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Open Day proves to be a real winner


Aebi Schmidt UK celebrated the success of their recent facility refurbishment and Open Day on June 23rd at the Peterborough HQ with glowing reports from their plaudits.

Picture shows a similar spreader


The road to success The essential job of making sure Lincolnshire’s roads are clear, well lit and safe in normal and hazardous conditions falls to the Highways & Transportation Group of Lincolnshire County Council. Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for some 8900km (5530 miles) of the County's winding and sometimes remote highways and byways. t’s a big job and requires an even bigger commitment to ensure that the right equipment is available throughout the year to keep the roads clear at all times. For example, in the winter months the County Council uses a fleet of 43 dedicated vehicles just to spread salt on its 3008km (1869 miles) of treated network.


David Davies, Principal Maintenance Engineer for LCC commented: “We are committed to the provision of a responsive and reactive fleet of vehicles that are cost effective and efficiently benefits our entire community. Therefore after recent discussions with Aebi Schmidt and the UK’s leading fleet supplier Translinc, we have decided to review our previous arrangements and take an additional six 9m3 pre-wet spreaders and snow

ploughs mounted on Mercedes chassis. As a result I believe that we will now provide an improved and enhanced service for the people of Lincolnshire and we are very happy with the outcome.” David Overton of Translinc said: “Our relationship with Lincolnshire County Council goes back many, many years to the time when we were actually part of the Council. We were delighted to work closely with the County Council to examine and review the winter maintenance fleet. We thoroughly examined the leading suppliers in the market and the replacement supplier programme was extensive and thorough and facilitated a number of practical demonstrations. We closely scrutinised the sales and after sales service of each supplier and both ourselves and Lincolnshire County Council

are delighted with the outcome and to be working closely with Aebi Schmidt.” Aebi Schmidt’s National Sales Manager Alison Conroy confirmed; “We are extremely happy to be working with Lincolnshire County Council. We pride ourselves on building sound, honest and long lasting business relationships that provide superb value for our customers, that’s what TLC is all about. We hope to continue to support the Council and Translinc for many years to come.” The latest machines are currently being prepared and assembled in Aebi Schmidt’s recently refurbished and high tech Peterborough workshops and all will be delivered this September for the season to start on schedule, on October 1st this year.

A warm reception awaits at Cold Comfort Last year we experienced yet another winter of severe snowfall, and once again the country experienced crippling travel chaos resulting in wide spread public criticism and accusations that authorities were caught unprepared, the country consequently ground to a halt. It’s an issue that Surveyor Magazine’s 20th annual Winter Maintenance Cold Comfort Conference and Exhibition seeks to address at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September. ebi Schmidt UK Managing Director Henk Landeweerd said; “We firmly believe that snow and slush should be cleared from road surfaces so that they can be treated accurately and effectively – saving money and salt and helping to protect the environment. The Cold Comfort event affords a great opportunity to talk to new and existing customers and show how we can help. At Cold Comfort 2011 Aebi Schmidt UK is displaying the latest technology in pre-wet and dry salt spreading, its range of high efficiency, fast-mounting snowploughs, from the hard



S3000 salt solution station – make brine all the time

ebi Schmidt UK supplies, maintains and provides training on equipment dedicated to all-year-round surface clearing, including winter snow and ice clearance, sweeping and vegetation control. They operate a nationwide service to keep roads, airports and motorways clear of waste, snow and ice and took the opportunity to showcase what they do and did so in style.

Managing Director, Henk Landeweerd explained; “The Open Day was originally intended to be a simple opportunity for our stakeholders to meet us, look at our product range and then join us for some fun, food and refreshments. The hog roast and laser shoot were great attractions but the workshops and equipment were the stars of the show. The feedback we received from people was that they liked what they saw and new orders are already coming in from across the UK.” Julie Fitt of Emap said; “The format of demonstrations and presentations worked really well and there was a very impressive selection of kit on display.” Stefan Wood, Transportation Engineer at Halcrow Group Limited added; “The mix of demonstrations and breakout sessions were spot on, giving delegates the choice over what they wished to see.”


wearing, single blade SNK, which has proved its value under the extremes of the last three British winters, to the multi-blade Tarron range, designed and manufactured for operations in hard packed snow and icy conditions. We will also be exhibiting the Schmidt Road Repair Patcher a fast and safe one-man operated solution to the problems of pot holes and minor road repairs.” The Cold Comfort 2011 event is ideally positioned to address the issues facing the industry via its comprehensive conference programme, combined with the networking

and educational opportunities afforded by the UK's premium plant and equipment exhibition. Henk added “With the big freeze being blamed for disappointing economic performance, and for exacerbating pothole damage to our roads, the spotlight continues to shine onto winter resilience planning and the strategies required to prevent another winter of discontent. Come along to talk to us at Aebi Schmidt stand B12. We will show you how our Total Lifetime Care commitment will ensure stability for years to come.”

