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Adventures of Winnie and Alex

By: Michelle Amann

Alex is a seven year old boy who has a huge imagination. Right before going to bed one night he was watching the travel channel on the television with his parents, and his little sister, Winnie. Alex ended up falling asleep while watching television, and dreamt a wonderful dream. “Winnie, Winnie! Are you ready?!??” yelled Alex, who is super excited to go on a spectacular adventure. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” responded Winnie, as she is running out the door and almost tripped and fell on the steps. “Oh Winnie, what is taking you so long? We were supposed to be on the road to the Cherry Blossom Festival, 15 minutes ago, and now we’re going to miss the start of the parade, and you know the parade is my favorite part!” Alex and Winnie plan on visiting 4 different countries and their capitals, so they can see different customs of different countries! They are starting their journey right in their hometown of Washington, DC, which is the capital of the United States of America! In May there is a festival every year called the Cherry Blossom Festival, where over 100,000 people from all over the world come, and participate in different events that are going on. “I know Alex, and I’m coming. I had to finish packing for our trip. As soon as the parade gets done we’re leaving, remember? I wanted to double check that we have everything, especially our journal!” stated Winnie in a stern voice. Alex and Winnie plan on writing in a journal for every place they visit. They plan on putting the place where they are visiting along with what they did there, and different things they tried that aren’t common in the United States. Even though Alex and Winnie live right in Washington, DC they will still write this place down in their journal because it is technically the first stop of their trip, since they are leaving right after the festival. The Cherry Blossom Festival has over 3,750 cherry trees, of 11 different varieties. Most of the trees are located in three different park areas, and along the Washington Monument. One of the areas, Tidal Basin, has the two original cherry trees located in it. The First Lady and the wife of the Japanese Ambassador were the two who planted these! These two cherry trees were part of the 3,000 trees that the Japanese sent to the United States in 1912 as a symbol of friendship. At the festival there were many different things that Alex and Winnie participated in. The first thing they did was watch the parade, since its Alex’s favorite part. While at the parade they saw over 100 different floats. Kermit the Frog and Elmo were both part of the float. Alex and Winnie were both very excited to see these characters. In between the different floats there were also musical events going on in the parade, no wonder why it is Alex’s favorite part.

“Woah Alex, this parade is really interesting! I like all the variety of entertainment that was involved in the parade, and did you see all the candy they were passing out? It was a great idea to make it here in time for this!” Winnie said excitedly. “I told you it was my favorite part for a reason. Can we get something to eat now, I’m pretty hungry!” said Alex as he was looking down at his stomach. Alex and Winnie set off to find something to eat before catching their plane to the next destination. The plane takes off at 2:45 pm and it is now noon. How much time do they have to eat and get to the airport before their flight takes off? While walking through the Cherry Blossom Festival they start to smell a very sweet smell, something they have never smelled before. “Yum, do you smell that Alex? That smells so delicious I think that we should try some of that! We only have 2 hours and 45 minutes before our plane takes off, and we still have to get to the airport, so we better be quick!” Winnie said as she was waving Alex down to go to that gazebo. Once they entered the gazebo, they found out that the delicious smell they were smelling was some cherry pie! Both Alex and Winnie love cherry pie, so it was a great idea to stop here. They went in and ordered one whole cherry pie. Although there are only two of them they thought they would be able to eat the whole thing because they were both so hungry! They ordered the pie, and when it was brought out to them they realized that it was cut into 6 pieces, that were all the same size! Alex and Winnie each ate 2 pieces each of the pie, and before they knew it, both of them were stuffed right up and ready to go. If the pie was cut into 6 equal sized pieces an they each ate 2 pieces, what fraction of the pie do they have left? “Winnie! Can you believe we only have 2/6 of the pie left?! We ate that all up, I guess we were super hungry. Let’s get going to the airport!” “We can look at it this way too Alex. If we have 2/6 of the pie left, that also means we have 1/3 of the pie left! Of course that would mean we would have larger pieces!” said Winnie Alex and Winnie called a cab and headed over to the airport. They got there just in time. As they were walking to their terminal the plane was just getting loaded! The plane ride was long and tiring. They were both thankful for the movies that they played during the ride. Winnie took a nap, while Alex played some games. Alex loves keeping his mind busy with different types of games. Once they landed and arrived at the terminal, they found out something very interesting. The place they were going was the capital of the country they were now in. While walking out of the terminal and into the new airport they realized that people were no longer speaking English as the main language!

