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You’re a real Pal Wednesday 22nd February, 2012. Vol. 5, Issue 8. 63 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk, Co. Louth. Tel: 042 9320888 Fax: 042 9329676 Email: /

1,000 jobs on the way to Dundalk By Paul Byrne

There was great news for Dundalk yesterday as American giants PayPal confirmed that they will create 1000 jobs in the town over the next four years. PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet and their decision to choose Dundalk has given a great boost to the town. Taoiseach Enda Kenny made the announcement yesterday when he joined senior IDA officials in Central Dublin to announce the 1000 jobs. It has been known for months that PayPal were planning on setting up a new premises in Ireland with common consensus being that Limerick and Dundalk were fighting it out to secure the 1000 jobs.

Last October the Irish Times ran a story in their property section, claiming that ‘it would be difficult to find a large enough premises in Dundalk to facilitate PayPal.’ These claims were immediately refuted by chair of the Town Council Marianne Butler who deemed the report ‘careless and irresponsible’ whilst claiming that ‘there are at least two suitable properties in Dundalk which would be suitable for PayPal’ Speaking yesterday, Marianne Butler expressed her delight upon hearing the news. “I saw the news this morning on RTE and I was absolutely thrilled. This is a huge boost for the town and it shows that Dundalk is See Page 10

Shave or Dye raises €7,500

Gerard O’Hare, Brendan Murphy and Colm McDonnell before the big event

By Paul Byrne “I’m still getting cards in but I’m expecting that we raised around €7,500 in total which we’re absolutely delighted about. People have been great and really sup-

ported us with this” said Aidan Duffy as he reflected on the phenomenal success of their ‘Shave or Dye’ fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society which was held at the Barleycorn pub in Kilcurry last Saturday night.

Eleven brave souls had their hair dyed last week and they all arrived at the Barleycorn pub last Saturday night to get their heads shaved in front of a huge crowd in the Kilcurry pub. See Page 12


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Stapleton Place residents unhappy with changes By Paul Byrne

Councillor Maria Doyle will ask the Town Council to review the work carried out on Stapleton Place following talks she had with many of the street’s concerned residents. Residents are unhappy with the new layout at Stapleton Place which has reduced the once broad street to a single lane for traffic with a two-way cycle path. According to Cllr Doyle the new lay-

out needs to be looked at by the Town Council as it poses a danger to residents in its current state. “I was down in Stapleton Place last week and I spoke to almost all the residents and they have a number of issues with regards to this new layout” said Cllr Doyle. “The main issue is that they don’t feel safe when getting out of their car. The road is so narrow now that there is no room to even open your car door without risking getting hit by oncoming traffic.

“Also if somebody is trying to get children or buggies into the car you have very little time to get yourself organised before a car comes towards you”, she added. Residents have also voiced their displeasure at the lack of communication from the council with regard to the works and claim that they were not given any notice and were not consulted at all about the project. Cllr Doyle will meet with the Town Council’s Aenat NicGabhann (acting SEO for the roads section)this week and

hopes that the resident’s concerns will be listened to. “There are a number of issues I will be bringing up at the Town Council meeting including the impact of travel volumes on the Avenue Rd, Hill St and Dublin St when the pedestrian toucan crossing comes in. “Obviously the residents safety concerns will be the main issue I will be raising but there are also smaller things like the taking away of the aesthetics of the road turning a once beautiful view into a

bit of an eyesore” she added. Speaking before her meeting with Cllr Doyle, Aenat NicGabhann said she will listen to any concerns raised but stressed that these works were part of a smarter travel scheme that is a part of government policy as well as being part of the Dundalk and Environs Development Plan. “This is all part of a plan to make Dundalk safer for pedestrians and cyclists and indeed promote safety for all forms of transport” she explained.

Many tributes paid to the late Peter Dixon

Hundreds of people turned out to pay their last respects to Peter Dixon who died at his home last Friday evening. 81-year-old Peter was a former chief scout of Ireland and co-founder of Dixons Funeral Home. He has also previously held the position of ’President of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors’. Peter who lived in St Nicholas Avenue dedicated his life to the scouting movement and spent 50 years working at National Level. Peter was the final Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland CSI before Scouting Ireland was formed. In a statement released last weekend, Scouting Ireland extended their sympathies to members of peter’s family and friends. “We would like to confirm the sad death of former Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland (CSI ) Peter Dixon. Peter passed away this evening the 17th Feb after a long illness. Some of the projects Peter would have worked on would have been the Gifts of Peace Project and the Castlesaunderson Project. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peters’ family at this very sad time. Peter has now gone home.” Peter was predeceased by his mother Elizabeth, father John, brothers Tommy and Paddy, sisters Alice (Hickey) and Maura (English).

Martin McCaughey wants to put the ordeal behind him

Local scouts provide a Guard of Honour at Peter Dixon’s funeral. Inset: The late Peter Dixon.

By Niamh Kirk

After a week in which he hit the national headlines following his pursuit of a burglar, local property developer, Martin McCaughey, wants to put the whole matter behind him and move on. Mr McCaughey was found not guilty by a jury of six men and six women of assault at Dundalk Circuit Criminal Court and afterwards said that he is looking to put the whole incident behind him so he and his family can move forward. The property developer has said that he had not considered whether to take a civil suit against the burglar

who received a €175k insurance payout after being hit by him during the incident. In June 2008 Mr McCaughey woke to find Daniel Mc Cormack in his bedroom holding a screwdriver. McCormack fled the house, pursued by Mr McCaughey, who followed him into the near-by Clann Chullainn Park in his wife’s Mercedes. In an effort to help apprehend the intruder Mc McCaughey says he tipped him as he drove at him in order to box him in. He was not injured but as the pursuit continued McCaughey claimed the car lost control and hit the burglar, pinning him against railings.

He suffered two broken legs, was in wheelchair for six weeks and on crutches for several months. McCormack admitted to the burglary and received three year suspended sentence, as well as a €175,000 pay-out from Mr McCaughey’s insurer. Mr McCaughey was in Dundalk District Court last week accused of assaulting McCormack on the night. The case, along with amendments to legislation that gives home owners increased rights in defending their home has reopened the debate of reasonable force in protection of family and home. Gardai say that homeowners should put their safety first in inci-

dents like this and reminded that you can still be brought to account for using force. They added that anicdotially in many circumstances where an intruder has been tackled it had ended badly. The Garda spokesman said to “think of your own safety first and to call 999.” McCormack’s sister defended her brother over the weekend saying that justice had not been done and detailed some of the injuries her brother had sustained. She said on radio “the fright that Mr McCaughey got with his family, I got with my brother. I thought I was going to lose him”, she added.

Owners respond to Facebook abuse By Niamh Kirk

The management company in charge of an apartment block which was attacked on Facebook have called for the company to ensure users are held accountable for their actions on the site. The page had been up on the site since 2006 but did not have the time

frame visible, claimed the residents were involved in illegal activities. It went so far as to single one resident out. It also detailed security arrangements and methods of accessing the building. The company in charge of the buildings maintenance issued a statement in relation to

the complex. “Over the years the apartment owners have spent a lot of energy and money on upgrading the garden area, the external painting and re-carpeting common areas to try and make this one of the better places to live in Dundalk. “Most of this has been since 2007 so unfortu-

nately this is a perfect example how one disgruntled resident can undo all that hard work with the stroke of a pen or in this case the tapping of a few keys. I see not only have they discredited the building as a whole but singled out one apartment and attacked a nearby business.” The management com-

pany did not discount forums that allow for people to discuss local business but noted that the ability to reply was key. “There are a lot of ‘good ratings’ websites which survive because they give businesses the opportunity to respond to negative comments. “If social media web-

sites are going to provide a framework for people to give opinions on any matter they must work harder to ensure that users are made accountable for their comments because these sites are essentially a public forum. If they don’t then they themselves should be held to account”, the spokesperson said.