Due to its better adhesion and faster thawing effect, pre-wetted salt provides a larger degree of traffic safety. More and more of the UK’s road authorities are opting for spreading pre-wetted salt. The lower consumption of salt also allows for savings and the precise spreading pattern also means that less damage is caused to the environment. Pre-wetted salt is suitable for almost all winter weather conditions for temperatures as low as -10°C. The brine however, that is required for pre-wetted salt is crucial. Too weak a concentration can result in freezing, whereas too strong a concentration can lead to crystallisation and to faults in the system. Aebi Schmidt’s new and revolutionary S3000 salt solution stations works according to the "flow principle", where salt is dissolved until a saturated solution exists which is then diluted again until the concentration displays the desired properties. In doing this, the risk of crystallisation is eliminated. Ivan McMaster, Senior Engineer of East Riding District Council’s Highways Technical Services was one of the UK’s first recipients of the S3000 and has spent the last 12 months trialing the equipment. Ivan has recently given positive feedback as to the S3000’s outstanding performance.

The S3000 has paid for itself in just 12 months. “We have increased pre-wet practice since 2005 when we first purchased Aebi-Schmidt Gritters. However, we soon discovered that traditional UK brine production equipment that we utilised was somewhat unreliable as it isn’t specifically built for purpose.” It’s estimated that 70% of contractors are inefficiently using alternative equipment that is primarily designed to produce brine for food manufacturing purposes. Ivan explained; “We found that our existing equipment did not perform reliably enough to adequately support our operations, particularly at temperatures below -5°C. Additionally the Pure Dried Vacuum salt (PDV) brining salt traditionally utilised is at times difficult to get hold of and much more costly that standard de-icing rock salt, obviously both of these factors have impact especially as we now aim to pre-wet as our default treatment method. The S3000 has provided us with an alternative and vastly cheaper way to produce brine. We have now integrated the S3000 unit into our existing facilities and processes and predict that the unit will pay for itself in just in just 1 or 2 seasons. By utilising standard de-icing rock salt as the brine production product we are able to save up to 75% of the traditional costs associated with the use of PDV and we are able to utilise the salt directly from our large on site de-icing salt stocks. Utilisation of just approximately 150 tonnes of rock salt as opposed to PDV, which could take place during just one season, will fully off set the purchase cost of the unit for us, more importantly we are able to provide a more robust and consistent service provision whilst continuing to utilise our existing brine storage facilities and equipment. Following our trial experience we believe the benefits available from using the S3000 offer us a very positive service development.” The S3000 has two very important advantages to the production of an unsaturated solution: 1. Malfunction-free operation: Crystallisation does not arise hence malfunction-free operation of the spreader and installation. 2. Round pumping is not necessary: The unsaturated solution makes the regular round pumping of the solution unnecessary. The solution cannot precipitate at this concentration. For more details please contact National Sales Manager Alison Conroy now on 01733 363311

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Did you know: Charles Brooks of Newark, New Jersey invented improvements to street sweeper trucks that he patented on March 17, 1896. His truck had revolving brushes attached to the front fender and the brushes were interchangeable with scrapers that could be used in winter for snow removal.

