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Session 3 Tuesday, 19 February 2013 Commencing 1:00 pm

Autographs 547

Eden, Sir Anthony; signature on piece set below photograph, mounted and framed Robert Anthony Eden (1897-1977) was a British conservative politician who was Prime Minister from 1955 to 1957. He was also Foreign Secretary on three occasions from 1935 to 1955 including during WWII Est. $125


Gladstone, W.E; signature on piece set on board with image ready to frame William Ewart Gladstone FRS, FSS (1809-1898) was a British liberal statesman whose political career lasted over 60 years. He served as Prime Minister on four occasions (1868-1874, 1880-1185, Feb-July 1886, 1892-1894), and also served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer on four occasions Est. $100


Remnants of old scrap book of a Geelong resident, missing covers but containing numerous signatures of VC winners, their relatives, and others who it would seem attended the Centenary of the Institution of the Victoria Cross exhibition at Marlborough Hall London from 15th June to 7th July 1956, and reception at Guildhall London 27th June 1956. Autographs incl Australian WWI VC recipients G.M.Ingram, W.D.Joynt, J.Carroll, C.W.K.Sadlier, Laurie McCarthy, J.J.Dwyer, T.L.Axford, Stan McDougall, J.J.Dwyer, and several others (many clearly legible, some difficult to read). Also noted autograph of Frank Banner, Australian (professional) sprint champion from 1948 to 1953, and others of local residents. The lot also comes with a scrap book and copious loose newspaper articles and the occasional photo that primarily relate to WWII VC winner Edward (Ted) Kenna. Condition very mixed but a fascinating Est. $400 lot


Ned Kelly; early roneo copy of letter from HM Gaol Melbourne dated 19th July 1880 requesting permission to see his sister to arrange for a solicitor to prepare for his trial (and to bring suitable clothing for the trial!), plus a further request for visitation rights for his mother. The facsimile letter has been consigned by a gent who states that his grandfather worked at the Old Melbourne Gaol in 1920 where this copy was obtained, interesting and of some historical significance Est. $100


Western Australia; company settlement of Australind Rural Land Order, ‘Order of Choice’ certificate No.122 London 14th November 1840 named to William Storrs Fry of the Old Jewry London, a significant document concerning colonial settlement in Western Australia; accompanied by a handwritten letter dated 15 September 1886 from ‘Alfred’ to ‘John Henry’ concerning the latter’s father’s land at Australind in which ‘Mr Clifton’ is mentioned, the document and letter both in excellent condition. Australind was a proposed development of an English-style village on the Leschenault Inlet in Geographe Bay where it was anticipated horses could be bred for the British Indian Army. Plans for the proposed town were drawn up and 440 settlers arrived in 1841 with Marshall Clifton being appointed to take charge. Within two years the settlement had failed because of adverse conditions and little of the town planning had actually taken place. Most of the land was eventually taken back by the Crown and settlement plans were officially abandoned in 1875. A small number of buildings constructed in the 1840’s still remain today including Clifton’s residence, a church and the town’s first hotel (built 1841: now Henton Cottage). William Storrs Fry (1806-1844) married Juliana Sally Pelly in 1832, she the daughter of Sir John Henry Pelly, a Captain of the East India Company Service. John Henry Fry (born 1841) was the fifth child (of seven) and second son of William and Juliana Fry. Est. $300


Interesting group of documents and books compr vellum ledger pay books 1832 (2) and another later conveyance 1791, lease document 1791, agreements 1832 (2) and 1833, pocket book ledger 1833, land tax document 1832, marbled cover preliminary notes for new house 1845; and coloured steel plate engraving of Hulne Abbey Northumberland (12 items) Est. $350

Documents, Printed Items 550


Bulletin newspaper Christmas edition 1899, 48pp with red tinted outer cover; plus English News Chronicle broadsheet newspaper of 21st July 1944 reporting on the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler at the Wolf’s Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg in East Prussia (Operation Valkyrie)the first item with obvious external signs of age deterioration though the contents quite clean (2 items) Est. $75

Gold bullion receipt dated on reverse 6th Feb 1866 form Clarkes Gold Office, 86 & 88 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, the earliest printed gold receipt we have seen. The item comes with Australian Dictionary of Biography research on this early entity Est. $75

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Session 3

Stage, Screen & Musical Memorabilia


Australian female music hall celebrities postcards and related issues 1903-1920 in small photo album, Mixed Condition (88 cards) Est. $75


Wills’s Victoria Cross Heroes 1915 Specialties backs complete set of 25 cards; plus Recruiting Posters 1915 complete set of ten cards, Good to Very Good (35 cards) Est. $75


“Smithy” a small soft cover booklet about the making of the 1946 Ken G.Hall picture; “One of Our Aircraft is Missing” a similar-sized booklet about the making of this Michael Powell and Emeric Presberger directed film with proceeds of sale to the RAF Comforts Fund; souvenir programme for “Northern Safari” by Keith Adams c.1961; Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne programme for the 1971 production of “Charlie Girl” starring Anna Neagle, Derek Nimmo and Johnny Farnham; “Cliff Richard, My Story” booklet 20pp; together with early RAAF and WRAAF booklets; other Australian and British WWII period publications; “Dante” translated by Rev Henry Francis Cary c.1890s, 496 edge gilded pages in gilt blocked leatherette binding; two Mary Grant Bruce soft cover novels; a few publications relating to the Eliz II coronation and the royal family; and other misc publications, Mixed Est. $75 Condition (approx 30 items)


Wills’s Three Castles Merrie England Studies 1916 complete set of 40 cards on plastic pages, one back almost entirely obliterated else Good to Very Good and scarce (Murray’s C/V=£280) (40 cards) Est. $200


Wills’s Australian Scenic Series 1925 complete set of 100 photographic cards on plastic pages, Very Good to Excellent Est. $75 (100 cards)


Wills’s English Period Costumes 1929 complete set of 25 cards; plus John Player Dandies 1932 complete set of 50, Very Good to Excellent (2 sets, 75 cards) Est. $75



USA Half Dollars 2001 with overlaid Elvis Presley movie motifs in colour (4 diff coins); two Elvis Presley 1993 first day covers; together with two cased Somalia One Dollar 2004 enamelled guitar-shaped 4-coin sets (10 items) Est. $75 Souvenir Elvis Viva Las Vegas coloured JFK Half Dollars (20 items) Est. $150

Cigarette Cards 559


Millhoff De Rezke Cigarettes Real Photos 1931 complete set of 27 cards; plus 4th, 5th and 6th series of the same theme complete sets of 27, Excellent condition (4 sets, 108 cards) Est. $75


John Player Characters From Dickens, A Series 1912 complete set of 25 cards, and Characters From Dickens 2nd series 1912 complete set of 25, Good to Very Good (50 cards) Est. $75


John Player ‘Cries of London’ 1916 blue backs complete set of 25; plus Past and Present 1916 complete set of 25, Very Good (2 sets, 50 cards) Est. $75


John Player Struggle for Existence 1923 complete set of 25 on plastic pages, National Flags and Arms 1936 complete set of 50 in custom One Penny album, Coronation of King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth 1937 complete set of 50 in custom Threepence album; plus Lighthouse album containing Amalgamated Press “The Champion” weekly boys’ story paper Famous Football Captains 1922, 12 different cards and affiliated periodicals footballer cards (4 diff), Moorgate New Elizabethan Age 1953 complete set of 30 cards, and misc oddments (8) generally Very Good to Excellent (lot) Est. $75


John Player Straight Line Characters 1926 by Ritchie complete set of 50 cards, Very Good and seldom seen (50 cards) Est. $75


John Player Cricketers 1934 complete set of 50, Very Good to Excellent (50 cards) Est. $75

