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• 3 Seats with center driving position • Full carbon fiber body and frame • 750 HP - 1,300 HP • Starting at $375,000 US • Extremely limited production

819.536.9765 • •

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The Maybach 62S Begins where First Class ends Possibly the world’s most admired and luxurious automobile. Equaled only by customer service of the same caliber. From the moment your Maybach journey begins, your Maybach Relationship Manager will make sure it is nothing less than extraordinary.

FLORIDA Maybach of Fort Lauderdale 2411 South Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 Maybach Relationship Managers: John York and Patrick Pullin 866-313-9830 or

Š2009 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Maybach is a trademark of Daimler AG.

See the full collection of Writing Instruments at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Booth PS 1-5.

Don’t think of it as pre-owned. More like pre-loved or pre-cherished. The Mercedes-Benz you’ve dreamed of may be more affordable than you think. With a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz, you not only get an outstanding value, but your vehicle is backed by a comprehensive Pre-Owned Limited Warranty* and covered by Roadside Assistance** for as long as you own it.

Jacksonville, Florida

Brumos Motor Cars, Inc. Contact: Tim Heller 10231 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225 (904) 724-1080 Fax: (904) 721-1636

*Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is for 1 year up to 100,000 total vehicle accrued miles. **Roadside Assistance may involve charges for parts, service and towing. At times, these services may be provided by an outside service courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance. See dealer for details. ©2009 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC For more information, call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES.





402 Kts 745 Km/h 463 mph

33% less

Cabin size Simply Enormous

Tranquil Only 68 decibels

Speed Matters. On the ground or in the air today –Speed Matters. But so do operating costs, efficiency and comfort when it comes to a personalized aircraft. In the Piaggio Avanti II we provide them all and a maximum speed of 402 kts (463mph, 745km/h) that ensures the quickest arrival time for you and your passengers. You’ll arrive relaxed thanks to the comfortably pressurized, whisper quiet cabin and with the comfort of knowing that your journey by Piaggio Aero will have saved you 33% in operating costs over other comparative aircraft. Fly Different – Fly Piaggio Aero and discover why Speed Matters.

Contact us to get more detailed information and discuss a demo flight. North & South America (+1) 561 253 0104 | Toll-Free 1 866 PIAGGIO |

The Pratt & Miller C6RS Conceived, designed, developed and constructed by the championship-winning Pratt & Miller team, the Corvette C6RS is bristled with sophistication and inspired by race technology. With a supercharged engine producing 750 horsepower and 800 ft.lbs. of torque, a carbon fiber body, precision engineered suspension, and a luxurious French-seamed leather interior the C6RS delivers ultimate performance with everyday drive ability. A true supercar for the street. (248) 446-9800


FLORIDA FERRARI-MASERATI OF FORT LAUDERDALE 5750 N. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 954.607.3505

All trademarks and copyrights are exclusively rights of Ferrari S.p.A.

NORTH CAROLINA FOREIGN CARS ITALIA 5603 Roanne Way Greensboro, NC 27409 Contact: Lawrence Martin 888.660.6822

N TOUGH GUN N ENGINE: Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 103” Twin Cam N CHASSIS: Walz Hardcore with Single Sided SwingArm N SUSPENSION: Front N BRAKES: Front

Blacked Out and Tuned to 105hp + Torque a

with Custom Body Molding a

43mm Inverted Fork a Rear a Dual Shock Air Ride a

Dual 6 Piston Calipers a

N REAR LIGHTS: Running Lights

Rear a A Perimeter Rotor with Dual Calipers a

Rear Lights a Turn Signals - All LED Under Rear Fender a

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ADVERTISING SALES DEPARTMENT 800-233-1731 727-573-9339 • 727-489-0202 (fax) NATIONAL SALES MANAGER






















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• $95,000 introductory rate • Fuel included











Axis Club Membership


• Lower upfront costs • 3 year term





duPont Publishing, Inc.


Fractional Ownership • Lowest fuel surcharge • 42% less operating cost





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Cabin Fever? With over 17% more overall cabin volume than comparable light jet aircraft, Avantair’s exclusive fleet of Piaggio Avanti’s are the perfect cure for your cabin fever. Stand-up cabin, oversized leather captain chairs, fully enclosed private lavatory and a whisper quiet ride that even some jets can’t promise.

Avantair has designed THREE unique programs. All sure to cure your cabin fever.

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Edge Travel Card

Axis Club Membership

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Fractional Ownership

PUBLISHER’S LETTER FEBRUARY 2010 Dear Readers, One of the best reasons to read (subscribe) to all three duPont REGISTRY™ magazines (Automobiles, Homes, and Boats) is to stay abreast of the marketplace for high-end luxury goods. While these markets do not move hand-in-hand, there is something to be said when there is action (or lack thereof) in one, two or three segments. Let’s focus on automobiles for a moment. The year 2009 ended up better than expected and that would indicate that 2010 will continue that trend. No fewer than one-half dozen auction records were broken making new ultimate values for only the very best cars. The bulk of the market was quiet, but very healthy. Gone are the days of “irrational exuberance” forcing prices for anything with curb appeal into the soon-to-fall stratosphere. Further, junk was selling for reduced junk prices. Homes, according to our sources, were much the same. There were relatively few bargain hunters that pursued deals. The very top quality homes, with provenance, and “uniqueness” received steady action and some sales. Records were most likely not broken to any great extent. Over the next year, low interest rates will help the luxury homes market but not push it to new records by any means. Quite easily one can assume that, like cars, junk will sell for junk prices… maybe. Buyers are much, much more discerning. The key here is supply. The number of classic, luxury, and exotic cars has not gone down. The number of buyers probably has. How to get in front of the buyers is what’s important. It’s no longer, show it and they will come. It is necessary to do something that differentiates the automobile from the rest. Surely, a one-inch square photo with 25 words of copy in the back of an editorial magazine or newspaper says nothing about how special a car is. Nor does hundreds of pixels on a computer screen (duration: 15 seconds) give credence to the true value of an unusual automobile. Multi-tasking is for doers. Multi-level advertising is for sellers. The duPont REGISTRY™ can help. Think about it. The automobile market is on the way to improvement. Don’t miss the opportunity that 2010 brings. Join us. Today.

Managing risk, working with purpose, and nurturing lasting relationships for more than a century.

Happy Motoring,

Thomas L. duPont Publisher


P.S. Don’t miss this month’s Publisher’s Choice feature. It’s After FX Customs’ BF-performance enhanced Lamborghini Murcielago. This is one special car with BF-performance’s interior, exterior, and performance upgrades. Check it out on page 30. You will not be disappointed.



Publisher’s CHOICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30-31 UnCovered . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 EXOTICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 PORSCHE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132 TRUCKS, SUV’S & MOTORCYCLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 FERRARI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .148 Mercedes-Benz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 Bentley & Rolls-Royce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .153 Collectibles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .160 Publisher’s Showcase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .170-171 SHOPPER’S GUIDE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .190

dR MARKETPLACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .194 ©2009 Wilmington Trust Corporation.

CLASSIFIED GALLERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .195 • Printing: World Color Press, Clarksville, TN • Contact Slice W. Meier at (513) 527-1195. • Cover Photography: Courtesy of Ferrari S.p.A.


A FTER FX C USTOM L e a d i n g

E d g e

L a m b o r g h i n i s

To further challenge and display their creativity, After FX has taken on the task of customizing one of the world’s most exotic brands, the raging bulls from Lamborghini.


fter FX Customs specializes in producing very special

that are the highlight of northeast auto shows and events.

effects for a diverse range of vehicles from a custom

To further challenge and display their creativity,

fabricated Ford F650 monster truck to a wide-bodied 1100 horse-

Afterfx has taken on the task of customizing one of the world’s

power monster of a Dodge Challenger.

most exotic brands, the raging bulls from Lamborghini.

Working out of an 12,000-square foot facility

After FX has proudly become the exclusive U.S. importer for

complete with paint booths, custom wood shop, metal

BF-performance, a world-class tuner dedicated to making

fabrication department and design studio located near the

Lamborghinis even more exotic in terms of appearance and

Vermont-New Hampshire state border, owner Matt Jackson

performance than the factory. BF-performance is based in

and his team can turn a customer’s wildest automotive dreams

Stuttgart, Germany and was founded by Bob Forstner, a

to reality totally in-house. They also have a stable of show cars

long-time Lamborghini collector and dealer.


“We spent a long time looking for ways to set up

yellow interior panels and accents was a full tilt rolling catalog

Lamborghinis with products that are of top most quality,” says

of BF-performance goodies. These included front spoiler, side

Jackson, a 17-year veteran in the automotive customizing

skirts, GTR rear wing and three-piece rear diffuser, all of carbon

industry who credits the pages of the duPont REGISTRY

fiber. Performance mods, including race tuned exhaust and cats,

as contributing to his boyhood love affair with cars.

boost the V12 power output to 660 horsepower.

shop and the deal was done after he witnessed a commitment to


detail that matched his own.

BF-performance products for the show circuit.

“BF-performance were also looking for a good match to represent them in the U.S. for quite some time.” Forstner flew over from Germany to inspect the After FX

imilar packages are also available for the Gallardo as are parts to update the appearance and performance of

older models. Jackson’s team is preparing a Gallardo showcasing

“We are excited at the opportunity to offer

Jackson views car shows as not only a means to show

BF-performance products to customers and Lamborghini

off the diversity and quality of his shop’s work, but also a way of

dealers,” Jackson reports. “These products use all of the original

sharing a love of cars with others.

factory mounting holes, for example, so a customer could return

“I’ve been the victim of short sighted business owners

a car back to stock in a day or less. Dealerships can offer factory

who try to squeeze every penny out of customers and take

color matched carbon fiber interior pieces to make already

advantage of their success. We strive to build a long-term

impressive cars stand out from the rest.”

relationship with every customer by inviting them to the shows

Speaking of standing out, After FX debuted its first

and make them feel they are part of this great industry by driving

BF-performance enhanced Murcielago in December at the

cars that stand out.”

Boston auto show and appropriately it has been selected as this month’s Publisher’s Choice. The black beauty with bright

And a BF-performance enhanced Lamborghini definitely stands out.

(888) 745-8363

FERRARI 458 Italia


Exotic Buyer Car s Guid e

2010 Car o f the Ye ar

The sublime F430 is a pretty tough act to follow, but Ferrari is so confident of its successor, the 458, that it patriotically attached the name of the mother country, Italia, to the nameplate. So according to that model name, what we have is a 4.5-liter V-8-powered example of the quintessential Italian driving exper-ience. Of course, the fact that a German, Michael Schumacher, played a key role in its development and, ultimately, how it drives, only enhances its credibility since he is also a seven-time world driving champion and a primary reason for the Italian automaker’s recent Formula One success. The name of another Italian automotive icon pops up as you view the stunning aerodynamically-sculpted lines and compact shape of the Pininfarina-penned 458 Italia: Enzo. Obviously as in the company founder, but in this case the similarities to the supercar named in his memory. Ultimately, it is aerodynamics that influenced the styling the most,

to the extent that the nose sports flexible winglets that not only generate roadholding downforce but also deform as speed increases to reduce the size of the radiator air intakes for less high-speed drag. The 4.5-liter V-8 features direct fuel injection for decreasing fuel consumption and emissions while improving performance. The high-revving 9,000-rpm power plant puts out a whopping 562 hp with 80 percent of its 398 lb-ft of torque available as low as 3,250 rpm. Coupled to the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that debuted in the California, this will move the|rear-drive lightweight (3,042 pound) aluminum-structured coupe from zero to 62 mph in less than 3.4 seconds. Top speed is 202 mph. Of course the traditional flat-plane racing crankshaft and triple exhaust parlay with the 9,000-rpm redline to produce a mechanical aria that is as patriotic sounding to Italian car lovers as the car’s name. Schumacher’s F1 influence is seen in a new race-derived steering wheel and dashboard. His influence is felt in more direct steering when you turn that racing wheel and handling taken to higher levels of grip and stability by computer coordinated control of the E-Diff and F1-Trac as well as ABS braking. The brakes also feature a prefill function that moves the pads closer to the discs when you lift off the throttle for quicker brake response.



$200,000 (estimated)

Less than 3.4 seconds



4.5-liter V8

202 mph



562 hp @ 9,000 rpm

3,042 lb



398 lb-ft @ 6,000 rpm

178 inches


235/35ZR-20 (fr), 295/35ZR-20 (r)

7-speed dual-clutch transmission


Photos courtesy of Ferrari S.p.A.


We welcome your comments at:

NEW BENTLEY '10 C-Super Sport Ice/Hot Spur- Beluga

2008 Bentley Continental GTC Beluga/Beluga Many options, 6,900 mi

New mi

'10 C-Super Sport Onyx/Beluga

New mi

'09 Arnage Final Series Beluga/Beluga

New mi

'08 C-GT Cumb.Green/Cumbrian Green

New mi

'09 C-GT Mulliner, Moonbeam/Porpoise

New mi

'09 C-GT Cumbrian Green/Cumbrian Green

New mi

2010 Rolls Royce Phantom FHC

'09 C-GT Granite/Saffron

New mi

English White/Seashell/Consort Red

'09 C-GT Beluga/Beluga

New mi

'09 C-GT Onyx/Saffron

New mi

'09 C-GT Dark Sapphire/Saffron

New mi

'09 C-GTC Cumbrian Green/Cumbrian Green

New mi

'09 C-GTC Onyx/Saffron

New mi

'09 C-FS/Speed Beluga/Beluga

New mi

'08 C-GT/Speed Granite/Porpoise

New mi

NEW ROLLS ROYCE '10 Phantom FHC English White

2009 Rolls Royce Phantom SWB Cornish White/Moccasin Heavily appointed, new mi

New mi

'10 Phantom DHC Corniche White/Moccasin

New mi

'09 Phantom Corniche, White/Moccasin

New mi

'09 Phantom Con Tungsten/Seashell/Black

New mi

'09 Phantom FHC Black/Black

New mi

'09 Phantom DHC English White

New mi

2009 Rolls Royce Phantom SWB Beautiful Contrast Tungsten/Seashell Well appointed, new mi

PRE OWNED '08 CFS Moonbeam/Portland

12,000 mi

'08 C-GTC Anthracite/Saddle

6,900 mi

'08 GTC Beluga/Beluga

3,200 mi

'08 GTC Mulliner White/Magnolia

16,000 mi

'07 CFS Cypress/Loxley

2010 Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe Corniche White/Moccasin/Sand Top

8,700 mi

'07 GTC Dark Sapphire/Magnolia

29,000 mi

'06 Flying Spur Beluga/Saddle

13,800 mi

handsomely appointed, new mi

2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Black/Black 11 options, 167 mi

“Super-Exotics available for immediate delivery and/or located, please call with your request.” B E N T L E Y PA L M B E A C H 2901 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 For information call

Frank Blackmon



888. 8 8 0 .2 3 3 9

BENTLEY PALM BEACH ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B in wings’ device are registered trademarks. European model shown. © 2009 Bentley Motors, Inc.

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:HU -YHUJPZJV *( Boston, MA 1HJRZVU]PSSL -3 /V\Z[VU ;? Bethesda, MD :HYHZV[H -3 :HU[H )HYIHYH *( /V\Z[VU ;? 6YSHUKV -3 *VS\TI\Z 6/ Portland, OR :[HUMVYK *; (ZWLU *6 +HSSHZ ;? *HSNHY` *HUHKH 6[[H^H *HUHKH ;VYVU[V *HUHKH =HUJV\]LY *HUHKH

2009 GranCabrio

Authorized Maserati Dealers




Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale 5750 N. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 954.607.3505

Maserati St. Louis One Arnage Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63005 Contact: Graham Hill 636.449.0000

Foreign Cars Italia 5603 Roanne Way Greensboro, NC 27409 Contact: Lawrence Martin 888.660.6822


2005 ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH S Titanium Silver/Black. This stunning sports car is rare, incredibly good fun to drive and in superb condition throughout. With only 4,440 miles driven by one local owner, you can’t ask for much better…..

2008 ASTON MARTIN DB9 VOLANTE Titanium Silver/Black with Silver stitching throughout. The lovely 2+2 Convertible is immaculate and has covered only 5982 miles from new. The walnut wood throughout compliments the whole interior and the car is fully equipped with most options.

2008 ASTON MARTIN V8 ROADSTER Titanium Silver/Black sport 19” wheels, Sat Navigation, BlueTooth, Sportshift and only 2250 miles, Memory seats and mirrors, heated seats, stunning car and thrilling to drive.

2010 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Arctic White with Moccasin interior and traditional Burr Walnut veneer. Very well equipped including Chrome wheels, iPod interface and theater configuration. MSRP: $411,750

NEW ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST Now accepting 2010 orders! Fantastic sportier design and phenomenal power. Rolls-Royce has always been known for its craftsmanship and unmistaken presence and they have done it again. The technology will dazzle you and the size is perfect.

2010 ASTON MARTIN DBS VOLANTE Morning Frost Pearlescent White/Sandstorm. Fully equipped newest Aston Martin in the most stunning color combination. 510HP, adaptive suspension, carbon ceramic brakes all make for a thrilling drive, but equally at home cruising around town. The most civilized sports convertible for years…

1999 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL T 20,200 miles, Magnolia with Soft Tan Hides, Burr Oak veneer, Veneer door panels, Winged “B” emblems to waistrails, Factory fitted navigation system. Unique motorcar commissioned and sold by us new. Excellent condition! Specially priced at $84,900

2005 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Two tone Silver exterior with Seashell interior. Breathtaking Crossbanded Burr Walnut veneer. Excellent condition! Sold by us new and only 1 owner. 14,000 miles, Call for price.

2007 BENTLEY AZURE Moonbeam Silver with Portland interior and Porpoise secondary hide, Two-tone dash top roll, Burr Walnut veneer, Wood & leather steering wheel, Embroidered marque emblems, Drilled aluminum foot pedals, Reversing camera, 19" Six-spoke chrome wheels. Super clean, ONE OWNER CAR, 7,900 miles.

2002 BENTLEY AZURE 7,200 miles, Silver Pearl exterior paint w/ Stratos Hides & Slate seat piping & trim, Burr Walnut veneer, Wood steering wheel, Wood gear knob, Veneer door panels, Embroidered headrests, Polished exterior mirror caps, Stainless headlamp surrounds, 17” chrome wheels. One owner motorcar commissioned & sold by us new. Excellent condition! Please call for pricing.

NEW BENTLEY MULSANNE – ACCEPTING DEPOSITS NOW! The all-new flagship, Bentley Mulsanne is a powerful and elegant driver’s car. The latest technology is captured and combined with traditional Bentley craftsmanship. A pure expression of exclusivity, power, refinement and elegance, the Bentley Mulsanne truly represents the pinnacle of British motoring created at Crewe, England.

2006 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL FLYING SPUR 20,000 mi., Moonbeam Silver with Portland and Porpoise int., Burr Walnut veneer, Two-Tone Steering Wheel, Sports Gear Selector, Space-Saving Spare Wheel, Bluetooth Telephone System with Privacy Handset, 20” 7-Spoke Painted Alloy Wheels. One Owner – Sold new by us.

DESERT EUROPEAN MOTORCARS, LTD. 71-387 HIGHWAY 111, RANCHO MIRAGE, CA 92270 2008 MASERATI QUATTROPORTE This stunning Black with Grey Interior QP has a Full Veneer Package, Alcantara Headliner,Paddle Shifters and Spare Wheel. Get all the great options and save big with 2008 special pricing! Asking $87,950! Only 950 miles!


2009 MASERATI GRANTURISMO Blu Nettuno with Grey interior, DEMO with 2K miles, Wood Steering Wheel, 20” Wheels, Rosewood. BIG Discount on a NEW car! Will not last at our lowest price of the year!

FLORIDA Dew Luxury Motor Cars Contact: Mark Tillman or Rodney Padgett 3333 Gandy Blvd. Pinellas Park, FL 33781 (888) 945-5339 Fax: (727) 822-2010 email:

FLORIDA Lotus of Pompano 500 North Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach, FL 33062 (866) 988-9600 Fax: (954) 786-9694 email:


2008 LOTUS 2-ELEVEN. Launch Edition. Only 140 miles. Car build number 205. Toyota 2ZZ-GE Straight 4 engine. 6-speed manual. Car weighs only 1,477 lbs with 252 hp at 8,000 rpm from its supercharged and intercooled 1796 cc engine, this track ready Lotus boasts a power to weight ratio similar to that of a 1960s Formula One car. Zero to 60 mph in only 3.8 seconds. Includes set of new racing tires. 0 to 100 mph is over in 9.1 seconds. Offered for $78,500. (310) 365-5400.

2003 CORVETTE GT-1 RACECAR. If you're going to the track you best have the equipment to make you number one in performance and appearance. Carbon Fiber composite body, tube chassis, 700 HP SBC engine, 5-speed Jerico, BBS wheels, 6 piston calipers, Penske coil over shocks, optional passenger seat, dry weight 2188 lb. For a complete list and pictures call Rich at (720) 320-4882.

2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE INDY 500 PACE CAR. Replica. Convertible 6.2 liter 436 HP Engine 6 spd. Automatic paddle shift, 9 miles, 500 limited edition vehicles were built, pace car graphics pkg. INDY 500 seat embroidery, inside console armest signed and number by pace car driver, forged chrome wheels Z51 performance handling pkg., 3 LT, preferred equip. group, power convertible top. Call Gregg or Bill at (800) 5322771.

2006 JEFF GORDON #24 ROAD COURSE RACE WINNING CAR. Raced 7 times in the 03, 04, 05, 06 seasons. Won Sonoma twice. Car comes with a Hendrick built SB2 358-cid-V-8 approximately 750 HP. All Hendrick documentation that Jeff Gordon raced this car and engine documentation. Car is ready to race and enjoy or be prize attraction for your collection. Most recent sale of Jeff Gordon race winning car at BarrettJackson sold for $500,000. $350,000. Call Chip at (954) 249-5409.

LAMBORGHINI REVENTON. Perfect Condition. Clean Title. The finest example of a Lamborghini ever built! Lamborghini Reventon #7 of 20 produced worldwide. Stored in a vault and ready for immediate delivery. $1.8 million. Serious buyers only. Must show proof of payment. Call Danny at (310) 347-7208.

