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GROWING WITH BALANCE IN MIND Preserving the tranquility of nature creates true value for residents. Spread over the hillside along Okanagan Lake, just a 10-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, lies Wilden, the largest master-planned community in the Okanagan Valley. Protecting and preserving the spectacular natural setting is integral to the master plan. This commitment to responsible development ensures Wilden residents are surrounded by green space and savour the joy of balanced living. Today and as a legacy for future generations.

NATURE INSPIRED LIVING New lots and townhomes coming in 2018. Register for updates on wilden.ca. • Showhomes open daily 1-5 pm except Fridays. 1454 Rocky Point DriveKelowna • 250.762.2906 • sales@wilden.ca


ABSOLUTE | OPUS World Renowned Artists Play the Valley


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WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN Sunrises, sunsets and everything in between



A Private Conversation with Artist Debra Martin





Experience lodging Okanagan style, breath taking views and services and amenities to match









Local chef’s consistently bring it... to the table that is!




For almost everyone, they have more beauty on the inside

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ABSOLUTE | WINE Building a Legacy

Living the life and why we live here

Built on the shores of Mara Lake

CONTRIBUTORS ALBERT BERKSHIRE Albert Berkshire is a British Columbia based writer, producer and voice actor. His first novel of fiction, We Made A Pact, is published by Friesen Press. He is currently working on his second novel set in Limerick, Ireland. When Albert isn’t writing, he is making the most of the Okanagan lifestyle on a bike, a pair of skis, in a kayak, or on a trail somewhere up in the hills - and occasionally sitting poolside. His life permits that he live anywhere in the world an internet connection is found, but chooses to call Kelowna home purely for the lifestyle. When playtime is done, he’s back to writing. Much of which can be read online at albertberkshire.ca

CONTRIBUTORS Albert Berkshire Greg Finlayson Chris Gardiner J. MacMillan Andrew Penner Jim Tobler ART DIRECTOR Vivian Zhang

GREG FINLAYSON Greg spent much of his childhood enjoying the best of the beautiful Okanagan valley, including living and working at Big White Ski resort for several seasons. After 20 years in Vancouver, Greg returned to the Okanagan in 2016 to raise his sons in the best place he could imagine doing so. His love for photography has provided both a fulfilling career and opportunities to meet fantastic people across the province. A more recently found passion for woodworking has become an additional creative outlet for Greg, and he hopes that his work resonates with others in the valley. You can find more information about Greg on Instagram @ blacksquirrelcanada

Chris Gardiner Chris is a Toronto born professional photographer who has been lucky enough to spend years living in some of Canada’s most beautiful locales such as Banff and Kelowna. He’s experienced with shooting everything from real estate, weddings, commercial products, and video when he’s not capturing the beauty of the natural landscape with his free time. You can find more of his work at www. cgardinder.ca.

EDITOR J. MacMillan PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR Ekaterina Didyk COVER PHOTO Predator Ridge Resort PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Gardiner Greg Finlayson Darren Kirby Nicolas Lehoux J. MacMillan PUBLISHER ABSOLUTE Okanagan MAILING ADDRESS #200 1789 Harvey Ave., Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6G4 Tel: 250.868.8249 Fax: 250.868.8256

Andrew Penner Andrew Penner is a photographer and freelance writer based in Calgary, Alberta. His work has appeared in many of the leading golf and lifestyle publications in North America and Europe. Penner is also a 20-year member of the Canadian PGA and still teaches the game on a part-time basis. When not writing or on photography assignments, he enjoys chilling out in the backyard with his three boys and his wife, Dawn.

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Jim Tobler Jim Tobler is Editor of MONTECRISTO Magazine. He is also the co-author, with the chefs, of three cookbooks: Araxi, Blue Water Café and Raw Bar, and West. He visits the Okanagan frequently, with great pleasure. He can also be found regularly, at Gismondionwine.com, Canada’s premier wine website.

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36 holes of unparalleled golf, Academy and industry leading practice facility make Predator Ridge British Columbia’s finest golf destination.

36 World-class golf holes

3 CPGA Teaching Professionals

8 Golf boards


20,000 Square foot practice green


DANIEL WESLEY AT TINHORN CREEK VINEYARDS If making music isn’t about having fun, what’s the point in doing it? That philosophy sums up Daniel Wesley’s new album, I Am Your Man, the 33-year-old Vancouver-based singer/songwriter’s seventh studio offering. As he nears the end of his career’s first decade, what comes across most vividly on the record – as longtime fans will surely note – is the balance Wesley has found in his life both on and off stage. Come and kick off your shoes and dance with us! Enjoy some of Canada’s top musical talent while sipping award winning wines and taking in the spectacular views of the southern Okanagan Valley from our amphitheatre.

DATE: Sat., Jul 28, 2018 TIME: 7:30PM VENUE: Tinhorn Creek Vineyards Amphitheatre 537 Tinhorn Creek Road Oliver, B.C. tinhorn.com



CHANTAL KREVIAZUK CRUSH DECK CONCERT SERIES AT FITZPATRICK FAMILY VINEYARDS From the urgent, heart-pounding opening chords of her new single “Into Me,” to the first time that famous voice surges like a king tide hitting a breakwater, the message is clear: Chantal Kreviazuk is back. After seven years, three kids and collaborations with superstars like Drake, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Kendrick Lamar and Pink, the JUNO Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter’s latest just-for-herself album, Hard Sail, is like a freshman’s release of jaw-dropping hits all over again: it seems to come out of nowhere, but really took a lifetime to write.

DATE: August 2, 2018 TIME: 7:30PM VENUE: Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards 697 Highway 97S Peachland, BC. At Greata Ranch 250.767.2768 fitzwine.com

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DAVID FOSTER AT Mission Hill Family Estate For his remarkable work, Foster has won 16 Grammy Awards, including three for Producer of the Year, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, and racked up three Oscar nominations for “Best Original Song.” He has also earned a reputation as a keen spotter of new talent, playing a key role in the discovery and career launches of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé.

DATE: August 10, 2018 TIME: 7:30PM VENUE: Mission Hill Family Estate 1730 Mission Hill Road West Kelowna, B.C. missionhillwinery.com



CHRIS BOTTI AT Mission Hill Family Estate Over the past three decades, Botti has recorded and performed with the best in music, including Sting, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Josh Groban, Yo-Yo Ma, Michael Bublé, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, Andrea Bocelli, Joshua Bell, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and even Frank Sinatra. Hitting the road for as many as 300 days per year.

DATE: August 8, 2018 TIME: 7:30PM VENUE: Mission Hill Family Estate 1730 Mission Hill Road West Kelowna, B.C. missionhillwinery.com

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STEVE EARLE AT the Kelowna Community Theatre Steve Earle’s 2017 collection, So You Wannabe an Outlaw, is an homage to outlaw music. “I was out to unapologetically ‘channel’ Waylon as best as I could.” says Earle. “This record was all about me on the back pick-up of a Fender Telecaster on an entire record for the first time in my life. The singing part of it is a little different. I certainly don’t sound like Waylon Jennings.”

DATE: September 27, 2018 TIME: 7:30PM VENUE: Kelowna Community Theatre 1375 Water Street Kelowna, BC 250-469-8944 theater.kelowna.ca





I imagine all artists, regardless of the form their art takes, are telling a story through their art. These narratives might be about our moments of triumph, our struggles, our inspirations, our failures, or our secrets. Although the art might be inspired by something deeply personal, if the viewer can sense a bit of his or her own story in it, then I think we have succeeded in our job of creating art.

Yes, and it is exciting and terrifying. But all fear aside, I really do like to talk to people who are curious about my art. Although I know that in general “a picture is worth a thousand words” I find that people really do respond well when I try to explain the meaning, or the story, of a particular piece I have created.

The quality of light just before or right after a rainstorm is a narrative I often find myself exploring in my landscape paintings. There is that breath-taking moment when the clouds begin to drift apart, and the stream of light seems to flood a certain point on the landscape. In that moment, anything in that spotlight becomes almost incandescent. It feels very hopeful in that moment.

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DO YOU HAVE A MUSE, OR THINGS THAT PARTICULARLY INSPIRE YOU TO CREATE? I paint in series. I often create a dozen or more paintings in a given period that focus on a given subject before I am ready to move on to explore something else. For the past several years, I have been working on series related to landscapes, florals and vintage bicycles. My muse, or inspiration, especially with the Florals and Vintage Bicycle series is the relationship between aging and beauty. In my Florals, I will generally place the focus, or center of attention, not on the perfect youthful bloom, but rather on the bloom that shows signs of age and wear. I find these seemingly imperfect blooms the most compelling because they tell the story of a full life being lived. I want them to stand proud, fully illuminated, in all their advanced splendour. The Florals are more often than not my own story about aging – as time marches on, I really want to embrace that attitude: “Here I stand, fully illuminated, in all my advanced splendour”. Admittedly, this is easier to embrace some days more than others. The Vintage Bicycle series tells a similar story. The

accumulated scratches and dents on these bikes tell the story not only of a life well lived, but one full of continued promise and purpose. To me, the bikes are about embracing the relentless march of time. And sometimes, depending on the stance of the bicycle in the painting, they are also about standing defiantly against this relentless march.

