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ON THE COVER Pieces of Jayde owner Jayde McAloon, on right, and "Shoppe Goblin" Molly Tucker.


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Heather Augustyn / Contributing Editor Heather Augustyn is a Chesterton native. She is a continuing lecturer of composition at Purdue Northwest and was a newspaper journalist for 12 years. She has published seven books on ska music and lives in Chesterton with her husband and their two sons, Sid and Frank.

Kyle Telechan / Photographer

Kyle Telechan, photographer, has done freelance work for the Times of Northwest Indiana since graduating from Indiana University in 2007 and has over 11 years of experience in photojournalism. His interest in nature, architecture, and urban decay drives much of his non-photojournalistic work. Kyle currently lives in Portage with his wife, Elise. Elizabeth Kelly / Managing Editor & Graphic Designer Elizabeth has over 16 years of experience in the design and publishing industry. A lifelong resident of northwest Indiana, Elizabeth currently lives in Chesterton with her children, Jacob and Everly.





Pieces of Jayde owner Jayde McAloon arranges items on display in the store.


Prosperity is Foretold as Pieces of Jayde Expands


hen Jayde McAloon moved to Duneland in 2010 to be closer to her family, she knew The Region was a place to grow her residential roots. But now, as founder and owner of Pieces of Jayde—an eclectic jewelry, rocks and minerals, and art shop in Chesterton—she has also firmly established her commercial foundation here as well, thanks to an auspicious visit to the Indiana Dunes. She explains, “I was on the beach and found this really cool rock that had some crystals inside and knew I wanted to make it into jewelry. My mom was an artist and made art, so I thought I would learn to do it myself. I started making wire wrapped jewelry to wear myself 2



and give as gifts. But then people encouraged me to make them for the European Market so I got a booth in 2011.” McAloon then took her art jewelry to a number of art fairs throughout the country, which she admits was “a blast.” Soon the constant traveling wore tiresome and McAloon once again turned to her hometown to showcase her wares. “I’ve always wanted to have my own shop. We found this space in Chesterton on the west side of town and it was a month-to-month rental, so that appealed to my Sagittarius nature, to not be tied down to a lease. Even though it was during the pandemic, we were still able to grow the business. We started building a community of

artists to offer local products. And we decided to offer workshops on how to create pieces of art. I left my job teaching full time to own this business, so offering classes was important to me. We offer classes like full moon circles, how to find your spirit animal, jewelry making classes, and before long, we outgrew that space,” she says. Now in her new location at 1587 S. Calumet Rd. in Chesterton, McAloon says that Pieces of Jayde has been able to expand into a more open and welcoming space. “It's three times the size. We had about 600 square feet and we have 1,600 square feet now. This space lets you navigate between displays easily. The space we’re in

INSIDESTORY Piecces of Jayde offers a variety of nature-inspired gifts.

now used to be a yoga studio, a martial arts studio, and the quilt shop. So, we had to build a back room and we painted everything, did some fun things with the lights because my son is an electrician, and our displays are either built by my husband or repurposed.” The shop has also increased its offerings. “We’re big on local and environmentally friend-

ly art, we offer honey from local bees, we sell spell bottles, crystals, toys for dogs and cats, and objects from nature. We also have increased our classes in this space, too. We have a pet healer who comes in and a psychic medium we work with. We do tarot card readings here to help people figure things out, and I teach classes on how to do tarot readings. We have art classes

and classes on metaphysics and alternative healing. We welcome people who come here looking for stress relief and anxiety relief and we are here to support that. People like to come here and spend time and feel the vibrations. You can have a seat and enjoy tea and just be part of our community. It’s a welcoming space that smells good with incense.” When asked why she chose to build her business in the same town as her home, McAloon says that was just a matter of the feel she gets from the community. “I’ve done a lot of history research on this town and it has such a great history. To me, the Dunes have always been kind of wild. You can’t tame them. This community, on the whole, is just filled with cool people and there are cool vibes here. It’s nice to be in a small town that has an artsy vibe,” she says.

