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Issue Number 26 Summer 2014


Design Community

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ON THE COVER: The Fab Five: ASID New England Presents the

Issue Number 26 Summer 2014

2014 Annual Awards Gala

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Board Messages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Editor’s Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 The Fab Five: ASID New England Presents the 2014 Annual Awards Gala . . . . . . 10 The Gala Poll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Welcome New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 ASID Industry Partner Cosentino Opens

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ASID Announces 2014 Class of Fellows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Writers Amy Natola, Allied ASID Christina Patton, ASID



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ASID NEW ENGLAND CHAPTER One Design Center Place Suite 544 Boston, MA 02210

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Jeanne Finnerty, ASID (617) 241-2255 President-Elect Lisa T. Buyuk, ASID (617)236-6579 Financial Director Cheryl Morrison, Allied ASID (978) 927-2005

Channeling Wayne Gretzky It surely was a long winter and the spring was slow to start...but, now, the beginnings of summer have energized me. The eternal optimist is an especially good trait being a Chapter President, and it has served me well these past seven months.

If you have not yet heard about “ASID 2.0”, I hope you will read Randy Fiser's letter in last month's ICON magazine. I got my first dose back in November, at the Chapter Adminstrators’ Conference. It was eye-opening. The next dose was at the president’s forum in February. To

Communications Director Molly McGinness, ASID (508) 524-5087

start it off, keynote speaker, Sheri Jacobs, CAE, quoted Wayne Gretzky, “you don’t play where

Professional Development Director Jill Janasiewicz, Allied ASID

As we are challenged by the role out of ASID 2.0, we also look for all the opportunities change

the puck is, you play where the puck is going to be”. He championed the game by consistently anticipating the other players. ASID is looking forward.

will present. We are asking the big questions as an organization, “How can we do better?”, “How can we serve our profession better?” and “How can we serve our membership better?” If we think of our organization as a thriving business in a competitive marketplace, we will

Emerging Professionals Director Eric Haydel, Allied ASID (617) 562-6027

achieve more. With a renewed focus on growth, engagement, messaging, and revenue, we will achieve more.

In the past two months we have seen change on the Board of Directors. I was saddened by Lisa Membership Director Sheryll Strohl-Hammett, ASID (617) 469-6880

Buyuk’s anouncement of departure as president-elect. Lisa and I worked well together – she was my go-to board member, ready to jump in and assist me with anything and everything. She will be greatly missed as PE. Life happens. Lisa will stay involved in many ways – so, when you see her, please thank and congratulate her for a job well-done.

Director At Large Alinka Amoroso, ASID Industry Partner (617) 350-0836

I am looking forward to another out-of-state event in late May in Vermont, as well as the first MiDC Trade Show. Hope to see you all at the Annual Art Walk! Please get in touch with me with your questions on ASID 2.0.

Student Representative Jessica O’Regan

Here’s to summer! Jeanne Finnerty, ASID ASID New England Chapter President 2013/2014

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SUMMER 2014 |


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Natick Peabody

W. Hartford CT Warwick RI 800.225.6901

Board Messages Lisa Buyuk, ASID President-Elect After a slow start to Spring it is nice to usher in the lazy days of Summer in New England and feel the restorative warmth of the Summer sun. The incoming Board of Directors are getting ready for their trip to LA for the 2014 Chapter Leadership Conference where they will learn more about ASID National’s 2.0 Plan and all of the ways that our membership can benefit from interdisciplinary relationships… I recently experienced the positive effects of this concept during our April event hosted by the Angela Adams Showroom in Portland, Maine. During this intimate event Angela and Sherwood shared their creative process with us. We saw design from the perspective of an artist wanting to realize her designs through various mediums, the craftsman working within the constraints of nature’s materials, the graphic designer interpreting hand drawings into digital images, the manufacturer translating the work of the graphic designer into products for manufacture, and the interior designer embracing the availability of product to meet client’s needs. We have so much to look forward to in the coming months if we allow ourselves to understand our profession through multiple perspectives. For myself, I have embraced this philosophy and recent shifts have affected my position as President Elect and my 2014/15 tenure as President. For personal reasons I am no longer able to continue on with my appointment. Leadership has many meanings and I am so grateful for the ways in which the current Board and Committees have taught me how to lead. I have heard the voices of our dynamic and accomplished membership and I know that they are eager to participate and grow. I will continue to be engaged in Chapter events where I feel I can be most helpful and with my support of MiDC’s initiatives to pass legislation in Massachusetts. Change can be scary if you are not ready for it, but for me it has brought unexpected surprises and I embrace the opportunities before me as I welcome change with open arms.