“Hola, Señor and Señorita !” said a guy at the airport’s entrance “Hola?” thought both Winnie and Alex. Then they realized where they were, Mexico. Mexico is the country that is right below the United States. Since they heard while on the airplane that they were landing in this countries capital, they realized where they were, Mexico City! They arrived in Mexico City at 9:45 PM, and they realize that it is late, and they should call their parents to let them know they landed safely. What they didn’t realize is that there is a time difference between Mexico City and Washington DC. This time difference is an hour early. So what time was it when they went to call their parents? “Hello? Who is there?” said their mom “Mom, it’s just us, Alex and Winnie. I was just calling to let you know that Winnie and I landed safely at our first destination, Mexico City, Mexico!” Alex was so excited that he didn’t realize that he was actually yelling into the phone. “Alex, sweetie, you don’t have to yell into the phone I can hear you perfectly fine, but it is late here and I was sleeping. Did you not realize that there is a time difference? It isn’t as early here as you thought! It is actually 10:45 PM!” said Alex’s mom in a very sleepy tone. “Oh mom, I’m sorry! I did not know that, but that is an interesting fact. So does that mean that in different countries there are different time zones?” asked Alex. “Well Alex, that is something that you should try and see on your trip then when you get home you let me know. It will be interesting to see if you see a difference or not. But now it is time for bed. You and Winnie be safe!” their mom said right before hanging up the phone. Since it was getting so late, Alex and Winnie decided they should sleep so they could be well rested to travel through the city all day tomorrow. When he was getting out his pajamas he saw something his mom must have put in his bag. It was a list of the rest of the places Winnie and he will be visiting along with an activity for each place. So Alex hurried up and looked for the piece of paper labeled “Mexico City.” On this sheet of paper was a list of different activities. “Winnie, look!” Screamed Alex “Mom packed a list of the rest of the places we’ll be visiting, along with various activities we can do at each stop!” “Really?” said Winnie “Yeah! Here I’ll read you the list of things we can do while we are here: visit the National Palace, Museum of Modern Art, and the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco, just to name a few things. I think that these all sound pretty interesting but we can only do 1 out of the 3, since we

are so short on time. For now I think we should go to bed though” said Alex. Then in the background all he could hear was the faint noise of Winnie sleeping. He decided he should probably go to sleep as well. They both awoke in the morning feeling very refreshed and ready to go. After getting ready for the day they both decided that they would go and visit the Gardens of Xochimilco. Their bus that was taking them to the garden was leaving at 11:00 AM and it was 9:45 AM. While they were having a conversation over breakfast they are curious about how much time they have until the bus will leave. While talking it out they found out that if they subtract 9:45 from 11:00 they will know how much time they have. “Oh I got it! I know how much time we have left! 1 hour and 15 minutes! We have 1 hour and 15 minutes to eat breakfast and go get the bus!” said Winnie, happy that she found out how much time they had. During breakfast they had Chocolate Mexican as there drink. They found that it was very similar to what they both drink at home, Hot Chocolate, except it had more chocolate in it! Chocolate Mexican is such a favored drink in Mexico because the chocolate bean actually originated from there. Over 3,000 years ago the Mayans and the Aztecs started harvesting the Coca beans, and made the first drink from chocolate called xocoatl, “bitter water.” Both the Mayans and the Aztecs used the cocoa beans during religious ceremonies, and as a source of currency. At breakfast they had traditional Mexican breakfast foods, including Huevos Rancheros, and Jalapeno Corn Cakes. By the time they finished breakfast they only had 17 minutes to get to the bus stop. What time would this be? “Alex! We took too long eating breakfast… it is 10:43, and we still have to go back to the room to get our stuff and find the bus stop. We better hurry up or we are going to miss our ride!!” said Winnie as she is running back to the room. They were able to catch the bus right before it left. It was a long hot bus ride. The windows in the bus had to be rolled down so they could get some fresh air. While looking out of the window on the bus they saw chickens wandering along the side of the road. At home the only place they saw chickens were at farms. They thought this was pretty cool. After about an hour’s bus ride they finally arrived at Gardens of Xochimilco. When they arrived they saw that there were little canals, with colorful boats riding along them, with a ton of wildlife. Before they even got off the bus they could see all of the wildlife like ducks and herons, and could hear different musicians playing. “I’m so glad we decided to come here! It’s like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington! All the music, and food… oh yum! I would really love to take one of those boat rides down the canal. I think that would be so cool! We have to take a ton of pictures as well.