---------------------------------------------Pieces of Jayde Elemental Jewelry 1587 S. Calumet Rd., Chesterton (219) 779-7625 www.piecesofjayde.com

COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY Cleveland-Cliffs is a major employer in Northwest Indiana and engaged with the communities where we operate. We focus on providing a safe, environmentallyresponsible work environment and quality jobs for our employees, and we partner with stakeholders to support healthy, vibrant communities. The support of our host communities has been critical to Cleveland-Cliffs’ success throughout our Company’s long history, and we don’t take for granted the privilege of operating here. We want to be a responsible corporate citizen that acts as a partner in solving challenges and helping everyone thrive. Want to join our team? We’re hiring for multiple positions across our Company!









Above: The main hall at Allure on the Lake. Right: The bridal suite at Allure on the Lake.


Allure on the Lake Wedding Venue & Event Center


t was completely destroyed by an extra-alarm fire in early June 2019, but the Allure on the Lake Wedding Venue & Event Center has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. As of January 2022, celebrations continue, thanks to the vision, dedication, and hard work of owner Troy Clark who refused to let this spectacular venue disappear. “The fire was a complete loss,” says Clark, “and we had to tear the old building down and totally rebuild.” That rebuild faced additional challenges as a result of the pandemic, but Clark persevered. “Just like any other project we had challenges of managing the project, but then in March 2020, everything shut down. We had supply chain issues and then banks were reluctant to loan us money because they didn’t know when we’d be able to have events,” he says.




So why didn’t Clark just give up? He attributes his tenacity to the “allure” of the location. “That location has amenities that other places just don’t have. There’s the lake and two private islands— it’s a hidden gem, a hidden oasis. You don’t know it’s there until you see it. When you walk into our property and the ceremony site with the floor-to-ceiling windows and see the beauty of the lake and nature, it’s awe inspiring, and there is no other place in this area that has that.” Plus, says Clark, the geographical location of the property is essential to its success. He states, “The location is ideal because of the convenience of the highways and the location of the hotels—it just made sense. Even as difficult as it was to rebuild, because it was a very hard process in getting

back during the pandemic, we love Chesterton. It’s a great town. It’s a growing town. There are a lot of strengths here and it’s an underappreciated town. There is a lot of opportunity in Chesterton that people don’t realize yet.” The Allure on the Lake Wedding Venue & Event Center features the same footprint and same basic design as the original facility, though Clark has disconnected the new construction from the hotel. “We reopened in January and we’re very fortunate. We’re booking into 2023 and 2024.”

---------------------------------------------Allure on the Lake 526 Indian Boundary Rd, Chesterton (219) 728-6772 www.allureone-weddings.com


Castle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Moves Forward in Duneland


n August 2021, a new sign appeared at the Connors Automotive site at Porter Avenue and SR 49. Castle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram purchased the dealership that had been established by Jack and Phyllis Connors as a Buick Pontiac franchise in 1975. The new owners, Joe Castle and Robert Politza, had been searching for a way to expand their footprint in Indiana and General Manager Mark Fentress says the facility in Chesterton was the perfect fit. “The opportunity came to buy Connors and they were looking to diversify their brand offerings. They have about five dealerships in Illinois and a Buick GMC location in North Riverside. They bought the Subaru Mitsubishi store in Portage and had success with the Ford store in Michigan City and they wanted to expand in Indiana. They want a diverse portfolio with different brands. They didn’t have this franchise

and wanted to expand the different brands they carry as the Castle Automotive Group,” Fentress says. He explains that the Chesterton facility is ideal because of the way that franchise rules dictate location, as well as the proximity to highways and larger communities. As a result, they will expand the current location and update the building. “Our architects are finalizing plans and we will build a state-of-the-art facility at that location. We have already graveled a section east of where we are for parking because it was a tight fit there, and we will break ground on other plans in late summer. The facility will feature a larger showroom, a larger service department to accommodate our customers’ needs, and a state-of-the art customer lounge. The facility we are in is good, it’s functional, but it’s dated and we’re just out of room. The manufacturer wants a newer

