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The support of our host communities has been critical to Cleveland-Cliffs’ success throughout our Company’s long history, and we don’t take for granted the privilege of operating here. We want to be a responsible corporate citizen that acts as a partner in solving challenges and helping everyone thrive.

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Allena McElfresh, owner of Fresh Skin, with her mother Jeanine McElfresh, owner of Hair's The Thing.


Heather Augustyn / Contributing Editor

Heather Augustyn is a Chesterton native. She is a continuing lecturer of composition at Purdue Northwest and was a newspaper journalist for 12 years. She has published seven books on ska music and lives in Chesterton with her husband and their two sons, Sid and Frank.

Kyle Telechan / Photographer

Kyle Telechan, photographer, has done freelance work for the Times of Northwest Indiana since graduating from Indiana University in 2007 and has over 11 years of experience in photojournalism. His interest in nature, architecture, and urban decay drives much of his non-photojournalistic work. Kyle currently lives in Portage with his wife, Elise.

Elizabeth Kelly / Managing Editor & Graphic Designer

Elizabeth has over 16 years of experience in the design and publishing industry. A lifelong resident of northwest Indiana, Elizabeth currently lives in Chesterton with her children, Jacob and Everly.

INSIDE STORY Beautiful Family: Mother and Daughter’s Beauty Business Blossoms in Duneland CURRENTS Restored, Renewed, Replenished MAKING WAVES Duneland Chamber Events LAUNCH PAD Welcoming New Members
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Beautiful F A MILY

Mother and Daughter’s Beauty Business Blossoms in Duneland

Jeanine McElfresh and Allena McElfresh have built their beauty businesses in downtown Chesterton next to each other since they are close professionally, as well as close personally. This mother-daughter team has strong roots in Duneland and so establishing their hair and skin care businesses here at home was just an extension of their family’s foundation.

Mother Jeanine McElfresh, owner of Hair’s The Thing Salon, says that her business was established at the site of another salon that had significance for her as a child. “I grew up in

Chesterton and always wanted to be a hair stylist. As I was younger, I admired my best friend’s grandmother, Dorothy Clem, who owned and operated Dorothy’s Beauty Box. Years later after working with a great friend, Gennelle Smith, our dream was to open a salon together. So in 2014, Hair’s The Thing Salon opened its doors in the exact same location as Dorothy’s Beauty Box which had been there for over 50 years. In 2019, I actually had the pleasure of doing Dorothy’s hair and listened to all of her stories when she owned her salon in the past. It’s been a great

adventure being in the heart of downtown Chesterton where Dorothy’s Beauty Box existed. I truly enjoy welcoming everyone like family and sharing our history of the salon,” says Jeanine.

In 2019, Jeanine’s daughter Allena joined the business after being inspired similarly to Jeanine—admiring the work of those close to her. In Allena’s case, it was her own mother. “Growing up, I’ve always thought it was so neat that my mom had a flexible work schedule. She could pick and choose her days to work and have time for her family. That is something I have al-

Allena McElfresh, owner of Fresh Skin, with her mother Jeanine McElfresh, owner of Hair's The Thing.

ways aimed for in a career was to be able to have a flexible schedule and make time for a family one day. But to be able to run my own business, work next door to my mom, and have that flexibility I aimed for, is a whole new appreciative level that I am grateful for every day,” Allena says.

She began preparation for her career by furthering her studies after high school. Allena says, “I attended college to study business and get into marketing/advertising and was also a four-year student athlete playing softball. I have always liked the creative side of business and loved to learn how to catch people’s eye with a single ad. I was not sure how I felt about making it a career, so my mom had offered and encouraged me to find an esthetician school because I have always loved makeup. The beauty industry amazes me, and that’s where my love and passion was at. At the time, being in college and sports I really learned how to nurture myself, take care of myself physically and mentally which led me more into skin care and taking the time to really care for myself and well-being.”