2009 ROSSION Q1 NURBURGRING. Black, Bespoke Tan leather. Alcantara interior, carbon fiber seats, navigation and Polk audio. Rossion Forged Monoblock wheels, 450 hp/390 lbs. ft. torque, alloy block twin turbo V6 with 6-speed manual, 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. 0 to 100 in 7.8 sec 1/4 mile in mid elevens and over 1g of lateral grip., weight 2,500 lbs. See Road and Track. $109,000. (954) 788-1001, ext. 103, (c) (513) 604-6637 or www






2007 ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE. Tungsten Silver/Bitter Chocolate/Kestrel Tan Leather. Option list and color combination separates from rest. Perfect Aston Martin still under Full Factory Warranty. Drive like 007. Rare opportunity to own Clean Carfax, No Accident, 1Owner Vantage. $89,995. For complete details contact Alex (305) 4452909 or See more at

2005 FERRARI F430 F1. Rosso Corsa/Tan Leather. Daytona Seats, Scuderia Shields, Hi-Fi Stereo System and Sport Exhaust. Absolute mint condition. You will be hard pressed to find an imperfection on this machine. Clean Carfax No Accidents. Competitively Priced. For complete details contact Alex at (305) 445-2909 or See more at

2006 FERRARI F430 F1. Blue Mirabeau/Beige Leather. Racing Seats, Shields, Hi-Fi Stereo, Challenge Wheels. Looks great, drives better. Great condition inside and out. Great opportunity to own uniquely optioned, Clean Carfax, No Accident Ferrari. Competitively Priced. For complete details contact Alex (305) 445-2909 or See more at

2006 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPIDER. E-Gear. Yellow/Black leather. Yellow stitching and piping on seats. Complete custom Gallardo, 20” wheels, body moldings, JL Sound System. Clean Carfax, No Accidents. We recently had this Gallardo serviced and the clutch replaced. $119,995. For complete details contact Alex at (305) 445-2909 or See more at

2008 MASERATI GRANTURISMO. Blue Nettuno/ Beige Leather. Navigation, Bose Surround Sound, Aluminum Colored Calipers, Interior Moldings in Body Color, Stitching, 20" Birdcage Design Wheels. Perfect inside and out. Drives smooth and powerful, Factory Warranty. Clean Carfax, 1-Owner car. $84,995. For complete details contact Alex at (305) 445-2909 or See more at

2010 NISSAN GT PREMIUM EDITION. Only 849 miles. Gun metallic/Black leather. Absolutely like new condition. No flaws anywhere. Drives like a dream. Full factory warranty. Take advantage of this great deal and drive your dream car today. $79,995. For complete details contact Alex at (305) 445-2909 or See more at

1997 PORSCHE 911 TURBO. Carbon/Leather Steering Wheel, Leather Dash, Center Console, Aluminum/Leather Shifter, Hand Brake, Red Calipers, Painted Porsche Crests on Rim Caps, Turbo Insignia Door Sill. Excellent condition inside and out. Mechanically sound. Clean Carfax, No Accident, Low Mile. $74,995. For complete details contact Alex (305) 4452909 or See more at

1970 SHELBY GT 350. Excellent condition. Very rare combination White, Blue side stripes, Black double hood stripes, Red interior. 4-speed hurst shifter, 5 point seat belts, alloy wheels, new Goodyear eagle gt ii. Fully operational original collectors car. Marti report.. $79,995. For complete details contact Alex (305) 445-2909 or See more at






2004 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO. This 29 Shell Pennzoil NASCAR, chassis #93, was raced by Daytona 500 Champion Kevin Harvick at Atlanta, and also tested at Indy, Michigan, Charlotte, and Atlanta. It contains an RCR SV2 race engine, which Richard Childress himself told me is worth $80K. It’s not a watered down show engine and it’s not for the faint of heart! 800-850HP and 550ft/lb@7500 RPM! Just flipping the switch to hear it roar will put butterflies in your stomach. If you are the adventurous type that has the opportunity to get track time and want a real NASCAR, accept no substitute. Also fits the bill if you just want a beautiful addition to your collection. $92,300/obo. Otherwise selling at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach in April. (337) 513-3419.

1955 CHEVY GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM TRUCK. (Pro-Street). This deal is too hot to lick. The Original "Good Human" Ice Cream Machine! 468 Big Block, 700hp, Littlefield 871 Blower, Dual Edelbrock 650 Carbs, TH400 Trans, 3500 Stall Converter, 33" Mickey Thompson ProStreet Radials, Dana-60 Lockup Rear, Mark Williams Axles, Chassis by Farks Supercars, Mustang II Front End Suspension, Line lock, Ladar Shifter, Dolphin Gauges, 18 gal. Aluminum Fuel Cell, Endorsed by legendary custom car builder GeneWinfield. Drives anywhere and equipped with one functional ice box for parties or beer. Asking $105,000. Serious offers only. Call Mouse at (917) 709-9853 or e-mail

2009/1963 & 1967 CORVETTE. Look of a mid-year, technology of a C6 and heart of a Corvette Available now...a mid-year look Corvette you’ll love to drive! Our craftsmen start with today’s 2009 C6 platform and transform the exterior to mimic the classic ‘63 split-window (coupe), or ‘67 convertible (roadster). The result: A head-turning retro style modern performing car with its original GM factory warranty and ride! Perfect!! Call (515) 964-4255 or e-mail Learn more at






2010 NISSAN GTR. (2). The ultimate supercar for the 21st century! Rare and collectible. Experience the ultimate performance with exhilarating acceleration from the legendary 3.8L twin-turbo V6. All new dual clutch transmission enables shift times in under .2 seconds. 18” brake rotors stop you in amazingly short distance. Industry first rear mounted trans-axle. Advanced all-wheel drive technology allows this supercar to be driven confidently in inclement weather. The interior features a gorgeous multi-function display. Constructed of super strength steel and aluminum panels. Nurburgring lap times quicker than a Porsche 911 Turbo for a fraction of the cost! The legend is real! Offered at only MSRP, own the Red car at $84,720 or the Super Silver (only 300 worldwide) at $87,720. Contact Elijah of Gainesville Nissan Florida at 1-(888) 318-7247.

2009 NISSAN R35 GT-R. Stillen Conversion. Black/Black, 4775 miles, 700Hp kit, GTR820RR Turbos, Boost Controller, Cobb ECU, Full Stainless Exhaust, KW V3 Coilovers, Stabilizer Bars, Full Welded Roll Bar and Fire Suppression, Performance Friction Pads/Rotors, Stainless Brake Lines, Recaro Seats, Schroth Harnesses, Stillen Spoiler and Side Skirts, Espirit GT Wing, AccuData System, CCW Lightweight 18” Racing Wheels, Extra Slicks, Extra 20” Advan F7 Wheels. Car should be purchased by an experienced enthusiast only. Built by Steve Millen along with his Targa Rally car. Mechanically Perfect, No Accidents. Faster than a Spec V for much less. Asking $97,500/Offer. Contact Jon at (320) 253-1535.

2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06. Ron Fellows Edition. Number 299 of 399 built at Bowling Green Corvette factory. American legend Super Sports car. Time capsule fresh, preserved new car smell and ride. Remains garaged as-delivered with only 1,660 miles. Possesses all options available when delivered. Plush two-tone leather seating, OnStar, and XMSirius. Proudly serves as Display-Only vehicle. Now available as an excellent addition to your gallery of collectable vehicles. $70,000. Please contact original owner at (214) 356-2717 or


2006 FORD GT. Gorgeous, all options even Silver seat inserts. Ford racing exhaust and AccuFab throttle body, McIntosh stereo, racing rims, super fast. A real show stopper. 14,400 miles. $135,000. Call (985) 649-0061 or (985) 290-8986.






Bakerstown, PA

THR Package Supercharger (up to 580HP), Choice of stripe kit’s, THR Custom Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, THR Lowering Springs, Boze Wheels, THR Serial Number & Badges

Available Inventory Victory Red . . . . . . . . . . . .SS/RS . . . . . .6 speed Cyber Gray . . . . . . . . . . . . .SS/RS . . . . . .Auto Aqua Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . .SS/RS . . . . . .6 speed Black . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SS/RS . . . . . .6 speed Silver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SS/RS . . . . . .Auto Transformers Edition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Auto Rally Yellow . . . . . . . . . . . .2LT Transformers Edition . . . . .6 speed w/ THR Package

White/Candy Orange SS 6 speed THR/pkg. Supercharged

2000 DIABLO ROADSTER. Replica. Recently professionally re-built/restored Turn Key replica featuring a tube chassis, low-mileage, high output V6 motor and automatic transmission. Brand new Black Pearl paint and custom two toned Red/Black interior. Back-up Cam, Nav, CD Player, Air Ride, Engine Cover, AC, Alarm, replica exhaust, shift plate, seats and gauges, wide rear tires and staggered chrome wheels, top and windows. Car fits taller people. Asking price is $60,000. Call John at (330) 506-3202.

2008 LEXUS LS460 L. Long wheel base car with under 10,000 Miles. Options include: Wald Body kit, 20-inch Moz multi-piece wheels with Hankook tires, blacked out grill, TVs in both headrests, Illuminated door sills, clear bra front end, Rear seat upgrade package complete with adjustable rear seats, cool box and rear sunshades. Fun to be driven or be driven in! Save thousands over buying new and adding upgrades. $79,000/obo. Call (314) 691-6504.

2008 FOOSE COUPE. This is the car that launched Chip Foose’ stardom. He designed the Foose Coupe (f k.a. Hemisfear) while at Art Center in 1990, resulting in numerous awards and contracts. It took 16 years for Chip to build the dream, and in conjunction with Metalcrafters they built just 5 (this one required 1.5 years of production). This is #4, and 1 of only 2 Hemi-powered (6.4L) versions (the other owned by Chip). Price $400,000 firm. Call Warner at (714) 731-3773.

2006 FORD GT. Limited edition Tungsten exterior color. Only 500 made of this color. 1 of 200 with this combination of options. 4 Options: Painted racing stripes, Red brake calipers, McIntosh Stereo, Lightweight BBS wheels. 2 Owner vehicle with 20k miles. Stock V8 and supercharger with 550hp. Black leather interior. Aftermarket options: tinted windows, extensive front end clear bra. All work completed by certified Ford dealer. Full history and receipts. $129,000. Contact (623) 547-6909.







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2007 CHEVY CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE. Pace car from the 91st Indianapolis 500. Number 47 of 500 ever produced. Only 7,219 miles. Uniquely trimmed in gold and “Atomic Orange” paint with special “limited edition” badges. Factory navigation system and leather. 6.0L V8 power. Listed at over $65,000 new, now only $39,995. Acura of Libertyville, IL. (847) 680-7333.

1965 COBRA AC REPLICA/KIT. Wow! Exceptional '65 Shelby AC Cobra in a stunning navy blue. 427 Chevy engine w/custom headers make it sound amazing! Only 270 Miles. Complete instrumentation (fuel, tach, speed, H2O temp, oil, battery). AM/FM-Cassette, Chrome wheels, chrome trim, mirrors, gas cap and bumpers. Now only $29,995. Acura of Libertyville, IL. (847) 680-7333.

2006 FORD MUSTANG GT. This one is special!!! Upgraded “Bullet” alloys and a huge tinted glass full-roof. 4.6L V8, 5-speed manual transmission and factory Ford High-Performance exhaust that produces a nice “throaty” sound that is not over-the-top. Light Green exterior/Beige interior. Only 11,178 miles. Now only $22,995. Acura of Libertyville, IL. (847) 680-7333.

2007 SHELBY GT500. Original owner (Professional Athlete Mike Furrey) $25k in Mods by MRT Racing in Detroit. Signature Series Savini Rims, H&R Coilover Kit, K&N Cold Air Induction, Custom Exhaust by MRT, Quarter Louvers, Carbon Sideskirts, Vinyl stripes removed and painted on. Only 4,500 miles. Asking $54,995 OBO. Contact AJ at (937) 477-9687 or e-mail

1990 JEEP GRAND WAGONEER. 2nd Owner Wagoneer With 46,176 Original Miles. The Second Owner since December 1992 and Purchased It With Only 4,249 Miles From The Original Local Selling Dealer. Service History Available. Runs and looks excellent. Priced at $17,900. Contact Steve Kaiser Jr. at Fairfield Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Muncy, PA. at (570) 546-5113 ext. 6201.

2010 HURST CHALLENGER. New Competition Plus # 0006. Black On Black. Own A Piece Of American Muscle Car History. #1 Hurst Dealer On The East Coast! Fairfield Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Muncy, PA. Keeping The Hurst Legend Alive! Contact John Andrews at (570) 546-5113 ext. 6202.

2010 RAM 1500 QUAD STOCK. “BIG COUNTRY EDITION.” New Truck With A Factory Mopar 4” Lift, 37” BFG KO'S Mounted On 4 Mopar 20” Chrome Wheels—Hemi Power, Big Horn Package, Awesome Truck!! MSRP $45,993. Selling for $41,987. Contact Steve Kaiser, Jr., at (570) 546-5113 ext. 6201.

2010 CHALLENGER SRT. Many Mopar Accessories On This Beauty! Mopar Catback Exhaust, Air Intake, Stripe Package And A “Shaker,” etc. A Dealer Demo With 804 Miles. Priced At $52,315. #1 Hurst Dealer On The East Coast. Contact Steve Kaiser, Jr., at Fairfield Dodge Chrysler Jeep at (570) 546-5113 ext. 6201.




Grand Sport

• New Coupes From $40,995 • Convertibles From $46,720 N 100 Plus in stock N Largest Selection in 49 States N Over 750 Corvettes Delivered in 2008 N 10 Minutes from Detroit Metro Airport

• Z06’s From $64,620 - 100 in stock • Corvettes - Starting at $399/mo. N Certified Pre-Owned 50+ Inventory N Largest Selection in 49 States N 20 Corvette Specialists On Hand N Delivery to Your Door

Better Business Bureau Accredited Dealer Since 1989




2004 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO E-GEAR COUPE. Giallo Midas (Pearl Yellow)/Grigio Sirius (Dark Charcoal) Leather. 9,824 miles. Yellow Stitching, Coming Home Function, Anti Theft System, Board Computer, Heated Wing Mirrors, and Special Paint Color. Tinted lights all around for a unique look. $99,750. Call Lamborghini Houston at (866) 253-3138.

2008 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPYDER E-GEAR. Grigio Thalasso (Silver Metallic)/Nero Perseus (Black) Leather. Just 60 miles! Yellow stitching/piping. E-Gear transmission, Grey Callisto rims, Yellow calipers, perforated leather, rear-view camera, satellite navigation, fully electric/heated Seats, branding & travel package, iPod interface, anti-theft system. $169,750. Call Lamborghini Houston at (866) 253-3138.

2003 LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO. Grigio Antares Titanium Metallic over Black Leather. 1-Owner. This Lamborghini comes from a collection with just 2,101 miles. Includes keys, remotes, books, car cover, battery tender, tools, and tire inflator. $139,750. Call Lamborghini Houston at (866) 253-3138.

1995 FERRARI 512M. Rosso Corsa Red/Tan Leather. #20/75. 7,939 miles. Sold new on 10/16/96 to Lorenzo Lamas in Burbank, CA. Three California owners. Purchased directly from third owner in San Juan Capistrano. Major Service just completed. Factory exhaust, complete tool kit, owner's manual set, number plate, etc. $159,500. Call MotorCars International at (877) 250-8500.

2009 BF PERFORMANCE LAMBORGHINI. lp660. First ever concave cv2 wheels from D2 forged. Custom painted wheels. Full BF performance carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts, three piece diffuser, GTR style wing. BF performance F1 race exhaust and soon to be race cats and second stage of carbon fiber upgrades. Asking $470,000. (603)- 229-2795.

2009 CORVETTE Z06 GT1. Championship Edition. 1 of 17 Black Z06’s built. MSRP $88,235. Yellow also available 1 of 38 built. Contact Bob Foley at Bill Stasek Chevrolet, (847) 815-5258.

2009 DODGE CHALLENGER R/T. Only 10,000 Miles, All Factory options, Hemi V8, Theft recovery system, Navigation, Sunroof, Push start, 20” chrome alloys, Two-tone leather, Power seats, CD Changer, Power steering, Tilt, Cruise, Show room condition, 1 owner vehicle, Adjustable pedals, Alarm system, Full factory warranty. Contact Chauncey at (800) 990-8497, (859) 269-4141, or (859) 552.7728.

1997 LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90. Convertible. Monza Red, 22,600 miles, automatic transmission, full time 4 wheel drive, air conditioning, 2 passenger back seat, only one Southern California owner from new, collector quality. Visit our web site to see our 40 European Classics and Defenders. Call (781) 444-4646.



Toll Free

888.587.EURO â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 954.522.2445

925 West Broward Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 Located in beautiful downtown Fort Lauderdale, blocks from Los Olas & 5 minutes from the Airport





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• Large Inventory of In-Stock Models • Certified Lotus Service and Parts • National Delivery • Financing Arranged • Call Today for Your Personalized Quote • We will exceed your value expectations... Guaranteed!

For More Information: 165 North Main St., RT 1, Branford, CT 06405 (Located directly between Boston & New York City)


1998 PREVOST MARATHON MOTOR COACH. 45 Feet. This coach is in excellent condition with low miles and has been professionally maintained and stored indoors. The primary use of this coach has been driver/team hospitality at race tracks. The coach has a wide list of options including In Motion Satellite TV, over the road air conditioning, and a full awning for corporate hospitality events. We have priced the coach for sale at $265,000. For further information please contact Brad Lehmann at (859) 342-2000 or e-mail


2007 LAMBORGHINI MURCIALAGO LP460. Silver exterior/ Black Interior, 4,800 miles, E Gear, Still under factory warranty for 18 months. Many extras included. $200,000. Contact (661) 513-1510 or (661) 254-8787.


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B AC K .

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starting at $1295

starting at $1295

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(888) 989-9887 |




2010 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR1. Arctic White with Ebony and Dark Titanium interior, nav, chrome wheels. This color was not available in 09, and this car has the very desirable new traction system, with launch control. Buy this car with confidence from a dealer that's been around since 1924. Contact Ryan George or Mark McIntyre at Dimmitt Chevrolet at (727) 791-1818.

REEVES CALLAWAY SIGNATURE EDITION CORVETTE. Only 29 of these exclusive Callaways are being built. I have a Blade Silver Metallic coupe. The RCSE comes with a carbon fiber hood bulge, carbon fiber injector covers, 9-spoke alum wheels in (hyper black) and the special RCSE dash plaques, numbered and signed by Reeves himself. List, $99,040, I’ll sell for $86,270. Contact Rob Pease at 219-879-6789, cell 219-405-5545

2010 LAMBORGHINI LP550-2. Valentino Balboni Edition. Yellow with Black Leather, Yellow Calipers. One of only 250 cars to be produced. A true collectors car. Delivery miles only. In stock and available for immediate delivery. Call Victor Young of Lamborghini Sarasota at (941) 556-2980. For more information visit

2010 LAMBORGHINI LP560 SPYDER.Black with Q-citura leather. EGear, Bluetooth, Rear View Camera, Electric Heated Seats, NAV, Branding Package, Cordelia Wheels, and Yellow brake Calipers. Loaded with Options! Call Victor Young at (941) 556-2980. For more information visit

2009 LOTUS ELISE SC220. 220hp, Supercharged, Chrome Orange with Hard Top, Lifestyle Paint, Sport Pack, Touring Pack and Star Shield, this is a new, delivery mile only unit in one of the rarer colors. This vehicle has an MSRP of $63,984, so please call for a quotation. We can also help arrange shipping and financing nationwide. Call Stan Nitkowski of Premier Lotus at (203) 643-1217 or e-mail

2008 LOTUS EXIGE S240. 240hp, supercharged/intercooled, Arctic Silver equipped with metallic paint, starshield, touring pack and track pack. Brand new leftover 08 with an MSRP of $70,849 looking for its new home! Please call for up-to-date pricing and shipping or financing information. Stan Nitkowski of Premier Lotus at (203) 643-1217 or e-mail

2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06. 2LZ package, 505 hp, 6 speed manual, heads up display, navigation, chrome wheels, heated seats, dual climate control, traction control, driver memory seats, side impact airbags. 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Contact Joel Smith for more information at (800) 857-4909.

2007 FORD MUSTANG CERVINI C 500. 2,200 miles, TungstenGray/ Black, Very rare, 545HP, ProCharger H/O system, Hurst shifter 5-Speed manual, Long tube headers, X Pipe HiFlo cats, Air struts, full Documentation avail. A/C, Heated Seats, Power everything, Non-smoker, garaged, Maintained regularly, Original owner, $55,000. Please contact Jack for details (609)443-7546, (908)930-3378 or



The Breeder of MTV Stars “Meaty” and “Beefy” Brothers and Sister of Meaty and Beefy Available Now!

Prices Starting at $5,850 and Up • Call Austin (623) 229-2646




2008 SATURN SKY REDLINE. Untitled. Full body kit: side skirts, Carbon Fiber hood and rear spoiler. Voss 20-inch Black chrome wheels, speed rated tires w/ top speed of over 165mph. Performance computer upgrade, catback, cold air intake: 360 hp. Armor body clear bra. Loaded with Bose, OnStar, Nav, etc. $43,300. Call (406) 422-2928.

2007 FERRARI F430 COUPE. Offered by Cauley Ferrari, Red/Beige, 6speed, 1,600 miles, shields, Red calipers, electric seats, Daytona seats, leather headliner, leather rear shelf and door moldings, front and rear park sensors, navigation and Bluetooth,3M paint film, Tubi. Fresh service. Excellent original condition. Books, tools, records. $154,900. Call Dan (248) 538-9600.

2010 MORGAN AERO SUPERSPORTS. Absolutely spectacular new US legal, 1 of 150, perhaps, 200 ever to be built! Now taking orders! Blue Diamond Dust Metallic/Distressed Buckskin interior/362 HP BMW 4.8 V8 w/ latest manually shiftable ZF 6 speed AT, alloy body and Chassis— The Most Beautiful Car in the World! Santa Monica, CA. Call (310) 9983311 or e-mail:

2009 MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 AMG. Hard Top Convertible. 12,500 miles. Custom order rare!! Like new! Diamond Pearl White with a Red leather interior loaded up with all the options over 150k, invested ecu upgrade headers, and more. Just under 600 hp glass roof, air scarf heated and cooled seats, Sat. MP3, DVD, CD. Got it all. A must sell. $94,900. Call Ray at (717) 577-5235.

2010 REVENGE VERDE. This car is will redefine Green and supercar all in one. Powered by a 400hp HP2g Hybrid 110 mpge V8, it propels you from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of over 200 mph. Revenge signature leather and carbon fiber race-bred interior. $190,000. Call (260) 724-4000. www

1965 BUICK RIVIERA. All steel Texas car! Fully refurbished at our state-of-the-art facility. Rebuilt Nailhead V8, dual exhaust, p/s, p/b, p/w, R134 A/C, dual master cylinder with new brakes, custom interior and trunk, upgraded audio with navigation, custom 2 tone paint, 20" custom rims. Call Charles at (905) 353-1500.

2008 FORD SHELBY GT 500 KR. This Black Beauty is truly a car enthusiast’s dream car, number 821 of a thousand made in 2008. Loaded with all the extras such as Navigation, GT 500 Premium Trim Package, Sirius Satellite Radio, HID Headlights, and Ambient Lighting. I am offering it for only $73,950. (215) 669-7161.

2010 CHEVROLET CAMARO. 2SS RS Auto, Transformers Edition with Bumblebee paint Scheme. Custom computer tune, satin tail panel, 3” catback, THR Badging, THR Cover. Painted engine cover. $40,855 minus factory incentives. Call (877)TH-Chevy. See our complete inventory of factory and custom Camaros and Corvettes at



2001 CHEVROLET LINGENFELTER CORVETTE TWIN TURBO CONV. Build Cost: $150,000 Your Cost: $89,000 850 Miles

2006 47 FT. APACHE WITH 2006 F 650 Build Cost: $ 1,800,000 Your Cost: $1,100,000 20 Hours & 3,500 Miles

2006.5 LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO ROADSTER Build Cost: $390,000 Your Cost: $299,000 700 Miles

I like unique. I love performance. My toys are built with the best performance enhancing components available and every option is well thought out and perfectly matched with the vehicle. My vehicles offered here brought me joy in building and adrenaline when driving. It is now time to let someone else enjoy my toys. I need to build some new ones! Interesting trades plus cash will be considered.

ELIAS DELATORRE III • 305-522-4852 • 305-853-3315 •


305-853-3336 • complete info and photos at™




ROANOKE MOTOR CO., INC. CHRYSLER & DODGE DEALER 1313 West Front Street Roanoke, IL 61561 Contact: John Gastman or Dennis Rocke 888-357-7171

WOODHOUSE CHRYSLER DODGE & JEEP 2171 S. Hwy. 30 Blair, NE 68008 Contact: Bill Pemberton 800-889-1893




GUMPERT APOLLO. Now available in this hemisphere. The Gumpert apollo, current holder of the 7 minute 11 second production car lap record at the Nürburgring is ready to assault the tracks and the streets of the Americas. Reservations are being taken now for configurations of 650, 700 and 800 horsepower in the Street, Sport and Race variants. Be one of the elite few to own this legend of the track and deity of the street. Customized variants begin at $550,000 and allow for complete personalization and customization of everything from interior stitching color and choice of DVD/NAV system to wheels, suspension, power train and paint scheme. apollos can be delivered to your home track with instruction by a professional driver. For the Gumpert connoisseur or automotive collector, the Orange apollo, VIN #001 is available for immediate delivery to a personal collection or racetrack. Own a piece of automotive history with this rare automobile. For more information regarding VIN#001, custom apollos and Gumpert dealership opportunities, contact or call (480) 317-9911.