Wills’s Melbourne Cup Winners 1906 (16 diff of set of 45); together with album of Australian and world coins (82 coins, several in silver) and loose Florin 1927 Canberra, Fifty Cents 1970 and 1991, One Dollar 1999S, Five Dollars 1994, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75


Wills’s Australian and English Cricketers “A” series 1911 nos.51-59 of 59 cards, Very Good and rare, usually found in poor condition (9 cards) Est. $175


Wills’s Recruiting Posters 1915 complete set of ten cards Good to Very Good (10 cards) Est. $75

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Sale No. 313


John Player International Airliners 1936 complete set of 50; plus Aircraft of the RAF 1938 complete set of 50, Very Good to Excellent (2 sets, 100 cards) Est. $75


John Player National Flags of Arms 1936 complete set of 50 cards; plus RAF Badges no motto 1937 complete set of 50, mainly Very Good with a few better, a nice lot (2 sets, 100 cards) Est. $75



Accumulation of pre-sorted part sets on a wide variety of themes incl film, military, animals, British literature and culture, colonial themes, royalty etc; issuers compr Ardath, Carreras, Cavender, Churchman, Gallaher, Godfrey Phillips, Lambert & Butler, Ogden, John Player and all housed in useful plywood box, 34 part sets and the odd single that are generally Very Good and better, a very nice Est. $300 above average lot (approx 800 cards)


Military and related sets and part sets compr anonymous (plain backs) Orders & Medals Worldwide complete set of 50; anonymous (printed backs) Medals of the World c.1956 complete set of 25; Wills War Medals 1916 silks, 52/67 cards; John Player Decorations & Medals unissued (c.1920s) complete set of 50, War Decorations & Medals 1927 complete set of 90; Godfrey Phillips British Orders of Chivalry & Valour 1939 complete set of 25; United Tobacco Companies of South Africa Medals and Decorations of the British Commonwealth of Nations 1941 (15 of 100); Nabisco Military Decorations and Medals c.1960s complete set of 45 (not listed in Murray’s) all beautifully housed in quality “Medals Scrapbook” album with cutout extracts from the poster “Naval, Military and Air Force Decorations and Medals of Her Majesty’s Forces 1793-1953”. The lot comes with an additional similar album with annotated photographs of world military awards, medals, private collections etc incl some genuine documents relating to WWII. This is a magnificently presented collection in excellent condition that has seen many years of TLC in its preparation – viewing will reward Est. $200



British American Tobacco Sum Muye Thai Royal Family c.1890s complete set of 50 cards red backs, generally Very Good and better, scarce as a complete set (50 cards) Est. $350




Sweetacre Cricketers Minties backs c.1926 complete set of 36 cards, mixed Australian and English cricketers, some crudely numbered else generally Good but scarce complete (36 cards) Est. $150


Australian issues compr Turner (15) and other artists etc (70) in pocket photo album; plus another album of mainly early Australian photographic cards (96) Mixed Condition (approx 180 cards) Est. $100


Clunes Victoria; collection of used and unused mainly pe-1910 cards, noticed photographic panorama of Clunes in the 1860s and two souvenir foldouts c.1930s/40s, Mixed Condition (55 cards) Est. $100

Album of Scanlens and Stimorol AFL trading cards c.1990-1991, Est. $75 Mixed Condition (100s)

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Session 3



Albert Jacka; pictorial card of Lance Corporal Albert Jacka, The First Australian VC winner by Frazer & Vallance Melbourne, the reverse with a message from Albert’s sister Elsie “To Hilda With kind regards from yours truly Elsie Jacka” usual faults but a most desirable card Est. $200

Ships; early group incl HMS Iron Duke, Orontes, SS Gaul, SS Moldavia, HMS Renown mixed new and used, Mixed Condition (22 cards) Est. $75

WWI period Australian, British and French silk cards incl Gallipoli landing etc, several cards from the Australian Comfort Fund and War Bond Campaign series, Mixed Condition (51 cards) Est. $100


Accumulation mainly c.early 1900s-1950s, Mixed Condition (approx 300 items) Est. $100


Accumulation early 1900s-1980s incl some nicer Australian Est. $125 issues, mixed new and used (approx 230 cards)


Album of ‘greetings’ cards c.1903-1920 (100 approx); plus similar album of thematics incl animals (100 approx) Mixed Condition (approx 200 cards) Est. $75




Two albums of early ‘greetings’ cards c.1903-1920s (194 cards); plus vintage New Zealand souvenir foldout issues (10) Mixed Condition (204 items) Est. $90


Album of issues 1930s-1950s including foldout types, most are stuck down but a nice lot all the same (approx 120 cards) Est. $150


Group of vintage foldout types (20); plus sterling silver and glass oil pourer, pair of silver napkin rings, signed Australian pottery vase, Catalin salt shaker, two Hornby-Dublo rail carriages, spirit thermometer, Franklin Mint PNC for China, misc ephemera (8) Est. $90 Mixed Condition (37 items)


Selection of postcards 1950s-1970s (200 approx), used smoking pipes (8), box of old buttons etc, souvenir spoons, gambling dice, album of base metal world coins, bone carving, and metal tube for of used artists’ paint brushes, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75


Large accumulation of cards 1940s-1960s incl vintage foldout Scottish map, along with the odd issue from other countries, Mixed Condition (approx 700 cards) Est. $350



World and Australian cards in large photo album, noticed some better shipping types incl Naval ships, 1908 Fleet Visit, Mixed Condition (approx 280 cards) Est. $125


World and Australian cards c.early 1900s to 1930s in three mini photo albums, includes a few souvenir photographs and noticed several early Suez Canal types, Mixed Condition (approx 95 cards) Est. $100

Photo album of comical cards c.1904-1920 mixed used and unused, Mixed Condition (64 cards) Est. $75

Album of comical cards mainly 1920 or before incl Vera Paterson, Donald McGill, Leslie Cowtan, Nora Davidson, Fred Buchanan, George Davey etc; plus some later post WWII types, Mixed Condition (64 cards) Est. $75

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Sale No. 313


Album of cards c.1900-late 1990s incl Ceylon, Europe, Fiji, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand etc; plus thematics incl ships, planes, horses etc. Noticed a nice early set of Guinness Brewery Dublin cards, Mixed Condition (approx 215 cards) Est. $75


Group of mainly hardcover books pertaining to military medals and related orders published from 1935 to the 1990s, a good mix of overseas reference publications along with the odd Australian release, most with dust jackets intact and some scarce, viewing recommended (29 volumes) Est. $200


Group of publications related to militaria collection themes and related subjects, noticed a couple of auction catalogues and several Australian volumes, an interesting lot (16 items) Est. $75


Selection of booklets, medal posters, charts and reference books related to military medals, orders and related subjects mainly published from the 1970s to the 1980s, a mix of overseas reference publications along with a few Australian releases, viewing recommended (lot) Est. $75


Selection of mainly hardbound books related to military medals, orders and related subjects mainly published from the 1930s to the 1980s but some earlier volumes noted, noticed some of the publications signed by author and some including price guides, Est. $150 viewing strongly recommended (29 volumes)


Selection of scarce military and civilian publications relating to mainly British Commonwealth and European military medals and orders published from the 1970s to the 1990s with some earlier items noted, an excellent lot that demands viewing (18 volumes) Est. $125


Album of early greeting and Tuck series cards from Great Britain, Ireland, France, South Africa, Sweden etc, also noticed some early Asian issues, Mixed Condition (approx 240 cards) Est. $75


Selection of interesting types c.early 1900s-1960s, Mixed Est. $125 Condition (approx 155 cards)


Auction catalogues compr Max Stern & Co Melbourne catalogues 17th-18th November 1976, 28th July 1977 (Keith Deustcher Collection), 25th Oct 1977; plus Spink & Son (Australia) inaugural auction catalogue 27th Oct 1977, all in pristine condition (4 volumes) Est. $90