Debra Martin is currently represented by two Canadian Galleries - Gallery 421 in Kelowna, BC. and Collector’s Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, please also visit www.debramartinfineart.ca


ABSOLUTE | Okanagan


The Only Thing Better Than an Okanagan Sunrise is an Okanagan Sunset Visually, they are both mind boggling, streams of colour travelling off across the horizon. Pink, yellow and orange reflecting off the clouds, the sky and the lakes. Sometimes the colours are so vivid that what you are admiring almost looks fake! So many photos these days are over filtered and adjusted that you lose track as to what is real. Well, take the time and experience both, a sunrise and a sunset and make your own judgement on how wonderful it is in real life. As Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Osoyoos and all points in between all continue to expand at alarming rates there are still many aspects that will forever stay the same. The Okanagan is full of vineyards, orchards, golf courses, lakes and untouched green spaces that will be around for as long as people remain to visit and live here. But there is a lot more to this valley than just nature. Developments and communities are digging deeper and higher into the surrounding hillside trying to accommodate the influx of people as they come, discover and fall in love with this stunning valley. As the entire Okanagan Valley continues to expand within and beyond its borders, one thing remains evident, that we are the luckiest people in the world to call this place home. It is a magical time as the region forges ahead with city infrastructure and community developments. As

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the business hub of the Okanagan, Kelowna is experiencing major modernization to the hospital, airport and regional roadways. What was once considered the outskirts of town is now being fully incorporated into a bigger scene. This all adds up to having a better ability to welcome residents and visitors alike to a more modern and updated environment. As much as things continue to change, most of the charm of the Okanagan continues to stay the same. Rolling mountain backdrops, flawless fresh water lakes and hot summer days (one after another, sometimes for months at a time) grace this area, and likely will forever! Even though the Okanagan is mostly known for long, hot summers, the region has continued to grow as a winter playground too. For the most part winters in the region are pretty mild, although you might not believe that after that last couple of winters!!, But compared to the rest of Canada, things here are pretty good! Within an hours drive of almost every city/town in the region, there is a ski/snowboard resort. Winter sports around here are like planting crops, you live and die by the weather. Some years you have a banner crop, and some years you just don’t! This part of the world is no different. In the North Okanagan near Vernon is Silver Star Mountain Resort, renowned for dry

ABSOLUTE | Okanagan

Okanagan powder, an incredible terrain park with features for everyone and a great, colourful Victorian style village and community. They operate year-round, offering downhill mountain biking and a bike terrain park too! Big White is centrally located in the area, just 45 minutes north east of Kelowna. They too benefit from cold, dry snow, several family-oriented activities aside from skiing and snowboarding and play host to many local, provincial, national and international events. Mountain biking is new on the menu at BigWhite and will surely grow in popularity as they get more established! A quick thirty minutes outside of Penticton is Apex Resort, a full service destination resort known for light snow, friendly people and great terrain. Whether you like cruising the groomed runs, slashing through the trees or taking flight in the terrain park, with so much variety there is something for every skill and age level. There are many other choices for winter adventures as well. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice climbing and cross country skiing are all popular and easy when Mother Nature offers such an elaborate and extensive playground! For the most part the Okanagan Valley runs North/South. So, for the adventurer, head East or West down almost any road

and that will bring you into the more rural parts of the valley, where you can find fishing lodges, pristine wilderness lakes and campsites. If you are like many people and require more adventure than just sitting in the sand, it is easy to just wonder into the hillsides and discover all the vineyards, orchards and hiking/biking trails. The beauty is, the deeper you go, you will likely see fewer people and more of nature! The weather often dictates what you do and when, but when the weather cooperates, it is mostly sunny and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. That’s the Okanagan way. We are not just limited to adventure, lifestyle and agriculture, it also accommodates a wide variety of traditional sports too. Soccer (which seems to be the most popular sport in the world), tennis, golf, cycling, volleyball, softball and football, from organized leagues to weekend fun, there are enough fields, courts and courses for everyone visiting or living in the Okanagan. And, if it is too windy to participate in these sports, head down to Rotary Beach on Lakeshore Rd. and watch the multi-coloured kite boarders dance through the air and across the water in choreographed chaos. There are four main bodies of water as you travel from North to South in the Okanagan Valley, and literally hundreds of smaller ones. Vernon is lucky enough to have shoreline on two

Chris Gardiner


ABSOLUTE | Okanagan

lakes, Okanagan Lake, the largest body of water in the region and Kalamalka Lake, the most colourful body of water in the region. What makes this lake so unique is the crystal clear azure blue waters. This gives such a tropical feel. If you canít get out in a boat, at least make the effort to get to the shore, it is such a wonderful experience and you will not be disappointed. Okanagan Lake runs from Vernon in the North all the way down to Penticton in the South. There is only one bridge, The W.R. Bennett Bridge which spans Okanagan Lake. It is centrally located in Kelowna at the narrowest point in the lake. It is not only a long lake, but a very deep lake as well, with some spots deeper than 1000 feet. It is rumoured that they have never actually found the bottom of Okanagan Lake, opening the door for legendary stories of Ogopogo, an entirely different topic that you should explore on your ownÖ Okanagan Lake funnels into Skaha Lake via the Penticton Channel. For a relaxing afternoon, grab an inner tube, some sunscreen, a floating cooler and cruise down the channel with a bunch of your closest friends. If you are not a ìfloaterî, take the time to see the canal with your own eyes on a sunny long weekend day in the summer, you will be caught off guard by how

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many people are actually doing this. Skaha Lake is a little smaller than Okanagan & Kalamalka Lakes and comes to a halt at Okanagan Falls. The final body of water on the list is Osoyoos Lake, which heads South from the town of Osoyoos and makes it way across the border and into the U.S.. From the North Okanagan down to the border in the south, The roadsides and lakesides are dotted with communities that each have a charm of their own. Extending from the North Okanagan all the way down south to the US border. North of Kelowna there is an area sandwiched between Okanagan Lake and Kalamalka Lake known as Lake Country, aptly titled considering its surroundings. The two business communities are Winfield and Oyama, both are full service towns with fuel, food, hotels and marinas, while Carrs Landing and Okanagan Centre are the other two that make up Lake Country. They are more rural with homes, cottages, picnic areas and waterfront parks. After crossing

ABSOLUTE | Okanagan

the bridge in Kelowna and starting to head south you come to Peachland and Summerland. Peachland is an adorable lakeside community that has an expansive pebble beach stretching the entire length of the town, the best Sunday walk in the area. With big developments in the hills above the town site, Peachland has some of the most stunning views in the valley as well. Summerland has an olde English charm, as well as a beautiful waterfront, with resorts, parks, beaches and restaurants. As you wind your way along the highway you encounter such gems as Okanagan Falls and Oliver. This region is on the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert and these moisture rich soils are famous for some of the most amazing and awarded wines. The hills are covered with scrub brush and ponderosa pines. Like the entire South Okanagan, daytime temperatures in summer are consistently in the mid 30’s. If you are interested in experiencing and tasting some of the amazing vintages, you will certainly enjoy the ‘Wine Capital of Canada’. It is some of these vineyards and wineries that have made the Okanagan so famous and given them such a foothold in the global market of wine production.

Clearly the Okanagan Valley has a whole lot to offer. If you think that all we have to offer is wineries, beaches, golf courses and ski resorts. to a certain degree you are correct! Things are changing here, there is no doubt about that. We are experiencing a growth spurt like never before and there is no end in sight. Life here can be as hurried as you want it to be or as relaxed as you need it to be. That is the real beauty of living in or visiting a region this size. It can have a big city feel or within 30 minutes in any direction you have absolute outdoor freedom! The Okanagan Valley gives you the prospect of trying something new or the comfort of keeping things more conventional. As the old adage goes, the more things change… the more they stay the same! And that certainly applies here. It is the perfect union, the old Okanagan will stay old and the new Okanagan will progress and continue to move forward. Even if you are coming here to set up shop in the burgeoning tech sector, driving through town or visiting for a week, please make sure you take the time to enjoy a sunrise and sunset, because really, that is what we are all here for and you won’t believe your eyes!

