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Ilse feels at home in Hoofddorp

TudorPark! What a special place to live. Around the corner from Amsterdam and right on the Toolenburgerplas. At this unique location, where greenery and water from the surrounding area set the scene and the style of the English royal houses determines the atmosphere, beautiful houses of all shapes and sizes will soon spring up.



An historical place...................................4 A tour of TudorPark (Excellent Living)......................................6 Shakespeare Island................................8 Hotspots Haarlemmermeer.................10 Long Island..............................................14 A tour of TudorPark (recreation & facilities)...........................16 ILSE Hoofddorp......................................18 A modern Tudor home..........................20 Have a look inside..................................22 Trattoria Buoni Amici............................28 Papa's Beach House.............................30 Haarlemmermeersche Golfclub........32 Joseph & Josephines............................34 Culture & entertainment......................36 The Bootcamp Club..............................40 A local celebrity.....................................42 Did you know?........................................44 Accessablity..........................................46

New construction, you’d hardly say it. Yet it is, and this is reflected in convenience, comfort, space and sustainability. Not only in the immediate vicinity of Tudorpark, but Haarlemmermeer as a whole has so much to offer... We are happy to be able to show you. Enjoy the read! 3

There was once a vast stretch of water Even in the 17th century, there were plans to reclaim Haarlemmermeer. But Haarlem and Leiden were against the initiative. But two big storms – bringing the water to the gates of Leiden and Amsterdam – prompted the king to decide to reclaim the lake. The British built Leeghwater pump station was backed up by the Cruquius and Lynden stations in 1849. Together, they had reclaimed the lake by 1852. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer was established three years later. Kruisdorp and Venneperdorp, later Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep were the first villages.

The Cruquius pumping station

The Lijnden pumping station


Still steeped in history The Polder House was built in 1913 at the Hoofdweg – Kruisweg intersection. Architect Foeke Kuipers was inspired by 17th-century Dutch classicism. The Haarlemmermeer Polder water board was located there until 1978, after which the Polder House became the administrative centre of the GrootHaarlemmeer water board. That is, until 2005. The property is now rented by an asset manager. The interior of the Polder House has remained partially intact. The most important original features include the monumental hallway with the front hall staircase, the large meeting room and the Chairman of the higher water board’s room, where the original, painted, pinewood panelling can still be seen.

Well preserved historical locations in Hoofddorp

Fort Hoofddorp

The Eersteling windmill

Old Hoofddorp railway station


A tour of TudorPark Excellent Living


Would you like to get a whiff of a real Tudor home? The Tudorhouse information centre is open every Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. There's no need to make an appointment - agents are on duty. And while you're there, why not hop on a Tudor bicycle and discover this special neighbourhood?


Daydreaming on

Shakespeare Island Shakespeare Island has added spice to Tudorpark, offering unbridled freedom and heaps of allure. The dwellings here are located on a private island with waterside gardens. No two villas are quite the same on Shakespeare Island, ranging from magnificent free-standing homes to semi-detached houses.


Shakespeare Island will be home to 33 exceptional properties on spacious grounds, including 22 semi-detached and 11 free-standing. Sales are set to commence soon. Curious to find out more? Go to







1 Hartelijk Hoofddorp 2 Het Graanpakhuis 3 De Boerenzwaluw petting zoo 4 Limburgia 5 Caffè Macchiato 6 Pier K (art and children) 7 Headville sk8tpark


8 Klimpark 21


9 Mooca 10 The Cruquius pumping station 28


11 Zoet & Zalig 12 De Meerse Theater


13 Hydrapier 14 ILSE Hoofddorp 15 Lieveling 16 Long Island 17 Jumpskillz N208


18 Jopen Church Hoofdddorp N205

19 Barista Café BENNEBROEK N208 & Beans 20 Bagels

21 Wurpel florist 22

Woodstone Hoofddorp


Qunis Lijnden


Bruut Sneakers

25 PRISCA children's clothing 26



27 Cinemeerse: cinema and more


28 Plantage Buitenplaats Vogelenzang 29 Leuk & Landelijk 30


31 Trattoria Buoni Amici 33



32 Papa's Beach House Harlemmermeersche Golfclub

34 Joseph & Josephines N EG W IJ
















Leiden 10










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Hotspots 1 Hartelijk Hoofddorp Looking for an inspiring venue for your meeting? Take a look at Hartelijk Hoofddorp. The name says it all: you’ll be made most welcome here! 2

Graanpakhuis Lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks, catering and boat hire. This cosy, restored granary is the right place to visit.


10 4 Limburgia Salivating at the window, where the baker meets the farmer. Fresh from the land and homemade. From traditional Dutch flan (vlaai) to cake and pastries. Useful tip: you can order online. 5 Caffè Macchiato Catch up with a friend while enjoying the best coffee or tea! A few tasty treats and the party is complete. 6 Pier K (Art & Children) Art and kids go very well together. Take a look at Pier K’s site. Join one of the crazy workshops and/or courses in music & singing, visual arts, textiles, photography & media, dance, theatre & musical, art and literature. 7 Headville sk8tpark Headville Sk8tepark Foriande Hoofddorp is an absolute must-visit, even if you want to keep your feet on the grounds. Children – the experts – helped design the park. 8 Klimpark 21 At Klimpark 21 climbing park, you can go safely from A to B – only way above the ground. Fun for everyone, not only the kids!

Cruquius pumping station A piece of history so close to home. The Cruquius pumping station played an important role in the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer. It’s really worth a visit.