2006 ASTON MARTIN DB9. Immaculate condition. 3M bra and K-40 radar. A nice Black Onyx exterior with Ivory leather interior makes it a perfect combination. All service and maintenance has been handled by Galpin- Aston Martin. Also low mileage, power everything, performance tires and no accidents. $105,000. Contact (661) 714-2169.

2004 WONDER WOMAN EDITION. Of The WOOD BROTHERS MOTORCRAFT #21.Ricky Rudd—Driver $32,000. Run in special “Justice League” promotion for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race August 2004 at Michigan Speedway. (2) Perfect condition additional bodies included. Please call Darrell at (941) 737-0366.

2008 CADILLAC XLR-V. Very Rare, Like New, Black with Tan Interior 7,500 miles, Every Option Available Gigantic Discount! Call Mike at (252) 349-5416.

2006 SRT DODGE VIPER. Custom Twin Turbo. This fully custom show car features Imported Ostrich and Italian Leather interior, Infra-red night vision, 4 cameras, Custom LED Interior/exterior light system, Carbon Fiber throughout, 1500HP Twin turbo 1 yr warranty, 2008 Hood, HRS wheels, Receipts showing $180,000 invested. HUGE loss at $98,000. Call (702) 985-8293 or






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www.internationa FEBRUARY 2010

50% Pure African Serval – 50% Domestic Registered with T.I.C.A FULLY GUARANTEED – CUBS AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND

Contact Doreen Boileau • 727-860-5906 Email:


Revenge is targeting the American and European markets. Globalizing American innovation. A remarkable solution for a clean future.

Two Toned Leather • LED Display • In dash GPS and rear- view cameras

From Clay Concept to Reality

The Revenge Verde Supercar, the world’s first guilt-free supercar. Slated for production late 2010. The Verde will be available with powertrain options, The first is the recently released 400-hp HP2g Hybrid 110 mpge V8 engine, mated to a 6-speed sequential transaxle. The engine runs on E85 fuel combined with its own energy recharge. Revenge plans to work with Roush Industries to release the RSC Supercar featuring the Roush highperformance family of engine combinations, from

500 hp to supercharged monsters. Both cars will feature 20-inch wheels (9”wide Fronts, 12” wide rears), wrapped in Michelin 255x35ZR20 front and 335x30ZR20 rear rubber. MSRP for the all-American Verde Supercar is $190,000. 0-60 acceleration is estimated at 3.5 seconds, with a top speed over 200 mph. Revenge signature leather and carbon fiber race-bred interior, illuminated digital instrumentation, premium sound and navigation system.

Purchase Inquiries: 260.724.4000 / Online at







DRIVEREEVES.COM F O R U P D AT E D I N V E N T O RY AUDI 2009 Audi 2009 Audi 2009 Audi 2009 Audi 2007 Audi 2009 Audi 2007 Audi 2007 Audi 2008 Audi

2010 Porsche Panamera 4S Demo 980 miles Call for details

A4 2.0 QTRO PLS Quartz Gray A4 2.0 PLS White A5 3.2 QTRO NAV White A 3.0 QTR PLUS Blue Q7 3.6 PREM NAV Lava Gray Q7 3.6 PREM NAV White Q7 4.2 SLIN NAV Mugello Black RS4 6-SP NAVI Daytona GR TT 2.0 RDST Red

BMW 2009 BMW 2009 BMW 2009 BMW 2009 BMW 2007 BMW 2009 BMW 2007 BMW 2007 BMW 2007 BMW 2008 BMW 2008 BMW 2007 BMW 2007 BMW 2005 BMW 2008 BMW 2007 BMW 2007 BMW 2006 BMW 2007 BMW 2008 BMW 2006 BMW 2007 BMW 2007 BMW 2008 BMW

2009 Porsche Boxster S PDK Aqua Blue/Black 6124 Miles

2009 Porsche C4S Cabriolet Silver/Grey/Grey 6 Spd HRE Wheels

128CICA Blue 128CICA White 328CICA W/NAV Blue 328IA Monaco 335CIA Gray 335CICA Red 335IA W/NAV Black 525IA Black 525IA Black 528IA Silver 535IA Black 550 Silver 550IA W/NAV Black 645CIA White 650CICA Black 750IA Black 750 IA Black 750LIA Silver 750LIA Black M3 White M6 White X3 Silver X5 4.8 W/NAV Black X5 4.8 W/NAV Gray

2006 Porsche Cayman S Tip White/Saddle

2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Black/Black

2008 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet Tip Meteor Gray/Terracotta-Black 4700 miles

HUMMER 2006 Hummer H2 Burgundy LAMBORGHINI 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Grey 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago White MASERATI 2007 Maserati QP Grey PORSCHE 2009 Porsche 2009 Porsche 2006 Porsche 2005 Porsche 2006 Porsche 2007 Porsche 2008 Porsche

2010 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet 6 Speed Dark Blue Metallic/Tan

Cayenne Beige Cayenne White Cayenne S Silver Cayenne Turbo Black Cayman S White Cayman S Silver Turbo Cabriolet Grey

2009 Maserati Gran Turismo S Rosso Mondiale/Black Only 1 left in the country

















S/S Chevelles from $99,500

S/S Camaros from $99,500

S/S Corvettes from $159,900


S S MOTORSPORTS OF SARASOTA 5705 Jason Lee Place Sarasota, FL 34233 • A Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Florida Dealer • S/S Motorsports does not use reproduction bodies.

941-400-8536 • 941-921-7223 •


15500 ROSCOE BLVD., VAN NUYS, CA 91406

Call Sales Mgr., Stuart McIntosh at 800-564-7891




Aston Martin has designed the most gorgeous four-door saloon ever to grace a public thoroughfare - the new Aston Martin Rapide. Available only in very limited numbers, the Rapide brings Aston Martin couture to the dream of a night on the town for four. Inquire about getting yours today at Galpin Aston Martin!

The C8 Aileron offers stylish turbine design elements together with an Audi 4.2 liter V8 engine, giving 400 bhp, and boasting a maximum speed of 187 mph. Features include; 19” alloy wheels, new suspension system, LED lights and indicators, high quality leather interior, Kharma sound system with digital radio, Bluetooth interface, iPod connectivity and navigation system. Inquire about getting yours today at Galpin Spyker!

The new 2010 Evora ,mid-engine 2+2, is a fine sports car that is extremely agile and fun to drive! The Evora is powered by a Lotus-tuned 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 276 hp @ 6,400 rpm and weighs just 2,976 lbs. The interior features adjustable Recaro leather sport seats in front and leather seats in rear, a state-ofthe-art Alpine multi-media system, 7” touch-screen satellite/navigation, DVD, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. Inquire about getting yours today at Galpin Lotus!



2009 LOTUS EXIGE S 260

This magnificent Gun Metal Grey over Cognac C8 SWB Spyder has never been titled and has only 318 miles on the odometer! This 400hp beauty features 19" Aeroblade wheels with a satin finish, a whisper mode exhaust system and a turned aluminum dashboard, amongst other options. This 187mph exotic is supplied with a new 2 year warranty from Spyker cars and has been the star of the show at several car shows!

Weighing in at just over 2,000lbs and benefiting from a 257hp supercharged engine, this is a real drivers car. Limited to a production run in 2009 of just 50 vehicles globally, Galpin is pleased to offer this new and untitled track day monster with under 100 miles on the odometer. Finished in Storm Titanium with swathes of Carbon Fibre, this Limited Edition Lotus Exige is designed to set the senses racing!



The stunning new XJ Supersport has been described by automotive critics as a rival to the world’s finest vehicles! The Supersport exhibits an extremely aggressive and stylish look while it boasts a supercharged direct-injection 5.0-liter V8 giving 510 hp and is capable of 0-60-mph in just over 4 seconds. The luxurious interior features an 8” navigation screen, B&W 1200-watt sound system, and push button ignition and much more. Inquire about getting your XJ Supersport today at Galpin Jaguar!

1969 MUSTANG “GREEN MACHINE” Galpin Auto Sports built this 1969 Mustang from scratch, ive in just 3 days at the 2009 SEMA convention in Las Vegas ! This ’69 ’Stang features PPG Green Pearl Chartreuse paint, Katzkin Leather interior, Grant steering wheel, Ford Racing 5-speed manual trans. and 351 engine giving 525 hp with 515 pounds of torque. G.A.S. also installed a Hilborn Fuel Injection (converted to electronic fuel injection), Sheby 2-pc wheels, Nitto NT05 tires, SSBC disc brakes, a Chris Alston Total Control Performance Steering and Suspension package, JL Audio system and much much more!

The quintessential hot rod! This is 1 of only 10 production cars that have the dash mounted 75th Anniversary plaque individually signed by Edsel B. Ford II. 75th Anniversary logo embroidered on seat back & on trunk interior bulkhead. Offered originally by Detroit Street Rods & officially licensed by Ford Motor Co. This "Deuce" combines the beauty of Ford's original design with contemporary technology. Featuring a completely concealed convertible top.




Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Iacocca's iconic Mustang, iLegacy has introduced this uniquely modified & coachbuilt fastback Mustang, of which only 45 will be built. Featuring sunken headlights, slanted grille, custom paint, Ford Racing Handling Package, & so much more! Available only at Galpin Ford.

This Chevrolet Camaro is a modern day muscle car giving 426hp with 420 lbs. of torque and provides excellent performance together with retro-cool styling. It features a Galpin Auto Sports body kit, custom paint and pin striping, Eibach lowering kit, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Forgiato multi-piece 22” Wheels, Nitto Invo tires, painted brake calipers, Billet Accessories by DefenderWorx, MagnaFlow exhaust, and Katzkin Leather interior. This pony redefines the American muscle car!

This Dodge Challenger offers sleek good looks, a muscular edge and power at your fingertips! In addition to it’s 5.7 liter HEMI V8 giving 372 hp, it also features custom paint and pinstriping, a Mopar performance rear wing, TruCarbon carbon fiber hood, Eibach lowering kit, MagnaFlow exhaust and Quad Tips, Savini B52 3-piece 22” Wheels, Nitto NT 420 tires, and Katzkin Leather two-tone leather seats. Bold and beautiful!

2005 FORD GT



Production of this mid-engined, 6-speed manual supercar with a modular V8 supercharged engine was limited to just 4,038 cars in model years 2005 and 2006. With a very usable 550 horsepower and 500 foot pounds of torque, this car became an instant classic. This particular example has covered just 3,462 miles from new and features the optional McIntosh sound system, white racing stripes and forged alloy wheels. We are proud to offer this car for sale at $167,995.

Besides 850 hp assuring its immense force of acceleration, the GT’s expanded performance is created by the addition of a Whipple supercharger, Acufab throttle body, Ford Racing long tube headers, Ford Racing Exhaust, Transcooler and SCT Programmer. The custom matte black paint and custom wheels increase the sinister look of this supercar!

This amazing car has only 3,481 documented miles. Finished in Metallic Silver with a full Black Leather interior. This Porsche comes with the balance of the manufacturers warranty, full CARFAX report and a long list of equipment. Some features include; Porsche Communication Mgmt. System, Porsche Stability Mgmt., full electric memory seats, BOSE entertainment system, Sports Chrono Package and much, much more…offered for sale at $84,950.

This vehicle has remained with the Ford Motor Company as a promotional vehicle since it was built. Virtually new, it has only 7,765 miles to date. 550 bhp, 5.4 liter aluminum mid-mounted V8 engine. Centennial White exterior finish with all 4 options including Racing Stripes, Lightweight Forged Aluminum Wheels, Painted Brake Calipers, and the McIntosh upgraded stereo system. Remaining Bumper to Bumper Warranty continues through Nov. 8, 2010 or 36,000 miles.

















2010 Bentley Continental Supersports St. James/Beluga New Vehicle - Just Arrived

2007 Bentley Continental GTC Dark Sapphire/Saffron 7,685 miles

2007 Bentley Arnage T Arctica/Beluga 5,779 miles

2010 Bentley Flying Spur Speed Onyx/Beluga New Vehicle

2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe Black/Black/Yellow 4,854 miles

2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Pearl Yellow/Black/Yellow 3,283 miles

2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Spyder Rosso Vik/Black New Vehicle

1998 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Chiaro Blue/Snowcorn 18,522 miles

2001 BMW Z8 Titanium Silver Metallic/Black 10,014 miles

2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante Ghillies Green/Dark Tan 9,117 miles

2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Tour de France Blue/Beige 3,414 miles

2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia F1 Yellow Modena/Black 487 miles

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coupe Black/Black 8,956 miles

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S Guards Red/Black 19,227 miles

2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Black/Carrera Red 2,205 miles

2008 BMW 335i Convertible Space Grey Metallic/Corel Red 21,164 miles


2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Spyder Verde Ithaca/Black

2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Nero Aldebaran/Black/White


2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed Glacier White/Beluga

2009 Bentley Brooklands Black Sapphire/Saffron



2006 CHEVROLET C6 ZO6. This Corvette is one of the finest built Corvettes built in the world hands down and is currently the most powerful naturally aspirated LSX based C6Z package we have ever done and the most I have ever seen. It features a custom built 8.0l Warhawk racing engine putting out an astonishing 820 NA horsepower. Full LG exhaust Bilstein suspension, Brembo brakes, Tilton clutch, transmission and diffy have all been upgraded to handle the massive amounts of torque. Not a single penny was spared in the making of this car (300k). It is overkill at its finest, and will obliterate anything on the street or track. Undefeated at track events. All street parts available. DVD, NAV AC, etc. $175,000. U.S. Call Auto Lancaster (514) 487-5002 or e-mail

MAYBACH LANDAULET. Now available for immediate delivery only at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster. A historic vehicle with production limited to three units in the United States in 2009. Be a part of automotive history and enjoy the luxury only offered by Maybach. Call Randy Bednar at (303) 888-3740.








2009 Aston Martin DBS

2010 Spyker Aileron

2003 Lotus Esprit V8

Limited Stratus White Edition, Just like the one Aston Martin CEO Dr. Bez drives personally. Our only DBS in stock. Do not miss the opportunity to own this spectacular car. $ Inquire

Currently taking deposits on the all new 2010 Spyker C8 Aileron. Completely new car, Longer Wheelbase = Superior Handling, Larger Interior volume, Better Stability. Improved Ergonomics, available w/ ZF Automatic Transmission. The future for Spyker is now.

Arctic Silver Metallic, 12,793 miles. A bone stock, unmolested Esprit. Optional Glass Roof Panel, Owners Manual, Maintenance Records. Positively one of the best anywhere on the market. $55,950

1993 Bentley Continental R

2009 Lotus Exige S260

1966 Pontiac GTO

Rare Continental R, $277,720 orig. MSRP, Turbocharged 6.75L V8 325hp/450lb-ft, 0-60 in 6.5s for a 5100lbs. Ultra Luxury Coupé! Just 6,600 miles; Like New Condition. $59,950

One of the last 260s in the country, only Black One – 57lbs lighter, 17 more hp. Carbon Fiber Roof, Rear deck lid, wing & trim, Forged Wheels, Accusump Oil System, more. Just 50 produced total,. $78,315

This GTO is a “Must See”. Great Color, Sensational Condition, all stock except for American Wheels and Flowmasters. Full PHS Paperwork incl. Drives every bit as good as it looks. $39,950

2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0

1964 Buick Riviera

2008 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Very Rare Nero Pegaso (Metallic Black) over all Black Leather. Larini Exhaust, Full Clear Bra paint protection, Documented Ownership History. A Pedigreed Car with only 17,067 miles, Fresh Service Just Completed. $169,950

Stunning West Coast car. Repainted correct Arctic White. Factory Cruise control, Power Seat, Air Conditioning, PS, PB, PW, rear defrost. #s Matching “Wildcat 465” $26,950

Demonstrator with 2,600 miles, Never Titled. Meteorite over Obsidian Black, Touchtronic, Red Painted Calipers, Mahogany veneer/door caps, Satellite Radio, Upgraded Wheels and more. 450hp, $191,480 MSRP Demo Special $149,950, Act Fast!

2008 Custom Chopper

2008 BMW M5

WILD custom chopper. Thompson frame, 110hp/120lb-ft 113ci S&S, 300mm rear tire, incredible paint, Stingray Seat. You couldn’t build this for TWICE the asking price. $19,950

13710 NE 20TH ST., BELLEVUE, WA 98005

Very Elegant and rare Monaco Blue; Original MSRP $98,420. Merino Leather, Ventilated Seats, HD & Sat Radio, Comfort Access, Active Seat Bolsters, Adaptive Cruise, HUD, 1-Owner, Books, 8k mi. $67,950





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2009 Z06 CORVETTE. Rad Z 2 started out as a 2009 Z06 Corvette that has been improved with a number of mechanical and aesthetic improvements. As follows: 633hp LS7 naturally aspirated engine, Extra water and oil cooling capacities, ARE Stage 2 dry sump system, Billy Boat Fusion exhaust, RPS dual disc carbon clutch, DTE blueprinted differential, Pfadt Racing adjustable suspension, 15” front & 14” rear Brembo Brakes, ZR1 fenders & side splitter, Functional front splitter and racing wing, Factory ZR1 chrome wheels. The Rad Z series of Corvettes that are an extremely high performance street/track car with unique paint schemes and interiors. This Corvette documented as Rad Z 2 was showcased at the National Corvette Museum 15th Anniversary Birthday bash and received rave reviews from corvette owners all over the United States. It is now being offered for sale at the special price of $119,000. Contact Rick Adams (218) 682-3100. To see more visit www



2009 MERCEDES SLR ROADSTER Diamond white/Tan Special Order 100 miles!!

1993 FERRARI 512 TR White/Red Show Quality 5,000 miles!!

2008 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPYDER Prl Orange/Custom Options 2,000 miles!!

2008 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPYDER Verde Ithaca Green E-Gear 3,000 miles!!

1995 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO V-T Red/Tan Perfect! 7,000 miles!!

2003 BMW Z-8 Sil/Rare 6- spd 12,000 miles!!

2003 BMW Z-8 ALPINA Blk/Blk Automatic 18,000 miles!!

2007 FERRARI F430 SPIDER Red/Tan F-1 Loaded 3,000 miles!!

2004 FERRARI 360 SPIDER TDF Blue/Racing Seats 6-spd 8,000 miles!!

2006 FERRARI F430 COUPE Red/Tan 6-spd New 2,000 miles!!

2001 FERRARI 550 BARCHETTA Red/Tan U.S. car 5,000 miles!!

2010 FERRARI CALIFORNIA Red/Natural Unreal 700 miles!!

1986 FERRARI 328 GTS Red /Tan Gorgeous 22,000 miles!!

1991 FERRARI 348 TS Red /Tan Concours 5,000 miles!!

1997 PORSCHE 993 TWIN TURBO Blk/Blk The Best 3,000 miles!!

2007 PORSCHE TWIN TURBO Meteor Gray/Gray 6 spd 5,000 miles!!

2008 PORSCHE TWIN TURBO CAB Blk/Blk 6-spd 2,000 miles!!

2006 FORD GT Midnight Blue 4 Options 1,000 miles!!

2009 CORVETTE ZR-1 Blk/Blk 32R Pkg 100 miles!!

1987 BUICK "GNX" # 119 OF 547 Blk Time Capsule New 470 miles!!

1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD Red/Completely Restored to New!!

1957 CHEVY 3100 1/2 TON STEPSIDE Tartan Turquoise Show Quality!!

Marshall Goldman


24661 Miles Rd., Cleveland, OH 44128 216-831-9191

1989 LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH 25TH ANNIVERSARY White/Red w/White piping The Finest 1,000 miles!!

2008 SALEEN S-281 SUPERCHARGED White/B k One of a Kind 1,000 miles!!

2007 BENTLEY GTC CONV. Blk/ Blk Veneers, Chromes 8,000 miles!!

2008 BMW M3 CONV. Sil/Blk Loaded 6,000 miles!!

2008 MERCEDES SLR ROADSTER Blk Metallic/Blk $289,900 50 miles!!

2008 BMW M6 CONV. Sil Gray/Beige "SMG" 15,000 miles!!

2006 ASTON MARTIN DB9 CONV. Blk/Blk $ 89,900 10,000 miles!!

2009 BMW 750 LI Blk/Blk loaded 200 miles!!

2006 BMW M5 Sil Stone/Grey Perfect 19,000 miles!!

2009 MERCEDES S550 SPORT Blk/Tan, 4MATIC, Save 1,000 miles!!

2009 MERCEDES S63 "AMG" White/Blk Rare 3,000 miles!!

2007 MERCEDES S65 "AMG" Blk/Blk Pano Roof 14,000 miles!!

2002 BENTLEY ARNAGE Blk/Blk $65,920 12,000 miles!!

2007 BENTLEY ARNAGE "T" 2008 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Special Order $ 129,900 10,000 miles!! Blk/ Tan $248,900 3,000 miles!!

2000 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SERAPH Blk/Silver 2 Tone, 13,000 miles!!

2007 MASERATI QUATTROPORTE Pewter Metallic/Tan 3,000 miles!!

2009 LEXUS LX570 Blk/Grey Loaded 2,000 miles!!

2008 RANGE ROVER HSE SUPERCHARGED 2009 PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO "S" White/Ivory Gorgeous 10,000 miles!! Blk/Blk Pano Roof 700 miles!!

2007 HUMMER H2 SUT 2009 MERCEDES G55 AMG Limited Edition Every Option 9,000 miles!! Blk/Blk RARE 1,000 miles!!

Private Collection 1993 Aston Martin Virage Volante Widebody The rarest Aston Martin in the world. The first one built of 6 left-hand drives in the world produced for all years in production. Documentation verified from the factory. V8, 5.3 liter motor with Callaway designed 32 valve heads and Weber Marelli fuel injection. 330hp. Top speed 160+ MPH. The only one in Winchester Blue, monochromatic interior and top. It has lavishly appointed Connolly leather, far superior to any Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, or any other Aston Martin, that exceeded six figures for the cost of the leather alone. 6,800 original miles. Flawless. $1.2 Million Firm

1980 BMW M1 Twin Turbo Pro Car Widebody 450hp LeMans Edition 1 of 2 worldwide street version twin turbo Pro cars produced for all years in production. A mid engine inline 6 Cylinder, double overhead cam, 3,453cc twin turbo motor, boasting 450bhp. Top speed 200 MPH. White interior with Red piping. 3,500 original miles. Pebble Beach Concours quality total ground up restoration. $1,000,000 Firm

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz Mens Brand new in box with papers All factory diamonds. Diamond grading flawless/ DIF. Certified by Audemars Piguet. 15 ct. total weight. One of 5 in the world produced for all years in production.. $200,000 Firm

10.75 ct Round Brilliant Diamond (ideal cut) Diamond Grade SI1, Color J, EGL certified $150,000 Firm

6.14ct Round Brilliant Diamond Diamond Grade SI2, Color I, EGL USA and UGS certified. $50,000 Firm

CALL 301-775-5718 No Scammers

Serious Inquires only. No Dealers, Dreamers, Solicitors or Trades. Both cars in this collection are cosmetically and mechanically perfect, and neither of these cars have speed restrictors on them.