building there and as a result, we will be awarded with additional inventory as part of the expansion. This is important, especially now when supply is so low.” Fentress notes that part of the Castle culture is to support the community in which they reside. “We give back to the community. It’s important to us. We’ve recently helped out a veteran organization, Delta Theta Tau in Valpo, the YMCA, the Chesterton Fire Department Street Dance, and the Chesterton Police Department. It’s a culture from the top down that we like to help the community.”

---------------------------------------------Castle Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of Chesterton 701 E. Porter Ave, Chesterton (219) 926-7100 www.castlecdjrchesterton.com


Uno’s Pizzeria Comes to Porter


hen an Uno’s Pizzeria sign went up at the Speakeasy at the Spa & Spa Special Events Center and Springhouse Inn in Porter this spring, The Region was abuzz with excitement. This classic deep-dish pizza purveyor of Chicago began offering a selection of their pizza and menu items to The Region on May 18th. Cara Howard, manager of the venue, says that the partnership just made sense. “Uno’s was founded in 1943 so it goes with the speakeasy setting since there’s a history there. And we just want to be more family friendly and think that pizza will be a good choice for families. We have a lot of tourists who come to the area and we want to appeal to them with convenience and these food items are things you can’t find elsewhere unless you go to Chicago. We’ll be serving Uno’s Italian beef sandwiches, salads, pastas, and of course, deep dish pizza.” The banquet center side of the business will still offer its own selection of food, but Howard says that Uno’s will help the entire facility to transform into a destination. “There’s a lot happening here. We just want to bring this area back alive and keep it all going. With

the hotel and the Dunes, Uno’s seemed like a good opportunity to put something there that would appeal to families, too. We are another location of the Uno’s franchise and we feel this will be a great addition to the community,” says Howard.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill (Spa Speakeasy & Special Event Center) 333 N. Mineral Springs Road, Porter 219-934-7677 www.restaurants.unos.com/locations/Porter/ IN/9303




CURRENTS Construction at Coffee Creek


Building on Chesterton’s Southeast Side


nyone driving south on SR 49 in recent months, and even for many years now, has certainly noticed the tremendous construction reshaping the Duneland landscape. Chesterton Town Manager Dave Cincoski updated us on current and recent projects. “The main structure under construction right now is The Ken Allen Law Group headquarters. This is the large structure that is visible just north of Culvers. This is projected to be a three-story building with the law firm, and some other retail or offices on the first floor. That will be an economic development driver for the area,” Cincoski says. Existing structures in this area also help to drive the local economy. He explains, “The structure with Abbiocco, Biggby Coffee, Fat Burrito, The Golden Leaf, and Subway, along 6



with AJs Pizza, is helping to expand the dining opportunities to residents and visitors coming off the tollway. Urschel Laboratories went in back in 2012 and that was huge for that area. It was a prime piece of land for them to acquire and the work they did with the town was significant. It is a massive economic driver for that area, and they are an exceptional community member. Chesterton Family Dental went in about a year ago, and SurgCenter, which is a surgical center, is going in. There is also one local business interested in a new development, and a national chain is interested in another lot.” Cincoski says that this area of The Region is ideal for many businesses. “There is obviously an interest in the platted property within this development. Ease of access to the modes of travel—the roads and interstates—plus the fact

that all of that land is within the TIF district, makes it an asset to driving economic development. The town tries to assist in the capacity we can,” he says. Certainly, the immediate location is a main driver of development, but Chesterton as a whole is also a component of this success. Cincoski states, “It’s the place to build, develop, and grow in Northwest Indiana. We had the largest increase in 2020 census, the largest residential opportunities for a variety of lifestyles, an exemplary school system, and Chesterton is the geographical population center of Porter County. Chesterton is the place to be.”