Zoet & Zalig The name alone is nice: Zoet & Zalig (sweet & blissful). At the cosy lunchroom on Polderplein, where you can pamper yourself with fresh, homemade delicacies.


9 Mooca Take a seat in the heart of Hoofddorp. You can keep an eye what’s going on in the kitchen at Mooca. Nice and transparent. Delicious food. Brilliant coffee. De Boerenzwaluw petting zoo Outdoor splendour, surrounded by animals and nature. Cuddle the lambs, feed the chickens and watch the kid goats. Visit the De Boerenzwaluw petting zoo.


13 Hydrapier Enjoy a fabulous dinner at Hydrapier, while the waterfall flows across the roof. Featuring a superb view of the water.

Theater de Meerse Boasting three halls and four exhibition areas, the brand new Theater De Meerse offers a diverse range of theatre productions, cabaret, music and dance shows.

14 ILSE Hoofddorp Need a new outfit? Ilse is the place to go. Why? Read the full interview featuring this enthusiastic woman on page 18. 15 Lieveling The hot favourite. Our darling... Soon to be you favourite too? Without a doubt. With a view across Toolenburgerplas, you will experience the ultimate in culinary pampering. 16 Long Island Relax out on the terrace and enjoy. At Long Island, on the banks of Toolenburgerplas, even an ordinary day feels like a holiday. And at just a stone’s throw away from Tudorpark. Read more on page 14.


Wurpel Florists Bring outside inside with a beautiful bouquet created by the florists of Wurpel Bloembinders. For 35 years, the florist of the Hoofddorp region.


your skills at Jumpskillz. The perfect place for a kid’s party on a Wednesday afternoon. Pizza and Wine Pizza and Wine, what more could you wish for? Woodstone Hoofddorp presents authentic Italian cuisine.


24 Bruut Sneakers Attention to sneaker fans. For the most amazing, latest sneakers you have to check-in at Bruut’s on the Concourslaan.

27 Cinemeerse: cinema and more In the heart of Hoofddorp, you’ll find the Cinemeerse cinema with eight halls and 1,100 seats. Hoofddorp is also great for dining out, enjoying snacks & drinks or an evening on the dancefloor.

29 Leuk & Landelijk New house, new interior. At least in part, perhaps. Build up inspiration and be tempted by the flea market at Leuk & Landelijk. 30 CECIL Affordable and fun! At CECIL’s, you’re sure to succeed in a new outfit. For leisure or partying, you name it. There’s an extensive range at your fingertips.

19 Barista Café Fresh juices, great coffee and delicious sandwiches. Homemade of course. Enjoy a visit to Barista Café with its lovely outdoor terrace. 20 Bagels & Beans Of course, Hoofddorp also has a Bagels & Beans venue. Our favourite: Bagel tapas. Share and enjoy together.

26 Hollywok Also a wok fan? Go to Hollywok at Arnoldus Park. Always freshly prepared and all-in. You can also enjoy drinks here.

28 Plantage Buitenplaats Vogelenzang You can taste the real outdoors at Plantage Buitenplaats in Vogelenzang. What a special place. It’s all about eating local produce, enjoying, meeting and connecting.

17 Jumpskillz How high can you jump? Test

18 Jopen Church Hoofddorp The Jopen Church is all about conviviality. Visit for a good meal, grab a beer at the bar and leave the hustle and bustle of the working week behind you.

25 Prisca Kindermode Children’s clothing of the coolest brands. Head for Prisca Junior. Just that little bit different! This great shop is located on the Kruisweg.

Qunis Lijnden It’s breathtakingly beautiful at Qunis in Lijnden. Not only the interior, but the view across the water. And the food ... delicious!


32 33 34

Read more about hotspots; • Trattoria Buoni Amici (p28), • Papa's Beach House (p30), • Haarlemmermeersche Golfclub (p32), • Joseph en Josephines (p34).


Long Island; As if you're on holiday



Lunch, dinner, cocktails, parties, or a meeting perhaps? Long Island has it all. The restaurant on Toolenburgerplas has a great patio with a beautiful view of the lake. The ultimate holiday feeling just minutes from home. The loyal visitors and we are not the only ones who are enthusiastic about Long Island. Owner Bas Custers is too. “Long Island has been a huge success from the minute it opened in 2011. That's quite special really because the restaurant may be in a great location, but it is hidden from sight. You have to find Long Island. And once you do, you'll keep coming back because the lake is simply a great place to sit back and relax.”


It feels right Repeat customers know that many of the employees have been working here for years. Their enthusiasm is palpable. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Bas took over the restaurant over a year ago. He has a lot of ambitions and is always striving to improve things. Bas: “In all honesty, it took me a while to figure out the best way to take Long Island up a notch. We've now found the right formula and will be supporting it with a lovely magazine that contains our menu, dishes and nice articles.”

You can now dine at Long Island “Long Island didn't serve dinner when we took it over. We changed that. What's better than dining outside on a warm summer evening? We're not after Michelin stars; we just want to serve good food for a good price. Our varied menu has something for everyone. From a good steak and satay to something more exclusive like scallops and lamb filet.”

“We're not after Michelin stars. We want people to feel at home"

Feel at home “Long Island is a great place for lunch, too. Families, young couples, and business people all come for lunch. We also have rooms that can accommodate groups between 30 and 50 people. And we host meetings, too! It doesn't matter who our guests are, we want everyone to feel at home. And we make sure they do, by ensuring that everything is right. From friendly waiters to the right music, right temperature, nice interior and of course good food. The view is a given and it changes with the seasons.”