Carlisle, Les: “Australian Historical Medals 1788-1988”, 2008 edition, hardcover with dust jacket and supplementary price guide laid in, the essential definitive reference, as new Est. $150


Dalton & Hamer, Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century 1967 Seaby reprint, the covers slightly bowed and edges a little soiled Est. $75


Morel, Leon G; Medallic Commemoratives of New Zealand 1865-1940 soft cover edition c.1996, copy no.408 of 1,000; plus the supplement Est. $75 c.2000, copy no.500 of 500, As New (2 volumes)

Books MILITARY 599


Australian War Memorial; Pictorial History of Australia at War 1939-45, Canberra 1959 (5 volumes), A Month at the Front: Diary of an Unknown Soldier, Carlton 2007; Garland (ed), The Limber Log 1917 (a little collection of troopship fun and fancy); Judd, Posters of WWII, London 1972; McKinlay, Australia 1942: End of Innocence, Sydney 1985; Theofiles, American Posters of WWI: a price and collector’s guide, New York 1973; Winter, Making the Legend: The War Writings of C.E.W.Bean, St Lucia 1992; Zeller, The Civil War in Depth: History in 3D, San Francisco vol I 1997 and vol II 2000 (13 volumes) Est. $75 “The Great War, I Was There” subscription magazine originally printed in 51 parts over one year edited by Sir John Hammerton, missing parts 3-22 inclusive and 41 else complete; bound copy of “The Second Great War” pp1-400 by the same editor; plus “Top Gun” movie patch and Ten Dollars Legacy badge. The publications contain an amazing group of photographs (lot) Est. $75


WWII; carton of assorted hard and soft cover pictorial works, coffee table books, general stories (some fiction), Holocaust, Allies, Germans and Japanese etc (lot) Est. $75


Morel, Leon G; Medallic Commemoratives of New Zealand 18651940 with supplement, As new and an invaluable reference (2 items) Est. $75


Assorted hard and soft cover publications including titles “The First World War”; “I Was There, the First World War”; “The World at War”; “As You Were!”; “Who was Who in World War II”; “Hitler’s Generals and their Battles”; “Australian at Arms”; “The Making of Anzacs”; Australian War Memorial “One Man’s War”; “The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War” a nice selection of coffee table books with most containing photographs (11 items) Est. $75


A useful group of mainly hard cover issues incl Ancient Roman and Greek, Canada, USA, Israel, Mexico etc, Mixed Condition (18 volumes) Est. $75


Group of mainly hardcover books pertaining to military medals, orders and related subjects published from the 1970s to 2000, a good mix of overseas reference publications along with the odd Australian release, most with dust jackets intact and some scarce, Est. $125 viewing recommended (23 volumes)

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website


Devens, R.M.; USA “Our First Century 1776-1876” 1876 (first edition?) 1007pp, half leather and cloth boards with gilt blocking, edge marbled pages; together with other publications compr Antique Bottle Collector and Antique Bottles and Collectables (31 diff), (WWII) The First Year of War in Pictures, Front Line Dispatches, The Coronation Book of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, “Crown” series valuation guides (5), and Old Australian Signs valuation guide (41 items) Est. $100

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Elvin, C.N; Synopsis of Heraldry London 1866, 133pp and 4pp of advertisements with plates (one fold out) in original embossed board covers, a useful reference source Est. $75


Wireless World magazines c.1950s-1970s possibly complete in three heavy cartons (100s) NB: Buyer’s responsibility for the removal of this lot from the premises Est. $75


Wordsworth’s Poetical Works; 977 edge gilded pages in original leather covers with Chefoo Boys School (a Chinese inland mission) gilt blocked impression on cover with book plate dated 28th July 1915, damaged spine; together with three Nevil Schute hardcover novels; “Stand Easy” a Canberra War Memorial hardback 1946; Poetical Works of Henry Wordsworth Longfellow from Melbourne Grammar dated 1887; Alan Marshall hardbacks (2); misc ephemera; framed colour photograph of Thundahah winning the 2004 Yarra Glen Cup 2004; plus misc framed antiquarian prints (3) Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75


Collection of general interest volumes compr History of and Guide to the Wanganui River 95pp c.1920; British Cartoonist by David Low; Dickens’s Novels by F.G.Kitton with specimen colour plates; The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth Stamps; The Lord’s Supper by the Right Rev Thomas Wilson DD c.1826 (5 volumes) Est. $75

Australian Stamps

Session 3



International University Society: ‘Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence’, 10 volume set 1914 edition; J.B.Chifley: ‘Things Worth Fighting For Speeches’, 1st edition 1953 with original dust jacket; plus seven volumes of the Pastoral Review 1920s-1930s, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75


Lives of the Poets c.1822 vols I and II; other early poetry books including Francis Thompson c.1912 (3 vols), Browning c.1925; other misc volumes (6, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not c.1939); together with an old album of Australian and World Stamps; framed Gulgong Gold & Diamond Mines share certificate 1923; gilt souvenir Pennies (3), Mixed Condition, the first item quite nice and collectable (lot) Est. $75


Maritime; a collection of 10 books from various authors relating to making and collecting model ships, the publications dating from 1968-1986; together with maritime themed books compr Fabb & Cassin-Scott, Uniforms of Trafalgar, London 1977; Villiers, Captain James Cook, New York 1967; Lindsay, Norman Lindsay’s Ship Models, Sydney 1966; Stewart, Steam on the Waitemata, Wellington 1972; Jobe (ed), Great Age of Sail, Cambridge 1977; Frere-Cook (ed), Decorative Arts of the Mariner, London 1966. An Est. $100 excellent lot (16 volumes)



Western Australia internal revenue set Penny to Five pence c.1893-1896 postally used (8 stamps) Est. $250


Western Australia internal revenue set Penny to Ten Pounds c.1893-1899 all with company or bank cancels, Fine Used (14 stamps) Est. $500

Sporting; assorted hard and soft cover publications on various themes including Cricket and Olympics; together with hard cover autobiographies by famous sports stars including Dawn Fraser, Raelene Boyle, Vivian Richards, Betty Cuthbert, Ian Healy; together with Unsung Heroes & Heroines of Australia and other misc publications (13 items) Est. $75

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Sale No. 313


Accumulation of mainly States stamps, a mish-mash of bundleware, loose issues and stamps on piece, mainly Tasmanian and Victorian issues plus some NSW and a couple of others, most are Penny and Twopence but sighted a few higher denominations, noted a couple of Van Diemen’s Land imperfs and VDL Penny fiscally cancelled on hand-written receipt dated 1868, all housed in an old sweets tin, Used, condition Fair or better (100’s) See online catalogue HTML version for illustration of additional material in this lot Est. $75


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, blocks in post office bags and envelopes incl some 1984 Ausipex minisheets (F/V=$433) (lot) Est. $250


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, blocks mainly in post office packaging incl values to Twenty Dollars blocks of four (2) (F/ V=$515) (lot) Est. $325


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, blocks mainly in post office packaging values One Cent to Five Dollars (F/V=$520) fresh (lot) Est. $325


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, blocks mainly in post office packaging (F/V=$555) fresh (lot) Est. $350


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, blocks mainly in post office packaging (F/V=$566) fresh (lot) Est. $350


Accumulation of clean FDCs (approx 600); plus 1981 Royal Wedding cover album, and Official Album of World Wildlife First Day Covers (appears complete) (100s) Est. $75


Session 3



Penny Red 1918-24 large multiple watermark (Harrison two line) imprint block of 12, one unit MLH, remainder mint with no separations, Very Fine Est. $400


Threepence 1928 Kookaburra full sheet of 120 units MUH Est. $300


Mint sheets and part sheets values Four Cents to Eighty-Five Cents (F/V=$536) fresh (lot) Est. $300





Stamp duties for Twenty-Five, Fifty and One Hundred Pounds cancelled Melbourne 1900, Fine Used (3 items) Est. $350


