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The Au Revoir Issue

Fellowship is Life

COVER ARTIST EUAN ROBERTS Something else you convey with your aesthetics and approach is fun, again an often overlooked force in art. Why can’t art be fun? Discuss. Art should be fun! I think once you take a painting, slap a huge price tag on it and hang it in a museum or white cube gallery suddenly people feel they should approach it with quiet reverence, chin scratching and solemn respect. For the works I love I tend to think wow this artist must have been having a good time when they made this! I hate galleries and art that makes people feel they need a degree or money to look at it. There is a place for serious art but with my practice I want people to see joy at both ends of the practice. I want my joy of making to come across on the finished piece. Sometimes there are dark aspects but that is life, the light and the dark are interdependent and one. When I’m putting down colour in the studio, music on loud, caffeine coursing through my central nervous system, in flow, that is the most fun aspect of art. What kind of artist are you? I’m 29, half Bajan and half Scottish, originally from Brighton. Mainly I’m a painter but I also make ceramics and design clothing. My art is colourful, simple, uplifting, bold and bright. You said a lovely thing: “I want my pictures to be visual mantras for the viewer. Lifting them up, dusting them down and telling them to keep going.” Art is sometime seen as elitist, obscure and inward looking. To me your work challenges that head on. You have also mentioned compassion, a sorely neglected word in all aspects of current society. Can you talk some more about this and the forces behind your art. I would say the art world is incredibly elitist, hostile and cold. But art itself is something that should be available to all and enjoyed by all. There’s a classic Picasso quote about all children being artists but I believe EVERYONE is an artist; it’s just a case of what they’re allowed to do, either by themselves or society.

For me my practice is concerned with letting go of previous thoughts and patterns and allowing myself to create the objects I want. For many years I felt blocked creatively and didn’t allow myself to create freely. It was while living in a Guardian property in Soho when I first moved to London that I bought my first canvases and went for it without judgement. I had in my mind that if you made 20 paintings you were an artist, I don’t know why I settled on that number but somehow it worked out. There’s another quote from an artist I love, Danny Fox, where he said he wants to create art that inspires other people to make stuff themselves. I think he’s nailed my intention in that, if someone sees my work and it forms a space inside, which tells them to create something then I’ve succeeded. I want people to feel warmth from my work and acceptance. The paintings are simple things in terms of composition and elements but I want them to affect people on a deeper level.

Cover: Meditation is fucking hard Above: Desert Dancers

I did an art workshop with children aged 7-11 years old recently, I’ve done quite a few with them now so I’ve seen their practice grow which is amazing. For the last one we had some parents take part and I remember this mum writing her name repeatedly in NYC 80s style bubble writing/graffiti and absolutely loving it. She was like one of the kids, quietly humming away while drawing, totally in the zone, it was beautiful. Afterwards she told me how much she enjoyed just playing with drawing. I think society in general could all do with more art play like that, when we get older we are so results driven, which can also be dangerous as an artist, sometimes we just need to do and not care about the result. It’s like any activity that gets you out of your head for a bit, running, cooking, walking, you never regret doing it, it’s the same with art. Sit down with some music you like, a beer, cup of tea, smoothie or whatever, and something to draw on them just take your pen/pencil/brush for a walk with no intensions or judgement. (cont’d)

This page: LIFE GOALS

theelist.co.uk 1

How did you discover art yourself? One of my early drawings was on the underside of my parent’s kitchen table. They’ve still got it in the house, which is cool. They’ve also got this self-portrait I did as a badge when I was 5 or 6, I remember thinking it was SO life-like! I did these sort of potato shapes as ears. I didn’t paint until my mid 20s, which is quite mad as now it’s 80% of what I do, but really I’ve been making art in some form or another my whole life.

What do you love about your life as an artist? I love making the work. Meeting people who are collectors or enjoy my art is also a great pleasure. It’s weird that people live with these objects I’ve made everyday, overseeing their owners’ lives. I enjoy the solitary aspect of life as an artist although you can go a bit weird when you haven’t spoken to anyone all day. You end up holding up queues in shops chatting rubbish.

When I was young I used to always be really into images and album covers in particular. When I was at school I had no grand plans to be an artist and always envied those people who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. Doing my art foundation when I was 18 was really important. At City College in Brighton they had a really experimental course and naturally all the students created a lot of work. I’m still in contact with lots of people from this tiny room we shared; now they are professional illustrators, designers and artists. Looking back those 9 months probably impacted my practice more than the following 3 years of studying illustration at Manchester School of Art. When I finished university I really wasn’t feeling the way I was working, small monochrome, accurately rendered drawings, so I started making small collages, which later informed my paintings.

This month you are taking part in Leytonstone Arts Trail. What have you got planned? Carne Griffiths, Robert Jackson and I will be showing new works together.

Top left: EASY - MINI Top right: NEW BEGINNINGS


Everyone is very welcome to come by the studio where there’ll be a real variety of work on show and it’ll be a great chance to meet local artists and find out more about their individual practices. There will be drinks, good vibes and works available to buy! We are at unit #4 - Norlington Road Studios, 66 Norlington Road, Leyton, E10 6LA The Trail runs from 6-14 July and we are open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 12 noon until 10.30pm. You work in Leytonstone’s Norrington Studios. What do you like about working in a space with other artists? Norlington Studios is a really important artistic hub. For me I could never make paintings at home.

I cherish the separation and ‘going to work’ aspect of having a studio. Being in a space with fellow artists energises you and encourages you to fully commit to your art. We have just heard the studios’ future is uncertain. I’m still a bit in the dark about this. I’ve heard the building will be developed at some point but it’s a bit unclear if that will be soon. If it is it’ll be a huge shame as so many people use the space for their livelihood and artists’ being displaced is a very unfortunate yet common side effect of gentrification. Looking forward after the Trail what’s next? I have my first major solo exhibition taking place with Waluso Gallery in hoxton at the start of October, so that will be my main focus for the next few months. They’re a really exciting new gallery and we have some mad stuff planned for the show. I’m also working on my first children’s book and a short film, so keeping those plates spinning while pushing my painting practice. And a new clothing line!

euanrobertsart.com @euanrobertsart

Interview by Paul Lindt








END Of AN ERA THE AU REVOIR ISSUE The BAD NEWS is: all good things must come to an end, and for many reasons, this is to be the last edition of the E List in its current incarnation.




Award-winning blogger Museum Mum


E List photographer Paula Smith’s top picks


Walthamstow Garden Party 2019


E List illustrator Tom Gaul’s top picks


Leytonstone Arts Trail 2019


Leytonstone Festival 2019


howzat – Cricket in Waltham Forest


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21st century bookbinder Charlotte Wainwright


E List photographer Simon Goodwin’s top picks


The colourful world of artist Sarah Emily Porter


Local heroes – Chris Tofu


Ringing in the years with Peter harvey


E List photographer Paul Tucker’s top picks


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But it’s not goodbye just au revoir.

Waltham Forest Poetry Competition


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Summer a poem by Mo Gallaccio


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Tom Gaul’s A Spotter’s Guide to Local Streetlife


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After 68 glossy, picturesque issues, proudly showing off what the area has to offer – in terms of arts and culture, food and drink, creative businesses and talented, dedicated community heroes – it is time to take a break and make some changes. My partner and I have moved from the area (how disloyal!) and can’t get away with calling ourselves local any longer! The GOOD NEWS is: I’ll be working with a team later this year to relaunch the E List as a online magazine early next year. This will allow many more people, including the young, to get involved, contribute, and allow me to hand it over to the creative community who has always been its inspiration. In the meantime, regularly visit the go-to site for What’s On in the area – that’s www.theelist.co.uk – simply scroll through all the exciting stuff that’s coming up. To all you indispensible event organisers please continue to contribute details of your gigs, screenings, markets, pop-ups, classes and clubs etc etc, it really wouldn’t be the same (or even necessary) without you. And look out for the launch of our brand new website in January 2020. For me personally it has been a fantastic experience, and a dream fulfilled, but I’m also very excited to see what new blood will bring to the E List concept in the future. Finally an enormous thank you to everyone who has supported me and the magazine over the last 6 years, it’s meant so much to be part of this community.

Editor and design: Paul Lindt editor@theelist.co.uk Listings: Danny Coope danny@theelist.co.uk Contributors: karen Averby, Penny Dampier, hilary Douse, karen Dunn, Mo Gallaccio, Tom Gaul, Simon Goodwin, Peter harvey, Chris McAndrew, Paul McGrane, Sean Pines, Michael Rose, Penny Rutterford, Paula Smith, Adam Taylor, Del Taylor, and Paul Tucker

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17 July gallery

020 8520 9300 estates17.co.uk

Eden Road E17 2 bed cottage for sale Offers in excess of £695,000

Barclay Road E17 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £395,000

Jewel Road E17 3 bed terraced house for sale £725,000 sstc

Liden Close E17 1 bed flat for sale £195,000



Contemporary, smart, chic, elegant – pick whichever of those adjectives you want and it will only hint at how good this amazing house is. Indeed, it’s so beautiful (handsome in fact), so charming, and so carefully and thoughtfully designed and presented, that we think it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing homes we’ve ever been lucky enough to see.

Ravenswood Road E17 4 bed terraced house to rent £2,200 pcm Brookscroft Road E17 2 bed terraced flat to rent £1,600 pcm

10 July gallery

020 8539 4213 estates10.co.uk

Vicarage Road, Leyton E10 2 bed flat for sale Guide price £450,000

Dawlish Road, Leyton E10 2 bed end terrace house for sale Offers in Excess of £475,000

Scotts Road, Leyton E10 3 bed terraced house for sale £700,000 sstc

Fletcher Lane, Leyton E10 2 bed flat for sale Offers in Excess of £400,000



If you’re not as dazzled by it as we are, frankly we’ll be gob smacked. In fact, it’s probably impossible to do this house justice in the space we have, or even if we could without then running the risk of “gilding the lily”.

Church Road, Leyton E10 1 bed flat to rent £1,200 pcm let agreed Twickenham Road, Leytonstone E11 2 bed flat to rent £1,450 pcm let agreed


July gallery 020 3940 0555 estates7.co.uk

Halley Road E7 3 bed terraced house for sale £560,000

Capel Road E7 2 bed flat for sale Offers in Excess of £390,000

Halley Road E7 5 bed terraced house for sale Offers in Excess of £625,000

Capel Road E7 1 bed flat for sale Offers in Excess of £385,000



Suffice to say that everywhere you look, from the stunning, light filled kitchen diner on the ground floor all the way up to the smart master bedroom suite in the loft extension, and all points in between, it is abundantly clear the time, love and sheer attention to detail the owners have poured into their home. As a result, they’ve created from a terraced house an absolutely fantastic, stylish and modern family home – one that rivals any we have seen.

Earlham Grove E7 1 bed basement flat to rent £1,150 pcm Let agreed Earlham Grove E7 Studio flat to rent £850 pcm Let agreed

Photography paulasmith.co.uk

MUM at thE MUSEUM Award-winning blogger Museum Mum is on a mission to get families soaking up the capital’s culture. Karen Dunn met her to find out her top tips for making the most of your next museum trip‌ Photograph by Paula Smith.

Vyki Sparkes aka blogger Museum Mum photographed by Paula Smith in the Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum.

theelist.co.uk 9

with modern makers and helium karaoke. If your child has special needs a lot of museums also run special early openings. You get exclusive access to the museum, activities and they’re free as well. What are the best London museums to visit with the kids? My most recent discovery has been the London Museum of Water and Steam in Brentwood. They have really hands-on galleries, the largest steam engine in the world, a little steam train you can take rides on, lots of toy boxes dotted around the place – and the cafe was good too!

With hundreds of museums to choose from in London, Vyki helps you to avoid the never-ending half term queue outside the Natural History Museum and offers suggestions for hidden gems in London that will get your kids putting down their iPads. The E List caught up with Museum Mum to find out how to make your day out more about the exhibitions and less about the gift shop… Hi Vyki, Where does your passion for museums come from? I’m a curator at the Museum of London, so feel passionately that they have a really important role to play. I started the blog because I wanted to share how to get the most out of a visit to a museum as well as promoting the work they do. I’m looking for things that work as a family and not as an adult who loves museums. And my kids will tell me straight away if it’s not good! What do your children think about it? They’re really proud of the blog, which is brilliant because if they didn’t like it I wouldn’t do it anymore. It’s our family time where we’re not on our devices and we’re all learning and exploring together. You won Arts and Culture category at the UK Blog Awards 2019, how did you feel when you heard the news? I’ve been blogging for five years, but I have taken long breaks. Let’s just say having three children was a lot more work than I anticipated! Things calmed down last Easter so when 10

I saw they were asking for nominations, I thought, why the hell not! The winners were announced on YouTube. I had it on while I was cooking the kid’s dinner and I was stunned and my son was thrilled when they announced that I had won. He tells strangers on the bus about it now. He doesn’t quite know what it is, though. He’s like, “My Mum’s the best UK museum!” What are your top tips for a good museum day out? A lot of people think you’ve got to start at the beginning, read everything, look at everything and get to the end. Actually, you can go and just look at one part and that’s fine. I always include where the nearest playground is, as sometimes kids need to let off some steam so they’re not climbing over the exhibitions. Find out what age the museum or exhibition is aimed at because what a 10 year old will enjoy often won’t be the same as a three year old. If you have teenagers Museum Lates are great - they have fun activities like markets

My third recommendation would be the Horniman Museum. They’ve got a great Lego exhibition right now, an aquarium, a farm and incredible views across the city. What exhibition would you recommend right now? This one’s not actually for the kids, but the Stanley Kubrick exhibition on now at the Design Museum is excellent. They’ve got all the original props and really delve into all the planning he did. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a blog? Pick something you are passionate about and go for it. There’s no money in it, so you’ve got to love it! You also need to promote it. Initially, I was a bit embarrassed, but the whole point is people reading it, so be brave and share. I’ve got a lot out of it personally, in terms of increased confidence and new friends in the blogging community. It’s my creative space and so rewarding. You live in Walthamstow, what do you like about the area? We moved her 11 years ago because we loved how culturally diverse it is. To be the Borough of Culture is amazing and I signed up to be a Legend of the Forest because I wanted to get involved and celebrate everything the borough has to offer.