Restaurant Long Island IJweg 1270, 2133 MJ Hoofddorp 023 888 1868


A tour of TudorPark Recreation & facilities

The Toolenburg shopping centre is nearby and you can reach the centre of Hoofddorp in ten minutes. The modern shopping centre offers brand-new cultural amenities. You will also find several primary schools around Tudorpark, where your children can play, learn and grow up.


There are several primary schools in Toolenburg. The nearest is located five minutes away by bike in the centre of Toolenburg. Your children could also go to Hoofddorp for their secondary education. There are eight secondary schools and there is no draw in Hoofddorp. To do your daily shopping – and just that little bit more – you can cycle to the Toolenburg shopping centre. You will find supermarkets, a pharmacy, bottle store, fishmongers, restaurants and cafes, clothes shops and so much more. Are you the sporty type? Or do your kids enjoy playing sport? You’re in the right place. Try the Fanny Blankers Koen swimming pool or the King Willem-Alexander Sports Complex. There are loads of sports clubs to choose from. In Hoofddorp, you can also play hockey, tennis and football. And for golf enthusiasts, there’s the Haarlemmermeersche Golf Club. Read the interview with general manager Marko Sterkenburg on page 32-33 of this magazine. Always wanted to play guitar, take singing lessons or become a virtuoso piano player? Check out the 'Meer-music' music school to see if it’s something for you. Under the inspired leadership of owner Richard Kuijper, lessons are taught with great enthusiasm.


Clothes make the man. Today I discovered that they also make the woman. Especially if you go to ILSE Hoofddorp. A Valhalla for every woman that is worth nothing but the best. ILSE Hoofddorp is not just a clothes shop; here you will find clothes in the middle and upper segments. ILSE carries brands such as Drykorn, Closed, Ba&sh By Malene Birger, Dante 6, Set, Pinko and Zoe Karssen.




If you are worth nothing but the best, go to ILSE hoofddorp I arrive on Hoofdweg and spot the shop on my right. What an interesting place. I find a parking space in front of the shop. How convenient! A big smile welcomes me as I cross the threshold. 'Hey, good to see you. Welcome!' and that's exactly the way I feel: welcome. I never would have thought We're talking and drinking ginger tea at the bar next to the till. At some stage during the conversation, I understand that men like coming here, too. Yeah really!


This is because they can sit at the bar with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and chat. Ilse tells me how it started, how they work, and what her ambitions are. “We opened one and a half years ago and I never would have thought that we'd still be here today. We have a lot of regular customers and the number just keeps growing. People know how to find us despite the fact that we're not on the high street. In all honesty, social media, our customer-oriented attitude, and word-of-mouth have helped a lot.”

The best shops are just outside the city centre I ask Ilse why she chose this location for her shop. “I used to sell high-end clothes to shops. I travelled a lot and know a lot of nice shops. I noticed that the nicest shops were always just outside the city centre. When I decided to open a shop myself, I decided to do the same thing. I also wanted a shop with parking spaces in front of it. Everyone is so busy these days, so what's better than parking your car in front of the shop, shopping and leaving as quickly as possible?”

I look around me. The shop has a nice atmosphere. It has modern furniture and a wide range of clothes. Ilse: “We also want to offer something new to our weekly customers and you have to keep renewing and supplementing your assortment. And we don’t usually carry a garment in more than one size, so whatever you buy at ILSE is exclusive.”

Personal advice from head to toe In the meantime, Lesley has joined us. “Lesley works fulltime and I'm very happy about that. This enables us to give our customers the personal attention they deserve. The best compliment I can get is when someone says: ‘That's really nice! I never would have thought of that combination.’ That means that I've added value. What I also notice is that our customers buy ‘ILSE’ more than they buy a specific brand.”

Honest advice “We're always honest. If we don't think that a garment looks good on a customer, we advise her against it. Our customers deserve the best, and it wouldn’t be good advertising if they didn’t. We want women to shine because they're wearing clothes that flatter them, that they feel good in and that make them happy. Even people who don't have a standard clothing size can come to us and feel comfortable with us; we hear that a lot.”

Awards “Not too long ago we won an award: ‘The best customer experience award 2017’. It was presented to us during fashion week. I was flattered that I was nominated, but never in my dreams did I think that I'd win it. And there I stood, between all the famous shops. It was a great experience that I like looking back on!”

Sound tempting? If you're looking for something special for a party, or aren't sure about your style, or are looking to build a good basic wardrobe, or want to find that one pair of jeans that you'll never want to take off, come to ILSE Hoofddorp. ILSE Hoofddorp Hoofdweg 690, 2132 BT Hoofddorp 023 737 0078


In search of the modern Tudor home


Bas Liesker, Heren 5 Architects 'We started looking for a modern Tudor style over five years ago. After reading everything we could get our hands on about this 16th-century architecture style, we took the development and design team to England to look at the original buildings. Tudor blends natural originality with a

white accents give each building an individual character. The specially designed Tudor brick and a mix of English roof tiles bring the neighbourhood together to form an entity. This makes TudorPark a self-contained and unique piece of the Netherlands.'

tremendous wealth of traditional details to create a romantic whole. Our challenge consisted of combining these elements to create a modern Tudor-style home. It didn’t take much more than the first buyers' meeting to realize that we weren’t the only ones who had a weakness for Tudor. Together with the potential buyers, we followed a track that enabled us to mix their intuition and wishes with our knowledge. The enthusiasm and interaction between buyers, architects, landscape architects, developers and builders resulted in a mixture of traditional features and modern comfort. The terraced houses are designed to resemble a country house with a flowing roofline interrupted by authentic chimneys. The detached and semi-detached houses are inspired by the typical English village layout. Elements such as half-timbering, gorgeous brickwork, gates, bay windows and

municipality Haarlemmermeer The assignment that the municipality of Haarlemmermeer awarded urban designer Fred Kaaij was scoped as ‘encourage quality in the field of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and visual art by playing a role in the processes and talking about it in symposiums, publications and interviews’. Fred became an advisor to the welfare committee, is on quality control teams and supervises big projects such as TudorPark, where he monitors the quality of the construction and the aesthetics.

