proud resident of E17 Change is sweeping through Walthamstow and leaving no corner untouched. There are new developments taking root everywhere, and cranes and piling rigs seem to have become a permanent fixture of our skyline. There are more windows than ever before gazing down on to streets of E17, windows framed in concrete and new build brick. With all this activity, it’s easy to forget about the old Walthamstow, the Walthamstow whose windows are framed in stone. But not everyone forgot, and after a huge amount of hard work one part of old town is now looking magnificent. The St James Big Local project has seen the St James Street area and the bottom of the High Street transformed. The buildings at this end of town were almost lost under years of grime, dirt and pigeon poo. There was really no indication how beautiful these buildings were, they were cloaked in dust and almost forgotten. These grand old buildings have now thrown off their grimy coats, and have emerged in to the sunlight like newly hatched butterflies. The Oxfam shop and former snooker hall above, now glint in the sun, much like the building would have done when it was first built as a Burtons store. The bricks above the International Supermarket has been cleaned and the stone work restored. The dragons that grace the front of this building look like new, and are once again proudly guarding the High Street. This change has washed down St James Street, scrubbing brick and fixing stone as it goes. St James looks like new, but not new as we would build now, new as it was when these buildings first climbed out of the ground. Some folk are complaining, this is gentrification, they say, this is to sell more houses. In reality, this is actually restoration, this project is fixing years of neglect, this project is giving the local community something we can be proud of, something we can celebrate. Yes, change is coming to Walthamstow, but some change, like the work of the St James Big Local project, is magnificent. 36

Small lock-up shops to let £45-£60 per week Suitable as ... a stylish Barbers, Threading Salon, Makeup stylist, Aromatheropy mentor ...

“Georgian Village” 100 Wood street Walthamstow E17 3HX Apply within or 020 8508 5111

The Magpie’s beady eyes are on the look-out for the shiniest, funniest remarks, witty retorts and bizarre sightings to share and retweet from the borough’s social media channels. Thanks this month to Twitter, Walthamstow Residents News and Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board

During the summer heatwave: I’m gonna need a bigger fridge for all the hot E17 people. Maybe we can just take over the freezer aisle at Sainsbury’s. @emmylouscutt Enjoy today’s 34C Walthamstow - from tomorrow we’ll be back to the mid-20s. Not the decade, arguably. @DannyCoope For f**k’s sake Walthamstow, what are you burning on those barbecues - plastic bags and petrol??? @owenbooth

Photographs:; Emma Scutt; GreavsieE17; Paul Downing ; Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board

Always nice to see them out in the wild. Living life the way a shopping trolley should. Spotted this young male grazing on Low Hall field. Must be building up strength in preparation for the mating season I’ve never seen one gathering nesting material before, such a privilege @StowDiary E17 Copper Chopper seems to be circling my house. I’VE DONE NOTHING. @owenbooth Chaotic scenes on Markhouse Road. @StowDiary

Got East 17 stuck in my head so that’s today basically @enhughesiasm over.

The picture on the Big Screen in Walthamstow Town Square does its annual freeze: Federer watches over Walthamstow day in day out in Sue Barker’s reimagining of @thethreeharrys 1984. Roger Federer’s stuck on the Walthamstow big screen: day five. At least the rain will be keeping him nice and cool. Poor @rogerfederer. It’s been a week now. Maybe someone at @wfcouncil will put him out of his misery one day. Roger Federer’s still stuck on the Walthamstow big screen: day eight. It’s just art now right? @GreavsieE17 Considering this for the 2018 Walthamstow calendar. @emmylouscutt That would be awesome. He’s been there so long now it’s virtually a landmark. @GreavsieE17 Following these heavy rainfalls I’m finding white jellylike blobs in the garden. Has anyone noticed anything similar or have the aliens landed AT: Frog spawn? MP: Google say could be frogspawn vomited up by amphibian eating creatures .... Or meteor association .... Or paranormal activity DP: Looks like ectoplasm. You’ll want to burn it with rosemary or another strong herb then scatter the ashes at night. Try to avoid a full moon. WH: You may want to roll another funny ciggie GF: Snail eggs deffo. MP: Really !! Some of the patches are about 6x4 inches KP: Snail eggs are hard.

GF: You mean they start trouble? CM: If they are something normal like snails eggs then why haven’t we seen them all our lives why suddenly now? ML: OMG it’s the stuff lol The Stuff (1985) MP: Don’t freak me out now! ML: I could be wrong it may be The Blob lol AB: Aren’t they bringing back Tomorrow’s World? Send it off to the BBC for testing. Walthamstow Residents News After protests from locals, Waltham Forest council have now installed mattress lanes. CH: Man on bike carrying mattress has accident. WS: Crash mattress. CH: it’s a health and safety thing for people waiting for the night bus. CL: Mattress lanes! Of course they’re not. They’re just turning hard shoulders into soft ones. FM: A lay by, as it were? JG: For sleeping policemen? Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board If there is an apple left in Walthamstow that I have not pied or crumbled, declare it now @Lucyvfreeman I have a tree full of Cox. And then there’s my magnificent plums. @GreavsieE17 For goodness sake. You spent the morning chuntering on about your magnificent plums. ENOUGH @ already. Lucyvfreeman And who said Walthamstow had no wildlife… Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board 37




This month in town


Exhibitions & weekly events Arts & Crafts Until 3 Sept Summer Show Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9JN Last chance to see this enticingly eclectic selling show of contemporary paintings, photographs and prints hung salon style. A street-facing gallery, visible during daylight hours and lit until midnight. Open daily. FREE. 21 Sept-11 Nov NEW Urban Nature Photography The Mill , 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA A group photography exhibition exploring the urban and where nature and the city collide. Tues-Fri: 9.30am6pm. Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm. FREE.