Cheryl Morrison, Allied ASID Director of Finance It’s a wonderful summer day and I am happy to report that our ASID chapter is still financially sound. The current board has been working diligently to bring you quality programs within our budget. I hope that you have all been taking advantage of the opportunities they are providing to you.

Sheryll Strohl-Hammett, ASID

Thos. Moser at 19 Arlington Street will refresh your energies with refreshments. There will be a closing celebration at Landry & Arcari, another Industry Partner located at 333 Stuart Street, just a short walk up Arlington Street. It’s such a great time of year to be in Boston’s Back Bay so come everyone and take this opportunity to see inspiring art and relax with friends at the wonderful showrooms of our Industry Partners.

Jill Janasiewicz, Allied ASID Director of Professional Development Summer is coming – finally! I am looking forward to the summertime and sun, sun and more sun. For those that attended the gala, I hope that you had a fabulous time. It is nice to get together, get dressed up, enjoy some food and beverages and catch up with friends that we have not seen since last year. As we approach membership month, please mark your calendars for the 2nd annual art walk. I heard it was a great time last year (I missed it – I had to go to Napa). Looking to the remainder of the year, I am working on the CEU programs for the fall business conference this November. We all know that the reporting period ended on March 31st so we all need to focus on the reporting period that ends December 31, 2015. As I have mentioned before, the required hours has increased to 10 hours. So with that said, please send me any feedback or suggestions as to the programs that interest you. You can send any suggestions to

Molly McGinness, ASID Director of Communications The past decade has brought the “Communications Director” position to a whole new level. As with all businesses, branding and social media are now a big factor in the marketing and promotion of ASIDNE and our events. It takes a village of volunteers – Hollis Machala, our go-to graphic artist, has worked tirelessly these past 8 months, to keep the ASID brand image professional and consistent. We have come along - in the past two years when the new brand was introduced. The entire board of directors, as well as event committee chairs, have spent time and effort promoting this years’ events. And we know there is much more work to be done. I am looking forward to the summer months to expand the team and develop the 2014-15 marketing plan. If you would like to assist, please contact

Director of Membership June has once again been designated as the New England Chapter of ASID’s Membership Month. In celebration of all our members Eric Haydel (Emerging Professionals Affairs Chair on the Board) and I have reprised the Art Walk and Member Celebration. It begins 5:00 PM Thursday, June 5 on Newbury Street at Dartmouth Street. Our Industry Partner, Poggenpohl, at 135 Newbury Street will be the first stop where director Rosemary Porto and staff will welcome you and your guests and send everyone on their way with maps, nametags, and goodies. The participating art galleries between Dartmouth and Arlington Streets will be marked by bright red ASID banners. The galleries will share with you their exciting exhibitions and extensive knowledge. Industry Partner,

Eric Haydel, Allied ASID Emerging Professional Affairs Chair Kick off your shoes, dig your feet into the sand and reach for a cool glass of lemonade, just remember that…ASID is within your “summertime” reach as well! As members, locally and national, we are an important and a vibrant part of the interior design profession and of the Society. Which is why your board of directors is improving our resources to help YOU grow and change to meet the needs of an ever-demanding career and client driven market.






modern traditional transitional

This summer we will spend time away at the Chapter Leaders Conference in LA to continue to expand the reach we can offer to each of you. Through these exciting changes, remember why you’ve joined the society in the first place…to be a better professional! It’s never to late to get involved! This fall we introduce the 5th Annual Fall Business Conference on November 4th in downtown Boston. It is with great pleasure that I will kick off this exciting event at committee chair for the last time. It is with honor and humility that I will have the pleasure of leading our great organization in the year to follow as your president. Over these next several months I hope to reach out to many of you and expand our conversations as to how we as a Society can for with and for you. Our membership is only stronger when we are helping each other! Take sometime for yourselves and enjoy the sand, sun and waters of New England, but remember ASID is here for YOU!