Photography paulasmith.co.uk

London is a city bursting with museums, but navigating them with a buggy and a toddler who would rather be at soft play can be testing to say the least. Step forward Museum Mum, or rather Vyki Sparkes, who set up her blog to encourage families to delve into history on their days off.

The Postal Museum is also brilliant. They have the post office underground railway, which is a secret hidden underground railway that the kids love. There are loads of hands-on interactive activities like sorting the mail and your ticket is valid for the whole year, which is fantastic value.

Your favourite E List photograph? Honestly, every image I’ve ever taken for the E List has been a favourite. From print makers to musicians, journalists to club promoters, support workers to shop keepers. There are so many interesting and talented people living here it’s been a privilege. One of my favourite shots is that of Ken and Irene – regulars of the Victoria Pub since it first opened in the 1980s. They are Walthamstow characters through and through with enough stories and banter to write a book!

E LiST RETROSPECTIVE We we turn the spotlight on the photographers whose regular contributions have helped define the E List with quality and style.

Paula Smith paulasmith.co.uk

… and from your own work? Dingo, Australia – A few years ago I was travelling through Australia with a small bus group. Our driver made a stop off at an outback bar. The owner (out of frame to my right) was busy telling us the story of how he saved this dingo as a puppy from a baiting programme. As he talked, I caught sight of the dingo looking out of the window, it was a split second moment when suddenly all the components came together – the leg, metal chain, expression, light, texture… I brought the camera up to my eye, a quick turn of the aperture and click…

Paula Smith is a Walthamstow based professional photographer providing a range of services including: corporate, interiors, portrait, PR and event, alongside award winning internationally collected travel and landscape photography.

theelist.co.uk 11

Yes it’s back – the free two day global festival made locally, celebrating and powered by the incredible creativity of Waltham Forest, London’s first Borough of Culture. Del Taylor, in previous years a visitor, performer, site decorator and artist tells E List what’s so magic about one weekend in July.

One of my favourite things about the Walthamstow Garden Party is that it has something for everyone. The multiple zones around the park offer creative experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds, often with local artists and organisations involved in the creative process. This year, I have helped facilitate a group of children to decide what is part 12

of the family area, Art for All, and I myself have been on the decision-making panel for the News from Nowhere area. The brilliant Walthamstow Toy Library has been involved in the garden party since the beginning. So it was really exciting to work with them to launch an open call for the family area, so anyone could be part of the garden party. Everything in this area

is aimed at children (specifically under 7s), so it was important that children themselves should have a say in what Art For All offers. We had an amazing response to the open call with lots of local artists submitting brilliant proposals. With the support of Toy Library we brought together a group of children to be at the centre of the decision-making process and choose

Photo Walthamstow Garden Party 2018 © garpowellevans.co.uk


their favourite activities. To do this I set up a mini garden party with the support of the Barbican. I created ten different mini workshops the children could experience. The children participated in all sorts of activities from music to pottery, theatre to printing, storytelling and interactive installations and we let the children know that they were in charge of choosing which activities would be selected. At the end of the session all the children were given three flowers and invited to plant them in pots, indicating their top three choices. The proposals with the most flowers were chosen, including: Cat and Hutch (interactive storytelling), Playground (a participatory installation game), Bongalong, Tell Tails with Lucky the puppet dog, East of Eden’s family wellbeing offer and Turning Earth to host pottery workshops, and more.

Walthamstow Garden Party 13 & 14 July 12pm-9.30pm (8pm Sun)

FREE Walthamstow Garden Party is presented by Barbican, Create, Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture and residents.

This year I’m also very excited to get creative and make some giant birds with residents which will be situated on Grandad’s Island in the middle of Lloyd Park. The island is hosted by Walthamstowbased arts organisation Artillery and is inspired by the book from local author Benji Davies. Come and say hello and help build a nest or take a bird for a fly!

Photos © Camilla Greenwell

For the first time, News From Nowhere was programmed through an open call process. Many exciting applications poured in and myself, alongside other local creatives Layla Rosa (Walthamstow Youth Circus), Clare Farrow (MovE17) and Sam Francis (X7eaven), we had the difficult task

of deciding which acts to programme alongside our own work. This was not easy due to the calibre of proposals but after a long day of discussion and lots of coffee we settled on an exciting and varied line up that celebrates participation. Joining us will be Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures – Dance Workshop, yoga with locally-based Kuasayoga, Tai Chi with Dao Lu, Dashdot/Youthdance, Drumnbounce ft. Wheelup Sound System, a performance by Moxie Brawl inspired by Jane Morris, a Bollywood style dance work out with BollyX, African drumming with Mbilla Arts ft. Yardley Primary School, Mrs. H & the Singalong Band and a performance of East Side Story presented by Raw Academy and Catalyst in Communities.

theelist.co.uk 13

Your favourite creation for E List? Urban Fox. He has taken on a life of his own and has clearly struck a chord with locals, it’s inspired me to think of other urban dwelling creatures that could be created which I hope will hit the streets soon! Working with the E List has given me the opportunity to observe the locals, studying their habits and hopefully capturing all this in a single monthly drawing!

E LiST RETROSPECTIVE We turn the spotlight on the creatives whose regular contributions have helped define the E List with their quality and style.

… and from your other work? Basil Fawlty – This piece was commissioned by the BBC and got the ball rolling for me, it was also recognised by the Association of Illustrators and won bronze in an end of year awards show, the most thrilling aspect of this was receiving the award from Quentin Blake an inspiration for many years.

Tom Gaul tomgaul.com Tom Gaul is a designer and illustrator who has gradually established a broad client list including BBC Worldwide, Channel 4 and The Guardian. Aside from his commercial work Tom enjoys constantly filling sketchbooks with random thoughts and doodles, often using these books to inspire and develop his creative work further. He works and lives in Walthamstow. 14

thE LEYtonStonE artS tr aiL Book-ended this year by markets, with Stones Throw at St Johns Churchyard on the opening Saturday and the Limited Edition Art Fair at The red Lion on the closing Sunday, July’s Leytonstone Arts Trail is being hosted in over 50 venues which include open houses, studios, local businesses and faith spaces. theelist.co.uk 15

Many Leytonstone based artists and makers have taken part in the Leytonstone Arts Trail for a number of years, but each year sees the arrival of new artists, reflecting the growth of the local creative community. Since the first Trail in 2008 artists have made connections with fellow creatives and this has resulted in some fascinating and exciting collaborations. For example this year Workspace – 4 on Richmond Road will be home to a collection of works by a group of E11 based artists. Other examples of the diverse range of work on show include Josh Raffell’s colourful textile forms on Granleigh Road and Sarah Emily Porter’s tilting painting methods which she will be demonstrating at Narrow Yard Studios. And if you take a stroll along Albert Road you will find two open houses with an eclectic mix of 3D work.

For anyone new to the area, or who want to learn more about their neighbourhood, a walking App has been developed by the Pell Ensemble and Connaught School. This creative digital adventure aims to bring to life the history of Leytonstone high Street through the eyes of its young local residents and will be available from the library.

Leytonstone Arts Trail

On the opening Saturday evening of the Arts Trail make sure to be on Francis Road where there will be a live art performance at Phlox Books by Sarah Grainger-Jones and a gathering at Venner.

Exhibitions are free to attend and open to all. To plan your routes throughout the festival, pick up an Arts Trail Guide from Leytonstone Library and other venues around Leytonstone or visit

Run by volunteers, the dedicated team behind the festival say they start “cooking up” this annual celebration of local creativity shortly after digesting the last crumbs of their Christmas pudding!

6–14 July For listings @Leytonstone_Art @leytonstoneArts


Participating artists and shows featured on previous page: First (top) row: (1) Laura Purseglove (2) Darcy Turner (3) Sarah Grainger-Jones. Second row: (1) Dee Lawrence (2) Stuart Cameron (3) Cinthia Oram. Third row: (1) Leytonstone and Wanstead Synagogue artists (2) Politiká, meaning “affairs of the cities” (3) Willie Nash (4) Sarah Lowe. Fourth (bottom) row (1) Arlene Wandera (2) Tangent

LEYTONSTONE FESTIVAL 2019 – The Best Little Festival Preparations for this year’s festival are now well underway. We’ve the booked the host venues, we’ve booked the performers however, a completely successful Festival now depends on you – the local community. The 2018 Festival was a great success and featured over 70 events across 20 Leytonstone venues. For 2019, we’ve recruited new venues and we welcome the Leytonstone Tavern on harrow Road and The Red Lion, Leytonstone high Road to the Leytonstone Festival Family. Now all we need is the Waltham Forest community to support the host venues and the fantastic performers who are ready to take part and create events for your enjoyment, edification and most importantly, pleasure and fun. For full details of Leytonstone Festival 2019, an Events Programme will be available on the Festival web site: www.leytonstonefestival.org.uk and Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/leytonstonefestival A huge thanks must go to The Stow Brothers (Estate Agents) and to the Star of India and Stone Pizzeria for their generous support.


So, add the dates to your diary 1 – 8 September and make the Leytonstone Festival 2019 memorable for everyone.

Howzat… This summer is the biggest in English cricket for years as they play host to the World Cup and The Ashes. And, despite football’s dominance of the sporting realm, the sound of leather on willow still endures across our borough. Adam Taylor discovers a resurgence in local cricket...

Leyton County Ground refurb It’s hard to imagine England cricket captains striding out across Leyton Cricket Ground, but that’s exactly what they once did. Until the summer of 1977, the ground still hosted Essex in the County Championship. Since those heady days the ground has gone unloved yet finally that is about to change.

As Leyton follows Walthamstow as the next ‘in-place’ it made a ‘Best place to live in the UK’ list recently in The Times - its forgotten cricket ground is to receive a major facelift. The project receiving a £450,000 investment from the English Cricket Board (ECB), matched by our own council. It’s nothing if not ambitious. The vision is to turn Leyton Cricket Ground into “a world-class cricket hub playing host to professional matches”.

Exciting news for East London cricket fans, especially those who love the charm of county outgrounds. It will enhance what is a rare green space in a distinctly urban jungle with its Victorian pavilion centrepiece. The plans also include a café, restaurant, event space and regular food market with all works expected to be completed by summer 2021. continues next page

Left: Essex v Middlesex at the Leyton Cricket Ground 1957. Right: The Leyton Cricket Ground Victotan Pavilion as it is today.

theelist.co.uk 17

his success selling cricket balls in the 1970s led to an invitation to do the same with Dukes, and Jajodia bought the brand outright in 1987 when “it was at a low ebb”. By then with the skilled workforce retiring or dying off, the factory moved from kent to Walthamstow. They’ve been in the neighbourhood ever since.

Dukes on the doorstep Aficionados of cricket will be familiar with the iconic Dukes cricket ball used in Test matches. It’s a little known fact that all Dukes balls are made in Walthamstow. Shernhall Street to be exact. In the ultra-competitive world of international cricket, the type of ball you use is everything. Teams working hard to extract as much advantage as possible from what is a ball of wound string and layer of cork, encased in leather. The Dukes balls have long been the favourite of James Anderson and Stuart Broad, believing them to swing more in English conditions. Every year the ECB buys 600 of them. Their story begins with Dilip Jajodia, an Indian businessman and current owner of British Cricket Balls Ltd, maker of the Dukes.

Walthamstow Cricket Club Photos © www.pennydampier.com


For the all important Ashes series against Australia, Jajodia personally selects the 12 balls for each match by hand. Watch the balls in action as the series starts at 11am, 1 August at Edgbaston.

Anyone for cricket? Wander up to Wood Street Overground station, turn right at the bike shop and stroll down Greenway Avenue, reach the end and you’ll find a haven of green that is Walthamstow Cricket Club.

