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Your cultural life in and around Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, and Wanstead No.44 • December 2016 / New Year 2017

Fellowship is Life

COVER STAR Benji Davies

This month’s E List cover has been especially commissioned from Walthamstow-based children’s illustrator Benji Davies. Here Benji talks to Paul Lindt. You originally trained as an animator. Yes, I studied animation at Hull School of Art & Design, which led me to work as an animation director, mainly on commercials and the occasional music video. Now, however, I am a full-time picture book writer and illustrator, so I get to tell stories and create worlds that are entirely of my own making. My hope is to see those stories made into animation at some point in the future. There is a great trailer for my latest book at which was made by Moth Collective, an animation company. It gives a great hint of how a longer film might look. So, which comes first – the drawings or the words? A bit of both really. Ideas come to me visually, but sometimes there will be a sentence or phrase which forms in my mind and can take on a life of its own. Often I will have a visual idea but make a note of it in text form on my phone – ideas tend to be quite ethereal and would otherwise slip away. I also sketch to develop ideas. With my second picture book, Grandad’s Island, I set about making a storyboard, a sequence of hand-drawn thumbnail sketches that described the narrative. I continued to build the words and pictures until I had enough to make a dummy version - a small, handmade version of the picture book. After several versions, and once this had been approved by the publisher, I could set about creating the final artwork. I work digitally which gives me the freedom to edit and change as I go. I can rework a composition or change the colours fairly quickly rather than redrawing and painting the whole image. Do you always work this way or are you sometimes paired with authors? I work with authors sometimes, although I prefer to work solo. That way I can tweak and change both elements of word

and image to their best advantage. When you work with an author generally the story is very much theirs, and I really enjoy creating the stories myself. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually the publisher who choose and pair the illustrator and the author. The publisher’s skill lies in marrying the right illustrator to the text they have acquired. Your books have been very successful and you have an international following. Yes, my books have now been published in over 25 different territories around the world. My first picture book, The Storm Whale, won the Evening Standard’s Oscar’s Book Prize in 2014 and the Dutch translation has recently been awarded the Dutch Picture Book of the Year 2017, which will give it a fantastic boost – I’m visiting Holland in the New Year to do lots of events and things surrounding that. Grandad’s Island was my second as both author and illustrator. It won the Association of Illustrators Children’s Book Award and was also Sainsbury’s Children’s Book of the Year last year, which was a broad sweep of recognition that I didn’t see coming. It’s fantastic for books to be recognised with awards because, beyond the initial slap on the back, they do so much to spread word of your work. Tell us about your latest book. I started thinking about how I would love to see The Storm Whale made into animation. It seemed like a good time to pursue something while there was some buzz around the book because of the prize. While talking to various animation producers I started to think about ways that I might pitch the book as a film and possibly how to adapt it for a ‘Christmas’ audience, designing it to fit more appealingly into a traditional broadcast model. But it would be really crass to force fit snow into the existing book; it just wasn’t something I was prepared to do. Ideas for a sequel soon began to surface – whales breaking the pack ice, lanterns shining through blizzards, etc. This all resulted in my new book The Storm Whale In Winter.

You don’t only illustrate for books. Tell us about the Node rug project. I’ve had a couple of opportunities to make three dimensional work. The first was a rug project which I was asked to contribute to. 18 designers, artists and illustrators were asked to create a rug design based on a pixel grid system – each pixel represents a knot in the rug. The designs were then executed by a small fair trade producer in Nepal where the employees are taught literacy and skills. In addition to fair wages their work supports a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen. It was a really great project to be involved in. (For more info see When The Storm Whale was published, I decided to celebrate by getting the same people to produce a knitted whale which I could sell on my website - it was designed by my mum. With the publication of The Storm Whale in Winter, they are back by popular demand in a new batch - they’re available on my website Keep an eye out for future events and signed copies of Benji’s books at Debbie Bliss Home, 36 Orford Road, Walthamstow. Cover: Benji’s illustration for the Christmas E List. It features the trainline towards Wood Street Station, Walthamtow with the Northwood tower in the distance. Facing page: Book cover and illustrations from Benji’s latest book The Storm Whale in Winter. This page: Top left illustration from The Storm Whale in Winter; Right from top – (1) Book cover for The Storm Whale (2) Book cover for Grandad’s Island (3) Benji’s design for the Node Rug Project (4) The knitted Storm Whale. 1

December is the month when newspapers and magazines bring us their reviews of the year. However given the year we’ve just experienced I think it probably best to dump most of 2016 into a metal trunk, secure it and bury it under the patio and leave it for a future generation to work out what the hell went on. One thing is clear, in an area such as ours which is enjoying a creative boom with a seemingly endless array of ultra cool cofeeshops, galleries and fancy bicycles, and with high property values many of us this year find ourselves rebranded as the London ‘elite’. However we need to be aware that the people who got ‘left behind’ over the last 30 years don’t just live in other parts of the country outside the south-east, they live here too. This is shown by the ever growing need for food banks like Eat or Heat, but also a burgeoning homeless crisis for single people that finds us returning to the levels of the eighties. I urge you to read the interview with Winston Reid on page 46 by Bill Foster, a regular volunteer at a local night shelter.

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A huge thank you to illustrator Benji Davies for creating this month’s charming cover especially for us. Both he and Coralie Bickford-Smith (pg 56) create the kind of classic children’s books that even adults want to own. The issue also features on pg 4 the beautifully intricate and precise art of celebrated artist, Zarah Hussain, currently exhibiting in the Babican but also this month showing at the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery. Finally I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the magazine this year, the amazing writers and photographers but also the advertisers, without whom there’d be no E List. Enjoy the holidays and a happy new year from us for 2017. Paul Lindt, Editor


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Inside this issue… Artist Zarah Hussain – the power of patterns This month at the Central Parade Creative Hub Soprano Gillian Keith sings the praises of community Life’s anything but a drag for Victoria Sponge The Story of Waltham Forest’s Lost Picture Palaces Part Two Musings and observations on life from poet Rob Auton Tom Gaul’s A Spotter’s Guide to Local Streetlife E~LICIOUS: The Food and Drink Directory E17 Cook Book Club Leyton’s new pub on the block – Pepper’s Ghost Santa brings some Christmas spirit to the Mall E~DEN: The Home Directory House Doctor – Affordable alternative decorations Mrs Tinsley’s Vintage & Retro

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R E G I S T E R E D O S T E O PAT H , C R A N I A L O S T E O PAT H Y & Q U A L I F I E D T H E R A P I S T S R E G I S T E R E D O S T E O PAT H , C R A N I A L O S T E O PAT H Y & Q U A L I F I E D T H E R A P I S T S 3

Beauty in complexity Islamic artist, Walthamstow resident, and maths geek Zarah Hussain welcomed Finnola D’Albert into her home-cum-studio. It became clear that Zarah’s work is a reflection of herself – elements grow and branch-off a central philosophy, contributing to a final design. Jump forward eleven years to her current exhibition at The Barbican, Numina, one which wouldn’t be possible without computer programmes. The biggest thing she’s ever done, the sculpture uses projection mapping to create a beautiful, and seemingly infinite, animation projected onto a 3 dimensional surface. It’s affected by shadows, the time of day that you visit (Zarah thinks it looks best at night), and where you stand in the room.

It was hard work. Reading a cocktail of Plato and mathematics while learning to draw complex geometry with a ruler and a straight-edge was rigorous. It was also very traditional. While it taught her how to make her own paints, canvases and grind her own pigments, Zarah would hide her laptop under her desk-space. While there was very little room for innovation, you need to know the rules to be able to break them.

“The Barbican gave me a huge space and they said, ‘Here it is, do what you want. But make it big’, part of the project was a residency in the video design department at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. It has been an amazing experience and I am immensely grateful.”

The first time she used digital processes to create work was in 2005, working with a Walthamstow local. “I thought ‘Wow, there’s a really cool art community here’, and it coincided with me moving here.”

The work has received a lot of comments along the lines of, “I don’t understand contemporary art, but I like this.” Which lead us to discuss whether or not art ‘needs’ to be beautiful. Zarah believes that some art feels the need to be unpopular, difficult to understand or weird to have critical acclaim. This kind of deliberately ugly work goes against the peace,

tranquility and geometry found in traditional Iranian art, Zarah’s clearest influence. “For me, art is meant to be beautiful. I think some art is deliberately impenetrable to the ordinary person. There’s a lot of bullsh*t.” The orderly geometric shapes of Islamic art lend themselves to computer programmes, laser-cutters and precision. I asked about the difference between creating something drawn or painted, and something computer generated. “It’s much more satisfying to paint for me, but the animation Numina cycles through all of the RGB spectrum, which is 16 million colours. By hand you could never do that. They’re different tools.” She explained that the reoccurring geometric patterns in Islamic art are intended to highlight the naturally occurring beauty in nature and that this maths is innate within humans. “I was taught to look at plants and trees and see the geometry and the order and balance to the universe. And this isn’t just Islamic, all traditional cultures have understood these principals of symmetry and order. Of unity.”

Top left: Zarah’s Magic Carpet was projected onto the William Morris Gallery as part of the 2014 Walthamstow Garden Party. Top right: Nunima currently in the Barbican Foyer. 4

Images courtesy of the Barbican. Photo of Magic Carpet © Gar Powell-Evans. Photo of Nunima © Max Coulson

In her parents’ house Zarah had an attic room, which was the coldest, but had the best light, and she was always painting. After finishing her (non-arts) degree at Manchester University she applied for a course called Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts at the Prince’s School. Without an art degree she had no expectation of actually getting in, but her portfolio of work and the fact that they were looking for potential got her a full scholarship.

Image courtesy of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

In Islamic tradition, there isn’t superficial beauty. The concept is more than just a visual one - beauty encompasses your character and is in everything you experience. In traditional Islamic art, there’s no such thing as art for art’s sake. In a mosque every surface is decorated the floors, walls, cups, clothes. “Art and life are one and together, they’re seamless. In a mosque the idea is that you’re surrounded by peace, serenity, and that brings out the unity and compassion in you. It’s a visual meditation.” This ‘art in everything and art for everyone’ philosophy, coupled with the use of patterns naturally leads to comparisons between Zarah’s work and that of William Morris. Her piece Magic Carpet was even projected onto the side of the William Morris Gallery for the Walthamstow Garden Party and to mark Eid-al-Fitr in July 2014. “I agree with William Morris’ philosophy of art and life and there being some kind of psychological purpose in making something. He was influenced by Islamic artists and if you look at some

of his carpet designs you can see the symmetry and the floral repetition. It’s not like he’s copying, but you can see the influence there.” This month, a few pieces from a series of sculptures previously exhibited in Birmingham will be included in her solo show at Walthamstow Window Gallery. “These represent the idea that from one source, from unity, there are infinite possibilities - the idea of our DNA being almost identical, but still producing infinite differences. As an artist you have to experiment, challenge and do new things. I do like optical tricks and illusions. There’s a relaxation to be had with these infinitely repeating images. And it’s nice to be asked to do these things locally. I think it’s a really nice space.” The majority of Zarah’s work has the feeling that it could be infinite, and could be repeated, making the pieces themselves feel like a snapshot of something much larger. I left her house, my head swimming, finding geometric shapes in the pavement and the leaves on the ground. Zarah Hussain: Geometry & Life Walthamstow Village Window Gallery 9 December – 3 January 2017

Numina The Barbican Foyer until 25 January 2017

Top left: Zarah Hussain’s 2015 exhibition Symmetry in Sculpture at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Top right: Desert Night Sky. Middle left: Blue Hexagon watercolour on paper, Zarah Hussain. Bottom right: Zarah Hussain courtesy of Navid Akhtar.


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Central Parade: Head & Hands A curious sanctuary nestled in the heart of Walthamstow Central, Head & hands is a unique space offering Indian head massage, selling handmade goods and offering mindful making workshops. Amanda, its founder explains ‘although I offer different things here, it’s all along the same thread. I believe in the special relationship between head and hands. During a head massage, just by putting the weight of your head into my hands for half an hour, it creates a beautiful space where the mind can truly be still’. As an artist herself, Amanda is a firm advocate for supporting independent makers, stocking carefully curated handmade items such as ceramic jewellery, concrete planters, hand woven hangings, natural remedies and hand poured candles ‘When you buy something handmade, it feels extra special, it carries a loving energy from the hands that created it’.

runs a free monthly embroidery club where people can bring along their own needlecraft project or start a new one over a cup of tea.

As a sufferer of Crohn’s disease, a chronic illness causing inflammation of the digestive system, Amanda started her journey exploring complimentary wellness about 5 years ago. ‘It’s long been understood by Crohn’s patients, that stress is a significant trigger for flares of the disease. It’s a toxic force if the body carries it around, so finding ways to unwind and look after my physical and mental health empowered me to feel more in charge of my health.’ She discovered the power of embroidery ‘I realised that medicine comes in many forms, and craft proved to be incredibly healing for my noisy head’. She now

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The Wood Street resident, has been at Central Parade since July and will be leaving the space in January, ‘It’s been an incredible opportunity to test my business, and the response has been so encouraging. I’ll be on the lookout for another space in Walthamstow. In the meantime, I have just launched an online store so that customers can still continue to shop with me’. Head & Hands online store and workshop listings can be found at:

over to audition, and had wonderful years at the Royal Academy of Music doing a postgraduate degree. I didn’t think I would stay, but my career started to catch fire and the obvious thing to do was build on what I had started.” Gillian is a versatile singer, adapting from Handel to Birtwistle, and she stresses the importance of these varied roles. “I sang a lot of Baroque and early music at the start of my career, and love it truly and passionately, but I was nervous about being pigeon holed. I wouldn’t have found that satisfying enough.” To date Gillian has played some important roles at the Royal Opera House‚ Covent Garden and her busy varied career has seen her performing with many other respected opera companies such as Welsh National Opera and English National Opera, Opera North, Scottish Opera and at the Buxton Festival and Edinburgh Fringe and of course the BBC Proms. Further afield live performance has taken Gillian to Basle, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Boston and the Sydney Opera House. On ‘record’ Gillian has released solo albums of songs by Debussy and Strauss and appears as soloist on numerous recordings of opera, sacred and baroque music.

Photos © Paul Tucker

Community spirit

Her partner tenor Tom Randle is also a composer. The two enjoy the contemporary music he writes and performs, but for Gillian less is often more in classical music. “The other day I was singing Barber’s ‘Knoxville: Summer of 1915’, which I’m performing soon. I was so intrigued because the vocal stays within about an octave. The piece is brilliant with what he can express in such a small range. It is so satisfying, as we singers just love being in our comfort range, able to express beauty and purity!”

Leading soprano Gillian Keith is from Montreal but calls Walthamstow home. Ben Hogwood talks to her about the inspiration of London’s classical music history, and how she gives back to the community. Photographs by Paul Tucker.

As Christmas approaches, so does the lure of Handel’s ‘Messiah’. “I’ve done a lot of Messiahs in my time, maybe not as many as Tom, and we’re singing together in the Netherlands. I love the Messiah, and I could never get sick of it. I feel like I know it off by heart.”

Eleven years ago Canadian lyric soprano Gillian Keith moved to Walthamstow. She hasn’t looked back, living in the borough with her partner, tenor Tom Randle. Together they share artistic and community-led projects, but as we talk in a welcoming Walthamstow hostelry, the clock turns back to student days.

Even after 25 years the challenges remain. “There aren’t any easy bits”, she explains. “Some arias are less stressful but Handel wrote difficult music, you can’t just cruise through it. Part of the pleasure is that people go to it as a first concert, a musical experience, but often it is spiritual. I always want to sing it well, because you want to give first timers a sensational experience.”

“It was time to get really serious about my singing. I started out as a pianist, but I was getting more confident and becoming fascinated by Baroque and early music. I could study in London, walk past Handel’s house, and be part of history in a way that is not possible in North America. I applied to all the London colleges, flew


Both singers are effusive in their praise of Walthamstow. “I didn’t know much to start with”, Gillian says, “but it was in the right place on the right tube line in the right price bracket, and that was my motivation!” Their experience is wholly positive. “Living here is a never-ending succession of wonderful surprises. I’m surprised as I never expected to stay, or that it could nourish me in this way. I really gave it short shrift and every year I discover something that makes me love it more, a new experience, something else that’s really cool about living here.” The community theme runs strongly throughout. “I love my neighbours, and I love the community spirit. I’m so happy we have a chance to contribute. Every person that makes me feel this way contributes, but in our neck of Walthamstow you get these really cool communities doing street parties, concerts, fundraising, gardening, neighbourhood watch and clubs. This is such a wonderful London experience. All my hopes for living in one of the coolest cities in the world, feeling like I genuinely have a home, have come true.” Gillian and Tom have given to the community through Music In The Village, run at St Mary’s Church by Peter McCarthy. The not for profit enterprise provides affordable concerts of a high standard. “We’ve sung in those concerts many times as guest artists, and he gets some really good people to come along”.


Building on this, the pair host Sunday concerts at St Barnabas Church. “Having been involved in Pete’s concerts, we had a hankering to do our own and focus on vocal music. Around a year ago we were asked to look after a beautiful Blüthner grand piano. We spoke to Stephen, the vicar of St Barnabas, and he allowed us to keep it there.” Their relationship with the church is mutually beneficial. “He is interested in whatever brings communities together and brings people into the church. Every month we usually have a theme, tying in community threads. We fundraise at every concert, for charities like the National MS Society, Educate To Eradicate and The Mill.” They do this through programmes such as ‘Poetry In Motion’, a collection of songs from famous poet-composer partnerships given last April. “It’s not a moneymaking thing”, explains Gillian, “it’s for the community. We want to put concerts on, and if someone comes to listen that’s great. Our aim is to get people who don’t know what classical music or opera is; do it in a high quality way but also take suggestions from the audience. Tom and I have 50 years of concert experience between us to bring to the community.” Early signs are good. “I’ve heard a lot of people say “I’ve never seen anybody sing live before”, people who have seen singing on TV but never live. It is so cool, and we have had parents bring their children along to get an enjoyable and imaginative experience from it.”

Gillian and her partner, tenor Tom Randle and the Blüthner grand piano in St Barnabas Church, Walthamstow.

The pair have impressive local knowledge, making the most of natural habitats. Gillian’s favourite area is Epping Forest. “There aren’t any other pockets of London that are like it. It’s amazing to go up there, and even now we’ve only explored maybe 25% of it. You could walk for an hour at the right time of day and not see another person; it’s so beautiful all times of the year!”

Life’s a cabaret Paul Stone talks to Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor about his drag act creation - rising (pun intended) star Victoria Sponge – and gets some valuable advice on walking in high heels. Photographs of Victoria Sponge and special guest Carmen Monoxide at The Victoria’s Pride Party by KT Watson.