Going for gold

Gulliver’s Municipal Hire Services Used quality vehicles given new lease of life by Aebi Schmidt Gullivers is the UK’s premier nationwide vehicle hire company, specialising in both general and municipal vehicles and is a close and established business partner of Aebi Schmidt. Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour will be the venue for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing competitions. It was the first London 2012 Games venue to be finished and is already seen as a flagship venue. With the eyes of the world soon upon them, Weymouth and Portland District Council have yet again called upon Aebi Schmidt to ensure that the surrounding roads, paths and streets will be at their best. onsequently another four Swingo 250s have already been supplied through SFS, fleet managers to Weymouth & Portland District Council, to replace their fleet early in readiness for the greatest games on earth. Weymouth & Portland District Council’s Street Cleansing Supervisor Mark Pizzie said; “In Weymouth and Portland we already offer an outstanding service to our residents and visitors. We provide and regularly empty over 400 litter bins, and we have the duty to clear litter and refuse from the land and highways we are responsible for. Street cleaning in the town centre, sea front and beach area are done in the early hours of the morning and members of the public are often unaware of it, although they benefit from the result. Street cleansing is the removal of grit, mud, litter, grease, debris and leaf fall from adopted highways. However, the 2012 Olympics adds an extra incentive to get things right and that’s why we’ve ordered our new Swingo 250s to make sure we do so.” The venue comprises the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) and the adjoining commercial marina. Weymouth and Portland provides some of the best natural sailing waters in the UK, with facilities on land to match. The site has already hosted numerous international sailing events including the 2006 ISAF World Youth Championships attended by over 60 nations. The project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule, providing world-class facilities for elite athletes and the local community more than three years before the games. It’s going to be wet and wild and can also boast the cleanest streets in the land.


heir fleet extends to over 3,000 vehicles, ranging from small vans through to 44 tonne tractor units and following discussions at the recent Torbay PAWRS show their range has been further extended. Gullivers have since ordered nineteen Schmidt spreaders and ploughs to fit to their ex-refuse chassis which have come to the end of contract in their own fleet. It’s recycling and cost effectiveness on a huge scale as Gullivers Managing Director, Philippe Harding explained: “Refitting vehicles gives them a second life plus an important second revenue stream for vehicles where their existing body is worn out but the chassis are still in very good order. We are giving machines partial refurbishments and facelifts to ensure that they all go out in A1 condition and provide affordable and cost effective solutions for all our partners.” Gulliver’s are the preferred supplier of many customers and are the stockists of a range of Aebi Schmidt vehicles. Their sound family business principles have made them successful in the provision of high quality vehicles


maintained to an exceptional standard vvin their own workshops, focused customer service and fully knowledgeable staff. However, their recent enterprising recycling initiative adds considerable value to Gulliver’s company ethos and a partner with whom Aebi Schmidt are extremely proud to be associated. • For more information contact Gullivers on 0780 850 9990 or visit

Gullivers have since ordered nineteen Schmidt spreaders and ploughs to fit to their ex-refuse vehicles which have come to the end of contract in their own fleet. It’s recycling and cost effectiveness on a huge scale.

50% larger hopper for Swingo 200 Compact Sweeper It's not long before it’s that time of year again, the season of mellow autumn tints – and thousands of fallen leaves with the potential to cause chaos. However, in late autumn the Aebi Schmidt Swingos fight back and initiate a leaf clearance period where dedicated teams systematically clear the UK’s streets and pavements of fallen leaves. hese are gathered using the front-mounted brushes and the remote, hand-held Wanderhose. In some regions such as Leicester City Council, a new dimension to leaf clearance is realised. When the Swingo is full the leaves are delivered to city allotment holders, whose plots benefit from the rich compost that provides an environmental benefit from traditional eco-villains. Aebi Schmidt UK boasts the broadest range of sweepers wordwide, all now with Total Lifetime Care (TLC). The Swingo 200 Compact Sweeper is especially designed for cleaning municipal streets and outlying villages where quick returns to the depot or allotments are more difficult than normal. This is not a problem for the Swingo 200’s hopper capacity which is a massive 50% larger than our competitors.


Benefits include; • Unrivalled service support spanning the length and breadth of the country • Efficient street clearing in urban and rural areas • Selectable 4-wheel steering (tried and tested

• •

• •

for over twelve years) Euro 5 VM engine – low emissions, fuel consumption and noise levels Large hopper capacity giving up to 50% more payload, meaning greater fuel efficiency and productivity Supreme operator comfort, hydro-pneumatic or mechanical suspension in combination with a long wheelbase and standard off the shelf 215R14 tyres for added operator comfort Unrivalled visibility, 270° 50/50 weight distribution in combination with a low centre of gravity