Club Chairman Derek Steward is keen to keep the club moving forward, currently seeking heritage recognition of the ground to protect it from unsightly development and more mundane things like drainage systems. he can vouch it’s all worth it. “Cricket has given me many beautiful moments in my life, whether it’s batting to save a game in the gloom or fielding in the outfield and hearing church bells. “It’s a wonderful way of connecting with people and seeing the country. “Football has its place but many young people stop at 16, fed up with it. Why not play some cricket. I continued playing all the way until I was 71”. The club welcomes players of all abilities so get in touch. Or, simply turn up and enjoy watching a game on any Saturday through the summer.

Established in 1862, the club has been playing on this turf since 1912. There are nets every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and no less than four teams compete for the club in the Shepherd Neame Essex League. There’s also a thriving Colts section too, with u15, u13 and u11s. And an ambition to start a women’s team (please get in touch if interested).

Fancy donning some whites? walthamstowcc@googlemail.com StowCC


Your favourite E List photograph? Artist Pete Fowler. Being a massive Super Furry Animals fan I’ve always been into Pete’s work, I realised he’d recently moved to the Stow so I pitched the shoot to Paul the editor. Had a great afternoon at his studio chatting and taking pictures and E List got a fantastic cover from Pete.

E LiST RETROSPECTIVE We turn the spotlight on the photographers whose regular contributions have helped define the E List with quality and style.

Chris McAndrew mcandrewphoto.co.uk

… and from your other work? Actress Alicia Vikander – She was pretty grumpy due to jet lag but that tension actually helped the shoot. This was the last shot I took and I knew straight away it was the one I was after.

Chris McAndrew is a Yorkshire born photographer who came to London 20 odd years ago, living in Walthamstow for 10 of them. Known for his arts & entertainment portraits, his editorial work features regularly in many leading national publications along with music industry, PR and commercial commissions.

theelist.co.uk 19

Wainwright Bookbinding

Charlotte Wainwright is a 21st century bookbinder. She invited Penny Rutterford to her studio in Walthamstow to see how she crafts bespoke books, boxes and portfolios to treasure. Photography by Simon Goodwin.


We live in a Digital Age. We read books on kindle, send invitations via Facebook and store our photographs in “The Cloud”. Yet recent reports suggest that sales of physical books are rising as is the interest in artisanal and bespoke items as an antidote to mass production and all things digital. Wainwright Bookbinding is a fine example of this tradition - its owner, Charlotte Wainwright, creates bespoke pieces for her clients who range from individuals to corporate businesses. Tucked down Greenleaf Road, Charlotte’s studio space is shared with a photographer and a ceramicist. The ground floor beneath her studio houses her rather hefty guillotine weighing in at half a tonne and which, quite helpfully, she shares its use with Matt Mckenzie who runs the neighbouring letterpress - Paekakiriki Press. Opening her own bookbinding studio and business was a long held dream, but finding one with a resident letterpress enthusiast was, she says, just a happy coincidence.

Photography © goodwinphotography.co.uk

I asked Charlotte how she came to the craft of bookbinding. “I studied architecture for a year at the Glasgow School of Art which was amazing, but I figured out I didn’t really want to be an architect so I changed course and came down to London to study graphic design and illustration at Central St Martin’s. It was on my Erasmus year in Germany where I discovered bookbinding and fell in love with it. I graduated with a degree in graphic design and illustration but ended up working at a fine bookbinders in central London called Barnard & Westwood”. Before finding her own studio, Charlotte was already successfully selling her work at craft markets and is a member of E17 Designers. By the time she moved into her studio she was receiving orders through word of mouth and had made some commercial contacts. One commercial project she is currently working on is the production of leather presentation folders for Dr Martens. These will be visual merchandising manuals for each of their stores and so matching the branding, feel and quality of their footwear is important. Charlotte is using a thick hide, foil blocking the logo on the cover in a matt yellow and using their trademark yellow stitching around the outside. The bespoke nature of Charlotte’s work means that she receives some precious commissions. She is currently working to

I made a wedding album using the French lace of someone’s wedding dress. repair and bind a personal diary which is over 80 years old, written by a client’s grandfather while in India. Another involves a handwritten recipe book kept by a grandmother throughout her life. Wedding season can be especially busy, Charlotte crafts bespoke wedding albums and invitations but enjoys the challenge of creating something different, “I particularly enjoy using unusual materials to cover a book. I made a wedding album using the French lace of someone’s wedding dress. I had done it before for my own wedding album and they’d seen it on my Instagram. With another I used the silk of a wedding dress and the spine was covered in the tartan of the groom’s kilt”.

into shared creative studios. She is project managing this renovation working with local architects Bat Studio. Mindful that she is working within the conservation area of the Village, and drawing on her love of the character of the Warner houses around Walthamstow she has recently been busy sourcing hand glazed curved bricks for the facade. Talking of the plans Charlotte says, “It’s going to be single storey with space for six large desk areas to rent, space for my bindery and room at the front dedicated to multipurpose use so we’ll be able to put on a programme of workshops, use it as a gallery space, or host small events. My hope is that it will become an asset to the creative community”.

Initially drawn by Walthamstow’s reputation as a place with a thriving creative community Charlotte is now putting down roots here and embarking on an ambitious project to build Beulah Road Studios (www.beulahroadstudios. com), renovating dilapidated garages

wainwrightbookbinding.com @wainwrightbookbinding

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Your favourite E List photograph? The Larder cocktails. I’ve always enjoyed photographing food and drink but this shoot was special because there were so many great cocktails to choose from! Naturally they didn’t go to waste after the shoot.

E LiST RETROSPECTIVE We turn the spotlight on the photographers whose regular contributions have helped define the E List with quality and style.

Simon Goodwin goodwinphotography.co.uk

… and from your other work? Favourite ever photo - Lapsley Frameworks bike – Again for the E List! As a keen cyclist the opportunity to see some bespoke bike frames being handmade was very exciting and working with talented people makes my life as a photographer much easier. I’m really proud of the set of images I made that day and I look back on them fondly.

Simon is a London based photographer whose recent commercial clients have included Waitrose, Pearson, Colart, Argos, McDonalds and the Blood Pressure Association and can be contacted for private commissions on 07778718377 or simon@goodwinphotography.co.uk 22

Photo Š James Trundle (Night shot)

SARAH EMILY PORTER Winner of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2018 Sarah Emily Porter is an artist who explores the complexity and architecture of colour through her paintings, sculptures and installations. In advance of the opening of her studio as part of this year’s Leytonstone Art Trail she talks to Paul Lindt about her multi-dimensional career to date.

Above: Correlated Journeys, a City of London Bench for the London Festival of Architecture 2019.

theelist.co.uk 23

What kind of artist are you? I’m an abstract painter interested in the process of making, materials and the relationship of colour. In order to allow my materials to have a voice in the work, I pour and manipulate paint on tilting wooden structures to let the force of gravity decide the final outcome of my paintings. More recently I have been exploring these ideas through sculpture and installation. I see that you specialised in architectural history during your history degree at Durham. Has that interest had an influence on your art do you think? Most definitely. I’m fascinated by how history influences the future and I think this plays a large role in the work I’m currently making. I want to push the boundaries of what has been made before to create innovative work that challenges our perceptions of what is possible with materials and how we use colour. The systems put in place to create my paintings are often inspired by geometries found in architecture, with

my sculptural body of work exploring how space and places can impact on the final outcome of the work. How did you initially discover your creativity? I have always been creative and dreamed of being an artist but the pressure for financial stability created by increased student loans meant I took the more traditional route through education. I think art had always felt like an easy option for me so the thought of being challenged by university excited me. I’m glad it ended up this way, as it’s given me a whole host of experiences to draw from to feed my practice, as well as the time to really understand what I want from being an artist. What do you love about your life as an artist? I love how varied my working week can be. One day I could be networking with clients at a gallery in the West End, the next liaising with suppliers at a timber yard. Recently, I was given the opportunity to work at NLCS Jeju Arts Festival in South

Korea, where I will be teaching workshops about abstract, process painting to children aged 13-18 so the opportunity to travel and do what you love isn’t bad either! You have won or been shortlisted for several major art prizes. Which has made the most impact on you? I think winning the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize in 2018 was a turning point for my practice. The work I made for the prize, ‘Anatomy of colour’, explored the traditions of painting (composition, colour, form) through sculpture but it wasn’t until it was installed in Broomhill’s meadow that I realised how much depth the environment would add to the work. ‘Anatomy of Colour’ is now a permanent feature in the Broomhill National Sculpture Garden in North Devon. You also undertake commissions. Do you have a different mindset for such work? Do you find it easier or harder than your self-initiated work? I love doing both. Working for commission can challenge me

Above left: Nine by Nine, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 91cm x 91cm Above right: Untitled 2 (Lamp), 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 45cm


to think about my practice in a different way and inspire new ideas which can be really rewarding. As my painting process is so organic it’s always a little nerve wracking revealing the final work to the client as I can only ever give a suggestion of how the work will turnout. Recently, I was commissioned by the London Festival of Architecture to make a bench that is on display outside The Royal Exchange, London until 31 August. The nice thing about this commission was the opportunity to collaborate with maker James Trundle and learn new woodworking skills.

On your website you offer appointments so people can come and see you work. What appeals to you about the idea of the ‘open’ studio? It’s the first time I’ve been a part of the Trail and I can’t wait to meet people from the local community who share an interest in art and design. As I’m interested in the process of making, I love the idea of talking to people about my influences and showing them my working processes so they can gain a greater understanding of how my work is made.

This July you are taking part in Leytonstone Arts Trail. What have you got planned? You’ll be able to explore my working processes, have a go at paint pouring and view a series of new paintings and prints in the exhibition space at Narrow Yard Studios, 20 Wilmot Road - a converted warehouse on a residential street in Leyton and home to some amazingly creative businesses and a whippet called Tinto.

Looking forward after the Trail what’s next? I’ll be installing a new sculptural project for the Richard Seager Annual Arts Award who commissioned myself and maker James Trundle to design and make a sensory pergola for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in Dorset. The project was inspired by the Jurassic Coast and uses colour to create an engaging space and focal point in the garden.

Sarah Emily Porter Open Studio Leytonstone Arts Trail Saturday 6 & 13 July, 10-5pm. Narrow Yard Studios 20 Wilmot Road, E10 5LU. You’ll be able to explore Sarah’s working processes, have a go at paint pouring and view a series of new paintings and prints in the exhibition space at Narrow Yard.

sarahemilyporter.com/ exhibitions

Above: The Anatomy of Colour, 2018 on display at Broomhill National Sculpture Garden

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What I like about Chris – and there’s much to like – is he loves everything like it’s the greatest thing, even a dowdy event in Lloyd Park. He hails from equally dowdy Torquay, a backwater on the Devon coast, which is a far cry from uber cool and the international Continental Drifts. But he puts on a festival there too, describing Grinagog as “one of the most important things for me that exists”. “I go for the place with the most vibe,” he tells, me. Which is handy, as the ‘vibe’ is what he spends all his time creating. He’s even been known as a ‘vibe engineer’.


Chris Tofu Chris MacMeikan, AKA DJ Tofu, went from living in a Walthamstow squat to setting up one of the most successful creative arts outfits in the UK. Director of Glastonbury’s fabled Shangri-La area, ‘vibe engineer’, and recently appointed Member of the British Empire, the musician and festival legend welcomed Adam Taylor for a chat at his office – a barge in Tottenham Hale. Photo by Paul Tucker. You can’t tell people’s work from how they look. That would be ridiculous. But, if you had to guess what Chris Tofu gets up to for a living, you would likely dismiss sales or dentistry and possibly venture ‘something to do with music or festivals’. His look is half Jack Sparrow, half wizard. How do you pull 26

this off? Try four decades of DJing, anarchic gatherings and living in festival fields. I first met Chris while putting on a ‘jazz picnic’ in Lloyd Park in 2008. The Garden Party it wasn’t. But Chris got it. The conversation went something like, “Wow man, I knew this would rock-a-doodle. Cool shakes, amigo. Look me up.”

I did, and discovered that from Glastonbury to Bestival, he was lynchpin of the country’s largest music festivals. His company, Continental Drifts, creates events for over two million people every year – from Trafalgar Square and West Country fields, to our very own Borough of Culture.

Continental Drifts was formally set up in 1998 but it started way back in various Upper Walthamstow squats. Life then was touring anarchist venues and free festivals during the Summer of Love or, as Chris calls it, “the summer of crust”. In between, he had a “great job” working with people with learning difficulties in LeytonStone House, which is “now a bleeding Tescos”. Glastonbury describes its Shangri-La area as “a mirror up to the masses, challenging people in politics and play”. NME just says “it leaves you fizzing with excitement”. As someone disillusioned with the now-corporate nature of the UK’s greatest festival, if I did go back, this area is where I would be. With creativity oozing from every patch of mud, it’s on a surreal outer edge of what festivals can be. I like to find a suitable hillock at festivals, gaze down and wonder ‘where did this all come from?’ Un-mysteriously, the answer is hard work. Chris explains: “It’s like an endless meeting. There are three directors and thousands of people doing their thing. We’re like traffic controllers, but I would be dust without

Photo © paultucker.co.uk

From squatting to running Shangri-La

partners and Continental Drifts co-founders, Mel Wilds and Mandy Janes.”