The Most Revolutionary and Advanced Vehicle EVER

Features « -2 to 44 inches of Independent Wheel Travel « 1,100 Horsepower/1,800 ft. lbs. torque « Fully Driver Adjustable Suspension

« Titanium Monocoque Chassis Design

« Armoring available at B5 standards and up « Bio Diesel Capable Motor

The world’s first Super Terrain Vehicle engineered by Shadow Hawk Vehicles, a company with roots in military contracting and Formula One racing, uses technology that was once only considered possible in science fiction.

SHADOW HAWK Super Terrain Vehicles


"The Future Belongs To Those Who Plan"


(Installation Provided Globally)

Protection For Families Executives Physicians Communities Natural Disasters • Earthquakes (up to 8.5+) • Hurricanes • Tornadoes • Smoke, Fire & Floods

Terrorism • Nuclear Incidents • Biological Incidents • Chemical Incidents • 877-407-1168 • Int’l 1-215-352-5179

Indoor Cover

Indoor Car Covers...from $350 Plus S&H

(available colors)

A duPont REGISTRY exclusive, our indoor covers are made from a material that stretches to contour to the shape of the vehicle like a glove. It has a satin-like, yet tough exterior and a fleece-soft interior that pampers the finish of your vehicle. ™

Outdoor Car Covers...from $340 Plus S&H (available colors)

The duPont REGISTRY outdoor cover has been developed for those who will accept nothing but the best for their prized possession. A high-quality micro-fiber is miniaturized and tightly joined by a new weaving technology that keeps moisture from penetrating from the outside but allows vapor molecules to escape from within. ™

Outdoor Cover

All covers come with a full one-year warranty. *prices vary depending on size of vehicle

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2008 WESTWIND LIMO BUS. Fantastic 26 passenger Luxury Liner. Finished in Black, with Black leather and Ostrich perimeter seating, 3 full bars, 42” and 27” Flat screen TVs DVD/CD players, full fiber optics, rear luggage storage, and much, much more. $125,900. Contact Biff with Pure Limousine, Inc., at (727) 458-7626 or e-mail:

2006 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO. Yellow/Black, 6,800 miles, excellent condition, one owner, garage kept, dealer serviced—up to date—complete books and records, no paint work, Yellow calipers, E-Gear, two-toneYellow/Black interior, glass bonnet, 2 new tires, power doors/locks/windows/seats, 2 covers—indoor/outdoor. $114,500. Bob at (248) 909-9400.

1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. Blue/Silver removable hardtop also with new ragtop, new Silvery Blue interior, 283 engine, 4-speed, garage kept. Some damage on driver's front bumper and hood. Will sell as is $30,000. Please call Jerilyn (386) 530-0374.

1965 CORVETTE. 700 Miles Since Body off Restoration, 327/300, Always garaged, Factory specs, AC, Turbo350- 3 Speed automatic Transmission,Teak steering wheel, Goldline tires, Knockoff wheels, CD changer, Fully loaded, Looks and runs better than new. New interior, Leather seats, Power windows, Carpet, Paint and weatherproofing, 3.36 positraction differential. This car needs nothing $95,000.00. Call Steve (352) 503-6157.






2002 FORD GT CONCEPT CAR. Built for the 2002 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This car, Serial Number #00000000000GT1147, is the first of 2 concept cars built by Ford. The second is still owned by Ford. This is a non-drivable, fiberglass model that is the perfect museum piece for any collector. Goodyear Prototype Tires 18” F, 19” R. The only modern Ford GT with GT40 logo’s from the factory, ever. Was on Fords 2002’s auto show circuit for a full year because of its popularity. Google search 2002 Ford GT Concept Car to see all the press this actual car has had. This is the show car of super cars! See it at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, 2010 or for more information call (714) 348-6408 or E-mail

SHELBY GT 500 ELEANOR. VIN# 7R02C107110. Custom built from a 1967 Mustang. Exceptional detail. This entire car is built with new parts. The engine is a 408-cubic inch Eagle Stroker, in a Ford 351 Windsor Block. 525 HP. Unique engine compartment detail. Daily driver with 400 miles on the chassis. Private seller. Will consider reasonable trades. $140,000. Contact Richard G. for more information at (561) 470-6201 or E-mail See more at

2009 DODGE CHALLENGER R/T. SEMA Showcar. Project N96: Drop Top Revenge. HEMI V8, 6060 Tremec, 6 speed Manual transmission. Custom Katzkin leather interior, Hurst shifter conversion, Classic hood shaker, Sequential turn signals, and Early production, 1st Generation Challenger wheels by FOOSE. Quality convertible conversion with power top and rear quarter windows. Appraised by Auto Appraisal Network for $142,500.00 Nov. 2009. Available for immediate purchase. $132,500. Call Bill at (607) 543-1215.

1965 BACKDRAFT RACING ROADSTER. Hand built using the finest materials available. Full leather trim, stainless side pipes and engine cladding, premium paint work, full independent suspension with power disc brakes. Starting at $31,900 for a "turnkey minus drive train car." For further information call (561) 752-3693 or on the web at

2008 DODGE CHALLENGER SRT 8. Full custom race 440 from BES racing, custom stage 2 procharger with intercooler and blow off valve. 1046hp. Custom one off wide body kit. Custom one off three stage paint. 24x13 rear wheels with 405/24/25. 22x8 front with 265/30/22. Remote controlled exhaust cut outs. Asking $150,000. (603) 229-2795.




2009 PORSCHE C4S CABRIOLET. 6 Speed Finished in Silver with Grey leather interior and Grey top. HRE Wheels. Ready for delivery. Call Reeves Import Motorcars at (813) 933-2811.

2010 PORSCHE PANAMERA 4S. Demo with only 980 Miles. Carbon Grey over Luxor Beige Full leather. Dynamic Chassis Control. Ready for delivery Call Reeves Import Motorcars at (813) 933-2811.

1997 PORSCHE 993TT. Polar Silver/Grey Leather, Lowered, Silver Gauges, Aluminum Pedals, 32K miles. Runs & drives like new with 650 hp. Proto Tech Montronic Turbo System, Fully Built Engine, No Expense Spared. You have to drive to appreciate this level of power and drivability, all with stock appearance (ultimate sleeper). $89,000. (954) 771-2654.

1997 PORSCHE 993 TURBO. Black with Black interior. CD player, 3M bra. Very clean car, serviced, and drives strong. $63,900. Call Foreign Cars Italia at (888) 660-6822 or e-mail

2007 911 TURBO PORSCHE. Sports Chrono Package, 6-speed manual transmission, All-wheel drive. 12,700 miles. Perfect condition, never raced. Custom 20â&#x20AC;? wheels from Champion Porsche. Stunning Red Stitching on Black leather interior. Factory warranty until Jan. 2011. Vehicle located in Miami, FL. $91,000. Contact (305) 992-3198 or e-mail

2008 PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS. 1700 miles, Always Garaged, Perfect condition, Never Raced, No Accidents, Factory Paint, One Owner, NonSmoker, Performance Tires, Still Under Factory Warranty, Well Maintained!!! ASKING PRICE: $132,000. Call Richard at Cell: (610) 310-0115 or Office: (610) 323-7464.

1994 PORSCHE SPEEDSTER. The Speedster, a low-roof convertible version, based on the Carrera 2, is 1 of 925. Paint color is Black, and the mostly Black cockpit is dressed up with liberal swatches of Yellow on the gauge cluster, seat shells, and gear lever. Many extras. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1985 PORSCHE CARRERA CABRIOLET. Immaculately maintained. Finished in black (body and convertible top) with Cashmere Special Leather interior. Completely original example and is accompanied by all original manuals, tools, service records, custom cover, etc , even the original Porsche window sticker showing a price of $40,000 (in 1985 dollars!) Only 23,823 miles. $29,500. Call The Stable Ltd. at (908) 234-2055.



Š2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Optional equipment shown is extra.

CONNECTICUT Hoffman Porsche Contact: Tim Michael 630 Connecticut Blvd. East Hartford, CT 06108 (860) 290-6134 FLORIDA Bert Smith International Contact: Jack Doherty 3800 34th St. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33714 (866) 869-7677 Brumos Porsche Contact: Ray Shaffer 10100 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225 (904) 725-9155

The Collection Contact: Peter Risi 200 Bird Rd. Coral Gables, FL 33146 (305) 444-5555

Suncoast Porsche Contact: Ron Servidio 5005 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 (941) 923-1700

Porsche of Orlando Contact: Andrew Parkinson 9590 S. Hwy. 17-92 Maitland, FL 32751 (407) 262-0800

GEORGIA Jim Ellis Porsche Contact: Doug McIntyre 4006 Carver Dr. Atlanta, GA 30360 (770) 234-2100

Reeves Import Motorcars Contact: Bill Eichmann 103 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612 (813) 933-2811

ILLINOIS The Porsche Exchange Contact: Bruce Semersky 2300 Skokie Valley Rd. Highland Park, IL 60035 (847) 266-7000

NEBRASKA Porsche of Omaha Contact: Mitch Schneringer 6603 L St. Omaha, NE 68117 (402) 592-1000

NEW YORK Holtz House of Vehicles Contact: Paul Scarpulla 3955 W. Henrietta Rd. Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 334-1600

PENNSYLVANIA Don Rosen Imports Contact: Ed Kress 1312 Ridge Pike Conshohocken, PA 19428 (610) 279-4100


Porsche of Huntington Contact: Artie Hoffmann 855 E. Jericho Tpke. Huntington Station, NY 11746 (631) 424-1301

TENNESSEE Gossett Porsche Contact: Billy Smith 1875 Covington Pike Memphis, TN 38128 (901) 388-8989

Ray Catena Porsche Contact: Joseph Germino 920 U.S. Hwy. Rte. 1 Edison, NJ 08817 (732) 205-9000


Schneider + Nelson Porsche Contact: Gary Tucker 280 Hwy. 36 West Long Branch, NJ 07764 (732) 935-7600

Fred Baker Porsche Contact: Gene Hauck 19400 Rockside Rd. Bedford, OH 44146 (440) 232-4700

TEXAS Roger Beasley Porsche Contact: Bruce Ballard 200 E. Huntland Dr. Austin, TX 78752 (512) 371-1155




2008 PORSCHE 911 GT2 COUPE. Black, loaded, flawless. This fabulous GT2 Coupe Porsche is breathtaking! Only 280 miles. Black/Black, full leather, Bosel sound system, adaptive sport seats, heated seats, self dim mirror and rain sensor. Door entry guardscarbon illum., pcm navigation module. $199,000 obo. Contact (262) 745-8316.



2008 PORSCHE GT3. Perfect condition. One Owner. Always garaged. Never tracked. Porsche Racing Division’s Limited Production 911. The closest street legal experience to driving Porsche’s 911 GT race cars. Exhilarating performance and handling. Extremely drivable. Sticker price, $127,405. Ceramic composite breaks. Black full leather with Alcantara inserts. Heated power adaptive sport seats. Bi-Xenon headlamps. Sound package plus. Self-dim mirrors. Rain sensor. Sport chrono package. And more. Factory Warranty until January 2012. Asking $99,500. Contact Phil Sr., at (267) 419-1748 or pguidi@midatl net

2003 PORSCHE WIN TURBO X50. Only 3k miles. New Pirelli PZero Tires. Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) and 600 HP Upgrade. Black Exterior and full Black leather Interior. Manual Transmission. AWE Stainless Muffler System. K40 Radar. New Alpine Audison Audio w/iPod and Bluetooth. Carbon Fiber Doorsills. Aluminum Instrument Dials. Aluminum and leather Shifter and Brake. Last full service 399 miles ago. Flawless condition. Never driven in inclement weather. No hard use. Porsche only Service. $74,995. (203) 431-6602. 2007 PORSCHE 911 TURBO. Sportec edition with 600 Hp, Silver with Black interior, triptronic, demo vehicle with only 1978 miles, never tracked, only used for show purposes, completed aerodynamic package includes front spoiler lip, side skirts, three piece rear diffuser, GT style rear wing on carbon, air intakes on carbon, sport springs, 20" forged wheels with Continental CSC3 tires, Sportec turbochargers, 100 cell cats, sport exhaust, too many options to list, over $180,000 invested, asking $ 119,000. For more information call (786) 299-1566 or (305) 717-3133. or



© 2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

It's just begging for an Autobahn carpool lane. The Panamera. Experience pure Porsche performance for four.

Blue Grass Motorsport 4720 Bowling Blvd. Louisville, Kentucky 1-502-894-3428 Sales Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00 – 8:00 Sat. 9:00 – 6:00 New Inventory 2010 Panamera S Carbon Grey/Luxor Beige Black/Black Panamera 4S Carrera White/Luxor Beige Black/Black Dark Blue Metallic/Luxor Beige Basalt Black/Cognac

Panamera Turbo Black/Luxor Beige Black/Black Cayenne GTS Black/Black Lava Grey/Black Boxster Arctic Silver/Carrera Red Meteor Grey/Beige

Boxster S Basalt Black/Beige

Carrera S Cabriolet Carrera White/Beige

Cayman Aqua Blue/Black

Carrera 4 Arctic Silver/Black

Cayman S Black/Black Silver/Black

Carrera 4S Meteor Grey/Black

Carrera S Guards Red/Black

Turbo Coupe Black/Black

2009 Carrera Cabriolet Midnight Blue/Sand Beige PDK Carrera S Cabriolet Arctic Silver/Carrera Red PDK Basalt Black/Black PDK Pre-Owned 2009 Cayenne Turbo S GTS A82220 Carrera S Coupe 720197

TRUCKS, SUV’s & MOTORCYCLES 2005 DODGE VENOM 1000. Only 4000 miles on frame, 600 on engine. unbelievable piece of machinery, fully tuned, turnkey ready. Hennessey Venom 1000 twin turbo package, direct injected nitrous. Low boost—610hp, high boost—830hp, 68lb injectors. Could be replaced with 90 Lb injectors for 1000 horse and 1250 ft/lbs torque. Dyno proof sheet available. Nitrous never used plumbed and ready. Never tracked. Shaved and welded with custom Gaylord lid. Over 100 hours airbrush work, complete respray. True show winner but has never been seen in any show. Only advertised with duPont REGISTRY™. Over $175,000 invested. Offered today $95,000 OBO. I will pay for shipping anywhere in continental U.S., and will consider trades for a 34’ center console or larger. For complete details contact Sean at (941) 232-4923 or e-mail

2008 KNIGHTHAULER 384 XLT. “Redefining Luxury Transport!” This one-of-a-kind Peterbilt 384 is equipped with a Cummins ISM 425HP engine, and an Ultrashift 10-speed automatic transmission. The well appointed interior has the following: Leather seats with inserts, Navigation, Upgraded Stereo, DVD player with 17” screen, Game console ready, Suede Headliner, Wood grain throughout, Automatic Folding Rear Seat, Seats 7 adults comfortably, Plenty of storage, and much more. $159,000. Call Joe Slowiak at (817) 455-5124 or e-mail www

2004 FORD EXCURSION. Fully Armored/Bulletproof. Conversion by Streit Manufacturing. B6+ Protection Level. 6.0 Diesel with only 810 miles. Black Ext/Tan Leather Interior or White Ext/Gray Clothe Interior available. Never titled/registered. Rodgard High Speed Run Flat Tires, Several available. NEW $160,000+. ASKING $82,500. Call (888) 5755556 ext. 4. View more at


2006 HUMMER H1. Exterior: T6 Aircraft Aluminum Body, HD Brush Guard, Dual Pwr Heated Mirrors, Halogen Headlamps. Interior: Heated Front Seats, Heated Windsheild. MECHANICAL: 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel V8 Engine, Allison 5 Speed Auto Trans w/OD, Torq Trac System, 4 Wheel Drive, Towing Pkg, LT37/12.50R17 SBR BSW GS-A Tires, Dura-Wall Runflat Tire, Central Tire Inflation, Air Compressor, Dual Fuel Tanks (29.5 main, 22 auxiliary), TT4 Traction Control. Warranty: GMPP: 72 Months or 100,000 miles, $0 Deductible. Many extras! Contact (630) 718-7814.


888-650-8782 â&#x20AC;˘



ON ROAD OR OFF... the ability to go anywhere you want and a few places you shouldn’t.



1993 HARLEY DAVIDSON HERITAGE SOFTAIL. Serial # 280 out of only 2700 built! Less than 30 miles, factory test miles only! With saddle bags and factory MOO-leather seats! $25,000. Other Harleys available. Call (330) 453-8900.

2008 FORD 750. Dunkel Industries conversion which sleeps 6, seats 10 and allows you to haul all of your toys without a trailer. Custom Cabinetry, custom seats, too many options to list. Allison 3000 6-speed transmission with only delivery miles. Starting at $300,000. Please call Danny at (626) 372-9123.

2009 KNIGHT XV. Conquest Vehicles, Inc. Knight XV is a ultra security and luxurious, handcrafted, fully armored SUV. A V10, 6.8-litre, Biofuel powered that features security appointments that are unrivaled in today's SUV marketplace. Production of the Knight XV is limited to 100 vehicles. Call (416) 454-3260.

1971 ICON FJ43. 550hp 6.0L V8, 4L65E automatic transmission and Atlas 3.0 transfer case. Sport Brake Package with slotted and vented six piston front calipers. Sport Coil Suspension Package with nitrogen charged shocks with remote reservoirs, limiter straps and hydraulic bump stops. Ready for any terrain. Enquire at (818) 785-1827.

140 Trucks, SUVs & Motorcycles




2009 HAULMARK MOTORCOACH 3301-TRIPLE SLIDE. Volvo 485HP, 1650ft. Torque, Auto Shift Transmission. Will TOW 40,000 lbs!!! Beautiful Interior, Granite Floors, Counters, Flat-Screens, Sleeps 6 Adults! Go anywhere with this Live Twin Screw Rear Axle. Authorized Dealer. More Available. Contact Chris at (831) 277- 3801.

2010 SPORTCHASSIS P2-XL. *Extreme-Extraordinary-Luxury* It screams first-class and has the options to prove it! Limited production of this truck is being offered. See us at Barrett-Jackson, AZ. Authorized Dealer. Other Trucks Available. Contact Chris at (831) 277-3801.

1976 CB750 HONDA. Hand built and customized by Lossa Engineering, high performance motor, nickel plated frame & aluminum rims, aggressive Pirelli tires, bear trap pegs, lightening holes EVERYWHERE! Everything on this bike was replaced, customized, restored or replaced. Better than new! Asking $15,000. Contact Jay at (562) 889-8389 or

2002 APRILIA TUONO "R". Absolutely Mint Condition, Very Rare #186 of 200 only made, Full Factory Ohlins Suspension , 1400 miles, Very Limited Edition, Titanium Exhaust, Magnesium Race Engine, Kevlar Seats, All Carbon Fibre body work. $15,000. Contact (905) 426-3243.


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1940 LINCOLN ZEPHYR Z-LIVERY. Black Cherry/Pure Black with Red Pearlescent Clear Coat by CustomColor, handcrafted Red/Black leather interior. American Rodder cover car. Lincoln 4.6L DOHC crate polished and chromed show-motor with 4R70W electronic OD auto transmission, Autometer gauges. LED backlit 20” Donz Sopranos wrapped with G-Force performance radials. Substantial air powered systems including Advanced suspension with wireless control, front and rear hatches, interior compartments. Stainless-steel brakes, Clarion/JL Audio Audio-Video system, automatic climate control, remote security, chrome train horns, way too much to list here. This is a world-class hand-built custom for the serious connoisseur. $198,000. Call or e-mail for complete details. Alan at (727) 804-8841 or e-mail

2008 RAPTOR 3602RL & FORD 350 KING RANCH. Excellent Condition. Perfect for a family who likes to play and live in luxury. The Ford 350 diesel truck matches perfect! Many extra’s include 3 TVs wt DVD Players, Alpine 5.1 sound system, 3 sinks, 2 toilets, large shower, etc. Price includes trailer & truck. $99,500. Contact R Neral at (410) 515-6926.

2010 MANXTER S2. Out-of-this-world power to weight ratio! Curb weight less than 2,000 lbs and powered by a 300HP Suburau motor. Stateof-the-art chassis with Fox Racing Shox and Eibach Coils. For complete build sheet and pictures call Kevin with Mendeola Signature Motors at (619) 710-4946.

SHADOW HAWK SUPER TERRAIN VEHICLE. The most advanced and revolutionary vehicle ever. Highly maneuverable both on and off the road. 1,100-Mile range with bio-diesel capable power plant, 44 inches of independent wheel travel, driver activated suspension controls that allows the driver to literally “step over” objects. To reserve one, visit

1971 ICON BAJA FJ40 SCORE. Baja 1000 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Icon. Rare sport version of the Icon FJ40. One of a handful produced in 2007, tagged with signatures from Score founder and Icon designer. Highly capable off-road adventure vehicle, long travel race coil suspension, Dynatrac axles, locking differentials, 450HP V8. $105,000. (818) 785-2200.


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1966 TLC ICON. Resto-mod based on FJ40 Toyota. Handcrafted to highest standards. 2.8L Turbo Bio-Diesel, 5-speed trans. Original double C-channel frame, reinforced, modified, powder coated. Can't be complete here, go to web site for the whole story on this incredible vehicle. You won't find one more perfectly equipped and cared for. Offered at $75,000. Call Alan at (727) 804-8841or e-mail:

2006 JEEP WRANGER RUBITRUX. 4x4 CONVERSION. AEV removable half cab, Line-X spray in bedliner, Rubicon Express 3.5” lift, 18” Black rims, 33” tires, Bushwhacker pocket flares, just-released Tomb Raider bumpers/ rock sliders, Warn 9.5ti winch, Factory automatic transmission, dual air bags, tilt, cruise, CD player. 58,000 miles. $27,500. Call Reggie at (828) 406-3031. www

2005 JEEP WRANGLER. Rubicon Rubitrux Conversion. Extremely rare Electric Lime Green. Features 5.5” Rubicon Express Tri-Link Long-Arm suspension 1" body lift, 37” BFGoodrich mud terrain tires 17x9 AEV rims, ARB bullbar, rear tire carrier, Warn rock guards, Tabor 9000 winch, Bushwacker fender flares, IPF lighting, much more included with conversion. $35,500. Call Reggie at (828) 406-3031. www

2006 JEEP WRANGLER. Rubicon Rubitrux Conversion. Rubicon Express 5.5” long arm susp., ARB front/rear bumpers, Warn 9.5si winch, Amp pwr steps, IPF lighting, AEV bead lock wheels, BFGoodrich 35” mud tires, Bushwacker fender flares, AEV removable half cab, Line-X spray-in bedliner, Sat. radio, automatic trans. 17K miles. $37,500. Call Reggie at (828) 406-3031.

2005 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED. Rubicon Rubitrux Conversion. Orange/Gray interior. New RubiTrux Conversion featuring AEV removable half cab, Rubicon Express 3.5” lift, 33” Mud Terrain tires, 17x9 Incubus rims, painted Bushwhacker flares, custom bumpers, Warn winch and tire carrier, Line-X spray-in bedliner. 14K miles. $28,500. Call Reggie at (828) 406-3031. www

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2005 CUSTOM YAMAHA R6. Built by Synergic Productions with a mission to create a custom bike with the perfect fusion of design, performance and personality, and that dedication is what gave birth to this trophy bike. An absolutely beautiful bike that demands attention, truly a new frontier from the masses of chrome, $19,949. Jeremi Rakes at (407) 402-1447 or e-mail:

2009 JEEP AEV WRANGLER UNLIMITED. RUBICON. 5.7 HEMI V8. Factory Demo. Fully loaded Jeep Rubicon with 12K miles. AEV 3.5" Suspension, AEV front bumper, warn winch, lights, AEV Skidplate and corner protection, heated leather seating, AEV heat reduction hood, AEV Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier, 4.88 Gears, 35" Goodyear MTR tires. Priced at $63,999. Contact Kent Klein at (406) 251-2100, ext. 103.