Writer and performer Paul Stone had no actual plan to be a drag queen, “I sort of stumbled into it.” Although seeing Victoria Sponge work the stage in those high heels, there’s no stumbling involved. “I did do an A-level in performing arts but that’s about it. I was just lucky. I had started writing my own silly songs when I went on holiday to Spain with my family. There was a karaoke night at the resort, I got up and did a couple of songs. It turned out that the bar owner was producing a pantomime in Brighton and asked me to be in it.” Paul had been performing at various clubs including Central Station when local Walthamstow promoter Pixie (of Pixie Presents) heard about him. “I asked Paul to perform for the World Aids Day charity night at The Victoria because a few friends had seen him at another venue and recommended him. The charity night was hosted by Kelly Wilde (Dance Crazy Management), she signed Paul up to her agency after that night. I liked his act because it was original and very clever. After seeing him at the charity night I booked him for the Victoria and I still book him here and for nights at the William Morris bar.” Paul, who lives in Walthamstow, chose the name Victoria Sponge because of the pub. “Someone suggested I should be Victoria Line but I thought


that was a drug reference, so Sponge it was. Paul initially wanted to be a comedy writer and that talent certainly shines through his set, much of which is written on the day of the performance. “I know there are drag acts who look and sing better than I do, it’s my original material that gets me work.” And drag has seen a resurgence in recent years. “RuPaul’s drag race has brought drag to a younger audience again. There’s Drag Idol every spring in London. I made it to the semi-finals one year then the following year, they asked me to compere the competition.” With regular shows, sometimes 3-4 times a

week, Victoria Sponge is a busy lady. “I have a monthly gig at a club in a Turkish resort too, so I’m out there for around 1 week every month”. He talks about Victoria in the 3rd person. “She would like to be like Victoria Beckham, she thinks she’s classy and does start off like that at the beginning of the night but inevitably she’ll be knocked off her pedestal when someone heckles or shouts out the punchline to one of her songs. Then she gets quite screechy - basically she goes from Walthamstow Village to Walthamstow Market in a heartbeat.” Paul will often include new drag acts on stage with him. “Pixie is really good, she’s keen to find and nurture new talent and knows how hard it is to break into the London scene so she will give them that chance at the Victoria and the William Morris bar,” says Paul. They have great mutual respect. “Because Victoria Sponge is such a professional act and very entertaining, she is always my first choice when starting a new cabaret night, she’s reliable and easy to work with. The punters

really love his Walthamstow song which is sung to the melody of the Disney song from Frozen, ‘Let it Go’.and because she’s local,” says Pixie “she has a big following in this area.” Paul kindly offers some valued advice for walking in high heels “The key is to keep moving, it’s like a bike, the slower you pedal the harder it is, I jump around a lot. If I stand still I’m likely to fall off.” “Victoria plans to spend most of the Christmas period in the Mall, getting presents for the family. The quality of gift tends to depend on the size and fitness levels of the security guards. She has asked her partner, Mustafa, to get her something that will bring them closer together. He’s bought her a gastric band.” Victoria Sponge will be appearing at The City of Quebec, off Oxford Street on New Year’s Eve and for a fabulously festive cabaret with special guests and a lot of laughs, head to the Victoria pub, 188 Hoe Street on Christmas Eve 9.30pm, free entry. Pixie Presents

Photo © Vestry House Museum, London Borough of Waltham Forest

The 1930s were a gold rush of cinema construction. As many towns eagerly awaited their first, the oldest in Walthamstow made way for the latest. The Granada replaced the Victoria on Hoe Street and the Dominion, the Prince’s Pavillion behind the High Street. Barely six months separated the closure of the old pair and opening of the new. Both claimed to have ‘3,000 seats’; the Granada had 2,697 but the Dominion just 1,685 - an outrageous exaggeration. It boasted a snazzy Wurlitzer organ built in the USA but seemed destined to snap at the heels of the Granada, which in September 1930 won the race to open first in an unseemly hurry, its large restaurant barely half built. Three months later, the Mayor of Walthamstow officially opened the Dominion, taking the place of the Lord Lieutenant of Essex who couldn’t attend because the area was shrouded in thick fog. In 1931 it gained the formidable ownership of Associated British Cinemas (ABC).

Walthamstow’s Granada on Hoe Street c1960.

The Gold Rush and beyond In the second of his three part series on Waltham Forest’s cinema history Richard Ashman tells of the replacement of the previous humble halls or rooms with a new breed of often opulent ‘super’ cinemas seating 1,000s of local movie goers for the next twenty years and the onset of their sad demise.

While the Dominion’s architecture was described as ‘Roman’ and praised for its ‘commendable restraint avoiding any jazz or garish display‘ (possibly a dig at the Granada’s unrestrained glory) ABC’s Rex was unashamedly the first word in jazz, transforming part of Leytonstone High Road into Sunset Boulevard. Six fins ran vertically up and over a frontage with rounded brickwork behind, cocking a snook at the staid, classical style of the past. Inside were vibrant carpets, lighting concealed in curvy ceiling troughs, wavy ridged plasterwork and long cylindrical lamps. The ambience was brash and seductive: art deco had arrived. It opened six weeks before the start of a fledging new service largely shrugged off as an unthreatening side show: television. The Ritz’s narrow frontage on Leyton High Road gave few clues that the largest local cinema after Walthamstow’s Granada stood behind. Built just yards from the King’s cinema, like the Rex it was designed by ABC’s chief architect William R. Glen, and in a similar art deco style. It had ‘Ardente’ deaf aid equipment for those with defective hearing and the first manager was Mr F. J. Nash-Sex, described as having a ‘pleasing personality’. In 1950 Nat Matthews, who had worked at over forty cinemas, took over. Like a cross between a Butlins Red Coat and avuncular bank manager, he energetically promoted films with stunts and photo opportunities, 11

linking the Ritz with charities, youth groups and businesses to embed it firmly in local community life. For the film Bhowani Junction, the venue was transformed into an Indian railway station; the usherettes wore saris and Pakistan’s High Commission was invited to attend. Such novelty and invention added to venues already bursting with personality. Tickets for Marlene Dietrich’s film, Shanghai Express at the Rialto were printed ‘Leytonstone to Shanghai - First Class - Rialto’. Staff at the Cameo in Walthamstow enhanced a horror film with an illuminated skeleton pulled along a wire, appearing and disappearing through the exit doors until unimpressed audience members blocked its menacing circuit by putting their feet over the wire. Cine-variety gave audiences films and live entertainment in the same show, such as a high wire act at the Rex involving a Japanese man walking backwards from the projection room to the stage. And

‘patrons anticipating an urgent telephone call are requested to notify the cashier, who will give immediate attention in the event of a message being received’ then there were the resident cinema cats, keeping mice numbers down and causing alarm as their tails brushed under patron’s legs in the dark. Odeon improved the visibility of their Chingford cinema with a five storey tower similar to the Odeon Leicester Square but clad in cream tiles and topped with goddess figures and flagpoles. Internally the austere, old fashioned auditorium was less impressive. It advertised an alternative to mobile phones, stating ‘patrons anticipating an urgent telephone call are requested to notify the cashier, who will give immediate attention in the event of a message being received’. Opposite the railway station was the smaller Pavillion cinema, renamed simply Chingford

Walthamstow’s Dominion, Buxton Road 1993

The Dominion was the last cinema to open in Walthamstow until the Empire in 2014. However in March 1936 plans were submitted for an Odeon on Hoe Street – a road which already had four cinemas. The following year as thirty-seven brand new Odeons opened and thirty-six other cinemas were taken over by the firm, Walthamstow Odeon remained stuck in planning limbo. Like many others in the pipeline it was eventually shelved, partly due to the approaching war. During the conflict Hoe Street was wrecked by a V1 rocket in 1944 that killed twenty-two people. The foyer of the Granada acted as a temporary morgue even though the blast had ripped off the main roof, putting the building out of action for three months.

Chingford Odeon c1936


While terror raged, two key figures of British cinema died: John Maxwell, founder of ABC cinemas and their owner, Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC) and Oscar Deutsch, the extraordinary force behind Odeon

Photos © Vestry House Museum, London Borough of Waltham Forest

Cinema possibly in anticipation of the Odeon’s arrival. In the Second World War it got in trouble with government regulations by effectively showing the Luftwaffe where Chingford was. The owners’ make-do-andmend response was to take five letters from the sign and rename it the Doric.

cinemas. Maxwell produced several masterpieces with Alfred Hitchcock including Blackmail, generally regarded as the first British ‘talkie.’ Joseph Arthur Rank emerged from the shadow of his flour magnet father to establish Pinewood Studios and take over Odeon and Gaumont cinemas when Deutsch died. By producing and distributing films to the 1000+ cinemas owned between them, ABPC and Rank’s duopoly reduced Hollywood’s dominance of the UK’s silver screens and controlled much of what was shown and when, for decades to come. For its size, Sidney Bernstein’s chain of fifty or so cinemas - including Walthamstow’s Granada - had an impressive influence in the industry, thanks to his drive and somewhat paternalistic personality. Referring to his Rialto in Leytonstone, he said “our screen will be kept free from undesirable

entertainment, maintaining all that is best and most worthy”. Post WWII Bernstein took over the Academy, Leytonstone and the King’s, Leyton. Both were modernised (losing some of their Edwardian ornamentation) and renamed Century cinemas. Having lived nearby as a child, Alfred Hitchcock recorded a message played when the former Academy reopened. Alongside the opulent modern cinemas adorned with potted plants and fresh cut flowers were the fleapits, like Leyton’s Picture House where in 1953 a generator overheated in the basement, billowing smoke into the auditorium where over four hundred and fifty children were watching a show. Some gathered at exits but were returned to their seats when the cause was identified. Within months, Sol Sheckman - another dynamic personality in the business - added it to his chain of almost

two hundred Essoldo cinemas. His wife ESther and daughter DOrothy helped form the name. In 1961 the Rex was converted into a twenty lane ABC bowling alley, a year after ten-pin bowling was introduced to the UK. Out went the art deco and in came a shiny Formica look. The Mayor and Mayoresses from eight local authorities attended the re-launch, to play what was enthusiastically described as the new national sport. It never quite took off. Both ABC and Top Rank bowling were shortlived ventures, unlike bingo. The State, Leytonstone replaced films with bingo sessions on quieter evenings. Before long, this addictive game would give many local cinemas a new lease of life.

Essoldo Cinema, High Road Leyton, mid 50s, closed 1959.

Academy Cinema, High Road Leytonstone c.1954

Century Cinema, High Road Leyton c.1959

ABC Rex, High Road Leytonstone c.1960. Became a ten-pin bowling alley.

Inside the Rex, High Road Leytonstone c.1936

The State, High Road, Leytonstone c.1960. Became Bingo Hall.

Picture Palaces These photographs are from the collection of Vestry House Museum. Browse more from the Museum’s archive and order prints online at


“Digesting my own life” Writer, performer and Waltham Forest resident Rob Auton combines poetry, startling observations and a distracted, wistful air to alarming, comic and sometimes strangely moving effect. The Guardian described him as “a genuine original” though Vanessa Feltz reckons he’s “just sad”. A regular hit at the Edinburgh Festival, his proudest achievement is not that he won ‘Dave Funniest Joke of the Fringe’ in 2013. Next year, having already tackled the colour yellow, water, the sky and faces, he’ll be touring The Sleep Show. Mike Sims, fresh from the barber’s, puts the questions. Photo by Chris McAndrew.


Who are your favourite poets? Normal practice here is to name friends, a poet you want to impress and one you vaguely recall from school... I like Charles Simic, D.H. Lawrence and Spike Milligan. They are my friends but the relationships are very much one way. What’s Bang Said the Gun? Could it work at the Rose & Crown? Bang Said the Gun is a poetry night for people who might think twice of going to a poetry night. We want it to be anarchic and full of passion and guts. The audience are given glowsticks and shake milk bottles filled with chickpeas. We play Little Richard really loud and encourage people to grit their teeth. Roger McGough, Sir Andrew Motion and Kate Tempest have all performed at Bang and this year we have taken it to the

Photos ©

Am I right you trained as an artist? Why poetry? Poetry is creativity, isn’t it? That’s what art is. It’s all the same thing as far as I’m concerned. Having something inside you that you want to get out by means of creating something that doesn’t already exist. Something as creative and life-giving as poetry should be kept next to paintings and sculptures, not mixed in with the textbooks. I don’t know if what I do is poetry – I never say it is. It is writing. I love painting and drawing and writing and feel the same way when writing as I do when drawing or painting. Not trying to solve a puzzle or create something that is good, just doing it because I’ve had an urge to pick up a pen or type something into my notes folder on my phone so the words exist as they did when they came into my head.

Udderbelly on the Southbank and Leicester Square Theatre, as well as having our monthly residency at Bloomsbury Theatre studio. I love the Rose & Crown and would jump at the chance to do a Bang night there. The Yellow Show, The Sky Show, The Face Show, The Water Show and now The Sleep Show. That’s a lot of Shows! Hang on, this isn’t really a question, is it? Not really no, but thanks for listing my shows. I am currently working on my new one about hair called The Hair Show. I want to write shows that have a subject. Not only that but a subject that the vast majority of people on the planet have some awareness of. I will be taking The Hair Show up to Edinburgh in 2017. I put a word in the middle of a spider diagram and go from there. This year it was sleep, next year is hair. Why go on stage? Life’s a lot quieter being just a ‘page poet’? If I have an idea that makes me laugh or think about something in a different way I want to share it with people to see if they get from it what I did. Standing up on stage and saying it is the quickest method I have found. I want to share the ideas I have with an audience because I can’t just keep saying them to my friends. I think that is why stages exist, to give people a platform to say things they can’t say elsewhere. To really go off on one. All stages should have a sign at the side: ‘Attention seekers welcome here.’ I have put my stuff into books but the vast majority of it has been read out on stage by me. I want to bring it to life as much as possible. Where do you stand on ‘silliness’ and/or ‘innocence’? Did you know they share the same etymology? If someone said my stuff was silly I would take it as a criticism. That’s fair enough, I’ve had a lot of criticism, all available to read on the ‘praise and criticism’ page of my website I would call something annoying before I call it silly. I think silly is quite a snobbish word. Something an adult would say to a child and something an adult who is an adult would say to an adult who is not. What is silly? Politics? Terrorists? Writing a show about the colour yellow? I have a lot more time for the word innocence. I don’t want to feel guilty. I want to have a clean slate. I never lie. I think a lot of things have been made up by humans and to retain a certain amount of innocence I think you have to keep reminding yourself that it was just another person who made it exist. Your book Petrol Honey was locally inspired, wasn’t it? I used to live near the Tesco on Hoe Street in Walthamstow, the one with the petrol station on it. The lady who used to work there would put all my shopping through and then check if I was buying petrol with the words, “Petrol Honey?” I thought that was a good name for a book: you need the petrol to make the honey.

TWO POEMS by Rob Auton Sandwich sound Egg mayonnaise on white is the quietest sandwich I have heard Teeth bite into dry and wet silence Sound insulation made from bread Puts the mouth on mute A vacuum of taste Ideal cinema or library food Quiet in volume Deafening in smell

Entertainment We’ll treat it as entertainment shall we? What? That tree over there, the one with the sky behind it Yes OK. Has the entertainment started yet? Yes it has. We have missed the beginning haven’t we? Yes we have. Will we miss the end? Yes we will. We only get to see a bit of it? Yes. We have to make the most of the bits we get to see. Catch them in our thought nets. A quickly reversing car. The sun shining on the last orange in the fruit bowl. BBQ smoke passing across the in bloom passion flower. We are futuristic to those who are gone Historic to those who are to come We owe it to them to have a look at it all Pieces published with permission by Burning Eye Books

In your poem ‘One Creature Zoo’, you talk about a tortoise being “protected by its permanent strapless army hat”. Is that like being a poet? Maybe it is, yeah. I feel like I’m protected by something I can’t see. It also has a habit of making me feel vulnerable. Rob Auton’s At Home With Rob, a new spoken word album of his stuff has just been released by Speech Development Records. His third book Take Hair will be published by Burning Eye Books in 2017. 15

Office Space available Shared single office space for rent in Harmony Hall, a prime central Walthamstow location. Newly refurbished modern office space, with internet and photocopying facilities provided. Please contact Joss on 07881 015875

A SPOTTER’s Guide to LOCAL streetLIFE for Waltham Forest’s people watchers.

Winter Warmer & Showcase Gnome House 17 December 11am-4pm Our programme includes: Brass Band and Christmas Carols from 12-2pm Exhibition of artwork including work created through Arts4Dementia project at William Morris Gallery, artwork and prints created by Inky Cuttlefish Kids Club, Women’s LD Wednesday group, and prints created during our Health&Wellbeing workshops. We have also invited Inky Cuttlefish members to exhibit in the studio. Gnome House Youth Club run by Waltham Forest Arts in Education will be running a cake and squash stall. Kids will be doing face painting. Left Bank Brewery has been commissioned to create a special ‘Gnome House’ Beer. Mbilla Arts will be performing African Drumming and Dance at 2.30pm, and DrumaSphere will have DrumaSphere, DrumaSphere – Community drum circle. No experience necessary all welcome a community drumming circle from 3pm and we have our Community Secret Santa for local children.

From a series by Walthamstow resident, illustrator Tom Gaul. instagram account tomgaul_doodles 16

If you are business and would like to donate a small gift for our Secret Santa please get in touch.

Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS

E~LICIOUS a Directory of Fine things to Eat, Drink and Savour

E17 Cook Book Club Words Silvana Gambini ~ Photography Simon Goodwin

To advertise your business contact 17

Cooking up a storm…

Jules Haley and Rachel Yates (pictured top right) – better known as the ‘Walthamstow Foodies’, authors of the well-respected local food blog – had wanted to run a regular foodie event for some time and, in November 2014, they launched the E17 Cook Book Club. Their vision was for something informal, self-sufficient, fun and democratically run. A passion for food is the only requirement for membership, with every level from novice cooks to ‘master chefs’ welcome. But how does it work? It’s simple - you bring one or more dishes you’ve cooked based on that month’s theme; set everything out on the buffet table; everyone introduces their dish/es and talks about their sources – family, cook book or online recipe; then the eating and chatting commence. People ‘chew the fat’ about anything and everything as they break bread together – of course the food they’re eating is a popular topic! 18

Members predominantly live in the E17 area and there is a diverse mix of people – singles and couples, gay and straight, with some people hailing from outside the UK – Ecuador, America, Brazil, Turkey, Holland, Italy, France - which leads to some great culinary exchanges. Newcomer Nusreen Brown confessed “I was really scared about coming tonight, but I’m really glad that I did! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the food is amazing.” Regular attendees, Siu Hing Lo and Ceri Wilkinson agreed that they’d approached their first meet ups with trepidation, but that feeling had quickly dissipated once they got into the swing of things. Lisa Brown enthused “I really love this group! It was a great way of meeting locals when we first moved to E17 and so many of these guys have now become friends to me and Chris, my partner”.

Another member Julio Kettley, ex-lawyer turned caterer, reached the final of the Brazilian version of ‘The Taste’. An amateur at the time, he unwittingly managed to slip through the TV show’s recruitment process for professional chefs. A talented patissier, he even called his cat Mary Berry! But people don’t have to go overboard in the preparation of their dishes. In fact, for me, some of the most memorable dishes have been amongst the simplest to prepare – Julia Newcomb’s delicious salad of sliced beef tomatoes with a fresh ginger and honey dressing and Tom Kettley’s mouth-watering bruschetta made with heritage tomatoes, garlic and basil fresh from his mum’s allotment. What’s cookin’ for 2017? The upcoming culinary themes are already posted in the Facebook group, as members collectively decide them in advance. Popular past events include Americana, seasonal vegetarian,

Photos © Simon Goodwin

This October, Silvana Gambini interviewed members of the monthly E17 Cook Book Club at the Italian Regional cuisine meet up. And Simon Goodwin showed immense restraint in photographing all the great food on offer before finally chowing down!

Win e B eer Provision s Open every day in December 238 Francis Rd, Leyton E10 6NQ 020 8556 2444

Brazilian and Delia Smith. The first meet up of the New Year will be Indian cuisine and takes place on Burns Night on January 25th. I am considering some kind of Indian/Scottish fusion mash up in honour of the Scottish Bard, but what to choose? Haggis pakoras of course! Now where did I put that deep fat fryer and can I get hold of a bagpipe player to pipe in my pakoras?

E17 Cook Book Club 8.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month, January to November. Rear function room of the Bell Pub, 617 Forest Road E17 4NE £3 each to cover a tip for the pub staff and plastic cutlery, plates & napkins

CHRISTMAS PRIX FIXE MONDAY–FRIDAY 12.00-3.00 • 6.30-9.30 2 COURSES £13 • 3 COURSES £16 Broccoli and stilton soup Home cured Gravadlax, pickled cucumber and mustard sauce
 Duck liver terrine with toast Bavette steak with mushroom, onion, pancetta and fries
 Pheasant crumble with winter greens Goats cheese and cranberry tarte fine with mixed leaf salad Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream Baileys pannacotta Baron Bigod ‘Brie’, marmalade and biscuits

Add a spiced pear bellini £4

E17 Cook Book Club Rachel & Jules’ Food Blog: To advertise your business contact 19

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Pepper’s Ghost There’s a new and somewhat unusually named pub at 777 High Road, Leyton. Pepper’s Ghost, formerly The Shoelaces, opened in September and is becoming a popular destination for great food, music and family friendly vibes. Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor finds out more.