Letting go of those stiff upper lips Festivals are all about crazy people coming together to create intoxicating alternative worlds. And, surely the uk does it better than anyone else – at least the muddy field variety. “uk fests have been an amazing journey, from pallets to palaces, police helicopters and riot vans to one of the biggest earners in culture. I think they are super popular for anthropological reasons; no barriers and common ground mean people interact in a different way – the stiff upper lip turns to rubber. “unlike Europe and South America, we starve people of traditional carnival experiences. We’ve had the fun sucked out by licences that stop at 11 and nimbys. When free from the rules, the English are always up for a big laugh.” One particularly big laugh was the Walthamstow festival, which Chris helped to put on in the early 2000s. Starting out in the village, it soon spread to the high street with a full-throttle sonic blast. “The local Channel One Sound system shook the market with dub bass. We had up to 35,000 people in the end with stages from top to bottom and the likes of DV8 (now Big Creative Education) putting on our own versions of Dizzy Rascal and Miss Dynamite.” If you put on music events locally, you inevitably cross swords with the council. But Chris explains things in a positive light. “The council get a bad rap but they’re doing many good things, right? They don’t have an easy job. And ‘they’ can refer to thousands of people, many doing brilliant work. Some obviously are institutionalised and ineffective

as in all large organisations, but credit where it’s due. “Local authorities always seemed terrified to work with locals, so that’s changed a bit. Look at the brilliant work that the curators at Mirth and Leytonstone Ballroom and many other spots are doing. This has been a joy to see and be a small part of. “Our council and the GLA made this amazing Borough of Culture happen, which is putting the place on the map like never before. Blur and Africa Express in Leytonstone, you have to pinch yourself”. But what about the side effects of so much change? “Create great places and you get increased property prices and your local shop turns into a cappuccino barbers. On the other hand, there’s actually a night-time economy here now and the food is ten times better.”

Loose lingo and words of wisdom Through his wild and wonderful journey Chris has had his fair share of bands. his favourite being The Tofu Love Frogs whose biggest hit was all about someone being hit by a vegetable in the market – it’s

a true story (see the link at the end). Think hardcore anarchist Celtic punk; The Pogues with the energy turned up to 11. I ask him if The Tofu Love Frogs would reform and play Stowathon, my own 24-hour charity music event. Instead, he offers me a clown for the duration. It’s hard to keep up. These days Chris prefers the decks. A musical pioneer, he’s been instrumental in creating genres such as electro swing, gypsy remix and vintage remix. Think brass bands or Welsh choirs with a calypso or disco beat. Interviewing Chris is certainly unpredictable. Who else can parrot words like ‘cool amigo’ and ‘cool shakes’? On his office barge there’s paraphernalia of a hundred festival crusades – posters going back decades and, yes, I notice he’s wearing a couple of unmistakable ‘Crew’ entry wristbands. So, what’s Chris’s advice for anyone else who might want to get into the creative industries and gain those much sought after bands? “Love what you do! Believe in it. A lot! Be as freaky and different as you like, it will pay off in the end!”

It really paid off in 2017 when, along with musical giants Ed Sheeran and Sandy Shaw, Tofu vibes reached the Palace and Chris scooped an MBE. Picture this maverick in Buck house! Wasn’t he tempted to do a Bowie and turn it down? “holy God, did Bowie refuse? I had trouble. A couple of mates won’t talk to me, but it meant so much to my Mum and there’s something about being a ‘ghost in the machine’. For me it was ‘most blags ever’. It was for organising diverse music and our Arts Council work. I’m eternally proud of what we as outsiders have achieved.” Finally, what about the name – where does it come from? “I eat loads of tofu. It’s Tofutopia all the way for me.” Tofu and high vibes, amigos.

Chris Tofu, MBE continentaldrifts.co.uk mixcloud.com/DJChrisTofu soundcloud.com/tofulovefrogs/ vegetable-attack

High vibes on the festival scene, curated by Continental drifts

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A LIFE WITH BELLS Peter Harvey has been ringing bells, promoting campanology and raising funds for eight years; having been a key player in the restoration of St Mary’s bells. Now he tells E List why bell ringing really is for all and how and why he got hooked. In the hazy days of my twenties and early thirties working as a bodyguard and doorman troubleshooting clubs all over London, I didn’t even know bellringing was a thing let alone it was my thing. Turns out it very much is, as since taking it up eight years ago at the suggestion of my Sikh raised, devout atheist missus, I have become deputy tower captain at St. Mary’s and tower captain at St. Saviour’s. My preconceptions of those involved being hyperreligious parishioners proved unfounded. Ringers it turns out come from all faiths and none. Although full circle change ringing started life as a secular pastime of the aristocracy and landed gentry, today it is almost exclusively found in Anglican churches and is classless to the core. Diversity is centric in the ringing world with ringers ranging in age from 8 to 80 and though it started as a male pursuit women have been involved since the 1800s (St Mary’s captain being a woman in her late 70s). Whilst a bedrock of Anglicanism - indeed its call to pray - it’s certainly not exclusively an Anglo-activity; St Saviour’s has an Italian, Venezuelan and a 15 year old lad of Ugandan heritage as members of its band. Disabilities also present no bar; I ring with blind ringers, one-armed ringers and many autistic ringers (in fact there is a strong correlation between autism and campanology). I began my ringing career at St Mary’s under the tutelage of the esteemed ringer and local historian Dennis Hewitt whose achievements were lauded throughout Blighty and beyond; he was after all a member of the ancient society of College Youths (the world’s 350 year old premier Picture: St Mary’s youngest ringer, Lucas Bent


ringing band). I mastered the basics reasonably quickly and visited other towers to accelerate progress, finding myself a regular at St Saviour’s whose head honcho was one Mickey Etches a 25 year old gifted campanologist and 1% biker(!) capable of the illusive to all but a very few double handling (ringing two bells simultaneously), something he began to teach me before his move to the wilds of deepest Essex forced him to hand St Saviour’s reins over to me. And so today we are in the process of forging the two sister towers together under the umbrella of the Walthamstow Society of Change Ringers; the two towers constitute campanology in Walthamstow and represent churches at either extreme of the Anglican tradition. St Mary’s is low church whilst St Saviour’s practice high church Anglo-Catholicism. As such, the histories of the two churches are starkly different. St Mary’s dates back to the 12th century with a 14th century bell tower; conversely, St Saviour’s church and tower were built simultaneously in 1874 largely so the town’s Anglo-Catholics could cock a snook at St Mary’s congregation who

held sway in the area. In the early days Walthamstow was so staunchly low church that for two periods totalling 15 years (1638-1679) St Mary’s operated without a vicar at the helm and when the state attempted to impose its own vicars, the parishioners deemed them too high and riots ensued leading to Cromwell threatening to send in the army. 200 years on, low church sentiments were still strong enough that St Saviour’s posted burly cricket bat wielding youths at the church gates to prevent local fire brands from breaking up the service. Thankfully things are a tad more sedate today! Campanology is a constant learning curve and unlike many team based pastimes it can be picked up and put down with no detrimental effect on one’s own or another’s learning. Your level of involvement is purely personal, your attachment or lack thereof to other religions an irrelevance. There are those who attend the odd practice intermittently and those who ring for service at one or more churches every Sunday. There are ringing courses from 1 day to a full week; ringing holidays at home and abroad; tower outings where we ring at several towers usually with a pub lunch in between and competitions for varying abilities. You can visit and are most welcome at towers wherever you find yourself in the country. So if you fancy acquiring new skills both quirky and compelling then look no further than the ancient art of campanology and give me a bell (pun most definitely intended!)

Peter Harvey 07766336955

Your favourite E List photograph? It has been very rewarding to meet and photograph so many local people who inspire and contribute so much to the community. It was hard to choose a favourite image from the 57 Local Heroes that I’ve photographed over the last 6 years. One of those that I was most pleased with is Roger Huddle, a political activist, volunteer and poet. We agreed to meet at the Rose and Crown pub, one of his favourite haunts and also one of the most popular venues for some of the other Local Heroes. Amongst many things Roger is also a photographer and, like me, would prefer to be behind the camera. It was one of the last frames I took on the film in which everything came together: composition, subject, location, and lighting.

E LiST RETROSPECTIVE We turn the spotlight on the photographers whose regular contributions have helped define the E List with their quality and style. … and from your other work?

Paul Tucker paultucker.co.uk

‘Gareth - Fabricator’ from series ‘Mechanical Means’ – I have gone on to work with Roger Huddle (above) in a series of group exhibitions related to art and revolution. This image is taken from Aftermath 1919, part of the recent E17 Art Trail. It comes from a series of portraits inspired by the revolution in photography that was taking place in Germany from 1919 during the Weimer Republic. In the spirit of those times, they were taken entirely on a No.3 Carbine folding film camera, manufactured in the 1920s at the Ensign Camera Factory in Walthamstow, at one time the largest camera factory in Europe. The idea was to document, using double exposures, different roles in a manufacturing environment by visiting local factories. The process of overlaying two images in-camera (rather than in Photoshop) is unpredictable but can give a new energy and meaning to the photograph.

Paul is a photographer based in Walthamstow. He works closely with galleries, artists and designers. Alongside his commercial work he continues to develop personal projects and regularly exhibits his work.

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definition: things that are strange; queer; odd; uncommon; unusual; distinctive in nature or character from others; characteristic of; belonging exclusively to an area. Architectural historian, Karen Averby seeks out such things from this corner of London’s rich and varied past

LOCAL STORIES FOR LOCAL PEOPLE All good things must come to an end, and as the E-list bows out of circulation for now, it’s timely to take a look at previous local publications which have been pored over by former residents over the years. Pamphlets were a popular means of disseminating information of various sorts from the 17th century onwards, and as well as factual items such as sale catalogues of property, were often used for political and religious propaganda as well as for salacious and scandalous news, such as The genuine particulars of the Murder of Mr Joseph Jeffries of Walthamstow...by his Niece and Serving Man (1751), and Sermon at Walthamstow on the suppression of the Rebellion (1746).

apparently not allowed into a recent wedding until they wore veils produced by the vicar. Library magazines were also popular, and would often include articles on history and literature as well as local news. The Leyton Library Magazine was perhaps the best and most widely known, and amongst its many articles over the years were a descriptive article on the origin of the Green Man pub with reference to English courtier, politician and merchant during the reign of Queen highwayman Dick Turpin (1905), Elizabeth I, Sir Michael Hicks’ tomb in St Mary’s, Leyton. and in 1899 it included a piece in the 1960s, to the mid-20th century (with portrait) on Sir Michael hicks (1543– decades of the popular Wood Street Walks, 1612) of Ruckholt Manor house. and all of the fairs, fetes, and fundraising But it was local newspapers which came evenings inbetween. to provide the most prolifically popular In recent years the E-List has provided a and accessible information about the similar modern-day cultural guide to local area. Dating from the early 19th century events, with articles, advertisements, and onwards, they included The Walthamstow listings, focusing on many local people who Weekly, The Walthamstow Chronicle, make this area what it is. It will be missed. and Walthamstow & Leyton Guardian and featured news articles both home It has been a pleasure and an honour to and abroad, a variety of advertisements write about the various little snippets of the for local businesses large and small. As borough’s history over the last six years. entertainments developed, local theatre Thank you for reading. and cinema listings, and even television archangelheritage.co.uk schedules were published. Coverage of local events has always been important, from the days of 19th and 20th century smoking concerts, the opening of the Victoria Line House Histories

The growth of the various local parishes, especially from the later Murderer Elizabeth Jeffries 19th century onwards, led to the popularity of the parish magazine which then as now provided a window into church and parish life, typically including articles, parish notices, details of appointed and departing clergy, and other more trivial matters such as lost property. In 1908 the then vicar for St Michael and All Angels sternly declared in his parish magazine that bridesmaids must cover their heads with a veil or hat rather than adorning their tresses with flowers as was the fashion; four bareheaded bridesmaids were headline from a 1967 issue of the Walthamstow Guardian and Gazette. 30

Have you ever wondered who used to live in your house, or how it has changed over time?

Packages telling the story of your house available to suit all budgets. For a FREE consultation email Karen Averby info@archangelheritage.co.uk www.archangelheritage.co.uk/house-histories


discount for EList readers (Quote REFELIST)


by Mo Gallaccio

Ever been asked ‘where are you from?’ Send your poems to the Waltham Forest Poetry Competition on the theme of Where I’m From and you could win £300. It’s open to everyone and there are prizes for local and young poets too. Your poem could be about where you live, for example, or where you were born. It could be about your family’s heritage. It could even be about your beliefs or state of mind. It’s entirely up to you. There’s a total of £900 in prizes and all the winners will be published on our website and in our ‘Where I’m From’ anthology. Even if you don’t win, you have a chance of being published in our anthology if your poem mentions a location in Waltham Forest. There’s going to be an awards ceremony on Thursday 14 November at One Hoe Street, Walthamstow, where everyone will be invited to read their poems. Main prize – 18 and over: 1st £300, 2nd £200, 3rd £100. Local Adult prize (for anyone who lives, works or studies in Waltham Forest): 1st £50, 2nd £30, and 3rd £20. Young Poets – under 18s: 1st £50, 2nd £30, 3rd £20. Local prize: 1st £50, 2nd £30, and 3rd £20.