Until 8 Sept NEW Jeff Moore: Protest Laura Lea Boutique and Gallery, Shop 1, Station Forecourt, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Protest photography from Jeff Moore’s two decade career covering major events worldwide including news, royals, politics, fashion and sport. Documenting civil unrest, confrontation and the raw visceral emotion of unleashing a collective voice in defence or defiance. Weds-Sun 10am-6pm. FREE. Until 16 Sept Fabrications The Mill , 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Fabrications is an exhibition exploring the possibility of using textile and other unconventional materials in every imaginative, amazing and traditional way possible. Tues-Fri: 9.30am-6pm. Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm. FREE.

DANCE/FITNESS Until 10 September LAST CHANCE Be Magnificent: Walthamstow School of Art 1957-1967 William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Walthamstow School of Art cultivated some of the most influential creative talent of the 1950s and 60s. Be Magnificent explores this radical era at the School, where these seminal artists explored their creative imagination. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. 7 Sept-1 Oct NEW Tony Blackmore: Folded Geometries Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9JN An extraordinary collection of geometrically-inspired, hand-folded large-scale paper reliefs about light, shadow and reflections whose shapes shift with the passing movement of the viewer on the street. Opening night event 7 Sept 7-9pm. A street-facing gallery, visible during daylight hours and lit until midnight. Open daily. FREE. 7 Sept-1 Oct NEW Unfinished Street Magic by Anna Jung Seo The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Anna Jung Seo’s paintings are developed from a fascination with the glimpsed, intimate moments between people which unveil the different layers of human relationships. Thurs-Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE. Until 1 Oct Tony Blackmore: CT Blue St Peters-in-the-Forest, Woodford New Road E17 3PP A series of site specific window hangings at this Grade II listed church created from a process of folding and layering to create differing shades of blue from sunrise through to nightfall. Sun 2-5pm or by appt. FREE. Contact Tony on 07950 148457 Mondays NEW Knit & Natter Group WFDRC Centre, via Amethyst Road, Leytonstone E15 2BG For people who love knitting or crochet. A chance to share a chat and cuppa over your current projects and maybe swap patterns, techniques and tips. 1.30-3pm. £3. Peri Stanley 020 8534 1589

2nd September 2017, 12pm - 6pm

Music, theatre & singing




Wednesdays Probably the Best Open Mic in Town Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Bring your talent to our stage: music lovers, singers, songwriters, poets. 8pmmidnight, registration from 7pm. FREE.



Mondays from Sept 11 NEW Robyn’s Bad Decision Time (The Tinder Games) The Birds pub, 692 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA London’s loneliest comedians battle it out to try and convince someone from Tinder, Grindr or Her to come to the show for a date. 8-9.45pm. £5. Wednesdays from 13 Sept NEW Grow Your Own Theatre 8-11yrs & 11-16yrs Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Do you know a young person with a billion stories to tell? Create characters, play drama games and devise your own show from scratch. Perform with costumes, props and music. 4-5.30pm and 5.30-7pm. £85, £70 conc for 11 weeks. Please contact before booking. 07740 343240 or Fridays Live Music at In Vino Veritas In Vino Veritas, 21 Orford Road E17 9NL Friday nights is a fantastic night of entertainment at In Vino Veritas with an exceptional pianist. The style changes weekly and a good old sing song is always on the cards. 8.30-11.30pm. FREE entry. Mondays Sing17 Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Start September with a song. Join our thriving 3 year old choir. All abilities, absolutely no auditions. Drop in and join in. It’s inclusive, informal and fun. 7.30-9pm. £7, £6 in adv, FREE taster. Laura 07813 686980 Mondays Waltham Forest Community Choir St Mary’s Church, 8 Church End/ Church Hill E17 9RJ A friendly choir with a wide-ranging repertoire. No audition required. Open to all adults living or working in Waltham Forest. 7.30-9.30pm. No per session fees but termly subscription £50. 07954 740745 Tuesdays North East London Voices Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG The NELV collective is seeking new singers, songwriters and performers aged 11-18yrs. We sing a variety of songs from Emile Sande to Michael Jackson as well as writing our own. 6.30-7.30pm. £28 for 10 week term.

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M t’s the SU3 Sept 7 JulyFOOD & DRINK













1 C h u r c h L a n e , L e y t o n s t o n e E11 1HE Wednesday 10 – 6pm Thursday 11 – 8pm Friday - Saturday 10 – 6pm Sunday 12 – 4pm Tuesdays The CommUnity Gospel Choir St Wesleyan Christian Centre, 1 Harrow Green, Leytonstone E11 3HP A friendly CommUnity Choir open to all ages and abilities. No audition or experience needed. 7.15-9pm. £5, £3 concessions. Beverly Collins 07434 541661 Choir Wednesdays from 27 Sept NEW Choir17 Walthamstow CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB New, mixed choir with a focus on feeling great and sounding great. Fun sessions, modern music (rock, indie, soul, pop). No need to read music, just need a love for singing! 18+ only. 7-8.30pm. First 3 sessions FREE, then £9. Wednesdays WAVE Community Choir Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road E17 7BY We’re funky, jazzy and recruiting! All welcome, no auditions. 7.30-9.30pm. First rehearsal FREE, then £10, £8 conc. Virginia Firnberg 07813 116505

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Open daylight hours Wednesdays (term time & lit only) until midnight Natural Voices: Walthamstow Mixed Choir for Men & Women Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Taking the stuffiness out of choirs! It’s singing with a twist of fun. Beginners welcome, no auditions and no sight-reading. We do glorious covers of pop, soul, rock, jazz and comedy songs.. 7.30-9pm. £10, £8 in adv, FREE taster. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338

Sundays (term time only) Natural Voices: Senior Youth Choir Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Fun funky choir for teens from 13-20 years. 12-1pm. £6. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338 Thursdays NEW Waltham Voices: New choir for Leytonstone Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane E11 1HG Soho Theatre‘s new singing group led by Byron Gold - Choir Leader with the Stratford East Singers. No experience is necessary. 7-9pm. FREE.