First time publicans Victoria Saunders and Jeff Ginsburg are hairdressers by trade but they both needed a change. “The day I decided to give up on the business partnership I was in, Jeff walked in and announced we had a pub, he’d already been to meetings and we were in the final two for this place.” The brewery, Punch, has been keen to listen to Victoria and Jeff who are trying to ensure that their pub reflects the needs of local residents and punters. “Punch have been relaunching many of their pubs and they do recognize that the smaller more 20 To advertise your business contact

independent bars and pubs are doing really well so they are trying to get ahead of that curve and get local stuff in. Jeff has been very keen to stock London drinks including London Stout and lots of gin too,” she explains. “It was also important to keep the prices down. People around here aren’t going to want Shoreditch prices, we need to be inclusive.” Music is extremely important to both Victoria and Jeff and this is reflected in how seriously they take the DJ bookings. “We want people to enjoy the music, keeping it mellow so they can still sit and talk but now, at the weekends we are getting people up dancing which is great. Jeff had always wanted to run a bar, he has lots of great music connections.” The pub has a smart but fresh and easy décor, wooden floors and tables and some fantastic artwork on the walls. “That’s Mac,” explains Jeff. “He DJs here on a Thursday night and when we saw his work we wanted it up. We’re running a competition soon, to win a signed print but also one winner will get a free commissioned piece from him. We’ll be releasing information on

Photos © Simon Goodwin

The name Pepper’s Ghost is taken from John Henry Pepper, who died in Leytonstone in 1900, and was famous for creating an illusion that is still used in theatre and amusement parks today. He used a projection technique making objects, initially a ghostly figure, appear where they are not. “We received a beautiful book and letter from the museum in Westminster when they discovered the pub name, it contains all the illusions he did. The pub dates back around 140 years, so the building was here when he was in the area” explains landlady Victoria.

social media for this soon” Mac is TD MacGregor (see his feature on page 24 of the October E List) and he DJ’s soul, funk and jazzy tunes. They also have Tim Fairplay on every Friday with a cosmic mix of dub and reggae, all fairly mellow and low tempo. “Ideally we would like to create a space that changes throughout the day, we would like parents and kids in and people who want to do some work here, to get out of the house, have a coffee and a sandwich, there’s lots of plug points and wifi. It’s already building up, we have a baby changing unit on order and there’s even been a christening party in the back room where we rope it off as a function area.” There are also plans to add a roof over the outdoor, gated space.

Learn to cook delicious


Prepare and eat beautiful dishes in a relaxed setting with an expert tutor

~ From £50pp inc. wine ~ Choose the dishes to master 07713 175895

Vitally, they have added a Sunday roast and that has been going down really well. “In the third week of the roasts we had over 80 covers so that’s great. We’re just settling in, but we have lots of plans, I’m hoping for markets in the carpark area at some point” smiles Victoria “but it all takes time.”

Welcome to a unique pop up restaurant located in a denim factory in Walthamstow.

Pepper’s Ghost 777 High Road, Leyton E10 5AB @Peppersghostpub PeppersGhostPub

Enjoy inventive seasonal food in a relaxed and informal setting.

Landlady, Victoria

To advertise your business contact 21

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spot in walthamstow






WalthamstoW Chingford Wanstead Bethnal green




Four great locations offering the very best in seasonal and locally sourced produce Book us for your special event: from afternoon tea for two to a wedding reception for 150, corporate canapes to craft parties, we can create a bespoke event to suit you

the larder

$ 0

Annie McKenzie

Private Dining, Teaching, Supper Clubs, Pop Ups, Freezer Filling and events in Walthamstow and beyond.



$ 0

Annie McKenzie

I’m Dreaming Of A French Christmas

In France, Christmas Eve or Réveillon is a rather important affair. No going out with the lads and ladies to the pub, oh no! The night before Christmas in our house is deadly serious. So why not try it this year? It’s a wonderful way to bring in Christmas early with good food, wine and all the festive cheer of Petit Papa Noël. 1. We begin with a Kir Royale before moving on to the feasting, and it’s really up to you what you eat this night - no hard and fast turkey cranberry rules here. 2. Our favourites are smoked salmon with a dill, lemon and creme fraîche sauce and baguette toasts. 3. Mains change every year, but my Pops makes a mean pork stroganoff - creamy enough to feel decadent but light enough to stop you from falling asleep at the table, pop a few green veg on the side and you’ll feel practically saintly. 4. For dessert, you absolutely have to try Julia Childs’ chocolate mousse (David Leibowitz has the perfect recipe on his website), which is a bit of a faff to make but worth every second of whisking. Serve it in teacups with a dollop of cherry Kirsch compote underneath, a quenelle of chantilly cream on top and shortbread biscuits on the side for dessert perfection. Fancy treating yourself, your loved one, or your colleagues to Private Dining? Want to learn how to make pasta, pastry, edible Christmas gifts and more? Get in touch for details.

Then roll to bed having eaten, drunk and been merry only to wake up the next day and do it all over again! /

Being half-French, half-English does have its perks really, doesn’t it? /

22 To advertise your business contact


The East London

Sausage Co.



57 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Tue-Fri: 08.30-19.00

Sat: 08.30-17.30 Sun: 10.00-14.00

WALTHAM FOREST Buy local this Christmas

Limited Edition hand finished screenprints & paintings from an extensive portfolio By appointment: E: T: 07841 393 496

To advertise your business in the


Come along to the Stow Inspired Christmas Pop-up Shop which opens at Hoe Street Central, E17 on 29 November and choose from a range of gifts, including - art, jewellery, accessories, clothing and homewares, created by talented artists, designers, makers and small businesses from across Waltham Forest.

opens Tuesday

29 NOV Hoe St. Central E17

There will also be a series of Inspired talks and workshops aimed at helping local artists and small businesses in areas such as marketing, social media and building a website.

email Waltham Forest

Find out more: To advertise your business contact 23

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SANTA BRINGS SOME CHRISTMAS SPIRIT TO THE MALL Christmas has arrived in style at The Mall Walthamstow, with the chance to meet and greet Santa in his eye-catching illuminated grotto every weekend throughout December.

Santa’s Grotto will open on the 3rd December, with a weekend of Christmas activities for all the family, including face painting, roaming entertainers, free gifts for RewardME Card Holders, and even an appearance from The Mall Monster, who will be giving away prizes.

Between 11am and 4pm each weekend, children will have the chance to meet Santa in person, as well as receiving a special gift from Santa himself. All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Mall’s partner charity for 2016, Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre.

“We can’t wait to welcome Santa to The Mall again this year, and bring some Christmas cheer to our customers,” said Rebecca Marjoram, Marketing Manager at The Mall. “We’re also delighted to be able to support the Toy Library as our partner charity.”

Visit Father Christmas in his magical fairy wonderland Santa’s meet and greet will be open Saturday 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th December and between the 22nd and 24th December 11am – 4pm daily. Meet and greet costs £3.00 with each child receiving a special gift. All money raised will be donated to The Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre. For more information please visit:

Christmas as it should be. Enjoy the magic at The Mall 24 To advertise your business contact

To advertise your business contact 25

E~DEN a Directory of Useful Services & Beautiful Things for the Home


LEE DIXON 07908 345161

26 To advertise your business contact

Penny Fielding 07725 645 359

Practical, creative and intelligent advice for all aspects of home improvement and household management

House Doctor Penny Fielding offers creative solutions to everyday niggles you may have with your home. Whether you go pound shop trashy or John Lewis traditional, getting the home bedecked in readiness for Christmas gets us in the mood for the festive season. Here are a few tips for making alternative decorations without spending very much except a bit of time and a little thoughtfulness. When my children were small we spent a few years living in the Middle East, where there were no Christmas trees. One year we constructed a tall tier of cardboard boxes, all painted different colours, with cut out shapes. These when lit from within (and without) with fairy lights looked pretty cool, and the boxes made perfect ascending shelves for all our gifts. The best thing of all was that we had a lovely time doing it together. Another year we made a drawing of a tree on a piece of white material, which we hung on the wall and pinned decorations to. IKEA now sell something similar as a printed fabric. Instead of the usual fir tree, try decorating a small olive tree in a pot. Adorn it with jeweled fruit, baubles, bows and bits of old chandelier for an opulent look. To create decorations, slice up a big orange, push cloves here and there into the pith and bake slowly on a low heat for an hour and a half until dried, as if you were cooking meringues. Then thread through some ribbon or embroidery silk for hanging and you have a translucent rose window shaped decoration that smells festive. This is a nice project to do with children, as it’s very straight forward with little mess. For me the gift-wrapping is as special as the present. I always double wrap with a layer of tissue first and then add a little teeny something, like a sweet or a sparkly bead to the ribbon bow. Quite a time consuming process, but it never goes unnoticed! What niggles you about your home? Email with your thoughts. To book a session with the House Doctor please email: or call 07725 645 359. To advertise your business contact 27

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Hidden gems

Wood Street Market is a wonderful warren packed full of small shops from record sellers to peddlers of vintage fashion. In amongst the unique traders is Mrs Tinsley’s Vintage & Retro – a tiny shop filled to the rafters with gorgeous antiques from delicate vintage teacups to mid century modern furniture. Mrs Tinsley – Trudie to her friends – can be found sitting amongst her retro finds which she scours the country for so she can share them with her stylish customers. How did Mrs Tinsley’s vintage come about? I’ve always been into vintage, but my interest didn’t bloom until I met my husband. I call him a hoarder, but he insists he just doesn’t like to throw good things away! We were buying new bits of

vintage on our travels and the house was filling up. I didn’t want to stop buying, so I decided to sell on some of the fabulous things that we find instead.

spent years searching for an original set of flying ducks and when I finally found some there was no room at home, so I put them in the shop and sold them within an hour.

What made you decide to set up shop in Wood Street Market? I did a pop-up stall in the market before Christmas last year and I loved it! In the new year a unit became available and all the traders encouraged me to take it on. It only took me two days to fill the unit and I haven’t looked back since. Everyone is so friendly and I spend my days surrounded by lovely things.

Where do you source your stock? All over the place! I love digging through junk shops and driving through villages to stop at charity shops or garden sales. My husband has some classic cars and wherever there’s a vintage car there’s a little antique shop nearby. I usually head out of London as often the things that are fashionable here haven’t caught on elsewhere yet!

As a collector do you find it hard to let things go? It can be, but I take them into the shop and by the end of the day I’ll know if I have to take it home with me or not! It’s all about the buying for me. I

28 To advertise your business contact

What’s the best thing about having your business in Walthamstow? It’s my hometown and I love the people. The market is full of so many amazing shops

Photos © Paula Smith

Mrs Tinsley’s Vintage & Retro is a treasure trove of antique goodies in Wood Street Market. Karen Dunn caught up with Mrs Tinsley herself to find out how she hunts down her vintage finds… Photos by Paula Smith

and Hillman’s Servery does the best cakes – it’s hard not to eat them every day! I’d love for more people to find us here. It’s often called the hidden gem of Walthamstow and it would be nice for it not to be hidden anymore.

Mrs Tinsley’s Vintage & Retro Unit 4A, Wood Street Indoor Market 98-100 Wood St, Walthamstow E17 3HX Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am – 5.30pm and Sundays until Christmas. mrstinsleysvintageandretro To advertise your business contact 29



Mortgage advice that’s right up your street Marsh Street provides comprehensive mortgage advice for everyone. We source from a wide range of lenders and have access to a number of different products. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and high quality bespoke service that ensures that you are treated fairly at all times. We have the experience and ability to identify your needs, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product to make life easier for our customers.

Marsh Street was the original name of Walthamstow High Street where a number of large manor houses were used as weekend or summer retreats. Samuel Pepys’ bosses had houses here, and after visiting one of them Pepys described how they had drunk wine from a local vineyard and “the whole company said they never drank better foreign wine [than this one] in their lives”.

Not only will we help you find the right mortgage, but we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your mortgage transaction is completed swiftly and effectively, so you can concentrate on the other parts of buying your dream home.

Traditional values and good advice

M ARSH 0208 509 8626 40 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NJ

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for the advice given, the exact amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495 or 1%.

Add Valuable Square Foot Without Lifting a Hammer! Want more space without the hassle of building work? Sell your property for it’s maximum value by adding planning permission on the perfect extension and then move!

Buyers often want to add their own stamp on a property, and equally decide to rip everything out of a newly renovated property to suit their own style. Take the risk out of your potential sale and design a large extension with planning permission. The buyer will be able to see the potential, avoid the risk of not achieving planning permission as well as the expense of applying for it! Your top sale price will be achieved and you never have to deal with the dust. Top Tip: plan the largest extension possible under planning guidelines. he profit between siblings. The planning permission on the extension added 72 square metres 020 8531 4441 30 To advertise your business contact


... a wood burning stove and traditional sash window looking out onto the lavender and silver birch tree growing in front and Beulah Road beyond. Adjacent is a reception/dining room providing plenty of space for eating and relaxing with french grey wood panelling and a charming original window. Beulah Road Two bed Victorian ÂŁ735,000 020 8520 9300

Step through the solid wooden front door into the splendid hallway where the modern styling blends perfectly with the original features. The bay fronted lounge/diner is a light and airy room in which to relax at the end or a busy day. Take a moment to pause at the door of the kitchen/diner to take in the full extent of this fabulous room with its roof lantern and splashes of vivid colour. Be sure to step outside into the garden with its patio for alfresco dining, lawn and well tended beds ready for you to exercise your green fingers. Maynard Road Three bed Victorian sstc ÂŁ810,000 020 8520 9300

... an absolute stunner with charm and character to be found on every floor and William Morris living on the (outside) wall. The current owners have done a fabulous job of modernising the interior yet retained the attraction of a Victorian property. Bedford Road Three bed Victorian end terrace ÂŁ700,000 sstc 020 8520 9300


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1. Warren Road E10 2 bed terraced house for sale Offers in excess of £400,000 sstc

3. Cromer Road E10 3 bed end-terrace house for sale £575,000 sold

2. Chobham Road E15 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £350,000



4. Elsham Road E11 2 bed end-terrace house for sale Offers in excess of £525,000 sold

Leyton’s Estate Agent

020 8539 4213 185 Francis Road E10



Dec gallery


3. Clarendon Road E17 3 bed terraced house for sale Offers in region of £850,000



1. Woodlands Road E17 4 bed terrace house for sale Offers in excess of £675,000 2. Third Avenue E17 2 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £450,000

4. Bowdon Road E17 2 bed flat for sale £380,000 sstc

Walthamstow’s Estate Agent


020 8520 9300 40 Orford Road E17

Residential developments and the role of private developers With the continuing growth of cities, the need to meet housing targets puts pressure upon the government and local authorities to facilitate the construction of more housing. Whilst a good portion of new housing is built by Housing Associations in conjunction with local authorities, much of the remainder is built by private developers. With a shortage of available “greenfield” sites (new land not previously used for building) within cities and urban areas, more development is taking place on “brownfield sites” (sites previously built on or used for commercial purposes). By nature, Brownfield sites in urban areas can be challenging. They tend to be smaller and so the proximity of adjacent buildings and the relationship of any proposal to them is a consideration. There may be issues of land contamination, archaeology, trees, structures etc. to be dealt with. When looking at new developments there are many areas for consideration before the architecture of the buildings. At an early stage, it is important to understand the planning constraints, allowable density of development, amenity space requirements etc. to assess the number of units possible and hence the viability of the site.

Who can help? Architects with experience in residential developments are an asset to a developer. Their knowledge of relevant planning legislation enables them to assess the capacity of the site and hence the viability, at a very early stage. Experience in the design of residential developments will result in proposals which are in tune with the aspirations of the Local Plan whilst maximising the development potential of a site.

Why not visit our website for more information and to see how we can help you with your project? Matthew Eyles is an Architect and partner in Matthew Eyles Architects. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Architectural profession.

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The art of interiors Karl Anthoney, founder and owner of The London Interior Decor company talks to Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor

As period properties are snapped up around Waltham Forest, many will have decades of trends to peel back or replace as the fashion for authenticity continues. 1970s fireplaces are replaced with cast iron and carpets are ripped up to reveal wooden floors that need sanding and varnishing, paint in muted tones compliment the ever popular vintage furniture. And contemporary art and colourful soft furnishings bring us bang up to date. Some homeowners will even go as far as ripping out recently installed PVC doors and windows to return to wooden sash, restoring their beloved property to the days of its creation. Hackney-born Karl Anthoney, runs The London Interior Decor company, specialising in high

end, hand finishing. “I’ve got a highly skilled team, including my uncle who has been a French polisher for 35 years,” says Karl. “We’ve just finished work on the Champagne bar at Kings Cross Station and we offer clientbased, bespoke restoration for projects large and small. Our last 6 private jobs have been in Walthamstow houses.” Karl knows the area well, his father owned a second hand shop on Markhouse Road for many years. “Although we do offer plastering, we don’t do structural work. We are decorators but, I’d say we’re more finishers than decorators,” Karl explains. As well as a skilled French polisher, who recently sorted out a table for students who scolded their landlords table, there’s a cabinet maker, hand wood stripping service

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and a plastering team who can offer a number of specialist finishes including Venetian plastering and a variety of effects where required. Karl is also a talented designer and artist, creating colourful montage images using mixed media, used as full feature wall murals or as hanging prints. “I’m inspired by the East End, where I grew up and still live, the characters I see, the urban environment and London life,” he says. The subjects include an old East End ‘puppy smuggler’, pearly kings and queens and even Kate Moss. Karl was inspired by exhibitions he attended when living away from London in his former life as a footballer. “To be honest, I had a lot of time on my hands and I was bored, so that’s how it started.” With no formal

training, Karl is an instinctive designer and as with his skilled restoration work, his attention to detail is clear. This artistic flair does indeed feed directly into the interior design work. As well as restoration and decoration,The London Interior Decor company offers bespoke wallpaper design and wall coverings. “I do silk screen prints but I’ll work with all sorts of materials, whatever’s required, so wood, aluminium, I work with whatever the client needs.” Much of Karl’s artwork has been auctioned and sold for charity, specifically cancer charities. His work has been showcased at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Ben Oakley Gallery, Shoreditch Church, The Football Association and De’Longhi Art Auction at the


The highest standards in painting and decorating



Interior & exterior painting, wallpapers and decorative finishes - residential & commercial

Call 07971


70 Hoe Street E17 4PG Wed-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm Closed Mon & Tues

Mo 07905 164663 Sarah 07528 229030



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E17 Royal College of Art. He has collaborated with fashion photographers, infusing their images with his own urban style. He is currently working on a special edition of prints for Christmas that will be sold in support of the Race for Blood Cancer charity. “One of

my friends has been unwell and I want to do something to help.” So keep an eye on his website for a chance to own one of these prints. London-Interior-Decor

Want to get into teaching? Train with Us!!!! We run the School Direct Salaried Programme and SCITT Programme both with QTS and PGCE

, Working ‘Learning hieving’ and Ac

Call us on 020 8520 3142 or check out our website .uk To advertise your business contact 37

We (really do!) do things differently. We started the Stow Brothers because we wanted to make buying, selling, renting or letting your home as simple as possible. We are ‘people people’ and we strongly believe that this goes a very long way to helping ease what can deďŹ nitely be a stressful time. From the start we always wanted to do business our own way, giving back as much as possible. So we donate a portion of every single fee to local charities, sponsor local arts-based and community events.