Mom wanted a ton of pictures!!” said Alex very excitedly, he almost couldn’t say it all in one breath! “Oh Alex, we will make sure that we can do all of these things, but remember our next flight to the new destination takes off in the morning, and we need our rest. In the mean time, what should we do first? I think we should go on a boat ride and see what’s down the canal a bit! Then when we get back from the boat ride we will be able to check out all the entertainment that is going on here.” stated Winnie. As they were going to get their tickets for the boat ride they decided that they would take the 30 minute canal ride so they would have more time to do the other various activities. On the canal ride they could see all the different Chinampa’s in the water, also known as floating gardens. These floating gardens were absolutely beautiful, that had different vegetation growing on them. Some types of vegetation that Alex and Winnie saw growing on the floating gardens were beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and they also notices all the tropical flowers that were growing on them. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had farms like this at home? If we could just ride on a river and see them all?” said Winnie, trying to picture in her mind what the farmlands at home would be like if they were on these floating gardens. “Yeah, that would be pretty cool. It would also be cool if we could take these boats to school every morning rather than the bus! I think I’d love to live on something like this!” stated Alex. The guide was then pointing out that the 30 minute ride was almost finished, and telling all of the tourists on the boat some things that they can do once they get back to mainland. “We have a ton of different entertainment going on today boys and girls. Check out the live entertainment, along with looking at all the different souvenirs! Make sure you get something good to bring home to your family!” the tour guide said, in an accent that was quite difficult to understand! Right when the boat arrived back onto the mainland, Winnie and Alex decided they should call their parents before doing anything else. After they called their parents they planned on walking around Xochimilco, to see what else was going on before the trip back to Mexico City. “Let’s go call mom and dad again! It won’t be late this time, because it is only 1:30, so at home that means it’s going to be. Wait, what did mom say the time difference was again?” asked Winnie very confused.