Quizzes & Games Saturdays Plonk Crazy Golf The Chequers, 145 High Street/Storey Road E17 7BX Plonked down at The Old Stable’s Yard at The Chequers, Plonk’s new 9-hole course wraps around the newly opened yard. 12 noon-11pm. £9. Thursdays Neil’s Music Quiz The Flowerpot, 128 Wood Street E17 3HX Hosted by Neil’s Big Quiz this weekly music quiz includes picture and table rounds. How many bonus points will you get for the connection? Cash jackpot! 9-11pm. £1. Mondays The MMM Quiz Night Mirth, Marvel & Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH Weekly quiz night in the Mirth foyer bar. Includes £50 cash prize. From 8pm. £2 per person, no team size limit but penalties for teams over 6!

Sundays Friendly Pub Quiz Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Free entry and top prize £50. 8.30-11pm. FREE. Nic 020 8520 3709 Sundays General Knowledge Quiz Night The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Weekly quiz night, with general knowledge and specialist rounds including an interval round. Cash jackpot £50 plus and Play Your Cards Right. 8.30-11pm. £1.50. Tuesdays Quiz Night The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen, 320 Hale End Road, Highams Park IG8 9LN A very enjoyable, fun-filled quiz night with prizes and more prizes. 8pm. Mondays Quiz Night The Red Lion, 640 High Road Leytonstone E11 3AA Creative challenges, general knowledge and mystery and bonus rounds. £50 cash prize and super rolling jackpot. 7.30pm.

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ART Mondays Pop Quiz The Nags Head, 9 Orford Road E17 9LP An entertaining and fun evening, though prepare for the deadly earworm! Not the average music quiz. Food available courtesy of The Koop. Quiz starts 8pm. £2 each, max 8 per team. Tuesdays General Knowledge Quiz The Village Pub, 31 Orford Road E17 9NL Can you beat the cards? Will you be lucky 7 or will you be taking home the spoon? Quiz night with cash and wine to be won with Neil’s Big Quiz. 8.30-11pm. £1.50. Wednesdays Leyton Technical Quiz Night 265b High Road Leyton E10 5QN £50 cash prize for the winners, bottle of house wine for the runners up plus a cumulative bonus round rollover prize and spot prizes too. 8pm start. £2 per person. Alternate Sundays Board Games & Card Games on Sundays The Hoe Street Club, 11 Hoe Street E17 4SD We play all sorts of games but we prefer modern games to traditional ones, strategy games to party ones, and competitive games over cooperative ones. Food and drinks available. Over 18s only. Please RSVP. 12.30-7.30pm. FREE. 020 8926 6862

Gardening & Environment Tuesdays Chingford Green Gym Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Old Church Road E4 6XU Conservation volunteering is a cure for many of life’s ills, they say. There’s no better cure than being in the great outdoors and it enables volunteers to get physically active. All tools and refreshments provided. 10am-1pm. FREE. Gareth 0208 533 8022 Thursdays William Morris Garden: Volunteer Gardening Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Help keep the garden looking beautiful by joining our welcoming group, no gardening experience necessary. Improve your health and wellbeing, be part of your community, meet new people, gain skills and get outdoors. Wear old clothes and sturdy shoes. Free tea and cake. 10am-1pm. FREE. 0208 496 2822



Fridays Lloyd Park Green Gym Meet outside the Stables, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP As above except different day, time and location. 10.45am-2pm.

Family & Young People Mondays (term-time only) Acting Bugs St Johns Church Hall, High Road Leytonstone E11 1HH Interactive story based drama sessions for preschool children and their grown ups. 1.50-3.30pm. £7 when booked termly, first class FREE. 25% discount for siblings. Fridays (term-time only) Acting Bugs Peterhouse Centre, 122 Forest Rise/Upper Walthamstow Road E17 3PW As above except 10am-12pm. Mondays (term-time only) Woodcraft Folk: Woodside Elfins Venue varies, Epping Forest or Higham Hill Hub, E17 4BT Outdoorsy, crafty, cooperative, fun, parent-led group for children age 6-9 (younger siblings welcome). 6-7pm. £20 per term, £10 low income/unwaged.

Food, markets & shopping Saturdays E17 Village Market Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Indoor market brought to you by local residents and micro businesses, showcasing the best in artisan produce, international street food, homeware, clothing and gifts. 10.30am-3.30pm. Sundays Farmers’ Market Town Square, Walthamstow E17 4HU Stalls offering a changing, seasonal selection of meat, game and poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cider, baked goods, honey, plants and herbs, seafood, pies, quiches and cakes. Please note, some stalls may take a week off without notice. 10am-2pm. Saturdays Community Local Produce Stall St John’s Church, Church Lane E11 1HG Delicious, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, and other local produce for sale. A partnership between Organiclea and Transition Leytonstone. 10.30am-3pm.

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DANCE/FITNESS Saturdays OrganicLea Market Stall The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Organic and local sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, homemade bread, jams and preserves. Healthy Start vouchers can be used. 10am-3pm. our-market-stall

Calendar of events Friday 1 September Stow Film Lounge presents THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER (1989, cert 18) Mirth, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Part of the Be Magnificent events series. Directed by Peter Greenaway, a Walthamstow School of Art Alumni, this is one of his best known and most (in) famous films. It focusses on a churlish mobster (Michael Gambon) who acquires an upscale French restaurant who dines there nightly, scaring off the clientele with his bad manners. His wife (Helen Mirren), is especially disgusted by him, and soon begins an affair with another restaurant guest. Her husband finds out and plans a terrible revenge. Doors open 7.45pm, film 8-11pm. £3. Buy online at, at the Mirth bar or on the door. Prison Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Prison is a psychological thriller focused on Sarah; a young woman with a secret that is haunting her. She is left with one choice: face her past or risk losing everything. Repeated Sat 2. 8-9.15pm. £10 online or £12 on the door. Bat Night for Adults - Walk & Talk Meet at Lloyd Park front entrance or bowls pavilion, Forest Road E17 4PP Learn about British bats and use bat detectors to locate and identify bats in the park. Strictly over 13s. Meet 8.30pm for 9pm start. FREE, donations welcome. Vicky 07870 678571

Saturday 2 Storytelling Tours of the Parks: Chingford Ridgeway Park, Old Church Road E4 6XQ Storytelling tour of the park led by interactive theatremaker James Blakey. 10-11am. FREE, just drop in. The John E Vistic RocknRollSoundSystem What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd E11 3DB John E Vistic returns to the kitchen to open our new Autumn season with his full 5-piece RocknrollSoundsystem. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.