Supporting our local community since 2014 Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Web: Email: / Twitter: @stowbrothers 236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow E17 3AY

The Stow Brothers opened just two years ago in the heart of Walthamstow. In that time we’ve got to know hundreds of fantastic people in the local community, which for us is just as important as helping people find their perfect home. It’s a little-known fact that ‘stow’ means ‘a place of welcome’ and we’re proud to announce we have a new ’place of welcome’ right on Wanstead High Street, set to open in spring 2017. We’re really excited about opening our doors there and look forward to offering a warm welcome to the people of Wanstead!

Supporting our local community since 2014 Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Web: Email: / Twitter: @stowbrothers 236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow E17 3AY

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Homes under the hammer Walthamstow born local business man Kash Patel is a big fan of property auctions, so much so that he has launched his own sales room, Lime Auction House. Here he explains why whether you’re buying or selling you should give serious consideration to homes under the hammer. You’ve always lived in Leyton, Leytonstone and now in Walthamstow, what do you love about the area? I love the diversity of this borough and its surrounding towns. All my childhood friends are mostly still in the area and I know lots of people from all walks of life, different ages and professions. I love discovering new colourful characters I meet in the street. You have recently set up a property auction company. How did the idea come about? I have always loved property and developed property since a young age. I did up my parents’ first council house where I chose bright red wallpaper to the despair of my dad! Luckily we ended up selling the house to the first couple that walked in as they loved the red ambience. Avoiding the red I travel all over the UK these days undertaking refurbishments. My love of auction started 5 years ago from watching BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer, a programme that has inspired generations of people into property. Over the last few years, I have kept a close eye on what other companies did well, looked at making changes where companies did badly and added my own experience to create Lime Auction House.

are the first auction company in London (possibly the South of England) to offer a Saturday auction. For me and lots of regular auction investors I speak to, it is not always easy to get time off work or for some childcare. Therefore, I wanted to make going to an auction more accessible for everyone. Our fee and pricing structure is also very different to our competitors, we’re currently the lowest in London. We currently charge 1% + VAT to sell at auction. We are also introducing the Limelight Project, which is a series of projects and charities we intend to help in the UK, with donations and help to better serve our communities and their futures. Our first project will focus on helping homeless people get off the streets and into paid work, this will require considerable time and volunteers from the community but we are very excited about the challenge ahead, and always looking for ideas, staff and donations (more details can be found on our website).

Can you tell us about Lime Auction House? At Lime we sell everything thing from land, freehold ground rents, commercial properties to residential properties of all shapes and sizes, all over the UK and in any condition they come in. The beauty of selling at auction is on the fall of the gavel, the property is sold. No gazumping for the buyer or collapsing chains for the vendor. Selling at auction also offers maximum exposure to your property/land if marketed correctly and is the most efficient way to ensuring you get the best possible price, avoiding any last minute hitches.

Are there particular properties that suit auctions? Most types of properties can be sold at auction, however they tend to be in a poor state, with potential buyers looking for a bargain, something they can add value to. Other common lots you find at auction are probate, properties with structural issues, fire damage, short leases, inherited, unmortgageable properties, non standard construction, land and building plots, unique and quirky properties, divorce settlements, tenanted and investment and mixed use. However, at Lime Auction House we want to start showcasing properties that might have been refurbished to a very high standard, but a quick sale is required. This would suit property developers allowing them to obtain funds quickly for their next project.

Is there anything you plan to do differently to other auction houses? We

What are the benefits, to people looking to sell their home, of using an auction

40 To advertise your business contact

house as opposed a regular agent or online? The shear speed of the transaction is the main difference, as once the 10% deposit has been paid by the buyer on auction day, the transaction will be completed within 28 days. If someone’s looking to buy briefly describe the auction experience for first timers. You might see an auction board in your street, an advert in a property portal like Rightmove or by looking at our website and auction catalogue. You should then arrange to view the lot and undertake your own research, read the legal packs that are available and make arrangements for your finances to be in place for auction day. Remember, buying at auction requires a 10% deposit for the winning bidder, with the remaining funds required within 28 days. Auction day itself can be a mix of emotions from nerves, excitement, elation, disappointment to name just a few, but my tips would be to make sure you read the legal pack on the lot(s) you hope to buy, and then on auction day stick to your given budget. This is easier said than done… as my dad will be the first to say. I never stuck to my budget on my first auction purchase, but in truth I didn’t go too far over. What are you ultimately hoping for Lime Auction House? I want Lime Auction House to be seen as a community asset, where people from all walks of life and industries, can come together and help each other and better shape our areas. Here at Lime, we want to show more transparency, build strong long lasting relationships, listen to our customers needs and make the experience of buying or selling at auction, more enjoyable and memorable. 020 7206 2551,


’s on

n Lo

t firs

y a d ur


c u A


“For land, commercial properties, residential properties and freehold ground rents, we are here to provide an unrivaled service for buying or selling at Auction”

t a S

Only 1%* to sell 020 7206 2551

*plus VAT

If you think it’s expensive to“My hirepartner a professional to do of having our celebrity showcase & I have dreamt kitchen, and now we have one. We can now entertain until your job, wait until you hire an amateur Precision Carpenters / Joinery & Specialist Builders

we drop!” Orlando Murrin (Shoreditch), BBC Good Food Guide YBS London Limited is now one of London & Essex’s leading building companies specialising in bespoke building projects, property refurbishment, extensions, loft conversions, joinery manufacture/installation and basement conversions. We are a family-run company enhancing London and Essex properties for over 30 years. Our objective is to provide a high quality end product, coupled with project efficiency and the best in complete project management.

T: 0208 555-4854 | W: | E:

YBS London Limited is now one of London & Essex’s leading Building Companies in Bespoke building projects, Property refurbishment, Extensions, Loft Conversions & Joinery Manufacture / Installation, Basement conversions. A British, family-run company enhancing London and Essex properties for over 30 years. Our objective is to provide high quality end product & customer service, coupled with project efficiency & complete project management. To advertise your business contact “ Synonymous with Quality, taking care of our every need in producing two fantastic homes.” M & M Kirchhoff (Fulham)


Selling your property doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. We’re putting you back in control.


Walthamstow’s original

estate agent

Our hybrid system keeps things simple and gives you choice! 1. Start with >> Valuation, professional photographs, floor plans, property description, advertise on property websites and a prime listing in our shop front. All this for a one-off fixed fee of £1,000* for a flat or £1,500* for a house. 2a. Now you have the option to manage the sale yourself or 2b. additional service options >> + Management of viewings and buyer assessments + Sales progression Fixed fees apply, giving you peace of mind. 3. Or you can choose our bespoke service >> A bespoke service is 1%** that allows us to give you our opinion on the offers and clients that offer. No sale no fee applies. * Fees are subject to VAT ** We will also donate £250 to a registered charity of your choice.

‘If you wish to manage your own sale, you could sell a flat with Coppermills for as little as £1,000’*

To find out more, phone Coppermills or just pop in for coffee and a chat. 020 8509 9170 63 St James Street E17 7PJ

2 Bedroom Flat to let – Warner Road £1,350 pcm

Three Bedroom House, located in a quiet no-through road, comprising of large reception room, kitchen, first floor family bathroom, three good sized bedrooms and a rear garden.

Two bedroom ground floor Warner Flat, with a shared garden. Two double bedrooms, modern bathroom, living room, kitchen and with direct access to paved rear garden.

2 Bedroom House for sale – Browns Road £600,000 sstc

2 Bedroom Flat to let – Grove Road £1,350 pcm Let agreed

Located in Poets Corner this two bedroom Victorian house has a through lounge that leads onto a fitted kitchen. Upstairs are two good size double bedrooms and family bathroom.

A large first floor two bedroom property flat located on the borders of Walthamstow Village conservation area. Double glazing, gas central heating. Would suit a professional couple.

3 Bedroom House for sale – St. Barnabas Road £550,000 sstc

3 Bedroom House to let – Forster Road £1,650 pcm Let agreed

A three bedroom Victorian house located on a delightful tree lined street in Walthamstow Central area. Large through lounge leading onto the kitchen and a downstairs bathroom.

This spacious property has good size bedrooms, a bright through lounge and dining area with feature fireplace, modern fitted kitchen, first floor bathroom and rear garden.

1 Bedroom Flat for sale – Grosvenor Park Road £425,000 sstc

Meet the Coppermills team; Arona, Erkan, Vidya and Richard

Walthamstow Village area. Stylish, sophisticated & private, and in one of Walthamstow’s prime locations. A beautiful one bedroom garden flat in Walthamstow Village.

To arrange a viewing or FREE market appraisal, please contact us. Coppermills is committed to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds and supports local projects based in charismatic East London. © 2015 Boston UK Ltd T/A Coppermills and is regulated by the property services ombudsman 020 8509 9170 63 St James Street, London E17 7PJ

3 Bedroom House for sale – Markmanor Avenue £525,000

Lasting Powers of Attorney There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), one for property and finance and one for care and welfare. They are separate documents and you can make either or both. If you should lose mental capacity in the future and do not have a LPA in place then someone, not chosen by you, will need to apply to the Court of Protection asking the court to appoint him or her as your deputy to make decisions for you. This can be a lengthy and expensive process. The delay whilst the application is dealt with can cause difficulties if, for example, access to your savings is needed to pay household bills or care home fees. There are annual ongoing costs and the deputy would have to submit regular reports to the Court of Protection. If there is a registered LPA in place, then you have already made the choice of who can act for you and the document can be used immediately. The LPA’s can be registered and then, hopefully, remain in the drawer and not be used. But if the need arises, you have already made the choice of who can make decisions for you and act on your behalf. There is no time delay in applying to the Court and no ongoing expenses. The one-off fee for the preparation and registration of the documents will already have been paid by you.

For advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney or any other legal issues, please contact Wiseman Lee on 020 8215 1000.

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Buying a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life. It is essential to feel confident that you are making the right decisions as a result of the advice you receive. Established in 1987, T.J. Ball & Co believe that when selling or buying your home you should receive quality independent advice from a qualified and experienced licensed conveyancer.

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Contact Antony Smith for a no obligation consultation today! Call 0333 456 0468 or email Address 20 The Avenue, Highams Park, London E4 9LD

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Definition: things that are strange; queer; odd; uncommon; unusual; distinctive in nature or character from others; characteristic of; belonging exclusively to an area. Architectural historian, Karen Averby seeks out such things from this corner of London’s rich and varied past

Walthamstow’s Toy Story For those purchasing toys as presents this Christmas it might be of interest to know that some of those gifts may be successors to part of Walthamstow’s toy manufacturing heritage. Walthamstow’s toy manufacturing industry was once world-famous and many classic toys have been produced here, including Lego bricks at the National Plastics Factory at Walthamstow Avenue in the 1960s/70s. Although there were several small firms making mechanical toys in the later 19th century, it wasn’t until the 1920s and 1930s that Walthamstow was placed on the toy-making map. Two firms in particular made their mark in the area when they chose Walthamstow as the location for new premises as part of company expansion: Wells-Brimtoy, manufacturers of quality tinplate toys, and Britains, known for their authentically designed diecast lead soldiers. Toolmaker Alfred Wells had begun his toy manufactory as A. Wells & Co in 1919, and subsequently moved to premises at Somers Road, Walthamstow. In 1924 the company launched a clockwork trainset and several tinplate toys which were cheaper than rival imports, and not only sold well at home, but dominated the mid-European trade.

Images © British Library

In 1932 the company acquired Brimtoy Ltd, one of the country’s largest toy manufacturers and the name was changed to Wells-Brimtoy. The factory relocated to Stirling Road where it produced the renowned ‘O’ gauge railway models. Toymaker William Britain Jr established Britains Ltd in 1907, with premises at Lambton Road, Hornsey. The factory produced die cast figures, with a highly lucrative export trade to the US and Europe.

Further success came in the 1920s with the introduction of the popular Home Farm range which included handpainted farm animals and structures. In 1931 the farm range was relocated to brand new purpose-built factory premises of some 20,000 square feet in Sutherland Road, Walthamstow. Both firms enjoyed a prosperous period as both exports and home sales increased; large workforces were employed to meet demand, including homeworkers. The effect of having to switch to wartime production between 1939 and 1945, however, impacted upon the firm’s fortunes in Walthamstow and when normal post-war production resumed, tin plate toys never really regained the heights of their pre-war popularity. An increasing number of safety regulations coupled with rising costs and a decline in demand for diecast and tin toys and the rise of plastic took their toll on the wider toy manufacturing industry. By 1956 many of Britains’ toy soldiers were produced in plastic and in 1966 diecast toy production finally ceased.

The Wells-Brimtoy works closed c.1965 and were relocated to Anglesey. Britains survived in Walthamstow until 1991, although it passed from family ownership in 1984. Products from the Walthamstow heyday of both firms are still enjoyed by collectors and enthusiasts, especially the tinplate transport models of Wells-Brimtoy. The Britains brand remains popular today and still includes a farm toy range, which may well find its way into Walthamstow stockings this year, a nod to the toys of Sutherland Road.

House Histories Have you ever wondered who used to live in your house, or how it has changed over time?

Packages telling the story of your house available to suit all budgets. For a FREE consultation email Karen Averby


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Winston Reid Winston Reid is the chair of trustees of Branches Hostel on Forest Road which provides a wide range of services and support to single homeless people in Waltham Forest. The charity, which celebrates a significant anniversary next year, is now the only permanent homeless hostel in the borough. Bill Foster (AKA Walthamstow Diary), met with Winston to find out more. Portrait by Paul Tucker. Do you live in locally? Yes, I have lived in Walthamstow since 1984, but I’ve lived in Waltham Forest since the mid-seventies when my family moved here from Stratford. I was born and bred in Jamaica; I moved here when I was 8 years old. When I first came to the UK, I lived in Hackney and went to school in Tower Hamlets.

need to keep them off the streets when they leave us. We often have other services or organisations coming in to run workshops, things like CV writing skills, and job interview preparation. We think it’s important to take a holistic approach to dealing with the multiple issues they face which is often more than just the issue of homelessness.

What services do Branches offer? There are 27 self-contained residential rooms in the hostel, offering short-term housing to residents, who usually stay with us for around 6 to 18 months. During their time here, they work with us, and through the support services we offer, we try and help them get their life back on track, and get them into permanent housing. Homelessness may not be the only issue our residents face; there may be self-confidence problems, mental health issues, drug or alcohol addiction. We try to facilitate, challenge and encourage change, not just address the immediate need for housing. So, Branches is much more than just a shelter? That’s right; we want to help people to get back to independent living. We offer meal planning and cookery courses, and help them to manage their finances. Our team helps them develop the skills they

What happens when a resident leaves? There is a resettlement programme which aims to support residents for a six-month period when they leave us. It could be very simple support, like making sure they keep appointments, settling them into their new home, help them resolve any issues with their landlords. We provide the support because we want to avoid the revolving door syndrome.


You mean, once someone has left, with the greatest respect, you don’t want to see them coming back. Exactly, it does happen, but we do everything we can to prevent it. We only have a small team here, so it’s difficult to continue supporting former residents after that six-month period; resources only go so far. But it’s something we are working on – to find a way of allowing former residents to access some of the support services we offer, if need be.

Must be quite a challenge with limited resources? Yes, we only have eight paid staff, but we do have a bank of casual workers that we can bring in to fill in the gaps. We offer a 24-hour, 365 days a year service, so yes, it is a challenge to make sure we always have the right people at the right time. We use paid staff for the core frontline services, and we have some great volunteers. We are careful and clear about what we want volunteers to do, as we work with vulnerable adults. If someone reading this interview wants to volunteer, what should they do? There is a section on our website that gives people information about volunteering. We have different types of volunteer. Firstly, we need more trustees with particular expertise in fundraising, marketing, event management, H.R. and business development. People can also volunteer to help us with the day-to-day running of the hostel, or companies can work with us and offer their staff the chance to volunteer through their corporate social responsibility programme. We also have people volunteering services, such as dentists and hairdressers. If anyone is interested, they can register their details on our website and we’ll be in contact with them. continues on page 24

Photo © Paul Tucker

How did you get involved with Branches? I worked in the housing sector for 30 years, and I wanted to do something locally that still used my knowledge of housing management. I joined Branches as a trustee in 2007. I’m now the chair of the trustees, and together we work to set the strategy and direction for the charity.

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Professional Negligence and Inheritance Disputes • Divorce & Family Law Employment Law • Commercial Drafting Wills & Probate • Business Law Litigation • Immigration & Nationality Law

“friendly, straight-forward “expert guidance & professional” and reassurance” “clear & honest advice” @ Google reviews

Professional law firm with over 45 years experience acting for local & international clients and businesses. T: 020 3757 8670 63 St James St, Walthamstow, London E17 7PJ

Defending Human Rights We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority number 619031

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Next year is a pretty special anniversary, isn’t it? Yes, 2017 is our 21st anniversary, and we will be running some special events to celebrate. This is where volunteers could help, as we are looking for enthusiastic people to assist with a series of one-off projects throughout the year. We would like to make contact with previous trustees, volunteers, and former residents who have used the services over the last 21 years. We would especially like to hear from the original churches who opened their halls in the winter of 1996, and started the Branches journey. Their stories, memories and photos can be emailed to us at Has the service changed much over the 21 years? We started when a group of local churches got together to provide sleeping spaces on their floors. We then moved into Meadow House on Forest Road in Walthamstow, and operated as a drop-in day centre. In 2007, in partnership with Waltham Forest Council and the Christian Action Housing Association, we secured funding from the Homes and Community Agency under the Places for Change Programme to redevelop 740 Forest Road.

After some renovation work, we re-opened in March 2011. Our services changed from being a drop-in day centre and hostel, to what we have today – focusing on the long term to break the cycle of homelessness. 21 years is a great achievement, but is it a bit depressing that services like this are still needed? Yes, it is depressing. I’ve worked in housing since the eighties, and the need for this service now is no less than it was then. The affordable housing isn’t there, and people often become homeless because of family and relationship breakdown. It is sad that we are still needed, but truth is, there is very little help out there for single homeless people. What challenges does the charity face today? Funding, and the need for affordable housing. We are partly funded by the local authority, but the current funding contract comes to an end in 2018, and we don’t know what will happen after that. There are pressures on local authorities to cut spending and make savings. We hope we will continue to receive that grant beyond 2018, but there is no guarantee. We want to prioritise fundraising, and will be working hard

to find alternate options for long-term funding. Of course, our other challenge is to find ‘move-on’ accommodation. If there is nowhere for our residents to move to, our short-term accommodation becomes tied up, our waiting list grows, and we can’t help get people off the streets. What’s next for Branches? One of our main aims is to secure more accommodation. An additional building could potentially be used as moveon accommodation, a middle step between the Branches hostel and living independently. Or it could be another hostel, another Branches. We are also keen to find new move-on accommodation, and are looking for other avenues to help with this; perhaps working with private landlords. Our aims are ambitious, but we started with people sleeping on church floors, so we’ve come a long way already. We wish you well, Winston.

To find out more about Branches and the work they do, visit

l Sixty-four writers and photographers bring alive the history of a cultural and political movement that helped change the world we live in. Told by participants, unified in a struggle on the dance floor and in the streets, to stop the Nazi National Front and to fight the poison of Racism, this book marks

Photograph: Sarah Wyld

RAR’s 40th birthday.