“1 hour! That means at home the time is 2:30, so let’s give them a call! Since I called them last night, you should call them today, I’m sure they would love to hear you!” “Mom? Mom! Hi! It’s Winnie, I just wanted to let you know that Alex and I are safe! We just got done touring the Gardens of Xochimilco, which was so cool! It was similar to the festival at home, with all the live entertainment and food. We went on a boat ride down a canal and saw floating gardens with real vegetation on them!” Winnie told her mom “Oh, honey! I’m glad that you and Alex are having such a great time in Mexico. Did you know that the floating gardens have been around since 500 years ago? Back then the floating gardens were there to feed the population of Tenochtitlan, which had over 235,000 people! That’s how important they were and still are to Mexico’s history!” their mother told them. “Wow, that’s really interesting that these little floating gardens are so important to the whole country of Mexico! I’m glad that we were able to witness this for ourselves. We’re going to go check out the rest of Xochimilco before we have to leave though! Our next plane takes off at 7:15 tomorrow morning, and we’re going to China! We will call you when we arrive there!” Said Winnie, excited to go check out the rest of Xochimilco. After hanging up the phone with their parents, Alex and Winnie walked around looking at all the entertainment there was available. They listened to various musical acts, and they bought their family some t-shirts to show the place they went while they were in Mexico City! They took a ton of pictures of different tropical plants, including flowers and trees, and when the bus was ready to leave at 5 they were there waiting for it. After they got back from the garden, they both ate dinner, packed up their things, and went to bed early since they had such an early flight the next morning. Since the flight was leaving at 7:15 AM Mexico time, they had to be up and ready by 4:30 AM. When the alarm went off at 5:00 neither one of them wanted to get up, then kept tossing and turning until they realized that if they did not get up and get moving they may end up missing their flight. And that wouldn’t be good! So they got up and got ready and headed to the airport. It was still dark out and they could hear the crickets still chirping. Once they arrived at the airport they noticed that their flight was 14 hours long, they wouldn’t land in Beijing, China until the very next day. They realized that they finally had plenty of time to catch up on much needed sleep, since last night they weren’t able to sleep very long. The plane they were riding on was a triple decker. It was huge, the biggest planes that either one of them had ever seen! They both had big seats where they could lounge back almost into a bed, and the flight attendant was nice and brought each of them a pillow and a blanket. For the first few hours of the trip they slept away, and then they were up playing games and watching movies that were playing on the big screen in the front of the plane. They never thought that the plane ride

would end. When finally the flight attendant said they would be landing in Beijing in roughly 45 minutes. “45 minutes! That’s it! Finally, this has been the longest plane ride ever!” Winnie said gratefully Looking out the window they could see the huge city of Beijing, with all the tall sky scrapers, and the city lights beaming. It was roughly 10:15 in the morning when they landed, and the city streets were already so crowded. They could see people out the airport windows heading to work and lots of city traffic going in different directions. All the signs were written in symbols, that neither one of them could read, but thankfully since Beijing is such a tourist attraction there was also a lot of English written on the signs. The airport was so crowded when they landed that it seemed like forever before they could get their luggage and go to a place where they could get washed up. Getting a taxi in a big city like this wasn’t as easy as they originally had thought. When they would finally get one, someone else would jump in it and steal it! After trying for about an hour they finally found a taxi. “Look at that, Alex! All these people everywhere, and look at all the shops! We’re going to have to stop here either before or after we go to Summer Palace!” said Winnie “Summer Palace? Is that where we decided we would go? What about the Great Wall? I think that they are both great places, but the Great Wall has so much history behind it!” “So does Summer Palace. Just wait and see, next to Summer Palace there is a great big lake. It’s one of the best places to visit in Beijing. It’s only an hour away from Beijing so we’ll have plenty of time to visit a few other things before our next destination. It’s crazy that we have so many places to go in such little time. We’re going to be exhausted by the end of this trip, but I think it’s so worth it. We only have about 2 days here in Beijing so let’s figure out what we are going to do. Today I think we should just hang out here, see what there is and get some souvenirs for mom and dad. Then tomorrow we can spend all day at Summer Palace before we head to destination number 3!” “I think that’s a great idea. I’m really sleepy still from the plane ride anyway so just hanging out around here will be good. Let’s go set our stuff down then we can venture out into the city. First though I’m going to call mom and dad to let them know that we arrived here safely. I believe that Beijing is 12 hours ahead of Washington, DC, right now it is 12:00 PM in Beijing, what time would it be at home?” asked Alex. Alex and Winnie both thought about it, at home if it is 12 hours behind Beijing, it would probably be night time at home, since it is morning here in Beijing.

