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The Ultimate "To Do" List - Life Goals Chris Edward Stout Updated: February 2024 UNIQUE EXPERIENCES ___ Circumnavigate the world ___ Visit Ibiza ___ Be a lyricist ___ Fire walk ___ Go to SEMA ___ Visit Burnham Block, FLW, Milwaukee ___ See the Fredrick Bogk House by FLW ___ See the Elizabeth Murphy House by FLW ___ Complete the Mammoth Hike/ Ice Age Trail Challenge ___ Write a novel or autobiography √ Visit >100 Countries (Using the Century Club rules) √ Visit >145 World Heritage Sites √ Visit all 50 states √ 2022 Pulitzer Nominee for Editorial Writing, LinkedIn News √ Breakfast with the Clintons, Yale Club, NYC, 2002 √ Completed >200 of “1000 Places to See Before You Due” √ Have my body of work/career archived as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for the History of Psychology, 2021 √ Participate in a Guinness World Record (five, 2015, w/ABS), World Record - 10K, largest, 2021, and World Record - Virtual Podcast Conf. 2021 √ Receive an honorary doctorate (technology), from Purdue University School of Engineering & delivered the commencement address, 2013 √ Receive an honorary doctorate (philosophy), from Argosy University, in recognition for contributions to the fields of medicine and behavioral healthcare & delivered the commencement address, 2000 √ Receive an honorary doctorate (humanities), from The Chicago School & delivered the commencement address, 2013 √ Have a named Engineering Scholarship in perpetuity (Purdue School of Engineering, “Dr. Chris Stout RISE Scholarship”) √ Receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Forest Institute & delivered the commencement address, 2012 √ Provide our daughter and her fiancé with a wonderful wedding and reception √ Had a character in a novel based on me √ Executive produce a documentary film √ Serve as a Citizen Scientist, conducy Stream Water Monitoring, Wisconsin Department of Natural

Resources √ Serve as a Division Staff Officer in the US Coast Guard Auxilary, Green Bay, WI Flotilla, Unit 095-47-02 √ Have a unique wedding (married by my father-in-law and uncle-in-law in the Beckstrand Chapel [my wife’s maiden name]) √ See the Changing of the guard, at the Old Royal Palace in Syntagma Square, Athens (w/K, 2023) √ Have Drinks at Alexander’s Bar (Forbes ranked “Best Bar in the World”), Athens (w/K, 2023) √ Write Karen a poem/love letter for her Birthday and Our Anniversary every year since 1985 √Provide Congressional Testimony, HB 5250 √ Have language written into law (revision to the Illinois Insurance Code, 2010) √ Be an Amazon Best Seller (#11, 2011, #5, 2013, #1 2017) √ Have a patent – Application Integrated Healthcare Monitoring System and Method Therefor, #20210193276, 17/130,078 International Classification: G16H 10/60 (20060101); G16H 50/30 (20060101); G16H 10/20 (20060101) Inventors: Rahul Kumar Goyal, Vivek Goel, Chris E. Stout, Rahul Deep √ Be in a Disney Parade! (Whole family) √ Attend a F1 Race (Baku, 2023 w/K) √ Do the House of Blues Gospel Brunch (A/G/K/C) √ Have my books in the Library of Congress (20!) √ Publish an article in The American Psychologist √ Do letterboxing with G & A √ Have an entry in the encyclopedia (2!) √ Read the Bible in a year (2005) √ Have something named after me (three things) √ Visit the top of the world’s tallest building/structure, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water √ Mach II Club/“11 Mile High Club” via Concorde flight √ Appeared on the covers of three magazines √ Attend the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Annual Meeting (w/ABS, 2019) √ Visit the LumenHaus (2010 Solar Decathlon competition winner) √ Host and produce a podcast (Living a Life in Full) √ Achieve a ranking in the Top 5% of podcasts for my show Living a Life in Full (ListenNotes, 2021) √ Meet Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama, Nigeria's Minister for Foreign Affairs (~Secretary of State, 2018)

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√ Visit the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria, 2018 √ Be on the trading floor of the NYSE for the Opening Bell, 2019 √ Compete in a Pistol Marksmanship League, 2023 √ Visit Angkor Wat √ Visit the Taj Mahal √ Visit the Tower of London √ Visit the Panama Canal √ Go to Sturgis 75th Anniversary √ Visit Belle Forche (geo center of the US) √ Caribbean island hop on a sailing yacht (w/G, 2015) √ Go to Oktoberfest in Munich √ Run from Atlantic to Caribbean (St. Kitts, 2017) √ Go in the mineral hot springs at Nevis (K/G/A, 2017) √ Ride the Isle of Man TT Course (on a Suzuki 1200) √ Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa √ Visit the Eiffel Tower and go to the top √ Be selected as a LinkedIn Influencer (>54K followers) √ Visit the Disney Music/LA Orchestra Hall √ Visit Notre Dame Cathedral √ Visit Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil √ Visit Haiga Sophia √ Visit the Campanile in Venice and be inside when the bells tolled as well as walking down as the elevator malfunctioned √ Visit the Great Pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx √ Visit Abu Simbel √ Visit the Great Wall of China √ Visit the Forbidden City √ See the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) √ Serve as a Presidential Advisor (George H. W. Bush, Department of Education, 1990) √ Visit the Acropolis √ Go in the Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) √ Visit the Birthplace of Christ √ Visit Machu Pichu √ Work at the United Nations √ Visit Mother Jones’ grave √ Attend a Fyr Bal (w/A&K, Ephraim, 2013) √ Attend the Picasso Retrospective at MOMA (NYC 1980) √ Climb (inside) the Cheops Pyramid, Cairo √ Backpacked through Europe (twice) √ Visit the World’s Smallest park (Mill Ends, Portland, w/ A, ’15) √ Stand on the “Middle of the World” (Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador) √ Have a hummingbird feed off of my hand (PP, ’12, w/A) √ Visit the R. Buckminster Fuller Archives @ Stanford (2015) √ Participate in a whale watch

√ Participate in an archaeological dig, Hans Hansen House, Sturgeon Bay, WI (w/K, 9/’20) √ Stay at the Hotel Greenbrier √ Swim with dolphins (Honduras, w/K) √ Go zip-lining in an Antiguan rain forest (K, G & A) √ Swim with a Stingray (Ocho Rios, K, G & A) √ Climb Dunns Falls (Ocho Rios, K, G & A) √ Swim in the Natural Pool (Aruba, w/K) √ Swim with Sea Lions (Galapagos) √ Swim with Stingrays (Galapagos) √ Swim with Sea Turtle (Galapagos) √ Go on a Shark Dive (Bahamas) √ Plummet down the 60’ near vertical drop of the Abyss slide √ Become a Polar Bear Club Member (Lake Michigan, 1/1/24) √ Participate in a traditional sake cask opening (TED 9) √ Ride a camel (India) √ Ride an elephant (Nepal) √ Visit the Edge of the World (Saudi Arabia) √ Participate in Virtual Reality √ Ride a horse into Petra √ Tagged Monarch butterfly for a migration study (w/K, 2021) √ Crew an aid station at a marathon (Chicago, w/A, 2015) √ Create an Origami crane √ Dive in a submarine √ Cut a ribbon in a grand opening (TK, 2006) √ Take my son to his first rock concert (Berlin, System of a Down, 2011) √ Visit a nudist camp √ Visit a nude beach √ Swim in the Mediterranean Sea √ Shoot a fully automatic Uzi submachine gun √ Design furniture (designed a bedroom chest and dresser) √ Buzz Iguaçu Falls in the President of Argentina’s jet √ Charm a python (India) √ Bike tour in Holland √ Be a Published Photojournalist √ Build furniture (built a Chippendale corner chair) √ Bend spoons and keys √ Eat fire √ Mile High Club √ Puff a Cuban Cigar √ Try Absinthe √ See the Tall Ships (’07) √ Stand in the Sky Deck at Willis (Sears) Tower (w/A, 2011) √ See a solar flair (Garden of the Gods, ‘12) √ Make the perfect martini √ Have an organic garden √ Float in a sensory deprivation tank √ Experience -306 degrees Fahrenheit

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√ Appear on a billboard √ Adopt a Highway √ Study ballet √ Exhibit Art at a Fair competition (photography and watercolor – won Third Place(!)) √ Create and sell Stained-glass Windows √ Bike down Crater Road of Haleakala Volcano, Maui √ Ride on the Singapore Flyer (world’s tallest observation wheel) √ Visit Raffles Long Bar & have a drink (Singapore) √ Visit Singapore Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark √ Do editorial cartooning √ Tour an active shipyard (Sturgeon Bay, WI, w/K, 2021) √ Buy property at a live auction (acre lot in Long Grove’s Royal Melbourne Gated Golf Course Community) √ Sell a car at a live auction (1970 Porsche 911 Targa) √ Design, engineer, build a project that includes stopping erosion, building a bridge, and hand placing 15 tons of granite stones √ Eat doughnuts @ Café du Monde √ Design a skateboard deck √ Visit a Dark Sky Park (1 of 49 in the world), Newport State Park, WI, 2019 w G & A √ Letterbox with Annika and Grayson √ Experience a Himalayan Salt Cave (w/A 2019) √ Start a Residential Treatment Center √ Overland Camp and Explore (Joshua Tree 2022) √ Named a Top 100 Doctor in 2022 by the he Regents of the Global Summits Institute √ Hold titles of: CEO (Timberline Knolls), COO (Yellowbrick), CCIO (State of Illinois, DHS/DMH), SrVP (Forest Health System), Full Clinical Professor (College of Medicine, UIC), Founding Director (CGI). Vice President (ATI), CCO (Prevail Health). EXPLORATIONS √ Explore the Amazon (Ecuador and Achuar Tribes) √ Explore the Spanish Fort (Honduras) √ Explore Copan Ruins (Mayan capitol, Honduras) √ Particípate in a Farallone Islands expedition √ Explore a volcano (Irazu, Costa Rica) √ Explore a rainforest (Carara Biological Reserve, Costa Rica) √ Go on a safari (Chitwan, Nepal) √ Go on a safari (Krueger National Park, S. Africa) √ Iguaçu Falls, Brazil/Argentina √ Hike the Appalachian Trail to the McAfee Knob (w/K, ’15) SET A GUNIESS WORLD RECORD

√ Achieved - Most people eating breakfast in bed (confirmed, but broken in 2019 ) √ Attempt- Most people high-fiving in an unbroken line √ Attempt- Most people putting on lipstick at the same time √ Attempt- Most people blowing out a birthday candle at the same time √ Attempt- Most people eating a cupcake at the same time NOTE: All with Annika, Portland, World Domination Summit, 2015, and believed to have been achieved, but nevertheless, unofficial

√ Set(!) World Record - 10K, largest, 2021 √ Set(!) World Record - Virtual Podcast Conf. 2021 ATHLETIC EXPERIENCES ___ Master the Crane pose ___ Stretch to a split ___ Bungee jump √ Become a Polar Bear Club Member (Lake Michigan, 1/1/24) √“Lift” an Abrams Tank Challenge (55 Tons, bicep Curls, 2023) √ Do the Door County Half-Century/50-Miler 2022 √ Complete the 12-Hour Walk (27.53 miles, 40,731 steps) √ Do a week of RESET (all 6 hikes, Telluride) √ Do a full CrossFit “Murph” (66:09:30 w/20#, 2022) √ Run a 100K (62.2 miles) unsupported (2019) √ Do a Polar Plunge, 27degrees, 2019 √ Be a 100 Ton Club Member (Lift 100 Tons in under 3 hours (1:40:22) 2017) √ Master Kettlebell training √ Do a Strongman Feat (carry >63,000# of granite stones) √ Run a double marathon (52.4 miles) unsupported (2015) √ Run with the bulls (2014) √ Do a Duathlon with Annika (2014) √ Skeet shoot √ Complete P90X √ Complete P90X3 √ Win a trophy with my daughter in a race (both trophied in our age groups! Rotary 5k, ’12) √ Paddle Board √ Compete in a Pistol Marksmanship League, 2023 √ Complete a Warrior Dash (w/G ’10) √ Complete an Ultra-Marathon, 50K (2007) √ Run the Chicago 10 Miler (finish @ Solider Field 50 yard line) √ Run the Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum Tower (11 stories, x10 = 110 flights, 2021) √ Run the Tower-Triple-Crown all in 1 year w/Gray √ Run the Aon Building w/Grayson, 2006, 07 √ Run the Aon Building w/ABS & GBS 2008 √ Run the Sears Tower Stair Climb, 2004 (21:21), 2005, 06 & 07 w/Grayson √ Run the Oak Brook Tower, 1989, 2007 w/A & G

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√ Run the Hancock (62 flights, 11th place in '97; 182 flights, 1998, 02, 03, 04; 05 w/Gray) √ Run over 850 miles in one year (2003, 2005, 2007) √ Guinness World Record for Most Runners to complete a remote 10K in 24 hours (2021) √ Run 950 miles in one year (2006) √ Stay < 175 pounds √ Co-Coach Annika’s Soccer Team √ Run a Marathon (Dallas/White Rock, one of the top 20 in the US, 1994) √ Ride in a velodrome √ Body Surf (Jaco Beach, Costa Rica) √ Do wall climbing instruction √ Run in 5k races √ Run in 5k race with Gray (he came in first [!] and won a trophy! 2006) √ Run in 5k race with Annika (she came in fourth [!] and won a trophy! 2009) √ Run multiple Long Grove Rotary and Turkey Trots with A & G √ Run a 5k where both Annika and I trophied for our age groups √ Run in 10k races √ Wind Sail √ Sea Kayak (with family, too) √ Participate in the Insomnia Cycle (2 am tour of Chicago on a bicycle) √ Make the Millennium Bicycle Club (>1000 miles in only 36 rides) √ Get my USCF license (Bicycle Racing) √ Bike race in a criterium √ Participate in the Hilly 100 (twice) √ Compete in a Metric Century √ Win a President's Fitness Award (high school) √ Do 200 Sit-ups √ Do 20 Pull-ups √ Lose 64 pounds (1973) √ Do a one-handed push-up √ Do clapping push-ups √ Cross-country Ski Race √ Participate in a biathlon √ Participate in the Run for Liberty √ Roller blade √ Water Ski √ Alpine Ski √ Jet Ski √ Ride a Wave-runner √ Snorkel √ Night skin diving (Roatan, Honduras) √ Dive "The Blue Hole" (Belize, Central America, 120'depth - the only natural phenomenon visible from outer space) √ “Narco-dive” at 120'depth (Blue Hole)

√ Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) √ Scuba Dive Central American coral reefs (second largest coral reef in the world) √ Earn a Yellow Belt in Karate √ Study Pentjak Silat MEDIA PRODUCTION √ Documentary Film, Executive Producer, Somewhere Else Together, 2019 √ Podcast, Executive Producer and Host, Living a Life in Full, 2017 SPOKESPERSON √ National Computer Systems Clinical Outcomes Campaign, 1994 √ Keen HybridLife Campaign, 2007 √ Merrill Lynch Second Acts Campaign, 2010 √ Oboz Boots, 2013 √ Pearson Millon Inventories Campaign, 2014 √ LIV Watches Know How to LIV Campaign, 2016 CLIMBING EXPERIENCES __ (At least) make it to Khumbu Icefall @ Everest Base Camp √ Complete the 2020 Everest Challenge (Tri: Hike/Bike/Run) √ Do 29029/Everesting Vermont (7 climbs, 2018) √ Summited Ryan Mountain, Joshua Tree NP (2022) √ Mt. Liamuiga, Highest point in the Leeward Islands (K/G/A, 2017) √ Summit Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka and see sunrise (2017) √ Climb in the Tetons & summit Inspiration Peak, w/Annika (’14) √ Summit Pikes Peak, w/Annika (’12) √ Hike the Appalachian Trail to the McAfee Knob and summit Catawba (w/K, ’15) √ Summit Half Dome, Yosemite (’10) √ Summit Mt. Rainier (‘09) √ Summit Mt. Whitney (tallest mountain in 49 states via Mountaineer’s Route, ‘07) √ Summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, The World's Tallest Single Summit and the Tallest Mountain on the African Continent, one of the "Seven Summits" √ Summit Mount Kosciuszko, Tallest Mountain in Australia, one of the "Seven Summits" √ Summit Mount Elbrus, Russia, Tallest Mountain in Europe, one of the "Seven Summits" √ Mountaineer in the Swiss Alps √ Mountaineer in the Austrian Alps √ Mountaineer in the Canadian Rockies √ Hike in the Himalayas √ See the Annapurnas

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√ Rock climb Twin Sisters √ Rock climb Face of Doom √ Rock climb Cleavage Crack √ Bouldered at Joshua National Monument √ Indoor rock climbing (certified climber and instructor) √ Climb a glacier (Banff, Alberta) √ Ice Climb in Banff, Alberta √ Ice Climb in Ouray, CO

√ View a Super Blood Wolf Moon (2019) √ View the Aurora Borealis (and again with K/G/A, 2006 @ Door) √ View C/2020 F3 NEOWISE Comet (20 July 2020, next time in 6,766 years) √ View the Perseid Meteor Shower (11 Aug 2020 w/K) √ View 5 Planet Alignment - Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars align in an arc formation alongside the Moon (2023)

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (Flying Related) ___ Fly in a blimp ___ Fly in a jet fighter ___ Finish private pilot’s training √ Attend the Oshkosh Fly-In/Air Adventure (2005) √ See SpaceShipOne (and see its only public appearance and last flight) √ Take Flying Lessons √ Fly Air Combat in Marcetti SF-260 perform 4-g loops, rolls, lag rolls, stall, dog fights, formation flying and landing gain commission as a Major in their Squadron √ Fly at supersonic speed (on the Concord - 60,000 feet, Mk II/1400 mph, saw the curve of the earth), Mach II Club/ “11 Mile High Club” √ Fly a Navy fighter plane trainer - Beech T34 √ Hang Glide √ Fly in a glider √ Fly in a helicopter √ Fly Cessna 152 (the door came open during takeoff) √ Fly a parasail √ Fly in a hot air balloon √ Participate in a "Smoke Ascension"

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (Car related) ___ Drive on the Nürburgring in a 911 ___ Do Ultimate Street Car Racing/Road America ___ Land Speed Race – Arkansas Mile ___ Do the Mountain Mille Vintage/Exotic Car Rally ___ Go to SEMA ___ Visit the Corvete Museum, Bowling Green, KY √ Visit the Audi Museum & Factory, Ingolstadt, GR (’14 w/K) √ Own a 2023 C8 Corvette Z51 Stingray to race √ Attend a F1 Race, walk pit lane, dine at the Paddock Club, and ride the circuit (Baku, 2023 w/K) √ Drive the Tail of the Dragon (US 129) in a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 √ Drive on the Autobahn, 3rd lane, >100 MPH, in my own car, 2015 Audi A7 (’14 w/K) √ Do a European Delivery, 2015 Audi A7 (’14 w/K) √ Race a Ferrari F430 at Blackhawk Farms √ Race a Lamborghini LP530 at Blackhawk Farms √ Own a Mercedes SL Roadster √ Compete in Concours Event (and trophy, 2010) √ Have a trophy winning car (Carrera Cabrio) √ Race a NASCAR at Orlando World Speedway √ Raced a Viper GTS and RT/ 10 at Sebring √ Porsche Restoration (1970 911 Targa) √ Porsche Customizations (928 and 2 996s) √ Drive a Humvee through a proving grounds √ Autocross Race √ Auto raced (Blackhawk Farms: beat a Ferrari Mondial on the first run in my 928) √ Attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans √ Work at the Indy 500 √ Attend the Indy 500 √ Attend an auto racing school with Skip Barber Racing School (fastest lap time out of the group of 8) √ Be a Concurs Judge for Porsche Club (twice) √ Own a S500 Mercedes √ Own a Porsche 996 Carrera (customized) √ Own a Porsche 996 Carrera Cabrio (custom) √ “Win” (Earn) a high mileage award, Volvo 100,000 (x3..!)