To further support our unrivalled reputation we now offer Total Lifetime Care (TLC) on all our sweeping products.TLC is our unique sales and service programme and has been introduced to help maximise the life and value of your equipment giving complete peace of mind. Our dedicated team of fully trained in-house support staff are on hand to ensure that all sales and service needs are met to the highest standards. Many years ago it was seen as a bit of a joke when the UK rail network was brought to an alleged standstill by “the wrong kind of leaves falling on the track”. However, to those of us in the know it’s not funny at all as we now realise the havoc that such leaves can cause. Research by the environmental consultancy Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS) discovered that there are six species of trees which cause most trouble. The Sinister Six produce the seemingly impermeable track coating

which scientific analysis has identified as insoluble, lignified cellulostic material containing glue-like proteins and other protoplastic compounds i.e. that makes them squidgier! A wet, warm summer – something like the one we have just had – has the potential to make this year's crop of autumn leaves "bigger and juicier" than usual and make the Sinister Six even more of a threat and between mid-October and midNovember and it's these trees that will make life difficult for the UK’s transport network. ADAS has now identified the 6 main culprits and gives them their own special “squidge rating”…so who are they?

The Swingo’s class leading extra hopper capacity means more time sweeping... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Horse Chestnut Lime Sycamore Poplar Ash Sweet Chestnut

Squidge rating: 10 Squidge rating: 10 Squidge rating: 9 Squidge rating: 8 Squidge rating: 7 Squidge rating: 6

Schmidt's Swingo 200 Compact Sweepers play a major role in fighting the threat of the Sinister Six which can cause havoc across streets and alleyways ranging from broad, boulevard pavements under mature trees, to busy commercial alleyways and terraced houses. The design of Swingo 200's ergonomic cab

also ensures the easy and sure operation of the brushes. The Swingo 200 Compact boasts unrivalled driving comfort and the four-wheel steer ensures easy vehicle handling and maneuverability with the ability to climb high kerbs, it makes the fight against leaves an easy one. The large capacity hopper ensures the vehicle spends more time working on the streets and pedestrian areas, and less time travelling to and from the tip… the Sinister Six now have no chance! Continuous operation and reliability are essential and are guaranteed as part of Schmidt’s Total Lifetime Care. Schmidt are keen to demonstrate just how effective and efficient the operation can become and are offering FREE onsite demonstrations to show just how easy and cost effective it is to keep the streets clear of the Sinister Six. • Call Katherine Daunt on 01733 363 395 or email

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The hopper has a capacity of 4m³, meaning that the SK400 incorporates all the advantages of a large street sweeping machine and the maneuverability of a compact sweeper.

Karen’s here to help exceed our customer’s expectations A warm welcome to Karen Bean who joined Aebi Schmidt on June 1st this year. Karen is the Service Office Manager and her responsibility is to understand what our customers want whilst aiming to exceed their expectations with the services that we deliver throughout the life of their equipment. Karen previously worked for business consultants Gallup as their Operations Manager and prior to that was the Customer Support Centre Manager for Diperk, the UK distributor for Perkins. We wish Karen a long and prosperous future with Aebi Schmidt but she has some way to go to match some of our longer serving team members. The magnificent seven engineers have a total of 193 years service between them – here’s to the next 193! (See back page)

The SK400 sweeps away the competition Aebi Schmidt UK has established a reputation of providing effective solutions to keeping roads and urban areas clear of waste. ebi Schmidt boasts the broadest range of sweeper technology products worldwide and is now emerging as a prominent provider of truck mounted sweepers in the UK domestic market. The SK400 truck mount sweeper is especially designed for cleaning municipal streets and urban areas. With the dimensions of a compact sweeper, the SK400 can be easily used in narrow, difficult to access city centre areas and therefore is suitable for a wide range of applications. David Harvey, Aebi Schmidt’s Project Manager said; “The hopper has a capacity of 4m³, meaning that the SK400 incorporates all the advantages of a large street sweeping machine and the maneuverability of a compact sweeper. The high tip hopper (1.5m height) allows the swept debris to be easily tipped into a skip or onto a landfill site.” The SK 400 offers a sweeping width of 2,050mm and is equipped with a centre mounted roller brush between the axles (switchable from left to right). A fully maneuverable channel brush and suction nozzle assembly ensures that the entire sweeping width is thoroughly and mechanically cleaned. The trailing sweep gear eliminates the possibility of damage occurring as the brushes and nozzles are ‘pulled’ over any potential obstacles. The equipment is self cleaning and regulating as David Harvey explained: “A pneumatically driven water pump provides the channel brushes and suction nozzles with water, therefore