Walthamstow Village Festival Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Join us for a day of good old-fashioned community fun, in the original heart of Walthamstow, at our free festival of music, arts and crafts, street food and attractions for all ages. 12-6pm. FREE. WF Community Hub 020 8223 0707 Saturday Stitching Club Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre, 90 Crownfield Road E15 2BG Our club is on the first Saturday of the month and is open to beginners and more experienced sewers. We particularly welcome disabled sewers and sewers learning to cope with changes to their abilities. 11am-3pm. £6. Peri 020 8534 1589 Jeff Moore: Protest - Private View Laura Lea Boutique and Gallery, Shop 1, Station Forecourt, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Marking the first exhibition since the gallery’s refurbishment, join the private view of Protest; photography from Jeff Moore’s two decade career covering major events worldwide including news, royals, politics, fashion and sport. 6-10pm. FREE. The Funny Side Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Top quality, professional stand-up comedy from Russell Hicks (“One of the Top Six Comics to Watch” Stand Up Talk Magazine) and Gerry K who is anecdotal, observational and refreshingly honest. Plus Radu Isac and Jon Pearson. 8-11pm. £10. 020 7060 0404 Prison Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA As Fri 1 Sept.

Sunday 3 Leytonstone Market at StreetFest Church Lane E11 1HG 40 stalls of locally produced designer goods, art, crafts and food. Part of Leytonstone Streetfest with free live music and workshops. 12-6pm. FREE. Cultivate Produce Show Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Enter your food growing successes and prized recipes into the Cultivate Produce Show with categories for all abilities and ages. An appetising programme includes: The competition, expert food growing advice, workshops and Big Compost Giveaway. 12-7pm. FREE.

40 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Sunday Nature Conservation The Waterworks Nature Reserve, Lammas Road (off Lea Bridge Road) E10 7NU Join Lea Bridge Conservation Volunteers with practical, hands-on tasks on the first Sunday of each month. All welcome, no experience needed. Bring lunch, wear stout footwear and clothing suitable for weather and task. Task reminder with more details available from the website. Meet 9.30am. Ends 3.30pm. FREE. Colin Smith 07757 766950 Stones Throw Market St John’s Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HH Stones Throw Market will be held in the church grounds as part of Streetfest. Stalls include mid century furniture, plants, vintage clothes and local designers. 1-6pm. FREE. Musical Aquarium Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Come and join Jerome and Lindsay who will be diving into the tank, and playing their own eclectic brand of music for your Sunday lunchtime listening pleasure. 1.30-4.30pm. FREE.

Tuesday 5 Social Dances in Leyton The Score Centre, 100 Oliver Road E10 5JY On the first Tuesday of the month these dances celebrate many different dance styles. Hit the dance floor to Quadrille, Bollywood, Salsa, Lindy Hop and much more! 1-4pm. £5 cash on the door or online from our website, carers FREE. Giulia Ghinelli 020 7691 3210

Wednesday 6 Pixie presents Victoria Sponge William Morris Bar & Kitchen, 807 Forest Road E17 4JD Joined by some of Walthamstow’s favourite local drag queens Victoria Sponge will be on stage at 9pm. Arrive before 8.30pm for jerk chicken and rice! 7pm-12.30am. £5. Under 5s, Lloyd Park Nature Explorers: Harvest Festival Where in the World our Food Comes From Meet in the Community Room next to the cafe, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP We’ll begin inside with a simple craft related to our monthly theme with books and toys available followed by a ramble in the park before going back inside for stories and a healthy snack. 10am-12pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571

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E17 Wedding fair

Leytonstone and local areas

MIRTH, MARVEL & MAUD 186 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4QH

Lessons for All Ages £15

Sunday 10th September ~11am - 3pm

Adult beginners welcome. Grades or own enjoyment.

Your one stop wedding shop....


Chev 0798 211 4974 Paul-Ronney Angel & Friends plus King Size Slim What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Urban Voodoo Machine frontman PaulRonney with his bourbon soaked gypsy blues bop’n’stroll. King Size Slim opens the evening with his solo heavyweight acoustic sound. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Thursday 7 Jazz Evening with Martin Speake & his Quartet: Thelonious Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane E11 1HG Celebrating the music of Thelonious Monk. 7-9pm. FREE. Hand Drumming Taster Event Locus Of Walthamstow, 1 Chingford Road E17 4PW Try your hand at hand drumming in a relaxed friendly atmosphere where you can have a go at an ensemble of drum beats. Drums provided. 3 week courses available. 7-8pm. £3. Opening night drinks for Tony Blackmore: Folded Geometries Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9JN Drop in to mark the opening of the new exhibition. An extraordinary collection of geometrically-inspired, hand-folded large-scale paper reliefs about light, shadow and reflections whose shapes shift with the passing movement of the viewer on the street. Child, dog and cycle-friendly outdoor venue. 7-9pm. Refreshments by donation.

Friday 8 Jam Sandwich The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Monthly musical jamboree. No mics, no pressure, just a flowing lovely musical space. Bring any instruments, voices and dancing feet. 7.30-11pm. FREE.

