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The Adventures of Sydney and Sadie

Hello! I'm Sydney and this is my sister Sadie. We live in Potsdam, N.Y. on Pig Street. We are going on a trip in a hot air balloon to some of our favorite places that we have always wanted to go. Would you like to go on some adventures with us and help us along the way? Excellent lets go!


We are floating high in the air into the clouds and on our way from Potsdam to Florida. There are so many pretty clouds. Do you see the clouds shaped like polygons? What kinds of polygons do you see and how many are there?

How do you know what kinds of polygons these are? The temperature in Florida is 88 degrees. We should wear our shorts and a tee shirt.



We want to run and play. We want to play at the largest place with the most rides, like we see in the books we read. “Let's go to Walt Disney World Resort, but its in Florida,” says Sadie. “That’s okay,” says Sydney. We will fly there. “Let's go!” Did you know Disney World has 20,000 acres and has the largest theme park in the world?


For more than 8 decades, Walt Disney has been providing family entertainment. Walt Disney started cartoon ideas in 1920.

There are cartoon characters here like Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Cinderella.


There is 20,000 acres of land is that greater than or less than 1283.53?

If Sadie buys a stuffed animal for $10.25 and Sydney buys a tee shirt for $7.36, is Sadie's total amount greater than, less than or equal to Sydney's total amount? 5


We are getting hungry! It is lunchtime, lets go to McDonald's. The largest McDonald's is in Orlando, Florida. “I think I am hungry for a cheeseburger happy meal,” says Sadie. “I want a chicken nugget happy meal,” says Sydney. Sydney and Sadie both buy a happy meal that cost $4.00 each. Is the total amount greater than or equal to $8.00? 6

We are going to Ohio next. It is 55 degrees there we need to change into our pants and a long sleeve shirt.


To The Columbus Zoo

Our first adventure is traveling to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. It is the biggest zoo in the United States. There are over 7,000 animals in this zoo, which opened in 1927. It has 588 acres and a 100,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.


The zoo workers need help feeding the fish. Can you help? We need to feed them the food that has a polygon shape on the bag. Which food has polygon a polygon?

Bag 1

Bag 2


Bag 3

It will take us 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach the candy store because it is 209 miles from Columbus Zoo to Daffin’s Candy Store.

Sadie cannot wait to eat the chocolate Cinderella suckers and Sydney cannot wait to eat the chocolate chimp suckers. If Sadie eats 2 suckers and buys 2 more how many Cinderella suckers does she have in all, and is it greater than, less tan or equal to the 2 suckers that Sydney bought?



Daffin's has the most chocolate we have ever seen! They started making candy in 1903 in Woodsfield, Ohio. We can even watch how the candy is made then we can eat it! Well we have to buy it first, and then we can eat it.


Daffin's has had 100 years of experience in making candy,and has three generations of candy making. Wow!

If Sydney buys 3 chocolate apples for her teacher and Sadie buys 2 chocolate apples for her teacher who has a greater amount of apples?

Sydney’s apples

Sadie’s apples 12

TOYS R US Our last stop on our adventure is to the toy store. This is not just any toy store, it is the biggest one in the U.S. They have a Barbie Doll house, a Jurassic Park hunt, and a 60 foot indoor ferris wheel. This is the only store out of the 845 Toys R Us stores that have these fun play areas.

There are a total of 70,000 employees that work at all the Toys R Us stores.


If Sadie finds 4 Barbie’s that she likes and Sydney finds 4 toy hamsters that she like are the girls amount of toys equal?

Sadie’s Barbie Choices

Sydney’s hamster choices


Home Sweet Home

We are home on Pig Street in Potsdam, NY. It took us 7 hours to get here, we flew 345 miles in the hot air balloon. We are snug in our beds. It was a great day, but we sure are tired. So thank you for all your help during our adventures. Goodnight, sleep tight.

Don’t let those bedbugs bite! 15

Answer Key: Pg. 1 Question. What are these shapes? 1. diamond 2. rectangle 3. triangle 4. circle 5. square

Pg. 2 Question. How do you know what these shapes are? 1. A diamond is made of two triangles. 2. A rectangle is a long square because you can fit a square unit inside of it. 3. A triangle is a square or a rectangle if you add another triangle to it. 4. A trapezoid is a rectangle is you. 5. A square is a because it has four right angles.

Pg. 3 Question. What pellet food shape is it? A.A ( ) triangle.

Pg.4 Question. What are the yellow shapes? A. Squares Question. How many yellow shapes are there? Answer. 26 Squares Question. Can a pair of triangles fit into these yellow squares? A. Yes

Pg.5 Question. What are the shapes of these candies? A. Circles, rectangles, square Question. How many different shapes are there when you look at the candy pieces? Answer. = 3 different shapes Question. How many total shapes are there when you look at the candy? =3 =2 =3 =2 =2 Total 12 Pg.6 Question. How many shapes is the Disney Castle made of? Answer. 4 different shapes

Question. What if you divided the total shapes by 4 what will your answer be? Answer. 4 4=1

Pg. 7 Question. What are the shapes you can spot out on this ferris wheel? Answer. On the points of the star 3 dimensional spokes off the star “R� sign that the seats are connected to

Question. What if you multiplied your total number of shapes you found on the ferris wheel by What will your answer be? - 3 different shapes found - 3 is your total -3x3 = 9

Pg. 8 Question. How many circle bed bugs do you see? Answer. 5 = Question. What shapes is our house made of?

Michele Gemmill Block/Assignment Due: 10/13/2010 Objective: To create an integrated math and social studies children's story that is aligned with New York State Standards and Core Curriculum. Introductory Page: 6. Social Studies A. My children's book is about the travels of two young girls to see and do their favorite things. The book is most appropriate for grades four and five. According to the content and/or content understanding from the Social Studies Core Curriculum the story is based on geography and the world in spatial terms environment or society standard #3. This story is appropriate for this grade because the book is written about the geographical area's of places that have the largest quantity of what they sell, which is also in return the best quality. B. One Social Studies concept is Geography: The world in Spatial Terms, environment and society, stand #3. 6. Math A. My children's book is about the travels of two young girls who see and do their favorite things. The book is most appropriate for grades four and five. According to the performance indicators from the math core curriculum this book is considered to be centered for geometry. B. Two math strand is Geometry and Algebra. The standards, are that students will identify and justify genetic relationships, formally, and informally, and students will recognize, use, and represent algebraically patterns, relations and functions.

3) Works Cited A. #1-Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio/ B. Columbus Zoo and Aquanum-History/ C. Toys R US Inc./ D. Map Quest/ E. Walt Disney World Resort, FL/ F. Walt Disney Resort, FL/ G. Downtown Books Inc. 2010/Nickelodeon. Dora the Explorer The performance indicators are: Identify pairs of similar triangles and describe, extend and make generalizations about numeric (+,-,x,-) and geometric patterns.

Http:// -pictures from chocolate kingdom air balloon.jpg -hot air balloon picture -pictures of Daffin's Chocolate Store -picture of World's Largest Mcdonald's -picture from Disney World

-picture of ferris wheel from largest toy store-Toys “R” Us Ferris Wheel – the iconic Toys “R” Us Times Square 60-foot indoor Ferris Wheel has 14 individually themed cabs so guests can ride along with their favorite toys and entertainment characters. Http:// axaexhibit/truspiderman.jpg -picture of Spiderman from Toys “R” Us

The Adventures of Sydney and Sadie  

Follow Sydney and Sadie on their travels in a hot air balloon. Learn about the places they visit and the math they use.

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