“Oh, I know!” said Alex “It would be 12:00 AM at home, hopefully they are still awake! It is really late, but we should call anyways!” “Alex, we’ve been waiting for you two to call us. Your plane was supposed to land 2 hours ago. What has taken so long for you to call us? We have been worried!” their dad said in a very stern voice. “Sorry, Dad. Things were so hectic when we got off the plane. Finding our luggage was such a hustle, and we couldn’t get a taxi. We finally found one and we’re at the hotel getting ready to venture out into the city. Tomorrow we are going to Summer Palace.” Stated Alex “That’s okay son, we were just worried about you. How is your sister? You two must be so exhausted, make sure you’re eating properly!” “Winnie is good. We are eating properly; we’ll make sure we get some authentic Chinese food while we are here! We can’t wait to get out and venture into the city, it looks amazing!” “Okay well I won’t hold you two up anymore! Go out and have fun, call us when you reach France!” As soon as they hung up the phone with each other, Winnie was ready to go, and it was now Alex’s turn to wash up. By the time they were both ready to go out it was 1:00, and they were ready for some lunch! They decided that they would walk around and once they found someplace good to eat they would stop. The city streets of Beijing were small, and there were people everywhere, whether they were riding bicycles, driving or walking. Shops were everywhere, and they were so colorful, nothing like they have ever seen in Washington DC. These shops had bright colors, reds, greens, oranges, with a lot of dragons everywhere! These dragons that are all over the city are a symbol of the emperor, good luck and prosperity. Once they were walking for awhile they decided that they should stop and get something to eat, since their stomachs were both growling very loud! They stopped at a little restaurant and ordered some food. They both tried some Won Ton Soup, and ate it all up. They loved it, it was nice and hot just what they needed on a nice cool day. For dessert they tried some rice pudding, since they both weren’t that hungry after eating the soup, they only ordered half a serving of the rice pudding to share. If a whole serving was 16 oz, how much was half a serving, and if each one of them had the same amount of the half of serving how much did each of them get to eat? (8 oz and they each were able to have 4 oz). After eating they decided they would go and find something that they can take home. Since they already bought t-shirts from Mexico City, they didn’t want to get t-shirts from

Beijing. They decided that they would get key-chains that represented the city. After buying the key chains they were out in the city all day walking around, and doing a bit of sight-seeing. Then they realized that they should get back to the room so they could prepare for the next day at Summer Palace. They both wanted to be up and early to go to Summer Palace because their plane for the next destination takes off at 1 AM the following morning. Winnie and Alex were both up and ready and prepared to go to Summer Palace at 8 AM in the morning, and they arrived at Summer Palace at 9:15 AM. If they plan on spending all day here how much time do they have before they have to leave to catch their next flight, and if they want to be there 2 hours before their plane takes off? “Winnie we’ll have about 12 hours to spend here before we have to leave. That’s plenty of time to do everything we wanted” stated Alex, because Winnie was stressing thinking they won’t be able to see everything. “I guess 12 hours is enough time. It just seems like there is a ton of stuff for us to do here, and I want to have the whole experience not only part of it!” said Winnie as she was looking around at all the options they could do. They decided that the first thing they would do was to climb to the top of a really big hill. From the top of the hill they heard you could see the whole lake, including all the surroundings. While they were walking up the hill they saw a series of towers, halls and temples that they wanted to check out on their way down the hill. Hiking up the hill took about 3 hours, and they were exhausted by the time they reached the top, but the view was fabulous. They could see the lake, and the boats that were on lake, there were birds that were diving into the lake to catch the fish, along with a light house in the distance. This was definitely a sight to see, and they were both snapping pictures for their parents to see. “Alex! Look at all those birds. Can you hear them? It’s so beautiful up here, I really wish that mom and dad could be here to see this too!” said Winnie. “It is so beautiful. Look at all the temples. I’m glad we decided to come here; you can just feel all the history that has taken place while walking by the temples. Let’s get going down the hill so we can look into all the temples before we have to leave!” stated Alex. While going down the hill they could see different types of traditional Chinese Gardening that use rocks, plants, pavilions, ponds and many other different gardening styles. The different agricultural feature, with a bridge that leads to a separate island is what really puts Summer Palace together. They took a boat ride across the lake on a dragon boat, and got to see the lighthouse up close. This was probably one of their favorite places they’ve been so far. With all the different bright colors on the buildings, and the dragon statues everywhere