Fred Kaaij, City architect

'My first thought – on every project – is to make sure that our plans take the way people live and work into account. Do people look forward to coming home? Are the streets lively on a Sunday afternoon? Which factors make people like all the things we come up with? In short,

how do we draw up plans with a feel-good factor. This applies in particular to residential projects, but also to residential-commercial areas and green spaces. I'm also involved in the development of the public space in a broad sense, meaning the highway up to the neighbourhood square or the trees in the street¹ The 10 qualities of the architecture of TudorPark At the beginning of the development, a dedicated team of people who enjoyed working together and inspired each other was put in place to get the most out of the plan. The team created a 'must have list' of 10 qualities that reflect the modern Tudor style. This list, which was approved by the local council, is now a kind of manual that the architects follow. A proposal for TudorPark must contain at least 5 of the 10 elements, such as brick chimneys, halftimbering, gabled dormers, etc.

"The first buyers shared our love for the Tudor style”

Bas Liesker Heren 5 Architecten

The design of the neighbourhood: green, water and space The landscape will have an English character with lots of water and green spaces. This will be one of the characteristic features of TudorPark. There will be a green median between the streets in the neighbourhood and a wide stream will soon be meandering through the whole of TudorPark. Different types of trees will be planted in the residential streets, giving the neighbourhoods a romantic atmosphere. Hedges will make the transitions from private to public spaces as green as possible. Children will be able to play outdoors: playgrounds will be built throughout the neighbourhood. The many bridges will be another characteristic feature of TudorPark. The new neighbourhood will have five bridges for motorised traffic, seven bridges for bicycles, and one bridge for pedestrians. The design of these bridges was inspired by Tudor architecture. A separate identity TudorPark will be a residential area in which each house will have its own identity but all houses together will create an atmospheric unit at the same time. The urban design, the landscape, the public space and the architecture will all blend together seamlessly. As will the different houses. The romantic Tudor style will be clearly recognisable throughout the neighbourhood. Garden village blocks The blocks of detached houses will be very diverse and almost all of the houses will be unique. This will create a varied block of houses in which every house is clearly distinguishable. Windows The windows will be split into slender grids creating both symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes in the faรงades. Roof tiles The houses with sidegabled and front-gabled roofs and the flat buildings will be covered with a flat ceramic tile. Only one type of tile is used on a block.

Roofs All of the houses and flat blocks will have saddle roofs with a pitch of 50 degrees. The roof designs are varied: there will be side-gabled and front-gabled roofs, half-hip roofs and roofs with stepped gables. There will also be different ridges and pitches. All of the dormers will be Tudor style. Brickwork The brickwork will determine the face of TudorPark: it will be rich in colour and texture, and the colour and shape of all of the other materials will be based on it. A primary brick will be chosen for each block and only a small selection of bricks will be used for the whole project.

Private and public The transition between private and public spaces will be subtly indicated by hedges. Access to the houses Extra attention will be paid to the doors of the houses and the entrances to the flats. Each will have features specific to the Tudor style. Chimneys The brick chimneys will be positioned for visible effect, for example, on end walls, all the way to the ground, and will be covered with a clay chimney cap.

ยน Source: Nieuwbouw Nederland



Marloes Jaquet & Harry Schuit with their children Luca (6) & Fay (3)

...have a look inside 23

Just over a year ago, they worked on a film to promote the Buckingham Quarter in TudorPark. They have been here now for 18 months. Time to find out how they like it.

“We're really happy here� Marloes and Harry wanted more space and less noise. They briefly considered Badhoevedorp and Nieuw Vennep, but the Tudor-style new-build project stole their hearts. And so they moved from the centre of Hoofddorp to TudorPark.


“The atmosphere in the neighbourhood is great”

We really like that the playground is so close. So do Luca (6 years) and Fay (3 years); we don't have to worry about them.' Everyone walks to school 'The kids love it here. This is their home. They have friends in the neighbourhood, and the school and afterschool care are within walking distance. They also like the Toolenburger pond around the corner. There are a lot of young families here with little kids or with kids on the way. The fact that everyone seems to be in the same age group creates a bond.'

'We're really happy here. It's as if everyday is a holiday. The holiday feeling starts when you arrive on Bennebroekerweg. As you meander into the neighbourhood, you can already see the red bricks and the pretty street lights. As soon as you get over the bridge, you get this feeling of richness and spaciousness. The Tudor style is so special and beautiful.' A playground at your doorstep 'All of the houses were already sold when we found out about TudorPark. But we were lucky - a few sales fell through and we were able to choose the house we wanted: the townhouse with over 160 m² with a playground on our doorstep.