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012



Call for action over Ecco foot bridge

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

By Paul Byrne

The chairperson of the Ard Easmuinn Residents association has called for action to be taken at the Ecco bridge which has become impassable whenever it rains. According to Lee O’Neill this problem has been ongoing for over a year now and needs to be looked at urgently by the relevant authorities. “I am speaking on behalf of the community in Ard Easmuinn, Cox’s Demesne and surrounding area regarding the disgraceful ongoing flooding at the Ecco foot bridge (the path that leads to Ice House Hill Park and Pearse Park) that has been ongoing for over a year or more now. “Every time it rains, the foot bridge on the Ecco Road floods to the point where it’s impassable for all pedestrian users. I and other residents have called the Town Council and Ianrod Eireann several times about this flooding under the bridge and are being told that it’s not their responsibility. Somebody has

The flooded underpass at the Ecco footbridge

to be responsible for this and it needs to be sorted out quickly.” said an angry Lee. “It was raining last week and the water was up to my knees. It’s ok for the likes of me who can walk around the long way but there was an 80-year-old man trying to get a doctor’s appointment last week and he couldn’t get through at all because of the flooding. That’s unacceptable in my view”, added Lee.

Ann-Marie King who is an executive engineer in Dundalk Town Council confirmed the council were aware of their problem but said that the area which is being flooded is owned by Iarnrod Eireann. “We have looked at the area where the flooding occurs and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it as the source of the flooding is an area which is owned by Irish Rail. There is a sioch just

beyond the railway line which Irish Rail own and that’s where the flooding is originating. “We do not have permission to work on their land.” explained AnnMarie. A spokesman for Irish Rail stated that the company were aware of the problem and that engineers were due to look at the area in the near future to establish exactly who owns the area where the flooding is originating.

Mixed news following News Brief world record attempt in Dulargy NS There was mixed news for Ardee man Derek Ward who received confirmation that he had entered the Guinness Book of Records, only to be told soon after that his record had been beaten. In March 2010, 266 leprechauns gathered at Fairgreen in Ardee as a part of Derek and Catyl Ward’s fundraising event for St Luke’s Cancer Care facility. Last week Guinness confirmed ‘The largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns was achieved by 266 participants in Ardee Co Louth, Ireland, on 17 March 2011.’

The title had previously been held by Jay Leno and the Tonight Show for an attempt on the same day which saw 224 leprechauns assemble in Burbank, California. However the title was short lived as an attempt later that year took the record when the Ardee world record was bettered eight months later. The Guinness World Record Offices confirmed that ‘the largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns was achieved by 414 participants at Cowan House Co-educational Preparatory School in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on 11 November 2011.’ It was organised in honour of the schools out going principal Mark Emmerson.

A group of people concerned with the rights of single and separated fathers are calling on individuals affected by such issues to join them. The group is hoping to organise a rally to highlight issues that affect single and separated fathers, such as inequality, and would welcome support from the local community.

Representatives of the group say that they are seeking fair play in a foul play system and want to be able to discuss relevant issues. The invitation is open to all, including women and grandchildren. Those interested can contact Luke at 085 7777647 or Padraig at 0873587384.

By Niamh Kirk

Separated fathers group call for support

Parents table quiz

Dulargy National School Parents Association are holding their annual Fun Quiz Night on Friday March 2 in the Ballymascanlon House Hotel. Starting time will be 9pm and tickets cost €20 for a table of four. This is one of the main fund raising events of the year for the school. This year the funds will be used to upgrade the school yard with new goalposts, basketball court and playground markings. Tickets are available from any member of the Parents Association Committee - Myles Conlon, Lindis LennoxConyngham, Roisin Cotter and Catriona McAteer. If you would like to sponsor a prize for the Quiz Night please contact ; Roisin Cotter 087 136 3224 or Myles Conlon 087 765 7049.


Sub Aqua Club look for slipway

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012


in Brief It’s a Knockout

A novel and fun idea based on the popular TV show from the 1980’s, “It’s a Knockout” is coming to Omeath. The event will take place over the May Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday and Sunday May 5 and 6 in the Omeath Sports Fields, Chapel Hill. This is the first time ever “It’s a Knockout” has been hosted in Ireland and the organisers are looking for clubs/organisations/ charities to take part in the event. To enter you will need 10 players to make up your team. There is €2000 in prize money up for grabs. In addition to this you have the opportunity to raise funds for your chosen club/charity/ organisation. Each team consists of 10 players costing €25 per player and the main aim of this event is to raise money for Charities such as: The Irish Cancer Society, Down Syndrome Ireland & Suicide awareness. For this reason the organisers are asking for 10% of all sponsorship your team receives to be donated to the above charities. Contact Cáitlín McArdle 087 9489174, Mattie 087 9917373, Ciaran Cunningham 087 4105773.

By Paul Byrne

Dundalk Sub Aqua Cub met with Town Clerk Frank Pentony last week regarding the building of a slipway for launching its rescue boat onto the Castletown River/Dundalk Bay at low-tide. The meeting between Mr Pentony and members of the sub-aqua club came just four days before the tragic death of Stephen Fergus who died when his boat capsised whilst trying to help a friend. PRO for the sub aqua club, Alan Boghan, said that the club had presented their case to Mr Pentony and he hoped that a solution could be found sooner rather than later. “The situation as it is at the minute is very dangerous and lives are going to be lost if we don’t find a solution soon” he said. “As things stand whenever we get a call to help somebody in trouble we have to get a hydraulic hoist from the fire services to lift our boat and drop it into the water. The whole process takes up to 50 minutes and this obviously is not acceptable.” explained Alan. “We damaged our boat a while ago dragging it across the pebbles trying to get it into the water and we would again call for people to look at avenues for a slipway to be built. “Somebody approached us at

Stephen’s funeral last week and offered to put up a permanent electric hoist so maybe that’s another road we can go down if a slipway can’t be built” he added. Speaking after the meeting with the sub aqua club, Town Clerk Frank Pentony said that the council’s hands were somewhat tied with regards to getting a slipway built. “We are looking at every avenue open to us to try and get this slipway built. We know as well as anyone how important it is to build one but unfortunately our hands are somewhat tied on the matter.” he explained. “Unfortunately we own very little land down around the Castletown River and Dundalk Bay so we can’t just go ahead and build in that area. Dublin Port owns most of the land down there. “We don’t even own the Navvy Bank. We only have that on license from Dublin Port so there is no easy solution to be found here. If there were a simple solution this would have been done years ago.” he added. “There are also certain restrictions with regards to environment and conversation that are hindering our efforts to help out the sub aqua club with this matter. But we haven’t given up and we are exploring different avenues and what I will say is that if there is a solution to be found we will find it”

The sub-aqua team on a recent call out.


Pupils from all over Ireland will peform with CBOI

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Primary school pupils from Louth will be among 7,000 children from all over Ireland are singing in “Peace Proms” with internationally renowned Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. Following eight sellout concerts this month local school choirs are preparing to sing with the CBOI in the prestigious Convention Centre Dublin on February 26. They children’s choirs are drawn from all over the country. This year they will sing a sensational programme with the full symphony orchestra which ranges from peace anthems like “Let there be Peace on Earth” to “Blame it on the Boogie” which rocks every auditorium with resounding joy. Standing ovations and tumultuous applause are the order of the day. It is impossible to leave Peace Proms concert without feeling uplifted, renewed and full of hope for a brighter future. The CBOI’s soloists are regarded the best in Ireland. Patricia Treacy produces sublimely beautiful melodies on violin playing slow airs like “Ashoken Farewell” and then burst into sparkling virtuosity for Vivaldi’s “Storm” from the Four Seasons. Patrick Martin on Uilleann Pipes is hauntingly brilliant in his performances of show

Brothers Ciaran and Conal Duffy perform with the CBOI in Peace Proms 2012 National Tour

stoppers like “Lord of the Dance” and a medley from “Horslips”; while Emmanuel Lawler wows the audience as outstanding presenter and tenor. The CBOI’s imposing Drum and Piping Corps adds huge strength to the concerts, and the booming Lambeg Drum resonates like fireworks. These multiple elements are magically held together and driven by the legendary con-

ductor, Maestro Gearóid Grant. Local schools taking part are: Realt na Mara, Mill Street; Tallanstown  National School; St. Oliver Plunkett N.S., Sandy Lane, Blackrock; St. Peter’s N.S. Dromiskin; St. Joseph’s NS, Avenue Road; Monksland National School, Monksland, Carlingford; N.S. Bhríde, Faughart; St. Colmcilles, Tullydonnell, Togher.