Picking the winners will be Waltham Forest poet and head teacher Graham Clifford. You can send us up to 6 poems, no longer than 40 words each.

We’re really looking forward to reading your poems… and GOOD LUCK! Closing date is Monday 7 October 2019 Further info available from…


In their pens the watermelons are restive, vying for attention, voluptuous, showing off their curves. Dark perfect globes, resonant as tom toms luxuriating in the heat, shameless, radiating sun and “come and get me”. A tiger striped giant winks furiously: smitten, I scoop it up, hug it to me and lug it home, precariously balanced on one hip. The kitchen cools with shadows. My prize, trembling on a platter, sponged clear of dust, sweats gratitude and torpor. Calmly reassuring, lending my weight, I steady it with my left hand, and with my right and an old bread knife make swift, surgical incisions. A gasp, a sigh, oh so thankful to be freed it relaxes into vivid joyous fleshy grins.

Mo Gallaccio is a member of Forest Poets, who meet monthly for supportive feedback and is chaired by Paul McGrane. She has poems in several magazines and a booklet Promises, illustrated with her own woodcuts: published by Paekakariki Press, run by Matt McKenzie on Mitre Avenue, which is available from London Borough of Culture Hub, One Hoe Street, Walthamstow.

theelist.co.uk 31

E~LiCiOUS a Guide to Fine things to Eat, Drink and Savour

Sean’s tipple tips The next big trend in the drinks world?

FORSOOTH IT’S VERMOUTH! Sean Pines says that vermouth is more than just for cocktails – it’s there to be savoured. Those of us who enjoy an occasional little libation will have heard of vermouth but most don’t know exactly what it is. So here we go. Vermouth is an aromatised fortified (spirit added) wine. The base ingredient is a white wine usually made from quite neutral grape varieties then aromatised with herbs and botanicals and in that sense I suppose you could almost say it’s like a cross between wine and gin. What a combination! Vermouth as we know it today was first created in Turin in northern Italy in the late 18th century and it mainly comes in 2 forms, red and white. White vermouths tend to be dryer, the red having the addition of caramel to give colour and sweetness. Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of the familiar big Italian brands such as Martini and Cinzano, or the dry French 32

Noilly Pratt, which are great ingredients for cocktails such as Negroni, Manhatton, Martini etc. But ‘the’ way to have vermouth now is straight with ice and a slice of lemon for white or orange for the red, to appreciate the true sense of herbs and spices. For this we want the bit more complex interesting brands. In Spain it is often served this way as an aperitif with tapa during what they refer to as ‘La hora del Vermut’ (the hour of vermouth) in the vermouth bars of Barcelona and Madrid. It is drunk around 1pm before having lunch with friends. Another serve is with some tonic as a ‘V&T’ instead of your ‘G&T’, which makes a delicious lower alcohol long summer drink. Please give it a try, I think you’ll be amazed at this delightful wine that seems to have skipped a generation

St Petroni Vermú (above) from Galicia in northern Spain is unusual in that it uses the albariño grape variety as its base wine. £24.50 (takeaway 1L bottle). Orford Saloon Tapas and Deli, 32 Orford Road, London E17 9NJ.

or two. But if you do, please promise me one thing. Do not use that old bottle of Martini that has been at the back of your cupboard for the past 10 years. Invest in a fresh one - it is a wine after all. Enjoy!

Sean Recommends: St Petroni Vermú (red and white) Details with picture above. Sacred Spiced Vermouth From the makers of Sacred Gin in highgate £29.95 75cl. www.sacredgin.com Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino £18.00 50cl. Waitrose online and in store.

Sean Pines is a wine consultant and monthly wine and spirit tasting host.




A SPOTTER’s Guide to LOCAL streetLIFE for East London’s people watchers.

From a series by Walthamstow resident, illustrator Tom Gaul. instagram tomgaul_doodles

www.tomgaul.com theelist.co.uk 33

E~DEN a Directory of Useful Services & Beautiful Things for the Home Get your garden in shape this Spring

Clive Meredeen Qualified gardener & designer Call 07976 946140

Beautiful urban outdoor spaces Walthamstow-based Small jobs welcome Free initial consultation www.clivemeredeengardendesign.co.uk


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Locally based, honest, unbiased independent financial advice › Wealth Management › Retirement Planning › Estate Planning › Protection › Finance › Employee Benefits Contact Antony Smith for a no obligation consultation today! Call 0333 456 0468 or email hello@providusfinancial.co.uk Address 20 The Avenue, Highams Park, London E4 9LD Providus Financial Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


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Mortgage advice that’s right up your street Marsh Street provides comprehensive mortgage advice for everyone. We source from a wide range of lenders and have access to a number of different products. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and high quality bespoke service that ensures that you are treated fairly at all times. We have the experience and ability to identify your needs, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product to make life easier for our customers.

Marsh Street was the original name of Walthamstow High Street where a number of large manor houses were used as weekend or summer retreats. Samuel Pepys’ bosses had houses here, and after visiting one of them Pepys described how they had drunk wine from a local vineyard and “the whole company said they never drank better foreign wine [than this one] in their lives”.

Not only will we help you find the right mortgage, but we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your mortgage transaction is completed swiftly and effectively, so you can concentrate on the other parts of buying your dream home.

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M ARSH enquiries@marshstreetmortgages.co.uk 0208 509 8626 40 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NJ

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for the advice given, the exact amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495 or 1%.

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E~VOLVE a Directory for a Healthy Mind & Body finding it


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Psychotherapy can help you overcome difficult situations and improve the quality of your life.

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Valeria Bonfiglio Psychologist MBPsS

Tel 07912 887588 www.valeriabonfiglio.co.uk

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Offering a sliding scale of fees English and Spanish

Fitness & Sport Sundays NEW Brave Women Bootcamp Leyton Manor Park, Capworth Street E10 A women-only bootcamp for all fitness levels for those aged 12+ at . Be guided through various exercise stations, finishing off with abdominal work. What could be better than burning serious calories AND getting that vitamin D?! Bring a workout mat or purchase one from us. 11am-12pm. £7 online. Bulk and student discounts available. thebodypeople.co.uk Wednesdays NEW Silent Disco Fitness Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Uplifting, fun, funky and playful workouts to Jungle/drum’n’bass in the park using the latest silent disco fitness kit. Please bring your own headphones. 11am. £12 drop-in or £80 for 10 classes. londonjunglerunners.com Tuesdays Sazzercise Leyton Youth Centre, Crawley Road E10 6PY Sazzercise will improve your cardiovascular health, burn fat, as well as develop overall muscle strength, endurance, core stability and flexibility. We cover traditional aerobics as well as body conditioning and a bit of dance. 7-8pm. £8 each, 5 for £30. sazzercise.co.uk


Mondays & Fridays NEW Hiit E17 Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN High Intensity Interval Training session. Mums welcome with babies (non crawlers/walkers). 10.15-11am. £10, discounts for block booking hiite17.co.uk Thursdays NEW Hiit E17 Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS As above but different venue and day. Wednesdays This Mum Runs Walthamstow Wednesdays Hollow Ponds, Whipps Cross Road E11 1NP Free weekly women’s group run. We are a community of women on a mission to be happier and healthier. We run at the speed of chat to do something that is Just. For. Us. 7.308.30pm. FREE. thismumruns.co.uk Sundays This Mum Runs Walthamstow Sundays Lloyd Park/William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP As above. 8-9am. FREE. thismumruns.co.uk

Wednesdays & Saturdays Zumba® Fitness! Forest YMCA, 642 Forest Road E17 3EF An exhilarating dance fitness class in a low pressure atmosphere. Wear low tread supportive trainers and bring a bottle of water. Two Saturday sessions 9am or 10am starts and Wednesdays 11am. £7 or 10 for £60. TheBodyPeople.co.uk Thursdays NEW Buggy Fitness Humphry’s Cafe in the Park, Highams Park IG8 9RF Get back into shape in this fun fitness class. There’s a mixture of cardiovascular exercise, toning and stretching. Suitable for new mums after their postnatal check-up. Please bring a mat or picnic blanket. 1.30-2.30pm. £8, 4 classes for £20, taster £3. lizdenton-fitness.co.uk Until 17 August NEW Walk and Talk for Your Life Meet at the Priory Court Community Centre, 11 Priory Court Road E17 6LD Join this socialising and exercise programme designed for older adults (55+) taking place in Lloyd Park this summer, as part of an academic study with Middlesex University. Reduce falls risk, make new friends, and learn about health holistically. Sessions 2-4pm or 4-6pm Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri. FREE. Nicholas Bender 07562 475706 WTLWalthamstow@gmail.com Search facebook for ‘WTLWalthamstow’

Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi Mondays Baby Massage and Yoga Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road E17 4QU Calling all yogimamas, yogipapas and yogibabies. Fun and frolics on the yogamats. Mums get a stretch, baby gets in the groove with yoga moves, then blissful relaxation with massage. They sleep like logs afterwards. 11.30am-12.15pm. £10, class pass discounts available. thehealthworks.co.uk Tuesdays NEW Energising Yoga Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Aligning breath and movement ‘flow’ to get the body feeling supple and warm. We move through poses that release muscle tension and also strengthen (stabilise). Finishing with relaxation to bring calm to body and mind. 7-8pm. £7. yogaannie.org/schedule Tuesdays Yoga for Seniors Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR We use gentle movement aligned with the breath, and focus on improving joint mobility, posture, balance and muscle strength, making use of props and chairs to ensure all yoga postures are accessible. Beginners welcome, but please consult with your doctor first. 10.30-11.15am. £4. yogaannie.org/schedule

Fridays Dru Yoga St Peter & Paul Church, Vestry Hall, The Green Walk E4 7AZ Mixed ability yoga class incorporating postures, sequences, breath work and meditation with deep relaxation. 9.3010.45am. £12, book 6 get 1 FREE. eyespyyoga.co.uk Sundays Gentle Yoga for Tension Release & Relaxation Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Suitable for Beginners. We focus on gentle breath-work to calm the mind, combined with slow movement and simple yoga poses to release tension from the body. Restoring balance to mind and body. 10.30-11.30am. £7. yogaannie.org/schedule Saturdays & Wednesdays Iyengar Yoga class St Andrew’s Church Hall, Church Road E17 6AR Iyengar Yoga is suitable for everyone. Learn at your own pace in a supportive environment. It increases suppleness, strength, stamina; it improves posture and concentration and promotes well being. Suitable for beginners. Saturdays 9-10am & Wednesdays 7-8pm. £9 pay as you go, £45 for 6. Nicholette 07962 424 460 nicholetteyoga@gmail.com Tuesdays Gentle Yoga Health Works, 111a Hoe Street (entrance on Cairo Rd) E17 4RX Hayley is teaching a gentle yoga class suitable for elders or people with arthritis and other chronic complaints. Only 4 people per class so you get lots of individual attention specifically for your condition. 9.30-10.30am. £13. 020 8503 7794 thehealthworks.co.uk Wednesdays Tai Chi for Health and Balance Leytonstone United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Road E11 1AY Learn Tai Chi in a fun, comfortable environment. Suitable for all, beginners and all fitness levels welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 12.30-1.30pm. £8. Gemma 07916 334670 facebook.com/mdaforestgateleytonstone

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Events around town this summer

July/August Exhibitions & weekly events Arts, Crafts & Film 6-14 July NEW Leytonstone Arts Trail 2019 Various venues & times See cover artist and features on pages 15 and 23. An eclectic mix of art at a range of venues throughout Leytonstone and Leyton. Please check the Trail website for more details. leytonstoneartstrail.org Until 7 July NEW Hero of Switzerland: All You Can Eat Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9NJ For the window gallery’s last ever show Hero and chums bring a feast for the eyes with food themed printed art, design and illustration. So if your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you have good taste, come to their visual buffet and make sure you bring a doggy bag. Includes a pop-up shop at weekends! FREE. wvwg.co.uk Sat & Sun 6-14 July NEW Carnival Fill the Gap Gallery, Church Lane E11 1HE Exhibition by the Creative Bloc, Leytonstone-based artists’ group. Packed full of exciting 2 and 3D art on the theme of Carnival. Vivid, colourful, sinister, artists’ imaginations to enthrall you. NB one step at the entrance. 10.30am-5pm. FREE. leytonstoneartstrail.org Until 26 July Beryl Swain: The Need For Speed 1B Window Gallery, 1B Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Kirstin Sibley presents the history of E17’s pioneering motorcycle racer, Beryl Swain, the first woman to ride solo in the treacherous Isle of Man TT in 1962. Artwork by Invisible Numbers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FREE. invisiblenumbers.co.uk Until 19 July Inspired! The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA E17 artists of all abilities, celebrate their world and all its wonders. A mix of work in all media exploring nature, science and the imagination. From the personal to the universal. The world is ours! TuesSun 9.30am-6pm. FREE. themille17.org Events marked 38