Chris Gardiner





Don’t Just Pursue Freedom, Embrace It! There Is Nothing Better Than Getting Pitted In a Wave! For many people, when they hear the word freedom they automatically default to freedom of speech, human rights or the protection that our military provides. Well, there is a lot more out there that actually makes people feel free. Don’t get me wrong, I am not undermining people’s ideologies on politics, our allies military might or anything along those lines, just trying to steer clear of that mindset for a little while… Freedom comes in all shapes and sizes. For one person, freedom might be taking their dog for a walk every evening, for somebody else freedom might be buying a new car, every two years and for somebody else freedom might be rock climbing three days a week to clear their mind… mental freedom. For most people, freedom is

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just an idea, a notion, an interpretation, maybe something that they haven’t even experienced before or at least don’t recognize. You know that look on Andy Dufresne’s face in Shawshank Redemption when he leans back in the wardens chair and blasts classical music to the entire penitentiary with the office door locked? That look, that expression on his face defines the word freedom. Some of you are thinking that he was still locked up, still incarcerated at that point. But, in his mind, in his heart, he was free, he was truly experiencing freedom and maybe for the first time. That’s the kind of feeling we should all be looking for while we are in pursuit of this freedom thing. Because lake life is such an epic part of


life in the Okanagan, it only seems fitting that somehow that plays into how we discover and experience freedom. Now, let me transport you to a place, a perfect place. Picture yourself sitting on the swim platform of a masterpiece of engineering that has been specifically designed to create the largest and smoothest wave on the planet. This is the Tigé RZX3, it is a masterpiece, perfect in every detail and this thing is bad ass! The guy driving the boat hollers “You’re up next!” You can feel the excitement starting to build within you. That’s when it dawns on you, there is no better feeling than an early morning surf session. The lake is like glass, it’s so early the air is still kind of cool, but the water is warm enough that it doesn’t matter! There is nothing greater than getting pulled behind a new boat, that reverberating thunder that comes deep from within, a vigorous sounding power plant. It’s tough to beat the rumble that a 460 horsepower engine provides! With room for 15 of your closest friends and an additional 2,722 kgs

(6,000 lbs) of ballast, the wake is so big and pure it’s hard to believe that it was created by a boat! As sports have evolved and developed, people like trying new things, but are also reluctant to try things that might injure them and ruin their weekend! Enter water-skiing, people have been doing it and enjoying it for decades. Water skiing started expanding… slalom skiing, and ski jumping, then 15 person pyramids at water ski shows, trick skiing and barefooting, which requires no skis at all! Suddenly water skiing had become too dangerous for common people to enjoy. Snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding finally gave birth to wakeboarding. Again, everybody jumped on board, a wave of excitement, new cool boats, loud music, kind of a revolution of sorts. But if you have even caught your toe side edge coming across the water with any kind of speed, you know that you can pay dearly. Water forcibly thrust through your eyes, nose and mouth with dramatic effect. This is not how people plan to spend their weekends, limping and bandaged up leaving the dock. Suddenly there was a shift in the sports world once again. A low impact sport that almost seduces you into wanting to try it. Alas, wakesurfing!



When you fall wakesurfing, most of the time you lazily and quietly submerge into the water like a slow sinking ship. In fact, the sport is so low impact it has opened the door up to a wider demographic of riders. Most, if not all boat manufacturers offer wake specific boats. They are alarmingly equipped with modern technology, things that you didn’t even know you needed. Their under bellies are replete with onboard ballast systems, that get pumped full and emptied with a simple flick

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of a switch. Some of them have the ability to hold thousands of pounds of water. And if you don’t have them, you can get them built in and if you can’t do that you place giant sacks in one corner of your boat, people will do anything for a bigger wave!! It is not uncommon to see boats cruising down the lake with three, four, five people all huddled in the back corner, just trying to provide a cleaner, larger wave! That feeling of being towed behind a boat can rarely be matched. These days, you are so close to the back of the boat that you can


actually talk to the people sitting in the boat, hear the music without the rest of the lake having to “enjoy” your tunes as well. The real excitement starts when you get good enough to throw the tow rope into the back of the boat and surf you way up and down the lake to your hearts content. That is freedom!

accomplishment, that achievement is so fulfilling that at that very moment you will feel free, true freedom. There will be a lot going on around you, water splashing, people cheering, even if you only take one second, make sure you do because like I said, freedom comes in many shapes and sizes.

When you feel the power as the edge of your wakesurfer digs into the wave, accelerating your forward and play this little back and forth game with the boat, you have actually achieved “freedom”. That

So, embrace your inner Andy Dufresne and crank up that classical music as loud as you can, kick back in that chair and enjoy freedom, embrace the freedom and celebrate whatever is your freedom!!


a few of

hIS FAVOURITE THINGS BLACK SQUIRREL CANADA - CUTTING BOARD If you enjoy chopping, why not use the best end grain cutting board made from maple and walnut. These beauties are locally made in West Kelowna, are beautiful to look at and each piece has it’s own personal vibe. Different blends of wood work really well together, making each cutting board a stand alone feature that looks fantastic on your counter and the best part is that it is fully functional. $165.00 blacksquirrelcanada

YETI – PANGA BACKPACK 28 Its ergonomic DryHaul™ Shoulder Straps offer extra carrying comfort, while the removable chest straps and waist belt provide added stability and security while you trek. And no need to carry it over your head while you wade or blink an eye if left out in the rain, because it’s a 100% waterproof gear fortress equipped to outperform any other backpack out there. $420.00 | SECA Marine | secamarine.com

HAWS – 5L METAL SLIMCAN Shown here in Sapphire, this modern and some might say continental, version of the traditional watering can. Designed with a single handle running from front to back, this watering can is best used two handed but can easily be used single-handed. Made from heavy gauge steel with a hot dip zinc galvanised coating to resist rusting. Why not treat your flowers… and yourself! $89.00 Lee Valley Tools leevalley.com

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The world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. The CoolSculpting procedure is proven, safe and effective. Restore Vein & Skin Centre is the only clinic in the Okanagan with two machines... DOUBLE COOL!!

Restore Vein & Skin Centre Capri Centre

288 – 1835 Gordon Drive Kelowna BC. 236.420.2888 | 1.844.357.2888


a few of

hER FAVOURITE THINGS WINE RACK – St Hubertus For some people, change is difficult. For ages wine racks have been made out of boring wood. Today’s wine connoisseurs, collectors and simple wine enthusiasts embrace the look of a stylish, metal racking system. With a cathedral like look, the clean edges and perfect mix of rounded and straight lines combine to create the perfect wine rack, not just to look at, but also to use! It is also nicely secured with a lock to keep your friends out!

CEDARCREEK – WINE & FRUIT This Syrah is 100% harvested from our Haynes Creek Vineyard making it a single vineyard wine. It occupies a unique position in this mostly-flat vineyard. The six acres of Syrah are planted on a westward slope of 15° that runs steeply down towards Osoyoos Lake. And when only the classiest jarred fruits will do. Lakeshore Cherries and Lakeshore Vanilla Pears will bewilder your taste buds! Less than $100.00 | CedarCreek Estate Winery | cedarcreek.bc.ca

CANDLE HOLDERS If your tastes lean towards the trend-seeking side of things, you will absolutely love these candleholders. Candles can add a touch of romance and instant ambiance anywhere that they are lit. Their flickering presence combined with the sleek styling, these modern and classy candle holders are the perfect thing to shed a little light or display a garden accents. $150.00 Bylands Garden Centre bylandsgardencentre.com

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$4,800.00 St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery st-hubertus.bc.ca

ABSOLUTE | Art of Beauty

THE ART OF BEAUTY Aside from your favourite suit and your most cherished pair of shoes, what else makes a beautiful person… well, beautiful? Some might say that it is totally cliché to start an article with the definition of a word, but in this instance, it is the perfect precursor for the content that is to follow. The word “beauty” can be taken in many different ways. It is easy to say that a person can be beautiful, things can also be beautiful and nature can definitely be beautiful. The actual definition of the word beauty is as follows… “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Now, many of those words could also be used to describe the fine art produced by Debra Martin. Shape, colour, form and pleasing to the senses. When Debra Martin refers to beauty she describes it as art reflected in true life. “Over the years, we physically collect patina, in the form of scars, wrinkles and drooping and

36 | ABSOLUTE 2018 / 2019

missing parts.” It is this “patina” that tells the story. For the most part, initial attraction begins with physical beauty, but over time it is our story that amplifies and indeed extends our attractiveness and beauty beyond that initial physical interest. “It is our story that makes us uniquely attractive and beautiful. It is the culmination of our adventures, misadventures, our triumphs, our challenges, our moments of pride and those of regret. It is what inspires us, frightens us and motivates us.” It is all about how we have made life meaningful… and more importantly, what gives life meaning! In the eyes of the artist, it is the imperfections that create real beauty that is all around us. It is the flawed look of a flower, an aging bicycle, imperfect trees, these are metaphors for the triumphs and challenges of aging. It is these defects that embody the story of a meaningful life that is being fully lived. According to this painter, beauty is characterized by our imperfections!

ABSOLUTE | Art of Beauty


ABSOLUTE | Art of Beauty

Do you see beauty in other peoples work? “Of course! Every piece of work at art shows, show so much skill and beauty. Every piece tells a story. These articles are not conventionally beautiful, but it is their processes and creativity that are beautiful.” Debra draws her inspiration from how the light hits things, light and shadows are always changing. The angle of light can make things life like. Just like people, light is constantly changing. Her art is also constantly changing. For example, if she doesn’t finish a painting, it is very difficult to revisit that piece, time passes, feelings change, times change and attitudes change. She does however know when she is getting to the end of a painting. Debra says that there is a real feeling of clemency when the struggle of a piece turns to unity, that’s when nothing else needs to be done, all parts are functioning properly. After she dry brushes layers over the colours to glaze the golds and yellows, it creates whole new colours, it unites all the elements of the painting.