Cuts hit community groups By Niamh Kirk

A number of community groups that combat violence against women are facing cuts in funding from the HSE. Dundalk’s Rape Crisis Centre is due to see their funding cut by over €10,000 for this year, in the past four years it has seen a total reduction in funding of over €34,000. Dundalk Woman’s Aid will see a fall of over €27,000 from this funding on last year. Over the past four years the centre has seen a drop in funding of €106,245. Drogheda’s

Women’s Refuge will see a similar drop having lost €116,000n over a four year period. Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams requested figures from Minister for Health James Reilly. In a statement released he said “Funding for the Dundalk Rape Crisis, Dundalk Women’s Aid and Drogheda Women’s Refuge have all been severely cut since 2009 despite the fact that these three Louth based groups are in the front line combating violence against women. “The programme for Government signed up

to almost a year ago by Fine Gael and Labour contained a commitment to introduce consolidated and reformed domestic violence legislation to address all aspects of domestic violence, threatened violence and intimidation in a manner that provides protection to victims.” Deputy Adams pointed to the Labour party manifesto where it states “a commitment to protect funding for frontline services, such as family refuges, and draw on best international practice to reform the way the courts system deals with domes-

tic abuse case.” He said “None of this has occurred. Both parties have broken their commitments. At the same time as the government is imposing cuts on these vital services it is handing billions of taxpayers money over to the bondholders and banks.” Recent figures from safe Ireland indicate a steep rise in incidents of domestic violence since 2007. The report also revealed that in 2010 there were over 3000 incidents where children and parent were unable to get access to a refuge.

Results of Viking excavation Dr Mark Clinton, Director of Excavations in 2010 will present the results of the Annagassan Viking excavation in the Loft History Hall (above Slan’s Pub) in Annagassan at 8pm on Tuesday February 28. Entrance fee is €5 and all are welcome. In 841 A.D. the ancient Annals of Ulster reported that the Vikings had established their first two permanent bases in Ireland: one at Duiblinn, the other at Linn Duachaill. Whilst there was no doubt as to the location of Duiblinn, from the

early 19th century onwards historians and archaeologists argued about the location of Linn Duachaill. Even when the consensus was reached that Linn Duachaill was sited near Annagassan there was uncertainty about its exact location. Most leading experts opted for the fort of Lis-na-Rann or possibly the site of the long lost monastery of Linn Duachaill. The Linn Duachaill study group was formed in 2005 by members of the local community and specialists Eamonn P. Kelly (Keeper of

Antiquities, National Museum of Ireland), Dr Mark Clinton and historian Micheál McKeown of Blackrock Co. Louth. Their studies and explorations led to the theory that the Viking longphort or ship enclosure was located much further up the River Glyde than hitherto expected. A Geophysical Survey and a trial excavation proved that their theory was correct. The result being the discovery of the long lost 9th Century Viking settlement of Linn Duachaill.

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

More health cuts on the way Last week the Government published the Dublin North East Regional Services Plan for 2012 detailing the €120m health cuts the region faces in the coming months. In press releases issued by the HSE they say ‘the plan has been prepared in the context of the challenges faced by the health services this year in terms of reduced staffing levels and a reduced budget, combined with an increasing demand for services, and outlines the actions being taken across the region to address these challenges.’ A HSE spokesperson said that “In all our deliberations we have strived to ensure that those most vulnerable are protected in so far as possible.” Despite the efforts by residents and local supporters, St Joseph’s in Ardee and the Cottage Hospital, Drogheda are currently marked

for closure, but the plan does say that the final decision will be made after a consultation with the residents there but the units are the only two of twenty-one under consideration for closure. 25 Long-stay beds as well as 15 High –support beds and six inpatient beds are all being cut under mental health services where the annual budget has been reduced to €137m. HSE Dublin North East (DNE) is facing a a staffing reduction of 961 in an area that covers counties Louth, Meath, Cavan, Monaghan and north Dublin. Between 2009 and 2012 staff levels are due to reduce by over 3,588. Expected retirements to the end of February 2012 will reduce the staff numbers by 400 from January 2012 level, which means that up to 561 additional staff will also need to leave the service. In addition there is a re-

quirement to reduce agency costs by 50%. The report was heavily scrutinised on its release by the Save Our Hospital Services Committee. The Chair, Tomas Sharkey said “Not only does the HSE Regional Services Plan 2012 have huge consequences for staffing and overall service provision, some of the small print gives huge cause for concern.” In a statement issued by the group they point out a number of serious issues including that temporary staff are unavailable due to the introduction of contracts with agencies and this causes a risk to patient care. They also found cuts of 40% in new Home Care Packages as well as 1,200 bed nights in respite for persons with intellectual disabilities. Health Funding for the region has fallen by over €450m in the past four years. Eures together with Dundalk Chamber of Commerce are working in conjunction with Louth County Enterprise Board & Louth Local Authorities to organise a Louth Jobs & Advice Fair for one day only on Friday March 9 in the Marshes Shopping Centre Dundalk as part of Enterprise Week. There will be 30 stands at the event. Pictured are, Padraic Kierans, President, Drogheda Chamber; Ronan Dennedy, CEO, Louth County Enterprise Board; Paddy Malone, President, Dundalk Chamber of Commerce; Michael McCabe – Business Support Unit, Louth Local Authorities




in Brief Dundalk cursillo

Dundalk Cursillo are celebrating 25 years with an evening of Irish music and dance in Dowdallshill GFC clubrooms on Thursday March 15. Admission is €5 and refreshments will be served.

Waste water plant not meeting EU standards Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

By Paul byrne

Dundalk has been named as one of eight urban areas in Ireland that have not met the requirement to reduce nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen in waste water in the area. The findings were highlighted in a new report by the Environ-

mental Protection Agency which was released last week. According to Mark O’Callaghan Senior Engineer for Louth County Council Water Services a detailed study is currently in operation to find out where exactly levels of phosphates and nutrients can be reduced.

“We have until 2013 to fix this problem and we are currently looking at ten different ways at how we can reduce the levels of phosphates and nutrients. We don’t really know where exactly these excess chemicals are coming from so we have to conduct a detailed analysis of the area and look at businesses in

County Louth and the amount of nutrients and phosphates they are producing” explained Mark. “The EPA have been monitoring Dundalk Bay and Castletown River and although they have said we do not meet EU requirements they have also stated that there has been a substantial

Retired public servants AGM

AGM of retired Public Civil Servants for Eircom and An Post personnel will take place on Thursday March 1 at 2.30pm in the Fairways Hotel. All are urged to attend.

Funding welcome

Cllr Linus English (FG) welcomes the funding for the work being carried out in the Bay Estate area by the ESB this work is being carried out in two phases. The Fine Gael councillor also welcomed the commitment by Dundalk Town Council for Funding for the Realignment of the junction at Hazelwood Avenue and N52 Coe’s Rd, and also the funding to carry out the repair and maintained work in other parts of the estate in the coming months.” This work will not start until the E.S.B. have completed their work with in the estate”, States Cllr English.

Life in Spirit seminar

Life in the Spirit seminar will take place on Wednesday February 15 in St Nicholas Church Dundalk at 7.30 pm. Rosary will start at 7.15pm followed by Holy Mass. Guest speaker this week will be Fr Michael Ross.

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We will look at how we can manage nitrate and phosphate regulation and we will do our utmost to bring these levels down by 2013. Unfortunately there is a lot going on outside our remit such as waste from septic tanks but we will do all in our power to meet the EU requirements.”