Horsemeat Sandwich Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Another free night of punky rock with Storm the Gates (rocky punk quartet), The Kissinger Effect (drum machine-driven ‘77-style punk trio) and Dracula’s Claret (punk metal guitar & drums duo). 8-11.30pm. FREE. Stow Film Lounge presents THE REBEL (1961, cert U) Mirth, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Part of the Be Magnificent events series. Written as a commentary on the clash of the bourgeois and bohemian cultures, this satirical comedy stars Tony Hancock. He gives up his office job to become an abstract artist. He has a lot of enthusiasm, but little talent, and critics scorn his work. Nevertheless, he impresses an emerging very talented artist and following a comedic turn of events continues to defend his “art”. Doors open 7.45pm, film 8-11pm. £3. Buy online at, at the Mirth bar or on the door. Woodhouse Players present Audacity by Simon Mawdsley Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR A comedy caper with the charm of The Lavender Hill Mob and the unlikely believability of the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Box heist. Repeated 9, 15 and 16 Sept. 8-10.30pm. £8, £5 conc in adv. £9/£6 on the door. 020 8504 3872 Jev & Ryan The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF These two regularly blow The Coppermill away so it’s great to have them back. Excellent duo - well worth checking out. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Saturday 9 Storytelling Tours of the Parks: Leytonstone Langthorne Park, Birch Grove E11 4YG Storytelling tour of the park led by local performer and theatremaker Danusia Samal. 10-11am. FREE, just drop in. Marshland Medicine: Herb Walk Meet at Coppermill Car Park, Coppermill Lane E17 7HG Monthly herb walk on the Marshes with herbalist Siobhan O’Leary. Sharing knowledge about seasonal medicine, plant allies, responsible harvesting and preparation practices plus history and folklore. 12-2pm. £10, £8 conc. Don Letts (6 Music/ Big Audio Dynamite) Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Don Letts’ reputation has been firmly established in both film and music worlds by a substantial body of work, from the late 70s through the 80s, 90s and into the millennium. 8pm-1am. £8. Disco 2000: ‘Strangeways’ Special Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Walthamstow’s Indie night for grown ups returns to celebrate the alternative music scene of the 80s and 90s. Expect a little more Morrissey than usual to mark the 30th anniversary of The Smiths classic. 8pm-12am. £10. All proceeds to Eat Or Heat. For tickets search on Metal Warriors present Sonic Rebellion: Rock & Metal Party! Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Monthly night of rock and metal anthems from London’s top DJs with live bands; this month WE DIE HEROES, Motorhead-inspired filthy punk-metal. 8pm-12am. FREE entry.

kid friendly

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”.

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Saturday 9 (continued) Manuel Fizzotti Plays the Blues The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Manuel Fizzotti has played alongside some stellar blues men over the years and brings his years of expertise to the Coppermill in a solo set for blues lovers. 8.30-11pm. FREE. The Midnight Union Band / Das Fenster & The Alibis What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Rock’n’soul band from Kilkenny. New album ‘Of Life And Lesser Evils’ is filled with songs that range from poetic and tender ballads to full-on rock’n’soul tunes bursting at the seams with energy. 8.30-11.30pm. FREE but suggested donation £10.

Sunday 10 Walthamstow Farmers’ Market 10th Birthday Party Town Square outside Central Library E17 4HU Join our Birthday party! Guest stalls, including wine and beer, Punch & Judy show, buskers, VIP guests, and cakecutting at 1pm. Plus our usual food and drink sellers direct from the producer of course. 10am-3pm. FREE. E17 Wedding Fair Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Calling brides and grooms, family and friends - discover the E17 Wedding Fair and create your dream wedding. Brimming with super talented suppliers, stunning gowns, shoes, cakes, jewellers, photographers, florists, stylists and stationers. 11am-3pm. FREE. @E17WeddingFair Roll Out The Barrel: Piano Singalong The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Monthly good old fashioned East End knees-up. Talented and graceless singers most welcome. Songs include My Fair Lady classics and a dose of Abba. Family and pet friendly. 1-3pm. FREE entry. History Walk: Georgian Villas & Edwardian Terraces of Forest Road Meet at William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Join Walthamstow Historical Society on this free guided walk to look at surviving older houses along Forest Road but also at how the area has been transformed by later buildings. 2-3.30pm. FREE.

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Chamber Concert: Pre-school Fundraiser Walthamstow Cricket, Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Avenue E17 3QN Musicians from the Philharmonia Orchestra are joined by clarinettist Vicky Wright to perform chamber music masterpieces: Beethoven’s String Quartet Op.18 and Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet. ALL funds raised go the Village Pre-school E17. 5-6.15pm. FREE, suggested donation £10 or whatever you can afford. 07779 583743 Hoe St Market Trades Hall car park, 17 Hoe Street E17 4SD A monthly outdoor market selling art, crafts, food, coffee, gifts and more. Bring your pennies to support local artists, small caterers and independent businesses. 12-4pm. FREE entry. Woodhouse Players present Audacity by Simon Mawdsley Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. 2.30pm (BSL signed) & 8pm.


Wednesday 13 History Walk: Georgian Villas & Edwardian Terraces of Forest Road Meet at William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP As Sunday 10 except 11am-12.30pm. Cassetteboy vs DJ Rubbish Comedy Disco Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH The legendary video mash-ups from Cassetteboy have had over 26 million views! Be it Lord Sugar, Downton Abbey or Harry Potter, no one is safe from their editing talent. 7-11pm. £8. James The Fang / Serious Sam Barrett What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Sam Barrett and James The Fang will be playing traditional songs from Alabama, Yorkshire and Ireland as well as original tunes fuelled by skateboarding, whiskey and endless hours on the road. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.



Eclectic Shock 5 (Year 2 begins) The Victoria, 188 Hoe St E17 4QH An evening of wildly contrasting original music featuring: Bellicose (sultry indie rock); Simon and The Spears (obtuse, punkish, observational songs); GadoGado Ensemble (guitar-led hypnotic sound-worlds) plus special guests. 8-11.30pm. Suggested donation £5.

Thursday 14 Creative Kids: Sinbad the Sailor William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Join us on an adventure across the seas as we recreate and make a seafaring tale of Sinbad the Sailor. A creative session for under 5s to enjoy with their parents and carers. 10-11.30am. FREE. General Echo The Victoria, 188 Hoe St E17 4QH Monthly reggae disco. Dub, dancehall, roots, rockers and more on 2 turntables and a space echo. 8pm-midnight. £3.

Chris Wood at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA A sensational songwriter and formidable musician, Chris is one of the biggest names in folk music. His unique guitar style has influenced a whole generation of musicians. 7.3010.30pm. £10, £8 unwaged.