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (Sunrises) √ Summit Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka and see sunrise (2017) √ Isle del Sol, Bolivia √ Angkor Wat, Cambodia UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (Celestial) √ View a total solar eclipse (12 July 1991, Costa Rica) √ View a Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn (29 April 2002, not again until 2040) √ View a Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn (17 Feb 2016) √ View a Leonid Meteor Shower (19 November 2002, not again until 2098) √ Photograph total solar eclipse (Costa Rica, 12 July 1991) √ View Halley’s Comet (1986)


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√ Did 165 MPH in stock car at Orlando Speedway √ Did 0-60 MPH ~3.1 on my 1999 Ducati 996 √ Flew as a passenger at Mk 2+ in Concord √ Got up to 142MPH in my Audi A7 on the Autobahn √ Ran Fastest Lap of the Day in a Viper GTS at Sebring √ At controls of SIAI-Marchetti SF 260 I flew 274 mph √ Gained USCF Cat IV Bicycling Racing License √ Gained Motorcycle Racing License - WERA (formerly Western Eastern Racing Association) at Road America on a Kawasaki Z6 with Keith Code UNIQUE EXPERIENCES (Motorcycle Related) __ Land Speed Race a motorcycle √ Have my Ducati (Monster S2R 800) accepted into the Unlimited Builders Completion at the 2019 International Motorcycle Show √ Do Sturgis 75th Anniversary (2015 w/A) √ Visit Sturgis Motorcycle Museum (2015 w/A) √ Visit the Isle of Man TT course and ride it (Suzuki 1200 w/K 2014) √ Get a bike accepted into the Barrington Concours (’62 BMW R69S, 2012) √ WIN at the Barrington Concours (’62 BMW R69S, 2012) √ Design a custom bike build for a charity raffle (2012 Harley Café Racer) √ Win First Place in a Bike Show Concours (2012 Chicago Motorcycle Show) √ Own a vintage bike (rare [and perfect] 1962 BMW R69S) √ Have my bikes appear in National Publications (Café Racer, Oct/Nov ’12; Big Bike, Nov. ‘12; Ultimate Motorcycling, Oct. ‘12 BMW Club News; Sept ’12) √ Get into the American Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame (2012) √ Do a motorcycle tour, Isle of Man, UK (w/K) √ Attend Superbike Racing School (obtained novice racing license) √ Superbike raced at Road America, race prepared Ninja 600 √ Own the world's fastest production superbike or two (1990 FZR-600 and 1999 996 BiPosto) √ Own a Ducati or three (‘99 996 BiPosto, ‘08 Sport Classic 1000S, ’05 S2R 800 Monster) √ Ride in the Midnight Tour of Chicago on a motorcycle (x3) √ Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum (w/K, 2011) √ Visit the Motorcycle Monument (Door County, WI, w/K, 2012) BIKES OWNED √ 1962 BMW R69S

√ 1990 Yamaha FZR-600 √ 1980 Yamaha Seca 550 √ 1999 Ducati 996 BiPosto √ 2008 Ducati Sport Classic 1000S √ 2005 Ducati S2R 800 Monster √ 2012 Harley-Davidson 883 Iron (via ATI) √ 2022 BMW R nineT Option 719 CARS OWNED √ 1963 Buick Le Sabre √ 1968 Plymouth Road Runner √ 1971 Capri V6 √ 1970 Olds Delta 88 √ 1980 Honda Civic CVCC √ 1978 Honda Wagon √ 1976 Honda Accord √ 1975 Chevy C10 Pickup √ 1980 Dodge Omni √ 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo √ 1985 Volvo 740 GLE √ 1998 Volvo V70 √ 1994 Volvo 850 GLT √ 2001 Acura MDX √ 2004 Acura TL √ 2007 Acura TSX √ 2003 Mercedes SL 500 Roadster, AMG Kit √ 1985 Mercedes 300E √ 1990 Mercedes 500SEL √ 1970 Porsche 911 Targa √ 1978 Porsche 928, S-4 Kit √ 1999 Porsche Carrera 911, Aero Kit √ 1999 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet 911, GT2 Kit √ 2015 Audi A7 Quattro (’14 w/K, 1st ordered new car, Euro delivery) √ 2014 Subaru Forrester (for Annika) √ 2016 Subaru Crosstrek (for Grayson) √ 2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Ltd. (for Karen) √ 2023 Corvette C8 Z51 2LT 70th Anniversary FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT ___ Visit Burnham Block, Milwaukee ___ See the Fredrick Bogk House, Milwaukee ___ See the Elizabeth Murphy House, Shorewood, WI ___ Visit A. D. German Wearhouse, Richland Center, WI √ Visit First Unitarian Society Meeting House, Madison √ See Visit Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House, Madison √ Visit the Hollyhock House (FLW/Los Angeles) √ Visit his home and Studio, Oak Park √ Visit the Rookery, Chicago √ Oak Park Walking Tour √ Oak Park Bike Tour √ Visit Falling Water, PA √ Visit Taliesin, WI

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√ Visit Taliesin West, AZ √ Visit the Guggenheim, NYC √ Visit the Dana-Thomas House, Springfield, IL √ Visit SC Johnson Buildings, Racine, WI √ Visit SC Johnson Home, Wingspread, Racine, WI √ Visit Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL √ Visit Usonian House (at Science and Industry Museum) √ Visit the Robie House, Hyde Park, IL √ See the William B. Greene House, Aurora, IL √ Monona Terrace, Madison PROFICIENCIES √ Proficient in shooting a 22 rifle √ Proficient in shooting a bow and arrow √ Proficient in shooting a target pistol (9MM Beretta 92F and Kimber R7 Mako) √ Proficient in using a computer (wrote and published software) √ Proficient in using a microscope √ Proficient in using a telescope √ Proficient in driving a tractor √ Proficient in driving a snowmobile √ Proficient in riding a motorcycle NAMED HONORS √ Create the Drs. Chris and Karen Stout Clinical Psychology Fund √ “Dr. Chris’ Kindergarten,” Tanzania (what a surprise!) √ Dr. Chris Stout RISE Scholarship, Purdue School of Engineering, Indy √ Stout Heritage Parkway, Indianapolis HONORS/AWARDS & OTHER UNIQUE EXPERIENCES ___ Go to Burning Man ___ Learn how to juggle √ Receive an honorary doctorate (four to date) √ Be accepted into the US Coast Guard Auxiliary √ Be appointed as a Division Staff Officer √ Become a decorated Division Staff Officer, earning the following: RBS Device Award Coast Guard Auxiliary Sustained Service Award - Medal & Ribbon Coast Guard Auxiliary Specialty Training Operational Auxiliarist Ribbon, Silver Star Situation Unit Leader Coast Guard Auxiliary Marine Safety Trident Training Ribbon Coast Guard Auxiliary Examiner - Medal & Ribbon, Silver Star additional

qualification Coast Guard Auxiliary Membership Ribbon Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Examination and RBS Visitation Program Service Performance Award - Medal & Ribbon Coast Guard Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon National Commadore Three Star Award for Diversity for our Flotilla, 2023 √ Be a Best-Selling Author on Amazon (#11 for Getting Started in Private Practice) √ Be a Best-Selling Author on Amazon (#5 for Getting Better at Private Practice) √ Win a book award (2011 Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Silver Book Award, for The New Humanitarians) √ Be Appointed into a Hall of Fame (inaugural Plainfield High School, 2010) √ Be Appointed into another Hall of Fame (inaugural School of Engineering, Purdue, Indianapolis, 2012) √ Be Appointed into still another Hall of Fame (American Motorcycle Museum, 2012) √ Be profiled in a national commercial marketing video (Merrill-Lynch, ’10 and another in ‘11) √ Be profiled in a national magazine (3 times, MerrillLynch Advisor, 2010, Monitor on Psych, 2007; Quirks’ Marketing Review, 1988) √ Be profiled in a local magazine (SW Lake Lifestyles (2015) √ Be elected to an APA Committee (CIRP, 2010 – 13) √ Be elected as an officer to an APA Committee (CIRP, 2011 – 12) √ Be elected to IPA Leadership (President, 1998 - 99) √ Be invited and present at the Renaissance Weekend (x2) √ Deliver a sermon, in church, on Sunday morning √ Deliver a doctoral commencement address √ Participate in Citizen Ambassador Program (Delegation Leader to South Africa in 1999 and again to Eastern Europe in 2004) √ Listed as one of the Eminent Psychologists (one of the 10 most frequently cited in the literature) in the country in a study by Hartwick College, 1993 √ Be invited to be a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum (1 of 100 world-wide) 2000 √ Be invited to be a Faculty at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, 2003 √ Be a member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers √ Be invited to and attend TED6, 7, 8, 9, X; √ Be invited to and attend MEDIcAl (aka TEDMED) √ Be invited to and attend it6, √ Be invited to and attend Roundtable7, 8

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√ Be invited to and attend Ester Dyson’s PC Forum 99 √ Be invited to and attend WEF 2000, 01, 02, 03 (Invited Faculty) √ Have a legislative proclamation (“Dr. Chris E. Stout Week”) √ Attend Big Omaha (2014) √ Present at Stanford Medicine X (Invited Panel Chair, 2015) √ Attend SXSW (2015) √ Attend the World Domination Summit (w/A, 2015) √ Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (w/K, 2015) √ See Old Faithful (w/A, 2014) √ Visit Yellowstone (w/A, 2014) √ Visit the Grand Tetons (w/A, 2014) √ Stay at the American Alpine Club’s Climbers’ Ranch (w/A, 2015) √ Be a Consultant to The White House √ Be a Consultant to the US Department of Education √ Gain White House recognition from Presidents Bush and Clinton √ Be a Multiply Published Author (30 Books and counting....) √ Publish in the International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences (two entries) √ Have my Bio in Contemporary Authors √ Have my Bio in Richard Saul Wurman’s Who’s Really Who “1000" √ Teach at the Medical, Graduate, Undergraduate, and High School levels √ Be named a LinkedIn Top Voice (nearly a halfmillion followers) √ Have a YouTube Channel √ Edit a LinkedIn Newsletter (Tools for Change) with >150,000 subscribers √ Be an Active Editorial Reviewer √ Visit Mother Jones’s Gravesite √ Be a National Design Juror for Architectural Competition √ Be a Participant in the Design Competition of Redesigning Cabrini- Green √ Be an Invited Plenary Speaker for an APA Annual Convention (2014) √ Be a National Speaker √ Be an International Speaker √ Publish an encyclopedia entry (actually 2, one on Buckminster Fuller and one on Resilience) √ Have my works appear in 9 Languages thus far: Spanish, Russian, Turkish, German, Korean, Arabic, Mandarin, French, and English (duh). √ Participate in Art exhibition (Avalon Nightclub, ARC Gallery, Amnestra Gallery, and Chicago Gallery) √ Model (appeared in print ads for Forest Hospital in

various magazines, daily papers, and even a billboard) √ Study at Harvard (post-doc Fellow at Harvard Medical School) √ Participated in a meeting at the Harvard Faculty Club √ Become a trained Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Worker √ Be a Radio Host (Focus on Mental Health) √ Appear on various radio shows √ Appear on television (cable, local, national, & international) √ Appear on Oprah √ Be an Award winning Sierra Club Member √ Be a Science Fair Judge √ Have a public piano recital √ Have a Collection of First Editions/Issues/Special Editions of various magazines, books, and autographed copies √ Be married (twice) √ Be a father (participated in son’s and daughter’s births and spoke at Baptism) √ Own a house without a mortgage (x3!) √ Own a second home (Horseshoe Bay Farms, Townhouse in Door County WI) √ Buy a house for my mom (1998, Plainfield, IN) √ Get a license as a bartender (Indiana) √ Be a page (Speaker of the House of Representatives in Indiana on the first day of session) √ Appear on the cover of a national magazine twice! (and profiled Quirk's Marketing Research Review and APA Monitor) √ Be a Stock Trader (and registered with the SEC) √ Be a Restaurant Reviewer/“Secret Shopper” √ Lobby at the Federal Level in Senate and House √ Be a Website publisher √ Electronically publish an article ("Emmortality" on √ Be a National Columnist √ Participate in Flying Doctors of America Mission (Peru, Vietnam, Amazon, Bolivia) √ Have a $5M+net worth √ Have a credit score >800 √ Be a Published Poet √ Be a Judge in FIRST Robotic Competition √ Be a Association for the Advancement of Psychology State Representative √ Be the President of the Illinois Psychological Association (1998) √ Be a Financial Journalist ( √ Gain Securities and Exchange Commission, Investment Advisor, Section 203(c) status #801-50437 √ Be Inducted into the National Academies of Practice (and a medal!) √ Achieve Fellow status in the American Psychological

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Association (3 divisions) √ Have a greeting card published √ Have front row seats at Blue Man Group √ Do the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues (w/A/G/K) PHILANTHROPIC √ Create the Drs. Chris and Karen Stout Clinical Psychology Fund √ Create the Indiana University School of Science Mental Health Center Fund √ Donate 100% of my salary to charity, 2021 onward √ Establish and fund in perpetuity, a scholarship (Dr. Chris Stout RISE Scholarship, School of Engineering and Technology, Purdue University, Indianapolis) √ Found a 501(c)(3). The Center for Global Initiatives √ Design and build a custom Harley for a Charity Raffle √ Direct the Evidence-Based Medicine Institute √ Establish the Summits For Others √ Develop a Kindergarten in Tanzania for AIDS orphans √ Lake County Board of Health, 11 years √ Help in Rebuilding Kigali Hospital in Rwanda √ Young Leaders Foundation and Forum (venture philanthropy) √ Flying Doctors of America (Vietnam, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia) √ Direct the Foundation for World Change √ Elizabeth Morse Foundation √ Advisory Board and Coordinating Council ViceChair, 2 terms √ Mental Health Committee, Chair, 3 years √ Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) LICENSES/CERTIFICATIONS √ NOLS, Wilderness Medicine Institute, Wilderness Medicine First Aid Certification √ Be Appointed to the Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners, U.S. Department of Commerce √ Licensed Clinical Psychologist, by examination in both Illinois and Wisconsin √ United States Cycling Federation, Division IV Racing License √ Boater’s License, Wisconsin DNR ID: 492-599-998, NASBLA Certified √ American Institute of Architects, Associate Member, 38544908 √ Certified CPR √ ARC Disaster Mental Health Certified

√ Sports Car Club of America √ Certified in indoor Wall Climbing, and an Instructor √ Western/Eastern Road Racers' Association (Motorcycle Road Racing License) √ Open Water Diver, Professional Association of Diving Instructors, #9206115137 √ Securities and Exchange Commission 203(c) Registration, Investment Advisor, #801-50437 √ Licensed Bar Tender, Indiana √ Department of Justice, State of Wisconsin Concealed Carry License, #597777 √ International Defensive Pistol Association, A1023149 √ APA Site Surveyor, Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation √ Porsche Club of America Concurs Judge PHOTOTROPHIES √ Win photo awards (Smithsonian and World Health Day) √ Photograph the Equator √ Smithsonian 1997 Families Exhibit Winner √ Photograph the Annapurna Range √ Photograph the Himalayas √ Photograph the Canadian Rockies √ Some of the Adventure Travel photos have been Prize Winners √ Photograph total solar eclipse (Costa Rica, 12 July 1991) √ Photograph wild rhinos √ Photograph wild monkeys √ Photograph wild parrots √ Photograph wild macaws √ Photograph wild dolphins √ Photograph wild whales √ Photograph wild otters √ Photograph wild booby birds √ Photograph wild peacocks √ Sea Lions (Galapagos) √ Marine Iguana (Galapagos) √ Land Iguana (Galapagos) √ Manta ray (Galapagos) √ Stingray (Galapagos) √ Sally Lightfoot Crab (Galapagos) √ Blue-Footed Booby (Galapagos) √ Albatross (Galapagos) √ Galapagos Hawk (Galapagos) √ Vermillion Flycatcher (Galapagos) √ Magnificent Frigate (Galapagos) √ Great Frigate (Galapagos) √ Great Frigate male with fully inflated pouch (Galapagos) √ Lava Gull (Galapagos) √ Brown Pelican (Galapagos)

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√ Darwin and a variety of other Finches (Galapagos) √ Giant Land Tortoises (Galapagos) √ Bag camera trophies of: penguins, bears, mountain sheep, dolphins, sea turtle, puffins, monkeys, poisonous frog, seals, walrus √ Visit the major architectural structures and museums in Europe (and create a slide presentation for use at Indiana University's Religious Studies and History Departments) FACULTY APPOINTMENTS √ Northwestern University Medical School, Associate Adjunct Professor √ University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Clinical Full Professor √ Rush University, Health Services Management, Visiting Professor √ Faculty, Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum √ Chicago Medical School, Adjunct Professor √ Wheaton College, Adjunct Professor √ Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Adjunct Professor √ Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Adjunct Professor √ Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, Adjunct Professor √ Adler School of Professional Psychology, Adjunct Professor √ Northwestern University, Family Institute, Guest Lecturer PERSONAL FINANCIAL ACCOMPLISMENTS Context: I grew up in a single-mom household with my grandmother. After a yearlong battle with cancer, she passed away, and my mom needed to sell the house to pay for her care. So not to be superficial, but I am proud to have been able to:

√ Pay for my own undergraduate education √ Pay for my own graduate education √ Pay for both our children’s undergraduate tuition and room and board √ Buy my mother a house √ Buy my mother a car √ Buy my son and daughter cars √ Buy my wife multiple cars over the years and a scooter √ Pay for all of my own cars and motorcycles √ Pay off all of our houses, rental and lake homes √ Pay for my daughter’s wedding and reception TRAVEL (following the Travelers’ Century Club criteria) ___ Curacao ___ Indonesia ___ Philippines

___ Romania ___ Bulgaria ___ Serbia ___ Visit Mackinac Island Grand Hotel (MI) ___ Hike the Santiago de Compostela ___ Earn a Compostela ___ See the Carlsbad Caverns (NM) ___ See the Kentucky Derby ___ Visit Stone Hinge ___ See the Last Supper Mural (Milan) ___ Bhutan (Visit Tigers Nest) ___ Shanghai ___ Tibet ___ Trinidad and Tobago ___ British Virgin Islands ___ Morocco ___ Belarus ___ Ukraine ___ Scotland ___ Wales ___ Maldives ___ Seychelles ___ Bermuda ___ Easter Island ___ Fiji ___ Moldova ___ Slovakia ___ Albania ___ Macedonia ___ Slovinia ___ Guam ___ Laos ___ Normandy and Brittany √ See the Hoover Dam √ Visit FLW’s Wingspread √ Stay at The Coeur d'Alene Resort √ Stay at The Iron Horse Hotel √ See the FLW retrospective in Milwaukee, 2011 √ Visit the FLW Johnson Wax Building √ Visit the Grand Canal, Venice (K & A, 2013) √ See the Bridge of Sighs (K & A, 2013) √ Stay at an Atlantis resort (Bahamas, w/ K, 2010) √ DC with family via APA √ Disney World, x2, & Be in the Parade √ Visit all 50 states √ Visit the “Sound of Music” sites √ Go on a luxury cruise (K, G, & A, Grand Cayman; Key West; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; 2008) Continents Visited ___ Visit Antarctic continent √ Visit North American continent √ Visit South American continent

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√ Visit European continent √ Visit African continent √ Visit Asian continent √ Visit Oceanic continent The Seven Wonders of the Modern World (2007 vote by >100M) √ Chichen Itza, Mexico √ Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro (w/A) √ Taj Mahal, Agra, India (w/K) √ Great Wall of China (w/K) √ Machu Picchu √ Petea √ Roman Coliseum The Great Eight √ Crazy Horse Monument (’15 w/A) √ Deadwood (’15 w/A) √ Missouri River √ Wind Cave NP (’15 w/A) √ Jewel Cave NP (’15 w/A) √ Mt. Rushmore (’15 w/A) √ Badlands NP (’15 w/A) √ Custer State Park (’15 w/A) The “Big Five" ___ Glacier National Park √ Great Smokey Mountains National Park √ Rocky Mountain National Park √ Yellowstone National Park (w/A, ’14) √ Yosemite National Park (w/K, G&A) The “Magnificent 21" Man-made ___ Easter Island √ Angkor Wat √ Petra √ Great Wall of China √ Pyramids of Egypt √ Statue of Liberty √ Taj Mahal Nature’s ___ Antarctica √ Amazon √ Grand Canyon √ Great Barrier Reef √ Himalayas √ Norway’s Fiords √ Serengeti Man & Nature ___ Bali