Launch: Monday 5 December 7-10pm Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

l Free event: bookstall, talks, readings & music Please register

Supported by: l D&D Productions l Conway Hall l PF Events l Bookmarks


E~VOLVE a Directory for a Healthy Mind & Body

Daily Reformer Pilates East of Eden, Studio 1, The Tramworks, Hatherley Mews E17 4QP The Pilates Reformer machine takes your Pilates exercises to the next level to build strength and flexibility. 8 max per class. 5-7 reformer Pilates classes daily, mix of classical and dynamic classes. 7-8am. £15, discount for block booking. East of Eden 020 3583 7530 Fridays NEW Racketball for Beginners Walthamstow Cricket, Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Avenue E17 3QN Weekly coaching sessions to get fit and make friends. Large racket and ball, easy on the joints. Perfect if you have never held a racket before! Please wear non-marking gym shoes. Equipment provided. Wear loose clothing. Individual taster sessions available. 9.30-10.30am. Non-members £8 each or £30 for 4 sessions. Members £7/£20. Gail Farrow 07815 168410 Fridays Vinyasa Yoga Class Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Move the body, still the mind. A flowing class with asana linked to the breath. An energising class which will leave you feeling blissful. Drop in/no booking necessary. 10.30-11.30am. £8. 07989 384341 Saturdays Postnatal Yoga for Mums Health Works, 111a Hoe Street (entrance on Cairo Road) E17 4RX This class is designed to support you and your body as a new mum. The focus is to cultivate strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic floor, realigning the pelvis and releasing tension in the body. For mums only and suitable from 6 weeks post birth. 2.15-3.15pm. £11. 020 8503 7794 Events marked

Sundays NEW Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy Relaxation Class Leyton Yoga, First Floor (above USSR), 691 High Road, Leyton E10 6RA Anthonissa Moger prepares you for a calm birth with guided breathing practices and relaxing meditations. Every class ends with herbal tea and a discussion to inform and empower you through every stage of your pregnancy. No pre-booking required. Drop-ins only. All welcome. 4.30-5.30pm. £10, or ten classes £90. Sundays Yoga Me Happy in Lloyd Park Aveling Park Bowls Club, Lloyd Park, E17 5EH Hatha yoga for all abilities. Wake up and stretch Hatha-style, with one of our morning yoga sessions to re-energise your body and mind ready for the week ahead. 9.30am & 11am. £8. Mondays Flow, Pranayama & Meditation Leyton Yoga, First Floor (above USSR), 691 High Road, Leyton E10 6RA Increase your vitality and explore the more subtle aspects of your practice in this all-levels class focused on yogic breathwork and meditation techniques. No pre-booking required. All welcome. 9.30-10.30am. £10, or ten classes £90. Mon-Thurs NEW Boxing Classes East London Boxing Club, 25A St James Street E17 7PJ The gym provides daily boxing sessions for beginners and amateurs. The emphasis is on a friendly atmosphere concentrating on fitness. Sparring is optional for more experienced boxers. Lunchtime classes also avalaible. 7.309pm. Non-members £9, first time trial £7.50, juniors £5 Sedat Sag 07947 426099

finding it


hard to cope

Psychotherapy can help you overcome difficult situations and improve the quality of your life. Valeria Bonfiglio Psychologist MBPsS

Tel 07912 887588 Offering a sliding scale of fees English and Spanish

Mondays Winter-themed Candlelit Yogaflow Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road E17 7BY The room will glow with soft candlelight, seasonal oils will gently warm our senses, music will help us soften as we flow together, each movement led by our breath. 7.308.45pm. £9. Mondays E11 Yoga The Pastures Youth Centre, 15 Davies Lane, Leytonstone E11 3DR Take time for yourself and start the week using yoga to move, strengthen and nourish your body, mind and soul. Classes held in the Good Shepherd building. 10-11am. £5. 07904 517465 Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fridays Women-only Bootcamp Chestnuts Field, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road E17 4JF Fitness bootcamp with different exercises each session boxing, circuit etc. All round fitness session. 6.307.15am. £5. Jackie 0771 7330993

Mondays Chutney SOCA Fitness The Gym, Waltham Forest College, 707 Forest Rd E17 4JB Exciting workout combining sounds of Caribbean and India; think Trinidad Carnival! Tone abs; improve core strength; invigorate energy; focus your mind and breathe life into your fitness routine in a fun, friendly environment. Wear comfy clothes and bring water. All welcome! 6.30-7.15pm. £7.50. 07958 523431 Daily until 13 Dec BollyFusion Fitness Class St Mary’s Welcome Centre, 8 Church Path off Vestry Road E17 9RJ Usual workout slightly mundane? Try this uplifting, enlivening class that’ll leave you feeling energized! Combining colourful Bollywood with dynamic Street dance, BollyFusion breathes life into fitness, in a fun, friendly environment. New and nervous welcomed! Wear anything you like; provided that it’s comfortable enough to permit free movement. 7.458.30pm. £7 in advance, £9 drop-in. Vanessa 07958 523431

kid friendly

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Transforming Body & Mind Sam George, a personal trainer from Walthamstow, believes that sustainable health is achieved when body and mind are in balance. He has overcome his own weight issues and is now helping others to do the same. Five years ago, Sam George was a very different person to the man he is today. He was seven stone overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. His turning point came when he got married. “I have diabetes in my family and I didn’t want my weight to jeopardise my future health, so I started making small daily changes by exercising and improving my diet,” he explains. After doing extensive research on sustainable health solutions, Sam gradually shedded the excess weight and became passionate about exercise and holistic wellbeing. After qualifying as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Sam launched Sam George Fitness in 2014 from where he offers bespoke fitness and nutrition coaching to people from the Walthamstow community. One-on-one and group programmes are offered from his studio near Lloyd Park and all programmes are tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual. Sessions are scheduled two to four times a week for a minimum of eight weeks.

Since launching his business, Sam has witnessed many excellent results. One of his clients lost four stone in six months, while eight others have dropped two to three dress sizes. Weight loss is not the only reason for joining Sam George Fitness. Some people go to keep fit, while others simply want to feel better about themselves. Sam’s programmes revolve around mobility work, conditioning, strength building and sustaining a healthy diet. Common exercises include bodyweight and high intensity training, kettlebells, power training and plyometrics. Most of Sam’s clients come from Walthamstow. Sam believes that health education and guidance is vital to the Walthamstow community. “I feel as though I’m on the frontline when it comes to fighting obesity and promoting wellbeing,” Sam says proudly. “Through my work I get to make a tangible difference and I love having the opportunity to make other people a little bit happier.” 07730 607729

Sam doesn’t believe in using traditional boot camp methodologies and instead makes his clients feel comfortable by being friendly and caring. “I love educating people about how to live a healthier life and guiding them to make lasting changes,” he says. His approach is paying off, especially with his popular weekly group sessions. “We work in small groups of six women and everyone supports and motivates one another,” Sam explains. “No one ever needs to feel self-conscious in my classes - I strive to make my clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.” Sam’s success is in part due to his own journey, as he can relate to many of his clients on a very personal level. “Growing up I was always the big kid - I was intimidated and scared of improving my health.” He now understands just how beneficial exercise can be on many levels. “It aids in weight loss, improved mental health and stress reduction,” he says. “It also promotes good brain chemistry, releases feel-good hormones and offers time-out in busy schedules.” Sam believes that the body follows the mind and that stress management, education, goal-setting and positive habits are just as PT studio, 5 minutes from Lloyd important as time spent exercising and improving diet. Park Newbies who sign up at the studio start off with an hour-long consultation session, during which assessments are made and goals are set. Once these are established, an exercise and nutrition programme is delivered with daily support from Sam. Progress is closely tracked until the desired goals are achieved.

50 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.

ExpEriEncE thE bEnEfits of prEgnancy MassagE on MothEr & baby pregnancy massage promotes the relaxation of body & Mind helps to increase the well being of Mother & baby promotes a healthy sleep pattern for Mother

contact susan an experienced female pregnancy therapist based in Walthamstow: 07763510931

WALTHAMSTOW OSTEOPATHY AND NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE Osteopathy - Cranial Osteopathy Osteopathy for Children Sports Injuries - Pregnancy Osteopathy Private medical insurance accepted Evening and weekend appointments Free 15 minute initial consultation

72, St Mary Road, Walthamstow, E.17 - 020 8 521 7888 150 metres from Walthamstow Central Station (Tube/BR)

Mondays Pregnancy Yoga Quaker Meeting House Wanstead, Bush Road E11 3AU A weekly yoga class for pregnant ladies to connect to their bodies and their babies. Learn how to breathe and focus the mind for your upcoming labour. A chance to meet other pregnant ladies and beginners welcome. 6.45-8pm. £12, or £60 for 6 weeks. Helen 07956 807675

Wednesdays Gentle Yoga Health Works, 111a Hoe Street (entrance on Cairo Road) E17 4RX Smooth out those aches and pains with a lovely Gentle Yoga class suitable for any age. Only 4 people, it’s like having a semi-private class. Particularly good for arthritis or chronic health conditions. 9.45-10.45am. £11. Reception 020 8503 7794

Thursdays Walthamstow Wind Down with Yoga Me Happy Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Rd, E17 4QU Hatha yoga for all abilities. This postwork wind down will stretch and tone the muscles, working through the joints, so you’ll feel flexible and fantastic, before a deep relaxation to re-energise you for the weekend. 7-8.15pm. £9, drop-in.

First Tuesday of the month, 6 Dec Waltham Forest Reiki Project Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Reiki is a form of healing that works with the life force energy that flows through all living things. They are 1-2-1 walk in spots. Come along and experience it for yourself. 7-8.45pm. FREE, but donations appreciated. Yoko 07940 579055

Tuesdays E11 Yoga The Pastures Youth Centre, 15 Davies Lane, Leytonstone E11 3DR Stretch, strengthen and relax into the evening in a flowing yoga class. Focus your mind, comfort your body and settle your soul. 7.30-9pm. £8. 07904 517465

Tuesdays Sazzercise Leyton Cricket Ground, High Road, Leyton E10 6RJ and also Leyton Youth Centre, Crawley Road E10 6PY Sazzercise is suitable for anyone looking to improve their fitness whilst having a good time. We cover traditional aerobics, dance as well as body conditioning. Come along and give it a go! 7-8pm. £8, bring a friend and pay just £4 each Sarah at

Tuesdays until 20 Dec NEW Yoga for Cyclists The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Improve flexibility in areas typically tightened through cycling. All levels welcome. 7.30-8.30pm. £10 or £45 for 5 in advance. Vicky 07866 755126

Tuesdays Women Only Zumba Classes St Andrew’s Church Hall, Church Road E17 6AR Fun packed fitness and dance class with international sounds. Friendly group of women who love to dance and get fit. 7.30-8.30pm. £6, £30 for 5 or £55 for 10. £20 conc. Jackie Grant 07717 330993

Tuesdays Capoeira Angola for Beginners Hucks, 81 Grove Road E17 9BU Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines music, movement and culture. Beginners always welcome to experience this rich art. Please wear comfortable clothes and trainers. 7-8.30pm. £8, conc available. 07872 938611 Wednesdays Tai Chi and Qi Gong St Mary’s Welcome Centre, 8 Church Path off Vestry Road E17 9RJ Discover Tai Chi and Qi Gong! Beginners classes suitable for all students, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Courses start throughout the year, check website for start dates. 7.15-8.45pm. £9. 07909856490

For lots more dance and fitness classes please visit

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passion) after realising that she wasn’t doing anything for the sake of enjoyment.

Journey to Freedom Ainara Leunda, a life coach/therapist based in Walthamstow, offers a safe environment where her clients are guided to become happier versions of themselves. Franki Black meets up with Ainara to talk about her therapeutic processes and approach.

Ainara’s journey of transitioning from pain to power inspired her to want to help others. She moved from The Basque Country in Spain to London when she was 17 years old and today lives in Waltham Forest with her husband and two children. “I knew from a young age that I wanted to heal people,” she explains. She began her development journey at age 19 and completed her Diploma in PersonCentered Counselling by the time she was 24. “Earlier in my life I was in a very bad space, but I learnt that through self-love, positive internal dialog, support and a commitment to my wellbeing, I could make myself feel happier,” she explains. Ainara facilitates one-to-one sessions and all-women self-development groups, hosted every second week at The Old Station Yard Cafe in Wood Street. Selfcare, confidence and personal growth are some of the most common themes. Her approach is holistic and brings all these facets together in a balanced way. “When someone has bad eating habits, I always wonder about the underlying cause,”

Ainara explains. “It ultimately relates to the relationship with self.” Ainara offers a 30-minute complimentary consultation session to new clients during which she asks a series of questions to get to the bottom of the problem. A suitable schedule is drawn up that could range from three sessions to a more long-term agreement. “It’s vital that my clients want to help themselves, I simply facilitate the self-development process.” . She works with people from all walks of life, especially those who feel overwhelmed and physically drained. “Many of my clients are women in their thirties, forties and fifties who are juggling the demands of career, family and wellbeing,” she explains. “My sessions provide clarity, focus and techniques to facilitate growth and ultimately freedom - women tend to put others first and forget to look after themselves,” she says in reference to a client who took up drama (a long-forgotten

To join Ainara’s ‘Unlock Your Dreams’ workshop in 2017 52 To advertise your business contact

Ainara prefers to work with her clients on a face-to-face basis, but she also hosts Skype sessions. “Many coaches work online, but for me the magic happens in person, especially during my group sessions,” she says. Her women’s circle has become so popular that in 2017 she’ll be adding additional morning sessions and a monthly workshop. Over the last decade Ainara has completed her studies as a Person-Centered Counsellor, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Psy-Tap (Psychosensory Techniques) Practitioner and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Therapist. She has attended and continues to attend many seminars and workshops as part of her personal and professional development. Her therapy entails a unique holistic approach that Ainara adapts to her clients’ individual needs. “The first phase of my therapy can be equated to removing weeds and clearing emotional blockages and the second phase is comparable to planting new seeds and empowering positive thought and behaviors,” she explains. Traditional therapies are often centered on the past, while Ainara prefers to focus on the present and how to put strategies in place for a happier future. In conclusion to our interview, Ainara offers me a consultation session. I reveal a few personal qualms. We find physical objects on the table to represent my career, my relationships and my health. Ainara guides me to find answers to my own questions. She encourages me to draw a mind map of my life and to review each part. Despite my brief session with Ainara, I walk away feeling more in control and indeed a little bit freer.

Believe Begin Become

Fed up of feeling overwhelmed?

Want to feel confident and good about yourself? Book a 30 minutes complimentary consultation to find out how you can get your life on track quickly.

Ainara Leunda

Life Coach NLP Master Practitioner Psy-Tap Practitioner TFT Therapist Counsellor 07986851626

Photo ©

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Fitness this Christmas?

Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset.

Tired of the January diet? Here are my simple habits to keep your fitness and avoid the January gym rush, whilst also enjoying treats this Christmas.

We give you the skills & knowledge about your food & fitness to maintain your new results.

1-2-1 & group personal training in E10 & E11.

Fitness Stay active & maintain a fitness routine When you exercise, you feel better, eat better and you maintain the all-important habit with the added bonus of staving off that sluggish, sofa bound feeling. It’s tempting to let go completely, however, even reduced training is effective and can be a welcome time out when the house is full of family.

Nutrition Enjoy treats (and earn them) It’s important not to class certain foods as “off limits” - willpower only lasts so long! Selecting your treats and when to have them in advance actually makes them that bit sweeter. Plan around the big festive meals and don’t be afraid to stop eating when full - you can look forward to more treats when you’re hungry again.

Mindset Find a balance and think ahead (a little) It’s important to have a good time, relax and enjoy good food and drink. Striking a balance will mean a few days don’t become several weeks. Small changes and consistency will make a big difference heading into 2017. I offer Personal Training with a difference, I look at the whole picture: Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset. You can find out more at www. OR email

• Bespoke Programmes tailored to your goals • Educational approach so that you can sustain • Eat smarter, train efficient, think different, get results Weight Loss – Toning – Strength - Back to fitness

Ready to start your journey?

Get in touch & book your Free session with us now. 07967965168

@strippedfitness @mystrippedfitness

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Walthamstow Diary Between forest and marsh lies the glorious Stow. These are the tales and meanderings of a proud resident of E17 It’s been a year since the Granada/EMD cinema came back to life as Mirth, Marvel & Maud. A year since we crammed inside on opening night to see what it was like, and a year since we were all reminded just how grand this beautiful building really is. I’ve had some good times in there since it re-opened. Sipping cocktails, drinking ale, putting the world to rights, and losing my phone. Actually, scratch that last one, the night I lost my phone (I’d had one or two sweet sherries) was not a highlight. Though I still maintain that my dancing that night was amazing, and I could have walked home unassisted if I had needed to.

Cosy cottage, in the attractive coastal town of Southwold, Suffolk available for mini-breaks. Sleeps 4. In easy reach of E17 (2 hrs by car, 2½ hrs by train). 07768 381 807

Creative Business Coaching

I wrote about Mirth in this column in December last year. I’m too lazy to check what I actually wrote, but it was something like “It’s great the new owners have the building open again, but the real challenge is what they do next”. Things have moved on since the foyer bar opened. The venue has played host to the E17 Designers Market. The confectionary booth has been used as a pop up shop by local artists and makers. And November saw the re-opening of one of the smaller cinemas when Stow Film Lounge screened Young Frankenstein. The small cinema is also being used for live theatre, comedy and gigs. All things considered, the owners seem to be doing a good job. Why then is there still suspicion about what Antic are up to? The answer to that one is simple, their lack of communication. We understand that re-opening the main auditorium isn’t something that can be rushed, and we understand that this is a difficult project. All Antic need to do to stop the suspicious whispering is be open about their plans. Confirm either way if they are working with Soho Theatre. Share their vision for the venue even if the actual plans haven’t been committed to paper. Come on Antic, tell us what you are thinking, this is our building as much as much as it is yours, all we want is to be involved.

54 020 8257 8475

GET YOUR KICKS IN UNIT 36 Vinyl records for sale - jazz, rock, pop, reggae, soul, R&B, hip hop, electronica, blues, folk, country, stage and screen, world music, classical, avant-garde. Also music CDs, books and paintings Vinyl Vanguard, Unit 36, Wood Street Indoor Market, Wood Street, Walthamstow, E17 3HX Tues to Saturday 10.30am to 5.00pm (and the first Sunday of each month, open 10.30am to 4.00pm)

The Magpie’s beady eyes are on the look-out for the shiniest, funniest remarks, witty retorts and bizarre sightings to share and retweet from the area’s social media channels. Thanks this month to Leytonstone Life, Walthamstow Life and Greater Leyton Tourism Board, Walthamstow Sell or Swap and Twitter

Just walked past a slug with a cigarette in its mouth in Walthamstow. @KarenStaughton For me it’s not that the Walthamstow slug is smoking a cigarette, it’s that it looks like its wearing lipstick #gentrification @Pix007 Looking to celebrate a wedding in style? Our local handymen can happily drill a few holes in your car exhaust to make you sound rich and important. Greater Leyton Tourism Board

Photographs: © Philip Pitt (fox) Stow Diary (fridge; skeleton), Karen Staughton (slug), Liam Gavin (doll’s house)

From the Warner archives: an employee in 1929 missed an afternoon at work as he ‘came over queer’ at #exwarner @WE_Warner

Walking the dog earlier, I saw some guy with his son, no older than 8 or 9. The father decides to spark up a joint, even blowing the smoke into the boy’s direction. Stay classy Walthamstow, stay classy. VC: Nice! Yesterday, I saw a young woman doing her shopping in her dressing gown. She had no sh*ts to give either. SB: S’all about shopping in your PJs! Super comfy! LG: I went to the cinema the other week and some woman sat in front of me in her dressing gown!!!! LC: I saw someone dressed as a bloody sanitary towel on Friday night... always classy in Walthamstow! Walthamstow Life Hotpoint fridge out for a Sunday afternoon stroll. Even appliances need some down time @StowDiary

Walthamstow is a swing state. Who knew? @kieranfalconer My friend photographed this cheeky chap at Leytonstone Station tonight. AT: He/she likes to hang around the Job Centre as well :) Has limited employment opportunities I’d imagine. Looked like he was doing some photo shoots there. Really likes the attention. LE: His fur is amazing, the massive bushy tail especially so. AT: Yes, much nicer than the three lads who wander, equally boldly, around Whipps Cross FQ: I saw the Whipps Cross fox yesterday, near the bus stop, then suddenly ran into the bushes JB: He’s so famous he had a massive thread on Shit London!! AF: That’s our E11 mascot ‘FoxTrot’ ;) Not to be confused with Foxtons. CS: Looks like the one that does the bins at top of Gainsborough Road by the foot bridge. AF: He has a Freedom Pass and sometimes catches the Central Line to the convention in Hyde Park/Marble Arch. CC: That’s Anthony the fox or Tone for short. JB: Was gonna say he needs a name! Tone from the Stone. GB: Wonderful specimen, well-fed with a beautiful coat. SY: Someone was feeding him... something vegan apparently! AK: Aren’t foxes pests that carry germs and poo everywhere? And threaten domestic cats. LE: Sounds like a lot of people. CS: The foxes were in Leytonstone first, so we’ve rocked up on their turf. Domestic cats are introduced predators , wreaking havoc in the urban environment. Disease-wise cats can pass to humans - amongst others things toxoplasmosis (a protozoan), psittacosis (virus) and ringworm (fungus) and all the bacteria that live in their mouths that makes them such efficient killing machines.