To book a FREE demonstration for October 2011 contact National Sales Manager Alison Conroy on 07901911003 or 01733 363311 or visit

ensuring dust-free collection of dirt.” David added “The sweeping units and suction fan are driven from an efficient and powerful 36.5 kW EuroMot IIIA Kubota auxiliary engine, resulting in increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption.” The essential facts Hopper capacity: Water tank capacity: Water pump performance: Hopper discharge height: Channel brush and suction nozzle: Channel brush, suction nozzle and centre brush: Payload (approx.):

4m³ 600 litres 10l / 3bar 1.5m 900mm 2,050mm 3,000kg

The year of bright ideas In 1860 Sir Joseph Swan invented the world’s first light bulb. The light bulb has since become an iconic symbol for bright ideas so it was no coincidence that in the very same year James William Crowther had one of his own and established JW Crowther & Son Ltd. ow a fourth generation family operated business with over 150 years of service excellence, JW Crowther & Son offer a fully professional service across the whole of the UK with a proven and outstanding reputation for reliability, honesty and integrity.


Consequently, it made perfect sense that Aebi Schmidt and JW Crowther who both share such common values would become solid business partners. Nigel Crowther, Managing Director said: “JW Crowther & Son provide highly trained personnel and equipment for every size of project and we need the very best equipment and support. We therefore chose Aebi Schmidt to supply our specialist gritting machinery because of their proven reliability coupled with economical and efficient salt spreading technology. The use of a profiled conveyor belt and powder

coated hopper to eliminate salt bridging as well as the level of accuracy achieved by Schmidt's closed-loop independent monitoring of the belt and spinner hydraulic circuits, were two additional great features and benefits.” The company's first Schmidt spreader was purchased in 2005 and the recent acquisition of 2 x 8 cube Schmidt Stratos spreaders complete with Schmidt's user friendly CL control system mounted to 18 tonne Volvo FLH 240 4 x 2 chassis has increased Crowther's fleet of Schmidt spreaders to seven.

Mr Crowther added; “The equipment was delivered in plenty of time for the forthcoming winter season and will be used to service Crowther's many winter de-icing contracts throughout the UK.”Here’s to another 150 years of efficient service together! JW Crowther's Stratos spreaders can be seen at the Cold Comfort exhibition later this year. The new spreaders are pictured during handover following assembly at Aebi Schmidt's recently extended UK headquarters in Peterborough.

Here’s to another 150 years of efficient service together!

One way to beat the winter blues...

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“It’s rare to meet a team with such a great blend of skills who are so passionate and committed about what they do. You get a real sense of the reliability and value of Aebi Schmidt’s products just by spending time in the company of people who know that their products and services will not let them or their customers down.”

The ‘A’irport Team lead Schmidt to runaway success Aebi Schmidt leads the way in providing premium products and services to a diverse range of customers the length and breadth of the UK he Ministry of Defence have been customers for a number of years and their level of professionalism and expertise are recognised as an unofficial benchmark of national quality standards. As part of their 15 year service contract Aebi Schmidt has delivered in excess of 125 airport based machines to the MoD, testimony indeed to Schmidt’s reputation for the provision of high quality and performance service and machinery.


Exacting quality standards Airports and airfields across the nation have benefitted from Schmidt’s exceptional knowledge and expertise. Such customers and their high and exacting standards speak volumes for the quality of all that Aebi Schmidt say and do.

Mike Moore, David Carswell and David Harvey are the team behind Aebi Schmidt’s unparalleled Airport success. Sales Manager David Carswell is responsible for Scotland’s airports, Mike Moore the airports of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland whilst Project Manager David Harvey provides support for the whole UK operation. It’s rare to meet a team with such a great blend of skills who are so passionate and committed about what they do. You get a real sense of the reliability and value of Aebi Schmidt’s products just by spending time in the company of people who know that their products and services will not let them or their customers down. Every customer is treated the same, with equal customer focus, the same first class experience and aftersales care, no matter

what the size of the airport or airfield. They do what they say they’re going to do. It is estimated that there are 76 airports in the UK ranging from Barra North Bay in the Scottish Islands to Newquay in the south. It makes perfect sense that in a customer and safety focused industry only the best products and services will do, consequently Aebi Schmidt aim to work and support them all. We really listen to customers Mike explained: “We work closely with a number of UK airports that include Dublin, Aberdeen, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle, Exeter, Glasgow, Gatwick and Luton, each have their own individual and specific requirements. We listen to the individual needs of each and every airport. No two airports are