1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 (2), 1987 (both types), 1988 (both), 1989 (both), 1990 (both); plus Uncirculated Ten Dollars 1986 (15 volumes, 16 items)) Est. $250


1981, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 standard editions; together with seven post office postcard packs; two Australian Bicentennial Collections1998 complete, and several other Australia Post publications incl Antarctica (2) mostly with stamps, high face value (lot) Est. $200


1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993 all standard editions (7 volumes) Est. $150


1991, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006 all standard editions (6 volumes) Est. $200


1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999 all executive editions (5 volumes) Est. $150


2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 all executive editions (5 volumes) Est. $225

One Shilling and Sixpence Hermes airmail 1934-38 defin imprint blocks of four (both the McCracken and Ash types) fresh MUH (2 blocks, 8 stamps) Est. $125


Accumulation of mint singles, strips, multiples and PSEs mainly in post office packaging (F/V=$136); together with misc stamp booklets (F/V=$77 approx) and eight misc world stamp booklets, fresh (lot) Est. $125

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Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Lot 645

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“A Selection of the Engraved Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia” c.1999 with slipcase, 64 edge gilt pages enclosing 28 proof stamps reprinted in black from original dies Est. $125


Threepence Kookaburra 1928 die proof effigy on hand painted bookplate 203x271mm from the 1949 Helio Vaugirood book “Les Oiseaux”, nice Est. $350


Interesting album of Australian armed forces and RAAF field post office post marks on mainly Australian letter and parcel rate definitives, mainly on piece and includes censored covers, Mixed Condition (61 items, approx 70 stamps) Est. $75

World Stamps EUROPE


A similar set to the previous published in 2003 and containing 32 proof stamps reprinted in red representing royalty releases Est. $100


Session 3


Australian Bicentennial Collections complete with stamps (2, one in slipcase), other misc publications and sets with stamps (13); together with accumulation of modern FDCs, exhibition items, stamp collector cards, and some misc world mint issues (lot) Est. $90 “Introducing Australia” portfolio c.1989 with Japanese translation insert and $12.77 of mint stamps; Albert Namatjira “Art of Our Country” portfolio; “Waterbirds of Australia” portfolio; plus empty private issue Australian Antarctic Territory 1957-1980 stamps folio (4 items) Est. $75




Christmas Island decimal issues c.1970-1990 mainly in blocks and multiples and most in original post office shippers (F/V=$775 approx) a fresh lot Est. $400


Cocos-Keeling Islands mint multiples etc c.1980-1990 in original post office shippers (F/V=$875 approx) Est. $500


Nauru mint singles, blocks and multiples etcc.1979-1990 in original post office shippers (F/V=$450 approx); plus some misc world issues, a very fresh lot Est. $250


Norfolk Island accumulation of mint singles, blocks, multiples and minisheets c.1969-1990 in original post office shippers (F/ V=$1,200 approx) fresh and useful (lot) Est. $500

Group of used postal cards from German States and Third Reich Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium etc c.1874-1939 mainly to the same family (approx 175 items); plus some misc similar used items of postal stationery, Mixed Condition (approx 200 items) Est. $125

“Classic Album Covers” presentation pack and souvenir sheet commemorative pairs, a fabulous marketing opportunity for anyone interested in British rock, featuring the greats such as Rolling Stones Let It Bleed (1969), Led Zeppelin IV (1971), David Bowie Ziggy Stardust (1972), Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells (1973) and others by The Clash, Primal Scream, Pink Floyd, Coldplay etc (48 pairs) Est. $400


Collection of mint block, multiples etc in PNG Philatelic Bureau shippers and loose mainly multiples in cellophane, mainly c.1970s-1990 (F/V=$1,000+) (lot) Est. $400

USA 659


Year sets 1970-1980s (5); plus part mint sheets, Cupex 1987 covers and souvenir album (lot) Est. $75



Useful lot incl lettercards, postcards, envelopes etc c.1858-1980s, noticed nice 1894 Castlemaine to Vienna cover with “T” stamp for underpaid postage and partial 1927 Canberra booklet, Mixed Condition but a very useful lot (72 items) Est. $125


Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Stamps of the World collection of sterling silver ingots complete in case of issue with complete set of descriptive cards for the series, pocket magnifier and tweezers; plus Stamps of All Nations set of descriptive postal cards in boxes for the issue (108 cards) (2 sets) Est. $100


World issues A-Z from old time collection c.1850s-1940s incl covers, postal stationery, mixed mint and used stamps plus some on piece, some items damp affected but a useful lot Est. $75


Year albums for Canada 1981 (2); New Zealand 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987; US Postal Service 1978, 1984, 1985, 1986; plus British Commonwealth HRH Princess of Wales 21st Birthday 1982 minisheet collection in custom album, high face value (lot) Est. $75


Collection c.1850-1938 that includes Australian States, mainly used on vintage album pages and loose in packets, somewhat Est. $400 disorganised but with many useful types (100s)

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Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313




Argus 1953 Football Portraits cards 115x195mm, 31 different cards with two duplicates that represents ten of the 12 clubs, noted Ted Whitten (2), Bob Davis, Bill Twomey, Ken Hands etc, many damp affected but all portraits intact; together with Melbourne Olympics 1956 60pp soft cover souvenir booklet and tin plate badge ,Mixed Condition (35 items) Est. $125


Williamstown Football Club lady member badge for 1910 by Bentley, VF and rare Est. $175


Williamstown Football Club lady member badge for 1912 by Bentley, VF and rare Est. $175


Williamstown Football Club member badge for 1913 by Bridgland & King Melbourne, VF and rare Est. $200


Williamstown Football Club member badge by K.G.Luke c.1950s; similar vintage Argus newspaper tin plate badge (2 items) Est. $100


“Footy Fan” magazines 1963-1964 compr Vo1 no.2 featuring Ron Barassi, no.5 Darrell Baldock, no.6 Graham Arthur, no.11 Alan Aylett, no.13 John Kennedy, no.15 Fred Wooller and Bob Davis, and Vol 2 no.10 Ian Law; together with a July 1955 copy of the magazine “Collingwood Footballer” with plenty of photos of Magpie stars of the time. All covers are intact and there is no internal graffiti, a rare group with the last item possibly being the inaugural copy (8 items) Est. $75

Hamilton Canada Empire Games 1930; participation medal 50x39mm in bronze and enamel, reverse engraved “Thomas Holt”; Silver Medal 54x56mm engraved “Thomas Holt” with display stand, gVF (2 items) Tommy Holt represented Scotland at the 1930 Games and won the Silver Medal in the bantamweight division, losing to Harry Mizler of England in the final Est. $500


Melbourne Cricket Club member badge for 1903-4 by Stokes, reverse impressed “335” no enamel chips and a nice example Est. $250


Unused Philco series 6207D photographic postcard depicting Australian 1907-8 test team, lovely grade Est. $75


“The Bradman Centuries 1927-1949” framed and glazed display with genuine Bradman signature, certificate number 8 of 50 produced Est. $150



15ct gold presentation medalet by local maker W1SD with intact pin and safety chain (4.25gms), obverse monogrammed initials “SC”, reverse engraved “Welshpool Football Club Premiers 1921 S.Crouch” EF Est. $100

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Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Shooting; 9ct gold prize fob obverse “S.A.Rifle Assn Inter Union Teams 1936”, reverse “Won by No.1 Met Union O.R.Rogers”; together with two different style 9ct fobs to other recipients, one dated 1923 (total weight 12.2gms) VF and better (3 fobs) Est. $300


Shooting; collection of rifle, pistol and other shooting club enamel badges in old album, reverse pins have been removed to aid in their display (100 items) Est. $75

Baseball; large accumulation of US trading cards 1990 to mid 1990s from Topps, Upper Deck, Skybox etc housed in clip lock bags, disorganised but in good condition (1,600+ cards) Est. $150