Man had steak knife tucked down his sock

A man who was found with a steak knife tucked down his sock claimed he had taken it from a younger cousin. He told the arresting Garda he intended putting it in a bin. Solicitor Peter Lavery further explained that Michael Mallon of 30, Glenmore Park, Muirhevnamor met his cousin with the knife and was concerned about him committing a crime and took it off him. Judge William Hamill sentenced Mallon who pleaded guilty to the possession of the knife to a month in jail. Inspector Brendan Cadden said Garda Rochford searched Mallon under the misuse of drugs act on February 14 at Park Street and found the Jim Duffy from Bishops court winner of € 5000 in the Dundalk Credit Union Cash draw receiving his cheque from Pat Donaghy and Billy Doyle knife in his sock. The defendant had 21 previous Manager of Dundalk Credit Union. convictions. rne’s Paul By

to become a historian from a pretty young age.” says Brian. “I was managing the heritage centre in Athenry in 2000 when I saw a job advertised for a joint education officer between the museum here in Dundalk and the museum in Newry. I really liked the look of that so I put my name into it and thankfully got the job. Then the position of acting curator became available and I managed to get that and then eventually I got the job full time.” he explains. “The beauty of the job here is that it’s so varied. On a day by day basis you could either met some very interesting people or they’ll bring in something that is just very captivating. And then suddenly the As Brian explains he day goes very quickly. was in love with hisNo two days tend to be tory from a very young the same which is someage and always had thing I really really love aspirations of being a about the job. historian. “If you take a look “I was always fasciaround our museum nated by what makes we’ve literally got us the race that we are. everything from a Even from a young age needle to an anchor and I remember having a everything in between. lot of great teachers We have old cars, old who gave me a great deer skulls, industrial love for history and I items and archaeologican remember wanting

on Brian Walsh

History is the future for Brian

New shop for Marshes

Marshes latest retail unit will open it’s doors to the public on Friday February 24 with the arrival of Euro Giant. Positioned close to Dunnes and Easons it is easily accessible, spacious and a glorious opportunity for discerning bargain hunters. Centre Manager Harry Traynor said he was delighted to finally see the development of the unit which has stood empty for a number of years and the offer can only enhance the wide appeal of marshes as a retail destination.

improvement in our efforts to reduce these excess chemicals over the last couple of years “I would guess that by and large we will find that much of the nitrates and phosphates come from farms and run into the rivers.” added Mark. “The key message here is water quality is improving and continues to improve.

Brian Walsh has been curator in Louth County Museum for just over ten years and it is a job which he loves mainly due to the fact that ‘no two days tend to be the same.’ Born in County Galway, Brian studied in UCG doing a BA in History Sociology and Politics before going on to do his Masters in Irish studies.

cal material. “For me museums represent a celebration and a commemoration of your identity. The history of this town is completely different to towns like say Donegal, Limerick, Cork etc. You can actually see the differences of the various towns and cities in Ireland through the museums. You can see how we’ve evolved and changed over the years, which to me is fantastically interesting.” enthuses Brian. “Currently the museum is free, which is something we have tried as an experiment for the last year. We will revisit that issue soon and make a decision on how we will operate in the future. “I suppose ultimately it’s case of when people pay for a show they expect a particular standard of service so we’ll have to decide which route to take. Away from the museum I like to relax and just enjoy life really. I don’t get back to Galway as much as I’d like but when I do its lovely just to get back to the sea air and the fresh Atlantic breeze.

Voting to commence on parade Grand Marshals

THE Dundalk St. Patrick’s Committee have teamed up with The Dundalk Leader to hold The X Factor Competition to vote for your Grand Marshals for this year’s parade. The theme of this year’s Dundalk St. Patrick’s Day Parade is “Land of Legends…and Full of Life”. The parade will centre on the story of the Tain, with the Grand Marshals being Cuchulainn and Queen Medb. The selection of the Marshals will be made through public vote and all nominations and voting can be made through The Dundalk Leader. The nominations process has been completed and a list is currently being compiled. This list will appear in next week’s Dundalk Leader and voting will then commence and run for two weeks before the identities of Cuchulainn and Queen Medb are revealed. The parade will take place on March 17 at 1pm, starting at Patrick Street and travelling onto Clanbrassil Street in the traditional manner. The town is offering entertainment for all ages straight after the parade which will run from 2pm to 4pm on the Market Square and various other locations around the town. For more information about the parade log onto

Cricket coaching course at DkIT

Dundalk Cricket Club (DCC) have lured the services of one of Ireland’s leading cricketers. Celebrated cricketer Kevin O’Brien is to run a coaching course in DkIT on Saturday March 14. Kevin secured his place in Irish sporting history as he emerged from Ireland’s defeat of England in the World Cup 2011 as the leading run scorer. In the same year he also achieved the record for the fastest century scored in the history of the World Cup. DCC is due to begin indoor training but have moved venue in DkIT and are welcoming anyone who wants to get involved from novice upwards. They will be run on Saturdays in DkIT from 10 to 11.30. DCC are due to have their annual this Monday February 27 in the Spirit Store.

An exciting calendar of events for Dundalk

this year looks set to be an interesting year for the town of Dundalk. The Dundalk Town Centre Commercial Manager’s (TCCM) Office has a busy schedule of events organised for the upcoming year to celebrate the reopening of the newly developed Market Square. Starting in March, the always popular St. Patricks Day celebrations are organised for Saturday the 17th of March with entertainment organised. The Half Marathon and 10k are set to take place Wednesday the 9th of May with registration taking place at the Square. The International Market will take place the weekend of May 25 to 27 which will feature local producers to Dundalk and entertainment is organised for the Square along with the market. A fun family weekend is being organised for June 9 and 10 with celebrations of the Tain Festival to take place Thursday June 7 to Saturday June 9. Celebrations will include an encampment being set up in the square and a re-enactment of the battle between Queen Medb and Cuchulainn to take place in the Square. Stalls and amusements are being organised for the day which will culminate with a family focused concert. The Euro 2012 Festival will begin on the Sunday June 10 with the Square hosting viewings of the first Irish match against Croatia at 7.45pm on a big screen. There will be stalls present from the Saturday and entertainment will be provided for members of the public not keen on watching the match. During its tour of the North East a Model T Ford will be displayed on the Square Saturday the 7th of July. Rounding off the year nicely, ‘The Nights of Lights’ on November 16 and 17 hopes to be larger and better than last year’s Christmas Festival.

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Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Taekwondo success at Swedish Open Fresh from their success in the Irish National Taekwondo Championships, Absolute Taekwondo Dunleer students Rossa McGlynn, Andy Power and Jordan Carragher travelled to Trelleborg, Sweden to compete in the Swedish Open 2012 last weekend. The Swedish Open has become one of the biggest dates in European Taekwondo with 1200 fighters taking part, representing countries from all over the world. This was Absolute Taekwondo’s first venture into international competition. All their hard work, preparation and dedication over the past few months paid off as the team brought home 2 medals. Andy Power (Cadet -44kg) came home with Gold after beating Sweden 4-1 in the final, Irish National Cham-


in Brief President in Ardee

The President of Ireland Michael D Higgins will visiti Ardee on Sunday March 4 at Noon. This will be the President’s first visit to the mid Louth town and he will plant a tree on the Fair Green to celebrate National Tree week.

Na Piarsaigh table quiz Dunleer Taekwondo members enjoyed success in Sweden

pion Jordan Carragher (Cadet -41kg) brought home Bronze after losing out to Sweden win the Semi Final. Irish National Champion Rossa McGlynn (Junior

-73kg) finished fourth in his group missing out on a medal after losing to Israel in the quarter finals. This has been a great start in what looks to be a promising year for the club.

Rossa, Andy and Jordan are currently training for their next competition in April. W.T.F. Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport which will feature in the London 2012 Olympics.

Absolute TKD Team: Back Row (l-r): Rossa McGlynn, 1st Dan Instructor Andy McGuinness, 2nd Dan Instructor Fiona Kelly. Front Row (l-r): Andy Power, Jordan Carragher.

Na Piarsaigh are holding a table quiz in the Castle Bar in Seatown on Friday February 24 at 8.45pm team of 4 is €40. Please contact Gerry McGee 087 7500414 Gerry O’Hare 086 2217453 or Grainne Madden 086 3702676.


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Pete Treanor’s

1,000 PayPal jobs coming to Dundalk

Weekly Quiz

1. Geography: what is thelargest county in South America? 2. Movies: Who played the title role in Calamity Jane? 3. Food and Drink: Edam Cheese comes from what country? 4. Local: What is the name of the sweet shop at the corner of Park St and the Demesne Road, frequented by cinema goers from many years? 5. Cartoons/Comics: the Beno and the Dandy were originially published in what city? 6. Politics: the Duma is the national parlament of what country in Europe? 7. Television: What character was played by the late David Kelly in Faulty Towers?

8. Business: What city is the heart of the Italina fashion industry? 9. Pop: In what country was Chris de Burge born? 10. Sport: In what city did Eamon Coughlan win a gold Medal at the 1983 World Athletics Championships. This Week’s Stinker: What was the middle name of Carry On star Syd James?