2006 GMC TOP KICK. Custom Top Kick with all the extras. Custom Edge Diesel programming with 10-inch Air Ride lift. Custom bed, Hide away aluminum ramps, Dual winches, 48-inch Michelin tires, 8-inch custom exhaust stacks, Custom metalwork throughout truck, Hydraulic assist steering, and much more, 150K build cost completed 6 months ago with under 13,000 miles. $99,500,000. Contact (801) 389-4790.

1964 ICON FJ45. Bespoke workhorse that also happens to be a legendary design piece. 5.3L 350hp LS-series alloy motor. 4 speed automatic trans with Atlas II twin stick transfer case. All new alloy body coated in polyester-teflon powder coat. Seating for 2 with a 5 foot bed. Enquire at (818) 785-1728.

2007 FREIGHTLINER SPORT CHASSIS. 106 Diesel Finished in White with Black Leather interior. Mercedes Benz Power Renntech, Business Class M2. Call for details (888) 587-EURO or (954) 522-2422.

2007 LOW-RIDER & 2008 AUDIO CUSTOM. Black and Red singleside swingarm w/ 96 inch S&S, 6spd trans, chrome PM components $29,500. Driftwood and Black singleside swingarm w/107 S&S, 6spd trans, chrome PM components, and a full I-Pod audio system $39,900. Both bikes have manufacturer VIN. (NOT HOME MADE). Call Brian Trudo at (941) 921-7223. Photos on


Trucks, SUVs & Motorcycles 145

SPORT CHASSIS EXOTIC TRUCKS • RHA114, Viper Red - $119,900 (QSC20441) • 2010 P2, WHITE, JUST ARRIVED - $149,999 (QSCP4401) • RHA 114, Bright Northstar White - $119,900 (QSC59320) • RHA 114, Silver Blue Metallic - $119,900 (QSC58688) • We are an authorized Sport Chassis Supercenter with over 20 trucks in stock.

T-REX’S STARTING AT $50,995 The perfect three-wheel sports vehicle, reverse-trike configuration with rear wheel power provided by the big Kawasaki® 1,400 cubic centimeter engine makes the T-REX an awesome and thrilling ride, many options to choose from, available in White, Red, Blue, Yellow & Black. Financing available.

BMS CHOPPERS ONE OFF CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES • Blue Crush - Warrior 1700, Pre-owned - $42,900 • Bobber - V-Star 250, New 2009 - $8,999 • Sini-Star - V-Star 1300, New 2009 - $75,000

2009 CONCEPT BOATS • NEW 30’ SD Sport Deck, Red - $118,000 • NEW 32’ FE Fishing Edition, Black - $115,000 • NEW 36’ SR Poker Run Edition, Blue - $145,000 (Shown Above)

BRP CAN-AM SPYDER - $18,900 (QSV00468)



Brand new Spyder SM5, part motorcycle, part convertible, pure thrill. This Roadster is a whole new riding experience on pavement. This one-of-a-kind comes with a complete JL Audio stereo system. Financing available.

Brand new, featured on the front cover of V-Twin August ‘08, national tour bike, custom paint job, single sided 250 swingarm, stretched tank, raked neck & chromed front end, air suspension, optional warranty up to 5 years. Financing available.

Brand new, custom paint job, 280 swingarm conversion, stretched tank, 280 rear fender w/ struts, air suspension, RC Components wheels and more, optional warranty up to 5 years. Financing available.

2 Locations: 4101 Davie Road Ext. Davie, FL 33024 2300 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33409 2008 SPORT CHASSIS RH 114 - $134,900 Brand new, grey leather interior, hand held CB, rear observation system, iPOD radio, flip down TV, polished hand rails, 2-5/16” towing ball with cover, lined deck, strut grill, satellite TV, custom billet wheels, 2 year warranty. Financing available.


2009 CONCEPT BOATS 32’ - $115,000 Fishing edition, black, 600hp, Clarion stereo system w/ JL speakers, transom door w/ removable 3/4 back seat, racing billet lovorsi throttles twin, hardtop t-top, underwater LED lights, remote spot light, flood light. Financing available.

It’s About Doing Things Starting t rti g at a $300K $300K K

Upper Loft

Custom Birch/Cherry Cabinetry Rear Cabin

Sleeps 6... Seats 10... and Hauls all your toys without a trailer! • 4x4 Fabco Conversions Available • Self-contained Luxurious Living Accommodations • Custom Cabinets (Birch or Cherry) • Entertainment Systems • Patented Dinette Bed/Seat • Custom 1 touch entry stairwell • Tilt-Bed with ramps • Truck Levelers • Tow Package with air hook-ups • 3 Winches • 2 Flat Screens 17" and 12" • Kitchen Sink (folding) • Electric 2 Burner Stove • Refrigerator (2) • Drivers air ride seat • Monitor for cameras • 4 house batteries

Inquiries: Peter or Danny Dunkel | 714.562.8744




1993 FERRARI 348TS. Speciale Red with Black interior, Tubi exhaust, 29,235 miles. $49,900. Call Foreign Cars Italia at (888) 660-6822 or e-mail

2006 FERRARI F430 SPIDER. 6-Speed. Yellow with Black interior, Yellow stitching, shields, power Daytona seats, 6,643 miles. $179,900. Call Foreign Cars Italia at (888) 660-6822 or e-mail

2008 FERRARI F430 SPIDER F1. Silverstone with Burgundy interior, shields, carbon fiber driving zone, 2,814 miles. Call Foreign Cars Italia at (888) 660-6822 or e-mail

2008 FERRARI F430 F1 COUPE. Only 300 miles. Yellow over gray. Options include: Aluminum brake calipers, Daytona electric seats, Scuderia shields, radio nav, Bluetooth, front and rear sensors, high power hifi with sub woofer, special stitching and piping. Delivered Feb. 2009, 2+ year’s factory warranty. $195,000 Firm. Call (941) 359-6800.

2001 FERRARI MODENA 360F1. Silver with Black leather interior. 35k miles, Paddle shifting, Red brake calipers, Scuderia Shields, Challenge grill, Power Seats, 7k Major service just completed, New ipod deck, Indoor cloth car cover, kept in carpeted garage, meticulously maintained. Runs and looks perfect. $85,500. Rob (951) 830-6708 or e-mail

2008 FERRARI F430 SPIDER F1 ROADSTER. In stunning Corsa Red with Beige leather interior. Extra options include Red brake calipers, Daytona style electrically operated seats, upholstery color roll bars, and high-power HiFi w/sub woofer. One owner- like new in every aspect- only 1500 miles! Will ship free anywhere in Continental USA. REDUCED! Classic car trade-ins considered as well. $205,000. (954) 494-0615.

2007 FERRARI F430 SPYDER. Black with Tan Leather. Only 4,548 miles. Full Balance of Factory Warranty. Scuderia Shields, Daytona Seats, F1 transmission. Stunning throughout. Car will not last long. Call (954) 788-9600. For more information.visit

2009 FERRARI 430 CHALLENGE SCUDERIA. Driven for 12 races by 07 Ferrari Challenge champion—Mike Zoi. Has 4,386km on it. Never crashed. Price $189k. Contact (786) 449-9222.





1990 FERRARI F40. One owner F40 with only 1,703 Original miles! Rosso Corsa Exterior with Red seats. Recently serviced by Ferrari of Houston. New tires, belts, hoses, water pump and timing belt. More photos emailed upon request. Serious inquires only. $700,000. Call (713) 3027551 or

1995 FERRARI 512M. Black/Tan example, only a couple ever made for the USA market. Low miles car with books and tools. Stunning example. $199,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

2004 FERRARI 360 SPIDER. Grigio. Titanium over Black, 6,942 miles. Scuderia Shields, Red Calipers, Modular Rims, Challenge Grills, Factory Racing Exhaust, Rare Factory Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment, Power Daytona Seats. Original Window Sticker, books car cover, and more. $114,750. Call Lamborghini Houston at (866) 253-3138.

1987 FERRARI 328 GTS. Rosso Corsa Red over Tan just 16,703 miles! Service records dating back to 1987. Full major service in June 2008, just 1,000 miles ago. Includes original owner's manual, service records (including two major services), tool pouch, jack set, spare wheel and tire, and service records. $49,750. Call Lamborghini Houston at (866) 253-3138.

2001 FERRARI 550 BARCHETTA. VIN ZFFZR52A610124051 (USA model). #73/448. Tour de France Blue with Tan Connolly leather. Large racing seats with Blue piping and matching steering wheel and upper dash. Aluminum calipers and upholstered roll bars. 1,900 miles. $239,500. Call Robert at (917) 660-4034 or e-mail

2009 FERRARI F430 F1 SPIDER. Finished in Black with Black Leather interior. Like new with only 159 miles. On our showroom floor. Call Frank Blackmon at Braman Motorcars for details at (561) 242-3197.


2005 FERRARI SUPERAMERICA. Offered by Cauley Ferrari, Grigio Silverstone/Black, 1660 miles, Yellow calipers, carbon interior trim, battery charger, Daytona Seats, Foriano Handling package, shields, rear wall in leather, Hi Fi poer + CD Changer, colored stitching, Tubi Exhaust, 3M Paint film. Ferrari Classiche Program. Excellent original condition. Books, tools, records. $264,900. Call Dan at (248) 538-9600.



2005 MERCEDES-BENZ SL65. AMG enhanced with Stage 3 RENNtech System (ECU, TCU, Carbon Fiber Airbox, and Innercooler Pump Upgrade). Stunning RARE Firemist Red. Aftermarket Downpipe. Unbelievable power. 695 HP 890 LB-FT. Ash Exclusive Nappa Leather/Burl Walnut interior. Original MSRP including RENNtech $202,119. Retractable hardtop convertible, mint condition, babied by female owner, 23,400 mi. Options: Sirius Satellite Radio, Panorama roof w/sunshade, Tire-pressure monitoring system, and Keyless Go. $79,500. Serious buyers inquire for details. Call (801) 656-8808.

2008 MERCEDES-BENZ CL-600. One owner, non-smoker, kept in A/C garage, factory new condition. 2,509 miles with no history of mechanical or other problems. No dents, scratches, paint problems or any interior wear/damage. Fully serviced by local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Has the 5.5 liter Bi-Turbo V-12 engine, 510 horsepower @ 5,000rpm and 612lb-ft @ 1,800-3500rpm. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Loaded with optional R85 19â&#x20AC;? 9 double spoke wheels and 517-Cognac/ Black leather with polished Burl Walnut wood trim. In Boca Raton, FL. $104,000. Contact Eddie Twist at (561) 716-1514 or E-mail:

1971 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SE 3.5. In Factory Horizon Blue (DB304) with Midnight Blue Hard Top (DB904) and Dark Blue Leather Interior. 4-Speed Floor-Mounted Automatic Transmission, Rare Factory Power Sunroof, Power Windows. Fully restored. 23,740 miles. Contact Will Branston at (866) 708-0048.

2008 MERCEDES-BENZ SLR MCLAREN CONVERTIBLE. Finished in Cassiterite Black Metallic with Black Leather interior. This car speaks for itself. Call for details at (888) 587-EURO or (954) 522-2422.

2008 MERCEDES-BENZ ML350. Carlsson Edition, Iridium Silver with Black interior, 43000 miles, navigation back-up camera, towing package, keyless, Xenon, P2 package, fully loaded, Carlsson package includes front lip spoiler, stainless steel grill, rear diffuser with Sport rear silencer, 22" 1/11 EVO wheels with Michelin tires, many options to list, asking $39,500. For more information call (786) 299-1566 or (305) 717-3133. or



*We Guarantee to Beat any Dealer’s Final Price in the U.S.A. Call Jeff or Michael for your FREE Quote!

2010 BMW 750LI

2009 Mercedes-Benz GL450

2010 BMW X6 “M” Series

2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic

2009 or 2010 BMW 335icv

2010 Mercedes-Benz S400

2010 BMW 650i Convertible

2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

BMW of Lincoln 6701 Telluride Dr., Lincoln, NE 68521 866-731-8867 Jeff Martz

Mercedes-Benz of Lincoln 6701 Telluride Dr., Lincoln, NE 68521 866-731-8869 Michael Barrett

LOW OVERHEAD = BIG SAVINGS* Ask about our FREE Shipping and Lease Options! *See Dealer for Details, must provide signed purchase agreement from a licensed BMW or Mercedes-Benz dealer located in the United States. Guarantee only valid on in-stock vehicles, shipping, doc fee, additional accessories, tax, title & license not included in final guaranteed price, additional restrictions may apply. No sales to dealers, brokers, or anyone who buys for the sole purpose of resale or export sales.


1956 BENTLEY S-1 CONTINENTAL PARK WARD CONVERTIBLE BC22LBG. 49,877 original miles. 1 of 31 genuine examples. Gunmetal Grey over Mason's Black with Dove Grey hides piped Black to match English mohair roof. 1 registered owner. This performer enjoyed a total refurbishment in 1993 upgraded in 2008. Authentic a/c, original tools, handbook, interesting ownership documents and the original keys. Vantage Motorworks (305) 940-1161.

1950 BENTLEY MARK VI. Superior condition with new leather, brakes and service. Original, correct, authentic. Factory sunroof, picnic tables, four-speed. Ready to drive home, use daily. $29,500. Call (971) 998-2703 or e-mail

2007 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM.Cornish White. Interior is Moccasin. Veneered instrument panel. Colour-keyed boot trim. Veneered steering wheel spokes. Picnic tables-veneered backs. RR logo to all headrests. Camera systems (front and rear). 21" aluminum wheels. Crossbanded Elm cluster veneer. Slide/tilt sunroof. Save $100,000.00 off original price. Asking $265,000. Contact (602) 403-2924.

2008 ROLLS-ROYCE DROPHEAD COUPE. Jubilee Silver with Cream. Only 500 Miles. Teak Deck and Stainless Steel Hood. Loaded with options. Car is in absolutely perfect condition and shows as new. For more information call (954) 788-9600.

2004 BENTLEY ARNAGE R. The most luxurious auto you could ever want to own, only 24,500 miles at an incredible low price of $79,500. New condition, Fully loaded with most factory options. Rare column shifter, Black exterior, Exquisitely finished with Cream Connolly leather interior. 6.75 liter = 400 hp turbo engine. Contact Gary at (562) 260-7991.

1951 BENTLEY MK VI SS SALOON. Fully restored. 2nd, RROC Greenwich '05, AACA Hershey '05. $73,080 (current UK price). Negotiable. Call (607) 272-2612 or e-mail

1980 1/2 ROLLS-ROYCE SHADOW. 39,000 miles, museum quality, rare and desirable fuel injected model built only at the end of this final year of the legendary Silver Shadow. $34,900. (801) 362-3180.

2008 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM DROPHEAD COUPE. Convertible. Finished in English White over Cream. 21â&#x20AC;? chrome wheels, front and rear camera system and much more. Call for details (888) 587-EURO or (954) 522-2422.





Sales: (908) 234-2055 Fax: (908) 781-2599 217 Main Street, Gladstone NJ 07934

Originally purchased by Beautiful Mason's Black a high-profile local man with tan leather piped who wanted a lower-problack, black carpets piped file look--thus the Bentley tan, gorgeous Circassian conversion. Ebony with Walnut facia and cabin tan leather piped black, trim, tan top and tan boot and black top. boot--also piped black. Fitted with all accessories Fitted with all accessories 1985 ROLLS-ROYCE/BENTLEY CORNICHE CONVERTIBLE including locking cocktail 1986 ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE II CONVERTIBLE including locking cocktail cabinets to each door. cabinets to each door. Full provenance, original manuals and tools. 18,218 miles. $68,000. Original manuals and tools. 23,232 miles. $62,000.





Beautiful Cream with literally as-new original tan leather piped cream and gorgeous original polished interior woodwork. Purchased new by a local family, sold and serviced by us since we purchased it from them in 2001. Just traded-in to us on a Bentley GT. All original manuals, tools, extra keys, etc. 65,346 miles. $27,000.

This is the 1979 Chicago Auto Show display car and is one of just three finished by Aston Martin in a duo-tone color scheme. Silver Sand over Madagascar Brown with luggage brown Connolly hides piped cream, tan Wilton II carpets and special color-keyed wheels. Full provenance since new with original manuals and tools. 22,672 miles. $52,000.

Beautiful in Sand over Mason's Black with parchment leather piped in black, beautiful original woodwork and with chrome bumpers--something which would l.ater disappear due to U.S. regulations. One of many beautiful cars which came to us from a local collection. 79,095 miles. $25,500.

Bordeaux with beautiful and completely original tan hides and the extraordinary polished walnut facia and cabin trim with which only the early Shadows were fitted. The English owner of this car brought it with him when he relocated to the U.S. decades ago. Accompanying R.R. dealer records confirm more than $11,000 in recent mechanical work to have the car drive as well as it looks! 116,825 miles. $22,900.



895 North Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Longwood, FL 32750 For More Information Call 407 339 3443 See Our Complete Inventory at


Find out how you can become a satisfied advertiser

Call 800-233-1731 FEBRUARY 2010




If the acquisition of an uncompromised source of pleasure, or the refurbishment of your present motorcar is on your agenda, we’d appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Throughout our more than three decades as one of the leading completely self contained restoration and sales facilities in this area of the industry, our view has been that the responsibility due these rolling works of art is at least equal to that owed our long list of satisfied clients and friends. A sampling of our inventory appears below. Each will be thoroughly prepared in our workshops so that only your enjoyment, rather than further attention will be required upon delivery. Their pricing is regularly reviewed and adjusted where appropriate, so that they may provide, in light of superior condition, excellent value as well. Your inquiries, trade proposals, and visits to our premises, if only to share enthusiasms, are all most welcome.

3DL56 - 1938 Phantom III H.J. Mulliner 4 Door All Weather Cabriolet. Gunmetal Grey, Grey top & hides. Virtually flawless throughout, 2006 Pebble Beach First Place Winner. Likely the finest Phantom III in the world. Serious inquiries and quality partial trades invited.

BC22LBG – 1956 Bentley S-1 Continental Park Ward DHC. 1 of 31 left drives built. Gunmetal Grey over Mason’s Black, Dove Grey hides piped Black to match its English Mohair roof. 49,877 miles, restored by ourselves in 1993 upon acquisition from the Estate of the original owner at 40,670 miles, upgraded in 2008. Nice document file, original book and tools. Warranty available for you, the second registered owner other than licensed dealer/collectors.

k an Th

BC14LA – 1952 R-Continental H.J. Mulliner Fastback. Circassian Blue, Grey hides. Wonderful pedigree and condition. One of 11 left drive column shift 4 speeds, documented to be the lightest HJM Fastback body. Many interesting original features, warranty available. A very exciting opportunity, a fabulous performer.

LWHD78 - 1951 Silver Wraith Convertible Park Ward Design 225 One-off. Shell Grey over Tudor Grey, Red hides. Very straight older refurbishment in fine mechanical order. Power top and windows from new. Interesting History. Warranty available.

and top. 19,792 three owner Florida miles. Written comprehensive mechanical warranty available.

LSCX447 - 1963 Silver Cloud III H.J. Mulliner DHC - 1 of 25 genuine left drives built. Shell Grey, Scarlet hides. Numerous unique options as supplied new to Sweden 73,714 km ago. Interesting history, never damaged or rusted example presently being upgraded to our standards. The photo is from our 2000 files when we had it last. It has been in the care of a highly respected facility since and has traveled virtually no miles in that time. Warranty available.

LSJR237 - 1965 Silver Cloud III. Shell Grey, Scarlet hides. 71,354 three owner miles, complete service history from new. Supplied 1995 @ 61,918 miles by ourselves. Straight, undamaged impressive performer. Written mechanical warranty available.

300SL-002926 - 1961 Disc Brake Cast Iron Engined Roadster. Black, Red hides. 73,743 mi., wonderful documentation & service records. Mechanically superb 1,000 mile rally veteran, cosmetically original, undamaged, never rusted, beautifully patinaed example. Complete orig. tool roll, handbook pkg., w/ service book kept current until 8/28/94@ 60,100 mi. Incredible survivor.

YCX68018 - 2000 Corniche Convertible-335hp Turbo. Silver Pearl, Silverstone hides, Black piping

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BC96LAF - 1957 Bentley S-1 Continental H.J. Mulliner Fastback. 1 of 24 left drives built. Rolls-Royce Burgundy, Tan Connolly hides. Late spec big valve, big carb engine, power steering, upgraded very efficient a/c & cooling system. 109,204 kilometers (appx. 68,000 mi) since first delivered to Belgium. Written warranty available.

ADDITIONAL INVENTORY - PARTIAL LISTING 1939 Bentley 41/4 MR Series Overdrive Van Den Plas Drophead (convertible). Disassembled interrupted restoration. Available as is or completed to suit. 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver CLoud I H.J. Mulliner Style 7410 (alloy body) Convertible. Exeter Blue, Surf Blue hides, power top fitted, fitted Antler luggage. 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Sedan. Dessert Sand over Maroon Iridescent, Red hides. 1960 Bentley S-2 Continental H.J. Mulliner Flying Spur. Shell Grey over Tudor Grey, Parchment hides. Excellent example, 1960 Paris Show Car.

1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III MPW Flying Spur. Gunmetal Grey over Black Pearl, Scarlet hides. A/C fitted, factory power windows. 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III MPW Flying Spur. Midnight Blue, Beige hides. Factory A/C Fitted, factory power windows. 1997 Bentley Turbo RL Long Wheelbase Saloon. Rosewood, Tan hides piped Burgundy. 4,458 two owner miles. Thank You, So 2001 Bentley Azure. 400 es.ld 25,082 miles, complete history. 2002 Rolls-Royce Corniche 335 h Bl k S Navy piping & top. ld You, So k an Th 17,606 miles, compl y available.

Wanted: Quality Examples Of The Type Of Automobiles Shown Above. Immediate Payment And Pick Up Anywhere. • (305) 940-1161 • 1898 N.E. 151st St. • N. Miami, FL 33162

WCX63045 - 1998 Bentley Continental R California Edition "Wide Body" Coupe #4 of 6. Racing Green, duotone Parchment & Spruce interior. Winged "B" mascot to chrome grille shell, balance of original $47,960 option package intact. 8,655 two owner miles, virtually new throughout. Warranty available.

BC49LCZ - 1962 Bentley S-2 Continental H.J. Mulliner Flying Spur. Exeter Blue, Mocha hides, 60,238 miles. Factory a/c upgraded, power windows, altimeter, ex-Sherry Harrah. Great documentation. Complete tools, correct handbook & 2002 Amelia Island trophy included. Warranty available.

1CX62524 - 2001 Mulliner “Widebody” One-Off Personal Commission Azure-420hp. Chrome Yellow, Black top & hides. Reportedly the costliest Azure ever built, bristling with far too many options to list here. 12,327 miles, terrific condition. Warranty available.

RCX50036 - 1994 Corniche IV - 2nd Series. Arctic White, Tan top & hides, Parchment piping. Very strong 14,107 mile performer, no collisions or any other "stories". Written mechanical warranty available.

LSHF169 - 1959 Silver Cloud I James Young SC20 DHC. One of 2 built. Deep Oxford Blue, Tan top & hides. Fresh Concours quality restoration, A/C fitted. Factory power top & windows, large carb. Continental spec. engine. 51,169 miles, excellent pedigree. Warranty available.

5BX44 - 1962 Phantom V James Young PV22SD Sedanca de Ville. Regal Red over Black, Beige broadcloth rear, Red hides front. Well documented 90,000+ British Pound restoration late 1980’s including factory fresh engine, further upgraded by ourselves, very efficient A/C neatly fitted. Written warranty available.