Allena continues, “After I passed my exams and licensing for becoming an esthetician, there was a room available for me in the back of the building where my mom owns her own hair salon, almost as if it was meant to be. My family helped me bring Fresh Skin, Skin Care Studio to life. Although I started with a few services, I had already envisioned what I ended up wanting to ultimately have here in Fresh Skin.”

Jeanine says it has been wonderful having her daughter next door. “It’s been a blessing working with my daughter. It is a fun atmosphere and we truly care about our clients. We have that hometown feeling when you walk through our doors.

To see my daughter grow in her business as a young entrepreneur and implement these qualities that she has, makes me so proud. It’s a great feeling when I can take care of our client’s hair care needs and then my daughter can take care of their skin care needs. We love what we do.”

“Working with my mom has endless perks,” says Allena. “First of all, it’s my mom, I love my mom and we get along so great. She has such a fun and hardworking attitude and it’s contagious which brings that hardworking energy to me. The culture in the business runs like a family. There is always laughter and we both love to treat our clients with special care and make sure they feel at home and comfortable in the salon/spa environment. My mom and I provide beauty services that complement each other. Our clients schedule with us to come and get pampered and giving them that extra special environment of family, care, relaxation, and fun makes it worthwhile to us because it’s an experience they can’t get anywhere else.”

Hair’s The Thing Salon specializes in hair cut-

ting, hair coloring, hair extensions, GK keratin smoothing treatments, wedding and prom updos, and pedicures with foot reflexology. The salon uses Amika hair care and Rusk color products and is open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. Jeanine brings 30-years of experience, her sense of style, and her fresh fun attitude to Hair’s The Thing Salon. Fresh Skin offers a variety of facials for relaxation and skin treatment, multiple brow and eyelash services including brow wax, tint, lamination, lash extensions, and lash lift and tints, as well as makeup applications for weddings, events, photoshoots, or even lessons. “It’s all located in a cozy studio in downtown Chesterton, Indiana,” Allena says.

Hair's The Thing

205 Broadway, Chesterton (219) 929-8694

Fresh Skin

205 1/2 Broadway Chesterton (219) 929-8937 www.freshskin.us

Jeanine McElfresh gives her son, Mitch McElfresh, a haircut at Hairs the Thing in Chesterton. Allena McElfresh, owner of Fresh Skin, gives her sister, Adeline McElfresh, a lash extension and fill.
Jeanine McElfresh, owner of Hair's the Thing, on right, performs a foot massage and pedicure on her daughter, Adeline McElfresh.

Restored, Renewed, Replenished

It certainly has been a challenging few years for everyone, to say the least. So taking care of oneself, even indulging in a little pampering, is all in the name of health and happiness. Duneland has a variety of businesses that offer services to help you through the holidays and keep you shining throughout the new year.

‘Tis the Season and New Year for Kindness to Others and a Little Self Care

One of these businesses that focuses on mental and physical relaxation and rejuvenation is Float Sixty Indiana South Shore. Gloria Morris, founder and owner, began this business after experiencing it herself. She explains, “I founded the company in 2015. My first location is in Chicago and we also have a location in Lake Zurich, Ill., Schererville, and our most recent location is here in Chesterton.” Morris says that “a float” at the wellness location is like none other and really has to be experienced to be explained. “You float for 60 minutes in your own pool, in 10 to 11 inches of perfectly warmed water which is infused with magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom salts, which make you buoyant and you float. It can be a sensory deprivation experience if you choose to have your environment completely dark and completely silent, or you can choose to have the light on with music.”

The result is different for different people, says Morris. “The number one thing we hear when

people come out is that it’s so unique. They can’t describe it. They feel weightless and attuned to their senses, because everything feels a little brighter and more defined. They feel very light, refreshed, and rested. Another thing we hear, which is an interesting phenomenon, is that people don’t want to go right back to their phones because they feel purified and are happy that they detoxed.”