Apology – In last week’s stinker I asked I asked: “Who was the instigator of Guinness Light and the only jockey to fall off Arkle?” In a correction Mark Healy Hutchinson did not fall off Arkle, but rode him in his first two races , coming in third in Mullingar and forth in Leopardstown. Peter Treanor apologies unreservedly to the family and frinds of Mark Healy Hutchinson, shame about the Light.

—this week’s answers—

Campaign against household charges The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes held a private organisers meeting, inviting everyone who had indicated that they wanted to help in the organisation of the campaign across the region. Over 30 local residents attended representing most areas of Dundalk as well as some from North and Mid Louth. It was generally agreed that there was a need to escalate the

campaign with immediate effect as the government had now dropped their leaflet and the national campaign must give it’s answer. It was agreed to hold a series of local meetings and the first of these meetings will take place on Wednesday 22 in St. Mary’s GFC in Ardee at 7:30pm. Meetings are to follow in Omeath and Seatown the following week with Dundalk local

Robin Wilson anxious to ensure full mobilisation for the next meeting in the town so that the campaign to build mass nonpayment would be established on a firm footing throughout the town. A proposal to look at further meetings in Dundalk and in Mid Louth are to discussed at the next organisers meeting this coming Thursday.

From page 1 well and truly open for business. We’ve had high profile job losses from Vodafone and Halifax in recent times so we have a lot of people in Dundalk skilled in that area”, Cllr Butler explained. President of the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, Paddy Malone echoed Cllr Butler’s sentiments describing the announcement as ‘a major boost for the region’ “I only heard the news five minutes ago and I am absolutely thrilled” said Paddy. This area has needed a major boost and we’ve got it today with PayPal deciding to set up in Dundalk. These 1000 jobs will prove to have a

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Answers – 1. Brazil 2. Doris Day 3. Holland 4 Lucy Sorghans, 5 Dundee 6 Russia 7 O’Reilly the builder 8 Milan 9 Argintina 10 Helsinki Stinker Sydney Balmoral James.

Shave or Dye in The Barleycorn


Aidan Duffy

Gerard O’Hare

Michael Breen

Shane McGuinness

Raymond Coburn

Aidan Duffy following the headshave

Brendan Murphy enjoying the new look

Paddy Malone

major impact on not only Dundalk but the whole region from Newry down to Drogheda.” PayPal arrived in Ireland in 2003 and already employ about 1,500 people at its European headquarters in Blanchardstown in West Dublin. PayPal are expecting to begin recruiting staff for their new Dundalk premises in July.

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Tried to raise money through drugs The local court heard that a 27 year-old man sought to raise money he was short for a family event by buying and selling drugs, but he was thwarted when Gardai found the cocaine and cannabis at his home. Niall Kelly of 156, Cedarwood Park admitted four counts, two for possession and two for sale and supply of the drugs with a total value of over €2,400. Judge William Hamill agreed to

a request by solicitor Frank McDonnell to defer sentence until he obtained a probation report on the defendant. He put the charges back to March 28 to ascertain also whether Kelly was suitable to do community service. Inspector Brendan Cadden said that over €800 worth of cocaine and over €1,600 worth of cannabis was found at the defendant’s home on January 20 last year. Mr McDonnell said that Kelly,

who worked in a store, was employed since he left school at 16. His partner was in court and they had two children, aged three and five. It was apparent from his statement that he needed to save money and have money to expend on a family event. He stupidly thought drugs were an avenue that would yield a return. He had no previous convictions for drugs and consented to undergo drug testing.

Carers of the year awards The Carers Association are urging Louth to recognise the work of their local carers by nominating them for the Carers of the Year Awards 2012 which recognises the phenomenal work and commitment of family carers. The inaugural awards were launched last week by the Associations Patrons Mary Kennedy and Marty Whelan. Louth has 4,226 Carers who provide 98,408 hours of homecare each week to frail older people, people with disabilities, those terminally ill and with special needs. Recent research indicates that 23% of carers stated that overburden of the work led to their

Mary Kennedy and Marty Whelan announce the awards

own physical disabilities developing. In separate research by the College of Psychiatry up to 50% found to be mentally and physically drained by the role. In a statement the Car-

ers Association Ireland say “is vital to recognise the enormous work of our family carers. While caring for family members and loved ones can be very rewarding, the cost of that care in

physical, emotional and psychological terms can be immense. At a time when Ireland’s family carers are under increasing pressure with State cutbacks, the Carers of the Year Awards is an opportunity to highlight and recognise the invaluable work they provide. Recognising the commitment made by Ireland’s family carers, the awards are based on a national nomination process, with the public invited to nominate their chosen local family carers. All entries will receive a commemorative certificate and four regional winners are chosen.



Leap Night concert A Leap Night benefit concert in aid of St Nicholas Church will be held on Wednesday February 29 at 8pm in St Nicholas Church, Bridge St, Dundalk. The concert will feature, local singer/ songwriter Stewart Agnew, David Martin of the Three Tenors, Emer Kenny (Harp), Jillian

Saunders (piano) along with local poet Kathleen Maddy. A CD of all the artists will be available on the night priced at €10. Tickets are €15 and are available from Belles Tearooms Blackrock; Brendan Marmion, Bachelor’s Walk; Bridge St Post Office; Carrolls Books Shop, Park St;

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

McCormick Butchers, Church St; Stairway to Heaven, Church St; The Beehive, Castletown Rd; Dundalk Parocial House and the Spirit Store, or online at www.

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Those who took part in the Shave or Dye event at The Barleycorn, Kilcurry, on Saturday night

Shave or dye event raises €7,500 From page 1 Aidan Duffy, Shane McGuinness, Gerard O’Hare, Michael Breen, Colm McDonald, Tony Webb, Brendan Murphy, Tommy Rafferty, Ray Coburn, Colm O’Neill and Fergal McKeever all took part in the event after a friend of theirs was diagnosed with cancer last year. “A friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer a

while ago and shortly afterwards one of the boys heard an ad for ‘Shave or Dye’ on Today FM and asked me would I be up for doing it”, explains Aidan. “I didn’t hesitate and said yes immediately. I called a few of the boys to see could we get a gang of us doing it and we eventually ended up with eleven people. Almost everybody has

been touched by cancer at some stage either directly or indirectly and this was just something we wanted to do to help out” added Aidan. Aidan issued a huge thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who helped out on the night including barber Tony Hande who shaved all the heads on the night and Mary Hoey who dyed the hair.

Nasza „Pajęczyna” ma już prawie rok. Od 3 marca 2011 roku działa w Dundalk, w hrabstwie Louth, Polski Klub Młodych ,,Pajęczyna’’, który został stworzony we współpracy z irlandzkim stowarzyszeniem „Foróige”, które pomaga organizować kluby młodzieżowe na terenie hrabstw: Louth i Meath. W zajęciach polskiego klubu „Pajęczyna” uczestniczy młodzież w wieku od 12 do16 lat. Wspólne spotkania odbywają się co tydzień w czwartki, w Roden House, miejscu, które stworzyła irlandzka fundacja Apple Tree Foun. Oprócz gier i zabaw integracyjnych, nasza młodzież uczestniczy w różnych warsztatach artystycznych. Z czasem będą również organizowane zajęcia sportowe, taneczne i takie, w których młodzież będzie mogła rozwijać swoje zainteresowanie. Podczas swojej działalności „Pajęczyna” uczestniczyła w wielu ciekawych wydarzeniach, które miały miejsce na terenie Dundalk. Byliśmy na ,,Tęczowym Dniu Dziecka’’ zorganizowanym z okazji Dnia Matki i Dziecka przez organizację „Simul Polonia”, gdzie młodzież z naszego klubu zaprezentowała swój pierwszy koncert piosenek. Nasze początkujące reporterki nakręciły wówczas swój pierwszy krótki film. Zaczęliśmy również pisać artykuły o naszym klubie do „Gazety Polskiej” i lokalnej gazety „Dundalk Leader”. Wielką radość sprawił nam wyjazd na dyskotekę do Kilcurley Community Centre, w której brały udział wszystkie kluby młodzieżowe ,,Foroige’’ działające w Louth i Meath. We wrześniu natomiast wspomogliśmy organizację „Simul Polonia” podczas Dni Polskich w Marshes Shopping Centre. Mamy nadzieje, że dołączy do nas więcej młodych osób, które chciałyby w ciekawy i interesujący sposób spędzić swój wolny czas. Nie bez powodu nazywamy się ,,Pajęczyna”, jesteśmy wprawdzie małą pajęczynką, ale nasza sieć z czasem stanie się ogromna i mamy nadzieję, że będzie przyciągała coraz więcej młodzieży. Po powrocie do Polski p. Małgorzaty Kozłowskiej, „Pajęczyna” boryka się z brakiem opiekunów/ wolentariuszy chętnych do poświecenia 2,5h swojego wolnego czasu w czwartkowy wieczór, Organizacja „Foróige” zorganizuje nieodpłatnie kurs na child protection dla min 4 osób. Kurs ten może przydać się nam później w życiu zawodowym i podnieść nasze kwalifikacje. Chętnych i spragnionych szczegółowych informacji prosimy o kontakt emailowy: oraz telefoniczny: Agnieszka 0857286736 Tekst: Edyta Szymanek (z klubu „Pajęczyna”) Zredagowała: Agnieszka Boniewicz