---------------------------------------------Town of Chesterton 1490 Broadway, Chesterton (219) 926-1641 www.chestertonin.org


NorthShore Health Centers Expands to Address Local Need


he pandemic may have closed one door, namely the Duneland Resale location on 8th Street and Broadway in Chesterton, but it opened another. NorthShore Health Center in Chesterton had been searching for a new location to expand and address their growing need of providing quality, affordable healthcare to everyone, including the uninsured and underinsured in Porter, Lake and La Porte counties. The building that housed Duneland Resale satisfied that search. David Hall, CEO of NorthShore Health Centers, explains, “We’ve outgrown our current location in Chesterton a few years ago and have been trying to find something better. We had conversations with the Duneland Resale shop which had closed during Covid because they weren’t sure about reopening after the pandemic. They decid-

ed they were going to sell their facility and it just fit our needs and the timing was right.” NorthShore’s current Chesterton location at 407 W. Indiana can meet the needs of about 80 patients a day, says Hall. But the new facility will be able to help some 300 to 400 patients. “It’s a very good location in the heart of Chesterton in a population that needs extra care,” Hall says. “We wanted to offer all of our services to the community so our patients can receive services that aren’t currently there. We will be offering an on-site pharmacy, we are expanding the family practice, offering obstetrics and gynecology, we’ll have X-ray and optometry, we’re expanding chiropractic services, and we will bring our substance abuse services under the same roof as medical services to improve access and continuum of care.”

As part of the dedication to the needs of the whole human being, Hall says they have given support to the Westchester Food Pantry which has been in operation for over 30 years and resides in the new NorthShore building. He says, “We’ve built them a brand-new location in the building so they can continue to serve the community as well. We added onto the building in the back to give them an opportunity to continue their mission. We all serve the same population so it’s synergy.” The new NorthShore location is slated to open at the beginning of August.

---------------------------------------------NorthShore Health Centers 407 Indiana Ave, Chesterton (219) 763-8112 www.northshorehealth.org




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we learn

Nonprofit leaders from all over Porter County attended the latest Fund Raising School training hosted by the Porter County Community Foundation.

Porter County






Helping local nonprofit leaders learn more since 1996.

- Shannon Spratley, Chief Operating Officer Duneland Family YMCA



Above: Vale Park Animal Hospital owner and vet Brent Lakia, on right, examines black lab Carlo with help from technician Jaime LePore. Right: Vale Park Animal Hospital


Vale Park Animal Hospital Expands to Welcome More Pets


uring the onset of the pandemic, in June of 2020, the economic climate was hardly one for growth and expansion. Still, Vale Park Animal Hospital had made plans to serve the health of more furry friends and so staying the course may have been a challenge, but it was imperative. Dr. Brent Lakia, DVM, co-owner at Vale Park Animal Hospital, says the reasons for the move to 3515 Lake Meade Circle in Valparaiso were apparent. “We moved because we didn’t have enough space. We had great client demand and ran out of space and there was no way to add on or build up without causing significant disruption to patient care. Our parking lot was always full and difficult to traverse, and we also wanted to offer other services like boarding, daycare, and grooming. Our clients want their pets to be taken care of and have their vets involved in that. Clearly, a new location was necessary,” says Lakia. The new space required building from the ground up, but there were resources available. “We chose this location mostly because it was part of a business park already. It was set up by the city to

be developed which made construction a lot easier because we didn’t have to worry about bringing utilities here,” he says. The result is a beautiful facility that caters to the whim of every whisker. “We doubled our size from 6,400 to 12,600 square feet. We have separate cat and dog entrances for appointments and different wings for cats and dogs. Cats don’t get stressed because they don’t see, hear, or smell dogs. We can then assess the patient better. We have eight exam rooms for dogs, three for cats, and a comfort room for pets at the end of their life. The benefit is that the dogs are in the lobby for a shorter period of time, and they don’t see each other as much so mom and dad don’t have to fight them on the leash. We have in-room check out so when you walk out, you’re done. We also have a separate pharmacy counter and all calls go through our phone center station. The front desk can that way see the patients that come in and out of the hospital without disruption from the phone. We offer all modern amenities for surgery and dentistry so we’re cutting edge,” says Lakia Additional facilities offer non-medical services. “We have a lodge here and any dog that’s