LSED193 - 1958 Silver Cloud I H.J. Mulliner Style 7410 Alloy bodied DHC. One of 13 left drives. Circassian Blue, Parchment hides, Blue mohair top. Large valve, large carburetor Continental spec engine, power steering, efficient A/C & P-100s fitted. Good collector roster (ex-Earl Heath), warranty available.

LSZD165 - 1962 Silver Cloud II. Shell Grey over Black Pearl, Light Grey hides. Split bench seat, factory A/C upgraded. 32,705 miles, complete ownership records since new. Remarkable example appropriately priced. Written warranty available.

2CX01001 – 2002 Bentley Azure – 400 Hp Turbo. Magnolia, Oatmeal hides, Tan dashboard top roll and roof. Optional walnut shift knob, steering wheel rim and seat switch surrounds, stainless headlamp doors. 6,130 South Florida miles, 84 month service carried out. Warranty available.

LSEV253 – 1964 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Park Ward DHC. First of 49 left drives built. Mason’s Black, Tan hides, Black top, air conditioning fitted. Nicely refurbished “entry level” priced collectible convertible. Written mechanical warranty available.

5LVF69 - 1967 Phantom V James Young PV23 Touring Limo. 1 of 14 left drives built. Masons Black, Beige interior. The legendary "Available Jones" car - 19,640 miles, cosmetically completely original and well preserved throughout. Mechanical warranty available.

1CX63523 - 2001 Bentley Cont’l R420 Mulliner “Wide Body” Coupe 420+hp Turbo. #12 of 18 built. Black, Cotswold hides piped Black. Optional chrome wheels, polished mirrors & headlight surrounds, wrap over waist rails, Cont’l T gauge layout w/ pushbutton start & more. 12,234 miles. Fresh Pirelli tires, warranty available.

Complete on-premise facilities for mechanical maintenance, coachwork restoration, upholstery and wood refurbishment. • (305) 940-1161 • 1898 N.E. 151st St. • N. Miami, FL 33162

Please Contract Graham Hill and the St. Louis Motorsports Team.

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe. E-Gear, Nero over Nero with Giallo stitching & brake Calipers to match! This immaculate 1 owner example has just 3,851 miles from new. Please call for pricing.

2009 Lamborghini LP 560-4. Our dealer demonstrator is now for sale with just 1,009 miles. Absolutely Perfect Bianco Monocerus over Nero with Bianco piping & stitching Massive saving off new!

2010 Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder. Celebrate your life in this brand new Pearl Lime Green or Verde Ithaca masterpiece from Lamborghini. With a handbuilt 560 HP V10 engine that truly sings and 4 wheel drive it is Not for the faint of heart !

2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Coupe. E-Gear, Giallo Orion over Nero Pereus with Giallo contrast stitching & Calipers. Carbon Ceramic brakes, ‘Larini’ sports exhaust and full clearbra were installed by us new. Just 558 sunny day mature owner miles. Please call for details and pricing.

2008 Lamborghini Spyder E-Gear. Arancio Borealis with Arancio / Nero dual tone Q-Citura hides. Just 3013 miles from new, lot's of real Carbon Fiber trim by TUBI & exhaust with ceramic tips!

2009 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 Auto. Verde Emerald/New Sand, Sirius satellite radio, Bluetooth, Touch screen G.P.S., Bose sound! $1,647.00 per month lease special - call for details

2009 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2. Bianco Elderado or solid White over New Sand Italian hides, this Pininfarina bodied classic has a smooth six speed ZF automatic transmission mated to a powerful 4.2 liter V8. Please call for our full inventory of Maserati.

New 2009 Maserati Granturismo ‘S’. Nero Carbonio over Rosso Bordeaux hides is as Italian looking as it sounds. With superb MC shift, one of the world’s best all round GT cars and best sounding exhaust note you will ever hear! Please call for pricing.

1970 Porsche 911 T. Pastel Blue/Black. 67,320 miles on this gorgeous authentic stock California car. Over $30,000 spent on full mechanical & cosmetic refurbishments with our own service department at St. Louis and all documented!

2006 Ford GT. Speed Yellow over Ebony. From a large private collection with 4.8 miles. Transit materials never removed from the car & has not been driven since delivered and displayed indoors. All 4 available options and was built on the last week of production. Perfect... Call!

2005 Ford GT Mark IV. Red clear coat over Ebony. A 4 option example in as new unblemished condition, with 6,648 miles by 1 mature owner & recent full service ,we are proud to offer this quintessential American muscle car. Please call for details.

2001 Porsche 996 Turbo. Factory painted in Ferrari’s Giallo Modena over Black leather with Six speed manual! Perfect & completely stock, truly as new. Just 3,238 miles reportedly never been driven in the rain! Original window sticker $ 133,195 on this special order car.

New Lotus Elise SC 220. Canyon Red Metallic over Biscuit hides. This Elise is very quick thanks to a supercharged 220 HP motor and handles like no other car. Pure & simple driving nirvana! Please call for pricing.

2010 Lotus Evora. All new model, Arriving stateside in February 2010. Already won 6 international motoring Awards, Limited supply, Call now to reserve yours.

2007 Ferrari F430 Spider F1. Rosso Corsa over Beige. Beautifully optioned & just 2,283 one owner miles, complete w/ the Ferrari power extended warranty valid nationwide through December 2011. Please call for window sticker options & pricing.

New 2009 Lotus Exige S 240. Phantom Black over Biscuit, All options & packages, brilliant ‘track pack’ this supercharged, 240HP missile will embarrass any supercar brave enough to race it on any tight chicane track! Call for details & pricing.

One Thru Nine Arnage Blvd. • St. Louis, MO 63005 •
















Now Taking Pre Orders on the All New BENTLEY

A Division of St. Louis Motorsports


One Arnage Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63005 For information call 636.449.0000

Please contact Graham Hill and the Bentley St. Louis Team.

2009 Bentley Brooklands. Black Sapphire over Newmarket Tan & Nautic secondary hides. Just 1,882 miles from new. This beautiful car was a bespoke order for our client and was $376,845 new. Call for the Price as I dare not print it!

2010 Bentley Supersports. Ice White over Hotspur & Beluga. This brand new 2 seater Bentley is a 621 HP twin turbo charged all wheel drive missile and the fastest production Bentley ever built!

2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Flawless Umbrian Red Metallic over solid Beluga hides and Madrona veneers. Built in Clearbra and K40. Documented full Bentley service history from new! 31,116 gentle miles and C.P.O. Bentley warranty is available.

2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Silver Tempest over Portland & Nautic secondary hides. This Bentley has just 4,467 miles from new and is unmarked both inside and out. Freshly serviced by ourselves in December it is ready to enjoy. Please call for pricing and window sticker information..

2007 Bentley Continental GTC. This immaculate example is finished in St. James Red just like the duPont REGISTRY’s poster car when the convertibles were launched in 2007. It has just 5,743 lady owner miles from new and is ready for the next owner to enjoy. Please call for pricing and equipment .

2010 Bentley GT Convertible "Speed". How about a twin turbo charged 610 HP all wheel drive Bentley convertible capable of 202 MPH! Please call for full details on the world’s finest luxury convertible (available at press time).

‘Bentley’ and the ‘B in wings’ device are registered trademarks. © 2008 Bentley Motors, Inc.

The Only Place in Missouri to Order Your New Rolls-Royce GHOST Motor Car ROLLS-ROYCE ROLLS-ROYCE ST. LOUIS One Arnage Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63005 For information call 636.449.0000

Please contact Graham Hill and the Rolls-Royce Motorcars St. Louis Team.

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Ensign Red over Moccasin hides. Save significantly by purchasing this factory demonstrator . Only 2017 miles & absolutely stunning!

New 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. Classically finished in Black over solid Black hides and Black Piano wood to match. Beautifully equipped with the brushed steel bonnet and the exquisite ‘starlight’ headliner. Please call for pricing and attractive lease options.

2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Platinum Silver Metallic over Seashell hides. 6,491 Local One owner Miles. Beautifully equipped example complete with dual DVD Monitor screens, Theatre configured lounge seating and a cool box for the Dom Perignon! Huge saving off the original list. Call for details.

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom. New with 22 factory delivered miles. Classical Black over Black with Black Piano wood veneers to compliment. Theatre package, twin DVD Flat screens on the flip side of the veneered picnic trays, adjustable rear lounge seating & forged polished 21" alloy wheels. Stunning.

Now Taking Pre Orders on the All New ROLLS-ROYCE


please visit: for all your Rolls-Royce Motorcars sales & service needs

Your only Place in Missouri to Order the New Rolls-Royce Ghost Limited Availability, Order yours Today

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars St. Louis A division of St. Louis Motorsports


1960 BENTLEY SERIES 2 FLYING SPUR CONTINENTAL. Chassis number BC19LAR. This is a left-hand drive Flying Spur series 2 with the V8 motor and A/C. These cars are owned by a number of notable collectors and celebrities. This car has been kept in excellent condition and is a wonderfully drivable motorcar. $135,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1934 PACKARD LeBARRON SPEEDSTER. Coachwork by Fran Roxas. 445 cubic inch V12 engine. 160hp. 3-speed manual. Body is aluminum with steel hood. Only 5 LeBarron Speedster runabouts were built and they were purchased by Clark Gable, Douglas Fairbanks, etc. Show condition. $650,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1966 CORVETTE 427/390HP COUPE. Documented with owner history from new, completely numbers matching, and was awarded a NCRS Top Flight in October 2006 and has less than 75 miles since. Completely frame off rotisserie restored. Equipped with its totally original drive train, 427/390hp, M21 4-speed manual, and posi 3.70 rear end. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1948 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY WOODIE. The body of this car is framed in White Ash for its strength and durability, and Mahogany was used to fill the space in between. Beautifully restored convertible is equipped with the Chrysler Spitfire In-Line 8-cylinder motor. This wonderful driving example came from a well-respected collection. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1957 ALFA ROMEO SPRINT SPECIALE. Proto-Type #00001. This is chassis number 00001 and was the 1957 Giulietta Speciale Turin Showcar. Only the first three including this car were made of aluminum, all others were made of steel. The interior is Black/Gray. This car and its history can be seen in the October 2008 edition of Alfa Owner magazine. $250,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1960 LINCOLN MARK V CONTINENTAL CONVERTIBLE. Restored and comes from one of the west coasts most prestigious collections. Only 2,044 produced. Includes power operated top, power steering, power brakes, 6-way power seat, power windows, power vent windows, leather interior, side skirts, and the 430 cubic-inch 315hp V8. Everything functions correctly. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1953 FERRARI 342 AMERICA SPECIALE. 0246/AL is a very famous and recognized Ferrari. This is the 4th coachbuilt Speciale built by Sergio Pininfarina. It was one of the first left-hand drive cars to come from the factory. One of the rarest of all production Ferraris built to date with only 6 produced. Can be seen at the Quail Concours in Carmel in August. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1969 CHEVELLE SS396 CONVERTIBLE. LeMans Blue with White interior, White top, and White racing stripe. This all numbers matching car won AACA National First Prize in October 2008 at Hershey. The car had just completed a photo documented rotisserie frame off restoration to the highest of standards by Marquis auto restorations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.






2005 FORD GT. From our private collection. This car has been owned by us since new. It was one of the first Ford GTs delivered here in California, and is equipped with all available factory options. 2,200 miles since new. It has always been stored indoors in our climate controlled facility. Flawless. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1962 FERRARI 250GTO S/N 3873. This car was commissioned by a high profile English collector once his original GTO reached a staggering value. Handcrafted using authentic GTO components, the engine from S/N 3873, and patterned after the original S/N 4115. This is the finest GTO re-creation in existence. Call Family Classic Cars (877) 752-9681.

1953 ASTON MARTIN DB2 COUPE. PROTO-TYPE. Chassis #LML/515. Motor #VB6J/286/L. Inline 6 cyl. double overhead cam: (special cyl.). Twin S/U carburetors. 4 speed trans. Restored to present condition at the Aston Martin factory. The body is alloy with special brakes & motor components. Fully documented ownership & restoration. $799,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1953 PACKARD CARIBBEAN. “There is no more glamorous car than the new Packard Caribbean,” brochures exclaimed. “The swank continental look will turn all eyes.” This car is an excellent restored example equipped with all the options. Stunning looking and driving car. $125,000. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1967 FORD MUSTANG GT. This car has won many local shows. Beautifully finished in Clearwater Aqua Metallic with light and dark Aqua interior. A/C, automatic transmission, power steering, GT package, and 289 V8. Been in California most of its life. Same owner since 1983. He restored the car twice since he has owned it. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1963 PORSCHE 356 CABRIOLET. A beautifully restored example that has the rare Carrera wood steering wheel and Black leather interior with optional headrests. This car is ready for any tour or event. Trades welcome. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1963 MERCEDES-BENZ 190 SL. Wonderful rust free driver in beautiful red with black leather interior. A very affordable classic. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1972 BUICK GS STAGE ONE. Completely restored and documented vehicle. Certified to be correct and can be used for show, racing, or as a fine collectible muscle car for any collection. 1 of 627 Stage One cars built in 1972 with the Flame Orange Exterior Paint Code available for one year only. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.






1965 AC SHELBY COBRA. Genuine Shelby Cobra Continuation Car registered as a 1965 with a 427 Sise-oiler, only 144 ACTUAL MILES! Est 550HP, 4-wheel independent suspension 4 wheel disc brakes. This is a 1965 Shelby Cobra. Don't confuse it with Cobra replica, this SHELBY 427 COBRA is Authenticated by Shelby Automobiles Inc. with proper CSX # and a manufactures Statement of origin. (MSO) Signed by Carroll Shelby himself. $95,000. Call (818) 621-3848.

1937 FORD STREET ROD PICK-UP. Wild Rods body and chassis with Air Ride Technologies air suspension components and complete chrome & powder coated chassis. 650 HP/680lb./ft Small Block Chevrolet Engine with 700 R-4 Overdrive Trans. ISS street rod bucket seats with leather and alligator upholstery. Fiberglass dash with dolphin gauges. Clarion and Memphis audio. Vintage Air A/C & heater controls. Loaded with electronics. Trades Considered. $65,000 OBO. Contact Adam at (919) 599-9992.

1957 CHEVROLET NOMAD. 327cid V8 with approximately 300hp with Muncie 4-speed manual transmission. Frame-off restoration in 2006. Edelbrock manifold, Holly 600 carburetor, MSD electronic ignition and coil. All stainless in the interior is in great condition. The underside of the car is as clean as the top. Runs and looks great. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

1966 FORD FAIRLANE 500. “R” car, one of 57 made. Wimbledon White with Black interior. 63,000 miles. Complete ground up restoration completed in last 3 years. 98% original or N.O.S. 427 side oiler, 2-4V carbs, top loader transmission, and posi rear end. Many extras to go with car. Documented racing history. Professionally appraised as in excellent condition in 2007. Can be seen by appointment in North Jersey. Asking $155,000. Contact Eddie at (910) 875-4197 or e-mail See more pictures at

1948 JAGUAR MARK IV. 3.5 Liter, 3-Position DropHead Coupe, Immaculate. Concours winner at Meadowbrook and Amelia Island, AACA and JCNA. Very few miles since complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration. Never driven in inclement weather. Complete toolkit in boot. Original Owner's Manual. $127,500/ono. Call (321) 848-2751 or e-mail

1939 LIINCOLN ZEPHYR 3WC. Stunning REAL ALL STEEL Ridler caliber custom. Over $500K spent to create. Modifications and innovations far too numerous to list. Asking $369,000, but WILL TALK to serious buyers. Pictures don't do this car justice! For complete details contact Jim at (239) 242-2422 or See more at and



Healing Mind, Body and Spirit… Palm Partners Recovery Center For Chemical Dependency, Detox and Residential Treatment Dedicated and Committed to Helping Those Who Are Ready To Make A Change For Life

(888) 838-9329 | Combining state of the art neurobiological treatment strategies, psychotherapy, yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling with the long-trusted elements of the 12 Steps recovery program, the Palm Partners rehabilitation center offers a variety of therapeutic services to cure the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction. Confident its personalized relapse prevention techniques provide individuals with life management





greatest potential, Palm Partners brings about extraordinary clinical resolution by creating a multi-faceted culture and offers patients a guarantee that is unique in the treatment industry. That supportive environment is at the heart of all the center’s treatment programs. If an individual only has the ability to spend 30 days here, Palm Partners offers several, individually designed aftercare programs which monitor the success of out-patients who have completed formalized chemical dependency drug alcohol treatment. One prescription even includes “coaching” for 6 to 12 months, an approach that guarantees a continuing, nurturing connection between the center and patients through almost weekly phone calls and goal setting. While this rehab center is known for its effective 30 and 60 day treatment programs, anyone who completes the 90 day residential and one year coaching recovery program, can return to Palm Partners free of charge if they relapse. It’s a guarantee based on the premise that this Delray Beach, Florida care center will facilitate total life changing successes. Featuring all the fundamental elements of Palm Partners’ other therapy models, this Platinum or “Four Seasons” styled experience is specifically suited for executive and high profile clients. Befitting a setting that is just minutes away from white sandy beaches, the Platinum program offers more aff luent clients private, luxury homes with a swimming pool, spa treatment, catered meals, Jacuzzi tub, and concierge service to ensure the utmost comfort. To review the details of this highly exclusive program, and its premium on call

confidentiality, it’s PALM PARTNERS’

recommended admission








(888) 838-9329


(888) 838-9329




1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. 427-435 L89 aluminum heads, fully documented matching # car with factory side exhaust, Black leather interior, Riverside Gold. Very nice example of a very rare car. I am downsizing the Corvette part of the collection will be selling a number of our L89 and L88 Corvettes. $90,000. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1932 FORD HIGHBOY ROADSTER. Originally built then restored by the legends and who’s who of racing and hot rodding. 327 tri power, 4 speed trans, Haldibrand quick change rear. Too much to list. One of the first rods invited to Pebble Beach Concours, always a show winner. Amazing history. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1940 PONTIAC CUSTOM BY RICK DORE “DECADENCE.” Candy Apple Green, lift-off padded top, Pearl White ‘60s Tbird interior with molded console. Tricked out engine bay, shaved Frenched and molded front end, smooth mounted running boards, flush fender skirts, molded rear fenders. Wide whitewalls and Cadillac sombrero hubcaps. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1964 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD III JAMES YOUNG FLYING SPUR. 1 of only 20 built. Being the most sought after alloy body custom coach built Rolls Royce, totally restored by one of the most respected restoration shops. Triple Black and perfectly straight, also has air conditioning and a sunroof. Collection reduction. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE SEBRING RACER. Specially built by Zora Duntov for Delmo Johnson. RPO #687 SCCA Southwest Championship car. Original log books. The most famous Sebring Racer built by Zora Duntov. For sale or trades accepted. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZO6. SEBRING RACER. The Zora Duntov Secret Weapon. Special racing performance suspension/brake package. This racer was also equipped with the first set of very rare two-bar knock off wheels ever used on a 1963 Corvette. This 1963 ZO6 was one of the most famous ever in existence. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1950 MERCURY CONVERTIBLE. Burgundy with Tan leather interior and canvas top. Dearborn award winner Flathead V-8. 3-speed overdrive. Radio, heater. Power windows and top. Best of the best. $100,000. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.

1971 DODGE CHALLENGER. 426 Hemi, rebuilt with less than 1,000 miles. Show quality. Power steering and power windows. 4-speed. Shaker hood. Eduro bumpers. Call Jim Mangione at (949) 678-6789.






2003 HUMMER H1. The Herculean Hummer. Initially, the truck was almost completely stripped. The underside of the bed was boxed for a clean look before the entire frame, wheel wells, and lower floor of the body were sprayed with bed liner. A 6 inch lift was assembled along with a 1.5-inch body lift and the stock wheels and tires were bolted on. Several coats of Kolor Limetime Pearl paint were laid to the exterior and then Candy Black Smoke flames were added. Normally featuring 47-inch Michelin tires and 20-inch Weld wheels, something special was added as an option. 150-series Mattracks were installed. The turning radius remained the same, the center of gravity was lowered, and ground clearance was increased. Classic Soft Trim leather and ostrich upholstery cover each of the four bucket seats. The steering wheel was replaced. The Spartan interior panels were tossed, and enough fiberglass was used to build a bass boat. A new dash was fabricated and the bed was converted into an audio/video showcase. A custom amp cover is motorized via linear actuators and reveals a 42inch Sanyo LCD TV along with multiple JL Audio amps. Offered for $385,000. Please contact Ron or Scott at (281) 762-0679 or (713) 819-7329.

1937 FORD COAST TO COAST. This is a new build featuring an LS1 engine with less than 100 miles on it, although the car is registered as a 1937 Ford. Automatic Trans. Tilt wheel. Ice cold A/C, power steering, power disc brakes. Electric hood and trunk. Full air ride by Air Ride Technologies. Colorado Customâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wheels. Shaved door handles. Remote electric doors. Features custom leather and Ostrich interior as well as trunk lining. Includes removable hard top. Offered for $125,000. Please contact at Ron or Scott (281) 762-0679 or (713) 819-7329.



Pu b l i s h e r ’s S h o w c a s e

• Less than two original test miles, zero owners, never titled • Correct rear mounted aircraft derived Franklin-Tucker flat 6 engine • Correct Cord Invisible Hand semi-automatic transmission • Unique box-wrapped ovular frame engineered exclusively for the Tucker Convertible • The famous experimental car #57 • The only convertible out of 52 Tuckers ever produced

This is the one and only Tuck er Convertible in existe nce The original design and fabrication of the Tucker Convertible began in Tucker's Chicago


manufacturing facility just before it was shuttered for good. The most significant aspect of the conversion from a sedan to a convertible was the in-house

adaptation of the sedan’s frame to respond to the additional demands of a convertible body. The sedan’s frame was reengineered by box-wrapping an ovular frame in thicker-than-stock ten gauge steel. This provided the Convertible with all the rigidity it needed to satisfy the performance expectations of Tucker Engineering. Its doors were stamped in the plant suggesting that more were to come. The Tucker Convertible performs up to Preston Tucker’s legacy for inspired design and outstanding performance. Cars of this significance are rarely available for sale. Seize this opportunity to acquire this piece of automotive history. This exceptional automobile will be at the Russo & Steele auction in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2010.

(608) 275-3800




1941 CHEVROLET SPECIAL DELUXE CONVERTIBLE. Frame off restored, AACA National First Prize Recipient, Comes from a prestigious So. Cal collection, always stored inside a temperature and humidity controlled facility Exemplary panel fitment. $79,000. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1973 FERRARI 365TB/4 DAYTONA. Sold new in So. California, 2 Owner, Complete Original Factory books, Ferrari Classiche Certification March 2008, All Numbers Match, A highly Original Car, Runs and Driver Perfect, Serviced by Ferrari OC. Call for Price. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1957 CHEVROLET BEL HARDTOP COUPE. Frame off Restored California Yellow Plate Car, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Pack 283 4bbl with dual exhausts, Exceptionally straight and freshly done. Ready to be reliably driven and proudly shown. $79,000. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238."