Ciara McCormack celebrates her 21st birthday

Brittany Apgar and Jamie Moran

Joe and Nicola Kelly

Kathleen Ward and Aine Breen

Jason Kelly and Thomas Mc Cormack

Janine Black and David Farrell

Michael, Paddy and Fiona Woods

Ciara McCormack celebrates her 21st birthday with her fiance Christopher Breen.

Michelle Moran and Tracy Mc Cormack

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Didn’t have money to pay for fuel

An 18-year-old Dundalk man who admitted driving off   without paying for  €181 worth of  fuel from  three  different  local filling  stations,  hadn’t the  money   to pay for  the fuel, it was stated. The  local court heard that the car  Martin Maguire of 10 Rockfield Court   drove    bore  false  number plates, but a Garda  recognised  him  from viewing  CCTV footage at one of the  stations. Judge William Hamill put back the charges, along with   a further count of handling stolen property relating to the false plates, and also two counts in respect of a separate public order incident. He  remanded Maguire  on continuing  bail to April 11 to seek a  probation report  and  to assess his

suitability to do community service, as well as provide him with the  opportunity to pay  back the  money. Solicitor Sean T O’Reilly said the defendant’s explanation for the number plates was that he was given or found them. He hadn’t the money for the fuel. The car was scrapped and he asked for time for the defendant to pay compensation. Inspector Brendan Cadden outlined the offences in respect of the filling stations   took place  at the  end of May and early June last  year at Maxol on the Avenue Road and also Castletown Road, along with Mace in Castlebellingham. He said that a Garda Quinn recognised the defendant from

viewing CCTV footage at Maxol on the Castletown Road where he drove into in silver Opel Corsa bearing false number plates on June 11th. The defendant was also involved in a similar offence at Maxol on the Avenue Road and Mace, Castlebellingham The Inspector said a check into the number plates disclosed that they were allocated to a blue Volkswagen Golf stolen from the Finnabair Industrial Estate. He added that the public order counts related to an incident where Maguire was observed fighting with two other males at Mizzoni Pizza, Park Street on February 3 last. He was very drunk and aggressive and was arrested.

Marie Kerr, Joanne Kelly, Gerald McParland and Sherrie McCall at the Shave or Dye event in The Barleycorn




in Brief Jazz star for Spirit Store concert

One of Jazz’s finest guitarists Mike Nielsen is set to play in the Spirit Store this Sunday February 26 with Dundalk’s own James Mackin (drums). The pair will be joined by one of the brightest new stars to the scene Sam Commorford on sax and one of Dublin’s busiest bassists Cormac O’Brien. Mike Nielsen has played with some of the world leading artists including Kenny Wheeler, Larry Coryell and Dave Liberman. Teaching since 1979 he lectures the world over on jazz guitar, improvisation and composition. He currently lectures in DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama. In the past he has headed his own live projects where he has explored the concept of improvisation in traditional jazz and how it can use modern technology. Organisers say “Expect music you know played with devastating emotional content and exploration.”

Variety show seeks volunteers

A ‘VARIETY Show’ will take place in Ravensdale Community Centre on Sunday March 11 at 3pm. The organisesrs are on the look out for talented individuals, or groups, young and old, in any shape or form. Jenny Spain, a member of The Ravensdale Community Centre Committee is appealing to the people of Ravensdale and surrounding areas to get in touch with her and volunteer themselves to participate in the show. “The variety show which took place last year in the Community Centre was a huge success and we are hoping to better it this year. We are hoping to get the people of Ravensdale singing, dancing, playing and laughing. We would love to see young and old, individuals, groups and families performing together to entertain the local community”, she said. Jenny is also looking for volunteers to assist in the organising of the event, especially for the day of the show. If you want to perform in the show or are able to help out please contact Jenny on 089 437 8997.

Michael Fassbender could play Cuchulainn in Dundalk Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

By Niamh Kirk

Rumours that Michael Fassbender is planning to play local legend Cuchullain has galvanised mass attention despite the production only being in its development stages. Screen writer, Ronan Bennett and Fassbender have been developing the project from their London based company Finn McCool Films. Entertainment website ‘Variety’ reports that Fassbender is to play the lead role of Cuchulain. The duo raised the finance for the project through their production company. The news that the film was in development caused great excitement earlier this week however, there has been no indication if any of the scenes from the forthcoming film will be filmed in the area. Hopes are be high that some of the area will feature due to the embedded connection there is to the legend. Cuchullain trained as a warri- Michael Fassbender could be playing local hero, Cuchulainn

or with Sheachtana in Dundalk and acted as the body guard of Dealga – after whom the town in named. He is also believed to have had his fortress near Collon and even now the motto of Dundalk town council is ‘We that Bore Cuchullain the brave.’ Local historian Barbra O’Flaherty said “Cuchulainn is the unsung hero of Celtic mythology, and many people don’t realise his demi-god connection, he was the son of Lú after whom the county is named. Cuchullain did not die during the Táin but shortly afterward near Knockbridge. To immortalise him on film would be fantastic and would add to the tourist interest in the area.” Fassbender was expected to film in Dundalk this summer when he was originally tipped to appear in Good Vibrations a movie about the life of punk Terri Hooley but a hectic schedule prevented him from taking up the roll.

Fifth Tain Walking Festial plans The Cooley Peninsula will host the fifth annual Táin Walking festival from March 2 to 4 which will set off the county’s full calendar of events for 2012. The festival has become a popular early fixture in Ireland’s annual walking calendar with the Cooley Peninsula boasting some of the best walking routes in the country. The area’s famous Táin Way was recently upgraded and four other new looped walks introduced by Louth County Council with National Development Plan. Although relatively ‘young’, the festival attracts walkers from as far away as England and Holland as well as throughout Ireland. “We have a fantastic walking product here and this is a great way to showcase it. Walking, like everywhere in the country, is a massively

The Tain Walking Festival is set to be a big hit

growing market”, said Frances Taylor, Event coordinator, Carlingford and Mourne Region. The festival will offer a range of ten walks starting from the various parts of the peninsula including the village of Carlingford. Selected routes guarantee breathtaking scenery with graded walks to suit various levels of fitness

and experience. One of the highlights will open the festival on the Friday evening with a spectacular night walk to the top of Slieve Foy mountain. While it will be strictly a Grade 1 walk, the hike in the dark will deliver outstanding views of The Cooley Peninsula and Carlingford Lough lit by the night

sky. The unique landscape of Slieve Gullion is a new addition on the 2012 programme with a Biodiversity Walk, (supported by Action for Biodiversity) on the beautiful Slieve Gullion. Saturdays Grade 2 walk is also being offered at Slieve Gullion. The more adventurous may prefer the 18 kilometre trek which

will cover all the peaks on the Cooley’s in one walk. Some of the areas newly launched looped walks will also feature. Slightly easier options are also presented, with Buggie Buddies walk on Saturday and a guided walk of the medieval town of Carlingford. A coastal walk will highlight the archaeological features along the shores of Carlingford Lough, supported by The Loughs Agency. Walkers can wind down with some of the excellent weekend entertainment available. Day tickets for the festival cost just €15 or €25 for the whole weekend, including the coastal walk and just €5 for the Heritage Walking tour. Registration is required for most walks and the closing date to register is March 1. Full details on the walks and registration on

Charged with possession of drugs A 49-year-old man appeared before Dundalk Court on Thursday last charged on two counts after the seizure of suspected cannabis resin with a street value of €1.44m outside Dundalk. The drugs were seized after Gardai stopped a van the previous afternoon. Michael Finney is charged

with possession of drugs and possession for the purpose of sale or supply at Martin’s Cross, Ardee Road, Dundalk on February 15. He was granted conditional bail in a personal sum of €2,000 and released to appear again at Dundalk Court on May 2 next. He was directed to surrender his passport, and sign on Mon-

days, Wednesdays and Fridays at Navan Garda Station and reside at Knightstown, Wilkinstown, Navan. Garda Sean O’Callaghan who arrested the accused said he made no reply when charged. The Garda said the investigation would be quite lengthy. Judge Flann Brennan extended

time in case that a book of evidence was required in the case, and granted an order for statements to be released to the accused’s solicitor. He assigned Mr. Niall Lavery to represent him under the legal aid scheme on being told that the accused was unemployed and in receipt of social welfare.