Morris says that the number one reason people come to experience a float is due to sleep troubles. “Most of us are magnesium deprived and Epsom salts are a natural muscle relaxer, and it helps people sleep so well afterward. In fact, it can be very profound. We get athletes, runners, people with sore muscles, and any tension they have just dissipates. A float also helps with mental clarity. Some people will come looking to solve a certain issue and the float helps to isolate thinking and increases focus and concentration. Some people do it because their spouse has asked them to come and they quickly convert. I hear so many people who say they can’t be alone with

their thoughts for an hour, and I reassure them that I felt the same way, and in fact I am still the same way. But it is truly a gift to be alone in that way, the way you are in a float.”

“We have other things here besides our float tanks,” says Morris. “We have assisted stretching, localized cryotherapy for facials or to target a particular part of the body; we have a meditation room, and our fire and ice room is very popular. It’s a large infrared sauna with a cold plunge pool. This is called contrast therapy and it’s for muscle recovery and energy, as well as a myriad of other benefits. We have a lot of retail items in our lobby as well, Epsom salts to take home, teas, and other fun things. We will also be adding red light therapy and compression booths soon.”

Float Sixty Indiana South Shore 851 Indian Boundary Rd, Chesterton (844)356-2860 www.floatsixty.com

Float Sixty float cabin preparation and shower room. FLOAT SIXTY INDIANA SOUTH SHORE

t Perfection Medical Spa, owners Natalie Babcock, CNS, SNP-BC, and Rhea Martin, WHMP-BC, both have decades long careers in health, caring for their patients with both educated skill, as well as nurturing hearts. They left their established and impressive careers in healthcare to open their own practice on July 13, 2022, to focus on the people of the region. “We have both been friends for a very long time,” says Rhea. “We were both labor and delivery nurses and nurse practitioners, working in women’s health for decades.”

Rhea Martin left a practice for many years at Franciscan Alliance in Crown Point where she worked as a nurse practitioner. “I have devoted 35 years to improving women’s health,” she says. Babcock’s path in healthcare began in 1988 while working as a nurse practitioner in labor and

delivery, women’s health, and family practice. More recently she has served as a Senior Practice Manager for CVS, managing numerous clinics and providers across Indiana and Minnesota.

Both Babcock and Martin have always dreamed of opening their own business to help women and men stay healthy and vibrant. “We want to bring all those years of experience and education together into one practice with a personal, one-on-one professional medical spa,” Martin says. “We offer women’s healthcare, men’s healthcare, IV vitamin infusions, weight loss services, hormone replacement, and acute care. In the aesthetic side of our business we offer injectables like Botox, micro needling, chemical peels, facials, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment that is excellent for fine lines and wrinkles as well as hair follicle growth,” she says.

Taking care of oneself with a focus on body and mind is incredibly important. “In general, individuals put themselves last, so to have a place like this in the community that boosts your vitamins and supports your health, keeping your immunity up so you can stay well is crucial so you can take care of those around you. It’s important,” says Babcock. “We focus on wellness care with customer service and pampering all in one. We wanted a place where people feel comfortable when they come in the door, with aromatherapy and a warm staff, so people feel they are well taken care of here.”

Perfection Medical Spa

709 Plaza Dr, Suite #1, Chesterton

(219) 728-6091 www.perfectionmedispa.com

Perfection Medical Spa employees, from left, co-owner Natalie Babcock, director of operations Janet Casbon, co-owner Rhea Martin, and nurse practitioner Jennifer Fancher. PERFECTION MEDICAL SPA

eny Burkhart, owner of The Waxi Taxi, has established businesses in downtown Chesterton as well as the art district in Michigan City and she’s looking to expand. She says that her business specializes in full body waxing rather than a host of other aesthetic services so that she can focus her expertise. “I’ve been in the beauty business for 30 years, waxing for 17 years. We offer waxing for both men and women and we make sure that people feel comfortable no matter their gender or body type. Some people are nervous about the waxing process, but we reassure them and are compassionate so no one walks out who isn’t happy and comfortable,” Burkhart says.