Good atmosphere 'The atmosphere in the neighbourhood is great. People look after each other, are considerate and socialise with each other. We liked that Dura Vermeer and Ymere organised a monthly viewing day. We all knew each other before we moved in. The people who already lived here welcomed us with open arms. It was the most normal thing that we go to the neighbourhood BBQ and the New Year's party. Expectations 'When we bought our house, we knew we'd enjoy living here. But we were still surprised. Positively. The standard of living and the pleasure we get out of living here totally exceed our expectations. And that's of course something we also have to thank our neighbours for. The people make the place, the architecture accentuates it!'


Touched by romance

A neighbourhood where no two houses are alike, featuring different elements specially designed for this area. This makes Tudorpark truly unique.


Chris and Fiona van der Neut with their children Anne (4) and Noah (2)

“In TudorPark no house is the same”

The Van der Neut family loves living here and has fallen for the soft architecture and romance of the place. Chris van der Neut: “We fell for the warmth, character, colours, brickwork and nice tiles. They were specially developed. We think it’s exceptional that no two houses are alike. This makes the neighbourhood highly dynamic. There are terraced houses, semi-

detached houses, apartments, social rentals and private sector dwellings. There’s something for everyone. What’s more, the neighbourhood satisfies all our needs: car close to home, garden, good facilities nearby and easy access to the motorways. And there are several playgrounds, which is ideal for the kids.”


Wholesome! Hospitable! Fresh...just like in italy! Six years ago there was a huge shortage of good restaurants in Hoofddorp. Charmaine and her family saw an opportunity and started Trattoria Buoni Amici. Best decision ever! With authentic Italian dishes and Italian hospitality, the restaurant quickly became a favourite destination. And it still is. The reviews on Iens and TripAdvisor are proof.


31 28

Owner Charmaine tells us how it all started. The passion with which she speaks of the restaurant and the food makes your mouth water. “We wanted an Italian restaurant, but without pizza. So our menu only has meat and fish specialities, and delicious pasta of course.”

The only thing un-Italian is the decoration “We did our best to create a friendly Italian atmosphere, as if you were sitting at "di mama's" table. Our clients aren't patrons, they are our guests. Casual and hospitable and more importantly fantastic food. We buy everything fresh from suppliers who import their products from Italy. Some things we even order from Italy ourselves. All our cooks are Italian. The only thing un-Italian is the decoration. A real trattoria doesn’t have a lot of decoration. Our walls are plastered with photographs of Italian movie stars, the wallpaper has pictures of Cinque Terre, the tables are set with linen and we have very comfortable upholstered chairs that you can sit back and relax in all evening if you want to.” We want people to enjoy their evening out “Of course you can have pasta and leave, but most people who come here want to wine and dine. Especially if they order Sorpresa dello chef, the four or five course surprise menu. We also have daily specials. Tagliatelle di filetto di manzo has been the most popular dish since we opened. We cook our beef fillet on a lava stone grill and cut it into pieces before serving it with rocket pesto and parmesan flakes. Absolutely delicious! Our newest dish, Linguine nero di seppia, is also very popular. The black linguine are served in a lobster and shrimp sauce. It's the perfect dish for a beautiful summer evening on our patio.

We have huge umbrellas, atmospheric lighting, and heaters so you can stay outside late into the night. Just like in bella Italia.” … and the wine enhances the taste “Over the years, we have broadened our knowledge of Italian wine and love sharing it with our guests, who are happy to hear which wines we think would go best with their meal.” Prefer pizza? Trattoria Buoni Amici is known in Hoofddorp as ‘the Italian with no pizza'. So what if you're craving pizza? As long as it's not Pizza Hawaii or Calzone with shawarma, we do have good news for you: the family has opened Pizzeria Amici. Near the cinema and the theatre. Charmaine: “This is where you would go for pizza after work, before a film or after the gym. We also recently introduced a number of traditional pasta dishes such as lasagne.” “It's nice to think that Pizzeria Amici is the product of our guests' curiosity. They kept wondering how we would make our pizza if we had any. Now they know. We use real Italian ingredients and cook it in a real Italian wood-fired oven.”

Trattoria Buoni Amici Concourslaan 3, 2132 DH Hoofddorp 023 - 555 69 23 Pizzeria Amici Kruisweg 9492132 CD Hoofddorp 023 - 204 9760

“Our clients aren't patrons, they're our guests” 29

Papa’s Beach House. You’re bound to know it. So we head for the woods of the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. The morning stress evaporates on opening the car doors. Birds chirp and we find ourselves surrounded by a sea of greenery. Through the trees we can already see Papa’s Beach House standing at the waterside.

“A drink on the terrace with your feet in the sand” HOTSPOT

32 30

We’re welcomed with cheerful laughter by Koen van Kaam, the manager. Or, in his own modest words: “Just part of the team, carrying final responsibility.” The entrance is impressive. Not only because it’s ultra-chic; but because of the inviting atmosphere it exudes.