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012



Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Brendan Grace back by public demand Amazing Grace, a catch phrase often applied to Brendan Grace and indeed very true in many respects. The genial and much loved Family Comedian is celebrating 40 Years in the Comedy Business and is now more popular than at any time in his career to date and what an illustrious c a r e e r that has been.. Forty years a g o when the 20 year old Dubliner set off on his solo career he could never have envisaged

the road of life that lay ahead. Two years later a Geordie song called Cushy Butterfield sailed to No 1 in the Irish charts and the rest is history. The spontaneous standing ovation that greeted Brendan when he walked on to the set of the Late Late TV Show for his recent well deserved tribute was a measure of the respect and effection there is for one of our best loved entertainers right across the island and indeed much further afield. Brendan’s latest show features some brand new material and some ‘Old Favourites’ from his vast repertoire over the last 40 years. His sense of timing and ability to read an audience

Carlingford’s Indoor Craft and Food Fair Carlingford is delighted to announce that its monthly Indoor Craft and Food fair is re opening its doors for 2012 commencing on Sunday 4th of March 2012. Situated in the traditional location of St Michaels Hall, it will run on the first Sunday of each month. Opening times: 12 noon – 6.00pm. The fair is free to the public and you are invited to come along and browse around the colourful display of handmade crafts and delicious gourmet food on offer. The fair is building on the success of last year and is planning to develop further this year and increase the product portfolio to be a showcase of artisan and bespoke speciality of food and hand crafts. There are limited trading places left at present so anyone interested in participating at the fair please contact Helen Thompson, The Cooley Peninsula Tourist Office 00 353 (0) 42 937 3033 or Colleen Long 00 353 (0) 87 689 0019. Email:

is without equal. A brilliant character actor, his ‘Bottler’ character is legendary and is now featured at every performance. Apart from his obvious ‘star quality’in all aspects of his performance Brendan’s drawing power is enormous and the ‘House Full’ sign is the norm rather than the exception at his concerts.

Brendan has a very special bond with Irish audiences and is much loved by young and old not least because he gives very generously of his time after each Concert. The ‘Meet and Greet’ is now very much part and parcel of each show and Brendan’s very down to earth approach is much appreciated by all. Family Comedians

with the talent and graciousness of Brendan Grace are as rare as Haley’s Comet and only come around now and again. He is certainly one in a million. Back by public demand after his sellout show on January 5th this year, at The Fairways Hotel, Dundalk, on this Sunday, February 26th.

Lucky winners The winners of the tickets to the Brendan Grace concert in The Dundalk Leader were Briege Gorham and Pauline White who each win a pair of tickets


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Over to you

Pope Benedict is ‘actively considering’ an invitation from the Irish catholic church. Would you welcome a visit?

Tony Kelly

Rebecca O’Reilly

Eoghan Carroll

Ann White

Fr Seamus Dobbin

Maybe they need a bit more reconciliation with the people they’ve hurt and be a bit more open about it before thinking about sending the pope over.

I wouldn’t bother going up to see him to be honest. I have no real interest in anything he has to say.

I would be interested in going to see him. No Pope has been in this country since Pope John Paul II in 1979. Hopefully he will also get a chance to get to Ulster.

A bit of religion never hurt anybody. The Pope doesn’t come to Ireland very often so yes I’d be interested in going to see him.

I definitely would go and see him. The Pope hasn’t been here in a long time so there will definitely be a great sense of occasion about the event.

Man moved car in car park A 76-year-old man who was banned from driving and went to reverse a car for a lady friend at a supermarket, made a mistake thinking that it was a private car park and he was entitled to drive. Dundalk Court heard that he was seeking to help his friend who had a bad shoulder to allow her to drive straight out from the car park. Peter Bellew of 22, Sliabh Breagh,

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Ardee was spotted by a security man who noticed that he had drink taken and contacted the Gardai. As a result Bellew was prosecuted for drunk driving and further offences including that he was disqualified and not insured to drive on October 21 last at Dunnes Stores, Muirhevnamor. He twice was convicted and

Antique furniture repaired and re-covered. Better than new. 0860800788 Dundalk Bureau de Change – Best rates guaranteed – No commission – We buy and sell all major currencies – Electronic Bank Transfers – sterling and euro cheques – 8 Park St. (open 7 days 8am-11pm) & 4 Linenhall St (open Mon-Sat) – call 042 9339922/9370101 – – accepting all major Credit and Debit cards. Dundalk Bureau de Change – Western Union money transfer – pay over 140 different bills – payzone/postpoint – stamps – pre-paid credit cards – phone top-ups – best rates guaranteed – no commission - 8 Park St. (open 7 days 8am-11pm) & 4 Linenhall St. (open Mon-Sat) – call 042 9339922/9370101 – – accepting all major credit & debit cards PERFECT FIT ALTERATIONS - For all your sewing needs. For your convenience NOW OPEN on Avenue Road. 10% off for Slimming World members. Castletown Road: Tel: 042 9327837. Avenue Road: Tel: 042 9352348 HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE CLAIMS. All types of household insurance claims, fire damage, flood damage, water damage, shower leaks, break-ins, call our Insurance Helpline today for a free consultation, Lo-call 1890 247 911 or mobile 087 6487466 Chimney Cleaning, Inspection & Repair. Tel: Paul McArdle 042-933-2491or 087-666-0094. Email Telephone Problems, Wires everywhere? Ring John (ex-Eircom) for all your needs, no job too small Tel 085 1234003 anytime. Looking for a unique gift? Create a personalised newspaper page to celebrate a special occasion - birthday, anniversary, birth, sporting success etc. Contact 086 3238328 A VAN AND DRIVER available for furniture removal, also single items, 3 piece suites, cookers, fridges, washing machines. Day & night Tel 086 8704908 Computer callout service. Day, evening & weekend hours. Experienced and professional. Dundalk & Blackrock and surrounding areas. Call Oisín now on 0868778361. Fully Qualified Mechanic available

banned from driving for drink driving offences, the most recent in July 2010, and banned from driving for three years, said Inspector Brendan Cadden. Judge William Hamill imposed a three months jail term on the defendant, but suspended it for 12 months in respect of the insurance, and banned him from driving for

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eight years. He also banned him for eight years for the drunk driving, on which he fined him €750. He took other counts into consideration in respect of him not having a licence and being banned at the time from driving. Judge Hamill fixed bail for the defendant to appeal.