38 | ABSOLUTE 2018 / 2019

The journey of creating actual beauty from a blank canvas! Dr. Mandy Wong MD, BMSc, FACPh has made a successful livelihood of helping people discover what the word beauty means to them. But it is not going to be what you immediately suspect. Her view of the term beauty is “… people feel beautiful on the outside only if they feel beauty on the inside.” Everyone is different, and most people are constantly in search of perfection. For many people it is the most minor procedure or change that they want for one tiny thing that drives them crazy! Dr. Wong goes on to say that beauty is defined by confidence, if you don’t feel good about yourself, you might feel ugly… She knows people, she can tell when your face doesn’t match your soul. It’s an emotional response. The solutions are to rejuvenate their confidence, once you can make someone feel better about themselves and their physical beauty, then the real success is

ABSOLUTE | Art of Beauty

when those people become emotionally beautiful. Skin tone, texture, body shape and fat are all external effects. If altering any of those aspects on a person make them feel better on the outside, there is no doubt that uplifting feeling gets transferred to the inside as well. Confidence. The most important aspect of this article is that people need to feel beauty from the inside in order to feel beautiful on the outside. You know that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, that feeling of looking good and feeling good. You have experienced it, we all have at some point experienced it. Imagine if you could harness that energy and always feel like that… that confident, that good. Everybody is distinctive, some people have bad complexions, sun spots, wrinkles, baggy eyes, the list goes on and on and on…

People are their own harshest critics. People tend to be very hard on themselves. They all have different versions of what beauty is. Some people have major issues and some people are already “beautiful” but they have certain minor bumps, creases or spots that they think define them and ruin their entire look. Things so minor that other people might not even notice. Beauty is a very personal thing. Homes, cars, clothes, art… all these things can be described as having beauty. Whether it is constantly working out that drives you or dressing up, sitting in a fancy house or even as simple as putting on your favourite hat, beauty is whatever inspires YOU. Beauty is confidence and beauty is patina. But as it turns out, inner beauty is what we are all chasing, People are too worried about the packaging and need to be more concerned about the contents!!




OKANAGAN’S FINEST RESORTS & RETREATS Showcasing the finest lakeside retreats, to the most magnificent hilltop getaways. Not just bed anymore… Okanagan’s magnificent lodging has everything ranging from golf courses, vineyards, spas, waterfront locations, breathtaking views and all the amenities.

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Delta Grand Okanagan


Lakeside accommodations, with a private beach, in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley The only private licensed beach in the country. The Okanagan’s hottest stretch of sand. The best place to hit the sandy beach in the Okanagan Valley is, undoubtedly, Walnut Beach Resort, the swankiest scene in Osoyoos. Stretch out on a secluded private beach along Canada’s warmest lake. Or lounge on the expansive sundeck around an impressive outdoor heated pool, sipping reds and whites served to you in the comfort of your chair. Inside, 106 carefully crafted designer suites give you luxurious comforts of home and then some. When you’re ready to explore, the area’s renowned wineries are just minutes away. Find out why Walnut Beach Resort is quickly becoming known as the best resort in the Okanagan and a great choice for vacations with the whole family. Plan yourultimate Okanagan stay today.

Walnut Beach Resort Overview & Amenities Spring, summer or fall, play on the private licensed Palapa Beach and take in spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Enjoy a workout in the studio, or just relax with a steam or sauna. Relax on the spacious Sun Arbour Pool Terrace and take in a soak in one of the soothing hot tubs, or a swim in the refreshing outdoor pool. Flip through a magazine in the shade beneath a fragrant trellis of hanging flowers and allow us to bring you your favorite food and drink selections. Any season, savour your new-found favorite glass of Okanagan wine at Pointe 49º restaurant. Offering a mouth watering selections, specially created by Chef Natasha Schooten, and complimented by a choice of indoor/outdoor seating and views of the lake. Gather fresh local produce and a bottle or two from one of dozens of local vineyards and prepare a gourmet feast in the barbecue area – a meal that can be enjoyed with friends and family in-suite or alfresco on the balcony.

Walnut Beach Resort 4200 Lakeshore Drive, Osoyoos 1.877.936.5400 walnutbeachresort.com

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It’s special here. You notice that the minute you turn into our resort. Predator Ridge Resort was created with a great reverence for its spectacular natural setting, knowing it would call out to those who wished to escape the ordinary. Nestled between arid desert mountains and crystal clear lakes is a resort where nature is the top amenity. Predator RIdge offers a set of activities unlike any other. Golf, tennis & pickle ball, hiking, biking, yoga, swimming, snowshoeing as well as 5-star and casual dining are tucked discreetly into nature. We don’t fight what mother nature gave us; we celebrate it. Our staff are warm and welcoming and have brought our amenities to life in ways we could scarcely imagine a decade ago. Getting here is easy—the hard part will be deciding to leave. With a range of accommodation options to suit your style, Predator Ridge Resort features little touches that make you feel like you’ve found your own special place: full kitchens, fireplaces, pet friendly options and more. Some of the region’s most stunning scenery has been complemented by thoughtfully designed architecture expression to create a resort community like no other. There is a home for you at Predator Ridge that fits your life and style. It’s hard not to get a taste for the good life when the good life surrounds you. Play for a weekend, stay for a lifetime. Predator Ridge is the natural way to escape from it all.

Predator Ridge Golf Resort 301 Village Centre Place, Vernon 1 888-578-6688 predatorridge.com





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Nestled along the shores of Okanagan Lake. BC’s premiere lakefront resort property offers guests unparalleled luxury, quality and comfort. Our spacious suites boast the finest luxury features, from private wine coolers and stainless steel appliances to HD televisions, fireplaces and more. You’ll find everything in your suite at The Cove designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Those seeking to explore, won’t be disappointed, with an endless selection of nearby attractions and activities from which to choose, just minutes from the resort. From world-class wineries and championship golfing to skiing, theatres and shopping, all unmatched anywhere else in Canada, The Cove is a destination within a destination. The resort’s many amenities include the Cove Marina offering daily, weekly and long term slip rentals as well as private ownership and water activity rentals. Our Bonfire Restaurant provides the perfect lakeside backdrop for an exceptional breakfast, lunch or dinner experience, courtesy of Bonfire’s culinary team. Everything at The Cove is designed with total you in mind, from our pools, hot tubs and putting green, to our waterfront bonfires, private theatre and luxury Spa. Whether it’s on the property or off, our concierge will gladly assist you with planning and organizing activities during your stay. And for those wishing to plan larger gatherings for corporate events or to celebrate a wedding at one of the most picturesque spots in the BC, we can help with every detail, to ensure your event or special occasion is an overwhelming success. For vacationers and business travellers alike, The Cove Lakeside Resort is truly a remarkable setting for a truly unforgettable stay. Place to unwind. For information about our sister property in Vernon, visit outbacklakeside.com.

The Cove Lakeside Resort

4205 Gellatly Rd. West Kelowna 1.877.762.2683 | 250.707.1800 covelakeside.com

Indulge at The Cove Relax

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Only the Best for you, and the Okanagan! The term “farm-to-table” is once again the expression of the year. This might just be a phrase in the rest of the world, but chefs and cooks around here have been practicing this mantra for many years. I mean really… it only makes sense! If the finest vegetables, herbs and fruits are all grown in your backyard, sensibly you would harvest and serve them. All varieties of food outlets are readily available from the north end of the valley to the south. The Okanagan offers such a wide variety of culture when it comes to food and dining. Every nationality is handsomely. From big name, familiar restaurant chains that comfort you as you know what you are getting, to little “hole in the wall” eclectic spaces that people line up for. There is an appie or main dish that will make even the most critical foodie salivate!

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When dining out all around the world, not every experience is a great one, let’s be realistic. In the Okanagan Valley, you will only get to enjoy those perfect experiences. Keep in mind that some of the most popular and best restaurants and eateries are at wineries and golf courses. Lucky for all of us, the is an abundance of both scattered throughout the entire Okanagan. Both of these locations thrive on hot and dry weather for months at a time. It is that outdoor, patio dining lifestyle that defines and exemplifies the Okanagan. Even if you don’t golf or drink wine, one thing is for sure, you need eat and when you eat you might as well enjoy some of the finest dishes available. Welcome to dining in the Okanagan, awaken your appetite as every dish is served with an overwhelming essence of flavour. Every dining experience is a journey for that perfect dish. Every time you eat out, you are relentlessly pursuing the perfect dish. Both unique and conventional… you just might find it here!


Alex Chen

Mark Filatow

Culmina Family Estate Winery Celebrates 5-Years with a Spectacular Weekend of Food & Wine. Don, Elaine and Sara Triggs are hosting an exciting weekend of events at their Oliver-based estate from September 14 - 16 in celebration of their 5 Year Anniversary. Included will be a Reception event with a live DJ, small bites, and R&D wines; a grazing, continental-style ‘Departure’ brunch featuring Chef Jeff Van Geest of Miradoro Restaurant; and a marquee Chef Collaborative dinner on Saturday, September 15th in the winery cellars. Featuring ‘Guest’ Chef Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar - Vancouver Magazine’s 2018 Chef of the Year, and ‘Local’ Executive Chef Mark Filatow of Waterfront Wines Restaurant, recently named ‘Best Okanagan’ in Vancouver Magazine for the ninthstraight year, the 6-course dinner will showcase expertly prepared plates, paired with a selection of special wines from Culmina’s critically acclaimed portfolio, including library wines, Number Series wines, and a new ‘Anniversary Series’ rosé that will showcase the work of a world-renowned BC-artist. Tickets are $250 per person. Full details found at culmina.ca

Culmina Family Estate Winery 4790 Wild Rose Street Oliver, BC 250.498.0789




Pointe 49 Kitchen & Bar at Walnut Beach Resort

Natasha Schooten Iconic Chef

At Pointe 49 Kitchen & Bar, you can kick back on a great patio, or book an inside table for a special night out at Osoyoos’ best restaurant with poolside dining and lake views. Our Chef Natasha Schooten has prepared a delicious menu you don’t want to miss.