CH: A pest is in the eye of the beholder. I keep giant African land snails that many people would consider pests. AK: Do African land snails poo in my garden, or threaten my cat? Leytonstone Life

Trials of the Government’s Fit to Work scheme continue on Walthamstow Market @StowDiary #TheWorkingDead Cosy 3 bed house, £10. No chain, available immediately.... LG: A paint job or pebble dash might be in order LM: Has it got planning permission for a loft and side return extension? LG: Loft is done already, all sides can be extended at will GC: Possible Like To Buy, depending on location, location, location! LG: Nr Queens Rd, 7 mins to tube GC: Fab, I’ll start petitioning the husband to collect, subject to survey of course! Walthamstow Sell or Swap Third runway at Heathrow? How about a first horse-lane in E17? Come on, let’s use some of that £350m a week!!!! @mini_gymkhana 55

The Fox and the Star Coralie Bickford-Smith’s children’s book The Fox and The Star won Waterstones Book of the Year 2015 and is currently the subject of an exhibition at Walthamstow’s William Morris Gallery. The design, evoking illuminated manuscripts and ancient fairytales, was heavily influenced by Morris’ Kelmscott Press. Coralie tells the E List the story behind the story. William Morris is one of my heroes, so when the gallery contacted me my heart soared. My book, The Fox and The Star, is heavily influenced by the work of Morris, especially the Kelmscott Press. The way he interpreted the natural world into pattern and his love of craft are strong influences on me as a designer and illustrator. I never tire of the experience of perusing Morris’ work in what was for many years his family home. I love the gardens behind the gallery, which are a lovely place to take time out for reflection. I work for Penguin Books as a cover designer. A lot of my work involves distilling the essence of a piece of literature down to a meaningful symbolic element. I love playing with shape, form, colour and texture. I am heavily influenced by the natural world. The Fox and The Star was the first time I had created a story of my own and it was a steep learning curve. The plot had been in the back of my mind for a long time, but getting it down onto paper in a concise way required a lot of work. I knew that I could make a beautiful book, but to give it a story that was complex and nuanced was a process that taught me a lot about my working practice. I grew up in Norfolk surrounded by nature and long stretching coastlines. I loved drawing at an early age, and carried a sketchbook wherever I went. 56

After school I moved to Reading to study typography and graphic design as a degree. This was when all of my seemingly disparate interests came together: books, typography, printing history and illustration. It felt so good to be able to follow my passions full-time. When I finished my degree I raced off to London and began a job in publishing, and with the exception of a brief stint at a design agency, I’ve remained in the industry ever since. After 14 years at Penguin Books as a cover designer I was offered the incredible opportunity to create my own book. . During the week I work at Penguin. By night and at weekends I retreat into my attic studio where I have two desks and a big comfy chair. It is my den and when I am in the middle of a project the walls are full of work in progress. I play loud music to keep me in the zone and incentive-wise it is all about a good coffee. When the ideas are flowing it is the best feeling in the world.

All images © Coralie Bickford-Smith and except Elder Edda book cover © William Morris Gallery and photograph of Coralie © Thomas Lehman

Spread from The Fox and the Star © Coralie Bickford-Smith

Top – Book cover for The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungs with Certain Songs from Elder Edda, Kelmscott Press 1870. Bottom – The hardback cover design for The Fox and the Star

Top row: Roughs from Coralie Bickford-Smith’s sketchbook. Bottom row: Spreads from The Fox and the Star.

I knew that the story of the Fox and The Star had to be strong and meaningful if it was to resonate with readers. I spent a lot of time developing the story through the creation of several storyboards, where I would sketch out the images and words together to create a sense of how the book would flow. Fox was originally a little girl and it was not until I started to explore the character properly that she transformed into a Fox. He is very much a semi-autobiographical creation, he lacks confidence and is a very nervous creature. I am excited to see him and his story featured in an exhibition in William Morris’ former home surrounded by the designs that have so strongly inspired me with the book.

Coralie Bickford-Smith: The Fox and the Star The William Morris Gallery until January 29 2017 Coralie will be speaking at the gallery on Thursday 26 January from 7-8.30 pm in connection with the exhibition.

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Home Sweet Home In 2014, local residents photographer Katherine Green and artist Lucy Harrison, started an ambitious project documenting life on the former Warner Estates. The E List’s Paul Lindt caught up with them to discuss the project and their current exhibition at the Vestry House Museum.

Top row: (1) Coronation street party, Wetherden Street 1953 courtesy Florrie Coster (2) Warner Road, 1971 courtesy Bob & Sylvia Agass (3) Hazel Lundbech feeding Deborah, 1954 courtesy Raymond Lundbech, resident from WW1, now resident in USA Middle Row: (1) Eileen and Heather, Brettenham Road, 1962 courtesy Mike Clayton (2) Sue (foreground), 3rd generation resident (since birth in 1959) and Barbara her neighbour, 1st generation and former employee of the Warner company © Katherine Green (3) Rent book, 1937 courtesy Richard Strong (4) Brenda, Bemsted Road c.1951 courtesy Brenda Jackson Bottom Row: (1) North Countess Road © Vestry House Museum (2) Sarah, Silver Jubilee Street Party, Penrhyn Avenue 1977 courtesy Barbara Capsey (3) Donald & Peter Wilkes courtesy Peter Wilkes (4) 85 Elphinstone Road, c.1955 courtesy Sylvia King 58 To advertise your business contact

Hi, Katherine and Lucy, can you tell us a bit about your project? Sure. The aim was to create a snapshot of how the Warner Estate properties were used in the past and the present, using photography, archive material and oral history interviews. Due to the huge response, we developed the project, focusing on the long-term residents, in particular those who rented from the original Warner Estate company. To anyone unaware of the Warner Estates in Walthamstow and Leyton, what makes them such a good subject? The Warner family began building around St James Street and the bottom of Walthamstow High Street in the 1880s, and were still building properties post-war. The flats were all rented, and although they weren’t a philanthropic enterprise, they offered affordable rent, allowing working people to have a secure, long-term rented property which many people have stayed in all their lives. They gradually sold them off though before going into administration in 2013. The exhibition is quite an immersive and emotional experience. Yes. Some of the photographs date back to 1902, plus material from the Warner archive held by Walthamstow Historical Society. There are four themes in the exhibition: Shared Gardens and Outside Spaces includes photographs of families in their gardens. Sharing the Streets shows how the street itself has been used for parties, photographs and gatherings. Inside the Warner Home shows snapshots of everyday family life and the ways in which the interiors are decorated. Architecture and Decoration looks at the design of the buildings and the ways they were refurbished by the Warners. We also have a large amount of material related to the Second World War and the extensive damage that the Warner Estate suffered, and a diary kept by a Warner resident and employee during 1943. We’ve also been collecting photographs from local residents and former residents who have moved out of the area. We’ve also scoured the internet and found some great photos on Flickr. Lucy and the volunteers have been carrying out new oral history interviews and Katherine has photographed long-term residents. What’s it been like finding and receiving so many photographs from the last 100 years? It’s been a wonderful catalyst for people to share happy memories about time spent in these properties with family, friends and neighbours. The network of former residents has spread far beyond the local area and many people have got in touch. We continue to receive more photographs and memories as the word spreads. Do you have any favourites amongst the contributions? We had some great photos of street parties in Wetherden Street that capture individuals’ expressions. It was also good to see the way people had started to experiment with photography in the 1950s and to record everyday life in a less posed way than previously. The photographs from the Lundbech and Gregory family, of 79 Seymour Road, Leyton, were particularly exciting. The photographs are very observational, plus the level of detail in the captions is fascinating. We found the images on Flickr. The family now live

in America and it took over a year to track them down. When we did, we found that the subject, now 93, was eager to record a video for us You said in the exhibition’s introduction that many people felt that living in a Warner house was like being part of an exclusive club. It could be difficult to get a Warner flat. You usually had to know someone, so family members were more likely to get a property than someone with no connections, therefore existing networks were strengthened. There were strict rules on living there and emphasis on ‘decency’. You had to prove you could pay the rent, and residents were expected to keep their front steps and curtains cleaned; while the company ensured that hedges were always trimmed, etc. Deviation from the rules was frowned upon. Residents generally felt well looked after and there seems to be an acknowledgement that it was fortunate to live on the estate. Katherine, how have you approached photographing current residents for the project? I sought inspiration from the poses that we’d seen repeated in the photographs we collected, so you will see photographs of the residents in their gardens or posed in front of their doorways. It’s always a real privilege to gain someone’s trust so that they allow you take a photograph. Audio histories are a fascinating part of this project. Lucy, were there certain things you were looking for? We’ve recorded around 50 oral history interviews. They’ve focussed on recording life on the estate when the Warners managed it, and what that community was like to live in, especially from the older residents. We’re still looking for volunteers to help transcribe the interviews, so if people would like to help, please visit www.exwarnerproject. What do you think has made the Warner Estate so enduringly popular with their residents? Probably that they are well proportioned, nicely designed, you have your own front door, even in a flat, and a good amount of outdoor space. Although they aren’t owned by Warners any more, it is good to know the story of how it used to be. This exhibition is part of an ongoing Warner Estate project. What have you got planned next? We’re creating an archive for Vestry House for the public to access in the future, and, with the help of volunteers, we’re making a mobile phone app guided tour.

WE: The Warner Estate in Waltham Forest Vestry House Museum until 21 May 2017 Wednesday – Sunday, 10am-5pm. ‘WE’, an 80 page full colour book is on sale at the exhibition, or can be ordered either from the website or from Amazon.

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“We say up to 12 months but as long as they’re not walking, running around or doing the hokey cokey that’s fine.”

Little Devils If you were fans of Susan Murray’s Red Imp comedy nights at Ye Olde Rose & Crown but little darlings have arrived into your lives putting a (temporary) end to night-based adult friendly entertainment then fear not Susan has a cunning plan. With your Red Imp Comedy Club you’ve been having locals in stitches for years, now you’re looking at a whole new audience with “Little Devils,” Yes this is a lunchtime gig for worshippers of the dark arts/satan who don’t like being out once the sun’s gone down. Or failing that we’d like parents of babies up to 12months old to come along, with their babies. It’s a squawk and naked baby-bum friendly gig. The acts don’t mind the interruptions and noise. There will be milk heating facilities, changing facilities and a buggy park. As the venue is upstairs we can’t really have buggies up there. We say up to 12 months but as long as they’re not walking, running around or doing the hokey cokey that’s fine. You don’t even need a baby accessory, you can just come along if you want to be entertained at lunchtime. At the moment it’s just monthly but if it gets very popular I might increase this. Where did the idea come from? Where… I stole it. I am a bad person.

Who are you expecting to book? The acts are actually pretty much the same as the acts I book at the night time Red Imp gig. I won’t always be able to get big acts during the day but I’m working on that. Brian Higgins did a solo show about the birth of his child so I think that’ll go down an absolute storm. Mandy Muden is female Tommy Cooper, funny and very silly. People always love and warm to her.

daytime without the hassle and expense of finding a babysitter who isn’t a murderer.

What can your infant audience expect? They can expect to be partially ignored by their parent for 90mins as they’ll be engrossed in the funny. But then have lots of attention in the interval. It’s a shorter show than normal so the babies don’t get bored and heckle us off the stage. Nothing worse than being slow hand clapped by people with no teeth, and I should know, I’ve gigged in Portsmouth.

Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 7 December

What about their grown up companions? What about… They’ll just get the chance to watch some stand up during the

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What do you want to achieve with your Little Devils? It’ll be a fun time for all and give new parents a taste of our evening gigs which they might be tempted to come to. And once their child has grown up and left home, my cunning plan will come to fruition. In 18 years time.

Doors 12.30pm, show 1pm – 2.30pm £10

Brian Higgins, Mandy Muden and MC Susan Murray red-imp-presents-little-devils-lunchtimebaby-gig-07122016/













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Exhibitions & weekly events Arts & Crafts 30 Nov-4 Dec NEW E17 Designers’ Christmas Maker’s Window Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9NJ Short but sweet shop window showcasing some of the designer/ makers in the ‘E17 Designers’ collective ahead of Christmas market dates at the Waltham Forest Community Hub (just across the road) and at Mirth, Marvel & Maud. Open daylight hours and lit until midnight. FREE.

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1-24 Dec NEW Advent(us): Another World is Possible St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Imagine St Mary’s Church as an enormous advent calendar! St Mary’s Arts Collective has teamed up with experimental artist Gary Stewart to bring high-tech optimism. This is a community-focused project created by artists and local people. High-tech projections on the outside of the church. Some events will take place indoors, check website for info. 6-10pm. FREE. Hot drinks available. Peter Sigrist 07720 056981

9 Dec-3 Jan NEW Zarah Hussain: Life & Geometry Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9NJ See feature on page 4. Known worldwide and famed locally for her spectacular projection onto the William Morris Gallery’s facade, Hussain’s trademark geometric work includes paintings, prints and 3D pieces and a spectacularly colourful animation that will light up the square. Be there for the switch-on Friday 9 Dec 7-9pm. Open daylight hours, lit until midnight. FREE. Until 8 Jan NEW In-habitation by Helen Scalway, Claire Reed & Ali Clarke The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG In-habitation brings together a rich variety of media: digital, drawing, models and installation to explore the notion of structure as a metaphor for the self and as a framework for belonging. Thurs-Fri 2-6pm, Sat 125pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE.

8 Dec-28 Jan NEW Junior Photographers Down Coppermill Lane The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA A group of youngsters aged 6-8 years armed with disposable cameras record their distinctive view of E17 from Ricco’s Cafe to Walthamstow Marshes. Suitable for families. Open during normal Mill hours: Tues-Fri 9.30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm. FREE. Until 29 Jan Coralie Bickford-Smith: The Fox and the Star William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP See feature on page 56. Taking inspiration from William Morris’s Kelmscott Press The Fox and the Star is a beautifully crafted tale of loss, friendship and discovery from awardwinning illustrator and author Coralie Bickford-Smith. This exhibition explores how the book was created, with original illustrations and rarely seen proofs. Kindly supported by Fullers Builders of Walthamstow. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE.

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16 Dec-12 Jan NEW Dark Light Wynwood Art District Cafe, 2A Chingford Road E17 4PJ Curated group show from local artists exploring the theme of ‘Dark Light’. Grab yourself some original art work for a Christmas gift! Open cafe hours 7am6pm daily. FREE. Until 15 Jan A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP A look at the defining features of protest graphics. With powerful images and punchy slogans, these empowering posters present alternative realities and call for radical change. Exhibition organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. Until 29 Jan Think! The Poster Collective Discovery Lounge William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Young people aged 16-22 will exhibit original artwork created at the William Morris Gallery inspired by the exhibition A World to Win. Curated by the gallery’s Young Curators Group. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. Mondays Walthamstow & District Photographic Society Greenleaf Road Baptist Church, 4 Greenleaf Road E17 6QQ Enthusiastic mixed group meeting for lively talks and discussions about photography. 8-10pm. FREE for first 3 visits. Andy Charles 020 8521 6958 Until 19 Feb WE: The Ex-Warner Estate in Waltham Forest Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH See feature on page 58. Exploring the history of Warner Estate houses and the memories of people who lived in them. Artists Lucy Harrison and Katherine Green capture the stories of these unique homes through original photography, interviews and artefacts. Supported by Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE.

Quizzes & Games Sundays NEW The Micro-Pub Quiz Wild Card Brewery, Unit 7, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Every single Sunday join us in our micro-brewery for a micro-pub quiz. Cash prizes, free drinks and a packet of crisps are up for grabs! 5-7pm. £1 per person.

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Sundays NEW Friendly Pub Quiz Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Free and friendly pub quiz with a top prize of £50! 8.30-11pm. FREE. Nic 020 8520 3709 Sundays General Knowledge Quiz Night The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH General knowledge questions and specialist rounds including an interval round. Cash Jackpot £50+. 8.30-11pm. £1.50 per person.


Gardening & Environment

LGBT Tuesdays ELOP LGBT Dramatherapy ELOP/ LGBT Centre, 56-60 Grove Rd E17 9BN Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilises creative play, movement, voice and dramatization within the therapeutic process. Individual and group sessions require a pre-service appointment. Book now. 6.30-8pm. £10. 020 8509 3898

Family Sundays until 18 Dec Sunday Serial: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Hear this classic tale read out loud in seven parts by local actors in the atmospheric setting of Walthamstow’s former workhouse. Each session will start with a recap. 12-12.30pm. FREE.

Mondays Pub Quiz The Nags Head, 9 Orford Road E17 9LP Roger’s quizzing at the Nags, with cash and wine prizes to win. Clucking food available courtesy of The Koop. Quiz starts 8pm. £2 per person, max 8 per team. Twitter @thekoopldn

Mon-Fri until 16 Dec Bongalong for under 5s St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF Fun, creative music, movement and make believe - a lively mix of singing, dancing, let’s pretend and fab percussion instruments. Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays 10am and 11am sessions plus 1.30pm on Mondays and 11am only on Wednesdays. £5.25 booked termly. 07811 460282

Tuesdays until 14 Dec Mirth’s Board Game Evening Mirth, Marvel & Maud 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH We’re a friendly bunch who meet up weekly to play modern board games such as Carcassonne, Catan, Nippon or Scythe. Over 18s only. 5.30-11pm. FREE, but please buy refreshments at the venue. CJ Calogero 020 8926 6862 Tuesdays General Knowledge Quiz The Village Pub, 31 Orford Road E17 9NL Can you beat the cards? Will you be lucky 7 or will you be taking home the spoon? Quiz night with cash and wine to be won with Neil’s Big Quiz. 8.30-11pm. £1.50 per person.


Fridays until 16 Dec Lloyd Park Green Gym Meet outside the Stables, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP A fun and productive way to keep fit in body and mind while looking after Lloyd Park; carrying out volunteer conservation tasks. Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty! 10.45am2pm. FREE. Gareth Chalmers 0208 533 8022

Thursdays NEW Neil’s Music Quiz The Flowerpot, 128 Wood Street E17 3HX Hosted by Neil’s Big Quiz this weekly music quiz includes picture and table rounds. How many bonus points will you get for the connection? Cash jackpot! 9-11pm. £1 per person.

Tuesdays Quiz Night The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen, 320 Hale End Road IG8 9LN A very enjoyable, fun-filled quiz night with prizes and more prizes. Quiz starts 7.30pm sharp.


Tuesdays until 13 Dec Bongalong for under 5s Greenleaf Road Baptist Church, 4 Greenleaf Road E17 6QQ As above except different venue. 1.30pm. Mon, Weds & Thurs until 15 Dec Bongalong for under 1s St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF As above. Mondays 2.30pm, Wednesdays 10am and Thursdays 1.30 and 2.30pm.

Social & Networking Mondays Community Monday The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Weekly drop-in opportunity for volunteers to help out or skill-up at the Hornbeam. Free lunch too! Check website for weekly theme. 10am-1pm.