they loved being here. Unfortunately, before they knew it, it was time for them to leave Summer Palace and get a taxi to the hotel, before they had to go to the airport. It was about an hour ride to the airport they got there about 2.5 hours before their flight took off, so they had some time to rest before they had to board the flight. They were going to France next, which they were both excited for because they both took French lessons in school. The flight would be about 11 hours. If their plane takes off at 1 AM, what time would they arrive in France? After they board the plane the captain announced when they would be arriving in France. “We will be arriving in Paris, France at 7:50 AM. It’s a long flight, but it is over night, so hopefully a lot of you will be able to get some rest. We will be coming around after we get in the air with some drinks and snacks, but for now just lay back, relax and enjoy take off!” said the flight attendant. “After the long day and Summer Palace, I am ready for some sleep! Hopefully we’ll sleep almost the whole way, and when we wake up we’ll be in Paris! This plane is huge, I love it and these seats are so comfortable!” said Winnie, but this time, in the background she could already hear Alex fast asleep in the seat next to her. “Oh, Alex. Already… okay, well goodnight,” said Winnie right before she fell asleep. The plane ride was very calm, with not a lot of turbulence. As expected they both slept right through the whole plane ride! “Please put your seats in the upright position. We are getting ready to have our arrival in to Paris!” Said the flight attendant. “Wh—what?!” said Winnie in mid-yawn. “We’re already here? Wow that was a fast plane ride. Alex, Alex! It’s time to wake up we’re here!!” “We are? Already, I feel like we just boarded the plane! Look Winnie you can see the Eiffel Tower. I can’t wait till we go and visit it!” They landed at the Paris, France airport then went to get their luggage and were on their way! They didn’t want to waste any time, because they only had 24 hours in Paris before they had to leave! On their agenda for Paris was a visit to the Eiffel Tower, and to eat some authentic French foods. By the time they got their luggage, it was already 8:30 in the morning! Since they knew that at home the time was only 2:30 AM, they decided they would hold off on calling their parents for a little while. They didn’t want to wake them up. If it is 8:30 AM in France, and 2:30 AM in Washington DC, what is the time difference?

“Alex, isn’t it interesting that just yesterday we were in Beijing and there was a 12 hour time difference between home and Beijing, and here we are in Paris, and there is only a 6 hour time difference?” said Winnie. “Yeah Winnie, it is interesting, but were on different continents, therefore the time difference is going to vary. Let’s call mom and dad after we eat and sight-see for a little bit, so they have time to wake up! While we’re waiting, let’s go and get some breakfast, I am starving!” Said Alex. They arrived at a little café called “Le Petite Déjeuner,” where they were going to eat breakfast. They asked the waiter what the name of the café meant, and he told them that the name meant “The Small Breakfast.” They both ordered typical French breakfast, just a croissant with some jam and butter, along with some hot chocolate! While eating breakfast the waiter told them that Paris is known as “The City of Lights.” He also told them that if they could to go to the Eiffel Tower to see all the lights at night time. By the time they finished eating they were both full, and ready to continue venturing into Paris. They looked around and found something souvenirs they were going to buy their family, and saw Notre Dame. It was now 1:30 PM in France, and they decided that it was now time to call their parents since at home it was now 7:30 AM at home. The answering machine picked up when they tried calling so they just left their parents a message, before continuing on their adventure. “Mom, its Winnie. Are you there? If you’re there you should pick up! Okay, you might be at work. I just wanted to let you know that Alex and I are in Paris! It is beautiful here. We ate at a café called Le Petite Déjeuner. It was so good, and we’re both stuffed! We’re going to see the Eiffel tower later. This is our final destination, so we will see you when we get home!!!” After Winnie hung up the phone with the answering machine, they caught a taxi to take them to the Eiffel Tower! Once they arrived they decided that they would take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to see the view of France. There seemed to be over 300 people waiting in line to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but they patiently waited, and before they knew it, it was their turn. Once they were at the top, they could see so much. All the people that were at the bottom of the tower looked like little ant specks, and the city of Paris looked beautiful. Once they got down from the top of the tower they decided that they were going to take a ton of pictures, and go see the fountain that was right near the Eiffel Tower. This fountain was beautiful, and they heard at night time the water lights up, and it’s like a beautiful light show. Even though they both wanted to stay for the light show, it was getting late, and they were both exhausted from the plane ride and all the traveling that they did. They decided they were going to go back and rest. Although they had such a short time in Paris, it was beautiful and they enjoyed it. Their next destination was Washington DC, homeward bound, and the flight takes off at 8:00 AM, so they wanted to get well rested.