___ Cappadocia √ Rio de Janeiro √ Hong Kong √ Rhine Valley √ San Francisco T+L’s Top 12 Architectural Landmarks ___ Sir John Soane’s Museum, London ___ Vals Spa, Vals Switzerland √ Chichen Itza, Mexico (w/K, ’18) √ Brasilia, Brazil (w/A) √ Altes Museum, Berlin (w/A & K) √ Ryonanji Temple, Japan (w/K) √ Falling Water, Bear Run, PA (w/K/G/A) √ Barcelona Pavilion √ Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao √ Pantheon, Rome √ Hagia Sophia, Istanbul √ Taj Mahal (w/K) US National Parks & Monuments Passport Program stamps: 70 Door County State Parks √ Rock Island √ Potawatomi √ Newport √ Peninsula √ Whitefish Dunes Door County – County Parks ___ Meridian County Park ___ Portage Park ___ Robert M. Carmody County Park ___ George K. Pinney County Park √ Door Bluff Headlands √ Ellison Bluff √ Lakeside Park √ Frank E. Murphy Park √ Cave Point County Park √ Sunset Beach Park √ Harborside Park √ Harbor View Park Wisconsin State Natural Areas √ Mink River Estuary (A &K, 2021) √ Cave Point - Clay Banks √ Toft Point Door County Lighthouses (11 of 11) √ Chambers Island √ Old Baileys Harbor (“Birdcage”) √ Pilot Island

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√ Sherwood Point √ Sturgeon Bay Canal √ Sturgeon Bay Canal North Pierhead √ Plum Island Range Lights √ Pottawatomie √ Eagle Bluff √ Cana Island √ Baileys Harbor Range Lights The Ridges Sanctuary – Ridges Trail Classic 10k √ Logan Creek √ Appel’s Bluff √ Solitude Swale √ Sanctuary Hike √ Rustic Trails Door County Land Trust Preserves ___ Detroit Harbor Nature Preserve ___ Little Lake Nature Preserve √ Domer-Neff Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary √ Richter Community Forest Nature Preserve √ Gordy and Pat Nevins Shore Preserve Land Trust √ Griffin Woods Natural Area √ Lautenbach Woods Nature Preserve √ Ephraim Preserve at Anderson Pond √ Three Springs Nature Preserve √ Heins Creek Nature Preserve √ Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve √ Oak Road Nature Preserve √ White Cliff Nature Preserve √ Bay Shore Blufflands Nature Preserve √ Legacy Nature Preserve at Clay Banks √ Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve Door County Crossroads at Big Creek (w/K 2020) √ Field Trail √ Forest Trail √ Meadow Trail √ Creek Trail √ Planet Walk √ Astronomy Campus University of Akron √ Visit the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for the History of Psychology, and have my archive housed there National Geographic’s 10 Best Museums & Galleries: √ Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC √ Le Louvre, Paris √ Egyptian Museum, Cairo √ State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia √ The British Museum, London

√ The Prado, Madrid √ The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City √ The Vatican Museums √ The Uffizi Gallery, Florence √ Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam √ Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (bonus) “Top 10 Buildings of the 20th Century” √ Farnsworth House, IL √ Casa Mila, Barcelona √ Grand Central Station, NYC √ The Chrysler Building, NYC √ The Empire State Building, NYC √ Falling Water, PA √ Johnson Wax Building, WI √ Sydney Opera House, Sidney √ The Seagram Building, NYC √ World Trade Center, NYC “The Avenue of the Architects” Columbus, IN √ Cummins Plant One Additions, Harry Weese and Kevin Roche. √ St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Gunnar Birkerts √ Prall House, Charles F. Sparrell √ City Hall, Charles F. Sparrell √ First Christian Church, Eliel Saarinen, Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames √ Parking Garage, Koetter Kim √ Columbus Post Office, Kevin Roche √ Columbus Sculpture, Rick Valicenti √ Eos Sculpture, by Dessa Kirk √ Central Middle School, Ralph Johnson √ Signature Academy, Lincoln, Gunnar Birkerts √ Irwin Historic Home, Henry Phillips √ Large Arch, Henry Moore √ Cleo Rogers Library, I.M. Pei, Jim Paris √ Visitors Center, Xenia Miller, expansion by Kevin Roche included the Yellow Neon Chandelier and Persians by Dale Chihuly with exterior sign by “The Godfather of Graphic Design,” Paul Rand √ Irwin Conference Center, former Irwin Union Bank building, Eero Saarinen, set in a grove of trees by legendary landscape architect Dan Kiley. √ Arcade and Addition, Kevin Roche √ Cummins, Inc. Corp. Office Building, Kevin Roche, landscaping is by Jack Curtis, with a public park featuring the Cerealine Building as a focal point √ Mill Race Park, landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, with playful structures by Stanley Saitowitz North America:

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√ Canada (K/A/G) √ Mexico (K ’87 K/A’18) √ Visit Cancun √ Visit Yucatan Peninsula √ Visit Chichen Itza (K) √ Visit Temple of Kukulcan (K) √ Visit El Castillo (K) √ Visit Largest Ball Court in the Mayan World √ Visit Thousand Columns Group (K) √ Visit Mayan Observatory (K) √ Visit Mayan Market (K) √ Visit Mayan Church (K) √ Visit Mayan Nunnery (K) √ Visit the Mayan Riviera √ US (K/A/G) United Kingdom: √ England (K/A/G) √ Isle of Man (’14, w/K) √ Ireland (Eire) √ Northern Ireland (Ulster) Europe: √ Holland (K) √ Belgium √ France (K/A/G) √ Monaco √ Luxembourg √ Italy (K/A) √ Greece √ Sweden (K) √ Denmark (K) √ Norway (K) √ Austria √ Finland √ Ionian Islands √ Liechtenstein √ Russia √ Spain √ Turkey √ Vatican City √ Switzerland √ Hungary √ Poland √ Czech Republic √ Portugal (K/A) Asia: √ India (K) √ Hong Kong (K) √ Thailand (K) √ People's Republic of China (K) √ Japan (K)

√ South Korea (K) √ Nepal (K) √ Vietnam √ Cambodia √ Singapore √ Malaysia √ Sri Lanka Central America: √ Costa Rica (K) √ Honduras (K) √ Belize (K) √ Guatemala (K) √ Panama (G) The Balkans: √ Croatia √ Montenegro √ Bosnia and Herzegovina √ Srpska South America: √ Argentina √ Brazil (A) √ Chile √ Peru √ Venezuela √ Bolivia √ Ecuador √ Galapagos Islands Africa: √ Tanzania √ Rwanda √ Kenya √ Ghana √ Togo √ Egypt (K) √ Burundi √ South Africa √ Uganda √ Benin √ Nigeria Mideast: √ Palestine (K) √ Israel (K) √ Lebanon √ Jordan √ Qatar √ United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Dubai

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Caribbean: √ Cuba (2016) √ Visit the Plaza of the Revolution √ Visit the Marti Memorial √ Visit the Malecon √ Visit the Prado √ Visit Old Havana √ See the Fortress √ See the University of Havana √ Visit the Hemingway Memorial √ Visit the Hemingway House/Museum √ Visit Tony Puente’s (APA 2017 Prez) family’s house √ al fresco lunches at:, KING BAR, EL AJIACO, and at the sea wall √ al fresco REJONEO and EL LITORAL (at sunset) √ Dominican Republic (w/G, K, & A 2014) √ Antigua (G, K, & A, 12) St. Johns √ Grand Cayman (G, K, & A) George Town √ Jamaica (G, K, & A) Ocho Rios √ Puerto Rico (w/K) √ Bahamas (w/K, ’94, ‘10) Nassau Paradise Island Stay at Atlantis √ Virgin Islands (w/K) St. Thomas St. John √ Aruba (w/K, 09) Oranjestad Hooiberg √ St. Maarten/St. Martin (w/G/K/A, ’13) Philipsburg Great Bay √ St. Barths/St. Barts (w/K/A, ’13) Gustavia √ Barbados (w/G, 2015) √ Bridgetown √ √The Careenage √ Chamberlain Bridge √ National Heroes Square √ Parliament √ Nelson’s Monument √ Accra Beach √ George Washington House √ St. Lucia (w/G, 2015) √ Pigeon Island

√ Pigeon Island National Landmark √ Hike to the top of Pigeon Island √ Hike Fort Rodney & Fortress Ruins √ Rodney Bay √ Goss Inlet √ Soufriere Bay √ The Pitons (Petit & Gros) √ Granada (w/G, 2015) √ St. George’s √ The Careenage √ Hiked to the the top of Fort George √ St. Vincent (w/G, 2015) √ The Grenadines (w/G, 2015) √ Union Island √ Palm Island √ Tobago Cays √ Mayreau √ Bequia √ Port Elizabeth Pacific Ocean: √ Australia √ Hawaiian Islands (K/G/A) √ New Zealand Atlantic Ocean: √ Cape Verde Islands √ Iceland National Significance: Washington, DC: √ Visit the National Museum (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the White House (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial √ Visit the Smithsonian Museum √ Visit the Hershorn Museum √ Visit the Air and Space Museum √ Dirksen Senate Office Building (w/G) √ See the Hart Senate Office Building (w/G/K/A) √ See the Senate Appropriations Comm Room (w/G) √ Visit the Old Post Office Tower (w/G/K/A) √ Walk on Pennsylvania Ave (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the 52 Signer’s Monument (w/G/K/A) √ See the J. P. Jones Monument (w/G/K/A) √ See the George Mason Monument (w/G/K/A) √ Walk the Mall (w/G/K/A) √ See the U. S. Grant Monument (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Willard Hotel (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Tidal Basin (w/G/K/A) √ See the West Patomic Park (w/G/K/A) √ See the John Erickson Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ See the Franklin Monument (w/G/K/A)

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√ See the J. P. Jones Monument (w/G/K/A) √ Ride on the Metro (w/G/K/A) √ Ride on the Capitol subway (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the national Cathedral during services (w/G/K/A) √ See the Vice President’s House (w/G/K/A) √ See Embassy Row (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Capitol Building (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Brumidi Corridors (w/G/K/A) √ See the Statue of Freedom (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Old Supreme Court Chamber (w/G/K/A) √ See the Capitol Rotunda (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Hall of Columns (w/G/K/A) √ See the Columbus Doors (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the National Statuary Hall (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Senate Chamber √ Visit the House Chamber √ Visit the Old Senate Chamber (w/G/K/A) √ Walk the Mall (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Jefferson Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Roosevelt Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the World War II Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Visit (in it) the Washington Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Lincoln Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Vietnam Veterans Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Korean War Memorial (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Hemmingway’s House (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Southern most point in the continental US (w/G/K/A) √ Holocaust Museum √ Visit the Library of Congress (w/G) √ See the Guttenberg Bible (w/G) √ See the Great Hall (w/G) √ See the Main Reading Room (w/G) √ See the Mosaic of Minerva (w/G) √ See Neptune’s Fountain (w/G) √ Ford’s Theatre (w/G/K/A) √ Peterson House (w/G/K/A) √ Constitution Gardens (w/G/K/A) West Virginia (w/K, 2015) √ Stay at the Greenbrier Hotel √ Do the culinary demo √ Scarf demo √ Visit the church √ Visit the Artist Colony Shops √ See two Gone with the wind Chandeliers √ Do the hotel tour √ Do the bunker tour √ Dine at Drapers (x2) √ Do high tea (x3) √ See the Blue Ridge Mountains √ Visit the Presidents’ Cottage Museum

√ Dine at Drapers √ Drink Champaign when checking in √ Skeet shoot √ Hike the trail Roanoke, VA (w/K) √ Hike the Appalachian Trail √ Hike to McAfee Knob √ Visit the city √ See the Taubman Museum (by Frank Gehry) Joshua Tree National Park In Joshua Tree √ See Hemingway √ See Quail Springs √ See Sheep Pass √ Visit Hidden Valley √ Hike Barker Dam √ Summit Ryan Mountain (5457’) √ Visit Keys View √ Hike Hear t Rock Trail √ Hike Arch Rock Trail √ Hike Cholla Cactus Garden √ Hike 49 Palms Oasis √ Hike Jumbo Rocks √ Hike White Tank √ See Cap Rock √ Hike Skull Rock √ Visit Twin Tanks Near Joshua Tree √ Visit the Oasis of Mara √ See the Mohave Desert √ Visit Sky’s the Limit (Atlas Obscura) Minnesota √ Tour St. Anthony Falls Visitor Center and Lock and Dam National Park, Minneapolis, MN 2021 (K&A, BB&C) √ Tour the LeDuc Historic Estate, Hastings, MN 2021 (K&A, BB&C) √ Visit the Hastings Riverwalk, Hastings, MN 2021 (K&A) √ Hike the Ruins of the Gardner Mill on the Vermillion River, Hastings, MN 2021 (K&A, BB&C) √ Run Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha, Minneapolis, MN 2021 (K&A) Savannah, GA (w/K., 2018) √ Visit the Jepson Center √ Visit the Telfair Academy √ Visit the Owens–Thomas House & Slave Quarters √ Visit the Bohemian Hotel

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Hilton Head, SC (w/K., in the 1990s and 2018) Tucson, AZ (w/K & A, 2021) √ Visit the Saguaro National Park – East, Rincon Mountain District √ Visit the Saguaro National Park – West, Tucson Mountain District √ Visit the Mission San Xavier del Bac √ Visit the Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum √ Visit Sabino Canyon √ Visit the Pima Air and Space Museum (C solo) √ Visit Dove Mountain Jacksonville, FL (w/K., 2018) √ Visit the 9th Hole Island Boston, MA √ Go on a Duck Tour (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the Science Museum (w/G/K/A) √ See the Swan Boats (w/G/K/A) √ See Boston Common (w/G/K/A) √ Walk the Freedom Trail (w/G/K/A) √ See the Old North Church (w/G/K/A) √ Tour Paul Revere’s House (w/G/K/A) √ Lunch at Bell and Hand, the Oldest Tavern in the US (w/G/K/A) √ Tour Harvard Yard (w/G/K/A) √ Tour Harvard Square (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Harvard Med School (w/G/K/A) √ See the Old Granary Burying Ground (w/G/K/A) √ See Fenway Park (w/G/K/A) √ Master the “√” (w/G/K/A) √ See the Old State House (w/G/K/A) √ See the Make Way for Ducklings Statues (w/G/K/A) √ See the State House (w/G/K/A) √ Visit the JFK Museum (w/G/K/A) √ See the Pierce/Hichhorne House (w/G/K/A) √ Bunker Hill (w/G/K/A) √ Old Iron Sides/USS Constitution (w/G/K/A) √ Copp’s Hill Burial Ground (w/G/K/A) √ Boston Massacre Site (w/G/K/A) Philadelphia (and Pennsylvania, w/G/K/A) √ Visit Mutter Museum (w/G/A) √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water √ Visit Edgar Allan Poe’s Home (w/G/K/A) √ Visit National Constitution Center (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Free Quakers Meeting House (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Independence Visitor Center (w/G/K/A) √ See Declaration House (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Ben Franklin’s Grave (w/G/K/A) √ See President’s House Site (w/G/K/A)

√ Visit Liberty Bell Center (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Supreme Court Chamber in Old City Hall (w/G/K/A) √ Visit City Hall (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Independence Hall, West Wing (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Independence Square (w/G/K/A) √ See Congress Hall (w/G/K/A) √ See Carpenter’s Hall (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Market Street Houses (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Franklin Court (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Franklin Museum (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Valley Forge (w/G/K/A) California San Francisco (C/K/G/A) √ Golden Gate Bridge √ Fisherman’s Warf √ The Embarcadero √ The Presidio √ Alcatraz Island √ Coit Tower √ Transamerica Pyramid North Dakota (2015, w/A) South Dakota (2015, w/A) √ Visit Minuteman Missile National Historic Site √ Visit Wall √ Visit Wall Drug √ Visit National Grasslands √ Visit Black Hills National Forest √ Visit Sturgis Motorcycle Museum √ Visit Devil’s Tower (WY) √ Visit Badlands National Park √ Lunch at Cedar Pass Lodge √ Visit Mt. Rushmore √ Visit Keystone √ Visit Crazy Horse Memorial √ Visit Mammoth Site √ Visit Wind Cave NP √ Visit Natural Entrance Cave √ Visit Hot Springs √ Visit Custer State Park √ Visit Custer √ Visit Rapid City √ Stay at the Hotel Alex Johnson √ Visit Art Alley √ Visit Deadwood √ Visit Jewel Cave National Park √ Visit Sturgis (75th Anniversary!) √ Visit Sundance √ Visit Spearfish √ Visit Belle Forche (geo center of the US)

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Yosemite (C/K/G/A) √ Half Dome (CES up and back in < 9 hours) √ Awahnee Lodge √ El Capitan √ Curry Village √ Mist Trail (CES) √ Happy Isles (CES) √ Vernal Falls (CES) √ Nevada Falls (CES) √ Bridal-veil Falls √ Muir Trail (CES) Sonora (C/K/G/A) Columbia (C/K/G/A) √ Oldest Gold Mining Town San Diego (C/K/G/A) √ Mission Beach √ Tour the USS Midway √ Embarcadero √ Gaslight District Colorado (w/A, 2012) √ Visit US Air Force Academy √ Visit Gardens of the Gods √ Visit Manitou Springs √ Visit Maramot Castle √ Climb Pikes Peak √ Ride the Cog Rail Train √ Visit Colorado Springs √ Visit Old Colorado City Colorado (RESET, Telluride, 2022) √ Ridge Trail √ Boomerang to Bear Trail √ Idarado Legacy Trail to Bridal Vail Falls (largest continuous water fall in CO) √ Bilk Creek Road √ Jud Weber Trail √ Deep Creek Trail Montana (w/A, ’14) √ Visit Big Sky √ See Lone Mountain √ Hike in the Spanish Peaks √ Hike Ousel Falls √ Hike Beehive Basin √ Visit Bozeman Wyoming (w/A, ’14) √ Visit Jackson

√ Visit Jackson Hole √ Visit Moose √ Stay at the AAC Climbers’ Ranch √ See Jenny Lake (and ride across) √ See Hidden Falls √ Summit Inspiration Point (7200’) √ See Moose Ponds √ See Jackson Lake √ See Chapel of the Sacred Heart √ See Jackson Lake Dam √ See Willow Flats √ Visit and dine Jackson Lake Lodge √ Visit Craig Thomas Discovery Center √ Visit Dorans √ See Coulter Bay Village √ Drive Rockefeller Parkway √ See the Snake River √ See horses crossing √ See wild bison √ Visit Devil’s Tower National Park (2015, w/A) Yellowstone (w/A, ’14) √ See Lewis Falls and Lake √ See the Red Mountains √ Visit West Thumb √ See Craig Pass √ See the Continental Divide √ See a wild elk √ See Old Faithful √ Visit Madison √ Visit the Upper Geyser Basin √ Visit the Midway Geyser Basin √ Visit Old Faithful Lodge √ See Geyser Hill √ See Firehole Hill √ See Grand Geyser √ See Castle Geyser √ See Giantness Geyser √ See Chinese Spring √ See Chromatic Spring √ See Beehive Geyser √ See Lion Geyser √ See Grotto Geyser √ See Riverside Geyser √ See Solitary Geyser √ See Beauty Pool √ See Crested Pool √ Climb Observation Point Nevada (’22 w/A, G, K & Brian) √ Visit Via Bellagio √ Visit Forum Shops at Cesar’s Palace √ Visit The Venetian

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√ Visit The Bellagio √ Visit the Luxor √ Visit Grand Canal Shoppes √ See the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel √ Visit Classic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign √ Visit Count’s Customs √ See the Allegiant Stadium (saw the field being retracted in) √ See the T-Mobile Arena √ Visit New York New York √ Visit Planet Hollywood √ Visit Miracle Mile √ See the Blue Man Group Perform √ See the Fountains of Bellagio “Performance” day and night √ Visit the Strip at night √ See the High Roller √ Visit Paris Las Vegas √ Visit Shelby American Museum √ Visit Nostalgia Street Rods √ Visit Valley of Fire ✓ Visit Mouse’s Tank ✓ See Rainbow Vista ✓ Visit Seven Wonders ✓ See Fire Wave ✓ Visit Slot Canyon ✓ See White Domes ✓ See Seven Sisters ✓ See the Clark Memorial ✓ See Elephant Rock ✓ See Petroglyphs √ Visit Lake Mead National Park √ Hike The Railroad Trail √ Visit the Hoover Dam √ See the Winged Figures of the Republic (Atlas Obscura) √ Visit the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge √ Visit Fremont Street Experience √ Visit Wetlands Park √ See the Simpson’s House (Atlas Obscura) √ See the Wheel of Misfortune/Three Kids Mine (Atlas Obscura) Utah (’22 w/G & K) √ Visit Zion National Park √ See the Temple of Sinawava √ See Big Bend √ See Weeping Rocks √ Hike the Grotto Trail √ Hike the Emerald Pool Trails √ See the Court of the Patriarchs √ Do the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