Alinka Amoroso, ASID Industry Partner Director at Large ASID New England ventured out to Portland, Maine in April for a very special tour of the Angela Adams showroom. It was a real treat to get this rare insight into such an accomplished and prolific design house. We would like to thank Angela Adams, her husband furniture designer Sherwood Hamill, and their wonderful team for their gracious hospitality. Members travelled all the way from Cape Cod to attend this event. We would also like to thank Mai Nguyen from KnollTextiles, for presenting a CEU on Modern Textiles. Our Northern New England members were especially appreciative to have the opportunity to attend an ASID event in Portland, Maine. Keeping along those lines, our next event will be held in Stowe, VT on May 27th. ASID New England will be hosting a tour of the Top Notch resort presented by Truex Cullins designer Kim Deetjen. We hope to see you there.

Jessica O'Regan, Student ASID Student Representative to the Board

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Fine Rugs Custom Rug Program Natural Fiber and Eco-Friendly Broadloom Carpet Master Installation and Fabrication Stair Runners Hardwood and Wide-Plank Flooring

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SUMMER 2014 |


I hope this summer provides each of you with a moment to reflect on all that you have accomplished this year. Our chapter is comprised of a talented group of designers and the students are no exception. Thank you to all who attended our student design competition. It is events like this that remind us that creativity and talent are limitless. Unfortunately, we are all too aware that time is not. I recognize that designers at every stage struggle to balance time and responsibility, but I encourage all members to celebrate the creativity in our community and to attend some of our chapter’s upcoming events.

Editor’s Welcome By Diana Kennedy, Allied ASID I adore summer! There is so much to celebrate about the season. Warmer weather, sundresses, barbeques, days at the beach…the list goes on. For me, the best part of summer is the renewed sense of spirit I see in people as the sun invites everyone to come outside and enjoy time off with their families and communities. The New England Chapter of ASID has had much to celebrate as well, not least of all the five deserving award recipients at this year’s Gala held in March. As you’ll see in our cover article, we had a blast while recognizing some of the top interior design talents and humanitarians in our region. I personally want to offer many thanks to the Gala Committee for all of their hard work, which paid off in spades. In addition to the gala, members of our chapter have sponsored countless events representing all of the facets of the organization. From Industry Partner hosts such as Landry & Arcari, Angela Adams, and Cosentino to the students who participated in the Chair Design competition, the rewards for participating in ASID have been vast, and I hope to see that fervor continue into the summer months. Please feel free to include this issue in your summer travel bag, and enjoy!

Photographer Michael Partenio

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The Fab Five: ASID New England Presents the 2014 Annual Awards Gala By Diana Kennedy, Allied ASID On March 20th at the Mandarin Hotel in Boston, ASID New England hosted a magnificent celebration to honor this year’s Gala Award recipients: Pamela Copeman, Kim Deetjen, Rachel Pike, Kristen Rivoli, and Eric Rosseff.

After being introduced by Chapter President Jeanne Finnerty and ASID CEO Randy Fiser, the evening’s emcee Patti Austin, a singer best known for the 1983 number one pop smash “Baby Come to Me”, took the stage. She shared her love for design and gave her rousing support to the award recipients, as she entertainingly introduced each one by reading introductions written by the winners’ nearest and dearest.