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Until 22 September NEW Exhibition: Madge Gill William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP The most comprehensive survey of Gill’s work to date, brings together drawings, large-scale embroideries, textiles and archival objects, many of which have never been shown before. Tues-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. wmgallery.org.uk Until January 2020 Swarm: Artists Respond to the Pollinator Crisis Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH New work from artists Anna Alcock, Hannah Ford, Miyuki Kasahara, Alke Schmidt and Sandie Sutton, responding to the alarming global decline of pollinators. Featuring painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture and installation. Tues-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. vestryhousemuseum.org.uk 5-21 July NEW Tangent The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG An exhibition of artwork by the volunteers who collectively run The Stone Space gallery. Thurs by appt, Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE. stonespace.gallery 19-21 July NEW Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival One Hoe Street, 1 Hoe Street E17 4PH A celebration of Islamic experiences! Exhibitions, a sightseeing bus tour, spoken word, comedy, storytelling, workshops, discussions, human books, films, meet the author and artist, and much more! Something for everyone. 11am-10pm. Most activities FREE. halaltourismbritain.com/festival Until 28 July Look Up presents Awe, Yes! // The Joy of Print Bühler & Co, 8 Chingford Road E17 4PJ New limited edition prints by the artists of E17 printmakers’ gallery Look Up - exploring the wonder of print; celebrating moments that continue to inspire and influence their creative practices. Open Sat 9am-10:30pm, Sun 9am-5pm, Mon-Wed 8am-5pm, ThursFri 8am-10:30pm. FREE. lookupprints.com

19 August-1 Sept NEW Walthamstow & District Photographic Society’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition Winns Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Rd E17 4PP An exhibition by current members to mark 125 years of the society. Why not become a member of the society founded in 1896! 11am-5pm. FREE. wdps.org

Tuesdays East Side Jazz Club Leytonstone Ex-servicemens Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB Weekly modern jazz club featuring the UK’s best jazz musicians in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Hosted by drummer Clive Fenner. 8.30-11pm. £7 cash on the door. eastsidejazzclub.blogspot.com

1-18 August NEW Whiffler by Ubada Muti The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG A work in progress that will be developed by the artist over the period of the exhibition. Thurs by appt, Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE. stonespace.gallery

Mondays (term-time only) Sing17 Community Choir Walthamstow Trades Hall, 61-63 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ 5 years on and going strong! Join us for some top notch singing and good fun. No previous experience needed. Absolutely no auditions. Regular or come-when-you-can members welcome. 7.30-9pm. £8 PAYG, £7 in advance. FREE taster. Laura 07813 686980 sing17.com

Choirs, Music & Theatre Fri/Sat 12, 13, 19 & 20 July NEW Macbeth by William Shakespeare Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR On a bleak Scottish moorland, Macbeth and Banquo, two great warriors, meet three witches who prophesy Macbeth will become King of Scotland. A story of ambition, and one of the world’s great tragedies. 8-10.30pm plus 2.30pm matinées on Saturdays inc BSL signed performance 20 July. £9, £6 conc or £8/£5 in adv. woodhouseplayers.co.uk Thurs 25-Sunday 28 July NEW Ruddygore (The Witch’s Curse) by Gilbert & Sullivan Deaton Theatre, Forest School, Oakhurst Gardens, Snaresbrook E17 3PY Chapel End Savoy Players present a must for G&S fans - a rare chance to see the original 1887 version of a well-loved comic opera. A supernatural experience! Thurs-Saturday 7.30-10.15pm, plus matinées Saturday & Sunday 2.30pm. £14, under 18s £5. Box Office 020 8527 0215 ticketsource.co.uk/cesp

Mondays (term-time only) Sing17 Day Choir St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF Raise your voice and lift your spirits! Join Sing17 day choir. Make new friends, have some fun. Boost your morale. Sing away your stress. All comers and all abilities welcome. You’ll leave a happier person. 2-3pm. £5. Laura 07813 686980 sing17.com Mondays (term-time only) Waltham Forest Community Choir Walthamstow Trades Hall, 6163 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ 5 years on and going strong! Join us for some top notch singing and good fun. No previous experience needed. Absolutely no auditions. Regular or come-when-you-can members welcome. 7.30-9pm. £8 PAYG, £7 in advance. FREE taster. Laura 07813 686980 sing17.com

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COME AND ENJOY OUR WONDERFUL COMMUNITY INITIATIVE THE 2019 WALTHAMSTOW VILLAGE FESTIVAL Street food & drink • Live music • Craft stalls • Bouncy castles • Ice cream and more theelist.co.uk 39





Games & Social

Saturdays Leyton Jubilee Park Market KukooLaLa, The Cottage, 3 Marsh Lane E10 7BL A weekly market boasting a range of affordable stalls including hot food, handmade goods and pre-loved items, local produce, local makers. Music, entertainment for kids, bouncy castle. Parking available and affordable table hire in/out of the marquee, from £10. If you have great products or food to sell please get in touch. 11am-4pm. FREE. thecreativesideoflondon.com

Tuesdays NEW Games Club The Salvation Army, 434 Forest Road/Ruby Road E17 4PY A drop-in board games club open to all with board games old and new. A fun afternoon meeting new people and socialising in a welcoming and friendly setting. Refreshments provided. Funded and facilitated by William Morris Big Local. 2-5pm. FREE. Catherine 07552 364380

Saturdays E17 Village Market Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Local market with great food and coffee - street food and for home. Regular and guest stalls, run by locals with local producers. New stalls including non-food always welcome. 10.30am-3.30pm. Kostas Anagnostou 07984 964198 e17villagemarket@gmail.com

Wednesdays Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage Lloyd Park, Community Bowls Pavilion, Forest Road E17 4PP A friendly daytime group for the over 50s meeting weekly to explore the nature and cultural heritage of Lloyd Park. Currently working on a ‘Listening Project, Memories of Lloyd Park’. 10am-12pm. FREE. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 v.peet@tcv.org.uk

Friday, Saturday & Sunday NEW Leytonstone Community Fridge Outside Leytonstone Methodist Church, 578 High Road E11 3DA Fresh and packaged food donated by local shops, supermarkets, importers and a few individuals. Some over the ‘best before’ date, all legal to offer. Come help us fight food waste! 122pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Diana 07747 014235 transitionleytonstone.org.uk

Saturdays NEW Stories & Supper Workshops Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS The refugee supper club are planning more suppers, street food events AND a book this year - so please join them to support refugees and migrants, laugh a lot, eat good food AND change the migration narrative! Other practical ways to help detailed on the website. 10am-1pm. FREE. julie@storiesandsupper.co.uk storiesandsupper.co.uk/volunteer-roles



Thursdays Lloyd Park Volunteer Gardening Meet in the William Morris Garden, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Help keep the park looking beautiful, improve your health and well-being, meet new people and gain new skills. 10am-1pm. FREE. Ellie 020 8496 2822 ellie.mortimer@walthamforest.gov.uk Wednesdays Chingford Green Gym Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Old Church Road Chingford E4 6XU Get physically active and meet new people through conservation of the natural environment, creating new habitats, planting new trees and plants and looking after the local green spaces. All tools and refreshments provided. 9.45am-1pm. FREE. Gareth 07731 450839 tcv.org.uk

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Sundays Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum 10 South Access Road E17 8AX Housed in and around a Grade II listed former Victorian waste water pumping station the museum is devoted to the technology, transport and industrial history of Walthamstow and the Lea Valley. Exhibits include steam engines and an original 1968 Victoria Line tube car. Refreshments available. 11am4pm. FREE. e17pumphouse.org.uk

Weekly Classes for Adults Thursdays NEW Salsa at the Sinbin The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road Leytonstone E11 4JU Thursdays! Time to dance and socialise with salsa. Meet familiar faces and make new acquaintances. Classes and club. 8.30-11.30pm. £6 per class, club only from 9.30pm £3. Steevo 07366 766683 steevoishmael@gmail.com

DANCE/FITNESS Tuesdays NEW Beginners 1950s Jive Class The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road Leytonstone E11 4JU Tricia and Malc from The Chicken Shack welcome everyone to their 1950s jive class. Class from 8pm followed at 9pm by a dance social to great rock’n’roll tunes and show off new dance skills! 8-11pm. £5. Tuesdays except 30 July-27 August Life Drawing The Birds, 692 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA A guided or untutored life drawing session of interesting poses with different professional models each week. Art materials provided. Draw something new in this spacious, well lit sociable and friendly venue. 7.309.30pm. £10. j_wolfmail@yahoo.com meetup.com/Life-Drawing-The-Birds

Weekly Events & Classes for the Under 18s Wednesdays & Fridays NEW Pre-school Crafts E17 Craftworks, 38 Hoe Street E17 4PH Drop-in for nature-inspired craft sessions for 5 yrs and under and their big people. Changes weekly, crafts from clay to cloth, flowers and perfumes. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Cafe open as usual. 9.3011.30am. £3-£5 depending on materials. jo@e17craftworks.co.uk ticketlab.co.k/events/craftworks Tuesdays until 8 July 11-16s Beats and Bass Music Production Course Waltham Forest Music Service at Walthamstow School for Girls, Church Hill E17 9RZ Learn to produce Grime, Hip hop, House and Afrobeat. 4.30-5.30pm. £15 for 10 week course, £7.50 for low income families. WF Music Service 020 8496 1584 beatsandbass.eventbrite.co.uk Thursdays 25 July-22 Aug NEW Extra Special Holiday Workshops for Grandad’s Island The Mill Community Centre, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Suitable for kids aged 5-11. Be part of this mega Borough of Culture project with 5 workshops with local artists making exotic flora, animal masks, recycled birds, sailor hats and creatures on land and sea. Booking essential 15 places only. Under 8s must be accompanied. Check website for details nearer the time. 2-4.30pm. FREE. themille17.org



Sundays NEW Family Craft Workshops E17 Craftworks, 38 Hoe Street E17 4PH Relaxed Sunday craft workshops led by artists and craftspeople to explore different craft techniques with your children. All the fun, none of the mess at home. Plus good coffee for you! Suitable for all ages, children must be supported by an accompanying adult. 10am-12pm. Approx £10 depending on materials. ticketlab.co.uk/events/craftworks Various days Songs & Smiles Venues include Albany Nursing Home, 11-12 Albany Road E10 7EL; Aspray House, 481 Lea Bridge Road E10 7EB; Barchester Westgate House Care Home, 178 Romford Road E7 9HY; Parkview House Care Home, 212 Chingford Mount Road E4 8JR; St Ives Lodge Care Home, 25-29 The Drive E4 7AJ Inter-generational music, fun and friendship for 0-4 year olds, their grown-ups and care home residents. We sing, move, play, chat and have lots of fun. Numbers limited, please email to book in advance. Check website for days, times and venues. FREE. songs@thetogetherproject.co.uk thetogetherproject.co.uk Tuesdays NEW TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Road, Leytonstone E11 1AY Teach your baby to communicate before they can speak! Give them a headstart with their language learning. Baby signing reduces frustration and tantrums. Most of all it’s brilliant fun! 10-11am. £7 per family. tinytalk.co.uk/rosev Wednesdays TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes The Salvation Army, 434 Forest Road/Ruby Road E17 4PY As above except different venue and time. 1.30-2.30pm. Sessions daily until September The Tiger Who Came to Tea & The Adventures of Mog the Forgetful Cat Discover Children’s Story Centre, 383-387 High Street Stratford E15 4QZ For ages 0-8 yrs, older children welcome. An immersive exhibition of the world of Judith Kerr’s creatures. Have tea with a tiger and explore the world of Mog. Sessions last approx 40mins. Session times vary and space is limited so please book online in advance. £8 inc day pass; under ones £1.50, carers FREE. 020 8536 5555 bookings@discover.org.uk discover.org.uk/tiger-and-mog

kid friendly

40 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Monday-Friday until 19 July Bongalong: Music, Movement & Make Believe Various venues Fun, creative music sessions for the under 1s and under 5s and their carers, with singing, dancing, instruments and a story. Check website for session venues, dates and times. bongalong.co.uk Fridays until 19 July Under 5s Bongalong in the Park Community Room behind the cafe, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Friday sessions in the park for the under 5s, as above. Just drop in. 1.302.15pm. £6.50, two siblings under 5 £11, siblings under 6 months FREE. bongalong.co.uk


Red Imp previews Ivo Graham & Lou Sanders Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of Live at the Apollo, Ivo is a multiaward-winning comedian, and Lou has been making waves on Taskmaster. Both are young guns in comedy. 8.3010.30pm. £10. redimpcomedy.com

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Monday 1 July

Tuesday 2 July

The Flower Bee: Talk Workshop Willow Brook Primary School, 190 Church Road E10 7BH Using inspiration from the work of Graham Sutherland in the school gallery to recreate paintings of bees. Suitable for children and families ages 4+. 3.404.40pm. FREE. willowbrook-gst.org Waltham Forest Reiki Project Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Reiki sessions on the first Tuesday of the month. Reiki is a form of therapy/ healing that works with the life force energy that flows through all living things. There are 1-2-1 spots by donation. All welcome. 7-9pm. Narinder 07958 367927 walthamforestreikiproject.weebly.com