Back on a great patio, or book an inside table for a special night out at Osoyoos’ best restaurant with poolside dining and lake views. Gather fresh local produce and a bottle or two from one of dozens of local vineyards and prepare a gourmet feast in the fully equipped kitchen or barbecue area – a meal that can be enjoyed with friends and family in-suite or alfresco on the balcony. Barbecues are served up seasonally on the pool deck. Walnut Convenience Court offers necessities and easy-to-prepare meals. As you travel through the Thompson Okanagan region, you will uncover more than 45 of British Columbia’s best wineries. Ensconced in the region’s most spectacular scenery, the estate, farm and major wineries are as diverse as the wines they produce. Often enveloped by lush vineyards, each has its own unique character whether set in an enchanting stone house or a 120-year old log home. Relax in the scenic beauty of wine country as you sip a rich, tangy Ehrenfelser or a lush Marechal Foch.

Pointe 49 Kitchen & Bar at Walnut Beach Resort 4200 Lakeshore Drive, Osoyoos 1.877.936.5400


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SUMMERHILL PYRAMID BISTRO Extraordinary Organic Dining

Jeremy Luypen Iconic Chef Chef Jeremy Luypen is well known as a celebrated Okanagan culinary leader and teacher, passionate about the unique culinary culture of the region and about training the next generation of chefs. With extensive experience working with local, seasonal ingredients, he is excited to be helming Summerhill Pyramid Bistro with its dedication and love for organic agriculture and wine production. Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna is famous for its organic and biodynamic wine. It comes as no surprise that their very own Summerhill Pyramid Bistro is known throughout the community for its farm to table dishes, with a focus on an increasingly popular vegan lifestyle. The property has its own organic garden and nature preserves that supplies the kitchen with many seasonal ingredients served alongside organic, sustainable and ethically sourced meats and seafood. Chef Luypen, with collaboration from vegan Sous Chef Alex Alexander, are creating exciting, delicious plates that reflect the season and suit all dietary needs. Situated only fifteen minutes from downtown Kelowna, and offering a fabulous B&B on the vineyard, the 30 km panoramic view of lake, mountains and vineyards await you in the Summerhill Pyramid Bistro dining room and patio; truly some of the most spectacular views in the Okanagan.

Summerhill Pyramid Bistro at Summerhill Pyramid Winery 4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna, BC (250) 764.8000




PeakFine Restaurant at Sparkling Hill Resort

ROMAINE NEWELL Iconic Chef Executive Chef Romaine Newell believes it is easy to copy dishes but the true art of a chef is creating a unique dish that represents your ability to merge flavours and substance together for a succulent experience. Chef Romaine Newell has a touch of essence in his dishes that fuse bold flavour into a healthy, well rounded and flavourful dish. Chef Romaine Newell strives to keep dishes consistent, healthy and innovative, while exploring all that the local produce of the Okanagan has to offer.

In Europe “piekfein” is a term used to describe the best, perfection or something that is “top-notch”. We adopted this fitting term with our own Okanagan twist. “Peak” because of our physical geographic setting and “fine” because we will offer the freshest and finest products that the Okanagan Valley has to offer. The mood of PeakFine is set the moment you enter - an iridescence from crystals infused everywhere; the fireplace, chairs and overhead lighting, providing a luminous luxury that is palpable. The lunch menu is changed regularly, to reflect the fresh, locally sourced dishes available. The dinner menu at PeakFine is also created around products from local farms, vineyards, orchards and fine-food producers. Dinner reservations are recommended, and we feature select entertainment in PeakFine every Friday and Saturday evening from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

PeakFine Restaurant at Sparkling Hill Resort 888 Sparkling Place, Vernon, British Columbia 250.275.1556 ext 4021


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Range Lounge & Grill at Predator Ridge SANJAYA MANGALAGAMA Iconic Chef

Predator Ridge is happy to welcome Sanjaya to his new role as Executive Chef. He has earned the respect and admiration of his team members and colleagues as well as recognized chefs throughout the valley.

Join us at Range Lounge & Grill to experience our 100mile diet inspired menu featuring fresh BC seafood, local produce, organic pork & beef and fresh handmade pasta & gnocchi with simple, clean fresh flavours. Beautiful views and modern décor set the stage for an upscale casual dining experience, delectable desserts and a sommelier-developed, award-winning selection of fine wines. For a change of pace, Pallino’s features a variety of chefprepared pastas, entrées, antipasto & insalatas, thin crust pizzas on our specialty dough, barista prepared coffees, Italian beer & wines and more.

Range Lounge & Grill | Pallino’s Italian Bistro at Predator Ridge 301 Village Centre Place Vernon, BC (250) 542-3436




Building a Legacy One vintage at a time. Anthony von Mandl always had a grand vision for the Okanagan Valley. To put it simply, that was to make the entire Valley a wine region that could stand on the international stage, a destination for wine and food lovers, in addition to all the other natural beauty and leisure activities that are on offer. It began, though, with Mission Hill Winery, a wine distribution company, and a whole lot of planning and determination. And the two latest additions to what is now the von Mandl Family Estates confirm that this has all paid off, in spades. CheckMate Artisanal winery, near Oliver, and Martin’s Lane Winery, right next door to Cedar Creek in Kelowna, are by any standard stellar wine producers, each with their own unique mandate. For CheckMate, and winemaker Phil McGahan, it is exclusively chardonnay and merlot. At Martin’s Lane, for winemaker Shane Munn, it is exclusively Riesling and pinot

by Jim Tobler noir. Each winemaker has the best grapes to be found on the extensive von Mandl Estates vineyard holdings, often taking only a few rows from a particular vineyard, in a quest to make top-notch wines that are unique and wholly expressive of the vineyard terroirs they grow in. Production is not, nor will it ever be, large at either winery. Says Munn, “we could make an extraordinary cuvee of a few thousand cases, I suppose. But that’s not what we want. A few hundred cases each of highly specific terroir-driven wines is what we are doing. You can sense the differences between each of the wines, and that is what is so fascinating.” Martin’s Lane is completely gravity-fed, “not a single pump in the whole place,” says Munn. Which is perfect, since his winemaking is non-interventionist. “I think of winemaking more as a guidance process, rather than intervention.”

Nicolas Lehoux - Martin’s Lane Winery

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VALLEY INNOVATORS White Willow Photography

We speak to Winemaker Taylor Whelan at Kelowna’s spectacular CedarCreek Estate Winery Left photo: CedarCreek Winemaker, Taylor Whelan What attracted you to winemaking? I find the cross-discipline aspect of winemaking appealing. Not only is there microbiology and organic chemistry involved, but viticulture (and ecology), logistics, business, hospitality, public relations, and artistry. The job is constantly evolving and is always presenting new opportunities and challenges.

CedarCreek Estate Winery released its first wines in 1987 and was one of the first eight pioneering wineries of BC. Right from the early onset, CedarCreek’s success has been tempered by patience and perseverance. Our ideals matured into our philosophy “Respect the land, honour tradition, pursue perfection.” For over 30 years, we have produced some of the valley’s best wines resulting in CedarCreek being twice recognized as “Canada’s Winery of the Year”. Located 20 minutes from downtown Kelowna we are an ideal destination for locals and those touring wine country. Situated on a hillside, you are treated to a panoramic view of lush vineyards, Okanagan Lake, immaculate grounds and our beautiful gardens. We are committed to providing guests an intimate and educational experience in an exceptional setting. Our entire team is excited to bring the wine country experience to a whole new level at CedarCreek this year with the opening of our brand new tasting room, and year-round restaurant, Home Block at CedarCreek, opening late summer 2018.

What are the future plans in store for your winery/ vineyard? Plans abound – we are currently in the process of transitioning to organic viticulture across all of our vineyard holdings and to develop organic winemaking in the winery as well. We have moved honey bees onto the property at CedarCreek and have chickens in our vineyards in the south Okanagan. We are also continuing to acquire premium vineyard properties focused mostly in Kelowna and Lake Country, where we feel there is the most potential for identifying unique soil types and establishing exciting vineyards with cool climate varieties. On top of that, we are working to complete a brand new tasting room, our new year-round restaurant, Home Block at CedarCreek, and a dedicated Platinum Club area to host our most valued customers at an even higher level.

Shawn Talbot Photography

Okanagan Confidential

With the wines that you make, what are you trying to achieve? In the Estate range, we are aiming to make wines which are varietally correct and can express the fresh and lively characters we believe the Okanagan can offer in a wine. In the Platinum range, we are trying to focus on the qualities of specific sites – be it soil, slope, aspect, vine age, or clone. We then reflect those in the wine by using traditional or artisanal winemaking techniques such as concrete fermentation, natural fermentation, skin contact (on whites), whole bunch fermentation, and any other technique we feel can best compliment or reflect the aspects of the site we hope to show.