1949 BUICK SPER SEDANETTE. Freshly Frame Off Restored, Multiple First Place and Best of Show awards accompany the car, Buick Fireball In-Line 8 cyl, Dynaflow Automatic Transmission, A spectacular example of a one year only body, Ready for the concours circuit. $69,000. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1956 FORD F-100. BIG WINDOW. Frame off restored,CA Black Plates, Everything powder coated and polished, Factory A/C, power steering, brakes, leather, 9’’ Rear End, High Polished Wood Bed Inserts, No expense spared, Custom drop in to protect the wood, Ready to drive, show and enjoy. $49,000. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1956 JAGUAR XK140 DROP-HEAD. Fully frame off restored, All numbers Matching, Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, Documenting S.E., factory equipped C-type Head, original color combination. A concours example Ready to be shown. Call for Price. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1956 DODGE CUSTOM ROYAL GOLDEN LANCER D500. An exceptionally rare factory original Golden Lancer D500, Frame Off Restored,392 Hemi Dual Quad, 727 Pushbutton, 1 of very few left in existence and possibly the nicest Dodge’s answer to the 300 Letter cars and far rarer. Call for Price. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.

1941 FORD SUPER DELUXE CONVERTIBLE COUPE. Beautiful Restoration on a Solid and well equipped car, 221Cid Flat head V8, 3 Speed manual, Power Vacuum Assisted Top, Heater, Radio, Clock and wide whites. Ready to be proudly shown and reliably driven. A California Historical Vehicle. $69,000. Call Crevier Classic Cars at (714) 426-0238.



365-B Clinton Street Costa Mesa, California 92626

714.426.0238 Orange County’s Premier Classic And Exotic Vehicle Sales, Storage, and Event Venue 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB4/Cam All numbers match, Fully restored car done by FAF and Ferrari South. Many time Cocncour’s winner. Most Recent winner 2009 Concorso Italiano. Ready to compete. Please contact us for price.

1941 Cadillac Series 62 Conv. Coupe Frame Off restored to correct specifications, Concours ready. To be auctioned at Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ

1973 Dodge Challenger

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

1967 Oldsmobile 442

Numbers Matching, Documented with complete original broadcast sheet, fender tag decode sheets by Galen Govier, 1 of 1 w/ this equipment & color. To be auctioned at Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ.

Numbers Matching Original 383/335hp V8, Comes with an organized binder of all restoration receipts and photos from start to finish. To be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ

A numbers matching 442. 60,000 original miles. Beautifully restored and carefully preserved. To be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ

Meet our team: Larry Alderson, Mark Drewitz, and El Hathaway are now at Crevier Classic Cars. These three gentlemen have more combined experience than anyone in the classic car world and are ready to assist you in making the dream of owning a true classic a reality.

Crevier Classic Car Company offers for sale some of the rarest, most unique, and collectible vehicles and is also a contemporary, secure, state-of-the-art storage facility for precious vehicles, partnered with a special club for their owners. Located near John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s a museum quality business and gathering site whose purpose and goals are to exceed customers’ expectations. We also offer a selective consignment program for distinctive vehicles and the collectors that seek them.




1964 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE #100212. This is the first Mustang built on the assembly line, on the first day of retail production. The most historically significant Classic Car in existence. Retail delivered on April 16, also believed to be the first Mustang sold to the public. Well known by Mustang experts for decades. The subject of numerous published articles, including Mustang Monthly, Muscle Car Review, and Auto Week. Volumes of documents, vehicle history, photos, articles, receipts, etc. All factory and dealer documents, original title and MSO, complete title history. One of the most provenanced Mustangs in the world. Included is a letter from William Clay Ford, whose granddaughter was transported to her wedding in this vehicle. Displayed in the Towe Auto Museum for ten years. One owner from 1982- 2007. Completely restored in 1983. Factory internal markings distinguishing Job 1. Not one of the randomly hand assembled Pre- Production Mustangs. This is the first Mustang built on the assembly line, build date of 09C and retail DSO. Call Tony or Randy at (847) 526-5950 with inquiries.

1969 L-88 CORVETTE. This ultra rare, classic is one of the most well known in Corvette enthusiast circles. It is one of the most highly documented, well provenanced Corvettes in the world. The original owner purchased this vehicle new in 1969, and kept it until April of 2005. One of the last L-88 Corvettes manufactured in 1969. Included with the vehicle are volumes of factory documents, dealer documents, restoration receipts, complete pictorial and text history since 1969, etc. Complete files of judging results, awards, and inspection sheets are included. This Corvette has received Bloomington Gold Certification, NCRS National Top Flight Award, Gold Spinner Award, and Triple Crown Award. One of the lowest original mile 1969 L-88 Corvettes in existence- 2,251 miles. Believed to be the only Monza Red/ Saddle Tan interior L-88 manufactured in 1969, and one of 25 manufactured with a 4.56 gear ratio. 427 L-88 engine. M-22 Rock Crusher four speed. Original interior. Full concourse restoration completed in 2006. Featured in “Corvette! The Sensuous American”. Call Tony or Randy at (847) 526- 5950 for details.





1933 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM II RIVIERA TOWN CAR. By Brewster. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 211-4371. Visit www

1933 ROLLS-ROYCE PII 3. Position Drophead Coupe by Gurney Nutting. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 211-4371. Visit www

1913 PACKARD MODEL1-38 RUNABOUT. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 2114371. Visit www

1967 SHELBY COBRA 427. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call 800-211-4371. Visit www

1941 CHRYSLER TUNDERBOLT. CONCEPT CAR BY LEBARON. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 211-4371. Visit www

1930 DUESENBERG MODEL J ARLINGTON CLUB SEDAN.To be offered without reserve at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 211-4371. Visit www

1964 SHELBY 427 COBRA. FLIP-TOP ROADSTER CSX2196. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call 800-211-4371. Visit www

1932 DUESENBERG MODEL J TOURSTER. To be offered at RM's Arizona auction, January 21-22. For more information call (800) 211-4371. Visit www






1935 CHEVY COUPE. Only 750 miles. Outlaw body/frame, 2 1/2” chopped top, everything polished stainless, aluminum, painted same as body. Detailed Chevy. 350 matching trans. Twin City leather interior stainless accents, Lokar peddles, Power everything, Classic gauges, Vintage AC/Heat, Sony AM/FM/CD stereo. Price $52,500. J.J. Rods, LLC at (740) 404-9396 or

1966 CORVETTE L72 COUPE. In ‘66 out of 27,720 only 5,258 L72, 427 c.i./425 h.p. Were produced. Numbers matching. 48,457 original miles. 100% date and code correct . Complete documentation available on restoration, ownership and original build. Please contact for complete details. $95,000. J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740) 404-9396 or

1955 CHEVROLET HARDTOP. 383 aluminum head Stroker engine. All chrome engine acc. Tremec 5 speed trans. Shorty headers. 2.5 exhaust front to rear. A/C. AM/FM stereo. 2" drop spindles with 1" drop front springs. All new factory style interior. Tinted glass. Laser straight body. Complete body off restoration. $89,900. J.J. Rods at (740) 404-9396 or

1951 MERCURY. Outstanding Lead Sled, smoothed hood, trunk, door handles, all new Leather/Ostrich interior, digital dash, power steering, power brakes, power windows, remote entry, Air Ride. Engine 305 Chevy completely chromed and detailed, automatic trans. Wilwood disk/drum brakes, one piece front/rear bumpers, custom grill. Call for build info. $80,000. JJ Rods (740) 404-9396,

1933 SPEEDSTAR VICKEY. Built by Alloway's Rod Shop, LS1 engine completely detailed, 700R trans. Winters Quick change rear, Aldan Coil overs, Paul Atkins Leather/ Ostrich interior, 4-wheel Wilwood disc brakes, polished front to back top to bottom, perfect, under 250 test miles. complete build available. Price $99,500. Contact J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740) 4049396,

1933 FORD VICKY HIGHBOY. Professionally built by 2 of the industry's top builders, Frank Tetro Harbor Auto Restoration & Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Rod Shop. Craftsmanship second to none. Leather interior by Street Seats in Luggage Brown/Graphite. Paint by Joe Richardson. $99,500. For complete details see web site. Call J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740) 404-9396 or

1933 FORD ROADSTER. Outstanding Roadster by Alloway's Rod Shop. under 200 miles. Best of everything, Rats Glass body, 468 Chevy big block, 350 trans. Currie rear, Disc/drum brakes w/ vented hubs, Paul Atkins leather interior, Wade Hughes flames. Perfect fit and finish top to bottom, complete build available. $99,500 Contact J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740) 404-9396,

1938 FORD 4 DOOR CONVERTIBLE SEDAN. Extremely rare Ford droptop 2,413 produced. All steel unmolested body like new, Chevy 350 engine, TH350 trans. Original gauges updated, pleated Red/White ultra leather, Black canvas top detachable center posts, roll up windows. Cadillac Red, Tan Steelie wheels. Call for details. $49,900. J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740) 404-9396 or



“Expert Customer Service... BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER THE SALE!”

1969 HURST OLDS One of 914 Manufactured. #'s Matching Example w/RA 455ci 380hp V8, HD Dual Gate Turbo & 3.91 Posi. Optioned w/HD Suspension, PS, PDB, Tinted Glass, Deluxe Interior, Gauge Package & HO Hood Scoops w/Rear Wing. Full Factory Documentation. True Olds Collectible.

1970 ELIMINATOR 428 CJ RAM AIR One of 215 Manufactured. #'s Matching Example. 428 CJ w/Ram Air Option. 4spd w/Traction-Loc. June '09 Hemmings Cover Car. Optioned w/PS, PDB, Deluxe Hounds-Tooth Bucket Seat Interior. Full Factory & Ownership Documentation. Investment Grade.

1970 CHEVELLE SS396 L78 Beautifully Restored, #'s Matching L78 SS. One of Only 2,144 Produced. 396ci 375hp V8 w/4spd & Positraction. Optioned w/PS, PDB, Cowl Induction, and HD Suspension. Stunning Fathom Blue over Ivory Interior. Documented w/Two Buildsheets.

1970 GTO 455 HO RAM AIR Very Rare GTO. #'s Matching L75 455 HO w/T42 Hood Inlet Package. Highly Optioned w/PS, PB, PW, AC. Bucket Seat Console Interior w/Hood Tach, Rally Gauge Cluster, Remote Mirrors. Full Factory, Ownership, and PHS Documentation. Excellent Pontiac Collectible.

1970 ROAD RUNNER 440-6 BARREL Beautifully Restored, #'s Matching 440ci 3-2BBL w/Pistol Grip 4spd & Super Track Pak. Optioned w/N96 Air-Grabber, PS, PB, HD Suspension & Cooling. High Impact Show Finish surrounds Taxi Interior. Listed in Registry & Decoded by Govier. Great MOPAR Collectible.

1968 CHARGER RT HEMI Fresh Rotisserie Restoration on #'s Matching HEMI Charger. One of 264 produced with Torqueflite Transmission. Optioned w/HD PB, Suspension & Cooling, Bucket Seat Console Interior w/Rallye Instruments & AM Stereo 8-Track. Factory Documentation. Investment Grade.

1956 CHRYSLER HEMI WAGON Incredible Find. Ultra Rare Town & Country Station Wagon w/Original 354ci FirePower HEMI V8. One of Only 1,070 Produced. Optioned w/Push-Button Automatic Transmission, PS, and Hydraulic Brakes. This is Truly a Piece of Art, and a True HEMI Collectible.

1957 CHEVY 3100 STEP-SIDE Wonderful Original Pick-Up that has been Perfectly Restored. 283ci V8 w/Rare Hydra-Matic Transmission. Original Sheet Metal w/Beautiful refurbished Wood & Stainless Bed. Stamped Steel Wheels & Wide Whites. Looks & Runs Like New.

1956 CORVETTE Stunning Frame-Off Restoration. #'s Matching 265ci DualQuad V8. All Refurbished or NOS. Built to NCRS Spec's & Ready to Show. Optioned w/Auxiliary Hardtop, Heater, Radio, Courtesy Lights, PB Alarm & White Sidewall Tires. Wonderful Corvette Collectible.

1970 CHALLENGER RT 440-6 PACK Concours Restoration on #'s Matching 440ci 3-2BBL Challenger. Pistol Grip 4spd w/Dana60 Track Pack. Optioned w/PS, PB, Performance Hood, and Bucket Seat Console Interior w/Rallye Gauges. Comprehensive Owner History. Listed in Registry.

1971 CAMARO Z28 Rotisserie Restored, Split-Bumper Z28. #'s Matching 350ci LT1 V8 w/HD 4spd & Positraction. Optioned w/PS, PDB, HD Suspension & D80 Spoilers. Herringbone Interior w/Full Gauge Package. Documented w/Bill of Sale, Finance Papers & Protect-O-Plate. Perfect Throughout.

1965 'TIGER GOLD' GTO Original Tiger Gold 'GeeTO'. #'s Matching 389 Tri-Power V8 w/4spd, Safe-T-Track Rear End & HD Suspension. Optioned w/PS, PDB, Bucket Seat Console Interior. Features Original Hurst Wheels & PMD Promotional Record. Full PHS Documentation. Perfect Throughout.


480.443.1970 1970 CHALLENGER T/A Stunning 'Go-Mango' T/A Challenger. #'s Matching Example. 340ci 3-2BBL Six-Pack. One of 1,410 produced w/HD Torqueflite. Optioned w/Sure-Grip, PDB, HD Suspension, Fresh-Air Hood & Side Exhaust. Highly Documented w/Two Broadcast Sheets. Investment Grade.

1969 GTO RAM AIR IV Restored to Original Super Stock Trim. Royce Fowlers 'Packin Poncho' GTO. Muscle Car Enthusiast 'Feature Car' Nov '09. Concours Gold Certification at GTOAA/POCI Nationals in Jul '09. Restored to Exact Specifications w/Great Attention to Detail.



1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE. Amazing numbers matching 427cid/425hp V8 with a 4-speed transmission. Red with Red interior, a White soft top and Red hard top. 55,000 documented original miles with Knock-Off wheels and a Knock-Off spare, Red line tires and side pipes. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1940 PACKARD 110 CUSTOM CONVERTIBLE. Classic Packard styling with modern technology in engineering and suspension. This vehicle can be for show or go, it has won too many awards to list but still can be driven by anybody. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. January 1824, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1951 MERCURY CUSTOM COUPE. "King of Mercs" award, world tour of Asia, Russia, Europe, and Japan. Many awards, built by Carson Chatwell/Dave Stuckey. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. January 1824, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1999 SHELBY SERIES 1. 2 Door Convertible One owner with less then 400 original miles. Sent back to Shelby to undergo a 3 year one-of-a-kind upgrade package to include a S1 supercharger, two tone leather, 6-piston brake system, upgraded headers and GFG wheels. Selling at BarrettJackson Scottsdale. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1999 FERRARI F-355 SPIDER. 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 Spider. Fly Yellow, Black leather, convertible. Premium sound, Carbon Fiber interior package. Gruppe M Carbon Fiber air intake. 30,000 mile service. Clean, Fun and Fast. 35,187 original miles. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1949 HUDSON SUPER 6 SEDAN. POLICE CAR. "Barn find" actual police car from Johnston, Iowa. Mechanics repaired or rebuilt as need and new radial tires. All else is original. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. Lot #694.2. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1955 CHEVROLET 3100 CUSTOM PICKUP. The classic style of this 1955 Chevrolet pickup has been merged with all of the "high tech" attributes of a modern Mercedes-Benz SUV. Selling at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.

1971 PLYMOUTH HEMI 'CUDA. 2 DOOR COUPE. 1971 426 HEMI 'Cuda. Rare Black on Black with original Build Sheet. Selling at BarrettJackson Scottsdale. January 18-24, 2010. (480) 421-6694.






1964 JAGUAR E-TYPE CUSTOM ROADSTER. The car was originally presented at the London Motor Fair (Show) at Earls Court in 1983. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to

1959 NASH METROPOLITAN. When you think of cute, what could be cuter than this ‘59 Nash Metropolitan? A complete nut and bolt restoration was recently completed on this little charmer. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to

1961 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD II MULLINER DROPHEAD COUPE. ID# LSVB319 1 of only 75 Left-Hand-Drive Silver Cloud II Mulliner Dropheads built. For more information go to The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174.

1956 BENTLEY S1 CONTINENTAL PARK WARD COUPE. 1 OF 39 Built! The Ex Jack Warner Car. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to

1940 MERCURY V-8 CONVERTIBLE SEDAN. Only 979 were built for the US market. Not often do pre-war Mercurys come up for sale, making the sale of this 4-door convertible sedan a special occurrence. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702)794-3174. For more information go to

1987 BUICK GNX. 5,480 miles from new, untouched and original!! The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to

1989 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z28 IROC 1LE. 1,900 Original Miles! Chevrolet built 111 "1LE" special performance components package Camaros in '89—targeted for the SCCA showroom stock racing series. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to

1972 MASERATI GHIBLI 4.9 SS SPYDER. This car is one of the rare SS Spyders of which only twenty five were built. The World's Largest & Finest Classic Car Showroom! Over 250 of the World's Finest Cars for Sale. The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. (702) 794-3174. For more information go to






1967 SHELBY GT 350. If you are looking for the best out for sale now, this is it! This is a #1 class vehicle. Three year restoration completed with the best Shelby guys at Legendary Motorcar in Ontario. “100 Point" or "# 1" vehicle is not driven. It would generally be in a museum or would be stored in a climate-regulated facility. For sale by private collector. Over $245,000 invested. Make offers accordingly. Call (713) 213-6906.

1970 SHELBY GT 350 COUPE. "ORIGINAL" This vehicle was traded in on our 2005 Bentley Continental GT. We have all documentation— it is #1244 on the Shelby Registry. 57K original miles. We are in possession of the original "Marti Report" and "build sheet!" A signed Shelby owner’s manual is included. Serious inquires only. $75,888. Call Heidi at (407) 719-3190.

1971 CUDA RESTO-MOD. Absolutely stunning. Starting life as a real Cuda, then modified into one of the most awesome examples of what modern technologies and pure brute horsepower can achieve in harmony. All aluminum 528cid "INDY" Hemi, 739HP. Tremec 5-speed, A/C, Air-ride, brake booster, etc. Trade considered or $175,000. Call Kevin at (321) 947-0505.

1970 CHEVELLE SS 454 LS CONVERTIBLE. Extremely rare matching number LS5 convertible, automatic, 12 bolt posi, 5 yr old frame off restoration, nice black interior, console, bucket seats, owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott, original Cranberry Red with Black convertible top. New asking price of $69,500. (941) 921-7223.

1962 CORVETTE RESTO-MOD. Outstanding. A Paul Newman frame with a detailed ls1 engine. A borg warner 6 speed and a dana 44 rear. The 96 corvette suspension is polished and clear coated. A polished 21/2” stainless exhaust with stainless fuel and brake lines. Four wheel disk brakes. The interior is custom red leather with French stitched dash. Only 30 miles. This car is first class show quality. $180,000. For more details call (717) 665-2730 or (717) 629-8645.

1955 FORD THUNDERBIRD. 450 PLUS HP. Torch Red with Black leather interior. Hard and soft tops. 428ci Ford Cobra Jet engine. Equipped with Edelbrock aluminum heads. Edelbrock electronic fuel injection system, custom headers. Richmond 6 speed manual. Ford 9” differential. Power steering, power seats. Wire wheels. Very fast! 14,800 miles. $160k –$175,000 investment to duplicate. Serious offers considered. Offered at $112,000. Contact MHL at (310) 515-5055. E-mail: See more photos at






1932 FORD ALL STEEL ROADSTER. Concealed retractable convertible top. Fuel injected 5.7 Hemi, AT with O/D, pwr windows, pwr disc brakes. Brockmeyer designed and professionally built. The Roadster Shop chassis. Body & concept changes by Greening Auto. Final assembly, electrical & mechanical by Stuban Concepts. Paint by Charles Hutton (former B. Coddington & C. Foose in house painter). Debut at SEMA 2007 by Dayton Wheel. Multiple show winner: Builder’s Showcase 2009, All Pro’s picks 2007, 08, 09. Top 5 Columbus, OH Featured Street Rod Builder Nov. 2008. Show indoors or outdoors. Great riding & handling capabilities, runs cool in traffic & warm weather. Cruises smoothly at 70 mph! All new…only160 test miles. TO BE AUCTIONED, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, RUSSO & STEELE 1-22-10 or 1-23-10, CONSIGNMENT NO. 42-6092. Scottsdale Cars (featured automobiles). For more info & photos go to www

1959 CHEVY APACHE PICKUP. Goodguy’s truck of the year. Multiple magazine features. Built by Zoomers Automotive for well over $200,000. This one-off lacks nothing. Custom everything, power everything. Please contact for complete picture gallery, build information and custom parts lists. $87,500. J.J. Rods, LLC. at (740)404-9396 or

1983 DUESENBERG II SJ LA GRANDE DUAL COWL PHAETON. Virtually indistinguishable from the original, yet offers the convenience of a modern car. Lincoln drive train. 8,000 Actual miles. Factory Built. Only 47 made and rarely is one available for sale. Outclasses everything on the road. $215,000. Volo Auto Museum at (815) 385.3644. Complete details and photos at

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK. One-of-a-kind dubbed “Redback.” This is a complete restoration transformation into a restomod. Heidt's front end, rack in pinion steering, four (4) wheel disc brakes, five (5) speed World Class Transmission. Auto Meter dash gauges, LED lights. Many other upgrades make this beauty a one of a kind!! $120,000. (505) 268-1588.

1935 CHEVROLET CABRIOLET. Kit car, V8 383 torquer engine with dual quad air box and 850hp. 3 speed turbo 400 transmission, 9” 4 bolt rear end, 5.13 ratio. AM/FM, XM, CD radio, A/C, soft top, custom leather interior, power brakes, windows, steering, and trunk. $130,000 invested, asking only $69,000. Call Mike at (786) 226-4830.






AMERICAS GREATEST RACE CAR. Authentic Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Serial Number CSX2608 Extremely Rare Aluminum Body Continuation Daytona Coupe Commissioned by Carroll Shelby and comes with Original Shelby MSO Built to Exacting Original Specification by McCluskey Ltd. Details are available on page 422 of the newest Shelby World Registry 4th Edition Body and Chassis are complete and awaiting your paint choice and final assembly. $395,000. (512) 755-9895.

SUPERFORMANCE MKIII. Brand New. The only Cobra Replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. Aesthetically and dimensionally correct. Each Factory-Built rolling chassis comes completely assembled and painted, less engine and transmission. Several Colors available including two completed cars with 525hp 427ci engine. Starting at $42,900. (512) 755-9895. www.427Legends .com

1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. Awarded beautiful Corvette that’s sure to get heads turning. The Duntov award=car operates and looks as good as it did from the factory. 427/435hp Marina Blue with Bright Blue interior, White Top, power windows, brakes, steering. Shoulder harness, tint windows, side pipes, 4 speed. Winner of NCRS Duntov, Performance Verification, 2 National Top Flights, 3 Regional Top Flights, 2 Chapter Top Flights, 2 Ladies Choice, Carlisle display. Bloomington Gold, Spinner Gold, Triple Crown. A true collector’s car. Offered for $179,000. (484) 274-0161.