Pamela Copeman, Allied ASID, started with some organdy Mandarin Oriental Boston

curtains and a dream. Pausing for an evening from running both her high profile Pamela Copeman Design Group and her blog Posh

help from their mother’s high heels! Now she channels that love of fantasy

Palettes, she regaled the audience with her childhood love of drama. Those

and imagination into her designs.

organdy curtains became costumes for her and her four siblings with some

Jeanne Finnerty and Randy Fiser

Emcee Patti Austin

10 |

SUMMER 2014 |

cont. on page 12


The Gala Poll By Shalini Sookar and Diana Kennedy

What is your drink of choice this evening? Do you have any tips for young designers who would like to use color? I would say find out what your clients love before you start working. You can do any color scheme but if you want them to love you and to keep coming back, find out what they like first. – Linda Stimson

My drink of choice this evening is Prosecco! –Paula Daher

What is your biggest design “do”? Paual Daher

Proportion and scale. – Mary Jane Burke Black is boring, infuse your life with color. – Mai Nguyen

Linda Stimson

If a designer is looking for a nice rug, do you have any tips for them to get a rug at an affordable price?

What is your biggest design “don’t”?

Absolutely! It’s going to depend. Wool is their positive best price point and best content as fabric, so you don’t want to add any viscose or any other products to it. So what we Nina Symonds try to do is to price point them into areas of piles. The thicker the pile, the longer the wool is on the sheep. So that means that it will be at a higher price point. But it’s a much softer feel and it’s a more beautiful rug. We have so many new introductions going on right now, it’s amazing, we had so many vendors come in the other day, so many new ideas, including a washable sisal which is amazing. The rug industry is not used to that. It’s stain resistant so you can pour a glass of red wine on it, and you just blot it off like fabric, it’s just fabulous. –Nina Symonds

Don’t follow the rules, that’s my design thing – there’s no such thing as a color “don’t”. – Kate Krall Don’t do all white! – Alinka Amoroso Sadly I work with government customers and they all say “Don’t let me be exposed to anybody else!” – Jane Graham

Mary Jane Burke, Mai Nguyen, Jane Graham, Kate Krall & Alinka Amoroso

What do you think of Party Pam’s dress?

Rosemary Porto & Emily Copeman

Oh, Pamela’s dress? I think it’s red carpet all the way! I think she looks fantastic! She’s a beautiful woman anyway – in a bag she’d look good – she looks fabulous, she’s gorgeous. – Rosemary Porto

So I think I’m a little biased because I’m her daughter, but what I will tell you is that this is the version of the Oscars for her that she has been waiting her whole life for. This is her red carpet dress, so we are waiting for People Magazine and Us Weekly and all of them. But I think she’s rocking it and feeling really good. – Emily Copeman

What is the biggest design element that you can’t live without? For me it would be a nice crushed velvet. – Sandy May

Sandy May

Who are you wearing? Kate Spade – Mary Beth Haggerty I’m wearing Versace baby! – Steven Favreau My grandmother’s antique earrings. – Vani Sayid Mary Beth Haggerty


Vani Sayid & Steven Favreau

P l ease co n tact k evi n @ g 8 6 0 .3 0 5 .8 1 3 3






cont. from page 10 The road to success is always paved with a few bumps, according to Kim Deetjen, ASID. She recalled backing into her client’s car on their first meeting, making for an awkward hello! As Principal of the venerable Burlington, VT firm TruexCullins, she has taken her parents’ advice to heart on her way to building nationally recognized aesthetic in the realm of boutique hotels. She expressed her gratitude to her family, her team, her vendors, and to Boston, where she first started her design career and was “molded by the community.”

Rachel Pike loves education and reminiscing about her career as Past Chair of the Interior Design Department at Wentworth Institute of Technology. But she does have one caveat. “Teaching is wonderful, grading is awful!” she exclaimed. Grading woes aside, Rachel feels pride in her students’ accomplishments, and loves the atmosphere in Boston’s design community, one that she feels is competitive but also very friendly. She encouraged everyone to

Paige Peroni, Gail Machaud and Paul Neal

participate in community service in the industry, and in providing feedback to CIDA in particular. waned, even when her dentist father asked, “Are you sure this is what you Everyone who is familiar with the work of Kristen Rivoli, ASID knows that

want to do?” when she took him to art school. The answer to that was a

she takes many of her interior design cues from the world of fashion. Her love

resounding “yes,” as she credits the achievements of her eponymous design

for all things sartorial was cultivated at a young age, when she would draw

firm to the support from her family and the Boston community. Design may

pictures of herself and her sisters as Charlie’s Angels. Her interests never

not always be glamorous, but it is always rewarding, she said.