√ See Canyon Junction √ Visit Judd’s General Store (Atlas Obscura) √ Visit Electric Theater (Atlas Obscura) √ Visit Snow Canyon State Park √ Hike the Lava Trail Illinois √ Visit the Chicago Arts Center (w/K, 2018) √ Visit the Art Institute of Chicago √ Visit the Mexican Art Museum (w/K) √ Visit the Contemporary Museum of Art (Chicago, member) √ Visit the Shedd Aquarium √ Visit the Field Museum √ Visit the Adler Planetarium √ Visit the Museum of Science and Industry √ Visit Starved Rock (w/G/K/A) √ Visit Lovers Leap (w/K) √ Visit Buffalo Rock (w/K) √ Ride the I & M Canal Trail (w/K) √ Walk along the I & M Canal Trail (w/G/K/A) √ Matthiessen State Park (w/G/K/A) √ See the Devil’s Paint Box (w/G/K/A) √ See the Giant’s Bathtub (w/G/K/A) √ See Lake Falls (w/G/K/A) √ See Cedar Point (w/G/K/A) √ See Strawberry Rock (w/G/K/A) √ See Cascade Falls (w/G/K/A) √ Matthiessen Lake (w/A) √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s’ Dana House (w/A/G/K) √ Visit the Allenton Property (stay over) √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio √ Visit the Farnsworth House √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House Other US √ Visit Gettysburg Battle Grounds √ Visit Gettysburg National Cemetery √ Visit Shipshewana, Indiana (Amish Country w/G/A/K) √ See the “Indy 500" (and worked there!) √ “Climb" the Grand Canyon (w/K) √ Visit Paulo Soleri's Arcosanti (w/K) √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin-West (AZ, w/K) √ Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin-Wisconsin (w/K) √ Visit FLW's Falling Water (Mill Run, PA, w/G/K/A/Fred) √ Visit FLW's Dana House (Springfield, IL, w/A/K/G) √ Visit the House On The Rock √ See Big Sur √ Visit Sedona √ Visit Mesa Verde National Park and Indian Ruins

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(Anasazi Cliff Dwellings: Balcony House, Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House) √ Ride the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad through the San Juan Mountains √ Visit Ouray and Ice Climb √ Visit Disney World and Epcot √ Visit Disneyland (2023 w/K) √ Visit California Adventures (2023 w/K) √ Stay at the Waldorf Astoria Resort, Dana Point CA (2023 w/K) √ Visit the Academy Museum (2023 w/K) √ Visit the La Brea Tar Pits (2023 w/K) √ See the Peterson Auto Museum (2023) √ See the LA Co. Museum of Art Grounds (2023 w/K) √ Go to the top of the Gateway Arch, St. Lewis (A/G/K) √ Visit Hannibal, MO (A, G, K) √ Go in the Mark Twain Cave (A, G, K) √ Louisiana Superdome √ Brooklyn Bridge √ Sears Tower (top) √ Hancock Building (top) √ Visit the American Club (WI) √ Golden Gate Bridge √ Milwaukee Museum of Contemporary Art √ Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (’23, K&G) √ Visit the Statue of Liberty (top) √ Visit Ellis Island √ Visit the House of the Seven Gables √ Visit Williamsburg √ Visit Monticello √ Visit Charleston √ Visit Independence Hall √ See the Liberty Bell √ Visit Mt. Vernon √ See the Alamo √ See the Brooklyn Bridge √ Visit Cannery Row √ Visit Mother Jones’ memorial √ See Grand Central Terminal √ Visit the World Trade Center (top) √ Visit Ground-Zero √ Visit the Empire State Building (top) √ Visit Plymouth Rock √ Visit MOMA √ Visit Metropolitan Museum of Art √ Visit Guggenheim Museum (NYC) √ See Niagara Falls √ Ride the Maid of the Mist √ Walk on the Freedom Trail √ Visit Central Park √ Visit Battery Park √ Visit Cape Cod National Seashore

√ Cannel Bay (St. John) √ Chesapeake Bay (MD) √ Coronado Isthmus (CA) √ Oregon Coast √ Santa Monica Peer √ Waikiki Beach √ Captiva Island √ Sanibel Island √ Hilton Head Island √ Nantucket √ Visit Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum √ Martha’s Vineyard √ Visit Death Valley North Carolina (w/K 2022) √ Saw the Tail of the Dragon sculpture √ Drove the Tail of the Dragon (318 turns in 11 miles) √ Saw Deal’s Gap √ Saw the Tree of Shame Tennessee (w/K 2022) From Knoxville √ Visited Gatlinburg √ Visited the Smoky Mountains NP (also a World Heritage Site) √ Hiked Clingman’s Dome and then hiked to the top of the lookout √ Hiked to Laurel Falls √ Saw Andrews Bald √ Visited Elkmont √ Saw Deal’s Gap √ Saw Newfound Gap √ Saw the Trail of Tears √ Saw Chimney Tops √ Hiked a little on the Appalachian Trail √ Saw the Tennessee/NC line √ Saw a bear! √ Visited Pigeon Forge √ Saw the entrance of Dollywood Nashville √ Saw The Parthenon √ Saw The Grand Old Opry √ Visited Opryland √ Went down Broadway Street √ Toured downtown √ Visited Centennial Park √ Saw the Country Music Hall of Fame √ Visited the West End √ Saw Vanderbilt University √ Visited Lake Watauga √ Saw the Suffragette statue √ Visited The Gulch

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√ Saw the Frist Art Museum √ Saw Union Station √ Saw the Bridgestone Arena √ Saw the Nissan Stadium √ Saw the Music City Center √ Saw Nudie’s Honky Tonk √ Saw the Chet Atkin’s statue Kentucky (w/K 2022) √ Visited Mammoth Cave NP (also a World heritage Site) √ Took the Historic Tour of Mammoth Cave Louisville: √ Walked the Bourbon Trail √ Took the Evan Williams Tour √ Saw the David statue √ Saw the Frazier Museum √ Saw the Louisville Slugger Museum √ Saw the Kentucky Arts Center √ Saw the Ali Center √ Saw the KFC/Yum Center √ Visited 4th Street Live Idaho (w/K) √ Stay at The Coeur d'Alene Resort √ Circumnavigate Tubbs Hill √ Visit the World’s Longest Floating Dock (& walk it) San Antonio (w/K, 2017) √ The Alamo √ Market Square √ Riverwalk √ Hemisfair Park √ La Villita √ King William Historic District √ Southtown √ Tower of the Americas √ Mission San Jose (World Heritage Site) √ Pearl Brewery Site New Orleans √ Jackson Square √ St. Louis Cathedral √ Riverfront Park √ French Market √ French Quarter √ Spanish Plaza √ Moonwalk √ Café du Monde (for doughnuts) √ Ride the trolley Alaska (K/G/A)

√ Go on a Glacier Cruse √ See Prince William Sound √ Drive thru the Longest Vehicle Tunnel in North America √ Cruse the Kenai Fjords √ See the 26 Named Glaciers √ Witness Glacial Calving √ Drink a cocktail with glacier ice √ Visit Baluga Point √ Visit Whittier √ Visit Seward √ Visit Anchorage √ See Alpine, Piedmont, and Tidewater Glaciers √ Visit Resurrection Bay √ Visit the Arctic CDC √ Visit Port Wells √ See College Fjord √ See Harriman Fjord √ See Otters, Puffins, Murrelets, Dall’s Purposes, Mountain Goats, Black Bear Cub, Moose, Bald Eagles, and Black Legged Kittiwakes Sri Lanka (2017) Colombo Fort Area: √ See Old Galle Buck Lighthouse √ See Sambodhi Chaitiya √ See Clock Tower √ See Central Point √ See Lloyd’s Buildings √ See Cargills Main Store √ See the President’s House Pettah area √ Visit Pettah Markets √ Visit Manning Market √ See Old City Hall √ See Pettah Hindu Temples Slave Island & Union Place √ See Lotus Tower South Beira Lake and Around area √ See Gangaramaya Temple Galle Face Green Kollupitiya √ Visit Temple Trees Cinnamon Gardens area √ See the National Museum √ Visit Viharamahadevi Park √ See the Old Town Hall √ See the Independence memorial Hall Hill Country √ Visit Sri Pada √ Summit Adam’s Peak in Dalhousie season √ Visit Norton Bridge

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√ Visit Dalhousie √ Visit Avissawella √ Visit Kitulgala √ Visit Ratnapurna Europe (2011, A/G/K): London: √ See the Changing of the Guard √ Visit Buckingham Palace √ See Hyde Park √ See Big Ben √ Visit Piccadilly Circus √ See Parliament √ See Gabriel’s Wharf √ See the OXO Tower √ Visit the British Museum √ See the Rosetta Stone √ See the Great Court √ See “The Gherkin” Swiss Re Tower √ See the Horse Guards’ Parade √ See a Naked Bike Ride √ See a Cannon Salute for the Queen’s 85th Birthday √ See Millennium Bridge √ Cross the Tower Bridge √ Visit the Jewel House √ See the Crown Jewels √ See Cleopatra’s Needle √ Visit Green Park √ See the Anchor Pub √ See Shakespeare’s Globe √ Visit Tower Hill √ Take a Thames River Tour √ See St. Paul’s Cathedral √ Cross on the Jubilee Bridge √ Visit Kensington √ Visit Knotting Hill √ Visit Jubilee Garden √ See the Royal National Theater √ See the Tate Modern √ Visit Leicester Square √ Visit Westminster Abbey √ Ride the Underground √ Visit Trafalgar Square √ Visit the Tower of London √ See Downing Street √ See Victoria Station √ See the Start of the Strand √ See the Victoria Embankment √ See the National Gallery √ Visit Nelson’s Column √ See Sherlock Holmes Pub Berlin:

√ Go to a concert (Dredg and System of a Down) √ Visit the Berliner Dom √ Visit the Berliner Crypts √ Visit Konzurthaus √ Visit Deutscher Dom √ Visit Neve Kirche √ Visit Franzosischer Dom √ Visit Franzusische-Friderichstadkirche √ See St. Hedwics-Kathedrace (Catholic Cathedral) √ See Fredrichswerdersche Kirche √ Visit Bundestag √ Visit the Reichstag √ Visit the Reichstag’s Cupola √ Have breakfast at the Reichstag’s Cupola (w/A) √ Visit the Gehry interior at Axica Bank √ See the Nazi Air Ministry √ Walk thru & √ Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe √ Visit Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) √ Visit the Pergamon Museum √ See Humbolt University √ Visit Potsdamer Platz √ Visit Palace Square (Schlossplatz) √ Visit Unter du Linden √ See the Centrum Judaicum (New Synagogue) √ Visit the “Architects’ Playground” √ Visit the Sony Center √ Visit Galleries Lafayette √ See the Jewish Museum √ Visit the Topographie des Terrors √ Visit “Checkpoint Charlie” √ See the Checkpoint Charlie Museum √ See the IM Pei Addition to the German Historical Museum √ Visit the Empty Library √ Visit the Guggenheim Berlin √ Visit the Mercedes-Benz Store √ See the Garden of Tears √ Visit Museum Island √ Visit the Berlin Wall √ Visit the “Death Strip” √ Stand above Hitler’s Bunker √ Visit the Brandenburg Gate √ Visit the Pariser Platz √ See the New American Embassy √ Visit the site for the Bebelplatz (Nazi Book Burning) √ Visit the site of the former SS and Gestapo HQs √ Visit the “Ghost Station” (subway) √ Visit Red Town Hall √ Visit the Royal Armoury (Zeughaus) √ See the Russian Embassy √ Visit the Royal Hunting Grounds (Tiergarten) √ See the Martin-Gropius-Bau

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√ See the Alden Hotel (and window Michael Jackson held his baby out of) √ See the Pergamon Zeus Alter √ See the Marienkirche √ See the Debis House √ See the Equestrian Statue of Frederick the Great √ See Altes Palais √ Visit the Altes Museum, Berlin √ See Startsbiblioteck √ See Zeughaus √ See Neues Museum √ Tour the Gerichtslaube √ Visit St. Nicholas Quarter √ See Nikolaikirche √ See the Stadthaus √ Visit the War Memorial (Neue Wache) √ Visit the “Cabaret Mile” √ See the State Opera House √ Visit Gendarmenmarkt √ See the Siegessauce (Victory Column) √ See the Rotel Rathaus (town hall) √ Visit the Quarter Schutzenstrasse √ See Kahnermusiksaal √ See Gemaldegalerie √ See Kronprinzenpalais √ See Schiler’s Monument √ See Spittelkonnaden √ Cross on the Schlossbrucke √ Visit Neptune’s Fountain √ Visit Max-Engels Forum √ See the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) √ Visit Beisheim Center √ See the Kaisershall √ Visit Leipziger Platz √ See the Siegessaule (Triumphal Column) √ See Sowjetisches Ehrenmal (Memorial to Soviet Soldiers) √ See the Marie-Elizabeth Luders Building √ See the International Trade Center √ Visit the Platz der Republik √ See the Federal Chancellery √ See the Swiss Embassy √ Visit Alexanderplatz √ See the Jakob Kaiser Building √ See Axel Springer Tower √ Visit the Academy of Arts √ See the Debis Tower √ See the Philharmonic Hall √ See the Bell Tower √ See Congress Hall/House of World Cultures √ See the Paul Lobe Building √ Ride the U-Bahn (subway)

Paris: √ Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower √ See the Ecule Militare √ See the Palace du Luxembourg √ Visit the Cimetiere du Montparnasse √ Visit Sarte’s Grave √ Visit Simone De Beauvior √ Visit the Louvre √ See the Mona Lisa √ See the Winged Victory √ See Venus de Milo √ Visit the Arch de Triomphe √ Visit the Champs-Elysees √ Visit Notre Dame √ See the Tour Saint Jaques √ Visit the Jardin du Luxembourg √ Visit Montparnasse √ See the Grand Palace √ See the Petit Palace √ Ride the Metro √ See the Musee Galleria √ See Conciergerie √ Visit the Rive Gauche √ See Rive Droite √ Visit the Trocadero √ Visit the Champs de Mars √ See the UNESCO Building √ Visit the Hotel des Invalides √ Visit the Musee de L’Armie √ Visit Napoleon’s Tomb √ See the Musee D’Orsay √ Visit the Jardin des Tulleries √ Visit the Palace d’Concorde √ See the Plaza de L’Opera √ See the Pinacotheque √ See the Sarbonne √ Visit the Pantheon and crypts √ See the Hotel de Ville √ See the Sainte Chapelle √ See the Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres √ Visit the Palace de Chaillot √ Visit the Latin Quarter √ Visit the Ile de la Cite Germany (2014, w/K): √ Do an Audi Factory Tour √ Visit Ingolstadt √ Visit the Audi Museum √ Go to Oktoberfest √ Visit Old Town √ See Siegestor √ Visit Karlstor

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√ See Burgersaal √ Visit Theresienwiese √ Visit Neuhauser Strasse √ See Augustinerbrau √ Visit Michaelskirche √ See Frauenkirche √ See Frauenkirche √ See Peterskirche √ See Altes Rathhaus √ See Glockenspeil √ Visit Marien Platz √ Visit Viktualien Markt √ Visit Tegernsee √ Visit the Bavarian Forest √ Visit the Bavarian Alps √ Visit Freising √ Drive around Lake Tergensee √ Visit Cathedral Hill √ See Freising Cathedral √ Visit Neustift Premonstrat Ensia Monestary Antigua (2012, K/G/A) √ Visit St. Johns √ Visit a rain forest √ Go zip-lining √ Visit Devil’s Bridge √ Visit Long Bay √ Visit Indian Town Point √ Visit Long Bay Beach √ See Stanford Cricket Ground √ See Fig Tree Drive New York City (w/ABS, 2012) √ Visit the United Nations √ Visit Grand Central Terminal √ Visit Times Square √ Visit 30 Rockefeller Plaza √ Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral √ See Radio City Music Hall √ Visit M&M Store √ Visit Hershey Store √ See the Daily News Building √ Run in Central Park √ See Ground Zero √ See the NY Stock Exchange √ See Carnegie Hall √ See Trinity Church √ See 1st Presbyterian Church √ See the Wall Street Bull sculpture √ Visit Battery Park √ See the Brooklyn Bridge √ Visit Chinatown √ Visit SoHo

√ Visit Greenwich Village √ Visit Washington Square √ See the “Soup Man” √ See the Federal House √ Visit the South Street Seaport Historic District √ See the USS Intrepid √ See the Bust of Sylvette (by Picasso) √ See Trump Tower √ Visit Ellis Island (’80; w/A ’12) √ Visit Statute of Liberty (inside, ’80; w/A ’12) √ See the Mariner’s Memorial √ See the Verrazano -Narrows Bridge (longest suspension bridge in the US) √ See the Liberty Bike √ Visit “stout nyc” √ Go to the top of the Empire State Building √ Visit the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel √ Visit the Bowling Green √ Visit Fraunces Tavern Block Historic District √ See the Morgan Library √ See Penn Station √ See Madison Square Garden √ Visit the Ladies’ Mile √ Visit Herald Square √ See Macy’s √ Visit IWC’s Flagship Store (5th day open) √ Visit the MOMA √ Visit the Guggenheim √ Visit the Chrysler Building Lobby √ Ride the Ferry New York (w/ABS, 2018) √ Visit the Oculus √ Visit 30 Rock √ See the Flatiron Building √ Go to the top of One World Tower (tallest building in the western hemisphere) √ Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (largest in the US) √ Visit the World Trade Center Memorial √ Visit Times Square √ Visit Grand Central Station √ Ride the subway √ Have access credentials to the UN for Women’s Summit √ Visit SoHo √ Visit Greenwich Village New York (2019) √ Be on the floor of the NYSE for the ringing of the opening Bell √ Tour the floor of the NYSE √ Participate in meetings in the NYSE √ Visit Times Square

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√ Visit Hudson Yards (just opened, 2019) √ See The Shed (2019) √ Visit and climb to the top of The Vessel (just opened, 2019) New York (1980) √ Go to the top of the World Trade Center (tallest building(s) in the western hemisphere at the time) √ Visit Ellis Island before the renovation √ Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty √ Go to the Improv √ Visit the MOMA for the Picasso Retrospective √ Visit the Guggenheim √ Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art √ Visit Peel √ Visit St. Patrick’s/Peel Castle √ Visit Castletown √ Visit Douglas √ Visit Laxey √ Visit Salmon Lake √ Visit Baldrine √ Visit the Laxey Water Wheel (World’s Largest!) √ Visit the washing floors √ Visit quarry falls √ Visit Old Laxey √ See Laxey Glen Flour Mills √ See Laxey Glen √ Visit Dumbell’s Terrace √ Visit mine adit √ Visit 18th c. water driven corn mill (& lunch) √ Go into the mine Ireland (1999) √ Participate in the State oft he World Forum √ Attend a Civic Hall Reception, Belfast √ Vist the Belfast Castle √ Visit the Belfast Waterfront Hall √ Visit the Powerscourt Gardens √ Visit the Belfast Parks Croatia (2012) √ Visit Dubrovnik √ Visit the Babin kuk Peninsula √ See the Elaphiti Islands √ Visit the Old Harbor √ Visit the Walls of Dubrovnik √ See the Adriatic Sea √ Visit the Dalamation Coast √ See the Minceta Tower √ Visit Opuzen √ Visit Narona √ Visit Vid

√ Visit Neum √ See Ston √ Visit the Peljesac Peninsula √ See the Fort of St. James √ Visit the former Yugoslavian army compound, near Tito’s former house Montenegro (2012) √ Visit Kotor √ Visit the Bay of Kotor √ Visit Boka Kotorska √ Visit the Romanesque Cathederal of St. Taiphun √ Visit Budva (one of the oldest urban settlements of the Adriatic Coast) √ Visit Risan √ Visit Pehast √ Visit Lovcen Mountain Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012) √ Visit Mostar √ See the Neretua River √ Visit the Crooked Bridge √ Visit the Old Bridge √ See the Koski Mehmed Pasha √ Visit Pocitelj √ See Srpska √ See the Franciscan Church & Monastery Peru √ Visit Machu Pichu √ Hike on a segment of the Inca Trail √ Visit Cuzco Austria (w/K, 2023) Vienna √ Visit the Sigmund Freud Museum, Home & Office √ Visit Sigmund Freud Park √ Visit Votive Church and listen to organ music √ Visit the Karlskirche Church √ Visit the Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn (UNESCO World Heritage Site) √ Visit the Gloriette √ Visit Hofburg Palace √ Visit Graben Street √ Visit Ringstrasse/Historic Centre of Vienna (UNESCO World Heritage Site) √ See the Town Hall √ See the Austrian Parliament Building √ Visit Volksgarten √ Visit Heroes Square √ Visit Hofburg Palace √ Visit Burggarten, the former Emperor's private garden √ Visit the Augustinian Church