"SUPERFORMANCE MKIII. Brand New. The only Cobra Replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. Aesthetically and dimensionally correct. Each Factory-Built rolling chassis comes completely assembled and painted, less engine and transmission. Several colors available including two completed cars with 525hp 427ci engine. Starting at $42,900. (512) 755-9895. www.427Legends .com

1973 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE. Stunning Chameleon paint finish turns heads where ever you go! Powered by 351 Cleveland with many performance upgrades with only 9,800 miles since restoration. Everything is either new, upgraded or custom. Awesome Eclipse sound system with Focal 3 Speakers. Too much to list. CA. ITEM# 669899. $36,900 O.B.O. (915) 276-7146. More photos and information at

1967 JAGUAR XKE SERIES 1 OTS ROADSTER. Only 10,000 miles since professional frame off complete restoration and always garaged since. Everything correct and working except aftermarket radio. Burgundy, Black leather interior. 6 wire wheels fresh tires. $64,500. Contact Jim Bailey at (252) 241-1200 or e-mail






"1937 FORD CUSTOM CONVERTIBLE. This stunning “REAL” convertible combines luxury and styling with power and handling. It brings European flavor, elegance, expert design by Eric Brockmeyer with flawless professional construction by the industry’s best builders using the finest components. Powered by a 4.6 Liter D.O.H.C. Ford Engine with Alum Radiator, Elect. F.I. cold air feed, C-5 Transaxle, Auto O/D, 3.42 Posi Diff. Adams one off tube chassis, C-5 independent Front Rear, Power Rack Steering, Power Baer Disc Brakes, Air Ride Technologies. Incredible Minotti/Stuban one off body, molds, retractable convertible top, power windows, doors, trunk, seats, A/C & heat and a sweet sound system. Finished with Dupont Hot Hues paint, Mercedes Leather, Boyd one off 18” 20” wheels. AWARDS: Boyd’s Pro’s Picks 2005-Indy, Columbus Nationals, N.S.R.A. Pro’s Picks 2005-Louisville Nationals, Alloway’s Pro’s Picks 2006-Nashville, Alloway’s Pro’s Picks 2006-Pigeon Forge, Concours d Elegance 2006-Lexington, KY, Magazine Cover Feature-Street Rod Builder August 2005, “Best of the Best” Builders. 8500 hours & 4 years to complete! To be auctioned in Scottsdale, AZ with RM Auctions @ The Biltmore Hotel on 1-22-2010. www

1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO CONVERTIBLE. Designed by Chip Foose, hand-built by Unique Performance using Year One components. 390HP 6.0 GenIV LS2 with Tremec TKO 5 speed, 9" Posi-TrU-Track 3:25.1 Diff, Baer/Foose brakes with adjustable bias, 12" rotors, Foose 18" wheels, Chassisworks suspension with power rack and pinion, Subframe braces, Unique Performance adjustable rear coilover suspension. Customs headers with ceramic coating, dual 2.5" exhaust with "H" pipe, Spintech 2.5" aluminized mufflers, high-output electric fuel pump, high performance fuel cell, 18 gallons, Foose designed leather seats and interior, 4-point roll bar with 5-point quick-release harness, new integrated A/C system, power top/windows, Jaguar door handles, Foose badges both exterior & interior, integrated PIAA reverse lamps, custom front valance & front grill RS style, custom hood, smooth bumpers, Kenwood AM/FM/navigation, Autometer Signature gauges, security system. $149,000. Call Alan at (727) 804-8841 or e-mail






1958 CHEVROLET IMPALA. Rio Red convertible with White top. 348 Tri Power, Posi-traction and automatic transmission. Just completed a 6 year nut and bolt rotisserie restoration. Options include power steering, power brakes, power windows and seat, padded dash, wonderbar AM radio, rear speaker, clock, rear antenna, spinner wheel covers, Continental kit, fender skirts, and door handle guards. Offered at $150,000. Please contact Randy at (678) 794-2076 or See more pictures at

1968 SHELBY GT 500 KR. Original matching numbers car with only 30,384 miles. Less than 100 miles since complete restoration. Red with White stripes, Black interior, 4 speed, no A/C. Only 200 made with these options. This car is in the Shelby Registry. Silver concourse winner at 25th anniversary Shelby show. Kept in climate controlled environment. Includes original wheels and tires. Asking $199,900. Please call Pete at (412) 287-4144.

1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28. Numbers matching car restored to original condition except for color. Original color was Garnet Red. Only 27,420 original miles. Muncie 4-speed with 12-Bolt Rear, 3.73 gears and Rally Wheels. Manual steering, power disc brakes, working Cowl Induction. Deluxe interior with new Houndstooth seats. Center console with working gauges and original radio. Great driver, runs fantastic. Investment quality Z/28! $62,500. Contact Gary at (610) 217-2312. See more pictures at

1970 PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD. Hemi Orange / Black top. New 440 engine, 4-speed, Hurst pistol grip. Original â&#x20AC;&#x201C; low mileage 16,461. Original Black interior with roll bar for homologation but not fixed on the car. Factory build sheet. Runs and drives like new. Stored in climate controlled building for 24 years in southern France. Non-matching engine number but rebuilt complete with original parts. Unrestored body, no plastic, no rust. $190,000, Call Francis Cardolle at (514) 933-0542 or e-mail

1965 FORD MUSTANG FASTBACK. Custom. Full custom craftsmanship with the best of everything, 6-year full process restoration, every nut and bolt. Lexus White Pearl with Shelby stripes, Gray interior, PW, PDL, PS, PB, A/C, CC, Lunar gauges, S/S exhaust, etc. 342ci dart 4-bolt, AFR heads, Novi-2000 managed with Accel DFI making 700 RWHP, Tremec TKO 5-speed, 3.73 gear. $125,000 obo. Contact (661) 816-0873. Specs and pictures at

1970 PLYMOUTH HEMI CUDA. 528 Ray Barton Hemi with TKO 600 5-speed transmission, hydraulic clutch, pistol grip shifter, and 3.55 gears. Recreation. Complete rotisserie restoration. Dyno tested at 610hp and 630ft lbs. Power steering, power disk brakes on front, sub frame connectors, Hemi torsion bars, TTI headers, Flowmaster exhaust, and Rally gauge package. Only 300 miles since restoration. Stored in climate controlled warehouse. Asking $69,900. Contact Alfred at (901) 491-3918 cell or (901) 345-9500 work. See more pictures at






1961 MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL. Restoration completed Spring '09 by Slim Wheatly SL's and 190SL Services, engine by Hyde Park Auto Tech. DB350 mitt blau with 1068 tan leather. Includes complete records and photos. Strong show history including Hilton Head, Keeneland, Glenmoor Gathering, Louisville at Churchill Downs, Ault Park and Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Show. Int. 190SL Group People’s Choice '06, and runner up to Best of Show '07. AACA awards through Grand National First Prize. Available for inspection at 190SL Services in Aberdeen, NC. Exciting to look at and fun to drive. Private party sale. Asking $96,500. Call owner at (586) 530-0464 or e-mail to arrange an inspection. See more pictures at

1933 FORD CUSTOM CONVERTIBLE SUICIDE DOOR. Body work by Jamie Downs. 440 Hp, GM, LS2, Aluminum block (Cut And Polished) 4 L65 E, GM Transmission, (Cut And Polished). Kugel of California, 3.70 possi rear end with inboard brakes. Sherwin William's (Planet Color) custom paint custom leather interior German wool carpeting full Billet accessories over $200,000 invested plus one year labor $125,000 obo. Please call Steve Ward at (905) 788-2200.

1936 PACKARD 120 B ROADSTER. 8 cylinder, 3-speed manual transmission, rumble seat, frame off restoration 1,500 miles, optional dual metal side mount covers, Tripp driving lights, second windshield very rare, trunk/trunk rack tank Conley leather, Hershey 1st place national, valued at 190k, serious offers, full documentation included, Contact Bud at (828) 342-0697.


1981 DELOREAN. 5 speed, 69k. Over $20k invested in restoration only 1500 miles ago. New fuel system, New brake system, Rebuilt transmission, New clutch, Refurbished frame, Spec 2 setup including upgraded exhaust and cams and lots more!!! Car dynos at almost 200 hp. All work done by Delorean Specialist. $36,000 obo. Call (412) 609-3535.





1989 JEEP GRAND WAGONEER 4x4. Silver Star Pearlcoat/Burgundy leather interior 60k actual miles. This beauty is a real head turner. Gorgeous color combo – pampered Woody! Contact Leon Miller at (830) 896-6850 and check our award winning web site for more pictures. Building a legend the Wagonmaster Way – original World Class….one and only! $28,000.

1958 CHEVROLET IMPALA CONVERTIBLE. 348 big block V8. 3-2 barrel carbs (tri-power) Three Deuces. Automatic. Tri-color interior Gold/Coral/White. Fender skirts, dual antennas, spotlights, continental kit, dual exhaust. Power steering, seats, brakes, top. A/C. Knock-off hubs with wide whites, push button radio. Complete frame off restoration. Award winning 1st year Impala. $115,000 Contact Linda (325)446-2500,

1962 FORD GALAXIE. 2dr sedan, 406ci (385hp) B-code V8 with 4 speed. Corinthian white with brown interior—mint condition! Pure Ford total performance! REDUCED $46,900. Phone (330) 453-8900.

1970 DODGE DART SWINGER 340. 2dr hdtp with Hi-Performance 340ci V8 and 4 speed manual transmission. Factory “Plum Crazy” purple with Black vinyl top and interior. Rallye wheels and cold factory A/C! REDUCED $38,900. Call (330) 453-8900.

1931 AUBURN 8-98A. Phaeton, Champagne Gold with Cream trim, matching soft top, Brown leather interior, trunk, dual side mount spares, last owner for over 30 years, beautiful condition car. We are immediate cash buyers for any collector cars. Call (888) 637-8269 or international calls (905) 875-4700.

1940 FORD DELUXE. 2 door sedan, Blue with Brown interior, previously owned by "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Flathead V8 w/ Edelbrock heads and dual carbs, nice driving car with great history. We are immediate cash buyers for any collector cars. Call (888) 637-8269 or international calls (905) 875-4700.

1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ROADSTER. Black with Black top and Red interior, numbers matching 327/350hp, factory power steering, power brakes, factory A/C, side pipes, knock off wheels w/Yellow line tires. We are immediate cash buyers for any collector cars. Call (888) 6378269 or international calls (905) 875-4700.

1965 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE. Danube Blue with Blue interior, numbers matching L79 327/350hp, 4 speed, factory tach, posi traction rear end, sport suspension, beautiful frame off restoration and documented after long time ownership. Call (888) 637-8269 or international calls (905) 8754700.



Pictures alone donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do this car justice.

1934 FORD ALL STEEL STREET ROD. Ford original 1934, all steel restored by Import Car Service, Dalton, Georgia, 5000 hour restoration, Yellow/Maroon, roof chopped 4 inches, 350 Chevy electric sequential fuel injection, 390HP, 3.27 rear, 3 speed automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, 16X17, 17X8 Budnick Rims, 1990 TBird Super coupe, independent rear end, Fatman Mustang front rack and pinion/S10, modified shocks-springs, upper/lower control arms and every portion of

undercarriage chromed, Recaro front & rear Acura fold down leather eats, custom arm rests, garnish moldings, leather floors, doors, panels, headliner by Trophy, VDO Gold trim gauges, Sony radio, 150 watt amp, 6 disc CD, power windows, air conditioning and much more. All parts, receipts, absolutely concourse and 100% perfect. $385,500 Must See!

Call Al in RI at (401) 261-6397 or (693) 551-9226




1961 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL. 4-door convertible, original color Royal Red with Rare Red & White interior, very nice condition with factory a/c, road-tested to go or show. 89,997 miles. Original 430 engine with rebuilt transmission. $38,500. Call Chris Dunn, Lincoln Land, Clearwater, FL, at (727) 460-6869 or e-mail

1949 MERCURY CONVERTIBLE. All New! Only 3,000 miles since done. Fresh 350 w/700R4 O/D Transmission. Power Disc Brakes, Ron Francis Wiring, AM/FM/CD, Diamond Back Radials, P/W, P/S, Keyless Entry, Tilt Wheel, Tan Leather Upholstery. Too much to list. Want the best? $89,900. For complete details call Joe at (912) 278-1314.

1975 BUICK LESABRE CUSTOM CONVERTIBLE. Last of the great full size convertibles! Beautiful Sky Blue with White int & pwr top. Very low miles, exceptionally clean, well maintained & mechanically sound. 350/4 bbl, A/C. Needs nothing. Great cruiser. Motivated seller, must sell. $16,000 OBO. Hal (727) 638-2425. Please leave message. FLA.

1965 PONTIAC GTO CONVERTIBLE. Night Watch Blue exterior over Light Blue interior with White convertible top. Frame-off rotisserie restoration done two years ago. All PHS Documentation Provided. Equipment Includes: 389 with 3 x2s, 4-Speed, Safe-T-track Rear Axle with 3.55 Gears, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Rally Gauge Cluster. $66,000. (727) 698-4066.

1995 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. Pace Car. Only 53 Miles since new! 100% original. Window sticker still on window. Indy 500 decals still in box. Fully documented. Perfect 10. No paint work or marks. 1 of 527 built. $36,000. Call (570) 524-2296.

1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 25TH SILVER ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Only 43 Miles! One Owner. All original, still new. L48 V8, Auto, PW, PL, A/C, Cruise, Tilt and Tele, Aluminum Wheels, AM/FM, 8Track, Power Antenna, Mahogany leather. Window Sticker, Build sheet, books and all documentation. Still has original cardboard temp tag from 1978! $24,000. Call (570) 337-3222.

1964 PONTIAC GTO CONVERTIBLE 389. C.I./348 H.P. 3x2 carbs (tri-power) number match engine, 4-speed manual transmission. Mega dollar frame off rotisserie restoration, all the attention to detail. This ultra rare tiger carries a full set of PHS (Pontiac Historical Services) paperwork to prove this baby was born a real tri-power 4-speed GTO convertible. Call (888) 248-3181.

1971 GTX V. Code, 440 Six Pack, pistol grip 4 speed transmission, 410 dana super track pak rear. This is the real deal. 1 of only 62 440 6 pack 4 speeds built. Drop dead gorgeous and extremely rare. A collector’s dream. Call (888 -248-3181.






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FLIR Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .130

Crevier Classic Cars . . . . . . . .172-173

BENTLEY Bentley Long Island . . . . . . . . . . .113 Bentley Orlando . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155 Bentley Palm Beach . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Bentley St. Louis . . . . . . . . . . . . .159 Braman Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Braman Motorcars Palm Beach . . .33 Champion Motor Group . . . . . . .113

Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .118 VORE (Vegas Off Road Experience) 26-27

Green Eye Technology . . . . . . . . . .125


Legends of Basketball . . . . . . . . . . .44

Sarasota Exotic Car Fest . . . . . . . .108

Montecristo Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . .19


Smile Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82-83

Euro Motorsport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85

The Ultimate Rose . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50

Ferrari . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20


Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale . . . . . . . 21

Galpin Lotus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111

Fort Lauderdale Collection . . . . . . . . . .

Lotus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48

. . . . . . . . . . . .200-Inside Front Cover

Premier Lotus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales120-121

St. Louis Motorsports . . . . . . . . . .158

Family Classic . .160-161, 162-163, 164 J.J. Rods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .176 Northern Ilinois Classic . . . . . . . . .174 Park Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 RM Classic Car - Arizona . . . . . . . .175 The Auto Collections . . . . . . . . . . .179 The Stable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155


Vantage Motorworks . . . . . . .156-157

Prestige Imports . . . . . . . . . . .104-105


Fort Lauderdale Collection . . . . . . . . .



Maserati . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40

. . . . . . . . . . .200-Inside Front Cover

Backdraft Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128

Wilmington Trust . . . . . . . . . . . .28, 29

St. Louis Motorsports . . . . . . . . . . . . .158

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales .120-121

Conquest Vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37



O'Gara Coach Company . . . . . . .117

Dunkel Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . .147

Galpin Premier Collection . . . . . . .110

Kelleher International . . . . . . . . . .127


HTT Plethore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

J.J. Rods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .176

Model Quality Introductions76-77, 91

BMW of Lincoln . . . . . . . . . . . . .152

ICON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5


Synergy Matchmaking . . . . . . . . .119

Braman Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

Iconic Roadster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

First Impressions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42

Valenti . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100-101

Desert European . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Photo courtesy Ferrari S.p.A.


Hennessey Performance . . . . .43, 55

Fort Lauderdale Collection . . . . . . . . .

Revenge Industries . . . . . . . . . . .106

Maybach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

International Armoring Corporation . .52

. . . . . . . . . . .200-Inside Front Cover

Tom Henry Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . .70

MENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HEALTH

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales .120-121

O'Gara Coach Company . . . . . . . .117

VeilSide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90

Cenegenics Medical Institute . . . . .72

O'Gara Coach Company . . . . . . . .117

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars St. Louis .159


Laser Spine Institute . . . . . . . .38-39

Park Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115

Rolls-Royce Motorcars Long Island .154

Carl F. Bucherer .Inside Front Cover - 1

Palm Partners Recovery Center . .166

Prestige Imports . . . . . . . . .104-105

Rolls-Royce Motorcars Orlando .155

Romain Jerome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11


Reeves Import Motorcars . . . . . .107

Rolls-Royce Palm Beach . . . . . . . .33

Ulysse Nardin . . . . . . . . . . .Back Cover

Braman Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

St. Louis Motorsports . . . . . . . . .158

The Stable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155

WatchWear com . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53

The Stable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155

Vantage Motorworks . . . . . .156-157



Asanti . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67, 68-69

Galpin Spyker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111

Duior Forged . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61

Husker Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112 Marshall Goldman Motor Sales .120-121 Mercedes-Benz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Mercedes-Benz of Lincoln . . . . . .152 MISCELLANEOUS FLIR Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .130 Giovanna Bikes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59

MOTORCOACH/LIMO Dunkel Industries . . . . . . . . . . . .147 LCW Automotive . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 MOTORCYCLES Broward Motorsports . . . . . . . . .146 Tough Customs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22


Galpin Auto Sports . . . . . . . . . . .111

Gran Turismo Motorsports . . . . .103

GFG Wheels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56-57

KC Slider . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47

GGI European Tuning . . . . .133, 151

PlyCar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51

Gianelle Designs . . . . . . . . . . . .34-35

Green Eye Technology . . . . . . . . .125


Giovanna Wheels . . . . . . . . . . .34-35

Broward Motorsports . . . . . . . . .146

HRE Performance Wheels . . . . . . .62

Dave Smith Motors . . . . . . . . . . .124

Lexani . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73, 74-75

ICON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5

Modular Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63

Kelderman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .140

MonoLeggera by Forgiato . . . . . . . . .

Shadow Hawk Vehicles . . . . . . . .123

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80-81, 86-87

South Central SportChassis . . . . .142

Nutek Wheels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129

PETS Plantation Boat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 R & A Cycles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Statement Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 The Ultimate Rose . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Ultimate Golf Seating . . . . . . . .92-93 MIXED EXOTICS Braman Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

Canine Protection International . . .36 Drink Water Cats . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Hollywood Bulldogs . . . . . . . . . . . .95 International K-9 . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Lexlin Gypsy Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . .45 PORSCHE

SportChassis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .141

Broward Motorsports . . . . . . . . .146

Blue Grass Motorsport . . . . . . . . . . . .137

Super Truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .139

Champion Motor Group . . . . . . . .113

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales .120-121


Dave Smith Motors . . . . . . . . . . .124

Porsche . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134-135

Asanti . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71

Desert European . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Reeves Import Motorcars . . . . . . . . .107

Boulevard Customs . . . . . . . . . . .189

Euro Motorsport . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85


Dunkel Industries . . . . . . . . . . . .147

Fort Lauderdale Collection . . . . . . . . .

Braman Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

Galpin Auto Sports . . . . . . . . . . .111

. . . . . . . . . . .200-Inside Front Cover

Braman Motorcars Palm Beach . . .33

GGI European Tuning . . . . .133, 151

Gables Sportscars . . . . . . . . . . . . .58

Desert European . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Hennessey Performance . . . . .43, 55

Galpin Premier Collection . . . . . .110

Euro Motorsport . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85

International Armoring Corporation .52

Photo courtesy of Ferrari S.p.A.

Welcoming clients from 10am Monday thru Saturday Service Department Open 9am - 6pm Monday thru Friday

Phone 954.788.9600 • 866.988.9600 • Fax 954.786.9694 500 North Federal Highway Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

2008 FERRARI F430 SPIDER Red/Tan, only 3,800 Miles. Loaded with options, Daytona seats, Ferrari shields, Carbon fiber, Super clean! Visit

2010 PORSCHE PANAMERA 4S White with 2 Tone Tan & Cream. Loaded Car. Won’t Last Long. Be the First on your block with Porsche’s new masterpiece.

2008 ASTON MARTIN DB9 VOLANTE Sapphire Blue with Cream.Only 4000 miles, One owner from New.Complete Warranty through Manufacturer.Stunning Throughout.

2007 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GTC Dark Sapphire Blue/Beige, chrome wheels, Sat Radio, Bluetooth, cross stitching. 5 others in stock and ready for delivery!

2010 FERRARI CALIFORNIA Red with Tan, Only 1500 Miles. All options, Car Shows as New, Call for a complete option list and MSRP.

2009 ROLLS-ROYCE DROPHEAD Dark Sapphire Blue with Seashell. Only 1400 Miles. One of kind Rolls Royce Show Car. Stunning and Shows as New. Call for price

2009 LOTUS ELISE SC Red over Biscuit. New car, Buy from authorized Lotus Dealer

2009 1/2 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Black Kirsch, only 450 Miles. 4-Seat configuration. Front & Rear Cameras, RR Logo’s, MSRP was over $425,000!

2010 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP560 Balloon White with Nero Interior.MSRP was over $277K.Loaded with Options,Including Interior Carbon Package 2,Rear Camera,NAV,etc,etc

2009 ROLLS-ROYCE DROPHEAD Black/Black with 1,400 Miles. Stainless hood, rear teak & front and rear camera, Chrome wheels. In stock now and ready for delivery.

2010 LAMBORGHINI LP560 Black/Black, 2,000 miles, Launch Edition, Rear reverse camera, NAV, 3M, Stitching, Power seats.

2004 FERRARI 360 MODENA COUPE Yellow with Black, Low miles. Pristine condition.Visit for more information and pictures.

2008 MERCEDES-BENZ SLR MCLAREN ROADSTER Silver with Berry. Silver Arrow Package, Carbon Fiber Package. Only 700 Miles. Under Complete Factory Warranty. 3 Others in stock.

2009 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Titanium with Seashell,1,860 miles. Balance of warranty. Rear ent.pkg. front & rear camera’s, Chrome whls,Wood veneer,seat piping. 9 other Phantoms to choose from.

2008 ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE CONVERTIBLE Silver with Black. Only 3800 Miles. Wont find one nicer. Loaded with options. Sport wheels, NAV, Auto, etc. Call for more details.

2007 FERRARI F430 SPYDER Black/Black, 4,900 miles. Absolutely stunning example of an F430 Spyder. Red stitching throughout interior. Call for options!

2007 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM Medium Gray with Black, 21,000 Miles. Balance of factory warranty, RR Logo’s, Walnut Veneer, Front & Rear Cameras

2008 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GTC Silverlake blue with Beige. Only 13,000 miles. Call for complete option list.

2008 LAMBORGHINI LP640 Lime Green/Black, only 1,700 miles, Carbon Fiber galore, have to see to appreciate. 2 others in stock.


2008 ROLLS-ROYCE DROPHEAD Jubilee Silver with Cream, 500 Miles, Shows as new,Teak deck and stainless steel hood, Call for details.

The Eagle has landed but is officially known as the Evora, 3.5-liter V-6 produce 276 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque, 0-to-60-mph in less than five seconds. Contact the Lotus sales team at Fort Lauderdale Collection for more information & to secure your order for the new Lotus Evora.

e ecutive

dual time

Self-winding. Patented time zone quick setting. Black ceramic bezel and 18 ct rose gold case. Water-resistant to 100 m. Rubber band. W W W . U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M

F O R A C ATA L O G , C A L L 5 6 1 - 9 8 8 - 8 6 0 0 O R E M A I L : U S A 1 @ U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M

Profile for duPont REGISTRY

duPontREGISTRY Autos February 2010  

duPont REGISTRY is the premier marketplace to find new and used exotic, rare and luxury vehicles for sale. Our classified ads include models...

duPontREGISTRY Autos February 2010  

duPont REGISTRY is the premier marketplace to find new and used exotic, rare and luxury vehicles for sale. Our classified ads include models...