Session 3





Lawn bowls; Australian bowls team to Great Britain 1901 9ct gold fob 14.25gms, reverse engraved “C.Wood” VF Est. $350


Australasian Trained Nurses Association badge 30mm in enamelled sterling silver by Flavelle engraved on the back to Netta Swiney April 1900, pin intact but the catch missing; together with two Dutch cycling badges 1883 and 1903, both with pins intact (3 items) Est. $125


Bowling club badges with minor duplication, some vintage types (150 approx); together with misc medalets, Ivanhoe Grammar sporting prize medals, and other misc badges (approx 50) Mixed Condition (approx 200 items) Est. $100


Presbyterian Ladies College Pymble (NSW) sterling silver blazer brooch c.1930 by G.A.Miller Sydney; plus a pre-WWI Westleigh College Northcote (Vic) sterling silver badge by Wittenbach & Co, the second missing one suspension loop on reverse (2 badges) Est. $75


Royal Automobile Club of Victoria enamelled 15ct gold badge Est. $250 c.1930s, pin intact


Taronga Zoological Park Trust member badges; one in silver and enamel by W.Kerr, the other in brass and enamel by Amor Sydney, both c.1930s, gVF-EF (2 badges) Est. $150


Toorak Collegians badge by P.J.King Melbourne; together with Hedberg Penny, holed Stokes vine leaf Penny; coronation medalets for 1901 and 1937 (2); Mutual Cash order; 1980 exhibition replica medal in copper; and one misc item, Mixed Condition (9 items) Est. $75

Shooting; The Northcote Medal 9ct gold fob 5.44gms c.early 1900s unnamed, EF Est. $125

Shooting; 9ct gold prize fob dated 1930 by Adelaide jeweller R.R.Sarre 10.9gms, reverse engraved “Adelaide Rifle Club Championship Won by O.R.Rogers” gVF Est. $250

Shooting; 15ct gold prize fob in five parts by Adelaide jeweller R.R.Sarre with ornate ‘serpent’ suspender (total weight 18gms), reverse engraved “SA Rifle Association Championship Medal 1935 Won by O.R.Rogers” VF Est. $400

Lot 680 Page 44 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313


Selection of badges and medalets incl 3DB Smile Away Club, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Girl Guides, WWII Women of Australia, Red Cross, Women’s Postal Auxiliary Victoria; plus Bendigo Agricultural & Horticultural Society large size voided hat badge in brass and enamel c.1950s by Stokes, Mixed Condition (22 items) Est. $75


Small accumulation of enamel badges, medalets etc in old Kensitas cigarette tin, mainly Australian, Mixed Condition (40 items) Est. $75




Victorian Railways Institute badge in gilt and enamel by White Brothers with Honorary Architect bar, the reverse impressed “40”; together with Wattle Day 1919 badge by Stokes & Sons Melbourne, both in outstanding condition (2 badges) Est. $75


Collection of mostly hallmarked sterling silver fob badges c.18801930s, most with inscriptions and some with thin 9ct gold additions, noted nice 1950s union badge amongst the mix, all in nice grade (total weight 175gms approx) (16 badges) Est. $150


Good group of mainly enamel badges incl union, military, Red Cross, civil service, rifle club, Scottish Bowling Assn, home service, WWI Armentieres sweetheart, British Legion etc, several Scottish items noted (45 badges) Est. $90

Williamstown Vic selection of vintage badges incl lacrosse, Scottish Thistle Society, Bristol Social Club, 75th Anniv 1953, hospital, Australia Day 1918 etc (14 badges) Est. $90

Williamstown Dockyard, Melbourne Harbour Trust hat badge in enamel by K.G.Luke Melbourne c.1940s with pin intact Est. $125


Accumulation of tin plate badges incl WWI, patriotic types etc in old toffee tin, Mixed Condition (approx 100 items) Est. $90


Accumulation of badges, medalets, cloth patches, phonecards, misc world coins, trade cards etc, also noted small tin of choice Dutch East Indies coppers etc, Mixed Condition but a useful lot (approx 240 items) Est. $100

Union Badges & Memorabilia


Federated Locomotive Enginmen’s Assn of Australasia driver’s fob for Victoria c.1919; plus Waterside Workers stevedore badge , and NSW National Emergency Service badge with “warden” bar, VFgVF (3 items) Est. $150


Waterside Workers Federation of Australia sterling silver and enamel fob, reverse impressed “6537” no faults; together with Hutt River Province cased Prooflike Thirty Dollars 2007 with certificate no 00 of 1,000(!), misc Newcastle area one loaf tokens flipped for immediate resale (14, two types), and natural gold nugget (approx 1gm) in 2x2, an unusual and eclectic collection of items (17 items) Est. $125

Police/Protective Services


Misc WWI/WWII badges and tinplates; Anzac Day types, plus tram/ rail uniform buttons etc, noticed South Melbourne Cricket Club Est. $75 member badge 1923-24, Mixed Condition (44 items)


Obsolete police cloth patches and shoulder titles from various states; plus belt buckles, hat badges etc, Mixed Condition (approx 40 items) Est. $100


Mixed group of badges incl military, rugby, archery, scouts, cycling etc that also includes a few medalets, gaming chips etc, Mixed Condition (50+ items) Est. $75


Obsolete police cloth patches and shoulder titles from overseas forces incl New Zealand Prison Service and police badges and other items, Mixed Condition (approx 50 items) Est. $75

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Session 3


Lodge Memorabilia


Victorian bracelet in 15ct gold set with split pearls and green garnets and safety chain by colonial jeweller whose marks we are unable to identify (11.92gms) lovely condition Est. $350


Aztec brooch in 3-colour gold 26.36gms


Danish gilt sterling silver leaf brooch with matching pair of earrings in case of issue; together with unrelated 9ct gold and faux tortoise shell hair clip and two gold hat pins (6 items) Est. $75


Victorian oval shaped brooch with hidden provision for photo; 9ct gold ‘good luck’ charm with map of Australia; Turkish style 9ct gold and split pearl brooch with safety chain; engraved silver photo locket with provision for two photos on short silver muff chain; gold plated hunt club brooch fashioned from old military coat button; plus ornate pocket watch key (gold weight approx 12gms) (6 items) Est. $300


9ct gold brooch set with cultured pearls and garnets with safety chain attached (6.6gms) Est. $125


Victorian bar brooches; one in 15ct gold with seven quality opals and split pearls (missing 3 pearls); one a 9ct gold mother’s brooch with split pearls; another in 9ct gold with split pearls and ruby-like pastes, all Australian examples (total weight 11.4gms) (3 items) Est. $250


9ct gold brooch set with opals with safety chain attached (7.97gms) Est. $150

Large sized black leather Masonic cases by Melbourne maker Blashki for the same high ranking member, both crammed with a huge quantity of regalia, aprons, jewels etc. The lot includes a superb cased 9ct gold Malvern Mark Lodge No.35 jewel in five parts engraved “Presented to Wor Bro A.S.Bailey Master 1942-43 By Members as a Mark of Esteem 10.4.44” and other cased jewels named to the same recipient. All items used but in great condition, the finest lot of Masonic regalia we have offered (lot) Est. $500

Session 3


Jewellery/Cosmetic Accessories


Australian freemasonry and masonic badges 1920-1950s compr Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society engraved “Presented to Brother Wm Murray by GUOOF Victory Branch Thirroul for Procuring Most Members for Last Six Months Oct 5th 1920” in sterling silver and enamel by M&M Sydney (pictured); AMC Warburton Lodge MUIOOF 1930 badge; Dorset Lodge 50 Year Jubilee 1935 badge by Stokes; Assistant Inspector of Workings Victoria badge; named Life Governor of Freemasons Hospital of Victoria badge with ribbon and bar; related badge; and IOOF Younger Set Associate fob, all in excellent condition (7 items) Est. $75