Monday 11 Under 5s, Lloyd Park Nature Explorers: Harvest Festival Where in the World our Food Comes From Meet in the Community Room next to the cafe, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP As Wednesday 6. Robyn’s Bad Decision Time (The Tinder Games) The Birds pub, 692 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA London’s loneliest comedians battle it out to try and convince someone from Tinder, Grindr or Her to come to the show for a date. 8-9.45pm. £5.

Tuesday 12 Pictorial history of the East End Spruce Hill Baptist Church Hall, Brookscroft Road E17 4JP 150 years of East End history in pictures and photos! A fascinating illustrated talk by the Tower Hamlets Archivist. Wheelchair accessible. 8-9.30pm. FREE.

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Friday 15 Woodhouse Players present Audacity by Simon Mawdsley Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. 8pm. Night Voices by Beartuza Theatre Company Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA When a stranger called Gaz stumbles into his hospital room, Tommy is presented with the opportunity to go on a life changing adventure. The only problem, Gaz doesn’t know the way. “A wry and witty play” says LondonTheatre1. Suitable for ages 10+. 7.30-8.45pm. £10, under 18s £8. 07933 444936 Dial M for Music Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, 147 Whipps Cross Rd E11 1NP Monthly music club hosted by local band The Persecuted. This month is a special tie in with Leytonstone Festival and features top Americana artist Danni Nicholls. 7.45-11pm. FREE, with collection for the bands. You Should Be Dancing! Walthamstow Trades Hall, 61-63 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ dolores rocket presents a club night for people who cut their dancing teeth in the 70s and 80s. Expect soul, reggae, ska, pop and disco from the 60s to the 90s. There’s a break for optional bingo too so don’t forget your dabber! Younger friends welcome. 8pmmidnight. £5 in advance via website.

Saturday 16 Storytelling Tours of the Parks: Lloyd Park Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Storytelling tour of the park led by Amy Mason, previous writer in residence at Walthamstow Library. 10-11am. FREE, just drop in. Woodhouse Players present Audacity by Simon Mawdsley Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. 2.30pm and 8pm. Inspiration Sale St Andrews Church Leytonstone, 153 Colworth Road E11 1JD Craft stalls, fair trade stall, food stalls, bric a brac etc. Tables can be booked for £6. 10am-2pm. FREE entry. Val Vivier 020 8558 3976

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She17 presents #Shefest4 Wildcard Brewery, Ravenswood Industrial Estate off Shernall St E17 9HQ She17 celebrates 4 years of programming women’s acoustic music events in E17 with a two day festival of live lady music and shejay sets. Continues tomorrow. FREE. Stage Struck WF Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN A musical play about the music hall artistes who in 1907 rallied against the conditions they were forced to work under and came out on a nationwide strike. Raising funds for CREST and WH Community Hub. 7.30-10pm. £10 on the door, £8, £6 conc in adv. Repeated tomorrow. Sandra 07885 099468 College Amateur Operatic Society Quiz Night Walthamstow Spiritualist Church, Vestry Road E17 9NH Fund-raising quiz evening with excellent quiz master. Supper supplied in ticket price but please bring own drinks and glasses. 7.30-10pm. £8. Doreen 02985 399474 Stow Film Lounge’s Cinema Alfresco at Wanstead Fringe Festival present MOANA (2016, cert PG) Grounds of Christchurch, Wanstead Place E11 2SW Animated film based on stories from Polynesian mythology. Moana is a sea voyaging enthusiast and when her island’s fishermen can’t catch any fish and the crops fail, she learns that the demigod Maui caused the blight by stealing the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. The only way to heal the island is to persuade Maui to return Te Fiti’s heart, so Moana sets off on an epic journey across the Pacific. Gates open 7pm, film 7.45-10.30pm. £6, £3 children. Buy online via The Chicken Shack Rock’n’Roll Party Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU An upbeat 50s rock‘n’roll party night filled with jiving, bopping and strolling AND a great live Rockabilly band Johnny Flame & the Dragons. 8pm-12. FREE. The Delta Jacks / Hollywood Knightz What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Expect folk, country, psychedelia, West Coast tunes from Californian legends Hollywood Knightz, and country rock from the Delta Jacks. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Texas Boogie Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Excellent blues-rock 3-piece with a hard-edged rhythm’n’blues attitude. 8.30-11pm.

Sunday 17 London Open House at the William Morris Gallery William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Discover the architectural history of the William Morris Gallery and the stories of its occupants on this guided walk, which includes a tour of Lloyd Park. Tours at 11am and 2pm. FREE, no need to book. St James Big Local Jumble at The Mill The Mill , 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA The Mill is taking part in the annual St James Street Jumbletrail. Good quality bric-a-brac at knock down prices. Grab yourself a tea or coffee for a small donation as you shop along the Jumbletrail. 11am-3pm. FREE.

Samaritans’ Jumble Sale Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR New stuff, old stuff, vintage stuff and cake! Grab yourself some amazing bargains - All proceeds go to Waltham Forest branch of Samaritans. 11am1pm. 50p entry. She17 presents #Shefest4 Wildcard Brewery, Ravenswood Industrial Estate off Shernall St E17 9HQ As Sat 16 Stage Struck WF Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN As Sat 16 Jeff Warner at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Jeff Warner is among the United States’ foremost performers and interpreters of traditional music. He is a fine performer on guitar, banjo, concertina and even jig-doll. 7.3010.30pm. £8, £6 unwaged.

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Wednesday 20 The Vicar, the Parish Clerk and the Trial Leyton Sixth Form College, Essex Road E10 6EQ Talk by Tim Valder-Hogg of Waltham Forest Family History Society. Presented by the Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society. Doors 7.15pm with refreshments for 7.45pm start. Ends 9.45pm. £2, FREE to society members. Summerhill / The Lucky Strikes / Rich Webb Band What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Legendary Glasgow via Camden country-rock janglers Summerhill reunite for a series of dates in support of their 30th anniversary and the re-release of their classic debut album ‘Lowdown’. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Thursday 21 Urban Nature Photography: Meet the Artists The Mill , 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Opening evening of this group photography exhibition exploring the urban and where nature and the city collide. 6.30-8.30pm. FREE. Talvin Singh Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Mercury Award Winning musician Talvin Singh OBE. Singh released his debut album Ok which received the Mercury Music Prize in 1999 and has since collaborated with a variety of acts including Madonna and Massive Attack. 7.30-10pm. £12. Pixie presents LGBT Night at The Chequers The Chequers, 145 High Street/Storey Road E17 7BX Join Pixie Presents for regular LGBT night with fantastic local drag queen Victoria Sponge. 8pm-midnight. FREE.