Eric Roseff claims that he may be the only person to have had grasscloth wallpaper in his college dorm room, and he may be right! His unique background extends to his first job as a member of the Graphics department of Playboy Magazine. This may explain his love for this Diana Vreeland quote: “Never fear being vulgar, just boring.” Eric also has a serious side, stressing that ours is not a frivolous industry, and that our work does indeed have a huge impact on quality of life. He also believes that mentoring the next generation is a business that we should all undertake.

A great time was had by all, and credit for the evening’s success is to be shared by all of the members of the Gala Committee: Shalini Sookar, Jen Bardsley, Pamela Copeman, Emily Taber-Moore, Hollis Machala, Jeanne Finnerty, John Trifone, Nicole Dolan, Sarah Remington, and Stephanie Rossi. Genella MacDonald, Gail Ravgiala, Eric Haydel

Committee: Jennifer Bardsley, Nina Hayes, John Trifone, Shalini Sookar

12 |

SUMMER 2014 |


Robert Four, Tony Fusco and Jill Janasiewicz

Jacqueline Becker Fine Arts provided the finishing touch of art work for Duffy Design Group’s minimal, elegant interior design, as captured by photographer Eric Roth, and published in New England Home.

“Jacqui Becker’s knowledge is quite vast and her ability to key in on her client’s aesthetics and listen carefully to their needs and wants is remarkable. The artists she represents are quite diverse ranging from traditional to very contemporary. I know you will enjoy working with her.” – Dianne Ramponi, Dianne Ramponi Interiors

"Your enthusiasm for and knowledge of the local contemporary art scene, keen social and organizational skills, ability to work with restrictions imposed by spaces and budgets, and extensive experience with corporate environments is impressive. I shall be pleased to recommend your services to other colleagues working in Boston. “ – Corporate Art Curator, Boston banking client

“It has been a delight to work with Jacqui over the course of the past few years as she chose, framed and arranged artwork which has added another dimension of beauty, comfort and warmth I wanted in my home. Jacqui has unique resources and a discriminating eye, and discussions about budget and deadlines were straightforward and met.” – B. W., Newton, MA



ASID Announces 2014 Class of Fellows The American Society of Interior Designers announces its 2014 ASID Class of Fellows: Jane Garland Lucas, Patricia Kluetz, and Shashi Caan. The title of Fellow is awarded annually to individuals who demonstrate outstanding service and contributions to the Society, the profession and the interior design industry. The highest distinction a member can receive from ASID, these Fellows will be inducted on June 21, 2014, at Celebration: The ASID Awards Gala at Paramount Picture Studios in Los Angeles. “This year’s inductees have been instrumental in advancing our industry, using their vision, leadership and expertise to elevate all areas of design and its impact on the global community,” said Randy Fiser, executive vice president and CEO, ASID. “Their passion and dedication to the industry make a distinct impact on the way we live and work today.”

Jane Garland Lucas, FASID A “design leader” in every sense of the phrase, Jane Garland Lucas leads by example. In addition to her design work, she is as an author, legislative advocate, volunteer and mentor. Throughout her career she has given tirelessly to the Society serving in various leadership positions in both the New England and Texas ASID chapters. Lucas also has been a staunch supporter of the profession on various legislative initiatives, spending 12 years spearheading a Massachusetts coalition for interior design legislation. A lifelong educator, she currently serves on the faculty or board of colleges and universities in three states and is a frequent guest lecturer. An award-winning designer with more than 30 years of experience, Lucas is the principal of JGL Interiors, based in Austin, Texas. “Jane’s work has touched every aspect of our Society – legislative, chapter support, development, strategic planning, and student services. She has taught and lectured on the importance of excellence in professional interior design practice at design colleges and universities, in the halls of government, at annual meetings of design organizations, and as a guest speaker at conventions locally, regionally and in multiple locations nationally,” said Lisa C. Bonneville, FASID.