Events marked

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Wednesday 3 July

Polish Jazz London Series: Niecheć (Dislike) St Mary’s Music Hall, St Mary’s Church, Church Hill E17 9RL Part jazz part avant-garde. Hypnotic mixture of jazz, ambient, electronic music and alternative rock from Poland. Supported by Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture. 6.30-9.30pm. £12, early bird £8.50. musichalls.org facebook.com/bsidejazz

Rumble In The Jungle: Music Workshop Willow Brook Primary School, 190 Church Road E10 7BH Soundscaping workshop, for families and children age 6+, thinking about sounds of nature using instruments, body percussion and voice. 3.304.30pm. FREE. willowbrook-gst.org


Red Imp previews Omid Djalili & Mandy Muden Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of TV and film Omid returns to run new material alongside Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist comedian and magician Mandy. Do not miss this one. 8.30-10.30pm. £15. redimpcomedy.com

Calendar of Events Red Imp previews Josie Long & Helen Bauer Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Works in progress for the Edinburgh Festival with two superb acts. Josie is a three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and Helen was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards. Not to be missed. 8.30-10.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com


Red Imp previews Jo Caulfield & Daliso Chaponda Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe St E17 4SA Works in progress from Jo Caulfield star of Have I Got News and Radio 4. Daliso was a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent. Another unmissable night! 8.3010.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com

Friday 5 July Printollage: A Family Printing & Collage Workshop Willow Brook Primary School, 190 Church Road E10 7BH Participants will learn how to collage and combine images with printing to reimagine a particular landscape or space with a more sustainable view. Suitable for families with children aged 6+. 3.304.30pm. FREE. willowbrook-gst.org Horsemeat Sandwich: Live Postpunk-Indie-Rock’n’Roll Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU DIY power-pop, experimental postpunk and fast low-budget punk from Scandinavia, Carter Daze, Forgotten Songs and Bare Thrills. 8-11.30pm. FREE. spoon@soundeventsolutions.co.uk facebook.com/horsemeatsandwich

Antonietta Torsiello: Artist’s Talk Willow Brook Primary School, 190 Church Road E10 7BH A chance to hear from our resident artist Antonietta Torsiello as she explains more about her work and the creative process. Plus insight into the collaboration. Open to all. 5-5.30pm. FREE. willowbrook-gst.org Damn Good Curry Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ Delicious homemade Indian vegan curries, served up hot and tasty alongside Mother’s ice cold and dangerously drinkable cocktails. Serving until we sell out. 6.30-9.30pm. Dish prices vary. mothersruin.net Red Imp previews Lucy Porter & Simon Munnery Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Two fabulous and yet completely different acts return to try out their new Edinburgh Festival solo shows. This always sells out so grab your tickets fast! 8.30-10.30pm. £13. redimpcomedy.com

Saturday 6 July 90th Birthday Summer Fair at Low Hall Nursery School Low Hall Nursery School, Low Hall Lane E17 8BE Games, bouncy castle, raffle, tombola, cakes, face painting, henna tattoos, arts and crafts. Fun for all the family and Walthamstow’s best summer fair barbecue! 10am-1pm. Adults £1, children FREE. Games tickets cost £1 for a strip of 4. lowhallnurseryschool.org.uk Greenleaf School Summer Fete Greenleaf School, 80 Greenleaf Road E17 6QW Have a fun-filled day with lots of activities, live music and stalls including gladiator duelling, bouncy castle, plant stall, arts and crafts, face painting, raffle and tombola. 11am-2pm. Entry £1, under 12s FREE. greenleafschool.org.uk Greenleaf Road Baptist Church Summer Sale & Community Get Together! Greenleaf Road E17 6QQ A community get together with books, toys, clothes and homeware for sale, not to mention the food and drink. You’ll be spoilt for choice! 11am-3pm. FREE entry. tiny.cc/grbcsummersale

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Sunday 7 July


Inspired! Artist’s Breakfast The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA A celebratory breakfast for Mill artists, Art Trailers and all the artists in Inspired! Juices and hot drinks provided, please bring fruit, croissant and treats to share. 11am-1pm. FREE. themille17.org

Creative Workshop by artist Antonietta Torsiello Willow Brook Primary School, 190 Church Road E10 7BH An enjoyable and creative workshop led by our artist in residence printmaker Antonietta Torsiello. All materials are provided and participants can take home their creations. Open to all - a great family event. 11am-1pm. FREE. willowbrook-gst.org St James Community Cultural Day St James Park, Essex Road E17 8AX Dance, music, circus skills, printmaking, African drumming, planting with OrganicLea, facepainting, henna tattoos, family yoga, massage, community and council stalls, food and more. 12-4pm. FREE entry, charges for certain activities. Pure Joy: Holistic Festival Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Discover holistic therapies of various kinds. We have taster workshops and stalls to tickle your new-age fancy. We have guest celebrity psychics, Vedic astrology for the curious and more. 1-6pm. FREE. Narinder 07958 367927 purejoyfestival@gmail.com Haydn: The Creation Chingford Parish Church, The Green, Chingford E4 7EN South West Essex Choir and the National Symphony Orchestra perform Haydn’s exuberant celebration of the wonder of creation. With conductor Andrew Sackett and soloists. 7.30-9pm. £16, £14 in adv, £5 under 18s. southwestessexchoir.org.uk Des & Ken’s Old-ass Reggae Records Club Night Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Come wind and grind to some dusty old Jamaican records. Trojan, Studio One, lovers’ rock, roots, rock steady, ska, dancehall, dub, all strictly on vinyl! Plus great Caribbean food . 8pm-1am. £2 facebook.com/SinbinE11 Red Imp previews Stephen K Amos & Paul F Taylor Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of much TV and radio Stephen returns to E17 with his brilliant new hour and Paul F is hilariously surreal. 8.3010.30pm. £15. redimpcomedy.com

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Aunt Flow’s Fight Club Mirth, Marvel & Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH A night of female-led, female-inspired, and female-fraught comedy and theatre. There’s only one rule of Aunt Flow’s Fight Club: anyone that identifies as femme, is femme. 8-9pm. £6. mirthmarvelandmaud.com

Monday 8 July East London Humanists: Pride Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11 2RQ This month’s meeting is a Pride celebration event. See website for details. Meetings are free and open to all. Doors 7pm for refreshments, ends 9pm. FREE. eastlondon.humanist.org.uk

DANCE/FITNESS Creative Kids: Block Print Party William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Create a print inspired by nature. Two sessions. 10-11.30am and 1-2.30pm. FREE, booking essential. wmgallery.org.uk

Thursday 11 July Stow Film Lounge presents MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT (2018, Cert 12) Wild Card Barrel Store, Unit 7 Ravenswood Ind Estate, Shernhall Street, E17 4QH This breathtaking instalment sees Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) and some familiar allies (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) in a race against time after a mission has gone wrong. Doors 7.15pm. £9/£7 conc. stowfilmlounge.com General Echo The Victoria, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Regular reggae disco, this month with guest DJs Cherrie Flava (MIC Records/ Sounds Of The Universe) plus Mikus Musik. 8pm-midnight. £5. generalechoes.tumblr.com

Red Imp previews Bridget Christie & Phil Nichol Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe St E17 4SA Multi-award winning Bridget runs out new material alongside Phil who is just back from a global sell-out tour and a stint in the musical ‘Jamie’. 8.3010.30pm. £13. redimpcomedy.com

Red Imp previews Simon Evans & Suzi Ruffell Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Simon Evans Goes To Market is his brilliant Radio 4 series, and he brings his new hour to E17. Suzi star of Live at the Apollo is back from a sell-out solo tour of the UK. 8.30-10.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com

Tuesday 9 July

Friday 12 July

Storytelling Club Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Stargazing! Come and listen to tales of the stars, the sun, the moon and other things up there. Or tell one yourself new tellers always welcome. 7.309.30pm. £5, £4 conc. stowtellers@yahoo.co.uk

Circle Dancing St Michael and All Angels, Northcote Road E17 6PQ Dance in a circle to world music at this monthly event. Beginners welcome and refreshments included. 2-4pm. £4.

Red Imp previews Ed Byrne & Laura Lexx Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of much TV, Ed returns with a quality hour of new gags. Laura is a multi-award winning star of Live at the Apollo. 8.30-10.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com

Wednesday 10 July Red Imp previews Matt Forde & Jen Brister Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Matt stars in political comedy show Unspun on Dave. Jen is Frankie Boyle’s favourite support act and star of Live at the Apollo. 8.30-10.30pm. £10. contact@redimpcomedy.com redimpcomedy.com

Dial M for Music Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, 147 Whipps Cross Road E11 1NP Monthly music club hosted by the Persecuted and featuring special guests The Forty Elephant Gang. Vintage items, visuals and a free raffle. Warm welcome and groovy vibes! 7.45-11pm. FREE, with collection for the bands. bradwry@yahoo.co.uk thehitchcockhotel.com Pixie presents LGBT Night E11 with Victoria Sponge Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Brand new LGBT night with DJ Phat Matt playing all your fave pop and party tunes from the 80s to the present day plus cabaret from drag star Victoria Sponge and special guests. 8pm-1am. FREE.



Red Imp previews Reg D Hunter & Sarah Kendal Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Great new gags from TV star Reg D fresh back from sold out UK tour. Sarah is a multi-award winning comic story teller with Radio 4 accolades. Don’t miss this one. 8.30-10.30pm. £13.50. redimpcomedy.com

Saturday 13 July Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 Waltham Forest’s free two-day global festival including music, poetry, spoken word, dance and circus, arts, crafts, food and drink, sports and wellbeing. Check website for updated line ups, map and guides. 12-9.30pm. FREE entry, no booking required. walthamstowgardenparty.com Grandad’s Island: From Page to Pavement – Boat Building on the Island! Moated island, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Work with artists at the Garden Party to make a cardboard boat, design your own unique strip or make art work. Families welcome. Have fun and get creative. Can be messy! 12-6pm. FREE. themille17.org Love Parks: Pop-up Pond Walk & Talk Hawkwood Pond and Nature Reserve, Hawkwood Crescent, Chingford E4 7UH Join the Friends of Hawkwood for a Walk and Talk on their pond and its inhabitants to celebrate Love Parks Week. 12-1pm. FREE. E17 Designers Marquee at Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP E17 Designers marquee with 20–25 makers of all things handmade. Featuring woodcarving, ceramic painting, upholstery demos. Drawing from our ‘out east’ community of artists, makers and designers. Repeats tomorrow 14 July. 12-6pm. thecreativesideoflondon.com Waltham Forest Bilingual Group Picnic Ridgeway Park, Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6RS Join our picnic for families bringing up their children with more than one language. Bring a picnic, perhaps a dish to share and some games for the kids! If the weather looks to be wet or unsettled please ring before setting off. 1-3pm. FREE. wfbilingual.org.uk Dad & Baby Massage and Yoga One Hoe Street, 1 Hoe Street E17 4PH Dads get a stretch, baby gets some yoga moves, then blissful relaxation with massage. They sleep like logs afterwards. Dads go to The Bell pub after class to drink and make friends. 1-2pm. £15, free bottle of massage oil. thehealthworks.co.uk

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42 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Sonic Rebellion: Charity Event for Mind Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Enjoy Terra 3, MY GOD, Grimpulse, Shattered Chains, Imperium, Vandor and a bunch of DJs filling the night with rock and metal. All proceeds will go to Mind who specialise in mental health. 5pm-1am. £3. facebook.com/pg/sonicrebellionsinbin Waterscapes: An Evening of Songs Inspired by Water St Mary’s Church, Church Hill E17 9RJ Join Waltham Forest Community Choir for their Summer Concert. Programme includes Eric Whitacre’s ‘Seal Lullaby’, Paul Simon’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and Jack Lawrence’s ‘Beyond the Sea’. Cash bar available. Doors 7pm. £7.50, £5 conc. On the door, or via ticketsource.co.uk. singwithus.net The Chicken Shack Record Hop Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Come and join us at this bi-monthly rock’n’roll/jive/rockabilly/dance hall night of rockin’ tunes with DJ The Caveman Keith Hurry. £4. Red Imp presents Reg D Hunter & Yuriko Kotani Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of Have I Got News For You - charismatic Reg D runs out new material. Yuriko was winner of the BBC New Comedy award - a rising star. 8.3010.30pm. £13.50. redimpcomedy.com

Sunday 14 July Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 As Saturday 13, except 12-8pm. walthamstowgardenparty.com Pottery Wheel Workshop One Hoe Street, 1 Hoe Street E17 4PH Come and learn how to throw on the pottery wheel! Both exciting and meditative, hands-on engaging workshop for all ages. Slots throughout the day, please pre-book. 10am-5pm. £10. Jo Shepherd 07941 175578 ticketlab.co.k/events/craftworks Love Parks: Pop-up Greenway Avenue Green Space , Greenway Avenue E17 3QJ Join the Friends of Greenway Avenue to celebrate Love Parks Week.12-2pm. FREE. Family Day: Weave Some Magic! Vestry House Museum , Vestry Road E17 9NH Weave a bit of magic with local resident and weaver Rezia Wahid MBE. Activities for children with access needs are available. 1.30-4pm. FREE, but £3 donation encouraged. vestryhousemuseum.org.uk