Check with venues for changes to regular events at Christmas

Thursdays LGBT Mindfulness Group ELOP/ LGBT Centre, 56-60 Grove Rd E17 9BN A new group offering the opportunity to learn about Mindfulness and practice meditation together. You don’t need to know anything about mindfulness to attend. An hour long session. Prompt 6.30pm start, until 8pm. £2. 020 8509 3898

Shopping Fridays Night Feast Walthamstow Town Square, High Street E17 4HU A night market offering street food, drinks, produce, arts & crafts, kids area and entertainment, showcasing local traders and offering a great night out for the family. 5-10pm.

Food Markets Saturdays E17 Village Market Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Indoor and outdoor food market with local traders offering high quality products including: award-winning coffee, soda bread, Greek pastries, beautiful Blomst flowers, Elderflower cakes, Clean cakes and Cyprus kitchen and such more! 10.30am-3pm. Sundays Farmers’ Market Town Square, Walthamstow E17 4HU Stalls offering a changing, seasonal selection of meat, game and poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cider, baked goods, honey, plants and herbs, seafood, pies, quiches and cakes. Please note, some stalls may take a week off without notice. 10am-2pm. Saturdays OrganicLea Market Stall The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Organic and local sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, homemade bread, jams and preserves. Healthy Start vouchers can be used. 10am-3pm. our-market-stall

62 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Saturdays Community Local Produce Market Stall with OrganicLea & Transition Leytonstone St John’s Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG As above. 10am-3pm.

Music, theatre & singing 6-24 Dec Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl & The Fir Tree Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH A magical double bill for children aged 3+. Two of Hans Christian Andersen’s best-loved tales are brought to life this Christmas by Door Ajar Theatre, using puppetry and live music. 4.155pm. £6.50, £5 school groups. £2 supplement for puppet workshop. 6-24 Dec Around the World on Christmas Day Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH A brand new off-beat comedy celebrating Christmas tales and traditions from around the world. Door Ajar brings an exciting mix of theatre, comedy and live music to the very first Christmas at Mirth, Marvel and Maud. 7-8pm. £10, £8 conc, family tickets available. Thursdays The Singing Room Choir E17 St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF Help us celebrate our first 10 years by joining Walthamstow’s longest running community choir. We welcome everyone; no audition and lots of fab songs to learn and perform. 7.30-9.15pm. £9 or 10 sessions for £70, first session free. Anna Williams 07931 372996 Fridays Karaoke Night with CNN Karaoke The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Old songs, new songs, rock n’ roll and blues songs... something for everyone. Join us as you take the mic and become the star. 8.30pm-midnight. FREE entry. Thursdays fortnightly, 12 Dec only HarmonyE4 Winchester Road Methodist Church, Winchester Road, Highams Park E4 9JP A fortnightly choir for Highams Park, meeting on Mondays and the last Thursday of the month. 7.30-10pm. £5. Kate Milner 07969 269107 Events marked





Saturdays Live & Unplugged Music Night The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen, 320 Hale End Road IG8 9LN See the Facebook page for more updates on who’s going to be playing. 8.30pm. FREE. Tuesdays North East London Voices Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG The NELV collective is seeking new singers, songwriters and performers aged 11-18yrs. We sing a variety of songs from Emile Sande to Michael Jackson as well as writing our own. Join us! 6.30-7.30pm. FREE. 020 8496 1582 Sundays until 11 Dec (term time only) Natural Voices: Youth Choirs (Juniors & Seniors) The Games Room, Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR A fun choir for children and teens. Bring a snack and a drink for break time. 10am-11am (ages 5-9) and 11am-12pm (ages 10-21). £5 paid termly or £6 pay as you go, free taster. Tuesdays Weekly Singer/Songwriter Night Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Every week various different singers and songwriters join our stage for your entertainment. Includes resident and guest performers. 8-11pm. FREE. Mondays until 12 Dec Waltham Forest Community Choir St Mary’s Church, Church Hill E17 9RJ A friendly choir with a wide-ranging repertoire. No audition required. Open to all adults living or working in Waltham Forest but we’re actively looking for tenors and basses! 7.30-9pm. £5 and termly subscription. 07954 740745 Tuesdays until 13 Dec East Side Jazz Club Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB Weekly modern jazz club featuring the UK’s best jazz musicians in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Hosted by drummer Clive Fenner. The Music Room has its own bar with Real Ale. 8.3011pm. £6, cash on the door only. Clive Fenner 020 8989 8129

Wednesdays Open Mic Night Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG You have the talent - we have the stage! Weekly open mic night hosted by musicians. No need to sign up in advance. 8-11pm. FREE. Thursdays Daytime Choir for Parents & Childminders St Michael & All Angels Church Hall, Northcote Road E17 6PQ A great way to start the day, come and sing with this friendly group, and bring your little ones, we have toys to entertain them! All abilities welcome. 10-11am. £5. Mondays Sing at the WO The Warrant Officer, 318 Higham Hill Road E17 5RG Thriving, all-ability, community choir with absolutely no auditions. Raise your voice and your spirits in an adult choir where you call the tunes. Come when you can, casual attendees welcome. Inclusive, informal and fun! 7.30-9pm. £7, £6 in advance and free taster. Laura 07813 686980

Calendar of events Thursday 1 Craft Club Significant Seams, 131 Wood Street E17 3LX Join us for a lovely social evening with other locals! Bring whatever you’re working on - knitting, stitching, crochet or we can get you started off on a project in our haberdashery if you fancy! 6-8pm. £5. Fran 020 8521 4244 Artist or Entrepreneur? Stow Inspired Christmas Pop-up Shop, Hoe Street Central, Unit 3 Central Parade, Hoe Street, E17 4RT Three local celebrated artists come together to discuss their work and experiences of balancing their creative lives with running a business and generating income. Sba Shaikh, creator of Mehraj and Klassy Kitsch; Chris Walker, illustrator of classic Walthamstow prints and Yellow Man, a Walthamstory; Antonietta Torsiello, visual artist & textile designer. Suitable for artists, designers, makers, start-ups. Pre-booking required. 15 places. 7-8.30pm. £10.

kid friendly

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”.

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Thursday 1 continued WMG Late: Rise Up curated with Beatroots William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Get fired up over a century of art and music campaigning for political change. Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose talk about their new book This Is Grime, and join student activists from University of the Arts London for an Arts Attack. 6.3010.30pm. FREE. Adults only. Pastamind The Uffizzi Restaurant, 755 Lea Bridge Road E17 9DZ A two course Italian meal and quiz all for £12 in aid of The Samaritans of Waltham Forest. Hosted by Rowan, our renowned local quizmaster. Please quote ‘Samaritans Menu’ when booking. 7.3010.30pm. £12. 0208 509 2259 Hornbeam Nights: Soulfulised! The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH East London Radio’s Soulfulized; soul, jazz and conscious hip-hop. Mellow grooves with ELR’s very own Fitzroy Andrew. 7.30-11pm. FREE. Happy hour until 8.30pm, when all drinks £3. Vienna / Akira Kai Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Vienna D’amato Hall began her musical career in New York City where she selfreleased her debut album of alternativerock folk in 2015. Akira Kai is an 18 year old musician/singer-songwriter. 8-10.30pm. FREE.

Friday 2 Curatorial Tour: A World to Win William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Join curator Rowan Bain to hear some of the fascinating stories behind the radical posters of protest and revolution on display. Exhibition organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum. 2-3pm. FREE, no need to book. Kid’s book drop for charity Give A Book Tidy Books Offices, 10 Hatherley Mews E17 4QP Drop off your pre-loved children’s books at Tidy Books HQ and we will donate them to registered charity Give A Book who distribute books to breakfast clubs and school book clubs around London. 10am-5pm. FREE. Geraldine 020 8520 4647 Late Night Jazz The William Morris Bar, 807-811 Forest Road E17 4JD Cool late night jazz in this stylish bar with the Paul Kaufman quartet plus guests. 10pm-midnight. FREE entry. Events marked

kid friendly



Merseyside to Memphis Waltham Forest College, Forest Road E17 4JB A journey of song, boarding ‘A Ferry Across the Mersey’ and alighting at a railroad station in Memphis, Tennessee. Songs from The Beatles to Elvis and all those in between. Repeated tomorrow. 7.30-10pm. £12, 18s and under £7. Thelma Vincent 020 8989 4529

Leytonstone Christmas Market Trail Various venues, High Road Leytonstone E11 3DA All of Leytonstone’s markets get together for a one-day extravaganza of Christmas shopping and entertainment. 70+ stalls, church tower tours, Santa’s Grotto and children’s activities, festive food and drink. 11am4pm. FREE.

From the Back of The Stack Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Northern Soul, Motown, Ska, Funk and Jazz and tunes between the 60s and 70s on vinyl; played by the Walls of Heartache DJs Shaun, Dave and Richard plus guests. 9pm-midnight. FREE.

Cheese, Chocolates & Crisps Orford Saloon Tapas & Deli, 32-34 Orford Road E17 9NJ Come and try a selection of cheeses, chocolates and crisps with us and Brindisa! 12.30-3pm. FREE.

Saturday 3 Monthly Village Gardening Day Meet at Village Square, corner of Orford/Eden Roads E17 9NJ We need your help, so join us for seasonal gardening. The work we do is suitable for all ages and abilities, it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet your neighbours. 10.30am-12.30pm. FREE. 07814 042499 Chequers Arts Fair The Chequers, 145 High Street/Storey Road E17 7BX Artists, designers, illustrators and more. 1-7pm. Merseyside to Memphis Waltham Forest College, Forest Road E17 4JB Details as Fri 2 Dec The Blitz Factory Xmas Fair Unit 22a, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Food, gifts and festivities, Santa’s Grotto, festive stalls, hog roast, warm mince pies, mulled wine, entertainment by Natural Voices. Fundraiser for the Walthamstow Toy Library. 11am-7pm. FREE. Small Business Drop In Stow Inspired Christmas Pop-up Shop, Hoe Street Central, Unit 3 Central Parade, Hoe Street, E17 4RT Drop in for a mince pie and a cup of coffee ahead of Small Business Saturday and tell us about your small business. We’ll have some experts in the house, just in case you want to chat through a range of issues and to signpost you to available help. Suitable for Waltham Forest businesses and start-ups, as part of the Waltham Forest Shop Local Christmas campaign. No booking required. 2-4pm. FREE.

Stones Throw Christmas Market St John’s Church Hall, High Road, Leytonstone E11 1HH Part of this year’s Christmas Market Trail. A market offering an interesting mix of local designs and retro goods. Great for that unique Christmas gift. Mulled wine, chutneys and handmade cakes on sale. 11am-4pm. FREE. Leyton & Stone Designers Christmas Market Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane E11 1HG Part of this year’s Christmas Market Trail. 22 stalls of glorious gifts, cards and seasonal treats from local designer/makers. Free mulled wine/ juice, musical entertainment and selfies with Santa! Fully accessible venue. 11am-4pm. FREE. Christmas Frost Fair Chestnuts Field, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road E17 4JF This festive extravaganza will feature all things Christmas. There will be a range of delicious foods at the fine food fair, a carol concert, dancers, street entertainment, a mulled wine festive bar and amazing xmas gift ideas. 126pm. FREE. Waseem Khan 020 8496 4363 The Mysteries in a Box Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, Kings Road, Chingford E4 7HR Another enchanting ramble in the third Walthamstow Mysteries production. Meet the Adder’s Tongue Fern and the Yellow Cress in a show that puts the plant on the stage. Suitable for children aged 7+. 2-3pm. FREE tickets via Eventbrite. The Ukadelix The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Fabulous alt.uke band The Ukadelix bring their toe-tapping sense of fun not to mention beautiful harmonies to the Coppermill. Support to be confirmed. 8.30-11pm. FREE.



Waltham Forest Bilingual Group Workshop & Play Session The Limes Community and Children’s Centre, 6 Somers Road E17 6RX Join our workshop with tips for parents raising their children with more than one language, and share experiences with other parents over coffee while the children have fun using the fantastic facilities of The Limes. 3.30-5.30pm. FREE. 07770 860038 Closet Vinyl: Christmas Jumper Special The Northcote Arms Pub , 110 Grove Green Rd E11 4EL Bring your party vinyl, your friends and Christmas jumpers and let’s have a knees up. Free raffle, prize for best jumper and free mince pies. If you want a go on the decks, bookings start at 7.30pm. 8pm-midnight. FREE. 07717 851972 The Saturday Session Wild Card Brewery, Unit 7, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Eastern Front Soundsystem and Pete Fowler bring eclectic, balearic and disco vibes to the brewery all night long. 6pm-midnight. FREE. Natural Voices Christmas Concert St Mary’s Walthamstow 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Our Christmas gift to Walthamstow: a free concert! Uplifting Christmas songs from our adult and youth choirs with harp, violin and piano too! 45 minutes of joy to get you in the festive mood. 6-6.45pm. FREE. December Mini-Festival The Warrant Officer, 318 Higham Hill Road E17 5RG A belting line-up including The Higham Flyers, The Persecuted, Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers and other acts to be announced. 7-11pm. FREE with a collection. Walls of Heartache: Northern Soul Night Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Walls of Heartache is back for more simple Northern Soul music on original vinyl plus well-known collector and guest DJ Tony Smith joining residents Richard, Shaun and Dave Duplock. 8-midnight. £5. The WitchDoktors / Big Girls What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Exservicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB A full measure of trashy rock’n’roll-abilly, a dash of 60s Psyche-Out Garage, a bitter twist of country. 8.30-11.30pm. FREE with collection.

64 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Sunday 4 The Mysteries in a Box Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Details as Sat 3, except new venue and time. 11am-12pm. Tree Dressing Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Welcome in the festive season by joining us for our national Tree Dressing event to make natural decorations and dress a tree in the park. 11am-12pm. FREE, donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 Poets’ Corner Christmas Fair Aubrey Road (Church Hill end) E17 4SL Stalls, carol singing, jazz band, games and Santa Claus of course. 11.30am3.30pm. FREE. Barry 07773 028681 Jazz in the Afternoon with Jackie Pert Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Jacqueline Pert sings and taps to classic jazz numbers. Backed by Gabriel Keen, Phil Antonia and David Hawthorne.. 4-6.30pm. FREE. Events marked

kid friendly


E17 Designers’ Christmas Market in the Village Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Some of our finest local designer/ makers and craftspeople are back selling direct in this Christmas outing in the Village. Expect quality ceramics, homewares, gifts, art, cakes, music and more. 2.30-6pm. £2 includes entry into the Goody Bag prize draw, u16s FREE. The Blitz Factory Xmas Fair Unit 22a, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Details as Sat 3 Forest Philharmonic: Grieg Piano Concerto Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4JD Ronan O’Hora performs Grieg’s popular concerto. Plus Kodály’s sprightly and tuneful Dances of Galánta and Shostakovich’s lively and dramatic first symphony. Concert starts 6.30pm. Tickets from £12, concessions and family tickets available.



Melrose Quartet at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Glorious four-part harmony singing mix with crunchy twin fiddles, full-bodied melodeon and powerful bouzouki. Their live performances infect audiences with the warmth and sparkle these four seasoned musicians feel when they unite. 7.30-10.30pm. £10, £8 conc. 07746 612 607

Monday 5 Community Monday: People’s Kitchen The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Delicious lunch made from food that would’ve been wasted. All welcome, but we’d like to spread the word to homeless and vulnerable people too. 1-2pm. FREE. Stay, Play & Protest The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH An informal drop-in for parents and their children with a twist - we’ll be talking about things that make our lives difficult and how as a group we can make them better. 1.30-2.30pm. FREE. 07981 591150


Nick Tomalin Group presents

Sunday 4th December Gnome House Walthamstow E17 6DS

A story with jazz for kids aged 6 - 11

Children £5 Adults £8 2.30pm

E17 Jazz: Jac Jones Quartet Mirth, Marvel & Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Using original and standard jazz repertoire, the quartet conceive melody and textures and spontaneous arrangements blurring the boundaries between structured playing and a free improvising approach. 8.30-11pm. £8, £5 conc, under 15s FREE.

To advertise your business contact 65




Tuesday 6

Thursday 8

Singer-songwriters Night with Paul Whitton Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Paul is the alter-ego of 70’s glamrock band Lipstick Torpedo’s singer/ guitarist Interstellar Alan Meteor Storm. No spandex or pyrotechnics tonight, instead check out our eclectic acoustic evening. 8-11pm. FREE.

The Elephant in the Room Peterhouse Centre, 122 Forest Rise/ Upper Walthamstow Road E17 3PW Led by Haven - Survivors of Abuse Network, we will be challenging the taboo around sexual abuse, informing professionals and empowering victims and survivors. Lunch will be provided. Counsellors will be on hand throughout the event. 9.30am-2.30pm. FREE. Waltham Forest Women’s Network

Wednesday 7 Under 5s, Lloyd Park Nature Explorers: Christmas Party Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join us in making nature-based Christmas crafts and a ramble round the park. Followed by stories and a Christmas treat. 10am-12.30pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 Red Imp presents Little Devils Parent & Baby Lunchtime Gig Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA A baby-friendly (under 12 months) lunchtime comedy show to soothe those frazzled parents in need of a laugh. Brian Higgins and Mandy Muden star. Buggy park downstairs, stairs to room. 12.30-2.30pm. £10. Book via plus some tickets on the door Have Yourself A Crafty Little Christmas The Larder Wanstead, 39 High Street E11 2AA Learn how to make your very own festive Scandi baubles in a variety of seasonal colours. Add a glass of mulled wine and a few mince pies for extra Christmas cheer! 7-10pm. £10 inc a glass of mulled wine and mini mince pie. The History of Cookery St John’s Church Hall, High Road, Leytonstone E11 1HH A talk by Barbara and Pat Elliott, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, lively and local. 7.45-9.15pm. £2. David Boote 020 8559 3592 The Ugly Guys / The Archway Mountain Lightin’ Boys What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB Cosmic American Music; The Ugly Guys include legendary Kursaal Flyers’ Paul Shuttleworth and Vic Collins, and members of Jerry The Ferret, Micky Jupp’s Orioles and Legend. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Events marked

Creative Kids: The Fox and the Star William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Play, make and get hands on with Creative Kids, a regular session for under 5s to enjoy with their parents and carers. Messy printmaking activities inspired by Coralie Bickford-Smith’s beautiful book. 10-11.30am and repeated 1-2.30pm. FREE, but booking essential. 020 8496 4390 Civic Carol Concert Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4JD Get into the festive spirit at our annual carol concert. Join children from Waltham Forest Music Service who will perform favourite carols interspersed with traditional Christmas readings. 7-8.30pm, doors open at 6.30pm. FREE. DESOLATE Live The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Live electronic acts from across the UK and DJs until late. Catch the latest up and coming artists for free. 8pmmidnight. FREE. Jazz/Funk/Fusion Jam Night Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Bring your horn, sticks, voice or whatever to In The Stone, a twice-monthly Jazz Funk Jam, showcasing some of London’s finest up and coming talent plus special guests. 8-11.30pm. FREE. Red Imp Xmas Triple Headliner Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue who rocked the Garden Party, local star Ninia Benjamin and Ian Moore. A top bill. 8.30-10.30pm. £12.50. Book via 020 8509 3880

Friday 9 That Blue Patch The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Smooth cabaret-style and often bluesy interpretations of standards and classics to entrance and entertain in equal measure. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

DANCE/FITNESS The Night Feast before Christmas Town Square outside Central Library, Walthamstow High Street E17 7JN The weekly Night Feast is having a Christmas special packed with a festive arts & crafts market, choirs singing carols, mince pies, Christmas hat competitions and all the usual great street food and drink. 5pm-late. FREE. 07533 648225 Zarah Hussain: Life & Geometry Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Wrap up warm for this glowing, outdoor preview evening for all the family with mulled wine and other refreshments. Hussain’s trademark geometric work includes paintings, prints and 3D pieces and a spectacularly colourful animation that will light up the square. Be there for the switch on! Also see feature on pg 4. 7-9pm. FREE. The CommUnity Gospel Choir Debut Performance The Wesleyan Christian Centre, 1 Harrow Green, Leytonstone E11 3HP This amazing choir of 30+ members share the songs they have learnt this term. Special guests include The Worshipful Mayor and Mayoress of Waltham Forest. Refreshments will be on sale. 8-10pm. FREE. Beverly 07984 398271

