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You can only dream, what you have seen.

Our mission. Our mission is to propel youth with fewer resources on a trajectory towards higher education by mobilizing college students and community partners to engage children in imaginative career and extracurricular pathways.

about us. Dream Outside the Box (DOTB) works with existing youth development organizations such as elementary schools and Boys and Girls Clubs to: (1) Expose youth with fewer resources to new activities and, eventually, careers that broaden their horizons beyond stereotypical career aspirations such as rap or football by inviting college student organizations to share their respective talents and skills in areas such as like chemistry & fencing (2) Provide long-term development opportunities through weekly lessons, camps and apprenticeships for youth (3) Facilitate opportunities for our youth to embrace service starting at age 5.

Average of 220 children at the Boys and Girls Club Martin Branch per day Average of 25 children served per day in Missouri, in 79 different activities, totalling more than 1,975 experiences 74% percent of K-5 boys in Missouri pilot who indicated “rapper” or “football player” as their top career choices 83% of K-5 boys in Texas pilot who indicated “police officer” as their top career aspiration

69 unique programs presented to children in Missouri # of college volunteers in Missouri in Missouri: 445+ # of collegiate volunteers expected in Texas pilot: 86 1:1 collegiate to child ratio in Missouri 1:6 collegiate to child ratio anticipated in Texas $80 cost for an hour of fencing at an average fencing school $5 cost per day for a fencing lessons and equipment for a Dream Outside the Box child $0 cost to DOTB children for all programming 43 number of universities with NCAA- sanctioned fencing 100% of Dream Outside the Box kids believe they are going to college

Areas of Engagement Fashion Design Mock Trial Global Warming Research Play-Writing Olympics Zumba! Entrepreneurship Visioning Life Planning Chemistry KOMU News Financial Literacy Herpetology Rugby Ballet Archery Badminton Boffer Farm Visits

Tumbling Cultural Immersion Forensic Acounting Photography Forensic Accounting Chemistry Physics Biology Medical Science Culinary Arts Rodeo Lacrosse Karate Swing Dancing Fencing Center Stage Dance A Capella Foreign Language Etiquette Dinner

Engineering Poetry Journalism Ballroom Dancing African Drumming Inventing Improvisational Acting Mock Trial Community Service Stepping with Divine 9 Agriculture Community Gardening And so much more...

Dream Outside the

Box children are‌

...emerging engineers...

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... And promising Physicists...

…hopeful herpetologists…

‌ambitious with a capella and daring with dance‌

…apt for


‌sincere servants of the community‌

...Rodeo Ready...

…on track t

Olympi a

k to be


...budding ballerinas...

‌future financial managers‌

...educated in etiquete... magnets...

‌present presidential honorees and future Presidents of the United States‌.

College Bound

Meet Our Founder Kam Phillips is a Fort Worth, Texas native. As a first generation college student volunteering with youth at the local Boys and Girls Club, Kam realized the unique outlook her experiences in areas such as rodeo, skiing, and ballet folklorico dancing provided. She is a Harry S. Truman Scholar and was named an mtvU “Top of the Class” award winner, CNN/HLN “Leaders with Heart” honoree and White House Campus Champion of Change. Kam also represented Dream Outside the Box as the centennial University of Missouri Homecoming Queen. In her free time, she works on state and local public policy and enjoys ranching alongside her parents.

For more information Email: Phone: 817-726-0535 Web:

How you can help: 1) Donate towards our programming and operational costs. Dream Outside the Box will always be a program at no cost to the child. Your contribute helps sustain this legacy. 2) Recruit college students to serve as presenters, volunteer buddies or on our collegiate leadership team. 3) Spread the word about DOTB- our dream is to be national and reach as many children as possible until our mission is no longer needed. Let’s work together until we put ourselves out of business.

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Dream Big. Dream Different. Dream Outside the Box.