boarding also gets day care which is centered on social and mental stimulation, exercise, and skills of interaction. The dogs are in playgroups, running around, and not just barking at each other from across the room. The runs don’t face each other so dogs don’t get ramped up seeing each other. It’s not uncommon for us to have 40 dogs there and there’s no barking at all. When they don’t see each other, they can rest. They get interaction from playing with each other, not from stress and barking. It’s easier on the patient, easier on the staff. We also recently had a groomer join the team and those are all services that we didn’t have at the old building. Upstairs we put in a conference room for workshops that doubles as our staff lounge so our staff can enjoy the television, oversee the yard through the window, and they can relax away from the work,” Lakia says.

---------------------------------------------Vale Park Animal Hospital 3515 Lake Meade Circle, Valparaiso (219) 462-5785 www.valeparkah.com DUNELAND TODAY



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Valparaiso University graduates.

Sweet Stitches owners Rob and Joan Crookston.


Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop Expands


t has been said that quilters play with scissors just for the shear fun of it, and for Joan Crookston, owner of Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop with her husband Rob, she confirms this is the truth. “I started quilting 30 years ago and wanted to make a baby quilt. I fell in love with it. Both of my grandmothers quilted but I’m self-taught,” she says. Crookstone is a member of the quilting community and has built a loyal client base at her store which recently expanded into a new location. "We first opened in 2017 at 1585 S. Calumet Road. We started growing because we had more and more interest in quilting through our customers. We expanded into the area next to us, and then in October 2021 we opened in our new building at 1575 S. Calumet which was the old Summers Heating and Cooling building,” she says.

The new location required Joan and Rob to do quite a bit of renovation to give customers a cozy feel in the big space. She says, “We revamped the whole inside and the exterior of the building. We put a porch on the front to make it more inviting for customers, and for the town, too. Inside we designed and constructed the space to feature our store area and we have a classroom area at the shop. We sell quilting supplies like fabrics, swing notions, patterns, books, different battings, irons, and bags that quilters use. Classes include quilting classes from beginner to advanced, and the occasional bag class. We do sewing machine repair here in the shop so the machine never leaves our shop until it’s ready for you to take home. We fix all brands of machines. We also sell sewing machines, sewing

machine cabinetry, and sewing lights.” These items, class schedule, and a newsletter is available on the shop’s website, sweetstitchesquiltshop.com. Crookston says that the quilt shop is a stop for many visitors who pass through town. She states, “Most of the year we have our regulars here, but in the summer, we have lots of travelers. Quilters will plan out their trips so they can stop at quilt shops on the way. We have a lot of visitors from all over the country. We have people from east coast to west coast and even Canada.”

---------------------------------------------Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop 1585 S Calumet Rd., Chesterton (219) 250-5942 www.sweetstitchesquiltshop.com DUNELAND TODAY




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SANDSOFTIME Left: CLH staff meets in 1993, one year after the company was founded. Below: Founding partners Robert (Bob) Lange, III, Linda Hough, and John Craighead.