Saturday 10 Stow Kids’ Film Lounge presents The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992, Cert U) Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane, E17 6DS The classic Dickens tale, with Kermit the Frog playing Bob Cratchit the putupon clerk of Michael Caine’s stingy Ebenezer Scrooge. Other Muppets; Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear and Sam the Eagle weave in and out of the story, while Scrooge receives visits from spirits of Christmases past, present and future. Doors 4pm, film 4.30pm, close 6.30pm. £5.50 child (inc pre-film activity)/£4 accompanying adults/£12 child pre-booked party package Buy online at, on the door or from events/muppetschristmas Vintage Fashion & Brocante Fair Wanstead United Reformed Church, Nightingale Lane E11 2HD Halls filled with genuine vintage and on-site cafe. Plenty of Christmas presents and party outfits. Plus Ultrasound Choir at 3.30pm. “A simply fabulous London vintage fair”. 11am5pm. £2.50, £1.50 conc. Cary 07860 214 009



Church Lane Christmas Market Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Festive open air market including handmade jewellery and clothing, homewares, gifts, handknits, sweets, candles, artworks, Christmas cards and prints, beauty products and more. 11am-4pm. FREE. Wood Street First: Winter Festive Fayre Our Lady & St George’s Primary School (Upper site), Shernhall Street E17 3EA A community fun day for all the family with Santa’s grotto, magician, live music, side stalls, inflatable slide, Santa’s workshop, puppet show and even a reindeer rodeo! 12-4pm. FREE with charges for some activities. Kaffe Fassett Patchwork Taster Significant Seams, 131 Wood Street E17 3LX Join us at Significant Seams for a taster in how to create a gorgeous contemporary patchwork box using Kaffe Fassett fabrics! 2-5pm. £15. Shamal 020 8521 4244 Christmas is Coming The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Make Christmas decorations to take home or add to The Mill’s tree. Entry and all materials free. Suitable for all ages; help on hand! Enjoy a cuppa and a cake (small donation). Hand knits on sale. 2-4.30pm. FREE. Natasha Mcfazdean 020 8521 3211 Home Alone! at the Film Cafe (1990, Cert PG) St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Classic comedy about an 8-year old troublemaker who must protect his home from burglars when he is accidentally left home alone at Christmas. Hot dogs, popcorn and cold drinks. Free, but donations encouraged for refreshments. Any proceeds will support the Forest Night Shelter. 4-6.15pm. FREE. Parish Office 020 8520 1430 Kate Williams & Dave Thorpe / Acid drops Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Williams and Thorpe are a ukulele led duo taking inspiration from 60s Blue Note and Atlantic soul-jazz. 8pmmidnight. FREE. Rangoon The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Brilliant country/blues/rock outfit making their debut at The Coppermill. Passionate and powerful. Support TBC. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

kid friendly

66 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Stow Film Lounge presents The Blues Brothers (1980, Cert 15) Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane, E17 6DS Jake and Elwood Blues, sporting cool shades and look-alike suits, are dispatched on a ‘mission from God’ to raise money to save the orphanage where they were raised. Zany adventures ensue, including a performance of Rawhide before the most unruly bar crowd in written history, and they lay waste to hundreds of cars in Chicago. Doors 7.45pm, film 8.30pm, close 11pm. £8/£6 conc, ticket & pizza £13.50 (pre-booked only) Buy on the door or online at or from billetto.

Sunday 11 Stay, Play & Protest The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA An informal drop-in for parents and their children with a twist - we’ll be talking about things that make our lives difficult and how as a group we can make them better. 10.30-11.30am. FREE but donation appreciated. Esther Freeman 07981 591150 Winter Wreath Making for Adults Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Make beautiful festive wreaths with willow and foliage from the park and the local area. Bring bright baubles, bows and berries to add if you wish. Strictly no children. 1-3pm. FREE. Vicky 07870 678571 Christmas Sparkles Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Add a sparkle to your festive decorations using glitter and traditional papercutting techniques to create a special Victorian feel to your Christmas celebrations. With artist Vanessa Brightwell. 1.30-4pm. FREE. St Barnabas Sunday Concerts: Seasonings St Barnabas Church, St Barnabas Road E17 8JZ Music and storytelling to welcome the winter season including popular songs, enchanting opera and a few seasonal surprises. Performed by Walthamstow opera singer Gillian Keith (See feature on page 7), actress Beatrice Curnew and pianist Emas Au. 4-5pm. FREE, but suggested donation £5-10 in support of Forest Night Shelter Christmas Singaround at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Let’s wind down for Christmas with an informal evening for ourselves by ourselves. Bring a folk song, a tune, a poem or even a story. Doesn’t have to be Christmas related, just something to share. 7.30-10.30pm. FREE.





Christmas Carol Service with orchestra St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Sing along to all your favourite carols, with a full orchestra, in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Retiring collection for the Forest Night Shelter, helping those living rough on the streets. 6-7pm. FREE.

Monday 12 Under 5s, Lloyd Park Nature Explorers: Christmas Party Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join us in making nature-based Christmas crafts and a ramble round the park. Followed by stories and a Christmas treat. Funded by WMBL. 10am-12pm. FREE. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 E17 Art Trail: Idea Sparks Talks Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS A series of talks to spark ideas leading up to the E17 Art Trail. Featuring artists and experts on STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Join us for lively panel discussions and drinks. 7.30-9pm. FREE, booking recommended. Laura Kerry 07947 275774

Tuesday 13 The Tuesday Sociable Sewing Group The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA A fortnightly drop-in group for sewers of all levels. An experienced sewer will be on hand to help if needed. Bring your sewing, darning, mending, patchwork. Have fun with fabrics! 10am-1pm. £1 donation plus small cost of materials. Natasha 020 8521 3211 Vestry’s Victorian Christmas Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Visit Father Christmas in a magical grotto, receive a traditional Victorian gift and make Christmas crafts. Enjoy mulled wine, mince pies and special Christmas offers in the museum shop featuring the E17 Designers. 4-7.30pm. FREE, except £3.50 to see Santa. WVRA Christmas Carols Around the Village Tree Village Square, Corner of Orford and Eden Roads E17 9NJ Join us for mulled wine, mince pies and carols with the East London Brass band. Download carol sheets from our website. 7-8.15pm. FREE, but donations appreciated. Events marked

Uncaged London: The Lord of the Flings Plough and Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU A burlesque take on Middle Earth. Exposing the bits they didn’t include in the books or the films. Expect magic, fantasy and cheekiness! Strictly 18+. Food available. Wheelchair accessible. Sorry no dogs. 8-11pm. £15 Family History Talk: Memories of Queen’s Road Spruce Hill Baptist Church Hall, Brookscroft Road E17 4JP Memories of Queen’s Road, Walthamstow by Lissa Chapman. A project linking the area’s past to the lived experience of the present-day community. Wheelchair accessible.. 8-9.30pm. FREE.

Wednesday 14

Blackhorse Christmas Night Market Blackhorse Workshop, 1-2 Sutherland Road Path E17 6BX Blackhorse Christmas Night Market returns this year with maker stalls, food, music and activities. The market will be indoors this year due to building works. 6.30-10.30pm. FREE. Mhairi 0208 531 1612 Highams Park Live The County Arms, 420 Hale End Road, Highams Park E4 9PB An acoustic evening of live performance with an eclectic programme of local songwriters, poets and storytellers. Email if you’re interested in performing at this small and inclusive venue. 7-11pm. FREE.

Quality Time Together Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve. Kings Road E4 7HR For children aged 0-8 years with their parents/carers (older siblings welcome too). Join us for winter cheer and decoration making in the tranquil location of Pimp Hall Nature Reserve in Chingford. 1-3pm. FREE.

The Great Fire of London St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Large Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF To mark 350 years since the Great Fire Marianne Zierau, a qualified City of London Guide, will talk about the traumatic events and about how London and its people survived. 7.45-9pm, tea/coffee from 7.15pm. Non-members £2, members FREE.

GD Sweeney & The Undercover Cowboys / The Kitchen Drinkers What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Exservicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB Heralding from a culture of storytelling and a rich musical heritage, GD Sweeney combines a love of bluegrass, folk and classic country sounds with his Irish roots. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Pop Up Children’s Bookshop Froth & Rind, 37 Orford Road E17 9NL Visit Milk Wood Pop Up Children’s Bookshop and enjoy its storytelling sessions each day. Repeated tomorrow. 10am-4pm. FREE. Twitter @milkwoode17

Thursday 15 Los Otros at The Vic The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Enjoy the mellow sounds of jazz standards with Los Otros at The Victoria. Who will be our mystery guests this time? 9-11pm. FREE.

Friday 16

E17 Baby Social Walthamstow Trades Hall, 61-63 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ Grown up music, grown up chat. A monthly social for parents/carers of babies/toddlers. 2-4pm. £3. Lisa McDonald 07504 703108

kid friendly

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”. To advertise your business contact 67



Friday 16 continued Dial M for Music: Alan Cox & the Forty Elephant Gang Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, 147 Whipps Cross Rd E11 1NP The iconic Alfred Hitchcock Hotel hosts this monthly music club and more featuring the finest local talent hosted by The Persecuted. Also vintage items for sale and visual presentations during the music. 7.45-11pm. FREE. Brad 07946 591224 Sham’s Kitchen at the Palace Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ T’was the last curry night before Christmas.... Come fill your bellies full of spicy goodness and raise a festive glass! From 6pm. Dish prices vary, veggie options available. Lyrical Dissidence: Hip Hop/ Poetry Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Lyrical Dissidence is a new London hip hop and poetry night bringing poets and rappers together in a shared view that the government are taking the piss! 7-11pm. FREE. Hui Hue / Bethnal Green Big Band Christmas Special Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG The 20 piece big band play a mixture of jazz, funk, showtunes, and traditional big band for your entertainment plus an acoustic set from Hui Hue. 8pmmidnight. FREE. You Should be Dancing at the Office Xmas Party! Walthamstow Trades Hall, 61-63 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ It’s YSBD! Office Xmas Party - for people who cut their dancing teeth in the 70s and 80s. Younger friends welcome! Expect our mix of classic sounds from the era plus Christmas cheese and cheesy bingo! 8pm-midnight. £5 in advance, £7 on the door. Rush Job The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Steve Rushton (Sh!ver) an John Garner (Higham Flyers) team up again for another evening of fun and musical frolics. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Saturday 17 Pop Up Children’s Bookshop Froth & Rind, 37 Orford Road E17 9NL Details as Fri 16

Events marked



Baby Gospel Christmas family concert St Gabriel’s Church Centre, Havant Road E17 3JF An uplifting family concert of soul, gospel and festive music, featuring the astonishing vocal talents of London’s CK Gospel Choir. Suitable for all ages from newborns to school age. 1111.45am. £12, kids FREE.

CreativiTEA 8: Reminiscence Through Imagery, Objects and Sense of Smell Hale End Library, Castle Avenue, Highams Park E4 9QD This series of visual arts workshops for adults includes time for making, refreshments and group reflection. 11am-2pm. FREE, but as places are limited booking essential

Gnome House Winter Warmer and Showcase Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Join us for a brass band, Christmas carols, Inky Cuttlefish community and members exhibition, Youth Club cake stall, Left Bank Brewery beer, Mbilla Arts and Drumasphere performances, and our very special Community Secret Santa. 11am-4pm. FREE. Sophy Harper 07739 660449

Carols on the Market Walthamstow Town Centre , Town Square E17 7LT Enjoy your favourite carols with live music, festive drinks and eats. Voluntary donations appreciated, in aid of Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelter, helping those living rough on the streets this winter. 11am-12pm. FREE.

Stow Kids’ Film Lounge presents The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, Cert PG) Mirth, Marvel & Maud (smaller cinema downstairs) 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Despite having recently presided over a very successful Halloween, Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, is bored with his job and feels that life in Halloweenland lacks meaning. Then he stumbles upon Christmastown and promptly decides to make the Yuletide his own. Doors 4pm, film 4.30pm, close 6.30pm. £5.50 child (inc pre-film activity)/£4 accompanying adults. Buy online at, on the door or from events/muppetschristmas East London Brass present The Snowman Trinity Walthamstow URC Church, 58 Orford Road E17 9QU Following 2015’s sell out performances, East London Brass once again present Raymond Briggs’ Christmas classic ‘The Snowman’ with Howard Blake’s iconic music played live to the film projected on a huge screen. 1-1.40pm. Adults £10, children £5, under 3s FREE. Buy online via Stow Film Lounge presents National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989, Cert 12) Mirth, Marvel & Maud (smaller cinema downstairs) 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Clark Griswold wants to have a perfect family Christmas, so he pesters his wife and children to make sure everything is just right including the tree and house decorations. However, things quickly go awry when his hick cousin Eddie and his family show up unplanned and Clark’s employers renege on the bonus pay he needs. Doors 7.45pm, film 8.30pm, close 11pm. £8/£6 conc. Buy on the door or online at or from billetto.

E17 Designers’ at Mirth, Marvel and Maud Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Some of our finest local designer/ makers and craftspeople selling direct in MM&M’s art deco surroundings. Buy art, fashion and gifts locally this year! 12-5pm. FREE. Christmas Party Walthamstow Sports Club, 48a Greenway Ave E17 3QN Festive fun for all ages. Live entertainment, Santa’s Grotto, stilt walker, fire eater, magician, Santa’s Workshop and a visit from Pink Eli, Santa and Woodly Bear. Buffet from 7pm, party from 8pm! Doors 5pm. Close 11pm. £4 in advance, under12s FREE but please book ahead for catering purposes. Vicky te Velde 07538 574058 christmas-party-2016 Rock’n’Roll Xmas: John Rossall’s Glitter Band Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Original founder members of the legendary Glitter Band, John Rossall and Harvey Ellison, bring their amazing high-energy, fully glammed-up show. 8-11pm. £10.

Sunday 18 Christmas Carols for all ages St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ St Stephen’s C of E Church , 1A Copeland Road E17 9DB St Gabriel’s Church Centre, Havant Road E17 3JF All your favourite Christmas carols to sing along to or just quietly enjoy - for all the family! Three venues to choose from. 10.30-11.30am. FREE.



Winter Solstice Candle Making Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve. Kings Road E4 7HR Join the Pimp Hall Bee Project to make your own candles plus make your own Christmas wreath. Plus mince pies! 11am-4pm. £12, kids FREE. Carol Singing at The Farmers Market Town centre, Walthamstow E17 4HU Waltham Forest Community Choir bring some Christmas cheer to Walthamstow’s Farmers Market while raising funds for the Worth Unlimited Waltham Forest. 11.15am-12pm. Carol Singing in The Mall The Mall Walthamstow, 45 Selborne Walk E17 7JR As above but new venue and time. 12.30-1.15pm. Winter Warmer at The William Morris Gallery & Lloyd Park William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP An afternoon of magical entertainment: craft activities inspired by Coralie Bickford-Smith’s The Fox and The Star, music from Walthamstowbased JGL Singers and festive food and drink. Drop in any time. 1-4pm. FREE. Held At Hucks #008 Hucks, 81 Grove Road E17 9BU A monthly event that showcases singersongwriters and bands. This month we have Liverpool’s folk troubadour Nick Ellis, Walthamstow’s very own three piece Bluegrass outfit Crow Hall and Leyton’s Sam Kurt. Hosted by Marc Oliver. 2-4.30pm. FREE. Candlelit Carols & Choir St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/ Church Hill E17 9RJ All your favourite Christmas carols with an accompanying choir. 7-8pm. FREE.

kid friendly

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Monday 19 Blue Christmas? St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Christmas, and all that it brings isn’t always easy. Come and find some space, peace and quiet away from the crescendo of Christmas celebrations. 8-9pm. FREE.

Wednesday 21 The Lucky Strikes / Arfur Doo & The Toerags What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB Muscular Americana, firebrand rock ‘n’ roll, garage-era punk, and rustic wired folk. Irish folk with a twist from Arfur Doo. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection. London Forest Choir & Orchestra: Christmas Concert St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Join London Forest Choir with orchestra for an evening of Christmas music including Britten’s Ceremony of Carols. Get in the Christmas mood by singing some favourite carols. Mulled wine and mince pies in the interval. 7.30-9.45pm. £12, £10 in advance, conc half price

Thursday 22 Jazz/Funk/Fusion Jam Night Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Details as Dec 8

Friday 23 Christingle Making St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ The annual Christingle-making fest includes lunch. 10.30am-1.30pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Viper The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Local favourites Viper return. Always lots of fun. Getting you warmed up for Christmas! 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Saturday 24 Christmas Eve Heaven’s Music St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Sit back and enjoy an evening of sublime reflections for Christmas, beautiful music, poetry and readings. 7.15-8.15pm. FREE. Midnight Communion St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/ Church Hill E17 9RJ An evening service of prayer, song and Holy Communion. 11.15pm-12 midnight. FREE. Events marked


Christingle Service for Under 5s St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ This fun pre-Christmas service is particularly suitable for younger children with high energy activities and songs. Ideally under 10s are accompanied by an adult. 2.303.30pm. FREE. Christingle Service for Over 5s St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ Children over 5 years are welcome to come along and enjoy the special atmosphere of Christmas Eve. There will be lots of fun stuff to do! Ideally under 10s are accompanied by an adult. 4.30-5.30pm. FREE.



The Higham Flyers New Year’s Eve Party The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF The Higham Flyers will be bringing hours of 60s to 00s fun throughout the night and into the wee hours with a promenading brass section and plenty of toe-tapping grooves. 8.30pm-1am. FREE.

Check for extra new year’s eve events at your favourite venues

Sunday 25 Christmas Day

Classes/Courses Art & Crafts

Christmas Day Praise & Holy Communion St Mary’s Church Walthamstow, 8 Church End/Church Hill E17 9RJ St Stephen’s C of E Church, 1A Copeland Road E17 9DB St Gabriel’s Church Centre, Havant Road E17 3JF A joyful service of songs, praise, prayer and Holy Communion for all ages. Families welcome. 10.30-11.30am. FREE.

Mondays Walthamstow Life Drawing The Nag’s Head, 9 Orford Road E17 9LP Want to brush up your drawing skills? People of all drawing abilities are welcome, just bring your drawing materials and join in. 7.30-10pm. £8.50, discount for advanced booking. Harriet at walthamstowlifedrawing@


Wednesdays Sewing Workshop Cornerstone Church, 149 Canterbury Road (corner of Essex Road), Leyton E10 6EH FREE event for all abilities; make a bag, apron, dress and learn how to use a sewing machine in a fun and friendly environment. 12-3pm. FREE. Sabbir 0203 826 9600

Music & Singing Tuesdays NEW Mini Musicians (from birth to 4 yrs) Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG 10 week term of music-making sessions for babies and toddlers, taught by Early Years Music specialists and include singing, dancing and playing with an exciting range of instruments. 10.4511.30am. £6.20 per session. 020 8496 1584

Saturday 31 New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve The Chequers, 145 High Street/Storey Road E17 7BX 2016 has been one helluva ride. Kiss it goodbye and welcome 2017 with open arms. Have a drink and dance with us to the best pop, rock, indie and hip hop from the 70s/80s/90s, with plenty of hits from Prince, Bowie and more. DJs from 9pm. Open until 3am. FREE entry all night. Special 80s Night with Sexy Rumours & DJ Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Ranging from funky grooves to alt/ pop vibes via inescapable classics they play the tunes that everyone wants to hear but are so often afraid to ask for! Prize for best 1980s fancy dress. 8pmmidnight.


Classes in E17 for adults

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Music Lessons in WaLthaMstoW Adult Beginners Welcome Free Intro chat

PIANO – All styles GUITAR – Classical, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic Tony 0208 521 4340

The Bermondsey Joyriders / Electrophonic Tonic / DJ Evil Elvis What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB Flamboyant rock’n’roll slide guitar blues for NYE from the best dressed band in the UK! 8.30pm-1am. £10 in advance, £15 on the door.

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