Relax at Papa’s Beach House

Feels like home The interior boasts incredible attention for detail, the temperature is pleasant, the music is good and the view across the water is lovely. An inviting smell of wood permeates the air. It appears later that this is because the fireplace had been used outside the previous evening. Daydreaming on the deck We take a seat next to the window with a nice cup of coffee. There’s a terrace enclosed within glass panels, where you can enjoy the rays of spring sunshine and there’s also a terrace with sand. The beach has been teleported to Haarlemmermeer! “I do!” Koen speaks with passion about his team, the restaurant and all the options: “Next to the restaurant section, you’ll find Key West. You can hire this area. It’s used largely by companies and for weddings. As an official wedding location at the water’s edge, our facilities are booked around 60 times a year.” Understandably, who wouldn’t want to say “I do!” and celebrate in these romantic settings. It’s great that everything is located in one place and you don’t have to traipse around with your group. Absolutely no pressure Koen adds: “Total relaxation is the aim. We aim to give people a great afternoon or evening, when time is no longer of the essence. Away from the hustle & bustle – to clear their minds. That’s also why it’s standard

for us to serve a two-course menu. Hors d’oeuvres to share for starters and then a selection of five main courses to choose from. Our dishes are full-bodied, flavoursome and sustainable. The ingredients aren’t necessarily organic, but they reflect a preference for local produce and we only serve meat and fish from animals that have been treated properly. That’s extremely important!” Sundays are completely different “We welcome a different clientele on Sundays. People tend to ‘drop by’ for a cup of coffee, a tasty lunch or a quick meal. We cater specifically to their needs with our outdoor kitchen. Specially

prepared food can be ordered over and above the dishes on the menu. Our Spanish chef will be preparing mouth-watering paella for our guests in May. And this is how we come up with something different every month. We often have live music on Sundays as well. That’s always great fun!” See you soon If you too would like to feel the sand between your toes or enjoy a delicious meal in absolutely amazing settings… By car, Papa’s Beach House is only nine minutes away from Tudorpark. Papa's Beach House IJweg 961, 2131 LV Hoofddorp 023 - 564 2620


The Haarlemmermeersche Golf club as a second home

Did you know that golf is traditionally a popular sport in England and that the club is an extension of your house? At the club, you would meet friends, celebrate your 40th birthday, for example, or support each other at a wake. It's no different at the Haarlemmermeersche Golf club. It’s inviting, informal and has a love for traditions. HOTSPOT

33 32

Manager Marko Sterkenburg speaks passionately about the golf club, where both professional and recreational golf is played. “Our club is supported by the 1300 enthusiastic members. They have organized themselves into little groups and clubs that arrange all kinds of activities, from courses for kids and professional golfers to events. This dynamic mind-set energizes the club and keeps it growing. People feel at home here and recruit new members.”

We look after our new members “We can imagine that joining the club can be quite daunting for members who don’t have connections. So we look after them. Our registration process is not intended to check whether a new member fits in with the club but rather enables us to find out what we can offer based on our customers' individual wishes. We know which programmes the club offers and match them with new members. It’s an easy way for people to integrate and find their way around.” That’s special “Our club has a number of unique features. Part of the golf course is in the Defence line of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam), which is on Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites. We incorporated the bunkers—also known as casemates—into the golf course. But my pride and joy is the new par-3 fairway, which opens in September 2018. We flattened the old par-3 fairway entirely and replaced it with one that is longer and more challenging.

A unique feature is that you can play it in exactly 1.5 hours. With the LED lighting, the course can be played in the evening and on dark winter days. This is especially convenient for the professional players in our club who give lessons as well as for players who don't have time to play during the day.” Wine, dine and play “The Haarlemmermeersche Golf club has a restaurant, the Drie Gemalen, with a fantastic patio. Drinks within reach, an umbrella to protect you from the sun, and a beautiful view of the golf course. Sometimes the little things in life really are the ones that bring the most joy. We expect people to start playing after work once the new par-3 fairway opens. Eat some satay—with a few friends, perhaps— and then play a round of golf. It's the perfect end to a busy day.”

Haarlemmermeersche Golf club Spieringweg 745, 2142 ED Cruquius 023 - 558 9000


Joseph & Josephines



Just imagine, you’re living at Tudorpark (or will be soon) and you’re wondering what to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon. Where do you head off to? How about a sparkling cocktail or nice glass of wine at Josephines cocktails, wines and bites, followed by dinner at Bar Bistro Joseph? We chatted to the owner Marga Dekker, who didn’t mince her words explaining why this place is definitely worth a visit. “Jos Bolte and I opened Bar Bistro Joseph in 2008. Hoofddorp hadn’t yet begun to buzz and we saw an opportunity for change. And our instincts were right. The restaurant has been a success from the start. But let’s be honest, things don’t just happen by themselves. We’re always improving and innovating what we offer to spoil and surprise our guests.”


We aim to provide our visitors a great evening “We welcome business people, families, couples, young people and groups of friends from the Netherlands and abroad. Everyone feels at home and our attractive interior certainly helps. Our aim is to provide a welcoming feeling, with the perfect ambience, hospitality, good music and an appropriate menu for visitors to enjoy a great evening.”

A comprehensive experience “In 2013, the premises next to Bar Bistro Joseph were vacated.” The entrepreneurial duo seized this opportunity with both hands to establish a bar. Josephines cocktails, wines and bites appears to be the perfect supplement to the existing establishment. Marga: “Our guests can now have drinks before or after dinner. And that’s very often the case. The skilled cocktail shakers and friendly staff ensure that you leave all your

“Sparkling cocktails, a sunny terrace and seriously delicious food”

For the wine & little dine with fingerfood is Josephines the place to be.”

troubles behind. Josephines is the place to be for ‘wine and little dine’ with finger food.” From a luxurious dining experience to ‘grabbing a tasty snack’ Bar Bistro Joseph is a French restaurant with an Asian twist. The extensive menu offers a multitude of choice: from tournedos in truffle gravy and Black Angus to a Thai curry with shrimps or a good hamburger. From a luxurious dining experience to ‘grabbing a tasty snack’. Marga: “We are keenly focused on offering the right price/quality ratio and sufficient variety. It must be possible and unforgettable for everyone to eat here. Our chef offers a new threecourse menu every week. In the

near future, we will also be offering a three-course special. Guests who choose this option will get the second three-course menu on the house.” Winter blues “We have live background music from 5 to 8 pm on Sundays from October to April. This provides the perfect ambiance for the darker months of the year. The programme often boasts conservatory students. We also have bands from time to time and organise special ‘Amsterdam’ evenings. Out front at ‘Josephines cocktails, wines and bites’ we have nice wooden tables on wine barrels. With the overhead heaters, this is a favoured location. Guests meet one another here and new friendships are forged.”