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√ Visit the Vienna State Opera √ Visit the Graben shopping street √ Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna's most famous landmark √ Visit Maria Theresien Square √ See the Maria Theresien Denkmal √ See the Natural History Museum √ See the Gothe statue √ See the site the Vienna Boys Choir Started √ See the Burgkapelle √ See the Kapuzinergruft Capuchin Crypt for the Hapsburgs √ See remains of the medieval city fortifications √ See sites where Mozart lived √ See sites where Beethoven lived √ See Parliament √ See the Burgtheater √ See Vienna State University √ See State Opera House √ Visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum √ See the Burgtor (Burgring) √ See the Neue Burg (Heldenplatz) √ See the Austrian History Museum √ See the World Museum √ See the Imperial Armoury √ See the Holocaust Memorial √ See the Hofburg Congress Centre √ See the balcony where Adolf Hitler proclaimed the "Anschluss" of Austria into the Third Reich √ See Heldenplatz √ See the Volksgarten Hofburg Palace √ See Heroes Square √ See the Sisi Museum √ Visit the Upper Belvedere Palace and Museum √ Visit the Lower Belvedere Palace and Museum √ Visit the Belvedere Gardens √ Visit the Study Collection at the Palace Stables √ See the former home of the Lichtenstein family √ See the Austrian Federal President’s Office √ See the Bundeskanzleramt Oesterreich √ See the Office of Federal Chancellor of Austria √ See the State Hall √ See the The Austrian National Library √ See the Spanish Riding School √ See the St. Michael's Church √ See the “Entrance to Europe” √ Visit the Historic Center of Vienna √ See the Rathaus/City Hall √ Visit Beethoven Pasqualatihaus √ See the Café Central √ See the Volksgarten √ See the Theseus Temple √ See Mortzart’s Memorial

√ Visit Berggarten √ See the Freyung Passage √ Visit The Palais Ferstel √ Visit Freyung Square √ See Graben and Kohlmarkt √ See the Stephansplatz √ Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral √ See Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss √ Visit the former Schottenkireche Monastery site √ See the Schottenkireche church √ See Minoriten-Kirche √ See the Palais Dietrichstein √ Visit the Museum Quartier √ See the Museum Moderner √ See the Leopold Museum √ Go to the top of the Leopold Museum Saltzberg √ Do the "The Sound of Music" Tour √ Visit Mirabell Palace and Gardens √ See the beautiful Mirabell Gardens √ See the Pegasus Fountain √ See the Do-Re-Mi steps √ Visit Schloss Leopoldskron √ Visit at Lake Leopoldskron √ See Schloss Hellbrunn √ Visit the gardens of Schloss Hellbrunn √ See Stift Nonnberg √ Visit St. Gilgen √ See Lake Fuschl √ See Lake Wolfgang √ Visit Basilika St. Michael √ See Villa Trapp √ Visit the Red Bull Hanger 7/Exhibition √ See the Fortress Hohensalzburg Castle √ See the Mozart Bridge √ See Mozart’s Residence √ Visit Kollegienkirche √ Visit Saltzburg Cathedral √ Visit The Altstadt √ Visit the Alter Markt √ See the Domzu Salzburg √ See the Franziskanerkirche √ See the Glockenspiel √ See Mozart’s Greburthaus √ Visit the Pferdeschwemme √ See the Rathaus √ Visit the Residenzplatz √ See Stiftkirche St. Peter √ See the Fortress Hohensalzburg √ See the Nomberg Convent/Abbey √ Visit The Neustadt √ See the Dreifaltigkeitskirche √ Visit Steingasse

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√ See Mozart-Wohnhaus Malta (2023, w/K) City of Valletta (2nd smallest capitol, Vatican City is 1st and UNESCO World Heritage Site) √ Visit Freedom Square √ Visit the Mediterranean Conference Centre √ Visit the Sacra Infermeria/Holy Infirmary. √ Visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens √ Visit the Lower Barrakka Gardens √ See the Grandmaster’s Palace √ Visit the Grand Harbor √ See the New Parliament Building √ Visit St. George's Square √ Visit Battery Street √ See the Auberge d'Italie √ See Fort St. Angelo √ See the Upper Barrakka Lift √ See Fort St. Elmo √ Visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral √ Visit the National Museum of Archeology √ Visit the City Gate √ SeeSt. James Cavalier √ Seethe Royal Opera House √ Visit Hastings Gardens √ See the Church of St. Paul’s Shipwreck √ Visit the Palazzo Castellania √ Visit the Palazzo Parisio √ Visit the Saluting Battery √ Visit the Shrine to Daphne Caruana Galizia √ Visit the Valletta Design Cluster √ Visit Muza/National Museum of Art √ Visit Pjazza Kastijia √ See Auberge de Castille √ See the Manoel Theatre √ Visit the Triton Fountain √ See the Marsamxett Harbour √ Visit Pjazza San Publiju L’Isla/Senglea √ See the American University of Malta √ See the Watchtower/Vedette √ Visit the Gardjola Gradens Birgu/Vittoroiosa √ Seethe Maritime Museum √ Visit the Oratory of St. Joseph √ Visit the Church of St. Laurence Dingli Cliffs √ Visit Dingli Chapple Zurrieq √ See the Blue Grotto √ See the Hagar Qim(UNESCO World Heritage Site) Mdina √ SeeSt. Paul’s Cathedral

√ Visit Mdina Gate √ Visit Greeks Gate √ Visit Howard Gardens √ Seethe Monastery of St. Peter’s √ See Casa Del Tesoriere √ See Casa Inguanez √ See Casa Testaferrata √ See Corte Capitanale √ Visit Palazzo del Prelato √ Visit Palazzo Falson √ Visit Palazzo Santa Sofia √ Visit Mdina’s Moat Luqa √ Visit the Tarxien Temples Malta, Other √ See Mosta √ See the Church of Mosta (4th largest dome in the world) √ Visit the Megalithic Temples of Malta √ See Filfla Floiana Kalkara Siggiewi Qormi Paola Tarxien Birzebbuga Marsascala Marsaxlokk Bormea/Cospicua Rabat Athens (w/K, 2023) √ Visit Ancient Agora of Athens √ Visit Temple of Athena Nike √ Visit Propylaea √ Visit Porch Of the Maidens √ Visit Theater Of Dionysus √ Visit Erechtheum √ Visit Statue of Athena Promachus √ Visit Propylaea √ Visit Temple of Athena Nike √ Visit Eleusinion √ Visit Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia √ Visit Chalkotheke √ Visit Pandroseion √ Visit Arrephorion √ Visit Altar of Athena √ Visit Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus √ Visit Sanctuary of Pandion √ Visit Odeon of Herodes Atticus √ Visit Stoa of Eumenes √ Visit Sanctuary of Asclepius

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√ Visit theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus √ Visit Odeum of Pericles √ Visit Temenos of Dionysus Eleuthereus √ Have Drinks at Alexander’s Bar (Forbes ranked “Best Bar in the World”) √ Visit Roman Agora √ Visit Temple of Olympian Zeus √ Visit Olympieion √ Visit the Acropolis √ Visit the Panathenaic Stadium √ Visit Agora Museum √ Visit Hadrian's Library √ See the Monastery of Daphni √ See the Old Royal Palace √ See Syntagma Square √ See the Ancient Agora of Athens √ Visit the Museum of the Ancient Agora √ Visit the Altar of the 12 Gods √ See St. George Church √ See the Temple of Olympian Zeus √ Visit Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue opposite the statue of Myron Discobolus √ Visit Hellenic Parliament √ See the Academy of Athens Greece √ See National Archaeological Museum √ See the Academy of Athens Greece √ Visit Syntagma Square √ See the Changing of the Guard √ See the Old Royal Palace √ Visit Constitution Square √ See the Old Parliament Building √ See the New Parliament Building Hydra √ Visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary √ Visit the Merchant Marine Academy √ Visit the Square of the Five Hydriot Prime Ministers √ Visit the Rafalias Pharmacy √ Visit the Artists Square √ Visit the Mansion of P. Koudouriotis √ See Sophia Loren's Windmill √ Visit the Port of Hydra √ See the Museum of Hydra √ Have a Greek Coffee Delphi √ Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Delphi √ Visit the 4th-century-BC Temple of Apollo √ Visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum √ Visit the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena Pronaia √ Visit the ancient stadium √ Visit the ancienttheater √ Walk Ancient Delphi Path √ Visit the Athenian Treasury √ Visit where the Oracle of Delphi was

√ Visit the Stoa of the Athenians √ Visit the Tholos of Delphi √ Visit the Treasury of Massilia √ See Livadia √ See Mount Parnassus √ Visit Arachova √ Visit Delfoi √ See the Ancient Gymnasium √ Visit the Temple of Athena √ Visit the Historiacl Church of Virgin Mary √ Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Arachova √ Visit the Clock Tower Corinth √ Visit the marketplace where St. Paul addressed the Corinthians √ Visit a church with a mosaic depicting his conversion √ Visit Kechries where Paul had his hair shorn. √ Visit Isthmus Corinth Canal, the gateway to the Peloponnese √ Visit Ancient Diolkos √ Visit Akrokorinthos √ Visit Acrocorinth, the acropolis of ancient Corinth √ Visit the Gates √ See Upper Peirene Spring, a gift of Asopus to Sisyphus √ See the Temple of Aphrodite √ See the Frankish Tower √ See the remains of churches, mosques, houses, fountains and cisterns √ See the Geraneia Mountain √ See the Corinthian Gulf and the coast of the Peloponnese √ Visit Ancient Corinth/Archaia Korinthos √ Visit the Hadgimoustafa spring √ Visit the Ancient Corinth Archaeological Museum √ Visit the Temple of Apollo √ Visit the Roman buildings Bema/Pedestal √ Visit the Theatre √ Visit Odeon/Asklepion Lechaion Road √ Visit St. Paul's Church √ See St. Paul’s Chapel √ Visit the ancient port town of Kenchreai/Cenchreae √ Visit the Diolkos √ See the Saronic Sea √ Visit Kechries Malaysia (2016) √ Kuala Lumpur √ See The White Building √ See Clock Tower √ See (and hear) Muzium Musik √ Visit Petronas Twin Towers at dusk (tallest twin towers in the world) √ Visit Chinatown √ Visit Merdeka Square √ See St. Mary’s Cathedral

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√ See the National Textiles Museum √ See Menara Tower (Tallest in SE Asia) √ See Masjid Jamek √ See Guan Di Temple √ See the High Court Building √ Walk the Heritage Trail √ Visit the Petaling St. Market √ Visit Medal Pasal √ Vist the Batu Caves √ Visit the Golden Triangle (Bukig Bintang) √ See the Sri Mahamariamman Temple (oldest in Malaysia) √ Visit the Central Market √ Visit KLCC Park √ Do the Dataran Merdeka Heritage Walk √ See the She Shu Yuen Clan Association Temple √ See the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple √ Visit the Suria Shopping Mall √ Visit the Kasturi Walk √ Visit the Old Market Square √ Visit the Confluence of Two Rivers (Pertemuan antara Dua Sungai) √ See the National Mosque √ See the Sultan Abdul Samad Building √ See Lebut Ampling (Little India) √ Visit Petaling Street United Arab Emirates (2010) √ Visit Abu Dhabi √ Visit Dubai √ Visit Burj Al Arab (world’s tallest hotel, “The world’s most luxurious hotel,” first 7-star Hotel & have a drink) √ Visit the world’s tallest atrium in the Burj Al Arab √ Visit the top of Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building/structure) √ Visit The Dubai Mall √ Visit The Address Hotel √ Visit the Arabian Gulf √ Visit The Palm Jumeirah √ See Atlantis Hotel in The Palm √ See Emirate Monument/Flag √ Visit Madinat Jumeirah √ See Jumeirah Beach Hotel Canada √ Quebec City (w/K/G/A) √ Stay in the Chateau Frontenenac (w/K/G/A) √ See the St. Lawrence River (w/K/G/A) √ Hike the Escalier-Casse-Cou (breakneck stair way) √ Ride the funicular (w/K/G/A) √ Visit the Old Town (w/K/G/A) √ Walk the Duffrein Terrace (w/K/G/A)

√ See the Place Roya le (w/K/G/A) √ Walk the National Battlefields Park (w/K/G/A) √ See the Citadel (w/K/G/A) √ See the Cote-de-Beaupre’ (w/K/G/A) √ See the St. Charles River (w/K/G/A) √ See the Old Port (w/K/G/A) √ Walk the Rue St. Paul (w/K/G/A) √ Visit the Parcde-l’Artillerie (w/K/G/A) √ See the Jardin des Gouverneurs (w/K/G/A) √ See the Wolfe-Montcalm Monument (w/K/G/A) √ See the UNESCO World Heritage Monument (w/K/G/A) √ Tour the Quartier Petit-Champlain (w/K/G/A) √ Visit the Chalmrs-Westly United Church (w/K/G/A) √ See the Old Post Office (w/K/G/A) √ Visit Parc Montmorency (w/K/G/A) √ Visit Laval University (w/K/G/A) √ See the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral (w/K/G/A) √ See St. Andrew’s Church (w/K/G/A) √ Toronto Tower Saint Kitts and Nevis (w/K/G/A, 2017) √ Visit Basseterre √ See Old Treasury Building/National Museum √ See The Circus √ See Independence Square √ See the Public Market √ Visit Port Zante √ Visit the Marina √ Visit the Ferry terminal √ See the Berkeley Memorial Fountain & Clock √ Visit Boyds √ Visit Trinity √ Visit Challengers √ Visit Bloody Point √ Visit Middle Island √ Visit Sandy Point √ See Brimstone Hill Fortress √ Visit Newton Ground √ Visit Frigate Bay √ Visit Nevis √ Visit Charlestown √ Visit Memorial Square √ Circle the Island! √ Visit St Thomas Church (Oldest in the Caribbean c.1643) √ Visit Golden Rock Plantation Inn √ Visit Cotton Ginnery √ Visit Nevis Peak √ Visit Bath Hotel/Hot Springs √ Visit Nesbit Plantation Club

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Aruba (w/K) √ Visit Oranjestad √ See Haystack Hill (Hooiberg) √ Visit Alta Vista Chapel √ See California Lighthouse √ See Aruba Ostrich Farm √ See the Ayo and Casibari Formations √ Visit Arikok National Park √ See the natural bridge (and the collapsed one) √ Swam at a private beach and had Pina Coladas √ Climb down to and swim in the “Natural Pool” √ Visit the gold smelting ruins √ Go four-wheeling on wildly rugged terrain St. Maarten/St. Martin (w/G/K/A, ’13) √ Visit Philipsburg √ Visit Great Bay √ Visit the Boardwalk √ Visit Capt. Hodge Warf St. Barths/St. Barts (w/G/K/A, ’13) √ Visit Gustavia √ Visit Fort Karl √ See Shell Beach Dominican Republic (w/G/K/A, ’1) √ Visit Punta Cana Brazil √ Visit Iguaçu Falls Rio de Janeiro (all w/A) √ Visit Corcovado √ Visit Christ the Redeemer √ Visit Christ the Redeemer Chapel √ Visit Parque National da Tijula √ Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain √ Visit Praia de Copacabana √ Visit Ipanema Beach √ Visit Leblon Beach √ Visit Santa Teresa Neighborhood √ Visit Jardim Botanico Neighborhood √ Visit Babra da Tijula Neighborhood √ Visit Morro da Ursa √ Ride the Sugar Load Mountain Cable Car √ See Mosaic Pavement √ Visit Estradio do Maracana √ See the Favalas √ Visit the Lagoon √ Visit Guanabana Bay Beach √ Visit H. Stern Museum √ Visit Fashion District

Brasilia (all w/A) √ Visit Palace of Arches √ Visit Museu Historico de Brasilia √ See the Ministry Buildings √ Visit Cathederal Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida √ Visit Museu Nacional √ Visit Congresso National e Anexos √ Visit Palacio do Planalto √ Visit Palacio Itamaraty √ Visit Palacio da Justica √ Visit Supremo Tribunal Federal √ Visit Quartel General do Exercito √ Visit Memorial JK (Juscelino Kubitschek √ Visit Eixo Monumental √ Visit Memorial dos Povos Indigenas √ Visit TV Tower √ See the Digital TV Tower √ Visit Esplanda dos Ministerious √ Visit Os Candagos √ Visit Museu Nacional Honestino Guimaraes √ Visit Fundacas Biblioteca √ Visit Eternal Flame √ Visit UNESCO Monument √ Visit National Mane Garrincha Stadium √ Visit Liberty Pantheon/ Panteao da Liberdade √ Visit Tallest Flagpole in the world Singapore (2011) √ Ride on the Singapore Flyer (world’s tallest observation Wheel, 165 meters) √ Visit Raffles Long Bar & have a drink √ Visit the Raffles Hotel √ Visit Marina Bay √ Visit The Fullerton Heritage √ Visit the Customs House √ See the Botanic Gardens √ Visit Clifford Pier √ Visit The Fullerton Bay Hotel √ See the Fullerton Hotel √ Visit the Fountain of Wealth (world’s largest fountain) √ Visit Suntel City √ See St. Andrew’s Cathedral √ See St. John’s Church √ See the Fullerton Water-boat House √ Visit Merlion Park √ Cross the Esplanade Bridge √ Cross the Helix Bridge √ Cross the Anderson Bridge √ Visit the Padang (cricket field) √ See the Esplanade Theaters on the Bay (The Durian”)

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√ See the Float @ Marina Bay (world’s largest floating stage) √ Visit the Waterfront Promenade √ See the Gardens by the Bay (under construction) √ Visit the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands √ See the ArtScience Museum √ Visit the War Memorial (to Victimized Citizens during the Japanese Occupation) √ Visit Singapore Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark Bolivia √ Boat across Lake Titicaca (world’s highest navigatable lake) √ Visit the Isle del Sol (origin of the Inca Empire) √ See the Isla del Luna √ See Koa √ See Pallala √ Visit Copacabana √ Visit the Copacaban Cathedral √ See the Dark Lady of the Lake √ See the Virgen de La Candalaria √ Visit the Capailla de Velas √ See Tito Yupanqui’s statue √ Witness a challa (blessing of cars) √ Cross the Straight of Tiquina √ Visit the Plaza Sucre (in Copacabana) √ Visit Yumani √ Climb the Escalera del Inca √ Hike the Pilko Kania √ Photograph sunrise at Isle del Sol √ Photograph sunset at Isle del Sol summit √ See Challapampa √ See Chincana √ See the Three Springs/Fountain of Youth √ Visit the Inca ruins of Pikokaina √ Visit the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun √ Drink Koa tea (helped tx my dysentery) √ Drink Coca tea (helped with altitude) √ Be in Bolivia on Independence Day √ Visit/work in the infamous San Perdo Prison √ Visit/work in Obrajas Women’s Prison √ Visit/work in the Mirafiores Women’s Maximum Security Prison √ Walk the Prado √ Visit the Mercado de Hechiceria (“Witches’ Market”) and see dried Llama fetuses √ Visit the Plaza Murillo √ Have a private, guided tour of the Capitol √ See masked tobas dancers perform √ See diablada dancers perform √ Visit San Fransisco Cathedral √ Walk the Calle Sagamaga √ Visit the Sopocahi distrist

√ Visit Plaza Avaroa Jordan √ Visit Petra and see: Bab as-Siq Obelisk Tomb Al-Madras Cultic Centre al-Muthlim Tunnel al-Khazneh (the treasury) Street of Facades Theatre Royal Tombs Urn Tomb Tomb of Unayshu Silk Tomb Corinthian Tomb Palace Tomb Sextius Florentinus Tomb Nymphaeum The Great Temple Byzabtine church Temple of the Winged Lyons Arched Gate Baths of Petra Qsar al-Bint Temple Colonaded Street Mount Aaron √ Moses’ Well Europe √ Visit the Tower of London √ Visit Buckminster Cathedral √ Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral √ See Big Ben √ See Parliament √ See the Rosetta Stone √ Visit the British Museum √ Visit Oxford University and Colleges √ Visit Alte Pinakuthek √ Visit La Grand Palace (Brussels) √ Visit Hohenschwangau Castle √ Visit Neuschwanstein Castle √ Visit Konigsschloss Homenschwangau √ Visit Hohensalzburg Fortress √ Visit Dante's House √ Visit Mt. Sunegga, Switzerland √ Visit Lloyds of London √ See the Dutch Sea Barrier √ See Dutch Windmills √ Visit Van Goughmuseum √ Visit Stedeliuk Museum √ Visit Riuksmuseum √ Visit Uffizzi Museum