Friday 22 St Mary’s Music Hall presents: Mesadorm / Sailing Stones St Mary’s Church, Church End E17 9RJ Mesadorm is a new collaborative project between life long friends writing left field rock and electronica somewhere between Suzanne Vega and Bjork. Sailing Stones’ Jenny Lindfors possesses an extraordinary, poetic songwriting ability with a spectrum ranging from Laurel Canyon to Bladerunner. 7-10.30pm. £13 plus booking fee or on the door. Limited early bird tickets available.

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St Barnabas Arms Pop-Up Pub The Stafford Hall, St Barnabas Road E17 8JZ East London ales, Caribbean streetfood, live music and DJ Andy - all in Walthamstow’s favourite tin hut, the Stafford Hall! 5.30-11pm. Gingo! Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ They’re back from their summer hols. Bringing us chaos, obscenity and bingo in the crazy mash-up that is Gingo! Rubbish prizes, ace cocktails. 7.30-11pm. FREE entry. Night Voices by Beartuza Theatre Company Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA As Fri 15 Sept The Crayon Angels The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Slightly psychedelic and very beautiful sounds from the Angels plus support. 8.30-11pm.

Saturday 23 Storytelling Tours of the Parks: Leyton Coronation Gardens, High Road Leyton E10 5NG Storytelling tour of the park led by Nick Cassenbaum of local theatre company Slap Haddock Theatre. 10-11am. FREE, just drop in. St Barnabas Arms Pop-Up Pub The Stafford Hall, St Barnabas Road E17 8JZ As Fri 22. Stow Film Lounge’s Cinema Alfresco at Stoneydown Park present BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (1989, cert PG) Stoneydown Park, Pretoria Avenue E17 6JY Classic comedy about two air-headed teenage high school boys who dream of starting their own rock’n’roll band. With poor history grades, help comes along in the form of an ‘Emissary from the Future’ who takes them back to the past to meet the people they have been studying about. Gates open 7pm, film 7.30-10pm. FREE, but limited to the first 300 people. eastern front soundsystem: Walthamstow Electronic 2017 Ekcovision, 186A Hoe Street E17 4QH Balearic, eclectic, electronic and disco selections from eastern front soundsystem. Pre- and post- party for the Walthamstow Electronic 2017 Festival at Mirth Marvel & Maud. 8.30pm-2am.

DANCE/FITNESS Norman Jay MBE The Red Lion, 640 High Road Leytonstone E11 3AA Lace up your dancing shoes and let the good times roll, Norman Jay is coming back. Plus additional grooves from Oliver Sudden. 8pm-1am. £8 via Pixie presents Kate Bush Night The Victoria, 188 Hoe St E17 4QH DJ Matt will be playing all of Kate Bush’s top hits until 1am, then pure 80s thereafter. 9pm-3am. FREE.

Sunday 24 Classic & Retro Car Boot Sale at the Wildcard Brewery Lockwood Bar Wildcard Brewery, 2 Lockwood Way E17 5RB Vintage stalls and classic cars at the Wildcard Brewery’s new venue just off Blackhorse Lane. Refreshments available at the Wildcard’s Lockwood Bar. Stalls available from £5. 11am4pm. FREE. Sunday Society The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL A friendly DJ and chill with no pretentions. We’ll be playing a broad range of our favourite folk, soul, disco, house and maybe a teensy bit of techno. With pizzas and Bloody Marys maximising your precious weekend. 1.30-6pm. FREE entry. Held at Hucks #017: Della Lupa / Kevin Minney / Melanie Crew Hucks, 81 Grove Road E17 9BU An afternoon of singer-songwriters performing in the intimate setting of Hucks. This month we welcome the profound talents of Della Lupa, the acoustic sounds of Kevin Minney and Essex-based folk artist Melanie Crew. 2-4.30pm. FREE. St Barnabas Sunday Concerts: ‘Winds of Change’ St Barnabas Church, St Barnabas Road E17 8JZ Diverse programme of music from classical to cabaret with clarinettist Neyire Ashworth, singers Gillian Keith, Tom Randle and pianist John Reid, playing masterpieces by Schubert and Mozart alongside popular songs from theatre and film. 4-5pm. FREE with suggested donation of £5-10 welcome. StBarnabasSundayConcerts



Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Vicki and Jonny effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary sounds. Their performances showcase new interpretations of old songs alongside original self-penned tunes that are entirely at home in the tradition. 7.30-10.30pm. £8, £6 unwaged.

Monday 25 East London Humanists Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11 2RQ Thought-provoking monthly talks and discussions. Doors open at 7pm for light refreshments. Check website for this month’s topic. 7.30-9pm. FREE.

Tuesday 26 Infinitease Burlesque Grand Final Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU The Infinitease Grand Final is always a bit special. Come and see the ten best acts, chosen from a year’s worth of shows. Will it be amazing? You’d better believe it! 8-11pm. £15, early birds £10.