Hastings New Zealand Masonic case containing aprons, certificates and booklets related to member M.L.Leeves, nice grade (lot) Est. $75

Est. $1,250

Geological Specimens 706

Astrophylite (golden thread) mineral sphere 100mm


Polished Brazilian quartz sphere with dramatic rutile inclusions, 62mm Est. $300

Page 46 Image viewable on website

Est. $125

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313

Victorian bar brooches of local manufacture, all in 9ct gold with garnets or pastes (total weight 7.92gms) (3 items) Est. $175


Heavy 14ct gold brooch set with quality white opal (4.55gms) Est. $150


Victorian bar brooches; one in 15ct gold with opal and split pearls (the opal chipped), the other in 9ct gold and paste (total weight 8.25gms) (2 items) Est. $175


Coolgardie WA 18ct gold miner’s brooch with pin back and safety chain, missing serif on second leg of “A” in legend else superb condition. The item comes with a vintage souvenir brochure of the town (2 items) Est. $1,000


Cuff links; vintage pair of sterling silver dumbbell links in the shape of the map of Tasmania Est. $75


Three necklace drops, two in 9ct gold and one in 15ct gold (with pin attachment) by local makers, one with garnet and split pearls, one with topaz and split pearls on thin 9ct gold chain, another with peridot and split pearls (total weight 13.3gms) nice Est. $250


Australian made Edwardian period necklace in 9ct gold with rose quartz pendant, attractive Est. $75


Three aquamarine set 9ct gold necklaces c.1990s, nearly As New (3 necklaces) Est. $200


Modern ladies Italian 9ct gold drop pendant with oval citrine and matching neck chain; plus Italian flat curb link sterling silver necklace and quality Italian sterling silver bracelet, nearly As New (3 items) Est. $150


Modern 9ct gold peridot set pendants and chains (3); plus other silver and gold modern jewellery items (4) nearly As New (7 items) Est. $90


Ladies diamond ring with three units on 18ct gold shank with valuation certificate for $435 dated 2007 Est. $90


9ct gold ring size O/P With quality white opal (3.95gms) Est. $125


9ct wedding ring by maker ARB, weight 5.1gms


18ct gold wedding rings (2), both marked ‘W18D Evermore’, total weight 16.0gms (2 rings) Est. $600

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website


Stick pin with natural gold nugget (total weight 3.88gms); a similar item but appears to have been manufactured from, or to resemble a natural nugget, missing the pin (3.3gms); together with a set of miner’s brass pan balance in wooden box with several brass weights included (3 items) Est. $250


Interesting box of costume jewellery and other items incl sterling silver sovereign case, base metal half sovereign & sovereign case, Threepence 1910 hat pin, enamelled 1927 Canberra Florin, Mercury Dime earrings, antique thimble, diamond and marquesite earrings, Schaeffer pen etc, a nice group (lot) Est. $150


Accumulation of mainly sterling silver pendants, earrings, bangles, rings etc in leather jewellery box; plus box of costume jewellery, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $150


Assorted items including unmarked silver(?) necklace; 1940’s ladies wristwatch, Swiss movement in 9ct case, missing watch glass, not working and in need of repair; pair of Dunklings cufflinks in original box; dress rings (3, two in gold); misc items (2) (9 items) Est. $125


Large accumulation of costume jewellery, beads and related material with several in silver; noted attractive ‘tigers eye jewellery, Mixed Condition (100s) Est. $200


Misc group of costume and sterling silver jewellery items, noticed quality ‘tigers eye’ and river pearl choker, and As New sterling silver bracelet, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $90


Small jewellery box containing mainly 9ct gold items incl four rings, chains etc; plus small box of costume jewellery, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $175

Toys and Games 736

Playing cards; Early Holden Series set containing two decks of playing cards depicting FX and FJ Holdens, and five poker dice in tin and card outer case by Webb, made in Hong Kong, used Est. $75



Fleischmann Piccolo German made 2-8-2 N gauge DB steam locomotive with tender, model no.7138, unused in original box Est. $125


Tin plate Japanese made “Cragton” Shuttle complete with a small amount of track attachments; plus old “noughts and crosses” game (2 items) Est. $75

Est. $100

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Session 3


Scientific/Technical Instruments

Session 3



18ct gold crown wind full hunter pocket watch converted to use as a wristwatch (total weight 49.15gms) ticks over but needs a service Est. $400


Cased Olympic Swiss made day/date wristwatch with papers (appears okay but needs battery); plus Seiko automatic day/date 19-jewel wristwatch in working order (2 watches) Est. $75


Open faced crown-wind railway lever, nickel case, Swiss 15-jewel movement, white dial marked ‘The Bushman, O.Nielson Hobart’ with subsidiary seconds dial, not working Est. $75


Open face 8 Day nickel plated Swiss lever escarpment pocket watch c.early 1900s in good working order Est. $250


Seiko automatic 17-jewel wristwatch with date window at 3 o’clock (appears to tick over); plus girl’s sterling silver bracelet with safety chain, both in boxes (2 items) Est. $75


Quality Seiko 5 auto day/date 21-jewel wristwatch in working order; Philip Mercier quartz wristwatches (, both need batteries); Sanyo quartz needs battery; plus Seiko quartz (not working) (5 watches) Est. $75


Sterling silver full hunter pocket watch, key wind, cylinder escapement by William Ellerey, unusual porcelain dial with sunken subsidiary seconds dial, Roman numerals and Arabic 24 hour inner dial. In working condition with key, sterling silver chain and silver fob Est. $250


Sterling silver crown wind cylinder pocket watch in working order though the front cover needs new attachment pin; plus misc watch bits and pieces, costume jewellery, and pearl strings, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $100


Ten Year gold plate 15-jewel full hunter crown wind lever pocket watch from H.Bright Brunswick and Carlton, subsidiary seconds and fancy gold filled chain. In working order Est. $150

Vintage John Rabone 66ft measuring tape in slightly damaged leather housing; plus a post office balance scales with 10, 20 and 50gm brass weights (2 items) Est. $75


Interesting high frequency glass encased valve of uncertain vintage Est. $75


Casella’s garden or seed microscope c.1876 in case of issue. This item is offered in pieces with no guarantee as to its completeness, nevertheless a rare scientific instrument that comes with Internet research Est. $200

Watches and Clocks GENTS WATCHES Watches, instruments and devices with working mechanisms are verified to be accurately described. Whilst every care is taken to provide secure packaging for all items in transit, no responsibility may be assigned to the Auctioneer for lots that are described as being ‘in working order’ but are found to be not working at the time of receipt. Such lots are sold “as is” and are not subject to return 742

Belair Seapearl 200 metre wristwatch in original case (As New but needs battery); plus Frederique Constant gold plate quartz wristwatch that has seen little use (needs battery), and misc silver school badge (3 items) Est. $125


Casio E-Data Bank LCD wristwatch c.2001 unused in original box with Module No.2551 user’s guide book. Needs a battery Est. $75


Doxa wristwatch c.1950s no band, superb black dial with unusually placed subsidiary seconds, good working order Est. $250


Full hunter key-wind pocket watch by Denis Bros & Co Melbourne, subsidiary seconds dial, with key; plus Ladies full hunter key-wind pocket watch in ornate case, missing hour hand and glass, no key, both working intermittently (2 items) Est. $100


Girard Perregaux gold plated wristwatch with brushed tortoiseshell dial, no band but in good working order Est. $150

Lot 747 Page 48 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313



Waltham 18th gold full hunter pocket watch with one of the company’s bets riverside jewelled movements, comes with original guarantee in the inner back case. In good working order with heavy gauge case (total weight 135gms approx) Est. $2,000