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√ See the Kon Tiki, Oslo, Norway √ Visit Vikingskiphuset Museum (Oslo) √ Visit Versailles √ Visit the Acropolis √ Visit the Parthenon √ Visit National Archeology Museum (Athens) √ Visit Rembrandt's Home √ Visit Ann Frank's House √ Visit Dachau Concentration Camp France √ Visit Chaillot Palace √ Visit Musee Du Jeu De Paume √ Visit Rodin Musee √ Visit National Modem Art Musee √ Visit Chartres Cathedral √ Visit Arch of Triumph √ Visit Notre Dame Cathedral √ Visit D'Art et de Culture Pompidu √ Visit Eiffel Tower (top) √ Visit the Louvre √ Visit Montmartre Italy √ Visit Roman Forum √ Visit Basilica of Sant Maria Maggiore √ Visit Piazza Campidoglio √ Visit Imperial Forum √ Visit Spanish Steps √ Visit Trevi Fountain √ Visit Bocc Della Vrita √ Visit Market at Compo dei Fiori √ Visit The Palatine √ Visit Arch of Titus √ Visit Sistine Chapel √ Visit Baths of Caracalla √ Visit Circus Maximus √ Visit Domus Augstana √ Visit Temple of Cybele √ Visit the Pantheon √ Visit Scala Sancta √ Visit the Forum of Augustus √ Visit Bargello (Florence) √ Visit Il Ponte Vecchio √ Visit the Forum of Trajan √ Visit the House of Vestal Virgins √ See the Umbilicus Urbus √ Visit Paleokastritsa √ Visit Spiandada √ Visit Mt. Vasuvious √ Visit Leaning Tower of Pisa (top) √ Visit Vatican City √ Visit Rome

√ Visit Pisa √ Visit Florence √ Visit Venice (2103, K&A) √ Visit the Campanile √ Visit the Columns of San Marco & San Teodoro √ Visit the Doge’s palace √ Visit the Prison √ See Torre Dell’Orologio √ Visit the Piazza San Marco √ Visit the Basilica San Marco √ Visit the Bridge of Sighs √ Visit the Rialto Bridge √ Visit the all the “neighborhoods” √ Visit the Santa Lucia Railway Station √ Visit the Palazzo Gritti √ Visit Harry’s Bar √ Visit the Academia √ Visit the Wooden Academia Bridge √ See the Palazzo Balbi √ See the Ca’ Foscari √ See the largest structure in Europe under glass √ Visit the Palazzo Mona Lin √ Visit the Palazzo Garzoni √ Visit the Palazzo Monenigo √ Visit the Palazzo Manin-Dolfin √ Visit the Palazzo Bembo √ Visit the Palazzo Farsetti √ Visit the Palazzo Loredan √ Visit the Palazzo Camerlenghi √ Visit the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo √ Visit over 30 other Palazzos √ Visit the Rialto Markets √ Visit San Giacomo di Rialto √ Visit Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari √ Visit Sluoloa Grade di San Rollo √ Visit Ponte della Paglia √ Ride in a water taxi √ Ride in a gondola, and see: √ Marco Polo’s Home √ Casanova’s Home √ Goethe’s “hotel” √ Rialto Bridge √ Bridge of Sighs √ Ride around the Grand Canal Portugal Lisbon (2103, K&A) √ Visit Jeronmo’s Monastery √ Visit the Tower of Belem √ Visit the Monument to the Discoveries √ Visit the Coach Museum √ Visit the Alfama Neighborhood

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√ Visit the Rossio Area √ See the Targus River and where it meets the Atlantic √ Visit Tereiro do Paco √ Visit St. George’s Castle √ Visit the Se Cathedral √ Visit the Resto do Chapito Terrace √ See the Aquas Livres Aquaduct √ See Santo Antonio a Se √ See the Miradouro √ See the Igreta da Gracd √ Visit Santa Cruz √ Visit the narrowest street in Lisbon √ Visit Rua de Santa, Cruz do Castelo √ Go up the Elevator da Gloria/Santa Justa √ Visit the Praca dos Restaurapores √ Visit Rua Augusta √ Visit Praca de Figueira √ Visit the Praca do Comercio √ Visit the Tomb of Vasco de Gama √ See the Igreja do Capmo √ See the Palacio de Belem √ See Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge √ See Cristo Rei Hungary Budapest √ See the Danube River √ Stay at the Hotel Gellert √ Visit the Gellert Baths √ See Castle Hill √ Cross the Chain Bridge √ Visit Gellert Hill √ See the Citadella √ See Orszaghaz √ See the Apartments on Bartok Bela utca Poland Krakow √ Visit Rynek Grundy √ Visit the Sukiennice ("cloth hall") √ Visit St. Mary's Church √ Listen to the "broken-off" tune of the bell tower trumpeter √ Visit Auschwitz and Berkenbau √ See the Vistula River Warsaw √ Visit Konstytucji Square √ Visit Lazienki Park and Palace √ See the Chopin Monument √ See the Royal Castle √ See St. John's Cathedral

√ See King Sigismund's Column √ See the Jozef Pilsudsji Monument √ See Syrena √ See the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier √ Visit Old Town Square √ See the Monument to the Warsaw Uprising √ See the Ghetto √ See the Monument to Ghetto Heroes √ See the Nozyk Synagogue (last of 400 synagogues left) √ Visit the Umschlagplatz (train for Treblinka) √ See Wilanow Palace and Park √ See the Grand Theater √ See the Palace of Culture and Science √ See St. John's Cathedral √ See St. Anna's Church √ See St. Alexander's Church √ See the place where Chopin's heart is entombed √ See St. Martin's Church √ See All Saints Church √ See the City Walls √ See The Guilded House √ See Majeran House √ See the Statue of St. Anna √ See the Fukier House √ See the Mermaid √ See the Little (boy) Insurgent Statue √ See New Town √ See Warsaw's Smallest House √ See Sapieha Palace √ See Church of Our Lady, Queen of Poland √ See the Church of St. Francis √ Travel on the Royal Way √ See the Monument to the Heros of Warsaw √ Visit the Saxon Gardens √ See the Copernicus Monument √ See Straight House √ See University Gate √ Visit the U of Warsaw √ See the Prince Jozef Poniatowski Monument √ See St. Joseph the Guardian's Church √ See Holy Cross Church √ See the Central Railway Station and ride a train √ See the Path of Remembrance √ See the Bunker Monument √ See the Pawiak Memorial √ See the Monument of 300 Victims Czech Republic Prague √ See Vysehrad √ See Prague Castle (largest in the world) √ See St. Vitus and St. Venceslas Catherdral

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√ See St. Adalbert Cathedral √ Old Royal Palace √ See St. George's Basilica √ See Golden Lane √ Eat at Lvi dvur Restruant (16th century) √ Visit Old Town √ Visit Jewish Town √ See the Jewish Museum √ Visit Maisel Synagogue √ See the Old Jewish Cemetery √ See the Tomb of Rabbi Low √ See the Old-New Synagogue √ See the Chapel of St. Longin √ See the Black Tower √ See the Basilica of St. George √ See the Strahov Monastery √ See Judith's Tower √ See the Chapel of St. Martin √ See the Lesser Town Bridge Towers √ See the Old Town Bridge Tower √ See the Charles Bridge √ Visit Old Town Square √ See the Old Town Hall w/Astronomical Clock (and saw it strike five) √ See the Church of Our Lady before Tyn √ Visit the Tyn Yard √ Visit the Mucha Museum √ See the National Museum √ See the Powder Tower √ See the National Theatre √ See the St. Wenceslas Memorial √ See the Church of St. Peter and Paul √ See the Barroque Church of St. Nicholas √ See the High Synagogue √ See the Pinkas Synagogue √ Visit the Ceremonial Hall w/ Children's Art from Terezin Concentration Camp √ See The Golden Lane √ See the Slavonic Monastery Emauzy √ See the Vltava River √ See the Ginger and Fred Building √ See the The Clementinum √ See the Barroque Church of St. Nicholas √ See Paris St. √ See the Jan Hus Monument √ See The Municipal House √ Dine at the French Restaurant at the Municipal House √ See the Sanctuary of the Infant Jesus of Prague √ Dine at V Zatisi √ See the Estates Theater √ See the Stone Grotto

China (w/K) Beijing √ Visit the Great Wall ("summited" 8000' peak) √ Visit Tian Anmen Square √ Visit the Imperial Palace/Forbidden City: Taihedian (Hall of Supreme Harmony); Zonghedian (Hall of Complete Harmony); Bahhedian (Hall of Preserving Hannony); Qianqingong (Hall of Heavenly Purity); Jiaotaidian (Hall of Union); Kunninggong (Palaceof Earthly Tranquility); Nine Dragon screen √ See Mao's Tomb √ Visit the People's Zoo and Pandas √ Visit the Confucian Temple √ Visit the Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) √ Visit the Summer Palace √ Visit the Ming Tombs Panama Panama City (all with GBS) √ Visit the Canal (Mariafieores Locks) and see a ship go through √ Visit Panama la Viesa and ruins (1st city) √ Visit Casco Viejo (2nd city) √ Visit Avenida Central √ Visit Parqul National Metropolitano (top of the city, saw a sloth!) √ Visit Bella Vista and Marbella √ Visit Playa Bonita √ Visit Amador √ Visit Cazada de Amador (3 islands and lunch) √ Visit the Frank Gehry site for the new center √ Visit Cathederal Towel √ Ride Arial Tram √ Visit Gamboa Rainforest √ See Bahia de Panama √ Ride on the Cinto Costera (1 month old) √ See via Espana √ See Calle Uraguay √ Visit la Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion √ Visit casa del Obisbo √ See Instutio National de Cultuda √ Visit Plaza de Francia √ Visit S’cena √ Visit Plaza de la Indepencia √ See Bride of the Americas √ Visit Paseo General Esteban Huertas √ See the National Theater √ Visit El Palauo de les Garzas √ Visit Mecardo de Mariscos √ See Salsipudes √ See Chinatown

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√ See Mercado Publico √ Ride up the Mono Titi Rody √ See the Golden alter in Iglesia San Jose √ Visit the Cathedral Metropolatna √ Visit Compania de Jesus √ Visit Plaza Herrera √ Visit Ingesia de la Mergad √ Visit Plaza Bolivar India (w/K) √ Visit the Taj Mahal √ Witness a Hindu Funeral and Pire √ Visit Qutb Minar monument √ Visit the Red Fort √ Visit Quwwat ul Islam √ Visit the Agra Fort √ Visit Durbar Square √ Visit Ashok Binayak shrine √ Visit Krishna Mandir Nepal (w/K) √ Visit Shiva Temple √ See the Royal Palace √ Stay at the Fishing Lodge (spent Christmas Eve and Day there) √ See Machhapuchhare √ See Annapurna Range √ See Maju Deval Temple √ See Kumari Ghar √ Visit Stupa of Swayambhunath √ See Pashupatinath √ Visit Bodhnath Stypa √ Visit Bhaktapur √ Visit Sun Dhoka (Golden Gate) √ Visit Pashupati Temple √ Nyatapola Temple √ Visit Kasi Bishwanath Temple √ Visit Pokhara √ Canoe on Phewa Lake √ Visit Royal Chitwan National Park Thailand (w/K) √ Travel on the Chao Phryaya River (River of Kings) √ Ride on a Thai “Jet-Boat” √ Get a traditional Thai Massage √ Visit Chatuchak Market √ See the Grand Palace √ See the Chitralada Palace √ See the Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, w/K) √ Visit Tokyo Tower (Tallest structure in Asia and the

tallest metal tower in the world) √ Visit the Ginza √ See an original Kabuki performance √ See (and photograph) the Emperor and Royal Family of Japan √ Visit the Inner areas of the Imperial Palace (only open to the public x2 per year) √ See Mt. Fuji √ Visit Asakusa Park √ Visit Asakusa Kannon Sensoji Temple √ Visit Todai-ji Temple (world's largest wooden structure) √ See Daibutsu Buddha (largest in Japan) √ Visit Nara park and feed the deer √ Visit Kasuga Shinto Shrine, Nara, Japan √ Visit Higashi Honganji Temple, Kyoto, Japan √ Visit the Golden Pavilion √ Visit Nijo Castle √ Visit Ginkakuji (Temple of the Silver Pavilion) √ Visit the Ryoanji Temple √ Visit Shimogamo Shrine √ Visit the Temple of Bydo-in √ Visit Heian Shrine √ Visit Sanjusangendo Hall (with 1001 Kannon statues) √ Visit Kiyomizu Temple √ Visit Osaka Castle √ See the Tallest Pagoda in Japan √ Ride on the Bullet Trains Korea (w/K) Seoul √ Visit the National Museum of Korea √ Visit Tongdaemun Market √ Visit Seoul Tower (tallest structure in Korea, 3rd tallest in Asia) √ Visit Toksugung Palace √ Visit Kyongbok Palace √ Visit a Korean Folk Village √ Visit National Folk Museum of Korea Cambodia Phnom Penh √ Royal Palace √ Silver Pagoda √ Throne Hall √ Chan Chaya Pavilion √ Tuoi Sleng Museum √ Wat Phnom √ Wat Ounalom √ Olympic Stadium √ Independence Monument √ Central Market

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Siem Reap Koh Kher Complex √ Prasat Bram √ “Black Lady” Stupa √ Prasat Chen √ Prasat Neang Khmau √ Prasat Leung √ Prasat Damrei √ Prasat Krahom √ Prasat Krachab √ Prasat Thom (“summited”) √ Beng Mealea Temple Angkor Wat Temple Complex √ Sunrise at Angkor Wat Battle of Kurukshetra Army of Suryavarman II Heaven & Hell Churning of the Ocean of Milk Elephant Gate Vishnu Conquers the Demons Krishna & the Deamon King Battle of the Gods & the Demons Battle of Lanka √ Angkor Thom √ Ta Prohm √ South Gate √ Bayon The Chams on the Run Linga Worship A Naval Battle The Chams Vanquished A Military Precession Civic War The All-Seeing King Victory Parade The Circus Comes to Town A Land of Plenty The Chams of Plenty The Chams Retreat The Chams Sack Angkor The Chams Enter Angkor √ Elephant Terrace √ Leper King Terrace √ Rhimeanakas √ Baphoun √ Royal Grounds, Enclosure, and Phimeanakas √ Preah Palilay √ Tep Pranam √ Preah Pithu Group √ Terrace of the Leper King √ Kleangs & Prasat Suor Prat Denmark (w/K)

Copenhagen √ Visit Tivoli √ Toured Stroget √ Saw the Little Mermaid Benin √ Visit Porto Novo √ Visit Contonou Nigeria (2018) √ Visit Lagos √ Visit Abuja √ See Aso Rock √ Visit Federal Capital Territory √ See Abuja National Mosque/Nigerian National Mosque √ See the Presidential Complex √ See the National Assembly √ See the Supreme Court of Nigeria Egypt (w/K) √ Visit Luxor √ Visit the Temple of Karnak √ Visit the Temple of Luxor √ Visit Abu Simbel √ Visit Temple of Ramses 11 √ Visit of Nefreteri √ Cross the Nile √ Visit Memphis √ Visit the Alibaster Sphinx √ Visit the Colossi of Ramses 11 √ Visit the Step Pyramids of Zoser I (the world's oldest structure) √ Visit the Tomb of the Sacred Bulls √ Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx √ Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut √ Visit Deir al Bahari √ Visit the Saqqarah Necropolis √ Visit the tombs of Mereruka and Kagemni √ Visit the Citadel in Cairo √ Visit the Egyptian Museum √ Visit King Tutankhamen's Tomb √ Visit the Valley of the Kings √ Visit the Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amon √ Visit the Valley of the Queens √ Visit the Valley of the Nobles Costa Rica (w/K) √ Explore the Irazu volcano √ Explore the Carara rainforest and Biological Reserve √ Visit Jaco Beach √ Witness a Total Solar Eclipse

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Israel (w/K) √ Visit Massada √ Visit Ein Gedi √ Visit the Dead Sea (and floated in it), the lowest place on earth √ Visit the West Bank √ Visit Jericho (the world’s oldest city) √ Visit a Bedouin tent and have coffee √ Visit Old Jaffa √ See Andromeda’s Rock √ Visit the Tower of David √ Visit the Western Wall √ Visit the Mount of Olives √ Visit the King David's Tomb √ Visit the Via Dolorosa √ Visit Mt. Moriah √ Visit the Ecce Homo Arch √ Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre √ Visit Calvary √ Visit the Cenacle (place of the Last Supper) √ Visit the Church of All Nations √ Visit the Gethsemane √ Visit the Dome of the Rock at Ramadan √ Visit the Mount of Temptation √ Visit the Church of the Nativity √ Visit the Chapel of Manger √ Visit the Birthplace of Christ √ Saw the Herodian √ Visit the Milk Grotto Church √ Visit the Old City √ Visit Mt. Zion √ Visit Bethlehem South Africa √ Visit Cape Town √ Visit Johannesberg √ Visit Kruger National Park √ Visit Soweto √ Visit Hector Pieterson memoral √ Visit Robben Island √ Visit Nelson Mandela’s House √ Visit Desmond Tutu’s House √ Participate in Sangoma (“Witch Doctor”) Meetings √ Visit Cape of Good Hope √ Visit Table Mountain √ Visit Castle of Good Hope √ Visit Greenmares Square √ Visit The Grand Parade √ Visit Victoria and Alfred Waterfront √ Visit Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden √ Visit Lion’s Head Mountain √ Visit Devil’s Peak √ Visit Muizenberg Beach

√ Visit Fish Hoek Beach √ Visit Clifton beach √ Visit Llandudno Beach √ Visit Hottentots-Howard Mountains √ Visit False Bay √ Visit Miller’s Point √ Visit Wmitswinkel Bay √ Visit Cape Point and Lighthouse √ Visit Mowbray √ Visit the Quaker Peace Center √ Visit Valkenberg Hospital √ Visit Pretoria √ Visit Chapman’s Peak √ Visit Koeelbaai √ See the Twelve Apostles √ See the Indian Ocean √ Visit Spier Wine Estate √ Visit Belfast (really) √ See the Three Rondavels √ Visit Blyde River Canyon √ See God’s Window √ Visit Pinnacle Rock √ Visit Graskop √ Visit Mariepskop √ See White River √ Visit Haznlew √ Viewed the Southern Cross constellation √ Visit Bushveld √ Visit Lowveld √ Visit Savanna √ Visit Nygana (Shanty Town in Cape Town) √ Visit Rand Afrikaans University √ Visit South African Department of Health √ Visit Medical School and Pretoria Academic Hospital √ Visit Champs Bay √ Meet with the Medical Research Council Spain Barcelona √ See La Pedredra or Casa Mila (UNESCO declared to be of world interest) √ See Temple of the Sagrada Familia √ See Museu Zoologic (Montaner’s castle) √ See Parc de la Civtadella √ See Gothic Quarter √ See Roman Walls √ See Placa de Catalunya (“Capital of Catalonia”) √ See Eixample (Modernist Quarter) √ See Los Ramblas √ See Rambla de Catalunya √ See Placa Novia √ See Cathedral

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√ See Collegid’ Arquitectes √ See Sagrada Familia √ See Columbus Monumnet √ See Canaletas Fountain (Font de Canaletas) √ See Centre de Cultura Contemporania √ See Macba (Contemporary Art Museum) by Richard Meier √ See Rambla del Mar √ See Palau March √ See Placa de Ramon Bereuguer El Gran √ See Portal del Bisbe (Bishop’s Gate) √ See Palau del Bisbe (Bishop’s Place) √ See Casa de L’Ardiaca (Arch Deacon’s Residence) √ See Cristo Rei (Pla de la Seu) √ See Miro Park √ See Public Library √ See Montjuic √ See Spanish Village (Public Espanyol) √ See Placa d’Espanya √ See Torre de Calatrava √ See 1992 Olympic Complex √ See Las Arenas √ See Flente Magicia (Magic Fountain) √ See Placa de Univers √ Visit Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion √ See Palau Naciona (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) √ See Anella Olympica (Olympic Ring) √ Visit Olympic Stadium √ Visit Olympic Terrace √ See Placa ‘d Europa √ See Torre de Catatrava √ See Universitat de L’Esport √ See Palau d’Esports Sant Jordi √ See Bernardo Picornell Olympic Pools √ See El Molino (closed in 1998) √ See Avinguda Paral.lel √ See Maritime Museum √ See Duana Nova √ See Capitania General (Army Headquarters) √ See Moll d’Espanya √ See Olympic Village √ See Olympic Village Pramende √ See Water Tower √ See Arts Barcelona Hotel and Mapfre (2 tallest towers in Spain) √ See Olympic Port √ See Centre Metewelogic √ See Museum of Modern Art √ See Umbracle √ See Hivernacle √ See Passeigde de Gracia √ See Diagonal