Monday 15 July Love Parks: Pop-up Thomas Gamuel Park, Boundary Road E17 8NP We’ll have nature inspired crafts and a mini-beast hunt on offer to celebrate Love Parks Week and the end of school term. 3-5pm. FREE. Sing17’s Summer Sing Out The Village Pub Garden, 31 Orford Road E17 9NL You bring your sunshine, we’ll bring our songs! Join Sing17 for our end of term celebration sing out. It’s free and it’s fun. Just turn up, relax and be entertained! 8-9pm. FREE, open to all. Laura 07813 686980 sing17.com Red Imp Musical Comedy presents Mitch Benn & Vikki Stone Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Two superbly talented musical comedians bring us their new, hilarious songs. Mitch star of R4’s Now Show and Vikki is multi-award winning and superb. 8.30-10.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com

Tuesday 16 July Love Parks: Pop-up Orchard Walk Ridgeway Park, Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6XU Discover the Ridgeway Park orchard with a walk and talk round the area to celebrate Love Parks Week. 11am12pm. FREE. Love Parks: Pop-up Cann Hall Park, Cann Hall Road E11 3NN We’ll have nature inspired crafts and a mini-beast hunt on offer to celebrate Love Parks Week and the end of school term. 3-5pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Red Imp previews Paul Foot & Susan Murray Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA New gags from the utterly brilliant Paul Foot who never fails to rock a room and jokes about plane crashes (no, really) from our resident host’s new solo show. Dark funny tales. 8.30-10.30pm. £12. redimpcomedy.com

Wednesday 17 July Love Parks: Pop Up Wildflower Walk and Talk Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road/Marsh Lane E10 7BL Discover the wildflowers of Leyton Jubilee Park with an informative walk and talk to celebrate Love Parks Week. 11am-1pm. FREE. Love Parks: Pop-up Stoneydown Park, Pretoria Avenue E17 6JY We’ll have nature inspired crafts and a mini-beast hunt on offer to celebrate Love Parks Week and the end of school term. 3-5pm. FREE.

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Love Parks: Pop Up Tai Chi Coronation Gardens, High Road, Leyton E10 5NG Join Dao Lu for Tai Chi to celebrate Love Parks Week. 3-4pm. FREE. Quilt Club WFDRC Centre, via Amethyst Road E15 2BG The Quilt Club evening runs on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, to meet, share ideas/advice and get some sewing done. All levels welcome, including beginners. Tea, coffee and biscuits included. 6.45-9.30pm. £4. Peri Stanley 07921 229018 Rubbish and Ritual in the Thames St John’s Church Hall, High Road, Leytonstone E11 1HH John Clark will address the Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society on this fascinating subject. Refreshments from 7.15pm. 7.45-9.45pm. £2, FREE to L&LHS members. leytonhistoricalsociety.org.uk Red Imp previews Josh Widdicombe & Jake Lambert Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of The Last Leg and Live at the Apollo Josh warms up for his new tour. And rising star Jake makes his E17 debut. Can’t wait. 8.30-10.30pm. £15. redimpcomedy.com

Thursday 18 July Love Parks: Volunteer Day Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, Off Friday Hill E4 Join the Friends of Pimp Hall Park on a conservation volunteer task to improve the Nature Reserve. 10am-12pm. FREE. Love Parks: Pop-up Henry Reynolds Gardens, Bush Road, Leytonstone E11 3AE We’ll have nature inspired crafts and a mini-beast hunt on offer to celebrate Love Parks Week and the end of school term. 3-5pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Red Imp previews Hal Cruttenden & Mark Watson Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Not one but two Live at the Apollo stars. Mark’s had many Radio 4 series too and Hal is star of Bake Off, The Apprentice and much, much more. A double headliner bill. 8.30-10.30pm. £13.50. redimpcomedy.com Los Otros at The Vic The Victoria, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH All your favourite jazz standards with a bit of Latin and swing. Be prepared for surprises - guest vocalists, upbeat dance rhythms and music for mellow moods. 9-11.30pm. FREE. losotros.co.uk


Friday 19 July Love Parks: Pop-up Abbots Park , Abbots Park Road E10 7HT We’ll have nature inspired crafts and a mini-beast hunt on offer to celebrate Love Parks Week and the end of school term. 3-5pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Oh So Funny! Comedy present Ed Byrne! Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Nigel BowlerHat brings his expertise in booking superb stand-up acts to the Sinbin and launches in spectacular style with top TV comic and presenter Ed Byrne! More acts TBA. 8-11pm. £10. ohsofunny.co.uk

Saturday 20 July From Monoux and Morris to Beer and Bacon Jam Meet at William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Guided walk exploring E17’s fascinating history. Stories include the Dickens’ plagiarist, the hidden Greek theatre and what Pepys thought of Walthamstow wine. 2-4pm. £12, £9 conc. Book in advance only please. joanna@westminsterwalks.london bit.ly/E17MoncrieffWalk

Tuesday 23 July Stow Film Lounge presents HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH (2001, Cert 15) Mirth, Marvel & Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH This trailblazing musical with punk anthems and power ballads is about Hedwig, born a boy named Hansel in Communist East Berlin, who dreamed of finding his other half and becoming a big American rock star. Stranded in a Kansas trailer park the very day the Berlin Wall comes down Hedwig dons immaculate makeup and a Farrah Fawcett wig and forms a rock band. Doors 7.45pm. £9/£7 conc. stowfilmlounge.com

Thursday 25 July Highams Park Live The County Arms, 420 Hale End Road, Highams Park E4 9PB Highams Park Live presents an acoustic evening of live music performance with an eclectic programme of local songwriters, poets and storytellers. Performers are booked in advance. 7.30-11pm. FREE. highamsparklive@btconnect.com highamsparklive.co.uk

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Friday 26 July

Wednesday 31 July

Uncaged London’s A Summer In Southend Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU ODR Productions present a themed evening of Burlesque, featured acts and live music celebrating the great British seaside in summer. 8-11pm. Early birds £7, £10 on the door.

#watevah The Victoria, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Monthly club night, playing #watevah we like - new pop, gentle, noise, dub. 7.30-11.15pm. FREE. facebook.com/clubwatevah

Saturday 27 July Linear Park Plot Lines: Launch Linear Park, Grove Green Road E11 4EN Launch for the Making Places project tracing the pattern of a previous stretch of houses along the park in strips of lavender, with historic stories inscribed on plaques amongst meadow grasses and flowers. Created by Lucy Harrison and Matter Architecture. 2-4pm. FREE. linearparkplotlines.org.uk

Sunday 28 July Engine Running Day Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum, 10 South Access Rd E17 8AX On the last Sunday of each month the Marshall and Loughborough steam engines are run on compressed air. The engines will run at 12pm and 2pm. Some of our petrol-driven stationary engines will also be in operation. Refreshments available in the canteen. 11am-4pm. FREE. e17pumphouse.org.uk Summer Fete William Morris Community Centre, 6-8 Greenleaf Road E17 6QQ Have a fun-filled day with lots of activities including live music, stalls, face painting, bouncy castle, drumming, Ju Jitsi demonstration, a raffle and much more. 12-5pm. wmccua.org Sunday Afternoon Jazz William Morris Bar, 807-811 Forest Road E17 4JD Laid back jazz from the Paul Kaufman quartet and guests. Enjoy great food and company while chilling out in this stylish bar. 1.30-4.30pm. FREE.

Tuesday 30 July William Morris Gardening & Bee and Butterfly Count Meet by William Morris Gardens, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP We’ll have a family gardening task, bee and butterfly count and nature-inspired arts and crafts on offer too. 10am-1pm. FREE but donations welcome.

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Friday 2 August Lake of Stars showcase: Madalitso Band & Makadem St Mary’s Music Hall, St Mary’s Church, Church Hill E17 9RL Lake of Stars and Music Halls Project team up for a night of live music from East Africa featuring authentic, rhythmic music from Malawi’s Madalitso Band and energised, benga music from Kenyan troubadour Makadem. 6.3010.30pm. £12, £10 conc. musichalls.org The Dub Station: The Orb’s 30th Anniversary End Of Tour Party Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH Alex Paterson celebrates 30 years of The Orb with a reggae set at The Dub Station with Sherman and Original Dubman. Sci-fi dub, dancehall, roots, dubby post-punk, nu steppers and reggae classics. 8pm-1am. £11. Buy tickets on dice.fm

Sunday 4 August Indigo Dye Workshop E17 Craftworks, 38 Hoe Street E17 4PH Family introduction to indigo dyeing with Love & Labour. Learn about the magic of indigo dye, some shibori resist techniques and dye a cloth bag to take home. Suitable for children 5yrs+ but must be accompanied by an adult. 10am-1pm. £10. jo@e17craftworks.co.uk ticketlab.co.k/events/craftworks

Tuesday 6 August Waltham Forest Reiki Project Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Details as 2 July.

Friday 9 August Bat Night for Adults Meet by the main gates by William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP We’ll take an evening stroll through Lloyd Park using detectors to locate and identify bats. Over 13s only. 8.30-11pm. FREE, donations welcome.

Saturday 10 August PT4L Annual Wellbeing Day Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4SY We are hosting another Wellbeing day with 40+ stalls, raffle prizes, activities for the kids and free workshops. 11am4pm. FREE. positivetools4life.com

Disco 2000: Here Comes the Summer Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Have you suddenly realised that all the music that you love is celebrating its 25th, or 30th anniversary? Come and embrace your inner 18-year-old. Playing indie favourites from the 80s and 90s. As usual ticket proceeds to Eat or Heat. 8pm-12am. £10. facebook.com/disco2000e17

Sunday 11 August Baby Gospel Family Concert CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB An uplifting family concert of soul, Motown and gospel music featuring the astonishing vocal talents of London’s CK Gospel Choir. Suitable for all ages 0+. Booking advised. Baby changing available but limited buggy parking. Doors 10.45am. 11-11.45am. Adults £12, with up to 3 kids FREE. babybroadway.co.uk

Tuesday 13 August Lloyd Park Big Picnic Meet on the island, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Our annual community get-together. We’ll have African drumming, dance, parachute games and arts and crafts on offer. Just bring food, family and friends! 10am-1pm. FREE but donations welcome.

Thursday 15 August Los Otros at The Vic The Victoria, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH All your favourite jazz standards with a bit of Latin and swing. Be prepared for surprises - guest vocalists, upbeat dance rhythms and music for mellow moods. 9-11.30pm. FREE. losotros.co.uk

Friday 16 August Polish Jazz London Series: Marcin Masecki’s Jazz Trio St John’s Music Hall, St John’s Church, High Road Leytonstone E11 1HH Marcin Masecki’s projects span a wide range of styles and his virtuosic fusion of different genres as well as the blurring of the line between high art and entertainment have become his hallmarks. 6.30-9.30pm. £12. Search eventbrite.co.uk for tickets

Thursday 22 August Baby Broadway Family Concert CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB, A fun family concert of songs from musicals and films performed by West End singers with interactive elements. Suitable for all ages 0+. Booking advised. Baby changing available but limited buggy parking. Doors 10.45am. 11-11.45am. Adults £10, with up to 3 kids FREE. babybroadway.co.uk

Saturday 24 August From Fields and the Forest to Royals and the Railway Meet at Chingford Railway Station, Station Road E4 6AL Guided walk exploring Chingford’s history via old field names, its connections with the Forest and how Ivor Novello, Lawrence of Arabia and the Forgotten Father of English Sport fit into its history. 2-4pm. £12, £9 conc. Book in advance only please. joanna@westminsterwalks.london bit.ly/E17MoncrieffWalk

Sunday 25 August Engine Running Day Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum, 10 South Access Rd E17 8AX As Sunday 28 July

Wednesday 28 August #watevah The Victoria, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Monthly club night, playing #watevah we like - new pop, gentle, noise, dub. 7.30-11.15pm. FREE. facebook.com/clubwatevah

Friday 30 August Family Bat Night Meet by stables beside Tennis Courts, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP We’ll learn all about British bats and have bat-inspired crafts and games on offer followed by a ramble in the dark using detectors to locate and identify bats. Walk starts at 8.30pm. 7.30-10pm. FREE but donations welcome. Family Day: Mud Cloth Animals William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP For families with children of all ages. Meet the Suntrap animals - some of whom have come all the way from Africa - and have a go at making mud cloth, a traditional textile from Mali. 1-4pm. FREE but donations welcome.

Saturday 31 August Closet Vinyl Summer Party The Northcote Arms Pub, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL We’re in Leytonstone again for another round of amazing music, but this time we’re outside. There’ll be dancing, singing, cocktails and pizza. We’ll even show you how to DJ. See you on the dancefloor. Children welcome until 8pm From 2pm. FREE entry. closetvinyl.com

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44 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.

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