She stresses that her services are priced on the affordable side to encourage clients to become regulars since waxing is more of a maintenance service. “When you continue waxing services throughout the year, the hair is softer and easier to remove, as opposed to stopping and starting. It’s just less sensitive with regular waxing and eventually the hair follicle closes down. We provide nurturing care and we’re very efficient and quick,” says Burkhart.

The Waxi Taxi

206 S. Calumet Ave, Suite C, Chesterton (219)241-3847 www.thewaxitaxi.com

Jeny Burkhart, owner of WaxiTaxi in Chesterton, works on Chesterton resident Anna Reyes' eyebrows.

ampering and self-care is also a focus at Supercuts where owner Bob Dicarlo says the stylists make every client a priority. “We are a hair salon that doesn’t just do cuts. We also do color and facial waxing as well, so there’s definitely pampering involved. We also offer conditioning treatments and the Tea Tree Experience which involves an extended shampoo and scalp massage with tea tree oil which has that menthol, cooling sensation and scent to it and that helps with relaxation. Another service we include with all of our haircuts is the hot towel refresher which is complementary. We use a hot towel to wipe hairs away from the face and neck area and that’s a nice relaxing finish to the haircut. We offer our services to men, women, and children and try to offer really

excellent services at a reasonable price. Some salons offer low priced services, and some offer fancy services at a very high price—our goal is to bridge that gap, offering high quality services from experienced stylists at a reasonable price so people can come in and treat themselves to a little personal time.”

Dicarlo says that their stylists are talented and outgoing, “Because we feel that it’s very important that they are excellent at their craft, but we also want stylists that make customers feel happy and valued. We want our clients to leave reality for a little bit, to step away and focus on themselves for a little while. We’re a locally owned salon and Michelle Boomfield is our wonderful manager. My team is fantastic and have been there for several years so they have a

customer base that returns again and again because they’ve built that relationship with them. We’re always happy to have new customers to build a relationship with. Our goal, with our stylists or with our customers, is to make the salon feel like a family environment—to make the salon feel like our family.” He adds, “Getting good quality help is hard for everyone, and we’re not exempt from that, so we’re always looking for more quality stylists too. So, if anyone is a talented stylist, we’re happy to bring more into our family.”


560 Indian Boundary Rd. #5, Chesterton (219)789-0421 www.supercuts.com

SUPERCUTS Chesterton resident Terry Frank has her hair done by Supercuts stylist Phoebe Bissonnette.


Self-care also extends to taking housecleaning off of your to-do list so you can focus on the other things that matter in your life. Brad White, owner of Molly Maid of Valparaiso, Chesterton, and Hobart says that’s what his business is all about. “We started in April of 2017. We run nine to ten teams of two out of our Valpo office. They come to our clients’ homes in a company car, and we bring all the cleaning equipment and supplies needed for the cleaning. They are in uniform and we prep them for what is expected of them at the cleaning,” says White.

“One thing we like to do with reoccurring customers is to do an estimate, which takes about 15 minutes, so we can discuss in detail what we do with the client. I have an office staff here Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, and we really believe in being there for our client while we’re open, and also being there for our team when they’re in a home, to assist them with whatever they may need. What sets us apart is we strive to look for team members who love to clean. It’s the first question we ask when we interview candidates, because it is hard work, so we want team members that have a service heart and enjoy this kind of work, helping people who don’t have the time or the ability to do this,” he says.

For the holidays and new year, White says that their team is here to help with one-time home cleaning, or regular cleaning as well. “We do special occasion cleanings, helping people get prepared for the holidays and for family events, getting the home looking great so you don’t have to worry about that during the holidays. We also specialize in reoccurring cleanings for our clients as well as cleaning after move-ins and before move-outs.”

Molly Maid of Valparaiso, Chesterton, & Hobart

605 Morgan Blvd, Valparaiso (219) 386-2828 www.mollymaid.com

A Molly Maid worker, Raiza Belloso de Gonzalez, cleans a countertop in one of the number homes the business services in the Northwest Indiana area. Raiza Belloso de Gonzalez mops the floor in the kitchen of one of the number of homes the business services in the Northwest Indiana area.

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