Waltham heavy gauge 18ct gold hunter crown wind pocket watch with subsidiary seconds (total weight 68.9gms), movement plate engraved “from her Parents June 2nd 1881”, the case with ‘IRMS’ monogram engraved into a very ornate floral and bird design, not working but complete and a nice example Est. $750

Waltham 9ct gold hunter crown wind pocket watch with subsidiary seconds (total weight with movement 91.59gms), comes with separate gold clad chain. Balance staff intact but not working – needs a service Est. $500


French 18ct gold open-faced verge pocket watch c.1830 with three-colour gold dial, Roman numerals, not working but the balance staff free and chain intact, engraved on the inside back plate “Presented by Nathaniel Stevenson of Braidwood to his sister Elizabeth as a token of his affection, 1831”, a lovely piece with an attributable origin and a worthy restoration project Genealogical sources show that Nathaniel Stevenson of Braidwood in Lanarkshire Scotland (born 1772) and his sister Elizabeth (born 1784) were the third son and fifth daughter of Janet (nee Maxwell) and Nathaniel Stephenson. The two Nathaniels, father and son, were Burgesses of Glasgow, the elder Nathaniel being a merchant in Strang & Stevenson of Glasgow and the younger Nathaniel a Justice of the Peace. Elizabeth Stevenson became the first wife of William Falconer, a manager and partner in Muirkirk Ironworks, although it appears the marriage didn’t last because Falconer married again. Elizabeth died in 1869 aged 85, without issue. Est. $1,000


Gala Swiss 15-jewel 18ct gold wristwatch c.1960s without band, nice clean dial and ticks over but needs a service Est. $150


14ct gold and enamel crown wind half hunter pocket watch with lever escapement (total weight 46.55gms) in working order Est. $350


Longines quartz heavy gold plate dress watch c.late 1980s in good working order, in original case Est. $200


Accurex 17-jewel incabloc with marquesites, Omega stainless steel manual, Felicia gold plate and marquesite, Cyprus incabloc sterling silver and marquesite (not working), the first three run but with usual faults (missing stones etc) all with bands (4 watches) Est. $75


Early Elgin 9ct gold wristwatch (total weight 27gms) ticks over but would benefit from a service Est. $150

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Session 3



Omega De Ville quartz wristwatch in original case As New; plus cased Seiko quartz wristwatch in near new condition, both need batteries (2 watches) Est. $125


Swiss c.1930s 9ct gold wristwatches, no bands, nice clean dials but in need of repair (2 watches) Est. $200


Small group of mainly quartz wristwatches, most in working order with some nearly As New (8 watches) Est. $75


Pendlebury, Lawrence Scott (1914-1986) oil on board “Port of Williamstown” 900x600mm in timber frame 1050x720mm, an impressive item A similar work “Constitution Dock Hobart” by this artist sold for $8,000 some years ago Est. $1,250


Two large ex shop-display aluminium poster/picture frames, 127x97cm and 104x78cm (2 frames) Est. $75

Session 3


Heavy graduated link sterling silver pocket watch chain with silver and gold fob (total weight 100gms approx) Est. $100


Silver and imitation silver chains, one with attached silver Federated Amalgamated Government Railways & Tramways Assn Est. $90 of Australia union badge (4 chains)

Photographic/Projection Equipment & Materials 770

Group of equipment incl 35mm SLR camera bodies with lenses in various states of disrepair (13, incl Canon T70 that seems okay); plus Aldex 2000mm telephoto lens in case, Zenith wide angle lens, adaptors, film processing tank, and a large quantity of photographic instruction books etc, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $100


Paintings, Maps & Prints

Other Artworks/Ornaments



Lants, Gerrard George (1927-1998) watercolour featuring Edwardian scene of the Williamstown promenade pre 1910 720x520mm in glazed timber frame 1030x850mm, no faults and a significant work of this Melbourne artist Est. $1,000

Page 50 Image viewable on website

Old family snap-shot photo album dated 1925 with some rural views, ships in port etc, with a United Grand Lodge of New South Wales Freemason’s Admittance Certificate 1917 laid in (lot) Est. $75


Carlton Ware jazz stitch pattern Rivo bowl 250mm c.1936 (pattern 3655) usual crazing and small restoration on rim but no chips or cracks Est. $200


Carlton Ware large leaf bowl 255mm long; Noritake heavy twohandled gilt bowl 250mm; plus Elijah Cotton Limited Staffordshire Lord Nelson Ware cabinet plate 276mm with printed red rose in centre with gilt fern leaf surround. No chips, cracks or restoration (3 items) Est. $75


Chinese intricate bone carving of royal barge 350x200mm on timber stand, minor faults Est. $100

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313



Casino chips compr Scandia Casino Norway One, Five (2), TwentyFive (2), One Hundred and Five Hundred Dollars; Pyramid Casino Las Vegas One (3), Five (2), Twenty-Five (3), One Hundred (3) and Five Hundred Dollars (3); Casino City Mexico City (made famous for the filming of the James Bond movie “Licensed to Kill” in 1989) One (7), Five (3), Twenty-Five (7) and One Hundred Dollars (7) As Issued (45 chips) Est. $100


Coronation souvenir glass tumbler 1953 Elizabeth II, 102mm with gilt rim, perfect Est. $75


Glass tumblers (2) with Old Smugglers and Seagrams Scotch Whiskey advertising labels; colourful Japanese ceramic spice jar with lid; vintage London Soho glazed stoneware bottle; selection of small Danish blue & white glazed dishes (10) and napkin holders (2) (not matching); boxed gent’s dress set with watch, cuff links and tie bar; and a Cadbury Bourneville Cocoa tin missing label but appears quite old (20 items) Est. $75


Hermes 3000 ‘Baby” portable typewriter c.1960s in original box with instructions and guarantee, Swiss made and in museum quality showroom condition; camera tripod with telescopic legs in original box; together with boxed 33RPM double album “Julie Andrews” c.1978 issued by the Franklin Mint Record Society in excellent condition (3 items) Est. $75


Indian Sikh style carving knife and fork in timber and bronze scabbard, auctioneer’s gavel, misc advertising slide rules (5), souvenir spoons (8, incl early “Rolex” spoon by Bucherer of Switzerland), bakelite,metal and porcelain thimbles (10), old Tarax bottle tops (9), cigarette cases (2), Balwyn Victoria compact builder’s receipts c.1930s, souvenir badges, Courage Breweries beer mats, bank book, other ephemera, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75


Matchbox labels; accumulation of vintage types in two albums (approx 260 items); plus China silver Proof Five Yuan 1986, and Franklin Mint 1920 Antwerp Olympics medallion in silver (3 items) Est. $75


Melbourne City Council Traffic By Laws officer’s 3/4 length coat; plus City of Melbourne hat and lapel badges, and related cloth Est. $75 badges (22) all in excellent condition (25 items)


Money boxes; National Bank “safe” type boxes (3 diff); together with other money boxes, coin holders, purses, bank bags, coin and auction catalogues and other ephemera, Mixed Condition (lot) Est. $75

Italian Pustetto & Zanetti Arte Nuova Murano art glass gold flecked duck 185mm high Est. $75

Italian hand painted and signed bird figurines 100-120mm high in stands (2); plus similar Scottish-made bird 155mm, the last with tiny chip on beak (3 items) Est. $75

Thai ivory figurine of the Hindu deity Lakshmi, height 150mm on timber plinth (overall height 210mm) broken and reglued at the feet else most attractive Est. $75

Other Ephemera/Collectables


Belt buckles; a fine group of mainly brass buckles with advertising and bikie themes incl “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms”, “Harley Davidson Motorcycles Bad 2 D Bone”, Born to Ride (2), Harley Davidson Iron Eagle, Budweiser King of Beers, Tactical Air Command, Dixie on my Mind etc all c.1980-1992, some USA made with others ex Baron Badges. Quality items in excellent condition with nearly all different (14 buckles) Est. $75