√ See Parc Joan Miro √ See Fira de Barcelona √ See Palau St. Jordi √ See Monumento a Colom √ See Franca Estacio √ See Correus (Post Office) √ See parc de la Civtadella √ See Arc of triomf √ See Platja San Salvador √ See Platja Barceloneta √ See Placa d’Arnes √ See Passeig de Llvis Companies √ See Sant Antoni Market √ See Universitat Central √ See Parlament de Catalunya √ See World Trade Center √ See Frank Ghery’s “Fish” sculpture Madrid √ Visit Atocha Station √ See the Plaza da Cibeles √ See the Plaza Canovas del Castillo √ See the Hotel Palace √ See the Circulo de Bellas Artes √ See the Puerta de Alcala √ See the Palacio de Communications √ See the Hotel Ritz √ See the Bolsa de Comercio √ See the Parque del Retiro √ Visit the Museo del Prado √ See the Velazquez Collectioon √ See the Three Graces √ See the Martydom of St. Philip √ See the Garden of Delights √ See the Goya Collection √ See the Naked and Clothed Maja √ See the Adoration for the Shepards √ See the Annunciation √ See the Ministerio de Agricultura √ See the Plaza de Colon √ See the Puerta de Alcala √ Visit the Palicio Municipal de Congresso √ Visit Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida √ Visit Goya's final resting place √ See Goya's St. Anthony fresco √ Ride on the Metro √ See the Edifico Metropolis √ Visit the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza √ See Picasso's Harlequin with a Mirror √ See Christus' Our Lady of the Dry Tree √ See Rubens' The Toilet of Venus √ See the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Bilbao

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√ Visit the Museo Guggenheim √ Visit Parque de Dona Casilda de Iturriza √ Visit the Plaza del Museo √ Visit the Plaza de Federico Moyua √ Eat at the Cafe Iruna (c. 1903) √ Stroll the Avendia Abandoibarra √ See the Monumento a Trueba Turkey Istanbul √ See Golden Horn √ See Ataturk Bridge √ See Aqueduct of Valens √ Visit Kariye Museum √ See Suleymananiye Mosque and Complex √ See Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet) √ See Hippodrome √ See Egyptian Obelisk √ See Haiga Sophia √ See Galata Bridge √ See Topkappi Palace √ See Grand Bazaar √ See the Bosphorus √ See the Golden Horn √ See Maramara Seea √ See Bosphorus Bridge (4th longest bridge in the world) √ See European and Asian sides of Istanbul √ See the Beylerbeyi Palace √ See Kiz or Leander’s Tower √ See Serpentine Column √ See Park of Gulhane √ See the Treasury √ See the Tile Pavilion (Cinili Kosk) √ See the Harem √ See the Mecidiye Pavilion √ See the Circumcision Hall (ouch) √ See the Beyazit II (earliest surviving imprial mosque) √ See Quayside Square √ See Gaiata Tower Honduras (w/K) √ Visit Roatan √ Explore the Spanish Fort √ Explore Copan Ruins (Mayan capitol) Australia √ Visit the Sidney Opera House √ Visit Bondi Beach √ Visit Circular Quay √ Visit Sidney Harbour √ Visit Harbour Bridge (World’s Largest Single Span

Bridge) √ Visit Museum of Contemporary Art √ Visit The Rocks √ Visit Argyle Cut √ Visit Cadman’s Cottage √ Visit Garrison Church √ Visit Observatory Hill √ Visit Kings Cross √ Visit Hyde Park √ Visit Oxford Street √ Visit Paddington √ Visit Campbell Parade √ Visit Double Bay √ Visit Vaucluse √ Dive the Great Barrier Reef √ Ride in a Catamaran √ Visit Carins √ Visit Camberra √ Climb Mt. Kosciusko (summit) √ Visit Threadbo √ Visit Port Douglass - Agincourt Reef New Zealand √ Visit Queen Elizabeth Square √ Visit Old Courthouse √ Visit National Maritime Museum √ Visit Sky Tower √ Visit Victoria Park markets √ Visit Art Gallery √ Visit Auckland University (gave talk) √ Visit Parliament Street √ See Grafton Bridge (World’s Largest Ferro concrete Span) √ See One Tree Hill √ See Harbour Bridge √ See Mount Eden √ See Mount Victoria √ See North Head Hawaii √ Visit Maui (C/K/G/A) √ Ride a bike down the Haleakala Volcano, Maui √ See Haleakala Volcano Crater (largest in the world) √ Participate in a Luau (C/K/G/A) √ Visit Lahaina (C/K/G/A) √ Visit the North Shore (home of the Bondi Pipeline) (C/K/G/A) √ Waimea Bay (C/K/G/A) √ Sunset Beach (C/K/G/A) √ Visit Lanikai (C/K/G/A) √ Visit Kailua (C/K/G/A) √ See Hanauma Bay (C/K/G/A) √ See Diamond Head (C/K/G/A)

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√ See USS Arizona Museum and memorial √ See Pearl Harbor √ See Honolulu (C/K/G/A) √ See Waikiki (C/K/G/A) Hong Kong (w/K) √ See Victoria’s Peak √ Ride the Funicular Train √ Ride the Ferry in Victoria Harbour √ See I. M. Pei’s Bank Building √ See Aberdeen √ Have High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel √ See a Movie at the I-Max Theater √ Visit the Science and technology Museum √ See the Opera House √ See the Convention center √ Ride in a Junk in the Harbor Vietnam √ See Hanoi √ See Halong Bay (Bay of Dragons) √ See One Pilar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot) √ See Ho Chi Min’s Tomb √ See Ho Chi Min’s Museum (Bao Tang Ho Chi Min) √ See Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) √ See Oldest Pagoda in Hanoi (Tran Quoc Pagoda) √ See “Hanoi Hilton” (Hoa Lo Prison) √ See a Water Puppet Show (Thang Long Troupe) √ See Old Quarter √ See Government Guest House √ See Hotel Metropol √ See Pagoda on the Lake √ See War (Army) Museum (Bao Tang Quan Doi) √ See Lenin Statue √ See Opera House (Municipal Theater) √ See a bamboo instrument musical performance √ See Gulf of Tonkin √ See Flag Tower √ See Presidential Palace √ See Ngu Xa Pagoda √ See Quan Thanh Temple √ See St. Joseph Church √ See Hai Phong √ See Long Bien Bridge √ See Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword) √ See Noc Son Temple (Temple of the Jade Mound) √ See The Huc (Sunbeam Bridge) √ See Ba Da Pgoda √ See Ly Trieu Quoc Su Pagoda (Chua King, Pagoda of Confucius) √ See Dong Xuan Market √ See Lenin Park √ See French Quarter

√ See Khue Van Cac (Pleiape Pavillion) √ See Dai Thanh Mon (Great Wall Gate) √ See Thien Quang Tinh (Heavenly Light Well) √ See Dai Thanh (Great Success Gate) √ See Bai Duong (House of Ceremonies) √ See Ba Dihn Square √ See Dien Huu Pagoda √ See Ho Tay (West Gate, Lake of the Mists) √ See Tran Quoc agoda (Defense of the Country) √ See South China Sea √ See Monkey Island √ See Quang Ninh Province √ See Hong Gai √ See Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave √ See Dau G0 Cave √ See “Ho’s” Beach (“Titto’s” Beach) Ecuador √ Stand on the “Middle of the World” (Mitad del Mundo) √ Visit the Equatorial Line in Quito √ See Cotopaxi √ See Cayambe Mountain (third largest in Ecuador) √ Hike in the Ecuadorian Andes √ See the Peguche Waterfall (Casa de Peguche) √ Visit the Tejedores (loom weavers) √ Tour and have lunch at the Pinsaoui Hacienda (met the owner ) √ Eat a biscocho in Cayambe √ See the Otovalo Statues √ See the Statue of Ruminahui √ See the Imbabura Mountain (husband) √ See the Cotacachi Mountain (wife) √ See the San Pablo Lagoon √ Visit Otavalo and the market √ Visit the Eucalyptus Forest in Otavalo √ Visit the Andean Highlands √ Explore the Amazon Rainforest √ Meet indigenous Amazon Tribal peoples (Achuar in Ecuador) √ See a pink river dolphin (Amazon) √ Visit a Cloud Forest (Ecuador) √ See the Virgin of Quito (or the Americas) √ Visit the Plaza de la Independencia √ See La Catedral √ Visit the Archbishop's Palace √ See the Administration Building √ See the Palacio de Gobierno √ Visit the Palacio Presidential √ See La Compania √ Walk the La Ronda neighborhood √ Visit the Plaza San Francisco √ Visit El Monastro de San Francisco and see mass

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√ Visit the Catuna Chapel √ See the Teatro Nacional Sucre √ See the Parque La Alameda √ See the Observatorio Astronomica √ See the (burned remains) of the Palacio Legislativo √ See Parque El Ejido Galapagos Islands √ Go on a cruise of the Galapagos Islands √ Visit Santa Cruz √ Visit Charles Darwin Research Center √ See Academy Bay √ Visit Isla Sante Fe √ Visit Isla Seymour √ Visit Espanola √ Visit Gardner's Bay √ See the BlowHole Turks and Caicos 2019 (w/K and A) √ Providenciales Colombia 2018 - 2019 Medellin (w/K and A) √ Visit the Qruideorama √ See the Parque Explora √ Visit the Jardin Botanico de Medellin √ Visit the Parque de los Desos √ Visit the Parque de los Descalzos √ See the Casa de la Memoria √ Ride the Metro de Medellin √ Visit the Museo de Arte Moderno √ Visit the Plazoleta de las Esculturas √ Visit the Plaza Botero √ See all 23 Fernando Botero sculptures √ Visit the Parque Berrio √ Visit the Basilica de la Candlaria √ See the Rio Medeliin √ Visit the Zona Centro √ Visit the Centro Administraivo La Alpujarra √ See the Cathedral Metropolitana (world’s largest fired brick church) √ Visit the Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe (sic) √ Visit the El Poblado √ Visit the Parque Poblado √ See the Mural in the Metro Station √ Visit the Telemedellin Canal Parque √ See a Telemedellin news broadcast live √ See the Pixeteadoro √ See the Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro √ See the Iglesia San José √ See the Iglesia Jesús Nazareno √ Visit the El Poblado Park

√ Visit the Golden Mile √ Visit the Calle de la buena mesa √ See the Museum of Antioquia √ Visit the Los Deseos Park √ Visit the Botanical Garden √ Visit the North Park √ See the Univesitary City of the University and Antioquia √ See the Ruta N √ See the Planetarium √ See the Park Explore √ Visit the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit √ See the Sports Museum √ Visit the Barefoot Park √ Visit the Cerro Nutibara √ Visit the Pueblito Paisa √ Visit the Birds of Peace √ Visit the Virgen Rosa Mystica (Virgin of the Mystic Rose) √ Visit the San Antonio Plaza √ Visit the 50/50 (place where the 50th Cll. crosses the 50th Cra.) √ See the Edifico Inteligente EPN √ Ride the Metrocable to the top √ Visit the Barrio Santa Domingo √ Visit the Arvi Park √ Visit The President Park √ See the Biblioteca Espania √ See the Gobernacion de Antioquia √ See the Monomento a la Raza √ See the Estacuion Antigua Ferrocarril √ See the Museo Historica del Ferrocarril √ Visit the Plaza Mayor √ See the Edificio Carre √ See the Biblioteca EPM √ Visit the Pueblito Pasia √ See the Cerro Nutibara √ Visit the Park Lleras √ Visit The Golden Mile Kosovo 2019

Prishtina √ See the Skenderbeg Statue √ See the National Theatre √ See the Union Hotel √ See the Public Fountains √ See the Kosovo Parliament √ See the Monument in the name of Yugoslav Brotherhood and Unity (tre rremeshi) √ Visit the Old Town √ Visit the Archeological Park √ See the Kocadishi House √ See the Clock tower (Sahat Kulla)

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√ See the Mbrett Mosque √ See the Faith Mosque √ See the Great Hammam √ Visit the Emin Gjiku complex and Ottoman house √ See the Ethnological Museum √ See the Hynler House √ See the Pirinaz Mosque √ See Ibrahim Rugova’s memorial √ See the Youth & Sports Palace (Boro Ramiz) √ See the Newborn Monument √ Visit the University of Prishtina √ Visit the National Library √ Unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church √ Visit the Catholic Cathedral (Mother Theresa) √ See the Madeline Albright statue √ See the Bill Clinton Statue √ Visit the Ministry of Health √ Visit the Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT) √ Visit the Kosovo Association of Psychologists Headquarters √ Visit the RIT Kosovo Campus √ Visit the Market/Bazar √ Visit Germia Park (and lunch @ Villa Germia)

√ See Orthodox Church of Hrista Spasitelja √ See the Castle Kalaja √ See Sharr Mountains √ Eat Flijm

Southern Kosovo

Russia √ Visit Red Square √ Visit St. Basil’s Catherdral √ Visit the Moscow Bolshoi Theater √ Ride the Moscow Metro √ See the River Volga √ See the Hermitage √ See Lenin Statue (outside Finland Stations) √ See Monument of the Defenders of Leningrad √ See Bronze Horseman (Peter the Great) √ See Wooden Cabin (Peter the Great’s) √ See Nakhimov Naval Academy and the Aurora √ See Summer Palace √ See Engineers’ Castle √ See Field of Mars √ See Fontanka √ See Anichkov Bridge √ See The Admirality √ See St. Isaac’s Cathedral √ See Astoria Hotel √ See Mariinsky Palace (City Hall) √ See The Bule Bridge √ See Cathedral of St. Nigrola √ See Masque √ See Academy of Arts √ See Obelisk √ See Twelve Colleges/St. Petersburg University √ See Kunstkamera √ See Ploschad Iskusstvo √ See Russian Museum √ See Church of the Resurrection √ See Maly Theater of Opera and Ballet √ See Catherine the Great Fountain

√ Visit Prizren √ Visit the Marble Cave (Gadime Cave) √ Visit the Sharri Resort for coffee √ Participate in a Prizreni Walking Tour √ Visit Sinan Pasha Mosque √ See St. George Cathedral √ See League of Prizren Complex √ Socialist War Memorial √ See Gazi Memhet Pasha Hammam √ See Halveti Tekke √ See Kukli Begut √ See Minerate of Arasta Mosque √ Visit Sheh Hasan House √ See Emin Pasha Mosque √ Cross the Stone Bridge (Ura e Gurit)

Finland √ See Kauppatori (Market Square) √ See Senaatintori (Senate Square) √ See Tuomiokirkko (Domkyrkan Cathedral) √ See University (Helsinki) √ See Routsalainen (Swedish Theater) √ See Ateneum Art Museum √ See National Theatree √ See Central Railway Station √ See the Post Office √ See Parlaiment House √ See National Museum √ See Finland Hall √ See City Museum

Central Kosovo √ Visit the Prishtina Bear Sanctuary √ See the Gracanica Monastery √ See the Bolovc Lake/Lake Gracanica √ See the Milos Obilic on a Horse Statue √ Visit the Roman Ruins of Ulpiana √ Visit the Cave of Gadime/Marble √ See the Sharri Mountains

Northern Kosovo √ Visit Mitrovica √ Visit Diakonie Offices √ Visit the Psycho-social Center for Trauma Therapy √ Visit the Mitrovica Bridge

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√ See Museum of Modern Art (under construction) √ See Temppeliaukio Church (Church in the Rock) √ See Olympic Stadium √ See Ice Hall √ See Museum of Applied Arts √ See Gernam Church √ See Opera House √ See Uspensky Cathedral √ See Stockmann’s √ See Winter Garden √ See Kappeli Restruant √ See Three Smiths Statue √ See Esplanadi Park √ See Havis Amanda Fountain (women and seals) √ See Czarina’s Obelisk √ See Old Mauket Hall √ See Observatory Hall √ See Hesperia Park √ See Johannes Church √ See St. Hendrick’s Church √ See Aleksis Kivi Statue √ See Kaivopina √ See Markaratalo √ See Atheneum √ See Aleksanterinkatu √ See Aketeeminen Kirjakauppa (Scandinavia’s Laundry Bookstore) √ See Helsinki Cathedral √ See General Manwerheim Statue √ See Café Gara Melle √ Take a traditional Finnish Sauna and Massage US National Monuments/ Memorials/ Landmarks/ Historical Sites (and see below) √ Arlington National Cemetery √ Boston National Historical Park/Freedom Trail ‘08 √ Eisenhower Nat’l Historic Site, Gettysburg, ‘07 √ Gettysburg Nat’l Historic Site, Gettysburg, ‘07 √ Edgar Allan Poe Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ Independence Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ National Memorial, Philly, ‘10 √ Thaddeus Kosciuszko Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ Benjamin Franklin Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ Underground RR Freedom Network, Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ Schuylkill River Nat’l Historic Site, Philly, ‘10 √ Schuylkill River Nat’l Historic Site, Valley Forge, ‘10 √ Valley Forge, Nat’l Historic Site, Valley Forge, ’10 √ MLK Memorial, ‘11 √ Old Post Office Tower, DC, ‘07 √ Ford’s Theatre, Nat’l Historic Site, ’06, ‘07 √ Petersen House, Nat’l Historic Site, ’06, ‘07 √ National Mall & Memorial Parks, ‘07

√ District of Columbia World War Memorial, ’06, ‘07 √ Thomas Jefferson Memorial, ’97, ‘06 √ National Mall and Memorial Parks, ’06, ‘07 √ Pennsylvania Ave NHS, ‘07 √ John Paul Jones Memorial, 07 √ George Madison Memorial, ‘07 √ Constitution Gardens, ’06, ‘07 √ Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, ‘07 √ West Potomac Park, ‘07 √ John Ericsson Memorial, ‘07 √ Washington Monument, (inside) ‘07 √ Vietnam Veterans Memorial, ’06, ‘07 √ Mem to the 56 signers of the Dec of Independence, ‘07 √ World War II Memorial, ‘07 √ Lincoln Memorial, ‘07 √ FDR Memorial, ‘06 √ National Capital Region, ‘06 √ Lincoln Home National Historic Site, ‘03 √ Lewis & Clark Nat’l Hist Trail, ‘04 √ L&M Canal Nat’l Heritage Corridor, ‘08 √ Jefferson Nat’l Expansion Memorial, ‘04 √ Mesa Verde Nat’l Park, ‘93 √ Death Valley Nat’l Park, ‘07 √ USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI, ‘98 √ Yosemite National Park, CA, ‘10 √ Haleakala Nat’l Park, Makawao, Hawaii, ‘04 Azerbaijan (2023, w/K)

Baku √ Visit Old Town (Icherisheher) √ Visit Double Gate (Qosa Qala Qcpisi) √ See the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography √ Visit Bukhara Caravanserai √ Visit Multani Caravanserai √ See the Maiden Tower √ Visit 17th Century Marketplace √ See Hadji Bani Bathhouse √ Visit Open Air Museum √ See the Hajinski Mansion √ See the Madrasa Mosque √ See the Mugham Club √ See the Ashur (Lezgi) Mosque √ See the Juma (Friday) Mosque √ See the Mohammed Mosque √ Visit Murad’s Gate √ Seethe Palace of the Shirvanshahs (Kings of Shirvan) √ Visit Murad’s Gate √ Visit Old City Walls √ See the Quadrangular Tower √ Visit Boom Town √ Visit Fountain Square √ See the Nazaemi Museum of Literature

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√ Visit Nazaemi Park and Monument √ Visit Sabir Park and Monument √ Visit Taghiyeu Gate √ See the Ismailiyya Palace √ See The Institute of Manuscripts √ Visit Azerbaijan State University of Economics √ See the Wedding Palace √ See the Institute of Manuscripts √ See the City Hall √ See the Philharmonic Hall and Fountain Park √ See the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan √ See the SOCAR Tower √ Ride the Finicular √ See the Nicholet √ See the Flame Towers √ Visit Upland Park √ Visit Shehidlar Xiyabani (Martyr’s Lane) √ Visit Shehidlar Monument √ Visit Dagustu Park √ See the Carpet Museum √ Visit Little Venice √ Visit Bayrag (National Flagpole) √ Visit Baku Boulevard √ Visit Corniche √ Visit Freedom Square √ See the Government House √ Visit Parachute Tower √ Visit Park Boulevard Shopping Mall √ Visit Nazami Street √ See the Baku Eye Ferris Wheel √ See the Baku Crystal Hall √ See the Hilton Baku √ See the JW Marriott √ Stay at the Radisson Park Inn √ Visit National Library √ Visit Caspian Sea √ Visit Dəniz Mall √ Visit Baku Panoramic View √ See the Parliament √ See the Alley of Martyrs Mosque √ See the Baku Sports Hall √ Visit Park Bulvar Mall √ See the The Crescent √ See the Port Baku Mall √ Visit Port Baku Park √ See the Port Baku South Tower √ Visit New City Park √ Visit Park Azure √ Visit Dəmirçi Plaza √ See the Sahil Bağı √ Visit Sefixanli Park √ Visit Dənizkənarı Milli Park √ Visit Molokan Gardens