Summer vibes Joseph and Josephines have so much to offer during summer as well. The sparkling cocktail menu at Josephines caters to the heat, with sensual tints, and it’s perfect to sit or stand out front. The restaurant conservatory can open completely so you get to enjoy the sunshine at the end of the afternoon.

Bar Bistro Joseph Hoofdweg 728-A, 2132 BV Hoofddorp 023 - 563 9389 Josephines cocktails, wines & bites Tuinweg 3, 2132 DN Hoofddorp 023 - 563 9389



PARTY Culture and entertainment

People love to party in Hoofddorp. This is clear from the wide range of festivals and events that take place every year. check out:


FESTIVALS for young and old(er)

Mysteryland, Foodtruck Festival Rrrollend Hoofddorp, Meerlive, Beach Festival, Haarlemmermeer, Meerjazz, Peuter Festival, Hoppig Hoofddorp, Groene Loper Festival and Sportfair Haarlemmermeer at the Toolenburgerplas. An impressive list, don’t you think? And the nice thing is that the range is so varied it really does offer something for everyone. The festivals all have one thing in common though; they’re always nearby, so you can get there – and back home – by bike and without getting snared in traffic. Then there’s the Poetry Week, of a slightly different calibre but just as much fun. Are you a budding poet? Poetry Week is held annually at the end of January. You will be challenged throughout the week to post your work on Facebook. The week closes with a poetry evening.


Drinks, snacks, good music and the company of good friends. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is the backdrop for Haarlemmermeer Culinary. Genuine relaxation together. A threeday event and within easy cycling distance of Tudorpark as well.

In September 2017, the first edition of the Gravende Zwaan theatre festival took place on the Kleine Vennep estate in Nieuw Vennep. It was such a success that another will be held. The first festival was dedicated to ‘land’ and ‘landscape’. The theme for 2018 will be ‘water’, followed by ‘air’ in 2019. This really is a real festival for the whole family!

If you’re young and creative, and enjoy dance, singing, theatre and art, then Pier K is the place for you. During the school holidays, they organise the Children’s Art Days. The theme changes each time round, but it’s always fun. Check out the website.

Don’t miss the Bevrijdingspop liberation festival if you live at Tudorpark. You’ll get there in no time, celebrating from the afternoon till late at night. As many as 130,000 people visit the event each year.



Do you have a challenging and busy schedule? Do you like team sports? But do you find it difficult to set aside time each week on the same days, making it more likely for you to end up on the couch with your good friend Netflix? Problem solved‌ The Bootcamp Club has come up with a brilliant formula. You simply subscribe and then decide which boot camps you want to join. The handy app enables you to register and if for some reason you cannot attend, you can easily unsubscribe two hours in advance. No obligations, just fun. After all, it should be clear that boot camps are fun.


Feel like a child again This sport combines a number of attractive elements. First, you’re outside and not in a stale gym. Second, you get expert supervision and join a group with other enthusiasts. And last, but not least: the exercises are challenging and playful, which makes you feel like a child again, while training hard to improve your physique.

Sports at Toolenburgerplas Johan de Kock runs boot camp training programmes in Hoofddorp. You’ll find him in the vicinity of Toolenburgerplas on Saturday mornings. “The perfect boot camp location,” he says enthusiastically. “I think it’s very nice here and it’s great for training that the area is so varied. This makes it possible for us to offer different training programmes every week. We run through water, crawl across sand, and use the hills in the area and the sports equipment around the lake. I also like the fact the recreation area is so well maintained. New sand has just been dumped, the shell path has been topped up and the wooden benches have been replaced with stone ones.”

I won’t be the first to quit The nice thing about boot camps is that you can do the sport at your own level. If you can’t manage or if it’s too heavy, you stop or take it easy. Johan: “I do see that people push their limits and become better for it. If your buddy does 10 repetitions, you don’t want to be left behind. There’s a very open and pleasant atmosphere within the groups. Everyone helps and motivates one another. I see to it that the exercises are done properly, in order to prevent injuries and nonetheless push the limits.” Something for you? There are all kinds of different boot camp training programmes. Johan talks about the Low Intensity Bootcamp (for beginners), Medium

Lots of choice Intensity Bootcamp, Low Power Bootcamp, Medium Obstacle Bootcamp, Low Kickbox Bootcamp and Medium Kickbox Bootcamp. It all sounds really exciting and different.