What is your all-time favourite food & wine pairing? Entrecôte à la Bordelaise – a Ribeye steak served with a Bordelaise sauce and tarragon to brighten things up, served with a cabernetdominant Bordeaux blend. It’s a classic, but wine pairings don’t get any better.

CedarCreek Estate Winery 5445 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, British Columbia 778.738.1020



Getting into the garden

Growing and enjoying some awesome fresh produce


Walking down to Milkcrate Records


Enjoying coffee and a scone at Gio Bean



The splendid winery, named after von Mandl’s father, is designed by world-renowned architect Tom Kundig, who also did Mission Hill. It blends seamlessly into its environment. A fantastic bronze cast of the head of Vincent van Gogh, by Douglas Coupland, greets any visitors coming up to the parking lot. There are aesthetic details at every turn, and some grand statements too, such as the amazing spiral staircase, which leads upon the main floor tasting rooms and working labs. Thematic references to the landscape surrounding it, even including subtle acknowledgements of the great fires of 2003, abound in this marvellous place. And the wines! Both varieties are taken from four vineyard sites, each made into a single vineyard bottling. Simes Vineyard, named after the seminal first winemaker for Mission Hill, the great John Simes, and Dehart vineyards are in Kelowna. Fritzi’s vineyard, named for von Mandl’s mother, is in West Kelowna, on the Mission Hill Estate. The fourth is Naramata Bench vineyard, in Naramata. Thus, eight wines, four each of the two varieties. A tasting reveals profound differences in the wines, each doing exactly what Munn predicts them to do: show the terroirs they are grown in. While they may be some passing similarities to German riesling, particularly Mosel wines, and to certain parts of the Cotes de Nuit in Burgundy, these are unmistakably New

Checkmate Artisanal Winery

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World wines, but with a refinement, structure, and generosity that is almost startling. Delicious. Established a couple of years earlier than Martin’s Lane, CheckMate Artisanal Winery is located just outside Oliver, but takes its grapes from several different vineyard sites, some estate vines, but also from sites as far south as the southernmost tip of Osoyoos, right at the 49th Parallel. McGahan makes five chardonnays, all named for aspect of chess: Attack; Queen Taken; Little Pawn; Knight’s Challenge; Fool’s Mate; and Capture. If you were pressed to make any comparison to another wine region, it would have to be Burgundy, simply for the structured, highly textured fruit and the overall restraint and elegance. But the newer iterations of chardonnay coming from the higher elevations in California could be mentioned in the same breath as well. Still, these are uniquely expressive of the soils they were grown in. McGahan, like Munn, takes a non-interventionist approach. “We do as little as possible, from the wild ferments all the way to bottling.” The chardonnays came out in 2013; merlot arrived a year later: End Game; Silent Bishop; Opening Gambit; and Blsck Rook. Everything, and we mean everything, is done by hand. Not only the harvest, but all canopy management, leaf pulling, cluster thinning, is by hand. McGahan is highly particular about all


VALLEY FAMILY We speak to Sara Triggs, Marketing Director and second generation wine family member at Oliver’s spectacular Culmina Family Estate Winery Left photo: Don, Elaine and Sara Triggs WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE THE GOLDEN MILE BENCH? Our goal was to produce an icon-quality Bordeaux-style red blend, with the first step finding the right site that would allow us to do so. With the help of Bordeaux-based consultant, Alain Sutre, and after an exhaustive search Penticton and south, we found the ideal site south of Oliver in the new sub-appellation. Extensive study on the site confirmed its potential for red Bordeaux varieties, featuring extensive minerality in the area’s unique alluvial fan soils. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL FOR CULMINA? Literally translated from Latin, Culmina means ‘peak’ - or for us, what we’re aiming for in quality. We’ve focused all of our efforts and energy to meeting this objective: from planting everything from virgin land, to matching up the terroir with the best vine material that we can find, increasing the vine density in the vineyard by 50% in the hopes of increasing the competition between the vines to force the roots systems deep into the sub soil. All in all, to try and encourage our Golden Mile Bench terroir to come through in the wines as much as we can.

Okanagan Confidential Culmina Family Estate Winery is the result of a lifetime of experience in the wine industry for Don, Elaine and Sara Triggs. Having worked in the industry for a combined 40+ years, Don and Elaine began in 2006 with a simple goal: to make the highest quality wines possible from their own family estate. Culmina is a familyowned wine estate operated by the Triggs and a small team of dedicated professionals. For the Triggs, ownership does not mean standing on the sidelines, but rather a full-time, hands-on commitment to every aspect of the business. Their singular objective: to maximize the quality of the wine produced from their Golden Mile Bench property.

WHAT FUTURE PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE ESTATE? Lots of exciting things are on the way this fall, including more exclusive offerings in our “Number Series”, a small lot program focused on innovation and exploration, and exclusive to our Fellowship. A in interesting new Riesling will be released in the fall, and a couple of reds are in the works for 2019. We are also hosting three “Sunday Sessions” to celebrate our 5-Year Anniversary this summer. Each seminar will focus on different aspects of our portfolio, with the August 12th Session focused on Riesling and Chardonnay and the September 9th on our Bordeaux-red varietal wines.

Culmina Family Estate Winery 4790 Wild Rose Street Oliver, British Columbia 250.498.0789



Playing vinyl, two turntables

Checking out new restaurants when travelling

Hanging out with the new winery, pup, Holly - a pint-sized Pembroke Welsh Tri-coat Corgi



For both wineries, bottles are exclusively available by online purchase, or in person at the winery. Much of the 2014 vintage is already fully allocated, and demand is only going to increase. The price points are quite exclusive as well, ranging from $80 to $125 for the chardonnays, while all four merlots come in at $85. After tasting them, though, you might be tempted to think this is a bargain.

and talent, and not plan to make enough wine for any potential retail sales? A hint is in the private reception and dining room at Martin’s Lane, where there is a min-library of wine on one wall. The wines, beerenauslese from Dr. Loosen, Auslese from JJ Prum, several bottlings of Bugundy’s pinnacle, Domaine Romanee-Conti, are the very best of the best. They are there to illustrate a simple point, one that von Mandl has held to from way back in 1981, when he began in earnest to make great wine; there is no glass ceiling for quality in the Okanagan. At the launch of Checkmate, which was held at Vaucluse restaurant in New York City, he told the assembled guests that “We are a small region, of course. But given the different microclimates, the range of soils the glaciers left us with 50 million years ago, and the desire to make the best wines we can, the Okanagan will be known the world over as one of the greatest wine regions you can ever visit.”

So, why would Anthony von Mandl build two splendid, aesthetic masterpiece wineries, dedicate only the top resources

Now that is some kind of legacy, and it is unfolding as reality, with each passing vintage.

these things, since the wines he makes at the end of the day actually show the effects of all that care. Both the chardonnay and merlot wines come from a variety of vineyards, mostly in the central valley for chardonnay, and trending south for the merlot. Tom Kundig designed an pop-up tasting room, while the actual, new winery is well under construction.

Nicolas Lehoux - Martin’s Lane Winery

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ORGANIC PIONEER We speak to founder/proprietor Stephen Cipes, at Kelowna’s spectacular Summerhill Pyramid Winery Left photo: Stephen Cipes With the wines you make, what are you trying to achieve? Our original vision since 1991 was to make the most delicious tasting organic wines in the world with the ideal growing conditions here and bring pride to all Canadians, and we’ve done that! We have won so many top trophies including best sparkling wine in the world in London England! Our wine was named the best chardonnay wine in the world at a recent competition in France! Our red blend Keter was just chosen to be served at the G7. We have something really exceptional here to share with the world.

Okanagan Confidential Named ‘Canadian Wine Producer of the Year’ at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, England, and awarded numerous international trophies and medals at the highest levels of competition, the winemaking philosophy at Summerhill Pyramid Winery (established 1991) is that organic and biodynamic is the royal road to producing exceptionally beautiful, authentic, terroir based wine. Also home of the Summerhill Pyramid Bistro, featuring fresh, seasonal wine paired menus and a panoramic view of Okanagan Lake.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery 4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna, British Columbia 250.764.8000



Community gatherings in the Summerhill Pyramid

The world is a big place, why did you choose the Okanagan? I am a New Yorker. I was born in Manhattan and lived my whole life in New York until 1986, when I started seeing unprecedented greed around me. I wanted to get off the money-go-round and live close to the earth. At that time there were less than 40,000 people living in Kelowna. We loved it! Everyone here called the US the “excited states”, and it was true! Our lives were so peaceful here. I loved just driving the tractor and planting plants from Europe on my hands and knees. Then we got excited by the potential to make fantastic sparkling wines from the intensely flavoured grapes here and went back into business. This time for the love of it! What attracted you to wine making? Wine making is the ultimate collaboration between man and nature. A green bean is a green bean, and a glass of milk is a glass of milk, but wine is so subtle and nuanced, and everthing affects the flavour. It is the ultimate co venture of man and nature! The most authentic wines are made with minimum intervention winemaking. You have to do the magic in the vineyard assuring the vines are in harmony with all the nature around them. It’s called permaculture where we give back to nature, not just be sustainable. www.Organicokanagan.Com has a declaration to return the valley to organic practices and is receiving international attention and signatures from chiefs, mayors, celebrities and so many enthusiastic homeowners and farmers!