Wednesday 27 MacMillan Coffee Morning St Gabriel’s Church Family Centre, Havant Road E173JF A friendly morning of cakes and coffee whilst donating to Cancer Research, followed by a £2 light lunch. 11am-2pm. Grime Taster Workshop Priory Court Community Centre, 11 Priory Court, South Countess Road E17 5NB For 14-18 year olds. Explore the history of grime and create and perform your own lyrics with hip-hop/grime artist Lemzi. Plus discover how to get involved in an upcoming grime project for young people in Waltham Forest. Refreshments included. 4.30-6.30pm. FREE but booking essential. The Red Lion Games Night The Red Lion, 640 High Road Leytonstone E11 3AA Retro games, board games, video games, NES, SNES, Megadrive, PS2, XBox, Wii, chess, Scrabble, Jenga, Kerplunk and more. On the last Wednesday of the month. 7-11pm. £2, plus 5 membership helps buy more games. Steve Hooker / Breadfoot What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB The rockabillyblues and soulman Steve Hooker is back in the kitchen! Breadfoot was spawned of the East River Delta. He digs his whiskey neat and his coffee black. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

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E17 Cook Book Club The Bell, 617 Forest Road/Chingford Road E17 4NE Foodie social evening where everyone brings their cook book inspiration and a dish to share with approx 10-15 people. Theme this month is ‘Syrian’ with all proceeds to syriansupperclub. com. All welcome, newbies, couples and singles. 8.30-10.30pm. £3.

Thursday 28 Highams Park Live The County Arms, 420 Hale End Road, Highams Park E4 9PB A regular acoustic evening of live performance with an eclectic programme of local songwriters, poets and storytellers. Performers are booked in advance, please email us beforehand. 7.30-11pm. FREE. Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the Wood Street Area St Gabriel’s Church Family Centre, Havant Road E17 3JF Walthamstow Historical Society present Les Capon talking about recent excavations in the Wood Street area where remarkable discoveries have thrown new light on Walthamstow’s early history. 7.45-9pm. £2, FREE to members. Spanish Tapas & Los Otros The Victoria, 188 Hoe St E17 4QH The usual unpredictable line-up with a Spanish flavour in food and music in aid of Sue Ryder. 9-11.30pm. FREE but donations to the charity encouraged.

Friday 29 Hanoi Ca Phe Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ A delicious Vietnamese pop up comes to The Gin Palace. We are delighted to be hosting Gina and her Hanoi Ca Phe for the weekend. No need to reserve, just turn up and tuck in. 6-10pm. Dish prices vary. Hornbeam Nights’ presents Dusty Grooves The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Resident DJs Lounch & Noods will be providing your ears with super deluxe ambient down tempo grooves, dub, low-fi electronica and underground hiphop on the last Friday of every month. 7.30-11pm. FREE.


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The East London

Sausage Co.



57 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Tue-Fri: 08.30-19.00

Sat: 08.30-17.30 Sun: 10.00-14.00

Dashing Dave’s Karaoke The Plough and Harrow, 419 High Road Leytonstone E11 4JU Come and murder your favourite songs! 8-11pm. FREE.

Saturday 30 No Applause, Just Throw Money WF Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN An evening of variety featuring songs and sketches to raise money for Christian Kitchen. 7.30-10pm. £10 on the door, £8/£6 in adv. BeBop Baby Goes to the Theatre! Hightide Festival Tent The Mix, Walthamstow Town Square E17 7JN Popping up at the Hightide Festival to start your weekend dancing. Live interactive beatboxing from Tongue Fu, DJs, creative fun from Scribble & Smudge, face painting and more. Buggy parking, baby changing, coffee, cake, good vibes all on site. 10am-12.30pm. £5. Hannah 07813 156140 Family Day: Tutti Frutti William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Enjoy a multi-sensory fruity experience inspired by Morris’s fantastical tree in his Fruit wallpaper. Includes drawing and soap-making. For families with children of all ages. Drop-in, no booking required. 1-4pm. FREE. Apple Day The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Celebrating all things apple! Take a turn on the apple press, apple bobbing, make an apple bird feeder, decorate your own straw head garland. Juice, apple cakes and pastries by Mill Bakers for small donations. 2-5pm. FREE entry. Hanoi Ca Phe Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Delicious new Vietnamese pop up continues tonight 5-10pm. See Fri 29.

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Waltham Forest Bilingual Group Workshop & Play Session The Limes Community and Children’s Ctr, 6 Somers Road E17 6RX Join our workshop with tips for parents raising their children with more than one language, and share experiences with other parents over coffee while the children have fun using the Limes’ fantastic facilities. 3.30-5.30pm. FREE.

OCTOBER 1 October Vintage Humans: Silver Sunday Afternoon Tea CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB Presented by this event is part of the nationwide Silver Sunday. Bite sized theatre, musical bingo, vintage fair, tea and cake. Celebrate what we gain with age. Suitable for all adult age groups. B.Y.O.B. Disabled access. 2-5pm. £10, over 65s £7.50.

Got an event? Tell us about it! Classes/Courses Thursdays 4 Sept-12 Oct NEW Junior Art Club The Mill , 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Five art sessions for youngsters aged 6 and over. Get creative, learn new skills and have fun. Places are limited so please book ahead. Children under 8 years must be accompanied. Can be messy! 4-5pm. £2. David Hughes 020 8521 3211

Tuesdays 19 Sept-5 Dec NEW Theatre Studies: Edward Albee The Greenleaf Centre, 67-69 Greenleaf Road E17 6QP An 11-week introduction to the plays of Edward Albee. Three plays will be read aloud and discussed, with workshopping of key scenes. All welcome with an enthusiasm for theatre. 10am-12pm. £92.40 for the whole course. FREE if on income-related benefits. Beatrice Campbell 020 8527 3661 Thursdays, 14-28 Sept NEW Beatmakers Hand Drumming Workshop for Beginners L​ ocus Of Walthamstow, 1 Chingford Road E17 4PW Musical elements - tempo, dynamics, pitch and rhythm. Hand techniques cover different genres of music. Compose an ensemble of drum beats and complete the course with a showcase. Drum for each student is provided. 7-8pm. £10. Try the taster workshop on 7 Sept. Tuesdays 19 Sept-5 Dec NEW Archaeology Evening Class Shern Hall Methodist Church Hall, Shernhall Street E17 9HX 11-week course where the history of London will be studied as revealed by archaeological finds. 7.30-9.30pm. £92.40 for the whole course. FREE if on income-related benefits. Beatrice Campbell 020 8527 3661

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