“People are pushing their boundries, and feeling better about themselves”

Want to join in? Check the website: hoofddorp





“I've made my dreams come true in both my career, and private life” Serdar Gözübüyük has been living in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer for 13 years. First as a young adult, now with his family. If there's one thing he's sure about, it's that he never wants to leave. Serdar is a man with dreams. Well, actually, he's a man who makes dreams come true. He knew already as a boy that he wanted to be a professional referee, so he focused on that and quickly reached his goal. He became the youngest referee to whistle international competitions for the UEFA Europa League and in 2012 and 2016 he was awarded ´The Golden Card’, the highest award a referee can earn in the Eredivisie. It's the perfect location for my job Serdar talks passionately about his job and it quickly becomes clear why he is so happy living in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. ‘It's like the most central place in the Netherlands, which is super convenient for my job. In about 30 minutes I'm at the ADO, AZ and AJAX stadiums, and Schiphol's just around the corner. Fellow referees have to travel up to two hours to get to the airport. I leave the house 1.5 hours before my flight is scheduled to take off. Living here is almost like living out in the countryside, but with the benefit that nothing is really far away.' More house for your money 'Another reason we don't want to move is because a lot of our friends and acquaintances live around here. A lot of my friends from Amsterdam are also moving out here. They want the openness and

a big house without having to pay Amsterdam prices. And that's what you get here. You get a lot more house for your money compared with other cities. That was true for us, too. We love this place and enjoy every day that we're here!' Investing in a beautiful future 'The municipality of Haarlemmermeer invested a lot to make Hoofddorp attractive. I think they did a good job, too. New businesses and restaurants are popping up all over the place, and we're happy they're here. It's nice to be able to run out for a cup of coffee or go into town for a nice meal.' And there's sport! 'It's also a great place in terms of sport, which is of course, is really appealing to me. I was very honoured to open the Koning Willem Alexander Sports Complex in Hoofddorp with our King.

You can swim here, workout and do all kinds of other sports. It's a great asset for Hoofddorp. I love doing sport outside like in the forest or around Toolenburgerplas.' Spread the word and inspire 'I made my dreams come true both in terms of my job and my private life. And living in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer certainly helped. You can read about my story on Sport-Connecting-Us. I also visit schools to talk to the kids about how I realised my dreams the attitude you have to have to achieve your goals and be successful. This is my way of inspiring kids to make something of their life and to contribute to this municipality and to society as a whole.'


Hoofddorp isn’t that new For many, Hoofddorp has the image of a new city. But did you know that Hoofddorp has been around since 1853? Back then, it was called Kruisdorp (Crossing Village). But because there was already a village of that name in Zeeland, it became Hoofddorp in 1868. The number of inhabitants now totals 75,000 and the village has grown into a city, the capital of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

Let’s head off to Zandvoort by the sea! From Tudorpark, it’s a 30-minute drive to Zandvoort on a beautiful day. Less time? You practically live on the banks of Toolenburgerplas, within a few minutes’ walk or cycle!

Defence Line of Amsterdam Various forts can be found around Amsterdam in the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Hoofddorp is home to three. You can see bunkers from this line of defence on the golf course at the Haarlemmermeersche Golf Club.

Celebrations in your backyard Haarlemmermeer is also the place to be for great festivals. Take Mysteryland and Wooferland. And have you ever been to the Sportfair Haarlemmermeer at Toolenburgerplas? A huge success for seven years in a row.


Hoofddorp has 75,000 inhabitants. Around a fifth live in Toolenburg.

Toolenburg East has: 8.370 inhabitants

Who's living in the neighborhood? 4.125 men & 4.245 women

6.530 inhabitants 3.180 men & 3.350 women live in Toolenburg West

Why does new construction feel more spacious? Buying a newly built house is smart and fun. As a buyer, you have more control over the layout and design of your new house. But did you know that a new-build house also feels more spacious than a house from the 1980s or 1990s? The latest building decree states that the free height between the floors must be at least 2.6 metres. It used to be 2.4 metres. Just 20 centimetres more, but it really makes a huge difference.

So much to offer! In Hoofddorp there are 8 secondary schools and 32 primary schools. Of the primary schools, 11 are public, 9 Protestant, 7 Catholic and 5 for special education.

A higher mortgage for an energy efficient house Bigger mortgages for energy efficient houses Did you know that you can get a higher mortgage if you buy an energy efficient house? At first this only related to zero-onthe-meter houses, but all newly built houses with energy label A are eligible for extra mortgage space. In many cases, there is even an additional sustainability discount.


Tudorpark is ideally located for Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden and the coast. Excellent connections mean you can get around quickly, using private or public transport. Zandvoort is even within cycling distance! Leave the driveway and head via Bennebroekerweg onto the A4 motorway. Schiphol is 10 minutes away and 10 minutes more takes you to the Zuidas (South Axis) in Amsterdam.

Photo: Joop van Houdt, Rijkswaterstaat

And you can reach Leiden (the best shopping experience in the Netherlands) or Zandvoort within half an hour. Even if you travel by public transport, you’re well located at Tudorpark. The Zuidtangent bus route quickly takes you from your neighbourhood to Schiphol, Haarlem, Amsterdam-Zuid and/or the Hoofddorp train station.


Imagine, it’s a beautiful summer day. You could cycle to Zandvoort aan Zee. There’s a beautiful route that takes you to the coast in an hour. That’s your weekend workout in the bag.

Photo: Tineke Dijkstra, Rijkswaterstaat


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The huge variety in the type, size and character of the houses enables TudorPark to offer something for everyone. The distinctive English Tudor style makes this neighbourhood special: there are steep roofs with flat tiles; rich trimmings; alternating, staggered façades; designer chimneys, and decorative brickwork. This characteristic architecture is also reflected in the surrounding landscape: bendy roads, meandering green paths, and asymmetrical water features. Whether you're looking for a semi-detached, detached or terraced house or a flat, you’re bound to find something you like.

For information about this new-build project and the current offer, see:

TudorPark magazine #1 | English version  
TudorPark magazine #1 | English version