Taking kids for speed boat spins around Okanagan Lake

Winery Chef Jeremy Luypen’s vegan prominent menu



Valley GUY We speak with Tony Holler, proprietor of Poplar Grove Winery. Born in Summerland and familiar with the Okanagan’s fruitful bounty, he sets out to make world-class wines. Left photo: Tony Holler The world is a big place, why did you choose the Okanagan? I was born in Summerland and grew up farming my family’s apple orchard so I was no stranger to the beauty and bounty of the Okanagan Valley. About ten years ago, my wife Barb and I decided that the Okanagan Valley was the most beautiful place we had ever been. My passion is great wine and I knew that the Okanagan Valley could produce the fruit that would allow us to make world-class wines. We decided then and there to move back to the Okanagan Valley.

What makes the Okanagan wine scene so exciting?

Okanagan Confidential Great wines are born from the courage to see what’s possible. Over the past 21 years, the team at Poplar Grove has worked with the vineyards to nurture their potential into each bottle. Experience breathtaking views of the Okanagan Valley while sipping on a selection of our signature wines. In 2011, the doors to Poplar Grove’s brand new winery opened. The new winery space is home to a production facility with a showcase barrel hall, an expansive tasting room with sweeping views of the valley and the Vanilla Pod restaurant.

Poplar Grove Winery 425 Middle Bench Road North Penticton, BC 250.493.9463


Poplar Grove Winery - The Legacy 2011


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The Valley has attracted so much talent, all with an incredible amount of commitment to the land and to continuous improvement to the winemaking processes. Each year, the Okanagan wine community’s knowledge of the climate, the soil and their land grows. Discovering mesoclimates and microclimates, deciding which clone and root stock is best suited to the soil, and using this information to inform the planting of new vineyards throughout the valley is very exciting.

What are the future plans in store for your winery? Now that the doors to Poplar Grove’s brand new winery are open year round, our plan is to invite the world to visit us on the Naramata Bench. We can’t wait for everyone to experience our signature wines! A few years back, we created the Poplar Grove Wine Club. Becoming a wine club member is the newest way to be a part of the Poplar Grove family. Our members enjoy discounts on direct wine purchases and invitations to exclusive events at the winery. Together, we are growing our wine club and I personally invite everyone to join us on our journey to make truly great wines!

What is the best insider tip for pairing food and wine together? The best tip I have ever heard for pairing food and wine is to make sure you are eating and drinking exactly what you like with your favourite people in a fantastic place. One July long weekend as great friends and I were sitting at Poplar Grove on the Vanilla Pod Restaurant patio waiting for the fireworks, we opened a bottle of the 2007 Legacy and had it with Chef Bruno’s seared rare beef tenderloin topped with warmed olive oil and finished with sea salt. It was a perfect Okanagan summer evening with the greatest of friends, and the food and wine couldn’t have tasted any better.

Spending time in OUR vineyards with friends and family

Tony Holler, Barb Holler and the vineyard crew

Heirloom tomato salad

from the Vanilla Pod Restaurant, made with vineyard grown tomatoes

My Dog Mia


A Legend in the Valley

Don Triggs and Culmina Family Estate Winery by Jim Tobler When Don Triggs bursts out the office door at his Culmina winery, shakes your hand and says hello, you just know you are in good company. He is a wine industry icon, a legend, really, a pioneer in growing the Canadian wine industry, and an advocate for quality at all levels of the business. But he is affable, modest, passionate, a winning combination. Triggs, his wife Elaine, and his daughter Sara, work together to make Culmina a destination winery in the region. Situated just north of Oliver, the estate vineyards were carefully, thoughtfully planted with varieties perfectly suited to the soils. Riesling, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, and even the Okanagan’s first gruner veltliner, State-of-the art equipment and a select winemaking team, plus viticultural practices both precise and meticulous, mean the grapes get the very best opportunity to shine, once they are made into wine and bottled. Sara Triggs explains that “We want a visit to our winery to be a special experience. That can be in the tasting room, but we love to have people take part in one of our specialized vineyard tours, where we go up to the benches, and really explore what makes Culmina so special. A full-on experience.” Touring the vineyards, you get a clear sense of how much care and attention is spent, ensuring the crop is maximized in terms of quality. And from the estate’s upper benches, the views are of course breathtaking, with much of the southern Okanagan spread our before you.

Triggs knows the region well. He was instrumental in Constellation Brands entering into an agreement with the Osoyoos First Nation, who own extensive tracts of very desirable vineyard sites. Together, the developed the Constellation side of things, with Inniskillin and Jackson-Triggs at the forefront, and the Nk’Meep winery being added to the portfolio. All this prime land was turned into high quality vineyards, and profitable wineries. Says Triggs, “I did visit a lot of wine regions of the world, but somehow this place attracted me, and when I decided to actually do this winery, I knew it had to be right here.” Culmina is so named because it represents a culmination, for Triggs and his family, of all the time, hard work and passion they invested in the wine business. The idea of creating a winery that would express true, and unique, terroir, made in the highest quality possible, and never large production, simply kept on nibbling at him, after he entered retirement. “After a couple of years, I just knew I couldn’t be a retiree. Golf has only so much charm,” smiles Triggs. The vineyards were in development for several years, and the winery was being built as the time came to finally do a harvest that could be bottled. The results were splendid right out of the gate. Culmina celebrates its fifth anniversary this autumn, and you can be sure Don, Elaine, and Sara Triggs will be on hand to pour a wine or two, shake hands, make you feel welcome. Culmina is part past, part present, large part future. A visit here makes you an active participant in all of that. Plus, you will be drinking some of the valleys’ finest wines.




“I’m living the life”. We say it all the time when people ask us how we’re doing. And whether we offer it as a sarcastic response at a time of stress, or we truly mean it - it’s still best lived here, in the Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan lifestyle really is all about “living the life”. It’s a life filled with hot summer days by the pool, hanging out at the beach paddle boarding, riding in the hillsides, wake boarding on Okanagan Lake and more rounds of golf and any number of local, world-class courses. And it’s pretty much all year around.

Darren Kirby

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by Albert Berkshire But let’s not forget, most of of who live here, still work here. Certainly retirees have the best deal, but many of us have been working to enjoy the lifestyle. We’ve been building our dream life one day at a time. And it’s worth every day of work we put in here. Even on those scorching hot days when the beaches are humming with activity and the view through the office window serves only to tease us - or at least spur us to pick up the pace and cut out early. We are, however, not the only ones building dreams in the Okanagan. Architects, developers, builders, and realtors are


all working to bring together the elements that make our lifestyle so great. The developers create the playgrounds where we live and recreate. Architects design stunning homes that exemplify the lifestyle. Builders to the grunt work every day to bring a design to life. And the realtors connect our dream lifestyle to the location that best fits our dean life. David Green is one such Realtor who has bridged the gap between Greater Vancouver and the Okanagan Valley. For him, The Okanagan Valley has become more than a family vacation spot.

“It’s matured. Says Green. “It’s become Vancouver’s equivalent to New York’s Hamptons and Toronto’s Muskoka. Kelowna is one of the most desirable destinations for those seeking luxury vacation or retirement homes. It’s also become a thriving community for young families.” Along with the changing demographics comes the evolution of the Okanagan resort communities. If you look back 10 or 15 years, you would have seen golf communities under development all over the Okanagan Valley. Some were successful, and some stalled around the time of the economic



downturn in the United States. The resorts that did find success were well planed, and likely had a much grander master plan. In particular, one of the original, and to date, most successful resort communities is Predator Ridge.

more for everyone and their pets. And that’s what is drawing people to live a luxury lifestyle - the dream lifestyle - outside the traditional city neighbourhoods. It’s more inclusive.

Nestled into the hillside halfway between Kelowna and Vernon, Predator Ridge boasts so much more than championship golf. When I first moved to Kelowna in 2000, it was hosting the Skins Game - back when Sergio Garcia and Mike Weir were at the top of their respective games. But years later, this resort community has evolved. Still with two courses totally 36 holes, it has moved beyond just a home with a world-class golf course. It’s become more community-focused. Essentially, you don’t move here just for the golf.

That, too, is the evolution of dreams we are building in the Okanagan.

Predator Ridge, like many other communities, has evolved to offer residents more lifestyle-focused amenities. Yoga, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and bocce add to what was once a place that only saw golf as an attraction. There’s

Chris Gardiner

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Custom home builders also flock to the valley. They come to physically build our dreams. From the condos and town homes that afford us an opportunity to blend our dream lifestyle with pure simplicity, to the elaborate hillside and waterfront homes that exemplify the Okanagan Lifestyle, there is no shortage of willing builders. Long established companies have thrived for decades in the Okanagan, and still, newcomers to the list of homebuilders take their piece of the pie and make their mark by bringing new ideas, new designs, and a fresh approach to business. For those literally building their dream, the choice is almost endless.