Patricia Kluetz, FASID “Bringing design to life” is one of the key messages Patricia Kluetz instills in her design students at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. A professor of Interior Architecture at the university, Kluetz has spent much of her career educating and nurturing design students. For nearly two decades, she served as the faculty advisor of the university’s student chapter, which under her guidance won numerous awards, including Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year in 2006. Kluetz, a practicing designer, also is extremely active in ASID leadership roles both nationally and with her local chapter. As a result of her dedication, she has been awarded four Wisconsin Chapter Presidential Citations and a Chapter Educator Medalist Award. “Pat’s ideas were bold and backed up by pragmatism; she was warm, funny, inclusive and decisive; and we were always eager to get her feedback and insight … my respect for her has only grown through the years as I have met her former students and seen the impact she has on them professionally and personally,” said Charrisse Johnston, ASID.

Shashi Caan, Honorary FASID Thought leader, design advocate and visionary are just some of the words often used to describe Shashi Caan. Considered one of the foremost educators and practitioners in the design industry, she has garnered international

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critical acclaim for her progressive thinking on the impact of design in society and for her work on the unification of the global design community. She is the founder and principal of the Shashi Caan Collective, a firm globally recognized for its groundbreaking collaborative ideology and design projects that improve social conditions and quality of life. Throughout her career Caan has received numerous industry accolades and awards for her service and designs, which include her recognition as Contract magazine’s 25th Anniversary Designer of the Year in 2004. She is the current president of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). “Shashi has produced many projects, all with a keen eye on sustainability, comfort and beautiful, clean lines, resulting in magnificent works of art, as she uses the business of design to improve life quality for people, showing that the fundamentals of human needs are essential to her designs,” said Ruth Lynford, ASID.

The New England Chapter of ASID Welcomes our Newest Members Many thanks to our supportive Industry Partners who have joined in 2014 Industry Partners Paige Plourde of Wilsonart LLC Bob Talbot of PHI Home Designs Matt Robinson of Theodore Alexander Philip Mambro of Design Studio 180 Jill Adler of Discover Tile Steven Brand of Wolfer’s Lighting Nancy Go of Cindi Silverman of Mill Design Center Jeff Sargent of Hansgrohe, Inc. Irene Anna Marconi of Irene Marconi Michael Imperatone of Hafele America

Congratulations to the new Practitioners and to those who have advanced in ASID in 2014 Susan L. Quick, ASID ALLIED PRACTITIONERS: Melissa Hammond Ann Alston Devany Shackelford Amanda Drew Melissa M.G. Ferman Brady-Anne Cushing Judith P. Meaney ASSOCIATE PRACTITIONER Heather Rose Marshall AFFILIATED MEMBER Nina Hayes

With encouragement and pride welcome to new student members Mary Jane Schotte Erin Kelleher Carol Dacier Hilary Brooke Marshall Margaret Morris Mary Schambach Elizabeth Cotton Coutrney Gould Meredith Mack

Kim Boutwell Tiffany Markoski Madilyn Rankin Carolyn Kotowski Chelcie Trask Kristen Marie LaLond Monica Johnson Siobhain Page Sasha Marie Mulcahey

ASID Industry Partner Cosentino Opens New Boston Center With A Huge Soiree By Sheryll Strohl-Hammett, ASID

The April 9 Grand Opening was attended by more than 350 guests including designers (such as yours truly), architects, builders, fabricators and others in

April 9, 2014 ASID Industry Partner,

the building industry. It was a pleasure to meet again Jim Seal and Merry

Cosentino, leaders in natural stone,

LeClerc who represent Cosentino at the New England Chapter of ASID Fall

quartz, and recycled solid surfacing

Business Conference. True to Cosentino’s Spanish heritage we were treated

materials, opened their first New England

to a performance by a Spanish guitarist and Flamenco dancer. Drinks and

center (they now operate 26 centers in

tapas in the Spanish tradition were served. In a nod to the New England

North America) at 120 Shawmut Road

connection to the Atlantic Ocean, area fresh seafood was circulated among

in Canton, MA.

the attendees.