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Lot 790

Page 51

Session 3




Money box; original example of a type popular in a bygone era, painted white metal with usual paint loss else complete and in working order; plus John Campbell dripware jug and depression glass comport (pink glass) (3 items) Est. $150


Napoleonic replica coronation crown trios with descriptive texts in clear lidded timber cases, high retail value (3 sets) Est. $75


A similar lot (8 sets)


Pharmaceutical products compr Rawleigh’s Mustard Ointment (net weight 1¾oz, contents complete), Martin & Pleasance’s Podophyllin Pilules, an anti emetic (the container still sealed), and 5 grammes bottle of Novocain, an anaesthetic, with some contents remaining (3 items) Est. $75


Est. $150


Eureka Stockade Rebellion Sesqui-Centenary 2004 limited edition commem plates 274mm in English bone china with detail of illustration “Eureka Slaughter 3rd December 1854” by Charles A.Doudiet, individually numbered from a run of 500, individually boxed with complimentary wall hanger (4 plates) Est. $75


Royal Doulton Sydney Harbour Bridge/Australian Sesqui-Centenary 1938 cabinet plate 267mm as retailed by Prouds Pty Ltd Sydney, a rare transfer print souvenir that has been sold now and then from $1,000 to $2,000 over the years, no chips, cracks or restoration; plus Franklin Mint “Wishing Well Cottage” cabinet plate As New (2 plates) Est. $400


Edward VIII souvenir bone china plate by Colclough Royal Vale England for the expected coronation which would have taken place in May 1937, 220mm diam, photo image of King Edward with dominions of the British Empire around Edward ascended the throne in January 1936 and was King until he abdicated in December. Because he abdicated before the Coronation took place most of the souvenir products were withdrawn although some had been shipped in advance to Australia and New Zealand Est. $75

Stomberg-Carlson bakelite mantle radio c.1940s, needs new valve otherwise ‘lights up’ and housed in old Thai Airways carry bag Est. $75

Session 3



Vintage cork screws c.1800s in good useable condition (2 items) Est. $125


Hip flask impressed “The Glasgow Flask” 4oz size in pewter by Pinder Bors c.1980s with City Chambers and Glasgow Cathedral depictions, in box of issue; plus impressive brass bottle opener with Buddhist deity (2 items) Est. $75


Large accumulation of vintage beer, wine and cigar box labels, a Est. $75 wonderful group (100s)




Martin Boyd aboriginal portrait plate 264mm with hairline but no chips; plus oval Colourway Pottery monotone Kangaroo wall plaque 320x275mm, both c.1960s (2 items) Est. $100

Page 52 Image viewable on website


Early 20th Century stoneware bed warmers with no cracks (3, two Demi John style, one bread loaf type with screw type); together with Overbecks ‘rejuvenator’ produced in Grimsby England with original life cell battery, attachments, and booklet dated 1934 with electric shock remedies for just about anything! In remarkable condition and most interesting (4 items) Est. $75


Bedside lamps featuring young women with different coloured dresses, the pink dress lamp with shade, the other with different (detached) shade, c.1960s and rather kitsch (2 items) Est. $75 Note: electricals NOT tested

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313




Pair of vintage James Dixon pewter pepper & salt shakers c.1870; Hammersley gilt edged floral patterned bone china coffee cup & saucer 12-piece setting for six; Bavaria-ware gold plated coffee cup and saucer with allegorical scene; and a set of four English ‘Ianthe’ silver-plated egg cups (20 items) Est. $100


Denmark; A.P.Moller Maersk Shipping Line letter opener, bottle opener and two ‘good luck’ charms in sterling silver c.1960s (weight 155ms approx) all in excellent condition (4 items) Est. $150


Sterling silver and enamel souvenir brooch of the passenger vessel MV Bloemfontein Castle, lovely The vessel was launched 24th August 1949 at Belfast and completed 25th March 1950. She was the first one-class vessel for the Union-Castle line, and also the first intermediate liner to be built after the war. On 8th January 1953 she rescued 234 passengers and crew of the Holland Afrika liner Klipfontein which was sinking off Mozambique after hitting a sunken German U-boat. In 1959 she was sold to the Greek shipping line Chandris and renamed the Patris. She was further onsold to Karageorgis Lines and finally sold to Pakistan breakers in 1987 Est. $75

Franklin Mint “Faberge” champagne flutes in original shippers c.1980, one of the flutes cracked; together with acrylic faux bronze sculpture of Tom Morris 190mm, Limoges-style printed Mona Lisa cabinet plate 260mm, and cast and plated lidded trinket box c.1930s (7 items) Est. $75




Session 3


Sterling silver napkin rings, a lovely cased matrimonial pair, one engraved “JGE Oct 29th 1908”, the other similar but “EME Oct 29th 1908” Est. $100


Chatelaine sovereign holder c.1890s from Tonga, purportedly the effect of King George Toparu II (1893-1918), finely locally crafted in eggshell with brass fittings and chain, hand-decorated with pheasants and lined in blue velvet, width 34mm While there is no evidence to support the claim of provenance, it has been consigned by a vendor who states he is a direct descendant of King George Toparu Est. $150


Sovereign holder in leather with space for nine coins with watch chain loop; plus base metal coin holder for Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Half Sovereign and Sovereign, both in excellent condition Est. $75 (2 items)


Combination sovereign/vesta case with ornate floral decoration, the initial panel unengraved, a very minor dint but the hinges and catches in good working order; plus a twin-barrelled Sovereign/ Half Sovereign case, the plain undecorated case showing signs of use but no dents, the catch a little loose and missing the suspension loop otherwise in good order (2 items) Est. $250

Sterling silver napkin ring hallmarked Chester 1922, monogrammed, housed in attractive original lined case; Manor Period English pewter tankard with family inscription on the side; and a hand painted glazed stoneware pictorial plate showing Cotter Dam Canberra (3 items) Est. $75

Three pint teapot in hand beaten silver(?) c.early 1900s by Walker & Hall silversmiths (approx 1.45kg) no dents and no evidence of brassing. A most attractive and unusual item Est. $200

Sale No. 313 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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818 814

Session 3


Circular sovereign case with 14ct gold lining, spring and catch in good working order, no brassing or dents Est. $150

Novelty nickel plate vesta case shaped like a pocket watch with in-built gambling dice, minor brassing but interesting Est. $75


Used briar pipes in old leather tie box, one Norwegian with the rest British and Irish (7 pipes) Est. $75


Album of very old cigarette packet fronts (75); together with E.W.Cole Funny Picture Book reprints (2 diff), Sunday newspaper banknote collections (2), and post WWII “Our Ashes Greats” medallion set of 15 (lot) Est. $75

‘Spend-a-Penny’ 9ct gold hallmarked novelty coin holder 3.3gms containing gilt British Penny 1940, the holder engraved “Just in Case” over depiction of a WC, interesting Est. $75



Cigarette case in sterling silver by A&J.Zimmerman Birmingham hallmarked 1918, engraved initials “C.F.L” and gazelle motif on top cover, the inside inscribed with signatures of RAF officers Capt. Ian McLaren, Lieut. C.K.Osborn, Lieut. A.R.Carbis and dated 19th July 1919, in good order without dents, a scarce WWI Royal Air Force item, comes with some internet research McLaren served with the Inter-Allied Aeronautical Commission of Control in Berlin; Osborn and Carbis served with the Royal Naval Air Service and appear in Admiralty Promotions & Appointments notice 20th October 1917, while further research might reveal the presentee ‘CFL’. 19th July 1919 was the date of London’s Peace Day March Est. $300


Stamp holders in hallmarked sterling silver, one c.1900, the other c.1920s (2 cases) Est. $100

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Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 313

Auction 313 - Session 3  

Downies Australian Coin Auction 313 - Session 3