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At BSI, we understand that having confidence in your Notified Body is important to an efficient and hassle-free CE marking process. Our approach focuses on open communication from the very beginning. Your application will be supported by a dedicated team of experts who showcase the same knowledge and passion for technology as you have for your own products.

• Internal products Experts and Auditors? • Over 700 years of technical expertise? • Full EU Medical Devices scope, MDD, AIMD, IVDD? • Single Technical point of contact? • Reliability and Predictability?


Of the world’s top 25 global medical device manufacturers, 23 choose BSI as their Notified Body for CE marking certification against the EU directives.

Why not talk to us about how we can offer you all the advantages shown and many more, the process is simple, and you can find all the details of how to change notified bodies on our website:

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