the same and each will have their own specific snow clearing plan that best fits their facility. We review the complete operation and identify the best solution for them. We have a comprehensive portfolio of machines that are adapted and tailored by size or specification to provide a bespoke solution. We deliver on time and we always deliver as promised.” The Aebi Schmidt team don’t just deliver standard products off the shelf. Every one of its premium machines are of the highest quality and are individually tailored to the needs of the airport or customer. David Harvey explained: “We have Centres of Excellence across the world that test our equipment in the most extreme and adverse conditions. Our snow ploughs are developed in Poland, our de-icing and spraying machines in Holland

and the Aebi Schmidt snow clearers and sweepers are rigorously tested in the Black Forest.” Forging lasting relationships Mike Moore added: “Adverse weather is the same for everyone but the size and nature of the airport facility will require a different response and consequently a different solution. For example, London Heathrow is the world's busiest international airport and is regarded as the hub of the aviation world. Around 90 airlines are based at Heathrow, serving over 180 destinations in over 90 countries. In July 2011 Heathrow handled 6.9 million passengers and in the last 12 months handled a record 68.5 million passengers. It’s vital that the airport gets things right. We worked closely with them over recent months to review their snow

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Great pre winter service offers An essential part of Aebi Schmidt’s successful Total Lifetime Care guarantee is the proven effectiveness of its after sales service. he Aebi Schmidt Customer Service team is already recognised as a leader in the market place. Services include parts supply, service maintenance and repair and training to support the whole product range. Karen Bean explained “We aim to be the preferred provider of all customer support for Aebi Schmidt equipment owners and operators. Should you have any requirement, from a filter to a service we have an experienced team of technical experts available to help you. We have parts stores at both our UK locations in Peterborough and Glasgow and aim, subject to availability, to ship your parts for a next day delivery. Our nationwide network of Aebi Schmidt professionally trained engineers are able to quickly respond to our customers in the field. We invest in our people and recruit and retain the best. Many of our engineers have in excess of 25 years service with us, which means that we have the highest level of expertise and experience, and also shows that Aebi Schmidt is a great company to work for.”


Just some of the Aebi Schmidt Team, ready to tackle any weather conditions no matter how severe. From sale to service all under one roof.

Aebi Schmidt Customer Services Service Control Desk & 24/7 Technical Support: 01733 363400 Parts Team: 01733 363336 Stay ahead of the game David Mash, Service Operations Manager at Aebi Schmidt ensures that every contract and relationship maximises its full potential through TLC and essential maintenance options. “It’s vital that operators ensure that their equipment is in full working order and we have some great winter maintenance options for total peace of mind. Service and calibration is vital as it ensures that the correct salt dosage is being deposited and monitors the spread pattern.” These lead to: 1. Cost savings 2. Effective salt coverage 3. Reduced environmental impact

Service options for all winter maintenance equipment to suit all customer’s needs and budgets Supra Cutter Blower

Aebi Schmidt calibration options 1. Pay as you go: Pay per calibration, plus travel 2. Contracted calibrations: Paid annually in advance (based on 1- 4 machines) inclusive of travel dependant on location: Maximum 75 miles from nearest engineer

Towed Jet Sweeper 560

Airport Engineer in action

3. Contracted calibrations: Paid annually in advance (based on 5+ machines) inclusive of travel dependant on location: Maximum 75 miles from nearest engineer. Minimum of 5 machines must be on same site Price on application, volume discounts apply, call us for further details Aebi Schmidt Customer Services Service Control Desk & 24/7 Technical Support: 01733 363400 Parts Team: 01733 363336

AS990 Runway Sweeper

Tractor Trailer Sprayer ASPT 5,000L and ice clearing strategy and they purchased two ASP (Airport Sprayers) 20,000 litre 45 meter deicers mounted on premium Scania trucks. The nature and volume of their business necessitates such an investment and they are delighted with the outcome.” Aebi Schmidt also works closely with a number of smaller airports whose commitment to customer service, safety and reliability is no less important to that of the bigger airports. For example, Southampton is the UK’s 20th largest airport with 14 airlines currently operating around 50 European destinations and welcoming around 2 million passengers a year. It’s a big business. Mike added: “Although they operate in the same business sector, the needs of Southampton airport were totally different. Southampton have similar levels of