√ Visit Fikret Emirov Parki √ Visit Buxtaya Baxış √ Visit Seaside Boulevard √ Visit Малоканский Садик Баку √ See the Baku Olympic Stadium √ See the Heydar Aliyev Centre √ Attend F1 Races √ Visit Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah's Palace and Maiden Tower Saudi Arabia (w/K, 2023)

Riyadh √ Visit the National Museum √ Visit Murabba Historical Palace √ Visit Masmak Fortress (Masmak Palace) √ Visit Souq-al-Zal √ Visit the Sky Bridge at the Kingdom Tower, the tallest building in Riyadh √ Stay at Le Meridien Riyadh √ Visit to Ad Diriya √ Visit Al Bujairi √ Visit Diriyah Museum √ Visit Al-Zawihra Mosque √ Visit Wadi Hanifah Valley √ Visit the Edge of the World (2) √ Visit the cliffs of Tuwaik Mountain √ Visit the At-Turaif District in ad-Dir'iyah UNESCO World Heritage Site √ Visit the Horse Museum √ Visit the Military Museum √ Visit the Social Life Museum √ See the developing Financial Center √ See the King Fahad National Library √ See the Najd Oasis Walkway √ See the Hamad Tower √ See the Etlal Tower √ See the Hital Tower √ See the Princess Al Anoud Tower √ See the Saudi Television Tower √ See the Royal Family’s Airport

Al-Ula √ Stargazing at Gharameel’s mystical rock formations √ Stay at Shaden Resort √ Visit Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site √ See the Hijaz Railway Station √ Visit Jabal Ithlib √ Visit Jabal Al Bbanat √ Visit Jabal Al Ahmar √ Visit Tomb of Lihyan son of Kuza √ Visit Old Town

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√ Visit the Castle √ Visit the Tantora sundial √ Visit the Tantora Hotel √ Visit the Masjid al-Izam (Friday Mosque) √ Visit the Boulevard √ Visit the Kingdom of Dadan ruins √ Visit Jabal Ikmah (Open Library) √ Visit the Lion Tombs √ Visit the Elephant Rock √ Visit Harrat View (highest point in Al-Ula)

FAVORIATE MOVIES 2001 Gattaca Jacob’s Ladder To Kill a Mockingbird Inherit the Wind Waking Life What Dreams May Come Altered States Smoke The Day the Earth Stood Still The 6th Sense Patriot Games Pay it Forward FAVORITE BOOKS Black Swan - Nassim Nicholas Taleb Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand Fountainhead - Ayn Rand READ SELECTED WORKS OF: √ James Joyce √ Ernest Hemingway √ William Shakespeare √ Walker Percy √ John Irving √ Tom Wolfe √ Plato √ Aristotle √ Dickens

√ Thoreau √ Twain √ Burroughs √ Jack Kerouac √ Murray Gell-Mann √ Steinbeck √ Steven Hawking √ Karen Armstrong √ Oliver Sacks √ Elie Wiesel √ J.D. Salinger √ Kafka √ William Gibson √ Arthur Miller √ Victor Frank √ Dante √ Aldus Huxley √ Harper Lee √ George Elliot (Silas Marner) √ Nabacov √ E. O. Wilson √ Epictetus √ Richard Feynman √ Stephen Jay Gould √ C. S. Lewis √ John Updike √ Sinclair Lewis √ Buckminster Fuller √ Richard Dawson √ Machiavelli √ Malcolm X √ Sandberg √ Turkle √ Robert Pinsky √ William Faulkner √ Orwell √ Henry James √ Stewart Kaufman √ Robert Nozick √ Herman Hess √ Poe √ Emerson

Links and Details ______________________________________________________________________

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The List/Life Resume It was the "List." I think I can trace it all back to the List. Back when I was a reeeally bored teenager in Indiana (need I say more?), I'd read about a fellow named John Goddard. The article was in a 1972 issue of LIFE magazine about this man who, when 15 years old, wrote down 127 goals he wanted to accomplish, hence his List. He had done so in the 1940s and this article was on how he was doing so far. He'd basically done pretty well by 1972 with getting lots of check marks on his List. This list wasn't like some fleeting obsessional to-do list that just fizzled and got lost in a drawer, instead it became a blue-print for his life. Well, being an impressionable youth, I made one for myself. It has turned out to be a terrific motivator to fight-off inertia, lethargy, and couch-potatoism. As for my List, it has evolved as many such wacky things like jet skis and parasailing didn't exist when I authored my first edition. Seems like I tend to often be attracted to doing things where the goal isn’t to win, per se, but to just be happy to be able to finish (and live to tell about it). It is terrific fun to put a check-mark by another challenge when it's accomplished. It is terrific excitement to have a list of things to look forward to doing. It is a terrific motivator to run or work-out on those I'm-lazy-and-can-come-up-witha-million-excuses-to-not-workout-days if I have committed to doing the World’s Tallest stair-climb race, or a marathon, or even just a 5K. The List has been instrumental in designing training routines and nutritional regimens that have helped me stay below 10% body fat as well as summit technical rock faces and 3 of the world's 7 summits so far. (And hey, not all fun activities take a lot of training to accomplish, like gaining a racing license for road racing motorcycles at Road America.) I know some folks who seem to be biologically hard-wired with motivation. They seem to just "lock-on" and go for it. Others, like me, need a bit more structure. And for me, the List is it. It's also fun to look back and review what's been accomplished as a method of gaining some umph(!) when motivation is lean or uncertainty of future accomplishment is waxing. This is not easy. To compose your List, you need to examine yourself, your goals, and your priorities. Vehicles or tools like the List can help in various ways to enrich life. Just the process of composition should tell you a few things about yourself. I'd recommend such a List to be dynamic and evolving as your life changes. Don't keep an obsolete goal just because you wanted to do it five years ago. And don't hesitate to add to it. I believe that life is way too short to be able to enjoy all that is possible. It is the picking that may be your ultimate challenge.

Travelers' Century Club - Countries & Territories – Current count: 107

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This is the Travelers’ Century Club’s official list of countries and territories, a total of 327 as of Jan. 1, 2018. Although some are not actually countries in their own right, they have been included because they are removed from the parent country (see the Territory Status page for detailed criteria). PACIFIC OCEAN (4 of 39) ______________________________________________________________________ √ Australia __ Howe Island __ Palau, Republic of __ Bismarck Archipelago __ Marquesas Islands __ Papua New Guinea __ Chatham Islands __ Marshall Islands, Republic of __ Pitcairn Island __ Cook Islands __ Micronesia, Fed. States of __ Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa) __ Easter Island __ Midway Island __ Samoa, American __ Fiji Islands __ Nauru __ Samoa __ French Polynesia (Tahiti) __ New Caledonia & Deps. __ Solomon Islands Tasmania √ Galapagos Islands √ New Zealand __ Tokelau Islands __ Guam __ Niue __ Tonga √ Hawaiian Islands __ Norfolk Island __ Tuvalu __ Juan Fernandez Islands __ Northern Marianas __ Vanuatu Wake Island __ Line/Phoenix Islands Lord __ Ogasawara __ Wallis & Futuna Islands NORTH AMERICA (4 of 6) _____________________________________________________________________ √ Alaska √ Mexico __ St. Pierre & Miquelon √ Canada __ Prince Edward Island √ United States (Contiguous) CENTRAL AMERICA (5 of 7) ____________________________________________________________________ √ Belize √ Guatemala √ Panamá √ Costa Rica √ Honduras __ El Salvador __ Nicaragua SOUTH AMERICA (8 of 14) _ ___________________________________________________________________ √ Argentina √ Ecuador √ Peru √ Bolivia __ French Guiana __ Suriname √ Brazil __ Guyana (British Guiana) __ Uruguay √ Chile __ Nueva Esparta √ Venezuela √ Colombia __ Paraguay CARIBBEAN (18 OF 30) ________________________________________________________________________ __ Anguilla √ Grenada & Deps. √ Sint Maarten (Netherlands) √ Antigua & Barbuda __ Guadeloupe & Deps. √ St. Kitts & Nevis √ Aruba __ Haiti √ St. Lucia √ Bahamas √ Jamaica √ St. Vincent & the √ Barbados __ Martinique Grenadines __ Bonaire __ Montserrat __ Trinidad & Tobago √ Cayman Islands √ Puerto Rico √ Turks & Caicos Islands √ Cuba __ Saba & Sint Eustatius __ Virgin Islands, British __ Curacao √ Saint-Barthélemy √ Virgin Islands, U.S. (St. __ Dominica √ Saint-Martin (France) John, St. Thomas) √ Dominican Republic __ San Andres & Providencia ATALNTIC OCEAN (2 OF 14) ___________________________________________________________________ __ Ascension __ Canary Islands __ Faroe Islands __ Azores Islands √ Cape Verde Islands __ Fernando de Noronha __ Bermuda __ Falkland Islands __ Greenland

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√ Iceland __ Madeira

__ South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

__ St. Helena __ Tristan da Cunha

EUROPE & MEDITERRANEAN (34 OF 68) _______________________________________________________ __ Aland Islands √ Greece √ Norway __ Albania __ Greek Aegean Islands √ Poland __ Andorra __ Guernsey & Deps. √ Portugal √ Austria √ Hungary __ Romania __ Balearic Islands √ Ionian Islands (Corfu) √ Russia __ Belarus √ Ireland (Eire) __ San Marino √ Belgium √ Ireland, Northern (Ulster) __ Sardinia √ Bosnia & Herzegovina √ Isle of Man __ Scotland __ Bulgaria √ Italy __ Serbia __ Corsica __ Jersey (Channel Islands) __ Sicily __ Crete __ Kaliningrad __ Slovakia √ Croatia √ Kosovo __ Slovenia __ Cyprus, British Sovereign __ Lampedusa √ Spain __ Cyprus, Republic __ Latvia __ Spitsbergen __ Cyprus, Turkish Fed. State √ Liechtenstein √ Srpska √ Czech Republic __ Lithuania √ Sweden √ Denmark √ Luxembourg √ Switzerland √ England __ Macedonia __ Transnistria __ Estonia √ Malta √ Turkey in Europe (Istanbul) √ Finland __ Moldova __ Ukraine √ France √ Monaco √ Vatican City √ Germany √ Montenegro __ Wales __ Gibraltar √ Netherlands AFRICA (11 of 55) _____________________________________________________________________________ __ Algeria __ Gabon √ Rwanda __ Angola __ Gambia __ Sao Tome & Principe √ Benin √ Ghana __ Senegal __ Botswana __ Guinea __ Sierra Leone __ Burkina Faso __ Guinea-Bissau __ Somalia √ Burundi __ Ivory Coast __ Somaliland __ Cabinda √ Kenya √ South Africa __ Cameroon __ Lesotho (Basutoland) __ South Sudan __ Central African Republic __ Liberia __ Sudan __ Chad __ Libya __ Swaziland __ Democratic Republic of __ Malawi √ Tanzania the Congo __ Mali √ Togo __ Republic of the Congo __ Mauritania __ Tunisia __ Djibouti __ Morocco √ Uganda √ Egypt in Africa __ Morocco, Spanish __ Western Sahara __ Equatorial Guinea (Bioko) __ Mozambique __ Zambia __ Equatorial Guinea (Rio Muni) __ Namibia __ Zanzibar __ Eritrea __ Niger __ Zimbabwe __ Ethiopia √ Nigeria MIDDLE EAST (8 of 21) ________________________________________________________________________ √ Abu Dhabi √ Dubai __ Iran __ Ajman __ Egypt in Asia __ Iraq __ Bahrain __ Fujairah √ Israel

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√ Jordan __ Kuwait √ Lebanon __ Oman

√ Palestine √ Qatar __ Ras Al Khaimah √ Saudi Arabia

__ Sharjah __ Syria __ Umm Al Qaiwain __ Yemen

ASIA (12 of 52) ________________________________________________________________________________ __ Abkhazia __ Kashmir __ Russia in Asia (Siberia) __ Afghanistan __ Kazakhstan __ Sabah __ Armenia __ Korea, North __ Sarawak √ Azerbaijan √ Korea, South __ Sikkim __ Bangladesh __ Kyrgyzstan √ Singapore __ Bhutan __ Laos √ Sri Lanka __ Brunei __ Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali, __ Sulawesi (Indonesia) √ Cambodia Timor, Indonesia) __ Sumatra (Indonesia) √ China, People’s Republic __ Macau __ Taiwan. R.O.C. __ Georgia √ Malaysia __ Tajikistan __ Hainan Island __ Maluku Islands √ Thailand √ Hong Kong __ Mongolia, Republic __ Tibet √ India __ Myanmar (Burma) __ Timor-Leste __ Indonesia (Java) __ Nakhchivan __ Turkey in Asia (Anatolia) √ Japan √ Nepal __ Ankara, Izmir) __ Jeju Island (South Korea) __ Pakistan __ Turkmenistan __ Kalimantan (Indonesian __ Papua (Irian Jaya) __ Uzbekistan Borneo) __ Philippines √ Vietnam INDIAN OCEAN (0 of 15) _______________________________________________________________________ __ Andaman-Nicobar Islands __ Lakshadweep __ Reunion & Dependencies __ British Indian Ocean __ Madagascar __ Rodrigues Island Territory __ Maldives __ Seychelles __ Christmas Island __ Mauritius & __ Socotra __ Cocos (Keeling) Islands Dependencies __ Zil Elwannyen Sesel __ Comoros __ Mayotte ANTARCTICA (0 of 7) _________________________________________________________________________ __ Argentine Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula) __ Australian Antarctic Territory (Mawson, Davis, Macquarie, Heard) __ British Antarctic Territory (Graham Land, South Orkney, South Shetland) __ Chilean Antarctic Territory (Antarctic Peninsula) __ French Southern & Antarctic Lands (Adélie Land, Kerguelen, Amsterdam, St. Paul, Crozet, Îles Éparses) __ Norwegian Dependencies (Queen Maud Land, Bouvet) __ New Zealand Antarctica (Ross Dependency)

World Heritage Sites: 145________________________________________________________________________

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AFRICA 5 Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest Cape Floral Region Protected Areas Robben Island Kilimanjaro National Park Serengeti National Park ARABIA 15 Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis Historic Cairo Memphis and its Necropolis – the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and the Western Galilee Masada Old City of Acre Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls Sites of Human Evolution at Mount Carmel: The Nahal Me’arot/Wadi el-Mughara Caves White City of Tel Aviv the Modern Movement Petra Birthplace of Jesus: Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route, Bethlehem

Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah's Palace and Maiden Tower Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turaif District in ad-Dir'iyah ASIA-PACIFIC 22 Great Barrier Reef Sydney Opera House Angkor Temple of Preah Vihear Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing The Grand Canal The Great Wall Agra Fort Red Fort Complex Taj Mahal Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto Uji and Otsu Cities) Kathmandu Valley Royal Chitwan National Park Gyeongju Historic Areas Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long-Hanoi Ha Long Bay Singapore Botanic Gardens Central Highlands, Sri Pada Peak Wilderness, Sri Lanka Ancient Jericho/Tell es-Sultan EUROPE 60 City of Valletta Megalithic Temples of Malta Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg

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Semmering Railway Historic Centre of Brugge Major Town Houses of the Architect Victor Horta (Brussels) Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar Historical Complex of the Split with the Palace of Dubrovnik Old City of Dubrovnik Historic Centre of Prague Kronborg Castle Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Former Abbey of Saint-Remi and Palace of Tau, Reims Chartres Cathedral Historic Site of Lyons Palace and Park of Fontainebleau Palace and Park of Versailles Paris Banks of the Seine Pyrénées Mont Perdu* The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes Berlin Modernism Housing Estates Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin Upper Middle Rhine Valley Acropolis Athens Archaeological Site of Delphi Old Town of Corfu Historic Centre of Rome, the Properties of the Holy See in that City Enjoying Extraterritorial Rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mura* Vatican City Budapest including the Banks of the Danube the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue Archaeological Areas of Pompei, Herculaneum, and Torre Annunziata City of Verona Historic Centre of Florence Piazza del Duomo Pisa Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes* The Dolomites Venice and its Lagoon City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards, Montenegro Historic Area of Willemstad, Inner City and Harbour, Netherlands Antilles Seventeenth-century Canal Ring Area inside the Singelgracht Bryggen West Norwegian Fjords – Geirangerfiord and Naeroyfiord Aushwitz Birkenau Cracows Historic Centre Historic Centre of Warsaw Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belem in Lisbon Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin Kremlin and the Red Square Moscow Western Caucasus Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona Works of Antoni Gaudi Old City of Berne Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

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Historic Areas of Istanbul Tower of London Westminster Palace Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church Gracanica Monastery, Kosovo (Serbia)/Medieval Monuments in Kosovo AMERICAS 43 Iguaçu National Park* Brimstone Hill Fortress Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System Brasilia Rio de Janeiro, Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Historic District of Old Quebec Kluane / Wrangell-St Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini Alsek* Area de Conservacion Guanacaste Old Havana and its Fortifications City of Quito Galapagos Islands Maya Site of Copan Coiba National Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection Darien National Park City of Cuzco Historic Centre of Lima Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu Pitons Management Area Everglades National Park Grand Canyon National Park Independence Hall La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico Mesa Verde National Park Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Statue of Liberty Yellowstone National Park Yosemite National Park Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas San Antonio Missions Brimstone Hill Fortress Chichen-Itza, Mexico Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL Frederick C. Robie House, Chicago Taliesin, Spring Green, Wis. Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pa. Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Ariz. Guggenheim Museum, New York Hollyhock House, Los Angeles Great Smoky Mountains National Park Mammoth Cave National Park Turks and Caicos Islands (pending not included in count)

National Parks Passport Stamps – Current count: 70

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Lifetime Member 22BC65874 North Atlantic Region: 4 Ellis Island Boston National Historical Park Dash Freedom Trail Statue Of Liberty Castle Clinton Mid-Atlantic Region: 11 Gettysburg National Monument Eisenhower National Historic Site Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site Independence National Historic Park – Franklin Court, Deshler-Morris House, Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin Museum, Old City Hall, Franklin Court Printing Office Benjamin Franklin National Historic Memorial Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial Schuylkill River NHA, Valley Forge Schuylkill River NHA, Philadelphia Valley Forge National Historic Park Philadelphia Declaration House Germantown White House, Philadelphia National Capital Region: 22 Old Post Office Tower Ford Theater National Historic Site Peterson House National Mall National Mall and Memorial Parks Thomas Jefferson Memorial Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site John Paul Jones Memorial George Mason Memorial Constitution Gardens Ulysses S Grant Memorial West Potomac Park John Erickson Memorial Washington Monument District Of Columbia World War Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial World War II Memorial Abraham Lincoln Memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence National Capital Region Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site Southeast Region: 5 Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave Kentucky Trail of Tears NHT, Great Smoky Mountain NP Sugarland Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg Tennessee Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Maine to Georgia Great Smoky Mountains National Park Sugarlands

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Midwest Region: 5 Lincoln’s Home Louis and Clark National Historic Trail L & M Canal National Heritage Corridor Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Mississippi NRRA St. Anthony Locks Southwest Region: 1 San Antonio Missions National Historic Park Rocky Mountain Region: 13 Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs Mesa Verde National Park Grand Tetons National Park (And 1986 To 2011 Passport 25th Anniversary Stamp) Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Launch Facility Delta 09 Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Launch Control Facility Delta 01 Badlands National Park Wind Cave National Park Mount Rushmore National Memorial Jewel Cave National Monument Yellowstone National Park Devils Tower National Monument John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway Zion National Park Western Region: 8 Lake Mead National Park Joshua Tree National Park Death Valley National Park USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Saguaro National Park Tucson Mountain District Saguaro National Park Rincon Mountain District Yosemite National Park Haleakala National Park Hawaii Pacific Northwest and Alaska Regions: 1 Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

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