& Anxiety plus Fertility Treatment. Ph 0864008189 Tarot & Spiritual readings €35 for one on one reading, Parties catered for with discounts.Phone or text 0871820400. VIDEO BOOTH FOR WEDDINGS AND PARTIES.20% DISCOUNT ON ALL BOOTHS. Wedding chair covers 1.75 Fairylight backdrop 180 Paula 087 9194111 G & M Print. A3 poster prints €1 each. 100 A3 posters €85. 100 full colour business cards €30. 5000 A5 B/W flyers €99 Docket books, envelopes, stickers, memoriam cards, invitations. Contact 086 3006102/0416852821 All prices subject to vat DRESS DESIGN & INTERIOR DESIGN Restyling old into new. No limits. Contact Marie 086-8421299 for details. TILER AVAILABLE For all your tilingjobs. No job too big or small. Discount for multiple rooms. Free quotations. Call Cormac 0876563705 All types of landscaping and garden maintenance carried out. Phone Paul 088-2798765 Michael’s property maintenance - Repairs, building, plastering, plumbing, painting, tiling, concreting, patios, gardening & PVC facia& soffits. Over 20 years experience. Refrerences available. HANDYMAN 365 - Is your to do list out of control? Contact Patrick 087-1679650 for all your home & office maintenance. TV - FREEVIEW, Freesat - professional installations. Digiboxes, Saorview combi-boxes, SKY-PLUS H.D. Upgrades. Contact Martin 086-3919528. Competitive prices. Miracle Healing results with The Journey Therapy. Book now for emotional and physical healing. Phone 087-6342800 Royal Thai Massage now open @ Dunleer. 1 hour €50. Phone 086-2317049 or 087-1707844 CHILDRENS ENTERTAINMENT Magician and Balloon Modeller available for all parties. Contact Odenni. 0429372455 or 087-2473342. CARS/VANS FOR SALE 2007 Volkswagen Caddy Van 1.9tdi, 90k. DOE 12 months. Clean. Service up to date. €6,500 ono. Louth. 0863818196 Diesel Renault Laguna 2002 for sale. Just passed nct, silver/grey hatchback, one

lady owner, car is in excellent condition inside and out. Phone 087 7955521 SITUATIONS WANTED Driver with B,C1,C,D1,D Full clean driving license looking for any job. 0857046307 SITUATIONS VACANT Wanted Grounds Keeper/ Handy Man to work 6 hours weekly in Dundalk estates. May suit person allowed to work 20 hours approximately without retribution or any other person. Tel 087 7955521 DundalkTown Council Significant Further Information I , Sean Nash, have submitted significant further information in connection with my Retention and Completion application for Alterations to my existing Dwelling which is currently listed as a protected structure in the Dundalk & Environs Development Plan 2009 – 2015 (Ref. No. D490) to include completion of internal refurbishments, a new two storey extension to the rear and alterations to the front /side elevations with all associated site development works at 64 Chapel Street, Dundalk. (Planning Ref. No. 11/42) The Significant further information includes: 01. Retention of unauthorised works including the removal of sections of ceilings, floors, wall finishes and details. 02. Revised plans, sections and elevations highlighting the re-instatement works. 03. Method statement & specification for the re-instatement works including the windows and various plastering elements. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 2 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the significant further information, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. C/o B. Dowdall - Architect – Designarc, 04 Shorts Court, 71 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk. Tel. (042) 9360904; (087) 6657148; E-mail -


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012




Boiler Services






Driving School


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012


Home Insurance & Claims

Sliding Wardrobes

Fire Grates

Locksmiths Skips

Garden Sheds

Sliding Wardrobes


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

Ciara’s 21st birthday party News in Brief Eucharistic Congress Dundalk Cursillo are holding a pilgrimage to the 50th International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin on Wednesday June 13. Bus will leave St Patrick’s, Dundalk at 7.30am and fare of €50 includes entry fee to Congress events and meal voucher. Events include Mass, Solemn Eucharistic Procession, Talks, Youth Events and much more.


For bookings or more info

Back: Emma Mc Enteggart, Geraldine Smyth, Kayleigh Moran, Karen Mc Donagh, birthday girl Ciara Mc Cormack, Brittany contact Steven at 087Apgar, Jenny Birch, Jaime Moran and Aine Mc Enteggart. Front: Noel and Lyndsey Moran and Tiernan Mc Cormack 2030855.

Carers’ awards

The Carers Association are urging Louth to recognise the work of their local carers by nominating them for the Carers of the Year Award 2012.

David Kinsella with Renee Mc Cabe

and Seauna and Aine Breen

Michael, Paddy and Fiona Woods

Healing weekend , Nicole Gogarty, Aine Lauren Leonard, Renee Mc Cabe and Naomi Cooney


Alone Again, Separated or Widowed? Beginning experience helps people work through their grief to be healed and free again. A Beginning Experience weekend for the along again, separated or widowed is scheduled to take place on March 9 to 11. For inquiries and registration contact: Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre, The Magnet, The Demesne, Dundalk. Tel: 042-9336393.

Amy Freer Shannon Kely, Kayleigh Moran and


Noel Moran, Calvin Shane Smith and Tiernan McCromack

To nominate your chosen family carer for the Carers of the Year Awards 2012 see www.carersireland. com or call the National Careline on Freephone 1800 24 07 24.

d Ward and Maeve Christina Mc Cabe, Julie Foran, Sinea Gorham

Bric a Brac shop

There will be a Bric a Brac shop in the Long Walk on February 23 and 24 in aid of Parkinsons Association. All clothes and shoes will cost less than €5 each. Please come and support this good cause.

Castletown ICA Castletown ICA meet every Wednesday night in O’Hanlon Park hall at 8pm. New membes are welcome. Contact 087 1303355. Thomas Mc Cormack, Michelle and Jaime Moran, Patrick, Ciara and Tracy Mc Cormack, Andrew Hill, Helena Treanor and Malcolm Mc Cormack


Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

FUEL RIP-OFF A litre of petrol now costs 157.0 cent, up 2.1 cent since last month. Diesel also rose and is up by 1.3 cent per litre to an average price of 154.4. These are all-

time record levels for both fuels. The AA calculates that a car doing 12,000 miles per year at a fuel economy rate of 30 miles per gallon uses

150 litres of fuel per month. For petrol users that monthly bill is now €235.50, for diesel users the cost is €231.60. That monthly cost is up by €18.75 on February of last year for petrol users and up by €23.85 for

diesel users (the average costs were 144.5 cent and 138.5 cent 12 months ago). “Motorists are on to us every day of the week extremely angry at the fuel price rip off.” Says AA Director of Policy Conor Faughnan. “There is no doubt about the fact that we are being ripped off but the culprits are not the local garages. It is our own government and the policy of super-taxes on fuels. This began under the last government in 2008 and has continued under the current government, which added another four cent per litre in the last budget. From the emergency budget of October 2008 to the new government’s first budget last December there have been 5 separate tax increases on both fuels, between them adding approximately 22 cent per litre to the retail price.”


Audi have just announced details of the new RS 5 coupe. The RS 5 is powered by a 450PS V8 engine which is capable of 0 – 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and then onto an electronically limited 155 mph, the limit can be lifted then the top speed is 174 mph. The quattro (all wheel drive) system can vary the power between the front (up to 70%) and the rear (up to 85%) – with the default ratio of 40%:60%. The gearbox is a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission with steering wheel paddle control The exterior revisions include a single

frame grille design, sharper and more pronounced bonnet contours, new ‘solid band’ wraparound LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights, new look front and rear bumpers and a new ’10-spoke’ design for the 19-inch alloy wheels. The standard equipment now includes Bluetooth mobile phone preparation, cruise control, DVD-based satellite navigation and Audi Music Interface iPod connection. The cruise control system can also now be upgraded at extra cost to the adaptive system with braking guard, which uses radar sensors to control distance from

traffic in front of the car between 19mph and 155mph, and can also initiate partial braking or full deceleration if its sensors detect an impending collision. You can even specify carbon fibre-ceramic brake discs, should you have the wish and budget. Audi have added the option of a Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) system, which uses diagonally opposed pairs of shock absorbers linked by hydraulic lines and a central valve. During fast cornering, the system intensifies the stabilisation of the front outside wheel for optimum stability and composure. Its response can be varied across three

settings at the touch of a button. A dynamic steeringzoption is also available for integration into the standard Audi drive select adaptive dynamics system, enabling the actual ratio of the steering to be varied according to the four Audi drive select settings comfort, auto, dynamic and individual. When the dynamic steering option isn’t specified, the system can apply these same four settings to the steering weighting, along with the S tronic transmission’s shift points and the throttle’s response. It can also modulate the sound of the exhaust system, double-clutching when downshifting in dynamic mode. The dynamic ride control and dynamic steering options are available individually or combined as part of a new Sport Package, which also includes larger 20-inch rotor design titanium-look alloy wheels to replace the standard 19-inch examples and a sports exhaust system that further amplifies the bass-heavy growl of the V8.

Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012

‘You’re a Winner with Dundalk Credit Union - Car Draw; Mary brennan, John Fee and Pat Donaghy (Dundalk CU), Roisin Brennan Cortial Kilkerley, John Cosgrove (Meehans).”



Dundalk Leader 22nd February 2012


Dundalk Leader

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