customer service and passenger and runway requirements to Heathrow, but we identified that their best solution was the supply of a 5,000 litre 21 metre ASPT (Towed Airport Sprayer) which was perfectly suited to their needs. The relationship is always more important than the deal. We are extremely flexible with our comprehensive product range and are always able to adapt our equipment and machinery to meet such individual needs and requirements.” Total Lifetime Care David Harvey commented: “The nature of business solutions may differ enormously from airport to airport but there is a constant and common thread throughout and that is the quality of the product, the nature of the control systems combined with our dedicated after sales programme. David also

highlighted some of the most important factors that set Aebi Schmidt apart from all its competitors; 1. Our machines are outstanding 2. Our fifteen year machine life expectancy 3. The accuracy of our equipment is second to none. For example, customers save a fortune on liquid measurements and sweeper brushes over a machine’s lifetime 4. Our after sales programme affords responsive and dedicated support. We have invested in three dedicated airport engineers Pete Read, Jim Murden and Steven Anderson, to compliment our existing fleet of engineers who

are also on hand to support our customers. Our engineers service all customers’ equipment throughout their extended lifetime, unlike our competitors who outsource elements of their after sales support to third party organisations. Keeping our promises David added: “Total Lifetime Care is our promise and is an essential part of our business. We are in the sector for the long haul. This is not about a quick fix. We work to provide thorough working solutions for all our customers that provide constant care, support and development for many, many years.” Mike Moore has enjoyed eleven years in the service of Aebi Schmidt and is as devoted and enthusiastic as ever about his role; “I enjoy developing and

sustaining great relationships with our customers.” He really means it too. He regularly visits and calls every single one of his airport customers – (the team have made 26 airport visits already in 2011) – regardless of the size of airport or the value of their investment. Mike added: “It’s essential that we understand how airports and their teams are working and how our equipment is responding to evolving needs and expectations. It’s also great fun just to get out there and meet people who share a similar desire to improve service and give best value for their customers. I’m privileged to work as part of such a motivated, driven and enthusiastic team.” I was so impressed I nearly took home a sprayer for my driveway! Darren Heyes

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Did you know: Our premises in Glasgow currently hold parts in excess of £150,000 for our environmental and winter maintenance equipment. This stock holding along with our fully stocked service vehicles and eight engineers gives us the edge over our competitors.

Donald Kerr... a real gentleman Wherever you go in the Aebi Schmidt business, one name keeps cropping up and fortunately always for the right reason! That name is Donald Kerr. Donald is Service Manager with Aebi Schmidt Scotland, located at the Polmadie Headquarters in the heart of Glasgow where he works as part of a team of eight Now, just whe re did engineers, one stores person you put your troosers! and one office administrator. His role within the company is first and foremost customer satisfaction, keeping the team of engineers busy by securing work ranging from the smallest tasks to full hydraulics and electrics and the mounting of spreaders onto customers’ chassis. We took five minutes to meet up with Donald to find out more about the quiet and unassuming legend that is Donald Kerr. Q: Tell me more about you. How long have you worked for Schmidt? Donald: I have worked with Aebi Schmidt for 22 years, when I joined the company in 1989 I was employed as a field service engineer working my way up to depot manager and then to Scottish service manager.

Q: And on a more personal level? Donald: I am married with two sons, 25 and 27 years old who now work with BAE Systems in the electrical design department.

Q:What would be your claim to fame? Donald: Our claim to fame is that from eight to 12 years old my two sons raced Karts up and down the country, at that time we shared a track with the present Formula 1 guys Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Paul De Resta, even at the early age of eight years old money was paramount in the sport and these guys had all the backing and sponsors. Q: What's it like to work for Schmidt? Donald: Working for Aebi Schmidt is challenging due to the various products that we manufacture,

constantly having to keep up with technology and training is ever demanding. Q: Tell me something we wouldn't know about you? Donald: Many years ago and before my Aebi Schmidt days when my children were young we emigrated to Sydney in Australia, we stayed for approximately two years, but missing our family and friends brought us back to Bonny Scotland. Q: How do you think your work colleagues would describe you? Donald: I think they would describe me as quiet, conscientious and a workaholic. Q: How has the industry changed in your time in the sector? Donald: I have seen great changes in the industry over the years as have many engineering and manufacturing businesses. Being the market leaders for many years our market has become more and more competitive with the introduction of similar size vehicles – competition I believe is healthy and keeps you on your toes, which makes it interesting.