Celebrating 30 Years of Dedicated Service


LH, CPAs & Consultants is looking back proudly on its three-decade history as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer. Over that time, the company has grown significantly and has impacted valued clients, businesses, and community organizations throughout Northwest Indiana. CLH was originally founded in 1992 as Craighead and Company, P.C. Back then, only the founder, John Craighead, his wife Pat Craighead, and his assistant filled the company’s ranks. Partners Robert (Bob) Lange, III, and Linda Hough joined the firm in 1993 and 1997, respectively, expanding the firm’s offerings with the formation of Craighead, Lange and Hough, P.C. in 1999. For a number of years, John Craighead and Linda Hough oversaw business operations in the Michigan City headquarters and Bob Lange managed a CLH branch in South Holland, Illinois. Today, the firm has grown into a team of 35 individuals spread across two offices in Michigan City and Valparaiso, and looks forward to opening a third office in La Porte in the summer of 2022. As CLH grew, its capabilities and service offerings expanded to include a full suite of professional services, including business consulting, valuations, support services, and financial reporting, among others. Today, 10 of CLH’s team members are licensed CPAs, the most the firm has ever had at one time, and several additional team members are actively pursuing their CPA licensure. The professional team’s talents and dedication have proven to be fundamental to the firm’s achievements. CLH is preparing for future growth that will serve to strengthen the compa-

ny’s pipeline of talented accounting professionals for generations to come. HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED

It was a different world for business and accounting in the early 1990s when CLH first began. Technology has revolutionized the industry, and over the years CLH adopted a variety of new technologies to maximize their efficiencies and develop the firm into what it is today. The firm’s early equipment consisted of a few computers, a single copier and dot matrix printer, and paper-and-pencil methods to get the job done. Today, CLH is almost an entirely paperless office utilizing a full suite of software to support business operations, client services, and remote work. As the nature of the accounting industry shifted away from traditional accountancy toward advisory services, the firm embraced new approaches and adapted accordingly. The firm’s administrative team has also experienced remarkable growth. From a single personal assistant, CLH now employs a team of 11 individuals who fulfill a range of administrative responsibilities that didn’t exist when the firm first began, including human resources, information technology, communications, and a host of internal operations. CLH’s client services team is a vital component of the firm’s success. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is CLH’s commitment to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. It is notable that several of CLH’s original clients have continued to remain clients of the firm since the company’s inception—30 years with the same trusted advisers. This is a testa-

ment to CLH’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality, creative solutions for their clients. NEW CHAPTER, RENEWED COMMITMENT

In 2016, Tony Gillisse, CPA, joined the firm as a partner. The company’s name was updated to CLH, CPAs & Consultants as a lasting tribute to the three founding partners and a nod to the future as CLH transitioned toward advisory services and business consulting. Along with this new chapter in the company’s history comes a renewed commitment to the communities in which the company operates. Since it was first established, CLH has been committed to investing in local community. John Craighead, Bob Lange, Linda Hough, and Tony Gillisse have all donated their time, technical prowess, and other talents to the NWI community and business organizations, including the Portage Township YMCA, Intercollegiate Ministries, Michiana Resources (now part of Paladin, Inc.), the Regional Development Company, and Dunebrook, among many others. The firm is proud to see its current professional team continue in the same spirit by serving as board members and active volunteers with other well-known, local community organizations. This legacy of service to both clients and the surrounding community has become a deep component of CLH’s culture and will only grow with the forthcoming chapters of the firm’s future.

---------------------------------------------CLH, CPAs & Consultants 123 E 8th Street, Michigan City (219) 874-0210 www.clh.cpa DUNELAND TODAY




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Kathy Pilarski of TCU, Bob Capehart, Kim White, Seth Bedwell of CLH, CPAs & Consultants

Janet and Stan Zeck

Samantha Steele of Centier Bank, Lisa Jegen, and Deven Aleman of Chase Bank

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The Golden Leaf Cigars & Spirits :: May 11, 2022