Once back at the hotel they ordered dinner, and went to sleep early. They had the alarm clock set for 5 AM, and were prepared to go home. Even though it had been a very fun and exciting trip, they were ready to go home and sleep in their own beds again! They had a ton of pictures to bring home, along with souvenirs for both of their parents. This flight was going to be about 7 hours, and they would finally be home! Once woken up at 5:00 AM to go home, they were both very happy. Winnie and Alex knew that it would be a long flight ahead of them, but it was all worth it. “Alex, if our plane takes off at 8:00 AM, what time will we arrive home, if the plane ride is a 7 hour trip?” asked Winnie. “Let’s see,” said Alex “we should arrive home by 9:00 AM.” Once they boarded the plane, they both played some games and slept. Alex woke up to a voice that he thought was the flight attendant. “Alex, Alex! Time to wake up!” When Alex awoke he realized that the voice he heard was actually his mother waking him up for school. All along it was just a dream that Alex was having. Even thought it was a dream he wishes that someday he will be able to visit all these wonderful places.

Michelle Amann Introductory Page According to the Core Curriculum, a book on different ethnicities would be most appropriate for third grade social studies. The content for third grade is Communities Around the World – Learning About People and Places, but a content understanding on pg. 25 & 26 is Communities around the World, which states “beliefs, customs, and traditions in world communities are learned from others and may differ from place to place.” This plays well with the book, because Winnie and Alex travel from country to country seeing different things and the way people live. Social Studies Concepts/ Themes


History: Culture, Diversity

1&2 History

Geography: The World in Spatial Terms,

3 Geography

Places and Regions

3 Geography

According to the Core Curriculum, doing the story on different ethnicities would be most appropriate for third grade mathematics. The mathematics included in the book has the students do the work in their head, and explain it to the adult who is reading it with them, they are also asked a few fraction questions, and need to figure out what concept in mathematics they need to use. Students in grade 3 would be required to do just this as indicated in the chart below.

Math Performance Indicators 3.CM.2 Verbally explain their rationale for strategy selection Number Systems 3.N.10 Develop an understanding of fractions as part of a whole unit and as parts of a collection Operations 3.N.24 Develop strategies for selecting the appropriate computational and operational method in problem solving situations

Units 4.M.9 Calculate elapsed time in hours and half hours, not crossing A.M./P.M. Works Cited Ron Mader. “Xochimilco Gardens.” 22 September 2010. Web. 8 Oct 2010 <>

“Tourist Trail- Summer Palace.” Aug 2006. Web. 8 Oct 2010 <>

“National Cherry Blossom Festival.” April 2010. Web 8 Oct 2010. <> 2000-2010. Web. 9 Oct 2010. <>

“Travel Math.” 2010. Web. 9 Oct 2010. <>

Adventures of Winie and Alex  

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