Q: How do you and Schmidt stay ahead of the game? Why choose Schmidt? Donald: I believe that our products are built to very high standards using the latest technology, should any unforeseen problems arise our after sales department based in Glasgow can deploy an engineer quickly. Our premises in Glasgow currently hold parts in excess of £150,000 for our environmental and winter maintenance equipment. I believe that this stock holding, along with the fully stocked service vehicles and eight engineers gives us the edge over our competitors. Q: How do you manage the work life balance in such a busy role? Donald: It’s sometimes difficult especially in the winter months when demand to keep our fleet of spreaders mobile in all conditions is high, I also have a very understanding wife! Q: What's the most rewarding aspect of your work? Donald: Customer satisfaction, I enjoy solving issues that customers may have whether they are invoice related or problems with a particular machine, of course I would rather that everything

went like clockwork but if this was the case then I would need to look for something to do. Q: What are the most exciting products and services offered by Schmidt? Donald: Over the years I have worked on a variety of environmental and winter maintenance equipment and without sounding biased I fully believe that the products Aebi Schmidt manufacture are as we say the Rolls Royce of equipment. Our premises and large stock holding of parts in Glasgow normally allows us to respond to unforeseen breakdowns in the same day without having to wait for couriers. The last two winters in Scotland have been long and hard with road closures and heavy snow up and down the country. In mid winter and on a number of occasions we had urgent requests from customers in the North of Scotland looking for parts. With couriers unable to guarantee delivery in the remote parts of Scotland our service vans which are all fitted with snow tyres and chains were able to get through with the necessary parts. Donald Kerr, a real gentleman.

The pride of Scotland Polmadie is a district situated south of Glasgow’s River Clyde and is home to the Aebi Schmidt Scottish Service Centre. The hugely impressive centre is an expansive 7000 square feet facility that boasts the very latest equipment and resources and sits adjacent to the Gorbals. The Service centre contains office facilities, service areas and storage space that houses in excess of £150k of spare parts. onald Kerr, Scottish Service Manager said; “At a time when our competition are downsizing their after sales support levels and locations to reduce costs, it’s extremely positive from Aebi Schmidt to be investing heavily in after sales support. We now have eight service engineers, utilising Volkswagen Crafter


vans that are fully stocked with a variety of spare parts, ensuring a swift and effective response to our sweeper, winter and airport customers. In addition to our day to day service and repair operation, we also have the skillbase to undertake a variety of engineering works, including fabrication, gritter mounting, DIN plate assembly and fitting and hydraulic and electrical works.” The facility has a buzz and enthusiasm that typifies the Aebi Schmidt “Total Lifetime Care” promise and commitment to its customers. There has been an obvious commitment to a strategic investment in specialist equipment and staff and this is clear in the work ethic of the Polmadie team. David Carswell, Area Sales

The magnificent seven employees Doug Hall Glen Smith Bernie Parker Peter Howard Bernie Hill Jim Murden Chris Robinson

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Shows you can see us at in 2011 Cold Comfort - Ricoh Arena • 20th - 21st September Interairport Munich Airport • 11th - 14th October

Manager for Scotland and Ireland explained; “The majority of our customers are being forced into making cuts, so it is important that we can deliver “more for less”. Our increased investment in after sales ensures that our products spend more time on the road, leading to improved uptime and reduced costs for our entire customer base. We are a global organisation, but over many, many years of working closely on a day to day basis with our Scottish customers, we have effectively become a local supplier.” Should you wish to visit our Scottish Service Centre, or have any queries on the services provided by the Aebi Schmidt after sales team, then please Donald Kerr on 07970 125227.

Service with a smile north of the border

Your contacts at Aebi Schmidt National Sales Manager Schmidt products Alison Conroy 07901 911003 Area Sales Managers Schmidt Products Allan MacLeod 07799 071611 David Carswell 07970 125206 Les Bullock 07799 071612 Robert Irvine 07971 359387 Simon Stringer 07870 267209

Sales Manager Aebi Products John Taylor 07850 123455

Service Manager Scotland Donald Kerr 07970 125227

Sales Support Manager Katherine Daunt 01733 363395

Service Office Manager Karen Bean 01733 363 403

Key Account & Training Manager Mike Moore 07748 931762

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AEBI schmidt newsletter Autumn  

AEBI schmidt newsletter Autumn

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