The new center was designed by Isabel

After welcomes were made to the assembled guests by:

Martinez- Cosentino to be more than

Eduardo Martinez, President and CEO Cosentino North America

a distribution center of well known

Rob Henry and Jerry Arcari

Brandon Calvo, COO Cosentino North America

Cosentino products such as Silestone

Brooks DesChamps, General Manager Cosentino Center Boston,

and ECO among others. As strong

Brian Lynch, Regional Director of Distribution for the Northeast

supporters of the Design & Build community the new center is also a show-

the ribbon was cut and the Cosentino Boston Center was officially open.

room, meeting place, and classroom to see, explore, and learn about the full range of Cosentino products even the new offerings: the Preuxury Collection,

Cosentino is an international family-owned company with Spanish roots who

a semi- precious stone line handmade by craftsmen; and, the much

strongly supports ASID.

buzzed about incredibly durable new innovation, Dekton.






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Boutique Design magazine - Boutique 18 Carrie Nielsen By Amy Natola, Allied ASID Being recognized as one of the top 18, up-and-coming hospitality interior designers by Boutique Design magazine’s annual roster, Boutique 18, is such a great honor. The ninth annual Boutique 18 for 2014 celebrates the talent and accomplishments of the chosen honorees. One of the talented and innovative designers to receive this honor is Carrie Nielsen, an Associate Interior Designer at Boston-based Group One Partners, Inc.

Hinges, Drawer Slides and

NorthW NorthWoods Woods Systems, Lift-Up Fittings & More Manuf facturing Manufacturing

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As an honoree of Boutique 18, Nielsen has an impressive career in design with more than 15 years of experience, including working at Group One Partners, Inc. for almost nine years. She earned a BA in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. As a design professional, Nielsen is NCIDQ certified and is a member of ASID and the Network of Executive Women in Hospitality. www

Northern Contours PCabinet Peter eter Meier Meier, r,, Inc. Doors and Surfaces:

TTable able Ba Bases, ases Non-Slip ases, Non Slip Ma Mats, tts, ts Wood, Veneer and Thermofoil TTotal otal Lig Light ght www

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Nielsen’s passion for design and strong design skills are reflected in her work. She has designed many noteworthy design projects, including the Onyx Hotel (Boston, MA), Sheraton Boston Hotel (Boston, MA), Residence Inn Seaport (Boston, MA), Residence Inn Fenway (Boston, MA), Six South Hotel (Hanover, NH), and TD Garden premium restaurant and suite boxes (Boston, MA). Nielsen’s design career continues to flourish as she is an integral part of the design team at Group One Partners, Inc., where she contributes to all phases of the design process. As an interior designer, she is currently designing various projects, including the Westin Las Vegas Hotel (Las Vegas, NV), Hotel Envoy (Boston, MA), and AC Hotel (Aventura, FL). With every project, Nielsen’s talent and innovative ideas shine through in creating spaces for not only her clients, but for all who have the opportunity to experience them. In reflecting on her favorite career moment within her expansive design career, Nielsen says it is “Hearing a complete stranger admire my work and recommend it to others”. In regards to the recognition of being honored by Boutique 18, Nielsen states, “It’s inspiring to be honored for purely doing what I love. I’m privileged to share in that recognition alongside such an amazing group of talented designers.” As Boutique 18 highlights designers with leading edge work, when Nielsen reflects on the future of interior design, she says, “We need to embrace the advancement of technology in design rather than react to it as it becomes more and more accessible and expected.” As technology is progressing, Nielsen says, “To design with it rather than for it so it is not just an accessory but crafted into the design experience with purpose and consideration.” The 2014 Boutique 18 designers were honored in March at the BDwest trade fair, which included a Kick-Off Party celebrating Boutique 18 and a panel discussion by the honorees. Nielsen’s recognized achievements were outlined in Boutique Design magazine’s March issue.