Valparaiso Senior Village :: May 18, 2022

Speakeasy at the Spa/Uno Pizzeria :: May 25, 2022






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@Properties- Crystal Soliday 1-800 Water Damage Allure on the Lake Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC Art Barn School of Art Barrett Financial Group, LLC Voyage Home Loans Ben's Pretzels Biggby Coffee Bosak Toyota Boulder Bay - Heather Compton Chesterton Carpet Cleaning Chesterton Fit Body Boot Camp Dunebrook Inc Duneland Community Church Duneland Distillery Duneland Media Evergreen Massage Therapy Free the Girls Gilbert's Candy & Confections Hilltop Neighborhood House, Inc. Hunter's Brewing LLC Innovative Physical Therapy Joe's Bread Kohler & Associates, Inc American Family Insurance Legacy Sign Group Listing Leaders Listing Leaders Premier Molly Maid of Valparaiso, Chesterton, & Hobart Perfection Medical Spa, LLC Pieces of Jayde Elemental Jewelry Plumbing Paramedics Pottawattomie Country Club Redfish Development, LLC Regional Plumbing Heating and Air Salvation Army of Porter County State Park Little League SUPERCUTS The Flour Shoppe The Junkluggers of Greater NW Indiana Three Moons Fiberworks, LLC Unifirst Corporation

Vale Park Animal Hospital Vital Co ZenBusiness

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Berglund Construction Better Choices Better Lives Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa Boy Conn Print & Copy Chesterton Physical Therapy Chicago Street Theatre David's Lawn Care Decadent Flavor Festive Foods, LLC Four Winds Casino Resort Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana Growing Kids Learning Center Harbour Trust & Investment Management Company HealthLinc, Inc. Jacob's Ladder Pediatric Rehab Center Kona Ice of the Dunes LLC Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute Larson Contracting & Design Lisa Gaff - White Hat Realty Group Mel's Detail Shop Nardo Homes LLC NITCO Porter County Museum Precision Dental Center Residences at Coffee Creek Running Vines Winery Shirley Heinze Land Trust SteadyGroove Music Steindler Signs and Graphix LLC Strack & Van Til Food Market Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop LLC Trapmasters Plumbing Valparaiso University Village Land Co.

1st American Management 49'er Drive-In Theatre 4th Street Theater Absolutely Dry Advanced Dental Concepts Aspen Pines Apartment Community Best Western Indian Oak CAPTRUST Lakeside Chesterton Art Center Chesterton Duneland Kiwanis Country Inn & Suites Discovery Charter School Duneland Landscape Dunes Information Systems El Salto Mexican Restaurant Engravables Fairhaven Baptist Church Field Station Cooperative Preschool Franciscan Working Well Gelsosomos Pizzeria & Pub GGNet Technologies Globe Star Green Up 2 Clean Up Hopkins Ace Hardware Horizon Bank Indiana American Water Company Ivy's Bohemia House Laciak Accountancy Group M & S Collision of Chesterton Maxey & Associates Insurance McColly Real Estate Nature's Cupboard NICTD - Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District NorthShore Health Centers Olga Petryszyn - McColly Real Estate Phantom Fireworks Porter County Community Foundation Pulse Technology R. V. Sutton, Inc. Raymond James & Associates Riley's Railhouse Schoolhouse Shop Shelton Fireworks South Shore Insurance-Chris Newton

Spa Speakeasy & Special Event Center Subway Success Trek, Inc Sunrise Family Restaurant T. Clifford Fleming & Associates, P.C. Teachers Credit Union Valparaiso Events Valparaiso First Insurance Westchester Public Library Westchester Township History Museum

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BBB Serving Northern Indiana Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Executive Group Real Estate Broadway Liquors Center of Workforce Innovations, Inc. Chesterton Manor Cleveland Cliffs Inc. Comcast Business Family & Youth Services Bureau Fidelity National Title Insurance Co Fran Rapacik-Hess Gregory Babcock, Attorney at Law Hurst Orthodontics, P.C. Indiana Dunes Tourism Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Indiana University Northwest Kittredge & Zehner, P. C. Marc T Nielsen Interiors Northwest Health-Porter Opportunity Enterprises Pinkerton Oil Co., Inc. Porter Starke Services, Inc. Purdue Northwest Town of Burns Harbor Town of Porter Zale Eye Center

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