Only 22 Luxury Hillside Lakeview Homes Remain Act now for best selection on the remaining homes The word is out that The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake is the best new home community in the Okanagan Valley. The Cottages includes a community centre with a gym, two pools and hot tubs as well as our private sandy beach and boat slips, there’s something for everyone. With over 200 homes sold, the remaining opportunities won’t last long.

With eight different home plans to choose from ranging is size from our modest 1,300 sf meadow homes to the exclusive 3,000 sf Meritage plan, there really is the perfect home for you. We have several unique homes under construction and all homes can be customized to suit your needs. Please contact our sales team at 1.855.742.5555 or visit our website for a full tour.

Th Cottag e exem es is BC’s Vpt from ac Home ation Tax

Visit our Display Homes » 2450 Radio Tower Road, Oliver, BC See website for open hours.

1.855.742.5555 osoyooscottages.com



A quick scan through the real estate magazine and Realtor listings displays thousands of properties. Some are new constructions focused on the year-round resident. Others offer up the lock-and-leave lifestyle so many seasonal visitors want in a home. Their dream, at least in the physical form, is built for them. This is where simplicity reigns and the dreams of every vacationer is highlighted. As always, the Okanagan lifestyle does not disappoint. Spend a weekend anywhere in the Okanagan. You’ll see first-hand the fruition of dreams. Mountain bikes on the back of cars, stand up paddle boarders gliding past the beaches, sun worshipers lounging on the beaches - and that’s just summer. Winter offers a temperate climate and almost unlimited activities throughout the valley.

Chris Gardiner

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And then there’s the resort communities who have their own list of community activities that help make people’s dreams, reality. As Realtor David Green commented, “For almost 20 years I’ve been connecting buyers with their dream properties. With its incredible weather, and access to lakes, golf courses and wineries, the Okanagan exemplifies the ultimate in luxury living.” That pretty much sums it up for anyone who comes here. What starts out a quick holiday, a family getaway, or even a layover on some peoples’ road of life, easily turns into an appreciation for a great lifestyle, a why-live-anywhereelse attitude, and a dream realized.


CANADA’S FIRST PURPOSE BUILT WELLNESS COMMUNITY… is now under development in Sicamous, BC. The picturesque town of Sicamous is ideally located at the junction of Mara and Shuswap Lake in the North Okanagan/ Shuswap region of BC. Together, they comprise over one thousand kilometres of contiguous, rustic shoreline and over 500 sq. kilometres of pristine, clear, clean surface water. So it only made sense to choose Sicamous and Mara Lake as the perfect location to develop Canada’s first truly wellness focused community... Mara Lakeside Wellness Community. Our industry’s current built environment model typically favors driving over biking, sitting over walking, riding in elevators over using the stairs, texting over face-to-face conversations, and screen time over outdoor recreation. Even though people live longer today, more are living lonely, unhealthy and unhappy lives. Mara Lakeside Wellness Community represents a shift in community development that explicitly puts people’s wellness at the center of its conception, design, creation, landscaping and construction.

Mara Lakeside Wellness Community is comprised of thirty eight acres, of which ten are right along the west facing sandy shore of Mara Lake with one thousand feet of beach front. A mountain fed creek meanders through the three acres of natural forestation that is a natural, environmentally protected area that buffers the outside world, creating a solitude that one will find relaxing for both body and mind. Twenty eight acres are currently planned to be developed as a nature park that would include hiking and biking trails, relaxation and meditation stations and possibly a mini-adventure park. Our anchor development, Mara Lakeside Resort and Wellness Centre is currently under construction, is a world class condohotel that will feature seventy three suites in the first phase and thirty six suites in the second. Future wellness focused real estate development will include condos and apartments.




Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre is the first phase of Mara Lakeside Wellness Community. Now under construction along the beach on Mara Lake, the seventy three luxury vacation homes are a stunning achievement of architectural and interior design incorporating state of the art health and wellness elements.

There will be a beachside communal BBQ area and you will love the convenience of the “Grab & Go” deli and the two storey lobby with it’s full height stone fireplace will provide a relaxing atmosphere to catch up on reading, meet new friends or just plain relax with the million dollar views at your disposal.

The resort is as amenity packed as one could possibly dream of. They include a beach front restaurant and pub with amazing views of Mara Lake and the Monashee Mountains. The lobby social lounge will be the ultimate gathering place for owners, guests and locals alike. Our conference facility is the perfect venue for weddings, wellness events, live entertainment, dinner and a movie nights and local talent events.

And let’s not forget the most important amenity of all… our five thousand sq. ft. wellness centre… where you will find the true luxury of a mineral pool, the rejuvenation of a sauna or steam room, massage, reflexology, fitness room and floatation tank. We will have it all.

A twenty thousand sq. ft. pool, hot tub and recreation area is adjacent to the main floor that is twelve feet above the beach for the ultimate in privacy and the state of the art, deep water marina provides the perfect summer home for boats of all sizes.

So, go to our website… maralakesideresort.com… to learn how exciting and easy it will be to own a luxury vacation home on Mara Lake in Canada’s first wellness community.

75% Financing available OAC No property taxes for 10 years! From the low $500’s* This ad is not an Offering for Sale. Any such Offering can only be made with a Disclosure Statement. Artist rendering of the resort is representational only. *Not including taxes.


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The Ultimate Wellness Experience In keeping with Mara Lakeside Resort’s overall commitment to developing a state of the art wellness community, we have designed a wellness centre that is absolutely state of the art. From the moment you step through the door, you will be instantly transended from a Cape Cod architectural thematic to an aesthetically relaxing and inspiring East Asian environment. Over five thousand square feet of the main floor has been dedicated to the health and wellness of our suite owners, guests and local population and includes such amenities as a mineral pool area with refreshments, sauna, steam room, sensory deprevation float tank, yoga studio, treatment rooms

overlooking Mara Lake and a fitness room with state of the art equipment to make your wellness journey as successful and beneficial as possible. In addition, we will have internationally renowned thought leaders and speakers in the health, wellness and spirituality sphere making appearances in our amphitheatre and conference facility. Our goal is to have Mara Lakeside Resort and Wellness Centre become the leader in health, wellness and spirituality for all ages and we want you to be part of this exciting and transformational experience.



Endless Summers A Sicamous summer means so many choices of what to do and where to go that one might think it may never end. Mara and Shuswap Lakes combine to provide an almost unbelievable one thousand kilometres of contiguous, rustic shoreline providing unlimited adventure and discovery opportunities. Their combined five hundred square kilometers of clean, refreshing surface water offers plenty of room to enjoy almost every water sport and activity imaginable. There are two exceptional golf courses in Sicamous. The infamous Les Furber designed Hyde Mountain eighteen hole course is situated directly across from Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre, where a water taxi service will deliver owners and guests staying at the resort directly to the course. The uniquely challenging Eagle River nine hole course is located along the Trans Canada Highway in Sicamous, plus there are numerous other courses within short driving distances.

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The surrounding Monashee Mountains offer a seemingly endless array of fishing locations, hiking and biking trails, as well as hang-gliding and paragliding opportunities for the more adventurous among us. For the wine lovers, there are local wineries to visit and Sicamous is only an hour away from the burgeoning winery locations in the Vernon and Kelowna regions of BC. So it’s no wonder the Sicamous area is such a desirable place to spend one’s summer and shoulder seasons and with Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre scheduled to open in the summer of 2019, there’s even more reasons to enjoy your endless summer in the area. Including 150 slip deep water marina.


A Winter Wonderland Sicamous is far from a one trick pony vacation destination. Yes, the summers are amazing and extremely popular, but it is also blessed by Mother Nature with an amazing phenomenon called “Monashee Powder”… a dry, light snow that is the most sought after by snowmobilers, cat skiers (tracked vehicles take skiers to higher levels) and heli-skiers from the local area and around the world. And Sicamous is right in the middle of it.

about twenty minutes from Sicamous (near Salmon Arm). There’s also snowshoeing there as well. Once Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre is open, Sicamous will be in the enviable position of being able to attract downhill skiers from many regions and countries because there will be access to four fantastic ski hills, without having to pack and unpack every time someone wants to try more than one ski hill.

In fact, the snowmobiling is so good in this area that Sicamous was just voted the Best Snowmobile Destination in Western Canada… for the second year in a row! The Sicamous Snowmobile Club estimates that about fifteen thousand snowmobilers and snowbike enthusiasts visited the area in the 2017-18 season, which is amazing, but well earned. With the opening of Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre, there will be a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to stay and enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer and Mom will particularly enjoy the opportunity to visit the wellness centre while Dad is on the trails. Or, if they are both snowmobilers, they can enjoy a double visit to the wellness centre.

For instance, Revelstoke Mountain and Silver Star in Vernon will only be about an hour away and Sun Peaks in Kamloops and Big White in Kelowna will only be about an hour and a half via the shuttle service the resort will provide. Then after each ski day, the guests are transported back to the resort to relax, enjoy an evening of food and beverages, gathering in the social lobby lounge or rejuvenating in the wellness centre.

If you are a cross country skier, you will be pleased to know that the second largest cross country ski area in Canada… Larch Hills… is only

There will even be a small ice rink in the area near the pool for those who would like to get a little skating in while visiting. Mara Lakeside Resort & Wellness Centre will be the focal point of winter sports and activities in the area. A veritable winter wonderland unto its self!


Parting Shot

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