Exceptionally sophisticated. Naturally illuminating. Pirouette® window shadings

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RW Interiors Participates in 2014 Wellesley Kitchen House Tour By Design Community Staff Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club’s annual kitchen tour event. The Wellesley Kitchen House Tour took place from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday May 3, 2014 and showcased Wilson’s beautifully decorated eating areas, highlighting the fresh concepts and styles of contemporary kitchen design. Proceeds from the kitchen tours benefited a variety of local Wellesley high school scholarships and community programs involving education and the elderly. RW Interiors provides its customers with a full range of design services, including space planning, complete redesign, and downsizing. For nearly twenty years RW Interiors has been designing and coordinating projects of all sizes, each delicately tapered to the needs of the client and executed thoroughly with Wilson’s design sensibility. “I enjoy exploring and implementing what my clients want,” explains Wilson. “Home design is personal and I intend to establish a collaborative approach in order to carry out the visions of my clients in the most individualized way possible.” Wilson founded RW Interiors in 1997 and collaborates with clients based in the greater Boston area and beyond. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Boston Magazine Online, and New England Condominium.

A Design Week Event Hosted By Landry & Arcari By Sheryll Strohl-Hammett, ASID This past Spring Boston saw many design related events during an eleven day Boston Design Week. It was kicked off by the New England Chapter of ASID Awards Gala and continued with exhibits, panel discussions, demonstrations, and social gatherings. One special gathering was hosted by ASID Industry Partner Landry & Arcari in the Boston showroom March 25. The event was attended by designers, recent design school grads, and interested guests. The food, drink, and good conversation would have been plenty of reason to attend that evening; however, guests also had the opportunity to win a beautiful hand woven decorative hanging. The raffle benefited an organization special to the Landry & Arcari owners and staff called Barakat. Barakat supports five schools and various literacy programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan primarily educating girls and women. Their goal this year is to empower 4,000 students! For more information regarding Barakat visit Be sure to visit the Landry & Arcari website or stop in to one of their beautiful showrooms in Boston and Salem and soon in Framingham.

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Well-Crafted Design By Lisa T. Buyuk, ASID It has been said, when speaking of Maine, that “You can’t get there from here…” but on April 9th an intimate group of 20 did just that at our first New England Chapter Event in Maine. The event was organized by our Industry Partner, Alinka Amoroso of Knoll and hosted by the Angela Adams showroom in Portland, Maine. Members were able to participate in an inspiring CEU led by Mai Nguyen from KnollTextiles about “Modern Textiles in America.” The CEU was followed up by a talk led by co-owners Angela Adams and Sherwood Hamill. As we toured their showroom and workshop they opened up to us about their “optimistic visual language of color, shape and form” and the creative process. A good time was had by all as we enjoyed cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. A nod of recognition goes to Linda Vantine from East Sandwich, Massachusetts who traveled the farthest to ‘get there from here.’ Other notable mentions include the winners of the drawings for ‘swag.’ Katie Titi (Lexington, MA) won a wonderful book of kitchen design by PogenPohl, Virginia Von Rueden (Marblehead, MA) won the book of design from Knoll and Amy Dutton (Kittery, ME) took home the gift donated by Angela Adams. As the evening came to a close participants dispersed to take advantage of the gastronomic delights of the Portland restaurant scene and promises of more events to come. Dorothy Breault

Chair Design Competition Showcases Student Talent By Jessica O'Regan, Student ASID This spring, our Chapter was proud to sponsor a design competition for students in the New England design community. Students assembled into teams, consisting of 1-5 people and began designing. The students were presented with the challenge to find existing chairs and re-design the finds into newly engineered creations for seating. With these basic guidelines, the teams each developed a concept and gathered materials to begin creating an original design that would give new life to a chair. On Tuesday, April 15th, the Endicott College Interior Design Club hosted a reception to celebrate the talented group of students that participated in this competition. At the event the entries were judged by a panel of professionals (Amanda Greaves, ASID, Eric Haydel, Allied ASID, and Kate Martin of Edelman Leather) to select winners for (1) most original use of materials, (2) best interpretation of a concept, and (3) best in show. The best in show award was presented to Briana McGrade, a sophomore at Endicott College.

Sherwood Hamill

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Textile collections


This reception offered students the opportunity to celebrate their creativity and that of their peers. Students are all too often consumed by studio projects and this night allowed them the opportunity to get to know professionals and understand the interior design industry from their perspective. Events like these are important to the future of our chapter and incorporating the voice of the students who are tomorrow’s designers.



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